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WILLIAMS & DAVIS, Proprietors.1 A ramily Pap,r, Devoted to Science, Art, Inquiy, Industry and Llraturo. [TERMS-~$3.00 Per Annum in Advance.
SAtti1 I? I E li D II IC I Iia
.1 isuni.i6iiih WP.iKLY BY
W I T L I A 1a v i ? A A v 1 s.
Tcrms.-The EEN-ALD il published W eek
ly li t Ii fuwn of Winusboro, at, $3.00
inv:zriably in aduhce.
. 40- Alt-trinient ndverilsements to be
PA ID ftV A i) VA NOE;
Orvi'iiary Notices and Tibutles $1.00
1emiing Damags.
Eie,' I tidy has heard the Stity
tow an ibdigna t. 4tlitlemai ilnist
ld that theo Doctor should itelmize
his bidl. Tid Ivct..r had litiired
bverything into "se.vices rendered,"
Whidh di- not at all suit the father
-w&r t fL * i.lY W.lone 1r. Otical wiled
0 -villed. du the ileth Ia, , 61 1 hir.
Tito Mj%u-Wr,.Mintowh4.t c.uken atiack,
beuve:y utiA t. *ork and furtiril.eea
tle tietieatiou dentand d. One
i(eti w - lsia' "Riding ,nu :qua,
out of ilmy wt) and a.sking 1.tdIe S 1.
I)l how her mam a %wn g..etli vn,
$2. V% e have beetl 1Xeit.y 'eu.liin...
d of this aiedt b.y '0he pI ocet ii
ing of Mr. iec. , lAwy vr, who
tuoVzs t iat Tilto01t 10 co1.11lied (
prctodut- it toll of pa ieul..r., ot the
uuuag'es which le rLurge.. i: hi,
tjoijpi.intt, Tile Chiva-.., Tr'sibIt-iie,
Nbluti is very wtggi,i i ld bklnaihC
betitte.-, prtp.mo.. thatt the m-iatter of
%tii )- bi heitled by a bitration oi
the fuliowing hilis i
If. W. It. to T T-. Dr.
for s, o'f h1on1e. $ 50,04.0 00
For l(ohis ui tiewsipal er poqition-. 45 1)). 00
F i locsot tini. 8.500 t V
For genorA Worry-. . 1.5to U0
For los, or teneulttship in Ply.
1thouuli clhuerch. 000 00
For lobs of wife. 000 0l
For lv.ass ol 1seeclieri 000 o
T-otal. lu.000 0)
lu order that the ea:ige of par
tialiLy for "'Theodore" shall not, Ie.
for a eco'ind entaettaince, t(Pe halloo
aulo it.y SUggeb't the btibjiied
%oh,ite\--t:a.ea&ett to i-potel.e out, the
forinidable array of daumages:
T. T. to 11. IV. IL Dr.
Fur be rtigged edge. S 10,0U0 00
For on e cave % f Siotin (large
size.) 10,0)00 00
For hypochondria. 1U,1ui 00
F,or hiar.biing himself. 1,0uou O
For narrow ilcaletS fion rInth. 10,004, 00
For ' latit's 6tm in hei ts,r man. 10.0IJ 0
For Nirs. liookei-a intetio.,s. 10.0U 00
For tio-n.i-.t o. tie d ni.el. 10,U00 00
For knock;ng the Life of Christ
ligher, etc. 10,000 00
For eeriei of Mutual Frind, lu,M10'-00
Total. $100.000 00
Sut, joking AsivIel the Tribune
finds in Beetevils demand what ma.y
be talled thi "Aips %,f itiiioec
a14 efflroutte:),' atnd them b ays : "It
the Codrt should grant the request
he h.8 iao, Mr. Tiltun teed pie
sei but one itenm, aid that will filk
the whole bili. Let him preseut lia
Am ellipty huno to the jury, and then if
he shows who dutptieu it, he wil
havor tieed to add any more items,
a,d then, as r. 1cether has a sut
pendinag ugUinlat 'I'ltol, into which
he htas beit lorced by p iblie opnitsot,
and the ieligious press, Mr. I il-oi.
-liukild demand that ie itemize his
damuge ulo that. the world may
know whut expenses uttenuded his
hou-.ekeeping on the ruagged edge and
itu hi-eave of glot,tt.
