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WILLIAMS & DAVI& Prprietors.] A Failly Paer 666ted to Scidoco, Art, Iquiy, Industry and Iit(trA. [TERMS--$3.00 Per Annum in Advanc
~11 lTHE
F it IlF I 1 0 11 i, R 1111 D'
W a L L 9 I j S & AD A V I S.
Ter*ms.-ts l II/ A 1 h i P puhtislIMd Week
ly iii ihe Town ot' Winnsboro, at $3.00
inrqria6iq itt advance.
k:7f- All irinsient ndvcrtiscutents to be
. /I) IN .41) VANCE.
(),tiititry Notices and Tribute's $1.00
Gellling Sqtarefi ol lite Judge.
An anmiusing incident occurred in
n coni t rmo, ibout a year ago, iin
Kealtingville, Mlontana Terr-itory.
Ilis Honor was i man well st.icken
in years, yet lie could iile i a race,
shoot a rifle, and si ufb and deal as
well as the ntext man in the mines,
aind he who presumed to trifle with
the dignity of the court generally
i'ullered for his temerity.
3.ow, his Ilotior was rented, and
flite eao r bout, to be boomenced,
yi -in, in a volde of thutider, the
sie ifA. proclaimed silence. There
was a p;Ise, th'e judge looked over
,Ull saw the pris lier who h4d not
yet uncovered his head.
The eourt could iio po-sily brook
-Il di.,rope t to its di,viity, and Iis
Hon Ir called out, in un anthoritive
tol e :
"Mr. SherilT, remove tie gentle,
1an'1s hat."
That 1liletionrarv, who h:A until
now ,tood.ill a coriner, lejnilig upon a
rille, stepp-31 tip, aid politely knock
ed off thej ffentr's hat. w itlh that
11u111(er-4t1us in.otritilel.t. whereuponl
tll p.ri olter (cizo i the h it, and clp
pilg it iipn his head, loudly ex.
"Jude, I aim bald ?''
"Mr. -Stil-riff," said the indignant
court, "we iiisruet you to Iove the
The ord-er Whas inl.1tantly executed
aitd lo o tner don than the prisouer
repk.e.: : I I.e In.t (n it 6 headl thle
comisi . ;d i lsA1ing tiant be
was 1-al-l. The oll'-mded judg-e now
w..xed i r i . ad, i.-iig up in hii
sca1r sad
",I Iiine pn five dol!M-s for evi'
tempt. of coirt--to - be committed
1un1til Che fine is paid.'
hI'ei pik iter was thunde.rstruck.
'le deliber-atelv walked un to the
jlIge,antd Inviog tqlwni a half dAlllAr
r,taimp Iel'ore his ionor. in a soI lin
ianner tillim g;ave. his Views
t'Yu -Sletice, Jidge, is Imlost
111gemitleini b t the law it im
per.itive, 1aund I will hiavo to Ftand
it ; sxo liere is four lits, and the four
(Il41 1 ,d a hal1If that you owed b ie
when we .stoppt-d playing poker tihi
11 rnIl ; i:-t maikll , 0s n.te.
'The 31t'iolist id the liiquor Trffic.
- JThe Viiiji annual Confrec
a t its- prese"tt iem,.Son Wil pa-sa -.6
the f"llowin, (uestion:
An amendment has been proposed
in tle Motho dist Episeopal CI roh
8 'ith to the general relle of the
church oni intemperance. The rule
tt, pre.,ent. for-ids "d runkenness, or
hinkii:g spirituous liqnors, uileiss
in eases of Iece,.it-y." 1,he Anienl
lent ilielndes the manufactiture, sale
and use of in to xicting drin ks. T1o
judge friomi thu votes of the annual
coinferenhces alreadi(ly held, the amend
mnent wIl probabhly not b'e carried.
Tlhe v'otts are as follows :Illinois
'Coiifereince, yeas 4, nays 38 ; Wes
tern lIllinois, yeas 6, nays 22 ; Den
veor, yeas-, nays 1 5 ; WV est Virginia
yea. 18, nays 26 ; Kentneky, yeas
5-1, nays 28 ;MAiesoniri, yeas 27, nays
79) ; Lini,-viille, yea OtS(5, niays 4
Southern \l issouri, yeas '23, nays 46;
Pacific, yeas 18, nays 28;i Tennessee,
yeas 45, nays 1 0y ; lloiston, yens 86,
nays 13 ; St. Louis, yeas 3, nays 42;
Indian ;liission, yeas 6, nays 14.
