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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, March 06, 1867, Image 1

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Depoto, illiamni & (Co., Proprieos -I AFamily Paper, Devoted toSine rt nurIndustry an d Literauel~rs-$.bprAnm nAvne
Tem.q. Ti I -.Itasoi %1.)i i P1is eti W41.01Ki
vlehyill mo ue
S, ,L IPoty
1%m l- 114 F ed.11111Iv 11
vl:-a - 41' iii B
A r J ii Ie *Ilivlkt ii t i l!,' ailge'o %ver
i holl ii eig ii vo~ !ta . tt t I,i f
til,. .1
In11 literk it-i th it v lo-nm. Iwi i'
'I ii V.'t II Iil~ .\ill itil %ii fi le f lit'I'lif !
Sh N't m I in'tl te ii 'r~K . "IT als I'S wo
ill it X Wn it'
het~loitfoe by il g. a u duo
hollic(1tikl Boior1 w r
d i el I i o i s cato-' 1, 'tcoieh -
lin t'jnptix ( .11 t 1 i'i'lQi03 o' m
ho \V.11 Iss it 11i , I ! 'I .,'t hioklm l-T t'o
Cwd t .9110 lilitI 110 of41 (ai sp l'llhit
thor 1Pow .:1 1dw- \V )111 vii 1'x 't ii
oppsitoh batik hi-- ;11..:1d - ta:t.- t ,
-;toi,)n ausd by tlrtciiitg ny prur
Jitl olr :1'tlS
we~i~ litol ar~ o1 %vjt aily, :k~ Istt
ri ll.'l -e iiv iehyll td'it! ,ttt
thcA onew ~vt tad obtmy!'A tIteju'ci'
lok wuld (' u1 b th e tr fit, tw o%-.
crs ontnuin fvo.-18. ),:o (hothi
stoml Ii iglesc il Ilir affect imis. T[hit
rd aStilin lattvaii mei to Ive every
an41liid verily bel ieve to( thi day14
tha~it I could11 hav LIV0CU a d lDvhia II at m
HeiI ln 1) i Llh(:. 4, 1 iii Ii b
We sill 'i.'ad '1ll thoa re.4 of' the pair
t.Y to po 'Im (It aic tloti01", mtjd I elt rvC
ttiriiul to I ie ford. I lifIted tivioul
m.it tc IiCaitliosto(a1re, and cari-ad liar
t4 o t Io ill i d 1 " oft lie %vawr44. iJCMa4sy
hitad'' ii a N varmuir love, andi it
WOw Wit h fou inii~ unknowti burI'c
t hat I Cuui)Naee'l her b~lat~Ittit1 i'ii
an:d !el 1, 1 lit) p, iesstire. (of hier clittck~i
Ill* ra tht a r ad ing1l~y, for vi liii te.
INto, W as ! i t. % u i a, 01'4uecit: r(44'.i
of' wood44, 1114 iei'ii r.led, 1. 544j41:4(so, o)il
aI ;44 h tne4. Over 1. rol lcl, 1)1:44'
04. IClon '.v it I n 4e, lioll d( I wn r ii.
tin i ir (1v SLUflr 14)( i4Li to) Wt).
I rad lot. de.~enibi the Wts, 0*
of, Ii i -Ao. Bo~th )iolveil fli: at 1. badit
faliea frn 10441 44CO1'iICa~U1 . l44ly
rival d 104ii.(444.t ate' Ilia aPt~,,I oi' Oili
t. by lionr44i(44? !I-!'- 1I a long i-taniev
l4:34.1'l tl14C, hnnse, I I(elua, fl'A'i.4 dry
Z') 1Ai~ti 4(40. humored .1 ude t'e cit
;'IY f pale 1up a f'vv lne
lialv aiol-haivai cshlles: Iii
Nvoni( t u tI4 lv !r'4V 44)0 r I4 roi(4C4 1 allhi
ii.iv, a iThiitivi cild1404e 1 ivin
(144'.a-u- and~j' "tlYo(i le in s ui h
n44i4 Welt foi'd ini ilioi 11riaIn
a: I I I I . ' y ,,44
bootlitl hA&~ edi'. td *ina hilm
1!a (4 , ''(4 t" wh: i l ;i :C) 1 a 11i l.r
I'o.i~l 1 v 11.1-illl 4l(,4~t tt al 1 1611 of'ei
ilvn I a dt bu the4. 141.41:: t v , llc. ).:b4 Ill4
h: it ,: 14(1tIitil i1ther xi 54a'm o h44 iina
4(441i. 414 , (1: 11 sk-4 c !*t 4( ii i a .
