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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, December 23, 1874, Image 3

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Coy Municqklovs... to -thJ .offief
will not be noticed peds ace'inpanie
by h r4al d4me of tie Nwitla'..,
lV" e 6e kt responsible for'thein.
es of oortispodents.
'' .1iqrjaffr no LOCAL NtJCE8
.will ho Inserlit n our columns exe
upen.paylent bf TWIN OENTS a line,'
iP P,it unty hoing
knowledge of r an opu ng of injerost
eseurriag in' his nlghbo rhoo will'oonfer
a favor by furnishing information at this
Chtin as t ree.
Fori8ale-W. E Aiker'.'
-Ibbriffs'sales- L "W. DuVail..'
Stnre C!oied bleM'aqter &'1l3rioe..
Christinas-W. 11. Flonniken &
,s Msonio DMoetin.g-J. C. .Sqier,
Noti.ue--W. I. 1-leuniken -& Co.
ivorn, lay and Shuoks-4. R.
Aiken. .' - . '' t .
J1ay-.:.Leaty,1'Bro% & Son. .
Just Rooet4ed+.lWlthers & DvOight
Noticoe-W. II. Flenniken.& Co.
: 9i' The pr)prietors iof the Ha.
ALD desiriog to give their employees
%akOPjotuni;y to enjoy the Christ.
inasholidays, &,here will be nio papor
issued on Wednesd-ay, the 30th injt.
,..fy- Th'q,cottion mar.kot..bas.been
pther,dull.for tip, past .,few. "days.
.Bst grades are - 'quoted at 121 ets.
Otr.One Jiund-rdd fine ;Chiokens
for hale chdap at th%, MJprning St t
8aloon.tP Also . fresh siuage m'ent
always dn hand.*
pg-y L'.n3pkele& Co'. rnu4be
sellium a lot of. :Winter GOuods .r'om
the quantity of 'bases ti.e,y 'get' in
-every week. ---- *
c:r- There seems n, lik.elihood I f
vn extension of the tinAp for the pay.
mentof taxes. The penaltyAwill at
tiob after the' 15th of January.
.r The gin house of Mrs. , ,W.
B. Lyles was destroyed by fire . few
nights ago, together with 14 bales of
Cotton. 'I'he fire was the work of
an incendiary, who we trust will be
aught and get his just diserts.
, vo- We a4'kowledge the receipt
of eopies of the JGiovernor'n inaugu
ral address and th annual report.of
the .8tate Treasurer's report for the
fiscal year ending Vatober, 1874.
Reprehentati.ve Joel Cope Will a
V ;pt our'thais 'fr ti i: eor\esy.
A ohimney burniti 6 '
l!aiu street on Sanday, exeited 'some
iuterest. The wiWd blie "lRiost like
w * rriq5ne a,ld a conflagrIltioA
wo'l have swept the town. PartieR
ahoulk blriq ollt their chimneys
whn rit raThs.
Ozr An ir eut was held a few
<days ago byt0 on r Uff over thi
.body of Sarah No~yd, an aged colored
woman found d' d In the Hioreb
nieigbborhood. 'tii, g,ury came to
the conelugion that tiqt.el.l woman
froze to death. Sarati is said to be
105 years old.
OOr1TEoN LINE-The $r.hanta'
Union and Grange of Ridgu'~ay,, be
lieving that the freiguts on th't A.
C0. & A. railroad are too high, ll avg
organised a wagon train in oharge of
- Mr. John S. (Iatheart, to ply be twedI
1lidgeway and Columbia: .This looks
f'ike p>ing baok to first prinoiples.
gg- An atteinpt was made on
WednIesd.Ly nizht $o burn an ont'
bu'ifdibvg dao the rear of the LAadd
uiNtdlpg,1but fortunately it resulted
'in nd(hing. .Suspioion rests uponl the
supposed j'ility parties, and a close
eye will be ~kept upon them. It
would be *eoll'ia view of the presenb
. prevalence of t'his evil, for all citi
sens to ex~erdid* Oonstant vigilanoe in
this partialar.
Couriu 'Tx UnioN--Rmemnbor
that the tekhlar 'quarterly meeting
of the CoUtmty Ta~ 'k do'i takes place
in Winnaboro, at the 'hebtIan HLall
on the firet Mdhday in .dansary at
11:30, A. Ni. All the delegates are
requested to atte'na', 'aa basinen~ 6f
*imporiarece may be . introdu'ed.
Don't forget. The existence of a
compaot taK UnionI is essential t'6 the
welfare of the 8tit'e. These unz~ions
whtch hsve tnot pi-epared rosters are
reguested to do so by the noit meet
ggff 'n Friday z,ighL fast Mr.
Wh,it!ock'gi afre at Montioello was
'en-tered by soI1%.persdin, and inoney
- to 'The amount of abonat in' ilollaru
sxtraoted therefroi. SUepfoio6
. rested upon one Lige Rollr tSoni an<
when atsacked by M r. WVm. WVhi,tIooI
-ho '*as clerking for his brotlief
attewngted tb make his escape, wh'er
he wah fired op>n and recoiveda
bainful, though not dangerous wound
In th bfidosby part of the hip.
