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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, April 03, 1867, Image 1

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Desportels, Williams & Co., Propriotors.] A Family Paper Devoted to Science Art Inquiry, Industry and Literature. ITerms---$300 per Annum In Advance,
4~~W - -' -O -?0 C., H I G, A RI 3 TI
Tll,; F
18 E IO I 11U1111118111-:1) & C K4)
Term,.--T,~ I~~i it piht-il'I~
lyillIi te Townv -it' %% iti.I'l, w I. .4L ci:1300 I/d
AII1/j fro~wl all,, buI.!
ON!LY A D-2 1X ''d
BlY OLW 1110oltyonld thlo t1nwbow,
Wher (IL he 1 iles 11)21w -
UI r re Ilewt .' l \
A'i owl-I' 21 i''V11ldi,01S
.Fi~kki o vorowt.
110110 'wa- Ur-zii.: njui1 I3w.'2ioll Ii cot:1
Wi 1 ' t ',Il p.Z110 S glitL t1 2' .
-lo C, 2ck I iIv
Ill , I r I I j 10 IV C.- ~ 3 v ,
M;1 \V W).
I Iui l (.1111 A J I I 23323' I . V ~I
Mr.~~'t I a~ "'.1'. 1: ' 2-C-i,
1-:111 v I ij l i l11 1 .1 v " i k
-~ t'iI,;0 2~a2I' '4 Gist. '2 14) com 42t Olldh
o21 V re14, 1' Iil to you' a2.1 I3 s2
-Ieal NV. I lrv] 1.0 (,!3hL t3~a
* i23'2123t 1 l .0 tii~ 2321:41 1 o tlaka' Mli'2.
.,33 wi I - coi l 1* V. r. LIN W,1 ?. i will
1-4 X'I ',I
tlo I ,% *' r''l \'','1im.'' Il..) 1- pol 2 ? : 6-'
I3 21I'' bt 16:4 -w Iol o23 f !..3 J:32V22 2
11v r , G2e1n1 I ait E t lI
116;i frin pe k ,)* hoara.
22i m ' I l ;Il 3222 1 2 . s~r, H .,"' . 21 il
t'ili I t v flI('14 nt. or ori : l tii;ioltt . \V
%%''i 41441i4.IV4 '4 M' IP.t14: t .ii link]t i'it;ii'4' 1,4
proi4014' 114! I'vorg: ttiz,1 io X44 4 the' V.ivjil
!Z)'.'4)!'I 414t Il. ill I he tv A44 I4u1('. \ o it
J414)44'('t wil4 'ti p Iih ive-' 1 I.,, II Ill olI':'t v
aIk~ I l j p~I't . III ('4l~~ 44)41 IV'1.
40411, It] u4ss1.Qil tOrk I Rhll;'iI '.I4 In
444 '4 * '4 .1111 ti o
A Cuplcx dI c .
Itji I.(:444' lit 1114! P16,;s i L\iilill bY )
;I Work of*< n1 t. m4' lit.' imt l no.V 101 t I i its
'cI 11 r.i as. Itit rud %votk of g''tt11S i Ts.
14.11 ". dv 4Lconaed~, Oil ltittI of ~r i~t
a: ~O blI () l:~:. W if, 4 4 i t , I
k .41 i 'i of E'4'4 I'm 2 11 4I, v , :1111 St o'4
Ili( , * '4'4WQpo i! '4', lir )! 1) vr f l id
I I o ,- f f~l o nr of4('4 Ili( mo41 i \
"' 44 'r ill1 v'4 4 '! Z - Pt I .
'4" e, Su.): P,.i j. :1 . I
I~ ~ ~~~N" Yvil'I.4 i 44' i, I. 44''!
4 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ vc 011I441 . ~4 . 1114 4 1 1
I'~~~ v :~f.It tiI
4. 11)4 litv -f !- v. U, n , !I- I p1 ,:;1 .