44:: lin su':II:'"ip14r i'4 or1b4 ipar All,
I bat i!1o I 1 - V iltiod ii4' lji4'4 4 5j'i4'd
Ia::iha I4v4 e4vv4ile her41 p(44v. 11444
141: 444 ( the'.. p:r144 eiitp~rS W. IlI
44 i41 ilil :411 41 oi4 t a 1t 1 i'r4: I jai.11
\'.r ll,-Ol w:;r a.-i ill"1.c of ~Iiac. i :4
IIi444' r- -I4 v4o t h1 . I..f ~I mt I C -1 A) rt 1: 11 (1
un: fla4indI lau iahfli. vel 4 444(4( '41ive o
tholi' to4141 I ; l44n, t 1, e I n v I '(!
th ' ia itmat hire A- yon a y i 1il 0 Uh
Ipll n 1 I4( 4 : ole1 r'.1. "44 fl hoi (as l( I'
toie vv l' em4i 4444444 d wi)la funy, He4r4
quv~uI ort thevu mmv )441-'.l44-fid th
N'!ivl i I'C (01 taile (444i( int i tv i t IV
lna. tablt li44iiI4Z (14. of aitt:1.0l b
Tho Negro Bond Question-An Interest
. ing Case,
The last, 111111ibr of the( Pickeln
Courierc), pu~blishles thle circulit Oeerce.
Ciannullor Johnson in ih caso of Cal
houn11 I'S. Ca1lhonn,11 which was hevard at
Piclkenis C. I., inl July, 1866. An 1p.
peal will be ena llien hi'n Im case likilv
decided finally, lit the May term of th'e
Court of A ppials. From eile importai
principh-s iln olvei i tI dcionl, ti le
casO is interstilig not, to I li
pruofssion, but to our vitiz-ns gencral.
h seea Itht in ry, 195i, Mrs.
Fkat ide (alh oun inII her hmughter C'orne
ha M\. Ilm:uinvydi h Fort, Hill
plantation and f ifty ngro slaves to An
drew Calhoun fir t0i. n1 of foul -nin
thn~o1dollars. tak'ing his mldividuall
110m1 CI>r tiO WhOh- m111011mt, pay'ale inl
i~lico ye :,indtsecure-d by wo sp.
late Insagages-oi( of the Fort Hlill
Tract. a te I otleT of I lglro' . T
bill was lilid on i - A 2th lareb, I 866,
l1 iitfreloi 11 inoriggo and secure Lth
'faymentl 4f th, whpole wmount of thle
bowl. nol for the 0h-.m1Ct (te eirs
of A. P. Calhi omi diel,) vltious defen.
Ces Wtlro iIg .d1
bL. 11. Was inlsisteJ thtt-eWidow
was vnAbl to dower inl the 10, afur
IM; un-ut of the io ihamse ioney or the
eano, ani not of The whole imrigng
- l ti, m Il Liha the pe)Sonai eslate iS to
b4 applid first. to lith satil aetion fA the
4114rmage. Thi~s last propositIion Ithe
Clhaineell rInn s, bult. cont roverl s theI
irst in thi':.e w-ords: "A wviow can
l1y take d->wer in intia, 1norignged by
Lhe i.I fahlu i, at, the lttle of, (the purchlast.,
an1(d L.i it pirt iof the s.me1 lrailnactlioll
subijocl, to ith paymii1el the nVtireV
mrngage debt, whether the snm was
i whole , or i ni part oly, For 1h0 jio.
cebase 1:nmero of the hu111, providend the
same, is ruchveabh- at law.
2.1. It, wa.- conteib-d i hatl ' t. th Io
at ion df It honb.ld hat l fi ed, inas..
Inth as it had bton hiv'dn for Iiiy He
;-ro slv who lu jlben maniple d,
u; Itt pIinilit th Cinlit . r11 . r ar :
I or ninur 11than i t eni v a d r- aui i 4-r bw pirl -
:b e th-r n 1as 1n complI.aintf, of an'IV
al rt of t-s-I-lr o .1i d iS t 11 b it r10.
0-1, i1Ht here wasut any intrinsic defii c t
mil ,. i:h1--, whn thle bond wvas give.
t. i I it, pro p orly in tsaven, Is m11
e vevi!.or , w s -J s qb t. L~o be 41":
(Yl. il i (. :11 Ii It. it, tIlai iifll't
I ir ('ti nltv ij 111 t li. m gaul .vit It- h *en
m deiit rioy d. Ibn l did1h nole riu ta ti u
: i11n1 Wf li o 81 Vi it ifgel distt:I ineily
belo - lliml, 1h t th11 inI'll)sti t:on f ( i ve
mit i ' k n A 14 1. tim , hit-elle a I ,he'l,
iitl'i.a revo imito inl thet tovern -
iIt'Iv or ir Lt cosi it niii (' anw iull ig.e ?
