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P wonwym lt 3M
Desportes, Williams & Co., Pr16priotors.] A Family Pape r, Dcvoed to Sci once, Art, In P, ry, Inidustry and Lit-ratUre lni.-l3O e num nAvne
VOL. 1e. wI &-1RO )"0 C., WEDIA MIN.NG, ARC 7 7 N .4
Terms.--Tiu len1AL, Is pub)ishell Week
ly in tile Town of Winnsboro, at 03,00 in
ta reab/l iadtance.
ui Altralisint, advertisements to be
paidl in ad'vancoe.
Obituary Notices and Tilbites $1.00 per
Original Poetry.
BY 1Xt.A.
S:litiilier o'er thy beautcous form,
lier dlrow:ly mantntlo throw,
And ielil from every caro 'till morn,
.ly <dea-st-only lov e
My ardent soul o'er tine will keep,
Sweet virgila 'till bright morn
Arouse thee from (ty gentlo sleep,
My cheris-d-only love!
When fancy deck'd with gotleti. hanis,
4teps in widt fitiry tIretl,
To lead thee to tihe Inid of droams,
My fairest--only love I
If thou woil'st seek tihe rnsiest bower,
.Thy lover there hou'st find,
Yes. dreaminiig of his fitirest flower,
Of thee--inmy only lovu !
The dear-est fre:.suros of this heart,
At. thyv thr feet l', .1 hy,
Vill th4m 1,1 mo , - et hopse imniart?
Oh ! may--iny ily love !
O t! cotld tity soul's leep prayer for thee,
Reach you bright leaven above,
Then none lien tlihou would'at happier be,
Mly denrest-only love!
The Supplementary Bill as it Passed on
Yesterday, March 9th.
'11 followin"tg ii a copy of the Silp
pl ementa-ry Al ili ary bill an it passed
both lI ionses of Coitgress on yesterday.
It wIll bm. 1101 iced that, as a result of the
GoluniLtee of Conferelce, tile major
portioll of tho I lotise .amendmetits
to the Senlate bill have been sirkken
oit, a114nd that the ,rineilpal chanls is in
111a11in1g a majoity only of the regisier
e(d voter nc'Cesa Io ratificatio, ald
in requiing that Congress shall be sal
i'hied that t.he voles were givenl without
restraiint and that the Coistitution, AS
ratitied, tmets with the ap.proval of the
mnjority o the qaitlifiedl voters in tho
111e to which it, applies.
it is stated that th bill will be pre
SenltVd t) the President to-day,and it will
protiahly be rettrtued with his objection
Ihelre to in the week. TPhci bill wil tlhen
)o immedialely passed over the veto,
Anl(d Congress may tiou .adjourn until
the Full:
Be it enaclted by the .Srenale and Hou~se
of 16presenllives ofthe United States
of A nrica in Cougress. asnlh'd, That
bliefore the Ji-st day of September, eigh
teell hunlldred and sixty-sevell, the Coml.
man11.tditing genea11 'ill each district defwned
by an act entitled "An act to provide
for the moro em-:incit, govermuent.of the
rcbel St ates," a pproved March second,
eighIleen hundred and sixty-soven, shit
cause a reg'istration to be made of the
)ma.lo etizens of the Unitied States,
twent~y-ono Years of ngo and upwards
reOsident ii n eh county or parish in the
St ate 01r Slt ntes i nchtded in his district,
whlich registration shall include oly
t hose pe rsons wholi are qjualified 'to vote
for delegatos by the act aforesaid, and
'who shiall haveo taken nd subscribed
tile following : "I do solemnly sweat;
01' amrmi ini the presenCe (if Alniighity
G od, that. [ am a citiz/en of thle State of
--, that I hiave resi-led in said
St ate for' months nlext prceeding
Ii his day, and ntow rosido in the county
of -or t~he parish of in
tatid State, (as thoe one may bo) ; that, I
am t.wety-oneC years old ; t hat I havo
n ob e t II disfran~chised -for pat'ticipation
it:y eelionl or civil war again~st the
Uii~ St.ates, nor for relony' contiitteil
ngo inst ihe laws of alny State or of theo
Uniied States that I hatvo never taken
an oth as a member of Congress of tho'
Un'ed States or as a member of any
St ate L~egislatture or as an executive or
juldicial omeier of any St ate to support the
Constitutionl of the United State, anid
at trwar-d engaiged in i nsprrection or
rebellion against the Umlted States, or
given aiid or' comifort to the enemlfiQs
thoreof; tht 1 will faithfully ipjgport
the Constitultion and ,obey tbhe laws of
the United States, ahid wvill. to' the but
of my uihlty4 ec1)ourage oittpra so to do;
So, help me Godl.;" which oath or affrmi
lat iolnimay be admniniste~ro4 by tiny regis
teoring uificer.
