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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, March 13, 1867, Image 1

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SDesporteWlim o. rpitrL A Family Pape.)r, LDevoifA to Scionce, All, InqUiry In1dustry 'Cnd iteaue .er~~$.OprAnm nAvne
VOL. 'L1 WINN SBORO13110 . , I',~ LA )i~N~iI1C 18 87 N.3
1M PUB ltuIE .1 wE.KIly BY
Ternt..-Tii : iin is pubiishie.l Week
ly inl the Town of Winnsburo, at. i3.O4 in
Varcably in a1de'.nance.
[email protected]" All traiisient averhtisemnts to bo
Pairt in advtnce.
Obituary Notices and Tribute; '-.41.00 per
Selected Poetry.
Or all (he ainusemonts of the mim,
PIlti logic down to fishing,
lherie Is nt 0110 linit Vol mian filnd
So very ce01ap 111 'wishling ;'
A very choice dive-sion, too,
It we rightly Iuse it,
Awl not, is we are apt to do,
Pervert it and altuse it.
I wish-n common Wish, indeilt
M11 y purse waits isoiet hing 4a( tor;
That I inight, cheer the cib1 of need,
And not, tmy pride to flati er.
9'ihat I might iake oppreision reel
As goll cin only m11kW .
And break the tyrt'ajis rost of steel
As gold can binly breat it.
I wish-thaf synim.. A1i1l love.
Aid every hutai: p:~siot
Th it hs its origit 10have,
Woutld conti and keep in f.:slinu:
That scorn, anid jeonlolnsy, an Itl hate,
A ad every b,se enivI Iiot.
Were hatiriel iN'ty littet tleep)
1e 1eai2 the dt~eives oet n "ut! .
I Svish.---tiat. t'riets were aIvlys (ruc,
A ti 1111 iiv s il W:ty I' ore:
I wish thlat. tie gua;'( wer.e ac few,
I i1 thle b hwre Iew'r ;
I wi!l ti. (Itons wohIl ne'er Forget.
TO hwed their pitte leachin ;
%% w ih hatprct ici'wr wals not,
o ilfertt 'rout preaching.
1I. ish--that mtiodest vorth iutiight hie
A ppraise-t with I rI tth an10 c:ulor ;
I wi'lt i-t. innToi enetu' w':ier
F romi t rel-l-herv -m-1 iaol- ;
I i411 th:It tacn 1. ! i-v s W Ilhl nimtl,
It It womniti n0e01 we reivers ;
I wis 1thait wives were :'1w-ys kind,
And hisbaids alvays lu-crs.
I wil'-in ( ie-I--it joy mil iith,
Anol every good ide: al.
May cime, cro while, ti-)tgiontI tho earlh
I') bi th1 gloriottI real ;
. ill (1d s4ial ii very cie:ture bless.
With his stupsreine ilessinig,
A19 thoptie ie lost int It: ;,'in ess,
Anl wishig be possesion,
President's VOeO of the Military Bill,
I havo eamninl(" lie 1-l "to provile
for ihe more elfliciot g'veirt nmet. of the
rebe SLate." With he enre Cand inxiot v
-which its transcendifent importI'unen'Is
calliated to awaken. 1 am nuable to
g.[ive i1. myi alont1, F.,r rea-;ons- so gr1ave
I hat I iope a stat lipitt of thei tn:1y
ha m01t infliteiice on thw nitinds of th
patitotic antd nlightied. men wih,
Vhtom th detcision mu1114t utimateL]v
Th Lil plnceq 1l1 tl peopu of tle
to-n States therein tn med ndor th Iaub,
1 olute doination of imnitaryriler ; fanid
the preamle uindertake to givo th1e
Y(lon t11101 which Itlt0 meas1tre is huse.ul,
anid clil gronltd tipon wlich it is jtlist i.
d. It dtecarcs 1,1tat there ex'it0 s in
tilt)o Smnutino leg~nl governmc~nts nnd(
nos adequpigte protection for btle or pro..
jtmrty, and nassert~s tho necssity of ('n.
forutmg pec aind good oder witl inu
thir limnits. Is this true aso mantdoiof
It is not denied .that the Sta t es in
quesC'tioni have each- of themii an.t actuttl
Groverinmetit, wvitlh all thet powers, ex.
ctive, judicial anud legislauivo, which
~ nprorly belonig Lo it frtto State. They
atre organizedt- like thie olieor States of
S the Uniiotnand,,like them, they makie,
atdinisteor an1(l exente tiho law's which
c~ oncern~': their domtiir~c af'airs. Ad~
e'x istinig de~ /acto Qo veritng:i t, exercia.,
9lneh functioon as- theseo, ist itself thie
'aw of the State upon nill matters with
i:.sjurisdhictiotn. 'lo proouce the
~ nprenw-mking pover of aht'estab
Iishied State illegal, is to say that Jad~
itsnif ist unlalwful.
