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WILIAS &DAiS'rorieof]A. Family Paiirf Devoted to' c'6 *e' Art,- MiiY, IU~I n leau
c* t', - - In Inusr And' Uierato re
W I L L 1 A M S & 0 A V I S.
Terms.- he 11ERA LID is publiolieh Week
y in the Town of Winnaboro, at $3.00
inVarialy bn advance.
i!- \1l tr-imiett adlvertisentents to be
P).Il} IV .- I)VA.. NcCK.
'Ohuitrary Notices and TrIb.utes $1.00
per II Mtre.
Tbe 'retll of tio qutiion.
dreat stress is laid upon the inan
nor in which the Louisiana House of
Representatives was trgani-ed and
M1r. Wiltz elected Speaker ;'out it is
a radical mistake to assumoo that the
use of Un ited 9txtes troops, inl unseat
ing live niebers of the Louisiana
Legislatu o, can be justified by prov
ing that the members so driven out
had not no right to the seats they
were occupying.
A tritlh, the legal or illegal char
Acter (f tie Louisiana Legislature, or
of any of its members or of any of
its acts, is t) reamon, justilcation or
exousa for Kellogg's use of the mili
tary forces. The legislative hall wap,
doubli e.s, itn colifusiov. Even had
it Come a Scetto of actual 'fghting
Aln() bloodshed', Kellogg would have
hs d no Conistit tit onal rigtit to lse the
United States troops :1 1i1 d d. The
police iniglt have been used or the
Stato militia ; but lie could not lo
gally employ the IJnit.ed States troops
without malking a form*fal oquis ition
on the Presiden . it a:d obtatninl the
peInI aui hot ity. of the President.
This ie diiI not do. But there was
io bloodshdd or riot ; there was uioth
iig to justify thO intervention of any
military body. The trouble 'was
purely a civil ono, requiring only
civil retimedioe, ind in th.e settlement
of which the use of mebliors, under
tIany circuistances, would htve boon
unwiste and tunaiiciou!:. As a matter
of ett, Kllogg had no authority to
senid Unlited States troops into .the
legislative chamber, h -wevcr pressing
tho emergency might havie beun, tad
l1's act, ther"fore was nttCooltitution
al, illegal and ahbolutely without ox
ou e or justification. . .
Nor c.u Kolba.gg's eonduct be jus
tified by tie all(gd tact that certain
Cotservative Imemlbers os the l,egisla
ture invited the troops to expel the
crowd from the lobby and the Legis..
lativo chamber. Ko-logg mut poVG
that he i-olo a formal rodIui.ition
upon the Presideni t for milit:ry at ,
and that tie Presidoit gave hilln
speci:l authority to use the United
States troops. That would relieve
him tad tram.fer tle retponsibility
to the lebident, wl-> h 1 1o power
toa atithorizo lie itivasiun of a legis
lita ie elI her by the Army of the
ie.!~ s.-- News imid CouI'ier.
Coni rnets.
A.; thip istha season when owners
of land are making o(ntracts f, r the
present year, we publish for gener
al inform:ition tle following ext ract
frot a rcmiet tct of the general
assetIlibly, and comendeli-I it to tle
So2tiona 1, Bo it ontacted, etc.,
that in aill cases u he'ro Ia gd i-a renat
edl, either for a share of the crop
or laor a~ stiputlatedi sutrr in n,oney,
or for so much dotton,'carn Ct' other
praoductt (il the .soil, the in:~ so fonit
ed sha!l b9 dIcomied and taken to be
tan advate foar aigricultur'al praoses
tnuI the landaowiier uno!nred. 'ini g
t he cont iet of lettinlg to - wi itinag
and r-ecoruding the same, na prov ided0
ini sect ian 5, tof chiapter I 20 of th6
r'evi ed st atutes, asI all hae a lienu on
l1.a crop whiich many be mrado du ring
the yea uponi 111 the land, int p rer
enie to all other liaens exist ini oar
othlerwise, to an amount tnot, exoced
inig (one third 'f the entiro crop so
produted~l, to be a ppIl i t tuO .9atis
tactijor of t he rent, stipulantel to be
pad In tall stwh,l care' t lo landtllordl
.hall hiavie 'all the -rights accordled to
persor:a adavancil g muoney and o:hlir
suipplies as provided in ateS. b5 aand
50 of the samio ch iat., to the er.tent
oft onae fouarth of the t :'op, as .above
sttd:Provided, Thawt' the ptrvh
ions of this act nll not tpl)Iy to
cjonatracts atdo aid recorded prior
to the passage of this act.