I '4' d4 ;f4' - 1 '.; 1. 1.:4 co'
I10 II, T I!. \v I it 11.t Sol
v.II I4 vii c 41 -I)414' 1 cI ' III JIi II ii'
I:,' C.11141 '1 I t~ 111v'4'4 I1 illithed
it ~ ~ ~ ~ lt litoll 1,4 1i.i':. ' 1'S~ i
I44 I I . I t(. t;4 .f tii ' : 44. p i 1
)1'4ll1I,! fli
o \'I 'it i ll. w~i i' I14 I e (441I) hist
V. 1ti o 4iti oy i p,-(.Itfl, lt IS4
JIt's''4: l i (.4! dra t 441 whenM the i I n 4.p'4 4
Torrifio Combat.
6iI? 1.mi f
Al a nd Decoura w ~ da
Wev haver' to recor~l a som.whtt'. -
w ie.us l m p. .:dhere latt., week2. 1; was
atl t~Orlijel r.n a t i t wei n aut ari It l
rat-; V tl, i h ir Ii tirA e m a* bui;t :
:Mn1 1:11 terrier
4 ar I i n l ha v It i t wt) ll' 61 's.is , l
~isatedi on li' ri .- i; , birti;Ta s in
lit te t w lt. wh! I il h n sc ou-n--t
i'1.)k it v II ";,:Y ra .l"l
onad. A.4 Is I- dvii.ieo a t b tiak.:m
O n : ir . 1e l .n in alit, tleib i t
bo i t v ior .' T. t p
pitM .J s uumo ing u ->'h1 ats, atozVn
Or l Inr co p ho s " : i. - )In .1ein
I t r, I I t i . i r Il m rivin
I s t 'wlb o-I
W v i i - o .i*, wli:. HIr.P -r
liIl. 1 . i hd r 5I l t . irv iIt-'.
I t I t -o 11 c i te lie whr I t::''(o
vueit wah lit a omi I h pr annoI o
l w ll s lri! Ic I .r li wt il - i1 1ll
1 . by a . f r. of k f .-r iw rut1 ,
n s frgh it l We inn hi l. 4 Te
-.'as ist1- i itolitkd ta h I s :l ' ar)t,
5l ll In i Ii.- (I , : it- a it n i ll i t . 41
e brav , i ofb il rs . is n .
n-.. i hit4maV fr !ith ;b th ;
' 11r 1 tlit , w hhit lt :sit I 'r it.1 u
n ii' it.s , *,* h.. wa 5'force to ,e i' i. 11~
. nl i w 'rs 1i1 tll t.t. .i by' i .- n *,
vt - ll o a I a i w i r
iv. Wit 0e W 1:t -:1
Vi t 1 t ili illr! ' I . iSM- l'- ' hg-i l i -
:-l6,1.1 s ..u-c h - '' vIJi.o 1f4t he:'vmd .
Iei~bwd bfhit : The -wua ied 's.:ua ,
mw- t tiRstri were aen lt k. hIll a
itl- nong1 ed, ultt aivcs nusety is req i orste
.i si In r linanI ce of thi e
na. '..-r iS. i i 'siitth l..l htli
:tuli s . t o b s I h 'e ltr- j h ef
ti Theit. )illit l O : ier
W I ri w!..-m , 1i1k1 d ' ti( i bIl>
toedl bi.O'I 'iI n ' sviig tt S 41Ni ICi. !Y lI
it il t irdl II A nd r hw An er
-:m' ho d a : 111 : i' si i ot 1i niits.
MIe iLs i's be h'.o . lit Li wer s n d .-:
. olovu i, ch. erii i h-, usi fs. W hel n s
so . \ b sis had s' in-e giled o
ti ti tri.Q is i vor ~ ys 's er s . toC~'8o Vsi
htem~ii, d lon ofy ti n hntinrs niw'. tnu
ioi r'thess i ie ofoli e -d t-. lo (d..
i-d- is fine-ri o r gin ovejwsr, sshe rea oda
Tos he nn him ilh~ n-ibt io..i :o nLr~
-....- . h . -.*e usitthn-r
- -rb-std to i Iwnii th ir .slei i'rungg niinsa"
1rr1' sttrowi'er,.wli'r.- will y ' l se tie111
oest idul . t of th c o il rofrn~ ,in ld. Tis
.nel serviwce as t hes nia exbtaoi
$iibLere.,tand is. wel de-r Lvin seofe tbh
stdyi of natdurait.- hefiggys
'let ( '43i31:is,3441let' LI alt .3u4 334 Jiler..
e1111 at \','3:shinlgt:i ha. reinerd te
follow iig. dei.-m.is :
1. 1Fuillier' i l 4 110 H ( 1)44 reg iii3t2d t(
im:ake 4v1lrn of 1 iltl3 e v mnisti e14
mvhnii o t injulluiliale a .
