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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, March 20, 1867, Image 1

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Desportes, Williams & Co., PropriotorsJ A Family Paper Devoted to Science, Art nqiry ndustry and Literature Terms---$3.00 per Annum In Advance.
ly in the Town o" W i)ihorl ' *u ia
t re'i4/Y in .
A!ry' Al triuitsieit a rlnivii to be
11ai1t Il m40 . .
O lituary Noi:s ttlTr:httes . r
SelodedI POotr'y,
T pluck the flower, one inoine10t to blelold
11.4 tr-eaius-y (it pur11ple a1nd of' g'old;
','h0 blossomls, findit a nest. ofid, 11 r4oitt-1114,
Ilut-lhinsa I pll~tik, an-l Iliig thein on 1-he
Plit.tkeol beciusle rir I, th nil t ol 14 I entit
flwny3 !
I m1ighi. have t onpcid, aind looko-J, :tl hadi a
tlanotel's joy.
Natture's4 grenti prolli-rlilty, yolt gty,
E'a for ma111's w;ntoni1-S provi4s
1t mny lp so, butl still with io ahjelVe4
A seise o' shimi t n I shotial so le.roy
You ha' c walk'd tar, whit ramid you- on
youir way :
' onnlit al 1Sought." 01h, happ11Y mlortal I
Vhat sought you (thn ? 'I,, tnler ail he
I rees
That flower or fruit, sought nothiing but the
The strenmi to tho troe--I rhini you shade,
And so the bentity of' t he world is iaIe.
Again, ail yet, again! 'Twixt night anal
Themne dlay renlicars. The mm-ninglih
Boo fale ino'te aerityesterbhy.
We have no tulurrows ; tld the unitrvavellodl
Is btut the old still ollee : let us spnre
The rest ; as Well p.u1e hete as any twhere.
Milie speazi thtu, I1pause-look back
S itila 1 till
And gaizo inlsa.aoo yon purll il
Yet what I aceo I've seen 11, ir tit lit ain
tee brighter; do I Ierefore gaze in Velli ?
Not. For lie now, btl tor th utild I live,
And asked)l fitunu only tot t.
'The Outbreak in Irelaml.
We copy Ihe folowing fromt tle cale44'
(spaltches to tlie New York paperg,
being inoro full than the menliro 01b.
1,r. r the Associatod Press transmiLtitd
to i:
I1 Lo, Thusa, \inreb 7-Ev,
uingc.-D-1ispaslebies recei'".'1 diuring 1.he1
day from Dublin uar Cork give the
following partiulara o' the ]listl otibrcak
hir threriiih 'ieo-Ii
A fight, took place on 'it'lay nigit
at Talaght, about eigh!t miles; sthl ofl
D-.-blin, hifet l eten tim pohlet and a
large boidy of itigeInians. Ono ofi Ith
latteri was kille d, at l live 1- L 1).ro NiV-Il'
ed. Th pi ccaptrd .ight prt. ion
era And six loads of atunn1ii'on, :tid upI
to dark oii-day over two huI-t-d poistn
ne had bee hronw.ht into Dulin. Tho
aint body of the 14'enianls ngagd inl
t fight retreatd o It.o te hills northt of,
Duhi~l ti. wvitht Lord S rail brvairn, t ho
:mr fthel( lritiah forces inl Ir
'Pi'h p ito sation at Kilion'llook,
ninleteenl m.1 nliiils u11th1 of Limer n-,
in the Province Af Mmutevr, wasI~ aunewk
ed by 200 \ein v ho were rvpidtL,
leavin, hree (of their prt ond ton.
Ihe field and losinger forteen priso rs.
The barran of tie police Et Ik-more,
. County Dovn. in he north, hadr bcen
tise ciy an-dimeendir and totall dork
bnThernaer.. teUio ~t n
aSmner d lrsicei messegeho~ rw boer
shot. in rmrev' ad-ptibretaprno
pemmn purpbew ull suphd with1 from te,
adu~o th see to'hej nrwbntrauddenly
of vn p s to rIshed. 11 utie
. he atnkd tlcast guard s~o~p)elta
tiond a I~ioinh.ato- outyClr
an too away potha frooi, n..ra
Asbo nht the boneent unule pon hof
anro nd tht a, Hol rossti, nd th
with rm tom all ho'nse lace -~o~ .
Thed(o excitenptip. Ti apprrisin
oltwrw Thridy, Mgrc hoa~v
niong.-Mrd othatted tis enigt
th t rte iwa tiins (wl'eigb in run
neing ,7 betee oDbii and4 Cdk.~
ini Lihe ight Ht JJaliag!t. 1L""3 sin(ce (litl,
nild tlhreevi.1 his Cll) -. i.t. arFe.
the I"clial ,1 it) (Juik.
