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Wedclday Morning November 25, 1871.
A warrant has been lsimed by U.
S. Commisinier Obear for the ar
)e,t of Musco Boullware (colored) who
ctrucic James Shelton (colored) for
voting the Corceno thket. The on
forceient lawb work both ways,
Ben Butler says lie isn't aroing
to write a letter explaining the cause
of his defeat, and divulging sundry
party villainons, 'tie isn't going to
forn- a now-parfy, and he is:k't going
to run again for Cilice. We wi.sh Ie
had also said that he isn't going to
steal any more spoons.
The Union IHerald continues to
quote from the Inter Ocean. We
had thought that the recent clections
had taught it more sense. One con
solation is that the Inter Occan i
about the only Northern paper that
can be drawn upon for blood Aid
thunder items about Kn Klux. We
don't care a ip now what the Inter
Ocean has to say. The people re
pudiated it on 3d November.
By the oflici-al count lRainey beats
Sain Lce for Congress by only 09
votes. This incitinles tho returns
from several precinets in Ge.irgetown
which made irregular returns. lin
severa"l phaces fle indepein(lent re
publicans were driven from tle polls
vith cilhs u1nd.1 kiives. IHad these
not been intimidated1, Lee woid have
beaten RIainey esily. Trot out your
enforoeient law.
.adical pa peris ae endeavoring to
eroate a scisalion by recording in
itli3s thit whei Nobles was mhot
in E:1lgelield oil vleetion daty, "he
fell in his tracks grasping in death the
ripub/io-v tic4ke." As he was shot
VhI ile runninlg fI oi thlie polls it is
but natural that he shoild have died
with a tieket in his hand. lILd ie
been shot. while rmminu from seim
Snihboing bell roos-, lie would mo1t
prohlly have olio grasping in
deittt a squing ol rooster.
The Unio lioraid injorms ani ar
title contaiiig the folowing sen
"Like Noles we litve no doubt that
htulreds and hundred- were shot down
on l.st ch.etion dIy for dring to
excre,ise thiri ri ghts as freeen."
As the Uinion lierald d1oes not
give thbe source of this article, we
prcsumen it assum nes the rei-poniii. I
ty for it. Will t ho U nionm lorald,
lhen, please publish a list of' a few
of the satid hunlrd eds oif martyrs who
were murdered on election da.y ?
Will it also pulis h a list oif radicals
who were s-hot for mtahtreatinug no
groes who had the indtepienden.ce toi
vote theo demiocratile ticket 1 'Thle
latter list would greatly preponider.
It is to bo hopod that when the next
Congress assembles it will "investi
gate" Col. ~Merrill and D)etective
Hester, the renowned kur klux hun
ters. Mierrill is said n ever to have
been in a battle. W'hen his regi
mient was ordheredl to fighit the In
dians, lie obtained a certificato of
ill healthI and rema~ined in SouthI
Carolina ling enough to engineer a
fradulent bill for $50,000 thtrough
the Legislature. lIo then wenit to
Louisiana to raid on defonceless old
men and woment. //e himsc// made
ani afj/daiult implicating ninety of
the best citizens of Shtrevepoi t, and
had half a dozen nrrested. For this
he was censured. Ifis object was
solely to intimuida.te the whites anil
secure a radical victory. liut the
Lou isiarta tigers dli;not scare worthi
a centt, and lthrashed oumt th rt ad icaIs
in spite of Merrill.
In Alabamia, lIe-st er arrest 'd mtany
itnocent eii izens, aind carried several
hanidenm id to Mlobille. These gentle.
tmen have since beeni released.
Theo eection in the N orthi is a
revere rebitk0 to the presiident for
thiun pertoit I tig sneh iitrocities ini the
name of the United st ites.
iLa:st sesioni Senator iloyard en.
dca vore d to hiave Mer.rillI pun ishted
by ('ongrees. llt the ricaezl ma.
jority piroteted their faithful btench
It ii to lie hoped that the new
Congressi will take this maztteor in
hand, and that Merrill and IIester
will be severely puiihed for their
mi sdeeds.
This will bc a.eroosruto
avid will harmonizo the North and
the South, a result that noVer would
have becn Fteurod by radical bung.
ling and radleal oppreAsion.
Our Fature.
Th'o woit is over. 4lette- days
are in store for the yeo'ple. ThI
nation lis awakened from its drunk-t
revel, and with uninistakuble symp
tons of political headache-, is count
hig the cost, and setting to work to
repair the danlge it be wrought-.
