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The Fairfield Herald.
T l 1 it L isill :1)
'Tui iIfameslead sLaw.
mEcISs or -r Si.:urlott Im
No. I 85 -Euii. n%1:n T enrium, 1872.
JuL f1eK. Gunn, Pintiff' in Errn
Charles F. Barry.
In error to Me Supreme Couwt of I
State of Gcoryia(.
Mr. JuaticA Swayne delivered i
opin'ion of the Court.
This is a writ of error to the S
premo Court of the State of doo
On the 12th of May, 186, tli
plaintiff in error recovered in the si
fior court of Ratidolph county
judgment agaim.t Wim. It. Hart f,
tihe sum of 4.42.30 principal, at
$129.60 intercst up to the ijudgmei
and costs. An iecet ion was issuc
upon the jidgtetst, and placed in ti
hands of the def endant in error
icrifref (lint otunty. Ile wan ther
by cOummanded to nihlo, the sul
abovo mntionetd and ftteher inter
upon the principal from the 12-h 4
Mlay, 1866, and the costs. 'hie plai
tiff in eri-or reiuest(d him to lei
upon a tract of itnd of 27-. acre
belonging to Hart, the defoiidant
the judgment. Barry rofucd , I
asigned as the only reason for his r
fusal that the protiecs had been ni
off to [la unedor the ph.tViaions I
th set passed by the General A-ser
l!y of the St.tl, and a4 pproved Out
it r 3, 1e 1.,9, i titled "A n out to pri
Vidle for setig apart i hoiestead
realty and pero:iality, and for ti
vahitttiont of e:ai I piroperty, anl f
the fill t.d coimpleto protection 0l
recni ity of tho it-no to the solo n
anil beneit of fati ieio, as recquired 1
rection first, of art'c&o seventh of t
cotist-ititiuin, and for 'other 'Iu
GuUn thlireupon letitioned the s
perior con t uf tL.e ouunty for a wi
of, ln s to collel the ahe:itf
nako tho levy.
Too j.uotiot set fuort h It hat tite l.
in g'.tn':tiott was i he ohly Irloptei
kinown to him biljOt to tite lien
itis jenign:ert, excepit a track of
neres of tie value of $100 situated
tihe ounty of' Stitart, which wia al
inltuided in tho h1ontc stead so .
altpo tv ; that, the pretmios in quelti
wore weith the m of $1,300. a
tiat Ih, y cmbraced a tn,uhi ]arc
ni tittlier of acres than the ial c.st:
exe.,1t ' frein levy and s'ale by t
lawks itt force whcn the judgmtontt i
recive (d, and wien the debt,
whitih it was founded was contra
It- does not appenr that those nal
gations werie denied, anttd wo do i
unild(tstand that there is any conti
vetrsey i1pit the subject.
A tter a tull hearing tite court aflir
C4 ihe validitv of the tll itq rit
apeetivo aspict, and gavo judgme
anitiAt tie poltitimtier. Tho F
remie court, of tihe State affirmed tl:
'I hte ti:st section ofserenilt artie
oftie ctstitutio (if Guorgia of 181
pros idsi tit 4 'each h1oad of a failt
or guardlit or ttustro of a family
iinr childrent, sitti bie enttitled te
litead of(iti retnhy ~ to thie vailuo
$%00,O0 itn specie,nndti personal pirope
ty to t he v.: I .e of $1,tt00 ini specie,
bo v~sluod at the oo they~) ate a
apaetit, an niio courit otr miintis teri
oflicer in this Stato shilu er
have jutriad iction or aut hot ity to el
force any juomentcit, dh ere, or ex
cut ion cgattio-t sid prorty so S
apa" I, inchlingr such imtprovemntt
?eay bte ma~de thereon fromt timto
tite, exe. pt for toax s, money bo
rowedl or ex pended in thIt imtprov
nto lt of t Ieo homeisctead, or for to pu
citase mt:oney of the samtie, for Ilab<
(done theru , or inteiiai furnishtc
therefor er a mnovalt of inicum branci
'llo il irtst sect ion of thte act. of ti
'ld of October, 1868, is in tho ann
te rmis.
it may iteli be doubted wheth<i
both thcc provisionts were tnot inttont
edi to be wholly proepeetive ini thoi
C ileet.
Ilut as we undeilrstand the suprent
court of the stato has come to a di
ferenit coi.clusion, we hia ll not, consi(
er the question.
