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AW oimunioationfl to tbis offioe
will not be notioed u4less aododfplbied
by the real name of the writer.
SWr* We are not reslonsible falk4in.
outs of correspofidontes
16r Ilereafter nio LOCAL, NUfIC1,
will b1e in.4rted0 in our colum1n1ja ex0etp
apon p-ynent of TEN CINTS a ltine.
gW- Any person n M efe V. unfy fiking
knowleige of nny eircilfftance of interest
octirring in his iglhglborhnod will confer
a fV ir by furniahijig infornation at this
Deutist-Dr. Isiaith Simpson.
Important to F'armers-J. IN.
Petition for Honiestuad-Juo6 J.
Neil, J. 1. F. C.
Masontd lleetine-J. Fl. Mama.
ter Secretary.
Notice-F. Elder.
11am anu Molass.-iesty Bro.
& Son.
r Furmers aT,d Planters prepare
for P'lowing.-J. M. Galloway.
IIftne-R. J. MecCarley.
Notioo-J. E. Gilbert.
Report of the Winnsboro National
About one-third of the thxes Cof
the County have been paid in.
School trustees are a2ertmpted by
law from militia duty, road duty and
thu poll tax.
Sour Krout, Swiss Cheese and
11olland llerring for sale at the Morn
lhg Star Saloon.
The Legi-dature re-assembled on
Tuesday. We pre.ume it will be in
sessiotn till the firat of Maroh, if nut
On We are strongly considering
the ptopriety of closiug up oul lucal
departmnent as liong as this wrotchod
Weather coutiubes.
Mrt U. W. Crawtotd is erecting a
bommodious stable on Judge Neil's
lot in rear of the Court iloiso.
Verily, Winnsboro is improving.
We uall particular attention to th6
filiportant notice to School Trustees,
in anothter column. Trustees and
Teachers will do well to cut this out
and keep for future reference,
It i.said that there are 78,000
ILi;es of sp Otb On the Sub's ourface.
This is probably the reason why the
streotr wont dry faster.
The great Southern Aggregatiou
Circus Company cAme to an tnd a
few days since at Charlotte. Th e
p;roperty or the Uoucern was attached
at tho suit of oud of the employees.
There will scarcely be anothor ex.
tension of time for paying tuxef, and
only one third havo been paid ~ina
There will be a great rush during
the last week, and parties -wishing
to avoid this hud better settle tat
. ;.r A uditor Peaka has ieeived
notice from the Comnptroller-Genmeral
that the penailty for nmon praymeant of
taxes will nsot asttach until the let
of February. After this there will
ie no fuiriher extenasion of to for
*The b'ouse Cowittee hai report.
ed aufavorably on the b?ill introdue
e'd by Curtis of ikichad, retaining
the Stt appropriatioha for bchools
in the respeotives coupatioa. Insthad
of send inga !t us at present to ('oluam.
bin, on the~ ground thr.t it is uanein.
A flatboa~t belonagibt to Ladd 160os.
wasa wrecked last week opi Wat'arep
MtiverAund a large ..cargo of., Cctton
floated down stream. .At, ast, so
qountst, tall but a few bales land beena
eecovered. IThe aco.ident occurred
flout i.41Un the Chanpel..
Mr. E. W. 01lliver, )'. R. Agent rat
idgeway, infornmms us that fromn the
Ist 8'ptc.uiber to the 'y6th Decem-.
her, 2,08361bale, of cotton were sent
from fltlgaway. 'Of'thesc 13 hales
canm&to. Winiisbbroj a'wd 88 w ere
shipped'to Colutibla y the ,wiaEon
line, Lt..tyear, duirinmg the whoale
r'eaeon' 3,000 bales .x9eo shipped frao
t hat- plaen. *
$ N; ,regularnc ig of Til1 tocIc
Dodg6,'No. 180, A. F. M. W'eld Dec.
2'7th, l''t4, tips following offigerf werp
elected to serve for the ensuing year ,
,W. B. '; hapupmon, WV. M. ; J. E.
V.rig 8. ', . a T. 'rcMtake , J1..
ynanedy, e.i d.,W. Cornowell,
8. I)N ; . L. M tts(ob, J. D. ; L. S.
D~ouga.As, a. Ri. hitg, Stewards ; E.
D). Mobley, Tyler.
gp- On Tuesday morning' 'the
streets in manry places were one sol'id
Inans of ico as smooth as glass. The
upwary pedestrian came frequently
into blose juxtaposition to mother
earth. 1t is, said that the first twelve
a y3 of the year are ihadicative of
th&t*jlve ' maonths.E If so, we are
at to have sany subihe this year.
Oij i*on Nicw Yontic.--Mr. R. L.
