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eIneday morning etccinber 16, 1874.
Congress has received the Proesi
lent's Ine-sage. It Is of course a
Ivery lengthy document laden with
suggestionj of various interest to the
different communitios of whose pros.
perity t i President should be the
constant guardian. lie devotes
much spae to the condition of
things in Arkansas and Louisiana,
and asks the nttentionl anid immedi.
-to acti'On of Coogress on the subject.
This part of the inessage is quite
poarti4nn in tone. Ar a financial
policy, he natura)ky recommends an
early roturn to spoeio paytron'ts.
The Radical organ at Columbia
seems to be struck with holy horror
at the resoIntion nased at a public
meeting in Pdgelield, to lynch all
incondiaries upon detection. We
are opposed to lynch-law 'on princi
pie, and thin k our friends in Edge.
field have acted unwisely : but had
not t!o negroes in that county boon
incited to riot und incendiarism by
-the Iadical leaders, the unfortunate
'con1d ition of affails now existing there
would never lin've-come abo-ut. It is
tho teaching of such lighte as Joe
Crews, John Patterson, A. S. Wal
lace, PAris Simkins, Ned Tennant,
hud otiers of the same ilk, that haf
resulted in thb prcsent state o
''lhe News and Conrier contains
extracts front various, Northerr
paperp, showing the very favorablc
imnpretsion producod by Gov. Cham.
herlain's inaugural. These extract:
plaity show how conspicuous f
place Sorth Carolina now occupici
in the Federal Union. If Gov
Chamborlain will have the fore. t<
put in practice the line of policj
he has marked out, ho <an acoom
plish results that will serve to in
crease and porpotuate the enooni
ums he has already roceived. If th
Legislature thwart him In.fis pur
posas, the responsibility will res
upon thoml, and not upon him.
The rocently adopted anendmeni
to the State constitution prohibitin
the increase of county debts, eom
likely to-becoino a dead letter, i
con'equen1ce of an erre r in the bili
as pas.sed at the last session of th
Legii'lture. By the misuse' of
- negative parti-ele,, t.he entire force c
the amendment is destroyod, andi
rat ilied, would amnount to nothinf
W'as this a trick oni the part of th
.Logislature or of the person wh
drew up the bill ? Such things hav
been done, and neither the last as
endbly nor certain of' their assistant;
wecre too goo,d resort to them. A
all events it now seems probable thi
the highly important amendmeti
w ill lie dormant for at least tuw
3 ears to COmoi.
Rift in Vieksburg.
Another serious disturbance hi
been reportcd from Vicksburg. TI
,New York IIerald gives what
ubaims is an in.part ial narration
The Sheriff'of Vicksburg hass nov
given his ollicial b mid. Such beit
the o.ne, a ecomuittee of tax-paye
ordered him to resign, which ho d
immediately, iIe however we
into the country and returned
daybreak en Tuesday mornir.g, wi
a mob of several hmudred count
negroes, who swore they would rei
state him. T1he whites rallied, ai
a conflict ensued in which about 1,
colored umen were killed. The le
of the w,hites is not given. Crosl
and bis gang fledr. The town negro
rould not I e dluped into attLackil
tie whites.
Thme llerd.d gives the folloeii
That Crosby hadl no right to
shierif; and should hauve been remac
Cd by (0ov. A mes,
TJhait the taxpayers were unwi
ranted in comp~elling himit to resigi
they boul have gone to tihe cour
That the nuegroes were without ti
least justilieationi in endeavoring
-reinaate ('rosbly.
Tlhat they were the aggressors a
have rhoruselves to blame for t
ron it.
