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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, May 22, 1867, Image 1

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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/1~~~~ .04 ~E 4 A
''- e -' I %NW N"Cttni
eportes ms & (, Propr I A Family Paper, Devoted to Science, Art, Inquiry, Idustry and Literature. [Terms---$300 por Anm
von L wo s. ( w)NESDNG( YA 22, [NO. 48
r I I[P
l."P,(U''ES, iI A Mi & (:.
-'y inl tih Town f ittilh - a . -
. 'i ' ll tra i ft i nde i.inent to hm
paid inl oilvotnee.
Obltitrary Notices a111 Tr.butk : . p
Su0uitox P0etry,
nlY J. U, W1111T-11l:11.
No in 1.vv ft fl'at ed d the i l . hill,
The irtaled taink Iehi.w wn 111i.
No rulle ron th41 birche Slehl
.NV r.1Illie from11 (lte w% itt 1'; btem,)
Th :In k of t wiliht round A grew,
Wo fell Ih ]w allinlg of, the dow ;
1or frt1 11 e r e ,1ivr wt t .h a,
'Oe saw tll top, hlolii l --
A t enller d vl... ln. ar
A drei uI d y who hWlit it giavtt ,
Wh l", thl damp. Vvt Chill. Ohi ill m
) ith theot lihe i n.-et* r% y 1.iom ;
Wh1ile <hn-ik diho .:4O w%.,-*i..n
Thle river ro lO t inl dO:t e.
W e e it i/, hi tyac.
hlwow )gh1t seemeid 110 %X i-loon Cr Mln
W Spoke n11 -, bult uo t :: ho'; wo iAte.
Isle pa iu :u-,i L CII ' i 1 '.11 i h i hor
.0u m1ouy >or dper'I a. . m t b tet ;
A nttyi t vli t I hen I iIt heart s to ea.i t
7 2It v o tl xo' 11 ir r( I h!S Cot. d11;, v eei
The hiltesutne os.af I th- iltt.ttctt :tu
till ee l f : t It..ttI ittlt ig , tiij;i .iii itt t
A 1lng, su pedr.~n~- w.i
I llt'oit o n l'l n ic-i 'I , nihli OV. '
.Lt br lged t: I ed t f m 1 .lih p il
T e in !twy a iett b5 t Ivle t [ip.-unt: .,
The tite da tk w tb :tgl r:I ,
Andl "1J" h colutelb, .v! i' x
0, ntalhr. ! -111 tlh 1 t in lo titnlh 1
th e hillto q.f, o ub U ho ft t d iv i y.t,
t bidg wa it her 4 ito h lh . it tli ;
0-I thy i ti l .111 h l. , :1 f :h :
An I inlhl eko ig a a n,
T-e 'w 0-1 Ie .i.:a 'Al R .t v
The 1 ) l lt o tte r tl' pu L pr ilit w
itereidt Jt. itb oh' hei~l~o iitltu.al
tliqut'eu illI it iti, yi tit o poto . i t
ttus w l. te t iipst oto if l ,1
1nd there not o ly : p il Itiy 1io t.
11-ll 1 as to gr Is ba ttt:1 , .i t':,I.ie:i It
Da vi<-, whb! ini :, 1% , ho. r ali 'er- hi 0 !l i o
ast4 a citizon ere by ha civ, it c a i,
of att at iobn wovtbtttllyc a t-ee m nt :k i::.
'I., ll ( t'o wa ~o Oil p ' 1t ta ('itt' iLi ci~it
th neenA:d i of -- ruaotn'' re a in a
ttolote-' iestio f'ort hlis' ori wot wllull ! I.
Noth~s embl are b. ou more ho
order01ly Mild une.o inal 11han th1 I. i.
enn malnvote-1 with t he .! o lien v!Ca
mtiliary ti th g e wr'v it, o' iw1.ae1 . .
