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WILLIAMS & D)AVIS, Proprietom. A Faily Paper D Nevoted to Scienc6, Art, Inquiy, Industry And UteratrTn.
vot-. x.*] W1x*kSB0R0 S'. . WEDNESDAY MORNING, NOVE BI 1 84 N.2
I1R.. I E1.1j.D 11 E11itL D
I.qi.tTi.l11ki iwYEI.Y BY
I L L I A. M S & P A V 1 S.
Yrm, .-The IERA LD le published Week
y in the Town of Winnsboro, at $3.OC
in'ariably in ad nqrct.
Spl * .*\lt r%psIlenkt advertisements to be
.41D IN AD V,' NC'E.
Ohituary Notious and THrbutes f1'.00
per i quare.
A K1 Kllici e'rol.
DO U E..
One of the cleverest and most
amusing of the late judge Long
street's talea in his 'IGeorgi% Seenes,"
iA that one iA wli'h he gives a aAttp.
ple of "Georgia Theatrics." Ile n'a'.
rates tiat he happeAed, vhi'o riding
in the "dark. corier of Lincoln," to
surprise an ingenious youth rehears
ing the characters and all the -par.
tioulais of a Lincoln Court hou,e
Pght, from t1oi preliiniia'ry bauter,
challange, aid clinch, to the final
houge and surrender. But truth is
11way-s stranger than fiction, and whit
Judge Lotgstreet pro,tbly only
imagined of the dArk coiner of Linl
'coIn, is :u4pa1ssed by wh1 a clt ical
gentleman peilentally happened to
see i04 other day in a corner of Maren
p gard by V ilcox. Tho story is too
good .to be lo.At, the more 'especially
as it concerns our scamp of a Can
ressnanl, (harley Ilays, who tells a
story of goodly ropoations himself
U P11n occasion.
The Rey. John McKee Breeds a
,!aptist, clergyman, beifig oi a s6rt,of
circuit rider in coniptiny with his wife,
had left. the railroad at Spring 11 ill,
where fie had a fi ieud, from whom
tie obtaiaed a oari iage and horso to
enable him to get to Clifton, in Wil
cox county. This was last week, so
I am informed. Mr. Brg.ed t6ok
.inden and Shiloh ou his way,
fea'hing tr lecturing (he was seek.
1ing money in aid of foreign mi.-siotis)
t 4oth places. lle stopped ill,night
at Shlilof, atld l ii the morning
for Clifton, wlere ho heard there was
to Ie a Itepulblicanl nievting that
iiight. Ilo filled l,is appointuient at
U Ifton, pept ti.e iiight there, and
ill tili muorniIng at'rtel o*n.lhis r"eturn.
J ut beyotid Siloh is a 'pretty ex
teusivo and ve.ry dismal .wamp,
kuown as Chickt.sabogue swamp,
thiougih which the road to Linden
arid DeliopOiS astics..
Driving through tlii swamp Mr.
rced was suddenily startled to hear
ho - rie and repeated flrit,' just
ihead of him, in the deepest and
ihickest part of the swUp. ie
etopped his oarr.iage, gtot down, uide
his wi fe get down, tier1 his Iyorse se.
'urely, aud then leavitg Mris. lreed
standing in the road by the carriage,
weot forwqrd to reconnoiter. The
ilits and eries grew louder As lie ap
yroached the spot, and the revoremd
gcntletiiatn was Orlily porsuaded a
horriblb bittle or mass-toro wasgoing
on. ite was just turiling to fly the
spot and give.the alarmi when ho
sav thiee or four hdrse a and mIu'es
saddled and. hitched togetIer by the
I'oadiside, *ad en' im a un-,ro manIl,
lookling off toward .the tir Ing and
gruining enjoynient fbomi ear to ear.