Thant Gov. A mes is criminally 1
sjonsible for net removing Cros
and for not preventing an outbre
which bad been brewing for set
When will the colored peopie lea
not to trust their leadess who dec
At the recetit meeting of the State I n
'ax Union, Gen. Bratton, of Fairfield c
atroduced the following resolutions, c
which were adopted : 0
Whereas, the marner of conduct.
ng elections has a direct tendency
in giving character to the govern
ment ele0ted, and whereas proper
registration laws have always, and
everywhere, been considered the
best guardian of the fairness as well
as the purity of the ballot box ; and, I
wherena, the want of registration I
laws in this8tate is not only a palpa. 1
blo disregard of the constitution, but
has proven the source of fraud and
corruption in past elections, and
will, io doubt, be as mischievous in I
the future, unless proper laws on tie
subject he enacted, as required by
tIe constitution. To promoto the
early cnactment of such laws, be
/eso/ved, That the executive com
miteo of the Tax Unions 1-a charged
%Jith tho subject, with instructione
to investigate theloonduot and char.
acter of the recent elections, to see
if frauds at the ballot box have not
boen perpetrated with impunity,
and the probable extent of the evil.
Resolved, That the Eubordiunate
V-a%x Unions of the counties be re
quested and instructed to canvass the
voting of the Into election.; in their
poreciitait, and ascertain the facts
io regard to these frauds, aiid report
the results monthly to the executive.
-r'solvd, That the executive coin
inittee be requested to prepare in
struotionis to the Sulordinate Un
ions as to the best course of proced
ure in the disc'iarge of their duties
in the prenlises.
The idea (.f Gen. bratton is that if
a mass of evidence be eolldoted
demonstrating to the whole union the
irregularities and frauds that vtere
practised at the last eletion, the
force offptblic opinion will be so
great as to compel the radical part
to pass sttin,,ent laws preserving
the pur:ty of the ballot box.
The Union Herald squeaks dread.
fully over t-his proposition of regia
tration. As 'usual it is consistent : in
one i-sue maintaining that the white
would not register while the blackt
would, and in another that such a
law would give the "Kt Klux D.
inocracy" two chances of i:timidat
ing the initw nsivc republican. By
the way, the les. the Union Herald
says about ku klux denceracy :and
the more it turns its attentioh to
thieving radicalism, the better its
party's chances in 1876.
Wont it treat ub to an article from
the Inter Ocean on registration.
A Great and Growing Evil,
in the ferv sr of general reform
Xhicb i,v tuems t, pervade the
body politic in South Carolina, there
ar,. several seemingly minor iatters
that have becit entirely ignored.
Financial reforms are indeed de.
1sirable and important, and if the
e Ibadicals keep their led~ges, we an
ticipate a great improvement. IIigh
I Laxa tioni and the inju noeious man
f agemient of the public n oney, how.
.ever, a're by no means tue only evil
e of wthtich the peoplo have a right to
oy complain. Recently there has bieen
,e much carelessiness in the judiciary
.department. Term after term hai
been held, and Isuddenly adjourned
tfor rensoins doubtless satisfactory te
,t the judges but probably prod uctive
,of serious inconvenience to lawyer:
Sand clients alike, It seems indeed
hard that an accused persontshaould
lie long in prison beceause of a fail.
are on the part of u judge to holt
court ; and fortunately this rarelj
e hatppeus. IBut the right of persona
it liberty is by no nmans the only o
the chief right whose ertJoreemen
is the solemin duty devolving on th<
rcourts of justice :the rights of ro
pga~rty are equally sacred. Theo re
asuIt of the many delays and irregu
,larities in tho administration of j us
ttieo is that people generally havi
tlost conlidence in the courts-il
inara y eases atti ibuting the delay to
the chicanery or malpractice of tb
Sbar. But tIs is a mirar~s considera
tiou. The pecuniary losses and per
0o sonal inconvenienoo are quite a
Sserious, and should commend then'
seves to the early attention of th
judiciary, and if need be, the legih
lative department of the State gon
ernent. In inany counties the ses
eral doekets are so crowded thf
there seems seateely a reasonabl
be hope of ever clearing them. TI
v- provide against such a state of thini
is not only the privilege but, n
r- think, the imperative duty of ti
several judges. The members of tI
bar will certainil.y co-cperate in suec
to a measure. A tido from any cori
sideration of the high sense of dut
ad andI honor that has alwa,ys mnarke
lie tihe bar of South Carolina, self-inteo
est atlo would be strong enough
ay induce them to join heartilyi
ik bi inging about the much nieede
ne change. \Ve trust that the severn
rn judg~es will give this n,atter thei
ay early an.i earnest attention, an
eeestity .which, from present indi
ations, inust noon arise-that of
naoting a laIw depriving the judges
f the right of adjourning the ve-s
7ns of courts at thyir own pleas!
