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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, May 01, 1867, Image 1

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Doopoie ATj ilms & Coal Proprictor]s. A Iamijy Paper, Devoted to Science, Art, Inquiry, Industry and Literatur ITerms-$300 por Annum In Advance
WJ 4 0Con WI INESDAY MORNING, MAtY 14867. [NO. 43
is PI'lu1txrio w .iy nty
UT 111I1 M3b4,A.XM8 & C101
lyh :T-en o Wilinlshora, at :3;0 ~
I I/', I/ , ...
\ l~ L' r. inst ac edverIl~went 'e'1 to i
4 I' lies and Tbutes . 00 pe
A .1.A INOG 0' THEk 'U' 14i
O'cr IhI- l.ie ripidng wave's with itclc
IIow they akip1 ! how Ihey leaip ! as t he wavc
lot adviaiei,
Oh ! 'ti joyous to see Suchi a daz.lingo
Might !
hblow, Summera.1pl breeze, oh ! stir Ohe
- 1 1 - 1' of sc, inspie taheir
-tnen music will ievry
110 n han;la ticd
d'! b 10-1y cwt - 00 t ch.tim with
\l.1 -L n h o r - a b yeritg n
7ive %l ty.
11 d 1 ' llay ii.irk chun!, fr'i4 Iheca:;t to he
iven .' :ilow'a i yvzr jy ', oi-r your i t
ian.[ %%il :Isi i
E er. r,
I'I-v".iY Its i ' ) !r i lI
V' li t : . r: , It I:- - i . - /
t eni. I' l, / la it " 'III a
/ally 1/. 1 e. Ioe..' / ei n 113.
Nbo I to it) s ay i you (hat wi I.as
tii-( atz Id' it lploo, y c ed v.. 1. wi chai
i-r O le vas -i wer i .aiss)e e l
wu t 1 you toune .s:a i. t! ; t u i -!ahi.i
e~al epeblic ian hriv beI n co na ittedi
yto 'i~~te . 'une doc[ill .i ht e et !1as
Ii-nt ina Ia-d hna a b todyont, hichOw
in;the -tiree ofvnt wmerithbye: I
On m i e e, i a a wl i'l:h :i :hith ei an itvneey.
t iii 'I yei i ti .e eel lie ' h ti [noi I'to f ce ctl \r j
u oilolbh iblell It - m- :n w foa' ht i . ve ti1,1
va-l n iw le m :i I -ui IXth a i)t olnh h
hist l.iin~l w as re ht . s ha it (avo of forget-aliI
de to sh t'ie t . i t ..pp i e o a *tiitd eetnn
What. were the, I-ti 'fte w r! In
ic.y pitioit lh re0 V:Ht ea ly 1,111 a oil f il,
Uodlo We of lthe Norib I li, awii <., the
witniaowil e il ihy---/o e .ta .ryaiii .-i:-rt-a-s.
' laonem le'ivoliun hed rean teci e. A
in[ionaro ihetheitiuh teah n of yor oiiwajnei
Maonrooamie lery e, ali of whoml int thair
filO mi C0Oi'~~ n tteonod a sythm ofitvery,(nt
and oni theioae of iaii freeoTisi~ eause
coniflet wich w1 w-aayd fovr, irv OveasI
tbeore ihe war bolouat. ivcof he whiknof
thi wo tof iac tel N rth, wJr aot gi iile.
fi had amn lea' an~ chof maeni wh ti or. el
t.3t'u e f tht t eahingstat o her youithtt
uneri fii ialsa pr,'ot. is, wh I thla melng the
e. 'ut bliea, atIoly wenci~ w raced ut thie
culmhuraing poinah i l, there wer8 many,
of ih t- ese t ~au of tNortit whollaidr
aif is d Ci'~ r e ~n o hw h a.
aI fai ilstion of thel~l iane ahin w-hich
h pomse werike,' Ie us'PI f.itll youCc thai
contest closed, i pra, foover Pin oexue.
t eee afte ' aloss' of tree iunudreila. ujad
twenty- tiv touan livts o 3those wAh~to'
of the 'a b ye ori the mnat-rrecaoa inwich threy
fiougt. ekn me on aixhudr agivato, twen
t-v Lg i ttefead or slir
1 roudliyca evwerwhveere, buth
caus o r at' mch e t0 1hey VOsitiald a s l o'e's
owil eheit ito itna i ilfoaf hitman stltoavery,
do w-sie)' t i'a 1'eeany~ on-Uvidua, how
beieit ea umy hlave 4ahed, drirancise,
-I. * :- * eaht ' e f ie , i c t he
il'ts aycall hem-aro mong t heC(l ci ore
Ci in holliou. shil inl he It r;iH ii,.
hold mee. uit. uthis m n he n ept al.edl I'v ::
two-tlilAi vot of Congress, wiVt regarI' it.
elasses or pVIeIn all'eted by i0. Ii rays
whenl this linemtion is settled, as I bolieve
it will ba vevy shortly, theso disabilities
will rapidly disiappear.