2. 'Ih faitti'. prit 4 e4
live :..oe!: a re tb ie lound - a t
.3ng 1rtii 1 he re~ i 4 e
ill;, 4 ' il . 1 . il - V *
sr a n. I a a . aI , q3n4q -
n t he .\uar lIy btN:h -r h"
1111% .1lu ,. -lte I.;vted 1O001."
ilv ollie t a g(' 1i1 4
:1. Ml deduckt 132e'
tilt ! .'ui rci fo va!Qe I - . 0
dL-e'l by hi. iinor chii e , !. I % .r
he autunally pay.s for Suchsv ice o
no()t. 1 , !adlth chibiren w 1rk for
Iill, Ild-I reIelved Li en.P ,ion 'or
their I ihor, they are t" be n-anI. P:
,(ote hired lablorer'; in ee nii.
lis inentil0.
41. .\loin-y 1-aid for h'h r en p
, ., u or
tin 1 n ie,:, inl Ah, p4434 tion 0
i n"d.--v nia-v hb e u d.
1 . Y)1142 & 42(11 ;!A
t i\ ' .' r. h -ers aI. i 0 1 . m
t44 'i : rsuch ;., n .. : , a
ter to o : .es fo . l, .. f . .* p ri1
S Il,[ j.3'3 .t ' . 0 1 ~ . . , i a v
nmut of "Ich pid the may I n
4 iea33i4nt d n e: e in.! nt d 1 :
7. The wli, :;mV-'st ' ! 1r
L!10.1! 1113V C' (: 2:! UK: t
niAg 'th'4' r V. Iio .
1 - , . I 4 0. ,; v
I a e\"I tih n i ., aw d :r' I
;,'1. i n n . u ti . r 11 v 4c
not i.:.f ih v a lut I of ; t ; t! I u i ; -
of J.nu1ar 1: n thLe up.
chause, i, pureba ,d inwe th;., Io.
9. W here no . repaiy~s h hume
ir l b1 y h t 3 i31a
1:, - i, v.- pl.': r not i - m n
1 ' J 4,v 1!o- 31 te
h r:4r a i ivt i V ,r -) i . t :
0; vhero r die vcn wen
it 4K .4' ' t , t: i ' -.
w4.- Th 44w Y34 /'../ o 3:
1 .4. 1 l 0 o, .. ill :i 5 nays , I S for
4 444314;-r 4Ifi 1 l r v:'dwa ' I.. th
kiowling Gren.pasing ider Broad
-.aIV lo thw Civ lh l'a rk3! ; Ih1ence2 di
44'33ing by~ tw4io lines, nining413' on3 the
liiit and1 \ We'3t, mdes of1 ih i y44, to(
Iltarh-mii ltiveri. I ..< in144 33.ndes4*. the
44i4 h3 N. 1ew4 1. or4k. 14 ha3 baI i 3 j.-: 4e4
to43 the p333.1 44'-1 I injh-riiu. i r. ilways434
n4 that tliL3his is ni4t th 1 intention41442. W herue't
34lm 35ire1(43s arie 3na34row4, (r4 ro d-'l
hike .thle lowe44tr. part 3. of' lIr d way:4].4 i --the3(
oni f4c', I hey s3y. nill n4o1I, b I brokeni :t
all1. '.1'4be m~3.irial eCXcavated:3~ and il1 4.4
inl the( conUi.ten3tionb of t: tunnel, .44ill bie
remove'd and1( briought,. ini I brough~! 1431id
iings t4.'tn 14rarily', 3a-qui:red Ifor thle pur-'
the' surihe(44 will be' covered3''4 b)44 a 4mo4va
le.vel with31 the:4 prse ! '3 lhe of' Uth4e
4~treet3, .'n' tp tho1 u11.4 h4 pa3.4 over ite
will11 pr'ocee4d nsi uisual, Nd; 3wr44 di th
lhp at iall interfred. .with. 'lho . rights44
.,,.lootion dd"l Ii' r' no way be~ h41pe
dted'theruby.- Them (4rak4ing of-th1e4 riv' r.