(e Aqgiuta Constitut iona list.
-lie (amt From Firginny.
A y ung gentlemaon, of this city
in a hum wre hn'.e the most perifert
contfidiene, gives nas the followling
coiiverasatti which lie over-lIear di,
het.wcctn two coluatt- eitizens; the
other evounittg as he was returthitg
trotn jerisyctt'ttig
Sami, ooes you kno.w Jonah ?
Jounaht, what iJorsih '1
Why Joitih dat swallowbd de
_whn'eu, dott" yout knsow hain ?
Waty daniti htis big inaofed soul,
was he front Firgi..ny ?
0Of course he wags fromt Firgiunny.
Well, die Firgintiauas a!ways wats
hell for fith.
[Mr? yerill( {lty.) BJulletin.
Thte m)ost eorolit5al governor in
the Uniont is thle L'overnort of Wis.,
consin. Theli chief ju4 lce of tht
commtuonwealth rendered at douitont
Pomie we*eks ago, in the8 railroaid
cases't, whiuh was thought the most
imporlrtatn' decision that wits ever
roetdered in tht state. Hut the
governor setnt a mesage to the chief
justice regnresting htilt to out down
his opinion to about one-third or
on- half it presenit length, because
it will cost too- muoh to prinit it.
Yellow Fever i Chbarinatol,
We have seen letterw from Charles'
ton dated Saturday last, whielr say
that the yellow fever har a'ppdated
in all quarters of the city. One
nndertaker told- the writer that thucte
persons, viotinis of the diseas, had
been buried ott one <say. Many per.
sons have left the city for Summetr
ville, Columbia and othter plaee4.
{ UJnions Hlrald.
The New York Sun says that there
are fifty thousand working men out
of employment In that oit4y.
A Niiance.
Ever since the establishnent ol
he new paper, the Republie, it,
Naw York, the Times has growl
nore and mre occe-triq and anti.
admnii6tration. As an evidence o:
the co:tempt felt for the negro as a
, oliticiun, we reproduce the followinA
ex!ract from a correspondenep relative
to the Chattanooga Cohvmntion
"Indeed, but for the colored man
.id brother, the coniventii tjuld
have been unexceptional in all it.
aspects. I remen-ber to have called
him in lily d6op:.teles to-night an
inexprdsible 16uisance in polities,
and tipon reflection I find no reason
for .u-lnginig m.y opit.ion. Thie con -
Vention has giVen conclusive
evidence that the time has
coire fl'othe Republican party td
6ease coddling the negro. lie has
been set upon his legs and must
ienloufoth D lert to stand alone. It
he can't. do it, the fault is his own,
ansi therju is no good ret-tn why
the p ity sh uld tumble down wi h
Iimi. It is t Iue, lie is a mnan unid
i,rotheri but tio is 11 -11s and11 P.1t, so
6 he andhiler,' i'id -"cnonerack.
er.'" but it has never bemn proposed
that n1 1olitical pnity should be
ieribIued in order that it iuight
serve the particular interest of any
of tho-se usen und brethien. The
Ciuattaooga Convention was evi.
dently of this turn of mind, for it.
conidtcit was takuh pere:ptorily atd
Withut Imluui ch l oenoney out of tile
bands (of the colured man and bro
ther. By tb.- I do not Mean bUCh
men a, l'iucb.,ok, whoj has sense aill
tn v' O %% hatover hi, morals may be,
bu. IvIIw, of the [a ( order,, who
are o iefly resiwiblt, de the bad
plight int.o ltidl the negroes ab h
race have (.llen as citizels.'
So long as thai negro was a useful
vuting iuchine and did not hurt "tde
pirly," he was evesything lovol3
iti d luva ble. Now he il a squetZed
liion. When Iri hint-n and Ger
nia Aere needed to "fight for tihe
U!-ilin'' what glo iols fellows, they
wertu b lie surv ! Now. they are the
butt if harper's Weekly and the
hsighmsoented Republican dailies.
l1ow a piart expects to thrive by
offentling so many voting elements,
it is not ho clear. Hont. if tih.. e.eto
desire to bohithit favikari, it woulI
be a pity tv utrest them in their
mad career.
L Augusta Co Ialion alist.
Rubber Overshois forllorsts.
