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I.a OcaLI &cgc.1 l.
SW' CommUnlcatiokb to this offive
will not be noticed unless aooonipauied
by the real name of the writer.
SO* We are not responsible foi tho.opin
ons of correspoidenle.
g"- ilereafter no LOCAL NOTICES
will be insertel in ollr colunns excep
upon paympdt of TEN CEN TS a line.
4rPy Any person in the County having
knowledge of aiy clroutusl ance of int erest
o6ourrin in his neighborblood will confer
a f-*or by furaishing Inforlintion at this
NEW ABytitr1VkNT.
Read Landeoker's adyerthemornt.
Vard-S. Wolfe.
The Tar 1eel-PI. C. Metaugh
Dentist--Dr Liah Simpson.
Christmias Grooorie-J as. 1t, Ai.
Hardware-J. M. Oalloway.
Tax Notioo-W. M. Nelson.
Vound-D.nheViberg & Co.
Ju.t Received-Wit hurs& Dwight.
Flour 'Uud Grits--Beaty, Bro. &
Mr. Jao. H1. Neil will please
noce)- our th-auks for a lot of very
line turnips.
Or- The Palrer Davis whuxse
knula and cotton are advertised for
tale is a gentIemian of color.
Or Mr. W. 11. Murjay will please
accept our thaiks fur a couple of fine
cabbage .heads, some of his own
r aising.
D Pr. Simpson) Dentist of
Chailotte, N. C., will pay us another
visit r.ext Monday. We advise
those wishing work in thii line to
consult him at Morris' Hotel.
Several pieces of prperty
wore sold on 1londay. A large num
ber of per.sons were in town not.
Withst.nd:ug the inclemency of the
g .Two organ grinders put in
an appearance on Sunday at,d turned
their machines ycsterday fc,r a
"Nick" a tunle, greatly to the de
light of the small fry.
M- Mr. 11. T. Terrill will rcceive
\about 250 Kentucky hogs to.- morrow.
Parties ui6hing freh pork had better
Oz, Meosls, David Cumack and
John McClurkili were the first two
persons in this County to pa' their
taxes this year. They have buld
- cotton.
g - Mrs. IlIarrig, living about
nin1 6mile.i south wesc of Winnsboro
gave birth to triplets a few day ago,
01 toys. This looks as if there is
' ife in the Old1 l1nd yet."
Ob" The E Iaw Minstrels gave
two entertainments in our towvn this
week. They are splendid perform
ers, nnd will give entire satisfasction
wherever they go.
{dr Mir. Ienry A. Smith obtained
bail last Tuesday, and was released
f.om jail. casrs. Jool Copes and
J. B. Johlnson appearing as his bonds
men01 ini the sui of $5,000(..
0zr The colored Baptist Church
in Winnsboro was dediceatezd on Sur.
days Sermnana were delivered by
11ev. ~S.ott Brown of Kershaw, as
sisted by Revs. Johnson and Gold
g?r The Berger Family oughbt
to engage the lellow who rang the
fire bell Thursday nights lio can
beat the comnbitied teami of swiss
bell ringers annd cowbellogians all
Q~-We call attention to tihe ad
-vertisoinenlt of Mir. Jno. S. Reynolds,
in another columnl. T1'he pl.antuation
ho offers for sale is one of thle most
desirable in tile county, and mnay be
.purchased upon very reasonable
T:' lhe shipn.enits of cotton fromn
this plae for the month of November
tras 2,912 bales. For thu same
month of last year the shipnit was
2,1941 bales. Cotton merchants say
the cause of the hieavy.shipment for
last month was the favorable fall tha.t
we had.
* 4- We regret to learn of the
death of Mr. Trhos. J. Spurrier,
which occurred at hisi residence near
Ridgeway on the 30t,h ult. .hr
Spurrier has been a resident of tils
County sinee 1824 and was in the
73d year of his ago at the time of
hisa death,
z-.The l)ergers gave an enter
tainraent hero on last Saturday
night. The hall was .illed with the
rospeotability of our town, as it al
ways*is when the Boergers perform.
.The performance was all that could
be expeoted, and we can say without
hlesitation that the Boerger Family
Is the ht Tronna on thn rad,.
Miss ,Auna Berger attraote, more
attention than any other, performer
.ba the stage.
