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S$1100,00 AN,NNO8
0,0 4vl It7.I
WILLIAMS & DAVIS, Prorietors.]A Family Paper, Devoted to S ooe -A hi 04morktu~ sab;'' ? B~~i OP iA mU1h Av~
VoL. xe] WINNSBORO), S. C.. WEDNES-DA4,o ' I~ JA.tA~JOi1~ N.3
F A I BF I1 E li D 11B RIL D
W I L L I A RI s & A V 1S.
Terns.-The lIAR A LD Ir publiohed Week
ly in theoTown of Winnsborto, &L *6.0
invariably in advance.
'r* All teadilent advertisements to be
.A I'D IN AD VAo. R e
Ohiltary [email protected] and Tribute 1.00
per I quoreo , i
GiRANDPAPA' somho0quv.
1Al Iar'fl we-. I i-%symutig,
We uuIIC% lainrl1A IK14-te thod I
Ive didn't speak of "them g-,lloots,"
Whten meaning boye or ineu.
When Ppeaking of the nice hand- write
Of Joe, oi- Tont, or Bilt,
We did It plnin-we didn't Sy,
"le bWings a nasty quill."
Anil Ayhen re seed a gal liked.
Who never failed to pleare,
IV e enllel her pretty, neat and good.
But not ''about tile cheese."
Well, wl'en wei met a gnod ol 1 frien d
We lindit'i intely veen.
We Preted him-htit didn't ray,
Alallo, you old ardine."
'The boys ont. mni sometimes ad it61
We spoke of kinks nnd blow" :
lint now tlicy "whack him In the stioot"
And "pa <te him on tIle nose."
Once, when a vonth was turne,1 away
FroinI her he love-l most denr,
Ile walked off on his f et-hit now
Ile "erawls off on his ear."
We itepd to Inn(se. when f was young,
And used in eall it so :
liIt now I hV don't-they only -.sling
The light fantastio toe.'
Of death we, s:nke in language plain,
That. i wio conil I porolex :
Tint in thei i days otle don,;'t die
fie "passes in his cheeks."
We prnised the man of comm' sense I
I is.udidsnent's gond, w sid ;
Dut. now they say, 'Well, that old plum
Ins gi a Itlevel hend "
It's rnther sad the children now
Are learning ill snch talk :
'hely'v, learnod to "'chin'' instland of Cht,
And -waltv," instead of walk.
To little Ilarry, yesterday
Mv ginoideblld, aged two
I sniel, -Y..u love grandpi i" Said he,
-'You bet your bouts I do."
The children howel to st'angers, once 1
It is no longer so :
The0 little girl , : 1jell %l hoys.
Now greet. you with "I iello I"
0, give nie back the go id old days
Whenl both ilie you!ig and old
Co:verse in plaid old-filhi-Me1 words,
Alt slan.t was never -'ohing-"
Butcher alerfill.
In the House of Revresentftives,
on 'Tuestday last, Coigressman 810ss,
of Alabama, offered the following
resolution, upu which lie called the
previuue( ifuestion I
Siesolv, d, That the secretary of
war be, andi he 1i. hereby, directed
to inform this House whether any
(omm1lissioned oflleer of the United
States army, while on duty in any of
the Southern States, has receiVed or
attempted to procure payment of any
noney or other valuable considera
tion from the Legislatures of any of
said States, or endeavored to procure
I -gislation to that effect as a compen
sation or rewardl to himt for services
perfoirmed in thle line of his duty as
an o,ficer oft the army or otherwise
and whether any such officer, white
so stationed and on duty, itas been
admit ted to practice at the bar of ainy
of said States, aind has notually
pract iced thereat for his personal
emnolument, iubi!a receiving pay as
an officer of the army, and whether
suoh officear is niow ao oficer of the
Air. K(arson asked Mir. P. Mt. B
oung , of Ge~orii ,to lnme then offi
eer whIo had comitted the 'illeged
offenc. Mr. Y.inng said he wou4ld
leave that to the~ iteLieLary of war i
thmat be desired to name no fran.