Sa.:c. 2. An)1( be it fiorther enadtec4
T lhatn t he L'11 coAnilet(iof the( reght
ration hlere-by pi-ovided for in any Start
at suchltiu dad. plahas' tlteeelt.st ti
commianfdintg generai shalf appoint aind
direct,9Isrhiech at loet thirtyd lays!
$nblirash ifal be gite'n; an eltion
Sbald . h ht4l- of /d'elegates. to a conhen
tionI for theo purpose of establishin~g a:
constitultion and civijl governmenist for
arnoh Na'te leydl 'o the Uiong, said con'
-vtionl in och31 Stalte, except irinia;
to conist of jhteimag~ ,nitilnud of meital
borsea all~e most ntumerous braigh of'
-ho 8rato- t gidipetrp 'of(g y i
ie year eighteen hundretqlil ## *
be app lidnddafttogg 4
triuts, coutaties or parishe
by'the commiandinig gener al, giving t
registered as aforesaid Is nearly ns may
be. . The convention in Virgiiia shall
consist of the samo number of nmbers
as represented the territory now const i.
tLiing Viginia in the most numerous
branch of the Legislature of said State inl
the year eighteen hundre1 and sixty, to
be apportioned as aforesaid.
S.. 3. Andi be itfurther enacted, That
at said election the registered votl rs of
each State shall vote for or against a
cof'venitiol to form a consiitit ion there
of tinder this act. Tlios voting in fa
vor of such a convention shall htave
written or prined on the ballots by which
they vote for delegates, as aforesaid,
the words "l1or a Convention," and
voting agailst sneh a convention shall
have written or printed on such ballots
tle words "Against a Convention."
The persons appointed to superintend
said elections, and to make their return
of the vote-s given thereat, as herein pro.
vided, shall count and tuake return of
the votes givenfor and against a conven
ion; and the commimding general to
whomli tihe same shall have beo reinrnied
shall ascertain and dvclire tlhe total voto
sineii State for and ngntinst. i conventioi.
Ifa nmajorir yof itle votes given oi that
question shall be foi a con v*t ion. then
sl conventiOn shall he hell, its here
inalier providl ; but ia mnjoriiy of
said votes Shall be sgaitnst a convent ion.
the no such covetli ion slhnl1I be heill
iiuder this net: Priorbled, That such
convenlion :hall not be h+l imulvs a
nujority of aill snch registered v;4t.rs
shall have voted on the Iu.ction of hou
ing sneh a Convent *ionl.
Sc. .1. An,l hr, 0it flter enactal,
Tht Lhe commanding genteral of each
district Shall a111ppoiit sneh loyal offivers
or persons as may be n ecesIIry, not ex
ceeding three in each elec iot.' district
in any State, to make an:id complett the
reistr1: i, superintend th election,
attiimiknl ret to him of the votes.
list of voters, and of O.be pui'sonus elected
as delegats by a phtura lily of the voteg
cast atsaid election ; mid upon receivini g
saki retnrns he shall open the same, ns
certin Oi the personIs elected na dele AWitPS
according to the 'retnris of tim oficers
Who condueted said election, and make
proclaniatioi thereof, and within sixty
davs from the dinte of elect ion he shall
11,1N , 1t1 1 -lc tot o In o m l Col
vention, at a time and place to bh men.
tioned in the notification, aInd said con.
