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VU~ T* N'1111
It. MI'NS DAVIS, Ed[t,
Wo msy lo lmmJitunury 97, 1871
Aiotho'r -preacher has gotten into,
trouble Thiis is a bad year for
Vi3c0 P:esiient. \Vikon thinks the
repul 1:can marty is not do.,d. That's
just where Henry nud we differ.
'The Countes. of Paris sonned
last night.- [TUlegramll.]
We ive huard. 4f "tulciding,"
.ikcroscning" and many such terms,
,but to 1ay of.a reopectable,and estima,
blo lady. that Ohe "sooed" boats7
the devii.
hat lias-become of that impound.
led cigl: thousand dollars ? Wo havo
heard nothing of it 8inca summer.
The cr aitors of the County are need.
.ing it badly. They would liko px
smll "dividu" about the prescz4
The igefield wAr is ended. Ned'
TeIiait is :afely jailed, Gen. Butler
hIs oppcared for examination bc'forc
J udge Aackey, and the Judgo was to
ad d.re.s the citi7.cus of E ccaleld on
at rday in th iifterosts of good
oder. A legi:1dAivO iivestigating
coummittoe will be snt to Edgetield,
Mess;s. Duncin and Trenholm rep
elit ino the conseit ative..
TIe Leiature i's not doim*g 4u.Cl
.The Senato has refused to adjourn on
the 1 -hth Feb., as proposd by. the
holluu. It is a tiely bcdy. The
lien la v will be repealed,to take effect
1 t January 1876. The official
Iewspt%per law u%il be abolished.
TIe L,egislature is icking against a
regist rat ion law. There are a good
unaly horns and elovon foot iu that,
augubt body.
I resident U rant is so wollpleapod
with the result of his Louisiana
out rage, that lie proposc to Sheridan.
izo 31 is.issipp1i. lie has placed
ri 'mils at the disposal. of Gov. Amles.
SI idan rceognize3 Cros4iy as the
?leritl of V ieksburg. Crosb'y could
not give bond anud, was imtdo to resign
byV h cit i.ins. This wan the cause
of t e ickSburg light recently.
%.il not. U rant do Boion and
U1111Z anid -1 u1ne lobley the favor to
ue"ognize themn as elected, and send
troo ps~ to So.uthi Carolina t o scat themi ?
lie would thus gain three adherents
to (:a- :n 'sm.
Tlhe Sah' o :mit tee on L,oulsia na
hadve sumitt e-i a long report, entire.
1y' IIpsettinig the facts stated in
G rant 's meuosage. TIhey say there
w:as a f1 Il, fa ir anid free election in
Lou i iian a, with I o in~iftimUidation of
the bl .eks that they could heat- of,
although they influired particularly
a bout this ; that the conservatives
unid oublted ly elected a majdrity; that
thle ;.ets of the retur ning boar'd wore
"arbI.it rat y, uniju~st zud illegal,"' and
that white and colore-d in Louisiani
are dl~~iut ed wit h Kelloggismn. This
is cold com:~fort for Grant. Tlhe- comi
mnittee consists of two repuiblicans and
Thec eleijtions for U. S. 84nator are
still pi g-e~.wing, and political heads
aire hourily falli'ig into'.thoe basket.
Tnoe follo winig doemocratic; Sonatora
have beentelectod, ;Keruan of N. Y.
Wala.e ofl'a., B3ayard -of Decl.,
&ockerdh, ofM.o., and 'Dotiala pf
Inad. ILa.do phi of N. J., and Andy
d1'11 oln of Axas, will probably be
Dawi:ich'b beeti elected to suboeel
ume,if eria prolonged contest.
Nehrak ets".ddock, (rep..)Old
Old Le( handler, .of 'ihiob1.
gan, the arch fiend of the
Me.itt, and.~ the a pthcr ,of t he
ep'i'rami "Twlin rol).os of ' bara'
lbar i.ui, shinreliy and polygamy"l baa
bLi deted 1.L by Judge Christininy
by one voite. Chiristianoy is a Con
Perva tive irepublican and was sun.
por'ite, by doeorats and bolters.
Chiandler 's defeat is a blessing.
]'addock (rep.) of Nebraska succeeds
Tipton (Iib.] (Carpenter is still on
the ragged edge,' tl[e defeat of l$is
boon coi .n nieni Chandler, having
weakenied the W.'isconsin ring. T1he
cI"' 11)n in R ode Islanud is still un-.
deldc ied, ih arnside loading. Th e
do no irats have gained six votes.
eans, 5 libera,ls and.19 democrats.
