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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, November 04, 1874, Image 3

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will tot' h. notlicel ntleem neoompnbied
by tio o., i name of the writer.
SW Wil re not eespditilble frthe opin
Odd of tiorrdRapendebts.
gr Ileroifter no LOCAL NotivE.
will I,- 111.411in-e 'i In ous cotu1mns exce;
Updn P%Yd 311nt of' ' T9.% 0 l's I1tie
4W Any parsot lst tile lnty linvicip
knoWitige of'any itremnAistce t.f in irei
o,iiirrd; i-i hi i n h ,rhnd wvill etm h
i rV r ky titrnibling in 1formationa at this.
Uampaign Rates.
We Will stnd the NVWs to any%
iidtlte-s ror the nett rwo boxtis fui
FIFTV VEN1 %u tire oin the eve (if
an imporsltit Snign att we wish
our poople' fully nioued to their
duty. lie who tnke4 io paper will
lil-vayo be ebl611 the wotrld. We
0.11) genelrally tell boy ?a Ptsisti, arg.t
metnts and conveabationl whether he
takes a piaper.
Nictw ADVEHwrlSoV,-K. .j
Mori Gr.cvri..a-lJeaty lro., &
Land for Sle -W. 11 I,yles.
'I u ti up- Ch les W illiaii.
New Arrivl4-Beaty, Bro., &Soo.
A O.rd.
- Cotton is btill Co-ning into
town und sell ng a' 13k ceat
The "Ides of November,"
h-ve wine.
0 J. W Law & Co., adverdbers
n large Stock of Goods in another
0' Pulltiles is the Bil absorbing
t <.pie, un I locals te as sarce as
hell', teath.
Oz' Ice made it. first nppearance
Sunday mornitig. . A regular cold
-mia p'. upon us.
01- There ws a totl elipse of
the ijuus on Saturday night bu
the sky was obscured by clouds.
t If toxcs. were lower) there
vouid be tuore work for the painters,
c,rpenters un-l brick layers.
0t Ve regret to learn that Mr.
Sumucl Cuthcart lost three fingers ofil
his right hard ia his gin Frida)
niOllin sg..
0::)P The public well in front of the
13hrket has been out of repair fot
som,e time. Our Connoil should see'
to this at o1ce.
0" The C. C. & A. 11. R1., aRe
now)% running four daily freight traint
t.ver their road. This looks liki.
I U luess.
07r Capt. P. 1a%!t will pleuie
It cel-t (.su thi. e for a lot of ext a
tine app.les. T'.c (Capta in bus a htarp
a t ..n rs..d wrsihih he is sellinsg low
f.rc ahI.
fj'.P omuitnent republicanr's een i
cede that there will be a "nip all
f3'A fel ow ins town wentii. ist
one sof tI.e .stojres atnd piueietted
<b.zen matches. Ilis dis.gust wit
iinter s - lvbenlie fonodl that thn.
would not ignite exe< put uj on thsei
own bux.s.
' & 0 [Fridlay last, Mr. W. A
M>Irson lost a daegte,-, Rache
at d live yealrs by co.iestive4 obrai
after one dIays ill tiSi. Hler remasiui,
were laid iln thoe. 3ethod ist ceineC
pg Wee return) thaunks for :an in..
vitaition to the fair of the Caro
liaas int (j:arlbitte, -during the
finu.t week ins Novembier. Wee trstt
that excnrsion tickets will be issuted.
gg Those of ouir friends w7ho aj.e
selling cotton and owe us thait smlli
bill, will do us the kindness by callin
at our office and gettinsg a receipt.
g.f AD excursion train, principali
ly of colored people, passed through
Winnsaboro Tuea.day for Charleston.
They will no doubt have a bird's eye
view of yellow Jack.
B Which ib the tndical orgin
in Coulumbia, the P'Lweix or. the
Union Ilerald ? On last Sunday
Selby appeared to be a little ahead.
Whip up, TIhompsoni.
g.g On Saturday Gien. KCershaw
spoke to a meeting at Rlidgeway,
In an able and dignified speech, he
completely riddled the past recor d
of Wallace and proved that be 1im
self was the friend of the whole peo..
