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WILLIAMS & DAVIS, Proprietors.] A Family Paper, Devoted to Science, Art, Inquiy, Industry and Literature. [TERMS---$300 Per Annum in Advance.
F A I R I RLD Ili " it 1D
W I L L I A At 8 & 1P A V Is.
21cins.-The IER A LD It publihed Week
ly in theTown of WInas'boo, at. $3.00
inaridbly in advance.
qW- All translent advertisecmeuts to be
Obituaty Notioos and Tributes $1.00
per i quareb
afamous Persecution or en Episcop al
It sceens that the November eleo
tions have taight neither iodera
tion nor wisdomt to the subordinate
mo officers of the Federal Coust in this
ate. There have been many prose.
cutions i th Crlina undeu the
Eo'mtoemeti act., but th6 Or aade in
EuAgelield county liffords the micst
o;tragcous ail balefaced instaue of
oppretsivin that li.s ever been wit.
nesbe- in the State. To prove this,
we Reed but ciLe the arrest of the
Rsv. E. T. Walker, the rector of
Trinity Episcopal Church at Edge
field Court House, an aged and a re.
spoted Ministur of thEo Gospel, who
has spent forty years in the service
of God. This venerable gentlelan
has teen dragged from his homte by
the Fe;deral officers upon a charge
which would be ridiculous but for
the consequences entailed upon the
unfortunute prisoner. The affidavits
upon which the warrant was issued
tell their own tale. It is only no
ess ry to print them, to show how
the authority of the Uniten States
Government is nistsed and abused
in order to servo the partisan pur,
posa of those who are entrusted with
its administration. The following is
the affid ivit upon which United
States Commissioner Eaton issued the
warrant of arrest :
U. S. A., Dis-r.RICT o So CA.
Personally appeared before tme,
Robt. Young, who, upon oath says
that in the county of BIgefield, and
district a(oresaid, on or about, the
first day of O,3tober, Edward 'T.
Walker, the defeidant, said to dopo
nent, "If you don't vote my ticket I
will see you in hell and damn,tion
betofe you shall at1y on my plantit.
tou one hour," Deponent, with his
family, has since been driven away,
and has had all property takon fro
Sworn to before me thij 24th No
vember, 1874. F. II, EATON,
United States Couit,i-ionr.
Attibed to this is the affidavit of
John 5Mohloy, who swears that ho
he,rd the defendant.say that if Robt.
Young "voted the Repuilican t:eket
ie would see him in hell before lie
would allow bim to stay oni his
place,' and that "wij intend to kill
off all the leading men, and then we
can manage the women -ind children."
Upon these affidavits the model Con
nis.ioner Issued a warrant of arrest,
upoi wh1oh M r. 'Wilker was arrested
and dragged to Columbia, to answer
to an indictment for violation of the
Enforcement Act.
Gen. M. W. Gary, who is the eeun
eel for the defend ant, hias the affidia
vita of Gen. R. M. 0. Durnnovant,
M~r. Beonntett Hiolland, G. L. Penn,
and B3. 0. Bryatn, all respectable
citizens of Edgefield county, uh Io
swear that the prosecutor, Young,
has a bad reputation, isi not to be
believed upon oath. Th'le prisoner
himself, under oathl, says that the
statemeats contained in the affidavits,
upon which the warrant for his arrest
was issued, are untrne. lie denies
having uttered the worda imputed to
him, or any words of similar import.
He also dlenies that Robert Young
adhis family have been driven
away, and swears that they still re.
side upon hris plantation, in the
house which they have ocouspied for
several years. Hie also swears that
heo offered to iallows Young, the prose.
puter to build a house upon his plan.
tation, and to furnish himi with fifty
aores of land to cultivate, for thu
next two yecars, free of renrt, provi
ded the prosecutor would do the o.
quisite fencing. Mr. Edwards also
swears that Young's crop was levied
upon and seized by mercbants who
had furnished him with provisions,
-and that he (Mr. Edwards) has never
reeeived any rent this year from
Young. And, finally, that he has
never mixed in polities or takes an
active part in any political caimpaig-n.
To sustain these allegations, the re
cords of the ease show an affdavit
from J. WV. D. Rtainey, theo Clerk of
the Court for Edgefield, certifying
the existence of a liesn, amounting to
one hundred dollars, given by the
prosecutor to Clisby &e Lynch. mer.
chants of Edgoflold, for provisione,
and stating furthler that the said lien
was foreolosed and execution duly
issued thereon.
Thesd are the facts upon which the
warrant was based, and this the evi
dence upon which a gray-haired min
ister of the gospel has been dragged
from his.home and brought to trial
in the Federal courts. When shall
this infamous tyranny cease ?
Ch.arleston News & Courier.
Zack Chandler's RCvCnxe.