Veilioti, 'when orgatnized. shall first
determine by a volo whether it. is the
wish of Ihe People oV such State to fram
a const.itution and civil government ac
cording to the piovisions of this act to
w hich this is supphiner.tary, and if so,
shall proceed to frame such eqnstilitioi
and when the anme sliil have been so
franed, said consttution shall b sub:.
mit i.ed by he convention for ratification
to the persons registered mnder the pro.
visions ofrhis act at ai election to be
condcted by tho oficers or persons
appoiited by the commanding general,
as hereinbefore provided,and to be held
after the expiration of thirty days from
the date notice thereof, to be given by
said convention ; ind the roturns thereof
shall he ntade to ci commanding gene.
ral of the district.
S.o. .5. And be it fuirther ecticed,
That if, according to qaid. return, tle
constitut-ion shall, be ratified by a4 imijor
ity of tihe votes of the Olectors quilitied
as herein specified uast at said electionis
(at least onme half of all the registored
voters voting uponi the qutestioni ei such
ratification) the preid~ent of:tho conven
tion shall transmit a copy of the same
duly certified, to the President of the
United States, who shall for.Lhwith
transmit t.he samo to Conigress, if then
in sessiont, and if not is session, .then
iminediately upon its ;.ext assembling;
and if the said Constitution shall he de
cla red by Conigress to be in conformity
with the iovisioiis of' the act to '&hichm
this is supplemotentary, and the other
provisionis of said nect shall have been
complied with, and .if Congteas shall bo
satisfied that, the* registered voters had
kho mnrestrained liberty to vote, .and
that that Conistition so ratified meets
with the approval of a majority of the
.qudlifed elegtors in said State, atid if
-the sid Constittution shall be appiroved
by Congres, the state shall1 be declared
entitled to represenitation, tild 'Sonalars
and Representatives shall be' adniitted
therefromt as thterein provided4
Smws. 6. And bc it frtur enactteg,
That all elections in~ the States mbntion
odi ini thet said "Aet to piovide a inuore
eflcient goverifeht of the rebel St:ateb,'
shall, dauring thpe opatrationi of said act;
be by ballot ; and all oficors making thi
said registration, of vdtars anid .c6ndtuct.
Ing said electioia shall, bef'ore epte-rig
apan' the dischiarge ortheir 'dntis, take
aftd subscilio atn'oath faithu'fdly to p~r.
f.Wrmi the diiba~t of thecir dahd'.oflee, 'andi
thfbath presoribed-by~ thio'abt npproved1
July second, eighteen hrudred and sixty
$wo entitlbd "An act to' pnscribe. a e
of any. or 6i n
thised, 91e h~bjiy~i
in the TM7,* iIir pefd
or tedeary
the ptrpoe of this ast 114rehmlt otN
wise nmovided intm'cand shall nrovida faa
tIIe levy al collecLIon. ort:C1al t l .x''- Oil
the jpr~pc'LV III s il 'sI may I,,
toesar f pay't :1 .
Si:.9. Awld ie' it Ji /I.' I
Th~at Ilm It o l1 I IIti i (, '.. the x i~ e
tion of tho aet, it) which tl-gi.4 su~ipple.
nwtlt :t 1w, Shall be colftt: rue to mnleati
The Ono hto uof thor2!1t
My~ thut, ou iidwiie IN N I ~ac
la (_w1 i gustits o' chice all t 1;wi~~'~ 10
ilhe peoplo of the S')11111. ulliL.ir t-hse
('nntcll I 51m it is ito luiirpr a toi jict of
debat e. I 1lowever. diNv1i'-4o 110 opillioli
or Ih Iw So'i t'tl m-1 V Ila ye 1)!e loliOl I~l:
stllijec! . if le-ft 1.0.1 ft01) and lint ran, lilt 1 I
Ced express iou of iSeoli ieite, lie m!v
pri vilege 11(1W left ;s I h t. (,f coa i.I i -
('tI1gtiL cection At K~I cast, or' wvithol
I L. is two pot ett n Met to he iw.
