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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, November 29, 1871, Image 2

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Published Every Wedniesday at
WINSBR O, O. (.,
'One Copy one ear, $- . 3 00
Iio " 1260
Tonl a' - - 26 00
.Accideli onl (ih (hr'liotte, Coltiija Mid
Aulgnsin litiIil ond,
We learn from the Augusta
'Chronicle and Sentinel, of yesterd'y
the 2'4th instant, that an accideit o'
-eurred on the tabove road near that
city on Wednesday, caused by the
breaking of tho'front axi of the ex
.press car, which was nsext to the en.
gino,thus precipitating tlie car pa-rtly
-from the track-, aid' turning it over
on one of its sides. The baggage cnr
and smoking car ran into tle wreck
and were thrown from the track also.
Fortunat-ely thie accident occurred inl
a cut., atd the cirs were 'Prevented
'froin turm ing completely o er by fall
ing against the brak. As it was,
the thieb coaeb(es were jitnmed to
gother in one inass. Th plat-fors1
of the b.tgsgage aind sits cars wt ra
-inasihed lihost into Fpliinters, and
-prosented a scene of app'arently inex
-t ricaile conu usion. The lad ies' conehi
vhieh was in the rear., reniia'i sed on
ti track, though its platforin and
roof next to the nsoking car wore
torn to pieces by the shoelk against
-the overturned train inl front.
Notwit hsiand ing the sudden jar and
'ovort urning of tlie t rain lOn1 WaS
-in the least inj'ired-, with the e-:cep
titon of he express is.senge , ge iwho was
slightly bruied. If the aceident had
oc'irrel (ii i trestle work or hb'b
ombill'ankilent, a ter-iblo loss of life
nulit. ha-;l ensuled.
The Month Carolinia Road kiindly
allowed the trains of th t 'harlottI
Xoinlnhi a aiinI A ugust-a lRoad to 11.e
its rA.i1ck as fa' as Granie.ville uintil
ile obirietions:4 wero removed.
We ieai'n that another accideint. 0e
ieurred 4.n the saime rold th1C following
dayV, het won (oinmlhia alni Ciharlotto
byv whljili (lie ine NV: was b'ailiy (I am
sI and theingincer t:erionusy 'n
l'int fromi a C0udllrss 8k y,
.liun inl very lne drI' ps, from a
cloules'i sky, (Iring bright sunshine,
hus beoen falsliig i larg p1 irtioi of the
time for thrl .su ive weeks, inl
two plami ili th town of Knobnloster,
Mo. For a few diys pa -t ia t hir id
spot has been added to the number
of 11 lces thus11 stranlely visitod.
'lhe spim s Af ground, Irotu fifteen iI I
thirty leet inl diameter, ire sli of
thei cotisideraily elevated, atd inl
ea'1 instanieo oecpi i 1-Y peach tree.
thor pueai orehard-i inl the neigh
torhotd, 1141 othIr po 1ii I of those
na1tin(d, have been viit'd by the citi
z'so of the place to -v whether this
peuliar tsce bad in,thinq to do with
this plieniisiono, bui they discoivered
iothing rw range ainong lie other peach
i res. I \isited till Af the spots on a
Cloudy dayi, an1d dis'overed nothing
unsisal excelit tiat the grountl had
been thoroughly tramped by visitors.
Thoso fates en le tubstantiatel d by
ecores of v isi tirs, one of who Isitts thie
p'ostmatster of lie pla~co (. r, thea.t< )
iintd in whIsoso garideni is onei fth
spots i nosed. Thse at tentiont of is
tatnily was firstce to it. by his
httle daughster, lens ye:'rs of age,eomii
inig to the houise, saying. "It will rains
tomor rowi, lben iii it is rainting now i
Secrnet'ary .1 napt ist M\ission'is.
Mi I. I' iit'on: It gi ve me OI i to see
anty irreeenice t.'wasrds Godl andu I{is
wiorshiip. I lowever'i gr'eatt mayl'i be the
lehuk'ry of apiting as~i thlanksgiini
day its S''uth ('ar'sitias by Gi'serasl
irant, or 4 t'isrno Scott., eversy sits
('"tO t.'bristasin isould f'el hsis sbbliga'.
tios to hi( t'rcatori. \s the condia
tion 'If thIinigs ' eong is retndiers a (liy
of humtiil iatioi' and! praiyer muich 1no(10
approriateliiI, it is respreeltfully pri
po'sedl thait the :ithI instan st bie soob
sers itud bay all enur p ple in i thi1r vari.i
oulii churebe'hs. bet it lie a day of
iray)er, that Iloa who hols in lki
santds thIe acep'tr ofi' U ri'ersal domiliin
ion, mits' to whomi all hings anid ruilers~
aro subhiject , antd wh o'e highZl prer'oga
five it is to delive('r fihe oppressed, wvill
look down uponl th1is a'lieted state
ani~d voutchI rIao lies' a spee (dy delinr
a tc'' from siall thse oppr ssionss of' wvick
(id tusen, anid restoro to her the days of
hier ancient purity and1( v'irtue. Let
pralyer be especially mads'e for all who
aire unlawfun! y imtprisonuued, and for
the destitute ansd sufl'erinsg famsilies of
thso'e who, without caulse, arc thus
mceairei'rat ed(.