Upon the same question being naked
by Mlr. Garfield, the following answer
w'is returned by Mr. Yonngs '-1
will state who it is? "II ia Major Mefr.
til." Trhe IIouse, by ai vote of 105
to 65, refused, and the resolution
was laid oveor under the rules.
MlcGowani i's. Iloge,
A Washington correspondent has
bea n making obser eationss, and ro
fers to McGowan's chance for Con.
gross, lie says $ "Gen. McGowan
is known and highlly respected in this
city, Hie would (10 well to contest
Hloge's seat. If any reasonable
ground can be found, the next House
will unseat lioge and giveo the place
to McGowan, Iloge lives out of
the district ; Richilaud County is
not i'a it aceording to law--rot eao.
tiguous to the rest of the territory,
The Republioan vote in Abbevill1e
and in other localities was so exes
aive as to raise the suwption that Hoege.
__ majority was fraudulent, and Mc
Gowan should look to this. He has
friends bore."
A plan for curing drunkenness
proposed by Mr. Gladstone, has just
gone into effect in Liverpool, and
now a list of all the public drunkards
is published in the daily papers every
Monday morning.
Artfil Bretonl girl.
You often in Paris meet the Bretou
lads, and instantly recognize them by
the out of their hair. The girls,
howovor little, all wear %vhite *aps
that conceal overy atom of hair,
which, toguther witbhoir wide ool.
lars, give them a very quaint, old
Iashiond upp.iavanoe. The1 girls 1111
ve.ry lroud of thee; ping, wil
collars, and a wi inkle or orease
would be very distrtaing.
0l1ut," said our artist and conpay..
non 'de voy/age, "you would think
these pretty girle had no lovers, for
their collars are never rumpled, and
It k generally conceded that a lover
in the rural districts always implies
tumbled curls and collars. flow do
you h'pose they manage it Pt
"Do without the lover."
"By no mnealas. They just slip
their hands under their collars and
turn them up like a hedge about their
ears. The custom has bon handed
dowti from moller to ,daughter until
the most unsophisticated young girl
of Fixteen knows how to flip up her
collur and keep It smooth as well as
the wisest."
"llow did you find this out ?' we
asked, much improsed with the
amount and carauter of his infor
"How did I find out I Oh, yee, I
I was told."
ClIfrleloitl huid St. 1,9uIs,
The St. Louis Republican, in
speaking of the seat,oard availabili
ties of8t. Louis, sas that among
them: my be mentioned Charleston.
It adds ; "The event of the war has
awakened tho tpirit of the Charleston
merchants to the necessity of sustain
iing the capabilities of their harbor
for foreign commerce, and building
up the commerce of city, and they
are making every eftort toward this
end, and to enable it to look to the
Valley of the Mis,issippi through St.
Louis as the grand point from whence
to effect it, and a call is made on our
city for proper encouragement." Toe
Republicao prints.tho report of the
comm1111ittee of direct trade of the
Chas ber uf Coinnroe, and the pro
ceedings of the Chamber relative to
petitioning Congress for an appro.
I riation of money to be used in
dredging the bar. -News and Courier.
Wni'S II a Nonc I
fy the wll of a very wYealthy lady
of Virginia, all of her bonds and
some of her property of con.,i ierabole
amount, was devised to the lapti.t
Theological 8etninary of South Caro.
lins, The will was contested, and
the lower court decided that it was
void, as the name of the ben efloitry
was Southern Baptist Theological
Meminury, which name did not appcr
fully in the will, The Huprene Court
of Appeals of Virginia has reversed
this decision, and the seminary above
nientioned is better off by over
$80,000. The case has been nearly
eight years in litigation.
King Kalakan, who Is now visiting
this country, is thirty eight years of
age, a native of Hlonolulu, and a
graduate of the royal sohool, lie is a
fine looking mant with mustube and
sike whiskers, and is said to possess
considerable culture and an exten.,
sive knowledge of international laws,
lie visited California in 1860 in
company wvith set'eral native princes.