The statutei in forco whten ti
jutdgtmont was trendered declared thi
thte followi ing plropetty belonging to)
debitor who was tite head of a tamnii
shteni d be exempt fromt levy anid sai
( o nit :) "Fifty acres of land an
five additional ones for each of hi
childrent uinder thto ace of sixto
yeats, the land to include the dwol
inig htotuse, if thte samne antd improvc
1nerts do tnot exceed two htundro
dollars ; o'te farm horse or mule, on
cow tanid calf, ten head of hogs, an
i i'ty dillars wortht of prov'isions,'an)
iv d'(ollar Fwor~ithi add itional for rae
clil d ; beds, boddintg, and comoo
bedsteads suflieient f or tlte famitily
otto loomti, oneO spinn)intg whIteel, ami
two pairt of' car ids, antd 0on0 huntdro,
pountd littt cotton ; coatmon tools o
tradio for hiimnaelf and his wife ; equtip
menits and arms of a militia soldie
And tro->tpor's herse ;ordinary cook
ing -utensils and table orockery
wearing apparel of himself and fani
ly ; famnily Bible, relhgious works an
schtool books ; family portraits ; tih
libs ary of o, protossional mtan i
,sotual practice or busineas, not es
ceedintg three hundred diollarsi
valtin, to be eleted by himself ,"
. No one can east his eyo over lth
former and latter exeinptions, withi
out being itruck by the greatly in
creased magnitude of the latter.
Se'tien I0 of A rtiole of thte (or
stitution of the United States de
clares that Unao state shall nasa nn
law impairing the obligatiou of Oon
If the remtedy is a part of the obli
gation of t .o cot,t'aer, a clearer case'
t.f impairmont van lidrdly ocaur than
ts preaseted in the record befoio us.
The ell'et of tho nut in question,
a. under the ciroumsitaces of this judg.
nient, doe tiot indeed merely i'napair,
it arililates th6 ron.ly. Thore is
ir itone left. uJt the ec reacelis still
further. It wvithlra w.i -ho lanid fromt
the lien of the jidrueicnlt, n[A thun
re destroy a vested right of prop'orty
which the credito' 'hid aadquaired in
tho 'pursuit of the remclly to Which lie
io was entitled by the lasv as 'it adood
when the judgment was recovered.
. It is in effect thking o'no person's
. property and giving It to an6the'
without coipenaationt. This is ' ou
e trary to reason atd justice, and to the
fundamental principle of the aseial
a coin act. Calder vs. Bull, t DT.,
,r 388. But we must confino our:elves
(1 to the conastitutional aspect of the
It case. A fow further reinatka will be
d suflicient to 11ia-osn of it-.
e It involVci tio <question which has
I not been thure than otce fully cjn
sidorod by this court.
s Georgia, tinti rljo camine into the
;t liioun a- one of tI e otigiinI thirteen
of Stat', has leV.er be-on a Stato out of
1. thie Uniion. H-er constitutional rigilte
y were, for a titne, neccarily put l
., aboyance, but her con.sitituioral dil
n abilities and obligatiotns note itt no.
o wise Oeotcd by her rebelliot. fho
L. same view is to bo 'takont of the p'o:
t vi.-ions in her orgnniani law and of the
)f statute ip quoeetion, "s if a had
. been in full commuion with b'er
sister States when bhe gave thet
of Though her con titution was sanc
10 tioned by Congaems, this prot ision can
>r in no sense I.0 cotisidered an 'act 'of
Id thlat body. Tbo sanction Was ol
,c ly permisivc na a part of the process
,y of her robabitati. n, taid involved no:.
1o thing aflirmative or neyntivu beyond
r... that event. If it weic. c-press atal
uneq ivocal, the reauilt woul.1 bo thie
It. Samne. Congress caneict, by authorli.
-it zition or ratilication give the rlight.
to est elfect to a talo law or constitu iod
in conflict with tie (o'iititutiona of
id the United States. 'I'Lat instrunicat
ty 'j abovo and :eyond the power o0
of Congress and the Mtia d i6 alike
68 S.bligatury upon both.
in A Sta te can no more impair an ex
ta isntg es.ntract by a coinstitu
et ti tu al provi*Aion, than by a legisla.
unt tive tot ; both are withlit the
id prohibition of the natio;nal Corsti
or tatiOn.
to The legal remedics for the enforce
lie tent of at contract, which belong to
as it at the timo and place where it is
Dl iado, are a part of its obligation. A
:t- State Itay chlatnge them, provided the
a01ita1"1 inivolvo no iimpar tment of a
IC. stubsltantial right,
ot If the provinion of the constitution.
o. or the legislativo act of a State, fall
within the category last nuiitiout( d,
n. they are, to that oxtetnt utterly void.
o. They tare, for .! he ;irp *ias of the
tat contract which C: i..pair, as :f th, y
a- had never exited.
i6 The constitutional proviaions and
statute here in question, are coarly
li n tin that category,, and ato, there
i8 fore, void.
