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ConimunloRtions to hils office
will not he noticed unlests,necompanied
by the real name of the writer.
4W- We are not responsible for the opin
ous of oorresp(-entu.
ft-' llereafter no LOCAL NOTICRq
will be inserted ino our columns oxoep
upon p;yment of THN CEN TS a line.
4W- Any rerson in the County having
knowledge of any circumtsanee of interent
cotrring in his tieighborhood will confer
a f-vor by furnishing inforniation at this
Nx%w ADV1tT1arrA.
Shoriff Sales-L. V. Duvall.
"4tur tieeo-v. c. MceLaughlin.
New Goods-Charles Mullor.
Masotio Meeting-J. C, Squier
Fearel ary.
S1chool Nutice-Mis. Ml. R. Blain.
Fancy Groceries-P, llaoot Agt.
lhri,tmnas Goods-). Lauderdale.
Fairflield Fire Enginc Company
J. 0. Squier, See.
RCtensive St.ock if Ja.3alry -0 on
nor & Chandler.
flamiq -Rt. J. MucCarley,
Goods for Chritas-. \eMaster &
Ad mini6tratrix,i Notice - Sallie
I. Coleman.
Merry Christnas and Happy Now
Year-lDAuneuborg & Co.
G;7i The od.or arising from the
vicit.ity of the market is quite fishy
and is decidedly more ruggestive
than agreeable.
g John J. Noil, Esq., yester
tlay qualified as Prol,ath Judge of
Fairiold county. ife will make an
excelent oticer.
05 More than six hundred bales
of cotton wero shiipped from the
depot in Winiboro on last Sutur.
The cotten market seems to
Latrl been very lively during the
pst Iwo diys. Prices ranged from
52ets. to 13ct's.
D:y* We notica ttat Misirs J. C.
Squier & Co. are rece-iving case
qfler case of New Goods. Call on
ther and mnaka yo, r purchases.
Yo'll be treat.d right.
g The %xrcises of Mount
Zion 1c8hool close on next. Friday.
We tru.-t that with the opening of
the next ten tihe prospects (if the
institution will I'e much iiprvved.
0,7- Mr. Grocschel, of the Morn
ing Star Sa,aon, keeps on hand a full
supply (if oysteis, partridges, rabbiti
aId iither delicaies. Ile gua1.an1e,
to plkaie. Try hiin. *
C The attention of the county
cons.ii,ioners is called to the pres
ei.t dangerous condition of the bridge
(.ver Yongue's Branch, one mile
fromi Winnsbor.io. WeT trust thni
his maater will receive im wedijat<
f In another column will, be
fou.,d a notice of a special mneetint
of the t".i, field Fire Enigine Conmpa
mnembers, a uie fiprae
gg Owing to unfores.en cir
Cumsanesii, tihe horsas "Stoceking
LJegs,"P "Necd Buntling'' and "Jo
Jo hnston'' dlid niot take part in thb
races at Camden on yesterday. W
dour t not that they were greatI
mi ssed.
O0r Taxes are coming in ver
slowly. Unless the tiie for paynmn
be extended, there will be quite
rush for the trea,urer 's offiee toward
the end of theo time in which th
tax.payers must pay in oider t
a void tihe penalty. Tlii ra &0eem
noew but little likelihood of' an ox
IAR asVS. T A xes.-We notice th.
the courtePus and <ficienat count
treasurer is having the windows o
his office protected by substantit
iron bare. This is qu ite a ppropriat<
fTe experience of the snuth Cart
lana tax-payers is that the pubi
treasutry is by no0 meanas onie of thus
pilaces where "neither mioth nor rm
doth corruipt ior~ thieres brea
thiough ..td e 11.'
OTwo daikeys of pugnacioi
proolivities and not having befo
their eyes the commiandn.amts ei
joining the~ observance of the Sabba,
and los o for t heir neighbors, induli
ed in quite a set to necar the dop,
a Sunday morning-much to. ti
enjoyment of the by-standers, an
we trust, to tbeir own eatisfaotio1
ilut whore wore the police ?
