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31. HAM. DAVU4, Editor.
ffcW (h r%d: y Murninwg Ocober !-, h7.
For Conrroiman 4th Con. Di:trict.
'I'he Uiiion llorald clii that.
Chuoherlain b; bit terly opponed to
Blue Ridgo Scrip nud fraludilenit
bonds. Then why aro !te prines
of ring thieves workin like ebavorH
to secure thi:4 elcet ion T Too thin.
Sin ce the ( ber e lct ion, tle
ratic:al lir:s are c:lliing loudly on
Grait, to deii the ale-ation that lie
is Mc:ig the t hiOird teri. Tihe tiol
dier preidC.t, will Dot (10 this, and
anlyhow, it i too Li t e. Nothing
can savo the moribund radical,party.
Judge Mal(cky i long been pro
claubiiiig hik inttiltioll of stumpilig
for K,-rshlaw. It is hilg tiimc his lln.
or wias mf nIg hi:1 word! good. The
canvass is half over, and not a word
havo wo hard from him.
Tho INioun lerad in a laborod
articlu enideavor to provo that the
itim-lidatin of iiegroes caused tie
PlemIocrat. ie v c tory in eorgi .
lk.villg snivol-vided so %%ell inl this
iask, will it. peaso .-how what. caused
the d eoc vietries in Ohio and
.iidiana ?
Tho New York Nation thilnics it
,y tranigv tiit aIt those S'-tates inl
hich the wlit(,4 predomilliiite, are
peacefiul anld prosperous, whlile in ll it
the Saes whero the blacks predoini
1b n1:to, thle blkcks are intimiidated 11114
opirssed by tei while". It conid.
eIs the b.utge busimcss too thiln.
.Y, do tle, Ieole of lidia, )iOhio,
low%a and Nira:a.
A lo:dii g vit z -it of Chirster in
forms s that t hi,i count y i< wide
1i1a :o for ref'irm. j .13 cla itis at
la iftoon hinulr-l votes for Ker
!;:I y, w rTeven au I DelanI y, :111( hw.
lit'ves tAt W allace's ull;lj i ity will
Iot lie over "nO inl that coiuity, Pro
bally mnelle. . "'hI'le Iarty'" inl
that, County'areat. lgehas
A S itieii rl.ilio iI ill i t bad
way when 1,1ia.1rpern Wecilly goes back
(il himt. Yet tht paper inl the issue
of Ov" . ' Ihh, g-ivoe- Ch:nnhlr-llainl thle
hi aviest. tap th1at lie has yet. reeivd.
.i dmumbd inthe 1n- ''o of the re
ubilei I arty North that. (Greenlei
beel e vII.
\Vil II (t h i o in i Ie ra 1 . please
* co.py this; editor'al
A tI Iornvy IeitI teltonbstll
tlh,t. he was tOe of i! 4 first to cnter
te ( confedera int o Se rv ice miiialie last
to leave it. Th'le samne boist might
bei iade b 'y I' rk h loses5. It. wol d
be~ grathify iing to ,ehl 'veteirans to hteau
it\ Ie u; oni t he prws d isplyced iii
the bh edy hiltl If iel. is by M.ses andi
In thie InidianaL legislaiture the're
arie 75 derniioier a and '75 rads atnd
ind LEpenTdete. 'Thle deiiocrats can
ge the suppor t ofit least otne in,
dep,ntdetit in 12 and. this will cist
1.i. S. Stnat ir l'iatt for a demicrait.
Ja I own the demozicr'ats elect a
Ce gre'atn or c lh irst time in tent
3 ems, id ii Nebr aska they gain iiMX
i;ember' s ini the legisiat ure. Thei
1ft lie coiotecd peple wiAh to be
go've.rned I y earpet -hagge rs anid city3
rinigs let them vote for 'hiamiberlain
and G leaves. if theiy wiTh thie hioni.