Th'isi suggestion is mnade by a
flint-k and1 Wh'te in Phi lade!ilphi.
Tc thie New-tru k Adver' st iser' 'it reems1.
luhssit iincredihho thast the directors
of ihe Phili.'elphia Acasdemy of Music
still ref't' ti permit, a coloredl mn
ti ieeture in thaut budsding. And
y''t, it says, we are~ a ssred thast they
do. I t wilI bo r'emnembcredl thtt
wuhc'n Mento r lieveyla s'joko in thatt
cii , lhe wv ' .liged to go to 11lorti.
en'traii';l II.ll, tI e Acazdemy being
refund01 im n, andii Mr. P ough, whso
s i hi dec iir'd to : dAd Fri'ederick D~oug
Ias to hisr star5 cousrse thisis seasons, was
not. able to do u', biecausj of the di
rec'torh' p:'ejndicte aigalust a dasrk ctm
p'lex ion."
A Ysinkiee editor r'emiarks (limt hre
ias lately sectn a couple of sisters whio
hadi to be told everything together,
fors thesy were so much alike that they
could ntot be told apart.
Southern Tornadoes.
Professor Whitfleld, of the Univer.
sity of Alabaina, who has, to quote lis
own words, "enjoyed" opporttinities
of witnessing the fdrination and'courst
of a torn:ido, says that, in the8j~uth.
e'r States, the c , se of tornadoeL il
always from a point southk of west to
a point north of east, the gyration
al Ways from -right to left, and that th<
gyratory velocity is commionly one
hundred and twerity or one bhundred
and ixty miles an hour. This ex.
plains *why treer, ouses and every.
thmng in tle path of a tornado art
-th~rown down Or liwept away. Th<
professor once saw "a pine tree, six
teoen incles in diamieter and sixt v feel
long, float out from the Mlack vortex
of a tornado ati the leight of a -qunr.
ter of a mile, and sail aromril to all
Lpperance as light as a feather.
A Sol-l.hei'l I1; I ilgrllioi loiemcirt.
The 'Charleston, S. C., papers pub.
lish correspondlenco betweon the Im:il
and Immigrati 't. A saciattion of thitt
State-and the United States B,thking
Agency of' London, in which t'ho la't.
ter writes that if an ailvance of tein
d1olats iper adult lahoror shall' bc
made they can send to South Carolina
"jut as n maly of the very best of Eng
lil. farmn lalio-ers its you (the Asso
ciation) ca-n handlo." TIho letter
adds that the agency will send th<
'peoplo by our line of steaniships fon.
ning to Norfolk and Baltimoro., and
forward then to Charleston by Iril,
N eTosadty Morning, Nov. 29, 1871,
A re We PrI'aessing I
Tliis quest ion, iniiversally applied,
isceertainly a diflietilt one to va'nswer.
in ,,:mny of tie elit ions of life, our
peoplo eeml thoroughly i nibued with
a progres'ive spirit, andthe high d..
gree of lierfection attained itn the arIt
tnd sciences surely provms that iii
thero particularm at l'a:-t We, as t na
lion, have n'ounditat e'us.O to rjIice
for our advanlactment ill civilization.
From a itioral, Focial, 4--cd political
standpoint, however, we can lay no
just claims to an active spirit o' pro
gression. (in the contrary, we have
inml oubteAdly retrograded during tihe
last deecmle of years, a-: ou' condition
lit 1, e plesent day fully attests, ani1d
view it. as you will, the can:-es and in
Iluectesconitributing to ibii retrogres
,n ott our part, are plain and -,.nmis
tit hak
Ii the first instance, let us consiiler
this questiont as applied to our mitral
status. Do we stand inl this rcspiect
whero we stood twenty, thirt', or
evei fifty years ago, or have we int"'
pr tov od ulull the morals ol' our fore
fathers B e it said to our ciernal
sh.utn, we bevo not. We have di.
cardled their pure and simplb religion,
and riised ill ita stead "the golden
calf," atid its wortshippers are without
n itn'yer. ThI'e people ecvory whiere vic
w'.ith It .ach othler in a struigglea for riebit
es, andui the porsesion of "filthy lu
c'" is noide their sole aim andl amii.
bitioni. Thus the noloI purpos9t ui.ti
obijects of life aro neglected antd for'.
gotten, and our tmanhlood is wasted
away int detgradinig eflorts to gratif'y
iginoble patssionis attd accompl ish su -
fish r.nd utnhallowed ends. Is thti.,
fulfilling our' legitimtaite (dest ini's
IIlave wo lost anud becomo dead to t he
sentse of the duty we otve oulrse'lves
and still more out' Cireator ? 'l'hiis i
a suggest i e inquiry, antd one well
caleilited to afl'ord mtucht food fot
r'electijont. WNe are gradually reolapse
itn! inito a state of teti-harttbaristm, at
t'r ias ouri mttoral natutres arc concern
od, antd uttless we sootn awake to oum
condition, alas for outr sI tndard o
civi l;at itin. It will be ai by-wor'(
and r'epioach ini ev'ery qluarte'r of tIll
globe, and we pointted at wviith serr
antd conitempijt.
Mlorally u'peaking then, we hv
rotrtogaded to an ilalrming extent.
