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Weinesday 5loruling November 1, 171.
For Congrcsman 4th Con.' dtrict.
The Ncw York Ilerald .says that
Nuibo dalm"), the Ki Klux out.
rage mui., ik pagy<d vnt in the North.
Tho logisthnu ion in L-uisiana
abows 165,0000 voleF with G1,('00 black
tunjori ty. Tie cow(-rvative.s olatim a
majoIity. 'lie d1au1ys of the t-litraps
are 11uibered.
P.ittersim cati.c to WiiISloro
nCComi"i,< bY 11 ' 1) b a r d
as a by guard. I kAbard is a tow
er of -tiength.
T.e G reeviII, N ews thiks that
I'fThe Shit1 [i f Vairfieil seeis to lie
kinld iea te bulit wi t.04 , cuss, a1.s he
1.1owis his pris '-wrs to go to cijcus.'i
Chlmberl ii t.1 Is h,ii hearers to
their p.lt ree ard. 1t I i h iad vice i,
fol low- d, lie :1nd his pal tY w ill h 1Ive
apoor Ahow*ing (lio tie :'I N,ve-Lber.
The "De u." ''%A hO %iM not. vote?
tilt: 1"d, p-( nI l,t Il'tel,b0 icanl hiket
i'lihe oit .1e p o t r C ill.b.r.
LaInl. T.enI thsousan: d hi;rd.,hcb
demii rats are 4'4Io:l to five Ilitjusa 11a1
id11,, 11(1 cal. Il i ard thell is
equlivalvilt ti ollo hai I, rad iea .
o' (Ith nll berl io 1an111 G1 ea ti4 k.ltI
11l.1ses was . ad governior by
69,)0(nWial who vou(!1 f.r. himl
aId .10,o0o d m criii ;ts who (lid 1111
vote aginst him. ILI is ti! ex p
ne]tel, then, of radicalIs vid bonr
bon1s. W O liblil3 T- l in n ft'l
lows are not responsible for Fr.,Ik',
Olort comil'i's.
'Ihe Liollt,1nanlit (ioveIlor will i-1
ia colored man, lebiy i 1 bliack,
Wleaves i a mlau01o. Whieb of
lhe.se culied mlenl Ohall we elect I
EVery %ote sor:,tbched for ) le'ay
is ol0 half vete for ("Icaves. W ill
you give on. voto for conciliation
and reform ; or one half a vote for
ing rule and vtrife I
Ren cmiber thiat the iglit is letweenl
bonlet (y and di..ho eit-Ay, and14 Mtin tile
colntest is I de(isperate onle. Whoever
flays away Iromn (lit- , gives half a1
vo(te for di.1IaIIst v. J.emiember t hI t
the election u%ill bo lost Ur won by a
few votes.
We are vcry i r for Pattersoln
and, Williams. lleir outrage mill
,%mit work woith it a eit. It throws a
(' rdered repiblivaii i its hopper i
.oisan andx lab:nea an oturn onto
rtired in foi 1outandC ndia. ihi'Thel
rewes erankI must:have beenS iturned.
elsthro It a way. cs h feI Iii
jugaistiI the 3 tililm. Thil I decll.
ratviSsn tis oued ont isof himz ibyu te
ilte. I tilso nt'jlliesll t i l fa t. ta
icoing~ thnd ltrgan,an to iht lead
)Jiraicasar akn ar n.h
canvas, altoi iis ovgia ripalt
prityotet J(gaist te ld hert l 14Cix,
(iibeing thusleft aloneiI1 to 1igh h Sis
Th isudI gltls* Cglar radical1131
ringi tlhiieve, wvhile \\'allaee wtishes it
to he dlistillctly unde'l'stod that hie i.s
llihting hiis on ba ttIe andl hils lilthI
in Iin 11 e- 1nman w i the i tatla tillket.
each mtemober of' w! ichi repudiates all
the others.
.11 poinjted e oft e'.1h party. in each
4.ounity, hD1wn of it hai.rlestol i wao
throdwn overbard. Iie howled frant
tically and1 hi.' : a It tol I.\loses they
wol1d noti be Ie pont bt for h,i
(Mlese. ) S fety. Thei otier p" rty
heat ing. of this toldl 1S131 to 1(tand
fitrmt, they w.oulId be) re-po1zible f'or
his safety. ThIis cooled .hf the Chiam.
Not a1 breata I on,p-ijcioni Ias
beent he ird agpainust iJudge GJreente.
lIhe is endollr (1 d by I h hionlesty and(
tinte.lligiec. 0t South (Carolma, and1
by thu elading paperls repblllicanl
andi democorati , in II thUitedl S"tates
repulicanll pa rty of tic whole I 'nion
demtnds theo election of Grjleene.