Dannotberg the aenior of the enter
prisiag firm of Dan iohberg & Co.,
4efi<' Wedliesdaik for Now York,I
to iob pla36 b* goesto purchase
a full stock of Spring Gools. The
Stoc Pow.ji b&nd will b -ol at
Gost, and ta there are yet in it
many desirable articles, purchasers
Will (10 well to piay this houl-o
a call. They iean busine3s.
The offle6 .f tbe county emujid
iiondra gas beeti quite k eentre of at
traction fur some tiitio past. The
hold6re of claiiusl'q,gain',t-iho 110 ottuty
%re very numerous,.and as.,they in
conimon with all the credi;ors of the
state and counties, have waited long
and pa. oTitly for their dues, it is
hoped that the board is able to meet
All the legitiwate demands Made
upon it.
When the recetit change wa.s
n-ade in the railroad seliedules by
whith the train from Charleston
msakes a close otinedt ion at Culuin
bia with that for Vharluttel it was
bopd thlit the Charletun papert
would puach Winopboro on the day
of publiu.ition. ''his has not lben
the case. Our enterlpri.,iiig frioiod.
of the News and Courier bIould look
into the matter.
Mr. Waih Ladd is a sueond Jonah
IIis steamer ran agrbU'nd In Wateree
river while he was aboard. Ile re.
moved the cargo to a fia boat and
was on the latter when that struck.
And again, while in search of the
missing cotton, he had not beeu any
time on another boat, th.at hai been
running safely for years., betere it
went to the bottom. We give him
uorace's advice, to stay on land.
i The Wildman Troupe ren
dered Rip Van Wiinkle on Tudsduy
evening before a full house not.,
witbtanding the inclemency of the
weather. The acting was not 'fs
good as on the previous evening.
Wildman as Rip Van Wit,le was
very good, especially in the last act.
" iju, Muee ie,' the little girl, als
Relittted leiself weM fur oneo so
you-hg. Clara Wildwan asmtijed a
subordinate vole whiuh wats unfortu
nate, as on Monday evening the
chief attractioh in East Lynno con.
ibt,ed in her impermonatioli of Lady
lsibel and Midan Vine.
Oil Wednesday evening the play
of "Cuba" was rendered.
The otchestra though small is very
line. and discoursed delightful mus
11F.V. W. If. CAMPH..LL.-MOSt of
our readlat are doubtless aware that
thIs gelitlethih his accepted a. call
to the pistoral chargeof St. Luke's
Church, Charlentonj and will leave
fur that plaea in it few days. Mr.
Lampbell has been closely connected
with our Lotmihutity fut more than
rour years, and in this perio I lie has
cost-.amn%t 1adwu in the good opinion
of uI11 As a pulpit oraLto i-- has
but few equals ini South Carolina,
and his general learninig is quite
equal tp lit,, ci. quence. Nor are
thesse the only qjuahuties that have
wbn h i.m a t apy f.rien ds a nd adnair
eo s liolinihedl -taunerv1 I is fine
conve.rsatisonal powers, unad above al
his eminenst, yet unosteitatious
Chiisltian piety, hove elicitt.d quite
as muuch-fa'oraisle notie.. Trho COn.
gregationi 'f 8t::Luke's, iCniiommo
with the v ntir e Cihu leston public,
av eanfon to congs atulate bthem
selves upon the iassi of one tvbo
will be an ornamnisnt,- ahikI to il e
chich and to the conmmsutmity at
large. The nihuerous friends of~
Mr. Cam~ipbell in W znieboro,
whs bi ineerely regretting .his de
pairture, are gratitied to beC
liev'e that hs'w~ill have in Charleston
a wilder sphurc of usefulne,ss, and
hbat lie will receive ai hensty wel
(M.unthA.-On edne.dasy Adelaide
Ph illijps o pene.il the n e w Oi>era Hlouase
in Clhusia il L the Itali a Opera ot
the Barber of deville uriosity to
spe the new hdunst, eethsbined with
the desire'to )1.ear teope,ra, bronght
together quite a large number of the
life of Colum,lii. Besidles the
ttive clement there, a dinsidera ble
number of the niew regime, put in an
a4peasrance. Among the celeiro,tias
present we,re Ez-Gov. Moe,, ,v
Chaseerain4 Lt. Gov. (}leavesa,
Treasurer GardAs3 I.. Neaigle anzd
.\re. R. B.. Ellhott
, TIhae o-peras was adinablsy rendered
aind gave great sjatisfaugtion,
The opera house is in the New
City Halt, and is alittle gem, cons
taiing oIeobesaA, droen eirelo, gal
lery, aind all tli sial appurtenances
of thenutr'ess Its capaci.y ,in about
eight hutadre~d. The stage' is forty
by sixty foet,.and the oncry.is lery
good. Mr. Kramer the. als.t has ex
hibiteI,great taste and skill In hit
wori. low thaa this.buse has been
finished, a.bettor class of artists will
probably.-bq att,[email protected] to Clumbia.
