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Desportos; Willims & Po,, ivroprletorsJ -A Fjnily Paper, DDoted to Scionco Art nquiry ndustry and Literature [Terms---$3 00 por Annum In Advne.
n-1 ____ [NO.
14 L'UJpIsuI-1 Iw.mKy A ,Y
4r4fs.---Tau n isA) IS published-Weok.
) inI tlr Town of Winnsboro, aL.S3.,00 iq.
vb abl b dvancc.
Wary , AlltransIoat advorTislP6jonts to be
paid in advance.
Obituary Notlees and Tributes- $1OO. per
Selected Poetry.
The eyes of brilliant, sparkling joi,
Anti titose of bluo that iunildy beam,
Iver disputed when they met,
Which should prostmo to reign supiven4
Each boldly clainte1d the proforouco
Their part isiins contesting strove
At. length boih rested their defenco,
in juidgwont. from the od of Love.
Never before, .dirl any cause,
L'rn'ltuto O muelt einbarrassimdnt;
The b1acks and hmes t,' expound t)ho laws.
Had advoontes Oti tiluiph bent.
For umpircs, chu)o a thousnrd sighs;
J.r wilyomes, 1ihe ar49pt.
For pro'o/y tlie soq's aht loti
And for reporer. thestros. {ib,
Then Love spake thius, disputes 1o lull,
And far the wiso decision .tlw--.
"When blitok eyes, girls aro beautilful,
Ani'girls are boautiful with blu-;"
Tle black nioro tenderness expreasss,
Tile blue flash joyous, light and froo,
Ani, while the blaok portray finesse
The biuu havo atliability.
".lllack inclines to tancos wild
'There's danget in ( deep dark eo ;
Tho bile is i artless as a child,
A nd loves. o'en to idolatry.
In black eyes, joy her' flowers onwreathes- -
The biuo-shed iadiaupoo soft ifi true
The soul from outia bit oyo brethe, -
' --uimildness reigns rePm1no in blue."
The Cal~blun' Loas itd tho Wid
*owe Gant
*i '
When he aroae lato the next day Je
looked at himself in the glass, but scarce
ly rco'gmniz0ed .his own fice, so changed
was hie bV the mOnti agonies ho had
undergone. Whou.ho had pai4,st6nib
little attention to. his tjilet to ho receive]
a mesawge, frpm MRadame1 Von) Berlingenl
rek.ku6? hti ith or of anu ierview i!1
hb~r dpnieut~s& A i mechanically obev
e;tho sp'mfdrif,though ill fitted to'sus
trin a conteursatidn with a lady.
Th'Q wkdoivrquesed himt to be sat
'Mr. Wnlstem,' said she, with a smile
'you are growing very malignant. I
met vou hist night uponi the staircase,
but though I stpoke to yon, you had not
a word or a nod for me.'
L1ast night, inadam,' answhewd the
un fortunat e yaoig man 'I ws sbesido
in msel. 0, madai-if you knowtdL ,
I1 do know all,'replied the lady.
'What i th1tuI hid been, gaEmblng
that I had thrown away-yes, those are
the words-very ducat of the nmonoy
my poor fitther furnished mo with liwhich
to purchaso my comanission.'
'Y es*I know all that.: But the loss
is not irreparable.'
'Pardon imle, mnadam. My father,
though repmted woalthy, is unable to
furnish mo with a similar stii, oen if
I were base onough to accept it at his
')ut if some friends were-to ep for
ward ?
'Alas I + knw none.
'Mr. Wa~aten said the lady, 'I am.
rich; a loan of the requisite amount
womabl not affect me in the least.'
'Oh,smadam,' cried tho young man,
'if you woulid indeed save me by Buch
geherosity, you woulid .a ja ngel if
of mercy.'- -
'What is the amounb ofi your loss?'
intqaired the widowv oalmly,- as she .n
'loc <ed, lhr desk.
bhree thousand ducates atiswerod
SErnest. 'B~nt I ban give you no securi
tfITor the paiyment.
'Y& * oui' note of~hand is anillient, said.
Sthe lady; lhanding the., youpg .nan a
Spackagec of notes, . Please to count
those, and nao if' the su is :cortf.
Warc aw-'iting matetial~;
* rnet did as lio Wa''dti4-tioilited
tho money,. and .tboit atj dowln~ .t ~the
lWy at ioteoh
1elced, sad rt t
'Tire dt,'mdtheoladly'
* Jirnest wrote it.
o~eivod of. Anna Von B~erlingoii
oau of three thtypsand thejatal a
#Erhost" wmr6te and ropeated-ethreo
tiousand dnate., -
nm Ocnsieratin prontiaoto nwitry
9r aforesaid Anna Von liuherln n
To- diarry .ou ?!:u1#elaimid& rneat,
M~ y-toe narry me [ said~k 1 la
~:ootY ?'-7 ;~~'~~
Icannoti do t-'you kn6rid t
oason that indues~ in o to..tef i a",5
Then-go homoeto yotW $ahkta on
sm your guilt.'