Every ti'me that Greene', nameti is
scra~tc , one half a voto is given
or the Chlamb>cr'ain ring. lItmom.
bor ths
Gen. J. Bi Korsha*.
G]en. Korshaw, while always maiu.
t- ininig the dignity of his own race,
ha1 ever been the consistent
friend of the colored man. lie do.
sires the weIfare of both races.
Ile has spi tless record. iIc
pos:-esses ifluence in the North.
No breath has' ever been raived
agailst, him. 110 is tie choice of a
vat majoirty of the intelligent and
huiet tax;ayers of South Carolina.
Merrill is figuring as a white league
catcher in the West, lie will doubt.
less vigiticer another $35,000 job
throt.-h the legislature. 11is ight
boIwer Iles:er, hla-l come to grief.
lit was recogniz :d ly C.apt. Summe
as an oitmped i irderor fronm the
(rew of the Alabama. Whilo at
G3ibryltor he hilled a nmosmiate
anld desertel. Ile is now iilibiting
a coll in thit jail bo ititenlded ftor Soeite
iniocenLt Vit man. Tihe mills ol
the Gd. grind .lowly.
The 'niin Ilerahl is still h:1rping
on the Black Cole, anld opposes
(ireeun and Korp-haw for having voted
for it in I-65. It noglects to iention
th:1t "Black Code" Wallaco vited
ngiust the repeal of the most ob.
iox6i:>s section in 1866, a year later.
The rasmn that other radical lealers
are n(st recr-ordedl as impporters of ti.s
vo(eIv, is that under the old respecta
ble order of things they could not
COMO within gunshot, of an1 oflico.
That is all whiuh inves thom from a
recortd like that of W allace.
Mr. Chamberlain is out inl a char.
actorist ic letter to tle New York
Tr iiume. As lisua, lie niakes use of
<1itible well calcliated to dectivo
er111it actIlnaiit"'d with.1 the pa:l:t
b1i.-tory of' Iimselelf and his part V. We
will gi%e the Imiiost1 c ha racterist ic
pcienof Mir. Cham111berlain', s llanl.
ner of dtfe-ndirg hiimsvlf.
",I mighl, go on to sh4ow othcr iistan.
ees in ytour corre.-iondent's letter of
whiat I think should considered itn
partionable inacetavy ; as, for ii
A ineue, li statemnoit that "tlte lgis.
Iature at it? I e(Xt se-so r titdi ated
the Cir in..t.. f e1t. av, rion hinds."
Whereas iihe ia:t . b at, the legisla.
(1ur* ait th1At S si 1, inl-teild (Of reCp'
diting thC.-o bonlds, fol tally "vahda
ted"'' thei by an act to be found at
page 278 of tho fifteemhi volume of
thle aelec u-*1% dif 11his o.
The effect of*' tie above on persons
who believe ir. ChnIalberlaina, il t4i
malce (hem think that the bonds refer.
red to wer tiever repldiated, and that
t'ierefore tao blae1110 caln attach to the
fiiacial hoard for issuiig them.
IEvery ote in South ('arulina knows
that, althoglh the Venal legi. lat ure
,,1 182 .1id pass a validating nut, the!
next Iegi.,lattire, composed hargely of
ite~ sn. e inad iv'itinah, repaudiiateda thc
blonids t ha t1 had een issued bay Mr.
('lhtambe'.a:in~ antd his colle'agues.
Thc dlefencne set up byi bi r. Chambeilir.
hain is titorthyi of a persoin who i
a caiat e for Govuernor of Soutl,
Mr. Wamllaco and' the Black GOde,
Thle only atrgunittt used by Mr
WValltaec and his brether rad1icah
,ginstt Green andt Karshaw is that ir
I 865 they vote ot Xr the black cotde,
Now, wve are ini favor (if baurying th<i
pa:-t withI its maistakes, rand looki ng
o.nly tto the piresoent and the future
-' Itt if 3lr. Wallace will persist it
rakinig til the ashes of the past1, h<(
imtst nt comlaiin if sonie stray coa.
shoauld biurn hiis lingers.
the lciek code. A isiiar code ex
iste:l in Conniecti cut t.(see Norwuiood'1
;! r.'at spteechi on ciii righits) for mliany
yearsil alft'er emaip Cation. . T'his code
was ai mistake. TIhe worst provision
wats that. which prevenrtecd a coltored
niata fom selling hiis protiperty with.
ouit at p w. i I 1G6 it wias seen that
this was wrong and1 a mtotioni W.i
mn ide to rtepea! it. Ini order that
t here cani he no miisapprehension, we
1ilotse fa tm the bo.ok itself, wliebl t
ha re' in our 0111.1 /ii t'r insp.ection <j
VC? rei ct'e, u-irieU or. col'red, whmu
ma~y i lh to read it. . is ats fol.
