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114 MEANS DAVISj Edifor,
weduiesday ArtiN g Bceier II S71.
I'he filt measare of reform ia t bo
IP6iilature wVt the introduction of a
bil1 to levy an extra tax of one i ill
in Aiken C0-m fy. Next
Tho ;C, Jl. is a lIcky one for
pioliticianl-, in Fai ield. Every ofli
(iail elected o the :, 1, excepit Carter
l3mnt) hat that letter As one of his
iiitials. A., Mr. Noil has Iwo J.'s he
Ilmay lave lent one to Beaty and Ibus
brougiZ hima in.
The l Dev. D W Witt Talinage hav
Ing eitered r:.U a eruwI'le agailnl.t
thetIr1o 1ntinagers, one of those Sons
of 1301l1 Ihas t ele;r-ailhed Iln oler to
liay In tso htndred dollars a i-iglht
to play Il'ook ilTf," in a dramatiza
tion of "Martin Chuzzlewit.''
Spiritinalistio madiins are per.
forming wonders in the North. If
they mill only come down hero aI.d
eiscover which of o-jr deliiqient
:ubcrilers have sold cotton they
mill coifer a lasting obligatiou on the
iN1s.no NFAVA.
The 1lliial returns ainounced in
the legislature give Chabenr1vlauiii
80,d0:1 votes and ( sre one, 68,81 .1
jllojo.ity for Chaiber Ia in, I1 589.
A Clangc of o on of every four
tecti upporters of Chatiborlaiii
would hute defeated him. G I laves
Ili.jority waS akbout 18.000. 'I'there
m ore about 6,000 ''hard shelll deilo
crats" in the Stata.
.Dr. l"uiton (of Now Y oIk, i a
sermon against tlieat.res cupped t he
eliiax by askling his hearers wiheth
e. they wout-l udk tle S.Ivi>ur to
\isit a theatie. The Now grk lfet
ild s;ijs no, but thinlk.' if he would
N isit soic of tho Chiurches of the
present day, a good ma.y prechers
would loie their places.
"CCl. E. P. Stalhhoull-e of Ma rion
has a colored tanI11t w ho made :t6
bidis of cotton on '. -I res (it Iid.
Who can bat tis.'' A '/.;]
Ifle".s pour soul, we can. We
know a coloied uiin at Ridgi way
several yeats ago who mai1de. two Len.
vy 1,ales oi a quarter of au acre
of new-ground bumble Lee cottii,
while his landlord iiado only one
bale on a live a"re patch adjoining.
Republican paipera are assertin c
lhat the recent elctiions did not
bean a new leas e of power for th:e
den.oerats, but was we re ly at czst iga
tion df' crtain individuals in the
reputblicani ranks v Iho had ma:~de
tltheselve)s obnoxious tos geod citi
Thbis is nil we want ed. It was the
men and not the prinuci ples thtwe
cndet.ed, and it these liiiseeants
are oused we ave nospecia objee.
tion to the iel ublica1n party. The oti.
jectionablec radicals havo al ready
been weeded out. .If the obnoxious
democrats bie killedi out iext tine
we will have a good governuent anid
this is atll we desime.
On Tu'etday Juidge Mackey after
hearing atflidav its thaltt thle e atre no
widows and orphans of hut k lutx vie
timts in Ftairtield, issu 'd an orderi en
joining t he TPreasorer of this County
fromt colecting the 'kut klux tax.'' -
We are inftorm;ed that tho Leg isiti.
t uro will repeal this act os far as it
relates to this (Couty.
Tis is goodI i.ewis. ITe taoxes are
ligh eitngh in all conscience without
haviing extra Ziness inenots lev ied for'
nnnnce.s:ry .l ject..
We adv'ise our u'chool trustees to
titke notice of this. The ku klux
tax has heretefome been devoted to
thle jiayimenit of' school cer tiiente.s
arid the rej enl of this .ot will di
liisih theo school leonnue ini this
County ablout M:..lO.