0ir- The people of Fairfield will
remember that the tax books are
now open, and will be until the 15th
January. It is highly Improbable
that the time will be extended be
yond that date. There will be a
rush during the last two weeks and
if parties do not pay in time they
will have to pay the additional
8m1ount. We believe the tax is too
large, but it is not prob blo that it
will be ieduoed.
:Cniis-rmAs Tirap.-On the evening
of the 24th Dectnboe, there will be
a Christmas Tree at the Thespian
Hall fur the benefit of the young
folks. Each child under 10 years of
age will be entitled to a slice of cake
and a present from tbe tree. Ad
nisioi 25ets.
There will also be a table of re
freshments and fancy artiolen, and
at 9 P. M.. a supper will be served.
Price $1.00. The public are invited
to attend,
C_r After the return of the fire
men from the conflagration that oo
Vurred on yesterday morning on the
prelaises of Mr. J. M. Gilbert, Mr.
Joseph Groesches proprietor of the
"Morning Star" Saloon gratuitously
furnished refrcshments to the mem
bers of both-of our fir. com panies.
Secretary Squier of the F. F. E. Co.,
extended the invitation on behAlf of
MIr. G.
Frin.-About 2 o'clock Friday
morning our citizens wore awakened
by an ala i of fire. B3oth the engine
and the hook and ladder companies
r<paired quickly to the scene of the
conlagration) which was found to
proceed from an ou'building on the
premises of Mr. J. M. Gilbe-rt. The
two companies worked with a will,
and snon had the fl tnes under con
trol. A small house was h urned, but
otherwise no damage was done. Tae
fire is supposed to have been the
work of an incendiary.
Some of our young men will be sorry
to learn that Miss Etta lerger has
been iarried since the company was
through here list winter. 6he cast
her lot, with a young mnan resident
in Jackton, Mich., who has a blon-le
moustaiche, half a million dollars,
and a block of brick buildings in
Jack,,on. Miss htta is with tlhe
troupe this season, but it will be her
last trip with it% These facts arc
told us by Mr. VoN-ler, tho business
manager. This troupe will pay us
a visit Saturday Deocumber 5th.
j-r We call attention the adver
tisement of Mr. G. L. Konnedy of
131-inkstook. The young gentlemen
of our sister burg propose exhibiting
their knightly proweas on the I'7th
instant, and have ehallenged the
world to bear away their laurels if
they can. We trust the tournament
will proVe a succees. The tournament
and ball last January was a g orgeous
affair which we never shall forgot.
We will be on. hand on the 17th and
will exhibit our prowess at thre ball
in the evening.
09- The Grange at Ridgeway on
Friday last celebrat~ed the anniver
sary of the order of P~atronms of Hlus
bandry. There was a lull attendance
inacludimig sa lar'ge number uf lady
muembers. $everal new tusmabers
were iLitiated. Addresses were
made by the blaster and the iLectur
cer. After the labors ef the day were
ended1 a delightful repast wasi spread
by the pat ronesses, wvhich was enjoyed
by alb We regret extremely that
we cotld niot be present.
.Ridge way Grange is very flourish..
lng and sets a good example wvhiolh
should be followed by her sister
G rnges.
WAUg.mnE MOVEMENT.-T1he ftha
moth establishilent of DANNENDERO
& (Co., is now in fuIll blast, and their
countel's tire stOcked with a flne and
well selected Stock of Dry (leeds
Clothing and Notions, both Ladies
&Oc nt'd goods, at old standartd pri
cs. Thu reputation of this Hlouse
is too well known: to need any furth
er commenta They have secoured
the servies of Mr. .K S. Chandler
and Mr. Dullho Elgleston who are
itell known to the poople of Fairfield
who will be pleased to give their
friends their courteous attention.
A nd our genial friend Purt, whose
heart is as big a. a meeting house
stands ready to give his friends
cheerful attention in all their pur.
chases. Rememnber the firm. of DAN
gagj We are pleased to observe
the complimentary notices of the
recent lecture of Rev. WV. H. Camp
bell before the cadets of the Caroli
na Military Institute at Charlotte
N. C. The learned divine is a gen
tleman of extensive literary attain
ments, and the theme he seleted
Shakespear's Macbet--was one over
which he has a complete unastery.