Ii i si~ ..tn-l i t~,. uti~i b t'A fo v:.o-if of '.ai .l,
a1111ren 14.a, was tgreadly a.lfected by
Ai i . I .:-t y be( sh-:hp , illken Or
rr IaV0td, thmto Iit I the te stat made
lhe pan-basv, he took ilhe chlances of
m .ei atii oll mto conSideratl ioni 11111
p-lid ..1ch a ict aWP Hs he( surlno.-edl thel
i.. ith i valun of til- slavles le en d y
mhchafmees- wol A jus-ti fy hhm inl doing.
* *t * "' lhit it. i i' insitied that
I I in ' elis a Ill it'nl of ' o slavery was n1t, abol.
isit-4 nr il it was dono by Iour tatell eit
authorit.ofils. If th statill1 did Ihe n0t
fi r-- .1nd not in 1( 11 l.ianmice wih til
de!anda "fAn Authriy wh0-h mihe wAs
forcled to obei , i1- th11 1 ion iIrs of slaves
iight, bjtItlied10 in prostning clamis
ugait. to S'.Wlate fort -heir value, bul
nogti m'' refusoig' ton pay pms testn fromiuwhom
fouhey~'L '.ad ''purchaset, -m. th e amount
hte inl ai.d toi payt fror them cortie
thir ( mncipa(tion. I Agnin with. regard
ht the resti nod adopiiglhe tuped con
weirid tad'pted in ren lon tho iecetr
d.ih-i'I.u fot Co'.VO of thequi''ty t ay
f'hen1t. whnthe equirtt oi reif would'
be p~rrsly th sameil~t eept, eraps
qthat te moroii~l, Wjl grsig tredt)Oiltohde
comelb-do witppnn-ut ysiideb g the1n
tp roert yo htiset , whe tht ~talo moreth
oilalor, ton oth irc~er.ps~ i~Vi
tahei r-w brn beor the ynet.o
armaacinion, wihe hlegal estmt .e
cviio te ait nhusater of anlharis to e
ridM ofpoet ean ntemr
Doth of Profissor Baoho.
We regret, to 1-51 rt of Ilie denise in
Nowport, R. 1., of A lexandre D14Is
l~lc, ~li: 1 , agrt grhaoni of Dr
0eIjaIi I'r11Iianh, 1h_ r 10owIIe Vd 11i
osolpher, a ::nd revolutionary
patriot. 11 i gr'l.3 fa ther t Richa rd
Duclie. born in Englanad, emigrnted L to
the United Stan1-l, and 1lmlrried the
dighter of Dr Franikii. .ile siec-.4d.
(.d the Doer i 1'istminster Geneei of
thet United States in 177(, and (died in
1711, tigi'd 75. I1 s !son, Bina nil
iranklin Bace. was the -editor ofu'h.e
celebrateid Atrora, an1 opposition p r,
during lbe adnistratios ofr v a. 4tg
tot) and Adam. A lexamlder 1)- .ins
U3;ille, and his brother Frankdin :he
hardAy less elminent, as a mn of i'A.:e,
tare in i striking mantier, ilittsrated :ie
f3nn of this rmirkable fanily. I
The sublljoct of Lie pres4' ':. inmoir was
born in Philadel plhi, J loy 19, 1 07, andll
was th ferfo nt Tite, 609 years of a1-ev
t, the timt of hiS inst illnes. Edneated
a the Unite-d Siatos milittiry avitainv
nt West Poit , ie graduiied with th'
highest. honors, and becalme lile at
of ngieers of fornficat in in 1825, in
whicb capacity he served l two yeari, r (..
signing hli. commission in the voor 1827
lo accept the pition of iofor Aof
NMatheinatics ill Oe Univelsity of Penn'. 3
,ylvania. flere le ri'3nl1ed u1nt16 il 18 1!,
wh~en hel wals chose6%y. tho Ilhihu1ilphiA
1o331tT of Cointrol.leis of the P. 11
ehook Princip:l of tile Cc trl I ilih
A fter a service of not (uito two years
It resigned his pos . a1ndi returni to 111k I
1nore, Cutgenial professorhip of natural
Illosophy and chemistry in the U iver;
aty, in 1812, awl remained terN aboutit
i year, resigning in thyear 18.13 to L
ill .he post of Presiidiit of Girard Cil e
egt, mli which caaco1ity he had previ.dy I
h'siiti iuIiropr. to examinoe tihe( svsls '35
,W int ti ion tlhli, the restubs 1 of which ,
3:ye bven Iblished in a large viiitme.
"I 1833 it edited an edition of Brow
-er's Optics, with notos.. In 1847 he. r,
111bilished in three volhine1., 8v.,.. O
;terTvtions I, the Magnetic ind M teor'
,Aogical Observatory of G(rrd Coll.gi
rm.1810 to 18,15, wilt o Viithien of
ilaex. In 185.1e aITS appointed 011i
11'rliteident, of the United Siidtes Co 0i
3IIrviy, VhiIcII poSt he held 11u1 ni0til h r
'Profes:sor Bnehe wiis n 1%finit-r <>i
11rmeipal:1 scion'ine. socivtivs of [lt, world
td teei'O ved tih! Illvdal of the Ht liih
loyal GJeogrn.iapical Societ.y ill 185 8.
le wIS Ot Of I th' fmntiders 11141 imoSt,
waliis menibers of the A merienn A sso.