est maiisesC ti zay hiosy they shall be
g2overnedh, let thlemi vot e for G reeno
Delany. A con'inuationt of corrupt
ring rule will bring quaul itied sufI
fratge. If they show by voting tlhe
I ndependetnt republicean ticket, that
th~ey have sonme sense about polit ies
they will not be d isf'ranchised. Let
them choose now, before- it be too
A geitleiman of ularnge experienice
wh1o his been tra':velinig extensiv ely
in the North w esterni Counties writis
luosat en thsistica lly of the rospceci
(if Greeneu, llelany, Kershaw and
Me L;an, lie lutdieti thit Untioin
G1 ievi!leI. Sp or t :nhuiirg and Yeruk
I f this be t rue, K ershaiw n' ill bo our'
nuext ('ozgrozmnanI. Lancaster isi
('onservat iv.,. If thie Conservatives~
1f ('hester, lIid iclhl and Ker'shaiw
do their du ty, Wallace cannotit possi.
bl~ ieceve a Iar'.ir maizuty' thtan
:M''t(, whichi wil leave Kers~haw a
A ttorz' y G en. WV illiamis, believing
I th av eriget "Northerin ear'' co uld~
be res.ch1ed by tales of outragecs aned1
th at r'epubl ican i rule woulId he' pro
loniged thsen b) , got up sevet al oit
r't( n,ids (to griid out atraities
tugo uill, the Chattanoga radical
:onvention, coiposed of ring thieves
From the Southern States, was to fur
aish outrages to order. South Caro
lina did not participate, because the
National lepubliuan warr.ed these
"superserviceabl)e" thi d term
gentry that their room was perfera.
ble their company. In the midst of
their howls and devi!try tho Conw
veition heard the news from Ohio
an1d [ndiana. This was a danper to
their ardor. Without more ado,
they packed their carpet bags, doubt
leos taking off arty maull articles that
miny have been lying around loose,
ud vauio..ed. And thus ended this
patent doublo notion outrage manu.
Gov. Moses ot eligible for the Legis
Attiole Ili Seetion 28, of the Ce
stitution of SIuth Carolina si :.'
SF;ToN 28. No per.ul iIl.l h
pligible*to a sc,t ii. the Gencial A 4
.Cmlbly whi,lt lie holds 11n1y olice (4
profit or trut under this Statc, thu
IUnited States of A nerica, or ary
of them, or under any other power
!Xceplt oflicers inl the militi, Mag.
istrates, -or Justic( a of Infeiior
Courts, while Much Justices receive
no salaty. And ifany inembor shall
aeplt or execiue iny of the said
dipitalifying olliwes, lie siill vaate
his :.a Wnc/ That thIt iI ro
hlibition ha 1411n11 ,ot .ext(!il to the
neiibers of the tirbt, Ge:eral As.
From this, it will , sii On that
IlLne; ; Ilust val(a!te the gibernatollal
chair before ho can hie celetd to
the 1iegislature. While I memCilbe r
of the lcgislture may he ceetd to
another ollice ak.d tlen rev.i;, the
reverse does not obLain. N persoin
bialding an viliec 4f holor or trs! :.l
he elected to the legi.ilature. It, has
been decided (see volume of con
tOst(d electiolls efore the LnTi.da
ture) tiit (ie reFigllatiin mitniult be
//r nt f1ter, eh etioll. -l)cs is
thete tfole inieligil>le unless lit r
signs the govoi norship. I t, m tt
little howevor -wht1her or not he is
eligible, bec.ais" he ii gill" to hi
t bislhd out any how by the N.sl
If We have a lull tirn out Korshaw
ia triinmphantly elected. (n (' ieen
Ville .J udge Cook, Dr. L-tllier, and
(lien. Sllivanl, le:ding repul'ans
favor Kshaw aMist Wllace,
o -. ro .Itilio-Ins will loin
wvi.h thlit-im. TIh Ie Cow,.--vativoa will
P-ill a solid vote. (4reenlviile ha.as
1.500 whie 1tiljorily. S.,artHnbitrg
i:% alive with her 1800 white najoilty
York is fully arouse.Id. A gioe .at
froim North Wesitern Vork jay hti
f -. ite votes will h pil. l,.1
WalIlave. The Col.serv:.tive.4 CLlim
SmajoIIty in h liat coun ty. In
eas0 tiths a Cosrvtv ml j-, ity of
two h inidred. iiiomi gave Perry -100
imjority last time, In ('hester thei
blacks have about I lI. lml:j.rity in a
full vot.e, but thece ato d:maraulized
uhfile the~ conret slimE' lAo uited.
lit Fati eld theti colored voter's
hamve aboit 1300o imj.rity'. it Ker
saiw, abloult 800ti. hi atm stron g In.
deptendent ticket is runinitg wichl
wvill givo Kersha1w at leaist 200 or
30t0 coliored vol es. Thle c~oler vie
estimates give Kerhawi a hiarge mia
jority, butt :as theiy may he t oo fivora
le, wue will mtake a very' mnodleratoe e
timiate, concedintg York to WV allae..
