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'Now tit the Beast is politically
defeated in Massachusetts, is there
any possibilty of his carpct bagging
to South Carolina and running for
the .Legislature ? lIe needn't
come, for Sherman has already lifted
[ll our &pootis.
Cen. 11hkls the LibeiIL Itepubl:
ean has ben clected ft Congress
from Nassachu.+tis, by 5,000 and
jority. lie ,dvocated pence and
good will to the South, while But
tier advocated war and plunder.
Let us hoie that the triumphant
election of the one and the ignoiui
nious defeat of the other are auspi
clous omenis for the poor oppressod
poople oif the Sotdh.
Dr. Aycr haz becit beaten for Con.
gross by John K. TUrbox (dem11.) by
5,000 majority. It was a contest
btcweon the pillbox and the tarbox
and the latter von. We advise the
doctor to go back to pill driving.
lie ight also make a spec, by sup.
plying radioal soroleads with his
ininitable hair vigor.
1i8cast Butler inaugurated his
campaign by bitterly nssailing tho
South and decahring thst rebellion
vas n (tc (.-1ishod out, and lie must be
retit to Congres to complete iccon
structi.n. "If .1 am not elebted"
v-aid lhe, "such a howl will be sent
up fron rebeldoni ns has not been
lica,.I sice socession."' It appears
hIw(ver that his c!onstittcnts judged
tIu. be had reaped sufleient glory
fl oIn war in the past and so they
put. Lim on the retired list. And a
hou,l of j-y is indeed rising from all
roboldom. Bravv for Massach'usetts
and t'e lieast !
Tie Ph<nixs seens to have gone
over body and smul to Ci:tmberlain,
Oir. 'e01li-i ln publishing a card say
i ing lhe talcts 110 toc in this new
rpeoulatioi) and j doubtless expects
a dip in the piblio pap. It i-, time
for the subciibers of the l'lo-iix to
let the bird severely alone. Many only
-t iho it because there is no better
papar in Colunbia. Wo hear it
rui.ored that proposals will be nade
to Mr. Speights of the 0'reenville
Nws to inove his paper to Colniibia.
',is woidhi bo a greAt nege-sition.
The News ii a very ably edited
rheet, aInd all riIlt in politics. If
the people of the State will only
aCa I beAl IIIopo1Aition that will
warirait a Ilovo we hllo Mr. Speights
iH c.mniidcr thu proposition. Wo
v. il do -!! we ca1n in aid of the en
We do inni wi.-h to have the color'
e.l mani dep.rivedl of his vote, but we
do wis.h himi to vote intelligenitly and
niot in, codience to the dictates of
r.gui.sh demagogues. i ie will have
to pro(ve htimuself wo'th of this great
hoeni if lhe hoples to I eta in it. The
Jo isdleeds of thle men lhe has eleoted
a elliee in the South, have ruined
te pulican party in the North, and
ii iw No--thern rep ublIicanvs ha:ve not
manuch lov'o f'or him i,. Nei ther havi e
Northernci demoieira s. '.l'he N ow York
llerald, the largest paper in the
u~ orld, has alread~ily said that negro
Mi va~gc is a great mistazke. We
warn'ied lie color'ed mnan before
ele(''ionl that lie was on trial. If
disaster' conme upon him, he mlust
llamie hi imself, niot us.
I'h Uit :ed S:t es (lone Democratio.