FsNE EGEKTADnLES.-WeO return em
thanks to Mrs. James IT. ion for
present of fine lettuce and Irish p
tatoes. Thecy are some of the fine
rpceimens we havc ever seen, ar
speak well for the domestic skill ar
.taste of the donor. After puttir
themr to a most thorough and praet
eal teat, we pronounce them ese
Col. Asbury Coward, the
flioient Principal of the King's
Mountain Military School at York
ville, passed through Winnsboro on
Tuusday morning on his way to
Charleston. Col. Coward contem.
plates visiting various points in the
State in the interest of his most ex,
cellent School. We commend him
to our frieuds everywhere, and wish
hicu much success.
DANGrnoUa IFIoT.-On Saturday
evening, after dark, somto youths,
mostly if not tntirely negroes, in
dulged in the useless and dangerous
Fport of throwing turpentine-ball.
about the street. Tho gentleman
in front of whu,e store tl.o young
stern enjoyed themselves was himself
a little coicei ned, and desired the
thing ttopred. Where the police
were we did not ascertain, but they
were not oi the spot. If they were,
it was their duty to put an enid
to t1e *oulbh play.
0*7 At a regular convocation of
Plint liill Chapter No. 2, R. A. M1.
oi Monday evening, D -o. 7th , the
following oflicers were elected and in
stalled, to beive for the ensuing Ma
sonic year :
S. It. Clowiey, M. 1. H P.
C. E. O'hichester, K.
T. It. Rubertson, S.
J. S. Connor, C. It.
J. C. 8quiier, P.S
W. N. Chandler, I. A. C.
U. G. Deslport.es, G. MI. 3d V.
John iMeNtyre, G. 31. 2d V.
G. IS. MuCants, G. M. let V.
A. F. Goodintg, Treaan-er.
DuB-se Eletitou, Secretary.
W. IWlliamsa, Sentinel..
Wo are painel to announce the sud
den death of Mrs. Win. C. leaty,
which took place on Thursday night.
The deceated was a native of this
county, but for many years previous
to her mariage bad rosided in Als-.
bania. Sh-j ha.d been married but
about twelve umontbe. She was in
all respect a most eatimablo lady,
anld her untimely death causes a void
which will long be felt in th) large
circle of friends that her good
qualities hid drawn around her. To
tior bereaved kindee I wi tender o.ir
warmest symipathy. lier funeral
took pl,ce at the Presbyterian
Church on Friday afternoonj.
0'The Fhirfield Sabre Club,
under command of Lieut. 1. Ross
Ro bertson, paraded on Thursday,
presenting a very h-tndsouie appear
anco. The pro6ciency displayed in
the various parts of the drill was
quite creditable, especially when it
1, considered that the Club has been
organized but a short time, and, on
account of the busy season and from
other causes, have hai but limited
opportunities for exercise. The
Saure Club is compo.ed of the mnoet
cenivamlrous sons of FXijti:ld, and de
serves to be~ encouraged. WVe wvish
them a long career of succers und
plea sure..
coumm umty was somewhat surprised,
oni yesterday muorning, to observe tihe
editor of the NEw8e at a very early
hour, in finest trim, ready for a trip
siomnewhere. TIhe unusual eight gave
isc to miany surmi ,es and inquiries
mind the general curiosity was not al-.
Lived till it was ascertaiined that thmo
editor had determined to abandonm
for a time the gloom of his sanoetu mn,
and enter with lhii wonted enthusi
asm into the pileasures of thme turf.
t The races ait Ca-nmden were lhis ob.
,jective point, anid, j udginmg from the
line aippernme~ of the turnout, we
doubt not thamt it will be safely and
e speedily reamched. T1umat the visitors
0 to Camden. will enjoy themselves,
8 thme wvell knmown hmospmtanli ty of lher'
good people renders perfectly sure.
