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Desporte, Williams & Co., Proprietors.] A Family Paper, Devotod to Science, Art, ILuIr hdustry and L tratu o Lierms-< 00 p A Advance.
Ti' 1 1
1.S; PI'lu-11 .1)l w i~li: i.Y BV
ly in tiho Tow of wiinushor , ,t $3.o in
vareaby ins a1hnance.
I?' All iransient, advertiselments to be C
pail in aivan ce.
Obituary Notices and Tribiles $1.00 per
Selected Poetry, I
I was a wolia, and I'd at heirt,.
Amid I raved ot'love an ut ofconstauey,
Andi he saw the tears to my eyelids start,
For he was the world Lo Me !
Io wvhiispered low when the Spring-time
flew, C
Of the tangled paths in which iuen st:ty,. I
Anl aroin l me all his arms lhe threw,
lis eyes were on fire that day.
We partod; yes ! bitt T ebog to him,
And I pill. tipl my lip.s lto bet kissedl rayin:i
BuL t l iaughing eyes ot' tie heaven grew
And were swillem black w ithk rain.
I iey came to4 m when Iuy love was gune,
.ini saiid hie was poor a1111 1 uiteil f'or broad
Tboy talked ot ruin tnl tears ilne,
And nuy hearL was dull us lead.
And when they laid their bribe at their feet.,
'Twas the atmoe oi t tle i is of'ten toli ;
They played on the szl ir = ty hcarto
c> eit,
Ani dazzled my <ye . c 'si.d
Isohl ily 'iei 1o n livelS.i tiing.
Ant I wille..d it the aliar nowl lhere I lied;
For nay heart was :Vay Iith the prinitrose
AtI I ly n'Iv bral's sWL.
Si you u.k me wiht ol tiho lie?
anil de -r t'or lmy girlish greed:
i', I think, tlr a woman to dio
- thle lie' I leadl.
I am ilone. but itill I can sing.
And pray for tle iNin oh' Winter's rain,
For tie swcit of tie plumirose-cCrown of
Will return to me ngaifi.
(London Society,
Letter from General -Beauregard.
New ORT.F.ANs, MarA 23, 1GI.
To~~1,;, mow t.inlea
loiior to call lor my1v opinin ritt ive
Milita ry bill. Hlaving seldom t1ak11n
ainy parti oiis d o elwl
q lIifid to \advi:e n so nlin to' :
quelfstion ; nleveno esa h sIamei
desire c o E xles hbw been1
s11111 not shink trua tie respom ibili
ty of expressing them, in tihe hope
that they m12ay tend1 to quiliet the p..m)
lie min , lS justly tlarmed at this mu
111 lly hmblo opinion, wo have btt
on1e of' t wci t hingi to do-redt 'r ,
it :m irs-, i s i a m .sbe i u
years of a desprato War 1ve tha gh t
u-s that it(, "argli'gtionet of te110 zWO I'
canl noi longer he resorted to by uis to
redress our grievances. We ilust,
therefore, sunnit ; hut w itli tihat .cm111
digitiy becoilling our malillood and
our lost ind ependtouiece.
Having been overliwered in the late <
struggle, we can submit to tile.i harsh I
and ungenerous conditions of our coI- I
qulerors without dishonor, andl we
muilst adopt the least of two evils ; a i
futile resistance would only cause oltr 1
rivets to) be driven closer ; we must
theni actiuiesce or leave tihe country. ,i
iut we Ilovo toa dearly the land of our
bith to abaindon it ini its hour of so- E
verest trial. We should avoidl aiso, I
bringing it, by in ternal d issenitionrs, to I
- thle condition of ipoor Mexico, and the 1i
unfortunato Sout h American lRopub- t
With regard to the suffrage of the '
freedmoen, however objectionable iL a
may be at present, It Is an element of 1t
stron~gthi for the future. If properly Ii
handled and directed, we shall dlefeait f
~advecrsaries with their own wea
The negro is Southtern born ; with a C
atile educationl nnd( some1 pr'opert'y C
qualifications, 110 can ihe ma~de to take, 1
sutftict interest ini tihe . firs' i-ad ii
propoityofthe Souith to inisure anl V
intel'liggnt vote on his part,
In our-future political contest with g
Nrth, on protective tariffs, internal ci
ipovemtents, eto., thue freednioen of Oi
the-So6uth will ihide with tihe ivhites of al
1the' Sodth amid of the Wecst, and they.