Tule:gi tmts teil us oft a dread
fl tornade wich patesse-l tver thle
Northei i parit of Ah.bIaoma at few
days since. Toe' townt of 'lTusetumbia
was abnoat desiro) ed . Mlany per.
tons wer'e killedl by f.allinig timbersi
and five hund red lperisons tire hitome.
lest. T1heo los., semountts to half a
uiillioti dlbrs, atnd peoplo are iin
euh a despatte state that theMa3 or
lis r ppealed t,o the Pr'eside.L for'
rie ~'f.
A t'ter till, South ('arc.lina is nit
the only unfor'tu:m.tc St:tt.j in te
1110. 'Jho e:lemei,ts, 1 robialbly
crig r sd;eai imn to tbe .cnoutgh Li
.a eur~ e f,e: oee p- t.r . ,hr el.e
air.iful to Ut
A prominlit Iteputliin, of this
Cou-ty iu a cots versatiom witit' i.
recently sup.gested a pood liw regan.
lating the uppuintmient of Trial
J ust ices. It i h . That the appli
bait he Compllled to pan's ant Ox11ami.
nation b-y the Solicitor inl ("pell Coult
upon the fundtamental prinvilp!e of
law tuch as mill come under hji.
jurisdliction. Thnt if (.imptent, le
be recontended by the (,rantd Jry
of the 'oulty, tni appointed by the
gtVen.,! onU such recolmendaiation
1andt heio he lit 11 office for a cot tain
number (if years.
We believet this toi be bettor fhanl
oither the pre:-vint iytem oilr lie
Choice bly Ceitio. We hope the
Igisiltilre till pass Such all ret
The pr-set Hstemll of trial -jist ier's
is i gi ievlous opprc.sion.
The Cfficial I Otulns --What th'y Show.
'I'Te (i. ial returns of the eleetionl
in MonthIa Ca( dla rho.w Ith it (Ch: I.
berlain received 80,1100 vott.s anail
Green wi biin arrar ion "f ug,""r
In 11,711, hvoll ti. vi id PH Mf 0, an.d
Ca po.ter 1) I,t;10t0. I.toi 187o, with
the repek,tig and1t ballot box Sthilliag
that weie largely practi.sed, tie total
vote was 136,000. Ini IM7.1, thie total
vote was 1511,0(10, a gait of 1.q,"U"
ever th- rutwidule"t, 1oLLt rtur"s.
Thllis rosuilt show.4 that, fratids were
larg- ly practis,.d io tht. Iato el, ec-tioti
antid to Ohe e frauds, Mlr. chauMbern
lainl i*os biAv eet ion.
We UWA have tnleo I1111CNIS of
che!ching these frtaitCls, so tha:t i c
nt-xt election will lie fatliY coi- 'ct.
C-d, aind c.msotlinotly ucarrited in thu
i:t rei of lh nllicsty '.nld fI' ri.
The ir:-t situldI be lth prilecu tonl
ofevery per,on wh vot ei illegally
lit 'the lat i1 cti:on. lha1tdreds of,
tli s t e l ie foulind ill .ailli.ld, anti
Ituoi m1.any the ihartev call he pli-oven
wvitIhout troilble. Let. evely Y tax
Union in f.he Coity repa ir it list
:uid ilthe evidence nec la l i tie
for the IanCterly m11e, tiag of It
Cmlutty uio in ilauary, :tAd let the
I'slaeitiolt bit made Iy tIhait L iOiy.
Ilk this -ay, t'vil d. ers will lm- pun.ll
ishet atal s ih (nea iei l futuro
bet prevvinted.
Another tlhit.g is the denind for
pi .11l4pria t'. egislation on tho sub.
We mu111,t have a l1v relililing regi.
tation Iob,! coitlneted, say sixty
day 1' before hie election, anld each
voter inu-t rtgister i:i .is own (o'wn
hip There Ilnight e a pt lin
plave vr".1-lisht! 1 ill each tOwnlsip
.8 Sonwit, 11, tlt i i! i t es at pre-.
Clit llave too 1 1a: 1n vi era....
Thero uitist also be I lW rvytir.
irig the app ointinetim t. eath piecinet
o1f ilmat ger 1ati the m"poksing p:
ttie, so tha.t ai air cotitt cian be hal.
