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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, November 18, 1874, Image 2

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y i~~ ):rlliin .N ovember 18, 150.4
c , 1; e - I uCV v t v of 1m.-1.
ia .t a th i 19th of No
a a. ; i I . k ziving and
a 1 . 1' t ion of that
* lal a;' cal b nd;.e. (On
a . A hp ulal voices will
b - A in I -, ail v to tie Call.
T a -. 1 t1ln ! b-y us that
I' he, in) , Cel to4 establi.h
t,!o exjes.a.iolts of
1 allr conltel
t Lat tho niew
d a central .or.
(!.I ! 111e peillo of
ji thle entor ;0
U 1% in 1hu legimla
t -(, In the I-ro nd
t n t hj.an of the('tt e.
L FOiemn 'ssat w'ill
J n the ,un 1e p roalnds.
rin) this StLate,
-1t p t ning 0e b CM
n t M tui. Thesa two
r! a t N. (t nic-m 1 alail t ir I
";t 1 he a hi:ing to the
to a il t ito;s the fusion
I - vo at I i thip Won Counties of
I .r,. ia the State, iad
kt vA 1b mAly GO, und 1aucas
S .avotes. -I'le News n1141
r t. llIuates that the next
r it, ntvilative i will cultist
G b:,nd (; I opposition, and
t 18 repiarls and 15
n. T : liii, wmiti tile imli
f 1:1y repulaion
-i-a 1od c a.e for 1op-C
Va a'I t il.ta theo itepublic n
p n d I lpl tile oflivial.i it
D-dto ilie. Thitgo
A toem [ ge t
pro ab t he loot That vuld he
i ! ,i !ar-ty. W v hlope that
%;il l t lave at voice il
v, and IV- tri, that 4)I
- eyIwhen they re-,%' 'o
I 1haV in VieW tile - d
!-ula jaw l. We do not ob.
a,. p", mc' d by reputblica)s
l t h: I I f1r (ith
111t.-t refortl or w
;,I how har.
\. : .11d (d . LUr
v Qvtd togeIthi
kka a - a .a)u. and
4 r a II . a .'1a'.Ia.\. Tr (nholm
1.:. . C 1 a t ;v , IIos
a'. .1- Johat1 4'. th.ill ard,
I. . o ith. Thi* con pn4
e a ral nCu11 tiehet,
t . cIn e:va.
a.......... . *.nag at
- a e Ato wi.ag
11 ' . ~a aa.ta lat gaa'vnaor, wet
a I a , a r ia ble1. a postIal l e
... ... ~ We suppor41ted'a Judge
d i that wea aided to4
a.. u eriIIlinli ha been
ua..o tr. h.de tu e.
: o i n a po 11 iion
1 a ' a . hbi. proatllI i of refIormi
a t e~ aec'tIa's iln the N\orth.
a, fa alaterltlain l('latimen(ls ofi
ti, arowar ofIhim. Weti I!'
I .tat pI:prlay inl thet future.
\ * Il *r ' om a' cloI i ng.t i n al nyi
l. I . f' .ea ..'<r 1 4 r e .
J i t i i . LeAi.. it.atao iafla wuee fu
- We de-Irae !IIal ely an1 hOts
ad r.l e ll,jn.ieal goav.'rnmenOt, come44
r.' : uh a volar 10ur et, it, marIt. .If
alv ~aaood one, it. s'lih l tl'av Our
e nta*..itionjll. If nlot, we shaill bi
forh, 4:aLIIC .
V hile tihe colored people as a mali,
have evinced but little desire foi rl
foriml, and but little indep'ndonee of
actioi, there are few who are to be
co-nimended for the nianly stand tbo
took durinig the past canvass in be
ialf of reformn and conciliation be..
tween the races. The nunber of
these intelligent, honest .colored moo
is yearly increasing, an'd we believe
tire timie will como when a suffitint
number of them, combining with hon
0t wlits, will put an 'end t6 ring
isrulo in South Carolina. A
change of six thotisaid l'nore would
have put the 5tate in the hands of
e. reforluers. That six thousand
tviil be gained next time.