Raipidly idpproach,gij this jian, the
hIorrified :niister askied ill an1 rgita
ted voice :"For God's salie, friend,
wh ai. going on,,?"'' he n.egro,
quietly lagghedl and( said(l "Shio!
nothin' to be skeeredl at ; it's only
some o' dere fun-" "Fun I bunt what
tire they shooting inl. somigs.o
about T' "O, massa, dey's, onuly
play.in' likui as of deo kuklin. was ar
tar demi an''givin'~ 'emI pa:rticiler hell.
Deoy's gwine to de meetin' to Ulifton
to-night, an' dey wants to get di sy m
~ades ob de.ltopublicni On 'counlt oh
dore parro* iscapoe you see. Look at
em doiAU
Mr. Breed di<l look, iind saw ii
Alabama rehears'al of t.he most origi
iiau[sort. Tfhe were a buggj .nd at
D)earborn t og mn in a litt le open space
ln t16 *pwn'p. in these vehicles
were hlangilng thle hlt ass and .coats of a
p arty of eight men, four Wlack .and
four whlite, who, in their shirt s'eeves
anid bareheaded, were tinlg ,voll1ys
from their revolvers into thoir
alothies and head-gear andl into tihe
kons,withcries of, "' fako that, you
ro bet whel p I" " I'.orot yoau no w,
you iadical skuntli t" < o., &u.
"Who arem th'osd men 'I" aisked Mi:
Breed. The negro, prdud ot'being so
w,el-informned, said, poi,ntinig:
"Ta' Charley llays-In oirso
you know him. Ile's our Congress.
man. Th'at mlanl with the calico shirt,
is Mr.; Anton Nibbling, ile's sort o'
a D'dtohmian, Itepee. Yode' Lk
Snoddy;, ,and t'othor's 8,imipson
BJreathitt." The minister set all the
il(e ,names in'ii'is pocket-book. "The
darky's there is' nan~ od Bob Fuller
love, Abq EzellI, 1 ill Ifensen and
Boligeo Tal-I don't knoW whiat hia
Christen name mout lis." "What's
yours 1'' asked the minister. "Mine's
Nelso Colviri." "Whore do you
live ?" "Up Demopolis way."
*"Well, NoIbon, I want you to get in
my carriage' with mo-it's just back
kboot--aua go to S[hiloh' to testify
dblout this iatter. IU.iAy prevent
sorious troublo." "Can't, indeed,
u1a1sa, ; L'se one ob - do party ; Pse
got do horse to mind. 'Sides, doy'd
kill me if I Vas to do 'dat." And no
persuasion could move him.
The niaister walked back to his
carriage, quieted his alarmed wife,
and then, prompted by a sense of
duty, turned fis..hor e'6 hbad and
drove Bau1k 'taoYard Shiloh.,. though
he greatly incon'eniened hiise'f by
so ddinh. l1i was near the edge of
the swainf w6on he hQArd the clatter
of hoobi behind bini and saw the
geitlemDan who had been pointed out
as klays ridimg 'rabidly up. This
time lie had his coat and hat on, and
peimed coinsiderrbly enibartassed.
D.awing iein alongside tle oa'rriage,
he touched fis hAt totithe reverend
gentleuan alid his w1fe*, and sai,d*
"Excus my seeming imp.itinence
but Uolvin tdlls nie you were a wit.
ness to our pleasant little comedy be.
yond there a minute ago 1 "1 was
sir." "A ridiculous spectacle,
wasn't it ?1 "1 wasgreatly shocked.
tjir. I Conf.ss:" said the minister,
"'Well, the fact is, Mr. --, excuse
m --- "lreed is my naiae."1
"And iine is IlLy. I wasgoing to
say' the boys are all in liquor, and
up to all sorts of comical pranks."
"Is that all of it I" asked Mr. Ileed.
"Nothing else in the world, sir.
What else could yo-. tu.pose ?"
