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TLO Charges Agifint Silte Senator An.
E xun'y Tro4surer Humbert,
warrvcd as a defaulter to
hlt S am, :id ilow in Orangeburg
j:il " waiting tli-al tipon an aotion
brought agaiii6t him for the rcouvery
of county funds alleged to have been
collucted by him, gave to a reporter
for the News und Courier, oil Christ
Ias K've, a detai ed statement of Mhe
caus1 of his delinquency.- This wa
Iubished 3csteratt, and miy be
SUUllet up 118 follo%s :
I , 'Um11jrt, who is u w,dored man,
sayh i hat h Was appihiited County
Treas1r r at the intance of Sdenator
T. C. A udtwr.-, who kimw hiim to bz
so 3ouig and inexperienced that, he
cou.d be maiade u.e of : that Androws.
advivisd him not to ret:d the public
fu --I, that he had cllected to Co..
It n ia, Lut to let Andrawt hive the
1m1oey to mil.6pilite ; that And ews;
iltvi.,cd hill. to put $3,500 of t..o
Sate lu,ds in (lte nameot Andrew's
%4 t't, :.nd a like sum in the liame of
Andlr-ws ; that Andrewe fre quently
w%ent into his (Rumbert's)JOffice aid
helvped himtseli from the e:tsh drawer.
th"t Aiacews ndvised bii, t.) repot
to tw Ctionity Cominis.iioners that
no mo10n1y of the county hrd been re
ceiv. d, which wis not true ; that
A ud1 tws collect ed public mone %
without authority, and gave receipts
I herefor, and kept the montey ; that
An.- cus paid his store neonints with
401d.r,, which he compelled 11umnberi
re1 10deive in paymloitit of taxe, ; that
A!, r,t 6bt aied from ll:iwbert re..
eip:, for takxe,(o which receipts
no Mulley ha., -ver been paid ; that
Anudrews, having Humbert complete
ly in hi. power, forced him to give
hii what money he wanted ; that
An irows, and Andrews only, is the
cau,e of 11unibert's defaloation. Thi.i
d-dlet ion is said to am,,tunt, to about
$25,000, and Ilumber. gives u list of
p-ar, icular sums, amnointing to ieaf.
13' $19.000, which Andrews obtained
from him.
Tc statement of Humbert is ex
ceOdi4lgly cirCumstantiLl, and bears
all thie marks of truth ; but we do
not wish to comdemai any one unheard
n I before pushing this exceediuh
- e ;ous mattor any further, we will
g ve Mr. Amidrews an opportunity of
d spruving, if he ci, the eor, cotoo -s
of lumbert's assertions. But. we
can't wait long !
[Netos & Courier.
Poor 1VoIe11.
The work of printing interna
revenue stamps having beet given to
lk friend of Ben Butler's in New
York, neceossitatetd the diseharge of
four hunidred persona, mostly women,
fomi the TIreasury Department at
E1'.shington. Tihe Baltimore Suin
correspondence says:
"ileretofore the cuitomn hats been
to deliver the notice of dienage at
the desk of the emnploye, theo sight of
thto mis.,ive being as much dreaded
as would be the appearance of a vi.
pecr. Yesterday, however, the onvel.
opes with the discharges were sent
to rhe reside,cees of thie emiployes to
be dropp..d, and mainy who left their
work with a light heart yesterday,
I St lilt: -p geitec for dinnter when
ih.s mb: VeS were found along their
(1inner plates. T1he houses ofsomeS of
the leading department oflioials wore
be..ieged last night by callers, but it
will be impossible for retentions to
take place, as the transfer of the
work carries with~ it all the money
out of whaich the pay comies, The die,
charge was delayed until the latest
tmoimnt to heep the emiploycs from a
gP'omaiy Chrt4funas, but the outlook
beyond New Year's is a fearful
thing to manty of them.