[Wasling(on Letter, lo Pitsburg Ledger.]
Ohandlet's great hobby is his skill
as a pngilist. Conkil ng is a also
good amateur boxer, and as he is a
very large, powerful man, he gener.
.lly has it bis own wity with the
goests who are bold enough to put
tLho gloves on with hii. For sone
tine it was an open dispute bet ween
Cha:dler niai:d ConlHing which w.,
the best boxt r of th< two. Chan.
diler ould, after every diti..er party
of which he was a vieuber, calmly
assert that he could lick avy iiianii
of his weight in the United S ates.
One day lust winter Chandler dined
with Cokling, and the latter in.
veigled the great war Senator into
the private gymnazium. The gloves
were donned ttd the two doughty
champions began to make gracefui
Senatorial p)asses toward one at other
iveording to the most approved rules
af the P. R. The bout, however,
was of very short duration. Chan
lier suddenly received a blow be
twaecn the e%es, which caused the
iuge Senatoi i:l form to go over back
Ntard; his trusty legs failed him, and
then lie sat down so hard that tears
>anie out of his eyes. It took four
ien to get the war Stuator upon
bis legs, but lie threw up the spouge
it once, without any further effYrt
to punih Conkling. The only re
uark he was heard to make was,
'Damn strange," and "I'll fix him
Conkling and C.ndler were much
Logether in a social way, and it was
riot long after the above ocourience
lien Chandler received another in.
ritation to como up to his house and
pread Li legs under Conkling's
scial bour. Chandler sent bac
word that he regretted very much
his inability to be present, but he
bad a guest at hikaone,-..a valued
juistituent from Michigan, and he
3ould not leave him. Conkling sent
back word, "Bring 3our friend
along." W ihi this form of invita
tion Chandler consented to come
up. Ile brought his friend with him
rind introduced him us Mr. Howaid,
Df Detroit, Michigan. Howard was
a sad-e3ed man of diffident manners,
who contented himself with paying
a very close attention to the thetnes
of the liAl of fare rather than to join
in the general conversation of the
diiiner-table. Conkling was in g cat
glee during the dinner. lie told
over and over again the story of
Chandlei's discomfiture as a boxer
nd tievPr seemed to tire of atking
hin what he thought about his abili
ty to litk any man in the j"ited
States. Chandler took all these re
marks in in absent-minded way, as
if, suddenly, lie had become lifted
ubove any such petty ambition of
considering himself a fine athikte.
Alter dinner, Conkiing led his gutats
into the gymnasiui for a general
smoke at-d chat.
"Cone," said lie, pleasantly, to
Chandler, "don't, yuu want arother
bout with the gloves? " nnd then
Conkling laughed again in his most
cheerful, turkey[gobbler style, as lie
ton a pair' of gloves.
"Noe, I don't want to bo,' said
Chandler ; hut perhaps my f'riend
here would consent to amnuse you."
T-trning to Mr. Howard, Chandler
reur.: rked,''You box, do you not?"
Mr. Ilowaird still looked sad-eyed
and absent-minded, Hie did oncc
kniow somnethinig ab'out it, but it was
such a long time ago.
"Come, come," said Conkling, "let
us have a friendly bout. I wou't
hurt von."
Ev'idently the great New York
ennter was nitning to kn'.ek -somiie
onie downi. Tue sad-.eyed air. llo..
wardl, evidently flattoered at the pros
pect of being kuocked 'down by so
di-,tinguished a mian, beggtn ,slowly to
put on a pair of gloves. As ho was
dira wing on the gloves, Chandler was
ob.-erv'ed to walk down a little to the
background. A co tented look was
on hi. face, and every now and then
he would raise his hugo right foot
up under his swaying volumir.ous
coat-tail and give himself a congratu
latory kick, expressive of rapture.
Trhe sadl eyed man now came for
ward, and the round began. Conk
ling was for proceeding at once to
knock his opponent down, and he
tvould have done so had he not found
great difficulty in getting anywhere
nr the sad-eyed man. T1he affair
culminated by the sad-eyed man's
suddenly rushing fo,rward and land
ing a thunderbolt of a fist between
Conkling's eyes. The Senator went
over like a great tree, and rolled into
the corner of the room, where he lay
for a moment, stunned by the con
cussion. lie was heard to say after
ward that lhe thought a house had
fallen on him.
Conkling had enough of boxing
for once. Chandler made -several
pleasant little remarks about the
skill of his friend CockinDg, which
were not reioved in the mnost cheer
ful way. Judge of Conkling's feel
ings the nezt day day when ho learn.
od that Chandler had played a joke
upon him by giving Mr. Howard one
bundred dollars to come up and
b unoe 31r. Conkling. Tho Mr.
Howard, of Detroit, Miobigan, was
none other than the notorious pugi
list, Jain Mao.