Well, I make no charger, Mr. Inj
but dcem t my duty .As a citizen
and a ,Chr ii.ti. to b'fore the
Wurest magistrato and nake oath to
what. I ,have seen and heard just niow
in Chickasa bogue Sivamp. I am on
my way back to Shiloh for that p'dr.
b)OsC." "For God's sake don't do
that, Mr. Breck. It will ruin me if
you do.",. "Welli you ,ure,,r.uiiing
th countt'. with your manufactured
outragbs, Mr. [lays, and it. is time
this busine!s was stopped.1
Tnie upiot of it all was that
Oharlid Hays pledged his honor as a
gefitleili that there.9hodid no,"out.
rage" como out of Chiekaabigue
Swamp upon any consideration, and
the clergynan was prevailed upon
not to.go to 0 hiloh, and not to tell
what lie had seen. Mrs. Brood, how
ever, did not promise anything of
the kind, and through her the facts
about this unique adv pttirp got
pbroad .r-An(omer, ( Ara.) 1eiter
No N. Y. World,
A w-ll known metropolitan prin.
te:- mintions tha' on one occasion an
old woman from the country came
into th- printing oflie with an old
lible in her hand. "I want," she
said', "that you 6hould print it over
again. It's gettin' a little blurred
sort of; tiid my eyes is not what
ti.m" was. lo%v .much would you
.16k to d<. it ?" "4ifty cents." "Can
you, hato it done in half ad hour I
Nish you would 7-4idt t0 Go getting
iino, I livo.ont of town." When
the old lady went out he sent around
to the.ofioo of the American- Bible
sooiety aiid pdrobase4( a copy for
fifty cents. "Lor's sakes a nassyl''
exclained iio old lady,.. w.ben she
"amne to look at it; "i.ow good you've
Ixed it. I tv.0 r sep nothill' so
curious as you printers is I"
'l'bo Liouisvillo Cot riei-4ou'nal
Thej outrdge prpgf'ammre has proved
a miserable failure, and rioew- the
Radical managers basO . tl;eir. last
hope of. stemminihg the tide of, Demo.
crutie vietory o n Grant declining a
ibitd t.rm andIidacy.
. Snh G an'ssilence about the
Shir'd term quest ion is winning so
ninny , yiot.ories for Deiuo9rnoy, ,by
c.onfounndiing the Itaidigals, whny in the
nace 9,f,ronson do Democrats wanit
him n to breaki thd.t silopee which is
terrible only to their focsl If
g ra t.'s m um policy is.bnelpin g thes
Demoorap~y,, we hope, he will not
speak for a consi4er~b.le period.
At a recent trial in R1ichdfiond,
Virginis, where a. man was oharded
wi.th keeping a vioiops. flog, miuch
testimopny is hoard roletive to the
goo.d ohargol df the canino. At its
conclusion the u aator, of the dog put
hinm on the stand to testify in his own
,oaso. On boln'g asked if' he would
bito any onie, the dog nm.tered i pecu
liar noise, anad emnphatidfally shook his
head. l1(o a then asked if hec
woul'd bite it his mnasters set hi o'ni
and hnc replied in the a ff~inmat lye by
nq<~lug 1.tns ;lnead aind barkisng.
W{.heu asked if ho ~youil bite the
egurt, lie replijid in the tiegativo.
SeveraC othei: qnucstions were asjced
him aq'd hiis answers antd actions
exhibited the greatest intelligence.
It is neodless to say that ho was
honorably acqhitted.
It was a neck-.and-neok' oontest be
tween the (demnocracy of Ohio and
lIdiana as to which shoul givp the
largest mafgrity on the state tieket.
Thne official count shows that -Ohic
won by a few votes : Oldo, 1'7,202;
Indiana, 17,068.
New Orleans business muen ad
mnit thnat they aro losing the Texat
It is statod that Tennyson hal re
ocived $300,000 from his publichors,
for the sale of poems.
Before the - higagZ fire, 1trod.
Grant's father-in-law was worth $2,
000,000 ; he has about half that no*
they say. .
P%ris has 5,952 chiffonniers or rag
gatherers, and 71,702 conciorges or
bouse porters. both eipployments in
oluding nidtLera of either seX.
A porker who in her day had been
the mother of 127 pigs-sixteen the
greatest number at one time-was
killed in Royaltob, Yormont', aged
six years.