OT Tlib train fdr Columbia 01
hunrk.day dahtained aufto a numbe
6f darkeys on their way to Charles
tony the ra.ijroada having givon tick
etsjfor the round trip at a ridiculously
low i'urer. .Ther-e was a brass band
aboard, and jdd ingifrom th' iop
nes of the.' instmuts','tf pr6Wd
must have co6' from the oold 111owo
tainous rei6ns-or tfie muhitans
themselves wird almost "plhyed ot."
Many a ditions were made toVthe
'prya thi. plao%...and 406b'tless
tinorease'd,as It webded its wiy to
wards the "oity by-the sea."
berlain has appointed fr. Ws H.
Peake,a'udito- for Fairfield coutity,
vico L. 'W.-. Dtvt01 .reoved. Dr.
Peake ,as for some time hold the
positionq 'Of jury commiseton4r and
01e\k., of the c"nty. oard. Logan
Brown, oolored, his ben appointed
.jury - Vo(ntissioie.r. Ile i6 .. well
kiown to our citizens 'As lavibg for
%laly-- -yers been engageA in, the
b-fsineas If barber at -AViiisboro.
"1't 0.1tht.' Ppointinpts ave
been odn 6rwed by -the sohate,'- ud
*e presum'i t'ho of(hidra will at once
bater upon tbeir-duties.
A.a%.o r i Sm A ugil.-u.P horo %w a
quite-a lit'le #.*cltenent on Main
Street da Tlesday, afte.rnoon,. ocoas
bionOd by a%run.,aiway, team-$ttich'od
to- a,.hav Onntry ..wagon. The
mules beoamietartld at boietfhing
and .started sof' at anostAromionaous
rate, the dlver losing: Is self-con
trol enti.rely and leaving the afkright.
ed .mules entir.ly to thepleelves.
Aft-er running siroe; .dlotane V-oW
mulo fell and wab d'ag'd sevoril
yardk along .with the' .vagon. LI3ut
for this inpedimuent,-th teani w:ouj'd
scaracly have stopped short of thir
own manger. 4 Things wbre soon ad,
jueted,-nuch-to -the rblieff ot; th'
demoralized driver, who so'on "hitoba
ed up,'1and went rejoicing dn his
way h.-niew-rd. -
A- -Goo''OnniAer:.-The town
council of Winnsboro have passed an
ordinanceb.. piljbiting the burning
or tbrowi'bg of tu pentino or kerosene
balls on the Areot's. 4bi4 .b a.hit
excellent, la and .n'Iust ameot the
eapapsp a.pproval;of all +artie's4-e_'
cept, t.perhaps, those who have been
in iehab,it .of.suiusing ithe:nsolves
in,this dongero4s way.. It.no" only
retnains f1o .the .police W ie6t1 .the
nigi.. en.forcement.f the ordi.nance.
Thp1067roless; betting off fireworks on
'the strec%s is lij4ewise a Ppeciep of
sport iw,hich strikes us - as being of
very quest.i6pqble propriety. There
should at-len"Pt b.e siioli retribtions
placed. upon i. . aswt thit it' willi be
neither an.noyihg nor - dangerous to
people on th,e Atrelte. .: Christmaa is
on.ilg#.an( with - it of 'coursew-ill
come the'aocustomod -supply of 64*uibs
torpedoes, rookots;' e., etc.
A YpuTnruL Timr -.in aw
cett' a mulatto youth well .I,nown to
Wiunusboro people as a hanger-on at
thg d'apot and nuisance ggneral,
~peared in a now role on Saturday-.
Tired o'ftu slowv way to wealth, he
gave vent tb his spirit of onterprisle
by.try.ing bia.hand at the pick p c k
lit gerpie. . 8taidjnig by a North C'ir:
olina apple wagoric he watched his
chance, and when 4the owner was
busily aggagedy locd ,his .prize and
promptly left. Te ipocket- took
containbd. about $25.00 in, cash,, to
gother with r,ome papers, valuable
only to thb owper,' Jgated .by. ibis
sitecess and diotibtlebss-feelling tuite
rich, Jim dleter-mined 46/ pleas.
ure-trip to Charlotte, and acoording
ly took the cydnilig ti-ain foi- .thlat
place. Up to this poinit.) sp4.rthing
hg<J gone smuoothely, and Jim's -visiogs
bf%he pleassure of eity. life .were
do1bless very bright. IBut h'6 i s
sadily . disappointed. A telekrain
sent tt8 Chester reached that place
before the~ Ir.ain, anid Jim wileis me
at the de t.by the polico, and imn
mnediately takeni in charge. lie wan
brought to thig. phice on ~un ay
mor&ing, and put in prison to await
PERRONr,.-Odi' yotng follow
cfhizen, Mr. W. 0. oi-dan, leaves
WViiu.boro to-day for P-'t Itoyal, at
which placoe ho will take .b'irge.of a
railroad agency. Mr. Jdrdaln's re
mnoval from his nestive town wilt be a
source of rnueh regret to his u&mors
eus friend., as he has alwanys beecn
one of our best citizens. 1 n all e',.
terprisos started for the good of thi
tomnmunity he has taken an peive
bart, and liberally contrlbuted ligth
'his time and labor to their further.
a'aecn. He has at different times held
'ollico in the i-e ,company, in the
'ritin blub and.in the Masonic lodge
as this place-ini all offhuich he has
b,e.ei ane earnest and ejlicient oflioer.
