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' 1ommninleations- to''tils offlee
lI not"be nolleed -unlesh' ccompanied
by the real nawe ot the writer.,
'aredbt responsible f0-the opin.
ons'?f Cor.respon leuts.
- @' ifferonfter -io'LOCAL 'NOTICI,s
zRi .beAnVrtid in our colunima exocep
on.ayment of tEN CgNTS ,. line.
:,a gk&- Any person In..he'County having
.know-ledge of any circlmsa neeb f ihl e'Ca
corrring in, ibis'neigliVorhood will!confer
n rftvor by furnishiIg interuiatiuon at this
N Awm AvERiTIa:bl:N. ,
1 .to d jo a B Lr g ins - 3 1 N 1 ste r
& Urice. ... % .
Notice -R. J. 4jeC,arley. q .
Handsoume Calicoca-bannenberg
& Co.
Sheri1f's3SAles-yL. WV. DuVall.
lairfield Sabre Club-W. J. Her
See advertisement' in nuother
column.of W. C. lce & Co.
(lard-J G roeschel.
Notioe-Juo. J. Neil, Attorney.
New Jewelry-Connor & Chandlr.
07 Five whites voted the radical
ticket at Horeb. We believe every
one had been an cffice-seoker.
QW By referenco to another col
;unu it will he seen that Sheriff Du
vall intends selling a large quantity
of real estate next sale day.
Faiifield inteuds being well repre
sented at the State Fair. A great
deal of stock, farning implement.-,
household work, &,., have been en
C-7r Jim Milligan, the negro who
Was shot on election duy is fast re
cove-ing. We hope this fiacaes will
learn Jiw not to interrere with other
people's busciess.
gr The County Jail is crowded
with parties awaiting trial at the
iext termi of the cotut- for various
ffTences, principally. stealing.
D D,ko was a tie for Chamber.
lain uid Greene. (crshaw receivpd
u majority of 1 over Wallace. Duko
is btill conservative.
bF Several citizens utter loud
j)rotests aguin-t the storage of guano
uund fertilizer's in to%%n. The efiuvia
it a nuiaunee to all weil regulated
1.0 cs..
"W*e feel 'very iuch as if we,. had
been kicktd all tie iay fruni 1oston
to New Orleans."--Union /erul.
We think.so too, Mr. Uniou-1erald,
and the Piic 'ix alu' with you.
f Kersilaw rcceived ".n more
votes than has ever been cast in Iair.
field fur a conservative since the war.
W e believe it is more tilan any can-1.
didute ever received .bcfore thu war.
0' Mr. Chas. Mlulier has just re.
eived a very line lot of clocks of the
Lt.est and miost improved style. Call
and see them, for' we know you will
be pleased.
07 John lRowe, colored, breathed
iuis lt.E n Tueaday night. John
was a barber by trade, and wvas
universally likEd by all who know
af The colored rifle club was out
drilling last Nat.urday, under Capt,
Joe Piaillips and Lit. Johna dreen.
Tihey presented a very i opsn p.
year' noe. Th'le compp ny unmbers
'ibout nine men, rank indl tile.
Of ThIe followinag is the &iotmo
toport for October, for the years 1873
ynd 1874. .In 1873 the sales in this
zparket a mounted to 2,324 ba&les at
12f, apd in October 1874 tha sales
anmounted to 2,891 hales at 13j.
- .Jir Mr. fls T. Terrill reeceived
a lot of eilra 1Kne horses and mules
Tluesday. 'iThey can be se 'n at his
li very sttble. ,Jie an.fely say
that any one in ,yaant of flae
gt ock will get a bargain by calling
on Mr. TL.
1d- idgewuy polled 22 whito
Votes, a gain of l'00 votes ever lar,t
election. She deservis the bannerb
One gent l'eman votel on rVe'sday for
ihe first tini'o sini~ce 18541, hav,i'ng bden
SbmbLelt from the btate most~ of that
SAsk irani,lg 9urred lin rn
of up'r flXido Th'lursd.iy between some
~eese and a cow. Tfhe geese, like tlhe
eiea of. Mlissachusetts and
ohrStates c.anse ,on,t ,.victoriops.
\V h'avo come to the eonelesion thsat
c.. ow lidlonged to the radical
, i7 WeV regret to to learn that
Mr. Wm-sBriee lost his barn by fire
on Friday night lust. It' contained all
the forage lhe piossessed. Iis' loss
is several hundred. dollars. . The tire
was the work of an incendiary. We
earnestly hsope that the villain will
Wo auht and dealt with accor:ling
K7 There will b'd a : ineetille of
the le,cue .tifte Club in the tow41
tall to-night at ' o'clook.. Memubers
are earnestly 'reuested ,to be puuoto.
a as t,hero will be,an electiou for-3rd
Vico-Presidcnt, besides othpr im'por
tant bubines4 to be traunsacted.