NumsANc.-For someq time p:a.st
t persons on thme streets have been
m ~uch annoyed by the crowds of no
gre uhmo congregate at the corners
and in fromnt of the principal storer,
obstructing time walk and otherwise
Sincommmoding passers-by. There can
e be no impropriety in using certain
it portions~ of the streets fur con versa
kC t on r.nd similar purposes, but whern
pecople e.o*d omnt those who wisL
to go from one point to anotther, thmeim
conduct becomnes a positive nuisance
70 Another niatter deoservinag the atten
2. tion of time town authorities is thme
Ii practice of rolling hand-carts mimi
wheel 1-arrows on the pavements
s' For this there is no excuse, aridi
)t should at once be stopped. Tha<
Ce rollers of the carts show no respee
1, to ladies, and do not hesitate t o hmavi
). them move aside to make room foi
the vehieles. This should set one<
a CIenITMA Os0oons.-Our menoeanti
with obaracteristio enterprise ar<
it making extensive preparations foi
dthe~ approachIng holidays. AlIl ti
d stores teem with articles tempting
.Ei alike to old *1d young. Fruit Ic
1great quantity, confetions of all
sorts, toyes of the latest manufacturt
aotions in every variety, are on haud
to pleuso the fancy and hunor the
whims of the youngsters of both sexes,
ready for .inspection and still
more ready for sale. For those of c
mature years, too, there is ample op
portunity to dispoie of surplus aesh
and get a full return therefore. The
stooks of dry goods, millinery, fanoy ,
articles, staplo and fancy groceries, o
books, stationery, toilet artioles per
fumery, pipes, tobacco, segarj etc. be
ing all that tho nuoRt fastidious can do.
sire. We hope that the enterprising
spirit of our inerchants will fiud its
reward in large sales and handsome
profits, and that their patrons will
leave the several e-tublithitente,
feeling that it was well for them to i
have been there.
Finte.-An alarm of fire was onnd
ed about eight o'ol, ek on Wodneday
night. Souio passer by having ob.
served tnoke procecojiug from the
m1arket building, gave the alarm, and
the ringing of the bell brought quite
a crowd to the spot. The Engiue and
the Hook and Ladder Company turn
ed out promptly, but fortunately
their services weie little needed. It
seemi that Joe Chapinni, a darkey, 1
was committed to the guard house in
the early part of the evening for 4
drunkenness on the atreet, and either
to warm hio "tangled" limbs or for
some lesi barmless purpose, set fl.o
to tha btraw and bedding in bis evll.
When the7firemen bioke open the
door, the place was densely filled
with sm,ko and many suppused the
tire to be serious, but a small quanti
Ity of water soon removed eveiy op- 1
probension or danger. The only pio. '
Yoking feature of the occurenco is I
the fully or the wicked intent of the
itierable besotted .gatitb wims
beastly intrnxicution ali gcotl.a i) mi,
ounduot have loog been a source ot
gire-t annoyance to our citizens. Had ,
he been seriously buint, we thilk I
we are not unfeeling in sayitig that,
we sbonl. have had for hihn not the '
iaintett spark of sympathy, and, judg.
ing frow remarks let fall at the time
ot the alarm. we believe that the
entire crowd, more espeeilly the
colored portion, wore not a little dis
posed to take the matter in their
own hands and give the scoundrel his
deserts. un Thur-doy tnorning Joe
was turncd over to Trial Ju.tio
Mlackey, nnd had a hearing before
him on Friday.
0) Joe Chapman, the drunken
negro who set tirc to his cell it, the
guard-houte on last Veduesday
night, was sentenced by Trial Jus
tice Mackey to thirty days in jail.
Thi- strikos us as an extremely ligit
penalty, bat it was the limit of the
justien's authority.
MarrieJ at, t.he retideuce of the
bride _ father by Ier. W. II. Cap.
bell, MI R. i1. WN. l)Egl>OllT'II to
est danghter of Col. .J. L. a nd Mrs.
Mary Black. All of Fairfield, S. C.
JUST fteceived a lot of
Fine Ca.nvassed H-anis, at 1 5c.
per Vb W rranted ! At
pCI' 1).. J. M.CARllEY'S.
deC 12
tinre nor'cCeirihg~ a full lince of
GoodOs for the- IIolidiays. A large
lot oi C'aliccea just arriveud.
Call in andl see thie latest. Atyvles of
m'alicoes aind ir is. Ever.ibting- sold ona
very reasonable termis by
dee 10 lb, LAUD)EIUDAIL1X
Wlnnsboro Liodg~e No. 11, A.
A IIFEOt't,AR ('osItUNIATIoN~ of tbis ILodge
Iiwill be held in MIasonio llall cit
(Thiausday) evening r.cXt, 17thI inst. a
7 o'clock - A fuall aUttundaice is reqjuesled
as the anntual elretion of vficera will be
heldl. Birem hrin will come prepared mo
pay dues infull.