Wintnsborn is canito fortunat.e in ha...
iog as one of her oitiseus a gentle
man of such rare talent, ripd soholar.
ship, great eloquence, and eminent
Christian piety. We feel assured
that his merits will be felt and ap
preoiated wherever he may go4
PxasoxAt..-Vo notica the presa
ene in our town of Lieut. Juo. S.
Reynolds and Sorgt. Stephen D.
Mobloy,of King'#. Mountain Military
School. These gentlemen are now
on vacation, after a year of nuinter
rupted work, and we doubt not they
will enjoy the change. They both
Zeum in fine health and spirite, and
we cotolude that the fine olimuato of
Yorkville and the -ystomatic work at
K. M. M. 8., agree with thew. We
are gratified to learn that Cadet
Mobley has taken a high position in
his clas, his papers at the final ox
aminalion-which is alwa)s rigid
and searching -having been very
creditable. The vacation ountinuuP
tili the hit of February next.
Scioot..-We acknowledge the re
ceipt of a copy of the annual eata
1(-guo of this most excellent institu a
tion. The reputation of the School
is already -o well established that
it would seem almost supetfluous for
us to say an thing as to its inerits
The faculty is an able one, the course
of instruction complete, the didoi
pline excellent and the location in
every way good. This institution
is the pioneer wilitary college estab.
lisbed by private enterprise in the
Southern Statcs, and the only one
in South Carolina. Col. Coward, the
Princilal and one of the original
founders of the School, is a ripe
scholar and experienced instructor.
As an ollieor in te Confederate Ar
my, he attracted the personal notice
of Gutwrul Lee by htis courage in the
ield and his general effiicicy as a
regimental commander. We trust
that this School will always receive
that liberal public pagronage :o
which its niany czellenoes eytitli it.
Catalogut.a my bs had at this ofice.
0*r The Legi.-lature has done but
little as yot, but seems to bj inocu
lated with reform. A proposition to
subscribe for the Charleston and Co
lumbia papers for the members has
been voted down, and a rule has been
made forbidding the introduction of
any bills for incorporating Clubs,
Churches, Military Companies &c.
The Committees of the house have
been appointed. The Conservatives
bave no important Committeos. Mr.
Melchers of Charleston is chairman
of committee on Immigration. Col.
W. C. Beattie of York, a conserva
ti%e tlected oa the regular ticket is
chairman of the committee on Judi
ciary. H1on. G. A. Trenholm, on
Conmerce. Mr. S. J. Keeth on
Books and Insurance Companies.
The members from Fairfield are on
the following Committees
Joel Copes, on Penitentiary and
John Gibson, on Land Commiis
sion, and on State Ilouse anid
Joseph Thompson, on Political
d isabi ities.
A GIr.A-r Fniau.-One- Professor
Hare gave an entertainment at the
Thespian Hall on Friday evening.
The name of the professor being en..
tirely new, and the comments of the
newspapems of the towns at which he
had performed being not very favora
ble, the audience had reason to ex
pect a general humbug. And they
were by no means disappointed.
The pretended legerdemain was a
ludierous farce and most of the
tricks were quite "too thin"P to im
pose upon the most orodulousu. Trho
die.riaution of "valuab'e gifts'' was
of the same ch'raeter as that adopts.
ed by most of the itinerant swindlers
that no* lnfrst the couhntry-profita
ble to tihe donor and heavy on the.
receiver. .Each ticket-holder receiv
ed a vei-y hanadsonac and valtuable
kcy-ring I whilo those who drew
lucky numbers rect.ived gifts of
water- buicketh4 bras. j awelry, brooiiaj
ettS. We trust thilt honest peopid
evorywhdise will.lkeep a sharp eye on
the profe.ss.-, atnd that our ekollatiges
a ii tItacipatd hiis viits with a
iaaely warning~ to the'ir readers.
]1ROM tay pladd on Priday night. 1a4
a Sorrel AlIare about 10) hsnds high,
I he was branded on tihe shoulder withi
thle letter "8,"~ and on thme thigh iwithi the
letter "'A," and Itas a *hmite spdt on hmet
forhed A liberal reward will lbe givert
foher delivery tu mec.
nov 8.4ta 8. W. YONOUE,
Dr. Isa,iah simpson
133frt TIST.
cmIaricotte Dr. ch
RESPECTFULLY lnforms the0 Oltizeng
..bandp pulIo generally that he will
visit Winneboro, 8. C. ProfEssionatlly, on
'Ith day of Novemnbsra , Satisfaction
Tf HE plantation formerly known as the
..Copeland place," and now occu,
pled by Silas W. Ruff, is offered for sale.