'iThe Wasington Republir'a'n,
ranlt's r eputed organI, lays : ''Vu-~
ri-us rumitors alliatt reg-trding a
cha-nago of poliey on the piart of thItis
governmeniOtt inI its rolatioans wvith
pain.- The simtrple truth is that
while the adm-inistration recognizes
the chiangedl condit ion of'- affairs in
that counti y, and the fact' that a re
pubhio no lonager exists t,het'e to enlist
Ameao ican laymIpat by, the insatructions
to al iniete r Cushiing were, fronti theO
otseat, so pointedly urgent as regards
the Virgintius ease that they requireo
no ailteratior, evern under the presetaca
cireunmstanicos, when we tire ealled
upon to dealI with a monarchy. Int
the futture, hiowcever, arty nt w devel
opmott.t that may arise may becotme
the-ocasio n of mote determined so
A IT.urtford widower prefer3 liv-1
ing near asaw will, as, he says, the
sound puts hiii in miud of his lost
It is now definitely decided that
the Plan, of dining tit o'clock ohall
be adopted by t e ITarvar : students
at the beginning of the next term.
GJilmore said to a Utioa man who
proposed a glass of brandy after a
)otg , ovirtwres. "Hiow delightfully
you Fpeak English."
Torace Tirnev, the only graduate
of Harvard College during the 18th
contury now living, attained his
05th birthday in Philadelphia on
A t the Cape of Gooil Tnpo they
have found a diamond weighint two
.huq4red .ant oinety earats. It has
Inen sent to Amsterdam to be cul
by Herr Casta.
A. T. Stewart prefers ridinT on
o.no of his u1dre'wngo'nq, 'to v&kinu,
hut'sometimeshe tnkes an omnibus.
Prnetiee economy, boys, if you
would be wealthv.
.. Statis1iciaisdeelnre a marked, 4it.
for nee 'etwen* Jews and' Chris
tiana na to longvitv. In one hun
dred Christiup, fifty die I efore the
ae of fifty-seven, and ,. with .Toyo
the anme proportion reaches beyorid
sixty seven.
P'arie, it iq eAj'nited, enitains Dne
biudred and t enty thotisand wo
men who are dependent u.pon 'their
t)eadle, for mpport. The igheat
rat4 of pny is sventy-nine dents per
day, ihilo Lthe average pay, when
fully employed, is not over twenty.
four cents for twelve hours' work.
.i'e TitksVille Courier says that
the * production of petroleum in
\Vestern lennsylvania during the
year 1874 wold.fill 'f canal thirty
feet wide itt t4o tpl, fifteen feet at
tliobottem, Peen feet deep and
ever se v(nty-five miles long.
Wel have In, Ne w Y qr . .7
chirchesai'chappli d'0d840 dran
shops !' 'Thee is ihetuse' of' irihi~p
for every two thousand persons
most'of them open only one day in
the veeek; there is a drain 'shop for
every one'hun dred and twelve per.
sons, and opOn every day-and all
day-and somatiulei n,1l night!
Thnro recertly die< in*tlie n9rll
of France, a. the age of 83 years, a
muiser who lived alone, and whose
but when examined 'y the authori.
ties after his Oleath,proved a fort of
gzld niLhe- liis pilhoNr. alone...codi.
tained 19.000 francs in' gold pieces
of the time of houis XV. Ond :XV1.
loi hid a:tate for old' pieces. H-e
had been roYbod .i'any time, afd
the thieves erie generally detected
through the antiquity.f'tW .iOonoy
they stole.. T.li. toti (;f' the, sums
robbed from *i,im in his life, for
% bich'men havi oojF,iteed anl Sen.
tented, re'ch 100,(ffrares.