l i d' Il.t Uiicil cat)he *Il)cr
- 1 )1 . T ) I I 1 1
hd Ih" pdm " VAii.,Vi
Now, teowe y i I lie 'i-.3 Ad'
v voy lemire, t011. p i.c L or I I c !I is
21~h 1 ndwhv Iiv rA. A
Act ili- lpoti this thoror. 01f.) fis C
11-1:cOd at. hia. sin.g the ai bui' i nni
(Ills ij)Oii wvhici thlese . CitM11't'.y"V.,.ill
Shall he etirl 1,.d to restoi; ii. aid thir .1
ci ii'otsi legail pl)eOrd(1il 1")I tWN
rifj.t- (A[ lensi5.1 proper"). ac." i.'.a-SI
ble liewrl.
1111,14-r i d~r*iro eli-)11. Th'e ( onwav
take Ilac: ; the111 u,4 ~ to
H'y to thepovsos eca1.11" Coll.
gres 11 t) he rmnned. Ti'ns -;r ic li
fac~ts by which wo 1t1o S iitda -
Thesie iro not1 nwlters Sil!u.2I,) cwx
batq belaus uni.g'ip. "mi)?i~ decredli h.% ti'l.
XVho0 Wield Li) all .IiCal('Licrl ilir'h
mupre'ie oer.~'~ iThey I) to ill Qwr- e
Lte of t1h4 Invvit.lule, ilit i t t4 t-rl'o
ti'eless Adl ter Lo0 Mlitss. or NO ti mn
tha wh i s tiaiimoib 012 1111
Thiei, toot, .ion s.:.:a;V kno w
wItho nure tnot ilthbli 1wd ii.
shall1 cast th,-,ir balots I'o, Liw V4
will liest, promoto t.Na euva of nJ I
[tO ~d l.5c0the chioiflci3 oif allartcaly at
ye. a mid petmIlit Lit! ,tate to pas
ttio tho IUN of tLhos;o win. hava n~o
flppte' iioli of n Nvol r'rrltd(o;lt
nl~f i a'I n t I.-t to, u1. i~ ' I- ~ tr, c.-U vf
oarl ititstil ha';hi an I Owe ro-at.'10
of Lh1)05 arits of Ii :e, Ly whitch i :11." n
it 'rin'!pro l)O W~~' crTait he eS(''i! tilli
tlie 1ttr. It is a:c: oillli'(
Ildv'o::nctvo(r reetlott bnt Fitii1il cf
I i one of~
or0 0. (I50e. o 1ieol-MS ~l
wh6n the wvr wns over', pointtel ott
J!Ores th st ab L i iveS to Co: Tinw I
Uoveriienit. no ole isn ..:i1:AV
It dalt i \ hiclh b ivet, I q ;
If i ;S which it propocod to .
Ile.Vertheh-lvSA, WO ol~vieve:1 inC e:
oriy Of intl0l1ect I of cnitur
botund Lo can'tro.'---(/ar/q -
II,% do 'l IAt"Yi arU
bild~ 1. i~~i1, h t'
Th.'nka * 0 0
We have been it es u .
a h i : l it.
u der it i i -v si n
on y: ; thecuo th law - 1
uer- stok oo. b <!
kno;;cr. , haein n~r- no ji
sivr ti~ rike poentnom . .o- r
.ivol in br ief, nw for by t t';1.ila
duh'r i ;he fats, i - -r
vv : I:. vi 1 er p
any : , tI of c ; e t ii e'
Ia t,) t oji1::v-: t :..: b
. The as:-' n I
lcrlt '.< or Lcet : in ILL
i; Ur the a at ) i u to d
5. ReUN. :. o-elOU and hrd :a &1
f or a Wbt lid pnd rvabl
liyo 11: tIn C: lc ( or 1 C- j1
thei( by te:he bk ept ; ed that
T. /u-IIl imprNIIrMmen by- -
injon lln1nh-e d t. ar., d 1em
contrael.-, for not n1toneib ie. -
Ai o be:-:v-y, th. 'o Ain
tanded, or-'a nuvn aotoi tha:n
~'CI t.A a fu thn nitioro W~ci ;*
3.,ehl Gi(vn. ha ilwrn:1 to ronfess
.nd;..:m . iin co nten-plation of bank
t. d ll ue d10.0 the oreant thlt!