This is a recent in'dktion, which
promises to be a boon to the equine
in,haitaits of iaved cities. The shoe
i, made and 11sed in precisely simi
tir manner to the articles of apparel
wori by the human race, and, in fact,
present tio poitits of difference, Pave
in, is shupe and- its monufacture ol
the best quality of India rubber. It.
is ilesigned as a substitute for the
Iron shloe, and as It means of prevent
intg the man.y ni-iladies to which
h'rse fedt hiti subject. Horses suf
firing with cracked Dr contracted
hoof, and similar painful hurts, it is
sai., are qaiskly curt. d by the substi
ut on of the ubber coven. g for the
uniyielding metal shoce. The elasticity
of the formner aloh!wt the hoof to
remanin in its natuil bharpe, wrhile
protected fromI abrasion against pave.
mlents by the heavy rubber sole be..
nieith. 'Thle device is easily removed
fromi or pot on the hoof, and hejcej
whlilestanlding in the stull or turneti
ont to pautut-eu tile horse may be left
batefUotedI. Inl in ter time the cov
es ing serves as a protection against ill
ness due to the commnen practice (,f
linilglinIg salt ilh thle Ice an I Snow
ina city streets, while the rouagnoned
surface of the rubber beneath serves
t m give the animal a foot-held in
sli ppflry *t.ather. As comvpared
with ironv sho(s, the~ cost .f the rub
ber onesR is about one-th iri d mte. anid
their weight is st)ffl6 forty per cent.
less, wthile thley. are very durable.
Sixteen siz0s are mlallulact ired, so
that accurate fits may be obtained.
A Railical Journal Gors Banck onr Its
Niew Yoavx, Oct o'.er 24.-A lotter
front a correspondent of the T'iimes
in Ala~barna, who is vouchted for by
ta,ape s a strong republiear.,
ay ha ridden for mtleA alonIg
unfrequented roads, and has been
to tell the Iiarg6 cities, and not only
failed to discover any trace of a
reign of terror, but found tile negroes
quietly at work.
Th'lo'Tin-cs, alluding editotially to
e,he letter, gays he fihids nor reign of
terror in Alabama ; no war of races
anid no pretence that recenlt crimes
in that state have been instigated by
political motives. Ito fonund the
alleged murderers of Mr. Ililuangs to
be vnen tonlike the bhoodthsrcty
ruffian. they have b'een~ painted ; anud
he appears to think the s.o.ealied
evidelew agaityst them i's ridiculously
It is said that Comn. Vander6hl'
will retire fromt active life,- atbandons
the stock market. and reaiga hi'., coil
nee,ion with railroad and' other
o.ne an. the 6rat.of Movsmher. .
The Cotton Crop.
The condition of the Cotton crop is
indicated by the following Statt.
iveragns, deduced fron Octwber re.
turns of the Departmnct of Agricul
The crop of Virginia is too small
0 influence perceptibly tho general
North Carolina 85, a decline of 2
per cent. during S ptember.
South Carolhna 82, a decline of 4
per cent
Georgia 80, tin improvement of
:3 p;-r cent..
Fitirida 81, an improvement of 4
per ce0nt.
Alabama 75, a decline of 6 per
Mississippi ''4, no ahangi
L.suiaima 62, no oiange.
Texas 70, an increazo of'5 per
Arkansas 55, an increase of 8 per
Tennesce 56, an increase of 4 per
The above overages refer only to
the condition of cr,-p on ti.b first day
of October, includiig it si ate of1 de
velupini-it, vitality anid healtitfulimess.
Ilhis is but one eletment in the calcu
lation of the )ield in quantity, which
has not yet been 0MIlcoi ted.
A wilter on Nilwaukee topics re
latus the follbwiing : "Selling ber
ries by the foot is a new idea, the
affspring of a NI ilwnnkie girl's brain.
The young lady, who wats on it mar
keting e:pediti,n, dnsired to pur..
Aase bome beri les wha-ewith to add
gest to her evening repast, but she
wouldn't trust the fraudulent litil.
bos which the arocers with pleasil:u
liution Colled "arts." She want,
?d full ,eipitural miasitrii, -ind pro.;
posed to the dealer to udNpt, ier shoe
is the statndard of quantity. Vi.jsnp
or Cindeellia flouted thnough the
iuclstei's binin,and in a moaaent of
forgeat fril oes the deluded min e.