Hle ir.arrhi.i in 1836 a danghter of a
Hlawaian, chiof'. Ihvio)u5 to bis
electio'n he held a posin~ion as; clerk
In the deprartment, and wan secretary
or the Prif~y Cortnell under the last
tw o kings.
Gov. Chiausberlain has given an
other earnest of his intention to carry
out hhs promises of good govern ment
bip the reappointment of Mr. Donald
McQueeni as Treasurer of kershaw
County on the It inslfst, There is
not a more effioient and faithful pub
lie offlcer in tihe Stato than Mr. Mo.
Queen. [His appointment moeets wit h
the hearty approbation of all Citizens
without regard to party .-Jesh&a w
At a recent prayer meeting of
colored peopid at l'rie, the deeenay
and good order of the mo'etitrg being
dlisturbed by a negro named Brown,
whose prayers in publie were only
ineoherent ravings, the pastor in.
quirtod :"What fool nigga's dat
prayin' down dar ned' de do 1" A
dozen people replied with once voice :
"It am Bfrudder iBrownr sah."
"Den,'" replie d the pastor, "flrnd der
Brown subside, and let some pray
dat's bettor 'quainted wid do Lord."
An interesting little boy, timid
when left alofte in a dark room, was
overheard reoently by his mother to
say in his lonelInessy "0 Lord don't
let any one brurt me, and I'll go to
eburoh next Sunday, and give you
some money.."
A couple of fellows who were
pretty. thoroughly soaked with bad
whiskey, got into the gutter. After
floundering for some time one of them
maid : "Let's go to another house
this hotel len,ks."
We are gratilod to loarn that
Geu. X1Gowau will contest th elee
tion of Solouon L. Iloge as member
of Congress 'rom tie Third Distriet..
The mijority ulimed bly Ilogo io
3,558, but there was repeating by
the ne,-roos and iti midai,n of the
whjil'!s in nlearly every county, tnd
%N-) hlave tio d1.ub t tbat, 1 . Me
Gowin teceived a majurity of thl
legaIl votes. lJidO. this, the acts
of Congless relatillg to repre-eati
tion provide that eaoh iistriot Mhall
be composed of oitiguous territorj,
and the County of Hichland, whauli
the Steate Logi.,lature put in ti.
Third District, is nut Coln tiguus to
anly other county in the di.triet.
The vote ef Richland mut be io
jected by Congrres, and that county
alone gave llugo 2,315 majority.
We must disent., however, from the
opinion of our corrempondert, Nine.
ty-Six, that a Douiocratic Congress
havitig tho power to do -o, -hould
seat Gon. IMcGowan, as lage was
seated by the lRdical Congress, in
1861). Mr. Reed, the olpontent of
Iloge i.) 1868, wis lawfully clootod,
nud it, was a grave offecia andit(I a
grievous wror g toexclude him. Butt
Den1o0rals Caonot O.r-.rd to pLay
the racally pranlks whihell are a in ;t
ter (it tourse with It .ii.e k, tnd if
ar inves"igati,n ..it ani t1hor..ugh,
shows that Hlope was really elected.
he must have his sot. J u3t such
practiots as that of re jectilng a law.
fally elected candidate on laccounlt of
hi.A politics have put the10 Nationul
Rel.ti,lians in de-ip mournig, and,
if th.. Denocrats wereC foolish eiough
to follow their example, they would
soon and properly be thrust back
into political obcurity.-Alws and
&djusting the larness to Fit the 1Horse
Every part of a harness should be
buckled up shorter or let out until
the harnefs fits the horse as nearly as
a pair of boots that are of proper size
for one's feet. The collar siould it
uloely, with space enough at the
bottom to admit a man's -handl. If
too large it has the bad effect of
d rawing the shoulders toget her. On
no conwideratiur should a team or
any work horkr be compelled to
wear a marting-, as it draws his
head down and prevents him from
getting into an easy and natural po
The cheek-rein may be ised, but
only tight enough to keep the head
in a ratural position and should
never be wound around tle Inumes.