Our youtjg friend Dir. John
J. Neil was .unaninously; elected
.Judge *of Probate laest Tuesday.
Mr. N.eil isia promising young -law.
)er tad we have no - doubt that he
w ill. fill the -oice -with hionor to .him
self und batisfaction to the cOunty.
9 It will Ve vepn by a notice -i
another qolumin itbat the. time fur
holdiilng court, has bon postponed to
the 17th.inst. .. . . 14
.:Jurois, witnesses anil all -persans
suniJoned to attend, will appear at
that tie........
'It w,as EaidI ' other tha4 the
United 14tates--h.ad gone.briek on 6h0
."uiggerA." The plection . rturns
seen to verify tis .:Assertion, if sup
porting the colored , people- means
voting the radical. tiloket.. -'he; col.
ored people %%ill now have to nome on
couservativo ground.
O^- The follovingis ilhatnborlial'
said Wallace's majority In Fairdeld
Chamberlain, ),540.
Wallace, . . .1,540.
The total number of votes cast
were 4000, nearly 800 more than ever
has been east in the county. The
straight republican county ticket was
O.rr We regret to lhve to sate
that two promising young gentlemen
of this town are about to leave uss
Messrs. J. W. Chandler and 0. M.
Clarke. Mr. Chandler, for a long
tinie, h.as been a clerk at the freight
depot in this place, ard for his atten,
tion to business has been assigned a
higher. position at, the depot of the
U. C. & A. It. R.,.i. Colunbia. Mr.
Clarke, who has had clarge of the
ding establishment of MoMister &
Oriue t'r seVeral yeaa, ihtends east
tig his lot in Georgia, whero lin ex
pects to open a drug store.: These
young gentlenen .earry with them
the best wishes of our, entire comau
nity for their future welfare.
TITF.S.--Ohamberi claims
10,000 majority. Claimts iRi'lhland,
2,000, Orungeburg 1,000; Fairfield,
1500 ; Che-ter I100. Greene efaulls
4,000 in Charleston ; 1,200 in An
do.s,n, 600 in Greenville ; I1JO in
Spartanhurg.; 2,1000 in S-miter.
iva'llaci gets York 5T1 ; Fairgeld,
1400 ; Chester 1100, and is proba
bly elected.
11eavy democratic gains in the'
North. New York, democratic.
Louisiana and Alabama probably
. '3"The State election returns
are meagre. The following are the
spaortis,according to the Union
lierald Chazbrlain--Abbevilie,
1200 ;A iken.. 500 ; t nwull, 1,000 ;
Heau'ort, 3,0010 ; C'harleston, 5000;
C'hesterg. 1200 ;D.trlington, 2100;
l"aii field, ,1,540 ;KICrshaw, .700;
Laurens, 800 ;Newiberry, 1,6-5;
f'ichlanId, 2300 ;York, 5183. TPotaI,
16,968. : treene-Aderonu 7100
G.reenvillo.; 4l. i Lex.ington, 164
Mariont, 207 ; .Oconee, 6,56., Spar
tanburg,.1063 ; SumnIei.,, .2500. T.
tal, 5,'702. CI;hsbelain's majority,
II 1,266, with I I uuntiecs t'u herr from.
This is a, radhical l.ss of' .18,480 from
the ScotteCar,penter returns. .Moses
ran in both Richtaud and Sumter for
the Legislature, and was defeated in
b>oth counities. . latrion. is a uounty
gained. There was much fraudulent
voting on the part of negroes through
the State.
Tria EL.eron.-The election, ora
Tluea.day brought out the largest vote
through thle County. that has ever
beenu folled. , .White . and , colored
eaupo outo a.man. There was, hea.
vy ele.etioneering all.qon~g the liune
and a great deal .of part~ tri.t
onhnifedted. , i Winpaiar o 1290
votes werd polled, ab.out $50 by ,the
whites. 'lhe voting progressed
quietly untit.about midday - when n
crowd of several hun'dlred colored
men in the street before the. Court
flouse began jeering at..Wade NJob..
Iny for voting fur Greene, and final.