We will next consider this questioi
of progr'esst as appliedi socially, and il
this par't iclarl wertannot claiml fo
ourselves those characteristies tha
are so desirable, and that aro so nec
ces;sary for the prosperity of a peoplc
We witness everywhere an absentee e
a sentintent of "conetmunity of inlter
est ," "a union of f'eeling,"' so ta speak
socital fetures that tend in every na:
to mnako society at large a coimmttoi
brothIerhtood, and bring iabou t a ui
taalit y of good will thatdt otught tto bit
I ogothter God's wholo creation.
It is certainily a sad sprotacle ti
behol a country dlst urbed and un
sefttled by thle d issensiotns andi w ran
giniigs of' its inhabitants, by tmen be
t ween whonm there should exist a spir
it of love atnd friendshIp toward om
anlotherl. in thoese times, however', o
so-ca//cd ".Lattor-D)ay Saints," thn
glorious pr'inciples of Phlilanthrtopy at
longer untderlie the actions of thu
great body of hutmanity, antd are vair
tually Ignored.
We pursuo1 our itndividttal courst
along the path of life with nto thouigi
for tihe uunfortutnate by the wayside
Entgrossed in selfish concerns, we eart
not for a aulf ing brothne battlim
against hardbihip - and mibfortune,
Is this -cirristian 'charity 7 In so act.
ing, are we conforming to the "Golden
Rule," "Do -unto others as you Would
have others do unto you " We an
swer in humiliation, no.
Sooially we are not progressing, but
retrograding, and in our daily inter
course with mankind, living contrary
to the natural dictato of hnmanity.
Our course in life is not characterized
by a due regard for, and conforn.ity,
to, those setiti-mnts mnd promptinigs
that spi ing from the w:.rsoct p:1 t of
the htimal Ie Lit. t). the col.kiay,
our i-ction wenhl inie te tl .witIi
our boso-ms th ere I s Ibu i l.4 i , hi W fo'
milk of :hIumaii k :l c.,
Wof~t tuvrie 'h.a 'coV ictik ih
piainl and r'.g.et. U h h
were differel.t, b .t evenl a v y limi -
oil observat-i I., and I)-perii t,!e -i oi
Part colirertio -thpr. as a trillfil piet
tIreof a3eitly aIt rLge, :.:il t.y 'wiHl
ho received and mc.:ogniz-I. as such.
We will tiixt c(onsidvr thlie qtiestioin
of prg e in t elatiol to lihe I olitical
world, coiinj::g the aj plicatioii to our
own Country.
In this coInOieI1o wO have a wide
icld spread ont it 1'ie us.
Tho inlity as to .Nir political pro
gress leads u to contemplate for a
brief 'uoment tdhe conditiot of tlhe.
land, aied the s.overinment to which we
owe allegie, iu-intich ats (ie poli
tical afa its of a icoiitry, all liepa
ratbly associated w ith its governinent.
Is lie goveiuineit of this c"iuvi iv y upoll
a ioniider basis 'b;. it wAs tell viir'
.,go, or is tle conOsti tiot i'upi o 1in10i
which it les's as ilvioulae ais in
years gono b,) ? IT qujiest iuonably not.
The character of the go vern n lit ti,
though p rufesudly rIepublican pro
duiced -discord-, Strife aid div is1ions
amnugat 1ie peoplmo. In all i: de
partments fraid atid corruptioni are
daily developed. Its pitrotinge is
used mIely t. fite it.seli upon t(e
couintry, m rd inl it -s a lm inis tratiion, un-,
jui-t d e inn to alin oi i'g to lie
til 1e1e0t ion, are naad against
certain clams of its suthicets. . ustice
is a mockery, -I Ai berty a th ing <;*
tle patIt. intg tlie p1St fow ye.4 rs,
we have see'i freprnt a 'Linrion's made
upon that iacred instrumnit, the
Coniitution, its pr'visiows nlolated,
killd bws f-uned amit ex"etel -con.
trIry to the piniliciile it lay;s dow..
IliTo in pswer. hayv. )n.ito1 tIl.n tl..y
Laive (.ne-11ni Old witlli~t its pale. and)(
ilave Iul:. It iti e-lniight, fur right.
, i servants of the g-verniment
0i I ItI ligate, unrli.bh.l, .veiiA!. cI
ti pal ti-ans, hinig - a rewald oiily
ill devotion to par11ty, atill mnade (lhe
guarIIidiant o' piblic trust, on th at :I(,
vkoont trusts mwhich they havu frcilu
(ltlyI beltayed; screenil -y I coat of
so-calledl loj ahy. Is it surpuising
lien that a g c-rmet sO pa:rtisai
so co rruplt, il i to :. iin it eredl wit toii
r, gaird for oiuity :toi justice, shiiuh;
imake no0 progia s, towards rea~c i
Iit'l Iirimly in the hecars of its peo
It is no, n hs twllee
to a reailizati~i.of e i tjl t i :.puich
IO~ur*I Mifortune, amt some' of
The absenlce Coif tntrpi se, or pub
liei spirit, on thie part~ of ouri Chiizene
genettilly is tioo plpablieh a fewt to ii.
(guae aniy iteitelintion ait our hi:indls.
