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WILLIAM & DAVIS, Proprietors.1 A Family Paper, Devoted to Sciknce Art, Inquiy, Industry Add Literature. [TERMS---$3.00 Per Annum in Advance.
FA I RIf I U Li ) 11EBi L D
i , wv VEK,y BY
W I L I I A 111 . & U1 A V I S.
Terms.-The /AII.[ I, /) is publisied Wtenk
ly in ie Tow of Wiab3ro, at i3.OO
invarialy isn advan'c.
tk&i* All transtent adertiseIeiis to be
. In v .1 Ir A NC It.
Oitliary Nuticus afid Tibuteh $1.00
per quar'e-.
'Short and Swit.
An I ow a edit,+ who n1tetd-'d a pnlart
U-sts tt (et W14li the1 C43rn-111Y dt' 3 fi i i
liittihnkt wh W1) ore l 'ose on her f,-orlhe.-I
nl thus gtushel about. it :
Above )ler tib Sb
Tinro is a rose
boloe litat rose
Thre is it nose.
Rose, n1ose;
Nosei 'ose,
webi rose0
Diar ioie..
lielow her clahti
'lhire is a pinli
Above lhat pin.
her is I chill.
Pll. ch01-,
Chinl, pil;
Avhereoaponl at rivall editor -Oihus apo)'S
trohise-si the lown chap.
-Above theiAlool
There is a f. i
IW-14 lie t'ool
There is it siool.
'1001, tool,
Ftlol -.1 Vou,
Old -tooi,
Uklow his sedt.
There it i-e i wo i 1;
Atove these feet.
There is it scll.
Feat. f'eel.,
Ftet sea ;
Sofi stat,
lig let.
[Wonden If that felloW aint Selby.j
A Legend About hawyers.
IoW THiEitE bAME ib Dr. ONh 1
A journal lately annitheed that
the corporation of sherifs had ad
dressed a pitition to the minister of
justioc, reque,(ing that the oflice of
.justice of the peace should hereafter
be aoces,ible to retired sheriffs, and
not pertain exclu,ively it) lawyers
Iol attorneys *ii lavb left the bar.
I ws.t recently taking aluut this re
1lu,t with a sheriit.
"Why not ?1" said; *with heat.
"We are at good as the lawyer.
II-mhaps we ark bettbr. 01' what
are they so pi-oud I It is trud, they
S;y, that the sherif have never fur
lli.hed a aiint for Paradise. I dd
not dispute it. .But the law.yers I
they have only firnithed unl Itild
bvin lie eitered hdak-en by a trick
voi'thy of tiade."
"Ah '' said I, ''is there a lawyer
in Paradise ? I avow this su-priset
ue, I believed the celestial dwel
ling guarded against lawyers as firm
ly as agaiist restauamit keepers ahd
tailom. Itelate to mo the history ol
hii la0yer whd has fortiid the
celestial garda.ft
"Willingiv; AboUt thiee bentu.
-ids ago, a laiyer slipped itito heaven
tunde r the namte of his coffsin; Abbht.
tie Uiterius, who hadl Jast died in the
sazLor of' h'ohness; M-l went dll for
t,wo days and no one suspected that
there was ani irntri.tder in the ctlestial
dwellings. But att the end of t.wb
ditys our lawyer wias homesiok for the
toourt. iIe was bored, le set oult
thIeroere, to survey the couirt of heo
voni, statring~ at die passer..bty. as lie
had foime rlyd done in thle hallI of
Pau'Ph'rdueo, in order to place his
hiand uipon a gbid elient.
"A eauseo I a dadl5e !L must have
ft cauiso I'' said he, eleniching his fists.
"I want a dause ;ought I to plead
for nothing ?" But all thud .ma oars
had a joyaus if wTiidh hftrdly denio
f.ed the pre.oeduptationA of chicatidry.
id das dismayed -furious: All it
oned ho depted a yottng nioma i
elothud in long pruohrning robes;
wiho, with eyes dast dowvfi andi melafl
eholy brow, wvalkedl slowly dhing;
]eiud ing a chilId by the hanad.
