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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, December 09, 1874, Image 4

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Th3 Fairfield Herald.
11' 11 . 1 i c '.IJ)
De! "rcory oi, FairfivId
P r '9 9w .t Maltin.
t 'P:ne>t: o vi:s -LeaC Ill e , .
'-. .1 .1 !
-.. 'It, It mm ". I,~ I' :,%, 21U*MI
C' . I' v c cI9.ly,
- ' ''.:: L I .ney-C rk ('.or t
A . -. g Ilf i'rib- II,
o-' CL , i Iilln-to-,u r lt r
1 . - - v
.' v .'; W A . -'hY CR T EIN T!-,Ij.nr
.99999 r, 49 9. i 9uis ' :9 - i9:i 9. h;ulio I
) !. :. i . -, *;.9 9 ('!o A nis Iner
A-r~~~~~ !:: .-:I; CI 3:1-.,0C o e i g .
4.id Mi :1.4 I'...F i,
19 v. 1. 1' : , 1: 9, 1
'rn; \ ,. , V I ls .\ . vo. \ " .;. -. ' ;
. r. f . :
. .I 9 99 9: 1. 1h n 1 9a er ho a
I ' i -, . !.1 ,
9'. . i l-. I v :> i 1 a
S.H. : h r - n l'r P:,f
-W . I . i ' - .r.99 \ .9.99'99den
I Im i D. Cl wI - t 7I. u tir.
N . Y. Jselwa telr
A fiA P 1. Eur'l: UITm-. - F
. , 9 . 9'''f .9 . II,9' ' i,.9 . 9i 9I . ,t v i'e
).II. J 1. h. f-: : , i t \1 14. 1
A. ?1 , ,. . vl9n9 .i (-9,. it -i:I I. 9
M . I:- . y
9r99 r; 999 1'o9.9 1;--T. .l. 11. M9 :rph.I .
9:9w 910:\.9..u m, ,.99 m . '
9:. :" '. a 9.n :99 '. Iir.N . 1' a 9'' n 9
- .l 9 9i. vn . e ' .b.
19 9'1!..,. ..'.9c
ch . ! .i 9s , .9 9' 9i; 99 '99' I9 9 ,
r199 ar 9.:np . . . . h i 9a
. I I
.9 9 9 9 9.9,' .99 999
.1'9. -9~ I - 9 h 999 9
99 ''I99 999'9. 199. 9
99 '. ''. '''. 99b
Un- --w9 'l,
- 91-999i 'a: . 199 n 99
'.99' 9 b.
e9h9:r9 9 .9' 9 b ,9991
l' 9.\ 9n., 9: I , ' 99 99 :'
gr 99.99 '9a 9. , 9.9,
i 91. nni999 9. 9,999 '99 9199''
b' x ' 1 9 ' ,, 99 9
3 't 1. Ed cri . 11.1 9
will h( r 9'99.- d 'h -
T'.' 99 9. I
Financni . r
('p9IIME YO1 9U T1 ''Ia );o
999n 9.99 9',Inb 9.l:u an eer9 ion
Then9) 999 9.9. :'9 t P
n ;. Ay e or .. "t j Tni
11t v e :heh er4(, 1 ('ua . ti i9 '
"9 '' 999 :9 . 9999 9999i i eb
99h a9 9 9' 99,9, 99 99 e1. 9 9 ::9 ..99 c'
~ 9 9 9. 9 9; h erv.999, 9
I. .. 9 9, 9 .9 99.9 - .99 9
.9n' .' '9h9.9 11 9 i9n
l 9 regn9.9 - 9.n h
9e v s 9 9. 9 - '9/9 ' '9 :j,,
9.999 o9 per-' 9999 9 9ut9999 9199 9:
999ar.9 't. 7 '9 'y r 99 ' 949 99 9999'
p a i 9 9 '.e9i 9 n ', '9 9 99 9.
9nar9 991 ren 9999 gad
Thi 9 i 9 no 9n.ew 9 9 anl nure ' i .9 ..