:epted the propo,ition. Off came the
shoe and in went. the berries. Box
rollowed box, until the dealer, with
4tdtims, Ilin hi1s eyes and half his stok
in the girl's shoe, gently waived his
pulchatser away nild closed up hi.,
,bop." .
P.ath of It. Rush Campbcll, Esq.
This distinguished M a6d i hd t
hoieoed citizen died at his residece I
in Wentworth miett, on Tuesday
last, after a protracted illness. AIr. d
Campbell wais born in Lau Ibn5
couldty, and was fir[Y-4eigh1t yeait's ()I
age at the tilic of' his delith. lie
graduated nt the Souith Carolina e
college in 1835, and w'as .oon after.
wards admitted to the bar. In 18-13
he was elected commissioner i ii
equity for L utrens counti, which
po.sition lie filled for narly twenty
years; dischirging:.ti important anal
delioate dutIes with eredit to him
-elf atal universal satisfaction to the a
bar. His lasonic cateer connere
ed at itirens courit loiAe, where
tie was initiated ft an early peritod
d - his life. In 1860 lie was elected
Grand Mlaster of the Grand Lodge a
o0 %lasons of South Crulina, and
served for one year. In 1869 he r
-as elected 1ruid #e-rtal-y to theI
Grand Loidg-:, which position he held
to the titue of his death. Ihae was a
genimil, warm-hearted gentlemian, anal
was universillhy esteemed. Slinco I869
he hams ressided in ChiarIestoni, where
lie won many warm friends, lie
was buried yesterday under the
direction and auspices of' the M1a.sotie
fraterni ty.
(Union fieraN.
Thec Effect of LMin g on Thr.
The theory thdat the splittinig of t hd
trunksof' ti ees by lighatninig us the
result of m le sud.den evip 'rationi of
the liquids cont ained with li t hem
has received munch affirmation fr'o:n
e xpot inents inade by O.shorni Rey-.
nolds, who suceceeded ini spliutingi
somall stieks of' wood by passting the
elect rie qpark through lhem,i after
ihey Ii..at been?i imap regna tedI Ii ,
aaar, lie ailso bror,'t small glass
ubes, wich we're till ed withI water,
alithough the smfal tu :bes wzen eminpty1
allowed the altetrtie Sp)ak to juatmp
thr'ongh: thaetn eit hint in thb etct
di:,turlbing tliheum. The m:o4t striing
experiment mn.de by himu wtas upon
a tuabe thriec eighths o.f an inchlm x
ter icr aind one eighith interior diace
ter, whieb: conld attanid a pressure of'
at least 200 atimoapheras to the
sqnare tich ; thiS titb' as 4 inOhes
hung and bent at a right angle. A
-e-y large electric flash being sent
through the tuber it was split by time
frre dimschharge, anid tire piec~es thrown
trY u di3tance of several- feet. fTne
inmtrer surf.ace of trhe tiube ways, in
faet, comnpletely ptrv'erised; ats
thiough it. had b'een str'uck by a
hianonmier. Reynolda estiamates that
the pressure must nave been more
than 1,000 atmospheres.
The "WceN bl was priht ae
and isued in 163:2. It derived .its
title fromi the fiet that the word
"not'' was accident'lIly emitted
from the seventh coiumandmient by
one of the i'utelligenit compositorb
of the pSeriod, and an act or Parlia.
meint ordered the destruction of the
whole edition.
Confucius and tle Chilnese CitssIcs.
Chinese Cosmogolny.-In thel he
Sining uf the world, the world was
Kie Kiang, who died. His blood
became river., his bones granite, his
hair troes, &e avd, finally, the in
-ots whb i.b inve8ted I body became
Conificins-IIis IfallitS.-In walk.
,ng, the Master iiually put one fot
lefule tho other ; when ho rested,it
was genuerally on b1oth1 leg-.
If, in wvalking, le came upon a
stone, he would kick it out tif' his
way ; if it were too heavy, lie w.uld
t-ti over or around it.
II ppenimg once to kiok a larg.
sAtolne, lie cisged vounteaneo.
The Supt!r or Purson% wore hiA
elothlies in th-e ordiary ianner,
iaiver putting his shoes upon his head
vur his cap upon his feet.