See that the hanies arc buckled tight
enough at the top to bring the d-raft
irons itt the proper point oil' onle side
of the collar. If too low, it not only
interferes with the action of the
shoulders, but giv-s the colliai an
unevon beariig. Caution Rh0u11l be
taken that tLe girth is not buckled
too tight, particularly oil string teams,
for when tile traces are straighteued
it has the temt-n y to draw the girti
against the belly anl distrets4 the
horse. A Leauister Ithould be eduion.
ted to harness a hor-e corree:lY, as
this is so: ething that euinot 1.e
caught by writing.-NT. Y. //crab?,
A Circuhtir.
The following circuldar was sent to
yesterday to the treaisturers and audi
Itars to whtom itti ould applly:
ExneuttivE O).n-,lt utti,
()vtcE oF CttM t'TiI 'i.ER.t -J F.N 5i.A ,,
tXLUulnA, l)coc nter 28, I $7 ;
M.---- Traurr (or Audtr.
- CYount|:
Stin-Youtir attin tion is inivi ted to)
scetion 13dI, not No. 631. ahprovedl
iAJarchi 19, 1874, eiititled "an nt to
reduce all neots anid p.ar-s of acts pro.,
vidling for the atsssmLett and ttaxas
thon of property insto one net, and to
nitnd the same."
TJhe section above hof,ed refers to
your oflijal be-nd% and Oce'ms to ha4d
gener ally been ignored by oficers in
comistsion tat the dlate when the aet
became a la w.
Considering the greait renponsibflity
devolving on and'tors and treasturers
and the absolute necessity of a more
correot record than has heretofore
beeii presented, I am instrueted by
the comnptroller-general to inforrm
you that his excelleney the governor
requires of you a new oflicial bond,
to be maide for-- dolltars, and
tba' the sureties to thesamie shall jati.
fy. Bhoid yon fail to comply with the
above requtiremeont on or before the
15th proximo, it will be considered
evidetnee of your iniability to furn-ish
the necessary bond, and your suces
sor will be a ppointed, Please receipt.
loespeotfully, &o.,
S. Li. HLoGE9
G overnor of South Carolina.
1heeause a St. Louis paper said
someothing about "the boot of publi,
indignation,'' the jealous Louisville
Courier-Journal must go and say:
"On a St. Louis foot snoh a boot
would be eapable of kicking the
stuffing out of a rane of mountains,"*
00 of the Menst .j s , l
dents in lloraca Greele #.only J
to Europe wts his:e I g .
1I0 was one of the- .4,
mnissiouerc,at the -PA VR ppt og
of indu.try, and whei. f'rJ
arrested on eamplaint f I q
soulptor, who had 9ent at t
the World's Fair iii, N
Mr. Greoley had beg
11a1Uagers of t1is, fair
at,Nerted that his 'tateL.4ds 4
jbred, and held Mr. Grpp og
ble for three thous tod dP *r4 A
gei. The builifJ wold not let
Horace go unless thEEon1sbti
dolla,s we.re deposited . ., purity.
It wus late when he ya 4d,
his friends' checks on the GUN
were noe s4tisfaotory, -a3hiAbtlff4
could not draw the aiuopt ;till the
next day. ' - ? -
There w4a,9o esoap9,
put in prison, breathing .4
on the French police, and reneh
lUw in general. The nexemmring
he was in high spirits, and ailii!,t
a visitor, "TViiis has boei<dvP tle
111ost fortunlate icdnse, sie
Without it, I doubt if 1 etl* Ishould1
ever Itave -had the opportttuis* 1o sob'
good sooiety. Sourouly dd.Tear'Wed
last evening when I was waited ofr by'
a delegation of the aristotieMVquand
invited to joid- theit- nie'si -1.Wt&'
evening at dinudr we had aorinoelat
the head of the table, and I was Oank
ed on the one side by a coAt!nd Ion
the other by a baron If [ oplyird
M ain here long ehohgli, shaW-note
only learn the French lu anebak
good manners into the bargain, :
C1110AGo, Decembei 20.'-Th're is
hiAh official authority for sa)ing that
(Jen. Sheridan does not gq, to New
Orleans in obedience to IY direet
order-, but in compliance vith the
personal requeht of thd President,
who desiros to have some one,at-tbat
point in whom he has iwpligit 0ona
dence to furnisb him with, tfuthfui
information -hud of suoh'. :Ank"that
in case of emergency he-dhftot wIth-'
out special orders from 'Washington.