Mlajori ties for K arshaiw --Spar ttn.
burg, 1-100 ; Uireen villo,i 1 200;
l'nion, 300 ; liancauster, 200. 'Potal,
\l1jo)rities for \Vallaice-- u'rk, I 00;i
('he.ster, 1,000 ; Fai rliabl I ,200 ;i
l~i'rshawii, .100. Total 2,7 00.
3Majority for K irsh aw, -100.
For voracoity, accuracy an id good
logie genlerally, commend us to the
linion llerald. A few dayv since, a
d ispatcht was senit over thle wires say~
ng,"It is estimatedl by the <'cmmorats
t hat 105i,0006 votes wtere cast int Ar
kansas.'' Whei re iuo the lInijon
llerald, by a tr.o.spisitlion of words
produnced t ho follow inig senitence
'-t, is est imatedl that I i00 votes
we re cas.t by th e e-cats itn Ar.
kanitsas. Witht this as ai text it
laiuchies forthin at iuls Strainl
against, the eniormnity of the sint of'
ballot box stuli ling peripetra ted by
thle dlemocraits. It. proves tlhat thtere
could nothairve been that mtanty legalI
votes, by dividing the poipulaition a)
estimtated.jour yeaors up (.181 ,00t0) byv
si.a, which it says is a "large estimallte
for a sparsely settled country." Now
inl suchi est imates it, is goneral Ily thle
rule to divide the whole pop)ulatlonl
hnde to lind the number of votets.
Sparsely settler counatries are tho-,e
which htave been lately sett led anid
improved. Now the [.Union llerald
hlas discovered a new social law. viz:
halt waitoen and babies5M ar b pi oneers
if civil inAtin because more enter
prisinhg at.d bai11dy thtan mren, atnd that
there fore in m.wly -a -..c a.. -
tied communities thero arc fewervoters
in proportiotn to the population than
in lung estAlisied communities. To
show how well this lorie is 8uppoi-t.
ed by facts we merely tentioni that
in Massacusetts, the iost thickly
settled St:te, there are 50.000 nore
women than mnen. lo Idaho, the
least thickly settled, there are 10,.
000 men atid 2,000 womeh. This
proves the orai's assertion of
cotrse. Therefore wo ray that for
veraeity, neetr. c*y, and gojod logic
generall), coa.mcid it, to the Jnion
Wuy Gecuc 'Ihlould be Elected.
''lhere. aro evoral reasons why the
l-ectioni of Ureente would be an inesti
Iablu blesing to the peopIO -f South
First, ('reene is an honest mani) a
man abovO even suspicion. During
tie whole c..atnvass, not a word has
btt si id inii. t hi, h y radical
spe1ki.rs Or ralical edt.ors, none of
wiomi are over rciupulosti about
m11,kaniufacturing gloat ii,.s from small
.ecCadilos. lie wiI perfjr. li.,
proiscu. lie in reliab!u. Chau
belrL'iO% wi.ole Uallipaign, as llarper's
Weekliy sap s, is a defence of his past,
record, and wo have no gtiarntees
cither tat hie will be houiest or per
forI his promises. To l1ave a govern
or hose word can be ielied upon it,
f iae.tiumabe wovth to the peoplo.
TherefRoi e elecL reee.
Seon.d As a .peaker said at few
tys a,,o, tham iouemt taxpycrs do not
wiftl to hjave tlay 'o,.eaaures passed.
They milerely wih somie, stehl 0a ex
ee.uiv6 tax bills and11 swii(linjg bills,
dee'a-:t ted. Thece can be defeated by
a vet ,iv!alted by either branch of
the JvgiA-(ure. TLe CotservatiVes
c.a e!ect more ithan one-third of the
Senate. Wih tuee as Giveanor
and eIevet consertativo Senators, we
need fear no swijnuls. This is an
iatinable ble-sing. TherTeforeu vote
for Groenm.
