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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, May 29, 1867, Image 1

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IS-7I NO. 4U
Posportes, VWilliams & Co., Proprietors. A Family Raper, Dovoted to Scionce, Art, Itncjub'y, 1Industry and Literature l~~...s.( prAnm nAvne
VOLf.1.1 WINTNBmos~ Il INA M1N1INC~ A 9 87 N
1.1 itlk' .I11 tI'1J) WEEKLjiY BtY
DE .SP01TE8s, W1LLI AMS & 'V.
Tem.--Tu is I~tm.:ni is piublisiel Week
ly in ftie Town of Winnsboro, at 63.00 in
nrrrably in advance.
.y- All tria ieut, advertiseiiients to ic
paidi inl larice.
Mlitatry Notices and Tributcs $1.00 per
Selected Poetry.
The following very original pocin we
fin nili ln exetige. A iuiber v!' tie
ites inn1y aippear iiilin r to tie reater,
but we have every rex:4on to believe that
tihe princt ton is enatirely original :
By the 1.Ike where drooped (he willow,
How, v ussels, row ;
I wat to lbe an angel,
And jumip Jim C-ow.
Ana old crow ,it on a hickory limb,
None know hiin I.nt, to priie
Lot tio kiss liin ll his notiher,
For he stiells of Switzer kase.
The niinstrel to (lie war has gone,
witht bui.ii oin his lkte :
lie awoke lo biir tle smunries shriek,
Thei c's a liglit in t ae window for tliec.
A frog lie woild a wooing go,
His i1air was criiled to kill
110 tseil t o wea fil a oli grey con'
Antd lite sword of tiniker hill.
Ot in (lie stilly taglit,
'iake way lor .ilwi('y hI' cred;
I won't go lotile ti meriting,
With iMtg!ie by iy siilu.
I ail ying. 19?pt, dying,
, isailuoal 1,11a'tl e ry;
Ktiow how 4:tblime a (tiig it is
To bruhlI away a blue tail fly.
Tle boy stood ont Ilie burning leck,
N% ith brIigg'gc checkvlit f'or Troy
Ott.'oi lo Few innor1'i.l 1ates,
lis 1nune was l'at Malloly.
Mary lad a little lamb,
it e t'.l :1 Iale tnulit d
Ile hat io tooth o( eat hue-eake,
Antid his spcctacles were gold.
Lay on, lay ont, Alae liiff,
lii witds but little hero l-elow
Antl 'i to le i1tein( of file May,
So kiss tine qtuick anel go.
Senator Wilson has found a ion inl
his path. At Montigomery, Ala., lie
challengel any Southern ma to reply
to him. The gage of hattle was accept
cl by Genmeral Jamce IL. Claytotn, who,
tough talkeni by siurprise, delivered a
ten Vml('elOvin speech'i. 10 um
exclision of othir matter, we reproduce
tihe stbstance0 of iis remrks, for which
we aro indebted to the Montgomerv
Mka il :
Friendsi and i'ellow Citizens
1 returned fiom the country a fCw
miittes Since, and was informed that
som1e colored men had called at. my
ofice, to invite me to attend this meet
ing. I appreciate this act of kitndness,
confidc'e and friendship on their part.
My colored friends, we aro Soithern
niW. bornl upion the samle sol, live in
thoIusame counitry. and will sleep in the
same grave-yaril when life's toils are
over ; and our destiny is the same. If you
proSper, the whiite race of the South
will prosper; and if the white race
prospers, you must pt'osper; and what
over misfortmo is visited upon the South
must be borne alike by both races. It
is alike your duty and interest to ciuliti
v'ate friendly relations witht your neig~h
bors and formetr owners, who are to-day,
and ever hove been, your best ft ionds.
For one, 1 can proudly say that no one
in this assembly can assert that [ over
opressed him whetn ho was asav.
On one occasion I fought for y'on in
theso streets. On another, when a
white mtan had been wvaylayed and
imurdered, and his neighbors had as
sembledl, mnd taken the law int their
htands with the avowved purpose of exe..
cuttog the twvo supposed leaders, w~ho
wvere colored tmen, I interpiosed, with
otheors, and succeeded in having thtem
placed in jail atnd a fair trial given them.
One was cotnvicted rand hung; the other
acquit ted, andc still liver.
'.Uhe Senator from Massachutsetts, who
has just. addressed you, and wvho lives
soveral thousand miles distant., has ex
plained to you the object of his political
iilgrimange Soni~h. He lias challenged
n(ye o proewnt, to meet him in disens
sion to-night., and has offered to divido
time with ainy one who would accept.
I was horn and raised in the South, and
hope to be burtied in her soil. I have
met the bxave mn of theo North on
many fields ; they ontunimbered and
overcame us; and I certaitily have no
fear of their politicians. But for my
family, life wvould have but few chaums
for me. Neither the fear of' the gal.
lows, the gibbet, or' the bayonet, will
over cause mec to desert my people,
forsake this brightt Sotuthiern land which
gave me birth, or deter me from the
expressionl of my honest sentiment tunder
any oircumetances. Some youing South
ern Radicals, who have recently ad
dressed youl, say~ that the Sheorm.un bill,
wvhich they are Qdvocating, would dis.
franchise them, and, hence their efforts
wvere purely nnsellsh, whilst at the time
their appientions to be relieved from
the disabilities of that measure are nond
Jng at Washtington, and they are doubt
less expecting to call oni you for your
votes at the nezuxt elections for this
I will here state my own positioni
braiefly on this poinit.
L belie yo that Bill is unconstitutional
-I believe it is oppressive to a certain
class of Our best m1en11.