T 'he new Senate will probably consist
of 1:3 re'ubi,'u- a oneocas
Appointment f Conservatiyes to Offlee
The proposition announced b)
President Jackson, "To the vietors
belong the spoils" has been one. of
t,be leges non seriptae of the ,oo4ntry
for years. In some rolpeota it in
jutifluble., 114t in many,instanoes a
strigk,..qd4ereuco to thit, rule is
,perniiou and dangerous t6 tile wel.
f4ro of the people.,
g It assumes that both the conte.n.
ing pa.rties arb eqikal inl haractel'
ani' ability. Butwhen this ,eeapes
to be the case, the rule should not
be obeybd implicity.
Inl South Carolina, the radical pnr.
ty contains Tefy few, adl erenta who
are fitted moraly an. intellectually
to occupy publio-positions. Their
only claim is, fitlelity to party, a
party that Loi b1ahkgiupted the en
tire South. To jmiko radicalisil
int4ad'of a knowledge of bookkeop
ing, a- criterion of fitness for the
Troasuryship for instance is as absurd
as to employ a Ioman CaLholio
physician or a Methodist tailor, or a
Presbyterian cook.
. We admit that whenever a mem
ber bf- the don inant party proves
hims"If thre'tighly eapablo and 'hon
qst, he 4houl4 be dise .o .' e.
.J)ut,ijXho ,pjpf,.then he should be
iej3Ctcd'; a,nd P:. com'Patont geron-, of
whatever'politioal opinions, ahould be
oelectodd X
.Oov. Chamberlain.. tias thu. far
4tono ptetty well, n .thi o niatter of
appointnierts., -13at lie should hp.
point At lNast ii fiW moderato Con
aorvat,ivas.to offico..
They are more fitted for the duties
of such positions ;-- for three tenths
of the cohibine< tuoral and intel
ILetual worth of the State is found
in their rnuks.
Yhcu too they are Mr. Chamber
lain's olliof support in his ineasures
of i eformn. In the very first strug
glo he made for reform, in the 'judi
cial election, he was sustained by
only twenty out of over ight.y. re
puolicans in th.e ,,egislhtu-e. 9iId
the com-erivat,ives noutinated a oan.
didate of lieii o*tn instead of rally
ing to the support of the adn>inistra
tion, Gov. Chanborlain would have
been the wo-st whipped man in South
Carolina., I.s a uly protestations
for reformi nould have ben so njiuh
brqath wasted, and he woulA have
sunk hopelessly in the M!eltfomu of
Corruption.1;, i : I .
Mr. C mslierlain ia to-day achiev
ing a nat pnal reputation, not by his
o.wp inherent strength with his par.
ty nor through the aid of the party
benefited in common with himself.
His honors arebestowed upon him by
the Spartan band of Conservatives in
the Legislature, who with a sm'ill
faction of republicans are auflicient
to susta in a veto. e'
Mr. Chamberlain mdsi~t acknowi.
edge these ser vices, IIe must not
climb to the Sum mit "whence IFamoe'a
proud temple shines afar," upon thme
prostrate bodies of eonser-vatives.
lie must, while not forsaking any
decent repub>licans, also take the con
servativ-es by the hand.
TIhere are certain offices whieb
have no political char-aeter and can
llo filled by coneervatives with crod
it, Let Mr. Chamberlain so far
modify hi enunciation of his erite ion
for office by substituting competency,
instead of rep ublicanism as the es
sential requisite, and lot him make
some anbstantial acknowledgment
of the, assistance ren dered by the
conservati'v es in enimbling him to
elear'Iri. ebaracter of several foul
blemnishes, received in ,the heyday
of radicalisil whon ' ho .!ooked ,p,om
all Southerners as v,1. r andi i~ as..
sisting 1.im to uchieve an honora ble
TJihe App3rtionmnent of Sulhool Moroy.
Under the fir.st act passed estab
haIhing the p)ublig schools, the State
~apperintepdene of lnstruotion was
ordered to apportion the amounts
assessedl for educational p.urpgses, ao
cordimtg to the number ~of child ren
in each cunty betwoon the ages of
six and sixteen years.
By a subsequent act, howcete. the
law was amendedh so that the school
innds are tal'We hpportioned ncord
idig tb thme number of children attend
ing tcehool inl echL/ county.