-.onl yesterdlay, 'inl fthe surrenderl of' thel.m
of exDes int va i-: inlto lthe mil:audr of
tie Mar le oftheI 11 1 (i-it COet I 10,t 1..
no ~tt foenii fnc of ' no41C.i~- ar run dttor
A~eil~troapioea fn eti
wA ' 'nn:'i' bn i
t - h r I 1 or !wh.'in I *'n tt:i n. . , ie I --
t- d . l ' "1evYin v i s I , aI mI
hi4 (vt ;y amtL~ unnlv-on i . :h
AAA AihI IA :\! - i l -1, Ii., I i :.i?.
I' I I'It w hh1' il I - IIA to: ' Ar.' r i i .
'i''A il in -IA l he''l A la Inii r o ! i.
m I'!: r ( I - ' f I't 2 e. I II v i CV, I i th
a t VIAl'-. I i; Ii v I d : -I a 1, i .: I''A \:.
' o h : I -t The Aly ' X IA . n
.r. v ArtAo. I i. c . t i- A A v .
er'anent,~~~~~ wa oey,: s~ py t ie i
t :e il, :hI Ios n a 1:i nlN .
A It
I'''I IA '
V V I' A'2a : :. A I A
I l ' I ri . v
Sa 1 no. ' t 1 g.
: t v it' r0 11 1
I', -mef .lib- Ivo o .1.
! ' in h .
I I' IlAl A Ar v ' ' A
t ;t
.A1y A - Alo
11 1 1 111. id LA: %%;, An. Le I tc
A I 1'
C l ot .-A IA - .1:1 l t.) II A i; : vv v.
iv at 1 1 A"M'b
A ''''I'''A'1. t h' AA, 1 ;11 A i i 111,3' ( t '
t , A b )! AI %
IAA'Ai lo ol lo 10 'InA ' a ,-'
I a. A, 1 iT IiC1 .
kW mv a v er 7 19 cant c I o-v c a..
I'vl A IA AI IA' !' I~t I'A'.') II I 4 A' ! ' r AII A[II
A ' A r .a t 'I -
'A it A .1 A' IAtAA 'liA'A ' I A tt! dAV i ,!' Stile '
bl -AA I . itI'A. i. ;InAA h t I xe l jra
n o b ::.....i.i ,- I *-ry tha v;
- a 1. : .n e:: -.; 1 :" Io t 1i "!J~th
It oA wtA I (.: A 1, 1; I' : It. (A', ! I it 1 A!; o A( Ii, t AI
I i I i.w I t <.A : Ie . II , :a I IA A.,
It 1 t nIt :1-n I~ I h.' t he 4 '1 t C -1
Al~ ~ I, I', vlAA aAII jl IA. NL~A j
A~ ~ , I AI111 l~( 'AAA i-4''
S e i h e i a: l a--en w rle n AIP th jI
Alq V ISA 1 . AV 11 I .WiL 01 HA IN:! IIAIA
'w honIl .*Ir v . I'un b An ni un ofA0 I
br0 Al ''O'AS l nivc IIn oi, T ihe o el', a t
i 1IA l t iA'1 1w nIc 'A A Ah"ti' il I'A AA all'i
rA lA bu W hAby Ai h pat o h m d A A
"4: it A lAlt he r lie
'A'AAA repre 'A n' A t iAn, de~t cton And1
I'.. I'' l. IA l1ill h.lI I~AAA' I
''i A '' a ~ iCl IA A t y IIAdet l'i 1111 I)ifer-1
h-Ii, were digne-''lA by A'h wi "'' 'roi.
:AlI:l t At) v AA Al ' I II a dA'AA IAi .i 1 111c t yo u In'y
d iet po AIlAAIA.A IA.(A N.:w, hoe)v' r,' h'Il
rentin: Ai:AIAII mI, an. Af thAt horiA Iha
('l.:- IIA.l . U 11 .!;y i i mu n A) iA rAe.1 C AI aI :ilti.
tar ' j io:: riii In'li'' the l, tu:All.,tIf th A
beI2'aAt"l I'2'on I c''''A 'unm '.a t, andA of' thel
C(Il hA'A r ' Ai Cgl:A. h t . '2l. .tvo'A2. minn-4 :luIi'A
nI"n'2y' e u 2AA1 AI':,'A'AIA (I b 11' t '' h A'2 A' h'ave
Ih A O ll k lA I.'iAit 1tt I l their (1 i'AAlie .| o.'', I e,.