As soon as that Bill passed Conagres;
a high Federal oflicial with the kinadest
feclings for ie personally, said to ie:
"You were not an original secessionist.
Co)gres will remove your disabilities
under Ltle Sherman Bill. You must
send onl an applicationi, tad 1. will ap
prove it, anuad hlpy11 ou to get ai, through."
I replied that the lepublican party had
no right tinder the Constittition to dim,
franchise me, and I would never ask for
reliet at their hands, and that is nmy po
sition to night.
The honoralo Senator from Ma3,
chiasets las sail some thmltgs which
ev ince good fceling on his part, and
whicl I approve. I Ih bias also said many
thiungs from which I mutist di-ss-enat, and
tm1ade manv assertions which tho politi
(11 history, and( particularly that of oatr
recent unfortunute wvar, proves to be
aunatruec. ]He coummences with the h is
I.ory of slavery in the South ince he
came i upon the slage of action, and en
lavors to fix the responiibility of the
Oxisteice of that. iistit'tu-tonl nIpon t le
Souithurna people, with all of its horors
as depietd by his vivid iinationai iam
I will carry the gentleman back to tiae
starting pointi of tle iiiat iion oil ti is
continent, and before I take 111v seat.
I will prove to you that the Nortl is
responsible for the existence of slavery
with wlatever evils attached to it ; aid
I am fniak to say thait there weore fen
utres in slavery which were wrong.
Many years ago, nmy fricuds, before
tle United States had an ea-xistenace as a
nation, your forefathiers inhabited the
homes of your race-A frica. The North.
ern people, who were then as now a
commercial people, owning manty ships,
went to the coast of Africa (and bought
som and stole or kidiapped yoir
graifathers amd mothers, placed thom
i tho holds of their vessels inl great
munbers, and in chains took s:me few
to their Northern hom es, and sent mo.st
of I hem to be sold to the Sout hern peo.
ple for slaves. In this work thea-y hadl
valuabhle co-laborers in the 10aglish and
Spanish. By. this traflic inl Iman Ilesl
they imlale large sums of Ionev.
The Soutlaern people, as a general
rule. were opposedl Lo the slave trale.
and when the Colonies threw off tha
yoke of Great Iritain, te- Southera
Colonies anongst t hem, aId one of tle
principal reasonis whiclI thcy paublished
to the world in justification of their
cause, was 1lastt, e mother country had
imosed iaverv and the slave trade upon
them atiom s their wishie.
When our indepentidlene -*as le
kinowledge'-d and we formited a Union of
the Cloanies, the South was still oppesed
to lie slave trade, :an1d it would have
been declared piracy, and halfof yotur
race inl tihe United StItes, would not
have been here now, but in Africa;
-ba. t-le Northern 11men engaged inl the
trade found it to be so profitable, and
so enirely free from anv conscieneioas
scriples were they, itat they insisted
that their piouis ope-ations should con
tne twenty years longer. and the
South yicled. These slave traders in
vested their money in lands, houses and
othier propemty North, which madel many
of their grand ehildren or great grand
children rich, and some of whom are
now leading Republicants.
The slave holders of the Northern
States did the same thing itn most. inlstan.
ces by sending their slaves to Virginia
ad other Southern States and selling
them when their slave labor becameI
less profitable mn a cold climate than
white labor, and have since amused them
selves by ab)using t-ho Soutlherna people
as slave drivers--and thec Senator, 1-la
descendanat of these men, is here to
niighit reminiding you of the wrong you
have received at 1-la hands of your for
iner masters, and advising you to avoid
political allhances wvith' your fiinds sand
nieighibor's, and to seek an allisanco with
people in distant States, the Republicas
of thle Northa. I repeat., that 1-le con.
scientious scruples of t-ho Noth was
not seen cr-oppintg out until they had
yeau- race in your pockets, where they
have taken gosod care to keep you ever
Trhecre are manay good people at the
North whlo are your frioends, and who
have niever engaged iti the slave trade,
owvned slaves or approved of slavery.
The same cani be said of the South, atid
if let alene by 1-la North 1-lit chass
wvould have been much larger- in t-ho
Souath. More slaves have beena freed
by thle act of their owners im the South~
thant at the North. George WVashaing
ton owined about one thousand, which
lie freed at his death. Mr Randolph
did thte sanie. Gener-al Oglothorpe op
posed slavetry in Georgia. There is a
man on the stage who knows that I
had an angtry controversy manty years
ago in this city for endorsing Ihenry
Clay's emiancipation scemne for Kent.
ttueky. Hie was my p)olitical leader-, I
never kntew him to do wrong, but I
fear we will nover look uapont his like
TIht genitleman fa-om Massachusetts
says you oughat to identify yourself with
1-la Radical party of the North, because
theyo have waded tharongh a bloody war
of foury years to set you free, to give
you thea right to sir, aipont juaries, to ride
ont railraads, testify as witnesses in
couarts, anud much else. I (deny every
assertion he has nmade on these p)oints,
and challenge him to the proof. Hie
who says 1-hat this war was commitenced
by t-ho North to set you free atnd confer
on vou. t~he rights which you bow enjoy.
alsif's the hlistry o lt'he couitry ; lot
lit) utiolial ly, I hopo. The ("ovornu'lnlt
of tihe UIniteil State., t'tring, to ivar.
again and agin declared msiit, s-n'utih
tihat thlis wai was lot, coning-in-el u
being waged folr coniues', or witli I
view of iwihrferin wt our ptroe1r1 ty
ml slaves at the Nuts .\Ir. 1,incoln
irged is to retu n to the F: lng , I.41Q.
lag (ie t(rovrli'tmellt, t ) reecivo 11:5 Iin>A
cordially anl *'ive siverv it.s plitec
.ion in tho 'States. \\' \ver thraI
.Cl with einlancipa o l if)1 weit li 1,-t ',ol''n
back. Inl on hani te htor.o I
all'ered wt, I nion and1- S 1:1v vry, .lo
ill the. other wvas "rebe1jllio~n an.) ml
ptI 11)1n. " I laying! gollo to Wvar onl Pi ll
eiple, the South chlose thel, Litter. N.
ti1ai1 killows this better I lhan Litt lionor.
able Senator. Nor will he or oineral
swayne, who i; ,in the surl, dolly tiho
assertion that, I atnt now going L..) t Iakv,
hiat we Cotut Iave .te back I t the
Tnion and lh as s.tvot ton-hiv
Youl a r im t -b- to IhIe N. ,r
Sotith for yor Ire edomi, buit, (;.