Tlio object of.th.s amendment is to
inorq'nbo the sehooI'atttida.no,e, it be.
ing known that thme nionebt fecoived
are proportioll to the number of
regular pupils in,enchm district.'
We believe, however, that" this
change should not have ..teen iade,
as the disadvantages arialig fromn it
more thani e.uL.terbalance its advan
Trhe object of the free school sys
tem is to enable every ohild, wheth-.
er rich or poor, white Or' celored, to
obt'fin a practical edation, In
theory, a suln of Wqpy, is set apart
yearlyfor,.t'he tui&iou of thin child to
bg' paiI out whenever claimed by
.)int. ,Jut under the present law,
money is appropriated only for those
children who are atkqnding sacoole
already) while no provision is made
for the poor liti.o outgasts that are
'g;ro,wing up in ignorsancd., Suppose
one of them uppliot for adnittaneb
to a sblo I. l1 lmy be told that
,there is no provi.iun uado for lifmi,
that so tiuuh per heiad bia been
appropria;ed for th,.so ohildreji that
have alwn3s been inl utti tdput'e, aid.
that his admianioi will deprivo them
of their rights. ilo has c el.imII
whiatov,!r to the advnrtgg.s of Ai
education. He iuu.,t w4it p41til an'
appropriationi be aadp fur thoso
children iot in atfeneda.i upou 11n13
Whenever there js,,an iucreased
attendance tlero x,i't boi an increase
in teachur'sipalarie3 aid a correb.
pouding diminution of the duration of
the tchool term.
TlIhi.4aWyeqdmient works injustice.
t-t us 34ssum0 that l Wv t,wnsl ij,s have
each 500 children within the bchool
age, qnd are each entitled to $>00.
To. truttees of the arst district be.
jug careful in the discharge of their
dutie, organize four schools with
'25 pupils each, and run thea ive
months, keeping their expenditures
within their receipt. Tho trustees
of the seo,nd di,triot, on the other
hand, are cRreless and extravagant,
and organize ten s"houli of 30 pu.
pils each, which they run for five
>nitlis at a cott of $1,500. While
No. 1 pa3s up all debt, No. 2 sad-.
dies $1,000 of pny certicrt's on.
the county. A -d ti bucaeo ho'
had three tioi m s. .anny ,. pupils ,iu
attendance as,. her sister di4trict,
she will, the recond car, . recoeivet
$750, to $2f,0 for the other, Th1e
next year, No. I neust .eurtail, hei
p,3hool attenidicoe by .pne. lal(, or
olso run iuto,det e.nqrnip,usjy to re
g an equa'iky in the thir.d appor
tiounent.. This is pqtting a premi.
un upon that very ex-ravagahncu inl
onitracting sohigol debt, which is .ow
the bane of Ifq yztem.
Againjp selious disadvantage in
the systeil is that the scl-oo! year
jbqgina in October and the school
fund is not apportioned until March,
by which time the di.triots have
already run into debt. Now whei the
school fund remains the same 'from
year to year, and the, to 4a1
population varies but li.ttle, it if
comparatively easy , for 1, t:--1st,ees to
make an estimate. of what will be
due them. But 'wln ,bo apportion
menit is baped., upou the echool at
tendangp throughout the state, the
gut for each coun,y necessarily
'Iuctugtesgrea.ly.fromu yeur to year,
arnd no approximate estimato of it
can boa,for,med. TPr ut,tees gro eng
tirvly 4t seat ap4 are lipblo citiher to
chose the sohools too soon, or to run
largely into debt.
,Last year, the quota for ,Feir fild
was,adhout 45,500,wben there was tuo
largo r.pajtendance for the money
duie. Thia g,ear the trustees are rt a
ducjng thennumnbir of s..hoolsg so as
to avoid .any delioienacy. Now if
other,oourt4ies are purguing ,theo.uime
extravaggnit ,eo,aree asr befjro,,and
are running lay.gely into debt, their
proportion'atepn~hool attepnrc wpil
be larger thani tat,.of h odsn
they will receive tphe li,on's nrrq ef
the fund, our coury being rewa.rded.
for lher economy by receiving o.nly
two or three thiou.sand dollars, instoad
of live or six thousand as he,retofore.