'"Victory"' cried our miain, maying
ai joyoua g-imboh. "Behold theeuse
Behold then widow and die orphan I''
W ith a turn of his hand ho adj us-.
tcd his band, drutped his rube ole
gantly, and presented himns1f to the
ni idow, making one of lisa nost anmia
1>le bows. "Madame is a pulaintiff,
said( lie in a honuied voi9e, "Oh 1
y ou may h ave, madanmer all confi
dlence in my ability, For the rest., I
have the car of the tribunal, Hlate
you the papers? As for theojus -'
The lady raised her eyes, and
uttered a ery of terror, "Mon
D)ieux !' said1 she, "but thtis mani is
M~on Parleereux. It is at year' siniae
then my poor child.'' At th,e cry
raised by the widow, a great crowd
gathered. They surrounded her
they qluestionod her, they uniderstood
the truth. Immediately, gowa
clam tr resounded under the whole
celestial vault.
"A lawyer I there is a lawyer in
Paradise l But what is St. Peter
thinking of ?" St. Peter soon arriv
ed at the spot. [He perceived his
orror and commanded the intruder to
forbidden him. M ons. Paitereux,
intiuiidated "for an instant ver3
quickly recovers his assurance. He
MoUtItS it &Iil hill-, turln Up his
sleeves, coughs, blows bib niose, the
extending his har.d towards the audi
tory, lie ories : "iotl . Car ?
Quare ? Quon.>do ? Quando ?
"You tire ne,1 bluatly replies the
guardian of heaven. "Go hence. I
have already said it ; I repeat it to
"I consent to it, if only the tbinp
is iegal. I demand of the tributial
pet mission to put oue ilestion to ij."
"'ut. it, but quickly."
uGentleimiei if there is in the uni
vero a Iplae where the la.v ought
to le ic-eoted, it Seetms to ie that
it iN hem, in the iahetiary of eternal
jlliice-. All, %Vell, gentlemen, ae.
oording to the law. a proprietor ik
not to expel a lodger without sndiig
a suil.nois to him by a heriff.
hw-lit my "uiilikoud, and i uaku my
rU Nrves.
St. Peter was toved by this reas.
ouing. So be it. Let some 0ne go
atter the she.ifi to imike the tin
a bas." Five or .Ik t.lieers imme.
diatuly btarted in quest (f a Mheriff
But aiter a long stereh they i3,me
back, without b.iiiing with thdin the
civil ufliecr. "Ah, well !' said St.
Puter,"wlore is the shetiff '
"inpcsiblb to flud one in Para
d ise.
"In faft, ilthough I have not
thought of it before, there has never
b in one Odtjitted here. What shall
we do not, to % iolat the liw ?' A I
buisst of cuhning latighter replied to
him. h was Mulls. Palileirux who
n4earl swdon'ed with delight un tee
lig the ewbarasmncut of the beleatial .
guardian. "I ,hall await my sam
mions a lung time," said he, making
t tietolious ge.tul-e. "The sheriff
who will bribg it to id Is not 3et,
born .
St. Peter was taken aback.
Oine of his advi.e;.s whiisper(d to
hiin the Idea of a:lowing a sho ilf to
enter ParadiAe 'or t te* houis only,
in order to hasten the departure of
tie laiyer. "That would be a bad
expedient," replied lie, '3"ou do not
know lawyers. Ours would find
imeans to ent vit upon tle legality of
tht tU1umons. Ie would plunge us
into the trbubled watern of the laws
and fl-alt, Ild *ddld not leavd di.
Aftel- that I sl-buldl find myself with
a lawyer .ditd Abilfl du tiy hands.