A propos of the January dividondg, a
New Yoik correspondent says that
aid ti he cry of welconie utrcd 'in
the public ei by the holders of good
st ocks thereo Is one ins' itut ion which
keep.s profoundly.silent. This is the
opulent and digiiid Chem,ioal Bank,
which ha's rio .od4'rt to advedrtise
its profles. The gedeoral' dividend is
t wenty-four per cent. per annum, bu
it wrill no.dtoub.a-ooni isesase, for thse
stock, wl.ieh tens 3cars agzo was $400
for shages (if $100, is now in Neinand
at $l,500. mW~ t.he stockhuolders
ai e foun,'aoiiiof sh4 oldest (puiesi
in this eit'(sudh as, the Start,ifr
mserly sugar gliners, the Rloosevels,i
and other sol i oamies 'IThe Chemni
cal is a ofosd corpbrationi. It rievier
annrsuns0s its pronits, h6r int.ites tid.
t ocktholderst .thde'nnual tlnotion,it.
isheecurs. , ., 1(s,ue.s no bills. I
ma ikes no fl1r'r sh of trumpete, but
wvhat islbet t, r, it makes nioniey.'..''iC'
urennagothentL'is in thme hlIndit f%lrs
Jonem~s,Avho rsos.e oif t e best fdian
oiels in:the city, lie is a bqelhelor,
riting sixty, and is anophd~w o~ Jo.Ib
M as.on, the former ruleruhant - Hneel
Ini cortitanpls4tn such an Iinstitution'
one'caninot avoid an alJhtlbW. to the
fel icit.y of the name. '1h old alohy,
mist sought the art of' turning baser
metta.la intuoold but'it'.ever reheh
od sucess. The (Iho'iiod - Bank,
lsow(vch zi st balve learned. the so
cret, for its'sdsares, which once ..Nero'
qujot ed a t $lu00, tow 1/f ly g'fi'teens
times ihat piie. Mr'.J tbeA eel-tain.
ly mps't hoi~e found thejphilosopher's
stone. ~
* fIlashets.
The New York ice harvest has
Vasq uez, the C ilifornia bandit, has
been hanged.
Voorheoes has withdrawn from the
Senatorial race in Indliana.
The WVestvrn Hlotel in Saaraunento,
(ul., has been burtied' Several lives
pre supposed to have been lost in the
GJY. ChaMberlain 01 Soulk Carolina
and h's Wife.
We'i1nd'the lleing bit of gossip
in a Vaiblgt6h'iotter p'ublished in
the S Iingfeld'(hlass, .Ropiblican
TheNew Guverugriof South 'arolina,
Daniel Henry Chimberlain; is a man
of Northern birth 'and education.
lie and his b.roiWor', n w a Congre.
gationalist olbrgyman ip s Vhiongo;
both took their diplomas'atold Yale
Danicl. taking the Do Forest, and
his voungor brother taking, the next
year, both the Do Vorest and valodio
tory. Th'e 1'rot'e'rs were juite dis
tinguished for their scholarship, and
earned the means' wherewith 'to go
through college. Some nine years
ago, the elder brotbr drifted to
South Qarolina; and cotnmodded the
practico of law, in which profession
he showed himself so competent that
he, in time, was chosen cstorney
general,of the S Ato. Ije is a, sma11ll
man, i'ather eow 6ho average
height, with a ue head, nearly bald,
although he is yet hardly foity . a
broad, thoughtful, intellectual brow,
,#ark, bright eyes, and a manner so
quiet and reseived as almo t to
amount to ooldness. Yet thk main
with his still, btern fae, proved him
self as vulnerable to the soft im..