JPy order of the W.-.M'
J. C. SQUhIlt
NEW 000DS.
(AOLD and Pilver WaIoebes(thne vy
hell Plated Chains, Rings and Slyer Blub
Chains, whichi I 5tuarantee. Also, Breast
Pins Collar and Shirt Buttons of all des
criptions. A set of beautifal Cloeks. 'i ho
can beat them ? Repairing done in a
worktan-like manner. Eamisfaetion guaran
Special Notices.
A Ma a In Reaim ds.-One of tha
indde,t s-tnolem in tho world is a lit.
ion being ihattered and brikei down by
lie uso of ardent apiris, But the ilainage
tay le repalred, the ruin retored to
aerfect, soundness, by a oorsoe of that
lost powerful of all invigorants, Dr.
Valket's Vinlgar Bitters. Beware of
sose "tonics" of which rum is an elensent.
'hey aggravate disetse and promoto do.
People will get. mlrricil, and mo.t of
p do iot, have but one Chatce, Fl do it lip
n style. Moreover. it ii a poor oompli.
nent to your Irieids to invito them to
our weddiitg with a stinh-by invitilion.
'lie itvittioi is your how ; it inlrodilesm
he life of i he new couiple. and msonold lie
n the hest t.lyle. Walker, Evtu &
'og.twe 1. Charleston, S C. have all the
si sty !ed of paper, cardsl, &c., nind
the work ill 'tie hsigliest style ef
h- -r. 'S-iend to theml for samples and
Tho novelty of Char lest on, 8 C.. for the
ext few weekc is tha great, redinetion in%
irics-. of all kind tt' Dry 0-sols. Cirpots,
i 5 Int h , etc . at ihe ipohpular lin-e of
Narchgott, Ilene'lict & Co. who. it is
n.1vi. keep the barget and beet seleot ed
toek of above unmeal GoodW a. the lowest
omsible , ri es. Couii ry orders en, rnmii.
I Io 11liens are filled Wi'll tle greates
mre nul , litptch. If goodi aro n0o sat
af-etory, moilpy will bs rotisirited. Sam-i
ileas ent on applientio it-.-mii per ex
wess or Post Office Orler. or goods will
seint u. o. is. All retail tders over $1
will be sent itre of Ohmrge.
A mng o<r new a lver-tifeimonoa, iS I hl
tone of t.he ol'lest estab'isliments it
Wate. Uatabli4hed ill 1832, it linp 1116inn
;ti ii h ftist puice in is % lit e of ie, itner
Vith large experinnce an- unsurpassed
acilities, '\Iear. Walker, E'ans & Cogs
rel! Piro prepared to suitain th repitin
ion of th ir est 0h'i,siment. Like A. T
|te%v irt. th Ii-y i-olitivis il nowspaper aIver
isiig, adil talc, this me.tAns to annloinnc
hat they hve this season adidpel Iverj
argely to their atock or type am
nachincry, and are better prepared thi
ver to Wilease their oustomers. We will
hem er-rT icesm.
c i A it iE.i roN,P S. C
).Jertlo h,ptabt 'Iii i.l''.- in gonerr
1 lilt 5- 11 0 Mill wall so) ealed ntock
)ry '- so Is, CeAp- t.s. O) I CloIth, Mat t.ing
c , 4t t he 1,.se it pt- ica i. Ilavrewith Ih-e:,
nnextit- pite<>s.it'evarticles-Calicom
roim 6 .o I I:., rs .; ! 1oths, froi ti i.
5 I , ll-ow t 1ir n >4,s I l extrit, heavy
rom to I 1 ., J t -ii, f-om)t' 12 c. it p
rar,h, tis,i is res, fe- >i 4 )3. upwarin
?lannels. fr r1 i 11 to 4)3. luAliCs', M issel
nil 0 ut,'s I as, i I :.. $1. 15, $2. 00 pe
loz. it s I 1, . 4 t4p n l. rs, $1.d0 p e
Io-, a- 1 .i owr 1 , L % lies' and Gent
10oket. lii lrchiefs, from d9o. per do?