The objeoti6u on the part of a
nnjority of the whites is not to the
ranting of suffrage to the blacks,
but to t.e flagrant abuse of that right-.
Tle surest way for the blaoks to re
tain their present status is by prov
ing their intelligence in votiig for
lhonest go%Crnmn 1at.
W do not believe that the colored
man will be deprived of his right to
vote. The )econrlstruction acts have
been praotially settled, and the de.
Mocra'cy, even if they wihod, would
be afraid to tamper with them in the
inonit of tL.eir victory.
Since, then, universal suffrage
seesin to be a fanct, it behooveb the
blacks to use it in such a wa'y a' not
to bring about a collision with the
whites. They had better leave their
old leaders and ca over on the
side of reform. \Vhen they once be
gin to vote right, the question of no
gro suifrage will be raised no more.
The Tax Unions.
We wish it to be distinctly under
stood that the ni,sion of the tax
unions is hot buded. Work still re
mllains for them, And they nust stih
pi eserve their organization. We
advocated the following policy for
the tax-unions lin bfideav'oring to o
tain an honest and economical ad
minitration of thb State govern
The first step waS to 6eburb the
election of ain adninistration inl
which we could place contidence, Ill
l- , h % e partilly failed. The
bm.tqep now to be taken is an ap
peal to the Courts for relief from
oppressive taxation and dishonest
expenditure of public moneys.
Several laws are uOonstitutional
and would be declared null and void
if tested iln tire courts. Many ofli.
cials are guilty of malfeasance in
oliee, and would be punished if tried
before tire courts. Alany acts are
iriegulat- and could be remedied b)
anr apll. to tie bourts. Thn tax
unnioins :houald mnake this appeal.
Ilere, for instance, is tire Ku Klux
taix, a tax u hich is centirely unneces
sanry at>ad by many believed to Ihe uin
cornstiturtional. By its operation,
;abot $:.,500 isa raised annually ina
IXirlihld. This tax is so little oan
each tax\p-ayer, that ano one will un
dergo tIre trouble anrd expense of
totming it inl thre courts. But the
tax unriona, by adsessiang a little upona
each mnetirber can have this alit fully
ventilated. IIere, thlen, is i thmred i
are work for the tax unions. Let
t Iim se~e to it. Let us not sit quiet.
d > n arnd submit to every species rof
Tie Pteas and th a Pjlit'oians.
Thlie recenat political contest was a
wn l etwe enr the press and' tire poli.
tieila:s. The republican leaders b;
their fl o:rar,t mrisuse of power, th.eb
11de.i lice cof the will of tl 1e peo
p M aind by their efferts to gag thec
1' r us, hrough~lt down u po~n tarems~el ve,
Ihe conade amrnation of all independent
arews pape rs ini thle land. 13 ut tlhei
skulls were too thick to admnit tIe
idea that the~ press wielded a vast
power, and they looked upon its ful.
miinations wvitha contempt. Beas:
liutler deelared tIre press to'
be a forty jackass piower-mrud-slinrg
inig-machine. ,Carpenrter, Freling.
humysenr arnd Poland engineecred thle
press gag law tharoughr Cong.rest, and
l'resident bJrant, an tIhe mnifiicernce
of hnis grandeur, designiated tI-e third
erma discutssion an iampertinence
onr thre prart of thne newspapers, bnenath
hris dignity to notic e; Up to the
second of November these magnates
like Xerxes, witfa tir mryria dsof
depenadants and flunkeys desplsed all
opposition. But their balaniiis cnine.
l'aalond wans overwhaenmmingly defeat.
ed iin y ermrornt. Beast Butler who
hankered after another termi in Coin.
y resa to crtsh out rebels And n6wspa.
pers, was iginombiniouisly bliuelehed
beneath tire weight of a thousand
paper pellhet# marked "Thoipbon,"
F'inlinghiuysen saw his candidate
defeated for governor by the largest
mrajority ever given In New Jersey.