The tr'aet Oontdins 640 adres, a godd
portion *ooded. On the place ia a come.
etodioits dwelling, together with all ne
cessary dtutlalding--all ifi excellent
condition. Terms liberal. Address
dee 8-.if winnaoo 8. U
Ipeial Noticest
1r the Druggist -Offer's ahy kind
of herb-flavored alcohol for dyspepsia,
billiousness, or any other alinlnt, tell him
that you want medicine, not a bar-room
drink. Ask hini for Da. WALkit's CAL
PoaIA IfITtRtB, (he best regulating prepa
ration known, and which you know Is free
from "Raati'# Blitir." Reject all the fiery
"Tonics" and "Appotliters,'" and cling to
that roedy. There is no medloino that
compares with It.
People Will get Mnareioql, and most of
Its do not have but one ohano e, so do it lip
in style. Moreover, it is a poor compl.
went to your friends to in vite them to
your wedding with a shabby invittion.
The invitation is your bow; it introduces
the life of the new couple, nnd ,hould be
in the boxt ;-Piyle. Walker, lviio &
Cogaws 1. Charleston, 8 C. have all the
flnt sty!os of papi ', cards, &c., anil
e:eonto tile Work inI the highest style of
tho art. Send to them for samples and
The novelty of Char test on, S. C., for the
noxt few wreki is the sroat redto-i on in
Irioes of all kinds of Dry U.ods, Cot rpets,
Oil Cloth., etc., at the popular litse of
Firohgott, .Benediot. & Co. who, it is
ktlown. keep the largest and best melected
stock of above named Goods at. the lowest
possible 1 ri es. Country orders ent rust.
ed to them are filled with the greatost
care and dispatch. If goods are not sat
isfactory, money will be returicl. Sam
pled sent on application. Rmit per ex
pi'ess or Post Office Order, or goods will
o sen I o. o. I. All retail ordes over $10
will be sent free of charge.
Among oar now .lvertisements, is Iliat
of one of the oldest establishmentis in
Stito. Eitablished in 1832, it has innin
I tinedthe first place II inis li e of bu iNess
With large experience and unsurpassed.
facilities, 1 essrs. W.9lker, R vans & Cogs
well are prepared to sustain the reputa
tion ot their est.lblislinlent. Likb A. T.
Stow irt. they believe in newspaper adver
Ii.-in1g, and t.ake this inas to antiounce
that t.hey have this seiton added very
largely to their stock of type and
machinery, and are botter prepared than
ever to please their custotliers. We wish
them every success.
Cil t l.ES O-4, S. C.
Offer to llt 1) p t.3 vi I1 -1i t'ei4 in genera
an ion-nonse and well setl tei ,tock o
Dry J io'ds, Carpets, Oil Cloths, Mattlings
&c., 1. the loW,-4t prices.. lierOwith they
annex the primti .i. few art.ioles-Ca,icos,
from 6 .o 10dj.. L)g Cloths, from t to
15o , Ilrown ifown-3.tptns, otter heavy,
from 7j to 103., J 1,114, froi 19o. up
wars.4, C.t4si,a res, fr,n 43. upwards,
Flannels. from 2J to 4).. L;IdIe4', Misses'
and Oent.'s a[ ase, 7. 5., $1. 15, $2.00 per
,hoz. and apw tr,i, 8 t,p-in-lers, $1.40 per
doz. and iiiw%rId. Lilies' and Gent.
Pocket Uidrikorchiefs, from 60o. per doz.
and upwards, Black anl Colored. Alpaoas
20c,atd upwards, Dress.Qoo is. from 25o
upwards, Ladies'and 0outs' Furnishing
Goods, Itousekeepling 0 ids, Fancy ( mids
lliblonct, Notions, -&a, from 15 to 26 per
oent. cheapor th ita elsewhere. Q-amples
sent and orlers promntptly filled. All
retail orders from -$10.00 upwitids. Aent
p,r lxpress free of charge- A liberal
dispount to wh,lesale dealers.