III I r.,: i l- 1 i I i ll
ii l nn ' LVI
OwI.Y.I i '
wllJv orI 'ippera IV.
hand o"~iit~ , ' ! goit 1 1; I :
%v. I hu o F ':onia9 U'i:)4 C, 'L(
APi 1'*'iv of ip lvat'loto:s
s \ jn'4 l Li)if IQl 00 mI'i!.
COIilCis -111- oI hu wepic. 0ldCl ~1O~
r v.ndUsK nlhavS~i
I0 1M %%C' i 1tv It L110 P0lio l~i un C I ia i,
kM 44)1 it. Ni, 1; i 1oivk. CIS- 'o .
I a'4>w b n. L Il:1V ro frln, n. 1 1!,.8
I'Lo ibL lC l S:111~ ava1. 11 .~ foil LU I.
dI Il'ieii tI ;'Y B'p'u 1 I II i ed , 01:1 i iI . '
ph 1hooc:I IliL('l [ivo th.-'to no aid. o
Iv .'1 i i1i' I I, l, C . ) 1.l 1 )11111 i ' Il
JKiilo11Iiock. live oIwel14. I:V
that41.1 iirros''zl 1 4 !f iff (L0naiidUL'c~l Ui
Tim D(vl;InIN OP A FlEi', ItAO.-W
Copy the, CX (4:, t 1i, low ;' ''4, au1 art i
clo. WI that Albany '.i'i'iId ey Ma A~0
the Ed:
A Ncf/o"s J~~ Lj;,*")-'F0 li 11104).0 i.
Cu))iu('t or ma idv 'ut an ' u ' Ih ac
M1TVy I" 01 1 41,' U'' Lq 14in ' orA coun-t
ii)2(1t10 14it iy 'h other t 34 iii '~ eo-3
tiIv~er C fo t;r i' ('0 to wwc'
tlpChmd~ha litngtinaFI of . 'A tia y
ti1.4) decoCd11~~ for thi no11ii Clkot
tbl~ar bI.0i~ull'l Th ll (Ii cl-'
We'i '04011hig them. A'ny1 ,'c t0='i'1
thati II deigi'01Vnlg Il, 1" Oporto upon
144) Lia of~ ha ivR 1.13 'IC'io',I) I)&'
Iv heo" 1''ien, C1 they eal 'C.p 1 !'Citll
,.- __1 -~1 I ' - 1)2 -e .O ' fil ' I J ' '
To 7-ij 1xc:.U-loy Gov. Orr.
Myap l:-;;fr th:i, a i re Fing you, sir.
v 1. 4 '4'st, L. -.4an-4l in th' c. neyi 4ei
ri 'f ;.'.;e de.rimen~ t to hlce ll bli.- hIe s4
4": 4.
i : wi:Lin t44 4 44 ;44
'm 4' :- .- 4 I. . . . .- .tbn i C , ' h o t h
',.4:4 4 - p4 ' i' 44 4 4.4 l.: - 4 p 1 4 e -
--.4. I Spl- t 4 4' , h I "! t
:I4 I".);
ix 44i ! . .4.i
- a ..i e ..n 1 i e m1- 1:ih:. : o
CV!! tned it v.".ith I .: N w. . pl i -:n1
h I. 'I4.4I 14. :)444 v. 44. -444".v I
I-4 ' t v'' , ;l ht eI it1 :14 4
h. i I conid I' 4) l v Ihe 4 h4 i)4 4)
.) ip s d Itto thet extenl( t of .t
:I nh 1ii ' : 1 n 11. lin --Iit "e o.
'.' si e i4*o:. I b uln4. o1 a0l
W:'o . 4) s Iey n I n It11' 1he h'I tz
W4 - 4. w -h.e s
-iiy wh4.' r 1101o 1-It
.1 011 u il in lly opp"os4itionI l h t V
a rIy. n:.::. hI
Sof, fi Iha '.
;4j~ ~ giv ni,-v hie'..70
iv l 1 f t :i In t is :l i t.1
.4 v. . ' v (-II vI- . - 1 , : 141 4144('4Y
-1 C k' t:'4' - lilt, I 'v e 4)" it ): i . I i ". 44) a - '
N . -t; I ar h'.en lilt
n~~~~~ 1. : 'ec N' .Ine-tie hc
!i,'- e.:h e y .- s -!y h e pn- i
!I . ' s ' *j - iin O w-' - .*" % i . c :
f4) i t I 44 ~ 4'441 .
veron-h" I I Le. l . vI.i.
: . : : :4 .4: 1 . e r e lt t h . . s ' r
"In iN rin v, --An Ibin h P.0 3.
h iakI1.ro4 vn th they 444 r it
C106 i -(, ..It l".11y ~ t.