Cairpenter reads the handwriting on
tihe walls of the wiscns.n cat,
and Graui't 'fit.ds fiimself without ai
adhrent 1'' support of his third teri
preteneioit save tosby Cobb, a do
feath'd Congrosumnu of North Caro
linq!, ad ibe So6th: daolina radicals.
Th'e rodenit victory was the victory
of t'ho prO.4s and the people k1gAinst
'h'o pkiliticitins. Where'ver intelli
genoe ruled, dIt'magogues were thIown
out. Smnth Caroina, mii her ign;
rant inajority, was, declatd by the
president o le "the ily oa.ais in
the d',!er." It may be g-atifying
to Pr,sident Grat.t to 1.-arn that hia
candidauto in S..u l Car. li.a V,a1,
.')jIpomted by not more thnm twv
tholiand newspaper rCadir;g voter
inl tlin whole Stato. h'Iloic Wht hal
inteligetict etiotgh to understmnd
the workin I'f his parly indi-lnant.
ly retitatflited it. There is precious
tittle oabis in this.
The democratt I-ave nriled tk-en
tg-six tifittes and tho radtl.i olevell
at. the lost clew i. hs lid. After
the firi of Jaoiiai-y 11bere wi1l b
,21 denotratie h 1 lu i-epulican
Governort, -dhe epnI I wan Govern.
0:s holding (.ver. Thcre are 3'6
votes in t16 clect,ral nd!l- ge, mak,
ing 184 necessary fur a choivel, ''i
States n iw d-mlvkraito represeut. 29t
votes, or 115 more thad Atat -;1 rity.
If the democratz h-ld their grodcd
inl 1876, their candil"Ie will be
ea,ily elected. But the rblitiblicat
palty is still very tii-'ag an(
w i. I not )ield with,ul, a duter.
mined struggle. The immense arm)
6f 80,000 olice- holders, and th
presidential patronage of dvet i
handrod millin dollars %%i.1 bi
th'-o*tn on their bide, and thi, is in it
ad'f a 'rmid.abljp power.
Ttic Southern State-, Mar)lnd
Virginit, Wevst Virgiui,, N irti
Carolhn ., eurgia, A!abama, Lit6i
an, TUA.,, Arkansas, Missouri, Tan
nessee and Kentulcy will cast 11
votes for a democratic cai:d.dat-. I
the demoorati carry the 35 votes o
New York, the 21 of Ohio; the 15 (
Indiana and 3 fr6m Del%ware) thi
gives 19U vote, Or bi.t more thar at
No one blit 'Grant 'eiptilA oarr
these no.tberil State4, aid the 11
elections htito buried th-i third teru
so that the demnocrata tilay ren%onabl
look for stle-ees. NumXiill.itions al
already beiig diado. Tilden, df Ne
York; Thurmah and A l.n, of Ohil
and Ilendix, of Iidiana. Go
Kemper, of Virgini , is prominer
for the VicePre.ideIey, TI
Wuashingtoi CLroni'!ee, in dgp st I
the election-, trots out, Jell' ).avi
There might be a great many wori
candidates than ie,
With a detnoceretic in jority i
Congress, t itumy be wel hat (Char
berlain has becn eleted. U,
northern brethren could niot unde
stand why it was that the white
po5seseing the wealth atnd intell
gence of the State, could not-infh
once a sntlicient nun.b~er of blacks
overth row the ring. Seeing thu
we consider'd this a desperate um
dertakit.g, they kindly undertook th
job threm,selves. T1Iid Ttsilune, lIi
per's Week'y, Thbe t'brietiant Uniion
Thre Times and oithel- fiends of th
colored people, 5eatod in tihe nortl
and by no means unuderstan'ding th~
6aracter of th'o enored manu, w'rot
l ang editorials ad vising him to abarl
bin the ring and v*o:e fo'r true reforn
But they. got their labor for thei
p-sins. The oolured i.edplo could mu
read, and many nilmo cotUlt, beev
these pipers were dern,obratic organm
dud paid nto iileei attention to t hee
than to tho voice ojf (lie cob.'rs
tives at home. WVh6n the day came.