E~rnest reflected'h feor montellte -V
uild not go. hoem to-hja- fathee ~~h
'glit(ul. deale, was sa q t
ue aper..
hersolf,- as she otiref4ztly so1141
. miso, 'yoiz cpg say~ ytt bon i
art of A'- oby p
dpurchap yotr com' i
E, e beyede Mi rar s
rdymorning),hd .aUl 494d ted
VW unnCLen he flt 4U4# rat4 sa4
broken-spirited criminW le- hac sold
iunselif Jor-gold.
'Here. comes Captain Ernest I' cried, a
youthful voice. And a beautiful blue.
oyed girl of nineteen stood at the gnrdeiv
gato of a pretty fain-house, watehing.
tiko approach of tL horseman. who gaily
ettired inl a luzzar unifrm, was gallop.
ing up the road. At her. shout bf de
light,a.turdy old gray-haired nian oanio
forth and stood besido lia..
ICaptain hIrnest?' ho- repeated 'that
somids well. . When- I: was of his ago
I only carried a musket in the ranks. -
I nov r dreamed that a son df Mino
could eVqr aspire to- the epaulettis':
Ernost, waving his 'hand -to- Moena
Altenborg and his father, rode gaat theni
t01he stable, vhore-he 'left his. horse
le then rushed into . tho furm-liouse,
where his fither met him.
.What is t'eo meaning of. this boy?'
he said. 'Hfow 'wild and. laggard you
look I. And you have' avoided MAena
'-tandy this too, upon your wedding
'My wedding day-O, leawven I I
shall dio ' said the young nianr sinking
into a seat..
As soon- as lie could collect himself,
he told his father that he could not rar.
ry Meona, and' the-. reason-that he had
pledged binself tQ-. another. The old
4man, who- was the very soul of honor,
Ilmrstinto viohnt iinprooaflons and drove
hin froi- his presonde. As - loi left the
house, the unfortunate young. ian en.
countered a-porson whon ho at once
' lognized as the Baron Von 1)anger.
olfid, the reputed suitor of Madam Von
.I have been looking. for you, Captain
Walstoid,' said-the Paron, eternly.
.And-you have found mue,' answbred
tbkyeoung man shortly.
*Xes-and thankl honven you wcar
that uniform. It entitles you to meet
it German nloble, anid unaswer for your
'I am answerable for ao*tact to' n~o
living. mn,-rotorted rnes
vaw a swor. 'd
'Very vell; if yon-refuse- togive flat
isfaction for'the injury you have dono
me, in robbing me of ny mistress, I will
proclaim you at coward in the presence
of thO re-iment upon parade.
',() '. yourself eaiyi upo:* iIatL
score, .3ron,' answered Ernest. 'Life
iR of too littlo worth for mo to think of
shielding it. If you will step with mo
into the shadows or yonder grove we
can soon -regulate our accounts..
Thtivo'men VAlke, silue'tyjto the
n lpointdd ispot,'andivitholiany prolini.
nary, drew their swdrds and engaged in
combat, the struggle was not of very
long du11ration, for Ernest wounded his
adversary in th . sword-arm, and disarm
ed' him.
Are you satisfiod ?'-he asked.
Iniusk4e for tho present,' rephed
the B3argn- s'tligly. 4When I -reover,
you shall hear from. me again.
'a you please,' said E-neOt coldly.
In the neantinie, suffor me to- bind up
your am.'
The young man handhaged the wound
of-his advorsary, and as he faltered from
the loss of blood,. led him toward the
farm-houso. Aa they approached it,
two ladies advanced to met them-ono
of them was Nieena, the othec was Mad
am Von Btrlingen.
'Dangerfield wounded ' cried the at..
ter,- bursting into tears. : 0, [$ have
'been the onii.u.of'clais; forgive me, for-.
givo meca Dangerfield, or yoiu wvill kill
me.' '
TYon forgot:, mad'am, that you belong
to anothier;'
'I am youirs only-I can- never love
angther-nor does the pereon you al
lude to,' ardded theo lady, tuirning to Erit
est, 'oherish an attachment.to me.'
~My. only feeling -for - you,' .madamnf'
said Iirnest, with a-meaning,, Mould .be'
gratittide, were a certain, paper dostroy~
ed.~ --
'What is temeaning of all' -this'?'
ased the fathier of KEnest - coming for
'It means,' said J]rtiest,.- t-eari~g. to
aitpes the promissory note hoe receivea
ilkhwidoivs hahde, 'that 1; . had
ca that- I'phgged- p t ropgoeeknoir, .andl
bst'altnergne opgave pe by pur.
9 ia0 Qk~tn~ig bu ith, and' then'
t~i na4e AiP. rnyK oss . by ppisg
'~h I"said theQ widQV4 i 6' her
C'pt in, -
'4twhat did3 ott meau~ ~ p to'y
ye to~ t aithe nest~-, ... o
w~dh.~k~a ndt og4 'but '1ovgs
i ogettdiW e
al t ho, 4 tAt
blg*o~'ii and~
*'p er
e ai wh
wxDN1!sD.\Y, 'JULY d
1dwinlg, a'aiaa askedil Itha . lie onl theale fe: ro
the preset-t:
SReulved, That the renonstret lon or tli(
robel Stats- w.ould be hastonods and the besi
interests of tp etitry promoted if the
Proeidd' of the UlilO Slates, In ti1 exor.
oisoof the pardotiing power, would 'r.oluir<
blat overr lauded proprietor, who hns boot
ongair-d in the rebellion. beforo receiving
his pardon therofor, should convey to thk
freedmen-, Uls farmor slavea, a certain poa
tion of the land on which they he ve work,
pd, so that they may have a houtstead in
wbieh thqIr own labor has ininglgd, on
that the dhiloyal master may not continu<
to approprlato to'himself the Il uits ot thoh,
Mr. Sumner Introduced a bill to onfor<
the several pruvslons of the constitutio
rabolish ing slavery, declaring ti-e cco'lnnin i.
ties, of citizens.aid the g tarantecitgg a re.
pubiean form of government., by soeurin
the elootivo AranchIswto colored oitivxons.