11. T nl ' or .
1)haIII f l 11l, II- : t, la 1 7 1', i ~u'31 ~o I, th1,e
-won , b y a a,i i: -.r r e - i !
nui~i It ) ut it -u~ru tIa to t ; 1vIlt
ped not renmed within f-,urctn
pQt Ja11) pva hat v-any person
linable for thl- a aet wvy bel
u .1d a aku tvihi si~x Io'nths
afieri thei p 0prton ony the L tyi
1:0n of Gnu vr more Ci- hi:< crditors,
tihlar of whocy, odets amo0
tuo 50.Nolr is this- PHl ; thOw. n+
-action wh"lich calsoed the iianItoy is
viand the aiero co-yfreed'or
hao propery balforrteir mponr
pid the buauhony a provied that
thef~ peryo rochving. it hd iesonabylo
otcruse to be lie tha t a ru was tn
tenedi or' thoat, th t was inol
not rimplent line itm fran i crdi.
to, plhihllnoft.h lo-dt rv i
daxobt raim: t'e ietdc o the bakut in ut
losolta Marcghr. 0.Aleento
tiW.9 ayp will be son, hrfrthat this
Atot~ only gives o0 the ebtrwo
meanfor relieving1 percet. fhro i
bo sooh; to hiptnaraoot thei
void nd puioshos noo of the partyh
T~he Situation.
T follow.iig rolleet~ins are from the(
L'.-en 'l Gr ,-, of, A oinin, , 1114
' are m; 4ug' through tho period
'viare pnrike.i Ilore voolniess and nervo
0!. -i n ie tll, flitilure of the Coll
fedeincy. Weo tinn~st look at, thinlp as
l;y ;ie, ;;t, vigoroiusly :ind wiw,
or hevI w ! tvn Sthe~lt tinl-r
-Iw :r >ft. v.*t t tho e ntory l.rW
b1.1 it. t p 1t :mvnt over our eu bi .
!.on. W e Wio. t 1 aiste little il Ik-.
n:..ii- hun tn ater r i ndtifCA
- . 1 . v tn or forc. AnI y
!!.:. --:iny cahnl and! selt:40i l an
-eqn I'm!":a there is no var-thh-, Na
of av.-l i: i m e ni of the warl n13
co~oi n tiet-)Y tim, owerrf,
L o-pr, iov- sronte over both the
t'''t-it.'.e a il llI ".1j i t.y ,
a cra. e tha-i1'.,1!llt, wVt ha'Ve to ma0 i
-ytn i i~evitaLI. We'oroi co
sa nadvance w.ith ecetainlty thattit
Will be rnons. A ou1Iht to hopo
hat it W! i, io seiously iniro.
II v o .t i o t w or t. .o p revm1 : 1,
e,~i ' n: lo e . byo etic urpi llin t .
L w~i v: e.-: tll .o i .n. ;al. I, oin
pu 'l~ ~ t'l ~l :'e colnto , .l is It -rend
iL' S:1 doI i is not,d t oe n : i te'!
r i' cit iimd i xi c blit ila it toc isv
hll ;I C h( 1 . Ini t :po. t'tn at rock inl
theo~ ti :I ! isl ito iottma 2011unt h rab
n1 e rg4 . b ya a n , ' w ; r i imiide , -i o I ( j i -
n'drowikd. W1s.4 i !:4. floodi.
'athe reviotJl'los l pd to t c I
r 1. t .;-, wfe n,1 y hlope, the( 1:181
p'at, in iIfi sa t a'*it o1f I to
be dtetateri i . e r tt g ' lcon.
,7,*::a..ic-nal, oow r oftihe victorious siile
id Ant, we :old thi relation to tihe
-d.era! "hovt -'nentof conqueed Pro
ces nd i,-r n.:as w~b.Tho P>re.