they voted almost solidly for ti.
ring candidate: What earbd' the
|for thme warning of Il.rpei-'s Weekl:
that the ntattonal1m rpu idican I p..rt;
demanded tIhe elbetint of dJud1
Greene 1 W~hiIt w%as liarpuer's d'i6k
ly compared to the eross-road pohui
ciat 1 Tkhese northdirn jourtnls ttii
begin to discover as mreclu~y amt
Suwnor udid, that their influedee it
South Carolini a Is infinitesimtal. Thtj
will beeomije dIsgusted and will de
olare that the colored nman is inot fil
to vote. Many cinmdrvatifes beolievj
that with an dpposition Congrea, ti
election of Chamberlain is a good
thing for the Statte. It, shows that
the mcred voterii of Ihe State ea.e
notliing about refor mt, but vote blind.
ly the tickets piut into their hands by
their leaders, Th d northdrn journah
have their owrn opinion bf the quali
ty of Chamnberlain's reform, and he
ktill be watched in bory moverfient.
This *111 bo 6f inbalculablb bohbflt to
With a~ sm&ll margin 6f only 12,.
000 votons att hbme, aind a democratic
inajority in Cong,ress, th6 radicale
will be careful hereafter. tPhe
darkest hour is past. Our day of
rodomption is at hand. Let us re.
The State Eleolion.
It is 'nceded that Chamberlain's
majority, iVill llo about twelve thou.
iaud'. Judge Ordene received mnore
votei tban it was thougbt he would
ret'eivb, and had there boon anything
like the lutual et lured vote, Cham.
berlain wQuld have been defoitod.
But the o'Ar'el vote was largely in
oxcess of ill estimatos; and frauds
must necoessaril) have been practis
Th'io nil two nicans of iracti-ing
fraud, o4ie Ly stufiag the ball6t box
es and the other by pollitig fra'udu
lebt Vot6s. The f,rn'er method ivas
ren'lured impractio .bl* by tti ap
pointbrent of tinageis of both pat
tic, but th latter could td be Pro
ventei In tit way. At-iny colored
vot'e's ptcientd thcmE'elvies who
were not know:, and when ofiilleng.
e, dicy bwore they ivere - entitled to
i.tte. NVith gie it uunuimi'ty they sup.
P->rted Mr. Chiamiberlain..
* e ll addu'e faCt lAnd ignres
to prove thai frau'dulent otti were
bast., In ti; coatebt betw'een Ford
and ',ohnsoi, the fa'utioih w'ere rally
ai'ous'ed ald a very hen'Vy .Iored
vote .was plled, sopmething over
270'0. This year 3197 colored v'o s
were eit, an eXcss of filto linded
over th niiumber east duriig the
last heited canvas-, and 550 over
thohe east in the Scott-Carpenter
el'eetioh. At least 300 were fiaudu
lekit, whi'ch (vould leiv'e MIr. Chinu
berlain's m.jrity abbut 1250 in this
County. The Census of 1870 only
gives 4008 vot'dra in Fairfleld.
In Abbuvill,, 166d0 mie oolored
votes were polled than in li0. . Of
he-e 500 at least weA-e fraudulent,
and bdild be deductei from Uhatu
berlain's maj-)rity. Tie white vote
only exceeded that of 187d b" , 7,
a logitituite haiu
f I Ii Yok (ie blacks polle'd 'o0
more Votes than ever Ltfore; though
f many heatbd e.ntests h.ave been
Sfou'gnt in that Cou-nty.
At Laurens C. Ii;, the ,plls w'dre
opened at 5 o'cktk and 'tlie mana
gers refused to lit any bub - ieb into
e the box though a retfuired b.law.