Thei. l' at meit of t: xes sitlonltL aho
be a tpre egilsite fori voutinjg,
utiteod tt thie tnext etc etion as we'
did at thais, we will ttahieveo victory.
'Te State TFax 1 iuiona held it,
anntutal meetintg itn ( 'aduttnbia oan ihe
2Ith, w ith ta gotod tatLtance. I s
p rooicedingis wi'ete qitet harmnia antsl'.
Tihe fotlltowinhg extrac t fromta the
Uainitt lIIcrald gives thto most import%tt..
at.t ptort iont f the priceeidinags:
Mr.. lLamiltoni, of' ('hc.-,ti'r, oli'red
litht followittig p ea to hie antd resolhu
tiutas, ttnd theiy wlere adoptedt:
Whaiees it is tot the~ intetott of'
this botdy, or' the~ tax-payer"ts by' it
arepjre.-etd, to tiaheo anyt catous 01
ptoositii.onitot heii admtiistaLt,on 4)f
to furntishtt al the tidi ind tiotal
t-uppor)at poissilei to the eltief exceu-i
Itie gre.it t'eformits of w ich j he Ithias so
specela.aes. anda fotr tho carr tinIg out
at i whith hae hast so solemnly pled'tged
Itimselfi to thet poopale of' South Ctarito
lint; an wherei t ttas It ap'peatrs to) be
of' imttpeara(tivelnecesit.y to theo htapp.
(hat thte ha!iaowing lme asturs of' ti'.
ftutin shtaitlao beeate b ity th 1 gentter
ii tassemb lly anad aIfec'te bi iy thec g''v
i'rtaor, to iti:
1. 'htt tie expents a 'f thet S ati'
govt t'intent be boly law at Otnc oi edne
dt withaia Ii x'd andu re'asona.ble limits
aLthe preIi' ' enct tax livy1 lot' lhe
prsn year' be etirtailed ini vet.
formaiiy to stucht r'eductiont.
2. l'that a stritnget- law11 for t ha
regi1stratit totn of tho v'oteorzs of thle( Statl' e
int obeieneiotc to the taaam'latiiry re.
pa'sed. bay the, geertal aisCe.iil-I.
tior sht.ll at ontce, by is power'~ , c
ulitia by exitiv snction,It so ha'tti
Ii filal ta) h>e remtoved, nlat tht
b it
RJiru"tol, Th..I't 4 commilait,tee of live
'e appoJitedci by I he 'p'residet of thiu
d, who ah ll be aauthot'ized 'to
,iit~ nadietioe of' haia cxcellecy the
oenrand urge his recornmtentda
tiol an-i bu-pport of a-ucih ueu.ur mc f
Ues,lced, That Fai. ormmlittaft
havp power to e .fnfr w'i I any cum
tiittee or comm1itaem (te i tibc gcncr,jI
a. Imily for the ir- .. of s ecuring
if possible, the obQ ., is .' icated in
(hi- pr mable ni1 resoItit ions.
J '/s Tha/; TSt caid .4n11tteo (10
repo j4d1., Irom t n l time, to) the
prusidct.t tlf tis bitty, tih ir a6icting-c
doings :t d e i . l . ns, %.ith ainly
, ''hat, the , vu ri ir he rrquersed
to ete d W , timu I .e 1ti- pa Illm t
of1 taxe4, . ith a1 ;V Iew% tin lbtailing at
I'S W~. Vt IC t! ow I urIF(
C1"- k w i V i , it " . 1.. ,-- al o - le..y.h.
ltla o ed %%i:baIIIj I.:m.svIt.. T he c
fol 1 n i-g Ic.. 1 a6. y. 1 . . c i on - t I
tn'e ihe Vii ulniitt, w.1k: r Ilte lir,I,
viz : .\ r. 11 imil m , "f I'hlit er ; .\: r.
31o ro, of iun"r r ; .\! r. \\ . b.1;a -,
o iit ichhli ; .e. NI M al1 . ,, f41,C I ling
tu", and .\i. \V vliv. of :.uh.cm,,.r.