1: t~. I'4 Z.1 14~ el, Lit A": tic4
it!44444 .? 4444~l deh4' (1. Ow41 ~ )44,4
e Z ' I ' dti sm, h onv e h 4 . of'
le.: lO y n OY -;xce!Pit e WneJM 4
44I '' . . i thI i t . n.yQ I
IL . 1 1 I W O b e r a ;.o r i a' h e: - 1 -
"!: ola I tilv l 1 rh ls. xv ' till
- . ni !4 I 4w .1.-, q ha dley . h. I4e 1 1:1
!: ilv~ i.-d brI u it- nan He'lseerf
I4 e44 11 v v ~ v II II 1 114447j444 1-a I II (II II I.
4, - I e4~4 I~ 4,4:4' 411 o 44.:;.,: I' ll l.44
W Lra. tI
1 .:' (..'4.4 n ':n en- h4e. n-n' e i repre. (ii
F. n: ptinn 0e :14 . nnnthe n eise of
'').-' , i1' ." j i ti vhr ;'. it, ue, hI It oi
4 4-4, Ij '- by)) o044"
n tlei k : tV001e: 0ns i i n ldionn i-f An.
44rSw on~j thi".''; b1.i ~i r. 4"', 4147 v1! ya
to:4.: Ow1 11,'1'4;4!.1 4'y i 'ilrl O .4 1..44 v.04
?-. ' . . 4444:4:, )n 111e.n
n y 1= 4 :i n -cd 1hv 0 t" i h ie uglrm,-- w ot
Way e~spot thafithe n.xt Co nte wioll t
rar:I-'h-aoh! Ia whitiile lpuenel,(
zuniy o 1-rin s ini itu a . g eo a (ei e m e of .
e se:! ct.o ontlew
v';1:1 4 l nown t1 4. .M r. tens, th. l' I
4144 Ih- , o t1: 4)4 muii 4)4) nr' 4) 1- '.he' 'h4use of n'
44'4i., e 4 n'ii4 ,4" 4h 44e 44.r44(n4'iy.annon ee hi 1 1
WIl' c 4-4h', eign c:4,n o nl n
w..r. lll be in
' 'tnr r o1'r ., h Ii-r 1( : 444 44 ' (f 1'''.,r';.4 4-a li.
7 - :44:4, 44444d 1' 444)'t 4re le 44444,i by44 14 4'ng 44'es , p i4
4,f 4,4. he 4 i4-:.. ''4444.", by c..'i : 3 i t.~44 h i ' e
w t' xchn:i'vely to4 4)4. he 4144 colore 14wynhiion i
4'' 4 - , 44'ndy4 neao l .m ') o4.fl 4n.h n444:etin 1
4up44n- hi444
.iem 4 a ': '::1 tlhe in 4st .4 ' r4ch444. it h
p'-4'' o.4'4Cn. 44r '444 pe.o~ not neting inl i
4..'4.4 'y p4r-n ih .' h rs e tni be 4is
4. .4'4'" * -;' 'r . ; ho e The44~ it.' 4.
.: n. 's .4b . he 44 a r.Pe ,4 a b4'y'4i Ii4 4 .
:. r 34 4:4 4 .14 ! ."'" 44 )' -4-1 bro hel'p- th
4. : ie 4 t 4444o he4li i.oni~. /f'. 1ii
'n'y m 4b.4in 4th -''lhie lionic by444'4. '4he fuI
Nov,,,h--- 4 i tal ii.h i':e h: ''4! '14he I).0n- n44
441r ) eto 414y 44he.4 4.4 i.4ei4; pne4 i14 , and444 14
"- 44... 4'- p'4t e4-43h4h ee n. ,r h' h
T!' : ly ch4144nce( f'or -4 to einergo'g f'omn
(44'u'r 44'1 poltiet po44 nt ion Is, 40 recognize (1
4t44. grer444r truth4 n414 once4., and414' not accoringly 4
regard4' 4 t4 4- 1ineo <.r' er44qr, is4 a tixed factL-.--th o4f0
14w 4~ e:ia.14i br41lby 4th4 pow4.4er of' th on'.J Ji
accai.'pt.) La 4act, with rI its4 l44ogiomil 0conso. N
quet('\4es, 4'ind Conform4 r- p4"~ olide~al actiJon .gl
to It. - - . - w4'
Tlenoo 44t- i our ilaterest 1to ntrach':1 onr Ii
o'oloredl 1ople 44) 11s, by7 nt once0 4.f.-ing the -
44n4itiat~'Cive in recogn44iz/ing theair ('quall41'4 y, n1 d. Ilb
yy -oui' ent i 0y I:''f isI) 41on. . Ilnd )b4bl'i0 44.d. 0
private condnet,44w4440 show'urselvos to be their'. n1
WheaC1 'his 1isdotno, the ro('oltionary a4'
furor' t the North wiri hitei'C4penl4 itself,4 1"
and44 we will 1b0 homo41genoons. 4141ong '6tir, b:
sol.1 'es4. - 'thi
11y with1 co olier, 0114 matM'id ni, iteret
er4 and14 prevenC't 4lin' -rigo ot"'a 'p-l4ty ii 04)1.' in
47i4410 lo d01minate over ut,, . 4,ho 44 in 4,p4iion
1I4 5.iew, the4l,'41ore', ef ilj tho4 ~(im1'411,4nn-1 "'
ees h~t wichO we 411ro p114teed 1. IS 44y de4"idl:1)
opinintlrta 4(4' st lI didild .boditi'eun 44t (41t d
confovcmity to QohIon of'Oongress.,-~.