penchj ientr pf love and romance as
any g'id:d youth hardly out of his
teens.* In the albim of a~lady friend
he cane aeroos tho picture of a yoUng
girl, with sweet, pure eyes and haunt
in ,l.y lov'1ij face. In his unlenion
strativa ma'ni lie abke-. her name
and whereabouts, and, :iihout stopm
ping to as* the advice of any "mutual
friend," dotermined to see if the real
picture compared favorably with the
ideal, and if so, and the thing were
possible, to gain the young, lAdy f6ri
his bride. Ile saw, and was con
quered, not only by the peronal
beauty of sweet Alice Ingersoll, bit
by her additiona1 charms'et iniud and
wanner. He s har butitwice,' and
hardly seemed to notice hr, aldress
ing but very little conversation' di
recly to her, but immediately ;U.pon'
his return to Columbia wrote ,ber' a
letter such as gjr'. ,i.pam about"'as
coming from their ideal lover.4, iLd
kweet AllIe' ast'onished, pleased, do
lighted, thit'Alich'a reserved,' intel-:
lectual man should be obarmed by
her beauty.and simplicity, said "yes"
and they were uarrjied three or four
months aftern%ard. Miss Ingersoll
was the daughter of an eiinent'!aw
yer, who was at one time attorney
general of the Stato of Maine andi a
warm friend to Senaor Fe.senden.
A fter the fathet's death their ample
income ceased. and the eldebt daugh.
terldeteriined to put her flne educa
tiop to' some practical use. Aceom
pafii ing her iother, she came to
Washington,.'and both obtained poi
tions in the ne%dy q.rganized banking
bureau, over whiic'h MeCulloch was
then controll(r. lor years the girl
fre.h from sehool, ocopied a clerical
d n, m:.:il)g "ho lo' room sit the
bri6Ler-fqr hr presencCO, util the
priice olfered i.er i clea.e. he was
then a sl6'ider, golden..hairod girl,
,with leCrg;,'t1lie eyes, shaled by da' k
lashes', dark penciled eyebrows, whit c
teeth, nud comlplexion of that vivid
pink and wthite wohicho the partial gods
only 'bestpy, upon the Nesv Englaind
giulp, aii'd no' o hsei" Now she is a
spiendid-looking, ma',ronly womatn,
with conmplexio.iunimnpared, a 3 out h
tul'btuoon usudimmued, and with hap.
piness written on eveiy fecature.
Alphio'nd F'i'nct'. i' :(s issea Feidi
nanid l'ie Jean Marfe'd'e l'a Convoop
tioun Giregnire' has been .precl imord
King of Spain, and is r'cogiied by
all the forces comnpris'nsg Lthe Nort,h
,nd C'entre. iIe is tI le on of thie ex
bTlieen' lsabell, and was born on
November 28, 185i7, and is now ju't
a little ovor seventeen year's of age.
I'le is said to have been carefully edu,
nated, and to be a porsons of. pro..
gres.ivo.ideas ani robust health. lie
is a' R 'n i Catholie ,q(,the firmest
env indtiOpfat. lpa pledged hiimself
t# 'de'fe:id .he'iHol, Sec at every
hafzerd. Iia ministry Is onipoaed as
Ministel' pJ',FoVpId1 'Affairs, Cas
tre ; Ir'liter'6f Justie, Ca.rdenas;
Ntinitaif'War,Jovllar; Minister
of finance, Salavorria ; M in.lster . of
Mar ine, Molins ; M inister of 'the In'
terior, Roblodq ; 'Mitste'r of Coim
merce, Orovio ;' Minister of the~
Colonies, A yala,- --
hllrninig of Geni. MI. I. Botler's Ri'i
Gen. 1 6."Bu lr, \Who waS In thi
oftyje'6torday, receivell a'letter con
denee, twenty mil'es. ' distant 'frou
ECdgefield 0. [H , 8. was: burnei
abouttal' o'clooi the 6s16ht pregious
fsad thiat:his wife 'anid 9hb'ldfen ' em
eaped 'tvIth d'iffi''uYty in their nigh
clothing.- Constitutionitst.
i2Illinois owes' something loss tha
t wo millions ulollars, and instead o
being moigd to Bhame by the con
temptiblesmal'Wess of 'this ameni
the people actually continuo. rede
ing it, under the delusion that it is
good thing to be out of debt.