Its wildebt orgies were performed
in the Southern States, and hire ruin
is sen on every hand. But this will
be renovated.
Some of 'the States have
)f themselves burst tho shackles
that 'bound them. Others like
South Carolina have not yet suo.
3eeded. Bat she l is greatly weak
,ned thein, and 'they are still further
wenlkened by the succes of Conser
vatism in 'the North.
Our p-eople are beginning to look
tip and appear mdre cheerful and
hopeful of the future. We see that
omething can be done to arrest the
tide of corruption.
Sjuth Caroliha has boon very
]runk for years. But the demooratio
triumvph is a tab of cold water to hver
politicians, and they inust )ober
lown. They can no longer ihsue
rraudulent bonds and pay certifl
,ates. They can no longer pass laws
which are uncontitutional-. All of
these will be testified V' the *oArts.
- 0lliiials will be held to a striet ac.
count in the perforinne- of thleir
duty. The Grand Jury and the
Court ro:-n will soon be A terror to
cvil doers.
In this way we will have a better
government, ond having one, we %\ill
prosper and the State will grow in
population aid in national prosperity.
T.ie Euroroenant Aot
The enforcement act is used as tn
excuse for every species of outrage
rnd every kind of politicalhiarangue.
It has been tortured into so niany
formis that it is a hideous mionstrosity,
meaning nothing and yet everS thing.
A citizen can scarcely take his Incals,
now, without being charged with a
violation of the enforcement act.
Judge Mackey has lately seen fit
to ride this hobby. We *ere not
i(t the court room when lie delivered
his eharge io the grand juiy on Wed.
it's i y in t. INt we are informed
thiat lie eilarged upon the euforce
nent act v and, into the broad field
fenced in by its flexible proVisions) lie
Iigged in widhout cerenony, several
cireuninstantes that have lately oc
eurred in Fairfield county, though,
ini our haumible opiniion, they have
aibour.as much to do with the enforee
inenit acts as a miemiber of the Judi.
eiary hats to dho with polities.
In the first place, we are informed,
lie ot derdd the grand jury to investi.
gate the ease of the young men, who
on the 24thi October, blew hornis'and
denvouniced certain parties as thieveE
vand scoundrels, and to see whethei
they should not be tried under the
larovisions of the enfor,emnent act.
Now the facts ot that ease are -u
follows: On the 24th of October
1). 11. Chamberlain, John J. I'attera
son, A . 8. W allace, Parimelee, Mmi
ton anud Richardson caine to WVinns.
boro to speak on the political situs.
lion. Chiambterlain mnadd a good
speech. Although republIcan, it was
decent and fair. It was atttntively
listened to, anid net once interrupted
Chamberlain's promnises oi' reforni
wvero warmly applauded by the con
sarvatives presenit.
llut after him, thme othier speakerr
addressed the mheeting; avid instent
of endeavorinig to instrtret and ele
vate their igniorant haenrets, they
made direct appeals to their basesi
prejudices falsifled the position o
the demoeraits and deliberately falii
Iied facts. Their whole object ap
peared to be to array race againsi
race, and to agairi tOat opei
griping wounds, whicb, by the effortr
of aill patriotieceitizens, white anc
colored, had been partially healed
These men wouldh have been hisse(
down by any intelligent audiencee
liut the poor colored persons prenent
who had niot the intelligeneo nor
knowledge to tliscoter the falseho'oda
avid the dangerous sentiments thai
were uttered, were again deluded, anc
became a maddened mob that wouli
hear rno reason.
T1heo men who ifiade these. speecebe
thlus proved themiselves villains and
liars, as can be shiown by the records
Thecy were dangerous charaeters tc
the peace of the commnunity-as dan.
gerous as the incendiary, the mur
derer or the assassin, and inspired thei
depest loathing in the breasts of de.
cent andi intelli,?ent, conservative and
republican alike.Te were..d..
nonnoed Individually abd collectivraly
(ekoopt Chatnbbrlain, who wat thi
decent lbah or the party) because of
their individual acts, and not hbt
cause of their politioi.
Does the foot that i man it a Vhdi
oal politi'Ian, shield him from being
denounihed for theft of publie 0obeyb
Does the Lot that be is a radival
Xongressman shield - him 'hbm buing
denounced as a liar for denying acts
that are recoided against hiu ? Does
the faict that he Is a radicalilemagogue
shield him b>eing denounced as a
liar dndleInc6odiaty when he utterr
base falselicodii to an igi.orant find
vredUlous people, -nnd by his (.lAlfied'
tions tende to aray race against race t
ie knows tliAt 'h lies wilfully, know4
ingly and maliciously when he sayA
that the election of Judge dreond
will result in the reenslavement of
the bla'ko, and that the censervativeA
are wotking to put the black man
into slaVerV Shall a radioal office
protect him from hiving the lie
tlArust into his teeth I Rither let
the strength of his own right hand
protect him from the consequences of
his infamous conduct.