3ntion for the. Advancement of Scince:N
Im on of t hn scientilile fnein1bv of the
minnn Ilistiti3ion at. tshington,
MA of the Scientiic 1loard undler* who: '
1Inspices the famous Dudley A stronomi. to
-nl (Tbservatiory nt, Albany, New Yolk,
s buiIt 5 mid flled up. Aside fromt
he works above mentioned, isI
mirer will bo found senttered tihrough Ih
ho Jori nal of the. F'ranklin Insit1me,
'rceedings of I h A meian A\,.;Oci%-.
;on foI tho Advancement of Science,
ouratiun of' the A merenn Philosophicia
society, A merican ,Jourinl of' Science,
lid Proceedings of -hle Biritish Associa
ion foir the Advancentiii of Science' a
e al t e tie m10 l re'ilort to
bic Ulited S ates 'Tr-n :Ilry Depnar'ient.
4n wvights 3nd inemure t rom 18-1 to
8o6 inet'tsi ve.--W1tie~ngton Repnst.i
- Mexican Nows.
'ot o'i dates0 to the~ 6th3 art) reived,
:iig ai)nacout of an engai~g"mett
i'hich ltok palaen at ai dtfile kniownl as8 l
ii 1a Gal.i'r, bo)wee th(11Ile fo'rces of Mir- ii
mioti, uder' Cas1tillo and Roch'lea for Ii
(ebd 's ommnndi wil 1ithii a lhiotiiand si
nen.* Pl~ The Iaierals we-re diefeateI d aind Ii
ibree or four hunild reIdkiled, amongit~ them at
sene-ral Herrearny Carro and3 CoulolI: hI
35rtariras. Most, of 11he remnltrder are0 e
'a1StjIll), a3ftear th( yictory was~l1 seriously
brt'iIeined biy Caraillvaja~ 3-l eaor'ing tl
o rench Quaenlow by forced march
JEcobedoil ha3.d orderedi voluter for- n
.igners'~ feion in Mi1.3mmon11's nrmy11 to be JF
liot for dtepre'dations atL Zafica3rn. ri
Jnin111, M iramon)0's bro'th er, of Mi- ti
;3e('is army)3, was 1 flmong I th shto?. si
Ortegn iad Patoun31 rem'aaina n Satillo, y
itder arirest.
11f( 1he s th1 and 17th, r~nya th lG Covernor v
If' thei S31'inos occuie with II pri-para-' o
ams1) for the departiire 01 I he JFrenchul. v
Pprs. in 1h13 iterior jaist ify' Ihe a
mtchetiry of a 133undired1 and1 ninlety for- f
vero charged' withl depredaionis at, Za-. t
latiPca's. I
Thela doctors soy that M'jia can :oL be i
2rlants cn t he 1l'ith inst. A F~renchb
tteamier arrived4 'here 0on-the ith .with a
htvs fr'om3 Verai(~I~ Crn to the 1 31tl and e
romn tiiby (.y of Moxicgpto. tho 9th.
'[ho reponL thtat Prtijdent, 'juarezA hiad(
enaknprisomfr'grew but of ain un- '
g teotedovftsack *nad6-by Mirimoti w'iW
lrmo thouisandmn. uppon' Zacatecas
Mirdmuon's otilcial diapatch.senya.. Juiarea (
ese31 1ed owin~g tp tilpi egyvi of hi:e'
exr *i Fscobedo rrvfd4npai Ilie
d'eeiIO 'ti n~i"a iud' ave . btil t&
r~ioi t)h taki greghetId4rie lpit- I
ety anid eapturinag all hi 1rtillery and
A t laqt aeqonun d auubrd I
at Querciarn wiLh on! our Otlicers.
S~e,)ga, thle Ipla omnhr~
(it:lijato, hai! beent def'tak-d h Iltiiueenai
G:alla.do, anl that cit y hall fall.!n i n to
the iands of the Libeals. Alaxim.i:, 'a',
anminisger Tabor was rounted with a Strong
brigand while contig from Toluca to
reiltormce dle cnpital, anAd !ef five hutan
dIred maen dead ,and wounded on the
It is. ropolted ai Vera Cruz liat. Ja.
rez hadl left. Z-fen or San JJlua three
days before .\irin maiadle his sidde
at ack ulpn iU lat pice. 31arptpez was
report d to hav tie thll I mio en1-zal lt3 in
Mfoxico'', of whom o1v finr h'amson I
W(T aried. Eivht hUt,-'d sobliets at
lhe G(arrison Iat Puebla h1al dcl0rud
rl. the IRopl)F,'and gonie with Zama
'ona, aid it was expected that as .oonl
Ia he IPrenc'h had t-t Ole remuaimtler
Xol take posse.sion of the and pro
ioniiee for Jetarz.