M b been999 : 'ong 99e wi:hi wo99, ierfu
Tu9sul99'9' '99 991 nd99 is ro on ee by the '
highe~:.. 9 n 99ien n be 99999999 9.9
power , a 9 9on9 and. 99 ;,9 94. 9199 known.9
Ask9 9999 dr99.9 i9.9 for:9 b99'9
For~j. ale by 991' f1. 999 94 94.''.'..9
N ew9 Y or9" 9.9.(9 .9 9 9'"9 W 9i 1 9 9.c''
m.<-a. C c.,
Wilners of throo liglhest medalt and
diploin of liolor li Vielilin, '78, and Paris
'76, now oilir h lie11 a*1s s 8NortIinit bf the
best Cabinet organl,; inl the worlti, includ.
ing new24 lyles vith recent 1111pov'ement8
not oinly excluisively 1orcish, nia formerly,
hill lko oil view plaom (if enmy paylleis,
fie oIllot 11avor-able1, ever offer;d. Organil
vente, ll wit priiviiege or purchai o. lo.al
lost a pl f hlfIhe Country. Fira t .Ill
ton 900 ilr llpwardstl. I11h1811rated calita
:t( vl 1i11 1 . - w Intill pari iulin
!,vii freo )if ri-cluest. Address M ASON &
I.AMLIN OMMAN CO., Boston, New York
ir C'hicago.
-.a- i Go cvo 4CA T.--Z o W 3 rT .
A- A .XAN Itt., VA.
November 23, 187.
1. 1 AT OF (; I FTA.
1 gl-fl'" Iud sh gift. $1110,cuo)
I (.k!.i a llh , gift 50.g
I andt c-1sh1 gilr -,,(JgJt
it calid Ih gill .. I 1 000, ene 1 _tig,Ug1
1 5 c ?a h 1 i I'l - , V IC(( h 75,,r00
im l e sh gil 1, 1Ill (Ich 60,0110
l .;Sl ca h gI f Is, J 100 ellel 40 0
I*ll ii en -h giftt, I0 1 0t),.
!e i2is, im ellel 60000
c, .- Ia I gi ') el icit . ooo
-2, 1 v:,il ,IiVs, 1' 1 n ilnliig to $1.100,000
SUMER 0PO TICKIIJT11, loo,oclu,
N'li'll O F T r2T.
.2 'I...'. l.i' 110.40)
hI"ii4 mi or iIh icp t -iclI ('ia' o50
eedby Ohv.g--anoo
\ir y lli rill- alldil' l e cirviint Collr-t of
-)- l P 10 , p-14," P -4e by .1 (1ran11il (iff
Inllr vo-e:1blish n1114 1-11low at ''Horne
ir. llfi:." 11 a l Itil r, :h- oltil er ri' ..
'l- o A e il N I:.\li r 'oI,
CovNa' ar ici- flhaalo b,Jully ;1, IS7.
ve l m IlIe p ,1e *r to sily 1hn1 1 am;
m-''1 "r'llutillfl d%withl a large linlloril y orf.
III. ll- lr filr e .\ lintpeliel. Fer;n lo flln.
lo1mv A o(iatiolitl, Wilo resile ill tlhe vi
ci ily lit' Ih me, i d I attv-t, their in
11e . their wI1rth niud liigh lePil
11111 iil'. Iv- h' n,a well. ns l ihe ttbli
I tleChen inth'Iencelandinbstanhial
m e i 1 4' I-ra'lly 0 r ipresente- l ni oei hem.s
N Esl L. K1 E11'1. 131;Uov. Vi-in
A % Jute V.,ily 8.1 .. _
e "e4l ' l"i'd llte-M s :14 1olits of 11>or
;Io ,n e ;%-, and ll y 11Y ntilled to the(
vvili.-le nte ot e
It. W. II UMIE c.
'lJlllge E.ast'll. Dii( Va
F11111hC.- refernclces bly per-ioissilin - IlWi
xeclil-:y iilhei IC. Walker. Ex-Governi
I \4 A. : 1i, Illr l 1. Witbers, L.ieut.
- \ll , Tad U. 8. 801arletr s
-,t tils nilt[ .\e'.nhel-8 of Conl-vtmd froml
Iln Iw ( if 'or lieket4 tnmy be mi de by
vxi.qS1s prop6id, 'lest flice otleoNy o
\ It I W , h ilnl . . C , o( yl e gi. t
n'WI pt' i vien ar s im a f ll in !" t e., Fieil(
vor ir- fi4ar. . Addl-emt, i10N. J 0\.MES
I-m\ il l' It . , F. 11. A., Alexim -
-61 VI. 1 2 211.11 i 41- i~
S w --1everv-whlere.
