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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, January 13, 1875, Image 3

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(5y" Conmunlantions to this office
will not ie n'oticed unless eoimpnifled
l'!y the rlnl lame or ie writer.
taY' We are not. repousible ror tho,opla
ois ot- correspoNdetU.
. - 16*4itei- no LOCAL NOTICES
'will be literted III our golumns exoop
ipon paynmeL of TE-N CENTS a Iine.
. An y pdrs'6ft In the County having
ktiowedge of any CIrotinmstance of intereet
oootirring i lhii neighborhood will confer
i f4vor by tiruhiblaifg tforination at this
** oftlge.
Slieriff's Sale--L. W. Duvall.
N itiee-W. 11. Flenniken & Co.
11agginig-R. J. bleCarley.
Money Nainiod - Moblaster &
. Sale of Mortgaged it--W. 11.
.R ,buidon, J. II. Rion.
Noti6e "t. .J. MoCarloy.
Wilasltdro Female Institute-A.
D1. Cartlddge
Gettypbuig ikater--Mfulabter and
Sheriff Sale-h. W. buvall; .
F. C'.
luiportaut Notice-8. I. Tim
0j?- The sale of the estate of Mr.
Joh 1I. ()athoart continued through
n15ly five days.
CV There was a slight fall of
Sicut and tsnow on Sunday ni4ht, 1-nd4
11 wo go to press there is every iiidi.
cation of a continuunce of such
O:^- Everybody teems very bu-y
getting ready for the )e:r's work
We Suppose it will beo 3et -slle dsi*ay I.
before thiogs abr-ut the plautation.
get in good runniniig order.
f J Gov. Ohambtirl lin his ap.
pointed Mr. R.,Mt. F. Martin Jur3
Conmissioner for Fairliold vice W
-1. Peakd re.4igned. Mlr. Martit,
will, no doubt, fill the office with
'dis inguished ability.
0::-Mr. T. Itos obdorm n':-.
beeu elected clerk of tle boald of
County Comn miasionei . Ile will
make an excelletit offiloer, ha%inp
had extensive experiende as a, busi
1eSIA Mian.
The amount of *uxej thus fai col
leeted is very culmiderable. As the
titme for payment baI been oxtended,
we suppose there will fly( be as great
-i rush at the county trenaurer's offiee
as would othewise have been the
' O We are glad to observe iha t
the town council are having 4 cause
way of brick cotostructed from the
j il building to the hotel at the cor.
iter of Cougress and i- an streets.
T'.1- will bell grelt. co- rei-o to
1.ce*.orians,4 as tlie cli ..ilg 18 Its
iim. 1 If wCetA i utlther almoest impljassa
IIaxDOom lNsTRaIasTs.--We~
havie rcecnl ly seens asm hng velry
.stylish in the way of Germainn aily,ri
bl. id itisltocnets-a cornet anid alto.
born0. Thlese ii.itr-uaeuts were pire
gented by members of the WVinnsboro
C~ornaet lHand to Messrs. 0. M . Chanid.
her uad W. T. Cianwford respectively
-both exclle:.t performers,
gif A telegramr informs us of a
very extensive fire at Uraisgebucrg
on Tuesday mourning nbout irwe
*o'clock. Wea have not .yet, hoird
t he put tinllairA, furthbe- than t'iat a
latrg.s portion of t he b usines's part
of 1the town ii dest royed, arid that
the loss isi maiy thousanid dolfairs.
S.Il.Eq-DAy.-Ntwithtstanding the
hgly wenther on last salcs-day, th;ere
Avas t he usuial Crowd of peolple ini
town. Thels she r; if Bold a v'ery large
qjuailty oif pr operty, real Hnd per.
s(onal, nnd most of it ionght very
fair pr iceos. Th le prtinc ipa; feastur of0 '
the sale waS the.eel ling of lhe entire
staut e o,f Mr. ,Jolhn 11. Catilhcart in
a -oi dance ith ai reen~t orevlcr ot thI.
iunusual y good ,pnieesu, the entire
Hnm riaohized aggregating abount
lifi;' thiousatid dollars. Too sales
annt h'ronili M onday, T1ues.day
anid ai part uf WVedneaday.