As a gentlemain of talery ar.ud indus.
try .he will d)yperve success whero
ever ho inay see ait to east his des
tWey b3oip b Imneatrap,e (Tex.)
bter ,that Mr,-8,imon H. .Lump
.kinj formerly of tFairfill, has . been
admitted to practico as ,a l,awyer at.
.L'gre.ngei.. M r... Liumpk in . is, wel'l
knewri,t. theq people of. this . ounty
andl thoir best, wishes ,,attand, - him
in his efl'orts to climb the girofession
al ladder. ..
r DISAsTnous Frar, md CAnr,as-ron.
-'-he most destructive fire known in
,Charleston sinco the war occurred in
thi afterdooW of 'TuiAay t. Fbtb'
inst. The Champion ootton'pres in
was,observe& t be on A though
6very effort was -made y 'the fire
klepartment and othero .t, Wtag. t4e
progress of the flames, tihe fire sred
.rapidly ad rEsitted in the destrue.
tion 6f - the press, iehizmery./ and
building, together with nearly all
''GS xvpton- st%e . th4re. [email protected]'
out be of Oott. hter
y ihrown'Yr6m a-dray wi o\'ere,
and taken to the second sto:y of- the.
bov.ilding by 'qau' o(.pn elevator.
Efforts were made to extinguish' the
-fire in the bale, but withbut effect,
0nd the house was sood enveloped In
ttiamo TTe're Were 'two buildiuge
burnt adjoining the prep amid othor's t
seriously damged. - Tte press ald
uioltinory, which oost $50,000, wore
utte'ly1,wroaked anrd of 3,000 bales
of cotton, o#h 'LoutfI 26 were qyved.
The amtite lunalst siN4ted *byth
N o we asnd Courier at $25C0000.'!%
suttul i. Oought to-.h.3n -been fully I
ib,nted, but on the 'o ois pres and'
bui.dings, there was an insurdnoe of
Suly $20,000. The other property,a
destroyed was L-pt partially insured.
DIABONIC E.cCTO.-At a ,resu. r
lar comuniuicatiou of Wiunnboi.o C
Lodge, N.o. II, A. F. Nf., held on tb
17,h inst, the following offieawere
eleeted. to scry'e "r'r the eusuii g .
1Iasonio year;,
iI. R. 05e-r, Vt. M
J'; A. -Frisseri ti; W.
J.- 0. Sifuier, '. W. -
- 0. fi. MCdaUts, Tre. F
J. F?. StoM .ster, 8 o.
't. it. !tube r tion:,40. D
A. F. Gdoding, J D.
W. M.'Dwight, .
W. R. Garrisot, Stqwards. .
-At'a rIguila'r. aonibuulbation of
loluman Lodge, Nu. 07, A. F. W
lield un;the 5.h iinpt., tho, fulloniii e
tlicers. were eleotedoto- serve fur tLo
susuiog.Mamsobio year :
W, M. Meador V: AL
-W. D.. Boliak, 8. W.
J. H. groobyj J-. W. a
Fe btbr- Tteas.
J. P.- V. Lef, S90.:
A. G, Culeuun,8. 1
. 11. 0. OqAWidan, J. ii. -
bl. C, Atofie-'.
Timos. Jeukin, Tiler.
AI .* regular - ooivmnication ,f
blotVello Lodge; No. 100, A. F. A:
beld 12th inst., the following officers d
iere edeoted to serve for tlib ensuis i
Mlasonio year :
T. E. - 13'l1. W.'51.
V. Al:'Zoaly, S. W.
3. N. Rusby. J. W.
J. L Dawkids, Treaa.. '
'hopson Chirppell, Seo. i
At a r4gul.ar. Aoinimunigat ion a
of Fliot 11111 Loige,No. 85, Ao F. 1
M. h914 at iladol' Grove.on St.
arday the ld.h lj*td, 40llo*ipg OiR1. 4
aers were elected to Aero fdr the a
Dn6Uing 19 asonicyeas : a
obt. Ford. W. -A1. ..
J.-G. Johnston J. W. -
J. A. Giladden, Trona'.
R,i H. Ford, Sec.-.
31. Fib oulyvre, $.. D.d
A. 1H. Powbll J. D.
Isa ao G ibudi, -.fiIer. .
. E ToInAuR1gT AuN BA.i. A. BL AcK
rrocJ.-The good people: of. lIack '
atook were ,sq,. much pleased wit,h ~
th 4ournatneqt pf las4 g inter that
shay determined,to have ahNther on ~
r'hursday last. A 'ap).o freparatiorn
Iiad been ma.de to,ensuro~ aucces ,~ a
b~and..waS edadogd fromn .Cd.iui,
1and( to Mirt.John Carroll of th e ..
tel was enta'uit.d tihe task of pro
vidirig a 1,u%d.oue.,supper for' thme
votgr.ies of Tuiirpsiohoretat night.