('1111111S, 'OLD H OAR4 EN SIt
kN D) A ll T il 1 .11 )AT DISH IA01 .9,
Wells' Carbolic Tablets
I'll 1tlONY114 .2 111.111I; It sxF l.lullls,
1-r riel o1.11 o v (N ue .p H t,i
I' D A N D SUtIlI t E Iti E.NJ E YN
! y fill llrlggitz.
aU::n:l3 froatr oemansne 109.i iast a Stid,
C:HARLEe:oS.TAdrN, Sor Cir. r
\... 01.1 P&CI,!AL rhY, Phl
'T','.2 .eli.]EE.3E'DMsOP~T1{
'.'e'1 4 i'tIt%j)RIi 0111 Tig
Pian per ndns .o Iorphatve
W"ed wing nd s c.nal1 ji ns ei
h Nea l E 1i~s Sua eCe ,,, i INT ", I pTl
. LAslpTES n. iiiL1,,,i.
The Improved 11ome 'Shuttle
Sewing Machinaes
No. I, $25.00: No. 2,0t.00
No. 3, $42.00.
r ~ ~ 11 4% 1l A I4. ig r .-' I N V. in t 11,
s k-t. wakr s tIli- 1,0( - TIT C
nlikewi on h4 i- ' ' I I & 1 1 it s e. l4 d ie
in the C'10 1olis enft l Isly ito i l' ! m F r
it 'ill il l he Flil i wiol; u'lIn. of. 4Y Cos,
niihalf of Ills I tiitI;y 1ha1 yltl % w n il
Iave to plq th lie 0 i.1 -0 I Al1.1.E
fi r1s. ton1.4 v in IIt in 1 8.
For Uiro01b:.% in i of wVI I I,. Ncedir'
TI.read I d Oil, Cnll onl
A . .VCP'i'.
Art. for. F il fiid r :, N I ',
Itt n.r I r " r he, c". n IiigI!h
1). (1. .\M A xW %V -. L . <'h1n111411r N. C
(Jen. AgI. for N. C., S. '., l.. a F oia.
tne-h I -ly
Chinslotte, Cohi. bit, & Aigltsi-i
w I %_1 2. Qi
COIA. itfnA, M%lUy I t y . . 1 1 .
frp8fil.>wAl-lig ll'asvenger scelli. wl
I be )l4i - . til-i IS -m.1 oi li.d ati.,
Ilhis dlut e
[Leave Atpgti-flu, k ak ) it I
*- Collilnhia. E. C , I1 68 n ill
' WInI sho o. 2.06 f. it
" lCl-eter, 4.06y
Arrive at ClIo:Ie. . C. 0.4> m
TitAIN--filosN( sl iII
Lee.v T hariol e, N. C. at 1.00 a I
" I( 'Ier. 9 68 a I
' 1 s I , 11.43 n mll
( o 11hin 2.13 p n
Arrive %I Ailaisoi 8 06 r ih
J. M I A A N 1)ER IN L eh'l Siam"
A. l l g d '1 1 it Agt i
Iron in the Blood
3 0
he Peruvian Surup,a .Protecto
ad Solution of the PrOtOxde of
Xron, is so combined as to havd
the character of an aliment, as
i easily digested and assimilated
w1ith the blood as the simplest
food. It increases the quantit y
of )Nature's Own Fitalizing
Agent, Iron in the blood, and
cures' 'a thotsand ills," simply
b Toningup, Invigorating and
P lizin the stem. Tiw en
riched and vitalicd blood per
neates every part of the bodU
repairing damages and wase
searching but morbid secre
tions, and leaving nothing for
disease to feed upon.
This is the secret of the IvotA
dlerfult success of this rcrmed y fi
curing Dyspepsia, Liver Com
plaint, Dropsy', Chronic Diar
rhcxa, Boils, Nervous Affectons
Chills and 'evers, Humlok
Loss 'of Constitutional Vigor,
Dliseases of theo Kidneys - and
B3ladder, Female Complaints,
aend all diseases originating in
aL bad state ofthe bood, or ~c.
companied by debility os' a lou
state ofthe system. Being free
from Alcoho in any form, its
enaer'glzing cjlcts are not ol.
lowved by corr'esponding reac
ttone bute cpermtauten , inf.
sing strengrth, vigor, and newO
lieinto all parts of the system,
and building up an iron Con..