The fir.t i. enough.' And this is
how thero cirad to bd d lawyer in
0 4 -'
A 9S1ple llCiRedy for Druiinkeniess,
There iq a cutii[us prescriptioi in
England for the oure of dnuoktndess
b-y whiell thous ands ar6 did to
have bieh is.isted ih rtcoverihg
themselves: The recipe 6adie iflo
n()tolifly through the efforts of John
\Yjie Ilaill, father of Rev. Newman
Iilli at.d Capt Vine Hall; command
oi of the Greatt Eastern steamship.
lie had ftall8i lt1to such habitual
drunkeft-:-.? thkt his titmbs <hotts
to regain himself provdd unavailing.
At length lid i9ought the aid of an
eminen. physitcianl, who gave hitti a
pr.triptioli whith he followed faith
full.y for several motnths, tandl at the
endi of that timen he hail hoit all
desire foi- liquors, and tilthogh lie
had for many 3 ears bdeb fed etuptive
by a tmost debasing appetite. Th'le
recipe ui llih lie after wards published,
a-nd by fdiei so nmany haive been as
siztted toI refori is as follows :'Sul
ph: e of i: on, f grainas; nmag nesia, 10
gra Iits ; pep,petiiiit water, il granf ma
3.pirit of lauitmeg, I drtichmu ; to be
taken twie a day." This prepara
tion acots as a tonic andi titiminulant,
and so pairtly stipplies the place oif
the aiceustomted liquor, atnd pi events
that aibsolute physical and moral
prostrLtioni that follows a sudden
bi eakting uff fromt the ose of stimnulat
A Speaking Jackass,
'ihe iNaltimore Stin says "A mong
thio mir.ny curiosities brought to
Fred6riek d irritig thd cbntiinuane of
the fair;tuo htae ditracted grea.er
autttetin anid 6audedh i'no amtuse urgent,
tihdn i jaokass (euntered by, a gentle
ii'an n'iimed G roveu; tromt Shepherdsa
towii, W. 'ta.) whtih speaks. One
mani asked him to takei a' drink. ile
r.nswveredh ini good Eniglish, "'Why
not 'C The atnimual does not differ
muate.-ially from his specIes, except
thiat his ears are not quite so long.
Iliis owner cantnot account for the
laeulty of speech developed in the
animnal,- bixtoconsidors it singular th'at
it should be able to- articulate only
the words "Why not." U1r. Groves'
war offered $500 for tho curiosity,
but refused. .
Adelina Patti is getting to have
quite a reputation as a spoiled child
of song. At a late reception, a Yan
kee, whose parsi'mon.y held even
sway with enthtasiasrn, tenturod to
present the befeweled- d'erling with a
fii y.oett ntosue.gay,- and the ihiook it
caused her was so g'eat that she
stood up on one leg for eoveral see
on de, whbile ten or a dozen genitlemon
,orambled wildly around in search of
cushions for her to faint away on.
13rookcl' n Arous.
Flafi etWeci a Tiger and a Uirl' :y.
On one ooca,,ion Lent was the pro,
prietor of a traveling circus and
m01tagCiC. One day Ie inet a man
out west who had a grizzly boar for
sale. As the animal was a splendid
specimne of A young grizzly, Lout
purlia3ed hilit, amAl after he got hint
lie found hiu,self in the position of
,he man who drew the elephant. Thore
was but -one cage in the menagerie
that could contain ithe bear, and that
already had an occupant in the shape
of a large and finely deelbped Ba:.u
.l tiger. sent, told one of his part..
tivs (tait h was goiug to qu-citer the
gtizzly with the tiger.