G4 A fusion tioket has been
nominated in Chester with John
Lilly for Senat or and Messrs J. J.
HIemphlll and T. C. Ossaton for two ot
he tmembers of the Iagiil.turec
Gaston and Hlemphill are splenid
fellows and if the people of Chester
wish to be well represented they will
aand the m. to Calumbia..
VWP Dr. En sor and adjutant Get
Pill vid spoke at Iidgeway on Tuesda.
-1 behiaif of Chum'drain. About
'ifty pe sons were present. As Dr
1 iscr supported the bolting Count3
ticket of Riceland and Gen. Purvi
odvocated McGowan for Congrest
heir rusal!a were not entitled tu
'"n0eh weight.
Or Mr. 1 'T. Terrill informs us
hat he will receive next week the
'inest lot of horses and mules ev,r
lrought to thi. market. Our friend,
In want of 6ile stock thould not
(ail to call on Mr. T., for we oani
afely say that ho will g Ye them a
good bargain.
0--Y Senator T. J. Robertson wa
in Winnsboro on Tuesday on pe ivutc
buisiness. Scuator l.,bortdi-i looks
upon the cunvas like a man up a
tree. lie is above It. We fe.'1 as
-111red frms his pa-t recoid, that his
ayt,mpAthtiles mra tw ' It ita 0,1eene
DelaNtey auid ter,haw.
O" Henry WoodwarI and .lame
'owfalends two niegroes, wteietpt ure,d
in) to%%U yebterday with a w o!ci co-v,
11elonging to 'Mr. 0. It. T'I 1.s, .11
They were put il jail to await I.;a l.
l'here is a great deal of cattle steal
og going on In the country, nd It
.Vill Continue to go oll as lting as such
nenl as John Pattersoa an.1 Waliace
lead the negro.
1- Several days PiucA we were
hatided . an article written against
circuses, but did not insert it. We
were not aware that i-s inserti n had
been requested by the iWnisters of
-.his town, or we would have iiisertej
it with this ibet st..ted. A. for our
ielven we riee no hiari ia C rte-ies
and geierally attend them. But
.ur columns are open for persmns
Opposed to is on any point Our
-'devil" tays lie welcomes Old Juhn
Oz:' A detatchment of twent
three Soldiers of Company I. 18th
Infantry arrived in Winnboro
Thursday and encamped in t'-e P,cas
byterian woods. They are unde:
comma d of L-. Paul. The oiLers
and wn of the old 18th have gained
the e.teem of the people of Columbia
!oy their genteel deportment Mnd
bey will be well received in %% inns.
-o:o. We understand that detach
,nents have been seitt to different
portioia of the State.
0:0p Last evening as we were saa t
sll atsapper, we heard "a rapping a.
)f some one gently tapping" at our
ioor, and on opening it, we fou:d
t0red Steele, the en;vinser of the
%horning Star Saloon, with a dish o
'-licious flied Norfolk Oysters, the
tiost luscious bivalves we have ever
-en in town. We have no words to
xpiess fully the merits of thsuie ov.
e3r., and enn eonly refer our readet.
o Mr. Groesuchel of the M'Oit
nr. lIe will give themt perfect s.et
sfacti on.
O'The S ate Agricultural and
-lechaeical Society of SothI (Ca:oli
. will give their sixth annual Faeie
i Colunii, comemetncing Tuesd a.
'Lv~embtler the O i, 10th. e pe the,
"airfield will he we'll repreteented ii
veiy departcmit, as she Ii.s alway.~
Ccln. Extra tralins ihould be rut.
ver the differee.t ro:eds leading int.
'olumlblu, in uo.der to atlow pcrs.
-e vii' the Fair and return hoe
he samne clay. We recquest Piesi
ut Woodward to at tend to th,1l.