T.'ho provhiions whlichi these Govern
mnent4 have madlt~O for tho' presaervationi
of order, the. anppression of crimo, and
the redress of ,piivato, .iujuries, are, in1
substanein and pr~lincil~O, thes .N sam0 d
thos( wh ~'lich prevail n1 tho' Northorrn
States, andt in othe~r.ctvilizted coutries.
The certatinily h~ave sot ecoeded ii
S prove'niiing-he commission of' all erinec
noer hits this~ 'hEen a~ompligneI any.
where in th' world.~l Thire. it NIl as
elehe, ofthenidtra somietimes oasapo
for want of v'igorois prosecntion, and
ocanionalv ehps fto'nli
ey of dotirtst or the pre'jidhc(J of turd 5,
It ic imdoulodly truno that t~iuso evils'
h~a ve bien muelt Iftoreased- and agugravuat
led, iNorthi and South,. by tho demoi'ali
Ehng influecntesg of eMil war, jtd' the
randoroiis .'png jobs e.Which. tho'conithst
iirt e9Jgendero. AIt that~ these yajue
a re mnintiain~ng, kloa- Ch)ovet t~wis for
~4 thiemiselver, which hiabitually defea't-the
object~f atggvenment, And, renider
2 ilihdw:ililha'atfd prope~rtfi *dosb
13 in itself'utterly jmiprobable' "ad h
nve citmunt< of. Ihm bipgoj t o :t in not.
t 8 tppoers a yidupe .wi, btif
miitilhav i~ue4!cn't i S ject qq~ty4
me that the masses of thie Sotither~
: people, anid th'ose whor Sontrol the
nublic notsahil* thne etertrmn divcos
opinions; on questions of Federal policy,
a1*e Comitpletely united i the elfort to
roi*i1zO theiiir Society Onl the basis of
peace, and to restoko tho mutual pros
peri IV as rapily and as comoplotely as
LIteir cireonistalces Will permiit.
Tihe bill, however, would Scom to
show upon t3 faco that tho esta5blisih1.
mieit ol peace id good order is not its
real object. Tle fifth section declares
that. the preceiUg sectiois shall ccnse to
ope!rate in any State wherj certain
events shall have happenedl. These
events aru--lirst, the selection of dole.
ga tiso a State Convention, by. an
elIOction it vhicl negroes shall be allow.
ed to vote. Second, the formation of a
St.itI Co('slitittiont by the coivenitions
.o closent. Third, tile insertion into the
SIate Constiittion of' a provision which
will secure the right, ol voting at all
1!lectionsto negroes, and to such iwhite
men n may not be disfronchised for
rebellion of ifiony. Fourth, the sub
Mission of thie Comistitt ion for ratifica
,ion to iietroes and white men not dip.
'ranch isel, and its actual ratifieation by
'heir vote. Fifth, tihe suibmission of tile
AtIte Consi.ittiot to Congress for ex-l
uninntion and approval, awl the Itaetrna
Approval of it by that body. 8i xthI,
:.h dloption 01' a ceriain iit amend ment to
iIm. Fuderal I Conist.ititun by a vote of
tie b hegisat-tirc elected tinder tho new
Const I itt lon. Seveith, th atlopLtion of
4and nminodieniit by at sifflieieit, 11111iber
.>f oiler Sta! 's to make it a parL of the
moistitiion of tho Uiiited States. Al I
I hese contiditions must bl) fulfillod hofore
the i icoplo of aniy of theso States canl
Ie relieved from the botidago of military
ihmhition.; ht. wvhei tley aro fulfilled,
tleu innnel'dhnt -ly the painsatid pe11il
oie(T ie bill are to cease, no matu'tr
wIether ther he peace ut1m1l order or
it, and w ithet any refe:ve t.o tho
sI'ettritv of life or property. The evetise
giveo for the hill in tho preamble is
hnitted b ihe to bill itself not to lie real.