By 6 o'clock, 490 numbs w'ere sittr
oi on the poll list, thrOii tiiaes ti
n many as could be toteq in thM time
w [lere there were 40 Cha'dbarlaia
, votes east illegalliV, befWo iA kit
r, (y- pening the pol"I.
t In Marlboro it is eli.ihed that s'e
e bral hundred fra-idullent votis werl
it cast, and so far, i6l the Countie,
8. heard frolo mfike sinilar N-ports;
l t will be tetie!ubered that th(
radicals abkno ile-ed a mholestil
ballot box stuifing in 1870. W here
- ever then; the radiical vo.:e of 187.
at ex6teds4 thlt, v'olt loy tent there
r - ;i fifcie evidee.ce of fraud.
6 Them hbothb rnientio,ed facts go ti
1prote that we thust ha'e a 1-egistra,
-* tiont law befor'o anothe'r elbetioni
0 South Un~iiolina ehn dIo lohigmr mforn
Lt to remaitin I-adical lihi tiwetty aia
bother States are democeratie;
e The late eleetion bra devbloped
.die fact that the negroee -are willing
teo receive favors froma 'he whites;
~. but a're i.ot willing to refrain from
*t voin ajgaiist the whbite man's in,
jtereiit alohlugh identic.d with their
ri Now our initerests a proper self
-r:':''t, and an hmonied tindigotio
',jt1, to eJ'ie etery wh~ite niai, mner
. e-ait, phfa'ter or whaterer he may be.
, t disti Jgi ih hetweenihAbd slidf$'c.
who hk6, lIolly, Lee, Urteg<ry,.'frapp,
11.1ll (.\liiart t ''S<piire,) Goode,
-for hlr.est go'ternm'enti aid do not
It,s(i voiothewise mief'ol. tote byaihas
I dhe v;/,t' man. di te otier hand
Steel, I ii, (at t stabLleh Mill :ia,
I o . wlare and ot hers kho tot edtet
iih voing as they pleue (thioh
thief have a perfect right to do,)
anani'est hiosti lity againut those of
thejii owni color- who dare to vote for
ionest gbvernmenoit;
Weo say, let every maon yot, as he
pleases ; but vhbn on1e goes farther
atid ttan) fe5th a decided hostility to
'the white rabe j theh it lI te duty
of every hotiost white man t< show
auelH a one no favord. . We have 110
t ight to do ainy thing iialnst a negro
who ianifbsts his hostility ; but one
is contetfhptably mean who lill favor
auoh an oneinly to his raba atd his
T1hose who do not practically dis
tinguish between friend and foe, do
not deserve to have friends.
Where a raoe, like the *bit. race
in South Carolina, is posaanf4~
he pioperty -and ifitell1geno' of the
country, and does not cotir6 its
governinent ; it is the failt'ot that
race. * .
Ai the residelo of the bride's
(atiter, on the eyening of the 12th, by
the Rev. C. E. Chioster. M-. E
S. C1HANDLER to 51188 0. Ai.
BROWN. All of this place.
Fresh Complicat 1on in Arkansas,
Nit:R. Yont, November 14.-A
Little Rook di.eatoh says Lieut. Gov.
Smiti has ritirt.iod front the East,
Gov. Baster hing vacated the gu..
berniatorl, chair, afid olaimi it.
Smith conclu.b 8 hisproflaiati n
'-Now; ther%fore, I V. V. 8 i.,
L,ieuteIlnt7overort of the State of
Arkanf,as-4 iaha 1iuster, reo.
nized G.verto'r of said' &tate; haiving
abdicate'd and Obandoned said office
--do herehy, and bf' the..e g-ese6aA,
tmiaka .aplioatioi to the Fir Wi'ent of
the Ulied Statet" i .e. The
i1ppeal is signed IN. V. S'.mitb;
Governor of Arkansa."
WE&k1 Ncavn1, NovICliber 1.
Thcrie will be no actioii ih ArtiInbas
.iairs until Gov. Gaal nd hans been
heard. All the ousted offi:ials
iusted, tbe) claili, by a4 I'evolut'on
ary constitu.tion-jin Lieut. Gov.
Smilith, \ho oinmlt"li Rotuccevtion to
Baxter, and bul port F-mith in , his
application f r Federal force to plce
him in pobition. Lieut. Gov. jt1,
.hould Garland be ou.t'ed by Oedt..
al dictation. may appoint nearl all
the State offiers.