Ild lpward14. Bl.Ac' ai-I Colored Alpnen
Ae. -liud tt pw lr.1s, 1) 'e 0aw Is. from 25
pw-srds, !;.iies' an I Glests' 1aitrnisin
onds, ii.isikeepin os, Paiey G -Po4l
ibin. NMoid 4, 1. , front 15 to '.!5 pe
-ut. ehaper sIt elsewhere. sample
ont. an,l or-l .. p --n nitly filled. A
,e!ril orders r-ni .$10 00 n pwardst. Ser
r..Expreqs fras -if o'irg A Ilbere
linm a it to %Y'i> leital do alers.
Dr. J. Walker's California Vin
egar Bitters are a purely Vegetabb
)rcParat,ion, mado chilelly from the na
tivo herbs found on the lower ranges o
tle Sierra Novada moiutais of Califor
nia, the medicinal proporties of wiiel
ara extracted therefrom without the us,
of Alcohol. The questioll is almjos
(aily asked, " What is the cause of th
unpa)Iralhlld succss of VIssR(AIL Brr
Trt-:nst" Our answer is, that-they remiov,
the cause of' disease, and the patient re
covers his health. Thelay are the groa
blood purinier and a lifo-giving principle
a perfect llenovator and lnvigol'ato
of the system. -Never before in th
history of the world has a mecdicino beh
comiipounidedl possessing the remattrkabhl
gnmahties of V exxoA in BITTEnS in healing th
sick of every disease mean is heir to. Tfhe
are a gentlo Purgative as well as a Trii
r'elievin~g Congestion or Inflammation
the Liver and Visceral Organs, in iihou
ThlO pr'opel'iles of #h. \VALKER
tNHo(A R httT'T'i ts ar A pericnt, I)iaphoreti(
Carminative, Nuttritious, Laxative. Dinretk
Sodative, Counter-Irritaht, Sudorific, Alteri
t.irc, and Anti-Bilious.
Dreu';;ri~'st ad t1"n. A grts.. Sian Frasnelses, Cialiforut
r.udl sor. oft Wiwushintton andishrltonist Sta.. N. Y.
'tosti by uil Druggsts amut J)sulermi
I.u l-('EIVE.D this week, and in Ston
New thicekwheit Flont-.
Chrs ystalhize~d t ssiup. (so met hintgg new.
l'x t enso s ts n'trket lief.
$siced Pig 'eeit. Metc Mrci'kerell.
(Cantivssedh Beer, T'oigsee. &c.
'U ilt Edge'' Huts er. co.t 4t c.
P. 1). ani I'rearns (Chseese.
llNsin<st 16te par l' F"ils, Almnound l'i
-Firnc Pickle, ('elersy powd r,
'tinne I (Goids osf ial ki ntds,
Sances, PrserVets 'itud Jeillies of over
v arii ey,
600 PackIs of "Extrn'' Fntnil- 1:;ont',
20O bhtis. Sn-tgar antd 'offeot 20lc to M.
lb. Iliys ,nt, Imoperil andus (.dIng Ten
N. B My terms are (0.\ II, (or to Past
lis i) LPills piyable at the end of eve r
mionthI. Th ose whlo dI n tot aiomiply y it
my tersms miost p iy 5' per ctent. for ever
80) da ys in.th Ien'tco ; Tis* rn/e sOill
stritly~ ri/here i I meet. moy .pntymeti
prompijtly, andt evermy Mierehnant kasow
lint (Iron:.r'ies cainoo t he0 piurchedtns onl
on Iii 1.1 timei, ands honiger induilgens
will de, ro v eredshit antd eaito ansiTicioi
of false s ing.
Iam still prepared to make and repa
P'ortable Grist Mills, and dlo job work c
any kind,
All kin Is of Coffins andl Cases kept
handl. P'riesa to snit the timies.
3&" My Mills have sakoin the fire
promninm at the Stato F"air for sever
years. Ng
nov 26 J. W McCR'DIW f1'.
State of South Carolina,
H1. L. Elliott, agAlust N. HI. Hastings, P.
Hastings, Thomas Anderson.