We trust that this .aanpd.plent
will be abolished, andI that the-schoo
fund will be appropriated according
to the scholastio popu!ation in each
ounty. '
Another Disturbane in Edgefield,
, Tel.gramrs state that arnothier dis -
tur banre occurred in E~ L:.<eld
County on Tuesday last. It twill be
romp,:nl.ered that last week tho re)
donc(oQfi,Uqp. M. C. llut,lor was do
stroyadd by f!.e. The inoendiary was
discovered, ,.snd. epllfog,sed, Qitpat oe
had bean in'c4ted, to .the deed by
Ned Tenrint, th'o not orious zniiti ,
eaptain, who has 'alresndy oaused. so
muach trouble. A waarre,srt wasis.
ed for the-arre4t of Ten nirit, and in
tho attempt to captinreo hinm" s'&eral
persons were killed sand wounded.
Particulars of the dithiculty h&vei
rnot been reepiyed.,' Judge ;,Magh'ey
was sent4 by Gov. Chamberlain to ra
store order. . ;
' Thoese riots in Edgefield are but/
a legitinyate result of the radical
policy of reconstruotion. When the
war ended,itMe whites and blacks
entertainedl frdndl relations toward
each other. Thle radio#1s.began the
work of reconstructionr by u.isfranch Is
ing the whites and enfranchising 'tho
blacks, and this too, in a miajner en..
tirely uncotistitutional. This~ - atue'
had.the blacke been tapable of hon
eat an4 economical governmept, the
whites would in time, have quietly
accepted the sit.44tion. But the
reconstructed -governmcnts were
.huge 9.qginqs gf, opprestion. The
whites saw thbir'prdperty and their
.liberties wiested from them in"viola.
tion.of thl qonstitation. , This in
creased .'t)eir niger. Failing after
every coiceiv. ble effoit, to induce
ti, bla1s to inti;.urato iefor:u, and
flinding thir appeals for honest -'gov
rnsoetA Ilet with stolid at, pidity
or sollen hottility by the blacks,
they inaturally believed that the
oily way of presering their righta
which were impelillcd lay in weec
ing forde by force. In this way IIL
tagoniai betwecin the ..racen i ha.s
gradWmnlly increased in ljirect,j. pru
portion to tho oppre.sAioU Lf Loverl
In Elgo field, t,he radicals have
been turt,uleit toaw. in%oleplt. T hey
have persisted in,cbtiUg notoriously
ineompetent and co rupt p).,rt ies to
-ffico. Tihey h.ave orgaisized milititt
conpauies and paraded uulpq .;iru4s
in tilue Lf pet0q. ,Theo. Ii.te. of
Edg field 'iju . brook insult and
outrage. They riel force by foce,
U1n4 the weakest goes to the wall.
America is a whi'e mat's OouLtry,
aid though.,the whites have adit
ted the laonks to a positiun of'politi
cal equtlity, they do not intend to
pernit tho latter to dominate over
th !nm. All tl.e legiolation that can
be heaped up by Cupgress %ill be
powo.leas in, tie , oin). A 'people.
may he a*M. iUtp a peaceful attitude
by I-rute forcp, but can never be
ftrced,,iiio a real spirit of an.ity.
ThrP,w fresh fuel upon a ite, and
for,a tp!ne the flame is inothered,
only, to burst foith iagain with
redoubled fury. The true method
i9f extinguishing a coi.flagration is
by removing all it.flamiublo materi
a]. But the radicals hn've 'era,i.t
on ly endeavored to qUen.ch th'3
flame of antagonitm, bLtweCn the
ri.ces by throwing dn fC 0.1 fuel.
This anoualous condition 4 af.
fails in the South cannot I-;.%t.forevqr,
'The %%hites will - t *i .,d-'y. regain
the supremcy, and.then tall the, i.l)
advi ,e pea.ures of congresn will
rea'et upon tha.negrp. X,hot ,,is upw
happenling in Edgef:pid Yil1 nea wit
nese9d, in,every portipn of t.he, South
at souiq future day, uunl-.s tl1 104gr.
al government ! dop,s a ,more liber
al and just policy,t.cwaras,theS.outh.
As long is iadrnt.' and m it
officials are permitted to pluud.r
the -c.ity hoaid of the t.axpayers,
so long will Federal bayonets be re.
quired., to. prpserve order, and we
will have thb peace tla, re,igned at
W arsaw. .Uut let usi ba4u- good
governments, whether elected by
black or by wrhite votes, and we will
witnesi po- dibturbmee, .because
the ex.eitig cause wil,have been re.
moved. -
Fro:n a priv.ate letter written by a
friend, we snakie ths~ folloavig.g ex
tracts goneerninlg Col,urado: l'err~itory.