The- military rtilo which it establishes is
phiinly to bo n'i-not for any purpose
of ordter or for 'tie proveutioti of criimo,
btit. shl 13y as aL men fs of' coercing I le
people intio (io nltoptlim of principl's
taud iltmm"res 1.o which it, is ki.nxn that
ty tre Opposed, and liponi which they
have nn unditiablo riit to exerciso
their own juiigment.
I stibmit. to Congrc-s whether this
meIsouro is not, itn i whtolo chaietor,
scope and 011oj"'t., withoit precedleit nd
Without an1th.ority, inlal o 111)IOConllit
with the pla inest provisions of the Con.
titniois anl u eirlv (lstrtiCi vie to
thoso great principles of liberty and
hnmanivty for w-hich otr aicostors on
b'oth sidt's of the Athmtic -havo shed so
'much blood aid expetded so tmuch t.roa.
Si 111'.
'Phie ten Stafes nnimed in the lill are
divided , intto live distriets. For ach
ilistric tit oflticr of tho army, not be
l Iw tlh ratnks of brigadier-general, sto
be aj Ippoint!od to rule over the pooplo,
and hw is to be stipported with -an eli.
Cilt muilitary, force to enlable him to
p(srflorni his ittt ies itI enforeo hisa
thorit . Tho- duities aid that authoti
IV, .8 dleflined by the third s oon of die
bNI. are to 'protect dlI persosi in their
riglils of person and property, to slip.
pressitisurrection. disorder and violence,
ai Is) puniish. or c.atse to ho pumsti1hld
tl istnrhero of the public pence, or
crihiinils." 'Ih ie powetr thus givein to
the ctintmandig ollier . over' till Ot
peo~plo of' ea'ch' district. is hiatof an ab'so
huea rionarch., I Jir moro will is to take
the placo ofI all law.' Trho lttw 'of the
St ates is now thei only ruie applicablti
to the stubject's placod nutder. his cottrol,
and that is comtpletely ,displaicoci bf
ths clause whvbi hdeclares~ all interfer
enco of State athlority to be null and
Void. Ie Ia:lone is permtitted to dter-ht
mine- what are-rightts of person o pro.
perty, aind ho may protect'thomti in stneh
was ats ho in his diAcretion may deem
propeir. It pinges at lis free dispoisal all
the lantds and' goods in his dietrict, anid
lie my distribto thenm xvitlioutt lot or
indraince to whom lieoulcasos. JBeing
botud by no Statp laws anid thero being
tno otheor laiw to regttnIato tho subIject, lie
nmty maoke a criminatl coda of his own ;.
and'he Cemimako it as lipody as any
rceoreted int history, or ho .can. reservit
tho privilogo of ating hpon the impulse15
of the pr'ivatte passions in echl caiso that
arises. H IQ is botmil. by..no rn of cvi
doncae; tlhero is, idood, no provisioni by
wvhiich he is mpthizived or required to
take any ovidencet at, all. E~verythitig
is a crimo whiicht ho chooses to call so,
and all persons aro condemneid whotn heo
proitnoces to -be guilty. -IIo.je not
honnil.o,keep any recoyrd, or make any
report of his ptroceedcIng. I [c maiy
arresa 111 victims "wljdrevor bto finds
Lhibein, withI out warraity, accutsation or
prootf of probalo cartse. if hto gives
thomn a t'ial before he .iniflicts~heo punP
shpobe ivep it ofhis grace itdid
iner.iy; not becapise bleis-comnmanded so
'io ftansnall roado'rof-theo bill, it nili~t
seen) that songe kihclof trial wats 'seona
id .It j dryne. doutd oF crime ;
"may allow ilooakotiibuale to try
ofileidet'u bitth oborn'e, thtis does not
innlefactor withattt lir;4pert (4
f'r'w Qati'e,, dad de4o~ 't e o
contrAry t.ptco.
It is also nraviilod thtat "ho shall hae
bower to orgmuizi'e imtary comnm ;.;ou
or tribunials ;" but ti; power ho .,,w
coinmiainded to exeree. It ii meM v
permissive, and is lo Io iused oily
"6wheminl hli') jndi eniomybepe
sary for the trial of'k r. E re
if the sentel'ce of a coi i' ' m ln wi
made a Ire-reiniite to t he plimli ihment
of a pirt y, it wonl e r'emely th1
slightet, chek upon he (licer, who
has ablority to orgn:lize it n.-c he plear
es, prescr1ibo its mado of proeChn e
appoint s memb'is from :ulo) iwa
own subordillates, U1- ; '.I is
decisions-?. Ilstead of mi
harshness ol' his sin;lo ri. a mi1.
bunal would be n ':d i-h !:I .!p
bly to divide thfe r b l
img it miore cruel ani anjsi-t.