IntstltLtl f4 a ising ta ymn utiton L
iniember 01:1t this r i whieb vo
are tlinglit. to dtspise, ly yomr em
all I our., wh;(oInly vo-o am.,-ott
for t'tr v-t' , wai an i:1 r m '
the ha a f, tl' ( . i-lr our <j.li i't I
so far as miltll ev can divino tin. p..
j'owst of 1: ; eqt, r,
The wouthera peol e )lo not1 enivy y C I
Your fr-evd 11m, They w nb'.tre'-eh vo11
ii) bonlete if they ol d. Tily hel v'ir
iell being a! he;rIt . I iii. no't fre ' g n
Git livery. Ii e tha l dt he '' thern
limy Ieveii ow .l aIt :.Iavt. li luv. Cic.
isurni, a intl t y oted signe v peti itlionl
long hefore lhe wvar. ebC or your Vice.
Atlm and I ut y oi, u m an Ip - l Iv
vitliiteer utu a''uais ii yo ecwile wh u.; t r
iltl he out inI:iein Ion !a i''j .
Prosiden-It ivsrc m e -' t his (.'urse,
1ld. ', ill the Itll re, in i i - e-1i i 4.1
hlis policy iln prea ve or a ve i... i.
Issenibl1.y, ainI stvate Ihnit I wedt I in"'
polia' t niI I n a ml it ,ii t. i m. t ,I
itile Struggle , for11. what bun Il yoli .ie r.. m
atve, the gr u it e'ig-itever I' t' iii -t
i'lid'11 Io linr il jul 'it-'t .
Thegenh-tki says tha!t th1. Mrexi nil
ar is bar one o111n adgl-ilt Iy ri.
alhou t r ell purpo e oi r ill .s t 'o. lii
tra frodo.No mlanl'l'1 tnog 1,111;.
bettel- 11han1 ,1h- how1.r-ed I--re l l 1.1ati V 0
\bj et t 3 i' 3 h1 11i' C tateC i iit tt-iti
\'lr'. ' ilio ll -.1t nit .\lr. Cliar, the o u
it eri ie~vent thet ilgtilI o pti, lop;i.s f.
hie far. .re il h il ii wasoa il. ilo ; t he
At,t , rest oppoenteu' rAl l in--p your i.,
IS Ie di U It MaronL rm-) uStti ie
Iemio t, i II co'ea'y recetly, ath :ghyou
'ac of the connIiry.' l'us til of1 1ha t l--e
ling ag lbfo slavery it adls very eviden,
ts the resuilt proved, liha't nily torritory
keljoinling sill whicit l'rou ii Ne a abett Iwolikil
tli1. Clelifolins,' ri i'1 nI Ncars anl 1)lesW
ifbough only a Ile I t.- Ablot.g
bron. h tho w har, wila11 , ntoa -ncd illi.
mnd 1r-le mnen frIn "O ny :-eetio whV o oni!v
'egarded thi National honor o' Alu commoh
.on. Ag:tin as to bhow tu recum
'irye. The North aided to Fre you wih.
myoet adls h.ilitary Pboclan. i S luir
is they believed it wolitid injure uts andl
-ave you up a hlostie, ieis in ol. midki'
IOl seemingly makinl your weiltroe acuis,
lary conrsberali.. To reei. i4 iaw in
hors valid andetonAiliinoni, i wt. ece.i
ry fhavt e shou ld ac.tWe cWal 'toeih
:r our Conventions omt without theiatiot
nae you constituionally free forever. W e
ilsio gave you the, right to) lestify inl ca,;s
vhere you werei intveeled, an'! 1 ne11e,~
1t this pree ntouse y ur right io testify ila
III cased.
You now enjoy many priviloges hoe nt
ihjoyed by your race its the Northern
;tates. Asl t getllemn has coigratil
'd you tl your improv'ed condition here,
iand cated still gret er expelat ions fore
*our fuil ture political amt sleial relat ions the
forth Nhat cnerrd les. upon'you eray
veai hi o htaitt aiibt ant
Fe it, jun~~ti eyitrecentl, aidlihough o~r t
'ace t they Nh farct e, a nd 'glt. hav' 'ithe
eopovang s Saes ofrt thefrechosye ofe
will laws ners rpid inreasedli at.
haes i~nt h ihands (o cr mates reet
toed to limyt wihm t te Noth
heir baeidtiminshd ylour erc aebe
Yfaemet Te have been frequiiei yt i ently.
