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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, October 28, 1874, Image 3

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siw Colal\tluiotons to this ohio
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by the idal name of ite writor.
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nas of correspondents.
V&* 16roafls io LOCAL NOl'ICit
will be Inserted Id our oolumnai exoo
Vlpon payment of TEN olNTS a itno.
Si y4 Any person in the County hinvinj
kdowtodge of any circumstance of ite (eb
'66srring In his iteighh9rhuod will confe
A t-&vor by furnishing inforn'ation at, dhi:
Vj Ili o0.
Damptaign Rates.
We will send the N.ws to an
add'ess for the next TWO .Mox-rYU foT
1iiry cp,.fln We are ont the eve o
kn important Campaign ail we wish
out- pdople fully aroti<ed to thei1
duty. lIN Who takos no paper wil
always be blhitdil the world. We
tah ginerMlly tull by a pvclo0s argu
mnoit- and co.viVbttibl Whether l<
t1kes n'papef.
To T1u0 Mkite.l's or, h1'AlFjl&i '
Cob-''.-We beg len%o to suggesi
to the nerhauts 6f this county th<
)ropri'uty of'6losing their stor-s tn
blection -ay, tiro 3'rd of NoVenbei
Mext., We belibve that miAch good
tall be dou by-thb mertantilo por
tion of the doinilullity6n election day.
Their ctnployees can be afforded ato
uppotunity to work for the Lause of
gbvd government, and they theul
selves ought to be willing to give on;c
day in two years to try to defeat the
t-ohemei of corrupt politi4i.cians and
thieving adventurers. We say then,
to our merchant friends, that the3
will advance their own interests ly
by closing their starCs on the day of
ulection, and givo their timno to a
woi-thy cause.
ING.-Tihure will be a meeting of t e
Independent Republi-cans on Thurs
day evening, the 29th inst., at the
Court lou.e. The weetitig will I a
addretsed by Israel Lee, Rev. D. S.
. Rico, and others.
- Dry Goods, Shoes, &c.-M4SMastcr
& l5rice.
Just Received-D. h. L'lonriilien.
Fire Arms-J M., Galloway.
Notico-S. B. .C.oney, C. C. F. C.
See~ Electionr N6ties.
14asoniq.3M1efing-J. C. Squier,
O Four nogtoes Itnd one til-ou
man found .lodgings in the guard
house Thursday. All of whom con.
tributed to the town fund.
CT Mr. Thos. G. Robet-tson tgain
cos to the front with the lare.
pblad,oes of the season. TIh'esb potat
toes are eqjunlly as fine astbose. seni
us by him last year..
To 0 UR CoUNRy FnRIF.NDs.-lo
the benefit ot our country-frienids u<
will state that most of our prominet
sherchanuts dobtethplats closing theit
lien election daly.
QgT WVhile tho Circtie was ii
-Nowborry a row oceured in whic]
the colored town marsh a was sho
by aL party of i-oughs from Edgetield.
'These partibs are in jail.
SOld John Robinson'v Circu
gave two perfornmances here ht a
Thursday. It is without doubt th<
best Circus that'bhis .boon here sine
thbe war..
g~'A great manf~$ of bnur friend
intdoded td-visit Charleston on aii
e?coursiotr train 'Tuesday but were ad
'tised by phiysie'inns of that city no
to do so ofa Accourt of yell-ow feve
having made its applYarance there.
Op The pronriuma offered for tlb
largest waternmelon has been aw'arde<
f,o Mt. Johnpthan C. Rabb of Monti
oello. WVe have booked Mr. Rabl
for a copy' of the i IE-aALDi' fot on
year fromt the fst of O'otoj>er.
SOcr friend Capt. Jobe 1)
MceCarley adverti8es on his "bulletir
board" that lie will pay fifte'en and
haho enits for eotton if takcen out ir
sgood whiskey." T1hae Captain is
large dealer in liq.uors, and we cat
safely say ho' means wvhat ho says.
O0r John MoM illen, clored- whi!
runder the influence of mean whuiske
at 'thutdday night, aftempted sui
cide with a pistol. 'ihe ball onteral
tho left breast and lodged under iih
left ar m. Tihe wound- though pain
ful, is nut dangerous.