Mt. Sunner said.this was the sau.bill
introduceiby him on tho. 29th of March
last., with a fewamonddienits, whichl he ha'd
made at the suggestion of gq ntleten' of
Maryland, and which were intended to-wneet
the peculiarcirnumstances now existlug.iu
that State.
The anenidnouts provide for the regitra.
tMon of'nigroes and impose the same Iienaal.
ties on.the registors for violating the prpvil
sions of the bill as on the judges of electiont
who may refuse to eeolvs 'n'gi-o balloto,
viz : Vind of not lest- than $500 or more
than $2000,4und imprisonmont not. less than
threo months.nor more than two-years. -
Mr. lilson introduced a. bill In addition
to the a't passed March , 1,867, to yrovide
f-r the more. etlicient govenmet - ovide
rebel States, and the act #upplo.. atary
theretq, passod March 21, 38q17.
It provides for the absolut.o vacation of th
State governments of the ten Southern
States wifin thirty days from the passage
ofthe net, and authorizes the- Couimmandln8
Generals to continue iln. Ativo tLy person
Who, bof'or the expiration of the saia thirty
daiys who may have beit dischlarging the
duties of such otlioe;- or- the Comman'ding
Generals may, it- their 4i?orotion, ap'point
other persons to said OIC0e, or may order
elections by file people I fill lIe Vacanice
with sonme suiable liersoln, 'to be' held In
conformaity to the acts to wihioh this act isin
The second sction gives the registor.g
boards the power to refuse to regioter any
porsons who they have grouds to believeo
aro socking to invade the requirements of
the acts aforesaid, and to this end shall havc
power to examine such applimants and ro.
ocivo testimony, and shall have power with.
in thirty days after completion of registra.
tiun to ert th' name of any.pgLy .v
thoy have proof has been fraidnientlf K'gl,
Mr. Tirake introduced a ball further to
provide for the recontstrtction of the rebel
States, whieh provides for the . vtioativl.of
the existing government it the tenl ..frobel
States, on tihe - day of --,tie toimchldc
cuunty or municipal otlors; who,'oliowoyv2r,
may at any time bie reinoved by i-1 Mit4"Y
Commander, whlii elho'i to oappoint persons
to till, the State oflicors vacated... -
Sect ion 3 prohibits tjho Comintanding Gei,.
eral from ever apjiomntingiy AnfPerson to any
offico in said Etatoi whoihas over been
qngaged in rebellion against the United
States, orgiven aid or cofniort. to the oeo
mics, and.who-danottake the oath roquir
ed of all ofeeos of the United States.
Setiom 4 autlhorlies the Commanding
General to abr'ogato or set aside any. law,
,State or m1unicipal.
Section 0 makesvalid all aets of a Com
manding Qonoeral in removing any oticrof
any rahel fiato,-and declares that no oflicer
superior to him shall have power to revoka
or annul any of such acts
S0iott 6 prohibits any court of Clie Uni
ted States rofu oxercising any jurididtion
over any iction or proceeding, civil or
orihiulnal, against any Commnanding Genot-al,
or any person noting under his authori
Sooiti7 prohibits the General-in-Chief
frontisulng aufy orders to any of time Com
manding Generals relative to time perform
ahee of dluties itmposed, upon him b~y. this
not, or the acts to which it is. sutpplementa
ScotIon 8 provides that no Comniiding
Oenoral shall 'e remolvedl exeept by" the
cnsent ona the Sonato..
Sections 9 and 10 give rull power to- the
board of regiators to acceptor reject perdons
SXeation 1l4 allows any Commandig Genie
mI.U toioextend the time for registration to any
tiltoprior. to N(ovember, 1, 1867.
Soetion1I2 proylls that precedent, to the
a mission of' Any re ul State, itS constitn
tion shall provide t int all' elootions shall
forover be by - ballotrand .it shall: ever re
nain: a member "ef the. American Unipan;
tiat everyg itir~en owes Ipramount allogiane
to' Lhe United States, and fhtit'rio lair itn
eotitrtsventl io' of fay 'ltaw.'of tha' United
States shall have any-blndlng foree.