TPhe.Codney lgesaer has thtis far
tilrned over to the County Comnmis
ul'onersabout4$,200, of the special
defidicy appropriation an~d 'double
that amsounat of ordinary tax. . The
latter is to be i'bplied th blaiinms con
tracted sine Noveambe'r 1874. Tlhe.re
hias been a rush made on the coom.
missioners by hkoldera of old claims.
-The Ainount of monef 6 empdud be
ing at small in ptuportion * to the
debt, the commit-sionoerd sbotIld - dole
it out in small quantities, giving to
each creditor a portion. 'T'he coin.
missionotshould alsopay to credi.
tors who are pr-ment at the meeting
oftlieboard,and in the order in
which tLey cowe, for if,tho ooml mib.
t-ionors evince any preference, they
nay expect t'o be uccised whether
falsely or not of ring operations. Lut
themj divide out the tuovey Ln far ass
it willgo, and let the niillor's rule,
1"firat eolue, itSt served,' be adhated
I'le Jurors for the ensuifg year
'eve been diawn. oThe following is
a list.
. IA1Ni UntOIO,
R.l. Fea.-ter, John A- 11rioc,
J.,Tihculnouigh, W. N. Alason
'John Pirley, 1'. HTastings, W'. H.
G.ilhiel-,J. M Blaini, David&& Aiken,
.1. W. Lyles and James 8tdtvart
Chatles Caldwell, Feilding Men.
-lenhall, Jordart McCullotugh, Samuel
Grier, John Boyd, Othollo George,
John Wuluot-colorcel.
0. ''rapp, W. V. ketein
Jas, F. Kennedyl W, IL MeGill,
fsaco Mei"181 Jonathan i1. tAbbg
Jas R. Aikenj C. M. Chandler, N.
A. l'eay, G. ".: MMaOter, DuBuseZ
14gleston A. L. Hdriugtoni, 1. .J. F. I
W. Coleman, David II. 'Cooke, D."
N. haino, David L. 'lenn. A. F.
Gooding, 1E. 11. Heila, A. J. llamail.
totl, J. E. Staut 'o, R. H, Jetuingl,
J. E. Gilbort,Johu Vinsot, and A.
Kitg NChon, Adam 5teVenson,
flampshire Granger, George Jones,
Belu Walker, Hilliard Bell, Alex
I iopk ins, John llamiltou, lenry
Copeland .brau Lyle.s thomas
Miller, Aos Manning-colorced.
A Culotado new,-paper has suspend-a
ed onl acculf1vt of the dia-nppearance i
of the editor; lid waii ast seen -
standitng uider a tree, and sotud men
were pulling on a rope.
The fact that the wotnen of 1llinois
are much butter than the tien tp. F
peats to be emphatic ally demnistra
ted by lhe fct th-tt of the 1,857 cou
imts tw in the State penitentiaryj
tat Jvilet; 0idy Lfteen are fewales.
Very Adliclve. n
"Really, my dear," said poor Mr, 11
Jonen to his better-half, you -have 4
sadly disappointed ine. I once con. r
tidored you a j i*cl of a woman ; but p
you.have tutned ottt only a bit of a
tnatritotidal paste.lp "'hen, tnly
love," was the reply, "comcle your
self with the idea that p;Lte is very
adqesive, and will btick to you as long i
Its you live." t
0. the 14th itst., by the R , N.
W. Edmuunds, at th,e residence of the 1
bride's father, RI. H-I. EDMUNDS, 'l
-- f Ridgeway, S. C., to M[C-8
M AT1TIE P. ei'- daughter of Col.
R. (. Ltamar, of Long Town, o
ARTLEd indaebated to me tire herely
1 ntifIiel omeua fotrwardl anal see im s-E
rated ittely, a sfa nri her indi Igencre will not
he given,i 'Ihis nuti*er.is positive.
. M 'cCA1I.LEY..
\LL personas in lehao-I to thea undler.
igned'a are r.te te: to sett.e I hair'
.ccounatit air <nied, or' th y w'.ill be given t
ot fort iciaeer in.
jan, 14-i a, J. E. (G1 ,IEItT.
ON nafteI r - lhit 'late tall sec..nnte
dueg' thte 1 EW IlilEA SA LOON wvill
be tfounad ina thet handtas of' : r. Johnt 1).
Mt'ariley for collretion.
Jan .1w *,.- i. C. 7 M 10N8.
T.L persons owting thec anhabrr
are reneele'Il to a)co'ne taorwardt
sat ete nait nta otte an.il-,ave e 'it, as lhe
negidl mlot,. y, tit nn at hata e' it.
j-n 16$-l1....... -
Winnstbor'o Lotige, No. II, A.. F,M.j
I 1i l a elr e nIi on s ina '901. ti
on T hus l'ati'a y e ve'ning. tlhe'.1.isa i ut o' att 1
7, o'clck%. I lruat will 'oilio pre,pm
o a to~ laty dues'.