'.Iho 'proprietors of the Iowa City
P;pss offer the premium of a yoat's
subsrl tiot) to any onp wiho will
bring in 1"a well-killed burglar
oatight ih the act."
AUdverti'ing .oostI. money." So
does storp rent, so do all good and
useful things. Tle object of ad.
vortising is not to. cause a .niai to
expend money, but to make it.
'he Pope Is repol:ded to have sent
to the Marquis of Ripon a crucifix.
The figure of the Savior and the or
unineuts are of silver, and the pe
destal contains a relic.
Since llohrt tonner said that
Grant would be older than Dix be
fore he %vas elected for a third tern,
the pre.ident has expressed the
,Dpinion tbat,Dexter isn't much of it
horse after all.
Xho sh.ll succeed to Bazaine's
powas Marshal of France? Mae
Mlahon is for General -l'Admirault,
but tho right and right centre of tho
afemibly stiongly favori the buo
. Mary Colemer Ames has been
pronounced the best looking literary
lady i the country, and neither the
friends of Susan 1. Anthony nor of
Julia Ward 11owe have yet had the
courage to deny it.
A schoolboy spelled "sA," tind
when asked to define it, blundered
out: "It neitis when a feller don't
want.to ory, aud it busts out itself."
Another dolined coiima as a "period
with a tail."
The Rev. Phillips B-odk has re.
fused a salary of,$21),000 a y -ir fron)
Philadelphia, said to be the highest
saiary ever offered to an Episcopal
clergyman in this country. and 090
of $25,000 from klew Yalk. fIe
loves Boston.
There Is i postoffice in Schobario
county, which consists of a cigar
box nailed to a rail fevie at Clay
Rill station. The boi, is marked
U. S. on one side and Clay 1111 on
the other!, 'rhe miLil is left by stages
and distributed by the farniers who
Mentioui is wide of a wedding in
Indiana on a scale which one hardly
expects to encouiter outside of the
pages of RabelaNis. The happy cou
ple, together tipped 509 poinds,
while 14 gallons of wino wid 17 keg
of Inger did 'ladly furniAh forth the
marriage table.
The only alpaca factory in the
United Statoa has recently bees es.
tablished at Jeniestown, Now Yorkc.
The machiinei-y.alone cost a quarter
of a million. Someo sixty thousand
yards per day are being turned outs
and the demand is said to exceed the
An editor of the Chicago Initer.
Ocean was hurt by a locomotive, the
other day.'' It was his toes, iIe
st.oodl at the .backslde of the plat.
formr, facing tront, and ,mrisahculato,d
his distance fronm the t,rack. IIe has
enough loft, however.
A square llag-stoti of somne eighty
pounds' weight w~as recenstly shoved
out of piace in nru English town by
the united efforts .fol he
msrmsgrowing under it.
Susan Anthony's broth,6r is on the
stu.mp) in Kansas( . It hai all a'ong
been supposed.t.a:t ,lark was dead,
but aincient l istorg .has never boeuI
entirely trustweo thy.
Mrs..Uihase, of Ohio, ias at rested
thne first ti'me she appearad with her
trouu3ra Oi) and now, she0'! goinIg to
nlotgage her farma andl see whenther~
this is a free couuta y or a monahchy.
Tfhe.,si.lprf .of $40',0i50 pe r n'uim
paid to lFrcsiden? Jewett of the
f rio,rail,way is the la gost paid to
any rnilroa,d orneer in theo United
8tates,arid it is believed larger. than
any paid t,o any railroad officer i'a
she, world.,
Parisian .ladles are so overburden.
ad *ith beads and bugles on their
0o08eumes now that they go tinklin
and jinnkling.thirough the streets like
the celebrated old lady who had
rings on. her fingers and bols or
hler toes.
An Alsatian goes' to confoss
"l?atheor, I have committed a greal
sin." ''Well I" "I dare not say it,
it is too grievous." "Comoi, come
courage." "I have married a P'rus.
sian." "Keep him, my daughter
That's yone nananna. "
TrhCe lona.