CIIAnLETOh .Ian. ,l% 1835.
Governor Chainberlib s4nt. an ela.
borgte special message to the . Gen.
cral Aqeibly on ita meeting to-day.
He is most ,emphat'o in urging ,that
no approprietio. ti miide ii .exQes
of the kiown tete.of thi Otate, sa
that the praotioe bilall be:to pay a
we go. lie jjUgqeQt .plans -"or pay
itig tho patt indebtedeop of the
counties, but, io view of tli heavy
burdeon ol) he' 69'.le,, Is inweim.bl
opposed'to bb litiidatiotn at present
of the loating indeliednesm of the
Statq. ..1He recommends at steps be
tak3n toeoure competont. .te4ohors
for the .pui'b eld OCI that. j3tios
of the peilaq bb q ec6d pY i&' peo.
pie ; that a Uaw be pas*ed'ptovding
for the rgistratiqu,of ,vo(ene sthat
expenses of all kinds b;, cut hdpwq,
that the contingent fund be abolish
ed,and'that the plan of dpuilati.V
voting be applied to all -ibunicipal
elect.ions-o as to.test .thepraQtical
working of minority i-oprCO%uUIstiqp.
In eonclVsioo,.he anya, ". fek war.
ranted in cougratulating tlp Goer
ol Assembly ahd oul' fllo* itizens
generally on the evidence "already
preseited of ji purpose on. the part
of all god citizens to aid .be pres.
oht hdministration in its efforts to
rebtore and enforoe good gov'orament
in our State. ft is not' to6 much
to say that every substantial inter
dit of our people has alreadyrevived
undei- tbo belief.. that our ,publio
trusta will be honestly administered.
I acknowledge with gratitude, in the
oommon interest of ourwhole eople.
pie, teao many proOft which t1 have
ret-eived:of the bincere purpose of
thoso who did not suppQrt O In the
late election tp ius,ain ,.the. meAs
ure;. and pollbS annonded 'in my
inaugural a4dress. It betokens a
pol itical unification in its best sense
of our. two races. So loig.p I oin
bo the it,strument by which .u.qqh .ro
suits are proipqt0qi, It shall not be
disty bd b' tie unfriendly otiticisn
of tc few wh 1 maj charge s6 - with
a lack of partisoii npal.- M politi.
eal priuciples will never be oQncealod
nor comproqpited, but wbene'ver the
T,ecessitids of any political party
shall reqpiirb uro to di,arcard or
abuse my pub ic t.st) ten my
allegianco to that party ,,wI ,ccaief,
All my reooumuiendations nqw and
horetofore made in the d'irection of
publidhen9#omy have been iliade ii
Igood faith, dgf ilall I be satis,96d, to
borrow the language,of anothei\ with
thatvaguo and verbal dconomy which
public men are so ready to exprs,
with'regard to public expenditures,
but only with that earNott nnd .ip
exornbl.e economy. which proclaims
its existetuqe.~by accomplished faots.1
The iiopt .auspicious .. d.y . for our
Site ,will be the day which will find
,|l our people. so uti-ed in their re
gard for tho publio .*enl tlkit tlle
ad vont to power of any poli, jie par
ty shall not enlange.r the Lib orties or
.bs material interests of any olabs of
our fellow citizens.'.
The Message is wart'qy *eonmend
ed by both conservatives and repub
icanR, atd is regarded as a proof that
!Governor Chamberlain will purtue
minservingly the reform policy
ar'ked out iW his inaugural addross.
The adjust.nent of th'e State. debt
is progressing rapidly. The State
T'roasurer reports thiat,tig to date he
hats funded $2 '7p,0f00 --ht 'pd.- St4q
bonada and stoolks into $1I,350,000Oof
ontsohili ted , honia and a'ock a.