Sinlglar Sulicide of ai Boy1
Henry fLOSIThdale, oif lil1erien, a
boy twelve years old, lhanged him.
self, Wednesday night. lie broke
a pane of' glass at ibool, and was
told to brinig the money to pay for it.
iIe waus afraiid to a k his father for
it, and went to school without it
Wednlesday miorning, whecrenpon the~
teacher told him that lid would be
p'uni:,bd it ho neglect ed the matter
another day. Addeid to this, his fa.,
hier haid promised to whip hint for
manking a bonfire of grass and weeds.
A Pparently the prospect of two puns
ishmients was more than he could
bear, and soon afteor dark his father
-found lilm, hanging from the bough
of an applai tree., qu i te dlead.
Au exchange speaks of \liss Susaft
11. Anthony's "mnatchilesa eloqueneo.~
If Snsan is really possessed of
mtheseloquiience; how is itth,
fryseven leap years, (luring whichi
her matichlless eloquenco was. licensed
to woo a d win, she has never beeni
iibb: to iednoe one single, solitary
maui to joini her ir. s wappinig her single
lounge for a douible bedstead 1
There is a new fringe for trimming
ball niud party dresses called -eai
wood fringe. I: resembles sea weed
very muobh'. a4 is eypety e
The "apron frout'" prevails in all
Demoisolles weAt the Vrenoh gray
felt hat with gray plume.
Embroidered shoes ars ooming in
and long skirts are going out.
Bounets flare mare than ever as the
fashionable seogdn advances.
Very fine plaiting (called knife
plaiting,) is a popular mode jast
Black silk suits (w.rn over velvet
skirt.4.) with bloeVe and doll.ar of
velvet, are fishilolable in Psris.
MaA 'of the trimming of street
suits is concentrated ou the apron
"PlAids, plaid's, plaids)" *ight .1iss
McFlimey-4n'thing but plaids
thi8 willter, and I can't afford one."
Jet ornaments of all kinds appear
to be as universally fashioiable as
ever. The real jUt is ab AkpenhiVe
as ever.
Opera cloaks-many of theo
1h the Dolman patltern, with lo6g
drooping sides. Fur i. used to bor
der them.
The "h- loll brhM Shape bonnet 1's
vary popularo Vt' e years ago a
lady would not bve dated to don
such headgear.
The ebirass polonaise is destined
to become gene-illy popular. It is
rather a 'egr lib gatment, have on
stout popl.
Cardinal red is one of the favorite
colors ; ditto mauve. The cardinal
red is ektetisiVely Itutodueed on
black velvet bonnets.
Modistes are be<mit\g :alarmed.
So many ladies maike their own
d i esses I W hat shall we do t Lo wer
your prices, ruesdmaes
The long gauntidt sixibut06n dbg.
skin glh.ves will be en regle tot ladies
tis te .son. They - at otinithed in
the elegant stj le.
Iarper's l3azar tells one o? its
corr, bpoudents that she cannot make
a dr'es out of her three yards of silk.
We should think not.
There is ?i -it 1 rage for Chinese
anl -.a1panese ornaments. The new
f..shioned gold tef-pOt eAr-riiigs are
excedingly pretty.
Very few n'stare Imported
ftr A iloi lenu uirs now. Time% are
li;rd,' aud besides, uiit. ca)n g'd as
gooil im outfit hero as abroad.
Very handsome bolick ilk juilted
sacq es borl e ed with t r, are sho wn
1a111MIg imported gooils for Winter
wear. $V5j per sacqiie,
W1b.1stonei hs iAzilel ih Anti.
Papat mnife o, in whi6h he de.
elares the doglta of Papal infalli
bility to be totally luconsitent with
good citizelp.hipi) Hn %y% the
Cath'lie Emate&piion AU't t pass.
ed un'der the belief that a Uaiholie
woild give hi nlegibnc6 to the
Queen, but now knows hi- firAt at
legiatice is to the Popd. Th muani
e.sto denies that the 0iope gains con
vMatl auolng the people. flit con
ve).t5 te amnong thu rich', it says.
HeI may control acres, but lie can
not eontrol the h.eart of th~e poor.
The ibianifesto refers to the religioas
conditioni of Ireland, and says that,
under recent le6iulatio' all dihe to
Irelan'd haes been paid, an'd he'ne
forth that country w ill be treated
without reference to CatholicIsm.
