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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, January 27, 1875, Image 3

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8&- Communlcations ,to thfls office
will not 10 noticed unldds accompanied
by tho ral name of the rlte1.
AW- We Rre not responsible for the'opin-,
oti of correspond euots.
VW- lleortfler no LOCAL NO'I.S'
will he inserted itn nur colunmnA excep
up10 plyttil o- TEN (EN l\t a line.
rly- .\AIv peri4on in te Cuntj) hSIving
know'etigs- or anly cru sac.. nset
onrI In hI Inkeighborhood will Co01'rer,
a tv ir by f,1rni hinlg inlforalliionl at ihiA
N. i, v-- . r---r i %
GarJ Seed:-MeMater .%,Briop
'.rden Seeds-W. lC. Aiken.
du.st lt-cheived-1-herre ILcipt.
Noticu-'. H. Flenniken & Co.
WV:t,boro Female institute-A.
N Cirledge.
sheriff's &l-.W. Duvall.
N -tico of ,)izsltition-Mituhell,
lilik & ('o.
$5 to $20 per week-G. Stin-on &
l'aunig--M..rtiu & I ho,tpson.
A dininistr%tors Notice- W. A.
1Iedtuc-od lHtos-Stono Plo,pl te
Ju:t Lhecived-l) II. Flt nniken.
Nuw Joods-Beaty Br-o., Son.
Cotton reached 13.V cents in
Wm nnsburo onl Tuesday.
The Chailotte 0.,sdr'.er hai of late.
Leenl C"1m1ii-g very irr.egularly indeed.
M hoe f ault i , this ? .
UNIqU: -'11U e ki'lk huts -at Dan
neiberg'.. Somiething uobliy. They
tire the New Idea.
OBly altut $25,000 sk,ltl .lo-f t I.x (.I
-have ietii paid in, ,f $70,100s asseip-I
ed. Theiae will he a very heavy de
Il t. i . list, we fear.
. Froml a priva e telegra-u recived
besterday m11olrnIing we,le nI tuto Mr.
),ad Fleming, ; er -'p.tbr
was kiiled l-y a fa1li. ial. We
hae tot yet heard tile partieulare.!
SWe learni that Mr. .'rezivant 1.
Feastsr has I een dra?n to grand
.julor in the Unitetl tates - (*o*rt,
and R. presen-ative Joseph Thom p:!n
as petiL juror itn tho alle court.
Only labout otne-half ef the tnlyo1
tlue- in Fail firld pounty have' thue
far aeen paid in. Prom ip r)esent in
dications, we j.ilge that ttere; will
'e a very larg-s nu:bor of dclin.
- Msr. D. It. Fleaikast showed us a
turnip, Tuesa hy, grov;. in his garden,
.which measure- 22 .inches-in circum
fer inee and weighs G3f . pounbds.. It
is of the globe variety. Who can
beat thi., I
- .icIry WV illizams, colored, has been
deO.ecred itnLs the t of stealhing letters
fromt the Columbhia post olice. WVheun
arr'ested lhe had a large ntumber ol
.letters, some containing checks for
u-large amount. Ile is In prison
* We are inifurimed that most of
the officers of the Fairfield Fire En
gino Company will accept the invi
Lation e-xtenaded to them by the
Stonewal.l Comtpany of Cheoster, to
attend the anniver1-ary celebration
of the latter, wvhicht takes place on
the 25tha inst. We have no, doubt it1
~ill bo in, all resprets a m'ost enjoya.
ble affair.
'iThe Court of General Sea.sions
for Fuirfield county opened Monday
mnornling at thec usual hour,, buA, w.as
adjourned in contse.ueonce of$ EI
absence of lion. TVhosi J.. Mackey,
t.he presiding judge. Trial ,.Jp,t.ice
A. M. Mackey is to -act as solicitor
during the pre.xnt terom.
We call atteit ion to tl.e-advertime
mae.t of WV. U. Flenniken, & Co.