This was thle repuly of a gentleman
in W.'ednies lay to an imi1ui ry made
c)anceringi. thle retsult of the recent
lCt ions. Anud it is about true. The
denw.eraits nuale a detei'mjined assault
r.ll along thle line, iand k necked the
radtical rilapats into a thiousand
ihdoe rs. (Jd radAical mnusty (lens were
enitered wit hout ceremony and their
ecnpjants uncleremmoniously kicked
out. Mlassachusetts, the cradle of
radical ismn thle homeo of S umneor, and
1illips and the civil rights bill,
the 'ta te w here thle rad icalIs hiave
r'u' u'i since 1 85-1, anad whence camne
. itt iir and)4 I )Mwe's, to be-dev il thle
Soaut hi, . i'ad icalI no more. Its o1-l
e *gr'ssion al delegationj stood I I
r,.d ical s. Thie ::ew one will eonsibt
o'5 in a ;:ls, -1 demnocr-ats and 2 in
o eenlonts. MJichi gan gin 11
doemoerat ic (Congressman, New Jerscev
- amnd a Senoat or, 1Pennisylv anIia 7,
A Ib ha mn 2, Ne. w York 12, G eorgia
.' vniAn 1M 3, Virginia I. TIotal
ii h:ih.- :- :9 un ru ired for
d detmera tie a->j>'rity in. the hiouse
Shradd po(lif iciani, saiy thle other-States
w;lh give die den'ocramts a maiijori?y of
st .vnt I:e Co.ngress enist of
1'ii mmbhers. 21 t0i. r(dic a and 92 op.
*:n io.3. -l'e... IC. _. ion .lci n
gave 16 to the opposition, reducing
the majority to 76, requiring a change
of 39 members as above stated.
The change of 133 votes in one
year is the sublimest victory on
record, a Waterloo ani Sedan Con
bined. It will kill radicalism,
kill the civil rights bill, kill the
third term, kill the outta;e millers)
kill carpet-bag soilawagism, kill
everything that has been ruining the
South. And so, although we do not
like some of the democratic principles
we throw up our tile and cry "three
cheers because the United States has
gone democratic."
Den. J. B. Kershaw.
One more our gallant leader has
succumbed to over whelning num.
bors. But again be has no cause
for shamo. When he blienthed his
trusty sword on the fiold of Appo
mattox his heart was doubtless illed
with regret that his arm was power.
loss to defend his bleeding mother
State. But be possesed a con
stliousness of duty well performed,
of having gained the admiration of
his enemies and the love of his
friends, and of having led through
triumph and through dfont as noble
a baud as have ever rallied in do
fence of their homes, their 4ltars
and their fires.
In his defent on the third of No.
vember, Gen. Kershaw lost nothing
lie made a brillian canvass. Ilis
sentiments of liberality, of good
will, of patriotim, evinced his no
bility of oharacter, and the hearty
outpouring of conservative voters on
the day of election testified to
his great popula-rity among his peo.
plo. To know that the rich and the
poor, the lame and the blind, gray
haired Lires and -beardleFs youths,
with one accord, left their homes
and their busineps to -oast their bal
lots for theih candidate is a gratifi
cation to which the Maoe loss of a
posi:ion which sought the muan is a
tri-flo, in comparison.
We deeply rcgret that we are not
to be represented in 4Congress by
Gon. Kershaw. But we glory in the
spirit displayed by our petoplo in
their effort to -clect him. 2'.hey le
served success. ' aro unot:yet con
41uleIefl. With Gen. K'!rshaw as
our suo.dard beacrer we w.iil4 again
lay lance in rest against our radical
adversarics. We therefore make
th i nonina tion.
For Congress in 1876-GRN. J. B.
KE 1181 A W.
The State Elootion.
The election in South Carolina
has Tesulted in a victory for the radi
cals by generally decreased majori
ties. TIhis is as we expected. A t
no tiuio during the canvaes did we
anticipato a victory for Greene, in
the face of the heavy radical major4
tics of at least 30,000 recorded
against us in previous elections. We
hoped to reduce that majority and
wve have done it. We fought this
battle on princip.le. E e saw that
the line of march preposed by the
independent republican moven ent
was the only possible road to ulti
nmato success, and we believe that the
Winnsboro Nr.ws was the first paper
in the State Lo take its stand with
the Charleston News and Courier in
its policy of giving Conservative
endorsement to the candidature of
Judge Greene. We believed It then
'to be the proper course. We believe
so still. It mnatters not that we were
defeated. SuIccess is not the crlteriC
on of right. The hontest citizens of
South Carolina fought ini a just cause
and fought nobly, and defeat can
not rob them of thmeir laurels, in
giving to Jludge G reo and Martin
ll. Delamncy the largest vote they
have polled sinoc roer nitruotion, our
people have proven to the world that
they are capable of la.s ing aside
prejudice and party feeling to aid
in ehfeting reform in the State. T'hey
have forever nailed the infamous lie
that they are only olatoring for pub.
lie plunder, and that they refnse to
accord to the colored man his rights.