* * * * * * *x
Sai sorry to sany limt a dile'Ie aroseI
bet weer t he l'resident an.1 Anm:s. Un.
der mli t err nsel the ! l ' - Ok n .
il i n .~ in Oppok l ion t o i e m jpc t iue it h
or -ers and thel peole.4 :1111 Your bvol'e '
und1er l e al Ien. ofiyouti. .Iu. men. 11.1
he l-v:.3 lochked Io khe Prlaident, And y.mk
believ: he woulA caniy hi': pole, 3in,1 in
IItl" you itoe a gniat i:c 'n, to y'o. I
Calt len'e t''nM Y it. .ut ly thisa lint. . t
-.1 yo vy , now lot;k to he Il ai e8 i . ( ,.4
:". ill .h. yo-l will lie dSi:4 t Y" I
wevre in ym:r dieedenec on the l'c silenit).
Snone others look to the fornat ion of a
paliiil e ii ary lit lie Norilh, shlf 11 aS lrom
Led you sich great thing hri o tho war.
Yot wvill findl them, let. ilia tell you. as pow
ert..s to help yout ns was th President. I
wiill ''2y Io yon Its (cinet-nl (Jeralt sa id to a
Soiliter man who consult ed him as to what
wa s besi for ihimi to (10 'i.Go, he i.id, and
ee I ho tlepublican leaders inl Congressi I
0ioiilt. Iith then, they hvtte (lhe power
'tm oso, A prVil M1-enior Wi 'itn L
lbpoke a.itoi tIte tCourt' tl.t80yest e,1. f y,~
lit eoi. nniai S i tillhe evile whhi-'1. Io to i e
w .r. so ill 11:0hat ;1 i e h y to
h i lt ! li-g fr thItt I. t h. The C h
A i n' n 1 h - iv amv l o1w ihi I o' ( re
now pende" bOel sie.1 h.. 21 *ly , i
- io Wiieltlt'mn tn ll ni :n~il 'C l ) but whenii
uoir. .01vt t Ow,00. .wir h
M r I i''. whI h "' . n: ht
his !i., a:th m - . . .\ . in ' h -
S ie hix 1 '.u . oi
N ll vu': 1a'11-w d Owe : *_'(1.4100 elall 1% 9, 'or
heL Wanted ihe .Souith, egetp%, t a ew poi
nert e ett to bo a0 iifr)yt go I. %;ork. i
The roth hw lr .l 'il tii ' I.
!:I ..'i I ' nmi Iut. n, !.1.1 ve' lit
ri J ih n : i.: hli.: v ia i. of i . i: ;:
S ia ol in ve' lit g ih Sj'1. i Th t v :'
av go~o hie'z 1ioie ~ h hia v I ft~ "" r
the1 come utp le Pl'.toir the Regu in' I'n:
ly. fl
nvf , rrie bl2 A to in r. W I riln. 1
k!! lieIi rt' : itI of sic l ly to 1; L 1
,;jti 111:ki .\t-. ].ingeln iikd n'1-orM
iherato I h sl ves, -1d;hi t i.. ' I
lee u'people were ia bth black's bet
tr. iln rel4d that in ,%vear thee
a.It woul-l give ilty whuir s lati'a.ei te
lid cants eion mighit t io ithe Recon- t
struction .\ct. was nt~ aiccepted. v
I.ve i 1e Irst h tit o tihe alliO the wit
tI- igreiat -tillocra'y otie ire of' Oh Wi ol
a11dvf 'i Amneolien Nelnblic, cle1tet by ,
t3 he n 1tIIied, 0' fe.-s both inl .Nw0 \ York
fIllnu .' . .. h . '. Rli vh. who prote'tis,
ly i'!t lii t 'o lic-' ' h - uli iost, Oh e liatilta (
Iy , 1,4111 .1, hwIli lwn bef'ore the l widely
diNfv.eCit I.r sientiolis o.' lhe ANolfroo doo
trone, aid tAlivers iup), a9 far aso h c1an, by at
a esaO f [en)if ry which hannishes thle til
4i n inga from one of the quartevra of thle wlj
wni-d, the whoclo c-ontinent of North Ameri1- PC
ca. to Ihe anilinn of the Unlited Sae. el
htr uslad ai arm the Strahn of Do h
hui do en, which seltrane the trri i
ry to Vniinituer's Cht ine, formin a printi
of the Russianl po!sse! ious, thiereeit
1i1c han i hindredt leatgues of con'e by
whiteh the lerriory of 1he nviw lbifish oAn
11dertnIh or the Norlh openl o t Ihe le 1 p.
:-in. Nothing", theref'ore, geogri cael
ly penuni.g onnecte th, t Io terrvinoy cc
Unilo tih iii llait of Ot Coluitry, at i
oiler hail, lia Ilwcti'ij~ i'de*b
usoInabi-:d, wh theb~ Waiigtn oern
mloti iNO or Jc,'id, of, dn[thin forin
peas 'a forw the 11i: fartin of th eri
cutit ofantityi-n and coiest.--,A lr.p al
o----- ta
Nol~c( d ArtoIat hiwror Ale-r. As a
Puus ia -- *ieh *s tiohb lasi poly [Aut- i
cto-ruian~ alin2ol ho oneInonli' r.'t ofacty:ii meo
hp hiza 1 rd, to e li only1 h ho adeniuerys.
otAlinense liohoe coeed ithn' thovri
and 10 n ii~ WIrtembur r switsh I ho icrra
condtitibfo, tabicat io of r i'osmt.'sW i
trusia allijspem auc as ohhorl.1i i'ea n
iiimoii under10 andin e~t~ wcen is uvyiii nd
lrdesi. A (l ars wi Ohe-,'iat~ the Ctrvice ol
the 12at itor ('ltotC lnolri atoi to prlzthe ny
contiens powe nohtra d yet ten'ektq dont.