Thle documten t has caused a great
s'enstio~n, antd is khe loading kopid in
religioua 'eircles.
Young man, you feel a superiority
to the humnitn race as you stand at
the altar wIth youi- faleg.oung bt-Idei
You would not ehanige places with
the president. Yet a fow short years,
a few whisking of broom handles; an
hintimely stoppage or t wo ,of ,wafted
flat irons, and your weary bod~y will
rest undtr the shading willow, while
somne yobng gallant *ilhl bring y out
late afflicted partner otit to the Genme
tery on a calm Sabbath evening and
whisper love in hbi' tai-, as togethel!
they strow petintit shelli oV'er &otir
grave. ''Oh, why should the spirit
of nmortal be proud P
The questions reconinmended by
the coudmittee tin the Good of the
Order, for discutssion in the Missouri
granges during the four suboending
motiths, arb its (dllo*s
FI~or Jieeembdr--Henefit inuting to
the ptoducin1g clased fr6rd thie ordei
of the Patrrns or Hluabanidry.
For .January-Oo-operation.
For Fe bruary -Railroads and
tran sportatiotl.
For Mateh-iFre paration of ground
for spritig otrips, field snnd gdtrden,
time to plant, kind of see(i affd pfo
per cultivation.-i?ural W'orld.
It remained for a Washtingtoni
man to develop originally in a lov
aiffair. Hie didu4t aak her for a look
ot hair, or purloin a pheotograph ; ho
s alipdIl in at the back-gate one
In igiht and stole frotn the chothes line
and carried home, pressing it to his
aching bosoftn, her-aher-vell, it wtu
an undenrarment.
A Romaulle Affair.
No novelist ever im-igioed a mar.
riage cot,cluded u44der more eO6n.
trio oircumatances than that of
kjonite de D-with Miss de V
. The future Conitesse, who
is one of the bet sportt women uf
Franoe, happened in the beginning
of the summer season to be present
with her father at the races of
D -. Her at'Ohtion wat, h0b
attracted by a small Po%y', which
she found to be remarkably beaut.
ful, and which she asked her father
to purchase. -Mr. de V--l--s im
nensely rioh and adore tile daught
ter. Consequently he -at odoe called
with her on the owner of the pony,
the Comte de D-, who' receiv
ed them in the mobt graceful man.
ner, but .irmly refused to sell his
-horse. However, as Mr. de V
was trying to change his resolution,
"I have sworn titet any horli s1all
belong to no one but to my wife."
Need I add that Miss. AeV
soon found out that the Conite wvs
endowed with other qualities than
those of a r<l'iarkable tpoitama,,
a that their marriage is 'to b
celebrated very soon.-From the
American Iegister.
It is a'noued tIt-the British
JoW6nment has &eternined to make
another exploration or the Arctic re
giona, and fur this purpose will send
out two steamers next May. The en
terprise was dbeidd up,6n in view of
the representations of the Royal
Geographical Society and other learn.
J Versonr *ho b* e urged the im
portance to scielAce and kht 11terests
of knowledge generhlly of a com
plete revetatioh of the MysteVieb of
the polar regions.
Ge. G. P. HulAlion iates lin Vii
cide.t showing how much resigna
tion tho female sex can exhibit. A
preacher ii' lienry county, in this
atate, ht8t a wite'. Atter lI'viag a
witower lor years he concluded it
wav not best to live alone. le
mountea his horse and i-iding over to
a jolow's hotne i1fnrnjLd her that
the Lord had direit-d hill to take her
for a wife. Ste tneeklj replie'd *ith
tVn resIgnation, "the Lord's will be 1
done," and the courtehip enlded in
The qieial '6te for. SupertzVAnd
ent of PUta 6n4t10',ton iVi North
Carolina has b4ten '6ounted by the
Legislature- And Is as follows :
Pool, (dem.) 9s,t I
Purnell, (rad.) 84,181.