"l'he duvil you are.' was the ans
wer. ,\Wliy; that tiger will maliii t
square tueal of him hef9re you .eau
"All ight ! If lie does I'm tatis.
fied," say4 Lent. "You look aftbr
your tiger and I'll take 6ar'b id moy
The grisly was aebording lifte'd
into the oage; the tiger havtug pro.
viouu.ly bteen dtiven i.ito the oppoite
corner by the ap-plicatiou of hot iroas
'l'hen all the employces of the circus
g tlered to witness the light The
unimals --iglted each otlher tat the
saic inmstaa.t ; but while thb tiger's
eyes blazed with fury and hil tail
I 1ed thae bars in his escitement;
the.grizzly simply nodded in a sleepy
tnaaIer; is if in recognitism of tbt
preL,Ce of the bea.t, and crushed
dgainst tht bars wuithig develop
meatts. They rumaitied ai far ap.At
a. the t'ap- %ould momrtilit for ttt leat,
five aitilbtes ; but every momnict the
rage of the tiger seemidd td increase,
whilt the bear seemed to be sinking
into a deep slumubbr. At lait the
tiger Lean to giowl and slile to.
ward the bear moving from Ride to
, idIe of%the cage as I.o did so. The
gmowling arou.sed the t,eat to lifej i-lad
be hadi1l just timae td IIJmsut-b li5 efIe
Iy, whij, with the rapidity of light.
tg111; teL tigut- bp1ling forward an'd
ablglitet iipoiu i6 is head and back.
For a amoment. there a%s a terrible
bowling from both animali, an they
rolled over and over in the cage, and
they tepaiated Idr all instant, tWe
bear sevming to llav6 shaketi ol his
antagoiat ; During this brief cessa
tion of hotilitieg it was feared that
the bear laad gbt decidbdly the worst
of the coillbat.; as lie wag blbeding
freely from several g;aping wounds.
The backer of th-3 tiger was de
lighted, Iand walited Lent to bihiueat
to having a b-top pit to the light.
6?Ne," ans%were. lie 'Ict. tPeIml light,
md I'll het onl the bear." So at it
they wt.-nt againi, and there was ter.
I-itlc lighting for several niiutes. It
finally ened in the tiger giving
Revela'l mouinful howls, niaid %libh
they tete teparated lie Oldish advay
to ak corner as meek atnd bubmissive
looking as an animal could
he. After that day the biar
bot.sbd that cage, and if thb
tiger becamb umrtly he receited a
blow froit the grizzly's pav that set
him t' thinkhing tver p:ss events al
A very jealons Cincinnati lady
lately awoke tip the wi-ong passen.
ger." A gelitlemain and his wife were
pJrommnenadmaug t he street in the twi
lighat. A well dressed lady rushied
til suddenly biehid thie pair anfi dealt,
thae wife a hhfirp blbw bit tlae temple
whi tan iron poker. Th'le woman fell
uad thena the assailitnt rman frighatened
away. The manle membner of thtat
pronmnading pmair wVas amatead at, the
lit tle lieid'tnt. 116 entrioi his wife
itnto a dIrug store, where shec wias re
storaed to conaseinnisnaes and wondered
what it wais all abotnt. The resi
daence of the as-aatmnt * wasi known;
an md she explaminead that she thoutght
the main was her own husband, and
she knew the wvoman withI whoum lie
wais walking was niot her husband's
wife. Shed aas ekeeedinigly sorry fe,r
time painftfnl ma.-take; and begged off.
Ovigto the resp'e6tability of all the
[pairties thme aiktter was smioothecc over
anid the pblier )aid away for the p'res'
If ?h6 o1d iia,lu Q~ill insist dn (at.
inig a smoke after goiung to bed ai
night thae sooner th'c, house is faaurdd
for t.wide ftB value th'd teore 6oumpla
cen t w ill be tlhe feelings of tih'e' i&elaZ
tives whao astanda by when the litem&N
bunt amonag the. rtins foir hid .brnes:
[?[AdroU Frec Press.
a i tinnik ch<eie fr Ch'iongo at
thin depot jefterday had th'e' fdllo.w.
hng indriptiona iasted on it. "aPor
Hl6avenl' saike, lafJ light on sthis
trunk. All I've got i's in it, and
every eens ina my podkeC [ will haVe
to spen'd to g6t a dN$orbo ffom'~ a
shiftless husband. ..,
At thec late Baptist Convention t6
Providence, Rhode Island; tWie lIap
list Chureh at Jamiest6wn appliedl fo'r
letters of disamission from that body
ont accounat of itsexer'cising op6fl com
munition with other Christians, whichi
is contrary to the principles guera1
ly of Baptists in this country.