- D J. TF.McST E.
Sj,I ~LECTF1JLY inforina tlhecitizensa
. and pntblio genatally thaat lhe Will
vasit 'innslioro, S. (U. profes&sionally. ean
l8tl h .ay of .Jar,uary. Sailsfact ion
Gdttisbprg Water.
IAT AtYSIIE Water eies
iiyspepsia, Rtheumatihna
a aaMI ai .Kidiay at
'orsale 1-y MM'~JR&1)I
Hay ! Hay! H ay
One :-Calr Load ITriple .North
Carolina flay for fRale Low for'
Beoaty Bro., & Son.
Spe$ni , Noties
IT fi UELCSs td altenipt to Cleanso a
streaq2 while. th fountain 4s Impure.
Dyspepsia, ' doPfbints'f 0* liv6w ot
kidneys, eruptions of tb skin' erofula,
headiliches and all diseases arising fron
impure blootd, ate at - once- rqowevo4. *y
Dr. Walker's California Vinegar Bitters,,
puriifler of he blomtd, andt renovator of th1e
1hesyatem, I has never been knowti 9
f iti.
l'eople will get at trriod, ndui tso*t of
tip do.1ot have but one Chance, so do it up
iln style. Moreover. it is a poor coipli.
tuent to ynur Iri,ends to invioe Ihein to
your wedding with a slabby invitation.
'ho invilatioit is your how ; if introduices
tihe life of tj;e ew couple. ntid should be
in tie .ben, style. Walker, Evans &
1'ogatre 1. Charleston, 8. C haye all the
linit, sty!ds of paper, ar.s, &a.. and
execute the work in the highest style of
ihi art. $end t9 theid for samples and
The novelty of Charlest on, 8 C., for th1e
itext few weohs iiloe groot reduotion in
prices of Nl litthdi'Nr Dry Goods, Carpets,
)iI Cloth-4 etq., M the popular louse Of
P1erobgoft, ifEnetlief 4. Co. whoj it is
known. kep thd largest and beef Bo)poted
!tocM of dhovo Ialked t oods t. the iowo t
'ossiifylo I ri :ev. C'ot(nrt 'order- enrus -.
xd to 4lleni are Alled sfilh the greatest
:aro a id dipach. If goods are not sat
sfactory, ntiney viill be rtined, .Smi
ilen senut- pt appllication. At!mit pet -ex.
ress or Post Oidd Ordr., or good will
)e Pon t o. o. it. All retail orilurs olor 5 tO
Nill be bent free of ahargq.
Atiomg oat noW owdvertisenents. is that
if doe (if the oleft, efti4blithnients in
1ate. ,.tifilliled lit 18812, i is. ualo
midihaiq est plade inl its Iii i ord ii-ht
Vith l:rge oxp6ridnoe and unturpassmed.
acilitietl, %lusirs. Walker, E vanv & Cogs.
reil are prepared to s.staina ithe reputa
ion' of th.-ir ast-iblishiment. Like A. '.
ted-ft.ttuyl?elievo ii newspaper adver
ismig. andm4 ttke t hii mneauis to alnnom mee
lint they hi.v4 ilti.4 seftsolk addIed tery
1rgibly I( tiheli stock . . .UP.
inchineiry. r.ndl are bnttfe prepare4i nan
Ve r to pleaie I ie1ir customers. We wisI
hieth every 8lCceSs.
1i 101q;1q, NE1)IC.T & CO
flef- I.> ti- lAtIld V 4 4 !-6dri Illgoeft4A'
it itu m-i.tise and well ,ieleate.'amock o
ry 0 mm.i, C-.irpets, Oil Cloth14, Mitimig'
e., kt the lowe!st price. Ierowith they
imex the price-sof, f fe a ;rtioles'-mtmlo,
'oo (1to 10.. i,0mam, titoths, fron 6 to
6a P Brown l1imeirpitnt, oxtra heavy.
'o1) 71 ;o t0 ., .1., &s, fr-I)IO -l) . up.
IriiM, G t isif -r'd4, fr.n 4to.-itpwardd,
lItuels. from' :t to 440. fladiel'., blisses'
li eI's Ib()i, 7it., ,$L.15, $2.00 per
.it. and tipwar.ls, Sti-pen-lors, $1.40 per
3z. arnd mi.,warol-, Ladies' and (Ionts
ocket, :ln,l'khorchik-r!j, from 00a. perdo az.
ad it pw %rds, 11laik ai-Il olorod'Alpaa i
)c. and upwardis, Dre4s oo-Im. fromt 23c
Ipwjards. L-Ldies'and GentsV'nnishing
onds3. 16 rnieopilaig 0Gjodif, FanMdy0 >odb
ibl-ort-4. Ndtidai, c., fronm 16.to 2v per
ut. cheaper th- elsewhere. . sample'
it and ordtrs mlrm, opt7flh?lt.