This is a very hanU066' tuajori'
A True Bill.
ilh diWdiinati Enquirer SYbllshe's
a table-, sioivilig that the South; b~
fore the wa'r, 'contributed conisidera
lily more that *n0 third to the main.
tenatVie of for%lgh rade. The Rn.
q14rc'i t-ightly cono%ldes that thi
prevalebee of contentireht and order
in th'6 South ii essotAial t6 N,rthern
An 'ffice Ios by Acceting ti Figh tiW
L6ums18Lt., Novembe'r 20..-The
clerkship of th6 Court 6f A pposis is
jleelarod vanant, the canmdidate, Thos
Li. Jones, Demaocrat, wh'd r'eceiVed
40,000 moj'rity, haying aote.pt3d a
challiet t6 fight A duel Av'c 3ears
"Why, you see," she began, '"you
take a chesnut and cut t-onnd theb
hull with a tshery5 hait''esahd y3ta
take one-hnAr th'o nhaenut in yonr
mouth, and you.r fellow take's the
o'ther half in hie monthj Aund pull;
and bull cedml)s I'ighat off."
A luduntty paper tells tlnIs atdry df
A hew boy in one dir tAb Sunday
ohdotl: "The 'pradus youth was
asked who made the beatitel hille,
aboutthein; and keylied that he did3
not know, as his parents only moved
into towvn the ~y are."
"H-ow," asks an exchange, "does
Uh8 thb' Radical partyv fe'el bow ?"
It feelei we shouti saly, pi-etty iththh
as ' ftilldw ieles Nuho arl.' 6*a llo wIi g
a lorpoll, hats beeha klekeli in Iil
stomach bg at rti.ugh Allod fiuls:
The 6ditoi- of tli bi1bm flepiIdI
datl threatebs to kick tlin, etiltoi- of
this paj et. We 'lo ilot doubt thttd
he can do it. At any rate *e tiever
a a t wheaded s 11kb himb that
couldo t.
'tAftiir tuoi p~otdIbid; thG
deactdoe *eni aboti~ foi a two hun
dred and fifty doll a1 tabllitdI-, add
y,ou can abbttt as muoh thinistef ior
that price syou.csh.get paalm tunes
out of a file," says an. exobange.
The ordet of (Jood Tdmplars nor'
numabets a tnett'berdhip of 4150,000
atid ejtenda ofet the *otid. The
headquarters of the order Is 'Atla'u
The etbbroltdted u.hogs ate lIicel ~o
become unbopdalar. Duet and - itt
settles in the eumbrpfdery, and make
the fashion an expebaive one.
T'her~,ew sa.ul in the emtioldety
ozoitefffent' jtist ObV. '18A' leviar
ber of the imported ieaits e6otinue
to be very beautifully ombroidered.
ci ten of Ciiattanoogn 1uerits $i,,,
u0 000 In Gold and otlhet Proper:y.
Our fellow itien, Wlliahl Van
Ullriob, is Il luck-decidedly in
luck. We called on him yesterday
and gathered the following facts con
cornin this good fortune
Mr. Y an Ulirich's father's brother
who has lived many Years in the
uest Indies acumulated. a large
fortune, consisting of $3,0,000 in
gold) threb lake tteaim,ipm, and a
large nmount bf rbid estate. lie
lied Slay 20, 187$, leaving a will,
which was opened Decembor 3, S73.
The whole property of the testator
was left to the brother al.d his two
children, in equal parts ; hence, M r.
Van Ulblich will fet one Imillion i!
money and one-third of the other
lie will leave in a fow days for
Gariuy, whore his Oathe- ald sistcr
live, for the purpose of receiving his
fortune'. Ile will leave his family
in Chattanooga, and return As hodi
as possible, when he expects to locate
permanently ard invest hir Moley.
A Question of Rope.
The question of a sprieg fession of
the next Congress is on hapd. rhe
New York Post and the Boston Ier
aid favor it, and 'the Herald urges
upoh the Relublicans the obvious
good poli'ey of allowing the Demo
crats to begin "ruining th'eir chances
fir 1876" as quickly as possible.
Other Independent papers are plying
the the tepublican* with likb adviel
to give the Demoorats rope enough
to hang themselves with right away.
But some of the Republican1 seem
to doubt. whether tihe Demderats may
tiot use the rope to hang somebody
othey instead of adjusting it to their
JW1 iniquitous necks.