wil1b done -b334)iy 4.ink41ig w44roug4.ht, i'on
cy11 ld r., sunkil vertienl3ly4. T he inte 44v.
r o'4r of th43.4,lU&hes4wiII 1ie liiod w4'jili h,brck,
of LIbo be'd 'of the river.
-(Ge.-1Thnbody,.wiwr'/ years oldenw
the 19th. of Februar~iy; and the ianni+
versariVy. of his birth'day#'.was celebrat
od 3$ab atteh Dalivoa :laas.,:by a bftn'
hik retw''rn4fromh J~6ndon whe shod
'take up his hIomoaranletorIame
The Fre'nch ia o exieakve jjo furth
er ua Lor tham -
0'.ions; Agred Upon,
Tii .iltg 4'1 it'd* -, T .l
of the S uthern nd 1So 4t w t e osi tes
' N: ll lihe itblislel . Tie
:.t, ;l->n . a s o) I ke .i r Io li . lt
le1'll ;'.i .\i li ii llt, o ti hel 19ti 6in h
'i ,.! i (l i " il i I i t 111 ,Iw 111 ,
'iiti'Je:t jinlIslttes wit :-,-l l iirtl~i - il C -
o . i ' i n II
.ta - g ;- i i
Iliolii lIva
\it~ il Ii v til 1)i i k li)v r.IIy till!
ti. it H .3 -it. .\ er I . It:o.ll- l ; Ith
: i ni 1ion i jt w t
.: 1 1 tt i l a l I i- .e. NI .h
A 11 1 lk t- tio l . ' I l- \v i;. Jt l'I ( ifl"ire
filh- itoht io- u wi. r o!.~ h<we douity -' pl iv.
\I li ope; I l~ r. iiOI ...1 a v i- In., j,, I
It i l'.fI~e dilv birt hl h tilertt th
1w ho l -11oi tt of i i inll ' . i l. i .
i li Il to hIell i Ina c 1 ' 1-: t V..
.\ t~' 'iIett o lft . imt. t I ll
tll l Io ti vi p% t he Il mndi. I ew
h e c e o i n e.i o a n . in r -..
1-lk ~ t~t it 1t Li
I i tiiitde I-t i, / i, At l' tli hi) . ii3
(:ijI~tIjiI~t:. (if li tj t[ 1 C(Ii''ol J It ll
we deernii al i - %.11.th prI~ estav the
Vo !; til-l0 ti% I choo I -i-l.-1jo t, y 1:
iwl "m i i. , r rl
b .J
trIahl ril l de ~l i ia i . A te1 e- t ivIl
(onaiI ee ,bon ulisl tt li mo cei, . liannilly,
eI ex 4': i l Iel I)I.will I l t)gjgeI i.
New \:' Ir!;,h th e iitl b i il T :.ll tiv oli 11 .1
I."p 'I1I :\ iltL ftlit Ii w il'Lhai Id l I I ..i i netq iii ll
l' it biid T11 n II Iv I ol of I .l $1 itn-u -.21'r1 I
Oiey:-u 2ihhiliv:C,-X'wo/.e congii4
v - I s V %. e ..f a*% A i c
2T.ri4s i , wi- por te E|;e' i ';C 0fStIl r.
l'n o -nu lt 'r i, i :r : isto t r~ .g
-V..t .r)of N -- . 0vi .0 .\t d g.loi
Ii n-e .phi1 ..~u l'. -: a Tte.e unr v. 1 hi i -~
Vhe . , I i o .
bibhe v nIber 'li Init* idetiu a11ing
p ~ ~ I I~d Ihq
.\ !.:' r -1- 11 ." :4e i.1a 1,: .\b pe' od
hostial iglos, lii ll :w rv t'll : -I a 'he 11-1 i .
litt 11i l ii a l l it e,. - 1 i l it;yl iA .
t h ,.0 :1y ~v g.1by warl mly even11 t ally
Iu ar ill a.npn~a va1. a e,
lve iy clain i v '.) :: !r hn ive .s u I* '
T IeT ::t , -:t ;;) .;, ;* v. .tls d~
Vc' in n e ia:i iiy h y ill
;Inlstwr of .\r leaOdIy cited 1. y .\1'. \\iii..