The Trulh About Edgehld.
AUGUSTA, Yovember 30.-A larl.0
and ent,husiastis meeting was held
in E-lgefield, S. C., to-day, and -in
dignation expretsed at tLe base.
charges mado against the white po.
pIe, and the arbitrary arro,t of uiti.
zeus. The speakes, imLog whom
w.a G N1. M. C. Butler, said that
the Charges of outrages in Edgeliold
County were utterly false and with.
(lut the smallest foundation, and
bhowed that more intimidation had
been practiced by the colored than
by the white people. A committee
was appointed to report at a ineeting
wh:ch will be he'd on next Monday,
with instructions, to obtain the facts
with regard to intinidation. on ele
tion day by the R.dical party and
ot.er matters.
The South Carolina rai:road com.
pnny is desirous of 1asing time Char
lotte, Columbia and Augu,ta rail
road for a tor(n of years. They sub
tuitted at proposition, and a com
n:ittee wa., appointed by the stock.
holders of the Columbia Company to
consider it, and ioport the beat ternis
that can be hmd. If the South Caro.
lina railroad company secures the
proposcd lease, the Charleston peo
ple will practically control the rail
road system of the state. The South.
ern Security company are oppi sed
to it, and as they own a I rge portion
of the stock issued by the company
that Charleston wants to gobble, the
proposed lease may never be accoiu
plished fact.
A Dark Page In Mormonism.
Many of our readers will remnm
ber the massacre of Arkansas emai
grants at Mountain Meadows by
Mormons di6guised as Indians in
1857. The capture of lee, the cap.
taili of that band of assassins, was
made lately, and the full particulars
of that infamous crime are supplied.
Lee is a thorough polygamist, having
had eighteen wives and sixty-two
children, and his ttial is likely to
liseloae some startling mysteries in
the hi6tory of Morimonism.
A tigro was indicted for murder
in Loundes Cuunty, Mis.issippi, and
his case caine on at the present term
now ,itting before Judge Vrr.
When araigned, he asked it as a
speciAl favor that his jury should be
composed of white men, saying that
ho preferred to risk his life with in.
telligent imen, who could understand
the law and the facts. lie was no
quitted, and rejoices that lie had the
privilege of a white jury.
The bronze palmetto munumental
tree, which formerly stood on the
South front of the State Oapitol, and
had beoine considerably damaged,
has been r0moVdd to the North front,
completely overhauled, the missing
letters replaced, and the tree now
looks as well is it did when firut plt
up. Mr. Hloiler Is the artist who has
rejuvenated Mr. Wernet-'s miagnifi
eeni t wor.-C(IolumMia P Aon ix.
A popular clergyman says it ls in
teresting to observe hiow many peo
ple go to the circus "juast to please
the chlre, and very curious to
notice that s->metimnes it takes sever.
ail aible-bodied mn and mo herly
women to look afte.r on'e little boy or
girl oil such an ocea<iorni
Men are engt,ed ini clea'inog the
city sewer ut A-stin, Nevatda, for
the, purpo,e of reeovermg the quicki
silver antd amalngamz which passed
down froma the tailings of numeurouas
mill'. Twuo moo obtained about
four pounds of quiekallver andl amal
gaim per day.
Ne v Yoalt insists that the newly
elected governor shall mirry. They
very properly eon idor thant to govern
one stato propemrly lie dhould enter
into another and be governed haim
T~on Arnm has no traditional
ground for losing the Napoleon fami
ly. Five of his -fathers's eleven
brothers fell at Waterloco.
As a white gar ment appears worse
when a little soiled than, does a aol
ored one, so does a small fa ult in a good
man attract more attention than a
great offense in a bad man.
Costa Rica has unde rgone one of
those political commotions which
seem to be an inherent quality of a
Spanish American republic. Such
governments seem to be In continual
hot water.
A turkey was observed on a fence
the' other day, intently studying an
almanac and reckoning on his' toes
how long it wan fro~m Ohristmas.
If advertising has failed with you,
try it on another tack. A good thing
is worth a fair trial. If one business
man finds his account in advertising
why should not another lw
lion. John Curtis and Ills Wire.
We turned aiide from our path
for a space to visit- an object of bome
curiosity, which is one of the "lion.?"
of the E stern Shore. This is an
ancient vault belonging to a metber
of the "Curtis" family, a bretl ;f
tile f;ame stock with which Wiahing.
ton intermnarried. It lies upon a fino
old fainistesd, tookiig out upon the
buy, and oeqpies the peitro of a
large fiold, the only prominent obj iot,
sheltered by some old trees. The
vault is of white marble, elabo
tately carved in London, in a st.te
of partial dilapidation. The curious
about it consists in its inscription,
w hieh runs thus :
"Under this uarblo tomb lies the
body of the Ilon. John Curtis, j.-q.
of tile city of Wvillifinimbuig and
pariah of Burton ; formerly of H1in
w er's parish, on tile Eastern Shore of
V irginia, and .county of Northamp.
to 11 ; aged seventy-one years, niisi
y!I lived buw seven yeare, 'which wa
t hie titne lo kept i lhiclor's lmne
I t Arlington, ou the Eaatern Shore
o Virginia."