A Sana Juan mined wh~o his be4d
prosp)ectiUg in Sonthwestern Colora
nto lins foutnt a whdle forest of petri.
tied trees, with petrified birds sitting
n the limbs singing petrified sona.
Blctioli Notei.
For of ail sAd *or de, of t6ni%! or pen
Tihe saddset of these "we sisant hava Ben1.
[Counmercial Advertiser.
How Butler was puekered.-Pel
Many Olo went'd bed on il
"eve of election" woke up on th<
sunrise of defeat.
We own up. Will the Richiloid
Enquirer please poss altng tha
plate of "biled crow 1
The Deimocratie 'days have conie
t Ie \;ddoA4 of the year-All the Re
publicau papers.
Oh, Lord ! to be beaLed 'ws bad
enough, to. be.boaten by a Thompson
with a 1) !-Louisville ("ourier-Jour.
bomesti6 rehiark of the past few
evbnin9s-'-8hyed,up 'oou't 'leek
shun ieturns, n' dear. 8bplendid
Democratio vie'ry.
A compotitor on a St. LWbs ta.
pef mado an bditor say tihl "this
war-ory is the key-hole of vitory."
"Old MEassachus0tts--there she
stands."1-D. ]Telcr. N t so,
Daniel. Sie is flat bi hei back, and
the Democratic party A Ailting <,l
It.is pleasillit to ob8rve di't Lit.
tle Rh. dy luiids firm, al,o Florid a
while Vashington Tertitory gained
ai delegate and NeVUdaI gains a1 mmi.
her of Congre.s, and the Wiicouitain
deleg atioh renains unchanged.
Tie St. Louis Globe won ers if
the President when he iid his
proclamation thought the Thfijkgi"
ing turkey wtitild till oft to be a
Deiocratic rooster.
'The Iroverb says that whelk things
are at their worst tay- soon leginm to
iend. We doIA, i4how it cin be
much woise fui the Ilepublici"n par
ty than 6t )r'esent, 'so "rhere'. a
gUdd i,he It 66ing, boys:" Therb
Is 6onsoldtioti id thdt.
Nut that the third terib business
is gone up, tihe New York iHerald
and Tribhne hfe pret,wh k6 'ela
cios natil-rative that, President Grant
is engiiged In a ploi to ubdicate the
thione ir. favor of Susith 13. Anthony
who utill riign as a imilitary dibta
tor, supported by an armj dile-eil in
Six mnoittiN before the belohing of
the guns of Supmter anyone would
have beou deemedila f<o! who predicted
ab.olute war.-P4dade1phia Preso.
This may ll be true enoug.h, but
the war is over now, and why d, you
seek to renew the bitterness of see
tional hate by rpelling Sumter with d
"4p V'-LVuisille Courie r-jou-nal.
We are ready to give our certifi
6dte, tb the I)enmoracy that their
work was liell done. bJodiidering
the length ot tihie since any job of
the sot-t had berilperformed, it was
a r6ifaikable piece df wothmanship.
It is now stoIfy iintained that
Judge J. 13. Abbott was eetod to
Congress ini pne .f the lbsidp tila.
triots, ind thatl.cdst was defeated.
WelJ, one frost more or less does not
mnuoh matter in this kind of weather.
