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Specch of tkenator Stookton.
tor froim New Jersey, not
' o., a hing suffered by the
n . i oli 1o1e r of i Radical Sona
oi &ared to Put the (1iestion fully
n1, fai lly befro the peoplo of the
orth. of !oyl d Tinion, antd challenge
he Repibicaiis North to weigh well
hie elbots of the 1.5tli Amendniont
leaonstruction. For the purpose of
intdicating when and where the rights
,if States niust lind vindioation, if
viadicatior is found at atll horeafter,
we quot t a paragraph froi the speech
of the Seotitor froim gallant little Now
Jorsey. Tho Senator said :
Mr. Piesident : I kuow that the
use of' the word "State rights" is get
iing ofi'nsive to sOmo ofm y friends on
the other -ido ; but as the distiniguished
Sona'.'r froim Ohio :ail thiS morning,
they inti admit oven in their view
that. tie Statss.i have some rights.
Now it is said that Congress is oumnip
otenht ; it is said that Congress can do
anyi thing. Mr. Preident, Congress is
not oini potent. Coigiess is a body
of limited powers-linited by the
Constitution ; and it is in addition
to that the more reservoir of powers
giveii by the S.ntes, the remainder
of which aro sLill in the people and
in the States. That., as a principle of
government, is not disputed, and
thereforo I say that Congress has no
right to pass tin not, whioh this bill is,
to alter the Constitution of the
United States. It is an act to alter
the Constitution of the United States
iu an easior mode than the mode
provided therein.
It Las been prosposed here within a
few days to enact that the Supreme
Court hall no longer determine
(fueltions which are political, and that
Congress shall decide what are poiliti
cal (-ictions. A bill has been in
troduced to authorizo a department of
the Goveritnent to dotermine when
fin amendinent to tho Constitution is
adopted. Then by the passage of
this ao, Mid by deriving the Supreme
Court by callhig it a politioal ques
tion, of' the power of acting on the
constitutionality of the so-called
amenidiiment, and by referring the
doterinaootion of its ratifnoation to one
of teh departments of the Govern
ment, you absolutely alter by legisla
tion the Constitution of the United
States in a manner not provided
thereiln, 1111d in different mainner. I
insist upon it that such an alteration
is totaily and entirely illegal, and in
violiti-.n af the instrument itself, nay
---I cannot use a milder expression ; I
uso the word in its proper sense-it is
reuvolution ; that is, it overturns the
government of our fathers.
It requires, as I have said, three
fourths of the States to amend the
Constitution. That of course, meant
three-fourths of the soverign States,
three-fourths of such States as met
together originally as independent
svereigntios, and for the protection
of those rights of which I speak gave
uj soje of their individual liberty
that might be better protected
a!p;tinst foreign nations. That was'the
object of the formation of this Gov
eriment, to protect these very home
liberties of which you n1ow seek to
d1 eprive US; aId, Is I said, it req uires
three-fourth of theso sovereiga States
to amen., d the com-pact. But now i
this military State, this pr ivisional
governtmient, is to have a voice in
amen~ldin~g t he Constitution beofore she(
is admitted as a State of the Union,
how nineh is she to count ? Is she to
c~ounit a full State or whlat fraction ofta
State ? .If these other three States
are to speak under your compulsion
after thley haive got. in, how mu~ch are
they to counut ? What is tho ratio ?
TJhey certainly do not stand in the
samte position as these original States
wvho made thle bairgain. Thbis course
c'rtinly breaks the relations of thle
State of Ohio, the State of New
.Jersey, anud the State of New York
with onec snot her, and breaks their
relations with tihe Federal Govern
menst. It establishes a now princi
1p10 ; it takes a position never betfore
taken ins this country :that you have
a right to comoe in and strike the wsord
".thbite" out. of the Constitution of my
State, at Constitution that I have
5sworn over and over again to support,
which conltains the word "white" in
it, which you mean to strike out by
nn attempt to alter the Constitution
of tile United States in this way.