11u: , .'t o i ii.O d t.- i. \ I li e C o ' ' tgigl.
i-t : hli -- i ti de1)1 ~Ifo- h Uothe'~ os tna
.nlx . i-j ira;: dproe :eds .ioth 'ih- to
liut in v e i wi ittioil'' rgl i.two ia nit lin
joltjullog terlllul I ll . ll It ot itt O iill
iwi ', -t tu:Iil ei g I tt I -' Its tis. T il; host.i
to 0:1forC c 1 ha, obediie nce
hi t i , ni t ei th i1.4 4e1. for its bill. sh- .
(m0. -h-to airy out, iy h. fre tylaw of
Itolerplm n Attxt cnitliont ortocies
wNi the ; no Senydpinlg? ITo d'
'iltrwe will boe ruian anaorc iittl.
'S'h <li is cost. hip suerifice inust
bei'natle. If, i this final net ofrevo
lt i:ntve 0tak or destiny inl ou tiow
uingds, we can fiue the cotintry ord
too-e t soe y . ( hive the crsl s n Issillr,
t 111v crei r C!1 u, li e cvined tot I.
\Ve wil ha.Ve o 11i(IV01 or'ller lnne Iniave
t-iuroal te l ie rl the ' lutrio
potiona cli eIti' W-liti honeneror tin
: r.11 1 '.1 anld onitl - et 'j'h14 isures
hot wfare olf the SA. Labor will
be.o.>m systeinlizod, colnaiee willbe
r .:tred, ere le, to orpri n up d a nimtiflerlli
el-lial invil lilt the "I: I1ta . 1 , oln
1th.- otewbni, We purs'le the cour1so nif
ivity a'!d in elionl, all is lost, onld
thtte will b: plunged into a lower
aby s bOf li Ill, , in tio h.iiny th
nlo :t. despairing il pprieensionls Could
'!'n Ito -L w u ma r.n thrn -- . The follw.
ing is fan extrat rinh4 the duohao oiho
Snigli'n'i i l ill inl thie United Stirs
.Mr. Jo'essnd1 aIN d hehd beenl In f(ator
the Noue lan o hekUin, in or~mdrto dis.
trstotio oft te Unison. !ilo thought C'on.
gre:: shvoi use all isforts uoblo. ringto
Stte ::k but. ho t hou htit ws going
I.ajher too '1a when bhe conniadin ge.
'fePrieth wasacnsd $ousupio
when her apointed potrosin goror
a yordee a hgo liofcnvnsns n
exsig.Cnrssdne ta. Ihee ov
rho f'lood -0001410"io of' C!houoola
io-.1 of ifto a';u1 Pvijpc'iv
Among tho Yi~:. '1; i' if
toen 1Feet Malle' than c.'e: Known
F~romi it grtentitin wiic left (Ahit i(,
tIc.og it t nt hlli 4'll ),loiclay ovenCf
iIng~ lit.4, vm~ 1m~vc! nlinejc a, I'my par
tieti or of IN(c tici' t-ri1 it ot.dt if :h airs
in the~t Im('roviit n Il, 'tiliw
I I . I~t c tt i ii' ;'I:t I! ' I it In I,"i.
1110i'~i n ,lieuWi 1i s mlt 16iie Whotl'
M ule CwiitelCi-111i~ icc 'i' t 'Io
voruMf whll it i'd lice, ccl-Ii bof lc~ Cwii -
Rury of (hat Iit(e], n1th ( Nhih o~:
iv Amt parts r' tile city hle Sw
ithilg ttiol' 0F it. tUi tIlltiLL rect,
It(,iii i I ll i buillet.s, thorlough alcO e thle
wit tdr mits t ot foot. deep' at thei Itighie'st
points, or ovecr the l ops otf the mingiisi
In frit lt of t he I a i.t Aor';. VTe
giow"s ltad )WI el n r11ONT(I e to Ilie sC e
'.v. tor Iiescc o ho hh imn mii', I:, t.
hj~lovcl I4. tI k s:l' 1 1
I I I,!l' IU!* po(ithi was not, .hctell 1it.t ii it
fo~h.~of illo dryV I'midt, l.ulvi.,:hi~l,
&UQVCt'l L1 tU.t rtVoh. Ii so aw small11
Icritol-; floa-t in":- fitholet nd thi ther,
while tini'iy ollv'2l hadi liitit Iter
ililibc'at,~l ic'ilc or o1ig mlle.l -.