' rp.1! the han. tt were t hemlnkadopted,
hI !b -to be( called1 together bly the 1-xe
enrelommilttee :t, anyl tinic we eteru
slance:s tanny reqIre lirv .nl.
T. .4 .:> L ido Lao oppreCs:ion of the
Te ntI I..I 1.d 1 1 . Ii i, i 1
it'al.\~ ~ " ::n It. Il :t Iiut i l c snt de s
0.5 ~ ~ ~ ~ : i e :- 1.-- n I - se im uIl h
in ~ ~ ~ ~ t .N.t .I n .b 0'(e d I t (ht j,;It .
W--. ill I-wn Inc i e I,: I hat o1 t*(1ell.
-., ai Ir a1 \ea %*f - n 11" e 8 v p ienenit of
Sb 1.ud st I: u nIe tv 1. , -;. ;d :. I u -- o ti -
ru e v I-, ctna : al i 11 Kent c ly, 1:
illy, nit s , ih n notS- in Ith I IlliarlIy
'.reprevent 11uu-ensonamble seiznlres,
The Rimnored riaudilent Issue of Gov
ernment Bonds.
o Ow 1/10tr f !.'d lIca M :
N :cw t i March 23, 1867.-l
called on Mtr. P'eabody this morning,
t" whose inspocti'l I. subllitted the
a ,von I :an.;Ji.g lt ter fromt the IHon.
Mr. Ale.tlllochl with thle inqIuiry
weic~i.hir it. noult not be adivisab1le to
ie publilty, to which Ie reoplied
that in doing so the inform iion could
lnot faiil I Irve highly satisfactory
'1 E'oroi o a well vs inl the 'Uitod
The Soereturv's communica.
iOn WW awriIn inl rn 'dy to a, sIggeS
tini 11:0 it w,)uld4 h, well to employ
exIun-14 oft highest respectability
:aid of the imost. distinguished ability
to invektigatu tihe ruinor with regard
to ile isues of bonds and fractional
TPu lASsvUrP I A;: nT'1MENT,
March )9, 1867,
) Sn :Yone favor of the 16th
in'w . is ieenived.' T h'eo report to which
'v.:: ;rtr o:iginated w ith parties who
r:- I rt Ing in II h,. \Ve havo in.
s:ited hme hIirojugh anidsuurcl.
I'q XmauJ innion of tho Currncily ;idi
fa1n'eall hy the Inwst compelateit men1,
11:!11re satid11ed that the rnort is utter
Wy w1016mt foUHnatinn. We have noI
rason to believe, nor do we believe,
that1 there has bee~n anl UOr issuU Of aL
.sinlgh. dollar.
I am very truly yours,
LP.T ~nrnm S-:~ro S118 N.-.
WeI notht ill th Macon Jocrod and
.' y-o, rth I( h 11, t he following
lede i., Co! W, K, ]ePGrafYfrcid, of
that vity
I ''-rrn Fnr Tr~s 81-'. t"' ('IrA:mean,
\ I N ToN, Maricl 12, 1857.
I lit :w Your lotI r of the8th
;inst i0 reocived. The bill you refer
red to wasi passed in the earnest hope
that it would tend to the full restora.
tion or nill he Stties to all their rights
in tIl 1iol , The sixth section I
think too harsh, but it was put in (he
1 louse as- the reiult of o))oitiUl from
both~ "tren1. At Ote request of
?1; l1fii)yrs t'rom the ou tih, we are
pasing a suple1uentary aet to pro
vbl inowhinery tif ri4 1ecnstru11t111ion.