y, Th I jurisdictional prohiition
or whicho'l they') conita it .withI r'esa..t to
a thte courts of the state, canthe) oe
o.f 'ortm nao itmpedimaent of thte plaintiff
r.in ertror in thaoe t efrc'eent c.f htis
to rigts touchintg thi li jutdgmenO~t, as
at thoase righata recognized by this court,
er lIfaflan v~'. The City of Qutincy,
1. 535..
e. VTe judgment of the Supremte
it Coutrt of Georgia Is revecrsed, andt~ the
a case will be remtanded to thtat coutrt
:o of Randolph county', and thtoaeafter to
r- Proceed in ctnformity to this
rD. WV. Mi nni.,'aon,
Special Notices.
ls a purely vegettable conceentrration f'ar
keepling atho t'owels l in anta mtoiiota andl
r eleanisintg t ho s)-stemi of' al n i i 15
-' anad a positive e' for contaiapatioai. Thecy
t est ore th dt aiseasedl Liver, St oah, andaa
Kidnttys to a healitful aactiona, w hie at I he
satmae itme they brace and inavigorate thte
Cwhtao l ystemt.
lir. T r'rT's (Cai.Run sven E.'PaCTonarr
Il ow It Aurs. -First, it adeitches frontm lie
bronchial or windi tubes te mucuts or
mitterot which soetimens a-lheires to thtemi
with athe tenaeity of glue. Secondaly, it
migesthe pain aind lemaovesa the eoit
n a sariezion of thle bronchil atubes ard amus.
y cles of the che.st. 'Thtirdly, it. resist.s the
o progtres or iitnflamat ion, anda assis athe
d inn gs to tharow oif' thte irr'ittating mnatter
whichh accumutlaites.
ii C~urtx'ta'tts, P'A1r'a: MhaxCxus, AsN
.C~asvr Mac,:as will take notice thiat P
. P'. Toatle, or Chaarlesioni, huas eon hand andl
for slWhit0 Pita, of the. lineet grad',
whaolesaale atnd retail. Also Walntii, Oakt
0 atal oeahar d Woods,
Thc Pairet tad Swortest Con-Li'vor Oil
Sihilazaird & Caqwoll'a, madae otn the sea.
glho.o fromt fr'esh, selected livers, lay Cas,
well, & lut a'd & Co., New York. It. is
;l absolutely lpure siad sweet. Patientsa who
[ have 'snce takaeat it pr'eler it toa all thters.
Ph'ly siciansa have dlecidedl it suaperiort to nnay
of l'he oither' ils in mar'ket. april 12
- al Alive~"
It in a Rsadii hng to paiss trouagh life Only
r halt' alive. Yet there are a tousantds whoeso
hiabiitual conadition is one of' languor atnd
Sdebility. TIhey comatinta of iao specitlo
diseaso : thtey suffer no positive pain ;
bait they have no relisha for attythting whiioh
affords mntual or sensuouas pleasure lo,
thllei more robtust and entergetie fellow.
at beings.
-it nine oases ouat of ten this state of
a lassitutde and torpor arises front a morbidl
stomnach, landigestiiona destroys the ener
gy of' both ninid and body. Whten the
waste of natutre Is 'sot suplpliedl by a duo
-atnd reguliar assaimilatlin of the food, every
eorgan is starved, eVcry function inter
.New, what does commton sense suggest
tuder tot.ecircumnstancoes of deparessimn ?
-J'The systonii naeedsi a'ousing anda streniga I.
f cua ; taot maer'clv for an htonro two to
sink afterwards alta a.n ore pitiable o-*
dition than ever (as 'it brsutlrgdly wo6d
do if an ordina'ry alooholig s'tri1ulant was
resorted to), bt Fhdically and perma.
nent ly.
Iow is this desirabl6 blject to be 1o.
coinplished ? The answer 'to Ihis question
founded oni the uuvarying eiporience of a
quarter of a coatury, is esily given.
Itfuse new vigor into the digestivo o
gaus by a course of floatetter's 81#mAol
BWtIers. Do hot **tb klin'e in adniusiste
ing terhp)trhry reuiiedies. bust. wnke the
*.Isu.'e up by reauperating the fountain
head of physical strength and energy,
the great organ upon which all th athtier
or gauns depend for their nirturo and 6up.
Ily '.he Ii me that ax'ohn 1i;es of tie
great vegeaeh't lonaion'ud inuilronhhl have
been taken, the feeble fraiie of hi ilys
pel.tic will begina to feel its benign inull
ence. A ppt tite *will be crentmd1, and wit It
appetIte th'o ca'he'it y to digerft what it
craves. Persovere until the cutre is co-n
plee-untii. healthful blood, fit to he 1h
material of fleuth an I na ole, hnI adI
nPrve end brain. tI-we th lgigh tlie bthan
nels of circuilationn, i4--cad of the wntry
pabu'u-n wit It h' e'l. they have horeloforc
teen iAperfectly liul isled.