T1hey have extended in good
faith the olive branch to the clored
man, and will not be responsible for
any evil that may accrue to the State
from the in-'coming administratijon.
We are by no means cist down by
the recent election. The same fight
for honesty may be made two years
hene, on the basis of a dhivision of
power between the races. No other
principle can possibly win, it was
only a question of how long it would
be before our peopte recognized this
principle. They have learned it
now, we trust, and we can therefore
look with hope for ul imate success.
Plh straight out white policy can
lever win in a S.tt having a color
d majorit. w ho- it will be
buried forever. Let us then in 1876
adopt the saie platform that wv
adopted this year, and orga%iing in
duo iehlon, let us press on again with
ardor to another confliot,
the Eliotions.
Tuesday w.as an eventful day in
the political history of the United
States. On that day t wenty-futir States
and territories held tIeotions for
Congresen and State official, The
smoke of bittle hat- not yet been
olcred u-way, tie killed and wout dd
hav not yet been numbered. Mavy
politictl aqpiraitits lave been ruthless.
ly Plain by their Coi,si a.n li and
faithful old p-trty hacks have ben
turned out tW griist.
Ono thiig is certain, t' w1rit.
eo%e party nains the tbeend aney, the
day of stiot party disciplitn ii Pa14t
avid voters nre tiegirming to eereise
their Own jlidgimont ill tho .0e Inei
ot their leadels. Even the coilorud
people tare slowly etimerging fro-P Io.
litical thraldoin and iearning to count
the coAt of, 1tutting corrupt (oinv
gogues in power.
Anothtr gratifying feature of the
past, canvams %%as toe couplute failure
of the "rebollion'' and tlie Boucheri
ot'rage aills as inn knfact tirers of
republican votet. As the New York
H erald u till sayj,
It is demnial.rat!edl that war're wrili
are t-pe.t am1ao1111tuition in our ohiti
Ci.A coutes's, -nd tlint no c'udidate
h-is I creafier anythiiig to g.jin or to
lose 'y his zealI or hi slac!mes; in the
great crihis of 1II. Even ar.
O'Conor, who w.a ulasud as a pro
6outh.tij extremist during our g:ut
qt rnggle, is as much P1 tvem and
h II(red to-dily as Gov. Dix. T1-e
t tile i, past wlien political eapital
can be imado out of a war rcuod, and
the foot that Mir. Tilduti has sLiadily
guil-. tren!gth Irhile his political
opponents were amsailii g his course
duili g 0t' war atteMsI thU 1 1b, d
iensu that all kuch tuplus have pm.
ed from politios te history. It ia
demonstrated that our political conl
tests can no longer bo iifluacad by
the obsolete qiosel which divided
the couitry thirteen years ago.
The New York canvas, inl Conne10
tion with the polit cal canvass ilj
other States, proves that another
exciting topio has been consigned to
"the tomb of the C apulets. '' he
old stock topio of Southern out.rages
has been vigorously worked this fall,
but WiAh no practieni result beyond
that of disgusting the people of the
North. It has been felt that if
whispered diF'order is the fruit of the
reputiblian policy inl the Southl, fter
so long a trial under republic tn si.
perintendence, the breaches of order
are fairly charge,able either tu the
a3sten or to inexcusable blunders in
its adimlinlstration. The republican
party has steadily lost ground, both
in this State and every where in the
North, by its attempts to exploit the
Southern outrage business as a
means of inllue neing vot es. .- ppaeail
of this kind, like records on the point
of loyalty duiring the war, are saient
anmmunition, whioh can never lhe lire J
off again with any prae'ieal eibot.