jetw maii~tan repeiveng nail hnks which
1tusso.Prux~ss amit wil migclyht oe uslgli ?
oltuoehundred and nincty-one passen - n a p
eghto'clock yestrda moh 001( nish passed
obilogei to "eet to" axpndttwait th l i
~olock--io tiao loterver thep oar As pln0
oferooin ih dite ibo etw ts cihn t
hersel riot to nthbe unoinltre st toanol
whehe J thie triptrol T h pril liley-b
to'eprofhi proaable Ongteing the porpe p
ofern the ndryegisteEsl 8,1(1onf Ihorl
toimaty on Yr endrinm amotnedlto ide of
Th-n5 Island opphitehe byt othon habr m
leen, staUps, piermlils an ouiter ieslonrg.s na
eltid0 e. wipe,' and frtyrn the dpr, aind of
whtening oneeion Pit to o [taen ti
1 10 V oadC of Uito iu Pai3 Exlhhib ron
'I hev'. wh o, "'o~r ennse,"' nt camiL I tia a
t'r tht .\tantt it ill bet intettcUhaled in a
le DOlowling hotehI ol 'o of No til %f I he woiters (it
the Great. lixhil iion, aken from the cor- gc
splmlenco of the New York Tribune: ed
Twice the dimensiot. of the great circle t
ti l' hlbit iol, which has ICen not, inapt- sh
camott 'I to a tmra one-s gamiaeter, is C
takt' a ; it, uea. lhoua.;nt;d yards fi
y e i'a i me rine 1wlrsed in this ; tl o
tons a I a of lift.I m i ea1h' , growth I I
0 planAtd inl it : live lake ; an1id irC Wator-- 0h
I e in it eai:al:M ; it is i imerected is
With avI a. l h C!!titily hy Sevently pah is tit
Ai -h iv e- sou lr ttls withili it one f.I
itive of overy aebbee le klwnll to ciliti.. la
141-ut It'you futer 130mil Ohl yI'eatl p.)
A on I ta ' i-!e of It'! SeUe, antd turn Olf Ih0 gi
,Itl vetihia to eitho r si!de, you imit. Ill
i.tAesively n Spani tli leat re, where lha) ge
'mns dauce to she clinking puses of I he :A
mstatisi a Chineso booth, where jottcurs sil
1vple each ot her and eat red hot tire ; a ti
rotestanit chipel, whto there is w6Vrship pa
-ety dai, and in the Eng llih aguago a t II
'Il,' a. wh Itereauny wounmed in thle crush it
'mu'titudeis or by nachincry reeived
,-:14ly teief; an Egyptiana eetw ery iti su
:. .\"14l o ri ue1,10 : n, I'Techa hall, wihIIo al
V ill thriy useir feet ino 1hm h pheces, at i
in l- l'ially to the miaiU i ' of Lale Ie
havi.+la:: it att ionil th-mre, where, si
a lla tt Imu*..., a tar pe ofert ry ktollwt to
It.l I, I f. a' . i-th ilantce~.s JaL 'e:to~ min- ca
e's, 1. 10: 0 h 1 ILy; ta 1: ke f cIart wa e,. c t
W with th ia t tof i'ont tinbflum tallt e
. etl ; a ittiod ast1 u:;ri o f
I -i se a v v! a.tapy o 1. ! Se
Vl -: l ll ia-h ntehiin aa nilt i n . of
n:1.hal blow n I-ka if wi n G ,ii i n . !l
ian 'a'v. t;h tn lt f a* t ;u m ilil ar ;
S o t / it, stauch. a rtwt t o t l.1
I1h1a31 h :nis II I ng on the 1 irv gii
n e ! u.- ; Swedish :1I Itumian dui
-.- :UK h"", vvp.rl eVt1y eat vedl. whelro n111
oh-s ar- obnatichO" of Nood and the nI.
'i1' na 0 'l* a lfIrt I htit (A1l . ro t I I IjuL'
-iK':s' ht~a br'ttic tam ahe grabspa - pt
mt :kr hare.i itnhabited b eatt t erian gilsila
+,a. rvl' m'any tia paloelas, ill of g,,i%
r1 l1* , v.-Iore (.'-m o s 00: contompt, hel
ct. :. vi-1A n.!t :ill ap- e: h i uso . p
. ..- t a :i'a" thatn' ta. wi goen . d
11il i t a, '- i .i a v 1.l4a ndi
i'a h L- 'i.- I fl - I i: he n ;l:lili I I ai a .no I
dan Ma tt -illit 111e.00 (tie -lat 1111 0 a
C-ir r 4i i - v":1''hk .; h it 1cr 1 bure y wleai
1 1n0e: s o t liou a t' il tn : at ite i
h) ~ ~ ~ l ksi iwrwih, hiry geua:t
i o - in . '-ag a. Mitona li l h ilow
gtn*- it 1 th <:in ! d inc!! otn: s o i ry lu e
he .-r-m e the y open tho rvthsande
etl (I' * Nigh Anlly caled thel ies i irno e
r mm uoe oberatries where
r t ilnl- sw::ofl ay n tiy
alstitlirt ha: jill'. w hiasiia the ai i a leut.