4000 lbs. Shoits,
4000 lbs. Whe'at Bran,
april 20)
IIAVI j .si receivead a full ass-tr tment
of Provisuions Gir)ooaruo, Graina, &o , cota
sisting inl patrt of
1,000 B )ushCl T Prim White Coral,
- 250 "a " ?aual,
800 '' White and Black Oats,.
if Bales Nort hern llay,
50 " NortLh Carolina liny,
60 Bales Shucks and Foddur,
50 Barrels Early Rose, Goodrich, rink
Eye and Peerless P'otat,os,
10 Illads. C. II. Bauco Sides, Bulk aides
and1 Bulk nnd Bacon Shoulders,
Lard in 25, 10 and 6 lbs Cans'.
25 Barrels Western Flour,
765sacks Auagusata IFlour,
75 Sacks North Carolina F~ r,
15 hBble Sugrar-all Greados,
10 Saoks Coffee--all Kind
26 Blble Sugar flousoe Syria
10 "~ Faumily iFyruap,
8 " Now Orleans Molamses,
2 Tieroes Fritne llama,
Smoked and iokcfledI Tongues, Fullton
Market Doof, Pickled Salmon, ;.and Shad.
100 PaIr Trace t'hains'
0 Dozen Pair llames,
40 Dozeon f-tades Crownr Ihces,
10 Dozen Planters Steel hloea, Steel Iron
and Plow Mouldie.
26 Kegs Nhils, assort ed,
d Boxes Collins Axes, Spades, Shovels
and Mannre Folks,
Baek Bandis and Plow lAnes,
Ihorse anti &futo Shaoos and IIlorso Shoe
A full Stock of Willow andl Weeden Ware
and a eholce soleetion of Boots, $hoes, &e.
dee 26
HIAVING proenrod the
very best Mechanies inx
the country, I feel war.
ranted in faying that I
atn~ furnish as neat BOOT
or BliOE as any Shop
in thae South. All work
rarranutedl to give aatiufacetion. My Shop
it next door to F. Gerig's Baddlory.
mar 19 LI. Mii attBnun
12 SAILES sent by mail for l0o. il.
retail quick for $10. i. L. W.ALU( T r, 181
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bd lil ttdidtely. 50rIi0
addes1s to whlich Ppeciia cai- of
Em1iith's Alagazine will ko e&.n -it. l e's
Wanted. Write. Pluy V. 8unith, i1 Libeta.
'y St. N. Y.
94 from 2 i. mail
ed free for 25 ots. that sellt A uit fo
four dollars, to any person Ir% WhIasbok,
who %ill At. as agent. 1&NDALh & 00,.
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Ii~1dc'N seit.1 for our Illustrated
COtalogno of new books on building. A.
J. 1IICKN iL.L & CO., 27 Warret at. N. V.
Aii s.A ka re Chant!
e will pay all ngents $40 per w eek in
ca!sh. who will engage with i at oniice.
Everyihing foirnishmed land expen,es 04i,.
A-CA4., - u.\ COhTilt & Co, chdo te,
Ulftil NO .'L...m.......... IS
AV $th a w-ek guarantaed. Iltepec,
tlals emtiploymieni at Ih(oie. iay or evening;
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vnltinble package of g-oils Pent free by
mail. ,Ailress, Ih . .,.ceni -eturn utimp;
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A Watch Fae worlh $20, give- grat
id to oivery live man who will Act as our
)genat. .l 8iness Imgl ad hoiaorpihi.
$100.0 In 5 days. L. lenble, a ii hor.
Everybody bu1 s it. Can't do Wit hout it.
Alust have it. No (lift Iaterpriso. io
hiumbug. r% :nv. & ( o. littshnirg, Pa.
100 Te ltcusel- 4115 8Mude ts Male
13r Finnile. caln --ecure emp!oynt-til paxyhig
froin $1ii) t, $1>0l pel- hi.-n I durig the
,pr ain %tiini.iner. Adlress PEI r1' .I.
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Pa., Cincinna i Ohio, Ur St. Louif, Aio.
$02O A DAYNt
Enily made by nu Agoheyquf
"Otir wn Fanily Doctor."
Best iniedicnI Woi-k txta nt. Every body
buys th.t Nees it. in 1sidal induc eent.lliit 10
A gents P. Seid lor cirittihrn and t Pis to
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pj An 'ch1' Itilt .Ire way to mako
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N. F. 1 inhatis New Turbine
NM ntC3X V1.Cto i S
TO IBE lit.:ST E'EtL INV', I EA).
utpiutI.Ir El'rcI A lanu s., Yon c, PA.