tail orders rrom $10 00 up*ardjs. tivti
r xpresis tree of ciarge- .A liborn
scout to wholosale dealart. .:
Dr. J. Walker's California Vin.
gar Bitters -are a purely Vegetable
reparation, inado chielly frotin-the na
Ive herbs found on the lower rangeq of
bo Sierra Nevada mountains of Califof.
la, the medicinal properties of which
re extracted therefrom withoit the uso
f Alcohol. . The question Is. Ahnost
ally asked" What is the cause of the
npar-allld su1ccess of VINEOR f'I'- -
EnI"87 Our hilswer is, that they' removil
lie cause, of diseutsd; and theo.p;tie rea
over's his licaltlh. 1Vhoy are U1ib greidI
lood purifler and it llfe-glving principle,
perfect Renova or And Invigorator
f the systen, a 'Nter" before in the
" or or the world tmas it tradibin8 been
nalaiesof lKRA'gs . the eniMrka.ple
ick or every disease tnan is hel'to. f
re a gentle Puirgative a.-well as a Toitfit,
clieving Congest ion or Inflamrinstion of
lhe Liver and Visceral' Organs, in.:Mlibtig
The properties of Dn. WALXItn's
it4RCiAa Bli-TTtRs are A perient, Diaplorotie,
~arminative, Nutrition., Laxative, D)iuretic,
edat,ive, Counter-Irritant, Sudorillc, Alter.
ive, and Anuti-Bilous.. o.
irngista anidtGen. A gfa.. San Frhaotano. Ualifornta,
nad n.or. uf Washin ton anad Chmarltoti S4ts. N. Y. 4
iSold bay ali Dfruggsts au Da,alers.
~Statto or South Carolinai.
County or FA lRFIEl.fI
IN TJil E fRO T147E CoV'R0f.
.E xparte -
Esther Jenningb,
itr t o Pet ition .m,,
I he E,.ate of Ale,x- Jlopiantenti.
in tsr ':l. 'tie nillin g's
,TO AU.. 1YlioM I? Mt tt t.fKt.f S
NTT(c: is hsemet y giyaen jih at Mrs
L Estchier Jenni nigs has appihe.i iv:: Itme
mnne he r a hmotumeste.uad in,t the, lEel4 . imut
i astimni Eitmntc of Alexni'eir 11. Jenti Inga
deceased,.of time Cominty an',t'Iame iaforbaaiJ;
y ai(d if'ne objecion~r besialoJhereto,on 4t
tm effrem',Iilii- J.igAmteenm.h <hly o,f -F'ybriury;
A.J;.D,. IMai},. ..y ila.poif Vt ug.pruimem.s tot
lay of)..asneh 'Tiberhteatri lii nti'beurl,ct
wvitm'the not of tIme .1 'eneriu AsEut$hily iWt
iaetiuse meale nmi j'obeilll, aipr04ed
)Al6h1m'@ i6mh A . ii. 187 1.
* . 'l No-;J. N1 F,.
r i PlE foliowtma.nas-'of; 'mnmey' '4v111
p-j rolbby daue the ria'pectiva.p,o o6
dmn'Wicta faiy illa.eur remi choefy's5r.e
- e 2, 500,00 .. :. . 60040
8,n' 470.00 ~ $ 76,00 Sb59,00
is 4', 160,00'. 8110.00 1, 45in,0l)
* 5, 274,00 ' I- 15.00 420 400
as 0, 375,00" -.. 876,00
-8,' 625.00 25,00 789.6
9, '476,00 -475,00
12., 4o0,09 I 400,00
-19,~ 000.00 . . :- S .:m s600500
This is a very liberal estimate. Trus,leen
are tmpeu atively orde red -not '6 issue pay
certlncates to teachers itn excess of the
alios e ustated 'estimates for,' thmeir' redpec
ti-te dliserlocts Shey lare"'#s.d'VeguJested
to keep all the schools in tieler t4eeetivo
districts open an ernal dur'tion of time.
jan 19-si1t1 T. Rt. ROBER'l'480N.
County loaard of Ezam:ner.
. 6ANAIIANI '0.Atf,
;An ilmportant vaturaI 0nuno-..a ken
ino Atimal Deposit. Cago of 600 to
-J3W dn Ilie way to ThisMI Ua
:4te great satief n ih. 'irginin ni
otlI Carolinai the. ieat arsop. Circul
Aud o#rti6oat 'ifio4.