thd - in.- l iru liy s yo I a Dutoh Aan I ,
't , eh t eli - Cli i c i ha ci umt rin
trlie s m o f In ou filo n u: o ri a itheir
.ile l 1t .iy city ith eeer io !i a t gr o
rf tA I'.iht taii l n hi of avllan l r ise til li .
iela. da yi -:. i, the p ti y an to ice s c
rit :, ha ilf-w y cyverl wo an ett,1, anhe
ucght. a iut t flim thir fac e an
d-ine ofAaiYy fs thouhtu len:t daw yn
A ve gre at Ie 1-n h d ies Nv o s lt:ar d ite t l
ary t mtoi eI lrie lp ifn o
r, c spoe io. v .\ i a,; he ld you , se o the r A mei
nl g"rl deontl eyed, saing. henet and h
liagh t. attd hpurity inf evey tuod it itep,
:ht l ?.A t h an 1 wm fp rese th Iea t
IaIbe conV'Wtltht ith orbiI fi lend Iil hi.
dIAa 1qc LWgo:; ine reathein of ll t (aI('to
dIc he Lilc'kaen hiluf l ict . a
Alt ter aeicn of ortcithe cnitizenso
ikn iiiewsbh a h or
'Ji e onl Mody ith ainstvanty Amine
I a(1( e XOhtinsttt adop otewe theo llow-.ani
satt in tov~ '~lLth~, a wsithotii) r aerv,
d01 datu by t'L' nl~t, eeIII:IIi (t er abill oet
T1it it is te lt I d t olvery good citize
acaiva t a f:ward ain fd f ath nd hi
'th ittc fit th reconsl~altuct ion ote Stato
nder the oheran bln th u tihca sl puo an -i
d t the~ evi of or ii p esent tndition.
fTha twe wiula'inhthe andlsalftl, use It
lsens ortiao lo enfre in'ithee lbwy aond l
stettcuet peri~ons, irepcrv f no
That o a roviosonitful protectouion he
ad 'fe, let andpriopny. eer an i n
Thait eved fiepovyabld Northern mlan or '
apitlat iont aiith CareL'oi n, phould e
tedi1 aon lus, saof thsatt frerit.r td
Tal tl l o se2uty of~a)ctt ourl p itidl' inspo
tillons dand that, h the hitged faciltiedos
'r wt ectigieltemenitattry debation eet. t
raaosi of teiele begaande'pted byaithcon-.
C'ai0'itu iyionaerprovision . c'
Thatw consttttat poisnsouldbe
iuo fo ite exiiempy tio itof ove man's
mieulead fro lovyt handiaa a, t h nlgat oure s
pult'at in may becomofix(ed ane permanont
Thty be iotiasof lthis Saaa't rqio oi
'a' on l~ ht in unyrs ett but moe espo- o
atl ahould ilit be dot caed ofas tog do
my withliimprillnhent ~ or will, ecept in
se on au, an doii copereian punimonth
r erehiaco aid of hr. cathoio.lo
ingo undeediliy autorig te wou hao.
acedon oier pha hmo and onihieed
Iiesrlnot staoesman, Gen.l coDatl E.hSik
h then fetmmandr fthe Siiieond Mliaryt h
strcy who11 'tmi i.ip oed, lb all prope ni
mini, tov aotnl fosevmuch a nd his pwr
rypulc i; and tat insbtw carnoutri th
aluo an rimpoornt dulie s'toft if highar
icb he wiln hnvr good wel, co-l ora
inoand suport ?lthoo inwrt,"~
tid ok thaid~ of lntataGod who ruesth
Dead Ifoads.
Anion-, ihn hus called "dead heads
nitted by complimentary ickeits to le
res, shows, conoorty and circatses, a
iter'ally, but very wrongfully. inelitd
itors and other newspaper attaohea. Th
is is a slandet is very appropriate
own by the following answer to a Int
rrespondent, who desired to know t
caning of the I erm. It is taken ft omi o
our cotCmporar-ies
1"The fI l tickets given to the press f
0 uses 1nmed ar always paid for, ai
at very lihe-ntlly. As a rule, ldso w:
4"1e----not. t hosl who receive---t hese fri
iuts av- (ie, 'dealemis,' itstrdly givil
ty conis for that which It five c-. tend,
v bill wonid not iideguoitely pa-, for.
i as newspperitor in ex I cote d
ve b-evial niiie of entert(ainieats bero
ey occur, and then follow the with
tn0iorous pill' after the alow is over, he c
inly hits io place in the 'deadi h'ad' ola
lontion. Indeed, in nitino cases oht. of tor
o editors wotid be glad to rectiie ha
y for their work, and pay two orles ft
3 free tickets They would cortainil
Lie notney by the operation.
".We itny add a few words on the gernorr
lject of advertisin:'. The publiention i
ve-tcisements is as much01 th0 business C
iewspaper as li the publication of (t
w-4; nitti tin editorial notice, which in di
ied to itppiy (lhe pince of or add val
a regItil' nk lvertisemnit, has evC IC
im 1) a gratutitons 1notice, and tis a
si naS a matter of right. If theso sam
rSOis shlould ho nasked to inko a preseii
a doze-n yards of mulin ill to each purn-Chr
o'f P. imerin) dre:A, or a dollar'4 wort
sigar it) whoever bougsht, ten pomda c
W Or l.;lt' adilozen froe '! iiCet2' oi) whoeV(
4m:-ed tweity seata at a concet I, ithe
Ill resent Ihli deinaid as an inah..
