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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, November 18, 1874, Image 3

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.Ouimunient.9,n to 1in. ofl ce
y.iI uot .be, n,pticd .uujep coQmpanied
by the roni name of the writet.
. We are nqt res'po nsilo for tlie4in
ens of corrosp(,nlonts.
IW- Ilerearler no,,LOCAL Nbi)t'ic-s
1ill. be inserted 1i our 'Colunioj e.jg.
upon aytuent of TN-N Ci TS a fle.
Poo- Any person in J.1heNCouilty haiying
Icnowledge of any ciroumusl a.ce,of filt erebt
90oirring i% is nc iglhorh.9od w.ill con fer
A-fLvor by furuishing infor'ination at this
Ni-:w Anyrs-ost-:r r,
Masonio lectingL-J. C. Squier
Report of County Cohmmissioners
W. B. Peako, clerk.
Notice- btintilerg ' Co.
As.ignece's Sale-S. 13. Clowney.
Dentistry-bi'. aiah Simpson.
Adini'imstratrix, Sal'e-3allie NI.
E.1cotion-J. C. Squier & Co.
China and Glasowaru-COjinor &
:5- The paveivent on Gully
Street is in a drceadful conditioi.
sr Sei more cottot buye:s will
be in intsboro before long.
04r- Cotton is still coming in pret.
ty bii kly. Good middling brings
131 cette.
O5- Stockir.g Leg won a race at
ic Fair on Thurzday. "The boys"
were jubilan-,.
1- Hog cholera is prevailibg iii
Kent.eky andl in ConsequIecO we
feir bacon will be high in Wiiinh
" r- The Failfield Sabr' Club will
parado Thursday lOth in,t., it 11
o'clock A. M. In full u'nifurml.
9 i)Dr. D). . Ieans "'Iught
another red fox th'e other inuing
itfter a ruit of t'ei ininutes. L jk I(
)our laureld .C fox huntir..
0- Mrs'. . ltbss llo6ertsoti and
blisi. Shedd of Winisboro recei'ved
premiumns for fbuncy wvoik ut the Fair
of the Carulin is in Charlotte.
Qar- We learn - that the 1 6ons
who voted illegally IIt the last elee
tion will be brought u' before the
bjuited States,uurt.
:r We regret io leu'rn tiat oil
T.utidAy night Mr. T. \V. RIb, Sr.,
lost a barn, with a iirse atid cow, by
tue. Causea th*ugh.t to be lig'. zing.
0:-r larfiaii, tlie priiz cawly in in,
is Iiaying us another i'iit. His
place of buiness is n'ar Clio pOSL
Ifice, and lie seums to b di tv ing a
goud trade.
O03- A hur d lookIng case; e rin.g
nu organ, paid tii a visit, 1i t, \Ved,o. i
Cla y, brit fi d ing times ith:r dull
for his busii.ea left for f;ris u
known. We wieb him lui.k:
O0"r Fairfi.l was cell reproeented1
at Ilie State Fair, inore so, s'e sup
fiase; th.i any othier couinty in .the
spes wrbll f'or our old county.
04 The bUTle of bleotion time
cause.d i.Lo nEiglecta 10 riAidrn thanksk
to Mliss E. C. Nelson .jBr.a bouqu1et
of beautiful flowers which, idor'ned
our siapetumn last weoek. -We r~ t.:i
trerne(ly obliged f6r this kind a ten
WVe weleouqoe to our ex ohange l:st,
tile Kinigstree Star, which has been
revived iunder the ufaupl aem'ett of S
WV. N%aurice, Wq. 'ho Star wiill
advioiato honmesty aind beforum, no
ison.:ervative in poiitic's. \Ye ox.
(end tu6 fL ofir best wfahes.
.O0:r One Sf lhe ballotEi cait art
Ridgeway had every name solaibbedi
6ocept the ?o'loewing:
Pout dongressa; A. S. 'Nallace.
For ie p'tive, 'iR. M. D)..v i.
Policica mnaks striVge bed-telfows
of us all.
C2' We have learned of the
do. th in Louisiana of Mr. Robert
33.'If.ird; a native of Faim field, le
was born in i8Jf, aidt ii 1841 inov.
ed to Alabamta. IIe was a momber
of th6' Nethdis't Oh'urchi for mNony
ye)ars. UK' 1av'ei a wife and trii
ohuldten to uoui{ulii's deai'h.
Mr Great d ist aticfibolln' ss
caused by the failure of of the Rail:
raid (Company to rt n a special train
to and f omu (Columnbia durnxig 11'ai'r
*jek; Manty of our cit izeuns iould
bma&M finitec the Fair. The regu'lar
trains raft so inconv<,nienstly that per
sons5 wdudac t1t avail thtem.elves of
them, arid uo,seiuently the Fair and
the Railroad lest hundi eds of dollars.
O0- Col. Thomas carried d-own
about eighty cadets from Charlotte
to the State Fair. They were a flue
looking sot of fellows. Among themn
wa saw Cedets Bratton, CaL.dwell,
Dmntr.lr.CamjJhall and Moor onnf Fai.
ield. Whlen the girls saw the gray
jackets and brass b6ttqns they iuvol.