"Trad.milloo , Il 'Ari,td ,V's
this Quano : -'lly
of tlh a- Al,alyelo of I%' a cargoo's y4
have Iniporilid. 4ii g urt,eOel
great regiirity 1 erAg0 0,'tl
.mpoitant cenatiftenii 10asen1 I Ir%lt
prodction of all pros.' t - a
Prof. F. A. Xn,11 Pi hi
Penn., Saya : 'The 4uad isevid1wil y
anitnal origin, And theol Uid0le -bdlu
Which were disdo4vet4'in t e. famy lud
cats that it is 1t-'resulL 2t.he deoay
bats. mice, &o. Tt quattat'ltof organi
'iattor which is still-pr6ant is' about 1,
per cent., and thin yields about 2j p
eedt,' of asnionia. A pbrtion of ti
nitoge Is present as nittio noid, c
Wiliuh about 8 per cent. wer i found. A
the nitroge'n present would be equlivalei
so about 31 yor ootkt. of anourtia. Thi
PftosphnrI4 cld itl the 09ano average
abonlt 121 per cent., etual to 1.3 per 001
of Mone ,Ihospate. A considerab
qthuttity Af the phorpiorie atid. hoi
ever, is present asso-callod neutral Pho
phte of LiMte, wich, bemg slight
eluble in water, r*ddlrSa the 01tiia a
qnick it s is actin do a cotresponldil
qjuitity. -of Sugarphospiatas 'duld d
'hes maIl percentag of potash which Wi
fond In ialy0lo wtad to it value. Frol
Pill the rxperimetits whiich I have nade a
t1 Guaqahani Cuttfii no tddtFUt att'exis
that it is a vatuable adinure.' .,
Prof.; tjr ,.Whic,, of the GeorgWtrta
AgricultarS, 61 6L , ay 3," ow
by tho .4nhl 9 ,th kd"an I(
rdod P Tfatt, all tike.:eletDintes *h1
Of ge kily ,onsidtre4 as of vAlue f
plitit 6d, 4 'a to and- bnbiq
tiotte in I they trofOpt lire. -Dtc
as to r er tom ' ilablo to ar -1 ai
similable by the, I '1 . $ should 1ndg
that the proper. 16d o -th attiele fo
purpeos,ofTertiliktion would be attgnt
ed Witi groat proft
'ro . Charles U. lihepard, Jr., In f rt
sen t a4ly.ajeiof ti1 Qtuandi it Is 'Y '''i
Guano (of agintIllg'ef1gln) , woUld appoa
rrom its phytRh aid o1euical propertii
to anatwer oekyry reasonable epeutatio
of a conqieroIal ganitie.
Ordeegdr.Nei'e tun ,rV tiefits inac]
'or its ,t6 bg 4qinoft'ti to
J, ' --J -- N. RGiu,',
8 list Iay, f and 2 Atlantic wharf.
n,it.f4N'.1 -- Charleston 8. I
RegaioR n Prices
In'Ylew of:the low p'ritil obtained f<
colidn* CIN.''provent itsmsbg., #.nd I
rder to plaeo our Oninot ilfk9. th
ro:achl of evcry plA:tA!, we have greatl
reduced our prilis.
They wlil b-old os :fvl.qo Wi
Un8 lt[RCE '
Per Ton of 9,000 1h . $46
Payable May la, 186.
Time Pric
Per Ton of 2,O00 lbs., $53
Payablo Nov. lat, 1875, ied ot In
- t ept.
-Cash P'rice
Per Tot n f 2000 lbs , $46
Payamble May let, i8Ti.
. .Timeo Price
Per Ton of' 2,000 Ibs., $53
Acid Phosphatc
CJash Prnce
I'er Tont of 2,000 lb)'q $30)
l'ayable latg May 185
'fime .Price
?oerJ'iOtt of ,000 lis., $35y
Payablo No,. Iat,.. 1875, Faree of 1
a tetast:
Fpetight and Tr'hag tt6 he adde
(Jnil ou.Agetnt for Allmaana ai
-- 'W1-NNSUOl)lO,S8.
Geo. W. Williams& Oo.
Pa opr ieturs, :t.Ayarleaton d.
JIlAVR~ tn* ItI stord olie ol' tii ar'g
- stocks of lurrdwnre ever br oeght
i a rmarket. Hwe(es iron froma 2* t<
inchea', liow Steel and( i,.000 11he.
l''low Moulde. 80 Pair Tlrace Chai
llamens, tiackdllads Anda Curry Combat
A frl linte.of. Blackanmithse' Todle, 1
lowat,. Anvls, Hand and $ledge lia,mo
I Ihwe4.afiso in eIdral wad to .rrive,: o
I6,000 lbs. Naili, ammsortedl stres.
IIn Poeutl abl4 Cutlery, roy at
nsear in mind thet*n paying oa4h for
my goods, 1 am enabled to sell at mny ne
low,ratos. My terms are,oagbh.
Ji MVL Gallowas
jan 16
I* - -
X'MOb A. ts'.' , S
14 10 11aVrola Qhoice N. O. Molasses,
Id 1 Tiorq'.or$,w 1linylavasd signr
r Cured hams.