PiS \E \..GE'TAlBl.E-:.-WO hae tb
eeived from Mr. WV. 8. 11.411 of Rockys
Alounult someil flue spea iimn os of Itarnalips
and lIishA po.tat...es. 'Iir. l! -as
''l he tulrnips rand potattesa arme speoi
tulens of t he secondr and third eilop,
inade on a plat of1 ground l:at yea'r,
ti.o flr.st elop beint; I rish potu toes "
1118 letter closses WitlE the following
wholesome tr ath : "VThe little eg
periment proves very conclusivly
that it we do not heave plenty to eat,
jt. Is our own fault anid Jaqt at9 ,sof
the soil Or theit elimatte.'' Mr. IIlt
hims a large supply of seed -nrnir
and potato-v hieh be will sell on
reacquablO terme.
THEn 'sIL.DbtAN TRoUP'h.---In ae
cordanee wtith their anno noemhen t,
this compa~ny gasvo tlieIr first ente(
tainument in W~ininaboru las tnight be
foro a1glL aud1Ance. The,o perfor.
manee was throughout very credi
table, all the various 'parts being
well rendered. The pieces proset;
9d woro "Eat Lynne," and the
laUghable faroe entitled "Yankee
Doodle." This troupe has elicited
very .flattering comments wherever
it has exhibited, and its reputation
was fully bustained last night.
-The last issue -of the YOrkvIlle
ENquirer e( ntairis a otioc of a lec.
tute recently delivered by Rev. W.
1H. Canipbell before a large and
select audience at that place. The
subject cf the di-course was
Shak:;peare's .Aacheth, which was of
c4urse handed in a masterly manner.
Th- Ewtquirer says the audince were
highly pleased with the effort of the
accomnplished Itoturer, and pava u
well deserved tribute to his learning
.d talents. It affords us muoi
pleasure to observe that the talent
of Mr. Ctimpbell is so highly appre,
ciated wherever lie g-,es. 1-.: is oor
tainly a gentlenan of rare literary
a0C0Impli.hments, and lie will always
.taku a mat ked imprembiou.
PEnomCA .S.-We acknowledge
the receipt of the Jauuary number
of the Rural Carolinian, pul.li hed I y
Walker, Evans & Cogswell, at
Charleston. The present number
like all its predecessors, abounds in
good ibitding for the fGrmler.
The last number 6f the - Southern
Cu;t-ivator, issued at Athens, Ga., by
W. L. Jones is also at hand. Tle
copy before us fully dustains the
r eputation enjoyed by the Cultivator
during the many years of its publi.
Bvth the. e magazines We tonider,
i-dispensal.le to ti e furn.er who do
,irts Wi k( oy fily up wtht the great
progress contistaitly Ii hili iLI the
.%eietje of agliculture.
EXTF.NsON or TIIr -The Unioti
Hlerald announces, at the request of
the governor tha:, the li.e for the
payilent of toxes will be so extended
as to give the people time futll sixty
da3s as allowed by law in which to
1ray. The e.,lluotion of taxes did
.,t eg1la1kly begin till the fir8t of
Deecetber-in .4oma caunties eveo
kiter--and hence there will be an
- xtension necoirdi agly. Under this
.irangement ti.e people in Fairfield
will have umtil tile early part of
Februakry. 'The Uiti.n-llerald states
that itAtruotions omcerning the
.ango will be sefit to county treasu
;ers Lefore the expiration of the time
is at present linited. The change
Othus contemplated isa good one, and
is but an aet of simple Jmstico on the
pirt (f goVemor to the taxpayers
throughout the State.
TiE C111CUS.-The gf'eat Southern
Aggregation Circus Compaby, cam.e
ip to th appointeliet they Iade
-ionie weeks ago, and Vsitid Winmn
boro on Tueslay in -e. We ik*3
we havu had imuich experience in the
ircus lIne, and flatter ourselves that
we ar In suchb matters "tip to snuff.''
W ith all- our experiencee behind us
ye say, unhesitatingly, that the A;.
gregation i.s the gramhmd t humbug ye
arought out in its line. A team of
svorn inut horsesj ai dilapidated hand
-hiariot abmot two dorzen hard
featured bloni, a weather-beaten tent
ind the diSandl amndstit of noise and
-onfu5len thaustitutedl the features of
his great show as~ tepresented to the
ye of .the outside observer.