The spictxi ii 1.e '!k cljn.g i-e-0k ever pub
lish'od. It eiii ill about the C-'l ru1 i .
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re; atitln. Ilingw. lobbies, anl i lie wonder.
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4iniek;i. Send for cih anlirs. aee our iti ris
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drbss, National 'rthli-iing C. , PIhitidel
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kg'1tF Wnlted Semi for cireinr. Ari
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r ic for Llfrkc | Sii-,ritir I Price L -h.
~NO. 179
ircecti -loaninlg sios. Gui1., ). P to saf.
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Gutns. Sa to Su liihtes, $8 1n N7o. lRe
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to Decalers or lu hs'. Armay 0Guns, li(.leves,
&c., bouighl ori trasded 'oi . Geoods sent by
express C. 0. D). to bo examined~ before
pnIld for.
Neglect a caogh. Notinag in tmorie oor
tain to lay the foundat ion for futuore tunge.
Wel'Carbolic Tablets
nrit st Sint atii'e 1oi orl all iies of- thei tto.
stpirtatory Organs, Sore Thii-oat, ('olds.
Cronp, Dipi hseria, Asathum, Cainarrh,
iloarsones9, Dri nesw of 11he Throat, Wingl.
pipe, or Ilroinchial Tubes, and1( all Dii.
enisos of the Fungs,
In all cases or sudden cold, hnweyer'
iaken, these Tsablelti should lie pt'otuptfy
thd it'eely itsed. T'hey egnalize the eitcu
lat ion of thle blood, mu igaite thle severity of
the nitnok, andt will, in a very short limo,
restore healthy action to the affected or.
.l oiel's Carbolie Tablets, arc put up only
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.JOIIN Q. KELLOA00. 18 Platt St. N. Y.,
Setnd for~ Circular. Sole 'Agenut, for (lho
United States,
The startling drawback on nearly all
medicinal agents has ever bseen thiat inl
heir pirocess of puirgiation and puri floatliota
iliey haivo also debilitated the yte.~ To
obvlate this diflculty phiysio'ans have long
sotight for nn egent. that wotuld
Purge, Putrify and Strengthlen
at onae and the saiai timoe. Their r'0earlh
has nt. last, been rewardled by a discovt-ry
which, futlly realizes the fondest desires of
t he muetdicial faculty, nnd which is jiust ly
I (nrded as the most imbportant trlt imphi
bhat 'hurmaocy has ever achieved Th'is
Iaror.st a sideratum~i IS
Dr. Tutt'sq Veget able Liver Pill.
B hsieha paify lthe b'nod und remnove all cr-r
rut h1umtiors finrd i-uah en' ly acculart ions
1lrOmi aIho bodly, nn 11(e3t ll.rodnees no weal;.
tiess aor lassituade whiaiever, hut on the con
trary tonaet the stomnachl anti iflvigorates
thao btody during the prog~ress or thicir
operation. They uitot thue hetetofore in..
reconeilable qualities of a Strengtheninag
l'ttrgative an~d a Putifying Totulo.
Dr.. Trut's Pills are the moca, active anid
searching medicine in existence. They at
once attack the very root of diseases, anid
thieir Action is so prompt that ini an hour or
two after they are taken Ithe patient is
nwtre of their good effects. Thety may be
taken at any time withaout restraint of diet
or occupation ; they produce neither nau
sea, grIping or debility, and as a farnily
mnedicino they have no rival.
Price 26 oent-a box. Sold by all Drug'
it.Principal office 18 nnd 20 1'at m8t
We will pny 'nll Agenss $30 per wtek iI
oash, who will engage wh1 u.4 at. once.
EveryiIhinmg fusrtis-ihed amid ei enpees paid.
MANUFACTUjING CO., Dattle Crock,
- 14 00U,U00 Acr'es,
O 12e, 0 F0-e:ns ,4
bulon Pacific Ratilibad Coipany.
8,000,000 Aores in Oeiftral Nebraska,
Now for sale in tracts of forty acres and
upwiisrds oh fiac and len y oars' tcd at 6
per cent. N- Adivinee ittlerest requiiriesd.
Mil sland Iealt liii cliatitte, Fertile soil.
ai altundanoe (if good water,
The li as imtrket in ithe Wo-I I The great
Mii in rrgiois tf Wyoming, Coloindo,
Itith snd Nsuvni, liing supiti-dul by the
farmers in ll.e Il'atile Valley
8old1br1- s'sniitlbd to It homstsleal of 160
acres The bert locatifis lor- Colonies
Free i. mes for all ! .! illions of neces ol
cit-ice (i.iin nit Lands open for eii-i
miler the ip-lo.stad la, ner tis La t'
lIt il-'b-lil, Wiih "64-1md sniskels ia nd tll lie
coivenlieclts ( eit, mold ttlesl -smi ry.