1y began pulling hinm about. (They
were.ordered to desist, and failing
to do so, Mr. F. C. Gerig,jr.., who was
acting .constable went in. to the
res.cue1,..A row seemed imminent
(whien several gentlemen got into the
crowd, to $~aintain qrder and ha ~d
nearli stucceededi in~ doing so ,when
Jji:n .l\illigan,. oolored, struck Mr.
Gcrjg and, wa inhanqdiatqly shot by
son'd person on.the.side Walk. .Severail
other shots wvere: fired sli. htly wouJnd.
ing Aj(red.Smith asi ,Jur(el Fair,
and, the orowd. eattered . M~any
c.olored men ran towards the -gari
son for aid b.ut reeiyed. n.pn,, .In
tjhnmanutime the *dl4urbaisee had
bean. q'selled by the.dfforts of lpromi
nent citizons. ,.Thus ended; what
nmight have, boeu a serious. r.iot.
Milligan ia seriously .but not.,mor
tally .wounded. IIad.; the colored
people, not ioterfered. with,..W,de
for voting for whtom he pilepsed..thus
unfortunate occurrence would never
have happened. Ii. should teach
'evary one a lesson abon't. interfiring
with the right of any one- to votC
ConsiderAhle bipuseneut wC4s Cause
by. .th' appearance of the -last votei
Strikers on either side 'ent for his
and-a- large crowd ran bli backward
and fortrils *hb.sholtts and laugh
. ter for a long tiuse, but the regular
got him at last.
The offi sial -count was finished a
.1 1 P. -%. .and showed -a mnajority: X)
360 for Chamberlain and 87 5 fo
W allace.i 1- . . -
N It i-4 sai i that eter-y tvlite- man -i
No., .t 3-st hiti vote vo'o oil Tuosda)
and No. 14 clails the banner.
- RijgowUy pulled, about 200 whitc
votes, a large gain. Tb regular
t,icket received only 114 mtajority
irAve for Itidgeway.
- Doko- was ntitr a stand off, about
130 on each bide.
. vuungetille . gives- 225, Horeb
145 and Montiello 200. radical m a
-Complete returas ill be given iL
out nett issue.
',FAmn Wz.m(-Iteember: that.thi:
i. Fail.we.ek in Colulbi I. The expo,
itition begins to day and as no effori
has.been spiared by th.j mauagcrs to
Wa.ke the .t.ir (. success, we lasv. 11r
doubt the display will be very fine
I1.audsoiie, p.remiums will be olfered
and several, tWie .horses will be enter.
ed. for the races.
. ..Last y.ear the attendance iw,a-largos
than gver bef,re, and we hope this
yor it will.be larger ptill. .
..1 .will be renembered that on the
success. of this Pair 'depends . the so
lution of..the qnestiin. whether there
will be any more. . ,Th. .jSciety .has
laid out large slm:ofmon,y.iu ftting
up first class . apconodations and it
ltoks to the people for re-iiubuese
mlent, . . . , ,.
'.ne great feature of the Failj which
rannot be too attentively cotisideied
ii the fact that it brings the people. of
the State closely together. . Now that
we have no college commencients
and no Legi-lative festivities, the
people cannot be brought together
except during Veir week. This is.of
vast importance. Now, if ever, the
Colnservatir%es of the State sbould be
closely buit together.
Let then Fuir week be a gala occa
sion at nhicb every one leaving his c.
her oveilpatioj for a few days, can
enjoy himself or herself i- ina king
new acquaintunces and reviv ing old
We.o leorn that excursion tickets
admitting the b.earer to the Fait
Grotnd.. c.,n be obtained at the tick
et Uffice In Winnsboro for $2,30.
Let. us all pack up and, go down as
theut4ests of our genil fellow towns
mun .luj. T-. \V. Woodkard the
presidnt. It wont do for W ionsboto
to go back o the Major. A ou cn
make a trip.at any cost from Dve
dollar6 tu five thonsand
gg" No* tha, the apprelen ion
of a difficulty is over, we can Euile
at some of the scenes on Tuesay.
Whlen the row conaineniced, several
of the colored men begnu calling
"Where's de, yanukees." W~hen the
shots were fl.red, a crowdI rushed
poll meli round the cotirt house co)i
ner and maude for the troops, Sherifl
Dayall htaving preceedud. thonm. lit.