Ile alwaiys kept the skirts of his
obte before and behind eveaily aid
nted. ie permitted not tle n
4eeamly exposure of lis under.
armetit of linen at at?y timoo.
Whel en I m: Jhis visit:ra I e
ushed towards them with his aras
,pen like wings.
lis Poe-ry.-The followiog was
viten in his sixty.i1*,h %iear, on
ellvil.g Loo I
'01h, I frain Would mill look Nwardt 1,o
But Ilis Kwei hill Culsoff any vi.w
%ilhl I ox iI % wil; hew
Th11:8 thicket all , h r1n ghli
'hal obscures tie clear irosptect, of Loo."
In latier years the, full ewing was
om11pozed b% bi:, dis(!' le, i u lil:
"Thor one was I si e O-,le" ,.a,i.
(itis, ihose resimak were not Cew
Iie sail, -1 will betW
1 Ils flat e. .ll 1 i-iugh.'
hu il i fritudls rt-maaakdr quietly k. i. I'
His Etie.i -The. Nla.ter said,
One virt ic goes a reat way. In
j r of clbuw-chow, p )pei ly Ilavor-. I
ath ginger, even a cad nouse is
aliataa le."
On Waui asking mli if It were
roper to put db..d mitle a lavw-.
l;)w, lie replied, "It is the cus
WIeni lie lieard that Ching li.d
eeided an en'tire province, he ie
sarlied, "This is carrying things to
i excess.'
Ol being ake'd lli* opinion of
1pilenient, he reprm a that. tie
fillia 1d not jus.-4tify the means."
lop Kce a,ked him how to tell
Ihe sapt-rior aian. The Mlaster re
laetd -'1ow, isodeed I'
The lDle Cloing a.,kcd him one
a) "ali at C(cnjttlutes the State ("
'onftuie-s replied, -The quetuin is
lis .Johes.--Oe d(ay, beilig hand.
d a two-foot rule, Confucius opcned
L tiae wronig Vay, w%lhereupon it broi,e
'he latei- said, (uietly, that "it
tis at poor rule that wouldn't work
O'h Ways."1
Observing that *ati Sin was mich
'Idicred to opium, the Master iad,
Fiial regard is alwa3s beautiiul."1
\\ hy ?" atked hi.i disciples, 4lIe
ave1s is poppl'y' replied ihie Master,
hlangiig coultelaice.
"Is that Nankeei ?' taked tie
rent M exeius, as ie carelessly cx.
milled the rube that enfolded the
os011i of tho 1it yau Sing. ''NO
eplied the lastor, valmly, "that
h iin."- [('ret uire in Ku' Al
'llaC for 1875.
A Sect, Elircl J utlisi
From Toemeavar, Ilungtli'y edmda
hie report thcat an entire seet, for
neray lierasti;a i, has determinoe to
micbr.ce J uditin. Thelc Sabbatai.
ii .c* h a ve th eim far conl fesse d Ch i-is
ianity, bheivaing in thce Messialhaip
if J.us of N .za,e.h, but cele briat ed
heo Jeawash S,3bath as the Lhord's
hny. Th'ley also oba'eived( other
iiescepts tound in thle old dispeiisa
iont. Thiey a b,t.ineud fromce.Ating
lie matt of iaaanimals de.signaited as
inele..ac, an rd ca iomnmoratedl the day
>f Ataonceaiot. Theay had to carry
ini the praatice of cererannies that
re Jei h in l gareat aeorcey, in order
0o'SI ecpe perat.eutiona. Tihey nowut
lrapuo to biecomea fuii'y idhetifiied
'icha .1ud aismta. A\ deleg at ion repre
oura faiail.es lhe c rived( .at Thetne.sv r
,o ask adi.ionau in thce Jew.,h fold,
Ord Lto obtaini thle ti.cans to build
Inadgogues, pu rch aso Tlornah-rollIs.
andl eat aIash snehI i..4tit tItions tin atre
.letmed a eg ntaie to e ii ry out 'thaei r
Aal.nt fully. TheIa SabbatarinnaJ .re
igricult urasts, and are sparaed obecr
sevel vil laiges aind towiships an
MIrr. Thaomps[oni of MIs lanaki, New
Yui I, loves chaivialrouas meln. Sut
pirated for a Soni-inii-hw . She had u
soind~ do6ts- aibon( the 3 oii,g rnn
who wats enajeaed tf hter
dautgt'er so she- dressedI 'n luena,
clothes tad pi6ked ia gtirreol
with himii. 'The purueacti've seai
ini law took ol Iris coat, janamed the
old lady's hat dowe over her eyes,
Lore her collar off', broke her noSs,
iind was aibouat to make carpet-ragsc
of haer paiital-gons, whenc he diascover
edl that he wuis fighting a woani.