Free passes i0 ptuisers of Itailroad
fect.onal Maps, slhowilig file Irtil. A180
snew ediliol of descritive p iIlliplet. Witi
new n111n1,'.mailei free evtkty whero. Address
Al I.and Commissioiner U. '. It.
it, Omaha, Nebl.
Dr. Maitin's Cow-Pox Virus.
Absoltiely Putre noi-Iuitmiized Viacine
Viruis, obildne-l by [lie imethod of lte
Animal Vacciainaion, insiiculed 1)y Pitr.
J)epapil of Pare, n ) pri., 1800, fi-iH Ihe
famiieouts case of spolt.aniius 'cov.ljox lit
leaigency, inl sinnce, and innigiurat ed ink
America in. Septemer, 1871). by Dr.
lenry A. Martin, with viruiand aulograpih
istc s cfi I ihe hia nI of Prof. Depiutl
Our establisL.ments is by far tlt-I largest
anid tust. pir'fect in i iho worl. Large
Ivory -'tlaicit" phhis. pneknges of '14),
$!. 0o " p rIimaitry - ..u IStI, ( .cab1I, ) mlos ,
carefilly selected. *5.00 All .virus is
fully warr t liid ellicien. It will be p bk
eli lo go will lirect sf'ely by mtail. Full
directions br hi e ni i inpausy eachs pnbk
ige. l it1aillane inust accompany order.
Ynuei.r of Yillus inisurled.
DI, lIEN ItY A. IIAN 1lTIN & SO1:.
It8 losliN If i, hI ladims, n1.1 s.
k1500 i f renI i1s,
BMins ,eesect Garems s-eeds:
Extra 'artly Ypstiom. Ten day earlitr ihan
Efnry eiioe. Emormously productive and
or ekceient flitvor lql per r ond ; 4
p. iinds by mainil, i'o'i i'dii 'or i;4. .)0.
C>miit i t's Sti pris-.., ft l itushtls 1o th e
aere. A little lateri'S la rly Rose. Eic qua
ins qiuitiy. $'. per ptiund, by mail, post
$;:')0 will be itw rided as pren ims So
those who pioduttce te is restigem. (u:1t5ity
1tem one potid. Descrittliva Circilars of
cite nbove. with list .f JU00 varieties of Po
Satoes, fiec to ill.
Ii lust raited sel 'aS. logite. 200 [agest
with, Coloredi Chromo, "5 cents.
A Nh V Tdimato, the i-Aiingtn." Earl,
siolid and prloductive. Pi'ice, -,50. per pack.
et. rioliiickets for $1. 11. K. LISS &
8SNS. t Park Place, New Yorc.
an"aby anly knlown leainoi. It
will 1rdicaeexSti tt nd toriofblly Ie
stroy tell piison-ois stubstances in the BIlood
t.d wil A l. e. f f stally d iWpel a It prisposi
Ition to bitlios de'rnngemtent.I
Is ther'e' want oS' ntemltn ini yours liver' nsd
Slleent ? Unsless relievm'd ait oncee, te blood
beicoms' ims tire 1by deolceter'iouss st'tteietions,
produlccintg stcr'oidlomis or ski dscisenis,
Bil'ices, Feilmns, Pituiles, Canker', Pims.
pIes, &o., &c.
Ilsave you as D~yspeptic Stomachel ? Unless
dligestion is peromoily3 aided te systems ist
debiliitled ttithi po'verty of sthe Blood,
Dr'opsical Tehsdency, benerat Wmeaknaa3ss
llav'e yosu Weakness of use .Intesitnes
oua are ini daniger of Chrtoio Diarrh'aa or
Istlamrhstion il of' thes Bowels.
llave you wenkness of thea Uscerine 01
Utrinasry Organs ? You arc exposedl so suf
fering its its nmost aggr'avatedc formn.
Are yout deijeecd, dr'owsy, dish, stluggisl
or deprecsstet in spiis, will th edachle, back
achte, coaled lonsgio ands bsad Sast ig finobIh?