St it ution.
Thousands have been changed
l/ the usc othies 'emed y, fom
wveak, sickl , sffcrin~ crea
tures, to strong, healthy, and
happy1 nen and women; and
(nvalids cannot ceasonal/ hew'a
(tate to give it a trial.
See that each bottle has P ERU
VIAN SYR UP blown in the glass,
Pamphlots ree.
SETH We F0WLE & SONS, Proprietors,
No. 1 Mitt na Place, Boston.
63 l'okagsof Nl.CW MACK0IIII,
in liarrels, half niatl q1uarter liar.
rels, Kits I, 2, 3i, and extriarnm
ber 1, M1ESS
328 Sucks oft fresh ground FL )(1,
14ll sizes a nd grades from thle
Granite MJiIll August a Ga.
A.ful stoak of Grocerites. Provision
and l'inat ation Supplies, at
oIf wichid will be sold1 at th
lowest prices for CA8Sl.
] V
BceatyDBro3, a Son.
oct 29
\ lLL prties indebted to sne for Slono
1. an I a owl G uanos, are hereby
notified that their notes and accountIs are
due .1st Novembeor. next, and that, no ok
t enslon of itlme enn be gratited. 'l'homo set
Sling their notes befouinst maury, will ba
allowed ai liberal dilscot I.
Domestie Intellige.1el,
Lbok To roUa owN 1fT3ljsa,
'iRUTII *111 ptetall-Facts are stubborn
thihga and Will,bot bear denial-To see
must. be to believe-Ia these days of pro
gress, stean haR becone the great motive
and labot saVihg po*er of the age, iln all
industrial r nd manufacturing pursuits
and departents-Why should not every
family he a Steaom Washet.
The "E lipse Stenha Washer," is tihe
best, It does not oc0upy the epace of one
square foot and is adaptable to any stove
boiler or round pot, in which Water ean be
boiled ; and withl it. one woman can do
what is ot'ditartlly tugartit t-ay's wash inl
trom I wo tb IIt ree hours. A altilt c*olve
years old nay ute it and do lhe work of a
grown woman in one half the itte, and re.
gard the lahor of using it only a pataimo
With -11. w.shing has ceased to b tedious
or laborton.s acd -Blue blenday" has
ceasO to le a day of ennfusioto nod hor
ror, heoiiuse with Hlel br to labor two or
three htrs saulice tt do i dity's wash
wit hont scrabbing, weai or enricang the
olothes. brenking buttonts &c.
Timne, Inhor. money, and material all nr
precios -economy is wildont tndi is iruil
healti,wealth jitid hallo - i.nik live, t
ecot my in wasling, niod savey y ur clothe
to weitr four ilmines as long as -4 hen wash
1d by ithe hiand t."Il bositi. b3 buying and
using the -Ecliie Stenn Witi-ier," which
combineti withl th:t very attractil~enand
unsirpas4ed "IRureka Wringer'' consti
ctues a Complete and perfect washer
every ramnily and washer-womann should
aiiel win hitve it , tnd noo iesible washer..
woman whio hiss at henrt tl;c interest. of
leer iatresis will oppose ito lie
The'lelips" is simple in construction
scientific in principle, effective in woik
anld will wa4la lie fitest or courete faibrics
more satisfactorily thani by hand, in from
lift pea to t we te y I isit ues. Plice but fut,
-lllairs--Will be for sne foe a few dat
onser nt R. M. DUN LEY'P.
~UST Receirea 100 lbs tine Goslen
Builtor. Also a ciee lut of Fresh
Groceries, conisting of 3 hbls. No. I
Mackerel, 8 bl No. 2 Mnckerel, 12
Kilts No. 1 Mackerel, 24 Kils No 2 Iligh
Flinily, I bll. Pigs feet, 1 bil. Pickled
Tonguee, 100 lbs. Drit-d 1olques. 10 lbs
holugn.. Satusages. Also a choice lut of
Sugars and Coffees, tyrups and Mo'asses
of all grades. Also a fine lot of Fresh
Canned Goods. consilting of Canned 8 1
non, Lobster-, Mock Turtle, Corn atd
Desiccated Cocotanut, Pitled Ham, Turkey
and Sardi.ei. Alr-o a fresh lot of Crack
era and Cakes, I D,,zen Bo .es or lierk.
iner Co. Cheee--the finest in town. Also
constantly on hand Fresh Flour and
Meal, Bacon and Lird, and a ohoice lot of
NMcEwans Scol ch Ale, Liquors and Segars
or the finst Grader, Powder, Shot and
John Di. XcCarley.
sept 24
A IhANDSOME line of Fancy Cae'sI.
mneros fut' 1%nts juest rceivedl by
J. W. LAW & CO.
B LACK Broad Cloth. Black Doeskin.