TPhe energhi s if hI urpeop)le reeml eni
sorrowvfully witniess ghI ni opport uni
ties slipidoig through~h their h13i.ii, andli
vaniiishin g awa:.y foreve ir. Tlhey v p-i
plear wrapipedi up ini grteedy self, andl
beyondl thle ir en pel jculia:4r iilfiris andi~
concernt', the (y nie vetr 10aihf st any in-.
terest In any thinig whiate'ver.
r Th'lis display if inidifferenlice to~ puib
t. lio a flalirs, anid the lack of puiblie spir
-it, hiave alredI nC~ ~ ork ed multchlv injry
.to ouri coun111t ry), opeat ina g mens t se,'rlious.
, inees tha It''<.! ie chlitly to its~ we I
ti live ttirily in the p t-t Tlhe .
I ii.emiorieo ib~' n.gle day*, y' t liep
too vividly u~ithe U's and. 1m ns mu
> ments arte foo~lity Spen iin broodling
over iinisforti u's inlete:.> - I' puingli
our shouldere to the ubi.< of pr
gross, antd move oniwardt, chierid by~
the huope tha Iet'soeer to liler, (eii
bicedin l coiiiunItr n . ill ise-I aboave the1
bil lows of opperession, and her cliil
dren once mlore beho(ld her prosperous
and happy.
Though notw in the tidat of perils
aiid dangers, we have :rneth yet left to
live for. We hiave ooii capable of
prod ucing in abunidance. Woe have
streams powei ful enottgh to operate
factorles as la rge os any in the world.
Our mnouiitaiis ctain hiddten tryeas
uires', only reuiring the proper enier
gy to develop. Resouroes of every
character-are withiu our reach, and
con 'bo gramped 'by vigorous diffr-ts.
Wit'hin our borders we lavo ev dy.
th-ing of a nature to britg -both '-pho
to our wadte ploces, and happiness to
the desolate.
Why then will our people suffer
their energies to lio dormant and in-.
active, and not utilize those boundles
resources that ale so casy of access ?
Work, work, work i.; what we rieed.
We aught tot to exp et to icinain
idle, I'huggig the deliv . halitoi
(It IICee, aiit I .e iif fol..
tu e a' '-al8 to1) ,in-i v onl uts.
Ourit reistoration to da y of .pres
pelly ru1ust'b the II, work of mnr owni
hands, aI'l tIeeoIIr thi; tr:*" irhIeIc -.
es itI.s In ll f om v.u1ponl uvs, I ibesoOn-er1
Ia we lool:.ror , ho~ii 1,fm ad ver.,i
Aya t-bat new I-vei ba'g t. to buraf air-l
<i salj.4owr i-n unkiini;ai regZions.
15 ss lernCo., Tvi.s
.Novtember I. b 1.71.
/,'iitor 'li' -o ' ew .\c :
By :cclenit I obt ainted ia Copy (if
the "News,"-- hinag a native of old
South Caroilia, I pei n-ed its eolunaw
with delight and was ple.eld to find
that. iM one ph.te at liast in ,.. 'C.
proj;-ession was, the order -and rules,
and tlat l" cottism".wtot Iit voiln-c,
of- itt any rate' in 1 61! blaist al-out
Wint.a-b'oro Towv.n. Will a lIt'er or
two from this f-ir (ff regi',>i lie ncep.
table 7 if so I will CoI lnilnic a" te .1s
often' -is eirOTiiu- neeC(s will peritt.
A, youll : N awa.-, IIad ica li i i
lhazil anld the worsLiIl.per- I ('!i n in
Te xas, Viz : l pe-liaggers, Seala
ay-, &c., &c., w ith n;3 riads of hun
gry suttall fry from riast, west north
atil Australia' atnd lots of otl-er :men.
We ate at this titmae, inl a fair. way
to rkj.'ivc,--t1I glorious nevws cones
by eveiy tigte, wafed oti every.
breze, htonm b-y evcry lst-Lnghe,
SiXi :tal cow-lIorn, yrleld iy every'
gi a-sooni, a;d th e. s drol'ed fromt
cvCry pasinag 1ilion that Conntior',
that, lianlcol, tht teddings, tiit one
and all are demoer:tically--ind you,
--democratically elected, that Te.x
in lice tight ha. .l oken, that Tex .s
in ler inlight aid right s-rt her
piwer atid aiis %trs to the f llicionf,
phrastue, --Lc. I", 1"IN o vescf,'' inl tones
unmistakeibl'. i' e inl TexI; ti
her dcwn trodden pi l micalls itr
Of politie -- */nm 'of.
ll, we have a new order oif thit" s
Iiho List icall y-a fraee apyti...i-.-fre e!
's, fra'~ s' h ,are th order , !"U
an1d will, we think, be the ie.m of
tranTformning ria ny a vcutig vaild be
d- m into a rCspectaie mnet.hi'er
(if nuot of thia b:'1- or pulpit) of' oeie,
ty. Godt grat it muay betnelit our'
State, or (;,*i till (,od ? 4cr u*. la
'ttte, t wo or tbree 3ear, u e mhay relaion
righits will elbow us milt of </6-y
'i'en/. and a/e 'poorwhiite manti ati
:r.S~. toi r/ Infin a Nt Iin. 1 'cr Lo !