Ttss.i V, Sep:a'i et'e 1 8, 1866.
Mir. l'a soly iioved. to stiie ot
lhe sevethl Sect ion oaf thle lil , whaih
is as fotllows :
7. No piersont who is in the emnploy.
ment of anoi(t he.r ensgaged in hiusbanttd
ry shl Ilthave the righat to sell anyv
coarn, ric, peas, wi boat or oilier grait~;
tany flir c ottoni, foddier, hay, baevn,
Srh et of anay hind1(, poultry of
any~ k.itud, animal of aiiy kind, or any
tther product of a farm, wvithont
having writtenI evidence from suchi
siaster, or some3 persoti thlorized by
himu, or f'romi the Distriict Judge or a
Ma Igist rate, thlaat lie lie has thIt right
to sell su ch pr~od act ; antd if any
per.wnit shal.l directly or indirectly
pLn:chase any stuch producet from such
person, wi'ithout such written
evidon.., th puo..c-1 n ele
siall each be guilty of at mnisdoineun.
or The purChaser, upon coil
viotion of any such offence, bh,l h1 3
liable to a lioe not, exceedig live
hundred dollars, anid to suffer im
prisoliient not, exceeding t.welve
munths. The seller shall be liable
to a 'ine of at least five dollary, und
at aist a,eqvial to t%wice the value 'oi
the p odutt sold ; ItInd, il Ilat be not
iejdiately paid, shail aullk.e uorpu.
ral punishment.
And the que.:tion was plit, will the
Iiuse agree thereto ? Measss. Ila,.
keil and Dui yea were i jpointed
Year., 38 ; nayF:, 3..
So the aumliendiet was stricken
Oil viotion of Ni. Trescot, the vote
bv which the sevn 111a k8etinim was
urderetl hbe hi-ki1n out was se.
con.,it,e -ed, 141 h 8. Uti.n llh vilg beni l
itlelided1 by msriking mil, in t,U
third hu1e, 1i.o wiii!s ",onItmrv i.f 111
kiuid,'' I si.r81d A kint4 t th1 e 1 unt Wordis
of tie Sect tin, to nIt : ,rlooral
punlish ml. -v.t," 11.d1 InIA01r il"g i le
thereo ;If " r at thle:,,i di c -
tionl otl 1 0 Jndge Irl.Igi ra .
.\ r. Dt, r) ea it.oved tIhat tl. Ct.oit
be strich -o. oit, atid ph q e.,ioni be
ing put, wi'l the II >n-e i a Is ill ee.
tv T it. was decide.d inthl Iniltativv.
Yea, d 43 ; n.) )s, 4 7.
Aoong I ie votes recorded in the
n)ega(ive on a call fur the )eis anod
nays appear.i that f A. S. W.LL,E.tc
BY this it. will bie . te tha t Mr.
Wa a l.ce w ais one of il e lay t men in
Soith Ca ro I i to a11 cord any rights
to the co.or -d moan. III IMO h has11
hi.i voin re mriedl ag:i i..mi 111.1ui I,
tihe colo' e i 1. n n11 n111 h11t.1i d , ght J,
1nd yet h11 1868, he rm.s for 'toigre,.
its it ie rai nt t anl consi.stent I ictid of
tho color -d m.11.
There is Co publi Ilinn ill S4oIth
(itro sin 1.L o 1hits U u Oe It V(I d, :1
far ats thle --luritd v.:m it, e. liele (ae
thiau Wall.lave. In1 18.58 "Ind 185,M
lie persis elitly ei. avo ed to .I
free menn ito slatery, usa io Is8m he
ondeavolt.. to plcettt oourtd .e
from emr, rt,it,g hsom lvey Ano
yet the co,se 01 people elbog i, I hil.
(riheele, "I 'ra1ck (od i d .-e. " )t 1.
iurely cant; t t pI a l ill if Wo (111h on.
wortliv Con s f tie4t L)ist,
riot, "Black Codu Wiallac.
Why We E ave Opposed Mr. Wallac,.