I Itheref'ore ro8espoti'4I1y cal1 ope'n yltar
N'~iloQney, As 11h0 oly fo4rso3n lh4a,1ng thA~
.powCt~ 16 optv'nk h Le~gis1~toWi', to ,aasth~4
b1e:tubat 1y 4t. 494 oiily O day fsif4o(J'a'. I'.
ble, that..they 'may 04411 a conlveIII1n.4f .he '
'4i 'I'A aVM#ESfUThAND)
t orp r tot t a
- fe n routta bb4L is. at.
Dims~tro3 l1reshot.
DEtSTRUCTu )N Ur 111.1CE.
Thli tovsut. heavy rMu s i Ton na I~ond
,*~si.i 11 1i.'ur It, 1 :y.; tho A~t k 111'. (Jjw1 t
the 811have Ii v ilu~tlud ai 1141)d sl Es.. ill Cloi
ivl pusbl ic irtwl bridlge o t) I i
)Iii I)g sfI t) I, and sit yet-.%.~i v. t t'fl'- i i I
t ;,I kii' ---to o F.:I ty Alr 1)11v" .1i vt I C 05
'I no lIoss of u' n 1iittsiss ~iO WL Kh's ej
535 i. Oi;Ct iIF'11 1s': ins \. ' IsIt
(111s i st: tiletst i1h.
sa Iti I IstI Ivo iJCoiis 'J'un. t.
k -, slvoree.oly, theiy Avit l i be re
ITla iii 'TrFF *-In in Ih I lrnwtl*p!vrt~ I-m o) f
o'Vculiiis tly t hese, i disll (F 1:. i61s
11! 1'.1-'? lit ltes psvo4cut i me311, Wilk I ('iII
ire M.. g ,!l it. bsci~iv 1yIIMJlssisll
.kit. %% ( lt t.. ve, however, I hat I! u de
eVoal ho y~o 1)1-10 Is to niot bearit q, -res
4.4. Iaq-i r it lsl* lo II 'onu, nie1
well' ill piss6I- i011o sIt 11F tilot& . , dA
It.oI isa IoitiiU, reu.i vto Izil e N. .~ *
ollilr :
I v; I IF:ivS" Iseyoiiil (Csll !i:Illsl1F i-It
wivas ls'-i-o-'II tvll Llas biip!~ lit tilit. ('t
T*eIrack u"inIlia s. 'R St 13. roadsn oti3Il))
-iii11 11011. lit-e Sito fine'. No: t- iissz :',,(;it e.
X.1v5II( siak.i' ',e(F.ii5eFIAi toisliiig. . 6i *
Ii v.%" vl F t )I tuigist ii~jilCtre 1 1 -
.1 tsi.lvs (Ill its .5p:iti-:4Igs. downi I hei 0lv 1.*r
5 e~slsi ovOinitliciI~iol itL) N. ax- C
'I'Isoidiiplers to nimuy- of' thes Iitnvtpn
sI* 015 stimtij'tiot t Iiia Ile ('Ottl L'S*'
.\FI:Ils:.i (.-*?1in oft' tho tcli, Isv lI Puni~i
I he~- 10, t. IIlsoiS iisoilt 4 t (he s1leq
Vsgsneceededl tiny tijg l ii.i'ti"db
l,'~~O . i i'i .5(01 lil1'.F l 55tio-1 li E4~
ii. 11 j-witoe oiii t tracik VIi,'sii4. V,
y'l 1 vtns:ek ott 'ae i'ii i-wbi'il Hn1 t s
ii' "ewdodi'su ci. 110imo.(sil 06 iiI i ' plo:1
I.;x :11ic 'ijlially 3 s 11i1t4voirahl..
Therel O so Ar) isjilms lymOlilV 153
11it th, alehs iii C .hasiontt OtlO~1;ls
on ' :s':ki'.t; iqsju"r, sF0 Mrii nmLi the F. -'s
Oil IhIo Sl~ts rpwa', 1% 'J11t'os'tuol I f
wp.Zi4 s I ll'I P i'sln at Rema:li have
L.11 "will~ Is wsf. 1,163 is ft f'etioup saiis.