'I he 1''t. l 1 , lnpbc..t.ry u s -
Iu to, ollin d by if r. it b ei I moll, If'
\Yo ky :44 a Lt UC.Ue by b\ r. .K"tsr. "t
I ilhli,, w..5 ai 44 iit p:j d LU 4n.44inlaI.n'
13 :
/4')ed, 'iit tihe e.w,moittee lhe
b1 gId (I. w< Nst I!1g 1h.11 11h1
yt IWOe aI a:.C.U 41.y i-J.".vi1 .y la w 1,I
tie lcetiilln (df jl1.tlC-c:. < f hle p ,
, -. vvo i it oI oy-tilk ion tua,l.
*'.il a i t 4i tih it (11f (1,1n1.1y I& It It 0
caniid (o i trmner-.
illi i \\'Iiwe, wh4 Ii n s refer,
ied t. the e .d t.i.c.. .t .u.C
T Li
The~ L.g y'-:n m. 4 t~ in4 ('vilui 11
fiv. .-' l:- V e l :, .t bI e J.4s. lil
I-anc i t i tt a (i i. . is "v A mw1
her--. This 11.::t 43.. v. - I cke ted
on a s.un1 plte :1, ;On wo in it nf
(44an i.4d.i <! a to ln. . IL th <4 1 es ci C
i-. . w h l . li lt, ti.. 11: .. 1.1. it, it
(If 1 1 . ' cc I'L o Ia I to -k 1 , -1 1, 1.'a 1.
n.I d c 1-t-mul un 'I! la - fi..r deathl
o.f Iti.e ;:.r-5. T t. t 11i -t h-' pr >.
s ii ir. His past reo r"I d1v'- it
ii 4 b: e t e 1 0,- 0 1e 4 t f i m.
N. 11. NKvvrq w44 hi No i im! :.V: it
hc t, ..c i tc i. .i -19 iOlvs, filtur com
SOrv, W iVV:- an4! 1n ill.1 LUp.'t i. O.g
ult. o tF. 'ihe ':c i il - . i *e: L i iin
v..t d -,Ii.. ly Vr Ell 4 Ott. .As ie w..s
thi! < hLCAS4 liolh,l.ii 4,- .11( . ,' y he, t ex
Vi .I fii' tlhi: v e. iter. we itI-t he)
till viol in the ien-o % 1-h 1, riot
lhaete o p:arty t'in ,s.
's he oc oi., ics ci ng th in
n ic r i I li lInci. ThLe C .g:e v tl
\,itg iei.Or .. Tn.nhrus ihn Il; vt% w il
it~~~ ~~ TVVll 1111 \1 4 li I) Ic.1 1 4. 4
itI .,I i h f e to ubmiib. hic Wt4ihh
his W in" a:nd h& t Sp I ienc1 e en
C -t4 ii s1 Ic ' )( C,(- 1 . 11c" Y
tilei4 i) I. .\ ilh ro N'i i''c ., tdc i yr
1'r. \V I-atheI ri.., wm i n L tile legM-.
tI!re in t :he pal y :c. , (f Oe ld
regi i,.Io. (hanceil : I. i. . \!% ih
Ilit of atii (t!I0w ill (nad4 th i t er-44 (
el. tiLfd il eic' c' i .e 1 ii I'c Ie. ice
i'ci eh i 1 ('a1an, 141 ie. W .t-i 11.u i s
'L.i, 'i .i.i lie 40131''s. (atuscrir
eS3e. il'riuti'nIe sc. wo 4. cm
wedl a t i-;cS,r. 14:4e a-'C1 iccn ' ic their
heat.i (huher40u elIem.1 who ihael
tive 44cunt. i. :Vo al B i nI ti, c od.iir
toc con er l the't ri ht ofc th !. ..xpV li ,.l
not thei(1114 ' i re . e in ' the44 c hc - ofiii44.
.e.yI t'hi( 3is thr young4~Ic43 Anter.y
ie rted in'4 thu .( er seh' , e)i3 44f poertyu
and1Cc politica di--a4 ticr,t 11nd> whol are
bette calute to ic l 13 rcope wv'itoh the
lbitbel the ilans tul ler ai diffrentI
licndi teionio affars.CIrl These e
senutive of teo vior suand intlt
arle 34es0rs. d. \\ .rlyarCnll, lof thar
~les'tnI, o T. iloan s d., of .tieb.
laiot. an .a.6.O rJr f.\ d .