Gen. Sheridan was intending to go to
Cuba in a fow weeks, and this trip
South is only anticipating time, tor
after a short stay in D.ew Orleans he
will sail fut Cuba. Ilis immediate
work in Louisiana is to conserve the
peace, and lie will not remove any
officer or take any part in ailitary
altirs there, unless It is absolutely
becesviry to accomplisb that object.
Lieut. Gen. Sheridan, acoompanied
by 0on Rucker, Major Geo. A. For.
sythe and Col. Al. Sheridan of his
staff, left here last nlight for Now
There need be no doubt about
it, Gen. Sheridan has documents in
his pocket attaching Louisiana to his
deparsnient, whiah he may promul.
iLC at his di.-cretion.
The Lunatic Asylum.
The relort of 8uperlatdndeft Hn.
sor < f the State Lutatio Aiylum, for
the past fiseal year has been received.
Durint the yeat there were 208 male
and 2I femAle patients in bho ins,i.
tu ion -428 is all. Of this nWnt,er
36were dishttrgud5 havinig recover.
ed, 20 improved in boa Ithi and 44
died. Athe end of the year there
remained in 'the insrtitution U1
patients. The floanen of the Auy
bun according to tt:d feprt are iu a
very dleplorable stare. The receipt.
during the liscal ye.-r were $105,.
goJ9 01I, and the disbdfreements the
samie. Trhe liabilities, at the close
of the fiscal ye tr endIag OYsober $1,
1873, were $9I155t 6't, and lat ios4
of thre past fiboal year $57,04') S'5 -
which louves the institutiojn in debt
in tire surm of $149.0i0 09. Art ap'
propriathiu of #10,0&&0 is askedl for
to supiport the Asylum during the
atpproainig year.
Offletal Boetit.
'rhe attdtton of Godvarrvof (lhgw?.
herlaini has been drawn to the sfact
that many contrty treasutets and
au(iitors are serving without sufficient
c.ficial bonds,.11i. has direeted Like
comptrol ler-gen..ral tn rttf such
oficers that a 8rnoS lompflane *ith
the6 law will be ne'eessary on their
part if the'y desire to continue i6
'I air respective positior. lHe afso
i ursthat the sureties shallI justify
Thenotof are 19, 114,requ 'ires
the auditor of Charleston dounty to
give a bond of $10,000 ; R oblandj
Jbe'gufori and Abbe'ville. *7,500 y all
the others, ,000. Tue treasntrEt
of Charlestoro gites $50,000 , lich.
land,- Abheille- and lietauort '$89,
000 e and all She others $#0.q00,
We understand txs4a cinse si'rutiny
will be made of the ehgraotsr t the
I. 1. kimball, wko left the #f,at4
of Georgia under a cloud, sorne yeari
since because of his donnection with.b
alleged frandulopstbpuds, has rqtt.n.
ed to Atlanta,- ajd.h j been invited
by a number of loadug capltahlath tt
deliver a le6ture on the' pro priety of
establishing a large cotton fastory ii
that city.
The-priteeWqf ialsi Iis. A A
ili4y.-t4hiy., , .