naofo pcltaimigy h f rights onfirl whi
teople Antd yohat hs beenth'resulndthoe
(vereft on teir pnndSaryo obt a i redres
sanosabhtheir ri hy> byu holact They
.ie ieverylicnstanbeli, (nles itye ter
'cenfty) i ign'ly fale. Tholoe C ortslof
nai contry weret againsttem. yo isaw~ in
rinfortn tneypaelie auIseiei to be hr
,iue ut for ti no wherea thn i ctad
id, other abothcuat. el.Mai of18orth is
>ave peen yeaed byrederc laougs, a
oighallducae atd poliiedt ay houn
backshml with grehou at prtotiprt overy
yahi, treed as a Whesh a St.l you is
mdli wlasy hereof an ' vryaweo o i o
'eud d issoninoh fotihgir'st clse htls
tr ife Nrnh imadpWest.s yetl Ibeve
liaern tate rihad iimnee ainlst.
hem ay otturor, wthitsos, adiferetoof oeia
iohe ly.,bx hynoweea h
yin oevws denied poli til oequaliy act
Dio art tofdn them soettlmont within
.vout i troug~h th lh ire'au, tl fori bihI te
ie 'whir, :atongi st thie t her n: -1, ei mt
it I( ki
y I' no iel fit the Ituhi u I r v, it t is'
.it i.en e titiiagh- a tlhat the ! 0an- pi'ily (is.
i i I 1i1tpou in III tv o If vi s
nCOWtton, ani in this IwY Iw iiig L - ti[he
sweVat of yo-ur brewi ovoe hondl. dlbr.to
very itle Iective.1 Ly You ti'lughi' ltesnlis
Vith the -e f,-10et slaring:: VM: in lihe fal-,
wic t h ti e h iirib Ieno r Ill I I t
ivd I (. 1 i o vituh c jli et o ; v i-it .,I hI ?
h Ii -. I l il ' C ioy ch los: 1Ii3 plimy i,. in powv
41r, :m1.1 !:: _ I here aidin tolt'i N. i' Ie p heil %.
I h - lii t oi 1 1111 a liltit n0 ili:1cet with
:. i n !::it ew e . h i i l 'I t..4 ti
I i t o b I I t t I h 'Y wamit
,:an11:0 want. o rn-tiainl pw e.r. I (
lil ii t 'li in and pirofiIIII itble to th1m. It
1t 111 l1 .4': : I i li . tn.
e)III poo,' i I n--a 'n. v ..i i h na ;11.
ait l itl le im, at h me for fr ti t t. l. t
Ito t i to tile ju I t t i i. mIIIO : n11nt, hat
I I I a t r port iln c l' I r; ble
Senla I rIl's I I N' L I It 1p ueI , too I I hi h A: I tilI
brielly n11ihid. Ile says L hatve tuentibmed
idetno IhilgS lf never befoc haal, Ia ti
11' 1 ah s no-ne o ad43n vantage ofII , III(- I ,,-h has
i t'1I it' many thingt ilti t het slido thit I
11" n t. heoar- of bet'ore. 1b-1 1.wonei of
wi t the INor-thorn I nir-iny oo iel, butl Ii i not
10''w I eII wti with thein. . I, i tily vely
ItIve:ilesiy tidat he inviaour th .t. eI t
1-'-1 ot s line .,' 1te bl ratd i.ti - yo Will',
f 1'1 heo I1 1. r e1t redl I Ile cilit di, .rd
tuut xitits i'y, r:in up i to th iit . The
. urtt ih'q,. h ving n m it' Iolt i ( t ti'- hle to
Ihw piar hork111 Very ficely, Liilng tliet hearl.
ti no b' a n.t inl tle olit tr. in1" ou a111l i111(,
.i ii oatfe op 'ohh: Cie l iln
hoi :on, Nancy !" W!,a apr el
A i he i e in! ut a I q u i , 1- , e s e-d
'cilai his wo'rie~ rens wai'i t te id
fhei, wi' and, with t- nor 20, a ppo
(oWxchivl, "Nneyain't we hnive'?"
Wiiht goldh nis tod iiii ffr $1 25,s ao pae do
Wlmt, wo dd :
Whn oldh isqte at 81e, av, pap-r
l ItII .Inc! i'lli 10 $y bo hl I haer
. 4'lne tI(he:e t I c'onH l.r 11o, and -m
!1d ollar 1 iA iot' hI I' haveit.q1
Wiai i o rind ,\te |at.. $1*5 ae
Idolnl ar eop . 1 at s- nlr in
. lie hoofen I t Oo! tlie it io .ud ling
' ln vi il n. Itt, i the I i:ut !, I d i
pi iial fe'y fwho know lthat ing01 d i 'i
( inol nI iie whenIi I-t ont w e.e I i I
'tl i t-e et'fii,'thati s.hed~m T u le ki
f4il ),;Iar rill vigan,%.- olog le'e,
41'Cuity~ei gi e , .c:i wit. em lyed s ai
fr ta Iill Ii ei aimy %%.) ot iyto 1,1m. t tt
Il'al. nd hi : Utaiin whl'lt (I'l'e~ :xe e Is
tryIl . 'll), l at 1-,citvr l'~lh ilMbeet
f, :w ki I:h Ww r. t o trive the energies of our1
r ilt. :aha, ilii prout oItII l ur i1 l poitiioti.
of Mo:talay, sI'itce t:'t d. I t pr..a
-l IIY wthi n ar, hLo , t r ill an is (,;t u a
Iocall, notd antloh Iw 111d0s cr, o
forn tl piamps ding sio Manni st reet. .h
" 1.ot toldlittt lme0,s gt. My o'ert w'
"itxcl to a so, -hyt a v I! i lt ardn
hat 81dhrn man, 1io lir. don:-'ttd a tiec
of land in toi City 1aol' Foo ea fIto a
youri children, and Up1 h , learn, the
Nirlih RIMt owh, beflore it, wa-tr, v imr I
r ainnw utt the bll- ha muchi~l n ther
41on1 a 11h l h1u i '. beli t yoh will fevar 1
outl in t he nsser-tioin th'o your fonrme ~h
PI'n OwNe(rs4 Irlfledl yo.1 qutit -1, well ats lihe
NiOthern men did. befCow they sulhl youl 1o
u, n a< well as taby %w.ho etkh-d inr
whlt an ilwnedi no co-ore thie war.