( & Col. 1i. l'i hN kine lt,t iby ti.a
-1 Satturday a large unde -zust:i:tial.
bucill gi hous.e, with1 coi lte.
ezIbbetl on otne sider, -itua e I remto't,
~coml aney other bil d.nog. Nothi
nig waslRsavedl bitt a buggy andi there.
aelves who wer t ttalled undter the'
in house. Thlee fire occeur'ed at
'ne o'..locki in the daey anti .as lhe
work of an inecendiaury. It is a
.iigniticant uc'edece 'thl.t on tI,e
,ante dey three years ago, \Ir. Nlkie'.
eousa was narly dtestreyed b)y liro,
'cy inucendiatri.,m. We trus.t every
tifort will be made to detect the
4iWe have iu our office a redi
fox skin of large size. The fox wa.
oaught last week by Dr. Meatis and
Messrs. Pettigreve and Powell. It
is of a peculiar species, believed to
be a full bloodetd Virginia red fox,
s.uch as was exhibited at Monticello
several years ago. It is of a deeptr
red than the o,rdinary red fox, its
ears blacker and its tail has a larger
white tip. The fo,x weighed III
pounds on Mr. T. W. Rabb's scaler
and measured over four foot from
the tip of his nose to the end of his
tail. The same gentlemen caught
another old red a few days before,
in 35 minutes. Dr. Means calls on
Maj. Wood ward, Mr. llison and Mr.
Ladd to sbow hi-m a bigger rod .than
this, if/they can.
gg" Gov. Mosea has removed
Messrs. Nelson and Martkt, and ap
pointed Col. Rion, eonservative and
George Holly, Intdepend.ent as corn
missioner. of' electi.on of Wairfld
County. Sheriff Duvall holds over
The present managers, except ths
who have been appointed supervisor
wiil be retai-ted.
Gov. 3Moses has made luilla
changes over the State, appointinN
i one of each party. ilwon has beet
kicked out its Charlcston. This wil
give a fair electionj thefirst sipic the
toalr. Chatnberlat .'s crew are quite
di;gut,ted at the frutration of their
eichfmes. Thoy threaten to throw
Mo-f-S ove!to.rd amnil elect anm he
omn to Ile- Legislature from Rich.
land. W hen thit vts full out, hoInest
tuen get their dues.
BCV Tu--night is tall hall,w eve
whit n sports are abroad, and when
( ruics can be foretol.l. It was
formerly a great time in England,
and the 0 ouig folki inldulged ill
mViny ames. We g;vt the T ougl"
I-di.-s t1e Imethod by which they
may discover their futare iiih.ti-I
T-.e I:in egg hoiled hrI-d, remov
ie yutk ind fill tOh cavity tIt11.4
ma1.de With mfaIt. le,t jutt beforc
I c irlinl-. (Irikilt no water 11and wat;k
back lIw dst IIAo be 1. In the night. you
will 0ee ur "fltuire halppites." ap.
1troaching with a drink of w:iter. If
he has a iilve.r cup, le will be weal
,it v. ir a tin cup, as poor us jAo's
J-dge Mackey ir evide -fly of the
opi i,i thut General K-r,Ihw is
tho ima for Congress in lis Ditriet.
[Ie teuomminended the democrats of
Ahheville to Vote for C eneral
\le0owan. It was gratuitous advice.
Tly w ill do that any rate. Why
lid he ntH advise the colored men to
do the safe t
(Abbeiille Medium.
We heard the Judge say that be
w4nd sound his trumpet on every
hill t-p in Fairfield fur his old
cmirale Kershaw, and we had the
boys ready to cry out "go >usL," but
n try blat have we lctrd from
.\lacke's born yet. Judge we think
you are a little "too thin.",
" We see from the Gre ,tville
N ws that Mi-s 31Caw lias opened
a School in C recuville. is\s c iCa w
is a si.-ter of the lamented W. II.
an I Is aiding in the main.
-ainan o of hisorphan children. We
take great pleasure in recommend
ng this School to the pt.tronnge of
lie people of Greet.ville. M iss
\leCakw is a lady of superior intel
ect and liuo cultute, and is fuil.
Sipeteit to i. struot. Ier M1ject
a a noble one, and we trust .htt
a e will be sustained by all who
1l4mired her brother during hi -life,
tad realiz3 the *great service he#
endered the honest tax paye;N I
-he StatO, wltn he miiht I .ve b-et
paid IpI)b1gi.st of rIngs aMid demIts.