The inscription, we are told b y
another, on the opposite side, w as
put on that tomb by his own positive
oider. The gist of it, as our lady
rcuers will bo ploased to perceive,
consists ill the lities we havp italicized ;
the force of which will be otter felt,
and understool from the.additional
fact, which does tiot- appear, that
this bachelor, who lived only in Ilis
bachelor condition, was actually muar
lied three times. Ilis experience, if
me are to believe hij epitaph, was
greaty adverse to tile idea of any
happiness in the marriage st(te ; yet
how strange that he should have veil
tured thrice upon it I The natural
conclusion is, that the Ilon. John
Curtis was a singularly, jut and coi.
scientious man, who unwilling to do
the sex any wrong by a premature
jildgn eat, gave then a full and fair
teial, at the expenbe of his own hap
piness, and 1pionounod , JAdgment
only after repeo,ted experiments.
Tradition has )reserved tono auneo
dotes of the bort of experience which
he enjoyed in thle marriage state,
one of which I will relate. It ap- i
pears that lie was driving out in his
ancient coach with one of his wives
(and, to do him jutice, we iutt as
sure the reader that he had but one
at a time), and in the neighborhood
of tLe very spot upon which we our
selves nre now standing--Cape
Charle.s--a m itrimonial 1 t,c ussio n
ei.sued between the pair, warmed as
they proceeded. The lord grew
angry, the lady vociferated.
4lt was ai diamond," sai I one.
"And I insist," quoth the other,
that it was a club."
''You will drive me mad !" cried
Julin Curtis.
'-1 should call this admirable
driving !" retoited the wife.
"y-- !" lie exclaimed, "if
you say another word I will diive
down into the se. '
They were even then upon the
'-Another word l" soreamed the
lady. "Drive where you please,"
she added ; into the sea- I oan go
As deep a8 you dare go any day "
HIe became furious, took her1 at her
wnrd. ani drove the hlorses and
chariot itato the ocear, They began
tu swim. He held in, looked into
her face and she laughled ill his.
"Why do you stop 1" she demand..
ed, exultantly, not a whit alarmed.
" You area devil !" lie exclaimed,
flinging the horses abouit, an'd malking
for tile shlore with all expedition.
"Pooh I P ooh !I, laughed hlis toto
mnIter. Learn from tis there is: io
place where you dare go where I
dare not accompany you I"
"Even to h-I 1" lie roared.
"The onily eiseptioni, she answe.s
ed1 with a elhuokle-"Thellre, my dear,
I leave you."
She had conqutered. Ie never
drove in at Cape Charlos again,
but groaned with the recollection of
seven )earh' hachehlor's life at Arl
ington .-Brooklynu Sun.
An Athntrer of Stonewall heksuon,
Th,e following is from George Cary
Egglestonl's "A flebel's Recollee
tions," in press by Haurd & Hloughton.
It is a soldier whoi thou)ighit Stollt
wall Jackson so gt-eat a General thlat
bis proper functions would be to
umanouvre tIle Universe:
a"On one occasion, i soldier who
bad imbibed enthu:iiasm with his
whiskey, feeling the inadequacy of
the devotion shiown by drinking to
an absent chief, marched, canteen in
hand, to Ja ckson1's teat gaining ad
mission, proposed as a sentiment,
"HeIre's to you, General I May I
live to see you stand on tihe highest
pinnaelo of Mount Ararat, and bear
you give the cotumand, "By the
right of nations front into empires
worlds, right face l'"
Thlis is what they are singing on
the streets now:
"My gal, my gal, my pretty lit6le
Anid she's gone back on me :
She ollmbs on the steeple and tools
all the people,~
B3ut she can't aome that over ma."
The Union Pacific locomotives sre
the most extensive cattle raisers on
the plains. They generally raise
them about twenty feet.
Sharon, the silver tnine million.
aire, whose daughter had the toblbi
ist wedding in San Francisco, the
otbe: day, that the Pacilio Slopers
liave ever witnssed, sports a $125
coal souttle-.
About this time the northern rural
editor its on his hind legs in front
of a cold stove and howis niournfully
for wood. lIe is amazed at the alac
rity with which his delinquent sub
scribers don't bring it in.
It is announced that General W.
U. '. Lee will soon leave the white
hquse farm oni the Pauiunkey river,
Va., for Ravensworth, Fair'ax coun
ty, and will hereafter make that
place his permanent residence.