This ii what some of these opoakers
dia, (we have no reference to their
raisin, thel' right hands, they did
not offer to do this) and fot theao in.
fan.ous act.s they were denounced by
certaln citi1ons of Winubboro, who
would willingly have accorded these
windy doinagogues the satisfaction
which an insulted Individual is %%ont
to receive at the hands of his insult.
This, then> is the outrage which
calls loudly for the vengeance of the
ciforcemnient nots Intimidation was
practiced on Patterson, Wallace and
coimPany belauso of their politics.
Ceortalu bourbon democrats have all
along contended that radical polities
consisted tniiil in theft and false.
hood, and now we have republican
enlorseenvut of thia assertion. Our
young mnin miltmidatid these repub
lloan demangogue, for thle expo,itionl
of t heir Ilit ical platf-irn. Our young
men rust, perit,b. ItadicL princi.
pled nlu-t b pro'ected, if it takes a
whole court awd uut of Congress tc
do itn
But anothl Y gross Oct of intluida,
tion *ns practicd which sticks ii
the thruL of [le Iluisuri, and makei
his gotgo rise, it wai a dreidfu
act, ierlu:tin,g fearful amount oi
bloodthir,tiners for its ineoption, and
a diubolic couige for itsiLxecution
It was one of those dread outragei
wich are happily infrtquet.t, and o1
which we r-joice to say, the pe"cfu
anld law abiding cit i&ens of Witns
bo. o I avo 'levt r before been guilty
T h ese n - oung the, these on
feeliig mns uters, these fends in. hu
man form, these des ils incarnat<
rerpetrated a grievous outrwge. Thn3
d id not an<tint h.irnocet t o' jects o
their devilish malignity witl
tar, and coat them wh*ih renthers
TPhey e i 1 not crop (ff thil- ears witi
red hot knive,i, or pull their nOSes
with glo-wing .pineera They dit
not rack them till each bone protru
ded from the flesh. They did no'
flay them alive, and roast thr in after
w ard. They did not perforat e thel
bodies with~ sluas froin navy pi.stols
nor slit thecit' weasand.' with Ar
kansas tootth-puche. They7 did no
blow thuem from the Diouths o
fifteen inch ('olntiblado WVo,se
far' Ivorse than tLa'- They. ?,dew
hourn ! And it. is w'.isperod. ('i
childrent itt the dark, trodt bling wi
terror, wi:th prota tding eyes, tWhiAp
er thc fetrftti talt's of g(hoRtd an,
spcecs,) that on thme ilame nigh
one fiend incarndf'e, mre diaboli,
even than hisA comrades, with the eon
centrated malignity of tent thousain
Ku kluk and a tillion devils; tan
tvithbgte, rning ey6s and flaming breatt
hissed f'oid bet'ieen hIs teeth tha
dreadful, terrifying, muadde'n
cry, "GO BIJSII !
But we can pursue this theme ii
l onger; Our blood is curdled, ou
hair stands on'end. We will roen
the sub'ject when we grow calmer
We began by thinking our bo3s has
been guilty of nothing, and in tende,
to censure Judge Mlockey for thmi
-portion of his charge. ut the ma
lignity of thoir e-onduct hams dawne<
clearly up,on us, and we ca~n say noth
ing in their behalf; As to tha
portion of Judge Miackey's charg,
which relates to the WVionsbore
News, we will speak of it aniothe
The Enforoemeht Aet and the Wtaabor
IIis IIonor, Judge T. J. Mackce
on Wednesday last, In his charge ti
the Grand Jury, ordered them t
investigate certain Cornmunication
which recently appeared In the
Wirnsboro NEws' and to repor
whether theauthor. of ..:a o... ..
niuosions,sand the Wiunshoro NEWS,
had . be*/guilty ,of conspiracy Un
der the teoonstruelion adta of oh
The' cotan1unil3ktions t'ererr-d to
were headed 'Tit for Tat)" and ad
vised the pleaeful law abiding citi
lenwotairlield to ti-6ritMi,(6 be
tjTeen. certain i'dividuals who in
the 'eiection had -proVen thenilielves
friesds of good goverinicm nt and re
forse, and others who had raised the
q44estiod- of. color, ani Lad bebn
peculiarly bitter in their conduct.