A look ivithlin the banvas served onily
o confi rm the opiiona formed by
.n outside look at the eonieorn. A
neoderatel.y pocor clown, sro called
!rain-ed dlogs, and . a littlei gymnnas:ae
pe(rfo)rmanice, all of thtilporest sort,
mnadme upi the tioncrm The "comt
oany" drew~ so slii~ an trdienbr, ini
beo afternoon estimated at frm
lifteeni to twenty pbrsoa that they
pnacked.nmp biefure dark amnd left be
fore midniight.
Cot ltI Em'r .-EA eorre.i )nd.
ent of theo Chiarlestoh News anid
Couirier-, Wvri:i g from tIihis pl lee,
u.es thae following compliw'entary
"Winnmabaord is iguitb ai uprightly
little twn, aind bearmi mniy maurks
*, progres;s. Tlhere oare a fire engine
.md a hioek an d Ildder comp Iany, the
'formgr coin posed of whtites and the~
Iatte'r of b,l..eks. TIheo two turni ontm
p'rompi ~tlIy at the sh;glltest intimation
of dsIIger, aud wtork toge.ther with
a will. The town council, with a
4pirit of enterprise that does theht
muchi credit, have had constr tioted
soverrnl large bisternia, which afford
an amp;ld supply of ivater In then
utreater anmd moore closely builut por
i.ns of t he t ownm It is ob'j-cetod by
am few gruimblors that theot ieier
:are too few. and are likiely to g,
dry in summer, especi.lly in <a,o
of freqient- iir e. But it, is haardly
susp,eeted thiat the fire-fiend would
he guilty of so ghurrig ain inconlsistd
enev as 'a. onme in the hoS meason or
vi.it a dry loeoility, and hence nearly
everybody,is perfeet,ly adtiened. A
handsomie town olook, a moderately
well-kept niiarket, and street lamps
(niot too mluei crowded together,) a-e
->ther features of this pleasant little
county town. Altogether there is an
sir..o( progress amid vivacity about
this town that must favorably ima
press the atraingor, and force upon
him the conaviotion that WVinnisboro
rmust onie day beoome a large, popu
lous, anid highly prosperous place.
8o mote it be."
Special NoLicos.
IT iS UsUess to attempt to oleiti se a
stream while the funtaln N impure.
Dyspepa, complol'nt- of the liver or
kidneys. cruptions-o n the skin,'sorofula,
henrlaclies an a ll diseases arising froi
impire blood, are nt oneo' removed by
Dr. Walker's C,aliforniia Vinegar Ritters,
pwifintr of* the Ihd, muri renovator of ito
the Sylteau, It has Mever ben known to
People will get mnrriml, and most of
us do not have but. one chance, so do it up
in style. Moreover. it iN a poor oompli.
itent to your friends to Invite them to
your weddinig with a shAbhy invitalionl.
The invilntion is your bow; it introdtioes
lie life of' i Ie new couple. 3ail should be
in the best, style. Walker. Evansi &
Oiogawo 1. Charlestoin, 8 C. have all the
finest sty'es of paper, nards, &o.. anld
execute the work in the highest style of
i l art. Send to them for samples and
The novelty of Charleston, S. C., for the
next few weekd lq the groat reduction In
prics of all kinds or Dry Goods, Carpets,
Oil Cloths, etc., at the popular H*use of
Fiarchgott, hIenedict. & Co. who, it in
known. kecp the largest and best seleotel
stock of albo naricl Goods at the lowest
possible ri .ed. Couitry orders entrust -
ed to them are filled with the greatest
care andt .ispatlit. If goodb are not sat
isfaolory, money will he rotr.el. 8an
pills sint Olt 1iLjpliUFt%ion. Mtemit per ex.
pres or' Post Offlco Order, or goods will
be sea i o. o. n. All retail oreirs over $10
will be sont irce of charge.