0-'vtnno ti egro is cetalt oft vi..
tatry. Dalvb and0 his vile crew tire on
ha wtair piathl and ti a his toechesa
W\ innsa-boi o, this the i' Statec, nat-y bei
oni ~ aut;tta
piiort tint int -t'as, giildein ones pare
v til, specaio J-pectie. I loil, t he l'oet.
ml it certainily havie beni a ntiv~e
lTexan, bif'U'lden Cait,'' is, jn:,0 the
tilol he-ret 'A e wrsi-.lj '-wu dues
'tlamm li 111 hUt for ell we (can1 0oin.
si with: the wilthii favab'.ly
cc ea h. g;i' aind' prod nee fih.ily . Th~lis
-e-ails'e ia a m iageid b~y thu late
s'priang r:jii.' Wiie grow fruit that
wo'uld ghtatdeni lthe hiarit of' th lost~
fatst idioiuaa poiais~ ist . Whtat pc-at's,
11 pples, tot i ans, a prictts, chier ries,
phontis, pnehies andi lother small frulits,
-exotie ,d indligenoins ; btt after
all the nith'l'im'tto State fo)r tie.
"Ifi,tape henads ceeihtmnlt to thb
v'iew."' jne iniust thiik froin the
'a'esa of itailiing ftant'-i who r'at
f'or th li tt is ento'rmtons . 1 '.aat Wi I.
low li-.ed)verenpj tad Whlite O.akin
fa ta i'.s .~iah!i f i mas,,o thle hauit
alito of I thinga. If youi hav'ie
be1er tat i'i-iiildition1 byv e'xpatria
io,-tl hiem t' comlelloutl~ hieil .
t io-s a'r 3 tr~onldc w ithi asthmina, I
wtill guialitee t an I.ffectua euihrimr or
kill in t r or three weeks, humttant
flesh ot gtood tl id contriy fat in
lhe exe ion, nott thlet rtile int this
part of King E-d montd's domtaitis. I
hizards, 1(1 scorpiOns, spanitish gnats
andt bI s flies, chiigge-rs, uhtinches,
cow, do 'yoring and~ secdt tIcks, anidt
other p-biotoiny tagoiats too tn tuor
ousa to ttion, sooti rcditco a mnan to
:iIaii \ minsoumi skeleton.
Oh ! ,r the Rail Rod e s, v ', .
.w;'i0going to havIo a railroad, we is,
if Barrios, Fremont, Morris, we'un's
a'4 Cotnpqiiy donit. swindle the poo
phj Ax ily and Overy inan of this
'country if t'hby t sink .lye shpll soon
have a Rail lload 4-ere sartAinly its
a coming right away by ily house jost
as sure as you'uns is alive. God
rspeed thel timiaty ve, and may every
Jew, 0Gentilo, Grock, yanikee and nig
ger come with full pockets and stores,
&c., &c., ond help us oceupy do LJrnd,
-Rabatlgn' fallen.
Our city is a neat isttlo towo, corn
pictly al.d cls'ely built and will coin
p;rre fave-rlly with anIcy p o (if it's
1:'ze WO nliu-e isomei 5,000 41f all
b1e s, b;'oods -znd imixtuis, and f' om
hvh I van I.co 'of the. olored pupils
-it the 'a ib bo'n i lall chol ,' nuin.
'bering onie 250, tait ama algailaition
cOoni ineusced e c.rrs .pi for I1) t Lre
war ; hI ek is ritlher a-Ii iiit:al color
in tlhee pai ts. Ve indl have lively
1i(s in tihis State next Jaiiiairy lit
the elct-ion., if as I faid btfore %Ir.
thil liw is not enf-oIrced by tie F adi
cal Satrap, who holds this Kingdomnu in
the hollow f hIds hnd. Well, I I
m11ust close dli..s foolishiig atid hope you
will not fee'sl vexed I It
- Tr~ee hrar lidlway rA
1i-e . Lako hore aid 2ie gliigan
'So'uthiern Ra'ilway Uotnpany ha've
do Iiinnleedd the wolsi of planting trees
idongi te trac.k ofl* i heir roads, 1 1,0(I0)
timt iil t,'001Eu ropean Iarehec
hIving bCen 1-laited almg its line
Ie o eeWhit: 1 geen and T)lo(t I,
through!1 the e'onntry whiere the- f-m:t.,
bar1'e k;01 nully leare away amd
thle Ilpply o, tiiber is qcaltio st.
The wor 1 M 1k w ioSt throinglbly done-,
Vitui the inl ttliOi that every tree
ingight live, aid tie Cost, ineludinga the
time of' t he Iaborers, whoI0 beolng to
thie regul1a r force o'f the road, and did
tlis Work inl ii onnectim with aid i
aidli.ion to thear onlinary dutics,
wa3 anii ave age of eig h t ,cots per
trte ; exehiicling the lalbor of tie Com
iany's eici rloyees, tled 4, ws onl y
'or ces per ter ee. The ri.-iing of
trces utiitible for Cross tic.. on the
.Nocianpii d laud alj seenti to raiilway
b :s h, s.,ccietnlgii praticil in iz.