The First Step In Reform.
The arst step in politic.: reform
vas taken in Columbia on l'riday
ast in the election for Judge of the
iiht circuit to fill the v*cncy caused
>y th1e dectl of .Judge Uftliom.
This is a very imprttant pi.-ition.
lietiO.'s bu11sing the n aot w%efthby
portiotn of t.he State tinder.his jiU..
lietioin, tho Judge of ti-t circuit ha:
,ontiol if the m tte .1 the Banik of
lhe State uhieb, ot iginaUll *8(,U,000
buve ditidled down to ai.out 1a3f
litt inount. At the present juno
1,u11e, 10o, the election of a neoient
Judge id i.eeiasury to th welfare
t,f ( 1HOrCe-tol.. I k. w n C 1 ttill cust.,
Luigry glances ulon the fat tfiloc
of the cou.ty. With a c.rrupt
Jud,.e as a tom, e cou!t sueceed ini
oubting the fubion c.11Aty colh n.i6bioll
cia sid i:w.ttlP. if, Ov- n ,creture1.
'hen, in the cotnty fund. and banb
a.<ea ale Would colltuand a sum o
monIey &IIiCi iet to Varry o-At any
schemie, howevev t,,.-fa iou-!.
TLe tg maile a d!esperate cffor
to secure 11.e electi<n of a corrup
Judge. W. J. Wh:pper, who nom
stauds charged w%i;h $11000 of th
sinkii g fut,d, wag trotted out, an
the Pharine, Whitan,ore, put fur
wi rd his Ihw piata er, Pke,a ,n Mas
sachusetts Call et-l.1ppor. AIr. J. I
lieed, of Ander:on, who, diurihg th<
e.ipaIgn, gave in his adherence t
Ophaiberlaiii, was noillinutel ao
Gov. Chamberknain in caaus, advo
cate ileed's elain.s. aid deciame
that neither Whip-per ror Bake
was fitted nrovatl.y tor intelle( tually
to fill thi renju.,iblo -o.ition
Whippqer, .Joties and xothier turbuleni
spirits C-oreely attacked the Gov
ernor. It was a right hlet w,ce Chan
berlain and the ring, and fUra 'hih
ohances fooed (le latter. But th
conservatives rallied aroun(I th
Go~eraioa, ad with the more honc!s
llepublicans, won a devisive victor)
Reed was elected l..y a liatid8on
ranjori'y and the riig was for a tint
put to flight.
Judge Reed is Iy wd meaIs th
best inan in t he State for the pr itiul
But he iv as n,iuh superior 'to his o-i
ponents as lyperion to a 8atyr, ata
we rejoice ii his ich.tion.
Gov. Clafa.berlain i i entering,int
the caucus and defying the Aing i
their vt-y teeth, (vi..oud a desire fc
lefor-,t. and a boldio,s in) ad vocatin
it, which awill be heal tily applaude
by all honiest ei;izelm 4.f the Stat
Already Mr. Chaaamberlaina fiaun ti
eoaneirvatives laying aside prejuidie
and co-operating with him zealous
in effceting reform. Anti We d u
not thait if lie contin':es hais effr a,
will ntot be lotrg 1.f.re he will l10
upon the conaetratives as hisstu
ocet suppo. ters. And this will be b
cause he has ent loose enitirely fre
the traditional republican par ty.
We trust that this st-ep will
soon fu1!o.sed by ot hers, an-d tha t t
power of tho ring n ill be shatter
on every i.nuo n,ade(l
Conservative Organisation.
G~ov. Chamnberlaains i hisa iaug
ral, mapped out a plain of reform r
ceptahle to every honest citiz
Iof South CXarolin.i. The Legislatu
has niot done an,ueh ams yet, but th
far, it also sectu imbhued wi
the spirit, of reforma. Altogethi
- rad icalismn eeams to bie on the .-tool
repent ance, and I ho t axpaiyer-s r
begiatning to hope for a sincere ca
-vet sion.