Tle Sohool..
It 1 refreshli.g ocoasion-illy t. so
ellre f-on noie and turmoil and. to
wanlder in teque-ered and quiet
places. So, al1so. uow that the din
an11d uproar of the pohtical arena has
abilted for a %%hile, it may bQ prvflta
h for lthe public to turu 1,s tl.ougbts
to education, and to. bonsider"its tid
ees-ity and the imperiuut, facilities
alt-odd fur acquiring it.
We have been tlcvu:Lt.,#1 toe
lieve tI at the hope of reduiption for
Ouh 't1olia co..sid0 in wiC ti,g
ti'e -vr lit lit flomil the hands of
1i e i b bli b., .:- lo.ltruAting ll to
) 0 :ixIiycs. Tliid, is one method ;
I-lit Ul e, wiic-li, ill tile light of the
1p.', itear.s not very feasib'e.
Tlh truie p al i. the edinealio'n of
I) 1a3se. , svs lhat I 1 t he eit-eO lZ hall
be a, I-..inwed w ith the tharacter of
the n en mnd incasires t,inpported by
-l WilhOt ik 1( qisite, il'l re
f -rml will bII btte -u ay
We have urgel the 10enirn of the
(o*seIrvati*ve eloemei t to power ioplv
be.ain-e it. oiitih;s tIh. ino li I e,ser, of
the Suite. We do lot, iu tUr p:Cs
Al' : y te a1 fig fir the pucu.
lia- p1l!it i t I tetiets of any p.rty,
u -hll theS e pOricious '0 11101als
or ihe iw, of socit ty. Were the
i i-Iiigence oUnd to-day ill
tI.e ri-publicia . pirty, that party
would Le etited to coi,trol.
.Evei capital hould ) iehl to intell.i
twiby whiiebi we tiieun the r-.sult
of a Careful training of both the in
tellect ual at.d moral facuttiet of matn.
Such beii-g the climsdvianced b)
the coi:ervatives, let thom be c ire
ful to letain that int alligence on
whiich their claim is based. Are
they using al I. e ueans presented
to them for retaining thissupreuaQy ?
Ve fe.ar not.
It is sad to coItf-11mplate the num
bnr of el-ildreii in Fairfield growing
op iii ignoline. whuse bodies are
dIievelopiijg w%hilo their minds are
-king no progresi whatever. On
reachiing not:u i y they will be but
ovelgrown Loys and pi. s, utterly
u0it to meet the repionsibilities of
The schools in the county are but
poorly pa-roijivd. The p)or prac
tical Wolrhings if tht pluhi ishool
s3 sem wh:eh is 3 excellent in theo.
ry, dO.stroys its i -falnesi, wh ile the
pay in-stittiA ils are barely existing.
Theie is no proslect of a well educan
ted gent-rationi sue-eeding the one
dinilg out.
S.vIeral resons cxi.t for this las
mant bie fact. S) pincbed by pov
erty tue. iny p.irents, that it is b
dailv truggle wih ihem inerely to
sulply their chijlhen with food, wih
out siamlag their minds wtithi knowi
'FThese pa rents are ns ch to lie pitLied.
Another- ekss keepj t heir children at
homeil in~ or-der to useO their- labor, and
t.h us $5ave the wages of hired hundls.
Thliis is at short .i htedi and danger
Oils piolicy. Wh.t areu a few dollars
ini com llp'ri onl WithI thle ed ucation) of
*s:-'s childiren ? Wri at -atisfac-ion can
exmt Ia lving a f.w !-allry thou,
alit to as s'.n who cans basrely read
g--ne) i-s noutl . Thls faily wvill
deirte wi th elh generat ion;
usn: ii wealth1 initehigensce, moral
worths sadii fatttly pril Iw~till all be'
lost. Sti:h spettae!ea have been u
wi: lsdin every asge.