Gen. Benet, the new chief of
orditnceo, wants on appropriati.n of
$250,000O for the rifling of oar heavy
o,rdnance. ile reports that ths ro are
in the forts oh the country 1,294 ten
inch,Riod orani guns, whtich can be
coinverted at a coimparatively small
cast into powerful eight-inch rile,
by inlsortinlg a lining oh steel, This
procesv would convert them fromt
a weapon uttrig utselose ogainst iron
elads into one that~ would .pieroe a
seven-inch iron plate at, fro.nt 500 to
1,000 yards. A proving ground ?or
experiments with heavy ordnance Is
also asked for, the ostimtated expense
of which, with that of the experi
mnents themselves, would be
A cut lemon )ept on the wash,
stand and- rubbed over the hands
daily, after washing, and not wiped
off for some minutes, is an excellent
remedyv for aannd hand..
Gen. Morgan and his Prisoners.
- An Interesting incident occurred .a
few uays ago ift oof the street ears.
. he senate ha adjourned, anu
a -t6ngo others, Senator Scott, of
Peunnyl,vania, with a friend, st6ppqn
.uto the our. ot4. Gordon, also a
Senator, was alrady seated. Tht
Puosylvania Sena or, having seated
hiiselfibeeie thb, rave and gallant
Goorgiuu, entered into conversation.
Senator.Scott, tu'rning to his friend.
remnarked,"Col. Stewart, allow n
to introduce you to Gen. Gordon, a
Snator from - Georgia." The
Colonel and the General loked at
each other for a moment as if in
doubt. Gen. Gordon, appreciated the
a.16USe of the Colonel's horitaion, and
said: "Yes, it is,tho same ,peron.''
Thb-two at once shook haUds an%j
p:diptly exchanged sentiments of
respect and admiration. Senator
Scott wan naturally considerably
autozed at this mysterious perfotr
mance. Col. Stewart, during the
late war, had commanded one of the
regin'ents of Western Pennyslvania,
and 0eu, Gordon had led a column
of bravo Georgians. They were
therefore, at that time in hostile
array. -Gen. Gordon then explainetd
to Senator Scott that during the war
he had taken Col. Stewart prisoner
with a portion of his command. The
Colonel added : "And never do I
expect, under any oircumstanees, tp
meet .a;more negnanimous viatr o
a uiee -oourteoub gent,enan!" Thp
Confederate General and Pennsyl.
%.ania Colonel talked their -"ttleo
rver,and pnrted at the hotel with
many wishes of lasting friendship and
respect between not only the grey and
the blue, but between the people of
the South and the North.
The iouited radioals, like
ilhop without a shepherd, are begin.
[ig to turn to Mr. Blaine as their
Liy hope in defeat. The (31hicago
T ibuie says the leadership of the
reputlican side of the next house is
aloar for him, and it hopes. fur
11iraculuuq things under his expe,
rienced leadership. Amongst th4l
rest, he is expectea "to check the
propensities of a democratic house,
made up largely of inexperienced
men, to rush wildly into all iorts of
schemes." If they shouldn't happen
to rush, etc., then Mr. Blaine's occu
pation would oe to that extent gone.
lie will do well if be checks the
propensities of his radical associate.
to ruth in iub,idies and land grants
and various other stealages that long
praotico has induced them to think
are quite the custom of the times.
That will be work enough for Air.
B., and if he succeeds he will be
neater the presidenoy than h ever
has beet.
Williani Wi4on a d Alezander
Bliz,rd have been #vading arre.t.
since fair weok' lying iuv in the
woods :sd lying tiin.*ba' they
oUld piOk up.% QU N' . 'it they
caue in town a aw bail
f ir their appeara6oa at Purt, expect.
i Ig to be relieve tlieruby from any
further anoy;eno.\ VTrial. r J.fstice
Sall.required quaji,ed, :bqi0. .fa;oaj
thoni onaodc1 6"01900 oitt -be
o aeat ~y Were
stez4ing asp,.: ,e 4a pg gr of. G.
WV. Augustine1 & La to '. pots.
te'y', ad ~ '*t deflhg to QiuAlly
Davis,at Ridge*ay
e t~itey thelee M.Pfley, the
w'ell'kno*d YbtisIihiepthr2 'hrlthe
aty lse ia Loz gr. T.1he
ge iI,'1t o Ptelr bo3j,'.'s tailin
wil' t *'4y. br'6d" *r nWils 1
tojetlit;Nandadh iiIhauesta.o nh
ho4Qdtfp 1 .a he(pdptJp hie bypa
sane 4t'o e t/a\a a
h'hl6nF ?hr m'iFiMS
(W6pQ61024 t the
kontuuyee) tahe 1 d0 fe 1in
And ntew4rg9 WinB Angstr who 41
toheort rpatirte hoteal Watc,
barsd hi'. ta io amu o Thefb lIat
orhol14ngis.ql2y.Qf e. an
6tm t t beowe sash b."o
poorge to ivke t6,~ wothof -
opor lets rpor deiehl Whieb
squeeze he will ha,e through the
needle's aee?
