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Latest by Telegraph,
From Washington,
W AsHINUToN, Jan. 19.
The Virginia Connnttee, by resoli
tion, have postpolned the Ricimond con.
vention from tihe 10th of Febriuary to
the 17th of March-fearing Congress
Would not act, in sensonn to allow the
I)oplo to consider tie proposition anid
select. delegates as early as the dlay
heretofore designnated. The Connittee
renain in f ll1 seRsion during the present
week. Yesterday's interview with
GOant. leads the Vieginians to consider
GMnt na Ih m 1oi a vuable hi6end of I he
illovelninnnt in Washingtkl.
The I ississippi( Conmii Ive visited
Griimn. to dy, mllging him 1- tl is li,; nid
for immntnn lian e :ndmnission. (la r ne
pliei.Id Ithant. Ite R--0 t. rnICI wiln Qm.n11n; iI -
tee lin'l pIn.and i bl' in -ctr'nunICe
with Itheir views, aind vxpvresse,;cd theIn
1nom tInc t. thesne incea'str.-s i wuiI be. st
iled before ite connnne'ncenutni l oflh
lidntnistra Iion.
The ectnmi -te fnomnn tine colored qRatooniti
convention enlhed on Grnni who, neplying to
tin adlre:,s. sai.l : I thank lite convetition,
of whih votn are tine represntanive , fir
the conlitelnce they have expresdsed nod I
hope sinceev that tine colored peopil of
tie natlion nimay receive every protection
1iWhich tile lanws give to tiheml. lhey shall have
my efforis to ieure .uich proice ion. They
shord prove by their act theirn advance
inent, prosperity nnd obedience to the laws,
wonhy of Ali privilegeus the (ioverninent
1u11 leStowed upgon t hmI ; ni. boy tieir in.
ividuoal conidnet, prove themselves cserv
ing.of all t hey now claimcn."
WAsiNTN, January 21.
In the Senate, ninorials were presented
from New Jersey, ohict and Conneecutt, itn
favo of ifemiale 8nlrage. Conkliing intro.
ducdCci n hiil foribidding scen't i:nies Of gold
and bond.s by tnie reaitutly. Williunns of.
fered tie following nmendment to lee Coin
stitin n : Congess shall inve the right to
abroga:e an r estrici.nn <,f tie right to vote
or hoIl. AlicM by Siate iaws on Conitunitons.
No aen. -
Siherm ii an, fromn tin - Fin-ncie (ntnoittee,
repored1 a bill requiring N:t ional 1lJlanks 10
fnriush neprt atit least q 1mrterly, niiade up
to any lst dai y i he I Ancnircoller of ihe Cur
4 ency m1:'y desipcnne ;acd proh ilitinig thenm
fron iin" iim ns on greenbiaIcs orl er.
rencty in- cnnian-ral. A bill was alio intro
diced nniki- g it Wln<-:i to loan money 'nn
treecnh.c ts ccoll 1arh
The .ine is coniderin tihe bill forbi.
chug SMuCS to I x railninont plassengers whilt
the llin'e is consideriig the bill to allow
nmlrs of the prmatnt Se.icen to till the
Wes Pointi vacancies Ifr om tlhe 6ooth
Wilson's arny bil will manke Shierman
Genenil in tine plae of Gra'nt ; Sheridan,
Tholina, nd ie 1 ,ieut Ci cit -Generals :
ulancock and ilileck inyr.Gcenerls, and
Iromotes to t hat riank McDowell, Ord and
In tie ltounn, tie Speaker ninmcil the
Cenisu Commlinlee. U irleld ; timiirn'an.
Thce lissnori eleciin ci-c was revue neh
t le cnnitic reprittedi iln favor of' Switzler
(1ciemcra,) hit thlen llouse decided in favo
of' Andenrton, afier a long content.
The repeal of ina t en're-oof~lice 'ill
hangs tire inn tie setntC. The elitn of thie
lin today, in cnubbiing -the i Electlion
C4niniu .ee, in tine Switzler-Anderson cise,
excite's c'nnmnicnccit.
Pre-ident J mnon's melss -, se'nt to
the S.'nate on Mlonday, tna ais hitsA at
thority3 fIrm.sin hi.4 recenlt arnitesty
proulaniation ifi s..condl section of ai-ii.
eLe two of thi Co ntin itionn. The Prosi
dent ftrn'ishes pr.ce'lents for lis.i issues
of the ;mnestv in The pteviun annies
ie of \'iashington 4) It he parlinipatorsI
in) tine whicskey reiwillioln, Adams to tinm'
samnnne iersons.' Madisnil to lite BniratariaI
snmlugglers, Presideont Lincoln's to Ilm
$tit berilniteheb, tnd hci iAOWn, in 1865,
18G7 and 1808, toc ihe samenn.