O W FOA C.iL .
ej.n Id
a Tis- nfy fnurposo to open it Fenmi
I. -L 8ohool of high ortder in Wininsboru
fthe first of Pelart ry. 1873. Th1 moshoo
a will be divide.d into three deparmentms an
I girls oft'hl hitus,- and boys under tw elvi
r years old. ill be received as pupils: Thi
m traiig ib all'ifs'peoarl mints will bothor
f ough. For terms of ttilr6, board, &o.
I retor - to Mrs. C. Ladd, or -address im
I by letter at Winushoro.
jan-w A, .. CAll''TiAt.E,
d Jan 7twPrincipl.
n '0 the 20th of Rovemlibe I pr.chaset
the Interest of A. F. Gooding in lh4
Winnsboro Livery Stable. All horsehire,
buggy hire, ftd horse feed will be CA SIA
This rule will be strictly adhered to. I
Will always keep on hand good saddle and
n buggy horses, also onrriages and buggivt
h o'r hire. The patronago of the public Ih
ir espectfully solicit ed.
.k-3 ,,U T. TEIRILL.
ke 16-. m
AVINO disposed of my Livery inte1
eat to it. T. Terrill, I will keel
constantly on hand llorses nne' mules f
sale. Parties in want of good stock -o
do Well to give tme a call.
I have al,o opened a iarringe, Bugg3
and Wapg n Fatmory. All work nentl1
executed and warranted. (ive me acal
r -MADE 13Y
King & Sons, of Columbia,
8 rrold wholesale and retail by Dr. W
E. Aikon, agent. Those buying b
he dt dii will akve the freight from Co
n2~ 18
(OLD andl Lilver daahn (the ver,
X$ 'best time keepers) Solid Gb Chaina
holl Plated Chiain.t iings aen. 1 iver liui
Cihainua. which I gruaranteec. Also, Bireas
i ne Coltar and S.hirt BIut.t ons of all des
.r.pt ions. A set of beautifuil Clocks. u h.
can bent I lemii ? Itep. irinig done inI
wairkiman like mnanner. 84tisfatct Ion gaa
L eed. gea
dccIfi CHIAS. ffrULLEIt,
A JioT1 <f Etxtra Hecav
Ungging at'!A cents at
0- R. J.'McCAJRLEY's.
jan 12
81[l1fIINF? H ALE.
])Y virtime of sundry executions tf n
IL dlireei.ed., I will oJfeis for sale f<
bt:ah. at puwtlic auctionu to the highest bi,
,lcr hieoir the court house .door in Wiunn
horo withlin the 1 t al. hour:I of sale on t
firz. M ondn-j in , obruary nex t rand t I
d, say totllowing, thle following doscrai hi
propori a . to wit j .All that piece, pare
or tract of land colt.iiing one hundra
Ian:t twenty Morrs, iniet- or less, opi walel
of Maorsek a~~Ind.. bsounded by litidls
C W iltlim lIoydl, William Mumirrny, antd lan<
helonging to the esintot of beawis Jiago<
Sand others. Levl6t1 itpon as the proper
of Robert llawthaornid at thi suit o'f A.
Fewelt aga net Robert Itaivthorno.
.. W. 1 DUVA1 LL, 8. F. C.
Flierift's (ltio;
Wiiisoro 8 0 .
.14n. 7 18t
Jani 9-xet I
Y j virtuo of suandry execut ions t o n
est 1)direotod, I will offer for salo to I
to h.ighecst hidd er hefore the ('ourt llth
7 d oor in Winnsboro, on the first Mondo
ol aO nFhrutary, next, ithin the legal hour.
me, saile, for ca.<ah, t.he purcbaser to pay fq
alt necessary pnpers, theo fullowi"a; i
suribed property to wit
.Alt t hat piaco, prceOl, or I ract of. fa:
lying e:nd sit ldiiri the' *ouat .of' Fa:
fi,ldMand Atte of South Cizolinia,.
rel- Watars of Lit tie River, con timirg '
ri. hundlredi and ihirtysaere si,rs, toro
ror tess, from which tho' homt catead df WV.
Roistioroihh' was laitd off, ah.d bounrd
>Ok by lands of said. hiomestesad, Walter
ailmonton. M%bt,. W .'Mtevenieen tend or he
and the public roa d leading ronm Brie
. store .0, Adgor's tOld- Bridge, known
all the itell 's 'l ill l'ridgo on Liii to River
ual L,ovieg. upon as the property of W.
Roshorough, at the suit of thio Suiph ii
Aoid andl Supe)rphiospharte Compai
against WV. L. Roshoro-.lh.
L W.1)UVALL,8. F.O.
SIhe9if's Office,
Winnsboro, R. in.,
J.1anm. I12.. 187T,
jan 19..-.'Al
Winnsboro National Bank
TWinniboiro,',ow.h State of SOUt01
.laolitna, at the cloijo sf, businaivs
.December. 31st,187LI.