D -troi, Free Press : It now turns
out that out-meal doesn't. make brain
hfter all, and the Philadelpl4i% edi
tors who laid in a dtzon barrels
apicce for winter use, will almost
be mad enough to give it to the poor.
To be growing old, and have no
children or grand children, piesents
i bleaker prospeot than to be perch
ed on a pyramid of the desert, or
upon a glacier of the frozen sen.
3ingle folks, marry-and marry while
ou are young.
The Texas emissary is not, as many
)cople suppose, dres-ed liko a bulk.
Rhacker and loaded with navy sixes.
[Ie wears an immense silk hat and a
)road, black cape, and when he
neets a di.eantented-looking person
ie appeals to him to become an emi
The Right Hon. Win. E. Gladstone
x-premier of England, whose re
narkable pamphlet against the
Vactican decrecs hus attained such
vorld wide attention, recently read
,he lessons during divine service in
lie village church of lowardon,
?1intshi re, North Wales.
A sensationa I religious event in
3an Francisco, was the participation
oy a Presbyterian, a (Juitarian, and
'longregationalist clergyman and a
Jewish rubbi, in the installation of
t Universalist pastor. Several of
he sectarian newspapers think that
iberality was carried too tar.
Bible album are the Iitest fireside
ivertione. Pictures clipped from
llustrated publications are pasted in
i scrap book, and the collec-or'e
criptual knowledge is exercised in
boosing an appropriate verse to
Yrite below each out. Itare and ex.
)ensive pioturea are sometimes used.
Vicksburg He1rald [- low you do
3allie, how you do I I ain't seed
you in such a time. How is you no
kow ?" Sllie, grasping the old dar
ey's corn stoaler and giving it a
ordial shake. "Pige still a kicking,
hank you, Uncle ''ow, but I ain't a
iking high. Hlow are you gitt ing
in ?' Uncle Tom, deliberately,
'Well, Sallie, I'm still sticking to.
lether-in bpots."
Cheerfulness is a greit promoter
)f health.
KWasBono, 8. C. NOV , 24, 1874
i l1E following taxes have been levied
Lup on the property of this County
.For pay of' sainacies of Bzecutive
aind Juilisil Oficees of tihe 8mrnie,
the Cloi'ks and contingent, expen.
sus of tihe Execut ive and Judicial
Diepartmen cts of te (Jovernmneht. ]}
I."or support and maintanince
of' the Penal Chasrilable and Ed
ucationali InstIt utions or the
Nte, elusive of' Common
Schools. 1
I. For support and mintninco of
Public 8chiools. 2
I. For paymntetm of deficiencs for
SehOOl claims, and $chtool Corn
mission4era' Satlai ies due prior to
lat Nov. 1871S.
i. ["or expentses of the General As.
I. F,-r P'ublie P'rint lag.
K. For payment of' intereustupon tihd
public debt, (as adjusted by act
of D)ecember' 22d 1878,) due antd
payable upon 1st. January and
.Jiu ty 1875. 2
I For [email protected] or' ttfpid eppropri
at ions and claim, of Central Na
tiornal flank. P. F.' Frase. and
F. Cardarolli. 1-451
10 28.0)
Por current expenses of Fairfield
County. 8
F'or payment, of past indebtedness
of said County. 1
Por widows ands. trphians of said
in additi)ti to the af>ove there has
been levied for Distrlet Mehools the
following tax. vis.
fiohool District No. 8
" " -" 48
The tax duplieate ilf be opetr ed in
this ofBoce on the 80thday of N ovemiber
1874, for the 'collection of the above tax
levies, and evy day thereafter, (8undays
excepted) until the ofteenth day of Janu
ary 18'15, when 20 per eent penalty will
attach to all delinquent.
W4 S. N~LsON, treasurer,
now. 26.a22 faa.Mi ny.s
The State of South CaroliIIa.
Samn'l Cathcart Comrinitlea of tlhe E-i lftio
of John If. ('ath art, uat ic, Plailt itI,
against Lucimi HIopkins, Amis t'.
Dwight and Edward L. ' robviige .
partters under lhe firmit namo of ilop
kiiis Dwight and Trol ridge, and
gani'l It. Clowney is Clerk of the
Court of com, mon Pleas for lthe County
aforesaid, Defendants.
N pursuance of an order of tie Coirt
ade inl lie above stated case b'y the
Ilonorable T. J. Mlackey, I will offer
for saie at public aucteion, to the higitest
bidder, before the court house door. inl
Winsboro, within ie legil hours o*s:ale
on the ir st Monday inl Janiry IM
ti.e follo% wing deseribed proper ty to wit.