# Ciommoindore Tant ual, whlioeonn nnunnied
thie Connfedierante -'moquncito fleet," hastu
-tn'turnedct to lis counilry tand is in New
Gra mnt hans writ ten au lctter to the
Republican Ilnangnrttion Comnnit tee,
that. if they (consult his wishes, thecre
woul be no inauguration ball.
Theiu 1 lnusie i~s dlisenssincg Bout we'll's
a; nhio. d sinul'enge c amiemidmtnts. T1he
- Senat is hevo nn1 etu an
hood1( sufae b iut. ound no quorinnm.
was Snate.'1h sem litoiake C it tp,
rtnd a fior i o'eingvdi toimne 1
cteipi o rdperly frThnurdy tbs
in e Seenart, te new York5 Cam -
cngt.i thlie anktruplct law, was thpre
svhend Aco resoltinIst a dontinl tonnon
fo ith fiitnclnct t'lon'ment aty Spiongliehl
goes passd.tin Thsewicany Commcittlnne.
rieotedcao bil dling oid mnnte conn
ctin lof propleryh enthe rebeliStates.
ho Sefnae arnd toute Hofun senn.o tnend
m'nnentn nnhemjoint.slto o er
moa ofodic er fr'om igiun Texnc lonnc itas
d-er gamiondmf cen releted by \ieson, ein.
tenudc uing i troiin to.ngenn daiisioni of
thet Htuse. n h eaoajund
to ~tich dispa otc wl's ill fo mat.n-s
hood suffrage inalind ntheenfcedm ien ofathe
fourteenill amendmeint.eif~c 'it ~c
Apvc cisaehi' fro Texa amnnucest (tas,
dleaion iif int ect(n ~ ed byii ohe ln'en
-ttne is oingwhee tot rgetie divci'iao
Twirtchel a beenad o aqitjed of atheiohag
n'tof mueing Ms. toil--ermoa.r
Forwilsedeighn andPoroWlic
clore teligaties othuonst ne. tI tCorges,
hrece will neeeit one tenant. erury
oatelmanwhilhe thecmbnost atine prepara
ns annreog omadie fton seningh asitoa
readynocmeets tol eCnuba. o ry n
favord dicussiPabtso Jaunr t9.
CnTetutan hicas rbotedesabassa-li
diot tomsign the l gonfernente. are ibstouh
nilencwnil ectbt the ooernm.kuwsta
tAer sr nothnuakor ocuse oa' mCalcutae
Napmoien. tpeaingloy fro Frhe. lhroe,
~congratulated thne members on the sreultho
thn. haonyen ntinwhce. o
ready t mee l o ent Janary and
navy andte resrce bein ~Jcomplee. Is en
sider'ng lime abolition of the slave trade be
tween the colonies. Transports with rein
forcemients for Dulce, are nearly ready to
sail. The ntext fleet will laud at Santiago
de Cuba.
From Hityana.
1IAVARA, Januaty 21.
Boyamno hns been alimmost entirely con.
atnied. Tho conflagration lasted three
days. Tho inhabitiants fled to tho woods.
Tie itnsumrgents alo burned Dael. Au.
thelic details inlnecessible.
IAVAXAj January 28.
It is reported that. tierebels are driving
Valnmnasida by a small force in his front, aml
that he i imoving Westward. A large force
attacked Villa larn. Sienimers have been
emgilged to bring Vamnsida hick
Travelers aire annoyed by severe passport
reguilations. lhanco de Camerco has been
resimlmed. Sugar firmer, at 8}.
sedi'ious eries ooccirred diuring hlie per.
f'ormnice it Villa Neumva theatre. Nl:iiy of'
the1. aldience commmmenlced sulgilg he lite
vonliionary Union'." whImeI ai formidable iot
enisued. The voluNtcmi(ers an11d pdolice ex
elinkimged shots withI the people. Nlanlly omu
both sides were wozunded 1 icreo wams Iim
tense ex'cSitelieit and imiore riot3 are capect.
Explosion or a Boiler,
Ni-w Yonnc, January 1).