Geunernds Cash-hinea. Do Porier anid
Oibers, a:l also Mlaime lainhave
rrived hero oil the French steantr
The tran.eport one wag to leave Ve.
1 Cluz on the lah With twelve Imun
.Severl- membe11"rs of Muhilian's:11"
distry wvere also inoong thet pass.
evra.i onl the Ilioorcn Alotdo.
Capital for Southern Planters.
The Charlestoin MUur, of the '.Gth
Ouhriarv tiays:
W. had t caIlf, ycsterday, fro, Hn.
. an. .'e and Mr. '. I. iI Rthod-es, or
larylltl, who on their r'eturn to Blti.
lure fromn all exlenlsivo total' of obs ;er.
ao11 hrough tle Southern States,
hteir objeCt, being to asceirt in ti he condi.
ioA nal prospects of the planting intAr
st of our Secitin. Messrs. B. .\l.
theodes &. Co are th. mainufaclturer, inl
itilore, of the el-bi an-d fert ilizier
"own as RhIodes' Super-Pho:I3ah ite,
hijich ias beent rgi ly introditueed inl
I1e g'outha, and wiwch the 4 (sire to
arnish Lo our planters oat accdianinoda.
1g ternia. l conver'ImaI wh h thec.r
L'lattei~t, w were fya to 4-:1111ta
it thevy aire mu11ch encoutraget-A b)Y the
liantinlg pro-pIwect, notwithstandi; th e
isadvaiags under which Ihe! phnitrs
f t he Sout h are now lahoriner, both in
-gard to labor and ca ital, and thatI
. wl. a ale IL rg. I
'hich they i aink wil! j asiify capitaliss
olth in com ig to Lhe L id of the for.
aer by furnishing the nwvalns to enable
ell to sol'itist labor until the next crop
ldle. Tiwy assutro 1.s that, there art)
apitaliss in iho comm aiiaercial cities of the
h w re11" 111 ny w.'kaI i t g, I1 u1t d
rlms. Ito milake tadva nces to pure-Cbase
rOVisionlis, aelgriculturaal iiplellrelts and
aii.zer'sa. oan s41ach Sectritiy as the plant
rs and thli factori .eain give of pay
ent at the end of th crop season. It,
as with tis view that Mr. Peters, rot.
wrly a proaminent a g'ricilturalist of
,ew York SWae, has uteale tie tour a of'
le Solth, t.o iascertaint fr'omai hik own
rol observa).ion t'he actual condi
on af t ae country and the viuwv, fuel
IgS and Wants (f the planu-rs. I He ex -
reca hinelf pleased and encouagel,
Il l i exert his ithuemce to bring
Now such an aconnodiatjionas will bIe
mitualiy beaeticial to the plaiauning and
tanmneteial interess (1' the colntlry.
Viih tIe' same view Mr. thodes has
stretel his agent s in this cit y, Muessrs.
. S Rh!etl & Son, to ui t hietir d iscre
4)n insupplymaag the4 Su per.PhosphateI
> platercs whlo tmay' desire to imerchase~
at inaao.
How JoHn 0. C .Irot!N w~as Our
-tr. A inater'esImg letter n ppears
I ihe St. fj'mis 1 Rcjii cane. ]'-S..'a.
>r' Jontes, ill a recena~t c'ommuanicial iota,
lid hant Jolma C. Clalhaoln did not de..
yer' Lth espeech which he haad pre4pared'(
intL hais (Jounes') TJea'ai toral bil--"I
a4 V~ig b4ad1 ih. tact to havye tho sitame
die'd up anad aicted upon0 (lain ig his ab~
mee( faoma tihe Senato C hamibera."i
Thefa wr'1iter it thae RJfu,'ihicant says
''The lion. G4eorge WV. Jcines, or theo
enoralh as hao ia nmoret faimiliaraly knaown
home. w~as an~d is a great lit aic' moan.
niowinag thea oppos.it iona to hais 'T~errito.
al bill' otn thae !Iart. o Mar. Calhounat, and
t. al spech fromt Ihat distinguaishaed
aItesmlan~a w~oulhl de'feat it,'heo set his
'its I t ork to pro(caure-~~ t bseneo of
Ir'. Catlhonnr whlen. theo hill would he
ilh-d Ill. T4o accomplish Ibhis haa patidI
4''ry31 mrked aa ttetio tto ahely relhative
f Mrt. Unliotun thlena at the capital, nada
as soi kindat. tolit and en1ottertai ning, that
lie feelinag untdert (obligations 1.) lainm fora
iso hoipe thatnt c'ircumsa~tanOces might I
at'ow it in haert wvay to render' lainm soeitt
'trv'ice. Th~ais \v'as juast wh'atLi to Gena
ral w~antted. an thloae immdialaIely staid :
Yen cain, if' y'ou will. do mec thea gr'eaI
at faivor in thae world' ; anad went onl to
xplaini the ,Te.ritorial Bill, andac the on.'