"I ami veryiuch. pleased with t)ie
elimnate of this -*l'err Itdry'd I, do not
believe thore can be a' more pleannt
place to liv'e in thain iXnver,~ in sum..
moer. There asic not gvncrrsi,ly p*iore
than.t,wo or three cloudy 'lay; during
the yar. - The bunmner iiighita are
alway.i cool and pleasanit. ..a,
The samounit of businca~ doneo in
Denver is astoinishinig., It is the
meitro.polis, of the Territory, the
distributing point for :ninirg supplies
and tlhe sturnngj point -for .ill, excur
sion pairtica. either for 'humtiltg, or
psleasure seekiig. Gre;at q,iur.tities5 of
fruit are t.roughat he&ro I have seen
twelvo ear-loai of. appleteo.m in in
one, train,. Fine heavy wheat is
raised, her',e, and Denaver flatqr is be
qoming fgioi1,. .,I
.After spenjding a mionth ita Denver,
I j..ined a part),r4 si. in .ar ex,eprt
sa.09 .o MladdIi P.1r.|. ,,We erodse&l
the rpange,in Sept.emi,er,, Fad a little.
ez,1Ow orj us.o.neq., The.flrst. yiest, of.
the, P41 rkfr.au the~ top of ,h1e i;age,il
it~ it i .suortso.pretty,, beipg hlilly,ap4
rugged., 'e,t'amous bot,pripgs,.arp,
welil v(orth stqipg,,a,n d utgx x,t.nn,u er,
when. a goodadad .ipto, ti..e Park is
ob ta.ine,, tllesy., sig be1uoime quite a
pjaco. of resort., '13 e .rg y.ery. few
p.erjuanei.t regidetlIs over there,as
thbere. are- very [ew. fertilit spots.
Ilunt i"g is the chief .veljhood. Ei
bear and mnountain. beep 'rre pleti.
ful up in the mnountripauus parts. WN
killkd wniy. quantIm'f of aage-hen,
grou.se,n&., and learned how ,jo .copk
thom. too.. . .'. '
. Wp next pas.<ed into Bout ,h P.ajk,
yihigh.is iuch~ more y orthy of the.
fam.:-It is $also -moi-e essa.
1y renched from D)envcr, as it is not
necessaryj to cross, thee range to -get
there. All the gfassy... spots along
the stroamlns. hav,9 bepn; .taken, up;
and it is ta trell.k-uown fapt, haere that
every man's ranch is for.qahe, and
generally for pretty high flgures,.Ioo.
Nanitoji is' the prettiest little:place
to spend a suminmer' in I ever saw.DIt'
is just in the edge of tho mountains,
near the foot of Pike's Peak. Corn.
fortable hotels have been erected
1.heic, and t.he grounds are niety
soda springs. Three of us tried to
moke the aseent Qf Pike's PLak ; but,
it was late in Septemnbet, and the
snow was too deep after % o reachod
the height of 13,000 feet. I
. There is no doubt -but that this
olitate is very beneficial to coonsump.
tives, nsthattoa, &o. "I hav -not
seen a single person who w%s not
Ienefttted after.'staying hera' any
length of time. A gre#t maury 0le
hero and are so well .-plemied that
they go home, sell out, ntu "ove out
here. I thiink th"Mroatoer pqrtioa,of
the 1opylittiou is n1ade pp in th"'t
way. 'f'his poin.isthe tAithweAte'ra
teruinitu or tloK. IN. i."A. a* iVen.
ver i3 t00 wetoitn. kNThe Purgqoize
,ri %r r4us into'l.he Atkan4s within
*it'Vinl a few ui1les if us. Quantit i.s
of freight are ieoeived here for pi,ints
in Southern Colortio und New Mexi
co., atid cattle, v.ol and hides are
Shipped enat. . jTher* is alop some
gold and silvef tbutlion pa&inig
thrrt.ugh ll titue frot. *uttes In NW
ast of ti.e southern bound freight
is haule.d fiom .here by Mexicasla,
very few .4f ilolm opeak ",Un1ited
States." T.,re .i ngqiher, railroad
rjnnainrgs to ..io:1ad6 mils from
hVii.1"Vddor ;ioh.!of thete rruds
will probubly push ou towards Saauta
1'o in a year ordob .
This i. quite a sqall town, tho'
thei a are simo very aijq.peoplo livin4
here. 4o W eAlisthicAil have
indian eg,1avs, f6.r wives. ''beir
children are vory nive looking. Thoy
had-a nicetChriast inas Tree; and 'ew
Year Ball."