A tmubuar hoiler in a turning 8shop in
Elizabieti, New Jersy. explod-d yesterday,
atid was drivon through the air 201) feet into
a hardmml ware store, falling up11onm the hends of
two mmenm, who were almimost insaimtly killed.
Three others were seriomsly ind perh-ips
fatally inijured, while several received se.
vero conlsitons.
W.%smNmowr, lJanumnry 22.
S T:s h-''le Pacilic iailrond Commiit..
tee tinamim;omsily reported against further
smmbshis in hnids to rail roalds
A pelitiin from plhysicians for tie re)ud.
tion of tlie tariff on certain drugs was re
ceived, anid also sevetmti petitions for feimmale
State rights, as connected with the right
of SmateS to Iax railroad passengers passing
tiromugh them, were discussed until ad.
lIlous.--The lomso Banking Committee
have agreed to report. a bill forbidding tie
baiks to loan money onm greenbacks as col
lat torah.
The )enver Itailroad bill was discussed
ill adjourmnmemnt.
New York Market.
N-w Yoic, Jan. 23, 7 P. M.
Cotton dull and decidedly lower ;
mies .650 bales, at 28:} a 29. GoId
Liverpool Market,
Livi.:im'oot,, Jan. 23.
Cotton cnsier but not lower-nr
ands 111 a . l2 ; Orleans I . a 111.
SN rATos ELcOTI:n.-Sumner has been
'eeectedi from. Nlnssachusettcs, anid hI Ciand
er from Ni ichigsnm.
.nmmmmes A. Bayard has been elected by the
girlattre of Delaware. United States Semn
Lior to serve mintill Marem 4th, and his son,
homas F. Hlyard, for tie full term of six
'cars from hat date.
The Pennsmyivania Legislature hias elected
lion John Scott United St.ites Senator.
Alex. lamsey was reelected United
states Senator from Minnesota by thirty
line majority.
We mainoumnced yesterany tie election of
llaimllin from Maine. Scliruz from Missouri,
Ind Fenton from New York.
Anmr.TanATmx, or Dinuos.-Tha Worl is
nvestigating tlhe drmg buiness. Its com
nissiolner lias found opium mixed withm
oicks, sand, flour and earth. Rhubarb is
-rightfully reduced and occasionally dis..
uilised beyond recognition, etc., etc. We
nil have to organize a mnew school of medi
:inem to keep pace with lime '-spirit, of lime
Time Phiilad~ hlrif( K'orth Auumrian annonna
x's that Commmodoro Ricmar'd Wi. Mende hmas
wifered a stroke of paralysis, nad thmat iis
rnmily have been sent. for in haste-with thme
gramvest amnticipation.
ElliiliC Acidi & SIlpCrpl0sphlc 01m-'
IJAVIN~f completed lhirb Extensive Man
I. ufactory, are now prepared to furnism
D~omuble Fertilizers, no other kind bieing
available to plantlers for immeiate retuirns
fot' their imnvest menms. ihh . Compxny, i
der' thi mdireetion entirely (of Southlem'm men
of highm chmaractem', offers imnducememnts which
wilil recommenmd it to Sothier'n lanmtems.
'Their works are~ time largeust. amid most. comm
pleto imn thme United States, anmd emnnble thiemi
to prepare mit ihome amn mbmudamnt supply of
the proper~ solvenmt, for time South Carolina
nai l'nePosphiate whmichi are near by.
t"&omi these Phmostphates lhey propose to
muanufactm ure a Fert ilizer even ioher In So
luible Phlosphmates irhan thmoso made from Rawt
Bonmes, aund containting mor'o liman twie time
rquantty of Superphmosphmate of Lime founad
in ime best average mmautmties hot'efofre of
fered for sale, tihe rates at whidh We offer
thorn being tno hiigher thanim theaverago price'
of othmer Fertlizers, while thmeManures eon
taimn twice as mmeh fertilizing material ; timoy
are iin fact miuch ciheaper to the contimer'.
They are offered on time mark-st in two
formms, wuiith a guaranitee thiat thle miaterimal
inm each will correspond to limo adver'timue.
ErtwasN No 1..-Solublo Phtosphmate, con
tiinmg from eigiiteenu to twently-fmve per
cemnt. of Pure Soluble Pihosphmate of Limne
amnd'furnh-hled at sixty dollars per mon.