"'ita ily huanned the air from
La Gra,d 2!Iaesi, 'C'a'ihe to
M i Witaire."
0J4- The Cotton brop ias b'hen
nearly all gaberad iG, and most of
it is sold'. The shipments from all
I.rtO of the IJnion to N ow iork have
lecen very. heavy, a'id P;P large stook
oi hand theie pr6oably aeounits for
't be n Il III ice0. .I,
T'ih e.rly opehlg of the crop will
:nakoe a larger. ;y.ild in the County
than wus anuticipated'.
'-F A rttular old fashioned
thui,d'er storm ussed over 'o'r toivn
on Tucsday n1ghti ithi oi8ne of
the beaviest peas of thuidr we
Tjaie ever heard. At about 9 uoloolc
th'e,lightning struuk the tin roo of
the Ladd building and paying down
a beet iron tuve pipe, entered, the
rear of Dr. Aiken's drug Moro, to
his stove, then planced off to the
t or wheb4 it knocked stnall splinters
in every direction. No damage was
done, as no one was in the stot-e ht
the time.
' \q eli.p tte i'ollo'Wing fron
t!e Greeville News.
C'6 nU A, S. C.
Rtitled,'s h'orse was beaten in tle
closing race to day by a horise froth
"iftah for Wi'intioro, or rather
llid-,..wny, f,r the victor was Mr.
J. C. 1Aulow's horse.
Tiun li'Ain-Tho Pair 1ed ;'n
Frid y. The attendance and receipts
were moderately good, but the sOar
oity of on'ey and the excitement
attenda'ul Upon t1ii blle'eon inteifor
ed with it.
At the eledtidn 'ur oAcer f'dr tio
ensuing terw, T. IV. WopdWard% was
re electeil president, 1). W yatt, Aikeii
--eeetary and treaiure, . A'. Griffin
N. llihiluil; Johu Alekander anid
Blward l lope' vIce-prd.iduntb, and A.
Tozer, J. B *mool-. W a. W l'.ace,
W. G. H- nn and Johnson lagood
mnembers of the exedutive ootiii.ittee.
This is a dese'ved cotnpliu'e11 to
Maj Woodward.
Fairfield was largely repreoent3d
at the Fair.
k 'The Amel-iban Farmer f6r
Novn,lier is at hand; i'eplete with
instruetive matter for the Iartniei,.the
g-rdener, the stook raisers and by,ery
other riaalist. This is a solid and
$tdhatalitial farm journal, whicl,
while sbhowing the latest. advatices
miude in science as p plied to agri
etiturb, is at the same time devoted
to the pr'-t-cal. A large number
Ui' 6ntributors l'r6th all toctions and
in every b-anoh 1 ud their aid in
liagkiiig Up a number 4 great value.
TEe p0,bher.s, S, mi'l Bageds & Son,
Baltimure, Md., 0ier some hand9ome
premiuns for ciubs for tle . new vol.
uIle, and wil i-end the lut three
au nbrs o.f thi y'eal- free to now
suubseruihm. $l.0b a yeaur,. d'r five
co pies for $5. SpecituerL5 free on ap.
Sbfiial tetirus o'f die Vrot
in) hi' i.hi dtounty, N,,v. 3d, 1837.
FOn 001'E ItNoi.
1) ii. Clu berlaini 3,022
J ohn '1'. Gr eei 1,.478
Majorityf, ,4
FOR CO.T. 00.
A S. W allace - .036
J. B1. Ker.Aha w I,490o
G . W. leltuon,2,'3
Fuln L.aIs:.ATUaER...
JTobzi ob,on, 3,704
Josecph Thonpson; 3.474
Joel. Ce pes, ,8
. 8. iuce, .#1
~on coux i eboiissIoN sts.,
Jar.. R. 1larvej', 4,0841
H.' iacot2;,,'
C. Bleaty, ,8
J. M. MartiliiS,
Rt. J. Kelly,ts
John 5. Neil, 4,02a
FOrt seClOOl COMSissioNEIu..
W. J. Crawford, 3,350
B. IL Robertson; 371
W. ir. I'en ke,' 252
-- . 'o'AL voTi .
Whites;' 1,337
Colorea, . 3,197
Total ' . 4,534
There was no organiz2ed ojgosition
to the regular ticket. Several of
:hd person's foted for *ord, n''t oadi
O0f The foilwing pronuiiums er
awarded to citizens of this County at
the State Fair last weekt:
.Shawl, Mfrs.T. L. JJulow, Fair
fghan 2., Mrs.'. Ross llobertson;
Winag,-:boro, 2..
P'in etishion, chi'id 5 years old,
Mliss T..L. BulIow, Fairflei, 2.
Squrrel, . M rs. Thos. Andefson,
Fair lA &d- -.
lnfant oks, Mrs. T L. 1)W',
Jar lard, 1'. L. Bulow Faitield, 5.
Yeut powder. T. L. Bulow, Vair
field, 2.