*I cOn uia tiit-hilo iis ds s
stated that they ad no infennc
to tho e colored mon who while mp.
porting the rtiublicai titk.-t, did so
quietly.aid witiout giving offense
to uny one. But tie authors stated
that there WorU' eltait i'dividuals
who while ihey had recleived iany
flvors from the whites, novettheles
were very virulent and i.ctive in
working igaint ihe coh-er vhtive-4,
and iN raising the cry "-titik to your
dolor." The whites Aere adkisedt to
-iclierber these i0iVidunis w ho
w1l)ht*,6a nothing Ilnore to do witi
white nmen. That wis the gist of
the communchtioh-p whioh distinctly
doelared thmt they did not disorimi
na.te on'aceount, of politica.
His HJonof. we are told, announced
that whefi such senitn(ras were ex
pressed in a nc wspaper t hey robo to
the dignity of a conspiraOq, and
fu'rthermore seemed to declare thtit
the Winnsboro NEws is the only
paper in whii such sentiments It ove
ever f6und the light. 11m 1linor
conoot have been an attentive readetr
of newspapers or he would have bo..
come fatuiliar with such sentiments,
and would nothave paid thie Ntna
this high compliment of originality.
Of the crime of originality we plead
not guilty.
His Honor bas probably not been
a close reader of tihe NEWS, (which
has been sent to him regularly for
twoy0ars)or he would have known that
we have ever opposed political pro
scription, and the raisitig of tire
question, of color.
On the contrary we have been
remarkably moderate towardo those
officials -aginst whom no offence nave
that of pOlitleal differenco lihs been
oharged. We have taken advantage
of every o,Portnity *e have h.ad
to commou4 republican oflicials, and
in,this way.bave beei subjected to
nortificatin, for we have frequently
found ourselves badly mittuken.
We hI%Vo seen our 'ohdem hopes
decay so ftequontly as regards Tadi
cal p'olti0iFtnstha1t we nre begining
at last to be rather ehary of our
praise. But this ij not our fuult.
It. is the frllt of th oilicials.
Hlaving shown that we have never
been Ilibe)at or euptious heretrnforr.
it remains,to be seen whether art this
latU day, we have taken a new de.
parture. XYe mnaintrin we ha\~re not.
The individuals named in the~ of.
fsnding articles are said to have
ralse.l the question of' race. -Thuis a
da~ngerous matter, a firebranid in a
field of brush. it is thre duty of
every patriotic citizen to crush out
these firebratuds. In drl.g so wrere
acting as cons5ervators of the peace,
and public benefa-ors ndi riot as vile
It is k:iown by every ihtelligenrt
fpereon radical 0o- tms9rvatiwe that
radical governinen's her etofrore haive
been huge awihdiea mer o machines
for stealing money. It is knrownr too
that at the last e.lection tOe radicals
used the same timber ho framoe their
new governme nt as hias entered into
rall tire other rOtten ettifleet.
The tionsetrtirecs well knew had
they obtamined tire lmower taxation
would have been reduedd aeesral
mnills; at least seven thours::,nd dollars
In this Cotunty. ftow ti is prev'er
tedt by what means ? fly thre eff.rts
of half a dosen personrs who have
been pampered by the tax-payerri, anid
given that position which gives thlttrm
inrfluenrcej who tell their ignorant col
,ored brethren thart tihe whbites are
h ying to them and enaeavoring to
I take liberty away from hhiem. Are
we sit down anrd quietly and fedid anid
pamper ind ividurals whore~r falsifying
. u ? Aund is our refusal to do so to
be construed into a conspiracy I Th'lis
. eonspiracy tool is a double edged one.
t The whole radical party from the in
ception of its power in South Caro
lina has been a hurgo cospiraey arid
r plot aginst both the rights and the
property of the people. Firsit let the
grand jury present the whole radical
SState government and et it incaree..
rated for conspiracy, and then it may
have tiae and leisure to take up suoh
small fry as the Winnsboro N Ews,
and its "Tits for Tate.9'
A gain If w o are guilt y of conspi
racy, to what ludierous besults will
it lead. Certain individuals "eon..
. aired" n eltion a...mnt h
rights and- property of the pool lo.