Paul started up~ to the sc'ne of th<~
distur'apee, but, left his men behind,
PTnese threatened themselves to turn
loose i.f the crond did not leave,
One old (ellow ont failhng to
get "the faunkees," came baick
and exolaiumed in despair, 'OI
od, de Uu[tgd Sia,tes is goin'. back
on. de niggers. ;Dc niggers aint
got .po . friemids I' Another maol
a gentletman comning into .town antd
told him th4a .doe.peuopte had hseem
killed, and the folks was still shootiu'
[n ten secoin Aifter.theo.shots wver<
II -ed, the upper p'inh~a of the coura
house wps ser,wded.. IAlany colIoredi
people 81tid they. were shooting tlh<
uogroes like dogs, seeming to forgel
that they. thteanse.lves .had brough
th row on. It was entirely .thei1
fault. . If the-y hhd hoct conn~uence
maltreating 3 ado Alobley, the die
turbanoce would .never have oourred
I1n evomy other riot that occurmet
un tho- South on Truesday, the black:
Footittotidd by.. beatin bg deomocra
Inegroes"t and en ling by havinrg fron
I.one,toand S-m kille~d or wounded
IWe advise thte, color.ed people f,.
theIr own good, to have inore tolera
tionm am.tng the:nse.lvess The whiter
are bound toprote st-any colored mat
who votes wih theni for reforma, an<
they intend to do it,.,and are able t<
do it, .Let.ua ,then bare no disturb
anecs Whatever'.
~t'O fhe Cit iions of Puirfikld County.
A rumsor being circulated that in thit
last.election I oanivatqed and need( mlU
influence in behalf ol the Rlepubliens
parly, .I . .her eby eonlradict tho enm
,nd pr.onottnce the author or said rumo
to be a liar, a poltroon and a coward..
Attentltin! Fairfield Sabre Club
'You are hereby' order'ed to autemblu
.Lin Winnasoro on 'Thursday, 19 o
Nov., at- 1I o'clock, A. M., ima full uni
form, armed with sabre anid pistol, fo,
regular drill and piara'd.lo
I3.W. D. AIKEN, Prea't.
WV, J.- Hsano, 1sit Warden.
ocnt 10
KTA: OF bWTTi (4AlIOt.1NA,'j Court of
Chaklohte Crosby. Ctosley CrOsby, Pufan.
ates, wife of'L. A'. C.-Es'es,'Catherite
O l're and- her filidbuid, Joh n A. Du
Pre, Ularlotte Boulwire, and hr. lu
'band. Andtew J. Bbilware, 011lY
1P. BoulW,au, Aorgiirel Nevitt nad her.
husbankd, .lobep)h-K'. Nevtt,
- - --- 1'etitionerb- againsi t 8t
David' erosby and' L. A.'C. EsRes, -Pd.
Ininiistrators di Tho'nais Croiby, deueas.'
ed, Junes' H- anton, lIthodt Cliaitilan ant
ber hust bi id ilts Chaptu, Deleditas.
N p"'' auice of itu Order mnade in te.
above t-tiat ed' ca,6 '-by lie lion.' W.
m. Nelson, Judge of P16b.1te. I will' olle
fo' sak;e at, pu b lic auol ion, to lie lighest
bidder, before the coust l house dt'or in
Wvilnlsboro, within ila leg'il hor a's of sile
otn t,1e first Monday' in Decel-er n1ext.
and the day following) (I.e folloiug de.
oribed pro per-ty :0 Wo : Al% the lntl'o
which Tiioils Crosby 'was selie-1i and
posseviod in fee siniple, at the tit of .,is
death, situate ;Aqsily ih -Fairfield coutiy,
but prinl-y in Kerattiw county.njuthe
Siate a0oemaid, tn t6kviltey and Tlornt Iee
('reeks, 1111d1 iL p of * L it e lil -usall tra'Cis
of land,-l"cenltainding ill 4d1 - thirt een hun11
dred aind tfrly acres, ii*ore or less, ill or
w:irty all Of tItid trti-im ad.,ilitig -ielh
olier, and laken together- fire boutimleel by
l1ads now or lIa ely belo-ngiffg to (he etfdl
of Abatn D. .Jones, Mas. Euglish, Thomam
Junes, lleny Citaunplai, Jolia Nelo'ii,
Wyl.u Albeit' atnd uthe)'s The above
land will bu solil in severd piarcels,' aa
cording to the pl'attsexhibite a o th e-lay
ot sale. Teras of sale 4 , Onie,third e :11
aid. t he balance on a credit or ne* and
iwo years, in 'Iwo etIaIIl diual instal.
mtiC148 Withli ieteeest tliereon, payable tin
IIIIal'y fron 1he d iay- of Sale, I lie puIc1.s
er o putelasers to g,ve d'bund unid MA,rt
giage of the- prweioises t- ilife Judge of Pro.
batu to secire the p%ty u4itt tiereof, ind -
purchaser to pay for papers. -
L. W. DU VA 1L, S. F, C.
Shierill's Office,
W1inn.tsb,>ro, 8. (.,
Nov. 7. 187.1,
STUTH ot LoFt--jt.CAroI.a. Court o 1,
Cous 'Y Or FAin aitt. j I Probalte
Thoianis M. LyleA, as Executor or inst
Will and TestIament o'Th1oma-L Lyle,
dee.ea8ed, againlst Thomla. Lyles, stillio
'oelhiitz, Nicholi P. Lyle%', ,lolin W.