Again), the 'reasrers, Auditors
aiid 'rial 1u tikces in lao St'ate lave
heretofre been -i'generlOly orrupt
lea, u ho embezzli; funds or de'eat
tie c ends of' ju.ti,!,,j or haV3e a per
ti.ou i0litcieo uporn tihe mases.
( reeno, if elected, will remove these
:al piat dtece inti inl their stead.
'This wNotld be %,onih thtouands of
dolhar-. 'Tr-foia elect Oreene.
A ga i, I the governor aippoiits
mail.1gers of elections. lerctfore
cl ct i InS co [Iu ill ision ers have bCeen
genefurally ballot-Ik stuffers,
deprivinig people of a fair vote.
Tiliaeei th ats aide into power.
(.4'rcuo would appoint, decent mana
gets. Fiaut.uut eltetions bring
abLouat recvolutionsi antd bloodshed.
Avert thaese by electinag Greene.
A\gaint, Chambitaerlain is a carpet
Ig ger , atndl reenae a native. Tric
eclt of the l:a ter' would seal thec
doom of' carpact bag ism ini SouthI
C:aro!inaa. Taa wuild he a great
biessiang. Thaereforo vote for Grteene.
Againi, theo goveranor signs.' the cie
dent i..lk of ic litbetrs to Conagress.
If' Cham nber lin be elecuted, Wt'a Inca
iand Lge will be deoclatred electeda
ity ima whethera they tare or nt. They
seatiang of Ken-haaw and MchGouenii, ii
eectea , decu i tpen po the,.elect ioan of
(tneane. 'jTo giood. Coangacismena
wenald be fan inatt;imaable blesinag.
''aTeefor vote for' Greenoc.
'Thes.e are a few t of th macan xy 1':oaon
whay thoeI ehiona~ tof the Indeendet
tielaet is twetial to thte weilfare of
the St.te i. Lt everay tr'ue patraiot,
iaa)inag aside pr.jiadice andit apjathly,
vote fot liareen aind l)elancay can the
31t I' Novemaber. And thr laat lee.
sionat will be suare.
Voto f'or DelanV.
We rgret to learn thaf, a fewt
voera:, witil e deermn taed to sutppotrt
Green, tti aruneicidd abot. suppor't
ing~ l'eltany. This.' wo believe to be
it grievottb crroa', wih i.ma eaaot but, be
ernticiouats it its reasults. The eent
aservtativets haavo declatied in eonavea
t iona, in the tatewspatpors anad on t he
.tauamp, thiat ol ltey deatnd is aan
itotest govetrt.taen tt, be t ho ruleras r'e
pliac.aan or' dlemoer'..tic', wh lite or cii
aired. Tox wt ihhoi ld sttpporat froma
:any c:andidaato eiathaer baecaause of 'his
ptarty aalliliiatioaas or hiis color, is to go
bactk tapotn thea pl atforam of conserva
tismn. No chairge can lie br'ouaght
atgtanst .lelaany ex.-ept thatheis a black
reapubilicana. 'Thzat ihe is honest laos
not beent deanied. That lie possesOss
cte mtost liber'al and sensiblo views
utpon ti.e existinag piolitIical question
ian SothI Carol ia, is evidenced by all
hais spieecs :and le ters. That he is
fully comnpeteat ill be proven by in
a recsume of his life arid labors.
iDelanay was bo.rn in the North and
rceiv'ed a gacod edlucatioti. Hie
studied maediciane and practiced his
nrofesaion int l'e'nsy1vinna fr .B.v..ai
years. his attention having beou
drawn to Afraon, lie orgahized an ex.
pedition and explored the river
Niger and the adjacent ter;
ritory. Returning to i' gland he
laid the fruits of his rese-krebs beforo
the Royal Geographical Society, and
in cois,.quence was most warmly
received by ,ir Rucierick Murchison
and other B. itish peers an] lb3drnd
SciULtitS. Returning to Almerica he
or.tered the te<(eral army, - and was
pioUotud sjor, thud boii; the (Aly
colored mai who lits ever held a ti-'ld
office under the government. 1Ie
WAs in the FrUednMr.'s Bureau in
1'lifort, and wI>n the respect of hil.