Imetleans the Physleal luperlis of all
Other People.
It'ls common enoujh to hear It
'aid that Americans, as a raoe, mre
togenerate, and in point of phbiel.
perfection cannot compare with Euro.
0eans, more particularly, perhapi,
Englishmen. gouv facts on this head'
derived from trustworthy statistlos
%,oald seem to prove the reverse.
Mr. B. A. Gould, actuary to the
United States Sanitary Commieeien,
in his "Investigations in1he Militarr
.nd Anthropological sgtiatip of
American Soldiets,'" shows that "the
tullest men w re from Iilol6iganl,i
Illinois and wisoonsin.; the next.
tallest, New England, New Yoik,'
New .Jersev, and the shortest fromf
suotland, Enl4n1d and Gerla y't
in weight the won of Kent,uoky a d:
Tonnessce were the heaviet, averag.
ing 150 po"nds;-Egand, So1nd,
France, Belgium,t all Petween 138
and 139 pounds. The ratio ;of
weight to stature gave in pounds to
the idih : Ohio and other Western
States, 3,185 ; New England, 2,121 ;
England and Scotland, 2,118 . Ger
many, 2,168.
NF.w On.EA-Ns. January 5.-Sheri-.
dan lia assumed control of the D
partment of the Gulf. Ih a dilplAto
to the Secretary of War dated Head
quarts, Milit-iry Division of Mis
sis. ippi New Oileans, January 4th, he
regrets to annource a spirit of dedl
once to all lawful authority anud an
insecurity of life.
In the House, upon, upon perha
nent organization, Wiltz reeeived'56
votes ; 11ahu, 2'; plaik, 1. A 41no..
rutu voting, Wiltz was declared
Speaker. The Rdioals gradually
withdrew, when the Speaker ordered
the Sergeant-at-Arms to prevent de
p%rtures. The Clerk was then elect,.
ed. Swearing inj members com
wenoed. Several soufflies ensue
fromi Radicals endeavoring to leave
the hail. A Federal officer was sent
for, who entered the hall with tw*
staff dffioers, ad subsequently called
in fifteen armed soldiera. Membero
not declared elected, while pro'
testing, were led from the house.
The old Clerk was placed at the desk
by two soldiers. \Viltz and all the
Democrats now left the ball, and the
L-gishbture was without a quornm.
NEw YORK, N. Y., January 5.
Referring to the proceedings at New
Orleans yesterday, the Herald says :
"'There wans witniessed in the Locuisi
Aln State House yes-erday a specta
ole whi.,h is the first of its kind in
this couu-try, and which should causo
every true American to blush with
.,hame and indignation. We con
ratulate the oitizen of Louisiana
and the peo,.e ot the country that
this extraordinary and most revolt.
ing scene did not provoke violence
and blooa.,hvd. Foruiblo resistanoo
would have been justifiable in this
ease if it ever be justittable in any
soe, for a greater outrage on every
princip'a of free governmeunt
was neer perpetrated, were it u9t
a faet that the people of Louisiana
have a sure resource for redress of
iheir*grievanes in the sese of jus
tice of the whole country and in pub
lie resentment which will be kndled 1
o the high, si pitch by these atroci
ties and unexampled proceedings.''
t The Tribune says: ''Nothing in
history, of even the great conspiracy
by which border ruffians undertook
tos seize the terr itory and 8tate of
Kansas, can furiih anly paral'.el for
this crowning Iniquity of the Fiedor
al Admuinistrationi. The citizens of
Louisiana have seen themselves
c,heated and defrauded, and when
the fraud came near to failure, they
saw the nihalc power powser of the
Gienieral Government use d to consu.
mate it and make villainy successful.