The origill:1l lilt left all this to (ach
S1,i4 W.u there; wa. dmnger if double .
organizati-ms :-.1 coventions, and,
theriefor, to avoid furtl.h r stf or
41iIeren1ce, th is Inew ac--.t will be passed.
It is itel aentolding.
MY earnilest conition is, that the
Souith should not fordge I this Upporlumi
ty to be restorel to representation ; and
Vou May rely upon it, that. a mti1jority
in bot ifoutses will adhero to tiis
offer, :nli execute it in good faith and
to the letter, if Your people will (1
fikewise. Neither s-ection Can he
~psperou while the present Condition
of mlilitary surv.!lnce prevails. You
ene do as y oul pleeC with this. cry
trily yours,
-ro I..lo.--The following10t14er to a
geltiliall of thi., City will be of il
teresit to our readers:
S un :-In reply to your ilter of the
111th instanit, tat a con1)tract for the
sale of' lanid, or to make a title-deed
t o the pu rchaser on t he paymuenit of
thle purchsell15 moneily, ~ regi ron a Iivet
cenlI t stam p asi an1 agroomenCt for Ceh
sheeCt or pic of paper up~on wicth it
iL is wr'itoen. Very respectfully,
IDeputy C'ommissioner)~."
It. app)ears. from1 the abiove thatt a
coniitra1ct for thle coniveyance oIf real
e'stt It reqireii4s onily al fiv(1 cent stam hp,
no0 lia)tter hiow large is t he purchase
money1') agreed to be paid.
edlitor of' thei Atlhmta ELra lhas been
shoiwni by William Jones~ of tile Na..I
Ijinal Ban11k of that city, a $50 coun..
terleit bill United States currency.
Th~e'engfravinis hso nicely executed as
to cpilngedotection, 'Rave by an ax.
port. The principal foulture by whichb
it may be deoted is the imperfect
manner)01 ill which' thc biuttons on theO
coait oft the vignette hlave been execu-'
tmol. ' On tihe guinoil l'ill they Are
d itiet, while oij the counterfeit thoy
enn1 searcely be seen. '.t'herie Is also
aI diffr ence in thle filagro w'ork inside
thue cypher of the figures 50, whilo on
the back of- the bill may be econ a
veymaterial difforenice-In the circles
eoosing tho amau Aguros 50.
DhAn or 1.1'. Ds)ow.-We aind
the folpin og in thec New YI //raQ~
Qf 'I tiewdPhy~.J 'A't ifeW weeksj
fD oit(w,,theo qt hei . reiewer
and( *tt;nman, a6 R isabeth, NJ. ..
Weelnno hou oethe eath
~Ii~,~t.kpooMi - Doe .a
(Md * riorn
ole oston l'yl, olte of tcle inost
sensible of :l tie Iemocratic journals
of tle land, tand one i1bt loves not 1Lad.
icalism, inl its issua of (le 26th, has a
lol., anld very well considered editorial
a rtice on t ho 'Southerni Sitjnationt."
Thi1 JIst closes its leader with following
Ile salvation of the South as well as
of tle IT nion a to be secured by its ear
ly return to is represeitat.ivo rights and
prii vleges; '111d ith enid of Hadical rulo
1ist as curtainly hil-v os on tihe conit r v
with the approacl -he ^tInsame event.,
The recent 1-v'th r :a rings held and
alled in tl' - So'thern Cities, at
wd bol. '. ant whites attenid,
.And speech a-. .: .ely Mado by each
lass, dni.o. . tho spirit in which
biese conditions liid down by Congrees
ire to ho tmut, aind guide us to the soli
ion of this prilouts problem by Lhe sni
-st wiy. The white men at tho South,
who have ft ifluence to exert, ar(
2luarly going to use it jor the siatty ranld
adViautag 01f that SeCtioni, ins~temld, f
Iling back onl a defanit. imdifferonce
wvlich at best _:.aid only make their
ni it-ion nuisich worse tint it is. They
igitly reallize, liko s1gaciouls people,
.L is better, to ret di t.e control and di.
rection of local afi rs, and the sliaping
>f local sellt.untn. :i their owia ,lands,
lian) to leave a way opet for the closer
liviision of paisso:n aid ftanicisin Wo
rejoice to wiumnes the progress of this
-pirit among t hem, for it is the surest
proniaso vt., can have that tirough its
ictivity anl perseveranoe, the wound.,
rom Which the LUnion ls n so lota.;
bleeding are sooni to be heal.-d.