3 S, mouch cit isfact ion hiat beeni lh
3 far givena, a.hait we f. nquenatly h<
3 the remark th:it hecreafter there n
a he but one party in South Corolla
- Now this would bie a polith
-millenium-a contutnation devo
s ly to bie wishead, Andl were
- cititens intetigent and well di
C posedl, and self-tianegathg, t
-golden era mnighit be' teal'zad.
-But in thme presetnt phase of pt
ties, the existeance oft but one pa
t would not bo condtuciva of good
e the State. Ninae-tenthu of the0 e
o0 that has been wroughut is attributa
"|to the practical exi.tene of but<
e !party. For six years radicalism
e seenre, andl radical loaders had
I unlimtited aimount of powers '1
hi made them reckiest. Iniqu.ity af
-inqutity ah~d fraud upon fraud w
y perpetrated ntil thir Stite was w
d nigh ruined.
- The conservatives had practica
o abandoned the field. Butt wI
n iinevitable ruiti stared the tak pay
d iin the face. they woero roused
d make one desperate effort either
r ameliorate their condition or
d throw off the radical yoko entire
ajlA taxpayrs conntion .... c..l
and a committee, sent to Waehilg"
ton, laid their grievances before the
world. The radicals sent a counter
committee, but its assertions were so
barefaced, and its arguments so
sophistica that the world gave it
no heed* .Phe taxpo yers' Convention
is the tedgfe that split the republican
party int'e a thousand fritiamns.
Not content with appeals for out
side hllp, the cnaservatives in three
weeks organizad a party and dealt
radiualism in South Carolina such a
blow that it ii even no t tottering,
Republicans in the 8'3o and In
whole Unlion ttoo-l app iled at the
rebuke they had received, -and
for,)snw their destaution unless
they re fou ed.
As long as there was no strong
opposition, radicalim plundered
and opi resed without consuienco.
Were opposition removed, they
wouid plunder as shamelessly as ever.
',he hope of the country rets in the
existence of a powerful, vigilant,
active olros'tion. The tnno radi
c.l.i .ho pluodered in tines past, aro
leaders of reform now. It iny be
that they nre inetely en deavoring to
lull the couservativ!s into fancied
security, and 'ons. quont sloth, in
order that radicalism, with all its
evils, may, at sotue future day, be
irmly implanted in South Carolina.
It behooves the conservatives to be
on their guard agamust this modern
While energeticAlly ai,ling the re
publicans vi evety mewsiro of reforw
inaugurated, let it be ditiuctly re
alized that they 'are ready to dfTcr
strong unlitCd 'oUpo1tion to an)
fratdulent mcastro that iray I e
introduced. bet then bold out the
r olive branuh with a gauntleted hand.
Reforn in South Carolina can only
be accomplished, by the existence
of two eve ily. yiikhed parties. Let
us not cncouragi te idea of having
but oue party. 'There are too muy
radical wolves, ly old wolves, at
e present arrayed in sheep's clothing
When all the politicians becomo as
wise as seipents and ns harmless as
doves, then we may h il with joy the
political milleniuni, unity of senti
ment in South Carollu.
Joseph Mitchell RhOt and killed
e ,ot Lou.g en Thursday la:st, ic
Jackson County, N1. C.
The man who Aa,.lg,"OI breat
n inore that siliple air,' wekit int<
le smoiking car, where it was mor<
.0 mixed,
l4ev. Mr. Juhn6on, (if Sutmer
ville, S. C., bi renounced the Epis
9 o spal Chureh and vonnie e,l hiisel
with the Rlefo. wed Episcopal move
G 0overn~or Chumb:'Le i..s centsi
has so r.leamsed the 'iiworvatives
- that numbers of them ci,l to expros
i their gratifioation and to pay thei
it roeets to the eceeutive.
Mis~s fSalli'o lIeed is engteossin,
ceir of the~ Aarkan, as house of rep,
e- resentat ives9. She not onily enigvosse
m) the biill,,btuit a lairge bhare of the at
tention of the gallant, imembers (
Be that bed i.