The fusion ticket carried 13 eoun;
sips in thle State and 19.4 Aiken fly
>i7, and Lancnater b)y 29 votes. Car
penter ca rriedl eonly 9 counties in
1870. TPhe cot!servatives and inde
pendents together have 50 ,members
of tf?e hadsae. diiagberlatn's niaort
ty is not yet ~eoided. It ir will he
about 12,000. f'hie mazjority for WVal
lace is 20041 votes. Smalls, lioge
and Rainey (Itegulars), and Mackey
(bndependent) are also eledted td
A fMrried muan, hearing that thd
eating of a egria kIn d of iinitnal
f6'od wo'uld aidl the dame9 tissues of
the huinaf td. dy-s; for ibitaioe;
calve.' .bradr ,a I6,d nodridh thme
entetr's brain9; or beef's lifei-~ the
6ater's 1.fe a- inimed?stely, gave
strict orders td his hutceher that no'
more tongue should be sold1 to his
wife or mothet-in-law;
Ntosby''s ' eillas had( a rSiilioi
in lltior4 e other day. It tranis
fired in tl't'e con'iersation,s that one of
the most pof,ular tetdi'i1st l'reacha
er8 noy in' Baltimb're .wa's among the
niost arin iJo'f 'losly's moen.-Bston
'flio6 defe 1t&4 radicals in Lexing
ton have p i9tested against the count
ing of the 'otes' from four of the
el;edon' pr 01gots, on aseount of the
ttil'eged "ntatorial Irregularities" on
the part of theo managers of election.
P hiladelpbfa hias nine daily nioin
rIIg pbpers, .. Amer ican and three
Oermnan y an nine daily aftein'oon
papers, all Atcericianl
Pais iis to have a ,Itussian news
paper, to be published under the
supervision of the Russian amibassIt
Aor- I
EAccution of Udderz-ok.
M m. Uddeizook was haned i'n
Wo,tehester, Pa., on the l2h.-.
His case,was very pebuliar. In the
0 irly pt-t of lAst yea'r in Haltiiore'
thie laboratory of Uddei? )ok's broth.
or-in-law, W. S. Gosi, was burned.
A charred borlse wah taken from
the ruins which was said te be that
of Goss. Mlrs. G :sj reosvored
$2.5.000 froqj i'veral insurance con -
palios, policies on he' huAband'.s life.
I[n July of the saino year, it 11an
came to Westchester, icprecnting
hi1mi'elf to be an ivoit who regi'er
ed as A. (;. WI on. tJddeizodk aW
.he went out driviig, and Wilson was
never even afiei-ward. A short time
after thii) ihs the woods %'ah iiK4idnd A
corpFb from which the hiad and
limbs had been rewovod. It was
idoutifled as thu body df Wilson, and
a seal ritig wti .found which former
ly Hlongid tW (Goss. Udderzook was
arrested; olh6r prcof was lound, aild
lie was botivieted of murder. II,
itiade every effort t oltain h i ai-dn.,
but failed, ad *as6i h wgtd on Thurs
day protesting his innience. It is
believed that he and GoS etered
into a enispiracy to defraud the in
suranct conipanics, that G oss ts
.Umed the name of Wilson, and that
le was tetihly murdered at West
elest r by Uddeizook, The insr.
a1ce eoilpanies have h;ronehlt stit lfor
tIe 'ebovel-y of the $20,A), as it has
but been prdv6n whether the charred
body was G),l, or or whether Gos-i
;und11 Wilso. were the same person.
The evidence iri it inurder ease w.s
purely ciicuniitantial and their cac
has excited great interest, from its
Wihy it will bc it emarkaiblc Body;
The forty-fourth congress w ill be a
Vemial hald1 body, as well fur the ab
.sellce 'f faiiliar face.i, as for the
pre-setice of iew ones. Tho chafighs
in the house 1111v bb kolhiewhat rougih
ly indicAted as follows ;
Meiibers of pieseut house.. .....292
Willing to be re.elected . :225
13catOll in etinvention.- ........68
Beaten by the people.........52
Ele tiolis to be held............17
Nw% flicilbers................10
It is heldoni that a general eleition
revulutionizes the Iouse ad coilplidte,
ly as inl ili. in.stanl6c.
Thb prosortion of now mieors is
laige, aiid among the present, tom
bers who will not rettiri are tdmo of
the mio?t 'influential men in tie
house. 'he ab-.-hee of utitler, l.ihs
11. Rloberts. Wilm. WViili,er Phelps,
Negley. Judge Boar, Dawes, lloopei.