0z7- Sheraiff A uditor Duivtatl dis
I.arged N r. Da'Stta.-nre lac,t who
ad b)een work.ing ini his atudito; 'a
-tlie, beenuatSe onl 8atunrday tnight
with a en,l a. ntt.r, lhe cheer-ed for
reee tai d Kem sha.w tand expressed
hiis wanlt of Lateem for the radaeal
tni i n bries.
W hent radicals ri que%t consetva
ives to go tipon th0a- Lonuis it. is
"nq quesat iin of p_ul. ties,'' hut once
in, thley' Cedsvor tjo ulotte t ha. ;.ohli
tal epia.ions of conservatives whlio
macy tbe in their em ploy. IL is gg
ime that it be undaerstooud whther,-j
bee arfi.ees arei paolhtical m-:1lh.', c-i
tethler- they are -'a b:: view.d iaa a
We ro3 im(~it" .-e.l ta p)ubluish the
t.i!lowing zlivit ini co ineejtin w4ithI
he abovae., whieb spetaks for itsealf.
.-J.Atrr.)1r Sor-rs ('An t.t.t,
Pe~cr.;tnally tipe(~ as ) bf'oiare a,
tleuary N. O)'ori, ai no-iy) i pIblie to
anad for .n,id C(untily and anad Staite,
G3. C. Unaeuri, who on Ibeing dualy
.woiri, mai:kes oat h ih at. oni the 25th
day ofl Octobera, I,. W . Duv:alb, Coust
y' A uditor of' l"tarliesi told himi
ihtat beao iid recei vedl ii >te say)-ing
hut if lie did not discharge D)esaus
.inie B scot he htiminaI would l1a.,
'alis posaui !ion, that. 1)D '. i asture ni. glit
ve'ry we.l hav~e statsed out of the
atowd that tin Satturdiay night W.I
sat Groesubiel's salooti, and thta
De8aauasure Jiaeui na his elark haii
given blIn perfect sat islaet.ion. in hii
0. C. IIA OT,
Sworn to and subscribed beford
mte the 26th Otobetr 3874.
-Notary Public
A Card.
I ltave been fminated for ihe Legiula
ture by "many repulliaaft." AIlhongl
it. Is contrary to tny persofial irvelnaiiot
beeomae a candidr,te, I will serre-Ir elected
Land for Sale.
A PORTION of the pflantat!'on owned b
tM Mrs. 8. A. Lyles will be sold for
modarate prie. and en reasonmable terms
The porsion offered for sale lies norih o
the publio road leading from~ Wlmnnsbor,
to Ashaferd's Ferry upon R1ecky Creek
and containing 006 acres. Apply te lth
subsc iber, W M. II. LYLES,
noy 4-x2
State of South Carolina,
Court otl'onmoii Pleas-Copy Sutntnol
David 11. Cork, PIlalli', against Ada
Dunbar, Defendant.
o the Defendant i-Yo lte hel-eby Pur
moned and reqijired to answer tIe voti
plaint in this aotion. which is filed in ti
offloc of tlie Clerk of Connau 'lens, fe
the sild 0ounty. and to serve a copy
your anqwr to th hatil complaiif of, I
smh8uri-e-r NI. hlis office. Nos. 7 and
Market Street, Wa.sboro. 8. C., wi Ili
twenly dumaafir1 t1e service hereof. e
o'u.ive ofihe ay of buoh seivice ; and
you fsit t% a-.iwer the comatim wiihi
the limle -4foresqd. ilhe plailitiff ill isi ait
lion will tipply :o tlie Caur for I lie reliv
den-inded In the conil-lain . D: led It
October, 1874. 1-\S. Ii. 111ON.
Plainliff's Aitoi ney,
To the }ef:ant ; -Take nol'ce I haet 1i1
luininon, iin this nction v%nn filed in I
offioe of the Clerk of tlhe U stur ofCommo
PIlem at. Winntliboro in ils Comou y tw
St-a a mfore.iid on th- oat diy of in etlic
1874. .1 %48 if. It IllN,
la of ()t., 187 1 I'latii'llff's Attorney.