Mr. 141mionds Iitrodhucodr a bill. i o xplas
nation of an- aot'to- provido for the ingro
.oIbenti goibratmont of' thie rod6l glties. Ib
pi'ovlilbs tha.'the trte 'meaning hund 'htrit
of the adt of larch 27 is, t'ate the.inlikirg'
tthority of tiloUnited States-in gtaid yeb~el
8tatos is lperaint to anyso pov - emnn,
(4neitlil.Oibg toissigntdt rany person te
ailb~~o ivjl: ofioe;. - "
to4 a~ te8 t .~' toios hto in ov4l0
e:900obouabtd.. aving 'arisolir ~to 'the
Lioptng e 9q & h~~~1~ i~ 9,199
give authority iso ;*nfyotnidh~iei NIl
Io0o01130oioi uispad from 6fflou any poromt
exoroiuing -authoa'lly itde.. anmy so-called
'eel aside any aetio'n orprooding og sucht
of oadi H 6 a 0114 ei
pCS.1siol,~iould be ltiid-ou theto lo
Mr. 6tevous jeuliled tq. 11COlpt, tile llvtLel.
part of toe aaaoiduit. timA 1iie orijgiil res
veil..iiiLs ol i i~a, '. 41u S&i..i tueuitly
Mr*. judil, of iti nmL.~iI~U oolku.
:(iureuetilo Vi I$ortu 4 air to
tions, orders,., w lil rcthi, (%I thivcxe.
oution '111 1 aI dluiI 'S t(a1(h ftl..1,1 lc Ar II,
wl~pv ehleieut ,m Itutrn
fliai I ho Sveratdrybl6tu of 4 1*1 '~t Its "el to
trflusitiit) tile I touso, oopdeci ot -M i otio'ia
correrphtist~clcc botwtaortit) Dri 1111.11o ,
09 fml t110 (1i11 of 1i-N zIpp~qinu III
14-tii c ".1. . icououdotieij Of (to 211Ic~
;M . O"t r llillois, haht rdiu.'' :III A
of theo inte &biiw~piSc. ~.ir.
witd oedared to be 11i'iioi..
Houmt -'I'lr. I 41 11. iulrotliurU~ Ow fo llowv
8epittitwces, tic., That, Clio tiinkL (o. l
be andl U,.I' heyeby.oiluict oi t -o r _,(:nu
rat i1iu1illp i..3lrda for tho'Ti o
aiithfid )orfcri~nn'iioo tI4u dui,!,; a, Lii
iilaaudo' 'of' tddMitithly )trot'tIo3a zd
.- -31r. Pl'5ti0 iupeved to Suspidel hh3 iuilcs il
M~r. lediidk6' 'of WiuocIwltji de (11
tile y'eas aiid ntiv upo 0i the Stopoiliiml of
Alle- 1-ulo, naad . koyv er9 .sualluded by a
vo of 110.yj 0i Ilyq, Ihio vote Was
St rioty 6fiO ptrt(Isan elpimr. '
Vr. Pikd, of Afl~im.40,' flflQduochl itaQ'
luttowindillat to chat. Itlturodtl with flelfe.
Sturidsin'ti unilne, tqfe1r"'(1 ti t iks of
to querl .1). 4'.. Sioklis It iv u
ash t uty voto, as cr also
al V'opo nu I Mnjd(rJen-a1',eod;icd rq th1V
olibtlemotuion of thon 1alv iu the,,ir recs,
w wtv ailitAr y dopprilielnts..
JletONC~L, 'Cl''at tilu dioidryi'.mnitte '
be instructed to iopasle oVlietbsil, unitr theo
cuuistit~ttioll, Qtgrea~ has polver to pre
scribe liteulfiitouo vtr ill flhe j, .'
rtl ktlot, f it' If~dtn d'j~uz
report- it bi I prosribiug t hY an.
. Mr. Sit anks,.of' Indiana.- intrdntcM a seo.
riegs of resoltatiotis, dooutiyizg 1,110. Ttilec
pooplo of. 1114101 sulk aye110 tht to con
trol1 t hae~r ow~vn rui.gove Il11I~iit aMLI 01M
they hanve a righ I to over0tii nu itoh Icov. 11l.
bntd to motet their demlands Ale.) viiws. 2d.
That it 63110o right Of fill 10~ortt~nst
.0oiquer. robuhilioti within its 01141 aei to
ty tire oblioxios to a1 fric pt')pho. 1111i. Jc.
Oa'il , 1 that. congres~s is Ii iixiits 1,oI til
10ijl t.ii tltifirl L'oticio s foe Ili ii Sit 'I
ItVepiul~iic oft Yexino, aund it Views Wilhli m
S. ijflul UA ra estortil 1up~ (if (; 1)'Opcu. -1*nfll
Ilii~tt of t110 peopho over Whant wais al in pi d1(
to he cstahlidlIi ix l ilr iiiidur 1tuixi
in'lian. 501. 'That (Ito iii I CII. 10 .to C.tIjii
Igropat. war ;Lh)Wr t i ~ui pitrt of fil etfiort !c;
br.Ak t1i 1lis - overn itIl i wich" I ho
Qfave power0theSwIothl Ilnd their hiat ur.I
ahiic, the1 ltrktictl.3 of J.i: , I O tlolk (')I
glagen, AR41 014tt thle 1-1 CSttalikinc-it of !L
hgovornntent. ot tliet itooilo W~.9 ,t 11000Q1:Iy
astl-oussef 14tabiean liberty ;miOl Ca
ItaO-isli l"lollarchlic d1 governuients Inl th!Ss
iijheresoitltiont; were oblooto(l t., and Mr'.