MIr. Walhico allegei Ihat thle coil
servatives olipe him merely- heenae
lie is ti0 fri d, 1111d ti y are the
ne:niCe,.of the coTOred m11an. It)
sho w t itt our oi posit ion to I i it Hri <es
not from me1Cr0 private ClI'ity, wvt
we are opposed ro MIr. tallace, 11nid
why lie Ihoilld lot he %lipported
by aniy One vii de:.ires Ole good of
the whole people, the promotion of'
peace bet-ween 1 '3 rictil and tile
maintance of the- lionor of S,tch
The ns-ertion th-.at Mr. Wallace is
the fri .n-of the co'ored man through
pur ely dIisanterested1 motives is nso'
sns tninecd by 'hsis pastL rcor d. . In
1 858I i id I$59, I e persistent ly eni
djeavoredi to ens.91.ve free neirsonis oif
color in the face (t' the most deter.
ined10( op positIion. Ini 1866 he voted
lnginst pieritttis.g the bliek man11
to s,'' any pro) IuO-, exOICt puonitry.
ithou t writteni p arin io n fromi hsis
owner. Thiesei nets demon (nst rate
his pol icy whenci the free Imen35 had noI i
power.- In 1868, whe~n they were
el n 'r nce ise ai n ere ini a majoqrit/t.
and41 it u-as to) Ia's intlerest to be f/oi,
-frie'nd, lie 'j rpent s biefo(re It bein ats a
I leaven b'orni champinion and obties
ani (eflice' b)y the ti r sihufVages. Previ
ous.t IS8i, he4ha no4 oie tolC rai1ise~
A fter I18ti8, he thad no words of
s) mth14Iy anid checer for4 hsis coiiiluer
ed and despai inig white bilrethre.
In C'onigress he vaotd in this inter
est of the ma,nufaetuirers of New Ens.
1:and( and) tIhe iron3 monulgers of Penni.
syhtania , and, biy ralisinig the dtuty on
ar tieles of dross ln,l lnecessar'y imp tle.
men~lt5, tie sItnh a)1 low agatinlst the
very e3 Cs 411'1*tien1ts who ii td ei rv it cd
imi to i fhic1'.
lie tells his co!or1od fiieiids thalt
le is tie special cht Ilmpion) of tile
eivil sigh4tst bill ; while the. I sLinaster
Led1ger hasi, ini its iliset the positive
protof thIhat he d.'d:tii f/ie /i;l! whtaen f/i
Trtwias ma /e to y iSs i.
lie claimI. the vo'en of thceruolorel
ra ce becaiine h.i is tbo /dtter enei m1 'y of
the ken k/u.. And lie en1 lea vors to
induce the whi:es to vo for him,1 on
thet pleca that hie is the f, h'nd o,'f/il'e
kum /klu.r, anId I,as had thesi alt par
dotned by the P'residen-'.
Th iese facts alt proive beyond a
doubt, that Mr. Wallace, instead of
being a phiilanthropist, and a real
friend of thie oppressued, has over act
ed solely with'a view to is OWn per
sonal aggrandisement, anid has alw-myis
been found spreading his8 sails to
cateh the strongest bree.
We have not the least respeet for
any suchi vacillating dosmpgogutes as
.\lr. WVallace's recolrd has proveni himt
to be, anid the'refore eatinot but bit
terly opposo him.
Again. Mr WVa1haan haa ranata
.ly denied either having enduavorod
to enuave free per.-ons of color, oi
having voted ugainbt the r% peal of the
0I)nOXIus Isctoll of the bluok code.
Tle falsity of thid asertioln bus been
proven by the iecord. We cunot
suppirt ily but a trutlhful pegson
or Voigresa.
AmPain, the oiny hope for South
Caroliia ;lies ih the promot iol of
peace and larinoniy betwoun the
races. \*e ive never beard Mr.
\Vall.ce mlAkji a sp-ei n inI V0i:ie
hs1not e. t'deaVied to a rray risve
agalnht r.tee, uad t.> still ru ther
widou the lr.auh U ar.'fy 6X iting
but wVeLn tte.na. For thi. reasila ie
i, a d Al.crOuil per.onj, and cannot, lt!
-ppol ted b-y aly voter wiro desires
th1e Wcl*.ie o tIhe who.v people
add the pro'lurt) of S,uth Uarl..
nA. F>r hm- rjaaij i e p.,so i r.
r. \ iallinc is a ipho.', il the
blb1., of Cougre:,s. We caibo 1uppoi t
a cipher. We vannot vup ot Mr. WAl.
We 1--ve ful3 d..nonstrated that
N r. \\ :It. co i., imt I ,ally the frik i.d
of tihe to'- , nin. WC i.Lave hI ,V
01th.th:.vlo va tionl ti oilil is decri
mentul t. tihe t i te 1' oi thj.- S:ate.
A <l believing nh .I we w t . re aictill n
for tIle gi it b 'h 1 bi i and co.or
C1d, we ha.e c n llitdy oI,l,' 1.