1willthuscostributb to give 118 back n
hoinfluioneb we fortierly .had in the at
councils of t e nation,
Our peolie ishould unidorstand that
- tihe Rii dicalsican remainm inl p~~oer OnIg at
olnast~ e public excitemennt 1s
op p;as. ith the turbid waters of
hoe Missisaip~ I'riifor, tho 'sodimenta
y particles o kopt upl tat tile surface N
nly' o lonig athe waters arie in 1t0
1on' thlO ins int the eurrent is cheek
Ithose5 ptart -los fall to the -bet ton.o
hus. it wyill ie with the Rladicails, ~
*on peace a 1-g.uiot are restored to
*collptry ; lie Conservatives .will d
n falke.tho 'ins in theoir oivnbhads,
ooiu' nallaw of the land1L
I romaijn, Qur respectfuIty,
9 lpfigoti o un oumi .e
and~ fifw m is west of -St#i.oids, Is
athe track is eing laid at the rate th
L mile every , ti,
Bills Vetoed by the .'residcnt.
Th oliowing is at coiplete list of
ie bills vetoed by the President dur
Ig the I hirty -ii'tlh Conlgres' :I of
ills which were passed over the veto,
lid those which bciaimte laws without
lie Piresiilent ial sigiaiture :
l*t X' son.-To1 eiarge the pow
r. if the F'etanlia's .Uireaui, vetoed
.0h. 19), 18GG.
'I o protect, all persons in the Uni' cd
tates in thiir civil riglits, and t'r
ish the n'ans of their viitiit on ;
toled, ad passed April 9, 1866,
ver Yeto.
For the admission of the State of
lolorado into tli Union, vetoed May.
To enable the New York and Moan
ana Iron--mining and Mannufactu ring
'onpanly to purchase a cert ain amount
f the public lands not now in Mar
:et ; vetoed J'une, 1866.
To continue in force and to amen-d
11 ct eititledl "An Act, to e-stzablidh a
)iiI('it for the relief of fre -i anid
efigees, ant for 41th! pr." V e
91d ; pa Ilil lv I N 1 nvo ' Nvto.
For thle :lmiiAonl of, the Saeo
ch),raska into the Union ; not .1ge
a i led41 throungh the ad ijournmenli tj, of
Neond & on.-- o rgullate thle
lective lranchi- in the .11,ri of
.hour vetdpased January.
To admit the State 'f Coloradb info
bie Union ;'etoed Jaiuo'ry 18, 18(7.
For tle adiis'iion 0' Ole State of
Nchraska into the ; . ; vetoed
Mssed, February, 9, I867, over veto.
To provide for the inore elicient
fIIOVO rnment of thej insurr-lectionlla-y
ntats ; vetoed ; pased March 2,
1867, over veto.
'To regiulato the tenure of ofIlee
rCt od ; Passed March 2, 1807, over
Bills whiIL became laws without
tle President's signati re, the consti
ttional linit of ten days having 'x
pired without their retV e:
To repeal sect ion 13 of ''An act, t o
appress insurrect ion, to punih treas
1e andI rebellion, to seize an1d co nis
thw proporeltv of rel.114d f'
t.' purposs," aipprold Jily 17,
182 ;beeaimle a law January 22,
TI rilate h franchise in tlh' (Pr
ribries tf th e United States ; becime
a law Janiiuary 31, 1Z67.
To r Ite the duties of tle clork
* Ihe lionSe of epresetativ e's in
)IeApariniplg for the organization of the
Ilone auul for other purpi. ss ; he
manie a law February 20, 1807.
To d rclare the sense or an act eat.
led "An act to restrict the jurisdie
ion of the couirt of clims, and to pro
ide for the paymont of e"r i de
iands ni' qi ra-f rnaster's store's and
mimi-Mee sipplies fIrniiishel to the
urmy of the I bilied Mte," lecame a
la w February 22, 1 867.
.lk.wdiitvuatou.--Vetrjes, 10 ; pock.