The Couri'cr-JouanD, of Thursday
Mornling, PRSay
A ilg Piast result o' the , eno.
er,abc victory in Georgia, is fhat a
nUit'. f ouisvlle n. erohants re
ceived ord'ra fr6w their customers
in that state by li' yraph festerday
to a larger extbot t ian ady . day for
Imoaths past. Their o-rrespondents
exprosing their j:y over the result.,
felt that peace and p'ospority were
now asbUred.
A youth V'?ho attended Sotch re,
vival for tle fuin of tile tl g ironi
Ca'ly inquircd of thb minister "whoth.
titer he could work a -Airitle o not."
'hie young ffian's cirio.Ity was full)
a-itihied by the tilufstei Uking hia
out of the church with the miledie
tory, "We ,'nnot work nmiralts
but ivb can east out devils I"
The l\iAVaukee e D i i a Ii '
p.iraraphi.t ihanamed a b o it
the eclipse. the, othe' night
1-e dropflied that a Chicfto girl rais
ed her foot tW dllRy e tatcou irrita
tion a h6r 'atkle,,an I1he fuot got be
twec the till find the modo,
Tie irodkly Ar Rd la'eboiuls fo
Attorney-Geisje-al vilt alitis' lesir
Sto go to Itul,ia y sugg 6ti.ag that
having overheated ii m1self iii th
outhert ontraglbu iies, he 1ant
to get erinenher to cool ,ff.
How far..wil a P'eh yel
a Scotch firm of iwire mn nufaoturer
have drawhi one out 2,'t00 feet.
The ohie thing nc$dfdl lor.the per
feet en:joy niead of luie {s '68afidene.'
*Same~ *'1tbh bsh and stddsa.ges,
Tihe Mufildn Treiple at Salt flak<
wats comiuaede'ed l enty yeais ago, a<
he saia sare ridw only fourteeb fee
ibove groulid.
A Ilus.,ian proioerb says, "IOe'fo
going to war pr;ay once ;befo,r3 goina1
to sea, pray t wice ; be fore gethiia
marr ied' pray t hrre a lies."
SYou lo,.k as if you viere beftd.
>ur,oif,'' as thei wag said to the fel
ow wht.,stiod by the aide of an ass.
~hiNt diie i1u of talkiU 'd thjki,
wourld's brightness dud su .shinae toa
man that has tight..bootd ?
Lawyer's ma9im - here there 's
a will therbt's ayway--to breihk t.
A p alousi paa-rut inParis badly
tore the l.soi tf a boy, envio:us of
1h6 caresa(ts bestowed iipoti thb child
by its mother..
Patti's reccnt appearaiioe in farIs.
for the bene fit of of tht Alsace anid
Lorraine fun.d, nettt'd haarly }8;000,
Appointmsent of ristes
WET~ have hippoinated the folluwing
VVpersons as Trustees ol' thae public
.sh~oos -in ti e r respective diitibas to
serve forn the 6nsuing two yeaSul
No I Ji R Feaster, AMoses Clowniey,
lIobri-. .f linasen.
No 2 WV ii Wood rard, John S Dou4ia5a,
Jordan MieCulloughtf
Nd 3 J C C'ld well, E~ DI)oblny, Car tei
,No 4 // A Gait'a:d, I N Jfauhere Johna
Dl X,mait.
N., b A. W Ladd, Samuel Ibin, Aquila
are i.e
No F ai L Duke, B If leis's, Sanch
No 7 J iI, J I/ Orlgsb'y,, Rteubena
No 8 John Fenley, A Edalduilds, P' A
No 9 S N True, Thos S P'erry, Jcoeph
-No. 10 Jag A Clarke, di Lemmit,n,
llenry IR C6peland;
No 11 J i/ KirkIand, RL T Yarborough
D B Rica.
No 12 Jan R harvey, )ranbo'us Poje,
Diavid C Atkea.