E-rin As Nc. 2. -eruvinn Suiperpmosphtot
coumtaininmg froam sixteen to, twenuty per cent,
of Soiuble Phos'!hate. and thmree Io four per
cent. of Ammmonhim, at seventy doilar's per
ton, for approve'i mneceptancees, bearing imn.
terest, or' ucih othmer security as may be ac
ceptable to time Smub.A'gents. A discount
of ten per cent, onm lime above prIces will
be made fot oash. Orders to be forwarded
imnmediately to time Agents, and delivery
made as dlircected.
WM. C. lIEE & CO., Agenits.
C. (I. ME3msmmttN, Presuident,
jan 28--m
uindeoraigned begs leave to inform thme
' public that ihe has opened a First
Class CONF~ECTIONAR.Y one door
northm of' D'. Lauderdale's, where will be
kept all kinds of Fr'encih Conf'ectionarios
and other Candies. Nuts, Fruit, Toys, &o.
In fapt everything usually..founmd in a Oon
fetionary. 1E. W. OLLEVEIR.
jan 21.
0Family Boap &e. for sale at,
0 LLEVER, McCARLEY & CO., respect
fully beg leave to infbth the citizens
of Fairfield and the public generally that
they have opened a
in Winnsboro, on the cast side of Main St.,
between Jno. 1. hMatthews More and Mrs.
Moblaster's hotel, where all kinds of
Wies, Liquors, Ale, Porter and
Lager Becr,
can be found, either on draught, in bottles
or by the drink.
Our Restaurant will be furnished with
I resh Oysters direct from Suffolk, Va., and
everything else the mar'tket afl'ords.
THl Wando ilining and anufactuluring
c C'tilny offira4 to fihe P'lanitiers aind
Partmers of tie south their rI. zra iIt,
known as the
Wlic the experience of' file past season
his proved to be ine of lhie most. valuable
in 0u mIiket. It in3s for its base the ma
terials trotn le hiosphate Beds of the coin
piny on .l1y River, oiad iN prepari at
their work, :%I
East End of inzel Street,
inl tIhis city. II order to gliarantee Its tui
Formiy and maintiain i:s high sttaindard, t he
Company ifas made arralngemleia Swith i he
distinguislied Chemist, Dr. C U Shepard,
Jr., who carefully nimlyses all the anmoni,
cal and oilier imaterial purchased by the
Ceompanly. anld thew prepatred
before being offered for sele. The Compnny
is res-dved to makeit nn article w hich will
proto to be a Uotira;rn 1.%Iuunr and give
entire satisfaction.
For termau, circulars and other informa.
I iot. apply to
WM. C. DUKES & CO., Agents,
No. 1 SOUTn AfLANTIC W'nan,
Charleston, S. C,2
jan 10-3mn
WM. 0. DUKES & 00.,
Uecheral Comission 1M(--ehaniggj
Souti alitilic Ha'rf, Charleston, S. C.
Consignments of Cotton, Rice, &.,., re
'pectfully solicited, and liberal advances
nale i cthereon.
jin 10-311
Administrator's Notice.
LI, person having clinis against' lie
eatate of Jao. I. Kenniedy deo'd, will
iand them in at once, to [ihe undersigned
properly at tested.
jan 21- fi x2 Admr.
T IIE cholastic year for 1869,
will open on IONDAY, the
ist day of February.
Terms per Session:
lhoard in lie family of the Prinelpal
(or in other eligible private anai.
lies) including tuition ini all (lie
branches, $100
ruition of day sctolars in the Cila
sies, or oiher higher branches, 26
uiltion of day scholars in the Inter.
mediatle Departments, froml 15 to 20
l'uition of day scholars in the Pri.
mary Dgpartimmeni t, 10
Persons wishing to secure board in the
amily of I lie Principal, should make appli.
sat ioll Without delly.
It shall be (lie aim of tie Principal, In (he
Futuro, t) bring tlie Primary Depart ment up
o thle Cull standard of t ho others, in
lhoroughi training andi sound ilistruet Ion.
Arrangements have beenu made to secure for
his depart meni, thle most. competent. teach.
ra, andi it is hoped i le citi aens of Winns
boro and vicinity will send forward theIr
cons, small as well. as large, and in this
pracetical way, help to rest ore life and pros
perity to this veneratedl Institution in their
This is the most feasible and suare way of
e builiing Nlt. YZion, an entetrprise thait in
limately concerns every individual In the
sommuiiy, if not the entire District.
dee 19-t f P___rincipal.
T WO Thousand linshels on band for etul
No sacks can lbe luken out, of Store un
less patid for, thes msoney wall be refuin dedjfo
thecm wchen retuerned, rf in good order.