Dried SYrin-pa, T. L. Bdldw Naui'r
field, 2. p. Y
Llrgb a.pplo pregerves, Mirh. 9
'Jsousl:nbot. -6.
.nEat'),joatsup, Mrs. T". L. 1I 1w
Iar\d,2. . .
'oma111to swet p)ikles, r. 'i .
Blulow, Valrfl'eld, 2.
Sweet pickles, Mrs'. 4'hos. Aud;r
syn, Fuirtivld, 2.
lI t'I-:l 10. D-1).
10 pounds butter, J. P. Elkin,
i'airlield, 5.
Tufted quilt, ies. Mary Feaster,
Fai,tield, 2.
'mibroidered talna, lrs. C. E.
Thom1:1I, Fair9^66ld. 2.
11"mibroidered body sacque, Mra. R.
11. E." 11munds, Fairtiold '
Ki.itted quilt, Alrs. R o blbe-t
'son, Fairfield, 2.
t.,i,ud muts, Miss R. V. Lyles,
Fairfiold, 2.
Ir- 11 . ' I
2 1al'ietto hats' Miss 11. E. Thom
as Faifield, t.
Oil painting, Ali., S.llio 310. ster;
Winusbo-o, tmedal.
Bale of cottob, best, 1'. W' Rabb;
Fairfield, 10.
llushel be,A w e -hat, T. \V .
IUa6b, F'airfield, d.-II
hushel best table. t'urnips, DuBose
1.EAT Ilkt.
Iness boot, S. M. Gilbert, Fair:
fiefil, medal.
Postable 01i4 uil!, J. W. h11.
Creig ht, Winnce,-boro, diplomla.
1iuff Couhins' T:. Bulow, FAir
ie,l, 2
Pox Iloujds,T. L. Bulow, Fair
field, 2.
Best Durhaiii bull, I yed- old,
L. Bulow, FaiiAld, 10.
2..best gr.a e bull, 3 years old, T.
% IAta bb, i? r.14ld, 10.
icest grade bull, 1 year old, T. W.
Rabb, Faiifield, 10.
?d best rade bull $ years old T.
W..RaUb aiield, 10. -
B St grilde cow, 3 years olA,'1'. W.
Rabb, lPaii field, 20.
llest-gr.ide cow,,2 yaN r6d;' W.
Rabb; Paidhi l, 20
Best grade heife;, I year c1'd; T.
l. 13tilow, Fiisfield, 10. I
Best grade helier calf,' T. V.
R,bb, Ni!ield 9.
Rst native cow, *d Prenmiu.n, T.
W. Ribbo, Pxiirfield, 10.
lieit native h.eilerc,8 years *ld; T.
W. It1bb, Faaiefield. 2o.
lle.st .erd, owned by one exb itr,
T. W. Rtabb, Failftiel.4, 20.
I)orchceseer boar, TV. L~. Bulow
fie1l, 8.
Dr. Isaiah Sirnpson~
Ci.irciotte3 -Dir <u
Ij.'PECTUL,y ithformep le cifi-Aerz
U nil,l ubb gzeneraliy thatl Ie will
r i'i Winn,bo-hro, S. .0,- PrIdessonally, the
ls ii dlay of Novemlye. ,hpdl i-emain i0
days. 8actisfaiictittaraniteed.
(jN the flri .Alo;nay in Dloe'b Ne
will offer ,fr sp 1',. rat }inps-.
hcoro, thie plan;nc'on of Thomeidtt,.de
cea,e:1, on .Inc.on's Cseek in ,Fairfield
t'o nccr i, aes, en mies west of the court
ho~uis. For' 1he conevenlince of purchias
ers, the plac hats .heenc div ided( into six
1 78; lD.,.,2'i :,f,; 99~ ; F'. 276. Esc i.
tract is well wale-ed aned timabered. Ench
I ract (ex ceptI 1. an;d I).) heas a set.a lement,
Also o-i ibe day (ol1o,w,ing, vip Tuntcdayv,
l)eccetber' 8t h, vwe wti syll. At ,ice re,,i.
deche of TI'lom-,is Still, d,enas d, n .h b
pceeMolc Jit ( pcprty, Cones-gel.eg ol f ltales,
Uicws, lhp8. Corni, Fodder, Colto:n
Wngmcs.- IIoc,sehotld and1 Kioe n~ F.pr
ujt ute, &c.. & I., it'einai,fof itea $ct ate
On)ae ihirui opshl ;, aI.ce in iwo e'1al ate
fler cenl. pc'i antfpen .,fr2nm dgy of pur.
chase P'jeiuch- 1o givo.beng, ig
evwa goQd perp.ai, s.custtlen,, and mcort.
gr.n of phe p,eciises. f'cr lI he Rpysonia)
tropertya, erms 's:ish. For fccrthe- par.
l:cuiars applyto. p
J. T..W. StfTT v ' '
.JAS. L. M(ART IN, E:ceoulors.
nov 11--x2}I
N flrst. 9'aSd jf rbr'
,. ' in ns.or,,v0 fapor tuerly, owci
by Lur, E. N'. Martin, Theo s lace ad)oinsa
lice .siiation of Thcos. St,itt, .eogensed..
has r.g6.osl dwelling, ouIthouses, ,weli of
fine *ater, &o., &.c. The loeation, for at
least.,thirtleef ys past., hase .bdog' ,A4
tua; kn bly healt hy, .es dily exempt
fromi chills. Terms the sqtie as for 'llp
Itcal Estate adver i sed eboto. For far
hepatouare apply to .. ,.'