Th t tees, w ncii (if proper i
ina bl lie n~ed for replinig Cros-tie.,
aid thuis become a souiree (if prolit,
Or ratlier (f .ving ; ain1 whiei grow
ilg, a prSolection lgainscL -turinls, e.(.
jpia C illy tIe hea0cvy Si:LW ,anid winid
.01tirms of the Ir.irie coniltry. Tl
rapl iid CxteInsio ol th rilwa., ss tui,
aind thie shoi t 'I-li'" of tis-esiIt iated
not, to exceed on an average more thuts
rearI1515 fmi00-iscs if earrse-malcken the
production of' timber of paiticular in
terest to railway men.
-..0.. . ..
411nalO Illair'% lii Klix E~lTrb'ne-- HIis
Ill i' at i i s i 111uId Con clsinn*S.
A St. lif lioniblican repoI ter
intervil-weod Seiiator s 1lHiair yesterday
\ith le.ld to ik bshociva tins as 'a
inUri ch.i fI the Ku KiIx Coninittee
ehiebi h:is i.st e ! d its i-- esu;.;tio. .
tii tt thce e~dividem a es Ti us icii
iiille Alai.y -hlowed tht thecre~ ni.-ted
whiolesile plhncsderincu carr'ied ((T
tlo bi(iiI thei~ gcivcinnie i ands Uiic ivi
al ncu*s of' iegr(ii., ini ecneiecc of
whcich th~e peoplec in im.:5 .c-c c
were driven c to take b v in their
cowni hanis to pr otect thesir pnioperty~
by~ iiIhec inig pucnci.-hm.-lva on the ne.
gries. It wa,, mit shiouc in an fiy ian.
stc.ce that these~c acts hadh anythigt
doi w~ih ah Iitie. gti
T Ilces a : ce ini:, ic. i o rs n
orc'I' phcieir or recvcenge', ic:n: a geact
many: ihnstnuci s (of if e,c ihi-c wereic
iinstatyI) aidl violen0tly pusi-shued.
A part frioim these~ th'ins~ t.re is no~
mio~cre violenit.cri theo Ssouth thanif in
inov cther pairt of thIe eciuntrly. Thle
unpri- ccinc . .t sof beg'roes dloes not.
1o'sre~ pl ihs. Iring byT thiem; they d1(
nit. rc;.crcd it as a p~ui.--hmnt -cl onde
sonlt-a ry, t'e jcpris in is x ccv Comifsrta
hc!c than thii- eahbins, anid it is- ino clis.
I to ) ( ei i(t-erateid.,
S'omei stoI. i~i iotwendl!s ha. e en
hmiiiusilsst wih-jis ii th'e I.. cc.
Coiurt, undels~r the IKo Kluhx Ilaw, on
ver*) Iiolsy pre'te.5 in a miriiity oif
ea -s. Theli enifcO ienit ae't is re
ga rsdu e r rirr adil l n
"in a tow ea r 'VinicennesO, ind11.
an T, a iin dii( ed of' a coilg ions diN.
cnuoi nund it is said~ that thle aut? hoi-~'j
tira em iphryed some neCuenos to buiry
the (corpjse, and I thleu siot th neo cgrues
toi prSeent ai cspie.id oft lie d icea.~o.''
Now we s venturie tos .sayi that it' any
b)ody ini t his portion if' I mtile Saci's
dIt.) ii ii iwere to engaige in a pa
ti .e like this, u' nioderacte sicsd hsoiwl
wonb Ih Ie raised aroundl hiere whichid
wocbt rev ier beralec cniii i ?t r'eaebed theLi
I',eudecnit's car in Washingtonsi, aiid a
hosK't Of foyal "bcile.'' wcni (come.
trooping dlowr upo u ts like a I csi.
suiisioes tre"iing ('n the heels oif
eacih 'lier. I.n'i't intenCd to dlo any.
thing of' the kinud, butt if' wie slid, we~
wuccihi get a imask ad loin the~ Ku~
K I ux~.--- J rs/megUv idex'
lilowinig Tlhiem Clp.
(Gn enterah lIfardees. lhas bseen instru'nct.
hg thle l'Iiida far Imers in as Icyste fii
>f' taci(t li sto lie enployed againstt
'eget able-cating inusects, whiich is,
imtunrally enoough, concussion of gun-'(
OWdter or other ex plosives4. JI [t
louared hsis g''arden of thle curesnlio by
oupinjg off' two pocunds of powd(er'--a
lie shoek kill ing eve~ry inasect wvi thi i
conisidecrable radius.(
'IlieVes arc bothoring the SaVannah
CeOlIe woren than noer
From Nova ScotM,
IlALIFAx,. November 21. - The
ohowrya hos broken out in the eastern
sect-ion of Halifax county. A man
on board the stea iner Franklin is sup
posed to havo brought tie disease into
the country. Ile is recovering, but
other persons who oaught the infec.
tion from him have died. The local
government have adopted necessary
meastires to prevent the spread of the
eontagion. ''he Health oileor of
'lalifax is severely blamed for no
Cia.1:veFxvs, Milovember 24.-The,
house has ftrepiealed the ivoman I urj
r t l. .6w by a Veto cf nin to 'hree.
Manmmm, November 21.-Wash
bu're's mjority w ill not rc1m'h ten
Frin Ncv York.