N sesars. Flonniko-a a.ud e Mastr w ho
are in charge of thie es,tbiltinhent
are verJy . eesgtit- yo.tng:.bus,iness
men, and egtremeiy coiurte'ous to
their customers, esipecially the ladies.
(Give thenm a oal -
We learn thgt a, .soTlhui' accide.nt
oecuaredl on thq Chaarktte-Columbia.
aind Augusta Rlailroa.d, ,Moridany the.
18th instant t wo miles the Ott er' side
sf Bateavyille, cauzed .by a ,brok<n
rail. Several passengerse were so
iounly injur,ed arysl,ptlherA gligit) ~i
a l.so, severalI. ar,e .were .wrecked.
M1rs. John~ Mscv'itt, Conductor
K'ing and "Big Andy" wore serious
ly wounded. ' : .,.
Si.r,s.-Mr. 11. Bugenheimer of
a . house of S. Landereker & .Co.,
1-ta fe,w days aineo ,for Maopn . and
a tlanta, at which places he will lay
ii for his establishmnent 4. full and
a ried supply of Southern made
1 'ets and shoes.. T.be stook will
t. ive in avery short time, and all
i eroested are requested to call and
< ymine it., P.riceu. will be fixed
t., suit the times. Lantdecker & Co.,
LZOISrATriv..-K.eprpsentativ,e Joel
vCpes has introdu*dd in the House a
ibill to autloriz,3 UIQ County CoM
missioneri of iAirield to ibave eb'eet
ed a now jail building at WYiunsboro.
There is every probability tiat-the
bill will ultimately paed both branch.
es of the general 2.smubly. t
- Tbe bill to incorpointe th IfuYlil
ing and Loai Association of W.ns
boro has p-sed its second readiiig
in the 1lou. e. 'lhe corporatbre,. at.
sot forth in the bill, are G. VI. Me.
Master, T. It.sWteRio.o,: 31. C.
ItRobertson and hin'es 73. MueCants.
' Th.is association will prove of great
benefit OO the town.
.I'l LATIT.-The new style silk
Iratorrof Dannonberg & o lThe ton.
,ation of the day. Uo 1nt1 sce theL".
INC.NDIAiIM.--Au a.ten .I was
nado a few da siinco ta, lourn t Ire
ba n adj oining buildings o .he i1 o
tation of Mr. lward -. .ube ts, a,
near Gladne)'s Ford on-Litt o River,
Fortunately the fire wta etdiscovered
before i-ay a rious damatge wat
done, th1. only p: (perty d,.stroyfd
being a -tmtall quantiy of fodder,
The ilceIdiary was 'eeOn vk.rf oon
aifter setting firb t6- tio build ing, antd
was ohastd by dogs, the persons ci
the plade beill too.yuoy .jl pu it.
%.ut the'fire tb go in' piirati.t! Silspi
ciou retds 'Ap-in a certain negro ab
the guilty party aid the Inatter will
undergo a thorotigh iuvestigation.
a. I -ex'610 Ig_
-T,ra To:n.-Q .it. an e*eitigg
tro took plaue r 1. st o 'nd-aad.y
alfteI:nroon 4t the Wooodwaid '.rack,
i'ttween ir. JoLn ). lcC.-rlc)t'a
"StWking Legs"'liiud Mr. George W.
Craiford'sa 'Kh~ Gh p,.'l'TI-e distance
run, vias a flu..rter 0. .a mile.L-.
"'Chaus''.Cpio in aheal by about !t0
feet.. 'Ve' hedr qt rtate.a there
%0N tot-n ). ' Ao.b r til. I of qpeed
bet wein Ub'e sa mc hsnr:.e.-Jin which
the a4tuirersof -Ltockilig L'ge" 'are
of (p1iliin ihiAt he u %l tuTu the
tu bles, b hile Ithe bavIcersr.of "Cham p'
aie 9t)'te coi'11de01 of U 'etition of
WVettnj2.dfy's result. We shall see.