I N pursuance of an order of tho Court
made In tI above stated oase by the
Honorable T. J. Mackey, I w ill offer for
sale at publio anotion, to tho highest
bidder before the Court Hlouse
door In Winiksboto within the legal hours
of sale on the first Mlonday in% Jatunry
next and the (ay felowing, the follow
ingde!sribill property, to wit :
All that tract of land lying and s.tunte
on 'ackson's Creek In the Cotoy of
Fairfitld ant State of Soith a1roliaift
con1killing five hundred and1l fi'ty nores
aIlore o les tid toullolk-d by hands of
Timothllay l1a-den. S. I. Clowney, 'i hoaIs
W. liabb1, Jr . Dr-. II. W. Owon and
olheris being a 1ari of '.ho plantation pia
chalsed by lie said N. I. llastings while
ste was solo and uniarried, atid com.
pirising only such part of i-aid planta
IiO ni aHs lies oi 1e oppoelS side of said
Jackson's Creek fro i that uionk which
shte residenice of the Paid N. 11. Ilastings
and P. Ila-Iinigs is siatato.
TERSa OF SA.N -O1e lhlf of th liar
hiso mioy to be paid in Cash, atind lie
balace thereof onl a crelit or twelve
inonit hs wiglh interest frout ite dayin of male
to be necured by bonl or the pinrchaser
ti )d m1or1tgage of aite premises. tae ptr
chaser to pay for ali neceosary papers.
L. W. DUVALL, S. F. C.
Flieriff's Ollice,
Winnisloro. S. .
Dec. 12 187-1.
de%. 15--x2 tl
lStite of South Carolina.
Clesley Crob,by, against J. M. McCol
-N ptr-uance of at order of the Court
%ade in he above atuted cai.? y
tho lion. T. J. Mackey, I will otfet
for Iale iat publ'o noeti.i to the
he highest biller before tleCo-art flotse
door in Witinboro within the leg:,l lhtirr
ofh salO ott tho first Mndtiat%y in January
tait and t he day folowig the jollo winE
described property to wit :
All that certaittanct of Intid situtate or
tie Wat W tltt' O Cve BIratnch ait thoe CountI3
ol Fai field and SinlIn of oa th Caroli
6.-941111nftaining onle hundreat and t wenty-.I w
acrem, mole or less, anlo boundtd by land:
of Edward Taylor, John Taylor, Ostmon
Boulwar e and Cliesley Crosby.
. T:IRMIl baI.K.-0tne? itair of the purchasi
nioney to be paid in Calt, and thi
balance on a credit of twelve monthl
with interest from the (lay of sale, tu b
secured by bond of lte purchaser an<
mortgage of the pretilses tho purchase:
r to pay for all necessairy lapers.
L. I, DUVAI.L, S. V. C.
'heriff's Office,
Dec. 12, 1871.
c deo lb-tix'l
1E11 t I FPS SA LE.
Y virtue of sundry cxccuittion to m
s B )directed, I will offer for sale fto
uash. at public tuctiot to the Iightt-st bid
a dir before ila court, house door in Winmn
horo within thle legal houtr. oflsale otn II
first Maonday In Jantafry next 11and 1i
day following, tie following de-lribe
prop-ert. , to wit : All that, piece, paitru
or triect or lInid, lying, being and siiiiiat
in ite County of lirlield and Etat
of Soth Itarolina containing fifnee
ncres more or let-i and bounld
bty laondi of J. F. V. Legg, J. a
Di,-kerson, and Iaids hultinging to th
estate of A. C, aFelnter. decoansfd.
Levl ( lipna .he lrolrty of Jane
Jeniningitzr at the .mit of J. F. V.. I.ey
agatinl sta .headmiaitatix of NIrs Jaat
.J enn,i,a 1 amid Ihera kntantlitd.
- I. Va. 1)UVAI, . F. C
SWi nnsboro, s.tJ.
o S lflFI? SA -.
af otNTY OF PAtliIEtl.
in the ('otnIihON Plens.