The result of Tuesday's oleotions
shows heavy domooratio gains every
where. Louisiana is believed to be
conservatiAO with a gain of. sovori.l
eorgressien. Teias makes :a clea
sweep of sit demoorptie. Alabama
goo* consirvatiye by 8,000 majority.
Couservativo l61ulin five out of six
Congressmen, a g-%in of two.
Iflorida probably elects ene conser
vh,tivo Congressman and one radioul.
Georgia will make a clo-tn sweep of
seven Congre.sien, a gain of throe.
The radicals carry South Caroliua
by greqtly,reducod mvajorities.
Virglnia snds ex-Gov. Walker to
Congresi, a gain of one. The dele.
gation will be 5 cootervative., 3 radi.
ouls and I doubtful..
Marylan4-sends 3 democrat' with 8
districts doubtful.
It is thought that not,q. repu4lican
has been elected in Delawarepto any
New Jersey detnocatic by 10,000,
.T.nnsylvania ,doubtful, but heavy
demlocratio guiu.
New York koes democratic, over
Coming the 50,000 radical majority of
1872. Heavy gains in Congress.
J.hode Island is republioan'.
Jlinois Is doubtfLul with heavy
deinocratic gains. Chicago 6,000
democratic majority..
Ilichigan elects tl)ree Congress.
men of ench.palty, with 3 doubtful
d istrie's. lieayy ,gaijs.
4ichigain probably makes no
change, electing six or eight Con
gressmen. Legislature close, but
probably republican; electing a Sena
Kansas,. Nebrasli. and Nevada
have not yet reported.
Kcntuoky and Tennessee probably
elect straight demotratio' delegations
to Congress.
Alissouri and Arkansas will be con
servative. , I
But the el-ovning victory of the year
is the wrestiig of MAJhfssa~huisetts from
radioal rule and electing Gaston
Governor and a majority of the Con
gressmien. Massachusetts has been a
republican strong-hold since 1854.
It-was the eradli of radicalism and the
bitterest foe of the South. . It rolled
up 70,000 ninjority. foi-, Grant two
yeaus iigo. DAwes and Beast Butler
both uttered vi->lent tirades against
the South and advocated . the :civil
rights bill. as t logacy froi. Sunuer.
tt the Puritani cannot staPd But
le-isu and Grau'iisi and.Sainbornjsmn,
and they haie just re.:oided a protet
ugainst the radical party by rolling
up a majority for GIastoLI, the popular
young-democrat, and repudiating tshe
honorab!o snoon thief by 1,000 votes,
Dr. Ayer, the quack dottor, who had
bought a radical nomination, was also
dosed with 5,000 opposition pills.
The democrats are wild with excite.
ment at the their success in boarding
tlie lion in his den.
It is h;ghly prqh.blo. that thq
democrats wi!l hiaive a majority in
Congress, and this means a demo.
erati cspeakor. A democratia speak
er Ieanls democratic investigating
coin littees and the.e ncn . utter
1anni ilation of christian radical
st.a kinen, anid carpect-bag-scalawag.
thi es.
aeywday was a field day ,f ot' the
demtoei-acy. Le.t us return thanks.
. lrevillesR.
--hio is juist now sauffering fronm
Vi giniia's old emwplaint. She has
tot inny prOut am-and they all
wat at to be president.
ITfyol -are going to Montana, put a
fejw apples in your coat tail pockets.
T}ey will sell for forty cents a piece
wplen you get there.
IA tho'usandl docks in one seapoan
qrown the eggs laid by t welve .ducks
i/s a good( yieltl. It. is repoyted by
no William Vani Fleet, of Stor:ktoni
,"I am afraid you will come to
mant,"'e sil an old lady to a yountg
gentleman. . "I havec comie to: wtt
already,d' wa-. thu reply, "1 want
F. D). Moulton hmas been 2allowed
tpin dlays.mrOi-O to answer thme com
plainit of Mliss Edna Dean 'reetor.
This menoims, umost.likely, thmt ther.
will b.a settlement of the c.ac and
no trial.