A I 1; -. z7 .VIrs .'-W c hvav . be.
fore us -u cop.y if the.Regioter of thp
Kings a .Mourt4'.a Mi.Cit aly Eebool-for
the sofool-yeb- -f !S74. The - pro..
grers a-d attainijpnts of the cadets,
Oe tt foth in this--rv*qr..d were high.
ly 'red:itab.fe.' 04! the thity--etudents
CoMpeiing .at the fiial ezamination,
fouritetn reqQjved ce.rfloatea of dis
tineliin', And' 6ight certificates of
prohienoy. A:nong the Olistinguish.
ed wo"pre pleased to observe the
n ne, of Cadet Stelihen D. Mobley,
of -.1i Sfeid. Cadet IeaIne, the oth
er represeititive of thjs (,untiy, was
ho:orably 'sdh:iged' 'beftro the
clo.je of the teri, but his reOrd was
-uch am to entitle hiu under Onhie
regulations, to a ceo tific to of dis
tincetion, whrichl was duly ci nferired
u po'h him . Thre stan rd ard <f atudy.3
at King's .\tun talrt: is e teep.tionally)
hiigh-thes ex.aminiations. hering par
ticular'ly 'rigid arid gearellir (--an'd
th.e redeing of the hronora of t.ho in-I
stitutlobr bespeaks bothi talent arid in
dustry in tho iceipientus.
We learn that.-Judge Mackey hanr
issued a bench wiarnt for thre ar
rest of Dublin J. Walker, tlie Senmator
from Chester, aind e-schodl co-inr mii.
sloner. Walker issued fraudulent
pry cerrifleate.s, darting thern several
y. ais back. W\e are pleased
whenevever we br ar of-thre, ar. est ol
airy criminal, but, es,ei sily of one
who defrauds thre schools. But in
this connecotion we niust r.ny, that
mere arrest is nothing. Tfhe interost
p.f,reforu. denmandsr that there shall ho
eobict:O, s.tceC awl puiJis hmaen.
Hlow Ii dny (.fliciails have.. been ar
rested with blowin'g of tru'ipts and
aill sorts of faunfarronado about :-eforth,
a-at*l hrow few have yet looked upon
t,he sun throuL'h thre bars of the jail,
or the peniteintiany ? We are set.
ling sick of this mockory of jurstice.
Eit her put crimnirale'in t,be* pen1iter.
tiary. or let threm alone altogether.
, ur: NArT'OI':.. Gnaoar.--Thv rse,
gular . arnual tin eting f91% .
95,11 take place at tjbiar,lestoir i.
the fir.st weyk:rn 1ebruary. ! nJ-'.y.
vention will no donubi be inrgely at.
toaded, anid ,the Graniges thiroughonb
th'e Uion wih;sdnd their best meni.
We trust that the Pctrons. in Southr
Carolina widl- taike duo -inrterebt iin
th'e me eting, -and( &oord a full
representation. -The preparationrs
for -theo odoiiion' h ve been miaade
b$y Ash-ley Grango, No. I,; ofUbiarles;..
Wcn, afid -this fact is sufIhoienit to eni-.
sdre that everything will be well and
handsomrbly .done. We triist that
F'airfield*#ill be fully represented.
Efull acotiunts of the proceedings of
the o,'vAentioni will be presented in
the N ?a and.HKaER,D.
-A Welair j-ury gave a verdict of ?25
damages as the value of a quarry
man's nos,e.
A Demnocrat has been elected
Speaker of the Indiana House. The~
Rep'ubbreans and Independents have
combined. . -Demnocratie majorit y
over both is eighte.ioting..
*A red chalk mark en Sheridan's
innan doen'sho hw, they say.
On Thuisday morning the Oth<
IJauuary, Ly Rev. W. G. o.101,20.i
Valterboro S. C. . CLI
MAN, t'o MISS A. J. O,ATp,,4
daughter' uf D.tvid It. and Mr
Victoria E,. 'enster, of Faifiel
Co unt(y.,.'3. U.