A~tilivo Daslull 3-001 Sli(1 t0)Is'CItl
lit it. Ilittji-:' Ur I It(! dnI:1:se I 4 swlni jsii'i I l 1) h
.I s.rd(i y s-li :We leasrtsn, 01 lwoil let It'
hiii' Wednetionly nitght. 'T.hi t ralins I hlt
,odL' III this IV. eti,l I'L 14-0 1:04t IL.
.ltile t'otI'lFslii' Wit, i ll l ri l-,Iji tsts"ve. C
sib-o li-a ialstiII: Ih Olrek'i )iid;!e- of ilte
P116i '.Ith 11i iuj 1 lWUOMgt MA~i. bsie lomm'i
rit .ill, wVC FIr.iC Infoaled, lk.' at lt I tlei
3:,: 1, (I )I\', ~tIsie La:ist 'Vlvivs~iT oif,
F'Ivilh 1.155l c~ ans hei ina. Ma.ili to
iI'.i Fnre miade, sii' buliiie~-- sss'u inwt~t oX 0
a pri t. :ie. 'lhiii 115(1 1 ssemm;s w ill tlmi
.we tInna 'M fic ill dI"Pictilties Ito Ile 05'C'- '
liect iO S 511l11.4 AN 11'. t111C he kio~t-h
11011.400.ts slt15011 liit 10i I lm1stii I'aL Is oplktl
010 Clful(I'1q13ilyIjtojs 'sst ~ Iliiii.A lhi I)II
Sti'te Con:1"nhill 'I htil terv Will lIm lilt
Ay) Call et',. 30 t'-'i-sisic3v i.st, wc: belive e
voll 1 preadvei I' it tS'.1% Thai I10515hira. 1oIii kI
;to thia trelief of lte lit'ilt in Coe- prea
it glAt lit41 "s, IV ill tie Own tisisens.-ld
equii Ctsall -11 fiio ll111111Y. tha~t the0 If
'live p itisy cit ho Stnop wFith l-cfe'I:IICF #0!l
Faots to be Rememborod.
Wo deem11 it onr duty to agill 1.
I1on1ish the peoplo of' Virginia that
:1e0y have nothing, Cit.hor of' .spedy
r IaP1.in-rmanent reliet, to Ioil for* frI'oim
lit! Zllwkellc Court,
I. Lmoig befmro that tribmnl cin
itetrpose to protecut as, negro sufagr
na.tained bY (Ito bayoiet, will hav
Ileell forel't-d x11p011 us. .I111 t his eit y ill
ia mlonthi of, Aprii nlext, and in th<(
Otate at large in M;Iy- the at roeiml
lilli o her0 nin r s the militr.
o i'rt i t then ro ai t the ballot, box,
wi-e, thn, beiore wo ca hope foi
eli ,this outla;To Iill have ileell
r111ptwtraed' l ill Virginia, miles., t eil t
IlilI'y l Oiver, whos wIile.s (lo law,
1-ity conlsent. to postpone the city and
II. The tter contempt with which
hrt .1 oll decisionls oa the 11prelio
'oiurt. have boeenl trea l ted, Show Ilow
OwelCOsi ta-atititll boyl i whll it
1110it40 reason to thli ma111d paCjisions of
*o inobl. Congress and thle subordli
ate I, ederal judiciary delight in at
mulred ways to express their coi
rmi:t of the live Colervativo jesat
t that'. ewle lted tribimlll
1i11. ales.I tiho people of he s th
anIl hope (to soleet at succes.sor to Pretsi..
Cidol 'ilon aS conservative a4 that
minet Ipatriot, any relief which they
iny hope for f'rom thle Suipreme Court
-1o1d be of very little practial ind
I' nto perimnit ent valei. It will be
:impetenit f'or the nexO President and
in Cress, acting il Conjilultion, to f
11111 and Changio thit) litu pronle (ont it
i to satuite Tt buody with iih Ra
mhl of Mogre.
1.V. It hams 0beet. , foribly Said that,
flr as thle Supreme Court i6 Conl
mirned, the presenlt con.'ervat vo ad..
tutage in that coti is hold by the
1dier thrad of a single life. 1iheroi
re liv Cotllnlrvative lnd four. 1imli..
Al jude... AInd Lf thji Conlservativo
int'ls,' it is dtubtiu whether ono
ili ever take his seat agliln, and
lmoillt rtin hat ie wCill not live
X 0Ilv oimonths. "The ossq of on
m \or~vntivol oi will mIA ^. o,
wzIhTyl me i be t dectlared unconsti
vional but by at clear majority.