ositlon oft Mr. Calhtoetn j.hert'.a 'Now,
14id1tle Geerah,' 'it will comao up~ on
nehla day,~ yolu bo in thae g'altery,- anad
hen~t 1 sendt yout mly cardi call oi Mrt.
atlounanfl on moi prtet keep himt
hant abstne the bill was passed and N-Mr
Yulh'oun dida'f tnav a:l opport unity to
PPQ3Seha7 Mr. 1litor, eorge WV.
TrTh c inond paperir are Astonhleed
isNe~w York, coltected onlay about
*neteen thouanad dollers tt9e, tea a
lourish of tvu~ngets1
Gnm. Phil. Sheridan in Pittsburg - His
Viows of What in Noodod by the South.
U eciral Shl(en-idatn was in Pittsburg,
A lnn,.oci Friday. An editor of tho
Pitt.siburg GaUxtfe called upon him, and
thus stntes the result of the inter
vow .
4.1n conversat ion the General is froo
suave and intelf.igent. Siigtlar its it
Iay. Seeml, he is arne.nly ati b:tterly
oppos.Zed to war ; tinks I that civil rule
siould at all timnies be preferred to imli
tary role, but, not, muder all circnistan
ces. From Iis conversation we infered
tina. htis diagn~osid of the Siouten, pa
tien inmts the( swond'; ;ha ;i 4
Cr('-e*,ce' reml:i ins after fhe-four years of
I.Ieatttiowi. througha wlichli tihev have
itlriea'dy gone th-1t eall olIv bto safWly
r,-moVtd )y tile knife. The great mis
foaine of Oit Southrner is that he be
lieveS a d(iparity exists in favor of
Sa t! i nt'iii i ell igeince. He m has been
Langht that 'one rebel dil inot eqIttal ten
Yankos in battli,' but his fiitlh in thie
supJeriority of his intelleet. still reminlls.
l y eated i innintains its justice.
T ii thw Soutliriers great and mis.
~hievonls :rrran it .tends m1ore than
all slse to div'I 'restorat ion.
Wile-spiem'i poverty, destitution and
deis, Iauion pervakies the Soutl. Piet tres
of the s'in : in soime socions wichi
lha1vi e reacelid us, art no creatotios of the
oinfation to "'.ir the North.1 to anl ex.
vre'P('e of, charity. Till-y" ar-.
Garnt pove tv, snfferiinlg, wait for tle
initial ieces.hies of lif', are with maniy
rf the other. peoplo. Nearly 1,ll of
[he pl:init ion in filinisana are mortga
"-d t.. their full valu10, and if thrown
itpoi rho maretc would not discharge
he inconbran'es with which thoi are
IIId- -,Id. To raii::e any noity by in
.rvased loans. isi therefore"sipsbe
iTe tih.mowrn pepim e have not, as yet.
1!P1n properly enlicted in t-he Northern ,
md We stein iIeas ol innigration. -
'heY lok Upol the imiiarait 0not in
hm proper light. regardiig him only as
ilnauiiL or liborer. They atiS Ilarn
G sub ;vle M lhr ladrg planitos, so
.lmt tne .family iay live coiforttaly.
I gro rich on a lhu1ndrd'n'] atresofland
ht'r'ot in days gonue by a siingle indi
idul ot Or fanily lurded it over three,
'on, live or six t.ousaln aere, of which
"st estlate in; a maIill prop)rtioLin was
mdetiir cul ivati iol. AN this mist he
-h-miini. Th S.>ni Iim-it have roads,
houil Imuze, c1irch -s, ant'faetorie.
sih(! mnitti g.-t hem as Illmois, lwa and
Wii;Inisota have .1 c're: i hemil -bv fill
ng ny hr waste W1ils with nit jilli
st.11 and in lwtrious- yeomlanry. no0 mlat
er of what nativiy. Wi:lh theso her
-ai:ie:L's catintot be0 estitined. The
ig.trch of I t Souti luist imbibe more
4 use phihumophy, skill. and enterpism
tf ti people of the North, eO ther cni
-ie with .titw Norih in weahth and 'solid
rtret~css. 'The encral refered to oth
r matteir which have escaped our
A i-r xni -r in. ~~- su-Fu men
vet Xt:tntd lb' ti gmilot:inte It, Direst.