A novel feature of Fred Grant's
wedding was the perfumning of the
'several rooms of the Honore mansion.
Trhe front parlor. wait scented with
tube roses ; the baok parlor and un
der the arch witht orange blossoms;
thme library witht white roses ; the
dining.room with . jumine ; the
ladies' toilet room with violette
and the gentlemeni's toilet roomi
yhlang-yhlan'g. .This part of the ar
rangement was the work,. of . amn
"artist," who imported the perfumes
expressly for the occasion from Paris,
.and the effect was peculiar agreea
I WASHhINOTON, Novembor 4.-Tjh:
Democrats of this ci'y serenaded
Senator A. G.. Thurman, of Ohio,
to-night., at hi3 residence here. A
largc.qrowd was present. In ro.
sponse, Senator Thurman returned
his thanks for the opportunity afford.
ed him to participate in their rejoic
ing, and said :
.. hen I think of it, 'a it not a
dreadful thing and calculated to
bring terror to every Iyal. bysou t.9
see you with drum and fife, with
trumpet aijd cytubal, and with migh
ty slipuit that rend the air, celebrat.
ing the conqiist of Masachusotts by
te terrible Ku Klux 7 [Laughter .
Was it not enough that those awful
and godless fellows had intimidated
the peaceable, amiable and honeit
enrpet-baggers and, acAaillwags aid
their followers down flouth and ob.
tained the mastery over that fair
portion of the Itepublic? Was. it
at all lece..airy that they should in
vade the North, and by intimidating
RepVblicans;, carry Ohid, Indianl,
W,ebt Virginia, Alaryland, Delaware
and New .Jerscy. and, to cap the
3Iimax, overun New York and put
Miassacltusetts i n their breeches
pocket. [Applause.] Politicians
Ind e;dit6rs are scratching. their
hiq-tds to find out the cause . of our
v.ieteries, when every onqi who has
:arefully read and inwatdy digestod
,he Ikistory of SoUthern outrage.4, the
ainnifostoes of Attorney Gneral
Williams, tho. proceedings of the
D.att,nooga Convention, the aflida
vito of Marshal Packard, knows full
Yell that there is but onA cause, and
that is intimidation. "The dcvil in
spired party," as that venerable
Christian statbaiian, Gerritt Stnith
31lls the DJemocracy have so fright
Dtied the penco loving Radicals frem
Passamaquoddy bay to the Rio
Grande, that mjany of them, in sheer
terror, have voted the Denouratic
ticket, ind yet lavy of them, have
ibbtulnud from voting at all.-[Ito
3owedi laughter.] And as if there
is nothing that these "devil inspired"
aien will iot daro to perpetrate, they
lave, withot ,ho least fear or trem
bling, laid their profane hands itpon
Ihe head.of the brave and patriow ic
Butler and shrieked into his car the
lisloyal cry :'. " eijanjin, depart !"l
- .Laughter and applause.]
Now, ny frion.d, I IPray you, dont
Jhink me frivolous beeaiso I talk in
,hiq wa. Year after year our vie.
Wries in tle South hav'e been falselv
attributed to intimit aition.and nei
ber after member of Congress, duly
3lected, has lost hi veat upon thii
Falso 9l1arge. At overy eleotion, for
years, "outhern ,eu.ttages" has been
the battle cry of Radical politicians
In the North and the justification
Fr lviws that di.grace tivilization,
)tnd usurpations that lay the axo at
the root of iepublican institutiol's,
but what can these manufacturers of
false pretences say ng w, wben our
klrumnphs at the North are even more
signal than thoso at the Soutith. Whenl
even Massachusetts, persistent, tun.
yarying, hasbitbounid Afagsachusettis,
sets the seal of her condemnation
upon lladioal misrule, and for the
first time iu no priy half a century
sets,.an bones t Demnocrat in her gu.
bi'rimtorialechair 1 Anda in this. con.
niection was it not, right, gentlojnen,
that I should refer to i$enjamtin F.