Oct 7- xO
III thie Districl 0 Art of t l' 1 S. for IIh
D atriet ia i'd , t ar. Iim. Ini e II h i,
(af W. .4. Rahll,t Ib.-mkitio. .\- Y .ilkvi,14
in Ihie Saiud )id 'i .ii l a I h a .
oi. 1874.
S Ill . Tike ntcotioe that i t i ltini 1.;
been liled ili ,alid t'oilr i %.
P.S tll. of Fairlie d Col-a.I., iI i a I li.
rie. flily detilan(d aL 14111,1r-pl . rIII
Act 4ft ongres. en ;il. d -'.' .1 1 t( Io 1.
iabi.-Im a Uniformi Sysallt ie 1 :r ie
lbroughoet. tlt. nied SIt .r "z A Ill.
Od Mlarch 2, J811[7. for a u(lanr'e I.
c 'rafi-:ae thereof. rrom all hi,; del.ts al,.
o1e l claimi pr.nable neiir ile s.t t .%ei
alid m1.0 6. ..ay of Noiienh, r. V 71, s
12 olook, M., as s--i,rl.ed for It ar
ofr ale sa:jmej, hel I ' I lI awsonll. (.ne
'ha iegisi ers ill lilt 11.crlpl cy of si
CoUrt, at his oifit-e in orkAv:lle. .4ow
a'aroliti, wh.n anld w i y. e.11 lll v e.
'oii') Ali ew c u.sie. if anni vol Iae. wh
11ah pray .1.erif tihe said peti'inll sholild nIII
be gran ed. It. M. WA I,AI..
8. 'liah.il as McmenKer,
Ity 1', W Ch.AwSnN,
Depuly \Me-senger.
Attest : D)A)i'l. 110nt.uto ,
%lk. U% s. 1. u. for S. C.
oct 21-x3
New Groceries.
3 hhda. POR*TO RIcO an.1 En" ital
c. 1lnd Aloliws and C,mion .3irui
I hid. Choice Demor tra Stigar.
12 bIb. Vt-lIor U, Exr a C. and G ranuln
ted Sugar.
8 $ncks prt te Wlio Cofo.
BE vTy, BRIO., & SON.
-AD Vr-A. I;Zj AEB.
Save 11OW On1 liaurl ni ('0m
plete astm)'neltt of' the~ he"'
Eniglish anld AmlleI-ican
My HaTn diare and Othea
kindre'td line. of' GOOD)S ar1
comtplete anid wVell selected.Q
ait (toIlhifitibi tti ( harjit
0 nlin..se1
013 Ptokraged of NIRW ItiACf(GIUJIt
in Barrels, half and quarter Bat
rels, Kfita 1, 2, :t, and ex ra numa
ier I, MJESS -
825 Saalfa of fresit gr')fid FL, )UJ1
all sizes and grades fromi th
a Granite Milli Augusta Ga.
A 1SO,
A ful! stock of Grolortea, Pfovilior
and Plantation Supplies, a
of which will be sold at tt
lowest prioes for CAS8IC
aBat3J Do., genor
J. W. LAW & CO
A lAND Mie of pney "nl.
n eesfrPiasjuift seepived by
- J . . LAW & C'.
S13L ACK 11rond itnth. Il1nok 1io.,kin.
.title Bienvier Clot h, 111ick. 1 .t and
SBrown Diagonal for Poile by
J. W. LAW & Co.
w E jell the C inrIitemville Wooleti
Millit('saimiceli, uinsurpnie-ed for
I Wariith aid diiral ility.
J. W. LAW & CO
W ilare firepire to iavo onr goid4
omit andl aindte to m d,.r in h e h -*,
slyle. by Mr. 1. L. Delany, n first class
J. W. LAW & (0.
KEPa gin i linii or iil-v..
Bows, N:v.
J. W. LAW & MO.
E ciltituo to l1rder Dr %. Shirt.q.
w which nife ma11de fromo.l sr,
Iik a h et C, 1111 W ., lw lt g el '% I.- i - at i.
C'sii ~)e I hiftu ld vt d ('4u10- .4 0111
J. W. L.\W & (.
w .1 Poll a good h1and1 Qeweqd. vair
NO, alt the very low pric.4 of 'la
. J. W. LAW A 'o.