The~y manke no outory bus upon facts
as they are. They lavoke thne delib.
crate judgment of the American
The World says "We hope there
is no American who can read the
news from New Orleans, without a
thrill of shame and rage."
Thne Timies capresses no opinion
upon the merits of the case,
TIhe judiciary committee of the
two houses propose to take up the
subject of an increase of the number
of justices of the supreme court of
the tUnited States at an early day.
The business is two year* behind,
witb. no ohanee to catch up. It is pro.
posed to.raise the number of asso
ciates to fourteen:and divide them ofrg
asligning to.a certain ntimber admi
ralty oases, to others patea t case, eto,
the whole court' to sit on cnstitue
tional questions.'
A dandy getting amessred for' a
pair of boots observed '
"Make them to covet' the ealf."'
"Heavens l'" exolaimed the shoe.
maker, astounded, surWeylng his
customer, "I have tiet got leather
The colored people of Augusta
oeleb*rted *~e a tiop day by
'a parade atnd an'ad caes./
Why was Ruth very rude to
Boaz '1 Because she pulledI his osa
and trod on his corn.
.A Great .4ve J&r a .
00 T. g 1q.lb 01;0 m a
wbof died redently b hilW Mudn
kble suffering,, froni''an.sintolerable
d rOdpqrPd whQq gvamM
eas an he '. red whou
ieoret of hhrontihstd"eo0eQ9(*As
advertisings,; Ha.-kkemhkow to adver.
tisq .aqd he, d iller - e.,eso,u t6b
mote kersiAteintly, e '1 h0
and7hlarvfei befoie tie. public. l
~was knowa1 as the "ak i'W Kingotahl~
-Southwelt." 06 oidry.dad4- W
P"-'4PI1YL V*04QANgra4p1 p6 6#
n the Niiip,i
ater was invi.ted 'to ge li.shi
8.N M1 k'.! qtdjs OP
liberal patwfif th4atIybt?3A a
by a thouaaRdin diaAdvieds,i d
spyite 99.gng pp 001 0io :
11di as he l11VTId uhar;- W it.
nd pluperisoc' 6;n o hi '
su ch *a his fAlth -i WU W BQ
of baptivating. 4he) foby of:9 apP et
an4winniig th.e.in ketounh-tbAb t
was seriounly ,deolarp i psI.
lednes, years ago, he. o ered $50,00
to help pay for a neiv 6?ekLVkoa tfm
tended for the St. LAItistride,- p0'q
vied he had;6he .damiugitheitoraft.t
Hit offer was proppy, 4o##t,d, bit
alnio:t as sqiddenly ,epjineo whe
it became known t.aa "that o r r
Shirts at Moody'l" 46 6W IL6.
bitfal aIppellation _-Oaftru id .
-- --* --r+to-t*ro 40
The deep caidinil i19466- .i.
~be house-byrboth blonds'and,br
)Ottca. .
f . you want to fb4 a sarm a
,brough, give soaqe poc,fapoy i. th
n"cans tQ ,keop warm.
Jim Visk is shewn to ly, gs
)atkru't in effect. as. wet as i
iharactet when he was Miled. -
Miss Elizabeth Bauoroft, of Boa.,
,on, has become thei'oiintetes'Tsyz
liewies. The Couns i4 A.. Russial,l
tid the wedd pg was og..tbio "bril-,
iant" order.
A iiter who ona into egnur
luring a sudden shower of rqln- re
uested another to prenh for him,
as he was very wet. "No," said
he other, "preach yourself , you
vill be dry enough in the pulpit."
There are eight metals more valu
Lble than gold, becautpe of their sati.
)ity-iudiuR, vandlum, rhuthenium'
rhodium, paladium, uranium, osmi
am and iidium.
Another veteran of 1812 is Uap-t
Lain John Griffin, of Culpeper coun.
ty. V iagiiiia, vlio en,,, at lime age of
ighty-two, "juLup and clap his heels
Lwice before touching the ground."
Since the abduotion of 01hrley
Robil, kidnapping has become p
fuvorite industry at Philadolphaie.
A iniumber of unsuccessful, attempts
have bVen made to .pirit away lit.
tle boys with wealthy parents.