JAS. L.. MA RTIN or J. T. WV. ST11'T,
nov lI-x2tl
Adiillistratorie 8ai .
.Yatsthorll of the ai ofProbate
of?, Irfild Coniit y, ill itell t o
the. h,'ihest l/tdder .fpr on'sh, all tWie pereoa.
al prol:erty, goods and ofiat'tels beer g
to Ihe estal6 .of JONAThAN D. 6
AAN, deceare d at eleve'n oolo'ok, A.
of Saturdiay, 28 of ccyember next, at the
ste residenece of the deceased.
- nov II-tI x2 AdAm1nie.....l.
winnsboko Lodge, go. 11, A. IT.M
regular communitlino% Vill be hd
i. M1sonie 1i1l on Thursday evening
I th.lstantaO7, o'clock. .i. ,
,, 1Bretiron mate come prOptOl 10 pay
eduts ip Order that, our annuol-'return to
Oand LodW; may be forwarded by the
21st inst,
now 17 .. -0. 4Q3U19ER, 800y'y
AnnuA 1. Iep9,t of , the Courty
ColnIll'SIoller,x of Fairfield
cCOUN T of the ,disbursements for
ithe County or Ftirfield for the fiscal
year ending October ,tlo 8 lot 1874.
I 1'001% UoUs".
t F I n n Ik e'. $ 2867 40
I Iliard Bell. 7 00
uier 11il . I -,0
B rF Dav,lFp 75
U M Sitnpsone 3 5')
Dr J D PaInmer, 82 t0
W 11 Abell, 87
lrA LgnqjI1& 1,iaq, 7U 24
blcMalscr & P-rice,. .., 1'7 10
Mra Lavina St , BI-.1-Splary, ,.'0 (O
Total. $-20 i$3
Ieliefoutside Poor. ,. 310 6,)
H liok",. . 1 - 106 71
Jacob Bookiman, -N,g oo
Benj Nlariin. . 17
lotephi Harper, . 0
A F Gooding, 0
Phlilip L k .,,00
George 1alterson-0,
I T Terrill, .7 (m
Henry Jacoba%, j, 2.4
John bi hartin, 33 Go
George Spencer, .) 5o
)v 'A Mlartifil, 1. f"2 001
Prince 124rthui, e(i I0
arn'l N rtin, 46 00
8 W Ru It, 50 0)0
Wmn Jones , 2
favid Chatman, 47 0*)
red Copes, 15 11)
I Galloway, - .. 175
W C Ilabb . 28 it
Ilt.pry Davis, (8 00
J E Gilbert, , - I o
1, MoWaters, , . 00
.NI towart, 2 5)
J W-U Lever, I 1 71;
i T Q1adden, 35 )o
J Vflkin1 12 01 )
James Niller. 5 00
Jinster & Blrice, ,. ,,e i,-.' e i8 00
Jai,11 lion, Attorney, rofutded i-mod
lay, .. T 25)
Toti). ..$.4103 07
PUnLo ,13 I 1Ns AN91 orF4rs,
lip,ry ao.b, ,[10
Jo a,Nl .g61 00
I.Olla, 128 ()(
J 5;1.0allognya, 3 00
Jamnes If Iion. 81 00
J M J, Mloore & Co; 17,10
A FGooding, 26 70
John NI N141,tilf, I0 g
W 11 smitlit,. -3 50
W J Crawf9rd, - , . 00
James JuQe, ,:th 40
Joel topes,).j . 113 00
Dr V E Ailsen,. .107 25
R T Owens, 9 00
W J Keller.- . . 3 0
Withers & Dwight. :16 35
J C kquier & Co., 68 23
0 1. Refo, . 4 00
IR B -Bylston, 21 00
Tolby SNIDuie. . 1 76
MicMaster & Ilvic4, . 51 6
Iezeklah SuinS, . ... 12 00 -
Totll. . . $ 1459 25
COOTS .1.4 OA I C .ISE11
Robert Byt ,. $ 7 66
Williar.j For,-' 4 40
David Gordon, I 24)
rael Bird.- . -8
King Nel.on, 10
John Taylor, . g .