It. vO'k1s, 1, law's p1aissed over veto, 6 ;
.t NUO sustailed, 4 ; became laws
'ithout signature, 4.
Ler Tii:nr SI':AJg.--The people of
i 8outh never stood itn greater ieed
if the adv ioe of' those leading mn1, in
VhosC integrity and soutind jodgient
hey place confidence, than' now.
fo.t, onily are thec times full of peril,
iiut the civil \vax has sweopt~ away old
marty lines and land-marks, and the
La tesmn of the Souith, are silenit and
a reOt iremen~t. ieovr I
Ilenee it~ is that 'hnve sm
reat Comniander of'thlo late Confede..
ate arn'aies speaks his voice is like
guft lmoonlightillminating theo datk-.
ess of' mjdnight. The men01 to whomi
hie nuasses turnied~ vihthe most confId
ag trust daring the late war', and(
'hose hieroid -deeds and, honorablo
jars are evideneos of their devotion
y the S'outh and her best interests,
av6 still a powerful hold uponi the af.
sot ins of our. peCople. -
Hence it is that theocounsels oCT~ee,1
lea uregard; Liongmtroet and H1ampton,
rr-y tan mnfluenoo and weight which
alhioun,. Webster, Clay and Jackson
ightlhavoeonviod in times gono0 by,
hen groat statos nen controlleod thie
11,1 of the 'masse..
The 1mfltlihnity with which our
'eatest heroes and1( most chivalrous
hanpIene counso! i'oipt' and dhecid
I Action 1tpon tcli port of our people,
ows.hew ifhportanlt it Is thot, in :theo
esdnt jtlnoturo, 1no lea ding Southern
ah should tie silent. -ret thoem coun.
Iqabot4gs hayo' miado th'ir a bar.
(cesoeflody In the Atlahtl 0o'an p
at voshole bewo this Ionitry anid r
ire find'someo fiffleulty in avoid-. a
g thoa -"A ca'ptain who arrived in h
aYdr'on Thiursday, from Liver- it
pl, report tthat duiing' foggy yvonth - e
when off the eastern edo'of the u
inks, 'ho became environed by t won- a
-on's large bergs,-sor19 til66y-five 'or a
rtyjfee~'iiigly) anj ^aboti t~vo inn, h
amnikp that the bip goy olg~o
As the dIevo-wil1 ,oag 7 y *lngh to U
sk1le., an' cooer d0O iil/thoQ ar
1td preyhb o0f is 'ital, so
the nature of wli an to hido. frofn J
o world the pangs of wouinded affeo- v
The Bankrupt Law and Mortgagos.
rho comn eurcia editor t, the New
)rean T01m1 ret'er.a to at po"int of
lar~lliomif 6(l port an ve to hiolers of
llortgages n rea'l e!stato. The <lies
ion is this : Vhtl' . der t he
banklrult Act, Ii i'.
onie pet ltion ing for tmeI.:;ii
can order the erasure of Jo
the records of the moot tgage oufice.
TIi ed itori sat ys
-.It will be' remembrel that under
the Act. or 1812, or tho last national
bankrupt Act, the presiding judge
could direct the erasure of all mort.
gnges ; that the imorgIgees more
ly could have a privilege on the
assets or proceeds of the pro
part y released. It will be re membe r
od t hat the, proceeds of mlnehl r'.: es
talo sold iiundor the order o! .Lank
ruptec, e ulder that. law, did not C01o
mn 11 ne10-1 rth or half the sum fur
w h it was vailued or cot."'
The. .litor he (itiotio the cae of a
\li. Thenis ihmks, a walthy citizen,
who istI i .ourt--being foreed
int1 I !uk rutptcy-with a property of
re:l .--st a te valued at $I ,80,000,
h1-h i n( y I only ralized >$150,
1. l-e .-hnmw proltperty is vnlued,
to-lay, at.S7,000,0100 or $8,000,0010.