V. . Walker's Califorifla Vin.
egftr 11ttex's are a purely Vegetable
preptiationl, lado chiely from the na
ti%o hol'bd folind.ou the lower ranges of
the SierrM Novadt mountains of Califor
nla, the ruedibinal Prlopertles of which
are extracted thertim without the use
of Alcohol. .. The question is alost
daily asked, " What is the cause of the
unparalleled success of VINEGAR BIT
TEns " Our answer is, that they remove
the cause of disease, andl the patient ro
cover~s his health. They are the great
blood purifier and a life-giving principle,
a perfect Renovator and Invigorator
of the systemn. %eNover before in the
history of the world has a medicine been
compounded possessing the reiarkabie
qualhties of Y!N~EoAIR flrTEs in healing thti
sick of every disease man is heir to. They
are a gentle Purgative as well as a Tonic
relievinig Congostion or Inflammation oi'
the Liver adVisceral Orga.ns, in D3ilious
TheO properties of Du. WAL'KER'S
YrNEoAUa t'P'rBRs are .Aporient, Dit1phoretid;
Carmilnative, Nutritious, haxative, Diuretic;
Sedative, Counter-Irrit.ant, Sudorifle, Alters
tire, and Anti-Bilious.
R. 15. MIcDitNALD .& CO.,
Drndsclte and Gen. A gts., San Franisco, California,
and cor of Wasktngon td Ctr im .I Y.
GEJi 00 'E R i1Z s.
- ---
.JECElVED ihis Week, alid ini Stbro.
New linokwhe:v Filottr.
Chrystalized Birtmp', (soinethintgg nb*.
Extra Fulton Alarket Beef,
Spiod Pig feet, Mesa Alackerell.
Canvalsedl Ileef, To'ngues &h.
''Gilt Edge" huller, eo,dt 46 c.
E. 13. and Ct'eam Cheese.
Rtausiuis 160 per lb. Figs, Almound Etc.
French P'ickle, Celery jowtl ,
Cannio-i Gloods of all kini i,
Sanoes1 Preserves anid J eiX es of every
fl00 Sacks of "Extra" Family Flour,
20 hbls. Sutgar anid Coffec 20e to 850
lb. ifyson, iperiial niid (Johodg Teas,
N. B. My (ernts are CASil, (or td P'ai
hoes i) illis payable at the etid of otery
mxorlih. Th'iUse whio tdo not oomply wth
my ternds mnxi pay 6 per cent, for ever
50 day itiitigenes 1'MAi ru/d el e
sltctly adhered Jo l meet my paymnenls
protptly, and every Merehant, knows,
that G roceries cialinot bd purchqsed only
on 30 udnya tie, atit longer. indtulgene
gil destrof9 credit and create suspicons
of falso ddalifg.
Iam shill irdiated tci iake arfd repair
P'ort able Orist Mills, and do job work of
Wi6y kind,
All ki is 6f Coffis and Csairn kept on
hautd. Priioes to suit the times.
g'' My Mills have takett the first
premium at the State Fair foi' seteral
yeatS. %g.
nov 20 JL IV MItrCn mIGI[
A LL gontlemen desirous of pArtiolpa
ing In the Toutuament at Black.
stock on the 1ith December willi send
in their nahdos With an eutranoo t.e of
6VO dollars to lthe tihdersigned, on or be
fore the 10th Dedeniber.
Tho bamo sules, regulations and by laws
will be adopted as were in force at the
touruament in Jaduary 1874.
nov 6-xit3 Blackstbok S. C.
IS now oti'et-Itg his lai'go and Varidd
Stock of .
Ladies Vress Good.4,
Notions, liardw.are.
('lothing &. &c..
at Cost and will clos? out said links at
auction the latter part of this month.
lie would also itfortin his flimiV f-iends
and customors that, Ito has on Itand and
will contitle to keep
of the best and most eubstantial quaily.
nov 6 E: C. McLAUGIILIN.
C I1AILES'1N, S. C., NOV. 20, 138.
OraU1 or J. N. Itonsox,
0o. Mai'-r. AND DICALaa ax FHaf'[email protected],
In r ply to my Guano Ctroular of Ooto.
bor Ist, 187 1, I appeied some of the an
bwers received as to th value and advan.
tage of the ttse of Soluble Pacific u.-ind
tor cot ton sand cor . I will si ato that of
all the replies rooeved, I :ave only one
*o tar that snys it did niot pay. Tlie
amount applied per acre was from 100 to
210 pounds, mostly the latter i
Laurens County, S t-W A Nichols
writes : ''I increased crop 600 pounds i
matured the crop one mouth eirlier ; has
given tatisfaction."