Fot' a cerfain remsedy for all of those dis
eases. weaknsessos ansd rouible's; for' cleans
ing anid pliify'ing the vim inted blood atnd
simp'irtintg vigor' so all lthe vit forces1 fot
busildintg sip andc r osoring thie Weakeneid
consstituion mise
wlhih is pro nounsecd by thse lenadinsg medical
stu lsor'iies of London andl P'ti's "the1 most
poaerfstl tonia andc alteratiire known to te
liiedival world." This is nto ntew and cun
Iriedl discoveriy but has beens ong used by
theo leading physicians of othier o'>untries
iv ithi wvonderfutl remtedial rescults
Don't weaketn and imipnsir I hi' digetiv e
or'gnts by enihtai'sics and physics, they give
onliy etem orairy r'elief-hndigesl ion, tlastu.
10en0y anid dyspiepsiac wills piles andI kindlred
cijseav's ar'e isure so follow Iteir (mbo.
Keep the blood purs' and( heglith is asisur.
dTOlIN Q. Kl':Lrmsao
18.Platt St., N. Y., Sole Apens fot' t1. S.
Pr'imo Osne Dollar pot' botl. Sentd for oir
cuclar. aprill
SouthIiern1 WardouI~ls Compay
(/ervaiss Strect, nser G/reenile W5ti COlumabid
Rail roarl,
IS Pl1W1PA BI) So receive Collon nnsd othier
ps opter"y uipont tor'-me, .'ttal mnkle aivatices
usposn the same. ('oilton sisipp 'd So Ihis
htouse will lbe stred~' subjec So te ordohe' of
te 0owner, atnd thle lowes. ratca chtaugeil
for~ siourage. All pr'operly so slored will be
inusuresd ini goodi reliatble comipanties, if in.
suirtee is dleslt'edi ; and nI dvasnces will be
msadlo at lthe lowesi banikinug rales. Our
elore hiolttset are so locatedl shat drayage is
not necessqry ; ansd no0 charge for htandlinig
will lie made. All bui~snes Stonmmunica
lions should be atr'iir qssecl to tho Tr'ieatsurer.
EDWAII 1) IIOPE, President.
Einwin F. Onniy, Treasurer.
meth 25i-Om
Carroll's~ Cold WVater Soap,
ADE In Aikcen and said to lbe the best.
-11. soap Yoet' used. Prleo 10dts a Bar, or
26018 for 8 bars. ?shcrchia tits aro invited to
buy of us at, lhe factory price.
. AlcaASTEft & BRItCE.
april 29 - A gsnts,
JamN I J'arsI!
TI IIRIEE ,and five Glallob Jtra. Call ~
I early.' U. 0. DElSPORTES & CO,
Jan 1)
At o bow receiving and haiwo in Stoi-4
among othor articles bii their line.
700 1ushbels priio Corn,
800 Bushlts i ra ush gr-dunl and bolted
ietl Wind hominy.
400 Sacke dl:t oi Milla Fl0', fresh
froia tho m i, all ; rdos,
15,000 (allone Moliesees, nasorted kinds,
16 000 poind1 Dry Sailt and Bacon C. It.
2 hiids: Dry Salt Shioulders.
I lot Nluo Subgar tiurcd lIlam4,
1 Car kad fine Timothy iny.
All of widid will lie sold
mch 22
Only 60 Cente per Bottle.
It promotes the ZUOWTI, PtESEILVEN
tho COLOR, and increuoto the Vigor
and BEAUTY of tho MHAI.
Ova TmlTT VXAu An() LrON-ae ]KA1InAW1
rPR71F AJWRI s t.1acoft ln 1 ~jk1t b
n ossor.The nas eson. it ratid ecqtad
r m dtr r vd from t utAe
'KATR0" ftg~itInt to fledya~e' Pur ruuangati
or resto. Tly favor t a roovedan pn e po
larity it has obtainedl ' unlodened and icred.
bla. It increases t WQU;2Tyru and RRAUTY Of tha
Amn. iti. n a deli ytfullu rai. It dratbicettez
I ATndruff. tproventath HAIrfroNtutnin% aras.
yl~ 11)IMItrUCC. IL Is tim 11 AM ill QUAIIT? A
fitid Vi.~~ r ' it was over a (2uT.%nT,:19o ci a Ct!
try &,,ua~ only 111 ito11 C invr kluttlu
V !Iloun'sc Gopy is I or Hai,
LYO co,
omest onio
Lcmsod al iici6wlno nd ly aRordn
Th rothe ho-ch o of th fr.blo a d d~tisi
riouto ttouhs , te Aove adMr
tilit on brought n ab oiout.As In re smoto wh c
1o an gi any cmt e wh es h
hoy mof tho-t tdrek Tonics ad Cter..
A na orl. T hey ar neddsr~tya
trotns bodiec an lysrengthead
one bruhM aot ' A D a .om ltr t whic
A I&ndBLIh
MOUI.DING, Brackets Stainr Fixtures,
Builder ' Flirtishing Ilardtware, Drain
I ipe, Floor 'il a, Wire Utinrd, Terli' CO-'
a Ware, Marble id olutn Mtantle Pis'eu.