Vot why Fhon'l- not, their w:i-s 1.
. at fre'ly as !hould and ar (I- te pr
! of' the cilitor's andia pliblisher's lbt
en cal1. The mlerehlnut makes ht*:; pnr
anid living by vellintg hii good-s. Thi
Ilisl'r oi a 1101ws)pper makeS his h1
ig theat awsay, and wi-hen he ldoes tl
-U tIhem in nid o' it piblic library or o1h
eticent.object, he desetrves thanks as
blio honoactor, nitd no. insults as a 'dIn
h JIseN:., wiU A Ptzrri, M'IAf.
V-worn ex rebel soldier who dhro
m t-) a luiler wrgont, heavily loadet
Thumllllay, hadu the misfortine to gi
of It he wheels in a deep gnlley, I oil
Le aIick street in town, which b irougl
I t st-and. It vail ho t!r.gle<
ary and alona. to sitrmu int the illi tou
nor dh(I nily orto ofthe nuitlterots iats
by olier hin a holping hand. Fintall
ederal oflicer. (a Caplain of the Unite
it s ary, whose natme we would ribiis
to knev it,) cann niong. fnld poeivin
nlve, atndl goin om distiinco to hmn
'ic ouf timblier wit h which to prize out (hI
eel, he shouldered a pole tweily fee
', and ahuost. n load for two men, whie
'lt ried to the wigoin. o..td pitting it m:
1 lin IIxlo, prized the wheel out. Tli
iei teanster expressodi i's gratitudo wit!
ny thank,, butt h1ie o!lict indo tilot ly tol
a Iis services wouitM lie unply repaid
(thie wagoner) wiuld help flto first in
mtet with in a siinilar fix.-.Onnvll
W) the Louisinna crevasscs, the 1bervill
uttk, ot' Ulih, reports two alditional ones
li it at t ho Courtney and Woods' plat
Rot', in tie tipper part of West. Pla
uge. an1d theot her at Scott's plantatior
ove Bayon Snra, in tile Parish of Point
upce. It. says both breaks nre onl ith
s60ern banik o1 t he river, and will, W
Lr, drown out [lho few spots that we sil
ove waler on tihie (rosse Tete. All Ill
:t ion of'conttry below L'laquemine to th
yon eatl'ouche, will no doubt be met
rt-lowed thanl it wits been since 1828. W
ve bad ocension to meet some of tho cit
is of Grose Tote, lordocho, tir.nd Rivc
.1 linyot (oula. All give sad report:
i he Forloche and ( ro.,so I eto, catIl
ses, moiles, iogs anl poultry have bee
stroyed inl hu go numbers. The stcc
miintg otn the Grosso TVeto hand bee
ivent to th~e highest points. Thile ne
cake above repor-tedi may occnsion thoclot
thIs stock, for noneo of it can lie brotugl
t except by beats, and this is nearly in
Pu iaRumt;-iIr.-..The Pres'ideitin1 oleci
ing btui.eighteen mlonthis oil', cantdidat<
e, of coutrse, appearing in all qiurter
list ot' mien alrendy named wiil be foun
contain the namles or' Oeuerials Liran
iormaniit. Thiomais, McClellan and J'iutie
ipreOw Johnson, Schutyler' Cohfiix, Senatol
adel, Shermnan, SumnerICI, Feisseitdein, That
uts Stev'ns, Horatio Seymour, and ant i
flinnfoe numba~er of other persons. It
'ihly pirobable that, a Northern man ft
.esident, and a Sothet'n mant for Vict
-esidenlt, will be run by each party; an
er'e is no idanger, flromt present appmaa
5, that, either ollce will go a begging.
Jus-r TwEN'rv roun.-Judg-, Wi
now ai very ablo Judge of t.he Supron
turt of one of tlie great States cdf th
dlon, when h~e "first oamo t~o the bat',
in a very blundering speaker. On or
casion, when ho wras trying a enso e
plevmi, intvolvinig the right to a lot og
ga, Ito addressed itejurty as follows
l entloeen of the jutrf--t.her'o wis ju.
ent y- foutr hogs In ihn it dr'ove just twent;
ii', genltlemen~l ; just. twice na many as al
that. jury box 1" The effect can be hta;
Tait TititsT Don'an.-.-Ihirdong-a nonm
1 slave un11il fr'eedomt, bitt living apa
tim his owners anid enjoying wvt lt hIs 'aim
I le fruiIs of his lab~ors---is woriled I
e imiposition (we (quo0e hin) of taxesi ft'o
111 ich linha hit heto boon flree. 1ie says
pail, sIr, $40; on my Ilhree bagc of co
a: they took that out, and I've been
y ing, anid a pnyinig; butshr, TIl mat ch the
is year---my grandmother was an Inidia
d l'P, be ati Indian not truod."
Sonme of the Ilungat'lan nobles are oxte1
we oaltlte owners. When Princo Ester'h
was asked how many shtop ho had<
s estate, ho replied, "I can't say; bi
cy tell mne I have 1 ,500Q shepherds."