.fThe LY"'5;is1111-1re,
No ngo f 1:uchA !.Itata o
b 'n d . ill the - 11.1-.A latin I; q,i't
tlie Ia.4t, repii t. Qu. Monday,'i
to tuieud the elention law wasq
ed to a third readig, in th b. e
It provide, substantially as
The guner..l enletion will bc W.
on tl, I'esday after the fitA \n:
du.in Noveniber, or it v!yq lie ,
Uhe Ath, br Naveowber. The 'bhrin I
Mato eann erd wl 0 int ut on the I1Ot1
day ur Nvt tiher. Th% board .
county evti1.vaSS.Sr.%, are to itieet I'n th,
I hnradap ':o',t Uft.r the cectin
illmte!o t14. Tlu.sday !olt I)g, a",
-thif Shall C.," tinne in NeWa.., U" j
they lav, eunq,Wted tKu .n1t, in
.0tead of bei.-og co tlkd. to ien t v
in which to ir.i thuiit rti,. t 't
the l..,rd of State .i er. Th
legislature is to [ik t .n the
FOURITilT' n '.
or on th'b 'Ad , r 'odmbyr - cn
week afteI ,b CUnLeti::g ot thFLe ..
CfS atoca vassele. zEoveral alt,,ra
ti .il wtre prr'. sell but th"ly wer..
vo.td dow,,.
'Th kesolut;ii to 1! vy a tax i,
Edgtfield fhr'theu benelt of pei-sei.
te! dre.ublic. nas ti.en eunilduret
in coinuittee uf the whole. It i
SiUlin ino Spoke earm.msly ..Al ..l .
the hiAN. ipes "f neal.irirl ijpiw
it itre'uunusly udt the el"-l"l iiha i
would uot fii-t th - ol
the e-e. !at ku- of Nigeffeld ab
opposed it as bLi Ig a Hietrald tha
WoUld load. to flr:.r IroublI.
Illitt Mpoke Vn the 11S 0"tiAn
11111in t-n pe:ucuion auI iWiO
datitln n ., but argkled! that the re
dy prop.,sed wa.s I,t'd il -he e ti
tile eundit i, u Af a if in.:. : e i i .,
t I Jay the hLill " the taKl n a i 1-.,
ihht ru :the j di Iir c in Vee Eli
CIal.,10 'A Co Il 1):l ill, tI OOi IP I
at i ant e' in t he O N! t h: il.e
a t W. t her lm he Ito 7t v:-e: C cen
bd 1hu!n niildifst.t tli" u iew"T t, .
aold ional i!ati h i i:eeilm .i: I i y
This wadq Ca:riid. -
.Th' i .overin - w Is 1:-i e ri
libt'irgI 033i f : ih' if' rentC ion tpe n i
~vork Lil i nf Iit.i .LS tl l1~ 1 ti
l ige a'd t:-lthie. -
In tho hlouz_ i thef oi :-.po
was read.
resoluitin o your h Pitn rb Ie b>)dy
aidopted uU thNI- ALs tit, reqQuriQ.
theusalwtia t n:-irus lu. rppurt*'th(
whereabouts ofthJe bo'huidi
that hung ill the centr,; tif the* bjon e.
I beg b-ave i subi it "l "Iewith !C
folb.wing I lp1 t, %iz . That, 1. b ,
.sceitained fro m the ftiri r Pier
geabt-M-a.us, the xUdte libuitq M:,
by perwis l inspretioni, that the rail
chandtdlier ia litared beneal b th- inne.,
,#tepls leading to the hou.e, in t vo
large va.hs. I havn Iai len1.
a it, i6 in
* - xi:..
-.4 L' .1.:.sA to allellipt 14) cleatis sk it
f stren I W hil 11h' 1"font 1 ain ':s impu lltre
Dysp p i, c nl-rI it IZ o, - t lie liver I1
k WiAnYl., erUptIVII 4 C' f 40 4A l, qeWqAAI
hea.lache ai ll a i I aime".mu.i upiin I r :
f tip u bit ad. '9r1) nt tiv.-I! r. 1, k,h I ; ;y
IJ . W iIket's 'rhI I ,i ia \ . :.in v 1 I.,,
fit . - 4mle )1' 11 he bl.nIll . I n 1 11 .1,V-1 t.., NI'r th
I it
ihe I : , . a in, i
It g I 1- I' I..41 ..