B ieo Beaver Clothe, Black. Blue and
Blrown Diagonal for male by
J, W, LAW & CO.
W E soll the Cltarlotesville Woolen
MlsCasslmees, unsurpassed for~
warmthi and durability.
Je W. LsAW & CO
W~T E are prepared to have ouar goodli
V cut and tende to eorder itn the best
style, by Mr. D). te. D)elany, a that class
Te. ilor.
.J. WV. LA W & (0.
WE KElWa good line of hlosiery.
Glveq, Ladies andl Glets Unrer-r
wear, Cents Linen llaitdkerchil,,fe, Scaerf',
Bows, &c.
-Je W1 LAW & C'0.
ATE conititnuo to order Dress Shirts.
VY whtich are emde from measutres
taken leers, aced we always gutaranetee a fit.
-J. W. L AW & CO.
r JillE best htandl-rewi d Congress Gai.
..ters and heand-sewedt flotts, noW olt
heand antd for sale by
J. WV. L AW & CO.
W E sell a good hianud.se wed. Calf
dolrs oot aet thce ver.y low price of cen
J. W, LA W A ('0.
~ULL Stock of Flanneatls. Real and
.12WhIte, Wvith otne piece of Medicaited
Flanenel; for sale by
J. W. L AX W & CO.
D RPSS Goods, Poplina. Cashemeres.
.'futll le of lto celebrated Or ted
Duoh -se Blauk 'lpneas, ohfereod by
ACONJ, (dtie, Sutgar, Teae. Segrers.
I) Tobacco, Crockery Glassware, &c.,
tor' sale by
J. W. A W & CO.
OM" lie sure to buy tile cele.
braited 5 eents Segar, sold only' by
.7. W. LAW a CO,
oct 31
Pay Up Your Accountsa
A LL persons indebted to Caldwell
... Bros. & Co., and to Caldwell 8tu.
art & Co.. at'e hereby notified that our
hooks will be elosed .on the 10lth .inst,.
attd that paynient, flaust be inaedo. We
need money to meet ouer p5ytnents for
supplies furnished you. Let us have the
cash, CA LDW ELL, BROS. & CO.
Blackatook, Nov. 3d, 1874.
nov 1 t-1.
I Car toad White Seed
1 Oar Load Black Seed
Very best Red Rust-Proof
Seed Oats.
Seed Ryu tind BILle6y,
White and Smoked Bacon
nhId Shoitldwr*,
Cheiese, Maccanrni, Rice,
very best, S. C. Hams Choice
Bittev, BaCIllg ald Ties.
oct 2i
All-acas nll rilyles. Dome.tics' hll te.
duced to auit. .h1e times.
In WVinish:ro at Low 1'rIcts.
of all styl.ds at XxxxCNssr, L.ow 1inIcO:s.
nov 28
i 1A N V A R S E D Ilamq--small slzes.
A) :lirenkfAst Strips, Ntew Miesa Aacker,
el, Cheese, Il.-cits and Cakest, English
PioacleB, Prenchi Sardins, Potted 1lam and
Tongde, Durk.es 8auces and selery Sa.lt.
AIt'o Durkee's iAlnatard, Cayenne andl
White Peoppers, Ct inamlon, Ginget' tad
Npice put up in s:nll tin enths, 8t ovnll &
tunll'.t s' 'ide of Augusot a" P'lour . New
Cairolina Iti'e. Vi rg i fin ian.l N. t . Tob, cen,
all quialitiles. Segairs t'romh 8 to l5 cta.,
Kernsene Oil.
Whilte Wine Vinegar,
Silver D)rip Syrups,
Canned Salmonn, tAlhsIers,
Oysters, Peaches, Pin'apple
I cArn, Tomatoes and Brandy Peachors
Pearl Urist, &c. Also a Fatne Assort ment o
AlT of Aichol ill be ol 0(.~ low as nay
hiouse in th ho 'own for tho CASf1 by
sept 19 _Agent.