Several provi.iions, dcietatedl by- flie
hcccuan ity of' Congres., have been inl
mlorted in the. bill appa ren t ly to re
strain the power of thei ommtn)iin.c
oflicer ; but it seemn to meo to Ib to hi
thev ire of no avail for that, pm.o.
'Tho fourth s ectivi pride+-i .
I'lhat trials shall not bo ncCc sa h-.v
dlayed ; but I th ink h h -ve MA
Ilint the pover is given to ci h
without trial, aild, if so, ti,-;. pro.
ion is practically inoperactvo.
ond. Cruel or unntuul i;.ltcenti
not. to be inflicted ; iuct Vho i to .
cido wliat is egccl aid whatI i- unk..
.nal T The words1:, hcav :v id a tle -
gal lmtcaliig by long uw S il ith' coli .
Can ithe Cxpect d th t milt:rv <
nors will nuesadOr flo'a rule
expressed inlnuage vo I.i'*-1 t oeh
IIal, 11ti Aot per'.l- illtci in tOhe
degree to their o i? if
thnen, :ech otlicer ma~y dlicLe '1n..lIy~
according to his own t etper, v:. iW 4
isnot usual, he wiln -uake it aal. (0.
porenl punciet, iI"pris ni thC'
gag, the ball aclI chainl, a ld th --.
mowt. innmppotible forml s of tI n
invented for military puni.hdwant, lio
within the ranyo of choile. Third.
The senence ol'a i1clonuision As not to
he execited without beiig appiovel
by the cocinna ndor, if it. allffiet a- li e or
liberty;and a sWitecl ofiealthl un1t1:,t
be approved hy the .Pre.*ileit. I is
appi1s to cases in which there hasc
been a trial and, sentenllce. I oake it
to be clear, under thi b)ill, (1 tt the 1
militcary Commandoer mavy tcc :n t')
death withouto evenl the fo1rm ora trial
by a mii it ary u4c1itissionc, so tha:1 the
liN or the conIenICed y depend
upontlice ill of two mnei n.ted'o'
It. is plain that the aihoriy here
'given to the iiiia ry officer anounis
to absolite despotisi. .Bit , to uke
it Still more unendurable, tie bill pro
v lcs tchat t ility be deeatc.cicd to :is
miacn y subordinates asi he choo: es to
aippoint ; for it, declares I iat. ho hiccll
"punisi or cause to lhC pulni,ho."
Such a power has not been wieldeid by
aiy monarch in Enhmd fo'r or'e
thainki five huidred yo:crs. In :l111 that
tim,110 People wilo) speak the Eu:
lish lah61guage have bonoe vnel -e i
tulde. It redncees the whOle! popub)i Ic -
tiona of the ten LLatcs-all pe'on, of
every color, sex and comiition, anI(!
every stranger within their i liits--to
the most abject and degracdi.ng slave
ry. No master ever had a cotn'etrol so
nb:soluto over his slaves as this bil
gives to the military offlcers over both
whito and colored pvrs-ons.
It may be answered to this that the
oflicors of thc armncy are too magn~zi:mi
1ious, just and humane to i)opres: awlci
trample upou01 a unbjucganted plbe. .1
do m'ot docibt thatt arminy oflicers aire as
well cut itled~ to ti s k ind of' concfid 'ee't
cas any other ocass of men. Bhtt. te
hnistor~y of fho~ world has bseen wri en1
in vain, if it does not teach ucs thact
uniirestracined aucthiority can never hie
saifely entrustod in human llhmis. It
is altiost sur'e to hoc moroor1 les; ahnsx
od unider' any oirleumstacc , andc it
hans aliways recsulted cin gros- ty;ranncy.