.Asa is um.pa),ly the casei. qu such
onenions,'Th;tfreds~ *.nOrintg*atwn;
ed dark u'yd.!.werinui undl (ti-6w,a
damnper on t4l. . pan,.. perpons who
desired to witness1,th,. sport, Dut.
. tu1hearts are brgx whui$' lepe:
ure I.9Dne Wdti .bo;ed Ml, by t,ho
appointed howr a large oro.wd; hal.
gathered from lbJ,ekstook iandt, .the.
neighbloring coun)try. for, miles yojpd
in carr i'ged, huggishi agny horse,
back, mmul-bddi and foot b*ok, white
sad colod. , . .,
Kll preIilfnerles having been ar-.
4atiged, 'tih63 J,(ights, .:nineteen .ip
numuber, gallantly, int, turns dauhed
ttes .Eo L-Nre that we have pnis
pgpeed ihe 1h1 o9entiaiP ing tihe knights.
and.rheir Sh racto,abut ga.. en.
dea.vor td gI e AIieiurin a future *is.
sue.g.At the close of the tilting. thu
judges adhtouriWed the tilowinmg re.
suIt : :-.. .
Ira S. Scott,0CaptEin Jack,;7.iiga,.
W. J. Galp, Lone 8t.ar 'Z.rinmges Jno.
RI. Craig, itudolph of llapmbu.rgi 6
rings, J. W. Caldwell,t8ir.. Antiot-o'f.
the Branohu64 rings, Ciuookett $$rb'ud,
K(night of the.Nrght; 0 rihIg,, 11.., .
EdtitInds, Gray Ja.ket, 6 cings, G.ar
no~ties, LoneIy-Cavaller, B ring~a
This result neoessitated a . second
c '4pt,a skill which.resulted ,in a
victory, foreCaptain Jack,. who.reoieir.
ed a Silvoa Castor and wag. entitled
to orown the queen of Love and
Beauty. .: a... . .
Lone Star received second puise,.
a silver Cake b(sket, and .orowned
thu.irst jnidi of' h40or..
Rudolph,wvQn, the. -third. 'prize, a
handsome pitcher and salver, and
t1. 8Li e fighb'fAr a.'prtlnged
contest with the QAy Jap1e' won
the fourth prize, a handsoa'O slv.or
The j9dgis ,bat th
oould wake no,. " i rega d
horseiansb ljg- "
Thep, ihe:%-Impe 'tk Avi g, as
eroblid,'Capt P'lqu d the
I'oyal diadleta At brat tl Mass
611. P llmed - her
oWd fok t id fu ru
pthe: W Lawon
Caris'.-T 'lvceeel "b"Ayliced 'Ad.
uttablttp 1KrI war'tuly up.
>4auded.le "
Thu'ui ended tiae#tinmnt.'
1But all was not, oVet. -.-Iodn as
Ife .ide of evqUjg -ad elhsi)ed
lwtv the ]amt'iir6geritg rav. of'day.
igi t. the tjjtry st.raj,naof E0*-&gton's
andla ol.ec y p~L(auto se'kers to
r.ehnsstpaa~s'1 G'n s'pesda dy3ano
ng beganu. :tl nand atnd tqiare
lauces alternatnd.; the. ladios werd
iandaouje aid the 101ntlemen devot.
id com-i &UIO mdtfiaeel'yi6g With
h !ir kighty N-val' L vchial'rutd
ttestit td -the lair 4uk.
A the p'rpor tim aupper wns :.n.
aounced and.toh.thne.'or a teTly
narch, the-cou'l'es K ot.4 be
ioiling pro4toptno,3 to Ca ricl 's lOtel
i here "Iine hast'' -had propared i
-orry bahdomei. oooJlatioi. :Haoh gal..
at kunight'na bb 6led by t'e, tmarch
d with that firm tread, atd'h,,d 'that
eamihg look of uolrigb anad deter.
linai'On in his eye tla't pa iii 14
howedthat he had "A'rv'bd lilaeff
or the aematoonte .ae- was:pe.
iared for' .tay energeady. -'hore
ras 'no such word ag'ii in - his vo,
abla!ty..'l tIthlhIP' mine host,
ateos3t3 d ' ,e fii 4 0odsek eaptra o
he"'tieighborhooi.,4 Iind creuted a
orm,idable liat.ery .of .teats, cake-,
weetmu''s f'uitt&i -it wa; heroical
y Caried a.t, t point of- the-knife
nd' fork.
After slpper, danolt)g was reumr
d, imid-co ti'tied, till ai.oArly' hour
f tie rori'l.- Then s'ep "Vinitd
jon y eyelidi and Iho fe tivitaos% were
.Itiva' a-b tebefable ccecasion,
id grdtit 6rodit i dte,Og, 0ienads.
lid 'Othio'g J,obbuired' to. mar the
1ehdre . -of" the '.b6oasion< '1,hMo
qzwbaOhybe'' booka' for a'll' uob
ees of festitity iniJlackvto.k.