, Sou,th at.i i.
Joit in Satton P&laIitLIff, agiust James
e wd, DeVetiant. '
To N. . -L4ws. e.ra A. 1iihinat,
Ti5ftidPO,1Uides'. ffldIian,1 Lizi-e it.
biokou (wife of .'ohn Stokes), heirs of
James Lawe, ilth above named Defend.
aiDi .
OU are her-h summoned .antl r4
,qilned t'iow 'enstuse i'it'hin tert'nig
days after thetervibW hte(Wf apon you, if
iny you can, why the cecution iasid
-on ilie Jtilgment enrsd in this notioii din
%1he cvhhk .ty 4f1Fduun'ry,"1Il. D.' '1867,
in the q)ice of the l3rk; of .Nthd' Voii's
Common Pleas for the County and- StA'b
aforesid, in ravor of the above natued
Defendant, James Laws, for the sun of
4oi%r:htl%nred tknd four dollars and sixty.
6den b Wntd, And fifteen dollars coals, and
which hts been 1t:tatned unsaitisfied. ex
cept as to the coWts ahd tIlemusa of eighty.
four dollars and sixty-five cents arplitid
.to the debt and interest oat the --- day
of Mkoh,. A. D. 1868, shall not be renew
xtl'' 1indf you fail to show caust as afore
naid by adswer slarved on the subscribers
it their otlice, -Nu. 6pil,aWr ih-oge, Gnau.
bbro. So. Ca ;Jthts same will tid'H'rdueied
tocording to the Act of tho -- General As.
spmbly in such ense made ad provided
17th Decenth.er, 1P%74. * ' I
~ * 'iAt.orneys for Plaintiff.
I'o N. bF. Las at' Dissie ft. Stokes, heirs
of James Laws, daceasediv ,
Takt -mi.jci that 1 l1e'tuthmoqt tovshow
cause, of w hih a lib foregoing ic 0a t? ipy,
was filed in the office dUthe 'Clerk of the
Court uotnmon Pleae, in the Count v ot
Firfield in the-state ofSouth Carolina. in
the Tth d.ui of Jatiuary, A. 1). 1870.
7th JanuaR, I -6.
- z Plaintiff's Attorny a
jan 18-xti
?Sale of Mortgaged Land.
N pursuance of authority eft'ferred on
vs by it powet of AMtt;.rleyeoorI?ined
in a Deed by John RlainhQ,oft'gthe her
tiny of January, A. D. I874. we will lffer
for.sale on the first, Monday in February
next 'dt puhbtle ou yt,so.Ahe. .lglhe4t bid
dce; beidhtb l!f6 dtu i hiobse dbhri'n Wimnna.
.bcro, betweenalhe hiour*o.f 11 o'clock A.
.\. and 5 o'clock P. ?I., the following do
soribed property, to wit:
All that pi.co, paredl or tr act of land
lying. beo'ng andi sittiateg in- ,,h Catik.
t.y: of' FaL,ubatd 8t dt erother I'M O,
hIhW' ddiitahmining three hundred r.ndc
wdr.ly-three acres, ore or lest,
and ,' adlj.ining land. of Jackson
Jobri-r11. D). Wilson. John R1ain, Ben.
CluntlI ati'6-8here The said sale 'fo
ihe p irp.1dt'of 'forecloin a. m or'ra
givedt to usaby: Jo'h itfalhe . on..datte th e
1.Termis of 8ale Cashi.
'il.e purchaser toa'pjay t'ei yhe'r. -~
--' 1I. R1. ROlaEialtTON,
Jan 7-tlx2, .
4 Y virtue 'of sa'ndrt exectitions t o me
.l. directed, I wtlh offer for sale fot
oazh,at public au:t ion to the hilghreA tzid"
dier before ihe court' house dopr -In Winnew.
b'oro within the legal hout' of afrle CIrtha
fleiit -Mond*y in February next and the
day follofwing, -tile, following deb-crfbed
pdrsonal propoaiy 'to Writ :
Two bals cotton, one huni'are.d busahels
o'n,'nier0 or lezs, two hunndred - *.harlsc
cntton sebd1 rbt.or 1e0-t, t:6' 'l hr'lsa'nr
poti,rds todder!friera or-less. Ler4ed npon
as-tho- property of A. al. ?'toore at thle
suit of Riobi. P'atterson & Co. agalosi A.
p. Ior, : r. .A LSO ,.. . ,f g3
Eive bales cott ot le#ieds upon ** th's
property of Ferris Walkter ' -tire .atuit of
.J 1'. M3'ers'kgaina Ferri. malker.
a. t '' I. W. DJUVALL.8S. F, C.