Jnmnes C. Furman, Samuel Fatrman,:*Atn
E~ Purtman. Agiainta, ('htrales M. Fua
moan, liolivar 11. FPitran Irvine Fut
man,t Silly Vtran'ait, .Intli:a I. Furmn:a
Jatmeas K V aince, .hohnt E. I arew r
andii st rat.u of Chaarle< .\ . Fitran taer
deccensedca witha the will annexed at1
1N puane oaf in ordaer of the Coat
mndlte int the taov'e staited etnan b
the linerabe T. J1. Mnckey. I will oflt
for anlo to the hight, bdlde:
be'fot a th Itouratt knuseia d(ri
Witabairo, wIth-n~a the legal houatrs of sal
on thea fis Ia l gntady ha Janunttty nei
aJat, following decseribe'd property, to Wil
A t act ofliand knoawn as the Itomes pIac
of whichl Thomast F. Faraan deecetase
-. wno sei.' -d s tad poasetced at Ithe timne <
tais dont It. h inag heing tandi sitauate int i h
C(ontty of l"'airitcd ina the Stmet of Sota
t'ariolhin2 ,bet weent the putblic road itinditn
froni Monticello tao Colttatbi a, thle It ugh
Fierry rond ntad Ih la .akint ill rotta, cot
iitag inae hutndraed atares, maore or I'sa
iad boaunaded lay landslt of )avid lI. Wailso:i
Bena Jartin .
y all that trnet of land or wihi ~''htomn
F. Fuartma-'t,dece;ased, Wl aseaised an
possessedt at, hao t ime or htis de'ath knowl
as the Simnonton trnct, caontaini inlg eli
haundred and eightt).ta hree sores moare or Ies
I:An iatitnaohe Cotly antd Stnto af,raetti
' ad ounedby latads ofJerry MIarti
-N. B. itoIly othterd.
Iaall that tract of ltad of whtichl Thomas F
Fura ecensedt was aelyed anal paoss
ed at thet t imge of is dtealth, kntown tat thI
liell rac t containintg ta.o haatd,-ed atn
t wenty.tharoe na'res morei or lets, lyitn
nocrth of th It wo Ilat mtiar onted tracte
I I'e Couna12ty anad SIta aftor'-sa id a nd botaiat
sid by laands of I)avlid It. Wilsmn lads hi
lonaginig to the esttale of WV. J. Alst
decea seal nnd cat htera.
Tv.nats or 8At,tP,.--OneO thirdl of tIe paul
chaase money to be paid tn .ash tn-ad ib
balanace thtereof ont a oredil' of one and tv1
years In equal i.tstnlmentsa with itere
payable annatally from day of sale, to 1
ceoured by a bonador bondsof the pul
U aaier or purobaser anal a mortgage a
.tlhe premises sold, purechasser or puroha
sets to pay for all necessaryu papers.
f She.-If''a Office,
*Winljbaro, 8.ti.
Noa,21 1874.
nov 26-x4t4
" A NI'aW lot.jatet received and for sa
low for OASH by
deAC 8 BEATY, MR(L & R80M.
10'MMENCING next Saturday the 19th
aud continuing the following Week
for the purpose of closing out
Dress Goods. Notior.m,
Hats, Clothing,
Pad Lookp, Curryoombs,
Smoot hing I rons,
T ble I'utlery, Slat oq,
Looking lasses,
]luck, Is, t1root.e,
Axe lilelves,
&o. &c.
Would inform those who think that
does not need money that they are in
error and inuit eome and settle forlhwit'
thei accounts past due.
nov 15 B. C. McL,A UCII L N.
'fit Ptore and to arrive. frer,i gonods for
ev ery dty tuse, and for the holidays.
Colored nLd 11lnck KiI (loves. Ladic;'
Crel oods, Shawt., Botilevard
8kirtu, Cassimeres. ,ina,
Domuestio tio"d6, 1ilik
CtS, ' Ladies, (ents
and Chhidren's
Vo would call th at tontion of the
ladies to our bo-utiful Black Silks at
lennnli of Carpet a n redtceud pm;iccs,
Nails, Iron. Tin, liardware, Wooden Warc,
Tin-Ware, Crockery, Oils, Drugs, Patent
.ledIcintos, Soap-. E tris. 1 T not h
lirushes. Nail Brurbhes, Ilair Brushes,
* Fancy Artiolts for (lifts, &o.
r Photograph Albeons, Novels. Biblep,
.1ymm Books, Prayer Books, Gift BoukH,
Pe1nlp, iInk, Paper, &c., &c.