W ittlau... -M
G.nrL*'3ia .n,J 3ot:.-h Care'.ina,
A gloat deal is -Ilild u.out 11.0 0on -
ditionl ofil Ih C e 111red p,!y e ill G.o..
gia tel Suth ( tirolinn. -1ladicul
dimagogneiu,iiy putr a fl''niise touh on~II
their hil- l.hIaI;gmm.S wi b1 -i w I. s
''j. (li at Gtorgia." Now we havv
t.:ia 1. the. I roubleii to lo,.k at Ge'.JrgIbI
andi wei liio not st I Ituch a i'enll 113coin.
di ion iii..i.a If.,i 11 eic fur tihe
(1ol ed' Coplu a is r.I re: etedC.
They ae il t he oitolity i.1nd I..'r -
forl 14' Iot -id'di Iiee". B It i. for
tilit nmattel ii.C nl.ilv.s inll S1.1 'C-Ulu
llill hi;d no Tjl 'J e Et axt ill (_CLr
gia ure lu\:, and the colur, d i c.ple
get goid wliges, I ld -f..r !.;. re.so
t,hy d0 I (. inlnigrakta to 64thtl
Ca.tbolino,, i~al boh tt'.e .stult' is rt~ e 3m.
el '118 a n.i idi.e for the m:aek man.
In (4oria the official retuirins fur. t
1i6hes the mounIlliltilit of prol e l) olei.dJ
by.the 0o1oe n.-, W'! (11 qu,e Jo a
the Atlatita Coniitutiju,
-(Wc g'vie hOunr o;nc ry inter
esth:g fi;:-ur . :Abut ).e itr ety
o m\ i t1 inl b--lorpi r by Iome-, i:Itl
the llixes the y I ;1 . it i)N % T VIl of
attt. Aion, i. , i C a 1 1imr.at Ivye
thrit3 couli.h.n. W hell \%e Y 11 vti
that tb!y I aild lter.. ll' li ti(.g uie..
itade I i'se, it ll(.t only speaks well for
thei, but I' .. Ii i-.s a complete reply
to tile welt.iwn argnmemI ot lls
lortil-.e'rn i al..g, 1tha t Mie arIe .p
oot :N- Number of pol.,,83,318 : vs
of I luid. 338.7G(9 ; ir y sir tow:n pr o
pert'y, $1lit U I15. ; alIl other' prop'er
ty, (jil.. I ) $ 3,5 1 ; 1.monii
736.( tae valtie' of lande isi ilnt)tided
in iihe mgg'regiate va!nie of'II whle pro'
PLity-I) A awutmit ofi taxe Xdenore
$3',2.83 00 ; amovun 1. of poli e.x 3
Now we would he glad to know~
the amount of prope ty ownled by thne
colored people of Southn Cairolina.
We waguir tha.t it is not near as muchOe
as owaned by that race in Georgia.
Iluere the mni:,rable govern metL han,
prlevenCted thle blactks atndi whit es bothI
fro m . t.eeumula tig an y p rolerty.
Ill this resj eet G.o.-gia is famr aihead
it hais been; iflirmledl bsy radlical
de miaggoes tilat t here are to color
ed sc'hools iln G orgiat. TJhis~ is abao.
Slute'y fluse.s TI'te rtepmo L of te
G eorgi 1Supe1ri is.tenldenit of' m e.catiotn
show thS1 bat ln annua111 Zl full 1of $350, 000
is raised for educeat oional purpioses, of
which3 o 'nc ha// is lapportiolned to
colored schmools, althnoughI the blanck.,
are) ini at mlinori ty and( 0a)I ow bu t a
smalol portion of the prope rly of th1e
andt ill Augustai 900 coloretd puiti,a
attening s-holOO. The1 techersill ari e
co mpuetejLntl d ne regulualy j.a.
In Soeuthn Carolina iibout $300,000
is raiaed for echool purp.oces, but it
is never fully p.id out, aind suchool,
are closedi mloJt of tIle year. Neither
whitle nor colored obita'n lany adva.n
tagts from theu:e s.hools. The teach.
era5 are mnieralIy paidt. IIa tis res..
peet Georgia is far ahead of Southl
Agsin Mr. Peaboby left a large
legacy, thle inter tuat wihich i8
dievoted t'o schools. L:ast yeai
cho TIrusteie founid a flue sys
Cem of sichools in Georgia, anid
rided them with a gift of $10,000.
In South Carolina, ho found tihe
chonol s3ystem so wretched that Ine
onsiidered money thnrowni away, to
;ivo it. anything aud he consuequeDtlyc
uive onily $'200.
These -are a few of the advaintages I
possossed by Georgia over South
J~arolina. If our government wonid
oUly ifit..t'o taS of our sister 8tate
i it some res peoes it would be in uell
better for all, both wliito and color
Co 0,111 UN I 0A AT I' 1).