Mrs. Thompson thiiks lao will do.
[mIn. News.
Thien proposritiona t initroduce ladies
as raihioad conductors is fro\vnied
upon in- view of the fact that their
'raina are always behind..
Recon%trucllon and Rcal Estate.
A c9rrespondett 9,nds tis two ex. .1
limles showing tle enormous depro.
vi-&tion inl tihe vlneo of proportv in
Lou iiaLa si nee the war. *'ho
first is what is known na the iope es. [
estate plant.ation. owned by Miary
landers. It cot.si6ts 4f -1,800 acrs of
land ; 1,500 cleared and under enilti. 1
vation in 1861'. There were about d
150 slaves on1 this place in that year. a
Tlie land, uith stock and farmii l
implelielitH, exclu.sivi! of the sluaL, t
would ha%e sold for $30 per icre, o
making the value of the land $144,. ii
000. Thii plantation has been for sale 1
for thi ce 3 ear,, the owters asking for t<
it 2I),000--ore sev.;lnh of its for- 1
wer. value--and no bidders. The 1
other p1mitation is known as Tiger al
flaiou,situ-tted on Trensas rive- in b
Cutahola parish. It Pootains 1,50.) h
acres of as fiio land as cal be foond ft
ill (lie tMi,ssiSsI1pi valley. It was "
worth $60 per ie.e in 186), making is
iti value $9 0,000. Its owier owed in
tie overseer on it $700. After t4je il
war clood tIlt latter sed for his et
MUmotey, got judgient, aoid recently al
had tile place sold for dti, wheln le i
h-ought it in for $'' 50. 'its :1 W
$9th000 pla'itation sold for $ :i, al
ledviog the owner still owiig to the nW
Uveracer $697.50 on a i$700 debt. C
[ New York Sun.. ie
George Alfred Townseni'A D.criptio: gi
of Gov. Moses.
As I was about tW go I heard a wi
mlullatto ti,an bay I d
--fin waiting to mee that d:.,1
Fratik Moses comje ont and give him hi.
i Ii e .! miy miiijd." (p
'"whait Mlose.s !" was my inquiry, sti
"Fraik Moses, the G,vernor i There di
he i, 'i Wo
I looked tip and comning out of a wC
door behihd thia performatnbe, pro- an
IeCedad by a negro and followed by a I'
white fellow, all pulling eigarettes, a
frory, LtICet face, pale young At
MaIN of a lebauched exteria)r, somne- re;
%%hat suggesting the celebrated Dick ly
Swiveller. fle had a thin, aqSuiline sir
nose, brown ringletted hair, upon a wh
head narrow and low in front and wi
running b-ackward td mnore formida. ---
ult proportrons. tits eyes were of a co
light lde and witho)uit depth of ex
pression, amid he had a big mu.stache th
th1n of hair, like dried mo.s. Vi'ali Ita
Ly run down by exe0sies, ap,n4q,; ofi
withorit hal,its, a dihposititi to guth. t ra
er dirt on his complexion and lan a
guAd cooloess of cariige were ap- in
patent coM polents of Gov. Mosgs. ge
lie dt dokti61 aoIg a group of ne
grocii, and alid of the tw,) wlite leti ba
near him wa, a buntithback billiard pIa
marker, as I was tol(i. It i eq .ired mit
no gccotid look to exhau.t the wick- ,m
Ad interest of this most reckless of tl(
A nglo Saxon magistrates. Ie has kn
jtt been nominated for the Legisla- in
ture by the All-aight Iepublicans of ha
the county in which Coliiii,hia iH an
situated, lavinm'g ot his hold lipon 'it
even the blacks il thL coulity of
Sutir, tr %7heibnce lie ca me. His inten. th
tions ae tn. enter the L-!gislature
golleit tle <.ffi.e of Speaker ai.d again N
still legizlation by the parcel. 1o
. . ... ,tO
interestIIg Correspondence.