In the lI th, A' ~ wel hare!' t h~Ate pea; of~le1
re i l'Ir.n e ~t1) 'In i I ' |tA . tA e ' irl pr:IiA2I iti !I.rAb
wep'At w h A !.:a1 ure I A~tll hiAs '> r l.!e A A l-.
TheAAIIl'.A o W~ ity1 1 of11 the (>overtim n'Il.
un112 nd111 AL: u t Ai'inlly thA' Al A r c AI' .
.l1Ahtelman h.IAA'' been IA' di 'elme '. forever fromIA
hct~,lhar of1; 1reaso. Th AI ostAAyM A'''fI em ilr
edA itidhAis iAl liultr A) 3'l ord~l II of 0 compllint.
Ahe h o t'rhis nyA'lwannIIIA , s111iwd into
exAl A1t'il the gAdi fyrelgrtd fial0shrii.
IIeiyAand Ofoby Aanen rf theI (Oi-IaI.y ii:1.
(hepadmiiale dep'rf men tlc f "the gA'ent-il"
a hoIbirk cln.so i Lhi ter AU pr~n l l Alt
IA--y,~ a in s jo of lcl (l tep ln f h o
he4aes TheI prisuno dhoor Ltatv in ha1ct
goli er At er 1.1 l. it An-, now ialtone:,-j ' ii
'blual' an'erng fr heal f gea p
I ,* .1iti,...i1 It Eu La
all i ( ii Char
Nv l i Ill -I
AS D4, ,11. 1 ,V A A olY
t44-v l .-J l : 1 I. v bij. o:1 k44 '
.i.-! k;,, (14( 1, (m t I j ioj ite
ii .11 1 I4 wit .1
I 4\ti'IW ' 44:41Ai'
t" ).,I (11
\%jii . ro 1-;11 1 1 i
'I.'44 4 44 t !-k CI 4 .1 OWIt ' Nvii lI i
44 ~ ~ ~ ~ 0 of4i t. 14 i4~
VAlIKA A- atq t:1 . U~
%i" i I.~ -'t Il44 . 4j 41t'tiwli
.4 K l~t 444 ote i i Il 1
Ill 114 to 'ltitf ] Il of' ~i Ihit
t1'iatwsi O K A4- I4"4 ah11' iii(ll 1%'am "
lIt 44,444!' :11 who'' I )41
oi. t l I;w' N611 i 4 1
10.111 . bQ 11 41 i-.41t.'c4;I,,- \%,Id lovi
oc thi "! ~144 i 4... lit' 4uil:-11
1141tit 44410. 111. 11Oip t M m'.il
IC4'44aI.', of,. 6'1 48l
QW1t1it MCA-1 U 1"41 r~ 1t04t44 bu4.'tl.448t
':Ilik:-l1 but. lit Ow anI (it41lt: ('.I
II 1 44.1LI t~i wkI .1.1o cu1 r4'c of Mia4 ill
Itd tt 7 1'4'i'' '141 1110 i 110I1',410 Wasit"l
41-;diji (W411p t110L-i-l1Iii lll i
Plant Corn or Per
e'' -' i n', weo aire IX'eedl I ' .
Kh" that thev scareity) ofel"
- Iu o id o abl it is v h
. t nv. . b : :, 1 Son .
b t 3 ing r'vi::ht 1 T1
1 y- ..1.,i c" irniio.i 1 I
i (e St'11 4 .4:,ply 1 h143 3
in aL er t it unit i i I roi 4 4
iwmnw su'ri m u h nil
1niny phod. 3-ati- nint b1 ' ' 3ned.