.n& An'l DlsosiIS, 1 $
U. 1411ndk to scnte
circulat iol 75
I)ite frou rdelming and
Reserve' Ageiiis, 'i
Dhle 1tfir Olier Natiopal
- 3 ie t it -k l,Fu t r
and Fixtur-es,
Vir-et Expelnes and '
Taxes Paid. 2,511 411
Prem1i4ns Vaid, 0.212 51)
Billk (f othe Nit.iorial'13anke, 8,805 0u
Framtoial Cuprenoy (includ
ing Ni:k61s.) 373 3 2
8 peele, tinchiidinga gold
Trensury toie)- 126 05
fegal Tender Noies. 16000og
U. H. certifiedlet of leposit "
for legal tenders. 3,375 00
-Total $1'82,747 3.0
Capital Stoc'-a i' -i - $7.5,000 n0
Other tindivided prortin 6,
'NatIonal Ilank notes out
sianding. 6 065 00
Dividunds unaiid, 107 bo
individual )gy1osilo,. , 3a.5 4! 71
Due 1o other Naiuutional lntiks 137
~'rof a $18'2,747 36
County of P"n1i'old. ' '
I, Sanuel 11. Clownty, (ahier of 'alia
Winnsboro NaLiopal -Flan1k, do leminily
swear that, Ithe above sti(411ent. !is tirulik
',o the best of my kinowledIgo anid holitf,
SAM UEL, 11. CLOWN EY,,'fn-icr.
Sworn to and subscribed belfuro nile,
this I1th day of Jaiary :
M. C. IOllETSON. Notary Pinblic
CorreoL Ailest
V. R, 1Oll-A,TSON
JAS. i. McCANTS, W.:rectors.
Jan 14..{.
811o of Morgaged Landti.
N purmuance of nuthorily cofer oil on
. i. us by a powet of Attorney chhaine,Y
.ak. Deed by' Tolih Rai ne.!'lf daI w tIe 1 mt
day of Jatiry, A. 1). 1874, we'will offer
for anle on hu first, Monday in - ebrtary
ne.1t at public outcry to tho'higlie-l bid
dler, before tle cojrf hotile door In Winnr.
boro, between lie hours of II 't'olock .\.
M. and G o'clock P. 1., tie fullb i; de:.
Srhibed proporty, to wit : vkt
All tliat pit,oo paro-il or tract of land
lying, being aid itunto in ilth Cow.i.
Iy of Fairfield anal Stal a of Sout It Caro
linaft, 0on1taining tilree hunalrod a1ndA
twenly.thro acrosa, tj Or, oi losn,
and nai4jinfig latu s of Jackion'
Joiner, it. I). Willien,-I oNt limi lln
Cloud and dolters. The naid 'nle im.49r
the p irpcoe of foreclosing a -morigage
given to us by John liniiem, of dme the
frat day of Jantnry, A. 1). 187-1.
Tel-niv- of 81110, Cash.
T!ie pdrohlisor to paiy for papers.
J.\8. IL.BION. a
jan 7-tIr2 .
FAilrII. COUXTT, Dee. 10.1874.,
r H, E nudersigned, for Ihe conveniene
.. of fle tazpagorm of Iho county, will.
attand at Iho'tollowing precincts for the
collection of taxes for. lisoal yaar. 1876,
viz :
I)oboj Wietisday, Dec. 0, 1874.
Rtidgeway, Thurs. and Frid. Dec. 10 & 11,
Woodwalidas Decpot, Monld. and Tue.. Dec.
21 & 2'., 1874.
reasterville, M ond. and Tues. Doc. 28 &
29,a 1874.
.Monticello, Mond, and Tues. Jan'.- 4 & 5,
I Jonkinusville, Wednesday,' Jan - r, '1875.
- Gladden's tirov,e (CaldwelPis store) Sat.
J an. I, 1875.
i Dulose's ea oro (loreb Pcgeloci) Mond.
- Jan. 1.1, 1875. .., . , a
Winnsboro evecry d.y eilcept to.s ove
named, on d'Aich dayes tTreasurer's. offies
teill be *lQsed.a .W. M. N EI2 ON.,
.o it Treasurer FairIleidko'unty.
;lI4AJ. T. WV. 1'hoodwsu d Prep,dep
- i hState A4grivultu, alua,l ca
'cal ocaety.
" Uen. Jno., rH
as ogl, gaAaI..Utt
.'CapM-. JJ1a. lIeasy.,
1)1r. T.a T. 'Is obe'riaatn.
*Joel A. Copes, Eeg.
And nany olters ,auve the 'UFe'i1.
e aa -Washer"a used for thaeir f.at'l
sihing and comnid i; ii cl., pa.Ll1,.
6 I ' -

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