All those iwo oicitin jiatrcels or lois of
land containing eachl ote lt f itero ti-oe
or loss, sictiate i tie Towni Weinnsboro,
in lie Conily and $ tate l foresaid kiowi,
Mild designated in IlIe lillill of sonidi Tow11
as Ios numbered th-irv-seven (37), mil
thirty-six (36), adjoiniIg enchl other find
bounded on the East by Conigress street,
on lihe Wept by Nnndcrhorsi, tnd lie lots
foritiey owned by Ittigh Nlillhr on ile
North, South by iLta o wned by l>avid
A LSo,
ii. Allthos two certain parees ot lots
Lof land conistining eacit one hliit' neie
intre or loss sit te in th ice u To w it of W iits. i
boro in t o County nud 'atto itore-aid,
known and designtmei ill hile ian of
4aI Town as lois ole ttidrel amil
'orl.y-eigl (1-18), Md 0 e ht1in1irdt ud II
North by lots owned by John A. Irie.
nII the East by Cotlr,s , Ntrt r l, ilt I lie
Sotith by (lie tforeg.id lots of sail jottn
11. Ca heart, and Qmn the West I-y \'atde'
tolrt stre.
A Is i0,
ti. All that ceriain parcel or ll. of
tin.1 cot aimilng onle half ae tn1,re or less
ituate in ti.o Town if Wimnsboto in, mite
'intv ind Sttile liful-isai, nnd bounded
it theNorti by lots lately belioging to
limes It. Aiken, ott the Hist by lots of
ert-o lacot and Jaitni M. Elliolt, otn
he .on-Ith by College streel ai oil (the
Vmst, by lots of Fred Copes as Trubtee of
kil Wife.
iv. All lint eertaitn tract of latit con,
aiiing fifty-Iour an I treeic-orin-1 It nores
noro or less, bountled ot the I ctI bIy
ands lately beloiging to Wlut. S. Itlb,
Cist ty landt hattly beloiging to lielh
rd Cathcart, West IY litnd,1s hitely be
onging to James It. Ilendtrix, now owit
d by the caid Jolm I. Calitcart.
A% 1, 80(,
v. All thse itwo plects Or pa1reels of
and celiitaifitig in the It ggregate one1
Iianndred and six(con ad one foith I nes
iiore (r less, sittmt int (lie CotytY an l
irile itlforesititi, about ote-i lf mile fr*t(i
ie Town of WimEsboro, nijoiing litilds I
ately ovn'-d by W. 8. tabt, Jo hn t . I
lial ani,: John liritton uit thers. coi.
eyed 10 sai John HI. Ca!thcairt by Jaimles
t Ilendrix by deed dited tih eil lth An
;lst 1860.
A 1S0,
vi. All those cortitit parcel.i or lity of
and adjoining e.eh other, lyiig onl I lt
-'am(ern side of and alljoiini- the Char
omto, Colmtilibin itItI.Alngm t1l. lii I tonil il,
eiig tie eastern ensd of tite two lots
inown in tihe plan te I ito ilown of Witis-t 1
>oro as nmnbers mixly-seven (67,) and
ixty eight (L8), Ritd boundItled ott the
otlth by Wtiaslingtont lrOet, Ol the East
>y lots numberedI meventy-seven (77,) aid
eventy-eight. (78), atid ott tihe Nothi by
ot. numbered sixty-nine (6111. tid coniv .y
d to Itto snId.I ohLt caln it ly W. II.
'reitit lated tle 21st day i f Jatiary A.
). 1800.
A S0,
vtr. All that tract of Ittild e-ol i: iilg
%eo hundred ad titeen nr-s, nIro o-r
egss tying omi t- e:n londIing ft omt W inns
>or-o to Cotlumb lia. niboti Ilive antd tite Itatlf
niles Soth of the *Townu of WV iinsboio itn
le County andi Xlttom afor-esid, ant
>OUnlded on the Northbtby lattts Itately
>olongi ng to 'lthomatis J1. SIlrrier i, oni t ho
Sonthi by lamnds of Joh iitte8.igler-, ott thei
'inst by lands lately belongintg io Jn tmes
as and Jotinthitan Siaton an. imd (ltn lie
'Vest by latndsm belo.igitng to the . County of
airifled. T.(,i
viii. All I hose two5t certaini parcels ori
ota of lantd, cotliing ieaich tite half
me tore or less sitn itn th Ile Tlownt of
Vintnsbtoto in the C.outtt y mandi i timu aftore
aid, knowni anid diesi gntatedi ii the pln
if said Townt as Iots nmitbte red st-eetny.
even (77), amnd sevemnty-eigt.t (78), adjo ii.
ng eacti othem itid bounded on itho Soth
>yWsigig.nreet., on the Eas. by
evenly-six (70) and otin the West by lois
imubered sixty sovent, (637), anid sixty
ightl (68).
mx. All thtat cot tin ltract of land con
aitting eight, hnndired acres tuoi-e or less,
iturit o in the CountIy atnd Sta lo af'ortesn id,
>ouuded on thie Noth by Iamnds ot yhIoa.