.whero the rulecrs who execiso it are
strangers of' their subjects, andi Cccm
a inonig them ats the reprexent ati ves of
a dIistant liower and1( mloro especially
ryheni the pcowor thaut liends c them is
urnfriondlly. G4overnmuents closely r'e
iomiblinig thathero l1Ooposed hav'.e bceen
fairly~tried ini Ilungar'y anid P'olacnd,
'ansl the sull'oring endured by t hoso
people r'oused the' symrpathiocs of thne
entire nworld. It was tried lai Treland,
and, though tempered att firsct by pr'in
oiples of Ecnls law, it gave birth to
cruelties so atrocious that they are
nover recounted without just icndirna
tion. . T1he Fronoh Cionve'ntion arcnced
its deputies with this poiwor, aind sept
them to te Southern departments of
dors and othipr atrocities which they
/ommi~itted shiow w)hat- the paissions of
thloablest ieon .In the umost civ ilizeod
society will tempt thoem to do when
wholly unrestrained by law. Thie
nion1 of' our1 race in every ago have
straiggled to tionp the hands of' theira
Governiiponmts and itoop. thiom wi Lhcin
theo law ;, because their own- experi
onoos of all ionnkind tatught themi that
rnllersqoald not bo rolled -on to cons'
iodo t~hos6 rig'hts'*bich they w'eo iot
iogally..kitmd to, respoo6. The hea4
bfga grea6 empiire has someltimenO gov
erwetivot withis a mild anid pattrnl
swayJ but the kindness of ani ly%
nibW f dvog' y1elds what
saju mapr~t-an ftI)tet peo'
W* h i dossiddtton tier. aan
onoth lng but onuiity ; hce gettishes
ihom If they can reszist his authoaity,
and ifthoy suibi to lte ho ha60s
Wil cll ( i n!'i 4110')' c:4' j
- I I,'r t ..t I t I vl toe . ii'':ik o , thur
vvitt 1.4144i 0 iiulitiraa r -
1 . 44 ( 1 41t '
W1 a1 ltru Au ink th A"%' j~
I OV IMAV Qit Al leh" e VI' t thie
t 'Iin awr inilites und '.. ny(~i~ow l
j(el1we!-i 4 to WAv sod thedtate.
law~. hil I ' we4 4'! a t ,.I tat 4t11ey
11.1'. 44 1 %1- or44 li illi dilL4 i t they4:
ihd! (;C 140,('4 NOW4 No' t i MA,
4:,'l.,41 illve1 wi'oil es dIif 1i 41'44 4 -
h - o i4;ieii-iei. 4
A."i Iaw r : A J. t'Lei Ang'c4 AI'we
10A44. .4.44en~r n.L1. I il i\ tunli
l~ 4 e~~'4 1. .14~ t41 l ( oil.
I ~ ll1 i "A'. .t v~'c I' Vi1 I C.
opon14 thef iii ll of' I. r, .0ii'
e alil h 1 41 441 i It'.0''' v- t I ll ai d!.141 ~ i
1 I'l. (ct Notit 1~ 'd ~ h i s
Ii'b 011 , IW41i I 1 ustilne". !.!-n it)4 s11 l
1"1i II, iii ill-, (41 1 wdrc, 111ke l: 1
Il4.'n'b o fr~ the'c' feol ~v .cie ii ,*4re
vi ..d I).. IVt lie i C'4fl$'4Uc)4C4' Ott' ri g t I V 4
lie 41"tt4 1 0:vh 44'i.i 1 S'ei vs-:~ 1 lw
(%; y i r i ni \'41 I 4)'I it hhh 111' 112 0.1I
$4) tow4'le:]1 0 444litl war, ' 11442n til
1111)i44' d , ez c ( i l tin ll 1'.' i e o j41'
xo:'v $10 p1lotyo till' 14111 or 141 POiI
ii c .I it I. o 14W: even1 ha'.ecth' : flrco
II.110 pitC 1s1 the ord il.,i" ion i.;
Liii 101 t 1-11 11 coutO 1101 ivorId
up') ilk.r l1xIlt11 d ('1i2'U" 01' c::, il U.