Now Mr. President, I have a
remedy it' you do not take it from me,
'The Constitution has given us a
remtedy. We have a right to appeal
to the courts. It is singular to see
these hills all standing par-i paessu, by
one of which you take that right away,
that is a part, of your scheme, by
which you propose to deprive me of
the resort which is yet left, to the
eoou't. Sir, does a State wheye the
hakacs coipus is suspended stand in
such a position as to adopt a constltu
tional amendment 1 Can a Stat.
where a madn, ins violation of the test
of' the cotnstitution itself, can be tried
for Ihis life, and condemned and hang.
ed, without the indictment or present
ment of a grand jury and without a
tria' by a petty jury-oan such a
Stateo adopt an alteration of the con
st itution of my 8t ate ? Bir, when you
can tear a 'man away from the very
alter of liberty, when you can tear a
marn away who Is .clinging to your
Supreme Court for his life and chlis.
ing the protection of the judiciary,
when you can do that in a State, and
atre doing it every day, do you mean
to tell me that the military prto
t'isional govcrnmnent of a State *here
t hst is tolarateid enn alter thAe onai1
t'it ion of my Stato and of the ghslted
Suites ?
I make these temarks in sorrow
I make theam simply that they m:a
be reorded ; and I believe thie dayi
will conme wlher this anmendmaent, if it
is-pretondedito-be adopt~ed in Ahit
way, will- be i-wone tp lhe no tart
of the Constituti on of the United
States. I have not spoken for I
Georgia ; I have .spoken entirely jn
the interest oUtlhe Northehi.tate,
those States which have not ben at
all tainted with robelllop.
Exoiting Encounter with a Whale in Pov.- P
inoetown Harbor.
A Provincetown correspondent of 1a
the Yarmouth Regider writes:
Two "right" whales were dis-4over.
cred in the harbor about three o'clock
Monday afternoon last. The cry of
"there she blows I" was soon repeated
along shore, diruotly followed by has
ty manning of whale boats, and hqrry
ing into them the weapons and gear
fur chase and capturo. Some half
drzen boats, equipped and manned o
with six men each, soon tarted in
pursuit. After a chase of shout threo
quarters of an hour, the whales the
while deftly eluding. their pursuers, I
by soundings and Irregular spoutings,
a boat steored by Mr. Go. Smith and (
"headed" by Mr. Archibald MuCur
dy, both experienced whalemen, was
run upn the broadside of one of them
and Mo urdy,to use bi Phrase "senthis o
iron howe to the seizing into her bilge."
The scone now became exciting to
the actors, and hundreds of specta.
tors who were witnessing the proceed
ings from the town. The wind at the
time was blowing a gale irom the
North, and so cold that the spray 4
froze as it flew. The whale ran sharp- I
ly I ow to the windward, now to l.e- I
ward, then following the shoal water
back and forth along the West end of
the barbor, the loose whale all the
time keeping elose company with his
wounded mate, and the soa a spray
enveloping the crew, and at times al
most obscuring the boat from view.
The enraged whale elevaling her
flukes twenty feet above war, would
again and again strike fearfully for
her invisible foe. Every attempt to
haul up and lance was met by her
flukes just clear of the boat. Thus
the contest continued without much
change of nwanwuvro or advantage
gained by either antagonist, until
about half-past five P. M., when the
whale succeeded in delivering the
boat a slight blow with her tail,
knocking off the head of the stern
post, breaking the steering oar into
sovoral pieces, and filling her to the
thwarts with water. Another boat
near at hand took her tow-line,
but after a short ti'ne, the whale still
fIghting and prevonting any near ap
proach, and night setting in, the har
pooner reluctantly cut the line and
lot.her go. Her wound is thought to
be mortal, as she bled profusely, ar.d
it is expeeted she may be picked up
in a few days in the bay.
The crew of the crippled boat on
reaching shore were completely oneas.
ed in ice, enveloping even the bead of
Mr. Smith, who had lost his hat.