'it for Tat and the Winuaibro NEws
1onounced these conspirators, in) the
intorobt of th9jp ple. Now suppose
,he Coum-and"Gratpd Juir sllal puln
li the NEWs as a Gonspirator aghiinst
onspirators No. 1. Who will pun
ibh the tourt and Grand .ury as
)onspirators -Ugaitist oohspirator
bNo. 12? -
Teally Uthis matter i. perp!exing
We are dae,ld by tho protean shapes
talimed by the eiforceinit laws.
Will bomno one auswer the above con
lunderim t
Vuuld It not be wiell to hslc 4omc
)f your retdb. to ihke a hasty glatce
it the Law of this Stato on the sub
eut of gamrlbliing t It is very plainl
il empintie, ad very casy to be
By reference to the Itevised
S1tiats ofthis Stole, chapter 69,
page 40C, they \vill there fii.d it in
ui.tistiaktable tntim. They will see
lhut a srious offece It iM, atnd how
le'-o the hopenalhtiCs are, mnd by
f'erence to See. 16 of said chatipter)
,age 400, they will find this speciul
)rovison I .
''Each Sherft, iDputy Sherilt,
Coroner, arid their' depitien, aind
,very T1il Justice, told all (m0aii.
les, shr.l. before they be qualifiled
,o net in their atill each of their re.
petive offioes, in addition to their
C.lpec ive oathis of LtliCe, take an1
mtah to fefoec, aild, to the e.0"llt
,f their pow,er an'd ability, carry into
!lreet this ebapter, and, in all- OaSes
to brh.g to .jut:ce violation4 of tie
nmme, wir.ever such violation h; shall
!Oe within their view aid knowl.
Now 31r. 1litor, is not this very
lia rand positive I1aw, nr1d essential
y obligatory on theco oflivers ? How
aas it bicen obtervel, (i- r,ither with
vhat impunity has it been over arid
>ver again violated ?
, otlrit'r Jollrinl isms.
"Seter" is the way the OubtuquIe
lerald spells Caesa r. Neat, but
lot gaudy.
"Prof. Tyndall fldoes't t-elieve in
ienven.1 Aud, if seeing only i,
)elieving, it is fdared that he never
4Grace Greer'wood,'' an c:-elanlge
ells us, "doesn't biieVe in hutior as
beverage." Such, we are told, is
hq experience of ill who have tried
t to excos.
. The Milwaukee News iDsists that
islb can I-ear. There is no doubt
hat Some of them can. Such is n
luestionably the casa with the priij
:ip,il sardine in -G ratiL. Cabiiet.
Short dresses tore coming into
ashion agaiii. We himow this wodill
ae thre Case as s,cot as ai woan wiithi
i precrtty foot and anklie could seuu c
.he ciei.f sayi-o in the maittte!r.
We are told! that " tir. JI,to, of In.
liana, recently elopedI with anothler
reani's waife, asist, r a r>d dauter."
Bhrighrsin) hi'nself col hairdly) have
unde a cleanier sweep1 of the famtcil)
"W\Vhat ," iisks one of thle Ifemale
uirnrge-shi icei s, "arte we to d.. wit h
rur' daurght ers 1' It they are very
~oung, drownw thcemr. If t hey ar'e too
1i0 to drowna, wihc-Lut that is ale
An e xchani ige says th at "'a Verm'OontI
nian w ho forgot to re i,ter coi.tioh s
siinef wiith theC r' iteerain that he
is regr.t-red in leaveni."' Alt, buti
,becie'd b Ie r le drevil to paiy if t hey
ihcorld have f,irgot ten to rr ;iste r hime
hrere> teo.
It is said thait "abeef is onely three
seaets pca ercound ine t rego, while
1 11liOs are $ h00t ap1i"ce,"' Thcus the'
t.ietationr of the Oregirnian to et
iiiimse!f to death is p,Ov'iide:itihv
sauntern.eted by thre igh price a-f's
tnera. .
A BI astoni pa pera' dieelires t hat G en.
Btler rmade a tiuich better fIghtr wir b
li.i wet'iih than hes woud hav, e done
without it. Thee is rio doubt of ir.
Theough not oneh of a soldier-,
llutleri certiainly fights ith I a wiar
Thie pean iut erop oft thle pi enn~a
year a rionn i a to but 7l5t,i00 bheis.
Th'lis is nlext to no crop iat ili, and
unless the Geoi gira Iiegislatuare, Ioi
instance, can suieeasfurl ly Oceoe oni
hbestncu ts,ohlin pi ns; or peoern , a
d isaistrouis pate in tha t iody wouldht
seem to be iinev it tble.
Weare tol thbait "th~'eri aire sit
Gecorge W ashcinugtoncs in ihe l'oecnsy I
ratia State priaon." Whcile it 'ir
probable thait thees six mcoderrn (.