Sh1an. ti IOVed (k) Sii ..1111 'the riiti.3;
.Mr. IYO ,od'.ra0!so to dehala tilt! resoltitions,
anti 'VAis abolit, to say libiliptiig Iaboit 1110
br~utal I onv~sidnho'n of AinxiiriiMan, wvhen
he wAas'.00lld to nrtleul-y t he Slimtker, Its a
1(ibok ow t I.Spoid (te ruled wea- aot tiebat a
Thto Ifow!ie lfaunod t) stipenillIl 0h ileF,
andi(tie resolutins %ii-e ot. eniter-taI tell.
I ,Mr. $jniliing;. or OhIio, ItlCIothitced aL hill
pended and1 ti.e :3o' iou was pa.ec
Stovens, fronm the commitieu of niu
introduced the (oilowing bill:
BVk it enueeft by tlw 8ento1 andl fou.,
nilih'rt sent tives 4)f thI ' Unedi ."Ps u
iwcr'l'~ ies Cg s a 'sem1h, 'l'hat i
is hierby-decla cd to li vo buen tho t ru
lit .t an-eaning of tll. Iet of tilie su.
on1d day of March, onie ihotiund cigh
liidred ai,'1 ;ixty-sevce, <nuitled an lie
to provide for the more ollicien. govern
ment of tho rebel States of' Virgini
North Carohna, South Carolina, Geot
gia, ZIl Siis ifpi A11abarnIail, LouiSiano11
Porida, Te.as and A rkansas, were ille
gal and void, and that thereafter Sais
go'vernlits W,-It conitinlitd weure to b)(
conltiled minjoci. in all res peets to (lii
bilury Com'miiderz of toh respeutm c
Di-tLnits and to the autliority of (oni
S I-:0. 2. Tha i th said nets to whiell
i. a siupplneinnt shall be construct
ti am hor . the oilier aspigne(l to th<
colonund->f' any Military Distric:t udel
saIidl avts, wheneover hie shall1 dooml it,
n 1eeTry L.) th d (ie perfoirma ieu of' hiI
dicunder S: id ac~,to remiore or :Ss
penld frota oiwo anly miticipal or Statr
oflicer, or. pers3ona exerciiiig authority
umder or by virtuo of any so called State
govermnont existing inl his District, and
hcalid- oIlidcor so assigned to com.
mand asaforeaid is bireby empowtred
to appon.t inother person .in the atead of
the ofije'r or ie*rSii so rem1'Oled if he
shall dem it, proper to do so ; and whnii
ever lie imay deem it iecea ssary a, afuro.
said to prohibil, snwpncii or- set, aside
anlly act r procdng of aiy. iuch Suitu
or mulitipa govermelits, or maiy 1t or
tiig due tinder or by virtue of itg anl
thority, and alt acts ler'etoforo (10110 by
;iny sich oflicer in acoordiaco herewiti
hlall- be deetnied vnlid).
SI.i . '1 That. the l lm'dS of liegisationl
ofi the sevral Alilit try Districts estaiblishod
by ho actS to ilich thi isk (uimHIenty
ndlh admilit t0 regiHtraIl'in onlCily nII per
tony w, they 41fem vntitt::d toI . e registe d
by th0 atorc They sh A o.r
g il t'u'oi O the pi't oalyth prg I in
it act or iterch, 23, 18ti, onlhnivo ovi
dence of iae right,'of tie person taking it to
be lagisterd, but prI'Mia only, 111nd
WAY inouivo 6kud:t C'd.ee ; Jg QwIhr re
lating theref fto-a, thiy tmay deem proper,
eithier-frotu (lhe persont inpplying to be ro.
gistered or- others, aned eitir of' I hl i et n
irs of tjai 8bords i" h'oig aouithbri o'ld to
9duu 1tergth ok.r llat.1ius a"It xam~
hno wInego too ijthl t- ln per-.
son to be reiserd.Sid .Jr'del 1 lie.
111tainl miy striko ro 00t list of' vwrs
Iihe nanto of' anfy one alreadly regitered who
in theirjndgment, impropi'ly took tlhe onth
presi:cSrihcd inl the acts to wvhilh IL.- is tunp11
plementi'ry, or wvs niot. entifled by sidd netl.
to be regillsered. itloord evidunoo -1hiall not
lie reitnired by said boards h'o pr.'ovo pirti.
oeation in the rebellion, but par'olo OVi.
douce0 shlltl bo silic ien t, t:4) esaliia the
fact of ' uch participa1tiott, andl ra*id lsoarrds
of Ihgist rit bal 11111 not bo bollild or gOv.
er'iid in their acti.1n by any opiliuo. ol' any
otlioer oh' i.lo Uliited Slates CoveIiuICnt.