Several of the other crews woro badly
A BEAUTIUr. Ca.-We had the
pleasure, a few days ago, of examin
ii a n'-w pavssnger car now building
31 11. a .. ad . - :he Spartanburg and
U..i-ni lailroad, which for skill in
workmanship and beauty of appear
Once reflects much credit, upon all
engaged on it. The wood work was
executed by Mr. J. Rico, the minster
workman in the carpenter shop and
will favorably compare with similar
work from any other establishment,
proving Mr. 11. to he truly a master
workman. Mr. A. WV. iamiter, from
the Memphis railroad, is now engaged
painting It, and we have no hesitaricy
in stating that for taste in design,
completeness in finish and fine artistic
skill the painting en this car is not
excelled by such work on any road in
the State. When finished it will be
one of the hiandsomnest cars in the
State. It is expected that it wvill be
completed by the first of May, and we
suggest that our citizens make it an
occasion for a jolly excuirsion of plea
sure in it. No doubt the excellent
President of the road will do all in
his power to make It a 'pleasant and
gay trlp.-Union Times.
The time has passed for partisan
papers in the Senth i; and when we see
Southern editors spendinig their time
in discussions of Northern party poli
cy, and calling upon their roadora
never to despair of the Yankee 11e.
publie, we do so with the unoomforta
bile feeling with which we regard an1
actor who is performing is part in
such a mainer s tg insyte.the hisses
of the audience. It would be well for
the public and himself If v'ely .Mouth
era editor would consider well the
difference between his position and
these of a Northern editor. They are
widely separated as are the interests
and powers of the Northera an
Southeru 'people&- o& i
Whittomore was burnt in effig, in
Sumter, a few nights ago. Lsst week
he was spotted on the train at Wilsuing.
ton, and passengers on bdai from
Massachusetts, hjs nat~ivo S, *ero as
anxious to see this depraved man as
they would have been had he been
some~ strange animal froan.the fotesta
of Africa. 'They twfttoi him so much
about his corruption. that lie aotuogly
left timo coachiandtookc rofuge m the
baggage car for proteetion to his feel
not afraid to live alone," said a noble
woman, "buit I dare not marry in.
In there nio One herqjim here? I
tinkm. to umto ~tr-' a
single fil'e wie ellen st'tio e
been unkind, to ehoose It from a hiah
nense of duty or to aceept I6 'for the
.ake of kcyahy to a high ideala s
brave a thing as a woman can do.
removo .Itiaus floi* 'trr44$--Got
k-tgi -N 6N&i'uper-Phds
phate of Lime.
AM now receiving my supplies or tlist
L nanures and Plant rs ,pRp rely upon
tIng an sio flfTuf- to atthadard as
"r analysen. All boug it from myself or
ulhorized Agents I will guaraulco, as ove
y cnrgo so sold Is analysed on arrival
ere and the high chara'er of the manure
lily kept uep. J, N. ROBSON,
Hole AgI. for South Carolina.
Nos. I and 2 Allantio Wharf,
Charleston 8. C.
Agt. for Fairield County.
Prof. Shepard a.tys of analysis mando
ictober 16th, 1869. "A valtuilo nincaure
ud decidedly stup rior to the arti els' io
iat year."
Experiment made by NI. C. M- Ilaintond.
f Beech Island. 8. C
No manure, 887 lb. Sorri tColton pr ier,
176 lbs Peruoinivi Gmino. 1828 Dis. timee
:o:lon per nern
175 lbs. augl's, II'J lbMs. Seedi 'o f ot
er Acre. dec "i
Mick eturns anti Perimncit improve
mllil to he holl.
Mapes' Nitrogenized
'1OPOSED of 11onsa ihoniIharo Guantou
.J and Ammoninoal Animal Matter, all
horoughly deconposcdi noal reduced to a
ine powder by menna (f fferienintion and
ulphurio aid a dapted to the growing of
'otton, Corn, Tobacco, rnin Crops. Vege.
ables, &c. This is the oldest Stuper Pihoa
uhato manufacctured in this couniry. havint
oen introduced to the public in the Spring
of the year 1862. The guarantleed chemi
a stalndaird of this fertilizer is: Ammonia,
1.00 to 8.60 per ot. Soluble Bne 1' os.