TuesdAy, December the 8ih, h.as
been 6x'd for the trial of the Beech
ir-Tilton ose. .t is suppose!d it
ivill ocedoy the entire term 'of the
1s1urt, and of course it will be an
tieresting subject of llrooklyn scan
1u for that period of time. In the
>pinion of the wor-d, the result of
Ihe verdict will not oh%nge the guilt
)r inipleuce of the parties concern.
d. That is al--aa\y fized In pdblie
L-stimation, anti tie question !Io%
5imply is, what amount of domages
siould brother Heeoher be tlade to
bay for his crime
The atteipll,t lting Inle i
New York to n::kt th Sibbth a
b.)liday, As it is inl L 111i ialia mnd the
aountri, tif Sout hern Er rope. The
Geamtnan Thieatre gives S11u1niy eveh
i perfiNhnances, and the 'Opera
Ilouse is open Sunday uight. As a
matter of uotise, feeling is, high on
the iubject. The prenebers have
kigottutit Wisailed this imnovationl
A te inulaage r of Ofending places
if amusetnienat have been intdibted for
Sbhath-breaking. But the other
,ide ,has rrieid., wtoo return the
otttaWcks l' je ilpit, and are do
Leroined t6 'test the matter in Court.
Th t Near Frillin .
The batnj,nign in tie State which
[as just 'ende'd so sotisf1 ctorily fo'r
i.he r~'e noll'dan orihatizationt real Ily
began laset nprinig. The democrats
began the fight b'y at,ra king ''us in
o)ur entrentished positio.--Uniont.
.Yes, ania '.en the democrats "at
tacked yo6 ib your entrenched pasis
tion," th6y "raised" about fi O0
of your voters 'IThe next graind
charge tag~ de6tioeraey makes on
your ' entrenched posit i6n,'' theyv
will sweep radioialishmi from the soil
of South Caroina.- ren ville bailg
"Alt I ladies,'' said an old epicure,
as he pen bttl o win:, "What
of a ohiampagne cork ?'' "Th e p op..
ping 9f t he question;" unaniniousily
or led hl bl1adie<.
A good iny person wocolid n't
b'e hired for love or h'oney to saw
four stibks of wood twigce in two,~ will
sit down and write all day on the
"lauilentabld w iolesale dostructioti
of Amnerieuin for-ests."
,?wo dnslad les hold ing converse
ov'er ,a new drbss-"AAnd dioes it fit..
well 1" ailhid one. "Fit ! yes, as i
I had beeti niolted and poured in."
A fellow, op arged with latredny
offered sal a dfefense tat tlie doctor
had given him 8o much iron that it
made him btetnt.
An 1Eoghihir.it i said, having
heard about the~ Ynnkeo propensity
of "bragging,'' thought he would
make ant e3*perimetit In the art \im
self., Hie walked uipto a mnarket we
ma' statfd, and poInting to .soule
largji*ermons said :"What;
don't.you ,rali any htiggEr apples
than Lbhose in A menca l, icApples l'"
said the woman, disdainfully,' "ang
body might know yott i was an Eng.
liabman. Themn's huc obeeties."
Hunting for Arkarais S6nith 1i
criminal waste of tine. lie has
changed his natre to John.
T he papers are all talk i'A" about
the nmonograim garter. What tin
d'd jce is u garter, anyway 1
Ex, Senator Dool*ttle will proba
bly he the democratie nominee foi
%he W isconsin senatorsliip..
''he Toledo Herald 9690s if Kaa
kaua sells his kingdom to the United
States he will buy a suit of clothes
Ile owns a shirt now.
MJany of the most prominent fiMi.
lies of Now York ire going to spend
t he winter in Florida. Besidei Gov.
Dix, the Hlome Journal mentions the
Roosevelts, the AiStors, the Coopers
and the Balls.
The States olecting governors in
1875 are : California, Uonnectieut,
Iowa, Kelitticky, Maine* Hurylana
Massauhusetts, Miine.ota, New
lIa i mpsh ire, Ohin, Pennsyl va nia,
Rhode Island and Wisconsin-thir,'.
teen states, The political e'vents of
the 'y'ar begin wi h the New Hamp.
bhire election in March.
At a recent oddiog, according t0
a report, "the j,llius upont6 bifdal
supper table'i were pure amber
thasses of quivering traiblueence,
catching the wioe-cold\ed p'ristna of
perfumed light, and holding thein in
Cremulons 'nirrors.of rosy besuty-,"
How about the lobster salad and
San Antonia (Texas) ferald : e
understand that Mrs. FitzgerAld,. tile
etiterprising railroad contiaotress, is
in our city. Sihe filled her out aU,t
to grade ninet'en 6iiLs on the oth'er
dide 'of the San Marcos, a,d has eb.
ained a contract for a number of
inlies on (his side. She la1s at hlr
.11ositiob sorbfe hikly mules, a6ra
?ers, etc.