MckMaster' & Brice,
dlet 12
I Jj RM & c0.
" Y A Rt to nil, and extend them a
d cordial invitation to call at their
f and cexamine thiroi LAlRGE and
eCOM Pl'ETH Stock of
D)ry G~oods, (lotking, Boots,
Shoes, &c.
a As it is near the close of then sea
4 ona, anid desiring to reduce ouar s.took
*as mauch as possible, we are deter
,a mined to sell our gods at a
g We caltl attention to our large
n n'ock of Bleaching.a, which wvill
be ho ld at great 1-ductions. Wo
tmemn wihtt we any, and never imitato
"~ others. Jon't, fail to visih thme ta.
~. knmowledg~od
Lea1Oders of Lowv Prices,
dec 12
AdmiHiistratr'ix's Notice.
\L L pbons having domand. agtai
tham Esate of JONATnAN I). LoLl
stax, deoensed, will reader them inm duly
attested without delay to Jlames H. Rion~
Io Attoraey, or to the- unmdorsi gnied at, F'eas
terville. SALLIE M. COLEMAN,
Adeci 1tl Ad.m-nhtali.
2 -TE IS T.M:' S.
-FINEST canvansed lams, Smoked
lce, Smoked and Pickled Tongoes, txtra
'eLts Mokeral, Ing. Dairy and Pineapple
leese, London Sugar linlains. Jellies,
Ireserves. Currans. Pulverized Stgar,
'nglimlk Pickles, Canned Good- and Sauoces
,f different kinds.
keg of genuine Ja:nalca Rum, for egg
cask of puro .Fren,b Brandy.
cask of i-npnrtled Sherry Wine
baskets of Roederer & .Ioet & Obandon
lesildes a large vatiety of bisoult con
itip,ing i- p trt of
Laenon, 'ocofnut, Strawberry, Bost on,
Nick, Nack and mixed Tea Cakes.
All of which will be sold low for the
dee 10 Agent.
,LAILN and Frenoh Candies,
Al ples,
Alince Ment,
A pple, Quince
and Peach Butter,
Quartor and whjle bores Raisini,
one keg of fino-Malagra Grapes,
deo 10
~I 0hD RInd Silver Watchos,
Ladies anud Oenis Watch Ch4ins,
- Sterling and Plated Silverwaro.
Brohs, Earrings,
Finger Rings,
Braclets, Stude',
SIeeve liuttonse,
(Collnr Buttons
Cuff Pins,
H:iby Pins.
Locket Pins,
Pencil Case,
&c., &c.
A great n2riety of Christmas Goods
just arrived at
deo 10*
Soluable i acifle Otuano,
$48 ('Asu, $53 Ti'zs, without inteoet.
Paclie Gua no Company's Comn
pounid A cid Phosphate of Lime,
Fon (C oatlso witn COTTON SxED.
$33 Cash, $38Time without interest.
r j O accommnodate Planters they can or
d.ter niow and have until at April
to diecide whet her they will take at time6
or cash prioc. When delivered frorn Fan.
tory by earloaid, no dirayage will be charig
ed. TIhua Gunno is. now so well known ins
all the Southern St aos for its remarkahle
effects as an ageney for Increasing the
prodneltsof labor as not to require spe
citil reommedaIltIltion from us. Its use
for nine yearsa past has established its
character for r"hiable excellene. The
snppl ies put into intQ market tis season
are, as hersetoforo, preptared under the
supe~rintenidene of lir. ST, J l)LIAN
itAYiSNEfb. Chuemist of thle Company, at
Charleston, S. C., henoo Planters masy
rest asmured that its quality aA. compo.
iititmn is precisely the. same :s th'.4 here
fore soil, ,L N. lWf0N0. -
Agent f r South CarotIna,
Charleston, 8. C.
John 8. ftsus & Co., General Agents,
deo 4.-in
N~ew Groceries.
" hads. PORTO' luC(O andi EngIista
-) laln Molasa np)gtq a on .r up..
had. Chuato IDenmorra Ssac.
i2 hhh.b. Yellow 4J, Eatra C, and Grannla,
ted Sngar.
8 Sacks primeo ioOCoffee.
BEA.TY, BRO., & 80'

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