W hen recol.tructiln came i he was
tendered th. nomination for Cogi'c s
In an ablu letterj he deelined the
honor, saying that owing to tho prej
udice existing against the lestowal of
the franchise upoin the colored I eq.lo,
they should not throw thinselves
prominently forward and thus in
tmttthe pr411ijti lrekdy bhdl
ag inst them. Other more ambitious
aud . less cou:petent colored men
thrust th, tn)jlves forw.ard and
brought the St..te to ruin. Maj,>r
Dclaky sacrificed jerFolial anbition
to good judgi-ent, and, in cotlse
quence has never hid oice under the
P.st * corr. u11am in istatons. It is
l.tter tii cumulative voting is not
fotgutten. It shows his philosophical
mind. 11is specohes during the
prc.ent c:%.pign staup 1-imty as a man
of gret .Ibility and m11:t liberal
vi-%w . . Aully is no' Qrtdilury negro
picked up as a figiur heiad. Ile is the
most iitHigett colored tian in the
State. Lot no one li-itate to vote
for him. Every ee h(,.ie la,S mtide
ha't. g;.ined: hlim w ie vctes .\nd(
with K,;rth.w's hearty CndrsCment,
he h1..idd . a6tisfy I. mcst fastiCious.
rote for b,e.uy.
"Bring in another Horse."
Old John Robinson's great moral
Circu. and Mcni,rie was recently
in Winusboro. It was a first class
show, the pciforuinmee being varied
and exceillt. Sc.ral wondeiful
featsof agility wtir performed in
tile arena eforc an etul11isiisti
multitude. The Irobatic effort.
generally aitid especially the s ,im,
mesaults cut ly 01.1 lIlIy weI e
prodigious. In order that the d1if
ferent stars night display thei i-wom
derful powers, tI ei0 was Con
.;tantly riL.d "lii!g in anothel
horse.'' A! r this e 11 had beer
easelessly iaae, and aft er tl
vhites had been fu'ly gratilied by
feats suited to their taste the cjlor.
el polpulation had a speil provis
itin made fur their gratitiiation ii
the last scenid. Ln response to the~
call " Bring in another horse.'' ar
ai. imal was broughtI into thet ring.
not exactly a hiorse, but pa'rtly allied
to that f'amily. It was a treacherom:
little devil, and although wvarran tee
perfectly3 safe to thle colored popula.
tion, as soon as one of A frie's sable
sons bestrode the beast, lie was down
prostrate in the dirt: "Three timies
the plucky' Ethioplin essayed t<
ride t.his animal, relying uponi in
gentleness. E ich time he way
thrown. At last lie gave up the joti
ini chagrin as hopeless.
Thiere are other circuses in tIn
wtorld than that presidled over b
g iiial John1 lmobiinson and wvitty
Johni Lo01o.
The State of South Carolina Is just
now engaged in turning some of the
biggist somecrsaultu ever dreamed
of, in endleavoritlg to throw aside
coirrti ptlon and ist itute reform.
And the trouble is we don't know
what end she is going to jump from.
It is a mIatter of pirofounid speculation
whether she will land out of this
somm iersault head foremost or feet
M\oses was regarded as an unsafe
behist to jump over for no 0one can
tell how long lie will stanid in one
place. In answer to the cry "Rihing~
in) nuother horse"' Chuamberla in was
trottedl out. Ile was a comiely well
groomed sleek animal, but surne til
t :e people believedl this v'ery sleek
ness made him too slippery. You
could'nt hold on to him. TJhen
Greene was brenght out. Nothling
could be said aga inst him n eAept that
there was a sear received years ago
the black codo. lBut this scar was
well oovered with good honest repub.
hican plastor.