A man on Long Islan.d, fAmods for
ilk bogs, was arked shut wai the
;ecret of his success. lie ati-wered
'I al was ooie a good-hstdel pig.
lhos'6 that when 'they eit 'co"stA.ntI
'lnnitig from one tiough to inother
mud k*nocking their snouts against the
Iext pig I sell to my neighbors, who
ion't. kno6w better 'than to auy sWOU
rouble. o-ne animals, while my con
;ented pigs get tat."
A lady an,] hei- 6ight.y"6a' old
hIughter were anong the passengbrs
)ni a Woodwart avenue .ar yester
lay, and prehenAly the'l,itt.le,t risa rnb.
erved 't fij'n take out his handker
hiei, flourish it around and then
-vipe his nose. The child l1aned
)ver to her mother 6nd 'hie'ed
'MaI iann, that gentleni is trying
o flirt with me, but I shall give him
ho hankechief signal that Idil
-s't .is inotives !"--Detroit Free
The "cheekiest" theft on record is
-eported fr6mn Virgini, where W
-ascal stole a set of 'lse teeth from
lie gums of a gentleman who care
esly left his mouth open when he
vent to sleep. TehiiUal laivyers
Lre in some doat as to the exact
For'i of indictment for this novel
Irime, but the victim :ll it 1.nt
burglary, being forcible entry and
iht'racotion of plate.
A mung the guasti et i hBtel dinue'r
tab'le in this eity yesteidby werei
mabubnd and wife from Iowa. Thne
rnusbaind wasa a burly, big fellow, and
he wllfe pale and,ling. When the
waite-r cante l o takce tleir' dIdetr the
man rbplied "Oh; bring me ,mO.st
mtythmimig, but lay wife's health is
rather poor and I'd like it If you
ou'd bring hnr tmashed 'taters amid
bild uig."-Dtroit Fr'ee Press.
Governor Dix, it is h.rid, rbleasEd
from the cares ahid veirations of
flioial liife,is gding down to F'forida
bo spend the wmter-, TIhe governor
althoughn a septa g.earian; Is rstill a
miigIty hittw, I lk 1'imrd- ie is
deathi on wild ducks, snipes, pigeons,
aurlewrs,, quails, pheasanits, wood'.
eooks, and the other *imall gzame
found in the populous regIous of the
einpire at ate ; but when lhe eonies
to deal with the bears, deer, .alliga.
tore, sharks, swordfish and logger
heads of the land of Flow~er$t he diay
be staribd at first. How'ever, l'or,
him follow hia ownt general order
and shoot 'om do.vn on th'e epot.
It seemts that Queen Vihotoria was
pres3lnt at the "burning or a witeh"
fact Is thuis recorded in the Ilijaitrat.
ed London News i"Wiet durkness
set ini, time queen and Pi-ineess Btea
trioc, each bearing a toroh, drove
out in an Speiu pineatoin, when a
proecession of thle tenantry and ser
*ants ofkthe royat estates, all bar
rying~ torches, walked through the
grounds and round tle easte, in
front of which. a huge bonfire was
prepared. This being lighted; a oar
containing the effRgy .of a witch was
d ra*n up, an d the torebbearer-a, form
ing ia circle, the witch wai oommit.
ted to the flames," and reels wore
danced arond thne firs.
" Neti is a wiife like a great-ibat?
When her hufaband-iu rpe pi
Shoriff's S4le of Perional Pr<4
Y virtat of sundry executions t
Bdirected I will offer for sale to th
imgliekt bidder before the Court Hlous
door in Winnibomo within the legal hour
of sale on the first Monday in Decombe
next and the day following, the follow
ingdescribed property, to wit':
Ifousehold and kilehen fur'niture, Bed
steads. Feather liede, Ma'ttresseis ai
other Bedding, lot of Do6ks, Contents o
Garret. I Loum, I hundred gallon Kettle
I eighty gallon Kettle, 1 Sorgimum Atill
I Wheel irrow, 1 two horse Wyaggon, I
old Btuggj, I old Corn 8hell'er, I foui
horse w agon, 1 Cart, I TArning Lathe,
Urind Stone, I lot Wheelright tools, I loI
1ld Whpels and llms patterns and 8nu.
dries in Shop, I lot Blacksmith Touls
and old Iroms and I old Whlisaw.