A B Kennedy, . 60
F Walker, ,16 80
W I11 hawley-Solictor, 813 0')
Or J D I'amer, - - 9 i
r Charl es habb, .20) 70I
Mart-in 114l1, 49 J,
1sra 8. Scot t, ,*.3 :70
II obert ih.wt horn 33 25
t.~ II Flann i.g: t) go
- ',t)teanoigatL', 118 00
J N. lJamaIo.# a.,, j L 003
IA W l)Las#1t alul verifihd 17003 0l0
8 WV Ru , -1.m~ Q;,
D) 1 Kirklandj, 176 5"
Th mnns Walker', .32 0.01 a
J.attniJ Neil $2 75
iR i 4I.srshalh, :!g 70()
hi F i,ot big It) 8tJ*
J3 C Mlobdey, -t) t60 a'
4. B Ulowney, 222 00. 1)
Dr E A Gibson, ... .1I.)3) P
,Total. ,,,. $ 40t-5 00
DtiKT1NO AND) 'tAXtSPoIrTATjoN of t'ttitoX
Ia W Duvall, Sheri$ &01
Jdry and itn a tck.i10 2
AInvfr.nTIst Nd .ANt) us,AN xh,ilug ..
J3 8 Fallebrown,e, S . 15,0d
Wi.liams & D .vii, 170' 0( T
8 11 Ciowney,24A
Tataa. . ,. $ 248 00
lie ngy Jaco.bs. . . days 0j.00,.
2L62 miles, @? 1~L l30 $d3 0
d LIiot, ,, ,, lO00 days $300 .,
1766 miles, [email protected] 87. 80 $887 80
John: M,Martin, 10J days [email protected]
.., 3650 ..nls [email protected] 182 50 p482 60 tr
WY 13 'eake, Chr& ..8(00 b
'' -- ''-. RE0'' Trr'. on
Foor flodse, $8820 10. s
RelIef, 316) 50
Rtoas and B If$,dIfc,. 4:jOl, 07,
Puablio, BuildIrage anLfoe, 1469. 25 c
.,pst? In Stat Cases, . 40600 i'
t)ietljsg a1nd .ansptortation of,
,*lfSPIonne: , .. 1420 1.l o
JuIr; andt Wi njeas, ' 112 20. ii
Avortising id llInsk Boo b, ?.48 00 c
Commission rs and Clerks, 1603 40 c
Grand? T-. $I,755 18
*. fi. P AA Kl3,
JNN~SDoR 0', S. C.
II. ?ears experienoce In repairinl
- allkis de.f Watcbes.
; E)W 7 d GO s.
4IOLD sli Silver Wabches of-n'll kInds
Panoy Joejvlry and '-looks of all desorip
tions, wh,h 1 will sell low for cash Comn
and sea f r yourself. Nah charge for look
ag (h4kul for past . patronage,'I so.
loltacoo latitnce .of t he sa me. -
oo&CHoS.'UL ,
B f under.VeKOOI ~.t ' m<
dlrebotd, I will offer ro c '1
atsh, a plA>o.auotion to L.e: a9i 4
ier bqfore 1ho qourt*houSe.9opr ii Win
boro w iio-tho'legal hours of sale40 f
NFt, Voolday in .Deoembei,. i.exl a
ity fdllowing, thle foliowing-. 'd
prope Vt 1o 6vit: All that, grieco r
4r tra f.11ani, lying bein ' I v
n 1h0 so *0il 44-tern P61rtit et'F 'h d
.01unly, Stitte br Al uthl .'Cii',d w,
icy'.s Creek, co1toiiningtfout Ia ndgesl and
s erenty C.,14 uorepi, fitro. 'pr.- li.nd
ion It e- -In tIho A nor1l1 by I'M y. Innd, ----
--, on I he east bsy land.t yif l1-%t
wien loillware a ti laiqlt of fh&(.d Clarke, or
he "outh h1y larlds of . L, lg., 41
west, by l.4nds of D,.ve lil%viloa ptd Ojit
.'rs Leviel :pol ti ll 1 -roperty.. o
nhn dli. Frost, Sr.. nit ihe i;it o ts rafi
1gilnd John 1). Fsit 15r..
All I1hat piece, pireel ori lac of lad,
Yifg. heing anld wituile in fihe Coutly
4 Fairfifld ai1l State of 8 -n'ih Caroliii
CnUwn asi 1h1 -'llone plae cotni.ii ijg
nlie hundred anl fifty it-irw., nvire oi lIt,
ud btinded lby Int,i of, *Jlt Iti-bertson.
1'. J. II. Jones aid litind litely owned by
amei 1Iarriion, docescaed Alzo another
rect,of land . it theo c inily and sato
fore'laid. conitaining eighty Iteres, naur<
or le. and kno)Vn as I le "larling pnce.'"
)ond'eL1by lands orJoli ht lui-ttoan, la.d
Vtely ows.ed by JUV4am1e l 1irison, dectQS
(I., 'I'loimii Moore an I wl\ieors. L..iel
111on IV, I lie propprAy of -\briilan 1). J (ne14
t (,ith anij of,.1 g jCv;'inj nli g b 'I
. 11. Jtnes, .Execlllor. '
A I that piece, parcel or 'I raet- li lnd
ituate in (he counity of Fairfield Un.1
kae of Soith Carolina, conaiiiig ieven
iu1idrell aorea.more or less, and botinded
ay lands of a rs. Sarah peilts mon, lauds
aely '-bPloi.ng to ili,. esf.a1to o 1, E '.