My; In %viil tv lx i n~tl or.1' (41 ilrI.,
'LX11 cit. I 1 100 C t.- Ii (till (l-:*;ietil'
t .1y to t( V~h oi txbil11)) ill t ~
I11( w l. onto liilaclilI( tht,, IIWS (4 ill'.l
t'I' inly IliO1'iy a eoi 1 C'in 1 ivith il111
*' in , clelii'.0,0 lit, (JI i'1- (00
hot OSSi45 utull pwor. hi WAgW 14.11(,
I .'il 1111 v! ' t I IS 1-: 11 lw il0 1%
'"olhrnc. fu' nur. I to (! rtIA nd1
thi'oo th idnOf in, 1Il . ' urisdiobt (isi
010L)W xril, n hia( bothv In inyoo nu
lw ; phorte w' tolih 1)0 vxeiCisc il imo
of:1 wr~ .!'(rIV 11141 helon ie cw1141lill
()t.)i .)4no 4
thi iiir (Icctiiow by~el rcditreted liw
cabu ent ;rl.o 1111(1 1 . IF ini i o o C I
015041 ilii Ii 0)0 ov ivi Ia Il i c ur1t s4I''C
arei actuall thend liiitt Wf tionited
tWtator duringw teiobcll i vitHir tho
1,iiitnof Iic~lr Stioperinihigi)' Ilcle
1101illy I,;- v:J!, 0,t-'r I)
toXki'Oi.4 : tPhio it of eo ite (-o1
called~ ......itiii ' 1.11(10 Mit.
I 1'c 1 Orl 1e~)14rk. h l i
Ut~~~~~~ '1tlr; cntIo ill%~ itt'tdl
;"i in to (NMI oT JAYt ori~ ilii ( X
ti v i N o, poi hj (lt I L' 1 id,'iit, ill tillicv4
(.11 t ies~ whv e ordl' 11 i'y Li V. 114) Ioli''c r
aIdeqlun I clv liceures puIIl'ic salfety itil
it wi tL ),serve~d Omht of t throo
iv,& v. ii.'c m'oit I a W8 ('!lac t u by (ii-i
vai I;*t i 1'' 1 r ol ' :that under ouf
ho ~'Atticr tdlvnt o iti ))u On hat.
Vd ly 1-o l il tilli of pooy t11,1 that
citi for 1h iwvrmcn to tho nil icr
ti 1101 110 r'SlY Thatl' 1-eIy of miltaryc
W .' II islliL11 ipplt- tlivnio t i c h u Czn,
in 11i ianlkiad il it' i o o fw c . j udii
tis id ~ W au par1o-that snr of
h. 14:ola, fio c aTt dlie coly to
t' ho &A OrV IVI i t-i tht c11 itlI whilst,
1lu 01:'. at 'Owlb .-1jt y H m 110114) iiid~
cd ,t.: *.I , 4 i ll appt.' onXl yCJ ILI t.,o thet
It'dniii-l1t no t, ofx a the right tniiu o.
of11: toh 4.'Vt'I)' peto pllt at theirk )1 (ol
N%-r(I.'I IZ: :' .: I tha il l 1111 cr1't l o
W it i:- tt -it by jur ki 11 . 1 4 I 1 01 11is
*l~l-riit f \ v il 1 0iL ti laci.1 oil tile
U') tol em.4),' fltull r Speak) otit(',
hc~11111 d,:t . :it t-:ioi of L iiho
''ii ) 3 nv i tli trvx (4'i ihI~ ou b i WO -y,
r'i; d iu, I 1o0I !i 1. a ndtu of pi'Of'Jlit
t~w v:J', ow' 1i' l t re.0 p1Ht aI.,i a -)o
v!l ci' V' tim nIi n 011' olde k.X'Jt a 11031
Tol whit ILmnt n V1 Sioli o iil of' h
Lii icx ca it iwett o' onltr or p.-iopowed
r14 imniltiil f Adincsiill c'it.cS %v1 141
linivc: l y nowti') For' it iitilli kt f t r o il.
lIt &'i Nv13 1;) e ni'tv is io :lt armed
-i;or I a.. ih (i U1. out-11 lod r i x e t thi't
wh ny ar.:v, i .' d"!j' io-l-iu of th. U1lo (ur111
lil 01: i i' ll lilA t ll' ite Conn 'f
niio i11 ii l 3i o ' fonriej a 'a i tizc a r nd'
Iti t., wo ,i 4( itl aclv po1 t, Uns it Lii i
(I ' Alf, 1 it l pO~l ili' lti 10 l
(tI'i V-108 i :1, ii nLIti W1h1'tJ4icy W Li
in1. 11 l lL '14 f tw. ilbigi Ill It.
to i~; lie t.t 110 wil of l t av. iIllyt
".t e 11 a l alldi p r-o 0 ,111 (-u'ii, i it,:4
-iray 8 [uei'' l~(''0 tlhei arr!ilo (th'
0:1 3 : 1 :1 TaI hi ic iofi I c' 1111 n1i
fill:1 Wili ~ i writ. '1lil tli lt of e0iiC
a1* 1th lithxrO't0lcil iy 10 make tr. he i
i1rt. lll it'rs ltO til o proit Sh11ll
tlPpi og' n Iitle~ 1f1or i i i cu itn or oI r
'liumi(11 ty iigrad8'5tir(41y." riti 11(131 114)
qh(!* 'p f IkA*nul )loii Solierl nimwerap
16. ll v ieii a~ti lilt chil'rt'ka.'t. wy ihut
1 ' *l, 1.Jni to T1iles ai olinil to
,lI tItc .1t 1iici potoit -Jrcuill hordo.