Levied upon as the property or Jacob
Feaster at hlie suit of John C. Feaster
agAl ist Jacob Feamter.
. . -f L I. DUVALL, S. F. C.
Sheriff's fi'e
Viindhoro. 8. (.
Nov. 21 1874.
nov 24--x2 tl
Sheriff's Sales of P'ersonal Pro
B Y virthe of a warrant on agrioultural
Lien, and a mIor-gage I will oIler for
sato for cash to the highe-t bidder before
the Court. House 'door in Wiminshoro,
within the legal hours of sale, on tie first
M'Uiday in December next and the dai
following, the following dtscribed per
sonal property to Wit':
.F dr.y lishels Corn, niore or less (in
ih'iick,) one thousind pound Foddei. one
Ainle. Levied upon as the property
of Palmer Davis at the suit of goo. W.
Cra*f6rd AgAiiist Paln'ier Davis.
A fk 0,
Seveay-Ivo B'nshels COr, nmrb or less
One Horse. Levied upon as the I roperty
of Alph6s Woodwurd und 1 nae Wood wa d
Uttlhd tuit of A. F. Gooding agaiist
Alphus Wo6dward and Isaac Woodward.
A Lo ,
TW6 large SlAcks of flay and one Mule.
Levied upon as the prorerty of James
iill and Neil Glad'1ey At the suit of.M.
-L. O\ving against James Hill ani Neil
- I Bale Cottoi, I Mule. Levied dnon
As the property of 8amin d-een at the suit
of A. F. G-ooding against Sam G ree n.
Sheriff's Office,
W& innsabor'%, a,'0.
Nov. 21 18t.
nov 24-x2tl
Sheriff's Sale of Personal Pro
Y virtue 'rta w rratt on agricultural
B Lien I will offer for sale, for cash to
'the highest bidder bef6re the Court llouse
door in Winnsboro within I he legal hours
h Ale oil tei first Monday in December
dext and the day following the lollowing
escribed persoin property to wit :
Sik Itales Cotton, and two mules. Lev,
ied up6fi as .the pioperty of Calvin Belton
and Allen Belton at. the suit af W. S. It )I
againt Calvin Belton and Allen Belton.
L. W, DUVALL, S. F. C.
lieriff's Office,
Winnsboro. 8. J1.
..,No.v,. 21, 1804,
hov 24-tIx2
3Y virtu f sund'' e'" outions to 1n1
' direcied, I will otfer for sale for
cash, at puolic atiction to the highest bid.
der beforb Ille court house door in Winnis.
horo withii the legal hiBrs of sale on 11he
'first Monday in December next Mid tie
d,ay following, tihe followiilg dotcrilbed
propert%, to wit. : All.t1hat. piece, parcel
or tiact. Of latd, lying being and situate
1A t sout.h .eastern portion .mf Fairtiel
county, State of Sr uth Carolina, on Saw.
ney's Creek, cont aining.four hmmtidred and
aeventy.I'odr mAcres, mnore or less, and
bounded on thte north by lands of
--n, ,09 ti.e eas by lands of Reen.
be no'lware and lan'ds of flae Clarke, on
the south tby.lands of 0. L. Baghey, nnd
West by lands'of Da.ve Bioulware and thIi
ers Levied upon na theo property of
mn 1). Frost,gr., at. thme suit of Jesso Dr at
Agaitist .Yohn D. ?rost ,Sr
All that piece, parcel or tract of lard,
lying, bmeinig and situate in the cout -
of F?airlield .and State. of South Ca,rolina
known as the 'llomne place" containinig
onme hundred and fifty acres, more om, less,
and houtnda by h inds of JQIha Itobertson,
T'. J. lb Jones and lands la'tel' owned by
Jamnes llarrison, [email protected] ,Also another
tract, of laud .ns tpe,county andu State
aforepaid, cotntainimig cighit.y acres, more
borless, a9d knoWn ad jhe "Darling placp''
~onnded E' laids ofJohin Ro- ertson, lAndts
lately owr.ed by .James larrisonl, dlecefaa
ed, Thlom&s Mloore and othieru. Levied
upoi. as,the property of A blym D. Jones
at the suit of J AM. McCollum against T.I
A, i t iece, p rce or tract of land
litutate in thel county of Fairfield ar I
Stat e of Southm Caro)ina, containing sove
hundredl acres,mnore.or lesa, anti boundod
by lands of Mrs. .Sarah Pearson, lands
lately belon.giQg to then estate of B. F.