A mnong o%tr now advortisemonts. Is that
ofono of the oldest entahli,himonts in
Slit. R-talisied its 1882, it hns maln
t.aited the fiest place in its lit oof bu iness
With laige experience and tinstirpassed.
failitiev, Nlessrs, Walker, Evans & Cogs
well are pi-epared to sisiain the reputa
tion of their estabishinent. Like A. T.
Stew-irt. they heliore in newspaper adver
lising, nad take this i nans ao annonne
that lley have this season added very
largely to their stock of type and
imadhiinery. and are better prepared Ilan
eve'r to ple:.4e t hir etrstoners. Wo wish
Shem every muccebs.
C11Lit I.N r( S. C.
OL.-rt.o lhi :,a'I i i . fis' r a gonori
nit 111I.-. se and w!ll solvo .t .,took o
Dry .. ii li, l t--p-sts. ()i Clotht, M:t ings
& s., t f low-. iriQe-j. Iterewith they
timex id pri i. toftfd . rt-ioles-ca,ico-4,
IIm 6 1,1 I:):.. I. >t j tNot ts, from 6i so
i;o , lrown ilimaspmna, extra heav3,
'rm 7) Id Ha. , i l, t,71rolm 12j. nip.
var.1,. A.i<si.ni 'rwes, fia.ri 4:h. upwikrd..,
vannietd. f':oin 2) to 4)d. Datlies', lisses'
aId Uh.t.'s i( ie, 7:3.. -$l.15, $2.00 per
-1-O. And upw.sels, 8 a4pen.lnrs. $1.40 -er
.liz. anid it-,wards. lalies' and Genis
Pocket 'landk.'sertiefs, from 6Oo. per doz.
and aepward,:. Black and Colored Alpaas
20c, and tipwards, Dress Uoods, froin 25c
tipwards. L-dies'ai. Gcoti' .Firnishing
Onodg, itisekeoping Goods, Prtndjy U iods
!tibbons. Notions, &3., froni 16 fil V6 per
timnt. cheaper lain elsewhere. %iples
eut and orders promptly filled. All
retiail orders fron $10 00 upwards. iAt.-t
p-r Expres-q troe of charge- A lieial
liscttnt to wholesale dealers.
Dr. J. Walker's California Vifi;
egar Bitters are a purely Vegetabld
preparation, Inade chiefly froi the na
ivo herbs foutand On the lower ranges of
the Sierra Nevada mountains of Califor
ia, the medicinal properties of which
are extracted therefrom without the use
of A),ohol; The question is alnost
daily akedi IWiat is the cause of the
unparallclod success of VINEGAn Bir
mis" Otr answer is, that they remove
the cause of discase, .anid the patient re-.
cover's htis hlealthi. They are th.e greab
blood purifiesr and a life-giving principle,'
a piVfeet, Renovator and Invigorator
r'f th ytm .Never boforo in the
hk:.ory M tho worbd has a medicine beon
':g tomded pose.sing, the romiarkabl4
9t1drLes o c,l tisuaan BTTstna in healing the
sick of' every diseaso man is heir to. They
are a gentle P'urgative as .Neil as a Tonic
relieving Congestion or Inflammation cof
the Liver and Yisceral Organs, in Dilious
The prUpeities ob' Dn. Waidden's
VtNRaR Utl Tarras are A perient, Diaphorotle;
Carminativye, Nutritious, Laxative, Di urotlo;
Sedative, Countor- Irri taut, Stidorifle, A.ltera
Live, and Anti-Blilious;
Dugg'issad Gein. As .. Sean F*ranctsen. CntHifornia,
an,l enir. oft Wshinm'ton sand Chaurlton tits.. N. Y.
Sold by till J)ruggists and Dealer.
The State of S0uth CarolIn:i
Joanal han Statn. Pl,I'amantl', ag aihat Jamases
8.s wa, Defenudant.
To N. .\. L-iw.s. Sun nna RL. hlinnai.t,
(wife of Jaes 8. iinnn), LJi.tie It.
Stdkob (wife of Joltna Stokes), heirs ol'
,Jaimes La we, tihe atbove uirjitd D)efemd.