O:7 To-morrow, the Sacrament c
of the Lord's Supper' will be obsers
*ed in the A. R. Church. Trhe Bervi
dos of the oecasion began last nigh
and will be continued through to-do
and to-morrow. Preaching to-dla
at l'1 A. M., and at 74 P. M., b
Rev. J. 0. Galloway, of Due Wecst
D-For the past fpw weeks, Mr
8'e-.MDonald,.the express agent a
this place has been missing SauMl
sufts of money from his safe. i0
Ls'upected Wyatt.. Goings, a negro
boy, who has been a sorvant in the
for some time. Yodterday morning
Mr. Mub., with other gentlemen
captured Wyatt while in the cxpres,
olioe. lie forked over twenty-five
dollurn and was released.
IA.LA I lALLY ! I -Th,liec6vion
will coie Oll next Tueaday, aad it
behoove4 ts to Stir ourselves for the
reforti canlidaite:4. We want every
Mial , to show hii:s han1d on the %1 0
November. Let efery mua oome
boldly up to the front. and 'vote Ior
G reee Delany atd Kershaw. We
hope that all places of biusilless will
be closed ind emldo)er and em..
ployces will g1l to wol k with a will
PlUi.:'r rCA .NV.sSt:i4 -4'he f)l
lowing named persons are hereby
designated to act as canvassers for
%V 1i.horu l'rtchjbt inl thd p)resert
camllIpaignl. They will call upon
either f the bub-comm ittee for ii.
stlu i ous.
R. E. li.son Jr., J. 1). McC.rley,
11. .). McCarley, D. I. Fieanliken,
1'. It. Dani aberg. Robert llue,
J. It. U111mmling"s, K. C. Ti.111m1n.s,
G. C. Bacot, J. C. Squier, M. 0.
Gerig, WV. M. Dugt .A. Bribe,
Pierre i1et, dohn 11. Neal, 10. A.
Nuti, T.\ W-. 1.ws, J-. \V. lolick,
Jvhn 8. Oatheart, NV. V. .Brice,
tanld V. 11. N,illiamljs.
' By authbrity from CoUnty Exe
CutiVe CUvnmiitee.
T. Rois lAbertson, 1. N. Withers,
11. E. EbIisoa Sr.
l'keeiinet Exectntive Coiii'.ttea.
(:Y- aeh. J. 13. Ker.haw, (Jen. J.
Mimmni StAllivan of dreenville, and
Mr. T. A. Davis of Clarieton reeched
Wintibboro oi Thursday. i 'lhur
daj night after the Ciretis perform
a,ee a scranade was given Gen. K0.
olaw. The Citiz-ii's Co.-net Band and
the Ciicus I-Aand joined tunes and pro
ceeded to Col. Rion's where Gen.
Kersh aw was staying. The bands
played alternitely di.coursing the
delightful musi. Q jlte at crowd hAd
-assembled,and after a sticiing rei
dition of Dixie, Kershaw was loudly
Oalled for. (Jon. Kershaw in a neat
address thanked the citiieus for tlit-ir
compliment - and touched slightly
upon the canvaq, rerervintg himulself
for Friday. W h an 0lcn. Knershaw
had finishe, after loud calls, Cob
Rion made one of his best effurts.
A.ter futther musie, the crowd With
their cheers for 'Kershaw dispersed.
Oj Sheriff Duvail was in a slam
on Thursday. -.1tappe,rs that 11. A.
Smith, who is iii jail awaiting trial
on the charge of cmnzzlbrent, was
permitted, cither by the Sheriff -r
h,s j .ler, to vi. It John Ro'>insit's
Circus. After the ciicus ivas over
Mr. Stuith was no where to be fuind.
The ShL-riff knowing that in ca,o of
at escape, le woald be tried fr tie
oWfese o Smith, w.as in a terrile
stew, ando in%t i tJ. ed search . The itis
lag pirisonter t urnied uip at last, nachl
to the relief of the Sher-iff.