RACE.WIii. ik CAMIoA'.-Iast
rock a gila tile in 'Caim.
len. The CadicaYe6f.-Mkey Club held
tat Peodid anual mueetdn1 on Wedires
lay, Thur4day and .Friday.' The
a.ulbia individust wioe .honor it is
o presigevIe t'onoltorial olumno
4 the Ned.: and II'RiD, believing a
hangeofUair no6say fqr hii health
ospaitality for which the ci'tizens of
n'en are o noted, determined to
well tho tlitiug alioh 'collected in
ur-iiter town d i thii fditi-v oCood,
Cand.~on is..l4id dow n on the sla p
a a bout . thi-y-five ..mileos fri-om
Viaiasboro, but as ah>ut forty oxten
ailo'osof hills and" gulleyR. by, the
air. ct roito Arq not estimated iti this
beasurement, sarta tie diatattee by
ailais about a lhudred'. tuilei; re
uiring..th4 dajY''trar4a, it. 'wil1 be
een.:that t'he a3olirney is no(t unat-.
Volfe,' who was acqainte$. v. ith a
oute that striivk. tie .happy, men
setween-'the,.rocky aS...itin and the
'Tbarybdis of a railroad that tlreat.
~nod Io dytgulf.our smanll amnieat of
*AE'ordingIy We sec, rprti ai, .
aciI,k. WedaradAy anornaing, yrenm
elow Ridgeway tc -Palmor's.il,
tru.k across to Seiyrni, glihi-cli sad
thenho,by~ 'Lb.' bi'idge' to Ch.ad.en,
reachaing there, jy half past, I vi.
Hy.,the .. w.sa,.thaf. biiJgs r,flecta
grea.t oredit upon the po,,ple 'of Ker
show ,.There ha'd been a bridIge at
thia ('i, itt #hern E1iait mu paiaed
ha.o 'p.pliqd theo torcha to it i*n caodio
with all the jin htouses and uninha.bi,
*evci'al. fers the river, was. crossed
hy,,a ferry, wvhoosver the ,water' waa
naot.tjb, highi,a very, frequeont c00 ir.
rioneq bay ,h t,e way. 4.t last,.. Mr,
u) ajacon, engineered A bill ttrrongi
tbe Jegieltuarc pr9yidling for la tan
t,o re,buiJd Iikk bdge, Mesbr4.B,i1pm
baation annd Clarko were appoinated
coinnaksationers, and ..throtigha , theiu
energy, sufaiuignat,unis were ad vanoet
to. pigh the pr.jct .o e pi-ospoloul
conclusion. An accident oveourret
whilo thme bridge .waii building, ou,
spin iing precipilated into th<
river,1 .ono man kie~d anid sevo.
ral injured.a ,Ttie bridge Ie .a sub
stantial atmmuotere and4.coat .$18,500
A dteatiaet has beenf- making tri
weeklygtrips b.etween tbe bridge an<
the Wilmington, Colunmbia ,ani
Augusta R. R., lut a . foi4 . wouka
since, it struck a snag . and tuink
The captain, a soconad .liudso, "hela
her, nozzle.egin the biaank .till .tha
lasj)soul got itshore." and only thare
hundred barrels of turentne nam
with the craft. to the bottom. Handi
ate. now are at work raising her, and
.the triplwill'soon be resumed. But
this an"fe1so'd.
- ef:Oifn "CanadOn, w proceed.
od imi dodlitely' tb th rao4 gronnd,
a 'beaut1ful,-.'traok a mile -'lobg.
We foind th'4 Baoon'g and Fludd
and Casb' at1 'rtebor stables were
re'prosented ')ruelli, rlo*er
Girl and Jin. Ili"6n. - Several nor
theralliotses W"ere thidol and Ong .or
two*6.thirsIhblhad boe.* disabled on
tho CQ un%ia uaitise, and could not
- At;firet -4e i66ld not. onter the
.rivi'to 0tabi, but on beidg pret'ient
ed yVMr. T.L Claeke, the Vibe.
Prebilitt of the Clb, with a white
ribo'n,..wo found it an open esame
to-all tlhe gates Whioh piotoeted the
eloot fNw *frMnt 't i'noble nean.y.
1deru we found'th10 boal y awd dde.
01 XorAhtiw atid'the adjoji'ing e,un.
tlis. liific'd was .rtrasnted b
rverl of Ber fair dinghteaAndH]y
Blas ulow, TNirrF11, MIphi
WGIe, ~uId thn N:ws.