YouR, uvember 20..-Twen
y-t bIr- d dditional cases of, S11111t vox
ha've been reported since Saturday a-t
N r:w Yourec, November I.--At i1
o'clock. this morning the stea uIVr
Nlary lowell, 'with t-e receq'tion corn
mittee and about fi've hunire'd per
gn i nclud ing a 'nrge una ber of Ia.
d., pi rocced'ed d'iwn 'to the b-ty.
Over a thoubaid persbtis were ais
sembifod.a1. the pier to -witneas the
'depa.-tnre. The steamer wva gaily
decoatcd with Rissian and A uteriono
flags. Nearly all the vessels in the
bay were dressed with flags, m'any ur
therin displayig I ussia nt color.
Broadway is throi-ged with perCsonls
awaiting the( partde. A great num.
ber arrived from teh country in early
trains, The buildings on Broadway
andt(] other principal treets weC dee.
orated with flalm. h'IIe atiitid
guard is ont in fItll force. W ather
line, Miud the reception will be b'ril,
I lant. ThIe crowd on ihal wav was.
a , Qeftse that loemnotion waslit
impossIble. Every wimow 'i1m4l t ael
from whihlit a vi .w (at be oiin!,ied,
Was occu lped. TIn th tousand tr oop
were int Iniie, extending two miles.
lhuke Alexis landed at half past one,
whetn the precessici mo.ed.
Fromt l'alifor ia.
Su n~ter-aNovembeir 21.
The grand jury is inve.,tiga ing t he
recelt stage eon Cah robbheries nild it.
tribu-es themto to the I nd ian .
The T'unt u A plches are again oni
the war path.
M1ost of th'6 person's implicated in
the Los Angelen Ubiuc'c na'sacre
lave fIed the country.
WASINGToN, November- d. ..
Night.- -A very large -crowd was at
tile derift to meeot. Alexit, but, as he
wa. in citizei's 1r'41 Ite was not fen
erally recognized. lI(o drbve to Min
iter Cat-aca'y's house. The latter
called on Sceret.ary Finl to-light abd
oficially apprised hiui of th'e .Uuke's
A rrival.
ceremniesjc' at thei Whlite liouse htave.
ju.51 .eemmtt~ed . The tuembhers of
the (Cabli.et, arec present in fnllh Thle
H .Rn ian~ legattion fll owed the prin0ce
i! fut I regiIia. TPhe R ian tl naval
d igiinartes alsto followed.
uln. W'venly Johnson antd -ex-At.
tornc3 (eiteral Stan berry have dIe.
parted for C~ol umbi-t, S. (., as conuisel
tir thie dlefendatts in the Ku klux
Froii Illinioi,
(urw.tca, November- 23.- A hea:vy
snow in the wi t anid nonthawed1t and1
illnlmany enUSO stopping traveh
Froii lIrgiltill.
ii n'liIsnf Novrember 22 -Grand
.asrstr Paenl h of thle Odd F~ellows of
1Proni NcWv fork.
Nwv Yng Novembher $3.-he
til t hnse of Pe'iter lilalIlentine & Sen
was buriedl. .1soss in bil dings .g-75
0 00, in stuck $80. 000), in nteh~ t inery
$ I5.000. They will cointtin ne the~ bns.9
*J hlu i I). Minor, the alleged counI
terf etr, hast ibeen ba iled in $30,0 00.
I bnt-ct Ithit ly says ho was off.I
er-ed $200,000 to abandoni thle prose.
TPen casesqof small pox arc reported
Ring iu~terday ; thirty sinaco Satur
~ew Yoirk airtie-is for their sulfferinig
brethren in CJhicago realize over $
Fritin Noin Scotin,
I A ae x, November 23.--Thleae
verte tlitnee Iat al ebioleran cases in thte
nihige near this city,.
Fromt Tlurk,,
,('oNSrANTI.oI.F., Novoti betr 23.---.-.
The weit be(r is tilnfav orab)1leatd th li
:holera is increasing.
-''t I Fom alexiro,
Nov Yong, November 22.--Night I
- etIerld special says Gnrlt
\latore, wit h a large Governmniit a
oree, is wuatiing Oaxatca. More It
roops are goling to Alatore. rTe G-ov. a
trnment in Saltillo tire hard ressed,
loneral Qiterago is expeted to attack
ho open town of \Vier-, on his way to 1
latamnorap. The authoritiesof Wier et
re arming. n
It.1 IS:eported that defection of P
~ortina gives add(1itional embllarrass. to
lent to the tJuarez adintistration, w
~ortina hasi bteen disobeyed recent a
overtnmectt, ordIers. and is mllen 0r
le is falling back on Mantamoras,
where a oon iict with Palairo is ex
Guerrero commandant of'th'e fourth
divison of the National army, and the
Governors of Portugal nnd of Aguas
onlientes, have pronounced for th'6
re bold.
Porelgn News.
PAnis, November 24.-President
Thiers reocivod the Chinese Embassy
yesterday evening. The chief ambas.
salor expressel the hope that the
treaty relations between France and
China would be maintainied. To
which Thiers replied: "Your Gov.
rument must give proofs that our
nri-ior.naries and conslSui are Io pected
Th'is is absolutely neoessasy fur the
pr-VeervatimI of peace.."