>hate, 14 per ot. Total Done Phosphate,
10 per at.
The practical success of this Super-Pho
)hao, even during Ithe Itstot uscfavorable sea
ions, has been fully estabi.hedI by the ex
irience of hundreds of planters and farc.
rs, recent letters f. onearly t Ie hundred
if whom Are to be found in tihe par F hletp
Ast issued.
W. W. KETCIIIN, Agent,
Jan 7 Winneboro. 8. 0.
Vurfee's Sub-Soil Plow,
'- UPERSEDINO S -ovel Plows And
Sweeps. This Plow, with its ailtet.
miet, is useful aill Ithe year roumd, espo.
iially in planting and growing seasons.
Sold at faciory pricos freight addded, by
mar 8 Agets.
Country Cured Meat.
[AMS, Sides, Shoulders and Lard, for
sale. Ternms Cash.
1500 edISIKLS Prime Corn,
300 Bushels White Spring Oats.
100 Bushels White Wheat.
200 Lbs. Buckwheat Flour.
6000 Lbs. Rib C. It. & Clear Bacon.
400 Lbs. Choice Sugar Cured llams.
600 Lbs. Choice Caroline lice.
General assortment Crushed, A, C extra
ind 0 Sugar, N. 0. lioney, Golden and
Nagnolia Syrup. No. I Factory Cheese, and
Italian Maccaroui by
mar S Agent for Aubrey & C1o.
Ale?! Ale 11!
~'Dts'. Younger's Best Imported Ale,
*/and 28 do:. Pilladelphcia Ale, low for
Segars! Segars!!
8,000 fineSegars, for salie by
mar 1 Corner fno. 1.
Y remaining Winter Goods, con ijsting of
B lanketa. Cloaks and Shawls," annels,
lassimeres Tweeds and Jeanus, Merinoes,
'opliuit, Defanes anad -8kirts, will be sold
it cost for cash. 1. N. WiI ERS.
Bleached and Brown Domestics, Bled
rickings, Calicoes Plaid Domestics, Tow-.
1e, Linen Damnasks, Gloves Ihosiery and
landkerohiefi, very eheap at the cap
tore of I. N. W ITIIE 1R8.
It you want a good pair of Shoes sall on
Gentlenien's black silk dress lists. Men's
Roys' And Ohilderencs' Fure acid Wool lat,
[4adies, !!ats of all dlescriptions for male
sheap by W IT H E.i.
Withers has Ott hand a few seta of Bucg
Iharness, Mens' Saddios, Riding and Bi nd
Bridles, whlich will be sold cheap for theo
A good assortment of Hardware, Farm
ng Utensils, Crockery Ware. Tin -Ware and
IVood Ware, always on hanmd and for sale
~hesmp by : - WITHERS.
Great Bargains in Ready Me~de Clothing
re now beipg ofered by WIT HERS.
If you want Onion Bets and reliable
larden Seed, cali on- I. N. Withere, and pro
ure some of "Landreth's fresh and genau.
lne." ,feb 12
Fertilizersi FerP~izersl
IAViNG secured the Agency ter Fair
field County for the followIng Fertili
cers :
Soluble Pacific a no.
lBaughc's Raw hone Seuper Phosphate,
Tice Catolina~erthiier,
Rhodes' Super khnsp'hate,
Orehilla Guano,
Cotton Food,
*Maryland Ammontasted
Compound Acid Phtptt of Limte, for
sompotihg isth' eet aon seed;
Phosphate. Armate oe upr
I att, now prepared to supply tagy firiends
aith atty otthe abgve as low tas the same
aan be "pitrhase'd in any othpr mar
ket with Freight anud Drayage E'dded.' 011
.ai A, asEU
Wifsboro Wodksho
. gs,par.,W l barrows,
o. o~h repairing neatly ex All 1
-uper-hosphate Company.
SOIuble Phosphoric Acid, in the form of St
Phosphate, Is the basis of all good Fertilizei
Soluble Phosphoric Acid which isin them.