~When the funding is, comaplejpd ,the
total debL v.jil be,,p.g that, $!),000,,
('Of, the interest on which is to be
secured by a plerpetusl and specific
tlax,, eniforce:, ble in thle Co urts, and
by the' receipt of the coupons in pay.
mnt of taxes. ,
A greet rnany poo~ple wvonder howv
mnemibers, of Congres.- prow rich to
rapidly no t sialary, of $5,000 a year.
of Rtcprescntrativos tAo .othor. <9:y
which will threw soipo liblyt on the
subject. .\r. V.ek, inteod,uceg1
bill tQ jnu.nish menes6f thiq Sen
'at'e tnd l'fuse who en;gaged as coun
Fel in sujits against the government.
It was opposed by Gen. Butler, but
warn passedit. . What Butler's interest
in such :fuat'ter's lInsi been mayb
judged from the ciicial :"cord
the Supronie Court of the Districi
of Columibi irt. the Farraut puini
oaSes. T[his sho~ws' that he pr(ottet
to the extenatc3f.'87,21 by th.o bil
for paying themi. T1his itoem solves
the mystery.
"I dill not oo here, ~entlenen
Iwith th'o,inteniton of inaking a aspeeol
a.nd asI consequently wholly npre
Spared to do honor to the ooomuio:1
t you niust "therefore,ouse pgq it
confine myself to br'ief obsorvations.
Such 'wecre his roemarl5s as they rois
n ed him upon a'table at 'a recent p<
,otical metpg, 'aid " after h'e ha
,talked for an hour' and thre o quartei
it took three of his most able bodie
- constituents thirteen minutes' hai
a work, with dray pin., to convin<f
him that he had said enough.
.r .e oy. 3ramletto, of entul;y
is dead-.
eva4it eleots Sharon (Repugli.
to the Me'Siies Senate.
In the deno ette caucus at In.
dianapoliv, Ho map has 34 votes,
a nd boVonald 44 ; balance scatter.
.n'. NoDonald was Vubsequetly
il ted.
'The steatne South Carolina is
ashore at Barnogat, but is expected
to float hourly.
Specie ahipMeyts yesterday from
$6rk, $l,000,Oo0
' Congtessional proceedings yester
-day, outside qf the nessage, .were
,uninterefting to the So4ith.
, Jbon BaA, of jersey City,
has susponded.
i-The.prooeqdInga in the Beeoher.
Tikston triai.are too indecent for thd
elgraib ol.% -sl,,*
The new Opera ouse, at dol4m.
ia, 8. C., was opeb*d Japt odq
' ay .nighty Ade19de Phillips and
fLlupe.- There,was a full house and
mboh enthusiasm.
The grand jury in [email protected] UnItte4
Sttteq Circuit.Oo04* in., sessioAn ,
Mobtl.sinoo December 28th, were
d iseiaroed yesterday. They found
no ipd4iutgent. against the Sumter
dounty irionors, nor aguinst thuo
arrested in: Mobile oharged with
killing two negroes on election day.
.The joiry consisted of twenty-threo
wou from the body of the Dintriot,
and a.m%jority of them were :Radi
oub, and five of the majority were
To Anhi lout how dqep he oal veins
run; the 1hilade4.Iua hd Aeading
C'atand eon Company have drilled
down two thousand feet. At fifteen
hundred feet a vein fourteen feet
thick wps fouqj,&ia4 at i,dteln hun..
dred.(dt a efe foot ykd4,4.
eoveY-ed., The coal, ,t an,,both
pJ.c paicelient in quulityr. If. ebti.
nmatgs ae correct, fifty million tons
of opal ,nu be raised before tlis bed
is eihased .,
The m5os amlipsing thing iq the
world Is a Frenchman in a passion.
"By gar. you call ny vife a woman
two three several times once more,
an' I vill call you the vatch houio,
and ,ipw. ..it 3eur braine- like a
cand4q.' *.y
63 Yaolaiges of NEW MACKCORJL.
in Barrels,half and quqrter liar.
rels, Kits 1, 2, 3,and extra num.
ber 1, MESS..
328 16ka'of fresh goVn '
pil sizes and graios from tho
Granite Mills -Augusta Us.
A LSO ~ . U
Pa fll utoek' oGroceries, . rovliioins
and .Plantastion .8 pplies,. all
of whii .will be6 .old at the
* lowest pric3es for CASE!.