The frisky belles of Washington
are njuking faces at the ladies of the
diplomatio corps. who think that the
young ladies of the United States
flirt too much, and accordingly ro.
comineind chaperoning.
A mn in A-burn prison hs serva
ed the first snix mnonthsof his s'venmth
termi in that institutIon,. Hie will
have been twenty-sbven years in
prison when he hasi completetd the
present term, whioh wall end in
The Congressional oommitees. of
investigation in.to tioutdhorn affairs
inust have a.n imneesting time of it.
At Monmgo:mery, the ot her day,
~oloredI v. iLinesse testifl'id t hat be
fore the late eotiona the. $Republhicsn
candidates promised **to divide the
white Democrats' land, Iur.aiture,
bedding and househQld property
amongst them. TIhey qomplaainedl
to the committee that none of those
promnises had been kept,.ampd.esired
to know of jAam if . ,hey. had4 pQ4g
down to see th4eng, ,ighted and to
secure for them othp. , :eaition' - e
their dreamn of for6y aorus andI a
A.story is told tf a negf6 ity TYir
give hita a flogging if lhe bo'ild 'his
egga hard agalii /Nest uiofrihb dhe
ege ame to the Itably stilh''h l'dor
U "You raseatlI" fhotedtthnhei
planter ; "didui't 1 *el iye "to 6ouk
these oggV d~Lt 1"
*'feh, ma.bsb/' iaid' a frighte etd
reornlteu' bildud' dbt five 'h6de'"k a'
io eenrto b6'%' 6%; hip edese~
~iling,. a ano..ia. d PAlij 15 .ppad.
opt,,)otsqpude4 AI4M*hj0f, seritad
i ,na ,Ir.~ D. W auee
15 94?f ,re,s. A Tardy>.4nuer
9.ar r , 49:A0 79selting9gframnd
tpyyp},oe g)wlg9#eZma,tehg.
p ipe reonn thmk- the
prinoipa and seconds be held for e
amination. They gave $2,00(
ball aoh and wore released
"i to klipa alidistya
an agricultural.lien that the
M48C699a, aaeowien sl-l
pr uo ontt o th 9 .ro Tlie d0A -
.6% tr a 3('fris i reen*' to
ut'tes#til't h b ttirl d to' le' *
4koy utuab bmuoadmipalradInt-to u
aW ou rrfe,e fo e any.,or, t
otf11,1"m leb ipebtla; thami 6e
g jn yogggng, by lu, .
or I~ ~ jqsfrar;e
i tand k,he revra dj( protoptI
KhMditAnif'bein" inP'jOEjO-'upon byI
seiddtri airoctnent. i - *
fAiarrant!to seize..a c'rop cannott
klegKily ik.ued - "ptil , Ohe. 4oc.cutt
f,)r,Pup,I1es ftpishd ii preoented to
thoplleron who rpeceiv the iadvttices
tf[ he~ lilt'eI.kb' theydh aROOOti)t <
Tu 00-8*it ehtut Afh tiled to- tHe' I
:444d6vit'lpourfJWiC6,1the,wamrant. to 4i
$$Al costsagewptit to the seizure
a, rE, cro.5 'h iui~~,~~
oel Iou the crop aiAan bid'h;
SiN ldqihF''iW de:ohe Udod thla 9
statultio b1bundOeInlyforithe *flouni C
adfaprodiacdrop wiloerditeurs- aa
li.9 IO Lb. roP, t eig aj I
410 bn1e 11i tj'g o f r 'servics
"tndrtfori the ruin of 'l'hnd
r"nMor 11a 0.&N' 1V' dul nnIV t of hbm
fpridheeforeithe earnil ir,ryade Wis "
oA46%4,e rhe ew Nif v to,. to
Irt ierc,lyn prfrred .he n upob
tto crop
"ThAIIIIN6vadoe fdr 'suppl)[0' da
will bMidth-e bop'onfr the *gricrltu'. -b
ral- yeaWift10hibbh they we tpimndi p
Tuey.oanuckt operati a lIP11:31p.0
future crops., Th the cor t b, 3
olly rspon the crop ased ofnot bad e
i'hinat madeind other property. W
A ho e teor M'6a0-od for the purpoise
of prodcing aroteatol a rop w oriat a a
biele upon the crop, tei.g a supply
Within the mseaing of the statuteo
"Contracts for the renting of land
for the comning year will cArry with"
them a att utory lioen on one-fourth
of the crop, but if the contract to
rent exprechly o providem, th rentale
will be a lien upon oe-third of th e
crop, that the Contract be
duly recorded as in the cust of ad.
vancee mnade.