Jan. 16 1876'
Jan 21 1, .., ,,'. 4.
State:'or South Unrelifi.
(oUNTY 0? FAQgFiI.Ip.;
E~ 'parte 1'y
Est her Jenningas |
In rePetition for'*
'Jils ~sal o Ale. iomestead.
. deceased.
0 ALL witoM IT SfAY Ooltl:anxi:.
IOT IC10 hs '..hieiy, glvpn-|that air6.
Esther Jeal n'gft has at4rhed to me ter
g rant, her a homestead in thd Real and
Tiers dnal Estdte of-lexandpr Rt..1Jennng
deceased,of the County andtBat~ afofesAid.
Vad If no objection be.ma e Iliereto' on o0"
.it efore t'he' elghteenth day of Februbry
A. D, 1875, 1 *Ilh'a'ppoint appraisers to
lay off -such IHomestead in saccordtnoe
with the act'of'the(G eneral Assembly In
such ease made and providad, approved
February 22nd 1878.
January 15t-h A,!D. 1873. -*
jaa j4~4.3 JNO.J.N4E1L.
.ian19-4.1.3J. P. F. C.
Y virtue of sudry'exeoutions to me
directed, I will offer for pale to she
highest bidder before the Coirn louse
dtor in Wiuqbiro, on the fist Moiday
n Febrtiky next, within the legi hours or
sile, for cash, She purolIaser to pay for
ill necessary papers, the followitig 4e
scribed property to wit:
- All fhit piece,'ft-cel or tract of land
lying nd rituaic in the county of Fair
644 ind 6trie of suctih carolina, on
int-eto'L gldRIK . conlininlil g ii
hundredand i hirt3-t.evvn nCes, ii <re oi
kics, from which the .hm esitt-iii of IV. 1,
11otboropgh was laid i ff, a: tj h vn ed
bi lt1d.4 of s id I.on,estenl, aier 't.
Aiwonioo. Roh.. W. 4iovelenson aid oihers,
Ai'l he.1' , io road Itn. ing tr(on itriae'-:
itore t Edg) . A d ;ridge. kn.'-n ans
the DelV s u11 iaiitge%'o Litile Itiver.
"11vie, tlupon a-ti't eVido Ny;f IV L.
lloshorough, Itt thC itil of 11o Aiifph i trio
Acid and SuL.hhnqt,mipiany
against IV. L. Itovi.orough "'
1, W. DUVALL, S. F. .
hIfr' offive,
Jan. 1'2. 1876.
i-n 12-xdt;l
WInAsporo National Bank
A T Winti4horo. in tt.- State or :omh
- 41nrolina, at the closo of buis;usS
Deecuber)lst 187 .- .
0 u.1 11it 4 ouR~oEs.
L ir. A I.w(?*, $50,83-3 85
Un 'if6ids to uo
circulation, - 75,000 00
Dne from redeeming aid
Resetve Agenis, 7,0 83, 10
Dne Irom oilier National
Baniks. .''8 0. 5 3
Ileal. smirtol! Fitrhitur
h thre a, 1,418 71)
.C Hxn xpenses and
Taxes Paidi, 2.611 -1r
Proeniiumi PaidI, 1.0 212 50
Bills oilier Nntional llails. 8, 81!5 00
Fraclionial C'rrency i.cln.
Oing Niuke's''! ' ' 373 32
S proie, (including gold
Tea;ury nso.ct-) 1-26 C 5
Legal Tender Notes, 150 0o)
U. 8. certifittos of eposlit
for legal lender.t. 3,175 00
Tcjt f r- T 1 ' h2-.717 a0
'aidital Stoo' paid in, $7-,000 O.
itr'its Fuid, 748 23
Orhor individed profits 6,91 U 82
NMI'nal !atk nlotes Out,
staiding.'' 'c 0 0115.00
Dividends 1u1npaid,. . . 5
Individual 1 epo-its, 23.5 49 '71
Due to other National Banks, -137 0;
, Total $182,717 30
!", County if F,ilihifel,. I
L, Samuel''3. 'owvby, Ctiihier of he e
Winnsboro Niaiional lante,' di -soilily v
swear that thie above tatcine . .Js ite I
'o t0. best of my knowledge and lholief. I
v SAMV.EL ). C,OO1 NEY, Cashier,
S*o-wir to Cnd ;Wfiscribed befuro mie,
this IIth day of Jananrv
Ml. C. U011,EMTSON. Not,iy Pulic 1
?. 'rrect At.est -
W-., 110 1 E, T eON, . 3
J AS. Bl .idCNTS, D red'cars.