Mr . .Aid;'or.
I pe coive In your last Nsne of the
29tih inst that I hve bcn nomIn,ated
over tie signature of many republi
cans for School Commis-ioi'r 'for
Fairfield County, foling grateful
for the high opinion entorti6ned for
t11 by noy tiy friends i ionminat.
ing me for the postion, yet fir rvt
sons not n:ce-biry to state here. I
respectGul .) d'Lulile the lion ili n o,
Ai exuhnate hits all cquiintanoa
wo , cmn-ks itt he ha often lie d
A.he )roVrl" *IA friend h i.jeed is at
I ictid intdeed,'' 1ut. h-i says hlo calif
see whero lihe laigh Comsts inl. IIe
has frivnd in nIeed Who is alwi-y"
burlrowinig mencny (If himl.
M.Liiel,pl.oiui in) inl thle
1 sl i--. :-1 of' the S.i-E prit, at
t llt, h1 is beenl Ill aking Some curi Jus
mlpert. .-'s n11 1tie' lts %who weru
Pw fuy ,e w ell powel(fi
maIignets we-ofre I Ough ic-tr them.
l'liey %ero 1. oed i.- ..an Under :,p
Iatentl I eetuIsly the requliiiied ein
fiiti. Its, List Al 11gnt le ti 111nWCes4
wele emiluded frolm: the expolieivils.
Ilhe p-atiolnt.- b.mthditurliall to
Ale tat-b degite as whei the iIINgicts
Wel C Itsel. ll hik Comm so ullication of
.hA le Ic-u tI s of1 Dr. N';)11pivel. i 1 ) thle
At.adlmiv d.Ls S:iei.es, M. Cllvolel
-Y8, "C'oew till nuiVes exeiplo de
. IlIIg il' at)ion .-Ill ' I4 producti,n
POYft W'o:dre mate i oel.
The lIppar.itus fo.r teering ballool .,
..Veltet by Mr. lHowdler, and i eee. t.
yv te-ted a.t \\oolwicb, ilhndl,
holul a faillie il it. main purpos.
Y(t :CIVVs o demConstrle tie fiact
:ht, by the usti ' prfrpterly cou
trtioted 1 ,, stir, likela; iter, m y
)f Mnade to act it ics,i.,tiog mediuim.
C'ie uppauratis de.nc.il-ed ..8 utin
isting of lails ike i1h1 sol ow prop, I.
ler of a ship, three feet. in dianuter.
illd ma1kin,1 when worked by hatid,
rom twohe to hmirteenl levolultiois
ier sect.nd. 13 this tll t rivat.00 i-. wit
Omwi that, w%he-n a batsoll W.Us Pe[.
.c l balaicd, i et I & ie'l directi.Il
vouldi c clianlged, thiat is, it wo I
m. Illadn to risc or I'aill, li t tile h io
talln were -fouitd its have no?
Cet IIU'eve inl gLi ling th-*diI(-e1
Aln appa:atus lor- raising iibmerg
i ve,el.ck -I sela n beu l.ve tedt il,
ranc NJ. . To tihe .4111kel.
oIel; at t bott, of' h 11. in . li x
d ;onlenrr-ir in*, sac. in.a.j . . ..,
ill cloth, w.iter ;a:iil air-ti.- , .I
arkv( CapacuityN, wiih be-it?" ell,y,
e lisily sul mervlo i. \hell inv,
rmly tltathed to the wreck it is lill.
l witih co ipreimd air ly v me-ais .ui
Iir diri 1111 -thSe1 ull(c) di'phce.ee I bI%
he swelling of 0l.-i.. it' ereseIC
h' v secntioial fl)(.e ac(luire i t hlytl,
-belity of ithe sack to miifieti,
realt, nIifI rhe .siraps aI.'l i h:u
'uffliienitly ).Itrong, the t urIlk 111.1 of
uvet?iior I3alculat;Is I lidt, 1-) r .i-u a
'e'sel of' eight huired1Til toun-, a se
nieasuiring one hiunidredf a..iI thiuty.
Ire 3a:d tluil lereth, antd t -o a.
v5uhld he r q iit 1. Tl'he ox, e:ii:. n .
na-de ulpon s.-veal .'aall v'ess 1 hlave
.3een colmplte'y -,lc e s' iii-the oly
tnest Piln is, whet her w tht larg vi s.ti
,vls it will be eqI ially so.