Blut Ier, wi he, .in accej.ting his last
naominmation,' gave, as lf is olhief reasonm
for wishing to re main in Congrens
bis will and ability to still fuirtbor
hind andl oppress theo Soutberj .peo
ple0. But the tim hiad p)..;Cd. by
when his persecuting cry found a
rgady resp)onse in thme loarts of his
constituents. .hae time had p aisedl
when violatihno of the Constitution,
bonteun.pJt fori justice, disregard of'
soundi policy, and neglect of tho ini
terists. of thno. people could all be
overlooke.d under. the indluence of
pa!ssion) aridl prejudice, and henco the
result. You sue bo raised the black
f)ag of persecution, and under that
hateful banner sought to manintaini
his place in the Caungress.
. Tihe people raised t he white 11bg.
not of defeat, hbut of peace, an mi.aid
to the would bo perseeutor, "Stamy
thou at homoi." If you ask me, fel
low citizens, what ai-e the causes of
our victories, I answer discontent
with Radical rule. If you ask mo
for the roasons of this dliscontentt, I
answer th t, our a.lical rulers have.
in tho last nine years persistently set
at naught every instinct, feeling,
habit and teaohming of the American
people. Amnoriocans a r o a
liberrty-loving people,' but. liberty
has boon rom9rselessly trama pled un
der foot. Ainer icans are a homo-.rtil
!oving people, but home-rulo has
beent treated with . scorn and eon
toriypt, and Congress assumes and
exereises the powers of an omnaipo
tent parliament. . Americans are an
honesty-loving people, . but C red it
diobiliers, Sanborn contracts, Custom
,I1ouse fr auds, and W ashington a ings
have made corruption almost a sy
non yma for government.. ,
11 t'. Thurman) saw in tho newvnna.
per.,-n few days ago, that Gell.
Graiit did not con.idor it consiStent
with his dignity to nlako any denial
of being a caudidate for a tiird term
That was a vecry poor apology'. The
Republioun Stato convnti:kn of Iouth
Carolina had sotcmnIlly nom1inlatoid
him for a third torn. Did not that
authorize him to speak on the tubjet.t,
or did he consider that the Radical
party of 8outh Carolina was so ut
turly contem1ptible he could not an
swer it ?
Wil. Simpson, nows-dealcr, con
victed of sinding ob.4ceno matter
nitter through th mails, was sen.
tumeed in New York rmcontly to tenl
y'eir.4' imprisonment and a fine at'
$5,000, to stand comnitted ill paid.
Rev. J olin Coan, ex-chaplain of' th10
New.Iork Vork Artillery, for at
tompting to defraud the (Jovocnmient
(of a $1,000 bond, was sentenvond to
two yearo' imprisomient And $1,000
T hIo Elmira (N4w York) A. ver.
ti ter says: "1Mr. Iltiry . Fitch,
of this city, coitemphtes a bnonu.
1m0nt to the Ilen.ory of t1he ('on'er
ato dead to be placed at Woo,dlawi
Conietery, in t.i.e city. I.t i.; to 1,3
of artifieial :tonv, twenity feet in
height, a single shaft supporteil by a
plinth, baso atnl tiubbawe, not p.
sssitig 1mucli, if any ormmentations,
buL being of grace'ul proportions and
notitceablo en('1 m1any acc'.:oun lt ts. ()ni
One f'aue are (te inisori pt iols 6"/l/i
creat in Pao," "187-1,'' "Mrected by
a Union officer in .emory of the
Conf'ederate dead.1 11
Wj tinow ofer. for lie i.ipeA ton of
tuli.bi', t. o F A .l,L and't WI NI EIH
STOVlC vololesi.nnrp ei
in variety, Itality anld
price b) y any stock
everiy ionhti. i
ho and Grey lanket,, 9, I, 1I, and P!
rib and Cya'll lilnnkei.s, While, ted tnd
operv a Flannel 11v .
50 'icces Beaclie'l I mun01el 1 , fall r:l ,
vCry c heapl.
'llalp.- Brown andl .4vit 1.41In14 llom11espan.