We lhad thiought that the Sheriff
bad leared a I 'son from the pr
eeedintgs latst Spriung. 1t eems lie
Iease hiIis cell is a flagrant mal: Ifeas
atnce in uffie.tg, uttet ly untwarratn.ed by
Iawv or ueutom
\Ve t e st that th a U randte .Jury iand
the Coutrt iwill teach thte Shtet ilf what
bina duties are0 and whI it la the pencat.
ty for tailin,. to perormc them,. It
lttSt i.e caearl j lumidtedL that
r- el ical elli -als haeve no longer Ihet
V a elege- of violaintg e very Itaw at iI ei
p e .aunie, aend oi doig whtat peleal.e
t emhltes, tatd tha;et thte majesty
ofi th la~w will be v-indeiencted.
llere i.- a piece of work for the
aix uiolts..
N\I is .\b:nr: rr av RAlc.us.-Ont
Santurday a ratdtcal unti.ss tmeet ing
nasti held itt t.>wnt. Cheamsberlaein,
l'aimtele-e, \V all e, I',attersoen, Rich
itaoCI, th e joe o.st mtetLtr of
Obtest< r, and i ntoin the cotloredl
Ia wy er who iednlt't get the Scentr
4hi p of I' leaiild twivo yeary ago, ad
drteased tsever al hund-red of theurr
wais'fair, tand expressed honiest sentti -
mnents. NN ere we as.4ured of this
sincerity we would be sat iile-d.
'armltelee's Watllae~'s and liont.
Jlohn l'attersont'- were thte worst we
htave e vet- hetar d, antd would h ave
fully juistilled anty '-t of enent in
takineg them out to the netreat trOee
a-ndi strin gi-ng the nr up ats-disturbers
of theo pea:ce. Wo did niot heat
R-iohardson and Minton.
SThat flighit,- Messrs. Nelson' atnd
D)uv.all gave the above tmentionied
-lumtiniaries a supper a-t tire Mornting
Star Saloon.
S Several of the "boys'' who wore in
thte same salooda g.ve three chiers
for Greenel and Kershaw, which
fsomnewhat agitated the' "regulars"
and when some one blew
-a horrn, Honest John fearing anot.h.
t or fox huant got considerably scared'.
Sheriff Duvall was however inifor med
'that nobody intended to harm the
precious skins of the anointed, and
t.hey went in peace to sloop we p)re.
t Mr. Chamnberla in's speech to somt
oxtent, pleased the whites. But Iiis
promises were mor than offset by
his followers. .f Chabtbetlain caii
not make his followers decent in
speaking, we have no hopo that ho
oan make them <deectit rulers.
To all true friends of reform, wO
say your only hope of honest eovern
ment lies in the electivi ot Greene,
J4,%tlicy 1Id Kcrshaw. iull offyour
coats, spblicl fi i, and lait>r, pay up
jour us'st.siliblitl, 0)bd sork earnestly
till the 3 1'. November.
Oil the 13t October in Winns
boro, $. C., by the Re... W. It.
Campbell, MIss A t:(usrA II. l'oc
Cii ItR, of Whinsburo, to ALI.I'N
JoNEs, Esq., of Rock 1Ii]].
Cle"Hiiln Natic.O
T El l i ppoitii-.clit of r.al. mgrit of e leec
. " "i"n h1eretof.re m ia hi e y li ,ne -
i ilit 1. (-xcept it the fAhwi,g pr.ocinlc
Where ilihIse reimlatd by l is have beenl ip.
poiaitd U. S. Stiprv 'r t dwe il[ (Ile
Vicntcies as lollo..s :
Ai",. i1:1.1.6.
JO4, K. Davis, 1-- I. M. Z00a y.
1FS I t V 11A 1
1no, A. P. Coleman, vice . R. FEster.
W . 1 yonigie, vice . 1a . C oil.
Wml. 1tvUlware vicer P. K illinfgs Wof-h.
1,. W. DUA , Con i istiners of' E1 ec.