Th'le Great .,lt Lake is now
thought t ) be 81)tu1t ttlve or four m
lIi 18'2 a p.:rept ible p .rmia-,eiat i ise.
wv .s evi:de,t ; lut, frIom 185(3 to I8SG,
Igradlulal susdec of1 te Wa to,
ookl plac, in 18G2, the 11ake began
xtetini is airea, and11 conltinuiedl 1o
is' until 18G8,nc wtICCihichi time te
'he (exli niatiotn of' these t'banlL'es ini
hie It'vel of the Wat era of lie (. lalt
alt Like has bos n though. t~ o so
miigorItanti, that. on the '21st of' July,
i gillatr wuas placed at1 Black Rtock to)
ndilete the riso ansd fall of' the w;a
teri. Tlhi ii has hbeen donie IInderC' the
direct ion If P)r. J . FR. Park, of
fleserett Uniiversity. Th'le UJtah Min-'
ing Gaze/.tte remai.rks : I-t is lb
ilere' COnijetutro that thle lolta iifl
larmjers alonig the shiores of t lie Great
Salt Laike lmay some11 day 11ind them.
Celves to the prodi tamtint of' the de
mus e hll.llander-coi'.elled1 to je.
s, by earthwork.s, the etieroaebi
'iient of salt wate'r, or submnit to the
retIirinig pruoess~t of inundaItion11 ."'
King & Sons, of' Columbia,
f S schdtvwholesale and retail by Dr. W.
- E. A iken,, aigent . Thoe buy ing by
C gzen will save the freight fromi Co.
2 18
it's BOA U wishes t, iinfa,rm tier
V.friend.a patlronis. and public gene-ally
hal she bias enigagedmiheaervices of't wo first
iss mantu nor dress mnakeits whlen Northi
Nio 1a expected here lthe 3rd of' October,
hien i'he will be preparoed I. carry onia
rat cla'ss D)ress Ala'ting Afilinerivy estnb.
ahmenl. Pitr ioniago solIcited Satisiac.
0o1 getaranteed,
oct 1 J- 0 ~O. AAG
FRigNs in -tee th1i, CkLI
ill.-A'Ki I'67 llV' can ie obliftJ
by. "il"lns Of-faU"ied Pid I)etr,fo
CO.NN l,CLOW E * CO .,
Witrusboro ,4. C.
verpt 10--mn
Wholesale Traft.
T'UDUI NG fle tivit-e by I) net, wi
e) entier witi confiderce uponl Iim s oil
ne w els elprite, of -eguraliig our % hole
s i'll frimn our I (toil Tro('e. I y itv-,g
sepin e itni di.-tiiict i -ii,v fr in t:
IIt inl doing so. we flikier ourie:vub iiin
it will not ionl mieie If nI at 0i 1 of n,
nmmiierotn en,iomert, 1.l that nil -'lExeti.
Idive Wh1l i le en e" n i% i I mr p uI s i
laro influx ot' new trade. n.d of it chal
.acler not herieofore enjoi. Cl.
I I t-ust be ohvi ois to t vei y 1.lyer It niI
a stritlly e-Wholesale Jhsi.re," arrar:etd
anid adtpted fori tWmt Tlntle only, will. a
corps of experienced Wholesitle 8 nme')
wift it stock carefull) telecied- for Ili
Tritdle only, and moreover. fie avtoidal.c
C c111ming im CoIItIICt wiL.h ret il i t mm
S ich a hocnse, we issert. mutt and i 11
(immothd itself to tihe (tde.
Four yenrs mago we Rdv-riieid fhnt we
intended ito rake Charlotte n %hol(ittile
mirl. mid oitr 'i ie w holesale. Intse."
We tiow have Tle proud In Iisfaciti n of
.-ceing it ai necompliFh ed fact.
We n-)w enlli onr it tenIt ion to tie fact
Ouit We have e. veri d otir t-uret 1) 1-lore
iito in V . holelale 1111e o , mihere
y1iml can f1nd A.-. iies o' poods necerssar y
I'tor n colitry sit.' e. to wil : Dry Goods,
0om keinir, ilome'. , hoes. 11a 1, Nolionts,
Ilrneu-ries, llar iwanre. M illin-rY,- ull in,
v.om11pleie linem, hought. ii rge qukantitieu
:t1nl fro'l time very Irrt hands.
Oir itock is now arriving anid will be
comlp!ete itotit tlhe Imt r Septentl.er, and
will be time lmrgemi of tiny here, the pre.
lenlions ofothers to ihe contrmy no.A ilh.
at: Iding. We r'l-e; cl" y iP 'ite your
peon"011al .inrpecth-n, or tii'e 0 ts for
Very trnly ytnr.