Mr. Tildena hias been constantly gain.
inag in strength during a e.inlvass la
which this class of topie4 has been
freely used, and if the republican
party is wise it will hever have re
eourso again to these obsolete grounds
of appeil. It must stand or fall bay
its skill in meeting the prent
wants of the country.
Wlhaen these scare- crows are finally
demolishied, the South may look for
I.cae and prosperity. Tlhe carpet.
baggers and scalzaw:ig, having no
longer the support of Cog:*ess,, will
gradually disappear f'roma view, and
the governments. fallhm into the
hands of pat riotic citiz mns, will be
ad iniistered hioneostly ai imipar
tially, so as to effeact the greae., pios
siblo good to the greatest piossible
What We Havo Gained.
While the othier States of the
Union have been bestowing kicks
upon tho moribund radical party,
s3outh Carolina las donie remiark:ably
well. We have not carried ti
election,t1 it, is true, but we have done
enough to warrant us in~ congratulsit,
tug ourselves upon our work, TIhie
republican party had ruled supreme
so long that it begoan to helieve it
had-a perpetal lea .oof thie State.
With sublimie inadilTreince for thme
opposition, it reveled iind catrouied
and passedl swindlinig b.aills arid coim.
nitted enornit ic, wiitout limit
T1he Conse,vaires, defeated in sever
ali contents laud I a eot e disorganizeod
and despairing. Th'ley so far ian
dorrated their own power, that they
appealed to Caesar fur aid. When lie
refused ar s'stance, all appearances
indicated that thte radicals would
have aother walk over, and (the ring
were conicerned ordy in the quiestion
of the regaular nomination, deemainag
that equivalent to election. Cham-.
berlain wias 'nominated . Vut there
wore a few leadinag republicans in
hle State whto diaired a change.
TIhese tnmi nated Ju adge 0 eeno, and
oe was endorred by thie Uonaservatives
[lore thena weoro tan nazthas . th'
one noninated by a party which had
the prestige of 35,000 mjority,
booked by all the office holders and
the State treasury and by the igo.
rant prejudices of the colored voters
the other with a scattering following
of Independent republicans and dis
organized Conservatives, many hav
ing also t.eir . prejudices, and ne
iocoy to prosecute a campaign.
The campaign was but twenty six
days long. In this titue the Inde.
veneents were rallied and the Con.
serVatives were organized. Office
holders had but a short titne to tiake
up their nihids. 3elitvinig that
Chau,berfain vould be elected, they
generally suppoited Lin, although
Many at heart s cretly favored Judge
The day camte, the Jattle was
foight, and w hat is the rebult 'I'he
overwbelmiog majority of 35,000
has dwindled dowit to a paltry 12,.
000, the radical party has received a
stunning blow, and the Cons-rvatives
have gained in the legielature. In
this congressional district, wo have re.
duced the jadical majority from 3,700
in the Carpenter campaign to about
1700, a gain qf two thousand. Well
may the radicals exclaini in tho lAII
guage of P)trhus "ono more such
victory wi!l be our ruin.''
We believe that many fraudulent
radical balluts were east. While
the whites lnly conlnit, bsall frou:s,
the black. can repent and vote under
age ad Ibitm. The i hiies are vll
known and c annot rep*at. Tie
blacks are not ku-wn and can chaige
their namies as often and as rapidly
as the Chameleon chan-es his color.
We believe that, were all fraudulent
votes thrown out, re.ne wouli have
a malrit) it, the State.
q his election tieles t.wo thingsa
first that the r"Aular radical party is
not itvinciblh, Ihat, by a fasiou tick
et itcan be beaten~.in a fair election,
and secondly, that we amuit have
registration to sceure an houest lee
W 1 the change of popular Penti
ment in the North the ladicals will
be compolied to give us a registration
law and a *hare of the managers of
. Lot the Conservative pat Iy, then,
retaining its organization, wait Ivr
the next elec;ion ; and then, by ju.
dlicious CoI)IprOminiAs gaitii.g tho aid
of a part of the coloroa i ople,
move on in rolil colt.mn fur ole
final overthrov ol radioaiism in South
Carolina 1'he thing c.tn be done.