LL parties Indebted to nie for aup.
A llies, &o., will do well to come
fortward andl settle bef'ore the ist of Do
cornber, as all leos will be foreciosod
on that day.
1A, 3. MoCAR LEY.
nov 10.
O F Til P Vevy besi qunlities, fir h'rlors.
uambers and Dining Itinmms. For
design and worknmnhipj tIN -.QiJA LLED)
I oder it, prices that defy competition '
I ANDE of hard wvotid. aimd *arranted to
give entire sat.fa-ion. I keep no i i -
or qualtly. Use evilnoiny atid buy lite
test, anid buy wherc you can buy the
Sleep Comfortable'
.AND 13UY the Peopl's 'RING BE).
It iki the host in 1he market withiout ex
IE.ption. They are cheup.
RATTAN and Split -ent h'nirs a spe
cialty. Our prices are beyond coumpe.
I) ly ow . : u1131 ftiU re. t-lnd".
-hades, Wall Brackets, Pkckelu ant]
7UR.NITURBE i;enily repnirel at moder
tte lrioes. Picture fraes iiade 10 order,
Speciad Attention
GIVEN to the Undertake 's Dep rt
ment. I keep on lianil i full u.1pply 01
Metallio Cases 1nd Wol C"1lin of l1.
ftntest finish. All calls promptly nt tendet
U. Miy terms are cash. I act upon I e
1heory that short iettlements maike lonz
frie I ds
oct 8
1\ow Groceries.
hhl9ds. POiTO iCO anl Englisli
- I.land Molasses and C.mntuji .ilrup.
hhd. Choico Domor-ira Sugnr.
2 hhb,. Yellow U, Extra C. and Grailula
ted Sugar.
8 Sacks primo lioCoffee.
BE ATY, BRO., & so
Fu rchgott,
Benedict & Co,
275i king Str et Chiat'lestoin 8. C,
[Fer prices, aoo Leonl.
is juist, in. I havn four neuw branid
of the axes:
' Southern Pacijje.,*'
"Continental'' and
Continetital Bevelled
)iodgerm and Wostenholm5 pocket cut
lery,. Wade, ihtitchors anid WYostenhmolmn'
gmld plato finazrs, SeIs.-orR, Elienra omh
b)ooket S'citssors. tnrvers ald ibmitcher Kniv
es, a nico line of lab!e enilery, coik Scr*ew
large dinner hells, Waiters. caln Openeri
&o. F"ulI line of tin WanN ahtd Cast ware
The best biruniIs of rifle andi blasting
Powder, .Fuse iStop &c.
J. lY. Galloway,
A Bluaoh of Keys which Ithe owner no
haveo, by paying for this anverticoo
mont. App'my to
doo 2 I)ANNE~NI3BERG & CO.
flOtT fenhead of Mlich Coins, Du
ham breed. Apply to
novP. lOBLEY
- I
6rate'niu lThousands proclaim Vnt
EG A It BIrTIiiS the 1ilost wonderful Jn
vigorant that over sustiied .'to sinking
No Person (Inn tako these fitterS
Aftording to direetlmis, and entain long
unwell, provided thei' bones are not do
stroyed by inieral poison or other
ineans, and vital ot-gaia wasted bayond
Bilious? Rtemittent and inter
ilittent F evers, which are so preva
ltmt in tho valleys of our great rivot4
thi'oughout tho United States, especially
those of the1 Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri,
Sllinols, Ttoinlessee, Cumberland, Arkan-.
sas, Red, Colorado, Brazos, lIio Grande,
Pearil, Albona, Mobile, Savannah, 1o.
anoko, Janies, and many others, with
their vast triiltaries, tlr-oughout out'
entih-e couwt y <iorin. tho Sunmner and
Autumn, and remarkably so during sea.
sons of unmstial heat and dryness, ar
Invariably accompanlied by extensive de.
ragei1en1ts of the stoiach and liver,
and other abdomninal viscerat In thoi
treatmmnt, a purgative, exorting a pow
erful inluene upon these various Or
guw, is essitiail y % necessary. 'T'her
is no Cath:irti f*trl the prtipose equal to
DRt. J1. WA LKE-:'S VIN:,(A]t 31"r'RSO
as they vill speedily removo thu datk
Color-ed viscid ntter witi which th
howels are loaded, at the samto time
stinuvlatinlig the secretions of the liver,
am1I genle-ally restoring the healthy
functions of thlie digestivu organs.