41 A v il I114libet or(ani L prorl'QNt.ll-d
t'ii (if w prorly ofit law. Thlasrik hili14,
ii it jiit3 te k, ill is~'t' pei'ty and
wiio'o i tillA poo imu each ofLli
tv li; l)' - 111 10 iltl Of itVO Jl111 m er
tives of the doomed parties were exclu
ded front allI particil)ition in the 'trial.
Thle convitioni is to be followed by the
imlost igiominious punishment ever
inflicted onl lar.go masses of men. it
disfrahises thiim by htudrods of thons.
ands, an.1 degratles them1 all-even
those who are admitted to ho giltuss
froin the rank of froomen to the condi.
tion of ulaves.
The purpose and objoct of the biU
the g -ilerl intent, which pervades it
from beginniaing to endt-i to clantgo the
entiro structure and character of the
State governmnt1o , and to co-npel them
by force to the adop;i of organio laws
and regulationi n vy are unwill
tig to accept. if le. f ".ueio9elves. Tilh)
itegroes have not asked lor the privilego
of voting-tho vast majority of theni
have no idea what it meana. This bill
ntot only thrusts it into their hands, but
compels them, as well as the whites, to
use them it, in a particular way. If they
do not form a constitution with proscri
bed articles in it, a1n1d afterwards elect
a Legislature which will act upon cer.
tait tmeastres Im a preteribed way,
nciltr blacks nor whites can be relieved
from the slavery which the bill imposes
upon t hem. Without panisiig lere to
considor the policy or impolicy of Afri
cnlizinug the Southern ipart ofouir torri
tory, I would sihply ask the ittentioni
of Congress to that manifest, well
known, and universally acknowledged
rule of constitutional law, which declares
that, tho Federal Govrnmtent has no
jurisdiction atihority or power to regu
lato sich subjects for any Stato. To
force the right of sufrago out 6f the
hiadst of the White people and
itto the hands of the iiegroes is anl
arbitrary violation of this princi.
T:io bill imposes inrtial law at onco
aid it.; operations will begin as soon as
the Genleral and his troops caln bo put, inl
place. The dread alternative between
its1 harsh rilo and Coiplianco with the
torms of' this measuro is not suspended,
nor are lie people)l alTorded any time for
free dolibeiration. The bil Lsays to thoi
1ak1 Imartial ]laV (irst, then deliberato.
Atid when they have done ill that this
measire requres them to do, other con
ditions anl continiignces, over whieh
hiey have t1o control, yet remaili to be
fullilled beforo thiy can be relieved from
martil law. Another Congress must,
first npprovo the constitutiois, made in
conformiit.y with tIhle will of this Congress
and mit. declare those States entitled to
represe'ntation in lhoh Ilouses. Tho
whole qiestion thus remains open and
uinsettled, Wid must again occupy tle
iattention of Conigre'ss, and in the mean
time the agitation which iow prevails
will continuo to disturb all portions of
the poople. 4
Thi bill also denie3 the legality or the
governmetnts of toni of the States which
participtitd in the ratification of tho
amnenidmont I.e the lWedorar' Constitution
nbolishing slavery forever within tho
jiirisdict ion of the Uniited States, and
practicidly OXecludes thom from the
U nion. If this assumption of the bill
be correct, thoir concurrence ennnot bo
uonsidered its having benot legally givoe
1awl the important ftel is made to il).
pear 'that, the consent of three-fourths
if the States-the requisito number
bIs not been constitutioially- obtained
to thie ratiilcatioi of that amendminoni',
thuis lecaving thi question of slavery
where it stood before the aimndment
was oflicially declared to have becomo
a part, of the Constitution.
That thai neasuro proposed by this
bill does violateo thie Constitution in the
p~articlars menitioned, and in many
othter wvays wvhiich I forboatr to ounmne
rate, is .too clear to admilit of thme leastl.
doubt. It only remains to consider
wheother t1he inj unctiona of that instin.
mont oughlt to be obeyed or not, 'I
thiink they ought to h)o obeyed, for rca..
sons which I will proceed to givo as
briefly as oasible.