I Maddetn, omi thle East by lanids of JIohnt
Vyle, on t ho Somti l induits of .John
n ylle, (lie antid Johnm Ii. ('a I toiar, llenrmy
10lliot, andl oters, aini ontt the \\int
>y lands Jttly beloniging t'> lUtihardt
3athcoart, ott lImo road Btatding fromt Wins.
aoro to Itooky Mout.
x. All that cet'tattt plinant nton or tract
f tand situate in thle Cotinty andt Sinaia
aforesnid, kr.ewni as limo Boo0 - sptong
place, conaianing sevetin hundred andI tinie
ty-flvo aores more or less, boiiudedl by
lanes of h-. I'. Mobley, by mlhe puito roid
known as tIme lRocky Momtnt Ito0il. by the
pdlatiti iltely belonging to thie estiate
of Theodoi o S. lDnBioso dheceased, knownt as
ltoseiantd, by time Pulic rond kntowmi its
the Chester lload, ad lands of A.
kr. All that certain ret of land vitn
ate.in the County and( Slate aforesalid,
containing fivo hundred alnd seventy six
acres more or less, b)oundedom by linds ut'
Museco Bouiwaro,.lands belonging to the
Estaute of t)avid Weir deceased, and lands
belonging to time estato of Joht Bamgley,
:ltt. All that, certain lot or par-cel of
land sitmuate in the 'town of Winntsboro in
the County and State aforesaid, bounded,
on the North by lot for.nerly nwnilt by
atig W olfe. East by Zion 8treet. sout
b.1; 1" lot o r 1!y owned by Ni r1. Magarro
Staw aid ei the West by [te track o
the Charlotte Colutnibia and Atigustat
It rilroad, being itmade up ' of' lot nimber
eighty-two (82) rnd part of lot itnmber
sixty three k63).
xmii. All hnt ceritnin piece or irc(e-t
of latil sitilite in tho Town of Winnsborr
tui the Couity and Stio iforesiid. licing
part or a lot known and designtted in tIl
planl of -s:%id Town Is lot timber. sixty.
six t6i,) bounded onl tire North Iby Wal
ington streut aid fronting thereon fifty.
tree (5: foot, an East by lot or Mrs.
Lir' \lathows, Ont fie Sothill by Jlohnl '.
-%I'ithews Jr.. an1d Oir the Welt by tha.
track of i bf Ciarlotte Columbia r.nd A t
guilita Riilroa-1.
A L, 50.
xiV. All that tract of land coitbiiring
or. huinrtied ald tor6tv..six acros, 11o Or
loss, anIld represented by the ltter 61)"
Ll at jlit o11 rellur vcy of tie Ross plao e
m ade by 11, i. Robortsonl 1). S., onl t i
lifth day of' Oe)ober A. 1). 1869, rind on
li1e of te tierk of, the Cori1 of Comumon
I'lenH for Fairtlield County. In tho causo
ityled G. It. LitiamarI atld Wife and or herls
Ve.Irsts Ixecurtors of N. A. Pelly, deceirsed,
W.i it11141u' lecree in said cmIuso and Conl.
ey4ed 1 o sa: it .l John il, ttlheati-. by Sam 'l
l'. w.v, clerk of sai-I Cilt by th-ed
ti.atedt tirsJ(tlday of INOVVImbeVI,...18.
xv. All th le two tracts of t114 -con -
Inii in t hll ile jiggregnte eight hundrod
i tillemi nerem, more of less. aid repre
4etited by tie le ters ll and -C,'I On
i p lat of restirvey of thle Bolton 1ace
mallo Iy t. Ii. t oberlson, 1). S., oil the
i4th itly of Otobetor 18119 ittd oni ilo in
Ilhe office o' rhe cler1i 01' the Cotrt, of
!omtmot I'le:t for Fal:rield Coirity i , tho
foresaid caluso sol.1 it11dunr tie dNecrco
lerein' ani1d Coiveyed to the 14a1it Jolin 11.
['it hearit bvy Saunitiol I. Cloi nney, olerk of
4aid t'olri, by deed dittet tirits day of
Novemnber, A. D., H10.
A 1.80,
xvi. All that tract. of lin I conainiing
ive Itittdr'iied neros moret ir less anitt re)
'seitell boy the letter ".," or tie th1o
dai Or rtservoy er i lt Brown pItaca mado
)y It. 11. Robertson 1). S., otn the it'it
Iny of' 0elober, 18 .11, tird oin filo inl th
itfice i' the Clerk of' the Court of Cotm.
iton Ileng for Fairield onnity in tihe
aU-4re Ilfort'esO4i4l, II COnIveyCil by s'JAm'In
It. Clowitey clerk of said Court by deed
lated the 1st, November, A. D. 186U.
xvit. All thoso tiracts of' land contain
rig in tire nggregate one thotistnd atid
ighly-i 1 k ncreu and represented by let..
ers.- "11" "C" and -')," oil it pit. of re.