FortiW' the bod.y against diseaso
by pu-rifyiig all it.1 luids with VINEGAA
Ir-ri.:ns. No epidenic can tako hold
of a Systetu 1 thus fore-arimed.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion., ITend
ache, 'iln in the Shouliers, Conghs
Tightiess of the Chest, Dizziness, Sour
Earnetatiois of the Stomach, Bad Tasto
in tho Month, Bilious Attacks. 1alpitaa
tat ion ol 1.1 I leart, inflannationi of the
Lunigs, 11;1:11 i:1 tho region of tho Kid
iicys, andl a h iuindlfred other pain ful syip
to"s, n.-o the olfsprings of )yspepsia.
One bottle uill provo a better giaranted
of its iner3itI3 thanl a lengthy advertise
81e9rula, or MK1In-i E1.il Wfifio
SWelling, 1: Icer, Ersipls, Swelled Neck)
Goilrv, Seroflnlou Inananations, Indolenb
InfinmiiatiOnlS, ANrcuriaI Affections, Old
Sores, Eruptions 0f the Skin, Soro Eyes, etc.
Inl tlies,. I I all othe.r eoIstitution1al Dis.
We W AAtEWS V I.I-MAR 1irr-rmi have
showit their great curativo poweri inl the
iost obsinato nid intratetablo eames.
For In11lniliimatory and Chronic
llhemlialisn, ("Out, Bilionil, Remit
tent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases ot
tho flodtl, U,-ier, hidnor -mid Bladder,
the.;o liil i ri have no e 1a1l. Such Discases
are eised bv Vitialted Iflood.
Alechani ical D)iseases.--ersons on
gaged inl Paints and Mlinerals, such ro
l'hmnbers, Typee-vtters, Gold-heatmrm, and
Minlers, na Il,hey advanco in life, nro subject
to 1mralvsim of the Bowels. To guard
against this. tako a dose of WALIH'S V IN
.it Ilir'!Is 1wellsioaillv.
For SR"i1n Diseases, Eruptions, Tet
ter, Salt-] hei-nm, Ilihtehes..Spols, Pimples,
P 'ustl ,s. 11,1ils. Ci-hunh-l.- Ring- wormts,
Stl-headt, Sore l iyes, IErysipelas, Itch,
I nrkli.eoloratioiis of thet Skin, lHumor.4
ndl hi siaset of t he k ini of whatever naind
or natl tirt, are litmrally dng up) and caried
oilt ofthei systemii in a short ime by the uuse
of these. liii ers.
lurkinig in the systemi of so many thousands,
are ed ietally destroyed and remnoted. NI)
S t emi - oed i-ine no ver-ini luges, ino an
m hehniiinii ices will free the system n-om wormns
lke these hitters.
Foir Feile ('4onplints, in young
or old, imar-ied our single, at lie daw~n of wo
mnanhoo~d, or the iturn of lifec, these Tonic
itiiirs dis phi so d( ecidled an infl uece thai
Ch'tunse the f it inted Blood whonp
eve yo fin ismprities bursinglth-oughi
eleanse i when y-on finid it, obst.ruicted anid
luigg.,hu in thle v-ins: cleanse it, when it is
foul ; our- :eelin~gs winell riIlunt when. Keep
tlhl blo pure, and the health of the systonk
w-ill hdloiw.
it. If. Mi)ONALVn & CO.,
1)ru--i.ant i t1Ge. A its.. san rIiuccix). CalifornIA
11u1i I. iiif washini,rloi Cs1 1(harlton Si,,.. N Y.
-.om b,y ital i)ru*,gists sand D)-ea-r.
t am making a SPECIALTY
of this C>eerated Brandl( of
Cigars, antd Guaranltee a Good
Smtoke for
Teon Tihot,aand J1iist Received
WM. O. BEE & CO.,
~r IJIERAL advances tnalle upon en
.2 sig nmnenis of Cotton or ether Pro.
duice to thecm in Chiarcen, or through
their correspodents in Liverpool, New
York and Blaltimore.
Mij* P'articular attention to th.e ale &
uapland ('ottonm.

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