The Now York T'Imesv oninments onl
theC art iolo of its New Orleans cotem
porary, froml whichl we extra.-w:
"If the owner of inoeumbered in'o
party brecoiies banlirupt, and the
whole of* his atllssts pass int) the h-ma
ot'a. r-ceikwr f~or thle bene101t, of the
critors,Shoild the exi.tliet of a
morI1t upon lie real part if' the
eMate relieve it fromt, the liability to
forced sale I The creditors are enti
tied to the entire body (if assets, and,
to secure the benefit of all the power
to nutiipiat t lie conditions of a inort
gage, and even to direet its erasure,
it ils. rn1t soiliewhere. Of this aithori
ty, the judge is the proper custodian.
!O the other hand, the exercise
of the athoitv may. in PnOrms t' 01
bn . or disaster, oper
at prejui ially to the righits of the
lorta.ge. True, his pitivilege as a
cred!it Wot f the tIort:snir iihJt re..
hut ini a het ebarge upon the pro4ed:
of his estate, ink)t which the avaihlle
priee of the Veal propeits would eniter.
But forced sales of hulitkd or houises, in
f'.v .1 -1, of 1:mie, are n. likely to
I alizo m' 1 !!:!) : 1 a son-.I proportion
ol th il rCn! N. .n. A .ech a timte,
hundreds of dollars buy .hat, is it,
ittsilly worthl-:n1d wvlhtla m1lay, h'
aculymorgag,,ed for-thiousa'Mks.
The caso cited in the State ment. we
have copied, where less thian half a
million resulted froll) the sale of pro
perty valuted at millions, is a fair il
itistrPation of, the satillt. would
fo1,ow an uiyieblint exercise of the
right of' a judge in hainkruptey to or
der a salo. Of course, Vs compared1
with ordinaryV creditors, thlemog
goo retais 'his advantageZ. hut in
the inlstneo SuIposed a 8ea Ie in pursu
m1e1 of the lortPgor's bunkruptcy,
uight easily ie (qi ivalent to thpe for.
feiture of a largo part of theli ouint
Covered by the morgnge."
As this matter will douibtless be of'
interest, at least, to .some of' our read
ors, wo publ ishi the reimiak aboveo for
their inftormaction.
TEldARI' lENDINO Tu o i.-...I'y
ng lip wvhat we hoped w -a'. ot
ist, paragraphl, we wero atnrtledI hi' twd
01nd repor ts as of pistols fired foar' isy,
'llowing each! other ini quick Sulccessiona.
i hngiir out of' our omoet wVo ~saon di..
tovPesttiat thes rep~orts proceeded fromi
he f'ashiounible biliardi room, over Bia
lenlhops well knowni bar room, widh is
uit next, door. -Wo were not more than
nAo or t wo minutes in our' way to the
tihlard rom, butt w~heni wo entered a
rowdl had already colletted and weolhad
omb ditflenit~y ini gettingj thiongh.
Llmiping upjon enoe of the billiard tables,
re were tranislixed withi horror at- the
ight, of' twp~ hutnd~somo. ycung. m~en
tretchied, alpparent ly, lifeless upon01 iho
ho floor. -, Srgegmns were exanmining.
bemn, and they roon-decided thbat though
fe was not extinct, their Case wast hopje.
Ias oneO, and they wveretat once moved to
be Charlestot Hotel,. where they wvere I
toppinig .