8S:0. d. That, I. civ:. Own% or thm 1lited
Sates or of' inly 8tato, 111 1 113ivo jiuis'idio.
tion of iny action or pruceeiaig, eiviI or
criniial, against any poch Disi, Com.
iniloder or any olficer or person' noing by
his anut.hority for oron accounit of le dis
charge of lhe duties imposed nt po hit by
Lhis not or tho aots to-whieh it is suppleion
,S:. 5. That no Distrhit Commatnder shall
be i'olieved from nonuand assignled to h0'im
uider tbe al'orcii.ths tuf; iulss ih Soonatte
shaill have first. aIvised atid consenited Itoro
to,' or uilos b U sentioeio of coirl martial
hie bhlill be crashievet or disnmissed fron (Iho
ariy, or iuoleus he shall conieit to ba so r -
Sno. 0. That the tinie for thi completion
of I ho reglstrastiu'u of persons proper'ly
qualitledi t vote, may. b~e extoended lby ordekrs
of tho isi1d severa' Dit1 slot Camioanider' to
any diy ppeior'tb first day of Ociober, A. D.
ohghitooi hiujdred ad sixty seven.
S(tevenR accoepted the following as addi
Any person, who shiall attenipt to pr'ovonth
the executing of I ih nuot 8hal)h ha gutilt y of.
a1 mil.u ,,tor, andl an coniction shall be
liable to a fieof fivo thofl~usand dollars 01'
itnprisontgent for on year, he right of
shall'in no respeot bo.. ohanged or' anl'eoted
by't he Pfesidonl:s p~.d~on-for particiation
ini the retwiflon,
Stceels moved the previons (1uestionu and
thoillouso votos to-morrow at, 1.o'clook.
f8NA4Ti.--t71'. LibiV- fr'otfl the Judiciary
mmililitf(e, introlhnoed a bill1 on reonstruo.
Liosit "Ilu The eettive wr:,c ealled- omt for' a
mases ohf informatioIn regarding Indian' hot,
ftditioeend Mn (xica affaires. Thei Sonato
by a votolof;3 to 5'.. reitised to-tako-cup
ha- jobIt resoluttionse thtiking Sheoridan,
Si'hles,' .eliild- .arid Pops. M~r.
Cerinue thboughat it -would be premnfuto
t. .s0O3 t0s0Itirisi att nis t rmt,.
T hey wvore't n ut'afflohontly inifornied oif
thin faict' of the. care to baA bl, -to'jiidge.
15irmerlyqho thankb off Congrees sweure
only ekt~hnded on ortraordiiarv' occtiont
and it, wvas consideredd a' dat com ilg
ineont for ainy onie to roceive thorm; fblu
JI'Uhis precdent was establtheduj it sval
bie .tonderiit$ iugniks t4tihe GNVorgiore,Q1
.'n. firrrq, atu4 to then Goveofs of otn
-, 3qv rn1 6t o d, ~ ~a t t on
blrepoe bf4 8 enat& vJltdifaey Qofa
4.a 0-- to p'
1O tings o thb 6tt ne ~adl
VI'ralio l~,.t4, lauo fyqStt
Jnl.&ot 1OU 4.T h
-d .t 4 i bhe'
e elections vases was extended to December,
A conuni'ie of fivo was appointod to
mnvuwe hn the treatiuct of Union -prlon,
er! with power to send for persons and
A bill was litroduOcd extending the pro,
visions of the Ilomestmend act to Alabama,
A rkailis, MiSeissippi. Lo'isian aid Flori
dia. It. wat; rereitred to Ito lieconstrution
Comnmittee. The Commnittoe ott Foreign
- linions was dirooted to il.iro 1.h1h.
ally Aenericanl ciiizen lhad breei conivioted
in tirot Britain for words spoken In Ameor.
Wilson stated (th the Judiolary Commit
lee had requestold himin It stto e Ihat they
were trot ready to report on impenchmont.
-losutwull llod c ni it Coterreut resohition to
adjoirn to IOctober next, elicithlil a warm
dIulmt.e whiel 1:1s intcirtpioltt by t1ho ani.
it' sutiime4' inIt or Delnnison' dtath. Aft oret
logies tle ollse i l ajoure .
xNATV.-Th' consideirat inUi of the Juii
etavy Coin ittee's lRoconstruction bill was
restiiel. Ai aiiendmien giving Coiimi .
ters power to fill vacancies by t he appoint.
mtient ot'citizens or detailed soldiers was
adopted-n.yes '2, nnys, 13. The following
was aidied to the rixlih section : "Whether
iiolding such oflico at the time of the ruon
lion or before."
1)eniisont'a death wast denouced, and
after oulogies the iSnato adjourned.
TUIportant Lottar from Ocuh Sichloa3 to
Ron, Lyman Trnumbull.
General Sickies has ntiemssed tho follow
Ing letter, says the Charlestwn Mercurqy, to
Ole HJonorable Lyman 'T'rumbull, Chairmnit
Judiciary Conititoo, United Statos entat:o
tlansa'roN, S. C,, Jtly 5, 1807.