No 18 1) Province, W'J Clowney, Isaae
Coun(y Doard of Examine'rst
The olerka ot Boards of T'aist ees will
uina over their booke and papeis to the6
'oard. newly appointed, who will pro.
eed immediately to organise and elect
heir clerks.
. -Bhool Onmu'
JiAVINA purchased tbe 'slook rad
fixtuures of B. SugenheUor and Co., I nai
now prepared to offer to thP p airpt
olasm bar, an< restaurant. . h nest
Wines, Liquors, Mogars &a., will be kept
constantly on hand. C forpla' Segars
made a specilty. A billiArd and a baga
I0ll, table are attached to the bar, where
the lo'*ers of thesame can s'pe'id a' pIW.A
ant hour. I respe9tfully ask the p6bliio
to give no a oall, ,
oct 1--M J. Q0Ime, II" I.
F as Candieis
20( LBS, A,nriin Camndy n,s4r, ed
1 bbl. Ginger Snaps.
1 4 So'dCraciers.
V. I. besportes & Co.
0 0 TT M 0 _W_r C+5 J-1sr.
COTT84 91W dl&S or th beet
quality arAnufaetitir'ed Iy the s'ubscaiber.
Terms of sale-Cash '0r Noe ah Asectrily
or Bankable Note, or order on Collon
Morchants. J. Mi. ELLI(yrT.
N. B. The cotton roll hias been improvedl
on the Oin of 1874.
e6 R
H.~ H AL L &CO,
#,4O s,ia durAet Stre&t.
Land f'or Sale.
A PORTION of the plantationownelby
(1Mrs. S8. A. Lyles will be sioldl for a
noder at e price nnid upon reasontible Joims,
7'ho portion of(ered fp7 salo lies orthg of
the pybl.o roa4 les.ditgg [rom. Winnsabor.o
so Ashftord's earry upon ILhoky Crook,
and containing 656nermos. Apply to the
subsor iber, WWA. II. L L ES,
nov 4.2
Whoiste Trade,
UDGI NG tht6. futull-Pty i he pasi, . i
enter will col.lit. I cc lpmll this ott
uew C e -11-it.e i ot ! ppI lI RIg ourt I Iol
sale from II oIr lIetnil Trn;0. y huvig
separnit,e tid diplie el !otse for c till
nAd in doinig so. ive flatt.l. .nI ye4 ,,
it will not oliv linet 111ie at riovi of oil
P,ninelrollf, ci't onleer:, I ni.t .1 n1 "El l xolul
t ve wht lusifle 11 . ' " %% 0 1,i,,g on It
i,:r t. i fllux ( I ll- I: I a:1 . ill I t uIa V
acier not lIs'-lo, 'o . 4 Ijo ri.
I. I[ ust be 1o viou.li, ( vevy I1yer i hn11t.
A,s'ricily 'lho I la . n e,("1 aI Iriungel
anil nAt pujited 1or. It i '. 0c onli , witl: a
c.orl 8 of experiences 1 ' o sa ah 41 Hill 1,
w,ith ia F,tock enrefill1t ; sei clcdl for Iha
'rade -nly'l, ai nillol-cover e11-v nV doil
of oiniuig in conet with retail It ierm
Spcl It h 1oe. 'we ssierl. Iiiii' 1111d I I I
OMta enu itself li te Iade.
FotIr ycars A ft ire 114nvelfised fiat wq
intnie l ' .<e ..;hnriotte wholesi o
mars, nid ours '-'I he Wbl-e 'e llotisv.'
Wenow have,I'lhe prolld el oifrieitll of
eeinlg it an nejomylied filiat
W e 11o11 en111 ('1ur 1'111 n lro oll [Ito t e !c.
Ihp II%I c : 1 v c onro di 1n.r- u 111v b 11or
into anI exe-usl i e 14 11lr. l fins, I% herI..
y1u ciin 4 i.;, tinte of Poods 1(lecem.4111-Y
for A couttiry silRe to 1% it l ry ( uoo'u ,
lot hing, lill. , s .O Iiais. Not jois
N;otcries. 1111r.Aware, Alillip-rIy, fill it,
ctAmplete lines.,Iboight Il r;re itWe 411 tie4
an1d fro-l the ' c i tirt, anitds.