'the followiing oorrhpondence fell
ont of the coat -tail p. oket of Mr.
ltog.nlican Coaniutee (:n1 he step. 1
peot into hi carriago thle othenr iluir
ing), and was picke I up by an emis.
sar y or the kig kIut klant.a
A-rToInF.V G;EN.nAI.'I* Of'rles, li
W~ASus.N0oNo Oe.* 3, 1874. f
0 U. Jadlbird, .U. S MaJrsh d1, Ala T'
bamd :
Sin-Send on more Southern out. an
ragen. in t Iime for the e.cotions inl"
Ohtio and Inidiana.
0. II. W\ILL[.\N, Atty. Gen. L
imu. Geruige II. WdTlianis, Attorney b
GieneralI Jc.
hI Limjtpossible. Thle ,eler k who
inoes 'emr's got another boil atnd can't tl
0. UT~.fJAl LilIl) U. S. M sr,.hali. Y
This accotit,- (or the lie pubIlican "
rout, in those States list Tiueadaiy'
We learn fromu Nature that dun i.
t erestinig experimeunt was retmiya
mrade by Mes<rs Hsrtrautal ai Mi,r- e
tiller, dirertars of thd St. (Ui .in1
Niuaeum,a in the camup de Maitn ivie.
Tlhie war imlelflmenits, conimtriuctedl
from designis df Tfr:t)jalsfii lmi r
were nested, when it wasi found that il
the cntapult threw arrows ai distancem e
of nine 66nadred feet, and( this wiith 5:
td great nioutudy thi a the target was k
regularly hit at at distance of five a
bitrndred aknd( forty feet. Theli onaiger, I:
ahi irntuttd: blim g operated by mia- f
chidery y was made to throw stones of t
onO anid one hialt gou:id weuglit, rithi d
treat~ e6euraey, to a; distance of five
hundred feet.
The iIartfo'rd TIimes mientions the
atest Southerni outrage, viu: the in.
urodustion of chill and fever into 1
New Ei,gland from this section. I
New Eue land h,as given the So'uth
a double cate of itoh ((ouarteen'yeare)
and it i's onif f'air that we should
*return the compliment bf futnishing
he with chill and fever.
''Poker Jack."
CAIPP.T 1 1AGGLIt A N 1) A'I*ritNl-.!
Rt. Louis Repuiblican's 0IattAndogn Et
As a rule, the carpet-bagger o
ie Fouth has numbered among hi!
istinctive traits tle raikest cow
rdice and personal poltroonery
c has been adroit at manipulatinp
ic votes and muolding tihe opinion
the colored brother. Ie liar
fected religion and philanthropy,
o has managed to present himself
the glaze of the people of the
orth In the attitude of a martyr.
ut lie has always been nion-combat.
it. A whifi of smoke sends hiln
istling into the nearest custom
use. A half dozen boys out on a
x hunt terrify him into calling for
nore troops." Aid so on. This
the sort of carpet-bagger we find
Patterson and Moses, aud Kellogg
d Spencer. But the Arkansas
rpet-bagger is a different breed
iogether. [Je affects neither re
pion nor phiant hropy. A harden
Iner, le glor ies in his depravity,
d scoffl at hypocrisy. But he has
rve mil is gamre. There is N11e
ule ; Poler Jack they call him ; a
rfeet type o('the A rkanas carpet.
ggui'. The best illustration I can
f MolAuic's character is by
libiig i iterview bet%Neen hilm
d Attioraey-Genieral Williams lAst
1ter, after the .dministration hiad
od in fLvor of Baxter.
Mu-Ciure csame to Washington w id
a blue eves full of blood. Thj
iniot of tie attorney geieral had
uek him in the region of the
rhiragm) and to Fy he was miad
uld be to draw it very mild. lie
nt up to the department of justice
d demanded to sce Wiliams. That
-ctiohary received him.
I aml Chief Justice McClure, of
kansa," lie began, "and I have
Ad your opinion on (lie caso recent.
lecided by the president. Now
, I wi.h to say that the papels on
ich you h'ascd your opinion, and
ich you refer to as having been
f .-a J 4L ;, -AIy thO alCi,k 0C 'V%y
it t, are either forged or garbled."