11hle checked llqmpn!.ptll.
led Tickingi and Cotmoi FIlanntel.l of all
rio Piece.4 Wool Jeans iat very low 1rice3.
A beatitiful ,lin of
Shawl and
Tabhle DAmWISI:
Good asiortmetL of stationeory and
Noticns in great. v,riety,
ShIirts and rt oelin.
,adi,U GeItlemi-en and Misses
Crockeay andi glass ware, Hoigart,'CoflYe
Special a1thtnio is cat lled t oe stock of
WhIiich hiIave been selctd wvith care, and
gnairanlteed to ptleasc. Wo only
enuo,erate a fewv leading lines.
Our stcck is comnpleto In all o ther de.
and1( priCes utniturptassed.
Withers_& Dwig,ht,
1 JVE~ RY department is niw Cull a
Theli latest styles or M iinericy, Driess
G ood s, Hoot i, iihous andit &.
atl higlgh. for C:Astr.
WVe Invite thte intspectiio all person 4
w ishing ho buy chieanp antId durable goods
to call at .
-- D& . ETo\II RIb 1'
eph 2'.
fixinre ofr. ngeuneiran o., am
now prepacred~ to offer to I he pn hhei a i rst
class bair andi restaurantt. The fintest
WYines, Ijiprors, Segars &c., v7ill bto kept
cor,slantly on hand. California Fegris
madiso a specially. A billilard andii a haga.~
(cli, tahln aire atachedl o thu bar, whoiro
the lovers of thle sameit cani spenid a pleaut
auit hioni. t reupectfuilly ask the public
to give mae a call,
.oct 1--lut J. GROlESCIIEL4.
W . I h:we j lst eCeive(l Coln
plvto linle.; of tho fullowving
g dsviz:
Boots and Shoes.,
AL-. Lot of Saddleq and.
Re.ides &c., &e2.
Together. with
Ibuidware, GroFcories4 and
T woult.y Ihu-rels of as~
pulc LI UOR as
willhbe un
in TIown'l.
fle.sp;Ior,103 & Coo
O,jtober 20
R. WN Phillips~
( P TV I'l E "ry begi 41ua"lifieq, Cor. l-lor'l
deignl ltid wor]-kimanwhiplC, U 1. tj\f,l1,ED!
OIer a0 i pic iihat, defy coiputitioln I
:id*l)i of iard wood, and warranted to
give entire Muato..c'.ion. I keep no0 inferi
or uai y3. Us economy hIl ad buy thea
beutne buy whei re yoit cain buy t ho
Sleep (olli Ortalble
A NI) JiUV Ilho P'eoplo'su $Ipl(N( llED.)
It iq t ihoot int the imaurkce withmout o..
en ption. Thecy arec chtealp.
l.ilAT.N andI tpll.icuueat Chliru a stpe
ciialty. (ulices auIC8re be, ond' ciompo..
titi on!
1)1 miy owC maututtfacinre, WVindiow
ilhade,, WaiIli raickelts, PacikoLta andu
~U RN IT I Uit l neatly repairell at mode..
atePr'ies . l'ieturo framos made t to order.
(1 VENX to the fJnderIako 'st Deop'rt
mentii. I ko e p oni h1and ai fu.rll tsupply 0
Mletalhto Casets 11nd WV ood Coflinut of Ihi
lies fliis. Al 118ll promptly aittendo'0
(c. Mly iormso are ensth. I not. upon I It
heory that short sot tlements nmako 1I g
I friji i.;.
oct 8
r ilIRT Y y cars oxporlooin repairln9
alil kinds of WVatohes.
GODDt, and Silver Waulcelts of all kindls
Fancey .Jewelry antd (1olc of all desocrlp
tions, which I will steillow for cashi Conm
andi see for youri 'l. No chta rgo for look'
lIs. lThtai'Ciul for pas pa.troniage, I 8.
iclit. a ontiutt.itjoo of' I heo same.
Op1ostito Ilacot & Co's.
unt. 14

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