Lyles' .eIton P. Lyle01M*rtiic P. Lyles, 0
iebecca V. Lyles, Carrie 'Lyles, James w
13. Lyles ,Mulry.L,'Cloodlett, Williamn 0'
11. ,-yles and. Florence Lyles.
TN purst once of nit order -indi in lhe
ii bove isted case by the lion. W.
.t. Netzon. Judge 6f Ptrobate, i will offer 8
oi %.tile Itt, pulti ducoibl to thie Iighiest
bi-ildr, betoi e the 3o uri house door in
I- ni0ro, wiltu the lepil hoars of sale,
,i fie fitst Montlay In December next
i1aid th d-ty foilowingI,'he following dle
-crib:-d property, to wit : All that piece,
paronl of- tract or land, Sit.t11te in (le
CoUnIty of Fitirtield and Stato -o' Souith
t1 roan,; contilinitg (igliy ncres, nmore or
isis', iuwnl a- fhe Colman triact., on the
water.m. of Beaver Creek;' botnde.1 by lIatlds A
otJohnl C. Feaster, .. S8. A. ;oleial -l
ti nt lands of William Boykin Lyles, 'Ie.
1ened. Also another tr et 'o' lal i thle di
conny atai Siate -aoresaid, contaliniig It
ihree mutdred.1 anl fourteen aeres, more o Y,
t s:l, fsutle o.a the watels 'of leaver .
Creek, an,d boundul -by lands c(f Miss i
Sitie -1, byles; Mrs, J. I' Colenaii.
T hn,ais M. Lyles and by the road lbading -
a.. A:-h4drd's FerrY, on Brdn'd River.
TvI 1- or sile Oialti-Lthird of I he liuolse
MOney to be aid. in bast, a idthe balmiea.
,hereof on a credit' of onte atia i wo yenra.
tit equal instalments. illi interest-from
Ihe day of sale, paiytable anta tly, ito be
secl te0 by loud i11 1th'c 1-nt-echaser Aid
iiortghige or a ie' ?t entites, te parchaser
to pidy for all nace.siry pipersi -
L W. I)UVA L, S. F. C
S11.if's Office,
Wiotn:b-aro, S. U.
Nov. 7, 1871.
~l')YI virtue of sundrIy ex"ro'tio.as lo me
.1. d:.ected, I' will ofl'er lfor sale lior
ciash,-at pu lic titactiona ao the hiighesa bid.
der' beflor' the courtt hiousae doorit in WIitnna.
torto wil tin t legal hourtas of sata on iltie
firs'~t M1otnay in 'De.calebe nex ' anid i le
day f'ollointg, the foIllonistig de-or'til
pro'et ", tot wit :All I itit picco, plt,r'el
or a riet of~ land, 13'1ing bingat t'd uit nat e
itn lhe soihI' eastern~ pora ttat ef P"atrtieldi
coutry, S't at of 8 t th Ciarolia, on Saw.
ney's Cr'eek. c'oniaining fout' htindredl iad
'eventty four' acres, mt'oro ba' less, anid
boundttied on athe nor'thI by lands of-:
- --, on ate eiat by liands oif Iro. S
b.t't floatwiare' and lands of' Iil tla,k e,0fl1
a te senth Itly latutds of (I. L.- ligii'y, t.d I
Waiest by hinds of' I).ve JBouaware antd otl ,I
er's L,eid tuon na t'e irpety of'
Jlohna D. Friost18r., at lie it of' Jesse i)raft
atg.ant JIohnt D.-Frost, Sr.
All thIat piee, patrrddl or I rnbt of iinad1
Ilit't, bteing and si tu,hte i 'the cotnney'
of1 Faiihtl anid State of SoiiI Carol ina
k nown ase.'t l'oIine pliace'" conita5ining
onei hun adred and fifl'y noes, ntore ot bis,
amit boun ded by Ilandts of' J ohnt it-,bei'son;
TI. J1. II .'Jnes andti ltand,i Intely' ownted by'
Janmes liat'ri foat,dceaiseid. Also antothliir
t'tact of' latid lit. a he counta y anad 8t ate
tjfor'esaid, Comnaiing t"ightly nres, mnore
ot' lesst, ataid kntownt na' thle ''arlinag p'aCe,''
bountded by landu or-Jaoha flat a'. L<on, I.a ,dt .