AnsiothIer class -n e aliling the-it
chhidren to grow un in isigor.ance
froi:n sheeor eti rele-ssnetss. Forgettiig
thiir relsponlsibti'.ity a, pasreuts the
ex -rt 1no control t-j their sons anid
daughters, but p:s:nt themn to withi
draw fronm school on erery flimsy pre
text., either a ca;se of innoginsary 'siek
iias. as vis it froms hsomie, or evenl a
rusmped up tatlo of the injus1
tiec of thse teacheris. Thse jarent~
asre crlIiinally culpabisle. They are
rei ponisi ble for the ;: pa in n.1 d isap
pin t metthe ltesle xe
rience in after yeatedfothin
juisintite on the publi o by thloaLe
chsibirell whenh they a-each maaturity.
TIhe tuendency of every State when
it loses politicta 'uptemacuy is to de
toltiorute, anud reaps into bat bariss
Sousth Carolin:, UsLs sa great change
taske place, will (,rm no eeptlion to
the geneorah r-uhe. Tis is a feat-ful
truth starinlg uRs in the face~ And
we soleimlly call Ulpon all pilrnts to
take some1 steps to avert this di'eaa
mliSforttune. LetL those parents io
are aable, patronize liber-ally our pay,
schools. Let those who cannot pay
for- the instaructioti of their offspriog,
at least asend thera to thae patbili
schIools pr-epared by the botunty of the
Stato for its cthlren. We de not,
stipulate that.overy- ohild should ob-1
tain un Ora.melttl eduataion9 buty
we do insist that he shoulud be titor
oughaly instructed in1 all the useful
branolaes of kDo edge, so as to be
pure fts of I e
If ptrents will:thuiset energeti.
caly and pfofngfly, ghey ".*II h:Aive
the satisfaction of k0'Pwing'that' thw
succeeding generti>n will reflect
.eedit upon tho.. -Jf they, however,
are so penurious or so negligent as
to eheaitldlr.b'tildreri ofAfiat:nesti
muble boon, % p:actioable education
they wi!l e thep epter depart from,
tfen il'-ipi lot1jer 110and14 Let thle
rechvols t e Ii be ralIlIy pat Iror.ized.
The time and itoney thus ex2eided
nre a maguifieent investment.
100 :P1T4)%0-JEBDS OTT
All nens nil Ftylos. Dote iic all re
duced to gnit .he Iiirnes.
C31O T H I N G.
In Miun-3b3'o at Lqw Prict-s
of nil .tylis at IMINats.w:.Y L.ow iurces.
nov 28
25 to 50c. a piece.
Sash Ribbons
25 tents a yard.
Noedle Ca.ses.
Bloaclhor IIOMOSIil,
a.A.Ioo ais
10 cents a ynrd.
Clothin~g4n& Etts%
ootdokeB co
0.6 , t
am'. .ateat.&o., &c. vs. llopkCn,,
Dwiglht 'and Trobridga.
I N rurstaice (f pi oi der of coum in
thme-ibovo maled cne, all J.ero.on.
1aving olaims nglinet. thle said John H
Ualteari- are iereby notified to present
and establish the -ame befare tie mider
signed tit his office in ini-boro. - C.
on or before tlie 8h of Jainry next,
11. A. GAlhL.Alm,
dc 2 lieferie.
-J. N V A1 K S a iftll-S1m11 size4
\. Birenlkf'st, Sirip, New Mlems Nineker.
4, Chmee., Hi-Uliils 'llnd ii Cs. '1nghsh
l'ickles, Prench .11rdh , P1tied 1:am 1m41
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U.1)0 D11rkee's ('slyd,Uneillie an1d
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arolna on. Vigin a tolN. Ci. T411bl-11.
i 1]'a1ilis'I. 84-111rs frtim ' lmo 15 ci.,
Fre ish 1'andm'ie'.
Kerosene Oil.
Whime Wine l inegar,
Silver Drip 'nytinps, I,
Citied 81a!n1(n, 1,0hMers,
Oy<clers, P11oeiis, Pin- m 1l
Pears, Tomatovs mnil nd:ity 1'emI c q
Peil0 ris, &c. Aas a Fiine A,toriment o
All of whici will he sohl sis lo v as I nny
lonisc im lihe l'own lor lime C.Al by
sel.t 19 Ageit.