Your own observatio~n aind experience
Qrom .\iawchnus ofer any or ther New Er.
1n'1o ' w R i n !etwral rule, m
My fathber hired oua ll v for mnly
year's for tin estate, and11 tol- l me, whast t
imew to be Irue, that those slavesi never dilld
refuls.e to live ith orron nj:wny from11 anly!
I-lt IW6 wo en, 1111" one fth s 11-4 a\ s fromi
Connlecticul, slndt fthe other f'roin !iomei therul
Northern .4tato. When yziu returni Ill voittr
homes, be indusitrious, mober, and! PeciHIMi
cal, Save your1 vl~lys' mui4 1.nly amli 11d0orn
your homnes, howeveri smalll, edhie-we vonir
childre, culivae poec with fill, nudlodI
Another Letter fromn Major T. W. Wood
'A the digto te it inns/tore Nc'.
Ar'e we obhgd- to have a1 con vent ion ?
iThis is the all absorbing qutestion. I have
b t induevd Io add the f'ollowing remarks,
because 1 meet intiiy, very inany, who say
to iie that Mhey sympathize wili Mr. Perry
antl endorseli every principle and position,
but that, they dont see ho- the thing is to
be atvoided, or inl othetir words, though a in.
J,ir , eveni Vole "no1i convelit ion." they fear
futiher dimsnn chisnient, and hal anlother
bill wil braied for Its, aid the nimle
lpresst.'l iipon us until a very smiall portion
ol' tlie "nu wialied leiunoeiriy" will only Ie
reqiired o ifiy. I Caln well see how it ik
I iha A1ur1 people Im:ve doubtsan4:11dilmisgiving
aiu any Mn. everything emmutling fromt
It e Rli'1l N ortih ; our every lay torced in
S1rteIir:;e illi theint has bren but a repeti
lionu of inituries, iniu1s a111 1oppr11essi on,
wit ht luost wanotoini ili'<regardil Ior iheiri eveiry
ptirlise, froii file day of Iee's ri-'ender'
ti lhe pIreent. I propose to (reat th sub
Jeti l'iet-ly uder. two heads. 'i:r;t. What
Si the acital ninniier of, voling, ti. e. the
modl -11 pillting fhe Votes in ithe ho,) and
second. what do we tooso by voting ''n4
convention a My imanpressiono from Itie read
Ingot ofth hill is, that there will le I wo
sqmlralie m=1 distinct voting. First, "m,
t) detrniaine whiti ete or not. there %Il lie a
eoven yit ioi, i4nd. seondly, vine for deales.
in "ise a convent ion is deided upon, I will
state here, hIiwever, that tere is another
vi4.1an or tie iatiter and I hat soie of' Ilie
in1101 pretinnt l ziembllrs Ot' mli' hari1 dil''
with me, antl give the followi;ng Solution.
S: thi:t the Iwo v.tings (tIke place at one
litle, that Iis, where you volt' whel ter or
not you wail a conveti ion, you at thean
title vue oi lie individual whomi von de-iii
toirepresent you--in case it inijonly o-:If.
ve'iyou, 1iid lcaide the first tineiin al
,in. which is ucunvolt ioit'' or ''no con ven.
Fir, dhi I know nherwise, I would say
that Congress hid it last, after so long it
1410 uia'le ieIC ho01e1t overtturo ItOwaris t he
reet-1nstro-t h;"l of, Ihis i-4 -or i- countls-v.
tor whetlit'i y ' tithe 3tiy iinpression a, ti
the tiole of voting, Ura tie olht', no I.
hal., 1:1ire141 correct routnli ll atiule.l I
there ist unmist akaly, IN.questin i .,, 4
optimd a-,oludlarl y auceytance or nlonk-la
veeptance of , the qeatsioll Col Vent i It* .
"110 c'lonvietioin' and beanie it is that. I aisk
the l 1o' t I out, fe are yiiiu wit'llne
winh pour eyes upen to iatify this, fhe anoI
outrageous i yrecortt in hietory, miad
I say it without Ih tear' lit' lta iction.
I Congress hal stidt that you ihl, 16
(heul li ittion would hiive beet I') have'
yie tleled aitnit uiIling Iithough pr17ompi11at 4I.
dieCe to its Maiidate. It has tnot maid ao
however, but adroitly Its it supposes, eli.
doavors to znitke (us (1l0 illtnaiettis it 'oui
owni or to nake iay i-len ma-e
11:6t1--1 loit! at,1 of' 6otl h1 O(lar litt:l, has a1
rigiht. it' she chIoo3iwi to l : a It' that n)o
mau Shall own tore 'lum 40 acres of, idath,
or aty given aniontui. of' anly property whal.
ply(0 Oa.d It (oes tRot eftect ti ht right to hold
ruch la w foi'd h h dn -.
in. Contnect icit also, aaid iLf.tio the " hoei"n
left ts as to whelter o. not we neclc.t
,(ilutit atily a aicaslize, tidi ng to thlis s8tit. -at
things her-Wlile Conni elicut bcing otei'r
edl I hie maile opt. ion, tr1o1 Ihe facI I hat hert
colored Votes trO in a mlin-,rily, deelWs dlif
turtii ly, lence Congrei dares not force ihe
princeiple. It' unliversal slrg rul
here, theret- is yet. tire, sword and pistileite
in store ftr us, imr couSIliig, mor61e im.