W.'',% like their illust~1rious protot y pe,.
could nrot, lie, it wias too ev'idoently
tnh' mnisfortunec that they couh'ii
It Is saidi that "'Dio be wis lia.
zone back on out meal." liis per
soual expeciiecelias no dloubt taucght
hius, as we long ago told him it
would, that, wheni mixed with toc
much whiskey, it Isn't wholesome.
Gen. B3utlor etngaged a section o
mrtillery, in anticipation of his ece
ion, to leave lloeton on Wednesday
>n a plat form car; it wats to accomopa
iy himt to Gloucester, to fire a grin
it each stopping station bedtweoon
Bston and Gloucester, arid 100 guns
>n reaching t-he latter placee. his
ixperienee at Ifort Fishier ind uced
tim finally not to wasta nowdor.,
A Ildhallch to C0.0m1bi il Iheijoerce
of Tefift 11l4 Ordti r.
The,itllov,jng oitizeniti irrospee.
tive o'bartyhavet beeu-seledoted by
many other citizons, in1 mjeting as,
semiblod, to .represent the County of
Ed'igefild beforo tle United States
ofii,ls in 'ConIbia, on Mlonda
next, in regard to the recont cleotion
a1nd the trotables growiig out of the
salie: All citizens named are carn
0.tly Iqueste. to be present ini Ci
lulbi thiti 't h6 ' it ippointod : M .
W. Gary; ). L. 'irner, It. G. At.
l:I t tivat, W allace alorgau,r J. V.
11ellimi Jpj tv renuo Cain, 1, -w is
Juiies, Jamns A. Ifichardoei, o I'mTlS
G. 1auoll, 1 3ti as Si1n mt1ois, G 1).
TiIaI i W i, %Vesloy JerlIe-stm, ti.,mes
Y. ("albreith, V, W. t(arwile, Will.
lei-ritt-, . "r , John Ct Sheppiord,
George Morgan.
i ?'rlejteld Adleniset.
III,tr% has4 beein runsacked for tle
times when 1 la-s11Achi t%1t, s u wett
c) n it o ura tie. 'l'he tr-,iorv of living
111011 WillS U411i:g i to the tSk. It,
scetbias that the -Iato vote.t for hllm.
as Jelff-rson I'r Prt's,i deit at his
suosId ltt't.lin in 80h,. A tig gap
then inervttes. Ii 1-1,30 Marcus
lorton wa, eoo ed Gjovo-101rnor ovIe
It vrd Evert-tt. by a majolity oi two
vtes~--Ith j vot st 'dini g .\lortol
51,1134, Everutt 50,725, satter
ing JW7-4lndj- afet'wallds re-elected
by the. .Iegislature. lie wasii a Dim
U uratN but No (w.td his election to a
Ii (1 1o0r inne i . Thein i6 anJoiher Fgnp
Iow uintil wea coie to WIsto n's eIet
tion on the lip of the un-ex,.uiled
1i0il w. vo of '74, utle-s the eoa:i
tion of 1830 which electedi Bitit well
Goviriori and Sim:iier, ntinnt or be
cOnlsi d.ed an1l exceltionl. jeffer1son.
Molrtoli, istonl (J.iot are in truth (he
(oily Democ'at.- who have e i nrild the
Stte mic iicciia origii o' thu goveru
I ) \ % wi-hin1ig Phoiograpls will
d o Io cal n Ad gi-I 1h 1 lit Otlin e
1, ti i lnclo,ing lny emIUtaislhment in
ab ' tw wcck t-;im dnte.
nov1 21xVW. M. H.ARIDIN.
350 ItEWVARD 1.
QT0hEN froism m pln Itit ion neat
1 0:i1asltoc k wi 1ii hit hle a-i f t v datyes
a baie of 0-rtn. 14n1id btle hal six ho . 1
1te-ard's paeti. n1l.1 fatur to t eight ilcihe
Inl leagihlnl mn'd 11:1k(d with fihe lei(er. ''K"
inl pook berry on tie vitie. I will give
the Aove reward for the h:le ol' coton
id the ihie.
tov 21-xitt .AS. .JOX1.
Tathiablo Proper(y f0r S ide.
otfr for en'o on Tuesdly the 15tl1
. 1. da1 of Decemiler.1. next lily v-41i41a.