'Daring the lirst itnid 'acond dx'ya
the t-oas were not exbitlcing, as hV
horlf1 wete uneiti y matohed, but
on Frilay tlero was a beautiful r'tio
of tinile b1at'., lopt thre.e in f've be.
tirion F.idd and Cai'b's Pru6siait fnd
31on6's JiU Iinton. Prdssian was
tho'Tavorit4, and'won in three close.
ly c -itostod heitts. . There were two
tue duAheg for untrainod saddle ibr
nes, ad. -110 of a :idle nid one of a
half tiille. MiJ'Caotey's niaro' .on
both ades', -.\lr; Burrel' ' Boykin's
mare winning fe'cool fon -y. Thei
daimI Waii gt),d for unitraind horses
1A8, and 5. In a ditah,of a' t arter,
E.leroe'e black beat Ilow 'a roan
poney. A very tinusitg raco b'.6
tween two tackey podies whas run on
P1td'y fftternoi.' The 'bay 'b6fod
twice, throwing hNi rider both times
:tlud jiuteping the f6nce nce, but on
n'third-trial won the race amid groat
Une' of the (batuios bf the'ddcasi.)n
wai Waeh Beiny 'rormerly the bidy
a6tvaht'of *)ol. Ancrrtin, hilt now a
resmauratceuri in Camdin.don. 'Ile hoad i
..rrse whih he persisted in running
6ery'tiine. 'fromi a Chile 'down to n'
(uarter. Ile wuui and' lo'st ibotit, an
evei number 6f thities, exhib.Ltiug the
griato.t vtoician I-who Tot-tuto was
unpropi tiOus, snyliigho was only 'iun.
nintg for the anum,eaent of the ladios
and tha t the nionef in the oountry bp
loniged to the white filk4 anyhow.
lle was a Scytwour -man in 1871. and
an enthuliatic supporter of Green
and, Kqrahaw in tbo last a-ilpaign.
I be lt'ie'st of thd' ojdadion wa'
greatly incraiied by 'the presence of
the. lAdi-c', niuy of whoU were priho
On \Wodlcsday tiit'delitl
entortainfent w..S vilen by M r.
Williatf Elet-ie. We had often
heard ofthe beauty of, the- Canilon
ladies Lul our anitci1)atiohfs were
more tian realiked. 'Ithey'are bean
tiful daulcern t06, ond devoted to that
lulehneut. - On TPlirsday ifight, a
'al was given which was also a
oolnplete success.
.Ott F. iday ntight Mr. Carswell do
lkvered a lecture s n temiperannco coe
fore a cro,wde.d house, and 'many
mnnbers we're added to the uheacdy
floittiahine teun paz atle or'gicniztion.
We tetarnied to Winnboro after
a mcoc.t delightful viscit ,. rendored
more chirairig by.-the hospitaility of
the citildha of datiide'h.' DurMcg our
dtVy we ie ro theo guests of-Dr.- 8.
liarueh, thei 'piezftt of the South
.Uhrol'in -Ald ical A.Ninjition, anid o:
Mtr. '17 9!. Cladec~. MI t. Clarke is
Chiairmcn of thlE- Boaj d of Counity
mitors, ul,oitod by both par -
Camiden hasi two 'live liepera, t hie
Juninal , ow nedl by M s.eSi. Trn.t
naml & -Hav, aun'l the Gaizettbe, -owps
ed by Mr. F...1'. Seard. Tfhe latter
ianed a daily dIuring *thle ricOic.
(Our trip w;Ie a delightful one, and
to anly one wkhiug jo e.huow"-aide
dull care and pass a joyotue :t.ime, we
perbea visit to Caccuen during
ner fest ivo season. -- -
Our store~
L be cloaopl on1'hH;1ilina iay.
McM iASTidIt & (1I1Ci,E.
dee 22
Ewill i ot nn u Fridify.&
dec 22
Al Leriilin Fai field iabl Club.
NT0(Ial-ehereby ordered ta~ nppear 'on
.N.'Frdaythe 26th Irist. a' 12 o'clork
v. in fuall nauir~ofn armed! with Iiabro and
piAcol, for company 'iil naali parade.
Bly order of te Jrre sinctt.
* W. J. I~l HION.
dec 23 - 1.st Warden.
IWinutsboro Lodge, .No. 1,.A. F.M,
i jH E ROttI,A at AxxVuAr/Co)uasNl,V.4
..or this L.'>dgo (bliing the festiv1I of
St. John rthe Evahngsls) will be Ithd 'ia
m'c fortio hall oli Mrtuicer'evening ne:<t,
legree will b,e.oOuferre'd. .h)rethcren will
be phttic'alc arid"ajembers roust comefe
p.red to pay due,.
dec 22 y. C. SQUIEIR, See'y
A h1s1lLo dge No. 86, A . F. al. wlll b
held at Gladdlen's Grove on Haturday fth
Ph ,day of Januaty nekt. A full a' lend
ance is requeaceud, and all membern wil
come I:rel arted to pay their dtcea, tor thebl
names will be etased from the roll.
By order-of tho'I.odge
dec 23 Bee.
Special Notices.
..A MaR 91 iUstu.-Os o of th.e
saddest spectnoles in the world is 'a hu.
besn heing sbastertsd and broken down by
the use of ardit, spirits. But Abo damage
isay be ..repaired, tb's ru.tiq testored to
perfot souAIdessu, by. a. sgrse of that
most powerful. of .all ,invigotauts, DW.
Walke's,. Vinegar Biloors. Be.wait of
those "tonics" of which runt is an elentent.
They aggravate disease and promote de.
People will get married, aid. anost of
s doia heV but one 1hae0, so do it Ip
in style.. joreover. it. is a, po,or oorlpli.
mont to your. friends to inlvite, thein to
your wedding with a shabby. invitation.