hlc4 ttle, Im re ii'I t.6lig I tali % have yet
scel, and tor one I tam determninedtlo raiso
Iy voice, feebie thtugh it bo, to avert ( tie
impellihniig, additional calamnity about to le
tak en upon ourselves, and I would say (1o
ily colorett b ther in a kiaitlly spirit ot'
waiIllng-b ewaIre last yo lie imad wit It iler.
rliellt upoit file eve 0of Your own anniila
I iun---look at tih red maan ',iwho once rtn:uAI
haughtily, lord oft liese self-saine iells, even
of oi i Fairtield. If you persist, ii caury
inl 1oit Your i 4 fl on'iA s ion 1, Ian dot h rs
evenl snore outr1ageouls upon01 your- white
broith, you Iailiutigurati a ft poliOY that, liutit
end in your destruction, fi. very iiaitiitally
will we, the whviio people, look aroundai
11s fot' thu manats of' firustrating yourt wish
in ,nv other' w.ay by) ecourat'igliig and11
znvitm ag yitur labiointg friendlst of' thi Norithi,
whtom yout designtiie "G(iod's peol~O," to
come0i andl t-ettle amiongsnt itad identuify I hem-a
setves v-ithI uas. Yout nity w ish to hknow how
hiis will eVeet y'our case'. I reply, t lhut. I
.at'e neveye Lt seenlI a negro lad IL whiie
inan at work Iiogethert, nither' upon the samatt
s1tait11, on I he same11 buildinig, 01' in thle
ahoplJ 01' factorly of anty kind whatsoever,
and I.t'rtfer to a st ateme:nt maado b~y one1 otf
the colotred troopis stationed at, this platce
to wit. : that, lie hived in Rlochaester, N. Y.
(1 blt'ievc it was, Itiotgh tlhe pilac ist imt
inater'iatl) and that hio cotuld always tell
whien a black man10 hiatt palssed 1( the treets5,
by the anmoutnt of' brtick bats pilted aguans
theo side walk. I r'eer you its a witanee
lor' the aibove sthatement, to tllenry .I'acobs, of
your1 own'i color, whlo, nCeertholess, raiks
v ith any mnan in tii comituhity f'or htoiies
ty andi~ gaood prliniples genally. All this
goes to shtowa that you aro india'ideily not
held in as high esteem by your Northiern
braot her' as heo woutld have you1 to hiolievo, f'or
his own purposes. Thoerof'ore trolhoo, bef'oi e
y'ou watonly throvw away (lie wvisdlom, than
pr'otecthng car'o which 111s haetretotforo maade
you ntumeotu and happy> -rcollect lng th tt
it. is the policy of' ttio Nori.her'n and, foreign
laborer to dr'ivoyout fromt your proenlt cotun
try lad hiomeis, reocollet, it Is equally thae
polIcy and ceritainly the wish of over'y fotr
mera slave owner to keep yout hor'o in tho
full enjoyment, of all lawau necessary to
yoiur happitness. What mnore do yout watt ?
I armghat say whaat, more aroyou jipepared t o
enjoy juist no0w? It, may bo ltue as y'ou
say "'that tie bt)tomi rail is ont top now,'"
It is equally true, however, in outr eivery'
day plantation oxperIence, lhat "topl iits"'
whmen thie stlorm comes, are bhown farthier
and faster than bottom ones-recolleo', whaen
1 moet you two years ago hiurrying ill drloves
to Wilnnsboro for the purp'hose, its you said,
oif helpIng your' own color', by youri votes,
as a bacik reptablican tad white mant whecre
rtniniig for President. Are people nddicted
to the commision of stich follies capable of'
making laws and ruling andu enlightoened
country ? Answer the question in youtr
ownt oonsciences. If they ar'e, why is it
that Atfriea is to-day behind oven Amier'ica
in clvIlization ?
Secondly. What do we lose by voting "ino
onventhin?" It Is said by thme aidvocates
of ai convention that, opositiont to tie con-'
ventloon can only renderx those p)owerless
who make the oppositiona. Lol, uts see if
thIs be so. Whten the time comes fot' then
eloollon thern will lie candiduates, (at lesast
thoero have always heretofore bcoon canidi
wi or course vote A.r Sur "., ,, J
muen, and14 1 d1141 i ..1,1
g r k)es4, ' ,opr -" rj r l Io he m - (
ani af rail of gill suih, [h ii h e 'tolk of
ilho negro, thero n'e there of thcm !!.at I
can nilt will frrust, rtaher 11h1an 1' :- ti to
eilner of the other 1u%. % inti .1, him
however, witi tilhe iwo c.--mte bb- hU .
leennwd Capacity as a elet il.c , 1'1 k ii
I7or Ihe Ipos'ition, i d hee:14ri' fl* ( hem .
dmint iaihlishel in allowi. ihi to iLlI
l lkhat eie nr, we o ait Of the samite ihne
i e are g iod ]By 11t1. o:leial m- -r ll.E
hetfle r1t' williInl : gliff ep thO e I Ippi.
ine tntary ll b inl hi,' .t ise "lack tif
1111- liekt w et vV likonl," 1-1i ,' ) 10
willingne's 14) in ;- to, 1Al ( toz v I h he
Ian e by writin nli , cot t na i... at' i
:111ihtt Oft a i ftit 11:111 f Ifi! Iu; % I tit
den all iis :unko
safel say, not[hill. gan d no :u h
For it' boIt elti'fe a iw lt l It 1! Ihal'
ltme nf iferval w i l lo i l d I
ha m, lhit suppoI S11 a. lwj'-t
et iftvif niIt', ti ", i t m IIn o 1 hi t what
il. I it 'laf li ft the Nil m i fli.