Saw ;In.1 Ori. .\ill. biltinlted two l iles
sotih of Thi psons T. U.. lornierly owned
by Abeli Andlt Brown, lhis aill i.4 in
goal collilionl. an1d loinig a goodl buIsi
laies. Tlie -gii is a Ilirty-five h1ors
oWiiler po't!tIle. I will Also sell oll t lie
satm ditsY tIll Ihe hiihmr til he yard
l' sa:e wil" take place lit Ihe mill
Pits ies wiisig it) exaninle i1 ptoper
hy wt livitel to to o oit. Once.
i:nti. -F"or tie Mill ohe half cavh
for I le blan1. ,crite i Oredit of t welve mtIIIt h
with good sonrity nn1.1 10 per e t, ill
tere.-i trom ily olf sile. T he 11m11ber wil!
te solit r e ih.
All ttersos itlebt'd to me for in.1-anh
snre wiarneda tao muak e iimediate, pay ltient,
oi terwie lteir- aiccotant witl l h patii.d in
I ith tband of ain att orneyc) f'or t-illieci on.
POil SA L1~
30U irs ies AIlules, verali head
- jfth .\ll Cows, and alt Ayrshaire
ll I, niiily 10o
J AS. C CA r.l)Wf:l.6,
hor' 21 LaGran-ge,~ S. C.
A lot of i V(th i er fieqi. kindii of Letoans,
lossni. AlIso, Ice aliungts on haind
nov 18 J. G1lIOI'CSCilL.
F'. iiO-- whic wi-al to t-ent, the Ttiwn
. .larkei. 'or' the year ocunenuesing
l)ccettheri li 1874, as-e hitreliy itifill
1( -aa sealed bi is for ii the jn will be ri'
8e ived i.yte un deu signeda 'intcil is Saud
Thels .\ini-kst liss beaen dividled int.o in
h lighaa.-t hiohiler, thle renit paynlbe quiartrr
ly ini na'vtince.
W. Nt. NiEiYON,
sssv 2t-xlt2 t lerk.
?OOOO lbs. Timnothy Hay.
F'or Hale tow For' TheI
~. 24. ldafy J3"o0,&ASOj.
11 T1 ifteI en hen,ol otf \l Iiseli C'ws1 Uin,
am nt br-eed. Apple Io
Dr. Isaiah Simnpsoz
) SrEC 'UL LYX infrmsa thie Oltizen
ni d publi gener-ally I hat iso wi I
vist l in,,bro,8. 0. lProfessionally, ih
Ilit b daty of Nov'ember ansd ren,ain 1
dlayst. Sat itafnet ion i inarantlIeed.
ALLparties indebfed 10otie for Slon
an iSeaI- o ( aanor, are brb
liosiisd ihat their' holes and acconhie a'r
duo 1stI Novemiber.nmet, uand lintno ex
lt nioni ol' utim enni be~ granted. Thaose Sed
lig lbhehr notes beltot e nmatuity, will b
allowed a liberal di.i,'onu I.
-t 8 ., PER DAOT,
ON the first Monday in Dideliber wd
will offer for sal-i at Winns
boro, lho plantation tif 'homas 8tilt, do.
ceased, on Jatisoh's Creek lat Fairfield
Co int ., Scien miles iebat of the eburb
house. For the oon#enleno of putiidhas,
ers; the plitc has been div I ed into ai
trut.i A, 140 acreA I n, lob l ab. 1a C.
178 ; D, 23 R, 99 ; V. 270. Each
traWt is Well Vaitered fin(ti iinbered. Encit
ii-ct (oicept 11, nnd D.) lans a betlebient.
Also o- iho day folloWing, via : tnestlyl
bedenher 81h, we will soll at the resi
tieitce of Tniutas Stitt, tIecas. d, oil lhi
per'sdnil property, conssthig of .lules,
(46. ilogg. Corn, Fodder, Ootion,
AWoisdnet .Aouse hold and Kitdhn Fur
ulinre, &c.. &. Tei ims for Itea1 Ralaae
One. It ird daN I halAnce in two a qial ann.
n1uai1l illstlin ents, wit i It brett at w elve
per cent, per annain froni 'dly of ptr.
olhaqc Piveachalsestt i give bond. WiM
i wo gooI llerhonal sedftilleh, antd n1,rt
gage oa the pre.ises. For the Per-sdJitl
properly, forms ossh4 For fa.rtler patf
liculiarsa I>p)jy an
J r . I'TT 1
JA.I. L. MA11TIN, Excoutotde
nov lI-x2ti
N Ila dest. Nond-ay in Decen.her Alt
U Winisbor4o. Ihe plitee formerly owi.