The i4vilation is your how ; it iltroluees
Ile life of the new cotple. and sJoild be
in the best style. Walker, Evans. &
Cogswe'l. Charleston, S. C. have all te
fnes0 styles.of paper, cards,. &C.. and
exectite the work in the highest otyle of
,ih- art. send to them for sainples and
,The tovp1ty,of.Char leston, . C., for the
nist (ev wecksighe great rtduetion in
prioem of all kxqtd of Dry Oood4, Carpets,
Oil Clpths, etc.,. at the p9p1lar Hoste of
Furchgott, levedict & Cq. who, it is
khkwti, koop ,the largoot fksd best selected
stock .of abore nai.ed G.odo at th'o lowest
possible pri s. Country orders enrtist
ed to thismn are filled with tl)e I greatest
oaro anAd dipps,toli. If goods are not sat
iefectory,-monay ivill, bo retirned.. Sam.
plot septiLon appliesiti9j). ltrnit per ex.
pree.or Post,Offico Order, or goods will
n sent c. o. n. All retail orders over $10
will be sent free of charge.
Ameng sir new a4vertisemotil, is that
rf eq of tIhq ,ol(tat, ist,lishi:mast .in
t ate. Estab4limlhedl in 183.1, it has nnitn.
sinledt.he fret.'place in its line of hi iness
ITith lorge eierience ana .uneurpayed. e
acilities, Messrs. .1 ir, Evans & Cogs.
k#ll ar.e prepared to sustain the reputa
in ef t.heir establishmnedt.. Like A. T.
tsivirt. they holilv inl nswpaler adver
ing. and take this neamns t,o aniounce
hat,.ths have this posson addel Ivery
argely to Iheir stock of typt -nd
naohinery, and are better prepared than
iver to please their oustomers. We wish
hem every,suocee..
C-IARLEl'ON, S. d.
',f11r'toh s Ihsiblto a- I LAler'ei it genera
a.icurneise and *ell selected stook o
Dry U ao Ia, Carpots, Oil Cloths, NIat tilgs
ks.,,at tihe lowest prices. ierowit h they
ainox the priesot# o e artiules-Uelicon,
rito 1 to L I ,,. Long (.k,tih , from 11 to
5q. Bro*t\ Jiomespune, optra .heavy,
rr0n 7 to 109., Je w%', from l'2j. up
wertle, Casim-eros,. (ron 40.. tpworde,
Fl aels, frot 20 to 40o. 14slios', Misses'
and lent's Ilose, a., ,$,1. 15, $,.00 per
Jnz. ud upwa,rds, tuspendmra, $1.44 'er
IoA. atnd upward, I,Alief' an1i 06ents
Poeket Uhl,li0 piefs, f.rom 600. per dot.
and.upwards, Black and Colored Alptas
Mt0, and upward, I)ress Goo'ls. from 25Q
kpwar4e, L,idies'and ilatiis' ' Furnishing
jootIs. Ifoueskespiig ( omls,.Faioy .0 ode
Itilpbons, Notions, &o.. from. 16 to 26 ppr
sent.eh,1per thaq olsewhisre. ., (topIes
tent an1. orders' protmptly iled. All
retail orders from $10.00 tipwardit, setit
per Pxpress free of charge A liberal
Ilbe,ount to wholesale dealers.
' 1r..3. WValkeri Ca1l1rornia VIis
gai' Bitters Oro a purely Ve etable
roparation, miad'o''c,holl fro to Ia
ivo horbs fognd on tho lowor rangds of
tho Sierra Novadaih.ountAnins,Q Califor
ilhI, .ho .mdicinal proeprtlb 'of'Which
nro extractod therefrom wtiout the ns6
of Alcohol. .. Tho questioti is almost
daily ftsked, "What is tho cause of the
unprll)otlold sitCcess of VIN'JtGAn Ur
'rxnpf" Our answor Is, that they e'ooe
tIld cause of disenso, and tho patient re-'
p'overs his healtht. Triiey atto the grorat
blood purifiori and a lifo-givrIng' principlo;'
4W pefch Ronovator and I tivlgorators
of the systein. ONover bofore ill thid
history of the world has a mtedioino been
compounded possessIng thmo romatkablo
q,ualmtics of VtNxOAn ItITTatta In hoaling the
trck 'of overy disease nman Is heir to. Tfhoj.
ere a goentlo Pinrgative as \Yell as a Tonic,
relieving Congestion or Inflaufmnation of
ttTla, L.iver apid Visoeril Orggn's, in JJIlious
Dindasba, "' .', -,7 .
T'ie pfropeatIes or tn. WA LTtEaLt
VINEOARL UtrMru are Aperiont, Diaphotlc,
Sedatiro, Couptor-Irritant, Sudoritic, Altera
hire, and Anti-41il iou. -.
A.- al. hletbjgAJj & aco,
Drugg:ista sine lGen. A gte.. NAn Frannisco, Calfornia,
and nr. s.dWeeijt,n n *ud C2harlton S't,s., N. Y.
Sold ,y mal uruggists and Dealers.