Jno. P'. Matthews, JP.,
Believe and Save Cost,
We are limed begging foar It and intend
to stop it. CATII 'ARLT & M1ATTlIEWI3.
Jan 14___
B-BLS. SUGA R, all grades;
RIO COFFlEF;,-bee,
L.ARD, in Kegs,
All kinds CANDIES,
Finesat French Confectioneries,
Fine Whiskey's,
Ale and Porter,
jan 14.
IN pursunnce of a Decree of the Cootet of
Equity the undersigned will rent to the
highest bidders, at Fairfield Court louse,
on the lt Monday in February next, at 12
M, the following Plantations belonging to
the Estate of Nicholas A. Peay, deceased,
for the year 1809-to wit :
The Home Place, containing about 1000
The Orahatn Place, containing about 2000
The Dulchman Creek Place, containing
about 000 acres.
The Ielton lace, dJontaining about 4000
The Ross Place, continhing abont 2500
The Flint [fill Place, containing about
180)0 acres. 0
lentors will be required to give notes with
two good sureties to (ach, or liens on the
crops as they may prefer.
We will ailo soll to tie highest l.ldders,
for cas/, on Tuesday the 2d day of February
next and she days following. comentcing
enela day at II A. M.. at lie several Ilaces
above namted, in tlie oriler nlove given,
colamecing at the Home Pinee, all lhe pt-r
sonal property belonging to tse said Isate,
consisting of .
35 head of iule" and llone,
100 hen. of Cat' e. more o1. S!,
A l~a of Corn, Pol-ler and Co on Seed,
Wagiroin. tot1toin.(ins. Platat i Unlen
Bils, Housohold aind Kitchien Funituire, &c.
U. l:Ul101A\l FON). 1
J.\S M1. RUTLANL,{ ra
yjy Columbia Phiernix copy till day di
sale andil send bill to this clice).
jan 12-tx3
II.\VINO nearly e:ha-mled our fir-t sup
1 ply of
Fall and Winter Goods
WC are almost daily receiving fresh a 1.1i
tions to our stock, consisting of
Cas-ineres and -
Shoes, &o.
Rice, &c.
Fresh supply of Drugs and Medlelnes.
ro all of which we invite tihe attention of
purchasers who have the Cash.
Ketclhin, McMaster & IBrice,
not 29
DoOTs ani Shoes, (N. C. miake) Hats
L) Caps, llacking, (Mason's) 4laicking
Brushes, Cotree Mill. Coffee Pots, 'Vea
Pots, (fancy) Buckels, Wash Pais,
Tin Plates, Strainers, Craters,
Cups, Table Salt, Spoons,
Paper, Envelopes,
Ink, Pens, Cotton
Onrdls. Pipes,
luckel s. 'Mackerell, Cheese, Crackers, Soaps,
(alt kinds) Soda, Starch. Candles,
Black Pepper, (inger, Allspice,
Citinnaon, Cloves, Nut Alegs,
P'owder, Shot, Caps, P'is
tols, Pickles, Sar.
dlines, Oysters,
Fresh Catn
td ie,
toisins, Almonds, Pecan Nuts, Blrazil Nuts,
EnglIsh Walniuts, Chewing and Snmok.
ig Tobacco, Segnrs, Shoe Thread,
Tqcks, Yankey Notions, &c.
ust, received by
Notice to Tax Payers,
~HE following persons havihng been nip
.. pointed Assessors for the County of
airfield ; will pr'oceed inmmneditntely to list
il laxable property in their re fiOtive
No. I and 2. John C Chishlmr.
" , Hugh B.\lelaster.
"4, J. T. D)argcan,
"b, J1. WV. Niat in.
"6 .1J. T. ii. Jo~nes.
"7 nira H, Geo. Ri. hlunter.
"' 9 and 1t0. .J. AI. Ilinnnnt.
" l', W. Ni. Manrtin.
'l'hmeitifend' of the Cdhnitf, amdtveruest
ii to meet the Assessors, in, a sptirit of kind-.
cn., and to do all in their power. to render
ho business of the Assosors, as pleasant as
ossible. A complete iad full rturn, and
,just andi fair valuat ion of proporh y, is all
hat is re-quired. J, . S-TEW A RT,
jan 14-t343(ouny'Auditor,
B Y Virtue of an nhtsochment to me di
reeled, I will offer for sale at Fe irtlld
Dourt House on the first Mlonday and the
:lay followhig iih February nog, witlln the
legal hours of an'e, to th Ih iighiest bidder,i
ror' Cash, the following Personal Property.