['et us do it,
[CO M MN I CATE,t) .3
Tit for Tat,
Wo desire, Me,-s. Ei)vrons, to
bring to the taotice o'' the white peo
ple of this County, nad espcui.al!y to
those of this pa.rticula r .commni ity
to the offensive and oflici>us inter.
meadiig of a fewi of .u colored
riopulation ira 'the geu.eral election
'A hich took ph ace on the 3rd itstanjt.
itn thisis article we will (1nl y iaatjioc
one, anid reserve the n am a of sonme
others for fu ure artiales.: We will
coammsoee wi th thle miost (onssioelltnus
ne, and his name is Frd Stceel.
Th is mna n Fred has been fttor tlie Ilas
'ew years rather a favorite w itha the
white people. IIo is a s art of ' jaek
leg" painter, cook, and jaIbler gen
erally aro-ind Town, andl as such has
b)een extensively pzati'/ed by tuuy
of our most rspoethble wih to ci.i
1.ans, net for any particulaii merits
in these various onllings, bau simply
because he unas polite and 1 nobtrss.
sive in his generalI deportn ns t, and
ttantifeosted great dlitLrencee to the
opinions antd wishes.of all rt peeta
ble whvlito people, and great eo tempt
for the low radical teacthings f the
mnisot nb scamps whlo are a watys
tryinag to produce d iscord h. weens
the whites and blatcks t hat tI.e msay
prosper and grow s ieb by it. lFredl
was' getting Ott in li, tusl d vent
way until Chambn erlain, Il'at terso atnd
Co., p?aid a vi.,it htere' abont tent as
ago, andl ate 1! sutpper wih Ir e i 5 -d
cooked fa)r t hoim, si ace' the hisle htas
goe back on Itis oald p ,troas ta
f'riendas, anid wats Ontth di(ay of e a
tiotn at the WVinnsnors, peis e-,
decidedly (lie bittere.,t foo tho 'alt te
htad. 1Do was runitnitg to andt 'ro~
ith hansdsriull of ballots in oppho,i
tiesn to' the whtite pe..1-' atnd urgisng
vehemesently d( allet1ticeJy e.,
colored voter lho e:;i taeross nt to
voto the ticket whichs the white pic.
p'e were voting. These are facs~~
known to hundreds of voters. No
let us say to the whtite people, and
urge upon theam to let 4l/r. .Fml.
Steele hseroeafter lo>ak-only to Is
speial politic al frien..lA and all 1i1s
for patronago. Noither givo hsim,
emptlloymsent, or sell him s a dol litr's
worth on a credhit, tier patronizj
any one iio does, employ hijt
There are a few nohe. of th, sm
tripe ivwth Fred, of whom we will
hereafter call public attertion to.
If the3e people will continue to maLe
it a fixed prin4iple with them not to
voto for any one whom the white peo
plo vote for, then the white people
should unite in their power and not
rent, sell, hire or trade with them in
any nmanner whatever. They are
the aggrcssors and it is right that we
should put ourselves up>n our metal
and pay them off in their own coin.
There were inany colored voters who
voted with the whites, and to them
we ihould be specially kind and
liberal. A nd there were many col-ar
ed vuters who quietly and modestly
voted against ur. To them we make
no special opposition,but as to those
who blu-tored and made themselves
conspicuous and off,!nsivo in their
opposition to our race, like Fred
Steelo and some others, let .us have
nothing w hatever to do with them.
NA.- W-- a 'o.:s o Wn-o.
Thie Next Congresi.
The New York Herald gives the
following estimates of democratic
gains and of the complexion of the
next Congress.
Twonty-six States will have new
Sen-itors in Congress.
California,j incumbent Ilagar, (D.)
successor Newton b13joth, (llidopoa
Connecticut, inoumbent Iluoknig
liam (it ), successor Eaton (D.)