Shier1f's Sale of. P5ersoltal Prop
-Q Y virtue of a warrant on agricultui-at
..J lIon ani'd mdortgago, I will'ofter for
sale, for o.11 at *publio. suction to the
,bighest bidder before the court house
dour in Wlnnmsbors wIthin the legal hours
O.f esleon the first Monday in .Jatnuary
ext aind the day following, the following
de ebrib'dp porsonal property to wit:
One mutle, fdrty bushe corn, Doir -o
less (in shu.ck) two stacks of (odder, la'vied
u pou'as Ih'e pfopraty of.Sam Greirn at the
stilt of A. F?. Gkooding agt. against Bamt
One naulo and ono four-horae' wagon,
levied upon as. the' property of Jobn.Mo.
Dowell, at the suit of Rt. A: Buchlanan
againti. John Mowell.
Two mules, levIed uipon as the prop'ert!y
of A . G:. l.ookiman at. ' hEu suit of A . F.
Uoodiug agt, agaial, A. (I. Blookmnan.
01e bale oetto'n and ono Ntidf'ded bd&h -
elma cotton ee'eds mno.e or loss, levied Cpon
as thes 1 'oporty of' Andrew. Coleman a)
the' uit olJ. F. Coleman against Atndrew
., ALSO ,
,.Three bales col ton levidea up'on as the
propersy-of iiis 13rice at the sqit of
CaIdwell, Diro. & Co. against, Willie lirice.
* Oh'6 bkle 'coton, ' fifty 'bushols cotton
seed,. moore or less, t'. ce htundred pounds
oh' fodder, mdre or' lesis, twenty bu hls
corn, moreo or less, levied upon as t-ie
property of/f'urner Dutfy at time stilt, of
I). U. Montgomery against Turner Duff1.
One bale o#tton, thirty buele ctton
reed, nmore ot- best, one hundred and sixty
five pounds fodder, tnore er less, levied
upon as the property of Gleorgo Meroer at
I the suit of 8. L. Mc Waters againsttGeorge
Merc'oer. L,. W, bUV ALL, 8: F. ,
Shteriff's Ollico,
Winfeboro, 8. U.
J)eo 10, 1874.
. .eit 41z2e
fA [N ING p urofis'd I re
:So kf.. -. &4 & Cu., we
)ffer,a,eboiqi aSleotion of
Dry GOods;'
Hate Trunk,
Cr Akery,
Grocories, &c.
edal1'afd inspect our goods and be
W. i. iL NNIkEN & CO.
dea 17.
-AN'D 0
.ZL L WL X 3 E.
13. ft0' SnltOP,R.gent1oini.o Pnof
Al "Oyg' Jlskltdy. WOblub'g, B!ftnk
's e Shawls, Corlet n 1d T iIObo4, pleach'
d, Browu and Paid Ilomespnps, C%ill.
wep, Spool Colton, Linen beimamk# hud
k loxe for L ep, new P yki
let NoklaeOes, @yar e l Ipon,
Plated hart, Sittde, I ulal Ilandker.
Oilefs. (something ew), 0'enilemen's
ann.R 'nid Silk l.j'd 'volefs, now. Style
ubil, ealded dress Budlons, Blaok
Silk ll,s. A Fins assortment of To'wall
Full athortment of Cr(ookeny pa -Olas..
ware. Fancy China Cpps kib Saue.erg
anmd China M tugs. -
"Black Allpacoas and Vaiis Al1 accs of
choice macke.
BtouIgr dSkirt. and Plalud' h,dsIeys:
Many of these artioles are. desirable for
and will be mold at
Withers & Dwight,
deo 17
CalmCaes ,eptal,t e.oh'. Net1ate of
again'si 1u.nle i Ipkind; Amos T'.
Uw gli ildd Edward 'L. Trdol-dge, co
r hers undef- 38'he AEm name of flop.,
kna, i)wi'ghet and Tu1obHdmge, and Samn'1
Cl 7~ o*kiuey as Clerli If the' Court of
Colnmo ..,' )Ehe for tho Coubty afore-.
TsaidmldCfundants., ..:.
T N peuanoe' of an brdar ef ceuri In
..the.abov,e 'tated ease, all j,ereons
having dialtnly etf~saut the said John H1.
Oathlo rhe~re hit-obj 'notinied 'to preerit;
and ept abli'sh th'e'same before thue under-.
signq.et at his offioe ma Winnaboro, 9. C.
on ef' b,fore the. 18th of(January neil.
W B are now reeelving a full line oft
Goode fote lihe liolidamys. A lauge
lot ot Calicces juset arrived..
Call in land ane the latelt utyles of
Calicoes and Hi. Everyting sold on
very reasonable Ier ns by.
deo 10 1). LAUDERDALE.
100 l"ye4 2il~ *'iik l
in good order-LOW FOR CASHI.
d so 17-t2. ..J AS. R. AIEN.
.Administratrix's Notice.
A LL pesons havind derpands galls
...h'a'Estt of Jox'AqrUA D). L0;ot.
MANa, decessed, will render ii.en in duly
ateued Without dolay to Jatues HI. Ri el,
Ait.orniey, or to the 'underigned at Pess..
terville. SA bLA,E M:'000EMAN;-N'
I dro 12-d ix3 A dIiniaumstrix.

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