4Irve'y of the (rAhamIplac11 n p o R by H.
II. Iloberotil oi the 5th October A. 1),
1869 orn file irn the ollice of tie Clerk of
i (out a Iforesaid in tihe itforemaid cause.
old titier it decree thereinl ain Conveyed
o tie ,sIi.1 .tIII I. Cath1AIr. by rite sai I
;hmmel r i. t'lowney clerk of snid Coirt.
y deedl dated the Ist. day of Noveuber
xvii, All Ihat i verli tiral lo'land con
iining se-vnii huitred and ilfy neres moro
,r I es anI repiiteed the lotter ''A"
it a phIt of( rHurvey of te lelton pflaco
twndte by It. If. Roberisont t). S., oi tLte
.it tiy ol' (hitoblr 18109, and Onl filo itn
ie lce, of tho clerk of tire Court ot'
'0111Holm I'C1 lor tle COunlity nfor'e1t8id
it ire i 1 ttuno atoremidl, sold under a decree
The followinv PM '!)1iIl p)1-')1r 't-y for
ih On t he1 TuIesda:ty ollWiig.
Fourteenini e,-loss forly hlead
i trmle, morn or less. one porlable
leiamt Enttgille, one Ctarriage, Ono Buggy,
old W:IgwIts, lot. firlrtdtig implements.
l)uild an ii itchlenl firnittre, Stocc
If Goods itn his ItlorO building irn Town of
its 1bo I-o.
I'itris cr SAi.r--On lWitl of the pur
!inmut m11one1t'y Ir be paid in ell-4h tar4d tthm
inluttrt o l terof aon a err't- it oif otte and.l
wo ye'a rs int equarlt annural ist ailmnts
ii intert'st the'reon, payab3itlle a nniiallIy
rom1 II te day of salen, to he sererd by t,
owlt ot' the0 1 turhar at0'nd ia mortgungo 01f
Ihe prises sold1(14. 'iTh pr(th:rrnr artur.
hI tAers to ptay foir tteemny hppers.
I,. WV. D)UVAI,LL, 8.* Ft U,
"itinrxboto S'. C.
Nov. 27 187-l'
hoc I-x241
Fa.r Il rsr Cotisr, Doc. 1, 18'74.
'i i|| rindersiigrned, for theconvetnienoo.
1. (of the' rftapayrs of tti countty, will
tcliim itt the following Irrecinicts for~ the
olle:c tion of taxos for ilecal year, 18715,
1tko, WIedlnesday, Dhee. I, 1874.
t.iidewtay, T1hur,t. and Frid. Dee, t0 & 11,
WooduiIwrdt's IJepoi, Mond, nd'Tures. De l
21 & '22, 187.
Venstr'ville, lnd rind Tues., Doc. 28 &
29, 1874.
\Ionit icello, Montd, antd- Taes. Jan. 4 & 6,
Yenknrville, Wedtnestny, Jan. 0. 1876.
'ilmbIletn's G rove (Caldwell'st store) Sat.
.Jantt. 16I 7.
Jatt. t1I, 1 875.
Winsbioro every dany except thtoua abovo
tnmiedI, on, whIich daye the TJresurer's ojlce
ril lie closed. WV. 31. N ELiSO N.
de l'I'teasrer Fairfl eld Counaty.
Valuablo Property for Sate,
joffer fot' sa'te 0n Tuesd4ay the 1(>th
1. lit (if D)ecembier nrezt, my valuablo
Saw an'd Grint Mitl. p)ttuntedr two miles'
Souith of' Simpaonn 'T. 0.. formerly owned
by Abelt antd Itrown, 'Thh Mill Is In
goodl condition, and dointg a good bus!.
neOSS. 'The enigine is a tthir y.-flye htorso
pow'er portable. I wilt also soil on the
inamen daty all the lumrrber on Iho yard.
lfbo ,lalo will lake place at thte mill.
liartiets wishling to examine tho proper
ty 'tre invited to do so at oneo.
Ttv.nin.-F5' tire Mill otne half cash,
for the balance a credIt of twelvo months.
with good securtity and 10 per oer".t. In.
tieet from day of sale. The lumaber will
be0 sol for cash.
All penros Indob'ed to me for lumber
ar'e warned. to make hinmediiat$, paymant,
Lotherwise theoir tnccount will be placed in
t... hands of an attorney for eollelton,
nov 21 W.UH. ABELLI.

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