The immense deposits of Phosphnti Goamm
Carolina, by Dr. Pratt, consists mainly of Ins
available as a Fertilizer boy being ground to
such a condition nas t- rak'' its i solublo ph
oapotble of hningr taken up by growing plan
conmmercial Fert ilser is of no moire value to
T'e, greaateir fthe prolportion of this ouinble
fthe ht's the quitnlity reqired per nere. na
thu cotaeining the highesto per centag,. of St
Itpressed with these trus. ilheaStlphieric
er.-cted aut Charicron the fir4t exiesitive Aci
nh)e I offer to plautert tIhle I ighe!.t per ceml, a
any rnrket
Their eaitihzers are off.'red tinder wn fn
1. Etiwani. No. 1 ---Pure Sluible Phosph
Dismolved VIone I'lhaophaito of i.ime $60 per
2. iiiwan.. No. 2 -- Periuvian Superhl'i
of Dilanived lone hlinsphnte, and I j to 3 pt
tion of Pleruvian Gunno to adspt it to all C
for oAsh.
Dissolvedll.one, of highgrtioe: for planter
inio pny other coinpost. anl w' sugest tlhi
maufaciurere to 00rieport the Sulphurio Ac
at a 'fied rato for each por enrtage.
Jan 5 8m
and is pronounced by various chemists, one
Peruvian Guano in its Fortilizitng Properties,
inot land and sea animals, and posness quali
&t. We annex the analysis of P'rofessor Shi
Analysis of a sample of Carolina Fertilizer
Moisltare expelled at 212* F,
Organio AMalter, with some water of conbint
Fixed Ingredients,
Phansporic Acid-Soluble, 6.96 Eq
Insoluble, 6.17 l
Sulphuric Ao'd, 11.01 Eq
Sulphate of Potash,
Sulphate of Soda,
On the strengths of these results I am gIn
We will furnish this excellenit PERTILIZ
2,000 lbs.
oct 9-ly
Now Advertisements.
Saws of all descriptions. Axes, Bielting
anad mill furnishings. Circular Saws with
solid Teeth, or with Patent. Adjustible'
Points, superior to all Insetted Teeth Baws.
&& Prcesa Redsurd.* g
gg,8end for P'rloe Li1st and Circulars.-Og~
Bloston. 41ass., or Detroit, Mich.
WVA NTED--AG ENTS.-$75 to $200 j er
month, everywhere,malc anal femnle,to into
dutce thae Genuine improved Common Sense
Family Sowing Machine. This Machine
will stich, hema, fell, tuck, quilt, cord, bind
braid and embroider in a most superior
manner. Priee only $18. Fully warrant
ed for' fve years. We will pay $1000 for
any machine that will sew a stronger, more
beautiful, or more elastic seam that, ours.
It makces the '-Elastlc Look stich." Every
second stioh can be out, and still the clothi
crannot 'e pulled apart wlthout,Iearing It.
We pay Agents ftoin $76 to $200 per
month and expenses, or a commIssion fromn
wich twice that, amount, 7can be ade.
Address 8coun & Oa., -Pittsburg, Pa.,
B~oston/ Mass., or St. Louis, Mo.
CaUTIrox.-lieware of all Agents selling
snaphaines under the same nome as ours,
unless they can show a certiticate of agen
0y sIgned by us. We shall not hold our
selves responsible for worthless ma -hines
sold by other parties, and shall prosoute
all parties either selling or bsing machines
under thtis name to the full extent of thte
law, unless such rnichines were obtained
from us or our agents. Dio net be imposed
upon by partIes who copy cur advertise.
ment-and circular. and offer worthless ma
ohaine. at a less price.
l ooJemm- **S soaimia.
For sale by all dealers In
SWAY with uneomfortable Trusses.
Cotter ad.Ore orthe R~uptured.
Avenne hiew York. 2 eIgo
at Charleston.