"The homestead exemptiont. onnot
be pleadedto proteot a crop aginbt the
enforcoment of at lien for advatnoer,
,ade te enable at party to prodiro t
the crop, but no mortgago or lien
oen be utiforootd against a crop rai.-ed0
on the b omnestead,exept in the oAso
above stated,
Abbt ar6p' Io p"r6duced ou a tra6t
of land, which, together with the
ihuildings thereon) dooj not exceed t
ue thousad doliars in value, no
part of the crop, however greoat it
Value,. is d1ubject to execution for
debt."-Lanaaste-r LOYer o
Thor.Or4u~e Colamba o-radioge
teLreilrtoremit JUthe txes
duh~e for t urre heb the unf.
'rfeies of h Orangeburg,'.fiefeI t
then urn-igt mereants wil beslt
and the ac taxornes o nthion, in
taxes, ad ven -it. hadd thCoweir,
WPee F1 sy tu dey, itthe tliti a
qens od Oranyebu-gan jif ju $ the , '
any of tht,aroJ in proeed. A? *hare
buit w1e wanoe pen it ~'a'ing the
peienbrane unful'hUnoe
.~lfoiOd' feb1'gin1h very w~l1 raob
auboi aa is by W.fintIoeNe4
thdbotrir o bin $ Jsteeth'
(08 lo a:daepolin 'on
ernefofecOralburgot wn-ef' theci
ine raate 'for Wzcid t Uno en
- The chatlestohllRacms.,
Tb o ip U ra,oi fq es
The preppragons for. the coming
meet,ing Of the South Carolina Joo)<ey
Olub, at Wi(ogin Course, inditiate
Vlibaiest6 vd5y ecoiting races. The
stablib on thb o6rse are in active
trai.ing,.and4ito, .ntaAiber of horses
, ioteaed atthe closo of(the
Agista rioas, by the Occossion Of
noti"hW: froIu fifteon tQ tweniy
horsed' A fletter has been received
from Col. Bacon, of Edgoelled. stat.
%a&.hat lio will have iline horses
ro in t n%e to t ao, part iu the races.
A a of in te rest is in n i foot ed
in the event by the cil izens goieral
lyi andra'oe woek will bo looke;d.
orward, to with something of th6 en.
tipipas% w4ohin tho, 4ays before,
he war, was wont..to make it one oC
1Wgrand ev'ents of tbd year. Wash.
ngton-06urse bas a national' rpnta
ioneIts turf;has for' alinodt a cou.
ury-boep a,.gthering place for tho
)oat riing stock in the country, and
inder the auspices and manageniout
if the South Carolina Jockey Olub,
Oo uiay confAdantly expect a icvival
(the brilliaut ilootin-rof the past.
t should l stated here that tho
ourse first became the property of
be elub 'in 1836., 1'rior to that time
had belmigedtloe members, who
old it jointly as a stock company.
GenT6s. 'If. Wiflialms,'of Vi,
illia:-Cty,,O.n,1 5p 0 .?hares (if thle
41ifur4ia,.ata,39 Aha[es of Culn.
>idated i' rina, silver inies.
hay cost 'him but a trifla soimq
ionths ago.i A; few day? -ngo they
oro on tbo.topaoat wavo. of the
4ancial sea. 14 twenlty-four hours
icir rise w .p O0 s to givo the
'bnoral a pro it.of $656,00U, abo4
2',d0 an hour , or $500 (1 minute
The fvorite actor with Now York
elledym iMr.. Montague, who ap
3ard to have taken Booth's place.
ive' thousand of his photographs are
id to have been sold sineo lie open
I Waldik', and Io is run downa
ith written request:for loohs of his
air, and proflirs aft siterly afrctions
id oternal. friendship.
"Dout gc to school now, Charlie ?"
Yes, hir ; I had a light to-day, too."