01-10. 1101.1, 1. l ion ft:r
JAS. it.. IMN, Fairfield County
oct 21'
--- 1N D ---
I have ciW-i oelitld a cmi
ple,." assorm enlit of the0 bceSt
.T My IHadware 11do thoi.
kindr-ed lines, of GOO )DS are
completefa)d well Selected.
W-ron and bul-oy materi'lls
at Colu mi nibin and 11harlbotte
o11ac Bsoo
J 1 " 0 allouwau.
Oct. 2-1
U6 - -E"
1ee Bi- izoad hi *te ee
1 Oarit Led b lauokc iSaed
BVer bes I led~ fi liu!s.i-o
Veybet1. I . 1IhnN, Choice
twt 22
Five time's as much ad singlo plate on
Bruss and sold for very little
oct 15
T IIII following itinood peraonI are
-1 hereby notitled t hat. they havo been
atpointd managero of Elect ion att Itheir
respective Precints, i-t the next general
election to bo ioldon on Tuetday the Srd
day ot Novetubur noei.
'1i It Robdrtai, T W Rabb, John D)
.no. A jiesport.os, fi koil 1ttii,,
Douglags Fox.
J WS(arns, Moises liaker,illenry niiih.
It If Jenning., Jno. W lobinson. silts
IV I frll.
Ia k labb, 8 J gwygt t, kteige ur
Ii ) 1 I II, L o
It T Yarborough, ]i M Zealy, W 11
'Tr app.
C W Faucett, 1 It FILesIr, Jamlle5 Car
yol It 4 1.1 *4'tj U.. V ii i~ 1, L108
J mti aiilokn, fst i riec, Thos
v. w;it.
a A Mle'rur'iy, elaEh 1, 11,lljlIjod,
i.rther Ford.
Lo'ti's Wardlaw, Frank Kullingl-or I
jam11 Cason.
W M NI.SoN.. Board .! t-6ii'ls.
\I:FS 31.%it'IN
oet 10
The State or Souitli Caroliii.
Cou;ry ov FAIRwIEL..
T t'I i - t r that tle C(,uI-t of
General Ses9ih's al) C in il i
Pleam inl alln for. the Count.y of r.irlicil
he a1nd1 tile ,aLIe is heetby a1djorivied1 fr.mi -
A lin.by Nov. 2Ud. i7-, to Mioahy Nov.
9thI 187.
I'he Clerk of the 'oil:ly !l glvo due
noutice by ptbliv.nItionl that the pres'ellce
oflihe 01ranid 11n-1 Pelit Juvors an1d of
wimes.s will iot ie rclitiveil util 12
o'clock M. onl tie lt;(, .11namled (111t0.
(S ign dl. ) Tf. J. .\1 A IK 1.1 1',
'Oiobei 20th IB7d. Circuit Judge.
7 " ur Copy,
'lerk of Court,,
Oct 2i-t2xl
In the li istrict Court of the U. 8. for fthe
Distr:... of S, Q n. InI t.e ilmkIer,
of l . . abl , >ankrupt. A' .elivitiv.
inl Ihe Sakid Dis I, onl thle 1:hh oany %.I
(lct. 1874.
111 . Take notick. that -k pelition has
. heen filed. ill taid Co1,0t I W%. 8
I kabb)t , toF F ati rfie d1 CountyI ., i1i "' 4 Ili.,
viet. dIly declared. :1 uliflU pt, iml-i.le Ilhe
Act f ('o ligre.s, enti l d "Ali Act io I-is
tab11i.'l it Un11ifrorti Systeli o' BallkrittI ctly
ilbroilghouit fihe Uniitedl stames," -pr
vil Marbc 2, 1867, for a dikelhire amli
certivateic tiecr f, from all hi de'Is a,IId
Wther c laits Iioiable iin-ler te si . ACt.