11. h o ne 1m; W o ll Iti'ild C., I'llrc ci i
pCI led oll. Pe.-on. Ih 11.14 rc itll o ilLaoiltli
"i thl llotnw:gil the )0.'- 001 that,1 il
pa~ln inlcdM )~i Ntnne l nhIdl ttat 3iVOt
exait m tdo die m-A Mte everC ~i lot.n
bts ti tI Iro o, :: an
they1: It'roi~ it'.Lr e1ceh (it:111 ', xwt rii
Yc*Il~tiTi'' :iiicl it icr ~hoe~ 'iii1
preii Il hit) CSoon, Whyi , t 1i e tA
boa'. -...ti1,,,,*'ud * *tl.I- n el
thisf mo the I li c:-pem ~Io N itt ;o
ry 011(1 (cCe lick tt (it'I
(la-at, closs Srett that ('ill" ill rom;~It.
~to i liOW iwst~o lioliL i hn boik
1101rO 111I W ~ h OW I'cliN.etI f1ll
tC el cu t)'. -o ib o t h~ I h io ll ~ 1 1 xIZIi
smnmu~i of1 a int di iyi:t eeftl c'hi~ lmcir
resjtrao 1ined (rlrki'.(mC's.
Mt the Ciii shcd lte wider WOvtr Over
~peioi feeut dep~. AlH tho rail wa y' rollh
iinf.-tcuc' t hat (Ccldd 1)o t: l 14) ao:
0114c11 icC afey renint'Il lid Vt. Lll
much or it was s'udttctec'gd ; Wi i ito
gui-c our ivaot- thn, full 11m1 hi"om
in'8O :1 m V ( '. 0 m.Iiu iyllrlIilt lv.;stc~
told lin)t (t)tflylie inhinn.tc dI'him
to th mnnpuibe tnoplhti o ii! tI iTn
Grait and Loc after the Surrenuor.*
Itcnerals tinu , th- tl 11sherian, wvith
ihee r to -v skitt viliceis each, wiit IUp tio
tihe ouri lii ho lse, andI t' ourS1' sta h re Ieit,
I hree, at enlivr aid, thle chiet' of tilkan.
the adjititut.gonortil. ' 0 town Cotisisted
of about live honec, a tavern and A Uota -
House, all on one tstrect, and that was board
v.i 1. at one cnd to keep t ho cowlys out. Ohi
the right hand .1s4 we Went in, W1 tike prin.
ilpm 1 residteuco owned by Mir. Mehen. nitpl
t. b6.4 house G.(eral Gtrant Was conduede h
to mleet. it enral Lee. o \t. Ihe fenco th'
ihi.h' par'y dittionS01tedl, w0I ialking ove r
tit itrow ge s pt ji(to tle house, not icedi
IeeIl InI .e's horso n ibblit. t there, in
eintrge o a orli-ty, who whasr hout ing iis
vwn as welL. Genernl Gratl ethtered the
b10n0 wilh one or two or his mani, and tho
IV et Of'US sat down onl the piazza and Wait.
ed. to l!In. heys out erI, 0t, 11t s1
unh exoited by his appeceintion1 of passing
evenItt that. hIIe doI nt know whiIere his
put'y wa or Ilthelh lie 1h ul any, or it' not.
c Ihiii'l ell 1.1 Xwhei.er thelei it a'prinrl
III a tJomel Ct 1on lit,10iaiet.ci 1:. . l MIi
iimilinig, whirlinig ili t hltit D I-undilII - hei.
once nud be onted Geu ral0i (h-,I and Sheri
ini to coi itn. They walked the liuur si
lently n li people do who have fihe first
peep atl bahy, and after nwhil Goneratl
I've onmep me. kndi igtetIizen his orderly
It brd ltis horte. While thi'ts was behing
dno pu stod on ithn lwest tp of th
pinia. (we had all ri.eel Ie.pcotfully ts ho
l-iissed down) and14 looking over in thie valley
townarldis his ary, milote hikg haud" tIgellrvi
seveil times hti nin llhnsar. of wilay
Utterly i nci tti oiott of the people h ti.