Th''le cond0i tioni of a T. irs in Noe
Orleans is i;ot promoising. Accord
in12 to Iato disp .tehum it would re
quire but a breath of er.con'ngem-e
to have the supte mher tragoIlies al
enacted over agaiti.
c- A Canada man tied his dog to i
en end of a rear car the other day art
re then bet the beast t mnid keep u
us with the train, S range to sav
iiwhen they got itito D)etrolr, the do
was ahead-thers wras nothing cIt
''leftof him, . - .
of -
A bashfulI young o!Orgy'iv'1 r.
cently rising to prcech f,r t le fin*
~*time .tnde. a terrile mix of it an
asnnounced his text in this wise
us~ "Ad( u imediately thle coc0k wepi
nr anel Peter went out and crew bitte
in. A L,owel0 mnill girl the other di
ail said to a direct ir who inished~ bert
t- cont-ent to a reducetioni of *age:
ll"Before I'd do it. I'd see vou an
your whiole grat'pin' etin 'fo-phi-c
c lap."
The re-ninion of the- lFirat Cavala
-i Briga.de, A rmny Northern Virgini
-ty for the purpose o'f organizing an ass
to, cat ion of its memb ers, will be lhe
vil lin Glira.rdey's Op-ora flouse Ange
ta, Ga., on Wed,;oiday, becemb~
4 d t11 4)'clo'ek. L,ieutenant-Gene
me al WVade llamt-ton will deliver
raR address.
an .
his ~ C.AEERD
A' . T. W. Wood'ward l'resident
.1l. the State Agricultural an-d Meehr
cal S3octety..
Ghen. Jno. Dirat ton.
en Cafpt. Jns. I'. Mefte.
Capt. Jas. Beaty.
Br r. 'IT. T. Rlobeu.son.
to P. Elder, E.sq.
'I. Wolfe. Esq.,
to Joel A. Copes, Esq.
to And many others ha've 'the "toNhI
Steam WVasher'* un'ed for their tami
'washin g and commend it to the public
DIED. ar his late residence, Nov. 24th,
1874, COL. D. PROVINCE, in the 47th
year or his age. The deceased wad a na.
Live of rAentuok., but in early life beooame 9
a oitizen of .Ylorida. Gifted with rare I
iutellect.nal endowments, he soon gained f
a prominent place at the bar, and devoted' 't
himself faithfully and labotiously to the
practice of his profession until his mar.
ringe, at which time he resigned his solt It
in the Senate, abandoned the duties of
the lawyer, a'd adopted the home of hih
bride na his own. Of late years ho had
been an tilititr.t, siocessful planter.
Maniy are fa-ntliar with the unswerving
fidelity atd unvarying valor lie .-splny.
oil during our hio giant struggle, and
Faitlield wits proti to own hin ns an
honored chiz*ou. ft wa w hilo lagnish.
itig ii a Northern i::ison that he con
tracted the diseal-o whiuh catusei himn
year4 of utfferin-g. It was his wish to ro.
oume t Ime practice of I jw-, but his delicate
ieuti forced him to relin(litish, his cher
isled p11011. llis courso silica the close
of the war has been such as cle.trly Lo
evince his integriti of pirpost- and entir e
devo6on to his citmry's gooJ, none were
more intiring in fforts to restore peae
to he lind. I free oti.r raco from the
ilbults heaped upon it.
11o had ai wonderful degree of foresight.
nnd of the i.inny who went to him for
tdvice, few fthld to derive benefit from,
his wise c4unse1l. Ile wns ever a welceume
guest, iutid hose whose privilo e it was
to listoi to the r are elt i'ienvu tihit fell
fromt his lips, 0..nsidlela 11ItIhem 1?es fit
lie never withhld asikt Inc from the
needy. amti fid it ils hi-A power t1 atile
viate nmuich itforii.g. his latter days
wel-u 11i e of iliiltse silrrm.4 wiit"'t; hie
horo wii th inost herio foititnde and
exemplary pialience Ile was entiroly
cousojous of his approachiig and, nail
pe.'ftoily resiglid i it. lie lied in the
ho-y hlope of t ble.sed restrrecution. The
distressing griel of his widowed wilo and
oih- 111at lutd I l 01 dren ntlt e t the iltiensity of
I tIei teroctitn for hilm. and .he Im leliln
clhoI5 r-ittly of t h cir loss. May -h rest
ill I)QU01.