You had I Which whippell I
Oh, I got whilippedl," h14 replied,
illh great Irallkiess. "Was tle
tler boy higger than you?" "No,
o was lit:ler.'' "Woll, how camkie
oil to let a little boy whip you ?"
It, you see, ho wat madder nor I
The Norristown Herald says
'he poet who Soit an efiasionl enti
led "Nothing but, Fiowors" to a pa
or for publication, is oii the ragged
dge oftineirtifioiltlon. Tbo poem p.
euredi as "Notling but Fleas.
Vhen the Ovmpositor was reasoned
with, lie suid ho thou I -that there
,ight to be sometiliu "lively" about
ho poem.
Mr. Chas. Albreeht, whilo [bor
ng un;dter a fit of temporary aberra.
ion, Bhot himself in the head with a
I3 's navy pistol-a portion of the
,ittin being carried away. lie
eulves a wife bttno children. Mr.
A.lb'reht has boe, im delicate health
or sevYeraIl weeks.--l'hen.e.
.Prof. Waso' boast, that lie has
liscovered sixteeni now stiarsi muist
p:iho bcfore the annionneeiment of a
NebraskaL gentleman named Satidy
John, who fell on his tiose and dii
sovered ixty..two, most mif thema or
Au inv.,ieu of flour, in paper bar..
received in Ph1ilaidelphia last week,
and attraOced n uch a''enrtion, being
the lirst recived these in that style
of paekago. It was manufactured by
t,ho "patent prooess."
Lost,' on S8aturdiy .at, but the
loser does not know whiore, anuempty
saek, with a obegei i. i. Oni the
eaoc, th6d l'ttrs 0. E,' are miark6d
but, 3o Ednieletehy %tord out ias ndt to
abe legilbhole
Two Insul.ir mountains, oec ab)ou,
'11,000'loO( halh, disc64ered r'e'ccntl
by Ii British wti'a o1 lhave boei
naieid reupeoslve 'MounU 0 idst'o
ami N touft, disraeli. stssa
bhang fardund.the ook'tovso' tuwts
,dosrheph r ~.a , )'4 : , .a .
ig 'eigh Pd "It didnA wighito
nhuh ir wo1dut tg oo
TO got rid of our IM.
MENSE STOCK, we will sell
the same at very
g w
Consisting of Ual kinds of
Jb .' 3M-V C- O> O3 'D M.
I IIATS nna CA1"S,
SHOES. &c.
d(1c 8
', store and to arrive, freah g3oda for
. every day use, and for the holidays.
Col ored and lilack Hid U loves. .adlos'
Dress (loods. Shawls, 1oillevatd
Skirts, C.assineros, Jeans,
Domostio Goods, blank
cts, Ladies, (Jets
and Childron's
We would call tho attention of (he
ladies to our boauLiful Bliaok Silks at,
Iteoanants of Carpels at reduced f t-leen,
~ai)s, iron, TLin, liaradware, Wooden WYare,
in-WVare, Crookhery, Oils, Drugs, 'at ent.
Maladcines, Saaips. ExtraOtH, To'othI
l',rnshes, Nail lirnsbie, ilnir lirush eat,
Fatney Artijolts for (lifts, &o.
Phlotographl Al baums, Novels. Iiibiel,
Ilymn llooks, Prayer flooks, Gift Books,
Pcuas, iuk, l'aper, &o., &o,
lic3astet' & Bri15e,
(d00 12.
NST egnyasaeo:d Haerug, Smoked
I eef, Smoked anid Pikled 'foues.exit
Mless lilacktet'l, En5 J1/airy and( Pineapp'r'
C heesef, London Bu er liaisinas, Jollica'
F'reirer 0se J,n-rants. itive'rised &Segt,
1Iaglisha Picklesi, C'anned Gooeds and Sauoesn
of differen, kinds.
i ke5 o( genulpo gioa hhtr#, for egg.
'0 I o ask of imuported Sherry \Wino
2'p ti~s gf R.oydoret 4. .M100 & Chaandow
B ,o p. p l4hygd .vaffefy 9(f,lsouits. con-.
d': EI4oja Naok-apd Iaised Tea, akes;
-*All of which .will be sold low for thao'
ec 10 Agent.

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