Purchasers to pay for titles:I
1835 poumnds seed Cotton levied upon as
he property of John Parrott, at, the stit of
i1. A. Gibsoa, Trustee.
8. 1'. 0.
Sheriff's Of~ee;
Jatn. 16th, 18691
jan 19-x2tl
Miary H1. Mienns, et, nis. vs. B. Hfart Mieans,
et. ahs.-.Bill of Review, Supplemental
rt appearing to the- Couirt that H.' Jhrt'
Mleans and D.r. . Julit', R. Poehinlix, and
Claudia Poellnits his child, Defendants in the
above stated cause are absent from and
without the Stnie.
Iti. Ordered on motion of Mr. !ion, Com
plainant's 89hieitor, that said Defendi~airls
do appear, And plead, answer and do
mur to suk4 BIll, within forty days, from
the date ofrbeft-at' publicatien of thilb oV.
der, or a dleoree pro confesso will be entered
of- resor$ a ainet them.
1tJh.1869( C. C, P.
Jan 21, '1eb2,'11, 28,
PEANUT OANDYi L on dsin Mops
and Bardities. For sae by ~ .~
'n6412. .fan M hed
Winnsboro, S. C.
The Proprietors are dotermined to
mako the HERALD a flrst-class
N E WS8 P A P E Rt.
The HELMALD will be absolutely
!'rd entitely tomooratic insr entinjen-t,
At all times and uuter all circumstrn.
es, and ut.comp:otnising. in hostility
Lo those ruinous Radical measures,
which have struck and are still strik
ing at the roots of the Constitutio
md the existetico'F politidal and cfif
liberty. We shall always maintain
md vindicate the freeoin of tho Prev,
m1d sliall not a6 any timo hesi'tato to,
lisouss freely the aothns of mon' and
Ahe probablo consequences of measures.
Shioufd cotamo~nd it to thme
As one of the best Advertising
Agencies that they can posibly 1m
Il'sn Ar.m, f copy, 1 yesaV, $3 00
" -6 m-nmlhs, 2 00
" 1 copies 1 year, 25 00
(and one extr copy (othe getter up of the
8E& No pnper sent unless tihe cash ac
companies thme order.
O~r Every paper stopped at' th e oplras.
lien of life'tbrm, unless subscription be re'
neowed iu time.
1 WOLDl invite the attention of dealers to
my Larga and Well Assorted'. stock -of
lVOWDERi, consisting of
Itifib 11fg. in kega,. irlf and quaf'ior leg*,.
Also in oune poundatd halt poun'midm uii.
Deer itf, in kegs, half And quarter kegs,
also in one pound1 and hnit pound eanisters.
19age Sporting atid Ilif1fe, inO0) pound kgs
odie ponad sad half pound eahister's.g
Eagle kDucking, in 12j and 6} poimd kegs,
five ound aftd one pound-oanisters.
Blastin Powder, in twenty-five poundkg.
Sport n, hiining and 84ipping Powdeur
lirte Milsof . . D OiTDANEM-*
OURS 00., Wilmington Delaware, who~e
repuation ha's atbod unrivalled for sixty -
amrprdto Aell all orders eiher-lUe
tail or Wolesa1e, allowing :.. ~l,-tl di.
No.. l'and 2-tl11 l e : 't
The Old an! I'tgest Es'
C' -:p.I-IILL q-_E A
R IIODES' MIANUREI, in its prepirntioi, i
of Col ton, Corn, Whent, Tobacco, Pota
le bIanufant uring Iepartment i conditc
Ufeinists ind Nianufactnrers in the 'nit ed
It is enidored, apj'proved. and recoimten i
atd Agricultursts in the Sout hern States.
ty," always relinble, prodnolive of large er<
(the high percentage of "True Fortilizing l'i
Price $57.60 cash, or 9665 time, with fact
1st Decemlief., 1k!).
ORCh ICiLA GUANO. "A A."-A fine Bird
Price $35 cash, or $40 time.