Sink tor Fianel-. Ib-d an.i
-WilleO, t e 11vue of M...d-lieate d
-inlilnel, Ivor sitle by
J. . I \W 1& %O
IIM-41 1110 1d.. UPP .llote . mee
fitll lin l ' t lit C4.lebrated r ,d
UlCh.:-8,4 131i1,k ll.nln . .fleel by
.J. W. L.A W &'CO.
B APON. 'nit.-c. Stigr. Ten". egrs.
3 Toblacco, Crockery 1hamsuware, &c.,
1 or sa le jy
J. W. L.\1W & ('0.
W" le sure to buy the (1in
bratted 5 cents m gIp, sold 011ly by
J. W. LAW a not
oct (1
A Lot of'Splentlid Jaitel-s and1(
Englisha Ties1 Just Rtecelved.
-A L80
SI('E lij ("AVb F
$1.00 AAPAI-E6 4
c.el 2
.1.\-Cv fia \Y. T. .4. .irl I.
I). MACA ULA&60.
J otton Nuyers and Oommission Mor
ni INNS BOIU). 8. '., & CI.1 t i OT TE N. C.
Lif .41144-Itja-Aieei made o carvsign.
menl.fl t iaol . . he so0rjld ere or gn
Ne w YoriE. JIMr offic in Chiarlotmie above
e 'lostoreof utR. M l Miller & .ioiis. A 22
iln 41int3nts wjill receive pr'outpily per
on il a itention,
sepm 2-Im AtAC!AtUl,AY & CO
HIAV ING protburod lh
~ *ery best Mlechanics in
thre country1 I feel war
ranted in aying that
ogn furnish a net BOOT
Otd 81HOE ts any Shop
in the South. All work
warran fed to gIve sati.factiou. Miy Shod
s-next doof~ to' F. Gertg's Baddlery
seer 19g* U. 0 ILIJNRT.
Speelil Noicies.
of hib.tlatored letshol Itore. epsi
hillionssules. or ayiv oilh ati-j 1 lmen1'a04 1.1 , il
Ohat you wvanlt med:ei'l-, nlot 1 r,,., .,
dlrink. Atik him ror I?i. W .i4.neu' I
Pon.i A 11hT ran.she biesl i egu-i ngI' p
r2tio)ti kiiow ,ii. uin whitb yot kine j, i,
1rom11011 ' - 81 lii Wir." It ct nIA I hl -
I- nonos" Andt "11.,14fr,. vI. ug tI
thalt reinedy. Thete i.., DIo mitinc:re t t
conljbare wit hi It.
FURU PIo T-rr T N.11 1i & ' ., Ci't
I in. M. V:orre ollerung ane ov t he hlages
smn s "f Dry Gto.as, Pkiid cnipvi, it, ti,
Ili i l S o u'4. r ' ':1 I i, t i k i it i tII
by rde _it i -: fr.n I h I I uI I. Th 1 ie v p rev
vI re d ) le!- 4a I : , i : p!, i
I tvt ai i- I.) - i I v ;l bi s NI
aliree o f i rge t ?I Iy llirl S-hie lliil
'rnvi St e , ie Itby Ill ();-11-- . E.x
14-4. (Ir Irl .1 f)11 Ih-)nIk'in v o d.r, tir
tio'd w i'l hi ''e i U.
1- FII 4tl ,I I I -r11-1 .4 li: EI I. U
1 ' .lilt. ' ll, [. I . - l t'
' 19ri'.::. ,f p ll i:icie9i hii . D'iii, i':v
,.'.e their :1ei ' s it. 1n' , n 0.
I:s v itine ate tf lvvit f ly .l-! I,
rPiclively dCne 11.111 by %;-ing P'r'!nlvd
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FG.k l- ' i lt, tothe 148 %vo ld lilul III.
N i: ;'i4lit timt vVe4r mititined 'io Milking
N) Person can iake these Bitters
nci I.)(i1i vo e ions, .111 0 itinuin long
Irm n-1l. prWivil,ti their hones are not (10
t ro v 41 by 14iiral poisonl or other
m:: s~, and viatl orgaIis wasted beyond
ilious, Iemittent and Inter
111i.1enlt. V el's,i which are m) prev;a.