Betaty Bro., & Sons
oct 29
A ~.solution of enpart$ersl ip is
anticipated and Goods will be Hold
Clothing, ,.
Boote, * ,
-AT '4 - ,
a ;. ;J. C. QUIER'1 CO.
d rt. B. Parties indebted MIfUST pa)
a unD. 3J. C. & CO.
UST Receivod> 100 lbs. flno 'aoshen
Buttor. Also achoice lot of Frelih
Uroceries, consisting of 3 bbles. No.-'
Iakerel, 8 bble. No. 2 Maok;rql, 12
Kits No. I Mackarol, 24 Kits No. 2 Ifigh
Family, . bbl. Pigs feet, 1 bbl. Pickled
'%9nue-,0Qlb,s. Dried Tongues, 10. b.,v
Bo!ogn:. Sausitges. ,Also a .ohoiog,lot 6f
Sugars a.nd.Coffcos, Syrups and Molasseb
of.all-gradog. Also a fino lot of Fresh
.Canned GoodA,.ponsisling of Canned Sal
mooj, bobsterm, .oo, Turtlo, Corn atd
bosac ate. i,qd trant, TrJoy
and Sardines. Also a fresh lot of Crack.
era and Cakes, 1 Dozen Bo vea of 1[erk
imer Co. Cheese-the finest in town. Also
constantly on hand Fresh Flour and
feal, Bacon and Lard, and a obiolco lot of
MoHwans Scoloh Ale, Liquors and Segars
of,the finest drades, Powder, Shot and
John D. McCarley.
sept U
T INUST eanvassed Hains,.. Smoked
ieef, Hmo.ked- anl.-liakled. Ton4ao, extra
Mess Maoker'l. V9ng.-)aity and Pincapplo
Cheeve 1ondon Sugar Raisins, Jellies,
ft ve", Currans. Pulverized Sugar,
Hngliaa Pickles, Canned Goods and baucem
of different kinds.
I keg of4 gruine Jamnaica Vum, for ogg
} cask of peuro Freph lrandy.
I cask of iqported a herry Wino
2 baskets of Roederer & Moet & 0handon
Besides a largC vaiely of biscuits con
simiing i:i p irt %F , -
Le.mon, 'oonanut, Sirtwberry, Boston,
- Nick, Naak and mixed Tea Cakos.
411 of which will bo sold low for the
-dec 10 -- Agent,
TO\ get rid of -our IM
MENSE~ STOCK, we will sell
theC same11 at very
Consstin of ll k neo
D .E4."E" G O O
H osiTS n otAPSknd, o
' Ana 2
* ---
I Car Loa4 '.White Seed
1 Oar Load - Black Seed
Very dst -Red ttust-Proof
Seed Oat's
Seed Rye mnd Barleyj
White and Snoked Bacon
and Shoulders,
Chee s9,6 M'accar6ni, . de
very best S. C. ais, Choice
Butter, Bagging and Ties.
oct 2
NEW Gooin
pietd 1ies Of the following
goods viz:
00i anCI hoes.
A Larg Lof of'Saddlew and
Brides &c., &c.
Together with'
Ral''war, Goedriesan
Tventy Birrels of as
- pure LIQUOR as
will be found
in Towil.
.R 4TES FO s
October 20
WiF C; BEE & CO.
AD)E It'8 WIIA itF, ClIA ItLHSToN 5. 0.
.Jsig nmnns. oS'-JoLIon or''olkiel Fro'
dhouo to them in ( harlest on, or t broug h
t,hoir correspocd nts in Liverpool, New
York and 'Baltituore.
Y'e l'art,icular attentiona to thsesale rf
upipind ('ottotn. -
Nov. 7
Furchgott, -
* Benediet &. C&o
27% KIungdr-et Clhariestoin, S. OI
DRY 00001,
For prices, seo Lootl.
a\ccounrt, ar otifed that,. ene
litonoy badly, and msa have neGootsEU
Aettlied, I
1 MoM.\STERL & BI(Ej
J an1'2 -

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