Pho -venling lfre the extetiion every
nidiiatl Inn t in Drenst re'eivetl an in vi.
anon fron Mr. Duva , Ditector of the
b11rd1 of, Illeahhi. to mleet h11m mn thef,
hImphitheatre- of Oihe hos pital at six on
lit followingt morning. Precisely at
hat hour A t h., me fienc belo.1%VI
tng to that, ehy a sseinled aromnti four'
\.sthe clock st ruck, te fout'r i -npits
v'erentihered inito ' et ry AL.6.20,
he hospital vani wats seen' to) cross4 the
oirt off the Piipilies do la Maritie at a
mod gallop, and int a few s'contds foutr
ifleiss tutniks w're throrwni (on,t he die'
eltig laleir, prect.isly eimghtt inut ies
fler' tey hadu ceaseid to e \ltt. VThe
iht was~ indele'd staring.,Vt T he od
tes i ' etiretd Mliriunk to thle size of that
if a chilid, the ineck uti terily dis~app eared
tid iin its place a frightful, giping
votnnd. Next, to 'lhe bodio', rolled iup
it inapkmis. were't' four' livid heatds. Th'le
v'ork of' diissect ion comn ced ins'tatly
iietnrves gn ivered and the flesh w.as
vanl warm. The 'ointiintued ciiiniracta
tilityv of the hear~t. wats provd'~t, as wl
is in lie aorta, whier'e senatur'r:ess wast
'xt trme. Tho11' conhtractability wnits
nlanifested on suply touching t hn
'arit, anad oftI couirse, ati ill more a ppa rent
vbeng sinil~''~ed to el'ctrtic cuiirr'iit..
phe i muiseniiur cont ra in waiiis so intense
hati eveni tetr t we'nty~ ininntel.(s one of
lie dtoet.' rs on applying an electric cut-*
e'nt, tiade the fouir hnawds grimace ini
lie most hotrr ibe manntter. A pencil
v'as placedi het ween the teeth ot(f Onet;
, was bittenl tloogh and smnashed as8
houigh it hadi' beent made oI'glsts.
lri.xvy TIax.-T-'he railroad fare from
bensi er to Chtarleston unid back~l amou~tls
it t wven y Itree dollatrs. Thie expse
n Colum nbia goinrg returnfhg i''acli six
litllars and a- htilf uind you are detained
tthat city nearly' tl~irty hours. ls it
fly w'otndert lthareforo un iider' thet circumn.
nanceiso~ thait Chiarlestoni is loitnig the
I radol of' th tip coury tfohants, who
onai reach New York in atbout, clie samie
limo thitt it.-irt(iite ai to get, to
(!hairlestn and B~ahiimoro in less.-'
'Te de'lay ii C~ohiunhdits g''neriihy a t.
tibted to thei action of the S (A R. R.
Donaflpaniy itn refusing t~o rutn at trui)Trom
Cha~rlytonwu it1 contocytionf with the Char d
lotte and 1.0. .I*R.- ld..thi'a an. it
to. shriously damarge tho' interests of
Yharie'stoni until remtedied.L Che'se
(COrrespos knce of the Mobil, Adcrliscr andi
The Tribune---A Good Joke on Horaoe.
Newspaper enterprise, u.tless judiciotsly
directed, will not make Iho fortune of a
publisher. There's the Tribune concern,
probably th most enterprising newspaper
establishment in New York. It expended
endrnmous sums last, year, and added several
thousand to its circulation. but when act.
tling day ono round the profits wore found
to be aimost inovitable. There is.pleny of
"spirit" in its 1ianagemnt-say about a
pound's worth of spirit to a penny worth
of prude-uco. Thorc, is paid to be somte dis
satisfaction nm'ng thu stockholders at the
way the Tribine's money has been spent of
laxte by the mnitaging editor-a gCentlemtian
who is not yet beyond his twenty-sixth year.
Tiw latest. instaneo of Tribinq enterprise is
a contract wjth Dickens for a $25,000 story,
to run through a year in the weekly edition
:ti anotlier with arlyle for a live hundred
guinea article to fi'l ono page. This sort of
nigemntit sometimes makes Mr. Grooloy
use language that is more pointed than pe
tite. .Ie was very angry the other. day
when picking up the Tribune, and fotnd onl
th editorial pt ito a statement of (lie year's
busintess. Striding Into the ofiice-reeley
moves with a shuitling stride-ho went tip
to his desk, and after striving for soet tino
to smother his aUger, at last burst out with :
--"Thero's a d-ldset of fools round this
uflice, trying to give everybody a chance to
laugh at us I" You can't. appreciate (bis
unless you can imagine the philosopher's
.qte:tking, hee-hawing voice trying to work
off it violent piatsion. Mr. Groely is hut
little more than a writer on the Tribune unow,
and has very little more to do with Its man
Apropos of Greeley, I will tell a little
story in wiioli lie figured several years ago,
when lie was publishing the New Yorker,
and hal more pugnaclity in him than he has
now. But before I tell it. you must under.
stand two things-first, that it Is perfectly
true, and socond, .hat during all his life the
philosopher has hold tobacco chewing and
chowers in metal aversion. Now to the
story. The office of the New Yorker was in
one of those old fashioned buildings which
have almost, disappeared from the lower
iat'of the city. It was Infested with rats,
and the roving rodents hal gnawed large
holes li all the floors. The ceilings broke
away, and were never repaired, so that onto
could stand ot the second floor or third
floor and, 'y looking through one of the ras
holes, see all diat. wats going on below. The
loor :botve the Niew Yorker otlico happened
to have soveral largo holes in it, and one of
these was directly over the spot that Ilor.
ace usually planted lia chair on when he
sat down to write an article for the paper.