Goutih, Wdrd, %IcNulty, Mlaishall,
Cobb, Stadard, ex 0overnor W ard,
Goiekel, Parson and' PIand wil be
ftlt, and, upon thb (wholo enjol
New iiiembers who are expectod to
maiike a mark in the house, are Gen
eral Banks and Julius HI. Sceyle; of
Massanhusetts ; J. 1r66tor j ndtt, of'
Kentu6ky ; Ex (jovernor Phillip F.
Thoins, Maryland ; Getieral Wil.
litims, of Detroit ; Allen Potter, of
Kalainazio ; Simneon B. Clittendbn
of Brooklyn ; Winihrop N .Ksctohum
of WVilkesbarro Jolhn. 11. legn
of Tle>tar, one (of Jeffeison D)avib'
enbineot ; .Jas. Wi. Tfhrockumoton, of
'Texas ; Gilbert C. Waulker, of Vir
ginia ; and ieihael C. Kerr, of In
d1 ia na.-C(ihicago TIribune Itep.
The Chicago Tribune, hitherto an
Independent journal in politics. is
said to have been bonght by Mr. Jos.
Medill fiur tie pirpone of making it
a republican organi. Mr. U1edilh wy
one of the iirs.t journalsts in the
country to speak kindly of the dou th.
We ihall be sorry to bee him becomie
the part 1san' of a factioni ditie' i6 novt
in its inortal agony.
A cihdioat6 for Counell ini lalli.
mnorb hit dpen tin igiou'ris niethod
ot deleetikpg tra'uiAa in registration.
It, is safdl be sont out postal cards
addiessed to each name on the list,
add lettor Saiiridri viro instruceted t,o
dfio~ e'fery inians to deliver thu.mi and
note the fact oni each card whieb
could not be deliveredi. Thle eartiers
rou'nd a large inumber of t,hese piersons
decad, mnany more hiad moved, aindl
many had never iiv Id in tha
Iward. Nearly a quarter of the en
tire list was thus shown to be fraudu
Bishiop Bedell, at a recent i?ita
tion to the Episeop'al ChIarolk in D'ola
ware, Ohio, preached a sern#on con.
demning in very s-trong langu'ago thio
sinful aniusements of the t'imes, such
as the modern theatre, th'e opera,
public balis an~d lasoivion's dances,
gaming,' and hofs'e racing*.. 'the yrno -
uice of int roda'og the rast nadued
species of gamb'ling i'nto our agi ioul
tural fairs ro3eive d a severe rebuke.'
"h'e'o' thing," says Jeani I au1,
which. aiaden tihost easily forgets Is
bow she looks. Hence mirrors wore
A shooking aoeno--Kerosene.
03 Pickagos of NEM 11 A CK011 -L
in) 13arrel's, 11101, and punrter l3ar.
rels, K its 1, :., :1 aid extra nuam
ber 1, MEISS.
:328 Sncks of fresh ground JI-, )l?,
all sir.I and gradem from the
Oranito 31ills Augusta Gak.
A.full stoclk of Ordec'es, Provisions
hIld P'lantation Supplies. al I
of which will be sold at the
lowest prices for CASIL[.
3 Y
B3unty Br. mSion
o1t 29
t T P l E.C LWIt'
I Car Lo:ml Whit' Seed
1 Oar Load Black seCfd
very bost 11,d1Rst-Proof
si,.d Oaks,
Seed R),0 an1d IBarly,
White4 4,n1d SmAked .Bacon
mnd Sh1o1ildk,!S
vey best S. C. I 1.uus, Choice
13utter, :gI ( an Ties.
D. R. 11 E 4N N IK E 41N.
oct 22
P--nnn --'0 A DO A- TP
a tudies', Gets andl Boys'
Shoes andl GaIiters, Fanicy -
Plaid Flannels, Dr~ess Buitton's,
Woolen Jeansi,
Knitin Ctt.Io
Undi~er Shirtus,
Genits' Lii'eni Shirts
and( Dr)iawers.