Y.' OUJ arts her'lissuninienoR asil re
.1. sjsia e,l to showa oastse within atawenity
dasys siftce ihe ser'viec heraeof uipon yout, if
aniy youl <nni, why the extecmtioin iased
cin the J1-slgment'd selre ti his act iona on
5tle SevenithS d-my of feobraray, AL. Ii. 1867,
Itt thle oflice or slhd Cler'k or the Court o
Cuntitmon i'iei,s lost ihe Countsy arid State
ators'csiid, ins th,or dl the above stdmod
Defenidantt, Jamses L twA, form the statn of
fousr haundited amnd f,usr dollaras iad sixty..
seven censts, tandi tif'iren dollara edistS; anad
-W dih I a, beens rettainied unatiatied, sI
veps ris iu she cos:s aid teesutm bfeaghtyv
lfone dalar aindmi .sixzty-li vo coaSts appaiedi
to t he d abt nsmd it et est. ona the ----: day
of Alu !ch; A . D). 1868, shall tudt lie rentew.
eLI tl dt' ysou Snil to show caies. as afore
said bay ianswer' ser voled time sijbaoriber-s
at thi.i 011l 5e, Nd, 6, latw it.iage, Wi tiis .
bord, 8o. Ca , the~ saint wIll be Ad rcnbwe.d
nsocording to the Act, ot' tite (Jdaer'al A
uembtly ini sehah c,se miade asnd provided
ithI L)ecotmhera, 1874.
AttIornieys for Pilaintiff'.
l'e hitzie It. Smones, on.a or lie bears of
Jameis Lanws, daiconsed
Taike nartic that the suaimons to show
cause, ot' wuidht thab fdreginm~g e o y,
wis filed Ins the office of' the Cl,s is of thet
C'ourst ,.eommion Pleas, In lthe Connsty of
Fair'lield in the Stat.e of South Car'olinh, -in
the 7D.h d sy of Jasnuary, A. D., 1876.
7th January, 18761.&DOGAS
Plaintiff's Atto:adey e.
Jan 18-xe
Pay Up Your' A ccoun
SLL persons inidebted. to
Blros. & Co., and to CJaldw
art & Co. are hereby nztifsed that onr
books will be diosed ern t11e lath inst,.
and that paynrent mitat, be made. We
need money to mooet otur payments for
supplies fuarnibhied you. Let us huave the
cash, CA LJ'W ELLh, DROS. & CO.
Blackstock, Nov,8d, 1874.
301 11...ra
- =--a -si.:s - n=a
A4YtpIlN indebted to me ae her'by
(otilled come forward and settle im.
muediately, isi further indtIlgence will not
be given, This notice Is positive.
lif01VIiNT N4GTJV.
O N and after tils date all scennto
duo the tiBW IDEA PALOON will
be found In the hands of X r. -John D.
MeCarley for collection.
Jan 9-1w K. q.. TI\AO'khia.
A LL parties indebted to* ise on -atora
. 'nucouit a-e notified that we navd
u,oney badly, sid inubt have. accounts
Plot tled. bl.1%TMA-Mu "'
iiid. MoM \sTRi & #IE
jadt 12
I lE notes and accounts of the lase firmi
L of Wood ward & Law and J. W. Law
& Co. are in our hands for collectio1.
All rerpone Indel.ted must come for.
ward and settle, as further indulgenoo
will not, be given.
jan 12.t4z2
GettysbUrg Water.
K AT.AfLYSINP Widter cures
Dyspopsia. ftheurmatiin.
Gravil, Diabetes,
and all Kidney a,d
Urinary diseases.
For sale .y
jan 9 C .. %.I STE.R iBRICE.
IT is my purposa to open at Fem-ale
School of high orde.r iu Winnshnro,
the first or Vebru-ary. -1876. 'The school
will be divided into three depatintientsa and
girls of all ages, and boys unoee twelve
years old. will be reocived as pupilis The
training in all its pepartnents will bathor
ough. Miev llla Aiken will.have charge
of the music departient. Por terms of
tuiltion. board. &o., refer - to Mrs. C.
Ladd, or nddress me by. letter at Winus
born. A. 1. CAR'V.HoGHE.
Jan 7-2w Printipal.