'hiit an eeing nothing till his horse wts
led In oIt ofity . As he -;ood u hert he
'pl igrtd it) be nbo sixty years of age,ii
tall. solierly ftigtr of' a t m , with t ull
gen1y bea~rd, ne'w sutri Of grey olothes2,11,
hi y oh ha ito h~ nt trdtlong buck
skinl gui nti. II ets, high ritdiin.t hoots and , .
elIut iful w ontl. lto wals ill1 tn ha our filalcy
had painteid him, nlul t he ha11td the sym1apa1hy
if ill n1 h tti'tt 3 o a i i. Jpust Is h
gather ednp hIl bride, tloln. Grant wentl
down the ' teps, I 11(i It it::i h1111 il 'oi r o f hi
horse, touhled hil hlat. to (ion. L. Nh 1o14
mIdL au tiir Wa1ut1, onjnd thIn left Ilhe
yar'd andII retluned to h11.4 ownI lines. W ithl
hI*;; orderly amll s4ingle stall' oflicer Who hnall
1ecttomi'nlied Iii Ito .he ilervie tinter 11n who
was lud to have been fctL .\tarshall, his
chici or t int i it quiet. i ookig t , intpee -
taclus, 1otldn b re itli ek y e Ono of though(.
11thn ofneitsoi. let. Un 1it presnlit'l soet
thi eng o'a volnt.tIst to 1; - itOt 1111in lhew y
of uniformit, ta-l tonly it. V, hit. 111 i ty1
andt] genleral eliert. li 11 1- u it -n 'tengar 10o1t'
hit, abi eust e to himlk ti t rob' ti. ti took
conI , tu titton-I iad 4lahed1141 w1h.mu ,
itai vet, darh bliuek ob.y . nckod into
to ll o t, ItloI'y . 01- 1 . r1. h is4
cI'l 1 cii ui aIth~t % I %vt" ,,Iiojlkh lu o'
e u enn o ss - - ...7thougara.
I ho e wit v Iy inn lenadl i, yhe tsurrit
dttr of Lee, nothing in Is air or mnnkor
indlie-tid4 Ht. The joyful ourut ion dlidnl't.
lseem .o h)awakien ilnt it respionsive Cellh).
and he wetol and irounted his horito ntitll
loildo niwngy filer. cot , o tsnd (lIi n dispatch
whie ,lhb o eltriy tho North, neltot1 n%!l
n- the ht lla ringing on tAhatppy Sun
da y-eveing..
tnih gen. Sherbti in (fen, h b 's last
t'amll pai'n y a Stani Oticer.
i o rrlIit.Niol or TnH timl vA1.u.
Tho I itpyplotitinory ililiry reconetrI'
tion bill ngninl oculpioAd fihe inte of1' tht
Senog toiliy. The amendmtylivitik p ofoti
by Mr. sti ll el , leavinlg 11.' choiw or
entling tie coniventin to$ th tll-ope of ihn
ditferethl !onthrnSate, we~re discussed4"
Ill, 1 greatf lengthl. 11 11pp-earis. by lihe ULMo
anOCe o)f differenlt .4101111or1s, 1111t m1110h di
versity of opinion exists amotung tem1 a1:1 111
the prospecltie result of speedyor .tariy
recon lstrulct io til(n fihe forfunles (if thle 1(niti
;t prty. OvernorMorton positiv6)ly
In1Ser11d flhat if the secedod stintes ar1111 no(1.
back il the U lion before o htpresidetia
Munnv,.4 oft 181M, (1h0 sucOpky of I heQ litifal
pally ik very pr-oblenmtaloal, While Mr. AN o
wa tl emphn I Ihde
tit peyrcntaeinwudb hsr
proonaor f th dow fal amiover brow $
th pat, l dt otwnt'hm o -ot
pin' yea ytercmjainwt h
'on thougt intOtgos a on h

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