NO&. r t, of ffai 'Pranot6, i ap
4 - doo it he' -m6ovt
01 0a fbat"fl diot9 Wtt', p
;ie is now. o
preventiun or 4eC0a..p uoua,S
Thi -iifi 4NIii 1oPlffi6thi
.N'R fpi 104 fsMales arkd
H O ois - t riihoe
d ie mi.iu*o4'6f t ir hp t
hb i of gne o 'of . ' R
niifeA4b gorr ,thanri>e b au
ietIn,pai6O - ' : i It
beeg.sent ies b,-- reald.
uWt,l5bII,,~ 60':!~l,p
9 A)i,5 1e), b we o "T '
.t r o 4
-a 4 11ed. A bok add!seam
d a4 brovs rqot. ftou tho.ek
s i aid the.s m4t goo , endlift.
ioo)4,VA tog),p rd ao i
ieighl. of one fopot..
V,y ieudsorry o I le aoin t1e
giroeaupape-ra tha i'' 'h.Ot I :
shia id a inot has ee rentod.
f0liathli witraeatesaasp,
IRussia,. ..Tho. lady makes, q good
e)9.9gh emprese, btit we , doft bg.
te6 kot hotf to kiet dk h1
6"ou bave a gobd hUsbabd) But-s
sy 10" "GUw I so-so I good enough -pse
ten1o ge7R%t whA mpAo4jg peak
4wfJ,..%weUity ye.ara hie hada e\'3
gven.jou a . r,oss word."# #60h 1"I
should .think not, -indeed r. ouad ho
better iuo& try iti.either Il",
"Uncle, n6ay 1 tsjke:my doll. o .the
opera, V' "No,ohild, no.! . ",Why,
lople?" fIecause your dolt doesn't
kp,o,.anyth1ing about mu4io." :, Well,
then,'wby do yoii'go, u'ele I'l Whon
that child rose tbis- bissed .Christ
as mo n list bitte'stripod stokings
hung lean, lank and languid by the
chimney corner, containing only a
wall piukled rod. Santa lilaus had
evidently heard what that widlied,
wicked little girl said to her poor
old ntdle.
A young yankee burholor, who
had bees appointed shoriff, was call
ed upon to serve an attachment
against a beautiful widow. He
called uqoo her, and said, "Madam
I have an attachment for you.'" The
widow blushed and sai . that his at.
tachment was reciprocated. "You
don'r understand rue ; you must pro
ceed to court." "I know 'i is leap
5 ear, sir, but I prefer you to do the
courting." "Mrs. Pierce, this is no
time for trifli eg I the )ustiee is waft
lig." "The jubtice I W hy, 1 prefer
a parson."
The patriotism of grandmother
Dix herself is hardly as loud as that
of a young woman who recently at
tended a ball in larshall, Texas.
"Her dress represented the Otst fnag
of the Uonfederady. (Ia het arm
she bore the flag adopted by the
Confederate national congress. On
the lower skirts were stars for the
statlui; with the filtne and seal of
cacth state in the center, photographs
of' confederate generate were on the
upyor skirty tog'ether with pietaires
of the Alabama isnd stifnter i n her
shoulders vtere streameors with the
suooessful b,attles ; manacles and
ohaina were on her arms;y a doronot
of seceded states was on, her head,
end rising stuove as6 a5 black fail,
representinsg the gloom th.rown over
them. This was fastened with the
dagger of oppression.'
F?arrmers and dairy'aet tiase tr6tn
time immemorial imagined they
knew a cattle disease called "lorn
ali'' or hoflowt froa'.** 1rofessor
Cressy no* tells themIi it is an old
wites' fable.- The professor hsas out
open innumeitae hetas and found
them all hollow. lie sells the ew
dQotots there is de sueli disdase .a
"hollow horn.a' The cure ptstoticed
is to bore into the horui and eject some
remedy. Tis is senuerall-y followed
'by bleeding at tile *ose, #hbidh is
suihposed to be ? symiptom of the
digease and a signr that th', remvedy
is b.eoming ffe&t:9', TIe prufessor
proves by cattle skitle t,hat the nasal
pasagea are normally connected
with the hollows i,e the horns and
this aceoreots' fot tihe tofing ad the'
internal epplicatin of tihe vomedy.