(ade's Depot, 8 C-S B Newson, : "I
incraased crop one-third ; tatured the
crop two *eeks earlier I has given -sitis.
Greenwoodj S C-J Bailey : '-Inorefs,
ed crop tifty td two hultdred per cout;
aintured the crop earlier ; has given sat
Orangebifg, S C--D 0 Hins : IAeu
woll pleaee with the Pacific Guano
think it paid ne well."
Lexington, 8 C-P M Iarniman ; "corn
crop doub'ed ; #ctton incriased 33 per
Chester Grove, 8 C-W B )renhan
"ILcreased crop 26 to 100 per oct;
matured the crop fifteen days earlier ; has
given sat isfacu..
Smith's T. O.-t A Cra*ford, Agent
"Increased crop, I think about double;
matured crop two to three weeks earlier
has given satisfacion."
Paioksville, S C-George it Jones :
,'Crop incrensed one-third, and usatured
three weeks earlier; has given entire
DWful erg, S.C-.W Brb-dwnter . "lias
doubled the crop ; nuatured the crop one
loolth earlier ; 'fur ny land Is superior
to any used-"
Kinugoeille, S C-N C Joynde'i ''Has
doublbd Lhe crop ; has ma'ured it earlier,
and giton satisflaction."
Fork Shoals, S (,-G W Sullivan, Jr.
"las doubled the crop ; watuted it ten
kaye earlier, and given a-tisfaotion "
1ionca Puth. 8 C-Gabriel Sullivan:
"las incrdased drop ono..half ; matured
it two weeks ci-lier ; has given satisfac
. Fork Shoali, 5 C-E S Puister : "IIas
inceased crop aibout double ; hias ta
tured crop earlier, and given satistac
t ion."
Marion C II, S C--Jas SI Ooodbold:
"Increoased thae ocp, I thankr, onethird
or more matured thie eruip abot Iaraee
weeks earlier, atnd has givon satisfaction."
Fairvie w P' 0, S C-John Ford : "in
creased crop t.bouat one-thaird ;matured
crop 16 to 18 days earlier ; hans given
Maysvillo, S C-it B Garland : "In
creased crup one-third per acre ; maftured
crop earl'er, tad has given perfect satis
Unambet'g, S C-:-C A Millhouse : In.
creased dottble whzal it would have bedn
without '.h tmatauro t ias matured hte
crop earlier, about twa *eeks ; has given
satisfaction, and [ prefdr it to any uthiet
I htave used."
'I umnblihag Shoats, S C-U W Sullivih :
'Hais doubled die crop :matured it, much
earlier, and given watisfaction;"
Soluble .1 aclic Onano,
$48 tIAahu, $55I TimE, without itnterest.
Pacific Ou no0 Comnpany's ConP
pound Aeld Phxosphate of Lihne.
Fon CoMI'os-rio w t-r'CottON SEEr..
$33 Cash, $38Timeo without interest.
rl30~ qotmmodlat, Planters they can or.
or now and have until 1st April
to deblde Whetiier they will fakce at timne
or cash price. When deli vered from Fac
tory by carload, no drayage will be obarg
ed. Thtm Guano Is now so well kno*ia in
all thie Sdiuthern Stat ds fol' Its remarkable
effeots as atn agency, for in6ireasing the
products of labot' as not to requtire spe
cial recomtuendation fronm uu. Its use
for nine yeatrA past hats estaublished its
character for reliable excellonce. Thte
supplies pitt int.o ito niarkdt thtis Ceison
ate, as heretofore, prepared utder the
superinttendence of l$r. ST. JULIAN
R A YEN1hb. Chtaihaist of tItd Compan'y, at
Chrarlestoli, S. C., hence lanters inaay
rest assutod fliat its quraliry a,.d compo.
sitiona is precisely the same :s tha.'t here
fdare acid, i. N. RLOISON,
Agent f r South Carolina,
.atmr~ ' Chtarleston, 8. C.