I hi 4his suibjoet, at wrier4 inl b.- e -
Sixty days will develop aa ofl
:M i l in 'oorgia that wi!l pnr n
the, A ltute heart. Alrmlie i ho
ltily vry ier1(1 , oil tIlk! :A
-iti 4 u 6.1ihways of Htmoe
"w.' can' -ll oire10!1! th n.1 v o-., -
CIr."1 .\ j I who is it ih:A . 1 , 4
l! K v d : nvl hlim, iliati i v :
y a r. ; .- o t d o 4 ) t .
hous aan lolfbd corn I
-' 3 :nt , 1444ii : li 3-1 4g 344
ar3. ( it .ll : p3low -.-t r 1i -
a dol:r to bu-ly it I 4N i h.41
qu, h I - r-I'! I I A , . h re .,I I
froin it hea s e is, e.,
S-'une n i ll-till the t n i
roeoutat it'nl for proiptu n -
b 4ilh3 . wil al tK in i , to -um,
in.'r hAvo al''4 .!tI
1I e1 4I.ib ity , , Nvo..t w 3
!. 11:44 .1 ! , 1 !. 't~ m.i! '
cll- there; ,t~ aal i -e w
w h ) w ill ail to :. it li ..!
3ii44)l3334i44'nt of1 the4 i at - of a
h tter ina;4.ined than d3 .. Awe
iniy ank,"whyVI- no't mak~e or1-1
f'r :ill )to 4b1.1i coin "m ;
le;ad tenmk this crop~ nbb i(d
luunani1 . mere1 v. and3- ( ey4 e.-U:i : :
-.3 ' '4' i41 e::irt:3l14e, su ur~t.. -1
thi: bu31t tire isi 3
1n.k:7 Wnaord it. Thkedw
;inw, iel v. itlhoni the
. 4 h n li 43!m a 'reat, 3
lie . 4I, the de 'tinyI i o
01: !W 1, : ,flld 1:i~i ~ ty !..
son a!" .441 4l34ii4' .-4 L4c4 'l
.\( I .t i. bri;Ig S tothII 1444' . be
ur4',,in t i rt icle. A d I I'% it i ft
us all t1 do the bes :uI min Wo ev
1') co r s n ;11.4 tthe -m
n *r 1, ) (:: 3 C fom 11 1 ry. -' I I
4ilsi5 t tipl-iii thli" 1)41n4 31 h1 1
c ' -i ho y i 4,1 . - I . i 1
th ng we', '3 ei hintlii hma '.s, dm
I v'r4, :u1d m4canie'. Iu1. I ri. o r fal
And whaIt i.S their' dty M '. 'N
ii nit too lat. Mant cown 1 A Ln
d om1 mw, l)fre it is v h i i n v Iin" I Y I4
hat-, I11 ill falted3 id n of ( t' .; ' ir(I
vot tonl" and ",,mec-thirdI- c"rn.- I %,..
ver [ It: old ;:l y i id, d 1.1lant
COrn. Yes, plaint iich e.-i' :111 I;ttl
o 1et1, 1or (n y ar at lo -t. TI 2..
thirds cotimia !>. nbandon iW One vear
mo1'(if suchl1 pilicy wvill put1 4 yon,'and
the wholu counitry whetre (fie wem.
e1:'t 43hel p 'oi. It will pt you Wilcre
i.sctin will not troulo yo . It,
will . oI and,(- your prud old, tat.1 e i .
ror4 f'or youi. Ii; will pu1t youi)' in the
4n4it it of a~ famino444 as 141 int .'rabl a I s
lleilisml itself1. W ill yo planti~
corn'4 on441 li ve, (or. will youl pha 1 Uo1 ton4
and44 per4ish ?
TI' ic i Toam NA -rnr.~ ' Mi s
torna43do 04n T.IU la y evein g was3 m3ost1
sever'ely felt ini tho 31 ississippi Soiund.