-A L~SO--a
(au-petsa, Clothirig, Overcoata
Rifle and Blasting Powder,
Shot, anrd Safety Ftse. .Also
another lot of Fine Cigars and
McMaster & lBrice,
no~V 10'
AIIANI)SO'NII line of Fancy cassi;,
1110rus for Panust reoulved by
J , W. L AW & CO0.
1 ,ACI 1road Cloth. Black boeskin,
in Ieatver Clot I, Blacnk. Blue and
rIIown ia1o1l0 for vale by
J. W. LA W & CO.
, Pt 1 lhe CItrlot(esvillo Wooleil
W AIlM Cassieres, tinsiirpassed for
warnth and durabiliig'.
J, W. LAW & CO.
TE are preparei to have our goods
V cut and made to order inI tho best
Hlyle. by .Mr. 1). L. Delany, a first class
J. W. LAW & CO.
W E KEEP a frood line of Iosiery,
(Ilovem, Ladies and (ents Utider.
wear, Gents Linen lianlkherchiIfs, barfs;
Bows, &c.
J. W. LAW & CO.
E conltinuo to order Dress Shirts
whioh nro made from measures
taken here, and we always guarantoo a fi.
J. IV. LAW & CO.
r 11llbe.-A hland1-1eived Cong ress Old
-' ters nd ha11lj-sewed Boots, now oI
band and l'. sale by
J. W. LAW & CO.
sell a good hand-sewed, Calf
W Bfoot at (Ite very low prico of ten
Lf S(ock of Flannels, Rled and
While, wilh one0 picco of Mldioated
lannel, for sale by
J. W. LAW & CO.
I) Ir ,S Goods, 'oplins. Cashmeres.
full line of I lie celebraled Or ijd
hu1h -s liulk lpnes, olq'ied by
3. W. I A W & CO.
j)AVON, Coffee, Stigar, TIei.-, Segarn,
'Tobacco, Crockery Glassware, &,,
or sale by
J. W. LA W & CO.
CW 1e sure to buy the celo.
Prated 6 celits Segar, sold only by
J. W. LAW & GO,
Oct 81
JA N V A S S 11, 11 aniRsal sizes
_/lreaklast Hirips, New Mess Macker,
. Cheese, ieiiils and (ikes, Englimis
icklIs, French .rine.4, Poued lam and
ongiv, Diirktee's 8ances and Selery Sal.
I.o Durken's Mustiard, Cayenne and
iito Peppert, Cinnamon, Uinger and
p)1ee put2 iuP ini small lini ennsf, Stovall &
aIl's 'Prido of( AnUgnata Pi'Jlouir, New
arolina 1Li:0e, Virginia and N. (I. Tobacco,
I q.mlities, Segars from 3 to 15 cts.
J'reshl (!and ies,
Kerosenec Oil,
White-Winie Vinegar,
Sil ver' lrip Syrupl, .
-Canned Salmon, Lobst era,
Oysters, Pecaches, Pini'apple'
Pea'.rs, Tomnat oes andt Brandy Peacheors
earl Urist, &o. Also a Fine Assorimient o
All rl whichl 1'ill be sold a low a'r any
onso0 in the lown for the~ CA.S/ by
sept 19 Agent;
IAMlLY lRits t use this, CRL7)~
IlR,A T ND IU'K |ii VA' oan be obtained
y citizens of Fairfield and Chestor, fronm
sopi 10-Om WVinneboro, i6.C,
13001 Al&J sJ[OJ
M L ar.LL ?Lao t o r g.,
IHAV ING pi'ouredl lh
very boat Mehan,ies In
(lie countf.y, I feel warn
ranted in saying t.hat 1.
oiin furrash asm neat BOOT
or1 81HOE as any Sho>
ini the South, All worm
warranted to give satlsfactlon, My Sheo
a next- door to F?. Gerig's Saddlory
mar 19 8, M, QtLF,RT:

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