Pitier'.S Fi rry YAns A-o.- Look.
ing over our ile for 1817, say: he
Portsmioutih Journal, we east our eyes
iupoi the pricos current, of Fobruarv
of t:at veair, 11ad ts fai ovidence thia't
the presont prices of mnny leading
rrticleis have ntot gone beyond that
tlie, we give a few sampies. The
prcles givenl are the wholesale ; the
rutail were, of course, higher:
Bacon, 15 cents ; harley, $1.25 to
$1.50 : beans, $4.00 to $4.51) per
bushol ; buttor, shipping No. 1, 24
entxs No. 2, 22 cents , corna, $1.90 to
I.1 I ; coifue, 19 to 21 ceonts ; , of ton,
0 to' 32 cents; Virl nin coal. $9 to
$15 ; Ilour, $14 to $15 ; hay, $21 to
M; iolasses, .18 to 54 cents ; pels,
6:2.50 to $3 ; sugar, loaf, 25 cents;
brown. I I to 15 eients; tea, IHyson,
$ 1.79 ; I yson sh it, $1 ; Sonehong, 68
to 75 eelts.
Tair 1N Eso.UlTIoNs A notr' CAN linA,--,
the follow ing was adopted by tho
lIonse of Representative on Wodnes,
dlay :
"Mr. Banks also reported a joint.
resoluniton declaring that the peoplo
3f the United Staes canot regard
the proposed confederation of the
provinces on the Northern frontiers
Df this country without ext reie solici..
tide ; that confederation (if (t States oin
this continent, extendinag froim ocetant
to oceia, estahlishled withiout consult,
ilg the people of the province, and
founded on the mntaarchielI priniciplo
anunot be considered otherwiso than
is in contravention of the positions
and consttantly declared principles of
th is Goe:ernment, endangerin~g its
most impoirt ant intet osts, anad tending
to incareaise and1( perpetuate the embuar
rassmti iIs alr teady existing between
lthe two GAoverntmenta.
"After some d iscussion betwoon
Miesars. iBanks, Brooks, Wood and
C~handler, thae resolution was passed
without division."
How to lhis.: .Itni.y Porrrxs.-.
A\ corresponadnt of lie Genmintown
T&9 rphs thas &-ns his method of raia~
ng early ls..- o'ss "I thoroughly
,hmugh thai,- wd is early as the sprintg
mI! nermo, p.; it. i a nice cond ;tiona
amda strik( ot. the' rowsa the samec a
-or, '.bree Au;: apart and( shallow.
l'hen drop theo seed about fifteen ineha
ipart and cover with a hoe ; about one
neh deep is sufficient to keep cut frost.
Ind the heat of the sunl onl the sau/faco
roon spronts the potatoes. I generally
crow Baickos for early potatoes.
'here may be earlier viarietiaii bitt not
tood. L ast seaas'i I used thorn con
itnnaly fromt the 8w h of Junet, and that
vas before thaero was any potalloes mi
,he market, eept a fewi from.Norfolk.
don't want any long manures about
ny petatoes ; would sooner have none.
L'his plain of raining potatoes ta egqinaly
good forvthe late ontes, on stiff' or wes
A Wenn To THE Wis.-An emiq
ernt genitlemiant, who *onaldored an
advertisement in~ a newspaper as a
>ersonal inavitationi to call, once said1:
'While Istomel thues, hesitate about
mterinag a store, the proprietora of
ahich have not thus sent thecir eerd og
nvitation to my residence, I. abrays
eeol certaiun of .4 cordial weleopna fro.m
he memubors oftart adver.ising GeaaP
A lady mttking *unquiries of.a boy
qthic rathef, an itemaperate ro~anl
b'ep 1t ee~n asic Tr somutitni sk4
4g4 i te Itad tr nedl litasappe~t9
gen)~V," eaaid * bog "no a r.
jgei th4 es iint it t wenty fur

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