AttOTO / R
W INNSB0110Q$$1
-ITH"ll iig 8soeIon- o1-1hi
tiostitution fot the"yont- 1875
*ill eddfildinbo o the fire
NloildaY it' j-tiaily next
Therb will tie IKo: ,montha
vaassoft it the sumvidbr liinteuld '6t on
mdniAll, is heietdfete. This I'itote 1i
n6dordithod wi1h Ste us"Ittl. 4118 1thel
Schools of qfir SI1te. and it is liopeta wil
..sui t.'a the ieon' butidi.
Th ere~ will be ri n:dsel ioitil, Wdd lia it.o
rates hijth,irt o ch:tyged dr jirlitary l-hsol
Sarid, asndearnents ansd catreintl iIrt ill hi
matide lb yrotnol-e ilieirjrgieas. Adl'rine
edl Sttiudentn carefnstly .tdp'artd b'C.
l'ge or she usual pirtH dlit' teis
aid cbnaforlablet boed #itEvideii foi
spsheint.i iroha jabrodl. it. is g.i'iltly ii
the intordst of both psirdni. atlaidsintart
to enteis at tie beginniitd d -tid seioin
Apbply to (jol. Jas. li, iluii; ehlitano
Boa:d of Trustees o
I3i vbi orio sundry e:eotidris Id ini
J.d irecsed, I teill offer fol- .5ad fo
en,.h, at pitolio auttots to th6 higligai bid
tIer- before the bouatt bht dobr in Wisas
boro within the ltigal hours of sale tilt p<1
first aMonday is) Fobruary nesl ait thi
day tollowinsg; the following ttd.sbrhiet
tropervty, 1. ai, All th,at ple8o, pitrot
or tres of laUd dodliahsthig ones haust
stnd t wenty aest mdre sir ldst; Uan *ttier
of tori-irt (reek.. saud iodn.inld bsy bstatIs ol
Williatni lloyd, William Slurrsand lands
belonging to the ebdat'o of 1,e*ls finghos.
andt others.; Levied tIipdil as ihe propdr53
ofm Robert llanwthornd itthle stit df 4. F
Fdwell ag nast Robert liawtilorttS.
L. W. bLVA L1L, 8. ?, C.
Wsinnashirro 3. CS.
J:ut. 7 1870
.lan 9 -x2r I
tVtsusxsnoso an. 1st, 1876.
CiEAiLHD p'roposals w I '6681i411 at
13 this oflice for th,irt fur the
buildingA of a bridge ow sr . Dralich,
bn the Sell's bridge l>dad one mni.s
ri~ WinnsqMro. All p m ust bi
accomipanied with theo a two .or
thorh suffieient suresles Comtmib.
sioners roecrvo' the right ect aHg
of5 all bidn, if, in t heirJ j t he lii:
terent of the ottnig t'equ Any i
foimast'6:a as to the plan will ti
furnishsed aspen appliosilo I 8ill:
Jan 2-f 1x4 Chairen.
in ti-aweling idt ile disffereit plaae4
dtesignled sul a totyrid - ad ver tjAise it, ror
the eodlleofldo o n:ag, I htsreby give b'.t ilt
hait I toill nsot attend at Gladdeln's drove
Swygert's arore and liorob, and that
will naiene ansAlonticel in ;he dih, ap't
7ith Of Januaar3t, 1876. lrteea of thes 4 th
httd 5sth of January 18t75, ~s~rtofore
gdverttied. W.I. dL I~
'f5ias. f'airSold Cnily
mg i iayI f ay
One Car Load Prhme North
Carolina Hay for sale Low fot
doeaty 20r0., 80a.
I fit4d, Iut'y exh
laiihest W4d4ov bWorw W CoUrt )VIU4
dour In WIalbovo, 01h W flrd' Alond'iy
.s February veal# Ithlv t1414 ho Aj
sale, for eash, the perotaspe my,fpr'
all eeessavy papers, ,the t dag .
scribed proporij to-wit: '%
All'that, pleo, uroel or'd o na
lyipg and e11ile 1 the e . s for4
G,old and tste of South6 Carojq, azo
wa.rv of Little RIjjt, ooitIn-gU. 1i3
hundred and 'agIrgy-seven sores, more or
Ites, fron.wjfoh the bon eatead-o W. L.
ltopforough was 114 vr, sad boas led
by landi of said humoofis&l, .Wait,er .0
i%montonk. Hobt. W . 8Ievnson and other',
and 'I he plibio roa d lea.. a firo:n Irice'
store to Adj:e' Old -Bl1rg;t ; knoes ats
shie Dell 'is MIl.Pridge "s tle iiver.