'e(idt, Jothnsonl cannot replace ia
inm-rvative judgel bynw appoint,:new.
eneConlres. , at itflast ssin
tSsedll I itx. Uiir I le i the imber of'
Idtehet SevenC , forbidCling aly new
lprimment. it il, by lhi occurrences %f
actnce, that, limit is realcheil." -The
11wIervallve jud~ges. are the(. old am]l
OIs Fohle n11-mheia ris of the court, and
ill probably be the lir-St. to die
V. WJii he h co ituionaliutof the
horman" law is tesed our seei-se Ai
nIdCh upon ie frail ltennre of a 110,
hieh no ono believei will last, six
A11thw. Umler thI im1ost1 faivorahlo cir..
nnstancerS, eilninenlt, practitioners in thle
ipremo Courlt ifomna that, a dvcis.
II of the Suipremool Courtcnot, be
Speete befre Lthe Winter of' Lthe Present
Oit ar or thc Shpring of 1868.
V L. In' less ihnn three months the
he1r1an lllV aw t will have infllicted Ihm
slllt of' negro uffrage twieo tlpo
ILe pe-ople of, RIlnold eVell if wve are
toecrvatures otf ia military del Spotim,
ml nIo Con1ven iion is Called.
V' I i. I fthe Supremo Court twelvo
Iofths hn ishall dleclaro tho Sher
mnt law\ unconstitti onal, that decision
oS no11o restoro us to representation in
rey times morei malOignan-andmri.?A
Oes of dea~~uth.ii l they Cores wthe
l'adi ic hnii iclearr mtinj8ior i th
10s Cof Rleproaesetaftives o oes hun
redl anwil il tw heV-8ioneof.-E fehmon
onrud oe accep tc is past te iiare wirkh
rttrwn a harohe atd feortor ones
ro impose. Thui.sid hawit beent fro
h4e eommencement orf lrhocontest, aPmnd
has ~i will fil t the l fitt. Ifitho
rof the lt1tihne aendml e arer
ri 010 on of rohet to rtell. the
'OsuOt. A Pr'esLidetill be leted t o
xeriihe will o alyl-eoptl. Then
Vhet$nth willfin te hat thel bite eger
Ic thorti eCogwl heaefr hr tao'r
han thei lo of heThity-ninth. ~ ft
ovtnm, dwuthl tha demolihdth
YhoIIe suhona the wolb hmgrter
t them and tkir eilidrenl be the con,
O~Aquencs.~-JatiWmo Amerk'a n.
. ItaVJiGci.E Palternicyr- *r1,
M ts4p1eA:so9 Dtyis passed, tl roug~
his6 e ty onQ iQ'~h~ ev qnmg last,' agoote.
1p3i04.br A.setvywgef ,routc fo; p.har
eston hm ag rppnib :depot.
ial A t01, o( And r
og eir nh J.U) sjtoi 1 U
- --44f - ''ee
Nr. WiIhoin's Sipplomontary Bill.
We publish below \Ir. Wilson's Bi
"Suplaeentary" tlthe h1Lkeconstrutit
A ct.
Our telegrams say that this Bill, as
cattme 1rom1 the Senaite. vas aimleided b1
tho I limon., 1a1 of, courso returned to il
Semit. We ar. not vetilineid whi
thesei anvdet ero, or who ther th<(
im een neceipled by , the Senate.
Thie irobbility) is; that, tho atmedI11e1t
was to K rik ot the Uth secton .Alo
ing thr iilittiry comimiander to devoh4
his powes upon .1C the actinlg& GoverI
A 11111 'ap1dlenentary to an net. enthle
"An Act to ilrovide for tho ' mr
eliceient government of tho rebi
Sta tes," ainl faciltate rest oration.
le it encetell by the Sellato an
I fous of Repisentatives of the Unit(
Stat es of A t rica in ,oiress assen
bled, That thle Commanding genleral i
S"h dit.rict defined by the act eititk
"fall ct. to provide for the more eflioici
government of the rebel Stntes," 01
cauS111 it regisIrationi Lo be mado befoi
thle first,. day of Sepltember, eighrlteen hml
drod :awl sixty seven, in (4eh counlt <
patidh inl th0 Slate Or States inieltn'd
in his hitriet, of nale citizens of LI
nidu Stnt-es tenty ono year 4 of ag
andupwrd resident, ml eachl connitv (
larIish, whiuhl registration shall ineild
unliy those persons who are qtialifiod t
vote for ,hleglltes y t'he "act to pr<
vido for tle more elicient, .govornnier
of Lh reblStates, and whio'hall hav
takin and ,ubeiscribod tio following oat
or afrirmation.