,ylec, d ceitSb'd, hr'..1l. WV. 11wens, W il
iam Ii. Irapp and oithers. LeVied upon
,s the property of mis. lart .a N.' 1)iw
inls, ikt the slit of J. T. Dwkins, Hnlil-i.
ill;! iiadll;ini.-traor aud others ighinst.
ii ar haI N DawkinM.
All ,ihat picco poroel or i rheie of lan1t1d
ring being iad sitalikel in the Coiity
V.1rfield and lao of Sou h, Cni-olilnA
)ait ini Dig nin111 liundred 1iCrt, inore or
-ms a nd hounded by lan Is of' 1.. a. I elns
Ii's . I . easteser awd If .irs 11 J. Lylvi.
liram Nloreintn. , lndh belonginh I ibe
state .of ,ThoRn hyles Idcoa;-eed, A.
anerdn. IVesly Mjyfield' 1. If. '114a1li,
S11. lierr nnt others. Levied upotl ts
ie properly q Jacob Feuier at flho i.nit
fJohln C. Pea.Mer aga'nst Jacob Funsier.
I;. IV LUVAILiL S. '. C.
Shiirlif's office,
rinisboro. S. C.
Nov. 7, 1874.
nov 10--tx-2
KHERIVI<'S S A fill,
,5TA?h OF SOUTH CA11o.j'A, 1 CoUrt Of
COUNTY Or FAI"l .ti.1a. Prol. le,
harlotte Crovby. Cli-l,vY Crosby, 'a
l.tes, wif of L. A. C. Esles, Catlierine
l lre and her lusbantd, J ohn A. ln
Pre, Chajlof te lotuliva;, and her hus
andi.', Autdiew J. Biglwill-, f;he-41.y
1'. Boilware, Margarol Nevit( and her
11Usballd, Joepli K. Nevitt,
Pet itioners against.
avid. .Crob'y find: L. A. C.f'esp -d.
iitlstrators of Thomas CroibV, decw"-s.
ed, J amte in ahton, It lihoda f l'ima1 11al
ier huand Olles.Chapaaon, i)fenalants
N imrnaunclio ai oril".r nade in I1
lti.UVe lt;Qtd Case, b) tie. 1i1on. W.
. Neloi, Jud'e of III-6baie. I will olfer
.r .1t,Lp111bl auct loun, 6 th0 highest
Idder tei'oe . tIho 'our'l houso dur I
VIIIsbro, withlil.he 1 eilk lioui of male
i tie t l-st hui i . IL7 .Depeilber io.x
ndl lie dlb y f1o low.ing, tI.e follo i nl e
urihed property to wit : A 1I Qw. lit
'hilich Taoinas Crosby 'was seize-. 1 n1l
ossewsed" ii tee biimplu, at lie I i,le of ,.is
enih, siin.ito.nosily il Fairfield cotinty,
it pI'itiliy in RIer'l11il?w c tnnry l in i tae
lale aforeha.ld. (ol Siley nlid.Tilovi,irt lee
reeks, toaod tili of sever:ll .iiuill tvavi.,,
t.haud, containing 31 il ll tira-en haii
riid andiili- 1 cresii2, mot.e~1 or' letss, all or
ear'ly aull of said traiqs yiato inineg eli
lhr, ,aiy&a~ak gn tQgeI her are bunnded lby
Il.nd;l.now ivar a,t ely. belongjoi ihe esa
1' Abram l9. . (ones, s, 4* i4ghshi, Th'iOli,u
ulney, II eury Crump jtoht, J)oblak. Nelraan,
lyh o Albert andii othiers Thet cabove
aid.w all,he1 sold in seveural. p:n.cely, no~
"aa, '' i liItv e.hibiteni o'I the1 day
'i ..N ''l't o of sale : Onea bird enahi
id ihea balance.on ai credi. of,ouni' iad
tla &earis, In. jwo cafIial auional . istl.
el9.is With iai,t.ere5t theOreon, payabi lle ani
lll'y Iroin.1 le daty..of isaeI, Ib,he pu rbias.
' rpinineft.'id iave l a.ord anda M.ai.
ige of Ithe paeernivtas.to ,thle Jndi.ge of' Pro
iLe /.o 81eoire ie.pnlymnclt lc 4the'e, and
art ha8er to pay for' itppe; .
. . L.. . DUVA LL, S. F,.C.
ulherifl's Offie
'innc baoro, 8. C.
A ov. 7 1874.
Cous-i Or FAIl a sI:.I. JP' ea e
boas M. Lyles, ns Exentor of' Inst
deceas ii ed aanteg Thainat ti Les allie
P'oellinit z, Nichlolaas 1'. L.yles, John IV
U3y b- lieli on E-. ILy Its, .\l il P. 1.y l-s,
liebecca V. l.y Ie-, ,.'1 'i.' Ly'es, .innties
[-N pulrsi ance of an order mall" in t he
L a.(ove st at.ed case by thle lIon. WV.