JM/ D.wr Sir I havo decidei not, to begin
retgistration in this listrict uintil Cigrtoss
deteriniiios who shlAil be registeretd I trust,
theOrfore, hat It will bo C plealsuiro ot'
Contgres to c.tiud the tinio for tho comple.
tion of my registrattont until---sny, Octolier
or Novemnber. I' I liieoeed nfaw, and dis
regard to wishes ol' t ho Presidilt, iny no
tion would be regarded as I insurbordinat iot;
it' I would follow his itatio 1n muniy would
probably be registtercd not el' iilo accord.
tig to) the trite hterprotati'>n oi the Acts of
If it is meant'. xt all V' 'invo held' any
office-Foldot '., State, or Iuniicipal----atv.
lig taken ani oath of offl1 to support the
nit titulion of tile United States, attid after
wards engaged In reivilion, or give aid
and enitort, <'., Iro lisfraci', i sed, t i Is
:ltouild be exprowlAy deolairie, otherwise, it'
left to constructii, it inay be held that. no
ohlor officer. ..0 incls'led than those lass
t entierated in ArtivlesVI of the counsti.
Itution, nil (liat c a as io those, a fttli par
dot% removes the disqatalilloatlon.
If it is iieimle to exclude lawyers, they
slioubl ho expressly menitoA d, for else do
crih ed by soimme ev it.itin; as For exam
plo, aller the word "olilee,"' del "0any li
tensedi calulingtoempluoymnit ori professin."
iOlthnePwi P, i o lbilIt; of lawyers be
left to coustructic -.,i it may ho belo Itat a
hakwyer is not a pIblio ofiicr, although -a
A I nuu:lmary of '. court or otlhor judioial
The trithi is, we have nouw II operation
I wo d;.t inttu. s.yA;etms of n0'istrict0ion, or1
aIlitit''I h.v ('1,1l e antlI itgraltled tliptti Ilo
tht 11:i at's ph of mceattion. To
first Cwtoressioail phm is expressud in the
liliwnrd CUost*'ut iounIl Aaitend men t, leavinig
SlOi ti b eg L eguhed by the oiveral
nlittes, antd huponbing Upon certaIn ltlamsos
of persons disqIalifloat ion for -ogico, (11 a
pulnilmev, for rebolliot and as a safoguard
t'or the future. That' plai having beetn ro.
tused by tho robel Statos, Congress Iauod
*1e teconaltruction Itls, which 1orm1 a so
cond sobemo of reconstrution, entirely dis.
tilct in prilnoiple and plait 1-n0om tho former.
In th1 Secuondt plant, Conig'oss aissum1ltou con
t-ol of the queion of sniflrage, which is
extunded to all who can take a presoribed
oath, nd ialso enfor'ce's L.th distnli fication
for uVflo0, which woudt have been the penal
and conservative foture of the first plan.
Now, itscoms to me that the true conserva
iIv g1uarantee against roat ion Is in lho ad.
dition uttnde to the loyal joto by th einfran
ohisoment of' tho Colored peoplo. That to
ink dono, the ocaslon for the dlsqdalifia-a
iia chiatio conses. ibenoo, the true solu
Iloon, I bolievo, is tu doolare, with utivorsal
suff'rago, a genmeral' amninty-naming, tho'
exoeptions. A mioro liberald amnesty is, ly
Mydgiuetit, essetiald to thet siucooits of the
tiongrestsiontal plian of' r'econstruction. It
"'ill enlarge Ithi rango ao' popular cboice for
thu ilmportant judical, executivo andt logis
hativo dojpartmuents of thme Stlate gover'n
muentst, otheicrwisa inonvwenion ly connu fii'' to
clamssos very few o1' whom atro lit to holdt
otlico. 'Phio people can ,surely bie entrusteid
tso*judge amd select fronm those who took;
part Int the robollion, t~he mon at oncee qual.
tled and sincere in- their allhtoslon to the
new order of thig. Such~ men, beIng o1l
gile to offlo, wIll have msotives to identify
thems~elvest wiIth rocounsi.ruction, amid to-sup
port the views o1f the tmijortty. Now, npore
Ihriaaover, mion of ability and expereunoo In
publio butsintess are ntoool for thte 8thmto
governments int tho South; and It is tru':ly
tnorttnato lthat such a :amnn p early
tyll who know ianythinig of public at'fae~irt anit
esptecilly thmoso who coiuld (Il jutdicial taf
tiona, ar'o 'dlsfranhisied. This exposes the
experbnent of general suff'rago to nooddles
hazards. If the experIment fail, it is most.
likely to fall from the ikabillty of the people
to putt ht ofloo thbse irho could and weekl'
atssur'e. eotss.s 1ti Wonkil have hoonu adlvan.
tageisspotlhapa to have removed many dis
a(Ydoe ersns, esieoeilly Judges, lhierh's
nfnd Ma.iistrtoer, Itt $th -oeutiof1 of 'tho
1i96t sootiotot th .jgtqef M'aareh, if eQatpe
lontu0Oisrs couljd Jtre been fomitd
ambng thtosetirho ate;ligihAQt-oilld. A
I )vpu)4 roedb. ppesqeasonm noW of air~d~
otr-led of qh c~o or olvif licos, as one 6f
thfmsti ote ootl' 'Jnstr'uideittilitbcrIn lIho
exeomion of the -tntatry antiorIy coets
red upen Drnbvet oft0fnaydi r#; As'4t is, Ir
Aind miytlf prevefited, .ar will the [email protected]
by and by, ..ronm so tring for the ptililio
aortioo Inont-of .p 9qd ,ApcI olparnutor,.