;Wlat 0 you say Fir ?" atked
D astounded attorney general. lb
I been accustome I to the behavior
ie laickey on the part of the
dit iial carput-bagger, but here
e the blilly. It was
omp1)rh.enoziible to the attorney
,I say, sir," replied the impertur
ble MeClure a "that I believe those
pers are either forged or tfiat new
t'er has been inlterpolated in them
I I say further, sir that the repu
ioi of your department and tihe
own character of yourself incline
to the belief that these frauds
ve been enacted in your office,
I by your instigation or conni
"What do you mean, sir ?" gasped
h reathiless William..
,I nean, jlist what I say," replied
cClu1e still as eol is a refrigera
r, "and I waant to see the origiads
those papers whibh you claimi have
en certified to you by the clerk of
y court."
"I hrate saeiit them to the senate,
'," said Wi'lliamns.
"You talk, sir,like a man who is
iag," said AleClure. "In fact, sir,
believe you are lying. Nfot to
it too line a poinat uipon it, you are
liar, sir. Original papers are
ver sent to the senate or the house
eept by special demiand fir thema
he resolu(t ioi of the semi.tn ib re
ard to these papers calledl for' copies
aa cop.ies wer~e sent. You do not
lah nie to sea the ori'dinals, sir, for
ar that I will detect thd int.erpola
unis that hiave r>een perpetrated in
mir .ffiIC. I believe yo'u have bneon
>Ughat up in thIiis miatter, sir.'"
A t this, Williams tuirned and left
ae room. Hlis chiefeclerk thena came
to Mcclure anid said : "I regard
.ur rema:rks as a peisonal insult to
'3s el I."
"Go'' said( AleClure. "You don't
naow the difference between an ini
alt nn 111 n apology. There is not
ian in thiis deprtmient wh'lo ia
ipale of reseniting anythiog
'on't talk to me at all, sir.''
Then Pouker Jack stroked lie 10t
card, wailked up anid down th<
>111m a faw mainutes and took hha
rae. Weall, that is the sort o
rpeaa, lggers the people of Arkan
ia have a, denal w.th. Men wh,a
now nei'thn'i sarnple, compunction
or fear. Th'ley meiani to revoilution
ai a he state over again. They ar
ioceeding about it, in a very sys
uautie way. And they will make
eal of trouble before they are die
used of.
A youth asked perinission of hi
nothier to go to a ball. She tol
aim it wias a bad pinece for litth
oys. "Why, amother, didn't ye
nd father go) to. balls when yo
vere ouang ?" "Yes, h,it we has
een the folly oi it," said the meoti
ar "Well,- mot.hber," exolai med ti
on, "I want to see the folly ofi
Ui. Shcrman as a Cantildate fot md1
A Washit.gton letter says : "Ged
Shernian's friends are moving act lvd.
ly in,his behalf and u,aking arrange;
ments to bring him forward for the
next President. From the natur(
of the stops taken-. it is inferred that
thd plan of Gen. Sherman's friends
is to run him as an independent can.
didate. At the sanL time, it is be
lieved that there L.<a plot on foot by
Foine of Ordnt's fricilds to secure
legislation that will make Sherman
come back to Washington, to be
snubbed or resign his comnission as
general of the army."
I1on. A. u.8tephoust with great
beauty and force, says : "The true
principle which lies 1-t the foundation
of right, for which thd masses have
ever been struggling, was first an
nounced by Him whospake as never
man spake : "Do unto others na ye
would have them do unto you." In
that sublimo utterance from the
Mount, first and only promulgated
thero, we fi(d the perfection of hu
Man justice rightly unddrstood and
coisciously practiced. It covers all
the reciprocal righf-, duties and
obligations of every member of s.
''Boy,"said a traveller to a dis.
obedient youth whom he encountered
"don't you bear yotir father speak
ing to yomPI "Oh y.a-a-i' replic
tle youth, "but I don't mind what
lie says. Mother dou't neither ; an(
twixt she and I we've about got the
dog so he don't."
H U R I A H!
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of this Celebrated Brand of
Cigars, and Guarantee a Good
Sinoke for
Ten Thousand Just Received
sot 24.
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