Now, i.. f'e w.-wot'i.e.nlm B; ii ho. We nonV
ICIpy tlile e i er tic liE Itile, 0 it ,e 111
i%*rvomii-y ktown n thie erp . Ibeem ,
Illk-t n o'. Dryvrood" Hipp,.Ao rnr
ry on onr iNi.ji naitretr and np: 6'E -
** is-'I ip. at d has aliiiu t bet n oni
floolo., we einim-Ptivo in'.l.lif line to e.xt;,I
in ik, t exace inil lo.w n ew S of pmies, ind
to ex(1i ge eriIlVY. 11 e will. in thn%
ih .uie. have a crps bf Ibir,y Filles er'
an-I Sah-a-Ladie.,.nlli experietretd. off 1hic
and 0briging.
AQ"' We will mnke. the Millintry
brINch a (h ly - W. & .
J1 W. LAW & CO,,
Now Receiving,
Goo .
,i Dress GootIh, *
C lothnug,
e Gents Fturnishing Goods,
' Cloths, Cassimners,
a .5 Boots, Shoes,
g Hats 4 rocke'y,
0i oceies &c.
We call special amitention to a handsotno
line of Chiarltesville (Va.,) WIooten
Mtillsa Casisimiere, and( htandsome iniigontal
lonmiings, also dliff'eent styles of fnneiy
Caussimer's for Pants. ail of whtichm we are
preparedi 1o hmave made to order in thme
most approved style,
Dfi S 11h178MAI)E TO ORDER.
rTe Stalte of South Carolna.
T TIs ordceed that time Court of
1.General Sessicons aind Common
Pi'ens In anid for the Goumnty of' 'Ifniettd
be amid tha sanme Is hemeby adjournedi from
Mondaiy Nov. 2nd, 1874, to Mlonday Nlov.
9ths 1874.
Thme Clerkh of the ('monnty wilt give de
notice biy pi'btientiton that time presence
of lime Orandi att I Petit Juroers and of
wmInesses wilt not be reqmmired ntil'12
o'clock Mi. on the last nammed date.
(Signet.) T. J. tA..KEY~
Ootobem 20thm 1874. Circuit Jludge.
' rue Copy.
8A M'L. B3. O1f.OWNEY,
Clerk of Couti,
O.t 24t2z&
ronithe lood
4Peruvian ar.P tect
ec Solution of t e toxide of
Iron, is s& combined as to htave
the character of an aI"ment, as.
easily digested 06d assimilated
tvith the blood as the simplest
food. It incredses thc quantity
o-;NatUWe's Ow1n itazing
1gent, Iron in the blood, alg
cures "a thousand ills," simply
by Toning up,Invigorating and
Vitalizing the Sstem. Thse en.
44ched and vitaized blood per.
tneates every part of the body,
repairing damages and waste,
searching out tnorbic secre
tions,- and leaving nogaing for
disiase.to feed, upon.
Thiiss e s0cret of the woon
derful success of this remedy in
curing Dyspepsid#. Liver Com
plaint, Dropsy, Chronic Diar.
tlhca,Boils, NeiVotusAffectionsr
Chills and 'evers, Rumors,
Loss 'of Constitutional Vigor,
Diseases of tho Ridnoys - and
Bladder, Female Complaints,
and all diseases orifinating in
a bad state of the blood, or ac-e
companied by debility or a loto
state of the rstem., Being free
from Alcoho in anf form, its
energizing ets are not fol.
lowed by corresponding reac.
tion, but are permanent, inf&-.
sing strength, vigor, and nett
life into all parts of the system,
and building up an Iron Con
Thousands have been changed
by the use of this remedy, from
veak, s1ckly, siffering crea
tures, to strong, healthy, and
happy men. and -zvomen; and
invalids cannot reasonably hesw
itate to give it a trial.
See that each bottle has PERU*
VIAN SYR UP blown in the glass,
Pamphlots Free.
SETH W. FOWLE & SONS, Froprietors,
No. 1 Milt n Place, Boston.
Where you can get Good.,
Cheaper than were
ever offered
--4IN G !
Oa fe aeJylii tob0
enZ O soko Fl od,I i
no n ad oo nPl' o0 llk
Irn ndC stune Stegad n a
a nc s . A nd r o s - S h o el a d t ng o
var ou ki d s wi h or to a r v . M
Shelf Waeh srcevdvrzc niea l
ad it on ,an w ll b c mp et oo , m
Tool cm lt . Am u ii n,O n n
lare ad red. (Large supplly ofe Leath
Ir n irn Plae, We ll h a , p, 1 1 li
gned sti ockf( of good in mpy ine konintly
oa harnd- ('holi firesh 8 ee od and oher
arce firOnthan. lNals and gra5 Ss
sepi .24 ki .s i .l ALLOWeto A Y,e M

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