I. Nelson, Judge of1 Probaute, I will offecr
r' ital at p):lplip ad(iI) to th.e highiest
iddler ,, boldr,e th i, .09 lit- lii e- in
innyt,bor.o,. it Ih,* the leital:hon t'.nf ule I,
i t li first M ondn.y3 in Decemiber' ne.xt
id Ihe dy3 f'ollowing, I i following (d0
ribe ld property, to wvit ;All I hat, piece,
'ir'el or t rabt,.of'. lail, RiLu:ale in the
31t1nty of Fac-i id atnd 8tateo of t'oti al
arolIng, aontnig eighty ne.eas, jiae or'
u58, iknownlt ...lhe U'slenin l t rae',t 'on iho
al.el's,,of Elea ver Creek, boauded by laugh,.
I.9hin,. F'easter, ' r's. . A. 't'i.anI
pd.lerds paf-.Wjlliam loykin les10, ale.
pd.Al so anaother cir emtc of hancd in tile
onnly 0ne4. SAare tiforesaid, c'aninlil.g
tree lit.ndlred an cd fourteent actis, more or
.'ss,. .iititate .oi the waters of licaver
'reek, an:l bound113 by 1 lnds <.f Miss
b11.1ie P,. tLyl,. M rs, J, .. C:olemah2n,
hiotann M. Lyles and by Ilie roagi Jeiad'1g
o A shIfortI's *'er ry, tin . lIro'A d t v1'.-.
eirms of sale : Onie--third of' the purchaselfl
rioney to be pail in cash, Iandi thalatc.
hereof oni a credit, of onerand two f er
an equit Instalmnents. ilth lintere9s f'romi
Iho day of snal, pnynblo analaaly, .to lbe
teonaredl by bond of tlae pnriotraser and
norigage of' the pa emisty, ihec thirchaaird
o pay. lor' all oucessary.papqrs..
.1 , D LUVALLa, 8. F". C.
Shie,-lfT's Offico,
Vlasbn.ro, S. U,
Nov. 7, 1814,
"l'iE largo and oommodioits W arehouse
,1. , the rear of of' Danienberg & Co's,
>ilIng will lie for rpnt on and af..er-Jan:
cary1set, 1874, -Apply flbr terras to.
* DA.4NENB3ERG~ & ('d;
noy 12.42
Not ices.
II 9 ''i Alh4E Oi'ers iny kitnl
of .11 vored alcohol for dyq1vp%ia,
hilh ot hl ihe I i ll l ie hiiln
nic '9, '.w t .' jsiie* , - ioit a et r rt1
ra- Amk hi1 . 1[or l i iit. .
'Oit N 1 t it prepl.
raUti.n. low.l, i.wig whWh y5 know is fAe
rroum."Al*Ian' w r. 11j6ect ait I ihe fiery
4TqniCs ,il i pp: r" eling t)
that romc... N h i Is no elellici.e thiat
. t Cbn a e 1 i 1 iT . .IN :l,
I in. S . C. :t v - olle' ll - I b vI ' . ist , : 4 gt,il
. t o:!hs oft I )ry Q1oo,it fnd Cal,ptts i h
UiU l 81 oem. I'arljpq i" wanI o the
St mv . Will e fr I' . t ti 0Ml pev Cet.
b orlering. t'. iin Tt hei Iit ia e le
:1 1 redi'1 send samples nill 1pplienlliont .
,A ll r e l i i v,il 'l i -r . v r 1 0 w ill b n . . lt i
'rev tif'tbarge 1 1,n11y parl 401, b o:(m n.
"rv ii St-ttes.,. Ie:0oi.. by '. 0. 0 trd FI -:x
prt4. or Ili;tl'i (h i o our Vl delr, vi .
'10o td1 will liesenit, C.0 1).
pf Iro se., im t L.fvrlprbin g Ilrins n's
lvory 'notws ofpoi l'ig' thir ii-ines he
fi-re thecir u to c I n in , N % nty v:.i1
ihis he done 1 V1*C CV iveni' and :I(
,1ra1clively one 11111 by bsing 'viniv
.t iel. ll e ng I 114 I li iws. I hey
it-t e (.t e inio snehl gene-ral 11,;' h1y
i t'el ii l i ne e , ei.iii h i2fe,ll, it
Wh1. tl-be. no t . 0e 1.1h , anki h e .t :
ilhu'lhi be golnerafly : adoptedl by (the
'0 n11try Mler1 :n111 1s.
.WA :S Oin, lKvaxs & o w:... lare .
'on, . , urnish L. eter and Iliill H. is
11ll grades, and at he ino venoaIIb:
fly1 110 th ay, :lt:4911s, IA1,0:1.I IVo ,S
f C o .iUL. ureti ing t p aidt sellinw
lke int v i0s, s mae excel " i bo ks l i
0oc \ercl an s. t11ne, i te- .\e re f a i t s,
ottto - look, fI*r .-kveIpi.g C01rree'.. ae,
.uwos or purohaw 44n ii .rie t Cy
ia n; the otti,!r, i ith- MA i nt ' B-ill iook,
oir rea lily ku"w i g A lt . be pay m M.nt o n
llihvr ensl on: ' Iolev :1 11lkes'n1 's
4"1n1,11 . 1 )( l it b-1.1 %:, lv xceedtingly Conm
plete,o i'Otue wi ihq our i .e: \:-Aicily.