SyIp ithizers of -NapolCon, in large
numbers, pa:ided the Faubourig S:int
(ernin i to. da, ,With shouts of " Vive
i/ " There was no interfer.
once ty the p) lice.
1.ims, Noveoiber 25.-A Scotch
0 !prets train w.is wrecked on t
No tl-wetorn Riilway, by which
SeIenl1 permois were seriously injured
Special despatubhes from i at is re-as
'a~gert. the appoint ment of JulosFerry
as Minlditer 'to Walhington.
au.m ,, 'Noved&her 25.-Thec
men of-war are fitting oft at Kiel for
theA'raill'i hn waters. It a tinder
st'ood the o bject. is ti da 'J' satis ftO
fl in for t/he uialtr'eatment of a Gori.
mrfl naVal oicer ana tto Cade'tS ilk
a atroet fight in Itio Jeisorio.
nliossEr.s, Novomber .-he6
Uhamber hias fiually adjourned until
Tuesday next. &uhceuently a mob
lsIIeml bMfore the 'rbai-denYce of
r. M. Northomb, a ne'mber of the
Ilight, who made himself particulnrly
obuiot ions inT suppolting the a ppoint'
niCnt (of DleDeekcr, and L00eante vOry
disorderI)- :hicir actions culninat
itig it, the : *maahmng 'of the windo*s 'o
the. ho So violent were the 'i-iin
fostat ions of the mob, that 'an al'arn ,
was sin1iileed and the ci'vin: gar'd mus
tered in .t:ing fdroe'. '.'Tit'6 arb
he::i *i o i'ioui d inn! \;a e'e . '1 .
A i~n na l'rar re, NoV'nmyiber 25.
--A teamer, with piIg now, en i'oUt
to Mecca, sin k fro a coillisi'o'.
Seveut-y five pilgrims we.,dO d1rowhe+.
vi I AS"
Si. loci,, Novemb.r 24.-Forty:
live colored porons pas..ed through
this city, y1esterdy, eI 'ot 'to haw
reIvc Couty, Kan s- Tt iy Are the
Advansce guard )f 5,006, who will soon
NY:w Yanii, N ove'i2 -1.-''ho
World ha's tho following LI)mdeni
"A.\ dist i guitl hed 'Ca id i na I
au11thonrics 1110 to say Pohi ively Iha't
the6 lopec will r'ot leqve 1kTamb, unh-u.
1h6 is coiiielled t hl d' su by physiud
fd ce or personal violoc'e.')
SArA' LAir., Nrovember A5.-iv6
or six foet of show feil to-'day tadnje .
paiiied with hails eleet% lighttling And
terlln e wind.
11:ndonVL, IN.'vom'b'ey Xo.
Upt. R. . Minor, Chief Rngin'ber of
the James River-diiggr'o\'mens'iad
iliddenly Iatst iligiat. t' xMindr
wa forme]y ieut6naht Uolmlmandeir
in the United Status a'vy and also a
distinguibhe'd oidbr la the Coh edeo:
aite Nav .
>xtra session of the Senat(e is catllod to
31.eet a Sp~eak.er, who shall ho exr ojfier
AL, t a', N. Y., November 25.
1'he following are the ollielal flinresof
h~e l~to eleotion '. eribaer 287,10'7i
flarket Rleports.
N aw Volut, Nov. 25.- Fhenlipg.
OtL t on easier :salus &l,ii00 bales
zplinds 19!; Orleans 1 9-. Gold 0 (J.
CII in I.i.:s-r'oN, November 25.--Cot:.
ona strong ; midillings 181 ; receipts
[00 t ales 500 bales. ~
Liv s.:u'ooi., Nov. 25.-vening..
Tottoh opened firmii and closed sti'ong,
'-ula.'nds 9.7 ; Orleans l0 sales 20,
)00 bales-.
A Ne~w ihic of Leaves,
A Veninonter' has recently tanned
everal isides of leather with lyd
enchcd from forest lea:ves. ie hats
>een experi'lnenting with leaves two
nonths, wvi th satisfactory results.
)he ton of leaves, it is assertedl, will
an as nshih leather as five cords of
inrk, and Wil complete the process in
anhf the time. When1 leaves and
irk and are rliked In equal propor
ions one0 four: th~ of the time is saved.
'h leather tanned by this precess,
t ia claimed, is more flexible and
mnoother. than that tanned by bark,
dhileI the strength oif the raw hide is
Ltainhed io a greater deogree. All of
'hich statement should be received
Agiluheil llefore 11 is lnrt1
gated at the pros'pect of Ii tuione yed
an biecoma :g l'resid'Ient of the IJoi.
edl States. '"The t imc may come,''
nays, "and ill betido thej county
over it does comeos when money will
loot, .our governors and presidlenits
id raiilro Ld kings bo the real sover
ignas of the country?" It bansebj a
mig ti:ne since money did not elodt
1e chief oflioer4 lof our government,
id other people0 besid e railroad kingsq
a the handling of it.--N. Y. IHcr.
A.Missuourian while journeying to
oniisville recently took a sleeping
Lr for convenience. During the
ght lhe got uip and went out on the
atformn. The dloor closed and fas
ncd with a spring lock. The porter
as asleep, and the citizen enjoyedl
flfty-inile ridle in his night-elothea5
ith ila ntfrm.

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