In the first plae, it h iho only system
of free geornment wich we can hope
fto have as a nlationt. When it, ceases to
be the rule of' outr condnct, we may,
perhaps, take our chokeo between coam
pheto anarchy, a consolidatedl despotismi
and a total dissolution offhoe Union, but
national1 liberty, rogiulateOdhby,law, will
have passed beyond our reach,.
It is thbe best frame of govornmnicit tio
world ever saw. No other is or oat; be
ao well adapted to the genius, hae>its or
wants of the American -people, Com-.
briig the strong h of' a great empil o
with unpeakablo'blessings of local solf
governmnt-.A~'avinlg a contral power
to defend tho general intorost, an4i re
cognising the autho~rity of' tihe States s.
thbe gitardian~s inidutsti:al rights, it is' Who.
4heet-ancohor of our safety- abroad a i
our peace at home," It -was .Qrdelid.
"to form a more peorfeo jniOoa Jatldi
justice, insiure domestic tyrngnlity,.rQ.
mroto the general welare, priid the
coiemmpn defence, anid sniourJO .tko sg.
itigs ofiiorty to ourselvos ad4 :to our
posterity." -1Th'ese . great ends7 hito
been attained heorcIofbre, anddj be
again, by faithfulh ohenlience in16, bitt,
they are certinu -to bq ?lost if w46*.6 -
with dluregard its. sacred oblgatio 9.
It (~ns to puntiil thtegrnoss err med '
defying thre Constitoution, andt to vnd
cate ifs suproote authority, that~wdaKt"
rig'tton a blo'od 1".W'r of four' yours'Jide'
ration- Shmlf we no0w ack'nowledgf
thiat we sacrinlced a million of ihvi ant
'(expede billions of treasure tognfo~p
- C'im e nued on second pageo
1i IR'l4.'
4~ ~ w"M it ill, 1' ~iiiI'e I ll11
I1 ;.h it is 1wr('4 ~ l cle .*i ar-u
hr..'I 33a i the Gov,441, 1 . t~'
1!%V!. " a i Vt !, th o.dI..' 3'' .
WIo . O\a : iv:' 31Ui'it 14. 4.
"0 '..v" no i it 4 o rt y Ill.
pam4 ~'34 chim s mit wi . xvv ii' i''
'-o 111111 t l It~lil' rai c. 41
o.. 1 i I I I f I I'!) ( od 11
1 31 ro 44; I ') . .. 4 1.10 J4&,,'
bt it '4'3'as every1i.. \4 I.
l.- Omit iJ.3 l''l 0\'~:ti1a:.,. l:
. 1~t14 i o; I. b I 1~ 'A, l . N I 14wi.
wert3a il' (I10 o.l.'t. tti o4' 4,4ll14 o
anlu~y 1101th fundamonolli ly .*4j'' 4'
lj' I Ur c~:ar 14.4 in lerahing Qti(0
\\'o hill w". 3 4)1 3 111 ~l 31V
:d vh'iith ( 4' a' 444 at wh i'iha(
x14 I I:N% litc I. A. i''p'l t CIu I43u
:ri in A0 til TON" ''v . :4 it p~ a
1::I(4' e( 11 3:e at . t 4341l4.
relosot . l oie I'"tt . es i yoii 1 h.
i~ '.' n ii o r '. oIu it ~3P p.4 l 1.
4(4 o t i''i oV. ll','3iiC1 I i1'ly
.130 tii oi I heIt. iS Q'ia itru t in.
.hou .a Sit N' ie i Ims. HIC~ On
F 'ios o tho.1 4II'byOI ]splyr iiiill is ICO
oi t lii. te had ' fmI1 l torc o ' .'I eI
yi lrtit) tl'lov .1 Id i opp to. luke d rlia
kt:t nvori dli thy ofr tha wedout
roo temob111 n1, eiIO10 WO)fI'olill
()t fetla dini' theatwil h.103) to beh
t'i~ ooot dn i liitniil t e intgi"'it o
lie (;lon iit
li114.1l thenn0414 or ropellingf. vit ,mp
pCilgthem wec)' vWiSoh3 piroyihti
For in thecolinmPt%"inn; hut it WI uir't
0uhIojil ) xpo d from t im liio

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