I 1a<(1y raw .ed byi . Jaumes litarrisott, d eeiaa
edil, Tho orst ?loore - ant I othercts. Lievi...d
upontt t a' the'ciopely of" Abram 1). J1ounes
a i-he a it- of' J1 M. .I Cohllunta nginst TI
J,. II.- JOnlaiEecntor.C
A ll thtat piece, par'el eI! tr'aatt of la'tidl
siltnle in Iihe conity of"' - I'al field 'an I
State of' So alth Carolina, coanitaing seivent
hundr'e''-ncres raore or less, uand bonn.le I
Iby hatads of NIras. Sar'ah l'earson, htttda
lately fielongIng to at' eatto of' E F.
, I,ytes, d cased,- Dr'. II. WV. O.vens, Wiil
litant 11L '1 rapp atnd othlers. .Levied ulpona
na die pr'operty of' Mrs. Mhrt a N. Datw.
kiins, a alae stt of' J. T1. D).wkins, snrltVi.
yin,g aadministatr atnd othiers agaist
IMrs Mataha N Jiawkinas. '
All that piece paroel or "finet of' land fl
ly intg beiang anal sia uai ed intt heIt Cd ttid ty
of F"aitrfield nutd- Staito'-of Sothl Car'otina
oot I Ining nineii hundr'ed aores, mtore or
less anad bounded by latt is of' la .. ?I-edna -
Mt's. E. F. Peterot and f{ -ir? lI J. lNyles,
II itant MriOgana, lands belo'ngintg to i he
e'state 6f 'T'ho'ons-s -Lyles doo-'ased, :A.
Cameron. Wesly Mayfteld. I. I ' Mlinst,
II. 11, Kortand oters. - Lpyied'itpon as
the- properly of' Jacol-Fa.her sa tIle otilt 'I
of Johna C. Feaaster agaonst Jacob Feasier'.
'.. L, W (V A LL, S. F. C.
Shel,riff' ofiIce;,
Nd$. 7,i14
nov 10--fX
Lia parlies Itadebted to me for sup.
-S..pllea, &o., wIll do well t0ocoine
forward andi settIe bofore the ist of' De
comber, as all lions will1 be foreclosed
Otn tht-day.
jand for Sul.
. oltTIO of iie plktation ow'kd)
IA'..Mrs. S, A. Lyles wil, be plyod fol 0
odorate pried aild il pon re'nmonable Iertmu,
7'h portih' oferd for . clde ies north 0:
~he pub:Il ro it [email protected] 3 fro in Winnsbort
o As1tora' 1-Flray upon Ifbeky Creek,
%nd oontalalfng 636 acro. 'A pply' lo th<
ub-ul iber. AVNI 11. . LY LES.
Inow 4-x2
ZZI0-1 sIDS-'s
Corad, Cumho,. Aa;othyst, Poarl,
..hront $7.to $140.
)iamnond) Pearl, Supphirej E.erald,
Frofli $I*0 to $50.
sIAL~ E?INcTs.
am0eo, Topaz, O,Iyx, Amethyst,
Blood Soje,
From $5 to $30.
-ov 5
ThoState of South Crolina.
lN r'Me.- COMMox iv, I.4s.
T r i4 ordered flit the Coni 'or
. General 11essi 4n. n , 'dm, m n
leas in nnd for 11he Coutly of I.tiiet'l
11and tile same is ietoly IIaIdj >iree-d Irom
ond ky Nov. 'nd. 1871, to Tuc-d ty Nov,
rrhl JK741. -. .
Tie Clerk o!iio e ouity will rive (.tie
lice by pr'blicntion al lmtie presellne
tihe (1ra1111ti n Petit '.J)1;O1' and of
itne.ss(s will not be requitred iiii iii 1
01ok'M. 'on Ihe last iinmed dae.
(Sile"l ) T. J. . MA K EY.
ovelber 60 1874. Cit-ecknil Judge.
Tru'.-a Copy.
Clerk o'fCotrt,
Nov.- f2xl
AIM .E& 0.,
DGE I,'S W 1I A ItF. CI A It l,ISTON F. V.
I 1 ltAi. advances mado upon c .