Aly firth snpply of go<de this season
it just inl. I have four uw brands
of the axos
"Red Warrior.''
Southern Pacifl."
"Cottinental') and
Continental Bevelled.
Iodgers and Wo,thol m-t pocket. Cut.
lery, Wa e, 1lutholers and Wostenholn's
gold plate itnzors, Scisstrs. m hears nrad
pocket Scissors UAI'ers anId litohier-Kniv
es, a nicoor i..ble cut lery.gork Sorews
large dinner Polls. Waiters. cnn Opehers
& c Full line of tinware and Cast wire
The be4t brands of rifle and blasting.
Powder, Fuse ,top &C.
J. IL Galloay
dec 4
- t ll-.R AL nvnnel's made mupon o.'n
11 linmeni.s oh Ithton or Olier Frn
daIlue' Io themi in Chua'ston. or Ithronigi
their earre.potdents in Liverpool, Ney
York nnti Wllimnor'e.
gray- Partiular at?eniont to 11he Dale r
Nc.v. 7
Sewing Mnchle.
No. I, $-5~.00i N o. 2,$37.OC
Not. 3, $42.u0.
rp iE 1,d-st . i i.A l' AUllNE~ in
.market, mnakes the LO('K STf ii
atlike on both qidhes. 'J hIotuands of Inaul
0 'in time Curolit.as enn testify In its mer
It wi1'. do the same wo 0k and otnly cos
d one-half of the money thaI you wotn
I, havo to pay for one oh thi 80-CA LLE
For circular, samiples of work, Needt
Thread and Oil, call on
A. A. 3O10R1l4,
Agi. for Fairfiehd Conmni.\ iN, C.
a, Ito Itt ef,t -for he -eeea'c'd Lig
n- Run'ning m'n Mnehi'ne.
1(d D. d. MA XW E L L, Charlot to N. C.
s-. Geon. A gt. for N. C., 8,~ C., GIa., anid Fia.
er fich 1-ly
LRO! roy p'inee on Friday night la
a. a Sorrel Mane about I hnn.ds big
8he wais bran-ded on the ihontder *i1
t he eiet' "S,", a-nd on th-e iigit *it h i1
letter "A," *nd has a white sp'ot on h
forrthen-d. A libera-l rewa'rd will%t giw
a o her delivery L,u mo.
i nov 8-t8 8, W. YONOUE
,T ilIE plantation formerly known as i
.L,'Copeluand place,tt antd now nooc
pied by Silas W. Rti, is offered for sal
The tract contains 640 nores, a got
l'ortion wooded. Ori the place is a eor
uno:liotns dwelling, toget-her with 'all. n
ps cessary outonibtlings-:-all In exoellei
g e ondiuiob. Terms liberal. .A ddress
LL gentlemen donirous of partioipa.
ting In the Ton ament at Black
took on the 17th December will send
in thoir names with an Pill ranee f e of
ive dollard to the tindersigued, on or be.
or# the l10th Doember.
The samirules. regulations and by laws
will be adoptd as were In force at the
ournament. in Jeatiary 1874. .
0140. I;. KENNEDY. Sao.,
nov 6-xit2 Bitokstock S. C.
A. 3P. GOODh11WG,
AVING diop"Ped (of My Livery iiiter
x. es to Ii. T. Terrill. I will kre,
oonstiantly on hund Vlorpe4 nve onili-s ror
sale. Parties in wnnt of good block wil
do WVell to give tie a call.
I hqve also openel a Carringe, !higgy
and Waggot: Pnceory. All woik taily
aieoited and iwarranited. five rne n eall
A. F1.3O(Ol1!NG.
Benedict & Co
275 ing StPet ChaPleston, S. C
OIL ChTl,(sl,
01,c. TIff s.