L-evied up-on nis the 'pdperty of W. I.
Roshorough,'at th.mi of-she Mqlph urio
Acid and Superphusphaste Compaay
against W. L. toshorolaglh.
1 W. OUVALL, 8. Q.
Sherif's Offoe.
Winboro, 8. U.,
:J*an. 12, 1876.
jan 12--xJtI
Sale Of Mortgaged Land.
T puruhn"'o'' auhority oo''''e'''4'
us by a powet of AttordVoy oontained
in a Deed by John Italhes. of date tIhe lt
day of J,uary. A. D. 1874, we will offor
for atile on the first 'Monday in Febrnary
next at pulio 'oUtcry to the highest bid
der, before the court house door in Wine,
boro, betwern Ihehdie of it o'clock A,'
M. and 5 o'clock P. M..tIhe following do.
soribot proper.y. to wit:
' All that patou, piroal or trdit 'of land
lying. belog aud:-sit.tlate 1n the C.oun4
ty o( FirAeld nd State of South Caro '
liha, containing three hundred and
twenty.threo agrqo,' r ore or les,
and adj%ibuing lapos of Jackson
Joiner, 1. 1). Wilson, Jehu [talus, lon.
Cloud and others - Tie said sale is foi
tire p ariVse of fureoloilig a rnortgai
give to us by John Raines, of sae Ohf
Aret day of January, A 0. 1874.
Terns of Sale, Cisb..
The purchaser to pay for naperm.
W. It, U%0'11TMON,
J.8. H. IION.
T U"' 10t91eed 100 lies. And .Oosie
-%. 11t eo. Also s chmei fo; -of Free
(roeri,s, danitig' of 8 bble. No.
Mackefl 8 hbl. -No. 2 Mekerel, I
Kits No. I Mackarel, 24 11(it No. 2 lg
Familyj I bbl. lig feet, I bb. P'ickle
T<ingiesi 100 lbs. Dried Toppes, 1 l
1;o!ogn.:. -Saiages. Also a choice lot C
Suggro 4i04 COeem, Syrups ad Mlolasse
of all grades. Also a And id of Freal
Canp.6d 00dd4, dbtnsisllng uCIltted. gal
mani, Lobstei.t Mock TurtlE, Corn a.
iesl6okted dsibittutwlPed d Itati, T ovirke;
aind Stditiod. Also a (reak lot tif Craci
ets dUd Cale, t b d ulid df Hlerk
Sittfet* Co. Chmee-4-lie ,et4un .
6onslintly dg, lNtka Fresh Vlotir. an
MOal, tsaddti did Lat4, an4 a dhldee loto'
iAWtins Sboich Ale, Liqun'fs fiid Segar
of tite ihest drades, Pi*det, khot -an
4ohi D -eCaln'46
A IUisEoIttioti of 60parth braxIp I
dontioipated and (Ioodst *1l1 be 8014
Dfy Goodh,
. .and
- Japs9
Cheap ?os Oank
J. 0. SQ~U1Is &cO.
N. B. Parties inde bted - MOST pa~
up. . J.. ,i ikVU
dec 81
DRY OD 90O88E1
/ 4ot Co
PIW1 $$$$04 tMW
epS --
Snow. Ap
'MA s' and, HAPPY NEW
fEAb to ell, and ettend themi a
on,rdil b4itatiou Vo qvtll at their
and examine their LARGE and
COM PLETE Stock of
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots,
Ahoes, &c.
As It Is baar the close of the sea
son, ad desiring to teduce our stock
as iuch am possible, we are deter.
kaiod tW-sell our goods at a
We call attention to our large
stock of Bleaehings, which will
.be sold at great reductions. We
lue"1an what we "aty, and never Iritate
others. Don't fail to Vibit the o.