PEtUVIAN L'GUANO, warranted pire, ni
prices tor Cn:lt,
deu 8-3m1
Ilakelistocks, S. C.
iA,1 hnppy toitiori my friels ad thie
public generuly, tiit I hive pulrcasel
a largo stock of 1)ry Goods, jkroveries,
liardware, &c., Consisting in part of
Calicoes, of till kindo.
lReody Made Clothing,
Finle Family liour-,
Sugar, Colee,
Itice, Bacon,
Country Cured llams,
Irish Potatoes,
Alackerell, Lard,
Ten, Candles,
Sonp. Sardines,
Oysters, Crack-es,
Chenese, liaisins,
.innica lutm,
Porter, Ale,
Whiskey, (of all kiduls,)
Corn, Rye,
Old Nectar, &e.,
ClIret Wino, -
Brandy Peaches,
Tin Ware,
Candy, Pickles,
Salt, Tobacco,
Segar, Doots,
Shcoes, Pepper, Spice, Powder, 8hot, Cups,
'Here's yotr Mulo" Tobneco, and a great
mmany ot her ati ales oo n1u1n0rou1s to mn1t1 ion.
All of yinch I will ,ell for less thaun any
other store in the lIistrict for cuish only.
('al and examine.
dhee 19-tf
Just Received,
Country Cured llamsg
Irish Potatoes,
Cand les,
Or nok erS,
Ra IsinIt,
R; a181nli, 0)
1'ort er,
Whiskey, (of all kintds,)'
Corn, Rtye,
Old Nectair, &co.,
Clairet Winto,
Branidy P'eachtes,
Tin Ware. Candy, Pickies, Salt, Tobaceco,1
Seg.tra8, hoots, Shooes, gepper, Spice,.P1ow
der, Shot, ('apis; "llere's your ,\M ulo"' i'bne
which will li sold'at a sm'nil nid'nnce on
New York 08st- for dashf otly. Call and
ado. nov 21
Th 15 0o5c~ (0#5 oIego.
fj'ti1IS is oneo of t he most tlourish
I. ing lunstitttions ini the
Puplh1ht received at any Cagio
'm I charged from tie of enter
T it ion, Inoludiing Ltitt and French,
$''(J001ier mioth.
Broardling, inoluidinig fuel anid war-hing
$1 1.00 par monthI.
J. 1. BONNE11,
deo 19-8m PresIent.
Commission MX~erhants,
No. 9 Boyce's Wharf,
Ch g'telit n M. C.
W. ti COUIRTEY. 110BT, MUnIu~It.~
JTAB, i. M4URDo~tI,
set10-ft ____-__.
(BudTohsors to . II Ileso,'j
DJMAtidns 1j
A1do fannfrohirers of and De~alors in
Plain, Japa~nned and Pressed Tin
* are, Hlotse Fiftnishi1 Goods, &e,
8g'9 Store two dooy..11016 Ilryo's Cot'
nov 10
21Z E R S.
abased taroardManuire.
JSv GrTTA1srO.
tIna eqluall ilanpeile for forcing large crop!
oes n11i4l 'ithe. root crops.
ed by Fielerick Kieft, one of the imlust skillfutl
Statel s.
ed by all of the imost promineint Chemists
"It cn libe relied uiponl s ullfiijormi inl quali
ps. anil liuexcelled hv aly ink the unalket , in
is accept:tnec, and 7 per cei. intlerest unt il
|tlunnao, ribIl inl 'lhopniate unid Alkaliie 8alts.
d always tiln inA. 'irniisied at tiuatket
H. . IEiT' & SON, Agents,
'it' iast est, lto0(t Nort'h ol Southi,
Via ( lail'offiet & S. (. aid (o.
1ill)Ih & A 1l1l'i1 - i it rioliis.
SII A N (I. EO F S (.[ I I ) U I 1, ,
t n , g. 8,1
N aid affo Weilneel.iy. tle 15t iist,
file Trainsiii ov l the.,' itoads will rui
as ollow' Ill.
Lenve 'harlot!e, 30 a Il
Chest er, .1.15 n i
Wininsiorgi, 11.85 i fly
Arrive it Coltimia . 1t Ill
Leave Columibia, 2.30 Ii fly
Arrivo at Graniteville at 7.30 11 ilk
heave rannif erille I 7 4i) a in
Atrrive at Cobtutiub hi at12.16 1 i
heave ('ol tinhijj 1 T) 0 1
I Wlisloro, 2 00 p iii
" Chester, ' 40 p ax
Arrive at Ci.rlotte, 7.36 It it
Aii cixil ysq, 11'ee in ritilui' nl Irib va
letive I 'ol ilila, 7. 00 1 tit
Wintisburo. 14). -t i ill
Chester, 200 p ml
Arrlive at Clintiotl, C-. 60 p m
linInys, henersInya id SatFruiny.
senive CIatteIMb, (;.1) a iIn
Chest er, 11.25 a at
Winnsboro, 205 p it
Arrive at. Columbia, 6.10 p m
1 1 1 ItN11 per int edent
iv -A 0 T-1 1: Ws ~ED1 S,
&c, &C., &c.