Lyles, d ce,aeed, Dr. i. WV. Owens, WIVl
l,i99 . l rapp andl ot hers. Levied upon
as t.he property of Mrs. Mpart .a I'4 Dlaw..
kin., at te stilt of J. T. Dawkinms, snrvi
ving admainislrator q,mrtl others against
Mrs Martha N DawkaIns..
All that piceo >arcel, or traet of land
ylng be ing qnd situat e,d in the Cdtunty
f Fair field and Stato or South Carolina
ant ul jung nine hundred acres, more or
eas a nd boungled.by ilh-.ls of E. J1. Means
Mrs. 19. F: 1Pea,mtdi and I.iirs IT. 3. Lyles,
hliram Morgan, lands belonging *o the
estato of Thomas Lyles deased, A.
Cameron. Wesly Mayfield. 1. hI. Means,
AI. Ii., Kerr and others. L,evied upon as
the property of Jacob Foastor at. the suit
of John C. tfeastor against. Jacob Feaster.
L. WV. D UVA LL, 8. F. C.
Sher1jif's office,
iinsboro, bi
Nqv. 7, 1874
nov'1d-41 x2.
FOt1R first elass Mules, several head
of Mihleli Co*s, and an Ayrshire
Bull, apply to b.CLWL,
nov 21 LaGrange 8. C:
O F TI' very best qualities, forl'arlors',
C)anbers and Dining onnis. For
design and workmanship, UNKQUA LLED!
I offer at prices that. defy competition I
MADE of hard wood, anld warranted t6
give entire tisfaeion. Ikeep no inferl
or quality. Use economy and buy the
best, and buy where you can buy the
Sleep Comfortable
AND BUY the Peopl.e's SPRING BED.
It is lie hest in ile markcet without ex
ception. They are cheap.
IIATTAN and Split. i )eat Chairs a spe'..
Cilly. Our prices are beyond compe
tatill i
OF 'my owr. manenfeture, Window
Shades, Wall Birackets, Packets and
FURNITURE neatly repaired ni moder
ate 'rices. P'icture frames made to order.
Special Attention
GIVEN to the Underinko.'s Dep-rt
ment. I keepon hiind a fill supply of
Metallic Cases Ind Wo.d Coins of tle
Anesi inish. All calls promply at tended
te. My terms are cash. I act. upon I lie
theory that short seltlenents make long
frie LA.
oct 3
A UST 'Received 100 lbs. fine Goshe'
T Riter. AIso a choico lot of Frewh
Groceries, consisting of 3 bbis. No. 1
Mackerel. 3 hhls. No. 2 Mnckerel, 12
Kits No. I Mackerel, 24 Kits No. 2 Ifigh
-amily, I hbl. Pigs feet, I bbi. Pickled
Tongues, 100 ils. Dried Tonguies. 10 j lbs
Bo!ugn.. Sausages. Also a choice lot of
Sugars and Coffees, Syrups and Molnsses
of all grades. Also a fine lot of Fresli
Canned Goods, consisting of Canned Sal
man, Lobsters, Mock Turtlo, Corn a.d
Desiccated Cocoanut., Pt'tod Hnm, 'ukey
a1n(1 Sardies. Also a fresh lot 6f Crack
era and( Cakes, 1 D)ozcn Ba <es of Ilerk,
imer Co. Cheese--thie finest in t.in Also
conslantly on hand lreshm Flour and
Meal, Bacon and Larti, and n choice ibt. o f
\lcEwans Scotch Ale, rLiquiors an1(1 Segars
of' the finest Grades, Powder, Shiot and
John D).McCarleys
sept 24
3. C.4u~ier& Co's.,
18 All TIlE TALK.
Full stook or Dry Goods, Blankete, Over.
C'oats, Shawls, heady made Clotihing. Iloots
and Shoes, Brownu, lienob; and( Check
Iomoispuina. Calices, //o'slery, Gloves
&c. BSH.i,N Oni iAr Foia casul,
Parties ir.debtoJ to Sqjuier &Co
nov 14.
LLIT parties indebted to me for Stong.
~-an I Sea I owl Gunno.P, are hereby,
am ified that their notes and necoun ts are
due 1st. Novenmber.next, and that noc ex
tension of time can he grant ed. Those pet-.
tling theIr notes before maturity, wIll b.a
allowed a liberal discoui t.
beo, 8 Agedth

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