'RATT, Chemist for the Sulphuric Acid and
oluble Phosphate of Lime, or Dissolved Bone
's, and theme are valuablo in the ratio of
)q which were discovered in 1867 in South
olilile lh'inliint ( of ,ime, which is mado
powder, nod redc red by Sutlphuric Acid to
oupite srltible in witer, nnd thius miade
s: The insoltult o Ploispinre found in any
the plat Iha it Ie original Phosphato rock.
lhettiiite which nny Fertilizer coniniis,
I con-inr.iently the brcltves. .Pertilizer is
4inble IlPhophte..
Aci.1 and Siper Plinspinie Ctompany have
.1 C lither,; Nonth oft iahimoire, 'and are
ge of 8 duble i'h-piate of lime known in
nie, gtar-infeed to en tain 24 pr cetnt. of
ton, )10 per ceIl. dicolnt for ens h.
sphiate, gdaraneed to ctntain 20 per cent,
r cent. of A mmionin, withi a suflicient addi.
rops, $70 per (on, 10 per cent. discount
R or manufacturers, who mny desire to mix
this is the best. nnd chenpest. mnethod for
id coulained in the mixture. Will be sold
IWM. C. BEr & Co.,
Agents, No. 14 Adger's Wharf.
de from the Phosphates of South Carolina,
of the best Manures known, only inferior to
These Phosphates are the remains of ex.
ties of the greatest value to the agricultur
, personally selected.
16 70
ition expelled at a low red heat, 16,60
uivalent to 11.27 Solubl Phosphato of Lime
uivalent to 13.-8 lusoluble (b -no).
2-1.75 Phosphate of Lime.
tivalent to 23.65 Sulphate of Limo.
ito certify to the superiority of the ('aroli
C. U. SiIEPAltD, Jr.
FR to Planters andl others at $60 per ton of
__ CHUAS.A. DAN A niTon.
'$heeean..tamartent, andt hed eW Yor saper.
Everytw1 lke it. h dions: DlAtLY, S(t) 3:
an rir0 1.i' otmnr he, ~tuiure, a nors
adiOmwor'.Ci,,b, and a romp eto sIn.r in eve
Wri 48e A.mt.weekiy number. A 5resent ofval1uab'e
plan% f1 t uvin to evem nbmeriheri lni.ccia t-, ca.
*J4e nniupv.u. Gllt,5Ina arm e. (1ran Piano.,
nntb, ue. Spechnens and t isi free. sen'
1- W- EN~GLA.ND, Pubilaher Sun, New York.
The Purest, Best and Cheapest
A GENTS WANTED to sell the Amern.
can Knitting Machtino, the only practIcal
Family Knitting Machine ever invented,
Price $25, Will knit 20,000 stitches por
minuto. Address Aariiro.~ KNITTING MA
cutssa Co., Boston, Ma s., or St Louis, Nio.
W I t'iiUT 1 Spectnoles, Doctor or Mecdi
eine. Sent post-paidl, on receipt of 10
ets. Address E. B. Foote, (author of Medi.
cal common Sense) No. 120 Lexington Ave.,
oor. East 28th St.,* N. Y.
W EPil1a Agnts a Salary ot $80 per
week andi expensesu, or allow a large
comnuission, to sell our ne0w and wondlerful,
Inventions. Address M. WAUNKR & Co.,
Marshall, Mich.
"Economy is 'Weat."-FrankIn.
WilY will people pay $50 or more for a
Sewing Machiino when $22 will buy one
that has a standard reputation, is double
threadl, complete with table, constructed
upon entirely new and praec'cable prinel-.
plos, runs by friction, and excels ali others?
These eelebrated machines, fully licensed,
aro~int ended for ptoor people who want to save
time labor and money. Agents wanted.