andt( i lie .It day at No,N vmibv.r, I 4 I, it
12 We'lck, it., is sissi.niedi f(or tho hearing
oftIhe ai e, hetore \. 1. Iaw un, on E, I
'h I ll -gi:te ts in llai4rupe ly of maid
Coir a t is o lice in Yo,kville, 641u1h
-vli mrliaiwe ladwh r you llay wnii,
,d.1 W C. .e, if. tn; YOu have, why
,he p)raIyerJofIth0 Saidl pII do Ihould notl
b gr i-t ed. R. . Wi A I,.CE,
U S. 'Mar-,b.l I a M M I0rn t ger I
Ily T. W%v .sws
ilirputyt\yeto ngtt
t est ,Ii: 1. I..tt lion4.1 liaUo, ot i
%iIk. U. S, 1). .for S. C.
oct 21-x1
13Y ituet of'snr exceat (ions t m
_,lI ~} Xdu-eteW I' to ill tirt for sa411 leI. toI the
highsticj ' hidde be fle, N 'onr. 7 lloui e
tWltoor :yi insbor, on the (( irst lt4t ,n a in
Niovemberil' nxt i hOii tlt lega l ust
lying, o bing" tandl. li tie Ctit 4 ~th sth(
lif othf Ott Polit ti,li's AttCrneyk,"
ct 7n-rbo (les,adhniolo h
no h - nih ~T H e , stb al4o
""anweIby llnd.<l of 'v liyt ware~ and
c. oI. . 'Duvl, 8. F.11 k.
OcIt (lI. 1874,lt 1( Iss ait iuhi o
I l:1, 0lR f p1ii R l'iC lilg
atl.vi 11.goi ei k 'hun, t'yn. A dkha
esaiutd Couty, wantd, Oerve oyi<
youru:nwerto he adF cIopat)INGi.e
A Lit M'Splendid Giter 11(
E11tvgish Tflesi Just Rteceived,
-A S0- d
oct . :2
.01 -W 0-O O 3 S.
, which I Ivill Fr-1l low lor enshlI C ia,
i *-i yuimrcwlf'. No ciharge to look
i4. ' kik il lfo Ir p it p:L.'Onage. I so.
ci l 1 c nillint (tu d I h a Sti e.
cliJs" MULLE,
Opposite Bacci &
fit1 1-1
'T 1 I lIE P'ATI10 00 fl UOP
:-MAI)E BY-"
K'ng & Sons, of' ColdiiThia,n
. .l . Aikien, iaenI . l'hiose buig b,
si /.In will at ve' the freigh t f rom t'u
og 1:1
(4DTTrION S.A' W LiS of' tho' be
qua'lity' mauftneatt ured 'y the suabAcm l.c
''iT'm 'if' sale'--'iash or' Not'e iid securiu
it' lR.ina able Noale, or order ont Cot g
N. 1I. Thle eottn rollilhas beeni imiproiva
-in the G'tii of' 1874. J. M. E.
Phosphate! Phosphate
A4 LG persHonsi nditelriia to ' II fa
1 ..l Pnosphate< s,'lid theim iara heraet
rei ndau di iha o t Ihir 't' e21 i ,n1' n'oco nii
l'-mll dueii ont the 1:2 of Notveimbler nmex
f,be'generatl ageni wtil tnot ext eurl ml
time, ihe paymout niaet heo moot pro-up ptI.
We' ar'o moiro th..I e'viery iont jintereui
will see 1the nec'ciil.y ofi cOingt Iii
tii nrd att ntce indp.y the l part,i there
pirotectintg Ihetnofiit i of boith you ai
octt 10 5l1 \T Y &. BRO.
O'Nth '!thof Aovembtleri p urchasc
thie ieot of' A. P". Giooing in ti
Winnhbor ,iver'y Stable. All hiorichliri
buggy hire, andl horse feed will he C.4S/
This ruz'ele will be strlictly adhmeredl 10.
will alwaiys keep on hmand good saddle at
butggy horses, alsOonrriages and buoggic
f'or hire, The patfronago of theo public
respectf'ully soliciled.
pec 16...m
M AJ -. .W. Yfoodward Presidkit o
tle State Agricultural aind Mccai-.
0al Society.
I IGon, Jild. .llralton.
Col, Jas. II, lion,
Capt. Jas. P. Mctio.
Ca>t. Jais. Bentv.
Dr. T. T. 11obertson.