Delaware, Bayard (D.), will pro.
bably nucceed himself.
Florida. (40lbort (11.) will probably
be succeeded by a democrat.
111di,na, 'r.itt (11.) will be suC
eceeded by a democrat.
loui.siana, will probably elect a
Cun-ervativo to contest Pinchlhacks
Maine, 1 imlin (R.) will be re-elect.
Alar3land, White (D.) succeeds
111m1ilton (D.)
Natsachuilsetts, a llepublican will
sucC,:d Washburne (it )
bMicliganl will prubby replace
Chandler with an oppisitioa 8ena
linne.oto, a democrat will pro ba
bly ucceed 11auisay (11.)
Missisdippi ,eud: Bruce, colored
Missouri, a democrat will succeed
Schui (l ib. Rep.)
Netbr.oska, a rep-blican will sue
c:eul T,ipt.ln (L,1ib. Rep.)
Nevada will s3ud & aro.i ([t ) vice
Stewart (11.)
New Jersey, a democrat will suc.
eed Stuck oi (D.)
New York will send Seymour or
Ke. nan (D.) vice Feitoin (Lib. Rep )
Oiio re-ulcem T urman, (D.)
Penns) 1vania, Whether So at ( H)'wi:1
be succeeuded by a i adiu.l or a demo.
ortit iz not yet dutermined.
lho le Islal sends a repul,lican
viet A n (H.)
Tm.ssoee t-eus a democra vice
Briotdkv, (Lt.)
Texa-, Marey (D.) sucoo eds
Verm>nt will re-elect Edmiunds
'Virginia sends Withere (D.) vice
&ewes (H1.)
West Viginia will send a demo.
criatie 'ice Boeremal.
.Wisconisiu i..s ill repubi ican but
will inot proba'ly re-elect ('urpeuter.
Of the retirin,g Se.iaturs there are
R'L'pubilcOanms 18.
iiidepu.de:nts 3.
Thme lew teutors0i will be
lt.'publecmns 10.
D)oub.tfunl 2.
'This gives the Dnmo.ats a gain of
9, or ii c.ange of IS voLes.
The niext Seinate u Ill probably
standIs 43. D)eimocrats 28 R"publicau 8
i.ot counting the dlotbtftul Statels.
Thme fol lowing table sho'ws thle comn
1l xion er the next H,.nmac of lIep, c.
sentartives, mn the States which ha.ve
held Ceetiui, :
State.s. J)em. Rep. Demn. gzi:1
Alabama 6 2
Arke.nsas 4 -' 3
D)elaeware I -
F'lorida -- 2 -
Georgia 9 ..- 2
Illinois 12 '7 7
K(ansas 1 2 1
iKentucky 10 - -
Miaryland 6 .- .z
Mlasrsaebusetts 5 6 r
.\l iebmigi 3 6 3
Minnesota .
lisoumri 12 ._. 4
New Arsey 4 :3 3
New York 18 15' 9
l'ennimsylviania 13 14 9
iliodl land ...- 2 -
Sot i Carol inau- 5 .
Teanaesee ! 1 6
Vmrgiia 8 1 4
Wisconsinm 2 6 .
TIotal, 132 56 66(
Previons guins 16
Tot-il gain 82
Total deimocratis imajority 61
Official returns will vary this re
Pay Up Youir A cco11nli.
ALL~ pe,rso n indelbrrd to Cal Iwell
.Ll roq. & Co., and to Caidwell Sein.
nri & Co. are hereby n-,tified I hut ciii
l.ooks will be closod on thme I5t inalut,
and t.hat paymaeit mulst be made .W
noieA mloney to mieel ouri paynmuiiv foi
sumpplies furnished yen. Leu us have thec
cash. CA LI)WEL L, BRios, & Co.
lackstock, Nov. IJ, 1874.