-. ll -; . .\i: \l :. -t "! I ; .
(b .. Cr. l- l s Io -I i i vI- I I 1 4
1)1l.! itri llwl d b l .ot o J 'o I t r -. -ill,
'. eb-i .ui .~ o l ,,4 :'.5 , 3.4 * 4 ) w r ,: .. -
. Pl: b nio ly h . .. r n I -'. I ,I I;it. 1.
S!IP leg s:omck, at W! 15. in-. PONi (harHo,.
4. C . I- I hiIe H a'l I e.er, ,I \ ai;l 1,
- a. U lhy 'lr '. .l4 ,i ll l. '
- p y e nt kill .1n !Il. . . .. -. .,n I . r
.. . rI i!. r r -. .%N
he nyo e A : 0 ' v:e br- -
I ree o h.g
AG It I 11 14.-1 r.tA . IV Io-'
rt j I ),I1y ord I e.i yw-ir .\ 1 it-Itholal I.,.A
I" o cf ro -advan e e.. d o al "on- . : 'Ia.-r,
it C p l, 4. ho r&' en S C' . 1e'p
- 4a 4 4:1 . n.' et en 4.'::n , 4 .4 1 4 l 1in: il a
- er I . t me iv.vl 1 -. r 11 -, l i cy :fi! lro..
pite4'l .. 1) rI:-.1 11:. l4w e 4t p I'it-ei. :,.-qv
I, ,k 14- IU Ill, 4~ r-lvr 11~ ' 1 )4 lit
F$. I-Ite I ll i i r r Is k he l'o': .th l , .1.
I'44it : 1 1 1 1 ..a I il- s I f I. ) 1434.ILL!4C 4
hilit !:.' 44. Ill i 'i1.44 A4 ' ovilv
1 ir it, . 1 vp \ a N, w ae l-'n a
S s ii . -. ve i-h 1. it:rd r livn: i lon
.ro.) 1-i a. ' t a v.-ry VA .i lIV.
.\m >nig o.1r nIPew -, h'erti:.4nwa-: . k i 01ih
ofronu or' : ti: t.. t e%.t ,i.:i.. nt in
Slate N - 11 .1 i t 144 :-. . 1 h s 1min
106h1e. t'. 4:4.-st p 4 k:% il i: 4 it v I ill i vss
I h ! wge oxvi rielane an 1 j.n.-n e ..
ravells kr- prP&. 1 I .. ;,. lil. O;wg.
I il1 ' .,[ I .. ..' ) b I -. 1 '1 * ti , - 1. \l t .L i.
.moi lt:. Hw I.. O .i ,,eo i" n iow-r' t p..r :4v-e
l i-ing.:it. t - CO I! i .n 0 4 10 '1 1.
that 11.-y hIve th I ii So: , ad.I v1 , r
in1-fC V 1 lh-ir SI.I-k o I 4yp' 11 ald
rn--r, n - .. 4, i.r Irt' .i I IN
lit-I 4 \ ; a. I'. I4.44
b r . th - . i '::: i 4 4 '.-.. in' g. I I
n i' .'I4 44 - Ie .): . . ri s l)t b4a44 ck 4
F y 4 I (A )"4111 . 1') -4 Tht C lo. . t ntC
IPX ~ ~ 1 V'.*)l:
e , th'Iw
li'oin 4) ,'4444 I'.4 Ili l)4y41 'o
' 1 4 I C. ot, 1 : . h
Cgf)'flit.i~iS i' .c l""t h -auts y.
;rol- -; . 1:'vo ,l u0I
w1; , " ' . a0
F1 In l- r o W ie ; :e
PI"C l'"- ~ 1l1(0.(. - 1)I 5. .;'i :.to 311
w1 L4 Pl1J' 0141 431le i 4'v4$i', W,eq f
. v. aI U S P . ' I 1 1 1(.-r . jjn.1 V. ,
sinda I*g !i atir d '\ - il-!"
pw il.'.F.t -s 6Y [1* a tir.