M ATTi NG c*.
luus, &I,
For pricep, see Local.
,lW t i te tto, S. C. Nov', 24. 18K-1
rT llE following Intxes h1atvk t1-4 -t.h
. lp-ou thu p'optiy if this Co iI
1. For pny of sainties ofanxiciive
nnd Juiticial Olics oft tile :iitte,
the Clerks and cuningeit expen
hes of the Exective Iad J.ic.i610
Departiiet s of the U overnietil. 1.1
2For supputt andi maiananinoo
of tile Peinil Charistle aitl EM.
ucatiLol 1 1 l ist it liols of I 1
Stte Xclusive If r Com0 ,111k
Schools. ij
3. For sui port and n tintlinao of
P11111 0 ocuool---% 2
4. For payiiit of deficiences tor
Beh.oul claims, 31nd :'ehool cI.-i
IIIismioers' Saint les due prior to
I:t Nov. 184V3
5. Vor expens-sc of ihe Gct,eratl As.
semibl.y. -I
7. Foo lintymit ol initerestiupon lthe
piulbliC debt, (as .il-led b-y alut
or Decembr t2Ad 1873.) die ankd
July 1875. 2
8 1.or dl.eecy or ietnid appropri.
Illions :1endi clainai. o1 t'entra1l Na
1tiona1 llank. P. F. Finsiree nutd
F. Caridarellis
For cuI-ett expe'..set nf I'aitfltI
I otinty.3
IFor p'iymenOtt of lastt inidchadneIC~Ss
of' 2said ConIily 1.1
For widows and orphanis of *sad
In addIiitiot1 to thec abtove there has1
been~. levlied foir iDistricc echools Il
ET followinig lax. viz.
8chiool District No.. ;3*
The tax duplicate will 1 o opes vxl
tis Ilfice on thme 8t0ilEuly of Novemb111
1874, for ihe collection ot e aboveo
levies, and eve'ry dlAy thlveefi er. (Mtindai
excepied ) unitil the tfI centh dny or .lan~
ary 1875, wh'en 20) per cenit pecnalty w
attnehi to all deilinquen-tts.
W, MI.. N1 bSUii~N, Trenntuen
nov. 26--x2t2 Fnairnetld Connt
0. n' a: hcart eommiMllee oft tie Ts&tte
Joo o Ii. Cat heartn, I 11nn11ic, P'laiin
aattiins, I ncina1 llen)kinlq, Amos
l)wight and Ui-:ward L. Trobri.lge.
paners tunder 11he fItrm name1 of 11
ktins. D)wight nind Trobridlge, and11 So
Q I. C'lowney tis Clerk of lhe ('ourt.
Commston I lens for Whoe 'Count y tilo
C e'nid, defenidalets.
TN purnnneec'f a'oi'der of co'tr
..8 . Ihe abv ite ene all pero
y) hain ig cladins nigniial ite aidl Johnil
Chthcart arc hereby noitifwd to pr,esi
a~ n'nd est'hblish the same before tile umi1
sign-ed At. hix oflio in Winnebhoro. 4
0on 0r befor-e the 18th of Janiunry nexi
II. A . G All..A l1'),
h dec 2 IReferoe
750 BUHIsams1An ATS
S20,C00 Ibs. imothy flay.
rof Sale Lo0w For 'Iflie
DO Beat'y Bwyo., A c H
Le. Viv 24.
ad -
As 801#l0% NOTICE.
" ~ ISS M. R l3ILAIN will restlime
eJ.. xercises of her school on lMono
4th.Jsnnnry. 1876.
dec 1t-j.2.
.25 to 50o. a piece.
Sash Rtibbons
25 cepts a yard.
*10 eVgnis n ynrd.
Clthn aaHas
CLandecker, &Co
&rl firPie Lit
I. H. H AL ' O
- K ufatun&Duer
C .SO,S .g
af b -oo ftn i a a i op
a: nd'ptnt n orf iegtioo
in logi an akdwt elte K
he In okbry o h sle ilgy
Uay abv wr o hebl foto

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