ON bth first Monday in December w
will offer for sula at, Winns.
boro, the plan'tation of Thomas F(itt, do
coasod, on Jackson's Creek in Fairfic!d
Count, selen miles West of tIhe court
house. For the convenlenco of purohas.
ers, the place has been div I ded into six
tIract., A. 140 acres; D, 136 no,es ; C.
178 ; D, 285 ; E, 99; F. 270. B ach
tract is well watered and timbered. Each
tract (except B. and D.) bats a metilement
Also o- the day following, vit : TAedIy,
December 80h, we will Pell at the t-esi
dence of Thonts Sti tt, dee-as- d, ill him
perso1ill property, consimtig o( Mals,
Cows, 0loge, Corn, Fodier, Cut Ion,
Wigons, llousehobi nn Kiiol.01 Fur
aiture, &c., & o. Teri ms for iesal Estae
One-third ca I ; balance i two r(pial un
mal instalmenits, withi int eres*nt tweive
per cent. per aimm from day of Imr
chaso Pumchasers to give bout. with
two good personal sfecurilies, a nd nar(
gago on iho promises. For the Porsomal
property, tornis cash. For ftrther ,ar.
ticulars apply to
J . 1 . . I$1 T lN , E xcouto s.
liov li--x2tl
O N the first Nlonday in Deconbr at
Witinsboro. the pli-co formerly own .
ed by Dr. William D. Kush, stibmequently
Ly Dr. E. N. Martin, The I lace adtins
lie plantit.atli of Thos. Stitt, dec eSed,
has a good dwelling. outh louses, well of
fine water, &c., &. Tho loention, for at
least thirtoen years past, is beun re.
mat kably healthy, esp cialy exempt
from chills. Terms the siamno as for :he
Real Esiato adverti ed above. For far
'her particulars apply in
JA. A L. IA RTIN or J T. W. STI 'T,
nov II-x2tt
BOUT irnet head of miieii Cows, Dtr
'l. ann breed. A ppl.y 1o
E. P. 01. OliEY.
nov 1I-x2t3
J W. LAW & U,
1N0w 'Raxedving,
A NE1) I 11 r
Dress Goods,
- Clothin g,
c Gents Furnishing Goods,
i T> Cloths, Cassimers,
. Roots, Shoes,
G. ocerles &e.
We call special attention to a 1bantdtomne
line of Charlotesville (Va.,) Wooien
Mlills Cassinie rs, timd hiandsomec i Dingou
!loatinmgs, also differenm styles of fantcy
Casslmners for Pnnts, till of which we ama'
pre.pated to have n.nde to order in the
ImioB approved style,
1)1RESS S IlliwTS A ADE TO OllDI) It.
Iron in the Blooc1I
Thew Pertavian; Syvrup, aFProtect
4d Solu4tion of the Protoxi de of
Iron, is880 combined as to have
the character of an ailment, as
easily digested atnd assimnilated
evith the blood as the aimplest
food. It increases the ouantitjy
of 3Nattere's Own Viaiig
Agent, Iron in thme blood, and
cusres "a thoussaind ills," simply,
1tizng Inv ..rtin aen&
rihed and ta Ized blood per
gneaItea every Vart of the body,'
repairing damages anld waste,
searching ouet morbid secre
ions, and leaving nothing for
disease to feed uopon.
This is thme secret of the won..
derfl suesCs of this remedy in
cuering X)ysj)epsia, Liver Comi
pilaint, Dropsy', Chronic D'ar
Chills and 'evers, Ilumto.
Loss 'of Conlsttutlonatl Vigor,
Dieases of the Kidneys - and
B3ladder, remiale Complaints,
and all diseases originating in
a bad state of the blood, or ac
companied by debility or a low
at ate of the system. Being fre'o
from Alecoh~ in aeny form, its'
energizing eJ'et are not fol
lowed by correspondling reac
io,btare permanent, infuc
sing strength, t'igo r, and new
life into all parts of the system,
aend building utp ant .Iron Oon..
*t it ution.
Thousand. have been changed
by the usso of this remed y, from
weak, sickly, sufferina gcrea
tures, to strong, healthy, and~
lhapp)y men aind women: and
invalids cannot reasonably hes-.