Aposoo% t a f 4 the dove'.
n f h'madst/ 'eui p4t~ lpyallsto In
rti) the Z.daof bngo o to' ogyetis- ditt
ehiisrto 0? many qof~ ti fatful.
'i for * o4hf.pdot gq
u)6 ikdleO46t of DO-'O he QIj 1Iw
tntoofrnie ohg,. a~to
ry reipg'.f.
'To1'S IIWABtD, &ao., &0., &a.
Tho last days of MAlximilian's life
were pansed in tho Convent of thoen iu.
Chits in Qiteretaro. The Counvent,
which was onco i stately building,. haa
pa0ssod through silecenssivo .8poliatiois,
itil nothinig romahiis but a rowV of did.
conneote( horses, inl tho most cotnforta.
b1 of which N'aximilian an his Gene.
rals were confined. They wero alloived
to receive Visitors, and were not placed
in solitary cells, being treated with mocre
Co1sideration thani 0o would expect.
The Imperial causo having faild, t10
ex-Emniror had few frienids who desir
ed to compromiso thensolves by com
munication with him, and ho was left,
chiefly with his friend and oldchtssanite,
Prince Salm-Salm, who followed hini
from Mexico on his ill-advised depart
uro0 to Queretaro
Mondz, according to tho only ac
count which has been received 'diroct
(thait of tho correspondent of the Nvw,
York 1ral,) led Maximilian to tako
this fatal stop, ropresenting that the
Mexicans only wanted to soo him away
from is foreign soldiery to flopk
around his standard. Trusting to this
treacherous imarepresentation, he repair
ei with only a bodyguard to Quorotaro,
whero ho found but a paltry six thou.
sand troops, instiuflcicittly supilied with
amntiliaitioli, and lie h iimseli inl tho pow.
er of traitors. Salm-Salmn, who follow.
ed by Stealth, was the only foreign ofi.
Cor of experiolco in his whole sorvice,.
and )roved il the seigo one of the bs.
and bravest of ofilcors In confinenient
they would sit together anid play ecaric.
or discuss, with vivid interest, not their
own fate, but the politics of Germany
and Ainorica,. w1hd1 outside a court.
martial composod', according to rumor,,
of three captums and a lioutennut-colo.
nel, was only awaiting Escobodo's order
to pass the prodoterneunod sentence of
Towand the end of the seigo Max.
seoms to have been not, only indifferent
to death, but oven to have coveted'
such a determination of his career. At
one Lime ho stood for ftill-ten. minutes
upoUn tho pInua when tIhiohls were,
bursting so near as to nearly brryliit
oil' hiq feet by the coincu111sion 0 'r
No ono can call him coward or'deorb
er. as nmeight have beol the caso, had Io
left with thj Fioich, or had ho aban
doned Miramon and Mar1tpez tq fight ib
ot by themselves after aiccepting, thein
assistanco. IHis honor is clear as far as'
that notioni goes. Ilis pmls, is caso of
escapo with his life, were t6 talWo up hit
resiience in I lavana for - a few ia nths,
umitil hu -should settle hi Mexican affair.s,
naimd then rQliro to one of his Italian
estates and live in uCcha'.on, for ono r
twotrfats bofore again taking 'part 1w
public life. But the huimaunity which
ho exhibited toward hid captives, evol'
when provoked by tho who esslealilugh
ter of hi -own. tros- wben IAllen'ir to
the Mexican handF, was not hownt10'
dothroned Emperor. Mexico deiand
ed his death; and Io fell a . vitim to
schemors and traitors. A recent letter
Tho london correspondent of the
Philadelphia Inquirer romarks: "It
would be the part of wisdom, I think, if
the United Stfates Government were to
abandon all the suits it has commenced
in this country against persomis implicat.
ted. in the late rceelionm; for it seem~s to
bie tho settled'otterinnation on the pt
of the English judges, lot the oircumns'an.
cos be whmt they may,- to decide all.
.qiuestiona0 adversely to the United States
whether they are plaintiffs or dofuod
ants. Two of thoe~ cases havo 1Adai
heard, and, has hitherto boon th6 ease
both wore decided, on sont~o potty tebh
nicalitios, against the United States Got.
ernent, It muay be thiat these })ritiehi
Jud ges are the wmsost and non couu o
tiouis men in tho world, a'nd i j'$
only say that either the Unii~ stt~a
have very bad otsen o1- elad .Meif pobr'
counsel, for the latter Are alwvays osb.
bed and -the former turneLd otg fe~ the.
Isn)IAN WAR IFAt1 of ltS
mTAhs.-OM~uAn, July, 7.--The foI ow~
ing has hoend ebolvdd' al hisdiiiettr~
froni Gbneral Clistar's .odfipmuald
RflvailtnE,, 001. (forty. i4h1 weat1Q
tnbhment of(t4tptykdio' tina
tainiIm n,iltoughearkSth fork e
Ii inns werog;dpfeng - . apav~,
wit iqlss 9E tWo. prgr &fl4ri
one -ihd ' - ,
surroided .Onstar e camp, onde.itnig'
t9 stampede thoe ioQrees' Ant IgoR.
cavayu d 4 0
r itp
'p m F
hto i~
( ia- it 4ntr

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