An Arkansas colonel haid Ihe followh
der for moutin lg his men: First ord
-Prepare for tur' lt outo ycr oreeter
cond ordor--Git,
A 1itt10 boy asked his meobet' what blo
lationls meant, 8Iho explaIned that
cant near' relatives, etc. diftcr thtinki
mment, he sahd, "Thean, nmotheor, y
ust be the bloodiont. rnian i've got
Auother Lettor from Qen. LongAibet.
*" NvW OiUiRaANs, April 6, 1867.
.' tho Ellc .iJotor of the New Oream
A Since your publication of my Jlett
ly Many (iLestists have reached me as
1 t he prospects of our political fu itre ar
e0 our duties at this crisis. My form
letter was intended to me'tall question
land was as much in detlail as a me
soldier shoild venture, in a field entire)
!( new to him. I have no iticlinatio
g however, to avoid dities or responsibil
- 3, whatever may be the form in whh
, tlny are presited.
eitHt to attempt, at this time, a gen
Srat discussion of the merits and demeri
of all matter that is thought to be mat,
rial to the subject, which absorbs oi
Sinterest, would require more time an
r labor than are at my disposal. Beside:
y such discussion would leave us ju
whern our armies surrendered. I mu.
ask, therefore, that those who aro ir
clined to consider my views vill excus
o the "bluntness of a soldier."
Tle surrender of the Confederate na
e inies in 1865 involved :
9 1. The surrender of the clain to th
right of s(cession.
e 2. The surrender of the former ic
. -tical relation of the negro.
S 3. 'he surrender of the Souther
-Thes;e isslues expired iponi the fiel&
ast occupied by the Confederat.e arimie
e There they should have been buried.
The soldier prefers to have the sod tha
r receives him when ho falls cover hi
remains. The political (jpiesticns of. th
war shoild have been buried upon th
a fielbs (hat markod their end. Our mos
*I dAerished objects of this earth; blood
a our blood, life of our lile, ifnet duly de
i posited as ordaineul by an All-wiso Prov
idenmce, become oflensive. So must it 1
with this dead matter. Ilthe lant fun<
1 ral rights of the Southern Confederac
have not, been performed, let us, wil
t Idue solemnity, proceed to the discharg
of that painful dtity, and let us deposi
in the same grave tihe agony of o
grief, that we may the htter prepar
ourselves for a return to the duties <
this life.
ft may bo..ixell to remark that ou
efforts at rcoonlstruction will be vai
-emb il: in the ntlorprize wit
t tie sincorily of purpose which will com
e mand success. Great deeds are n<
accomplished by the cold support <
i.id ifereit approval ; they must be bui
e of ternier stuff." We nmst app
ourselves with diligence, and wit
iinited resolution, if we hope to lift th
darkness that threatens our future, nil
semire a comfortable issue from th
difTiculties that surround us.
The Fabian policy seems to be tl
e one most in favor amongst us; familia
ly termed the system of "masterly ii
activity." This policy has achieve
a great notoriety from the fact that
great Roman general, (Fabius Maximn.
e at the head of a well organized an
e well disciplined army, by his superic
strategy and tactics, delayed the pr<
gress of the march of the Cartliagenian:
o and saved Rome. That we can assum
o to be in a condition to employ "master
- ly inactivit.v" without the organizatio
' of a political party, or even th0 organ
'tation ofa political club. is beyond m
' understanding. We might better b
k likened unto the bird that conceals it
a head in the sand, and at once begins t
'grieve at the danger to its pursuers, wht
are nowv left alone in the vast de
Before we undertake to change th
course of impending dangers, we shoul
nl endeavor to remove all obstacles thi
Smay beolik~ely to impcde our progre
j im the work of reconstruiction. TI
, chiefof these is the opinion that pr
-, vails, to some extent amongst ourpe
s5 ple, that we cannot do wrong, and then
Northerners'-cannot do right. I hav
'doubt but the same feeling, wvith regan
*r to themselves, may be found among
-the Northern people. Both sect ion
d are laboring under misapprehenion
which thoy should strive to correct.
Both are subject to the frailties of hi
o man nature, and each should exter
e charity if they expeet, It in return. L<
,us, then, begin to dispel the delusiot
aand see mf we can establish our claimt
It is now too Iato to go back to loc
after our rights under the law and tlI
tConstitution. It is of no practical in
potnefor us to know whether v
have been deprived of those rights b
law ful or unlawful process. We kno
that they are gone, and that the onl
Iavariliable law is martial law, and th
onemly right poweor. The nmoro we set
for law, when there is no lawv, the grea
,a er will be our confusion. Law at besti
a slow process by which to recover Io
~-possessions; to attempt to recover thei
amuder doubtful laws and against powv
ais futile.
Seine think that the question of r
sistance is admissible in deciding o1
- course 6f actionr. But this is a gra'
- error, oven if we bad the power tor
aist and a reasonable hope of suscossi
it resistance. For when a peoplo shou
resort to the violence of war they shoui
g be prepared to show to the world ji
rs cause of wvar. What cause can wve cl
it unless we say that we did not kno
what we were fighting for in the w
djust ended.
Our duty resolves itself unto tv
gvery simplo' propositiqns, viz: rtdlio,
)m onrselves from our present oenbarras
miitui by roetuing to our rth'egnne
n t unddlthe proces . laid down I
a Congress, or seek protection under son
foreign I ernment. Those who J
termino tnimaitn should speed the wo.