Machines Rent to Agents nnd given away to
needy families For circular. at reduced
prices, address J1. C. OTs & Co ,or Franklin
and Diamond S. M. Co., box 397, Boston,
mefree, in sealed envelopes How
ARDl ASSOCIATION, Box P, Philiadelphia,
DR. WIIITTIER, 017 St. 'Charles at., 8t,
. Lous, Mo., of UnIon-wid, reputation,
treats all venereal diseases ; also, seminal
enisasione, impotenev...&o., the result of
self abus. Se~ 2 2stamps for sealed pmph,
let. 60fp. 50' matter who faile , state
cace. Consultation fr.
pSYCHOMANCY F1s18ntill or Soul
- harmhin-400 pages; oIth. ThWe
wonderful book ban full insthttlons to en
able the reader to faoinate either sex, or
kny animal, at *111. blesmerism, Spriinal
am, and bundreds of otber curious experi
ments. It can be obtained by sending ad
Irces. with postage,. with 10 ceits to T. W
RVANs & 06., No, 41 South Eighth-street,
Ar. 0. W. Millard's
:At unfillng remover of stuctione, and
a certait regulator of the nnthly turn.
Infallible, flarmless and Trustworthy.
Sent free by mail to any address on receipt
of One D1ollr. P. 0. Box 3t620, N. Y. City.
Forced to grow in six weeks. lecipe
Ftent Aor 60 cents Address 11. ItItnAnvs,
Jox 3986, New York P. 0.
INCllEASE1 your Crops and Improve your
Land, by using
Imported by us direct fromtthe Plutenix Is.
lands, South Pacifie Ocean.
Wilooz, Gibbs & Co.,
Prepared at Savannah, Ga., and Charleston.
S. C., which has proved In the soil the
best Manuro in use. For sale by
99 Bay Street. Savannah, Ga.
04 East Bay.St., Chateaton, 8. C.
241 Broad Street, Augusta, Ga.
Pure No. I Peruvian Guano.
" Dissolved Bone.
" Land Plaster.
For furiher informantlion, address, as
above for circular, or subscribe to Southern
Agriculturist, published by W. C. Mlacmur
phy & Co., at Augheta and Savannah, Ga.
at the low price of 25o. per annum.
dec 4-4m Agent, Winnsboro, S. C.
0 I
'.'Z? .'t N
Jan 25-3m1
*P. P. TOA TP.,
Charleston, 8. C., M~anufaoturer of
ernStte, ad eeingalay onhad
lare ad mst omlet stck f O R,
an odode.-3jmy2
Chrlesone .C. anueao Ner
larg ermstemlo a stocap fttOrrs,
o. Shttrs B lies, Ballmo.s. n
Bin godr juyin20
Spinglsl Enld Beavas)ete
Baddle T e
Im t r as~ 4 r, f~tr , o
No. A 22, alfothr rie ap, Jalpngrto
hog Ski1s
D ISSOIt V:0:0
The supply of Peruvian Guano having
become ex hnusted, It is necessary for the
planting community to look for a substitute
for this article, so efficacious in promoting
and sustaining the growth qf cotton. The
combination of Peruvian Gunno and Dis.
solved Bones lns been found to te the
safest and beat of all the many !o e
offered, and we are confident that Inan
ordinary season, to use the language of Mr.
David Dioktaon, cas never fall. In pro.
senting our AMMONIATED to the Planter,
we but give the t.mnbinatiot In a form
ready for immediate use, thus saving the
cost and trouble of manipulation and scour.
ing iniormiuy in quality.
The practical results obtained from the
articles shipped by to prove them to be
superior to all othera, and in a trade ex.
tonding through every portion of the Cotton
Growing Regions, and, during the past five
year", consuming tIaousands of tons, we are
yet to hear of the first complaint.
In our manufacture we discard all mineral
pboaphates, and rely entirely upon Pute
lone made readily soluble by the use of
Sulphurio Acid. The Ammonia is supplied
from the next valuable source to Peruvian
Guano, and in suflielent quantities to give
ite plant a vigorous andi healthy growth,
the soluble bone sustaining it throughout
the seaton.
We have no hesitation in placing this
article against any manufacture or combi.
nation known and will refund every dollar
spent in its purchase in case it does not give
For the charactor and purity of the arti.
ales shipped by us we refer to the promi
nent names appended,t hey being a few of
those who obtain their supplies from us.
.- emO3aOe 45 .