On inquiry of.- Mr.. Badlenhop- we
iarnedl thait 'hey wore younig mna of'
oo l family from the tip gepat~ry, whose
anines are sutppressed fotf-'dar of' this
otpwl fa~infrtno tilo hands of theirt
alatives, that they were- Inthie city oni
short visit, and Mallingr oti Mr. B.~ late 1
ist mught askedt him for a qtiiet plaee t
'lhero.Llheym~ighit haavo.g JLIJl privatea
bar.4. Tainking. no harm, ho sent thorn t
p t.o-his bilhardrmom.; and wasahortlyr
artledr by the reports abo alluded to,
od tunnitg up lhe. fotind them as wA'
ave prescribed., ~Die. affair seems
together urneoognable, bu~t wa~ vI'
L'ntjy pre~opege~d. Thoeapoms ypci,
or'eroba ipagneo botles1 and ilhecittre
11fdrtdndte. -
'dAn 1i4 '.' W91h5trr- James .Amdew
acksoVJ n'is.ls a *y4tgLated . ored a
stor in nabinst. ,~ -rr.gh. 1,0
Aoquisition of Russian Ainorica,
It lhasi been anouiinced b k raph
that, the 'l'residentII co n u ic'd )>ih
3elmnlao, oI .3aturday, R - y hh
N tlSI.n1, bV winch the 1a r 1 .wr'
t o ie tUni ed State li1 ls r Ierritri
in Nort.h Auerica for $7.n0) its)
The New York /drall, .",l.v
klin g the aUonnesinent,
Although Ia price ii i . m. t v
ritory thusti surrendieru, i i f' I
wrlA Iloin linal, tile V.1111 0 t ' 1
res .;nd the fur itra a.. ol our
interpriing people being va: e
ceS. if the m11oney age(d II . I ho
purchase uoney. im treatv is an vvi
dhence of the clo.e and friendly relations
existing between the two glea' powerS,
and evinces the concurrenc., of oh
Russian Government .in t .policy
which delies to Euhropean 1.narchie
the right, to build up king.: mi and
dominion on the Ainericai' conti
The arqisiition or to new terrhil-Y
is of especin importance at I-t- et
Ime, when the trai of tho Uide.
-tates with China anud Japan . bein
soi satidfaio n ly develop~edk.
T'hi Baltinore &nl comnis, a.
The whole area is about ciS,00o
selare miles, but the strip :I g till
coast from th11:e 54th to he.t (A)." ' t r
of latitlluble is only from w [i t, I- . .
nules toma l,e it eat,; out I'- .,
l f:il of the British !erritoryo i .
froml 11h0 -ea, Olhv Russ-,ianl ln %;A -.
in so.on 40 miles, adil ceasim. Po!
lnd intet. The greate'r pou11il f
territory lies bot ween the I . an i
166th degree of longitudeia ,ad '00!h
and 7 1st (i.gree of latitwi% i .r'.i
1Iet1, is abou1t the ame paI0 a: I
:no:it Noit hiw.,IdE-ly loio of,1 .n
On the North, l: A m .\ ;
bounidl I by Iebring's Straiti -n I t..
A retic Ocean. The populiation ii v
estimated at about. 70,000, of' whioIb
solle 40,000 to 50,000 are 11d' .is a il
lquiu muix, the reiiun nder bena t
sa;s, Creoles, Khil, ke Te
prh.ci pa l setu1enient is Ne w A
9:1ia to Colinil 4,000 in)i) a -. 0on1
t1he island of mion:tov . or . . -
I olher cluief islaid . n '
Nodiahdvr; Naitakl...!
orUtL1g n it h nroIll u 0 ther , the
Aleutian archipelago, Theroi ar alIo
the 'euilenii'uf3t of Al i~h)lo (i on r.
toll 80o11.1. Souwa roll', KI viNiv.
er-, Pot St. NNichlaiis on Alii'a e-r
St. George Faetory on Priblov .slaild.
and a tory' on St. Paul danl. A
r3en prtinl of0 th coliltr, however,
may be considered uninha bitablle, hIl.
Ilie SimbeI orn and coast ponioln. oh it
ar conisalerd valible r the fur trade
:I.d fisheries. i will a fl'ord ui com
mercia a vnas upinte Pacifie,
and ah stragetin je foste a l l inu
which may be male available for mma
pllposes. It will also give t., p st;I
of a large ext tnt of eountry thronlig
wIln the ovellaui telegrapit la car
If' is trea-ity is rat if ied, as m1'o! prob.
.1bily it wdii he, the Iiriie h ambo ies
Wh: be sand wiched in itsh Ch 1.n
'y the posse%,iions of the Ufnite-d S tat
onl the North and on the Sutllh of thell.
I Jtliee tih mlmouincelnli t of the Iego.
tiatio of thi (reat) is said to imve
usNed I lively Sensation in W ain Ill .toll.