Among otr new uliveoisemtils, is tItOI
ofono of o.hw obest v.;-nilishities in,
Si al e. 'E-,tab -hei 18:1.!. i t lin s no1i6n1
-tin ie ha fir.t. pe 1 il iils il e of lol, i , e
'Wh lafge t.xN rion findimuqmn:smed,
'fd ilii.s, lyn s.wa'k er, uiv:,n.s & cogs.
W.ell aire pr'urdto .4us-11ain the reptaf
tIhnl of, (th i i n i h t L .ike .\. T ,.
Ilwlrtpthy h ,-!eve in nlolvp-lper adI!ver.
1ig,. an:o W.INk- hi"maang In annonncee
Uit they havo' (his v4'41'.itnlde.1 verY
wargel'y i .ht irtvt t t o f o type finI
111hinlery.IN1A nve he preparedI 1han1
ever Io pleatewlheh- itstoiers. \e .sh
11h im every FIluCeA.
F FLUI 1H(9' UTT, t F1E N E %l 1t CoT & CO
C 11.\ It .1' C. N') \', s, C,
Mlerf.o (hit hh 1n oie ve4 in g n r
n I i to a w L1 :Helectoel tokk 0
Ory 41 . is, Carlels. 0:l Cloth II, aWlIy
&40.,at lil low -, i livrowilh Ihey
1111n1 X1.11 rets afe artid e,; --X'k;ivtj-4
1'roill G to iLiong CloihIt, I'rom11 1 to
tio %, upown innpuns xtr:a heavy,
Urom 7j t o IM0, Ju ins, from, 12.je. ny.
wil<-. C, 4--tiot w-4 , f'v.m -l i lln wval s,
F''knnels. 'romi' to I Id. l IM Y, AliMMVM'
11n-1 %J ".1 .4a : W o 50. L. 1 5, .1 2.AH pe r
loz., di : .11 ti ...4_ S" q n-ers, St .-A 0 I-or
t iz.; Ite 1. ,t w tr L td, ,i..s' nl)d r 1*o1n11s
IM --w.I ie:-.ieI Itr1,11 Mvn . per d11z,
in Iiff,pw.i-i. Hliuk-at Mil"red Alp"vn.
.'0 .% kl 1.4 11%vwa 1 4, >re-. b r 1 ' ruim 2.->,-j
.ip .ir -. . aolk'in ti ts' F-urnh-hing!
Iod,loosNekeepinj H 1."dq Fanuvy (I puds
ltibblln4, N >)H11 ,., from11 15 1)o'.5 per
.:,-nt. ehl-1iper IbII n e!e-wIl-vo. .: iIIapnsp
* t. no-l ord .1 peon4ly filh.d. All
In th Ater of Alexander At. NowbiU-'
[it pIrsuan e of an order made by
lot (1uo. 8.'Brynn, Judge of the Distriot
(ourt of' tho U. S. for Soutl Carolina, in
11lhe above tcuitled Petition, I will offer for
Su-11 ol thlie filrst Monldav in December
next, before the Court House door in
W inisboro, bt ween he legal hours of #ale
it b Wit, out cry to file highest bidder, lie
olilo itig property beloiigit,g to the estato
ofi -olid it11nkrupt :
The I ract ntuii ked -C" oil (ie olat, m d
by J1 :, . L.y.es D. S. and exhibited at day
of .isle: so nuch of It he iiinet mnaiked
I lireopt - E. " as lies East of the road from
Crobyvil ' 1 1o Monticello: so 11t1ch of tlo
Irac; 1111ked 'E". ls lies. if of 1aid
oald, a ni t.racts. marked 'D!' and 11G."
Tilit aho e des(rihi property wiill be
sold by .idl plalt : 'I'iracts "0." and 4-B'
eisf, id it -"E"I wesl wi- be sold,separat -
ly : Tracts "-D1" and "G"W will b, bold to-.
Teras of S..0 : C.tsr
A MU l %VI. Co ,WNEY, Assignew.
Nov 12--x IJ 2.
Cinaanll Ql assware
nov 1.
3-34O0X TI
WElave jus reiollom
plvt lineos of the folloWving
goro<()s viz:
200t5- and $hoes,
A Larg~e Lot of' SadIdles and
Togetheir with
I aird ware, Grocries and
TI welt y Barrels of as'
pureJ L1(QUORJ ats
I wil beioun<l
in Town
ll.O llsates & D.
Qatober 20)
K:ng & S6ns, of olumbla[,
jS soldl wholesale and retaIl by Dr. W,
L. E-. Aikona, agent.. Those buying by.
hie dozen will esvo the freight iroft Co.
liadsPatent Lock T1es.
A lot of (ho tebovo C>toen Ties, Thl
-are uind'otibtedly the bost, in tn
they are in ado of the best, irou tsr s.
h an arty otBher Tie utnd can be usedI
tniy sized bale. Try a bunch and be i
For sale low by
au& 11aUMr:-t '

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