Josix 8. R as&Cii; General Agents,
dec 4.-8n
1300T AND 8II01
ik ld proeurAd th
very best Medchanics itt
the country, I feel war
-tasnt#dJ It s egyg that 1
eit ftrbf h sa neat 1100T
ot|SHOE itd sa Shop
th the Souatfa. A Iwork
*arranted t# give satisfactioA. y Bhod
a next. door to 1. Gettg's Saddlery
me W g.gL Lt T.
R E C EIV 1 E D.
LARGEl asortient if wool Jeans
,of all qualities and price.q. 40
pirden11 Plaid 110uanespan, 3 in laqes lirowi
Ilusinespfans J, I and 4,1. Sea Island aid
Blettohed flomespuns, lilankets, Shaws
ithd Hosiery.
Fine Assortinthtif Lides aud
Gonts' Undervests.
1700 Collarg worth ir moos iad sihoes,
in addition to our already heavy ,(Aodk.
Itendy-Mado tio hing. Evenything olo
usually kept in a
la atd
Flour will be
kept donatlittly dit hand at lowest markct
At 1it of Ilt ttiu WintloW lindes willfe
closed out at
We gualAInteo to sell ds tow is aly deal.
or in general iorchandi8e.
Withers & Dwight.
fulilind enmpcte stock of FALL
and WIN'F Ei U001)8 jnst receiving and
opeaing tit ilbc Winnbouo Dry Goodt,
Fancy Goods. A Alifinery
Dry Goods, Fancy Goods and Millinery
departiiments. Inspeclion of tho
Lalies soliciied. Prices
as lo as the
llae ni full stock of Gehus, Bloys, Ladi,s
and iilre.ns lioots;Shaoes. Gaiters
and lkbber Sandals.
Grooery Departmerit.
--- 0
.Neiw and fr6sha supaply of ('hoico F'aaaiy
(ir'oce ries
Confedt ioni5t-y,
Tin, linrd ware,
Kecrosenae t)il,
Choice 11 and 10 ccent. (Cagai-s, Tr'y thei'n.
Frealli Chioose, t'ake , Ci-acketrs
nud Irish Pot.atoe.s,
Miy stook is Io 0)nnucnrous. Io mnentIion.
Yon can get a Iniost nythIaing you call fItor
and as cheap) as the c'Ihapt. atI
sept 20
J.C.Squier~& Co'.,
Fnll stok of D)ry Godd, Jtlgnkela, Over
Coats Sh.awls. lteady randoClothaitng. loots
//ornes'putna, Calicoes, J/osiory1 0Gloves
&O. 8SLLNin t fjSAP Fg CAst
Parkin r.debto-1 to SIni'dr & Cu
tinig & Sons, 6f Oolumbia,
rs d< wholesale and retail by D)r. WV
.1 i& Al ken, agent, Those buying biy
he dozetn will save ther freiglht Iroim Co.
Chilla and Glasswaro
AT REDUCED llffli-;S.
nov 1t
II'INSlW 0O', S. U
IR 'llT yearIs ex perieuce in reaiini
L t-kinl of Watches.
(1OLl) and Silver W1tchkeF of nill kinds
Faicy Jewel ry and C'lovks ot :Ill i
ions, which I will Full low forunsh C (II na
ind set, f'or- yourst'lf'. No clmlpe for look
fig. Tl.1nk:1 al fror p 1, 11111 tona1ge. I so
icit aconti u ilce o* fi sa t I ; v.
1H1 Ats. AU llER,m.
Opposite l1aco & Co's.
Oct I
Plaid FIlnnels, Dre:'ss Bulttons,
Woolen131 Jeanus,
KnllittinJg Coftton,
Car'pets, Clotiiing, Overcoats
Rile nud Blasting Powvder,
Shot, anid Saft y Fttse. Ahso
another lot (f Fine1( Cigrs and
Mic$lnser & JBrIce,
A. r. aComma,lG
IT AVING disposed of mny tLivery inf-v
. L est, to 11. TI. ~Terrill, I will kenop
conistntly on hatridt Ilorses aind mules for
sailo. P'aties in wnt, of good steck wit
do Wall to give ano ai call.
[ have also oF oned a Carriago, BJuggy
atnd WVaggon Factoory. All -work neatly
oxecoted andu warranted. OIve ma a call
A. F.000ODINOd
' l01/R first engs Males, several head
J1of Mlalch Cows, and an Ayrshlro
Bull, apply to
nav 21 Li,angon.. 9 .

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