In another field, another candidate
wats brought out. Nothing could be
saiid against his honor, his integrity, his
liberality. lt some of the colored
people still criedIS'thIis wont 'lo." So
the call was made "Bring ini another
horse."''lThis was an entry, made
Oeeially for the beneflt of the col
ored folks. This comier looked benign
and gentle. A t a distance all seem
0d well. Rut on raising theakin
somewhat. wero seen three soars;
or brands deep and long. One wat
"Threw a colored man 1858. ro.
position to sell free negroes int(
slavery," The second read "Throv
a colored man 1859, Proposition tc
alloW free negroes to choose thei
masters and go into slavery." The
third read "Threw a colored mO
18d6, ltefused to repeal aet prevent;
ing colored persoub to sell propert
without a pas,"
la the eii ous, the colordd man tf.
ter having been thrown three times
was wilting to cry "Bring iu unothei
In the Grand Circus will thd dot
oted man still oling to his old hobbj
or will ie abanilon him ror the saui
trusiy steed that thd white mat
safely relies upon.
Inedpandjut hepdblioa. Mms Metinw.
On F ida y a mass ineotin
was held hcre to hear Gen. Kershai
and the inTop.dent Republicans
Sevclal huidred persons weie pie
sevat, the races being about equall3
The meeting was called to irdei
by Israel Lce and T. A. Davis (col
ored) of Charle'ston was initoduoed
lie delivered a forcible addres;
sho.ving .he necessity of reform, an<
showed that the Chamberlain ring
were incapable of effecting any re
form. lie then enlarged on Green<
aud beluney, as distinguished ffod
the ling poiticians, Ile depidet
very forcihly the e onduct of th,
yatikecs in standing between whit,
and colored and arraying theid ir
hostility against each other. Thot
after speaking of the pro spect of ti
Independent movement he conelu'de<
after a speech of over an hour.
Ile gavd great satisfaction, man:
declaring his efforts to have beei
the linest they had ever heat-d from i
colored man. After his speech hv
was approached by several influen
tial colored men who gave in thei
adherecue to the Greene movement.
Gen. Kershaw was next introduc
ed. This was the signal for cnthu
sia.tic applause, especially from ol<
oouifeds a[ ho had followed their leade
in many hrd fought battles, and wh
intend, under his leadership, one
more to inscribe victory on thei
Gen. kershaw *ah in "ightinj
trimti," and won the hearts of all b
his nanner as well ap by the fore
of his argunients. We rdgret w
have nut spaed to give a full Oynopsi
of his c1lort.
IIe announced thht he had beei
nominated without solicitatido oi
his part, because of his libeial Vewf
and therefore, afte' toucing Ipo
at few~ shle issues Wotild state w ha
those views are. IIe wvas neithe
l)emoerat nor republiean. ie wan
;iconiser'vativye. Should tie be Ulebtet
to Conrgress., he will gally himsel
strieuly to iltlhdr party, but tot
fcr the good of the whole pebple
iIe had int'ited $lr. Wa'llaet
meet him on the stuimp, but Mr
W allace refused to ace.pt the prbffer
ed invitation, Hie heard hioweve
his. OPpenIunt charged against himu
that he had voaed for the blaci
code. This was true. The white
then, e aclil dren in new pol ities
as the blacks were. They matle
m;istake, which lhe regretted.
\lr. Wallace claims to have i'otem
agailust thu code in 1865. Thi ma
he so. Buat what were hisi rdasons
Dr. W insimith:, a true rep~ublier,h, o
Sp-irtainburg toted against thd codi
anid enitered his protest against it, 01
the gr'ound that it was too hard oi
the whites. That Mr. Wallaec
probably did for thc same reasol
is proveni by his vote tho next year.
Unei meaCzsure of the code, the mos
severe, prevented any colored that
from selling a dhioken:, corn, cotton
..r any prod uctidmi, without a pass
This wa;s so revore that a motion was
made ini 1860 to repeal it. Mr
W allace is recorded in lte vote a*
'oting ar,ai nst thec repeal. TI his wa
in; 1866, one year u/ier Judge d reen
and Gen. Kershaw voted first. Tlhii
vot3 did noIt prove Mr. Wallace
devoted friend of the dolorod mat:
In 1858 and l859, Mr. Wallae<
was a meniber of the Legislatture, atn
appears on the journals of the hous<
some seven: or eight tinles, an intro
dutcinig l.i'.ls to put free negroes inlt<
slavd ory. N r. W allace explains thu
on the ground that he was sorry: fot
the free negroes. Many free personi
of color were wealthy. Mrs Ellisons
of Sumter, was qjuite wealthy, and ye1
Mr. Wallace was so touohed Wit
pity for poor Mr. Ilsson that he in.
troduced a bill to allow hini "tc
choose a master and go into slavery.