J 5;goimilnns' of 'ollon or oiher Fro
ice th inem ' in ChariesIon, or irotigh
Pir correspoilens in Liverpool, New
)rk and 11llimore. ,
ki' A-rHotir alention lo It aie rf
llud Coton.
N(,v. 7
m 0:0 0
Ladies',. Gents' I(d Boys'
boes andt Giiters, Fan'ev
ICnttjinge (ottonj,
Gelis1 til ('n 8111r1s
:1d Blanikets.
R ~ifle anud .Ulastinig Powvder,
h iot, and atfety JFuse. .As
~1tther.lot of' inel Cigar's and(
MceMaster' & lurice,
nova 10
Kirig & Sons, of Columbia,
[8 sold1 wholesalo and reo all by Dr. W.,
LEP. Alikonr, agent. Thoso- bnjinig by
a d,,zon will save the freighti fronm Co.
namb n.
9 12
10 cts. 10 octs.
F ur Fine Drev3s Gom
.0 TO
For Fine U!acket,
G0 Tj
1; E
1'jr Cheap Apia
f.o TO
For Fiue Alpactis,
Beatutifut Edginig,
Fine Lime Line of N,tionis,
Tito Nilson Corset,
. 1)ANNENUEItGu..~
ca0uties of Collcre,ts, Kid (;loves of
all etes at .
'AN N E N 1; i'.
lsome Styleo Men '1nd Yioutts
CIA 'I'll IN U,
Aln11 FurniSh ing1- toi oud. (T.1 !
wt3v 10
. - . ----
mal lukillg a i [\][
of thik Celebrated Jh-d Cch
Ccigars, 4n Guarne a (d.
Smuoke for
]i"V' J~' 1T s T1.
S 01ln .110
"Ven 'Il 1llIld .JuA.~ ~ee
J Wv LAW & (CO
lI N I ol t Ili line of I antdy, (>i
therecs for Ptg -: n-. iiein'd by
J1. h. L.\W & I.i.
) B'.e Btlen'er Clo) ih, libick. Jli i ein
U J. W. LAW & O
warnihad dIurnhjiiity.
, .1J. W. L AW & (CO.
si .by Mtr. V. IL. Idany, ai Iir. chm
* J. Wt. LA W & CO.
Olov addie's anid Oetitb Und(erI
wear', Geist I.ine'n IIlandkcerche ief., S'cuarfs,
Ilows, &c.
.J. W. LAW & CO.
Icont in mo lo or'd'r Irs 'mi. $,hi ,
taieni here, andi we al ways gntaant 00 1 LI.
J. W. LA W & CO.
r ill is beil hainIIe-Cewt d 'ongress (:o
hatltd and for saido by
* J. W. LA W & Co.
i7~oL 90 a goodt~ had-eed, Call'
J. W. LA W A CO.
Wh't ion picei olf licate ld
anlt 11, for sadle by3
J ) I1'S thod, P'op'ino . ( Mbionee
Sullinte of' thle celeb,nr 'ell Urt jail
IDu oh as lilac k ;' lpaa ,tfera. lte'd .hy
. W . A W & CO.
~13 AO, olfT,o, Sugar,Tn. er,
frm sale by
-J. W. L AW & (C0.
[SH" Be sir i'e tl y the celo.
J. W.LAW &c Co,
1OCt 3
A. .\ b t . I i i
r- 44 i n I t t . 'f I y lil 14. ADo141 (2-I-- Iec
d-n!m '- i h-in V,/lr. li e.: W AL' heA ier
\i I % Irt :it 1 it Il 4 -11 .ilog 41 ii
it)'n .4' and ''i l 1 n od c i tto
i,0 1 "A 4 ' F.. , A j c i I ,,;; Ii e t ha
C i rel n A , Is, . a slv IIIi" le H n
I Y ut, I. I. ir 4 I . . m12 1 , i, (' Ill' le us
IsIl o- , If '. i y (..% A t l -. v i ll
4,'1a !S r -ie ,
442 . Can% 1e..
s I o F I I ;- II t . '3 i h
I low . \\lot i t g .i Q ", i e e t
t i I o -:I I -,.1o 1i-ht oitn In I",h t o .
re- i r.A;-, q,v 0 V0 hie t ;t
NT4of 'a e' ne e8t.tieth.
l* I I . . ' Ot 1" i 'r ou otle, ].r
J)21 22. t). di V.1 % 1 'i t~ (l' 11del' ir
111 ' wili Le-v:l!iC. O.D.