6tate to give 6t a trial.
See that each bottle has P ERU
VIAN SYR UP blown in the gjlass.
Pamphlets Froo.
SETH W. FdWL.E & SONS, Propriotors,
No. 1 Mntq sn Place, Boutoni,
BoL.n ay nDa, oan O a Z(a aaALLr,.. .
Wholesale Trade.
JUDING fite Ittt-!by fle Plitt,
en'lter With conlfidel:ce upon 8i ou
new eit eriake, of . piiarating our 1 ,old
sule iron otr Ietail Trc t ie. by hlaviig
Sellarale filnd dietil:cl J;otIse for el:
1a4 ill doing mo, we fliattlor 44ur1e:Ver. a1t
a %%ill n1ot-,:111y l lee ihe AproVal of oll
uimerotp cu-tonern, bll that l - -'Exel
yIve W11h.il ale 14,11"e" la ill Ihlirg 8. 1
large influx of iew trade. Ada of a char
Acter, not he11..retfove (enjoyed,
It n!llsl be obviou, to every buyer Ilhat
a is rictIy V -I hole-na Ie 11 onie," &aranlgett
and 1adanfpted fAll that TARde only, with a
corps of experienced Wholesulo Salesmen
with a siock earefitlI1 tieleeledJ for. tha'
Tr-ade only, Ra:l moreoVeIl r, fite uVo;id4I.c
of coaing inl contact With retail biyci 9
Stlh a hoslmie, we assIeri. Iul'st And . I I
amIllend itse1 Co ite trade.
Fotu' yea ago we f1advertised IIat we
intended Co make Charlote a wholema'e
Inart, amid ours "' h0 whole-ale Hous..!"
We now have tle proild satisfactionk of
.eeing it ni accomplislad fact.
We na30 eal Your aitillon to the fact
alint we Ilave converted oar 1nesh'll s-tore
iIIst nl eSc'lsti cVs hIOleale l ouI1se, 'A hero
yoU cani fitnd A .I. lineas Of ;'o0ds n1ecessary
t'or a cominiry si ore. to N%it : Dry C oodsl
C(10loing, lloov, liocs. lint, IN ot II.
Groceriet. liar-iwaare. lillillt-r-y, tfll il
coinpleic lines, hotight anlarge quitanlitieg
and fromi te very first hands. "
Our stock Ik now arr ing and will Ile
complete about tle ].sI of'Fepltember, aid
will he the il argeas of I ny here, t lae pre
leuliosI of others to the contrary not with.
,it Tr.d i sg. We respec Cialy invite yoatr
Pe'sonal insp,eclion, or Ay"ite to us for
"i'ry a'ely y'ourts -
W IT 'lJOW Flld & RI1NTEL.,
No-v. a e' i is 1 sh1t Ilna . We now
oceenpy thw stiperb s,-Ise i- refolis'e Y(j
fivolra:yl known as th 11 NIessr.. l1rem,
.owl & C'"'; I- goods 1Ii t., lo Catr
ry '1 our lwzi il. . 'tiald a %E g .
e :d r ' i.. 11"ll b2I nI%!:Iy't b jjI,
.n (.t), we' Mhtim) :a!F- il l .n lin to excel
in li -k, ex el inl lowy lp- -siot prices, Iiald
o ex l g In:rally, W IV s l, ;I . 1 ,.
bs ase, l!v.' is 0-rT cf thirty v Sales -t'
Isl i Sales. ': ll expel iei'ced . 1 ,.1ce
Andobii .
0ar te will mnake tIse Nili I y
brlanCh a Ip Ci;lty. I0 . & I.
w y' I m.1 11 )) i
Cheaper than were
ever offered
c31 ~
'-i/ f-i
Rd&a) mnan73 -j
Zil rWie u,Mu,y,
Send/b.'Pric List
t . "-4 A &C
Xaup/re, &'Il.
4.U 8iA 1rhtSr j
- < wend.

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