A numbe of' pileasure bots t were4' up..
3<et4 and thIeir3 o4cen pant s were all 41 uMb
je3cte4d to great3 isks. The34. propeller 1'3
Sarah1i was caught in theO t orna4do. Mr4.
Oallahai~n , cler'k of the 14o3:t, wa:s st:34431
neu3it., 114 wal, when4 last~ heard t1of,
4lhoger 3. The terriiblo ut that.- (1:3wept
3steamer04 carr'ie4d Mr'. O41l!:ihan wih
board,4 anid the 334:1 human bei. : 4on the
upper04 deck went.311 with it, t1c duii:n3y,
so3 natural4' inl such an4 even't, that3 pre
vailled aimong the oth1er' p.sen gers,~
was con1toled and( suppreI'Ci4md by)7 the
uh4clnes the jud.gment44 and4 thie .!kill
ofthe 1of~tor 'V1of th boat. Among34 444
th(e u(st, were.3 George44 d3ne4 pilot33 :
:Gallahian, cler'k ;! 3rs. ( i4neral O.' Feri
4-0l; Mis$3 V'irghinia Tlibbets-L, and3( an.4
old4 la3dy who4 .. ('4:u oiver' w1h lher on
:3t the 30 cohge. There wasi~ al1So a
123renehman114 lot. '1he $14eward14 went.
overboar id and4( wa; 1pick1d up4 a 4[ fte r
ward4 byI [) a boat from the4 wrecck of thle
Sarah'i~, aifter '0f444 re ang $everal hour ini
the0 waterI floating on4 par1t oif hao,
wreck of (ho cabini. '[Th booka. m1494
palpers' of1 the boat woroe lost. hn ad3
d1itioni to the4 lodses of' life ab1ove3 given,
we knlow of thie loss' of ai yichit con
curre3'd about, throo mile1s fromi .P.asea-'t
Thad33(. .Stevens' talks of' "'&1I1 confiscal..
(ion''--we sunn~JOne ho wol'd sa3'1' 'W1nnIl
Tha iatld of 8I;!oh Wij it mtV Do
hf-h,'' Iot 0 or r fpo i t' of i
C iII ' ii I I fII fl Il)ilInctf ill
t'li 1'11nt i o n. A fe , has met in
. -h i~l 2 II t ! t-bIO l t. ,r a l ' , rel ,
"Nbhm, a- durins thm war, :a
p in' n t Il olfile :itol th 'o derat.
lit- f tM. in '' Crof li V ;l ra etlm.
~ ft t~~t 'll I l ' 'hIialt Joi.
ebi in b.Iri n q. ginl., .,:I :t I
I MP lA hrl .\. S. Jthn. wa
ow t" I'ath Na hville, and was
ab utto on e trae 1'.r tho hattle of
I In Lolohel I to
Illunt-VilleW wa t the m v wn
Whell, :n.d to let him knlow inl timle ,so
that Iei. could vtrikeo Graint, bore61
MMel joined him. A fow day before
the I! ll of l hilh , o 'an tIl -
'Ilraph d t() Joh in lI t t oihttli ii. thalt
1n 1)i ;1 l t! duck ive 40 itll h ,..
tiekaw,1 anl d i l sui reI t hi s-t ..
I lt e ty i 1 11 mareb, am1141 thmt h1
%V W d reaJh P'itIchAry I.:nnling at
1,111 1: , !1! v it' i ii J ll :t
It l I n h . I
1! 1 11 1 1. Wt 'dti :ilr .l a t,
IWA bevn receiv!l :mmi ml ym", .v ..
ti in will b ni211 d wiy . f 'e ;Uin
;I h i 'i s N iw llli;I I t I:( iiv:. t wilt Ito
IC t I y bel Ie i r d :i Ia c Ihh- .t pr ..