F. flder, EHq.
?. Wolfe, Eimq.
Joel A.-Copes, Ei.
Ail niyny o,.hlers have the "Eclips
Stitasterl"' aHed for.- their fa'iIy)
washiiij Vla ooniend it to the public.
Donliostlc Intelligelicv.
L'6oK TO YOU1 O WN rNTl:nt.-T.
T 0R! i will prevall-1'cts are stuhl..orn
things and willbuot beir denial-To evo
imist be to belieVe-Ii theso days of' pro
gress, iteam l%s becone the giat inoti%Ce
ant)d labor bating lioier df tihe age, in aill
industrial iLd iannactiui'ing pivsui(s
aUd dep)artihe%;ts-.Why should not evury
family iate a sI 6ath Waulher.
Th i "E livpse Stenti Wilshie!'," 1; 1 the
best, It doe not betupy the qnee of oii
square foot LanId is aidnptable to any stove
builer' or round put, H) wHl' IvIte-r nCll be
boiled ; and with it one Iyullifin Canl do
what is ordinarily regarded a 0iiy's ish In
from two to threv hours. A child, t welve
years old, inay u%e it an1a do lie work of at
gi-own woman in onei hall' tlhe time, and re
gard fhe Inbor of using it only i pulie
Wit h it., W'Ishing hans Ceased to be U41ious
or 1nlaorib'ou, mird '1lio Mondaiy'' has
cease.1 to be a day of' confusioi and hor'
ror, becauso ivitli little or 1o labor two or
Lhree hours suflice to do at daty's wah
with utlscrubbiig, wearing or tearing lie
olowten. breaking hbiltluis Jc.
Tine, labor, muoney, it iaterial all a'
precidus--ecoomilly :.4 IvIsiloinl nd i is rltit
l,alth,wealtll klid halvi.- lok i t.
ecolnoinly inl washing, a1nd4 sli ve 3yoilr, clothe
to wCr. four1 tilivs :1s lotig as %%].til nmh
ed# by thle ImInd to.ni honid, bly btaNinig anld
ulsiig the -Eclipse. Stini %% i IIAhC," w hicl
corli illed with that very attra1ctive and
unlsillpasse' .-EI.Irekm Wlinlger-" collli
(kutes it ConIplete tiil p14rtt wa1hi'el.
every familly an1d whe-onushould
and cnlt hinve it ;tI 110 o sens i VlIInhi.
Wolialln who 111 [itl heartll te in141r- of
Ier allttro'.* will oppose its lise.
The.. ip i'l p b16 ililIt 0 invi c ruictioinl
scientlii inl phi-inc le, eVe ti'vee in wollk
and will .Vlamh thle flnest or cm-4r.'evi f-hric.9
more smitafo(orly.) thani 1by hand, in, 'voln
tifteel to (WIIty rliillilles. Pric I li 1 is
d r111111I-m- WAi il le hilr sile f1ri I 1ew dily
onlger aitR...DNLV'.
I june tG
N n fe%v 4iys I will hlve re(eived nW
.Leniirv Aock ;I Fall Giouds, I ha \t
itfiw on iand at g!d ;ilu il) u Iall in t.
[Iron tind[ t % ItIC, St1-0 Itrdth iid Bill
alcles, Anirons. ShIlvvi v an . o1 g 0"
Variouls kindis, withs 1114re ito avvi%e. NI
She0 ll ro hI1 . 1- eceived4 Vver% o sd sa i
Raiton. ndwill bev oInp11le stitil. InIl
t g c S, 'rews, Illives, TI& v1
llooki aid SlItles, 1'n 1i'3 , F iet-t., &c
!arpn t S4nnh ' n11 .11 . 4, o. er
T ol cohiplile. lmmii i ill, (i l.s 1t'
gbrnnds inae ck of g(1l31331'13'cTin ui b31
trs just3received.hA large stock i1
Woodenix 1ar31.31b in'4 i a,~ few 1day, 33 hee'~i
3 ron, Tin la 1te, 33.413 We l 'aii. 33op1 , II. 1
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U. t. Des8portes & Co.
Where you can get Goods
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