"1, --,o---, in the county
pari1h of ---, in the Slite of' , (
iereby 4ole(.11nd1y mweni-, (or allirin) th:
I aIm sincerely an(d ea11m4'stly at taed t
te i 7 11 ioI anI (1 veril IenIt. of the ITn
ted Sa,1t thai I wI!! SteAdiestly sY i
poiI thit Conslittilion and obey ti( law
of thll, Uni'ed Si tse, and'l that I will, I
the best, of m1Y ability, eilgnge all uthei
1to sUch nplortanId obeodie ; 4
S m. 2. nd he it furthe. enactoi
prov ided siall h coplilhI ted, the Con
1maishni1' gener0ial shall Canse to be bhil
in each$t l t10 ofhis district, oi it (a1
nt ls I ItI hiMy days frm the dat
If pre 11a1 io tletrof, i election C
delegais to a i coention for the purpos
Of amninig tht exisutig or fruming .
nnowcongitution for saidl Stato, and1 (I
!ir:ly r ,emtu Iishing a civil govern men
loyal to the UnAion therei, and of pass
ing alol 11001111 ordinances for piltli
satil con1titt.ion and governmnii, int
S.:c. :1. A nd bo it fitrther einacte'
-Wht. t hn cnventions herein' provide
for sh:'ll be al..1led (11 tlie sis of ti
represnaiemn (of t li on I oses of Repre
senal ires of each Stato.
Sac. 5. And he it fuirter onneoi
'ihat tho omumandling general of . eael
diatr-ict, shall ItIpplIIt such loyil offieer
' persolls s a1y ho necessary to iik
11n1d complie theit registration, to presid
a. the eleelon, to receiro, Sort and Conti
11n to maho ret.i'n to hiin of1 t VOtI
and1 Of Lhe' persns lecd11 4 1lga Ie
and upon fe1 living said rethrns ho shal
thile stme, ascortain th4 porson's eecto
as delegates, nd make -poclamatial
therof' nnd, wiihin sixty Iays from th
dato of eletion, he shall notify tho delt
gates4 to naseibIle, 111 4 tiie nnd plaC
to 1be men'ltihloed in thie nmotilention, t
proced to the or'ganw.ationi of a converi
tion ; amnd wvhen the saidi concentio
tshamll hiavo amlinrIled thet existing const
.iacordanIIce with th, "'Act, to provid
for ihe more .fli'cient government, of th
rebel0. Ptrotes," saidl Conutiittioni sh1all b
suibminted 1l~'Iy the ~ coetion to thi
personsi re:.istereuIfd(nr the provleionl
of this act att an elect ion to ho hol
after tho expiration of thirty frot
time dato of of niotico theoreof to b
given(i by the sa1id COnIven1lt1on;
Sxo4. 6I A nd be it furthber enalfctoi
That4 the duties* hereby inilpo.sed upo
the commasgding General of"each distric
and theo p)owers ooimrd, may, wvit
his consenmt, be performed and exercise
by thoctintg Governor ofany $tat
wh hl ake an oath oi' ahirmanti
faithfutlly to .keep and~porform them Lih
Rnni.:1xnI.:soa--Somo musui
ofitp jing~s the followhtm about thle yeai
of the1 rea'gdini puibli('.
TheV~ shiyl ek wvho wth 1h0ad erec
withI honest people minhtgles, -shoal
conse to shave hisa fellow n16n,~ anmd got
shaving shiinglos. .JThe lawfor ivoul
bo iyetter ofl', his sclence far loe Id1ia!
who ownead a little ftarm in fee, ,lI
made that !farm a chtolt. 1We ,,mV
.soime docbqra in onr midst, whdoseo talenti
tboypshoitla umno, by pre,iolng' [email protected] lhea
mng art--heelIit boots amd fthoes. Th
ministe,; w~hose aA'ge' adW&'da, ri
iessoi' tettchdejeh1mId try to "witfh a
wa) res piay Atut practio. whuat b
~preachmos. a 'J& voti 'shoidl have ii
Ado %;Me~i n ds all defaumted; s
th~i shu uboth~ pper ten whome Ia
#f,r ta* i$.Q~A. h sitte
eh ~a4~ n
Murder of Dr. Livingstono.
A cablo dispatch annonnes that Dr.
1 David Livingstone, th) African ev
plorer, laos been inurdered by tho Kaf.
fit. Another namo is thus added to
the long list of adventurous explore!s
w NVhose lives have been sacrificed in at
I tempts to unravel tlt mysteries of the
I inturior of Africa.