4 '"gre fs f or at r id'. , nli i delf'
IThal 'i VOI S au-1 hi n . i iI
uiii1 j'i it' r, Ih-- lenl. to frme f1n llo f.V
Vile, It it hmI i incan 1bii . it ve i ni l.
ieauw a de0:y. il in ti l tl ti , k- mitv
roelo -ig I er t ; ' j v im- f rt m
Owe N~rth,
Wh*at he41? The m hill of it lf
IL t it bei :f o - I r I o .. -. - v
mil0int y I-ule. ove'r (11'. s ir4
ymats toc inq, :hu e aI p ie
Governor 'i.. I I Ii:r fh
milif' tit a L- me i i. t h u
wo 1.10 inc iii . m-. ur i
oIre , tf i'v-, lm I 'ittl f f --iit
(h t'. liit I 1,. ifi f
no"MY H"'pdn 1 mhown I auO no
onth tife v h at ii c i 1 1 e fille' pou
-ijj q i't t - i :gmy i hii rh e hit..n. i.sno
autglt.Iy a li. d lW me bt I Ii f.affi it' u
edi tt:tl.uie l i t'1' i f.-r ' i 4 fi. c i ife
e .. .. i if m - ;c tot ' .;J 1 h
flai i I be' I I , i i t if t. ;'
T. W". V.)1_ Arlon.
P. . I ls1 n :iy ,11'.1. I re.i u
n it h il' ili it ffilfl h-;v
i " : i . t hh l , il b 1 f i lli
fitey oiif liIi ( Iti li11 if Ii -b il A .1~ fiw
Now s "r, 1 p l 0i1 l it ..
o. 1 l 1a ' f i t i
m1ny th i t atI i et et at tietill
I ime inl eqItal j.11-1 eoo I I Fro m I ii,
:net' hit ii e najite u r 'ainin h- ilk
:oy o': e c am e .-. o .iihl my - 11
aI hat ailm abi.e ail rlt i ..
limes toa squr abomve twnvein:erwholse
oly huin'less3 41f lil'o is lto e".111 ,i'tha: 11n,1
Cents. 11h1 whal 1,' mly isla~ wiin
to dla wahN Mr. Perry's 41.. - 11i d '1
'neii to 'nfetg'le th ,i Ilto is it i .. It . -f
cialye in lorse 11h:....;li,
Oul ilaake of' it Iwa lik a it e lik l oott
"Tl finle Hilodling bhook hall heen
cauighchin bud LoMro; -1 03 ho co" mno" is
IltN of St- ..rlly I * . t k il o i '.i . , l :. rilur
ecte Ilei t itove:ou I t '. :: ir,t t y t have
"aln Iunle-inf ale oC e fihil yv i t:iot 1if 1t
Imault ofmnb44rac fu~iu
rigre to li, fo)r Iuon i:,'ilui -It fthe ivit t
ofw day -i iit l i om flr e-wi t' in
o ik I were not armi .1 l ihat 1i9 i ar iIil
might mleet, the eyo of, ourl Conoltmingil
ito ge ner lt, I wtt d, 1 tay It hat i i A iumo
tjton e unre pontr l i . t eitl ni t h r., w
a-ig u tlttk j.' t-l in lat ih . 1.1T itiit thl ,
hern: wi'at a1 chI ~e' 1i :0 e t'n.1 the c n
veilt io *. You h.14 lt i t -Ir lokt o'f i(L e
cittaps fir liloy might rnis Ith d W i/t onl you
Somn of IIIltio lay . Vif i i r t fhird phitt mIly
fltitg-m alical iti dt I- .:." f ,1i1 ur i f hIa
Idg llere is no Ite x illn denyin it, bflt,' 1I t
Say i ft-inf he i a lit! .. i o "0 11 101
we havie ly l tin lii toihe, li at ilttif
I hail known thti 'h li iii owt wa - l t lave 11f yl Iild
up as a eventio (I itnle he wimil
never have trpited the gleinaco out of
mly pocketl.
"Wo o'h lh c1 e--0 lh lho yai
P.l P.o . Whaiiitt oft tihai~itmaleke.1 hattery"?tf~
inquiort Satrdy-ou ifelleiplthejn9 whole
To when1 yon C t~.it off,.'etitoi-m by
letter-i9it witl ork t e j dvry tChunels ahtot'
2i o lo.A oireit rt.ofIii. cT W. Wlan.
I-AI o iihhOi'e linutr.e Awo Muostireril I
t gtfi lenir- I seen o it' niti hrur, w rd hlt
wit ing oy le tretent clieorii shee
1 inig h stnhe ontii i' i do ngit ih o lilgra
spreingaon rorl kokngdw
tou of the..- pa~tr. ( stu igt( an ter u
Au Attempt to Inoko Mob Violonco
nat Mr. Davi in Now York..j
1 ndcr th heing, ''A \\rord oif
lee to Mr. 1);Ivis." t N:'v York
l om artoiious1 art 1iel
\lr .l irsoni I)Davi w\Il. t i reorted
"I in N ork to-day. ils it, is
b lit our j 1unul may fall iudIr
esof s011m(0 l his fr-ie.ins, We "'u
o thnm thll prloprjiety ofi orgingo tihe
chiw 11o. the neet mo denwianl.
or whi" hle I. I er.TepbIs grea-I
od litiui)14
usi.Iti.y out )iaLf;ed at h, reclaso
ii : tirel aniid Xelecd to -co hi11
bron h lt, to taial, a1114 condemniled to the
gunsmant which the law3 ieceero for
Tit h ha-; ioi been brought to trial
"ri I 110:;V eC ," 1!z is:, we thinid, in iin u-tzy
t' tiht countrv, andll wvil prove a sOureo
of weakness lireafter to us. Uut as
h has bee 1r 1Weh'nse', a doeceit, iespct.