What nay bo its tltimato effets Wn
Bri ish power in the extIreo Norit h-rn
regi in mi quiest ion is ani iitereetin
subiject for speculation. The thonght
natuirally suggests itseif' that it tmay
''il to further acquii.stion , un theo
rt of' the U nitedl States, ini time,
'''* sim ilar peaceful negotiaition'Is
a I Great B3ritain--thie interest. and
nIenICe of both1 parties mutuially
t.-nn to thirt end- It is sugg'eited
LLth. Rsia codds her Ameican territo
r y for thto -sm reasons thaut iniducedi
Napoleon to- sell Louisiana. T1hat is,
hatvinig dIesigns in~ Emrope, ini tho evet
fa war, eboe wouldI prob~aly lose this
territory.. Et. apart from thamt, the
ressionl to the United Stutes ait this
time is the frnit, in part, of' the extremne
ly' frtiendly re'lationis 'which have been
rnaintain~ed hbetweeni onr own and the
loverinent of the Czar.
.Ti.: RItrUBJcANEs BUn.mKNo up,-.
rbo ?Noputblicanls are Ureainti to pieces
-apidly. Darna, formoeily of' tIle q6Tibne '
isubh one of' the (Conklings, has puirchas
ild 'uTmany Ihall, and withl a capital
>f. two diollars, or, two hunadred 'dolhla "
)r two thiotusand dolars, or two hulndretd i
houisand dollars, or two million dollars
we do raot kn~ow which, is abiout. to start i.
1, w patter to run against the( 7'/Wbunc. 1'
so theojeph'lioans, who hlave hardly a
'eL succeeded int reorganiizinlg theO SoultIl
bre h).ielly pmn'ployed inl disorgapising
hel~tuvde. T!'1icy are abiont to. divergo) I
nto'three distineir factions-onie urder 0
3reely, a sedonid undet- Weed, Afnd a
hird under:Dania'etuh -with -an lorgair
lng41)t lbla neok, rathelr burddlsomeo o
b carry )ut capabjespf mIakIng a, great
otseG ani creatmg copsider~able a scord. *
-29tw York? ibr pd
Vi1n1 adyfcas 9tate that a n'egro I
attleQient opptbeit that bity, -tnown
*s DeettQ hhdr bdeid overflowtd. every
ffortkwri~m4byt olttiens .of .Vicks,
I~, ~f~.~ty are knovut t&1.y
nd obantis Thave been sftept away,1 i
nd the entire poptulation of the seule.. d
sent left homeless and destitute, pe.
The luctu Tax.
Th. li 'llolviig ki thi:- rtula vo imtliim in.
T he4. I-(,:I Act:' . 4 il 44~. I:. 0 !II- l iC . -'
!0 Cl)4 %od luit ;1 N.ieh144 i
(.b O I 101l. I. hii :k-ii 11 11-11 u a
'111014', ~ ~ "ol i'!j.?'I ji~I. LiIJ 1 .~'j 14114 .:V
gi (110' d444 44ul.Il 11 1 1 u"iuIkl liv.i
Fromlill ',4r.' it i iiol i alt i of' real4
M aw 411 1 rulsl ,snc Deel4l :11 01 I4' s:14: :
G.) pro i i lr.' vi 4 illy Il 14 141:. .44:
C:I H it i )4 'I 'il 4' I0 I i I ,.4 III w s 4lc1
r1I1 1 9 14' - 11, V'1 . :1 4IL,4k
uust uOlM~q 4'u' 443 1,lw4 44iv
''1 4 1 v I4 . ' - ' , t .
W .I rol'n I, 441 ('L4~1 4 ?)( Cilii,1.t
1 ' y 4 '
'.L'4it 044141 :14 1'. 1 St* i'X ''w l.4 4 1 4.
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colmtry- hira: l widet. W o, leat n, also,
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the4 neeisil ofps hi.,; univerial
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'n. .> Awde lthe refiml orth popl
.10 to grant negro en ., and a
31)3 r hii naefnfor t at State
nl . 1hs brought out Mr. Sheman
11.1 i i .1o. 3 111 i vtle ealfic tI I,
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n r. rd ni aei4ILot~lI~i li.t of tla
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ng1ht to llnte41 rei wit) t. Es ,ffrg i
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h1.1;1 throwt) Io I ) -ltil
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'1r0:33;d he is f rec rees in at Mary
1)n1rt eappros umthed by 1iliC~ corne
andf el b'-rcle: dre; reolaetb ar im o
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frumed i dmey mrotegon lvel kora
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