Leaders of Low Prices,
de 12
[I ANING plehaoand the entire
. 8toek of J. V. ljaw & Co.,
offer aohOice.selection ci
Dry G.oods,~
Groceries, &o.
dia 11 obtd inspebt our goods and be
te ibi 2tif Aot'embe t pdiroiheed
-the interest of A. F. Gooding in the
Wannst-ero Litory Stablo. All haorscire,
buggy hire, and hmorsb fehd Iilh bb DA BIf
This thItl *ill be dtricly,* ated to. I
will always koop ont hanUl gooti saddle and
buggy hidress, also darriages and bug'gios
for hith, The ~Mroaao of the public 14
dee 10...8ss
u.cMADE~ Bi
g& $6ns, of Oolumbia,
?ff~9~4~qq,l~an4retail b~ Xr. 1*
agn.Those b l
enI save ithe Ieght~ 6Trm 09
IKew~ Groceries.
lb d C. P'O;,1 i'tO' and' E i gig
* lind.aoase aind. tanlIQ3i'e mp'
e I, C I Ow, C H 1[em'r rit S Ugar-.
il2h1. Y elloW C, E'.Ira c'. a n d O'r a)ide~
CIf1AP FOft CAS11.*
1BE'V' V,T tm., & SO
JuST IReceive-i a fot or
Fine Cavassed ffam-, at 15e,
per I) . Warranted f At
V'. J. MoC AftlL EY'S.
Iron inthe B1ood
'e Perutviat Sru Protect
d Solution of the .'a19,0oxide of
.ror, is so combineft as to have
the character of an Wilment, as
easily digested and assimilated
alitfi the blood as the 8imPlest
food. It increases the quantity
of ;Nature's Own ittdizitg
Agent, Irn i tie bloodo ad
Otilres'"athatisand W$l,-" 811mp1l
by Ton1ing upp,invigoratingy anie
Vitall'unf/ the S-ysteni.- The en
riched and vitalized blood per
vincates every/ part of thep body,
repairing damages and waste,
searchittg out morbid SccrOI
tions, and leaving notl4ing foi
disease to feed upon.
This is the secret of the Won
derfus success of this remedy in
curing Dyspepsia, Liver Com.
plaint, Dropsy, Chronic Diar..
rhoma,Boils, NervousAffect izmn
ChilUs and 'overs, Hum(o)
Loss 'o Constitutl6nal Vigor,
Diseases of the Ridneys - and
bladder, Female Complaints,
and all diseases originating in,
a Oad state of the blood, or ac
companied by debility or a loto
state of the sUstem. Being freo
from Alcohol, in any form, its
energizing cirects are not fol
lowed by corresponding rcac
tion, but are permanent, infiu
sing strength, 'lgor, and neu
life into all parts of th system,
and building up an Iron Con
Thousands have bec changed
by the use of this remedy, frons,
weak, siekly, suffering crea.
turcs, to strong, 11ealty, ants
happy wen and women.; and
inllds nnot reasonably heA.
itate to give it a trial.
Sec that each bottle han~ P ERU
VIAN SYR UP blown in the glass.
Ponphlets Froo.
SETH W. FOWLE & SONS, Proprietors,
NVo. 1 Mild n Place, Iloston.
PLJAIN' and F3rench Candies,
A pples,
Cocoannut e,
Minco 19eat,
A pple, Quiht
and Peach liutter1
Qu'artor aznd *whole bokes Ralis,s
one keg of fino MaJagt-a Orapes,
iieo 10
SAJ, t. W. Wvoodsthl-d P'residenf
.LV the State Agricultutral and Mledi an
Jen. jnd. Irat on.
II . i tion,
Uapt. Jas. P. Mchie.
Lapt. Jas; Benty.
lyr. T. T. 1tobertac h.
Joel A. Copes, Esql.
And many oihia have the "Fe'tj'r
blmin Vaihat"' lt*ed1 for their fen>ily
adI.ing and beinflheud It to the publio.
lam ntl1l prepared w make arnd repin
P'outable Orist, Mili, and do }ob work of
a ny kind.,
411~i kip IP ~fof llns and Cnasos k ept en
Sge Sly MjIgliave taken the tars
IwehIram at, the State Fair for sevein
nov 26 JrW.MOR ElmIT.

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