6wr pulic pno eei hth
Ihmlhi go qulietly in1to anl obscm-VO placo)
'ul live therinhitmst reimnt
.1 L i.; notA fit or diciclt, that i he shohill be
s in N w -Ir. It all. If tliere i.,
ln V ult I'visitid corner where Ie e
li0e If. let1 l(uum slinik to it anod thero
ai.*ien ii a y p blc a p a ane.~e
11 Ice I,- s ci ll-adisIc(l RIOI foishi5 qq to
h! wili, li0 p iiivirolbably, evxcite a IIIILlu
1iwar *ma I nix00cted, whenl grea[
"i"I ' E"6n116rn1in'., aro, hvy iOl coil.
innuwie;'ic , ofihe auh,11olrilies, Illo'weI to
Pee punk.)ment, th. lIense of oui'aged
i"4"'e11 -;1'u1nwon' leads tho people to
t'take matt I rs into their own hands, and
dcau 11ha1 jiirev whichl is d'.niedl by th10
c"iurts anl other tiauthorit.is. WO do
""ot "cal to jif:Iily nily such resort to
vincel; hut. we know that. tile pIuiblic
mind ii i1 depi'ly mi'li pinllfuilly*V 'Xe'vi hI
1 4.1 at 1ho release of th h:
:11i tuIott uIlitit alI Sr.necel
railtor, but alio a hi. i shimeil less ili,..
le.ne inl comiintg her. t) S!toshv himltf
iiitcUediately upoln his liberation.
Our roti are Odtl full ol' woundel
m d iidohrs-the marks of bi1:
erni'ie. Thoulca'1is of our citizels . )mtvo
'cen tihe shiattered wreik turne'tV Vver
to us no t l ohisome Libby prison -
'I-' orit f;uniiiIid aita frozent'i lellows
who cine ioio from the horrible pen
(d Ihell' 1.e to die, or t' live oult a l'eiv
painfiul yars of sufilcring. All kio
thit these fouol irisons wer'e lot at ia
great, distanuce, but uider the very evos
of lDavis ; whn ho looked out of his
buiuedroom witidows every morning, ho
wlw he rooo out 161r lls piithlird or
hLeajlI Lo rode by ihe Libby. Nor
was Li.i; miiahcc1ucaat, heart content evel
Lo thiius ,;tairv'e ait frieioex to death our
bheri iut lie added iisult to hi tr
itfre3: .1io You not till know," siaid
be at C(olimbil, otn the 4th of October,
1l8I i, "do yoiu not till know that LIho
uily way I iti hie spaiuelu civil is to
Wvhip them" "Does aniy man believe,"
W sal, "Ihalt. Y ankeeis are to be coni
'iliatid by terms o coicessiont ? I )oe
Illy un iiaginIu tlat we can (cotiieuer
Ymilikees by retreating bifore Ihmii
nI d) .yU all not know tIa fhe only wy
"lk spudai1S cirit is to
It is a part of his ".4painivl" theory to
iomo at oince to Now York, whenl ho in
reliaed. Let hisi frienldi, of whom ho
iiPpears Lio hav 'iCsomeil ini hiigh place's,
war n him o be roeinitu. Ho has no
buisiness hetc ; he has no tight to walk
our1 streets, Lo ilaunt himtiself in the facs
of the wido)ws tl orphansi~ his crimo
and Ihis si in'-neke'd per'sistence in crimet
hiat rmade. Let. im slIn k a way, ov'er
biy-roa~ids, in ai close carr'iigce, tioiome
obculSire antd unknown spot, and there
A Vor01. r'uoM -rr. Thiouin.-Tn oeno
oef hisc grett specles, Daihoet Worhs..terI
thius spok01( of' Const itutional Libert~y:
"Other mnisf'ortutnes may ba horno,
or thieir chl'eects ov'er'come. If war
should~.e iwcep our Tomm ner'ce from the
oi'cuan, aiiither gteei':h oinimiy renew~iv
it. ;if it ecshust our treasury, futuro
imtustry inay replenish it ; if' it dleso
late and lay wasto our fields, still un..
der a ntew cultivaitioni, they wiill growv
gtreeni aigin, nad ripen to fut ure h ar
vs.IIf it were but a trifle, on, if
thie wa':lls of yonder caipi tol wereO to
crnblei I , if its lofty pillows shiou ld
fallI, ande its gorgeons decorations bo
covered biy te dust of the v'alloy.
''All t hese might bo rebuilt. But
whoi shallI reconstruct the f'abric of' de
rcar1 tagsain th le well >r'oportioni coluImnts
of cionstitutional li sor'ty ? Wehto shall
friamne togotherm thesnkillfuh ar'titecture'(
whuichu uuitesi Nai onal Sovereoignty
with Stt Ilights, in d ividneal seurit~y
and public pro'spority ? Now, if theseo
coluumnu shall fanll, they wvilh be reared
hot again. Liko the CJoliseuma anid:
tho P'arthenon, they will be de'sttied
to a molanchioly, mournful immoiilrtl li..
ty, Iittorer tears, however, will bow
over themi than wore ever sheod on tho
moumetunts of the Romn or Gr'ecian
Art, for they will be the remnants of a
more glorious editice thatn (Grecco or'
llome over saw--the edifloo of CJonsti-'
'tutional, A umoricuan Liberty."
Mr. Cyrus Feild has caused to bo'
published the announemient that a largo
iceberg has~ so damaged the cable of
1866 thbat thme sigttals through it have
ceaised. 'flhe cablo of 1 805 still ii orks,

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