If Mr. Wallace wvas so sorty then, he
miiight now be sorry for them again
andl introduce another bill permitting
them to "choose their maater and go
into slavery9'
Ile had not oared to ubo this an ar.
gument against Mr. Wallace, Lecause
he willing to lot bygones be bygoiles.
But he merely wished to show that
MI. Wallace -had no reason to
bring up the pih.
Having thus effectually disposed
of Mr. Wallace, Gen. Kershaw next
dofined his position on the civil
rights bil. Mr. W altled had oharg
ed in the canvass that he (the speakJ
er) was opposed to the civil rights
bill. This bill, as you all know, wan
dovi,ed by Ilon. ChaaIet Aumnaer, of
Musuaohusbtts ;- propoaed in the last
Congress anud defeated. The subjudt
will no doubt be brought up Ia tho
next cngres. Its objeots and pur
posta ar iell kno Wn to all. As tho
fiend of the coloied pt( ple, and is
an advocate of what would be to their
beFt inteest, he had to declare that
he was not in favor of the bill. It
will prove misebievous in its opera
tibus iu Soutn Caoliua, and taight
lead to hbhtility, while ho wanted
peace-puco, always, and under all
oiumustanoe--between the whites
and blabksl as essential to good gov.
ernment. He had but recently re
oeivpd a letter from a loading Demo
crat of York, urging him to advocate
civil rigits as th4 best thing for the
whites of the South, because, should
it become a law, its agitation all
over the North will sweep away all
the Politidal fights tihe iolored pio..
pie have. lut lie iould not itdVocate
the measure for such purposes ; as an
hbnetit man. hib could not advueat itl
when by that alVbeaty be tneant it
for the injury or the bladk i-aca.
Gen. Kershaw next atinounedd that
he favored an equil divisiotl of oli
ces, each race to select its ofn top
resentative men as eatididates, and
thus a preservation of ith righto to
Ile thbli madb a elw elmarks -mn
the indipendent republidau oahdi
r dutbs, nddrbsking hiniselt espedially
to the "hard shell democrats," wl.b
wanted. nothing but a straight out
ticket, and deelarbd they woqld
never vote fu colord me n.
- I know there bra lotne hrd-shell
democrats who say they xill not Votb
for colored meni t but It in tjuestion
whiih they &hbuld cuvsider in the
light pbliby.
In the gubernatorial Uttllvass he
was taking no putt. lie had known
Judge Green fur thirty years in all
the -eldtions of a private cititen and
a public ofieer - belieVdd him to be
ad hou.st man and that %tottid make
a good Govdrnot:
Of Major Delany, caiididatd tor
iieutenaut Governor onakho Green ut
tIndependenmt liepublican ticket, he
could say that the Major, sincee his
acqluaimtanlce with, hi um. hmad i m press.
ed him wu&t (aVorably ; lhe believed
him an hioheat replibeddtative of his
peeplb--able, fifgacious, wise and
co'nservatlve ; anmd no believed uidder
time admuinitgatitin of Gadoen amid
Delany, the govermulmet.t of South
Camolimna would be honmestly anid faith.
fully ad umliniered
im conclusiomn, lie *duld da y to his
hard shell democratic friends, in the
language (f furveyor-General Boy.
kin, when examining an applicant
for deputysurveyorinmp, who imm reply
to thme quest ion, "'AW hat wotild y ou
do, if, while surveyinmg you should
come to an immpeetrable swam mp l#
answered lie would "bulge It."-.
"No," said Genertil Boykin3 "ihd not
bulge it, btitgd up tto the crossing."
Let btar hard-ahell domnueritts take
siumilar ativiid. Inntdamd of "btlginmg"
the immpenerable swamp befor e them,
let them go4u to thb crossing, which
is liberal rbptlhlicanism ; thence to
Green and belany, time bridge on
Ahlmh they can cross with DO otter
tell than half of the pltibnl power
iu thme 8tttte.
Gen. Kershaw retired amid deaf.
ening applease.
It was a field day for the oanmae
of reform. For the first timO since
thme imnauguration of the canvas,1 ih,
tense enthusiasm was mamnifested:
Fa irfieltd will poll a bmea ty vote for
Kerahaw, Greene, Delany and t'oformn.