I 'I . T.
a111lftl!V I. ari---tptn'mar f b te lu 'or~sith
i'St r blu ai : nny, All t r t el fr l ..j 'r .,
!--. (1 :h a .l t i') . rI-,(:!m t s
't1 l had t be vil eih-liico nc tio
1in( 'i ol te nt liro :rl tiy Im.! LI) 110,
thata c~ Ill!! 2103 011AS VFICg (Ion rlg tb (2
libanged ::. Thli P, -latd m-awra :30~
t ru a tht thl r enul , tere noltra.tLy
CO Il (13a M ilo W441 li 1e,)8111 l I
iy to the led tlh m 1 il un.!ay o r' --
In: h i. .hli I11 a lih e a l y . 111
rf wl onr ellr CIVIL lit i ipotu la t. :
nob 1n aofht he u:c1. i CI-of o rhiey .I h .
:Lo y Ilor lot I a) cnvlsilled
tW he (ne i I In o \i e i c rec
To --I to I n it , h it% to lat
f'on'CC i~o :old -eI~r en rte top,1
.n dcla, for .. in'- ti;m Iiiit A :1
boly of( Vt.t.-tO ' l r o rs to a5) Itll ) , Ui -
S , . , I lic il
lo.r V -0 11 c ri wt i t ord r
rk 1;I V N, Ifro,-In 111t th -oI
tIio I I i I n.;* is It I .Y Il oF I II I (- II ! Io
It O verb n d t II tileIti bi I l . I:-I., I S
Inhurev ter tneM W taen :=iq.-h
ard ni h-, iIg r tilhe by porcio
wi41 itol nenueg-de -n it y
tAct aroop n 1 :m il dhoem let n
A t i rT 0c t I ! I , : t . Nrew
sit)m,( al f wen on inp - t- i , hie l
lif Ii (i i At f 'tt ~ lf
n i . ( v f
Forbe-, I hain.n ,m l \ ' o
n ti - it , ti f , to l .'fat 1p1)
b:d, !. \\' en th.v -.1re the! b:
" I - :p f..- w%- I I .. I
,!he Lice wi1 a rv h .. E r .
.1h1n 1:' 1y to toiom for tho purpo:
it.f -i, of ipm the bi (Cio , wit
John l'.:IL e a d rrmar m 11
hut, hlim tr th hervt , fh
it, ne-ver 41poke. Ash Ciavtmn, wlI
was Id ;:.. a tf 11he t i e . Il i-I (Ir drew
kmle and suahiwl STl Coirer in Il
4Wr. A fi (rmyf til rn1F; 1 . i ln n
'h;t v Iyf thr- h . .f e aila
an 1'1m h:1. teAC -! .nl onl f ., foarella ki
h 6:1 nol e n1rtin . 1,,)t11t
*hu i it , -., -u I ,- t.,f
tn;t-:.n! atf tI e b iia aN t i uhe it.
-I;:. o I, 1-in b, : 'e i lt,
a rang. , rnal. l q na lm Timlo(
, u wnff t if h I i o ii fili
ifI' ci -h t hl:! pu tinl:olle I~m hin
I "tht Porh the n I hett n tIv lw th . ob
wiwn Th tn I Ati -n it-I
! t :t iou oig lh t!i .r ;
!, t:,- itI ti ii~ Ii) hof . mtjip ~ I idct
hi4 e h a , l r n Lit . d to thw -ig
t in mvl C.w tu ip. \ itgitheu (.ho
\i.-t w ia .1 over. Hii.b W oodru11-Iii weI
1n1ty thel i', wLe : t ntwe it:m sthir, oti:
typetafo n o tettl.~ phi inam iita
V:,'" in, !' )nIII a r- r-o! -r, wlw
I.:ig .a. wfii wt tth . ;t w, h al
r:i0 dyintt, rvet,!tit Ia i I; Ltf, lit
i! hli ; hSynil tbb d.i qmlllt
"beun a dang r msf wm nd.'I, (tt t
tuo h, Ym ltewvl IIr- mirtall
wound l, th Lil a ll rom loor.