1 I-I , . N I:,- i I- I 11. It
Ail V . 1e1 ,n-e, , it ji I .ll pz,1 . Ii, 4c
OyO.Y Ilk -Il i. t Ip , i t Aheir V 1111me? be,A
h. e hwi. e, ,,, ,. i n 1 ntt) v.iIll.
1244 b 1 ('2', thina.. 4,' on it ~ 4ly nIid al -
' ;iv Y. At n b: by si g PrI-1 te'
Ic ta I u. a . :1, "Iill *1n. lin y
hoa-I .A. c.I 11i . Iw iitil w.< 'y
A ti 1~ 1, A V~ C8 1 it) Il J :k" Nf ' t e
\ k it - iA) -A I . I 1 a it 1 1 re s t iln
4h4- h bI i I ti. '-, tly adoptiled by thi e
v' . i i I*i l .;I l
S4.: i. - . 1. ' .1 . v i'lthar' '.
I,a V. A'. 'l 1i :4 i.t;e 1 ) [:0 1 fi l ! il t i
t) i I I . ! I is A ti - v M 1 11 111 r , ib:
'I.:' I1I llA8 !, IA 1,j C t- I-i it42 14 1 1 . i't40
; e .\ it I 1. N.i. l I .:iO'
I ' sn . i. . I o Ip ille Jn a llel jg il
lI'.0 V i to :Ik s'll e 'A xcellet ' 1 Ol, for '
oi40 .\le1. lo 1; . I he v .\ .lem.s
'OIN 'A k ,1 .1i ti fo i ' i t. cor J. e1tc t ,
ciiit'. i 4 ir 't. i - '. I I 11.11'
i ". h r I - . '. h 4 ' lil ll k
IV A - . ; ir. , . . i I' t :i t tix tVilj l -tt .%
hM i . I I ,i v.44 .
t1 . A, .,; A. A 1 % I A 44 - it A21 I '
( / .ii I i; i. I ( '1 1 Till - I: I 0 f.
tiAl "'' nt IA l l1r n .w t fl. 4n nt i l a
1 ' 4 , 4 2 ' .. , e b *i 14 !hnli t s in
V.n A "I" A - iY I IV i:.' i i ma In.
V - i I I, N E i i oI b_" inen
: i t 1 1' 4 91 8 C . p -l i,
!.'r AI lit it i'l ie I' . .I A .g it
1;' 1., 'II ' I I'l v.. - Iiitw k
bA -'44 ) A q .b2i v er y
b I h kit v yp Indv
2444 "-'i r prep al'l'h,
- e-'-er.I We: wi.h
41 I4 Ii I4( A. t1s4 I''IO l :! .1 A- li . i t 1 I2I
ti it i)4, '04( %vi(' 1.44 13 11 1142
thl i Yvr -i..
'.!z' 11 ) ' . i :tIT 1 .. 1 1 4) 1 .3
LI C 111 lkIfII (i ;1.'l'c ,1( it:i 1 1141 P -,
i I' Pe I.i:. ' IiZ' . L . 1.
' >A 1 h ,t' I l\-1t4l i -I'I' i n gen41 11cAa
I 4 ii 'l l;i ..( I 1 ll' 1i ei tFli is'l it n
tI , i '1'V llno2 . l4,r .i, .)1.0I4
!.il .2' 2c 3 1-1 11l . 142 I 4' I AD1'A! 4 f:a2 lit41.j4 1
. 244 12411 h 1v . A I I
i e I., v I , 1 4 1 1 1i l
- 4 . A -l' '', IA l . -
1n1 21pw AII.1j1,t. l . s ca-,
I. ch.'ap4r iAti it4Vwha'.Fa 1 1 i
('. in.' 'Whl' Ca iv 1.1 1 ili Ain
11'2 i tte l' '2 ofl A 1".r; AI~~ii l i lal
ile y 12 -a Io . ii i l 'e d: . 24. ('I J/
|.411 4:i yt iion, 4 1 42441 eltielly fro il(ho 410;
rin, lthe' 142p4 ined .hui 4popetie of whbic h
:'2l('ly 42ed, "'h2,4. he1a1.11f h
nves isd~ helt. Thecar Thieat
blo lon-i!i' ont' a44 l Ife- Tiving prn ile
iVa 4ni'th1 4eovat!Ir and.1414 In iigrt
2 4'f 4o the yste.l or Ne1ver' before i the
h'4itory of4 the4 v:old has a med'itI itn oben
41.k of7.1. iivery di ry na bn h ira to . ) e
YrIO gnioluraieOswel(-l T ne
reh e'.in o ytm r Inh nmin o

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