Horwed eattle goealty will b~e glad
to hoar that the surgery of the glm
ret is not ueoesar~y to their health,
as scatcelf' any of'- thenr dyer got
thrroug l ;f6 withcnt ireiWg horribly
'en feats fre1* no*' Oormany er~
pet.-to be able to put into the tield
a trained army of one million six
hundred-men. .This, for .a country
th'at~ hia o indian war on hrand, will
be rather enterbrisirngs
John A Ohesnot, colored,- an ox
membes sof the LegIslature, from
.Keshaw County, died at Camden on
ha eqp dge,A f.eegash,
0tI erself o pak roM the
Ap . Ot: 1i-ftedtto the rd6ts"drf-Ule
.a Ith eherrielyapreparedv dooN
6tieG,1bqo daytook &a amadioateA
4 t -; ap.4 Pf pI m g i: frti vq 10 0e
*?A 4osri0f. at fluding ersolf as
k as in kfbMop '+he 'i
foinatiolil"wk's "'coiliiikvb 4 -t a
etige fthd ')suprt.oemo. Cauoasia.n
9&olf wa left. cIier- physiolio-1 woo
%9 IQ.i 1 tq4qRpd hastq., Q (a e)i
rr yvi o ta liue4 immoderhely,
44d , 'y 4i -flotill ;u--Y6U 6
tnddIoal i'rodbot' YPuio no longi.
CO'o#aosd but ighuret. 1itaJS
IQi ;il~ te h 9a, . 0*1ou
op, but of a mle mnical reI e
ii 'i t l ,
haese noldv,; dilluted wihiaas
,tOlF;1Qk4yVil,bfkFq4he,b hopr,of, comi
ghe sulphur, the metalmetil wn -p e
a stilphate atd eh'f6dM
riie,a very -prettyr ermen!i e
11h0 aodlntuted -.phySi'biaSlQt46
khrough with his analysis .4kOh,
bello was reqtored to her. iember.
phip Mtli the ."'Oto' r*iVe.'NYoubtg
id ie)9, nooo -Pfjb4itiO Acf oy
comnptexrl6ssisboMild r.amomber tlais,
an9.173aLi9q,thb p puigo-:q
Romething-Atiat 48anth Ansa..
Sanfta Aqua is still alive, n a
been found residing in an old-fash.
iified Spanish house on Vorgara atredt'
in the City of Mxi0o, by an Ameri.
oan press interviewor. Santa Anna
is uow seventy-eight years years.old.
His hair, which is thin, has
not yet turned gray, and his eyes hf
itill-blsk and- flashing. Hishearing
Suenn461yethe only songe s6Afar im
paired.by..age. .He walka easily on
his woodpn leg, but dis artifllil te th
do not fit lth well. Though iaid t6
r p?Oi dingsarn e comfor
table, ev6h luxurious. 1i says he
suffers from catarrh, and that the at,
mophere of the City of Mlelico does
not agree with him. His country.
men hate him, and he does not see
many of them, keeping closely within
doors. lie says that the air of the
coaht, where he was born, agrees
with -im better than that of the
City of Mexico.
PRTng for Cotton,
The Augusta Cottoil Exchange has
adopted the following resolutions :
Besolved, That all cotton purcha
ses be paid for on the day following
the purchase, during the customary
hours of businessi and not later than
two o'clock P. AL., provided, however
that cotton delivered and shipped on
day of purchase ii to be paid on do
Rosolvad, That sellers of cotton
shall make due tind proper delivery
to buyer, or his agent, of all puroha.
ses of eottonj and in such a manner
as to faoillate :tho e*amination and
t-hipment of the same ; and that, if
reqnired by buyer or his agents all
purobases shall. be "turned out,'
that is, laid out on edge side and ar
ranged in rows, either in the street
or in the warehouse yard, and that
for suoh additional labor sellers shall
be du(itled to ehargo five (5) cents
per bale for all lots below fifty bales
and three ($3) cnts per bale for lots
exceeding fifty bales.