!-: tt13 --( (y ottf'l atadM ' 2 iti' t'
i wt : e. - e in:- ofl h v. I ft-I
i t s...an :tt t.\ trimi in d atry wa
o n1 Wtht la, a t th A stI
i. t.gNew rim. t'etor Copor pal
fa-tt. Rere i t tduies fr>m tlta - a
itt c; wtl ha iuailj it oi inir uttahle
ft OWne liavihqe, Aeont, oh
fe tim, tNew I ot, New hor imt
di.v \.: h)t bHoe ;,i)r ho t,? IVtmn
L -o r .I si~i , ' 1, 1, i p
and J) o th,.r t'8 .'a ean nd hir n m
[C'shin na Nepesi i tte lot c\ t
I(., ini att(:e [ were adojited nuaniom
t nt . Pier pl , tf \ ir It i. onl pit
n'ng n e,.m:id : .\I r. l'I d
a on-n :etg I n (heive y upm
I o li :%--l :,: y,-.-f tbe lo u r t o at ien
it. 1rpe n vry atto comidpt
i. .um11fact irig hAin lnt to tp ro . l-C
A invriea iliciqtry ;1n \'iA n10
planl w.) Akll nd .!am glad to informl vol
hw.u f ht u ' miinI y hit ,- i t 1. on iII te tim -" rS
' t w tl e uml h.- many who fto rrinov
4111i 'e nler theo hannerv.: of free trad-,
We hlave manyM initenrts ill Vil;inii.
ild tl(- v naut'hob protecte( 4, anrd all ad.
inany arn beginnting t o look arouind ihim
Ii see if they can (hid t mari ik (- . near<
homeiv for. their wheat, and thn-ir. con-1
rand theym find' that they Canl do it oil
It\y erecting) tho r-olhog.." mill and ll'h
hni 'Owrr. i.) Diov iy.--..4 crre~s
)mt P11 le1 t of th11 0 1onldon Builder re.
"Sume vrsnr ago I read in a French
eac uic per:odical that chlorido of limo
won ll rid a lOis of vernmn. I treas
uredi ny life hl formation until ni oppor
tuntoity oili-red fi) tosting its val-ue. I
took an old country house, infested with
iice ndL flies. [ -ituffed every rat,
boo imd moI'ni hel with the chloride,
I threwA~ it oil the "tLonlo floor of the dairy
and cllarsi. 1 kept nursers of it under
chest of dra wers, or some other piece of
f11unitire ; inl every irsery, bud or
rSsin 10011 . Anl ornamental glass
bhl a qaiintity at the foot of each stair.
U a. Cow sheds, stable and pigstyes,
all iad their dose, and the result was
;orioIIu. I thoroughly routed my
nmine s, aiuI if 'he '.4, moro impiu
dnit than ni the rest, did make renow
d aacks ipon the dairy, in about ten
melnti.." whenl, probably, fro-m repeated
11cm fluwiing-, fill traces of fresh
C loride aain iotued them and left mio
tr t t mV OVn pIreiises. Last sea
1,40 was a gIret Ole for wasp. Tl'hIcy
c mld not ftce tle chlorido; though in
thme diing-room, in which we had nono,
( . it-mel, , to mC most wholesome ald
r erieshin g, is not approved of' by all
rl.) we' hlm a perpetual warfrare.
A 1dl ii I liii Comfort for eight pence I
' u (ly let housewi ves beware that they
e not the clorido inl their chinaL
i Iies, or too closo prm(ox imitv to
bni;:lt stool w:rii's, or the result will bo
that their guiled china will be reduced
to plain, and thoir steal Ifiders to rusty
iron, ii a short tim.
".We ad viso a Itria of the chlorido of
11111 for 1,to 'VeIllmin' that iniflest the
'a~ M in ; Itho;e pests, h liroso bugs ;
and, also ti squIaII gs, and the c11.
. u b 1)11 u atu , indeeil for mill th
ti il), so wl1 known to farmers."