The result of the Indiana election
sounds the death knell of Senator
Praot--the biggest lump of Rid ical
blubber on this continent.
The arrost of Tiom Blla rd, time
nottirions #onnterfbiaar, has y'nl]ted
in ii singular offor. Tihe mab whoi
the most expert at forging pape.
money, now proposes to show th u
tiovernmrent processeb by which sue
oossful counterfeiting will be made
impossible. Ballard makes this
proposition without conditions, but,
of course, in the hope thas if he per.
forums Avhat he proposes, his punish
mont will be mnadb lighter. We are
almost inclined to think that in such
a ease lhe would deserve not mercy
ais,no, bnt urwa.
One of the latest visitors to LIoa.
vonworth, Kansasi was Jim Kannon,
a well known border sOeut in thd
governwebt serviod. The St. Louis
Republican rays of him: "He was
taken prisondf at the Alamo iassa.
ore, in Texas, wheke Davy Crockett
hhd his gompanlonl werd sJaughtered
by the Mexicans and Indians, and
for ndarly forty years he has been
in close bontact with the latter j
twsntysroven yeafs of the time has
bUen spent in the -sorvied of the gov
.erumBut a a sout, guide and inter
preter. lie is, of course; familiar
with Intiuh eustoms, history and
dialebtes. le ntatried an I1idian girl
of getitle blood, as they say in
Europe, atid is thud relAtud to one of
the princilpal bhifs of the northweFt
over whom he *ield considerable
influences - Kannon and his fatber-in;
law are both Free iMastns and asbign
thd peaceful di,positiou of dertain
tribes to the influences of this ora
A neW durb for conasutiptiorli has
been discover by a Russian ph tit
etan) Pr. PotuikUffj of Sawara, o t
the Volga. Having obbervdd tha.
consumption and its oognate disore
der& are unki-own aiong the Tartas
tribes *ho habitudlly drink koumij
or fermentbd diares' njilkf both as r
bovbrage and as a pdrtion of .,beit
daily food, it odourred to him tha,
kotias might pobs i sitdibal pfoperA
ties; Ile uobrding started a kuumi
establishment at Samaraj and tried
the mare.' milk with bousumptivd
patiehtsa *ith highly baueneibal re
An Engli6h lutiatib *ho recently
died from ingation, waS fdund std
have swallowed one pound ted
ounces of nails) seven pieces of irotj
a half tich igitlarej and a cobbler'd
awl, minum the handle. SuUh a mal
cold vdry rbadily bute swallo*ed a
few Southbrn outrages If he had
lVked in Massa8husetts.
Mr. kdittl- a
130 us the 1idnOs by Anadundiug AliR.
11. 11. RO1ERTSbN as a candidAti for
School Comnmissioner at th eledtion to bd
hel(l next Tueaday. We dre saisfie.l that
ho is better tjualified to fill thb offlue thal
thtsu that are h,minsi 1.
Whun8boro Lodge, NO. it, A. F. M
Lodge will be hell -ro-M1nnow
(Wednesday) evening, at' 7' o'clock.
The E.'- A.. logree yill be coirerred;
tg,rs Wilt e puh ilty
By order of the W.-. M.
del 2? J. C. AJUIER.SOecy
r 1
4.d' U ,
SStated Mr le 4Allv.owsdDuiq
S.AllWlorh Wa-rruned.
46t'dbjPrice Ldj
LI-H. H A L L. CO,
*4,(1, 8IM. karAkt StPeet.
22.23, ,$St..aw i,
flMleilbetLi & Co,
WILLii hCbiVf tbtis W E.Ei
10 OTS,10 OTSs10 CTS,
5555 000000
55 00 00
S5SSf 000 00
55 00 00
55 55 00 00
55555 00o000
Pieces Bienehed Hlomespud,
00 PIeEtes Sea Island.
liooT.S A ND SH OES,
LAIE1S' and tiFNT5* NOTriONg,
e 8
WILL visit Widinebor-e on Wednesday
VV 14th inst., and cnn be fouud rI
*8residence of Mr's. huegh bio 'gastaE
-the 26th lust,
c 418

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