Dr of reconstruotion, and put our peop
to m coiditiQn to make our own lam
kd and choose their own officers for thc
or execution.
> I am one of the partienlarly disfrai
r chised, for I have been informed fro
y the highest aluthority that T aiml one
those who will be the last to recei'
amniesty. I rgard this as one of LI
resolts timt belong to the hazards
revolution, and I have no better cam
- of complaint than those who havo lo
s their slaves.
. It is frequently said now-a-days, tlt
ir Cous itutional government' is a faihilr
d but the cause and effect are not appreci.
9) ted. - If their is a failure, the fault
t with the people, not with tho gover
it ment. A lunatic may destroy the mo
magnificent edifice, blut it oly can I.
rebuiit by the most skillful ortist.
I am, sir, very respectfuiv,
. Your obedient scrvant,
JAs. Loxaarn,:t r.
The a onailntdtgencer has the fu
lowing :
A. leoter which ve have just receive
H from a coiservative souzrcu inl .tant
Ga., 1ta03 that the writer has foum
fr'omu all that he has seen and hen
that there i: mneh less, difliculty as 1
e reconstruetion than had been expectc(
Gen. Popo had exprossed himself grat
e ied by his reception, and thinks thet
wil be no serious difficulty in Georgi
, and Alabama in t:o execution of tcA
reconsirtuction measures.
Letters received here from citizen
of South Carolina also sat.o that reo
gaization under the Acts of Congres
v will be cariied out by common conscal
Sand in the full hope of beneficial resuilt
S inrom Virginia, we hear that reconStru,
tion is generally acqtiescehlu -
No idea prevails, CiLhor. in.thq eanC
linasor inVirginia, accorldiig ; the:
,S statOIeIIts, of s1upendilg propos<.
State co-operation in tile work of 1
organization, in the expectation of
decision by the United States Supren
h Comrt in favor of the injunction applic
,Furthler, it is to be noticed that tli
f political question involved is inttmate.
It connect.ed with pressing and practie
y questious. No longer can rotoraic
h be defierred without prolonged and an
e gravated injury to tihe material nitcres
of the South. It has becomo a que
Lion of broad. Means of subsisten<
to say nothing of revi.ved prosperit
0cnn be secured only by tihe co-oporaLi<
of labor with capital. The whites hav
the land without the labor. The blacli
havo the labor without tie land. TI
a expectation of a current of immigratie
from Europe and thu Southern St at
d has not been verified, and will not b
until after political restoration.
,, GO . SiOMrs.--The New Yor
1 FTerald, in publishing tihe general orde:
of Gten. Sickles, in concliding its con
a mentt on said ordera saN':
. " is general order of t he I 1t is
y piece of real wisdom, all the more oxce
e lent for being timely. Tt sets asidse av
s very boldly ; but tihe boldness is discree
o since it sets aside laws for the very rei
o son for which they were first mado--i
i. protect the people and prevent miser'
Gen. Sickles acts in the spirit of a con
o matnder who regards the people as con
ii mfitted not so much to his rule as to hi
t care, H~e gives a noble answer to thou
a is iaik'cted Southern politicians wvl
e have denonneed the military bill as a
.oppressionl, iln Showinig themi howv we
- it, will serve for a defence against 01
t pressors. His first use0 of his great p~ov
e era has boon in favor of the p~eople, am;
d that grave fact will go far to correct t1
it erronons mpression tho Sauth has hr
a of the spirit in which the North intend<
is to govern. We see in Gen. Sickles
.. man of the same type with these wvl
.made Rome great-one equally comp1
d tent in war and in politic3, with the all
it plo development that enables him
,shine in either Bphere. He is possed
,o genius, of experience, and has a mnir
culti vatedl by extensive study--Il
k three requisites laid down lby B~olin.
e broke as necessary to a great leade
.and if lie uses his opportnnities with LI
o discretion and moderation that ha;
v marked his course thus far, his fnlirn
vcareer will be a splendid one for hi
y -country.
k ANOTHrtn A LLIANCE nEz'wrpx-Pnui
is To) Retzs-ronxSAvoY AND Nons -ro IT.
5t LY.-An alarming rumour is in circul
n ion that the Prussian Goverment,
:>r view of the conitingency of war wil
F'rance, has madle overtures to the Ir
a- ian Cabinet analogous to those address
:tr to KinA Victor Emmanuel before tl
'e war with Ansti-ia. These overtures a
e- said to comprise an alliance, offenisi,
un and defensive, Prussia undertaking ni
Id to suspend hostilities until Savoy ai
Id Nice are restorod to Italy. This noi
st requires confirmation, and is at
m events only so far true that ~poupurl
w may have taken place with a view
ar such an alliance in the event of Fran
insisting upon the annexation of Lu
oe embourg.
,e The '"ortrcss of Luxeumbourg isi beni
s.~ quietly but conitinutally reinfo~rced,.
u. GObeni in t',1j b eue:'l . ..........2u
Destitution in the South,
'Y The following letter from Governor
)o Orr exposeu tie nece.sities of our peO.
1e01 0''"iri> S- C., April 10, 18G7.
sLawn~iC~e Sanston, jY'., eg-y
i -oe'rd o/' Cominte.s.!;ioners, NX'o. 7'9
MY DvI~: Sin : Your esteermed fa.