id by Ir. Wilii:tim tj. iti-h, sjbsequ at!l y
by D)r. " N. Martin. The i lace ads:iing
itI pl tat itiota 4,f I hos.. siitt, deceasedi.
hasia good Ilvellinig. oulhoauses, well (ad
fin'e waaer, ko., &!.* Tie locaiion, for at
lea- thirteen re:it's pasa, kina .AIan re
i!IIIhv l.; aal thy. esp cially exem}-t
trom chills. Tertlic tlie %amie as fir lho
Real E<ante adVei ak-L hbove. For far
ther partietilars apply td
J %S. Li \ARTIN or J T. W. STI'T.
nov ll-x2tl
ii he aii0te of Alexatider A. Newlbill.-z
I a purstintict Of alt firtlet- made hy
tln Ueo. 9. lryAt, Jud1ge d ilae District
Vourt oft bIe U. .. for Soll ih Carolina, Ia
the aboci: entailed Pt it iont I Will offer foa'
sale oa le 0 M .1)iiday- in 0oceouber
roxia, bdfore 1116 Collat. 1laaad door in
Wiust'il ), bot woe fn I1he lepai Itilalrs of sa'd
al amplllic ut erv in 11he highest bithier, thi
lollowing propera. beloligh.g llb lae e.llame
df saidf l3aiinkiutil- :
Tihe I rat alt 1 6-d -'0" tn tile p1it made
by J 1. I.y!0s.). 4, ad ekhibited] a day
Of'.'tI: Fo 1It ch of the tract maako-11
a hel'oin " E." n .lits Vus1 cf I 1.d road fr-it. '
CroAvyVille to Jm'nfieo1: so much of tIhe.
irot marked ' h" n a lies Wejt of Paid
Roiad, nid 1a ic's marked "D" and 8G."
The above dIt-cribc-d1 properly will be
sold by said jala : 'T'ats IAN"0." ald "E'
on.;J; aii hl "E'' weoi Will be sold stpar ratc
ly : Tihcl "D" nd "0" will be sold l6
get ier.
Ter.s or S..ie cA s -
SA I(UEJ.t B CLO% NEY, Assignev.
Nov. 12-xit'!.
WL C. BEE & cOli
L I'WE,tAL advances mnode.hpnn con
.J itrolneis of Coaton ot4 o4her Fro.
diuce to then in Claiaesiton, or throigli
their corirepoilents in Liirpdol, No*
York nnil Baltimore.
jg&u I"frticalar aftention to tht #ale (Y
upland Cotlon.
N(.v. 7
-\Y~iNd piirlhab. the amfodk .~and
hixaaa ares of' lI $ugenhleiatacr a-nad Co 1 am
aaow pi'epaared to otfer' to a hec pilihh a fir.si,
a:insa' bar anfd resaatauat. Th'ie finiest.
uriea. hIltors, Segstrs &c., will be kept
olr.aantly on laind. Uillfortiin Fegard ..
madae aspaeciily. A billiard andu( a baga:
idil, I aihlo are aittahed a.o a he baia, what-t
the laovers of duo ename cani spend a pleas
ant biur, I respeca fully aisk the publid
td give an,e a call.
ict l--uIm . 1.ROt'SCilEL.
I etish Camidios
1 labha inge'r Snaps.
1 '4 Soda Crack ersa
nlaalhy iantafatared lay the~ pubscribet'.
eFrmis oaf dale--Casha dem 1ole antI seetig
or IBaikable Ncslo, o1' ordet' ott (Tottoti
Mevo0lins- - a. Mf. EbbaiCTT.
N. 11. The tiottoi roll has beets itnprtidt
33n tho Oun of 1874. ,t. M. IN.
i'ew Groceries.
' hh'I l'RO RtICO anda laag isiS
-18L) 1 MolassesS and Caintont Sit-nap.
hh ld, ('hoite D)emor-ara Sugitt'.
12 h1hs. Yellow C, l4ktr~ it, and Grabtilse
tad Unagaa'.
ie 8 S ack.8 pritne JiboCoffee,
t12A.T Y, BRO3, & SO
nOV 3
Pay Up Your Accounte.
ALL persons indebted to Caldwell
.3..Bros. & Co., and to Caldwell Stu.e
y art & Co. are hereby notified thrnat our
s books will be closed on the 15th inst,
-anld that payinent must be made, We
noed ,money to meet ohm patyments fote
.i stapplies furniaalaed yota. Lea us haave the
cash, CA LDWE LL, BRO8. &.00.
.Dliaokstook, Noy.3d5 487$

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