W E now offer for tii ieneci,jjn of
the Public. our FALL and W N'i in
STOCK of goods. unsurpas ied
in variety, quality an 1
price b y any stock
every brought
to thia
I te and Grey Blankets, 9, 10, 11, and 12
it and Cradle liIimn1ikes. 'it (e, R1%ed am
up Ia IFliatiil.
' ie: licmcd llmesplin, a'l grados,
%ery 'Cheap.
l"aMes DroWni-I a Sm-l: 414 I d 1111om5espil.
I 1a1 1Ch ecked Ilorme.'pin,
led 'icinmgs aid ctwoin Finiiiies of' all
-ge'nde is.
10 Pieces Wool Jeias it very low prices,
\ he-1t1irif t linle of
shmlWs and1i
Don l-v;6mt Skiirls.
'hTbte D:h.insk
anmd Toweing
(icod assirt menii of statiommemy andii
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F inte a Isoiment or, ti
dlemn, t. ys, Yothsi anmd ChImil!m u's man
readiy imadue Clomthimmg, iii
htirts and Cr'avnris. j
i.mmhies, 0 ntLiemeni and Misses
rocker ando glas ware, mmdia' . (re
p)eiitli at bitl is call ed mu omit smock of
Wh'iiichm hmm"e bieen sele' icid witht came, ainid
guaran':tieed i tto i'mnsi, le omity '
onlumnmei'ate a few leadiimg linus. -
Our sleek k Oinmti'ic in am't othe de'' I
patrtmnt. 0) dts s'.ewn ith~ plen 111
rnmd pi'ces utu"iryniqed.
Withers & Dwight.
Furchg ott,
Benedict & Co.
275 K(ing St,o't ChlaNeIston, S. C.
*For prices, Sioe i,ocal
op 8
_AVING disposmed of miy Livery inter
est to 11. T. Tetrril, I Will keep
consian.ty on haindm hlormaes aii' mautes ro'
maie. Part,ies ia wamnt of goodi sleck ii
Jio IVeti to give me1 a catll
I hto also opened'i a Carriaige, !ling
indm .Waggonm Facmtory. All worknn
Iteoladed -ahd-warranted. Give time -ala
?, OOO 161). T.ithy [lay.
For01 Sale Ldw For 'The
l.A. J..
.1 Im~ 1.. jIc U <i
which can be cured by a
timely resort to this stand
ard preparation, as has been
proved by the hundreds of
testimonials received by the
proprietors. It is acknowl
edged by many prominent
physicians to be the most
reliable preparation ever in
troduced for the relief and
cure of all Lung complaints,
and is offered to the public,
sanctioned by the experience
of over forty years. When
resorted to in season it sel
dom fails to effect a speedy
cure in the most severe
cases of Coughs, Bronchitis,
Croup, Whooping Congh,
Influenza, Asthma, Colds,
Sore Throat, Pains or Sore
ness in the Chest and Side,
Liver Complaint, Bleeding
at the Lungs, &c. Wistar's
Balsam does not dry up a
Cough, and leave the cause,
behind, as is the case with
most pparations, but it
loosens and cleanses the
lungs, and allays irritation,
thus removing the caise of
the complaint.
BETH W. FOWLE & SONS, Boston, Maso,
And sold by Druggiata and tulcro gonerally.
|r/NSIJO,:', S. V
alillr'Y v4enItM Ixperieince a aep,j
I', wiach, Itll >.1 I'h w , g
o ite linentr & Cus
~'w GT'oceries.
h .~ i PI * 'I,I 1 ira Usia ,1 ngish
hdI '. rhoa.ice Ik'Inor,tra Sup~:r.
bblt.. YellIow 0, IE Urn C. niid (1ranulla.
['radZ' we .',*lusr)|r
.'- 'l'.t in,M/n
All WVor A Wrrantegd.
I I H AL Ls& CO.
2fknuAe/arer, & IJealeri.
R,4,0, 5,10. 2M ;tr Aict Street,
Cl/A AL 8TrOn.e

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