Ily instrudtjdns fram the potans.
tar genorul, a detailed statemeut of
the different classes of m'ail which
otiginiates in the Columbia poet office
is required to be furnished for the
moulth of December. The following,
from the 21st of DYeember to the
y'&t, incltg.iv'e, is the result i8,8
letters, weighing 1.#0 pounds ;. 4,118
newsaper pack ages, containing ooe
or more, 1,922 pounds ; 359' paruph.
lets and mnaasinos, weighing 291
p6unde ; M24 unsealed o)rorulars, 4
pounds ; 22 books and book manu
scripts, 24 pounds ;38 samples of
merchandise, 17 pounds ; 7 parcels
of dloth,. 8 pounds
One conty in Michigan -aotually
gave a small majority in favor of
femnale'.uffiage, being the only coun
ty in thie State which did so. The
joko of the inatter Is, however, that
nine-ton this or thme voters in the dounty
are native Amorican Indla2s.
A Riev. Mr. Candor is said to have
recently announeed to bis congrega.
tioni "fiet us continue our worshir
by listening ter a piece of sheet music
performed by the operati, q'uartette
who hate been secured regard loss o1
ex pense."
Well, Johnney,hbow are you getting
on 1 [low do you like your new man
ter i "Faith, Miss, I dunnmo." "HIe
a very etcellent man ; you can't d<
too muchs for him.P . "An' 'eure
There are sixty convicts in Lh<
Florida penitentiary, only nino o
whom are whites.
GOLD,and Silver Watches,
. "4,iand Gents Watdli Chains,
~rlleg and Platdi Silverwar$j
1Uoaheh, Flatrings
Sleete Buttons,
Cbllar Buttotid
Cuff Pine,
Baby Pine
- - - Lopket Pine,
-oeil Casda
A gteat variety.of Chrlstmas Iodd
just atrivad at
. og
I e d cdfitsOdd tas, Stbo6d
Beef, Smoked and Vsidkied Tonguts, f,xtr*
Mess Mackefel, Erig. UDiry and Pideappid
Vheepo, Londdn Su?ar iaisins, dellis,
Preservea, Cufrints, Pditerited Sugari
English Pidkids, Cabued Goods afd Sauced
of differeut, kidds.
1 keg of genuine Jumaiba Rum, OF egg
1 cask df ptic Freddh Uraidy.
I cask of i,uported Sherry Wino
2 baskets of Rooderer & Moet, & dhandorl
Besides a laigd *sliety of biActifts coni
sisling i P-Ift df
Lem6n o*1oaatit, Strawberry, Boston,
Nick, Nack did mixed Tea Cakes.
All of whidh will be adid loW fdr (hd
dee 10 Agent,
J f.ruhi nd onlcte StdeCk of WAI
andt WI'fELt O00DS just rooeli,g an~
opening at the Winneboro Dty Giooje
Fancy Go'de. A Milinery
Dry Goods, Fancy Goodi dint 1iIItEff
departtnents. Inspection of the
Ladles solicited. Prices
&as low aS the
HIave a full sto'ok or GeilS no6yA, .andipg
daid Chiirend UUddte18d64. Uilt#te
and Rubbet Sanddls,
Grodery Depar'tment,
New and' fresih supply of Chaloe tAAIff
Son fec t Ionery,
Creok ery,
'lin, HIafdad6;
Ohoice I andI 10de'6.- Cfgefs. 'Iry theni.
Fresh Cheese, (ake ,(rakers
and IrIsh' Po(toes.
* My stoolc is too- nuat6er6us lo nentII6,
7Yo1 can get almost anything you 4I fol
and as cheap as thd oheape'et af
ra6pt 210
gg STABLE, gg
]AVI(NG dispotted of my I*6teff iner'
- Fe t . T. 'leilli, I *fii ipg
constantlyo* hand Jiors.es aVO did r frr
sqIo. Paties in ,Ja'ni o't go0 itfoo .ni
d d l togve tWo s' &f' .
J Iat4o also. opened s' CeurrFWge, Buggyf
and aggo Fatoery. All work neatly
exeotedandwarranted. Give ine'a caI~
A. F.Granr)u

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