Window Ulass a Specialty.
lhit e iIt'in* Lumber foi sale.
Circulaia and P-Ice Lijsta sht fte ot
application. hy P. P. TA EI.,
20 linye and 33 Pinckney st11.,
oct 1 Charleston, S. 0,
Loan and Trust Coipany.
orFi0E, NO, 17 BRuOAD nN.
The deposits in Ihe Savings Dep rtmenL
of tias Company are Invested naes Special
Truttst. mi therefore, are not sui ject to
the huznrdls of innking.
In addition to this spcial secnrity, do.
positors have the guarantee of te entiro
lank Capital, which amounts to ihace hu11j
dred thousand dollars-(800,000.)
This department will enable all clases
to find a safe seen,ily for their anvingm,
however mamll ; and at the same time
hearing t reuiunerative interest (six per
cent. cdfilbouinded qmrterly.) Curreney
ca be remitted by express, and drafts by
DilECMols A ND TutUsTERs.
Geo. F. Cnmoron, 0. L'. Buist.
E. It. Frost, W. J. Middleton,
W. C. BeP, A. J. Crews,
W. D. Williamas, B. WalIjen,
1i. Il. Deleon, C. 0. Mtemminger;
B. O'.Veill. Wn. L. Webb,
A. P'. Caldwell, J1. T. Weimmm,
J. I. Sinekelford, Geo. II. Walter,
J. C. II. Clawasen, D. D. Laizarus.
Mcniphis, Tenn.,
Baltimore, Md.
ASSTS $1,100,000.
Hon. Jefftwss Davis, Pres't,
Gen. Wade i ihpton,, Vice Pres't6
j, D. KENNEDY, St.A'gout,
tah lO-y Local Agent.
rp ills intendant and Wardens of thd
.L.Town of Winnsboro, in Council assem-.
bidd, do ordain that two-and one.half (24J
mis shall he assessed on all real proper.
ty, to meet curren't expenses for the Fiscal
year cornmencing A pr'iI 1st, 1873, and end
ing A pril let 1874. And do fur ther ordaiul
that each and every male between the ages __
of eighteen and fifty shall work on the
streets of the said Town for twelve days1
or commute for the sameo by paying into
the Treasury of thme Town thme sum of three
Done, in ('utitll in the Town of Winng
bore, thib il~thi day of Ajpril, 1678.
.o ~ O . i. M eoMA8Th ft,
Clerk of Council1
api 20i
Coneisting of Walnut, .Imitation Wal
nut, and Oak, of thu 4eit best quality,
For design and workmanship utleqtlalled,
and eheap as can be bought anlywhere this
Mddo rf the city of New, York or Blaltimor'e,
andI as ohadaf as daht be bought in No'w York
or liaillnoro at rellall prices. Everything
warranted as represented. Mattresses and
Lumber for sale. Call anhd see for yottr'a
selves3 tas settint -is believing.
Flirolitare neatly repaired llt itidderatte
feb 20 A; W. P'IIILLIPS.
#YOU need Pthenittere nbtvi iS Ie time
to get Blargalins as I am dill6rminedl to
cloe. out the Furidtitre oni haud.
OONssIegz~o or
Wardrobes, lBeremt, Tables.-p..AIn and
marble top, Rlockin gCtauirs, Dilning Rb-em
Chairs, Towel, Rtt kin. BIook Cares, with
wrlihg Desks combined, -Extension Tables
Child's Chairs, &ce Call soon at
molh 8 McINTYRlE'$.
ONoW mnd .Attraethe .Arivalsq.
UR Spring andh Summnee Stock In ro.
Ucelved snd confidently smebmittdd to the
lnspeotcrr of ours p~totta. Thed ladies
tiepartment-including llak and UBanet
(rimnmed and untrimmed asnd a full Stlul
ofladies Dress'OdoUs flrttithdfirgest estab
lisitteente. bhght for caeh, .*ithl- a jumdg.
toent ultilft by ox peyliloo anid a long
neeuantawe *t'h flie 'want's anmd tastee of
our customners." Also a full Rtock of teens
wasur tristerhals as flats,:Boets, ghes
andi Ga ere. Supplies of TIn Wm1are, Wooder
Crockory andI lpsa Ware, Axes, Iloes,
plo'w Chaitns, Rlee, Meal, Salt1 Molasses, -
Petroletn &e., all on reatsonalte ter'tds.
april 19 D. LAUDEkRDALE.*
( WO barrels Kerosqne Oil. The puirity fe
I.which Is'guat ant aed.
tear & U,~ G1DEMPOItTR A mo

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