David Dickson, Hancock county
Dr. E M Pendleton,
W W 1Simpson,
A J Lane,
Col. T M Turner,
John T Berry,
James M Gray, Jones county
1 8 Kisar, Houston county
M G Robert. Wilkes county
N W tone, Columbia county
Dr. Henry Gaither, Newton county
Dr. J 8 Hamilton, Athens
Edward lancroft,
A P Dearing,
A Livingston. Newton county
lion. T- 5 Smith, Jefferson county
H P Richards, Newton county
John H Chishplm, M est Point
Stephen 1) Heard, Augusta
qr. 111 Steiner,
W D Grant, Walton
Rev. WY M Cunningham, LaGrange
Col, 1 B Locket, Dougherty county
lion. Herschell V Johnson, Jeffera on ao,
J H Wilkins, Jefferaon county
Jas. C Denham, Putnam county
J Printup, Columbia county
G M Stokes, Lee county
Rev. T U West, Columbia county
0 A Nunnally, Walton county
8 W Swanson, Troup county
Thomas Warthen, Washington count
Sterling J Elder, Coweta county
J R Tolbert, I&
Rev. C 8 Ganiden, Brooks county
J 0 Morton,
Samuel t Carter, Murray coanty
J R Stapler, Lowndes county
J N Montgomery, Fort Lamar
o WV Lewis, Decatur county
J N Hill, Quitman county
S P Burnett, "
A J W~hite, Macon
A V Birumby, Atlanta
Q R Nolan, llenry county
'1 Ii Clark, Oglet horpe county
HI F. Woolley, Cass county
Adams, Jones & Reynolds, Macon
J B3 Ross & Son,
Warren, Lane, & Co., Augusta
J T Bathwell,
Jierrys & Co., Rome
WV C & L Lanier, West Point
B Pye &Son, Forsyth
Isaac Iharris, Spring8 Grove, N. C.
James P Irwin, Charlotte, N. C.
Col. 3 Ri Speat'man. Silver Street, 8. C.
R W Ba; es, Orangeburg, 8. C.
Col. T 3 Moore, Sparianburg, 8. C.
John H Catheart, Winnsboro, S. C.
Thomas L Woodside, Greenville, 8. C,
J WV Barkstlale, Laurens; 8. C.
'Ccv- Il H Du Pont, Quincy, Fia
George WV Scott, Tallahasaee, Fla
A F Given, Montgomery, A la
,J N Light foot, A bbevitle. A la
R S Thornton, Coosa River, Ala
John B Bibre, Tuskegee, Als
A B Bleall, I arihage, 'Ala
J McO. Boyd Camden, Ala
Th'omais EB IIe'gues. 0:tford, Miss
WV E Fergusson, Jsaekson, Miss
E 14 t'olts, Duck 1Hi1l, fil,
W W Tropp, Columbu~s, Miiss
Dr. J D McConnell, Brownsville, Miss
F M Shrycek, Winona, tils.
M B ,lones, -Dateavilte, Miis
Hi F.Johnson. Brookthaven, Mis.
J A P Kennedy, Coffeewiio, iss
C C Williams, Oktolpna, Mis.
J Chamnponois, Shaubuit. Mlss
Johan S Finley, Holly Springs, Miss'
W W Farmer, Montros, La
Foank P? Stubb.s,
J Green Hall1, Covington, Teunm
W N Beck, Miiddletown, Tenn
B Mathews, Monticello, Ark.
oct 26-6m
20,000 Southrn Groton Fruit Trees for Sale.
APPLE TRES 2 years old, 6 to 8 feet
Ahligh, with a well formed crown at 2
to 8 feet from the gfround : prico $18 00 per
100. One year old, 4 to 6feel. high--- price
$12 00 pay 100.
Peach Trees, Pear, Plum, Ar ricot, Neco.
(arine Trees, drava Vines, Strawberry
Plants, &e. DescriptIve and Price Cat~e
logue sentgratis to applhtna.
Address. ..W M. K. NBL80N.
oct J6--6m Augusta, Ga..
Private arnd 'francient
J. A. Hendii,
feb 8
The Bes Seed Poaoes.
HJl1E Early Rtoe atid Early qobitrjob.
for salehby v4
feb 12 'rnmPSnar & WnnnWAUD

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