It-ili ill tho :ill0 y , vn ol' our, glvat riven's
I Il'"Ou hmil,th, thI 11il,1 States, espv tially
0l14-. 14 thE .\lissis-,ippi, Ohio, NU'.i ouri,
~i4 in JI'4l8,T 1ssi- CullillerlanI, AdkiI
4: . 141, Colort'i l, Bnu.os, iill G 'ati1e,
A' i;I . lh;IIa, .\obile, s:availnnahl, 1It..
Ani , 41:1;ti's. tudt iml: y ol) ti', mitL
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iII IniaIi abl Y )IIp;ttIioc by extelsi've five
V'; I'Ig I f. u ,h 1 t II;w)l an il i ver,
1 It h I- abd I, I:I vise r ;I.. In their
( Iv;t I' r l i 1 'll,;0W , exv Iing ;1 pOw
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v:m%, i; eventwiall4y w-cess;ary. ''Therm
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ti:hn' 141- i . t h t-vc tio m o th livie.l
fu;w Ill'n I of te flig-c tivo r ;i.
oi ify II bod vI11"411 1)1st, (iselnso
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il tho . N th. kfli(ns AmIcks, l'alpita
t'wiuLi411, 1 1h e r, inIhiltaul til( f*thio
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1':w , ar) thl ol. sprit, (4 f l iyspvI-ia.
One if i , t 1) 11! will prmo a hot erglul n mineo
Of i.-; 1n1rI 4 hi I t'l'Ilhy ;1 IVI-0t
KI'ofit La,' e Einl: Evill, \\'lito
Sw ini , i 'leer, I-ry:,ip Swelled Nek,
Otoitre. Scrofi[lou, infinma tions oIno ment;
Itllhamnatilmn, Mereurial A111.Htion, Ohd
E 1tl, r i ft h Skill. siln E'es, ete.
Ill thoe . w1 in t;I ther vilnitititioul Lii
en . ula;ns Vi.nl ut IIIrn:nvis hnvo
Il \ Ithlfir V r h ower: i th
limi. tilb"ilmtte ill inritcglable ; e
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1. '-n t ain 2h4 t er in tent -' er' I Iseas1des
m e , an.. by'l I i1addi.l.,l
I~ ~~~~ ~~ I.t- 4*'ii,L Ijii'X )44,
IAlochallivall Dise;vws,. --- Porsonm I'n
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a'ioHb r ."&:1 TIn - itte I--, , hetr s.tl iveL
. . 4rs as 4t4- 4lvia I i lie,4 are subjt,
I .\-k. of h i;o k, To I' Itr1111
1i. . ta . of W m.luN's VIX
ot' l n 4 ., .xa's ll-;l T o
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4-r 44alt-4 ihenm .4 tI,. .. 3scnts' *, 'ph's,
1' oi Ih e;mb= lehuch- . )lliing-wort e:nog
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lur, t .in t4i.4) 444 y 1144m iL of m n th,t2omad
r: -l ,'.n 5'f 4 diin. :.o t erm14.44i 4ges nor4nn-4
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l i.ithe b ltn . . .,444~ti )'iI444
7u'FllleCmpnn ,i on
or o;.u n 44r4ig -4 a.te a nerw .
Mumleiod~ , th i flfe h., o i
Impr4ttenA~Act i-, i/en &jrcetible,6u~t
C lujssVe't' heViae,u,,.dldwhen
f)nb. y ur da ,' &l ti d oter. . e
n.,f', Me,iONYAhe t.n'eree.
ni i,y or .sadi Chlntern
BaGiltrW'rd rr amSupp4ies, ficar/at
irIiebNnr b,llov 444 iers,I4)'ir aan
)t/'i)e11nd M'rn e&tles;lorand Dosez,ino
'uym)i.br WIate Inue,lh"/nnt thnry inmbri.
flns L0 aWEST PRfIgCiht*hrs
&o t A4,e, hi,1. MaetSre~jTt. .1
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