Our. .lock is n1w ni-ving ni- w] ill h
Complete nhit t lIt $f eollinber, aIH t
will h.- the largest Of anly liet e. the pre.
I tenlotiH (if others to th e colilral y no, w ith,
Eti.ndinig. iVe re'*,pec, il V;i in vil e y'tur.
personal in3ipecqtin, or i' to its for
Viirg y i,:ly your'
IT I # v & i I NTI:L-S.
C1 A 1LOT I E N. C.
Now. a re w wd I nhoit l loo. W ln\
nccopy Ilhe- !-Il vr0p u: eetf, so
favorali!y kniowii its thll \Me:-srs. em
It1 w ' C-'s . Itry :.I - I' li Ise', Io e -I r -
)-y fil our 16-1.1itl a i e n .1, 6 g I-,X.
aexi r i-- I'dll s t n. y be It n ..it .
41Oo1t . we claimo :.)so ini 11-:1 ;i i to exce;
in sink, te exciel ill lowni s 'i. prices, and
so exec-1 g.ne(4tilly. We wIll. ii in tha
It -lse. have a C"ils of ii ily Sdes ell
!1n 1 uae -.m is ll ex pelin td ia l
j.y" We will ton I.e te NIillinc ry
h1111It it ,p ci lly. ". W. & I.
Iron in the Blood
T'he Peruvian Syrup, a Protect
cd Solution'of the 1rotoxide of
Iron, is-so combined as to have
the character of an allment, as
iasily digested and assimilated
ivith the blood as the simuplcst
fod. It increases the quantity
of;aturce's Own Vitall:ing'
g4 gent, Iron -in the blood, and
cures "a thousandi ills," simply
bToning up,Invigoratinr and
itallzing th System. Te en
riched and vitalized blood >cer
wneates eve,', part of the body,
repairing damages and waste,
searching "out morbid secre, ..
tio'us, and leaving nothing for
disease to feed upon..
This is the qeccret of the won..
d1erful success of this remed y in.
curing D'spepsia, Liver Comn
plaint, Dropsy, Chronic Diar
rhoaa,Boils, NervousAfrct.ns~
CilIls and . 'evers, HIumon
Loss 'of Constitutional Vi1gor,
Diseases of the Kidney.e and
Bladdea, . Female Complaints,'
and all dliseases orignating in,
a bad state of the blood, or ac,
companied by debillt or' a low
state of the systemn. Being fr'eo
f"rom Alcoho in any form, its
energizing cI'cts,- are not fol..
towed by corr'espondinzg reac
tion, but are permanent, infu,
flgstrength, 'vigor', andl ni
int al pai'ts of the system,
and building up an Iron Con
at it ution..
SThousaindsq hav,e been changed
Dythe use of this remedy, frona
9weak, sicklty, 8uJycr'in gcea-g
tures, to strong, healthy, andi
h menand women ; ant;
inva dal cannot reasonably hes..
ttate to give it a trIal..
19ee that bath4 bottle has P ERU A
VIAN SYR UP blown i theo glass4
.. llmphldte reeo.
*VO 1 MI1t n Place, Boptor -
LL pe.l 11ns itndebht id to Il well
C~ 1 ho . & Coi.. andi to Catldwe I Situ.
rt & Co. are herebhy natilh'd t at or
ooks yptliibe closed'i ott tho t h. I inst,,
ttd tlint. ptaet mtust lhe tttd. We
q lid-m.oony to me et our paymiiitsn for
tipphe~s fu n isiid y.i. 1e usor htaiv tito
IBlackstock: I, No i. mi, 18g1
S'W Troceriess
)Iisland M oladsesjr and Cantont A3rupI.
hh ld, C'ic 1 bonior a mutgar.
2 bbls. Vilok C, IExtr' it ('andtl( t'iranlt
14td Sugar.
BEA.V, B1RO., & sQ
ov 3

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