In ,Wu:ITE: PAusuNO IN Gi.:e-i..-Trho
y \\est Georga 6a:4Uh4e, at Talbotton,
scouts as raiulellou1s 1onisilse, the twad.
dio ahoit the wvhite man being unable
to sLai thu cont inions labor iecossar v
to miako cotton ; or il ftact, it his physi.
cal org'anization permitting him to labor
with saity in the sil of this climato, an
if he had not been "standing" it for more
than ia cenitury past.
Tho (e'ri//a111i gives the following
hatra'i'1n . the contrarv :
- Th1.3, TO mOf crin and cotton we
w last year--and conceded by all who
w it t~o be tho best in Middle Goor
- -a SMade onl the plantation of
ewis Ucacham, of Lattrens county,
a by is fNur sons, assisted threo
luirnthis of the timo by a negro man.
AIr. Benehamli is oversixty yeare of age,
aid oiy diid the managing-took short
cats, as ho said, hat, ti boys couldn't
Pe. T.1hec producit of 11.4 fiin, halfi of
it upland, was Icn bules !f co1on, figeon
hun li~cc hu.'/ids VJf corn, and( sj.rtcon stucks
/ J7/ru, besides a largo crop of cano
and potatoe.
Nov.' hcro was continuous labor by
foum whit". youths, anid the result, (ito
si sfactory. Mr. Beacham is a very
-uc.isfia I farmer, iderstands manuring,
am hal If' hii crop was hanmockland,
thoug, i it is proper to say his uplaind
Corn wias the best, owiig to the heavy
syniaIt r'aiis which damaged bil) "Stand"
i tlie bottomsi. jitit tie secred of hi
inmali1i such -plendid Crops is, good
m aniem 'Ci enl t aii the "continuous labor"
of his worthy sons.
C (onN.---According to chemical analy'.
se w hich vary considerably, corn con'
tains~ mi 100t pouiids, fromt I10.} to 12
poiuida of niitr'ogen, called also gIluten,
ailbonien, antd casein ; it i8 the msclo
Sforiminw' proiperty, wcihich supports mcin
and annnmalt undlier hard labor. Leani
meat and cheease, aro comp~osed mostly
~of thisi proporty.
.Corn varies very much. Snapping
.corn conltaims a very~ large portion of it
.or fit, andl 'Tuscarorat arnd Calico corn,
anid som11( other varietica are composed
aliiiosit wholly of starch. Most kinds of
coinCl cotin a huige amoumt of oil, and
are botter for fattening animalsthan for
.sunitaining them under hatrd labor.
Wheat and, oats contain more nitrogen,
t or miiisle-formiig propertics than corn,
When at hard laubor a mnain must eat
rtioro iidndan broad than wheat bread,
.;tio susit~in him, or roplenish tho mus
' ch-eais theoy are wvorn away by exer
. Weo have no account of tho per cen
.tageC of nitrogeit in cobs, but it it evident
thfat they contain nutriment, from ani
ol lady's keeping heor cow in good con
dition principally on boiled cobs, to say
niofting of thc productioni of alcohol forni
IAlthough corn (100s not contaim nig
tImueh nitrogen as wheat, yetfor persons'
not laboring very hard itcontainis onongh.
Wheat or fine flour is too nutritious, or
containg too much ghiten for persona of
Ssedlent ary habitt,hcc arises dvsmponsia,
I constipation, and a host of evil5 follow in
.their train, among. wh'ich is larsiness, a
;mortal enemiy to health and comifort.
oson (ulhatort.
- A CAlJriON.--e lear-n that sovd
a al lettors, containing money and
> money d'rafts, have been rifled of their
itents. lately bct woon bore aind
U harloaton. Our citizens would do
-. .wifl to enclose in letters throug~h the
-n mil only dirafts payablo to some onie'5
, ordeor ini the oity,.,and have 'thiA dr
c rangement~ well understood at the oth..
ht oiind of thie line before forwarding.
( Orangebuirg Tinco..

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