( v)r of the 12th inlst., was received last.
ofn gtim, inferining me that tho Board of
'o CornInisioners for the Staft of Mary
1o land, for the relief of the detitite of
If the Soith, plopoke ending to this StatJ
;e 111txen thouisand bushels of corn aid
it fOrty thouisand pouids of bocon.
The lumane action of your Legisla.
Lt ture challenges tho admiration and alTeo
; tion of our people one and all, and tho
- starving thousands whom your donation
is will relievo from their grimvous distress
I- will never forget their generous bone..
it factors.
C .Ihe extent of the deItition is truly
appalbig, and withouit the mrort liberal
Imations ifro immore favored sections,
1 (1o not know how it is possible for our
poputlation to be subsisted until t.'
Allurnmihj* large quantity of wleat
i. .us been sown in thoso sections whero
it. hu; ir.oeltofore been grovn, and if tho
l hirve.st shouId prove to bv a full one,
a miulh of the suffering in the northern,
I. weCrnl anld middleiportions Oof eStato
will be relieved by thle middl of July.
hI,"10S ILII 10 P A J;'Cill.
o in the Sourthern and eastern sectioni,
i. embracing one Lal of tle State, very
little wheat has ever been grown, and
. no relief is promised from breradstuffs
a until the corn crop shall bo gather
Up to the first of July I am satisfied
s that oic hundred thousand bruIsels of
corn must he imported into the Stato
for gratuitous disiribition to save thous
aids from the s'veret want and hu.
dred' frn neual sdi u-vattionI .
After that time, i, as already stated
tle wheat, crop should prove to be a
..ull one, dhe wheat supplies required 'o
e sustamn life .I) to tho corn gathier
d ig season vill be greatly reduced.
The bacon sont will be gratefully re
a ceived. One fourth of the entire popi
e lation of the State, in my judgment,
,I have h n s 1.ph'imng for /; days'.
past iri/hout mol, nd this tontribuition
C will therefore afobrd in reality a lixury
to many who have not tasted it for
il wees. I would nrot, however', ad viS
nhat rnv larg proport ion of the funds
which Yon propose dolatilng to the
s snfTerim: of this Stato should he iii
meats, as human life may bo subsisted
e Upoi broadst.uif, and the want is so
iniversul that bread and meat cannot
Sbe firiished in adeinate quantities to
o supply all.
: 1 telegrapi you this A . M., request
Sing that four th1ousanld bushels of corn
n and ten thousand pounds of bacon should
!. bo shipped to \.ilmington, N. C.,
e which iay be dist ribuited o ier the east
ern section of the )y the WNVilmington
and Man hest er, C'heaw and Darling
ton and Northeastern Ralroads; and
s tie reimainder to Charleston. Supplies
are in the tire hands of tle Freedmenii
BUremu, and are in process of distribu.
a tion along the coast. I therefore havo
.not requeeted you to mako slipments
S either to Geortetown or Beafil'ort.
130 pleased to commurnicate to the
.: Boanui whioso represenltative you are,
o and through thorm t> theo Legislatlure of
r.teSaeof Maryland, my profound
. acnowedgmntsin beliif of thre suffer.
.* ing people of' this State for tho nob1)1
andl generrous.' relief they hnavo been
e plae to extend to us in this hourr of
a te'ihhlion and dist ress.
I havo thre hoenor t~o be, ver'y sincerecly
y ourI obemen't servant,
Govi~ernior ofSourth Carolina.
d c\n.As any of our p~eoplej have in
dvested their innds in this (as they .siup
a posed) chrarit able enterprise, the follow
ing paragraphr, from the Balt-imore 6'a
sette, wdil be of' pain fil interest. It is
evide.nt the concern has "gono up," and
alltinens wi thi,
Itil be recollected that, a short
dtime since. certain part les connected with.
a G rnd Charitable Presentation Con.
cetinai of the Scothern Oph~n's
rat0 sse y utce Iflake, cagn
themL with olrammig monrey under falso
pretencees and with conspiracy to defraud.
the public. A prelniiay examninatien.
wvas waived and the whlolo mattei' sentf
before the' grand ljuiry, the accursed giving
I li required hail. An exaination
inlo tiho matter hals been had by the
Tgrand inquest, which resulted in irh fol
lowing par'tbes being presented for a vio
hiation of theo lot tory ia wvs of thre State:
n L T~ I Pahnier, rigenit, ; Mrs. John L~ [[am-'
miIrond, Pr'esidenrt ;Mrs N A 1" Mears,
-Treaanrer; aind Mr N A F? Mears, J It
d Schriers, Rtecor'ding Secreinary, aind Pat
hO Curlis, an emplovee in tihe agenit.'s olnce.
Theo casro will coine upl ait. the May ternri
0of tho Criminal Court. Th'Io penailty is
a line of $J1,000, oir irmprisonmont, in the
a( discretion of thre Courti.
all Li.~r:o A..--Duiirng past two days'I",
rmnth Court of' Appealh~Ij been occurpied
to in hearing the ease o GB. Lamtar 4 di.
30)1. tihe e'xecmrrs' of Peny. Mr. J. B.
KMcCanits for execritonr alppelliants ; inr.
N. J. A ruthior for heirs ofl. Pon1try, tihe
ig aippellees ; MIr'. W. l '':s-S :-rno c:a
- '..iae side : Mr. ,1. if. loni :n ,rfnl

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