IlHE lIleriber is now prepared to ir
.. nishi, repair or makho to order all kinds
of F'ur, ituore.
Aly l'atent Cloth Waslier vill always lie
oi land, they hiev beent Igroulhly tested
for the past liiveivO i1i(11t'1. by tle public,
I I ini ill (nei have given entfiro Fnttisfac.
cuol. It k slin pile i i t const rni o, In duritil'
1nd not liable to get out of order,' It. will
W idh vix shiit or f lit Ihulk of clothes in
live mniuties if tised necorilitig to directi ong.
I Iivite t lie citizeis of Winnsboro and sur
rouiniti country to Call ail examino lily
nIew Chrn. Also iy llough uachine, they
nrC ideided iniqrovemiients over the old ame'
(Co:aie and examine my Labor Saving Ala.
dlh ies, anad givc lhom a fit i rinl, tail Jf
Ihey doi not give c't ire :miisfnetliin, iretturn
thlem ny ii3 time12W Il wihin Iiry idays antdi I will
refund tho money, as I warrn t every Ala:
Winnisboro, $. C.
Thi~s IX to cerutify tbutt we are using F.
Elder's Pat eat Clothles Waxsher; it isi Mmiplo
and net' llal'e 1o get out iir order. We cans
'eoedmonte It to thie pu1bia o a great
snvIng of laboa' naid less injujrious (t lie
clot hex tani tho obil nietho ofii (t wash ing.
J 11ev C II lletts, Wint.sboro, 8 C, Alys Dr'
Ilt R Ac~laster, Wi insboro. 8 C,,AlMra .9am
Stevensoni, Fairfleld I)listrict, S (), hirs
llohI.ilorroni, tFairfielil 1)1st 'let, R U, Mxrs' C
Kennedy, Chester, 8 C, lIir J A Ileedly,
Chest er, S C, Mi Caleb liee, Colfimbila'
S C. Aies J1 I, Yongtue, Coliumibin, 8 C, Capt
L Al( tridtr, Pri'iiet or lEminirer, Y'orkvllo,
S C, Alis. .9. i. Clown'tey, Wiinishoro, 8. C,
auig l
(Ol ANG ES, JLulONS, A lupl 5, (lingernuts,
N.J aovelty Cakos, Kiases, I rishi P'ot iis,
Catniy, &c. , a froshi suipily. Calt and tlod
(br yourselves,
de'Ic 2-f JOhN AlolNTr~'1E & Co.
'l Ud A R, Col'o, 1(lolasstes '(Ten, Candles,
S Starchi,,Senp, finegnr, P'owder, Shot,
Lend, &o., &c. Jnst. received by.
SAT1 ! SAL1'i SA LT 1
'.. UO just received and for sale, low for
Cashi JNO. P. M ATT H PA8,}r.
sept 26
UTNI VERSA LLY' acknowliedged the Model'
PIarlor Mlagazine of Anmerica; devoted
to Original Stories, P'oemas. Sket chia, liouse.
bold Maiters, Gemls of Thoughit, Pers'onal
Liteornry Gossip (Iicluding .specInal depart
maentx on Fiushions). Insructioniso
Heithl, Mutb, Amusements, etos, by tiio
best anithors, attad profas'ehy illltstr'aIeQ unu'
costly Enagravings (full size) useful tind>
retliatblO Patterps, Emibroiderles, and a con.
slant suacd~Abon of artIstIc novelties, wilk
other usefril and entertninintg lltet'aturo.
No person of reflnomont, econemlent
hopsuopIre, or lady of (asico can afford to-do
withouL , te Model Menthxly. Spool.net
copIes, 15 00ents; maIled froog fear, ~h
with a-val'nable pr~mini to e4 .5
three copiest $7.50: fiv.e onphas $1, ,rd
spleudld promliums for' chiubn at $5 'etaliW
with the trit preiums ,for each subserliW
M - A new Ilartram & ranion i enr~
Maociine' for 20' 'subsedhoers atm. o
Puibliclstolf fioe
No 478 lirendwiny 1149 y9
Demoresl s Monthily and. ~ot~g(ttye
to olier $1, with the pre mliusfa e
Jan 6
JUST xce7 n 4~ieb
nith 1i
- - ;i ~

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