Y Dr. Liviigstono was a native' of
Scotland, born i!i 1817. In early life
i he was i cotton spinner, but aflerwzard.;
studied imedicinlo and theology, nna
e fitted himself for lie career of a mis
sionary. Inl 183 the London Missiona
ry Society neceped the offer of his ser
Svices, an(d issigiel himt to (uty on the
Wesit Coast ofAfricn, whero he arrivevX
in lie summer of 1840. During the en
suing sixteen years lie labored iat, vari
otis imssionary stations i A frica, mak
ing occasionaf scienitific jourie(vA into
the interior of the country, atl adding
n valuable Contributions to geography
and natiural lis'orv, which obtained for
it miin in 1855, tho'lonior of the Victori:,
gold medal fromt the N ,-Pl Geoographi.
cal Society. A ftc: : -ee -fli jour.ev
across Southern A1t-1, he r'nirnel t
:r 1ila d it 185 a iM~bed his first
1,vohnno on Africa' 1 vil. in 1858 ho
resuimued his ex(1\in';, and in No.
veiber, 1805, i i hli.d his last woric
in Mnghnid, mider he lill ol'a "iNar
0 rativo of an N10editi.nL to ite Zalbesi
0 and its Tribitaries, atil of t he Discovery
of the Nikes Shirwa and N vassa.'"
L'The rsults of this expefition were
SRimmed up by Dr. Ljivingttone at the
hI close of his work. First, iI pot t. avaih
ble for coinnorcial piuipos'(.i wasR disvoir.
r red ; secondly, the course of the Z:t ni
o besi was acorately ascert niie'l, and i h
explorers sait isetiO~ thoinsI vI-s 1ihi t h111f;
streani wits "Ia spveed y nl a-ti of tralsut
to I tie intelior of high1lanti, Whicih in ill
probability will yettb o ste phr of
K iiropean enterprise." (6- n t ilis
0 coveres by Speke arti (rn coIulirledt
tihe stateient inido by LiviggIone, aid
atiled nuclh to tIu infiormiutiou obutaitd.
by Lite Iltter.
k. et CIm . , u Ciiii tl inung, (oraird,
Y Barth and Livingstone are dlenl ; and of
the faumou A frican explorer., only
0 Iait, b kor ind D1i Cimilini nlow sur
vive. .Dr. rLiVingon Wats an 1f1 if
largo resoiui-ces an4 untitinlog e nergy,
fand his contributifms to geographuical,
knowliige and science are of the great.
est viaite. Asido from his labors as m
explorer, his services as a nlision.'r'
were of io common order.
Is it Dishonorable ?
One ob, jection urged agaiinst the n.
e'ptaneco by the peopl, of the 'rimi
proposed in the Sherman - bill, is that it
I is dishonorabhl for those who can accl f,
" it without loss of polit ical rights cr
- priviloges to save theimselves at tho
expense of those who ar0 disfrilichised
Ilay tile bill, If the hill wero of our own
' adoption-if we had the power by non.
f iction to savo our friends from the pro
posed disability, the olijection would)
b b) sound. * In deference to this senti
t ment, the Con1stitutional Amoundient
8 was refused.
1tunt wo now spo that wo did not. sanve
those alffected by it from the wrath (if
Congress, but rather exposed them to
harsher terms than those at first oferred ;
and It is evklent that if we spurn theso
second ovortures. a third, morn seveiro
a tinid odions, twill bo0 imposed. T1'horforei ,
are wo noting in bad. faith towvard thoa
- class most elboted 'by it in advising its
n acceptanco. ?
- Whein the President oil'ored the diflor.
n cut States constittitionsg rcjindiating~ the
3 wvar debt, rand thereby redntoing to beg -
4 gory thiousanids who had in good falith
0 invested in Stateoesourities, believing
" thorm to be safe in any' contingency-.
" thjey were acc(epted, nd it was not deem
L odl dishonorable, because it wos holieved
a to be the shiortest road to an end.of 'ne
0 troubles. That oct caused mo~re notunti
snffering than can possibly restult t'aii
thsbl.IL not only violated tihr faith
of tZho S3tate, but took the ,blend from
Sthe months of thousands ol widows' and
'orpharns. It was forced ifpon the State
by the logio of tiyents, rtn we hmave nob
.' heard of-any of-thoso who assentod to
the measure accused of acting dishoa.
0 orably. So, in~ accepting tho' severe
forms embriloed in the Militairy bjii, as
au means of saying oner pgop'le 'fran
0harshe~r.-moesuroe, :and pti. an 'an to.
the conifusin and, strife whweh ire ruin
ngri ovory basipess interest, it enmnos
be justly said thay. indlileroinco is msni..
tested for the hardhhip of tlhose-glisaled
by the bill,. ehavO no power t~iLo
them it we 10 i, ifr a *wi syee over.
dboard' at sea, atnctafr a' moatly'liuf, atu
3 ab'nt $o se Ohis fet-owa, Ac~ierglsor
ni oltret to save ~hitself, -wold-b
1 -~
a7i e h .Loi'e
9 in th Oio'Msi o '-e
. Rh Set. incui,2th ~ -
hWj~ fioidytbq Qoh

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