A. s. .1U LAS$.
jan 13..tl L
HA 4ARE I....
is justin. I haive fouri neOw beandi
of the axes:
"Red WVart ior."
' Southerni Pacific." .
OoiXJ nen talIi yel led.
Rodlgers an-i WVosthainne pof:et cut.
lery, Wa e, ltttche,rs andiu .Wo..tenhoi,ini's
Sold plat Se linazora, c issors. lhenias and
ockeit 4leissuts (g'set-a ad-liier Kiiv
heirge dinaner lItells. Waite-r. 'ti at)penia
&o Full line oftiniwar,-ei an Cast wtat
Th.e 'ie-t hi'ands .of tifle and Ile,s isng
Powder, Fu e Stop~ .
deo 4
( 10MI.\ENI1J - ort Mstnrd1y the 19th
L / andi conttinhli:A . .i Sne ft to., i.ig week
for. L.h3c pur pose of alo in u .
Pa d l.oeka, rryomte,'
Smoe.hing ironta,
T ablo- utlery, Wa'ze,
SiIt eta,
- ,a&.,: &c.
A CI \ NC - FO01 RA1U0 A 1N8.
WVould i.'.orm~ thoe wsho thin'.C th.es
:los ndit.'need- money thant they are in
arror and mutlst .-ime and seti Ie fort hwithi
theiratdoun ts pafit duto.
nov 16 ., E. C. McLA UlITLIN.
Ai'l , - lof .Inst received and for sale
low for CASHE by
dee 8 .IEA TY, BR O., & SON
T IPE utndersignedl offers for sale for
cash, his Horse, Buggy anti liar
teas at a reasonahle- price. Alan 2 -
biulea,-a throo-hiorso Wagon; a .46 Sr.w -
in-iHead and one Mlonitor P'low.-i
,deo22 W. E. AIKErN
which can be cured by a
timely resort to this stand
ard preparation, as has been
proved by the hlundreds of
testimonials received by the
propi'ictors. It is acknowl
edged' by many prominent
physicians to be the most
reliable preparation ever in
troduced.for. the. rdlief and
cure of all Lung complaints,
and is offered to the public,
panctioned by the experience
of over forty years. Wh6nl
resorted to in season it sel
dom falls to effect a speedy
cure in the most severe
cases of Coughs, Bronchitis,
Croup, Whooping Coigh,
Influenza, Asthma, Colds,
Soro Throat, Pains or Sore
ness ini the Chest and Side,
Liver Complaint, Bleeding
at the Lungs, &c. Wistar's
Balsam does not dry up a
Cough, and leave the cause
behind, as is the case with
most prepar'ations, but it
loosens and cleanses the
lungs, and allays irritation,
thus removing the cause of
the complaint.
ETH W. FOWLE & SONS, Boston, Mass,
And sold by Drugglets and Livoregencralky,
FA 1 Ir I P.1.1 C I 1 I, 1) Vc. 1, N,' 1.
I HE 1n1der-signed. fili I le conivvili l-c
of the lax.payel of I be1 coI4. . %%ill
IA14 Itt hil e F1.lowin g i precilels I'll' 1 he
ollecelion of' ItaxV.J 'Ur Ii.Cal y%ri;A'
lolko, .'W ened y, l)ec. .9, 187-1.
'idgewny,. Thears. and Prid. Dvr. 10 & 11,
voodwarld's DI-pr;, Mlnd. 1.nd T e,lv
21 &4 22, 187.
enst(vi lle, .lond. aind Tm,j. 1)04..g
29, I187.
lon'icello, A nd. and Tueb . Jan. 4 & 5lJ
eikil,ille. VCdn1ed1 . Jal 0, 1875.
01adden.1's Grove kCaldwell's :.[Ure) '.
Jaii ' 1,75.
)illose'sultor l rr. Preeiv:el) Yonld.
.Jan. -11. IF75.
Vitinshoro every day exiept I ho.o Itove
ml ed, onr hi:l e dayils the Trea-urer'x r6i,-e
ill he clo.wl. W. \. N 1; L: ()N,
T ur.l-er Fairlield CukIy.
dev .*-lIIn
Con- a, hcs
o os,10 -aeso

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