One morning Horace seated himself, as
usuit, at his old desk-Ihe was a poor man
thenk--and Iot to at. his day's work. On the.
toor btovo him several men, one of whoia
was an Inveterate practical jokes, woro
working at. their trade (whatever it was,)
anl this ftllow passing by the rathole abovo
florace's desk, lookod down and saw the
philosoplhor at. work. Ai idea-not a very
creditable one, bit. an idea-struck him and
going over to a fellow-workman, a regular
old veteran of a ohewor, It otfered to bet.
him a dollar that he could not spit from
where hue stood into "that bolo"-pointing
to ihe hole above Horace. lie knew H1or
rnce's horror of tobacco juice, while te
other never t hought of HIorteo At all. The
veteran jumped at the bet, and waiting till
ie had a good stock of anmuniton ready,
ie stea.lied himself, took aint Atthe tat,
hole. and lit. it to a T. It so happened that,
at the same instant lorage had turned his
face upward, lin soaroli of an Idea, and, -as
you unay inagine,.the one ie got. was not to
his taste. Before lie could wink the tob'.q
co juice strtaek him full on tlie forehead,
and stroamed over his faco and shirtbosom.
Bouncing from his chair in a terrible rage
he rushed tip stairs, still smaared with Ihe
Iobacco juice, dashed open the door- of the .
rooma above, startled the workmen with An
imprecation delivered In a wild. shril
s. ueak, and followed title with a declaration
h brit lne could "lick the man that spat'lIn his
face." Of course, no otto Opeache I ott the
offeier', so Hor'ace had to pocket, his fury;
bitt t he story got, out, aind is still told by
some of his own comrades of the pen.
Tin'. UyivSITYu'.--There are nInolff-Ivo
students presenit for duty. Since the or
ganizattion of the Unilversity titere have been
Elne hiundre'd and seven matrieulates. 'iThese
have taken thoseveral depart monts as fol.
1. Mathemnatics, and Civil Military Thi
ginecring apdl Coanstruution, Prof. Alexanider'
2. History, Politbal Philosophy. andi
8. Ancient, Languages anid Liter'afurco
P'r6f. Rivers-74.
4' lihetorio, Uriticism, Flocution, ,and
Englishi Language: atud Lit ':ratur~e, Prof.
5. Chtemnistruy, Phlarmac!y, Minecralogy,
anid Goology, P'rof .Joslth Lonte.-29
t. Natural anid AlechanIcal PhIlosophy,
andl Astronomy, Prof. Johnt LeConte-26.
.7. Mlental and Mio al Pilosnphy, Sacred
Literature, and evIdences 'of t.,hrstianity,
Priofessor petynoldas-22.
Of thtese hunudred ani seven students, a
hundt~redi and tour are from South Carolin&
andal tbree fr.>m Goargia.
The G'at alogug will appear In about 4w9
The now edition'of the DytLaws Is noi
Professors Saohtlebep (pf Modern Lwn
gutagesa) anid Dathty (of Medline) nro' still
In Europe. They will be lIore in time for
the. new season t hat opetis ,op the Art Men
day itt ntext 00:ob97
h it uniti~So'd that, Dle. Ohlsolmt, eldcE4d
to one of die tihaIrs of Medicine,,will npt
aicoept. liis preference tot' the pouition~io
now holds in tie Medical College in Ohltrie,
(in, in said to be Lhe entiye.qf .thIte ontsoea
A professor to fill the chair offered to him
will probably be 'eleefoed by 'thes )1ard ot
Trtusteos at ita regulair meetInge in Mays
EorA dlr T|aguire.~
A anlop .lrmv.-Lord Bolinhn'oke once
ask ed lady -l ant igdr 'how alifie66"fsilld
uprayer to t0ort parjitiea blessing'with
abac~hute resiganton to [email protected] 18ie o v4fU
'-Very en..y," a~hsWered hert ladlys p ;
as if I were to offer opetition to si
of whoese kindoes.sand w ed li
.highest opinlonv fit spoe a -A0
tgagtshould boeI whuti ,otv (~I
such Vt favor ; n p M t/t r
tot ijhan I bow faiou a, 1
th erefore content tbyself with
frtaent ina my ptiian, and 2
of it entirety to pona. *

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