OW'1 n ., h 10.1f.- r to i
'il ib i 1' n 3w, . a . : -, j . . 11r:." l15 .5 pIw
ent. Ch:1 per b Of' uI :1e -w:4)1h ):ir 'ia.
sent i I a1 -' APIe; . h
-I.s n MM o w:V . e- t eie .1 -, .
Dr. J. ak1,11er''s Calfl1'.'lat Y111.
egarIll Bi.el's are a pul-Yr 'egxtablo
preparat i(n,. Ina Le.' Ihi(.eII f ) ' llro 1 h1113 "a
tiV hI-erb3 1 41 f Ioun l n1he1 Wlw 1 olg(S Of
thle Sierra Nevada mount ain's of ('alifor
pia, tho mnedicinal projjeNtios of whichi
aro e.mmitud thrvhrim witHRmt, thn use
If AlrohoL. Tho clueMtiln ia ahnust
daihy'asked, 1\\'hat L; thoeno-so of tho
unp a l scces o \' m:fn X*I-..- ,
'r4in4 '4t ur n.nver it41.., tha .f hey removoi 1I4. C
blood puitier an a ie-giving:'. p'.ricip ,
a perfect '4 '4'4.4 414 Reoao ma4l44l 54w:igorator
, nr a ' l e Pu4tv'' elasaT nc
ric ing.,'. Con es ion 4..r4 I nthe ma ion !1 f
Car. intve 4Ntrtius Laaie 3irtc
-. I'j l'l' ' fi.,. A' I . . , Fou - 4 .4ur4 rnia,
.t4)41 by al4 r r.4't 'a.D-tl--u
pa oftraa ihai ud Ha:1)
Bhek and,s.~
LIVERY .lnniU liep in.
.' Ilg 14'.. 111 1444( d .(4 . ino n r!., Tb.
Ic l-.'-..nn.,
w '1 L t \, -
Choi(c I t \ v I
Iy r u) I .; .
41ic I I I v\
ill flue fit 044:14 if! ' -I
su N t I
t' .. k . y Ifi 4 ;.44 4 I I . I f 44 I
pv..-o i op a i r4' 1:'H! 1:114'
fil Ii I..: %i l o,a4 ..:4' :
IA Iml g l 1w ,n
Co b. ' r
M NN li'le, . a n
1.44 n 10 at ith l hi -
"Ip C&I fi :44 I Y1 mim4 I. I i
G;idr 4of tib 11.1 U
ye " , W I . 1, .\: s Ihe , w i -4't
4 e4 t I.4I. ' . v . I.- 'I
h mvre inI si!lr-1mr Th l'v ! :
n u t vi lu 1 1 1 :r, 1will b e i '". 1 -1 I * ' I ' W C
! i v. 1 i ; wl., 1 1.4 -:,,
' . -li .'01 i Z.t l U) ?;y %- I
: I i -.: 1 ., bf
.A. .i4 I 4, : I ("1 I:- - I
-- I 'to Sr nell-,I r kl N - -1f l N I
-o d I IA 1 4 4 i: I . .
T 4i wil it e0 i. in1 -t y -
41iv i "C ri: 1 ': Il v lw r bua ibc. a - Iie
1 i 4..' 1l.1ge'llo I. .
y er , u i . i ' 1, .h1 di I w . - v I - I
a1. M . 4'. ' ;4' . 1 : 41
'uVilrlmen N wl -h th!ri4eh
It, e iii [ i' - -
k b.> nr I"J - - r1.1i. w6 , ll (sy(
.\ lAi i .! .. : 1,; ,. " ...'. 1- .- ..
n-,o. b e lo t in u 1i ' . '
y.4'b.sh olid i e,, Ion
L-. i 44il t: . ; I: 4, 1.1;
4e r n i C. | u h p i., --b :
as 1-s 3 441, 444. po 4b44a
he l', i4:4 p, 'ill inj*LI.
1a 74 ' 2w - r
U{41 - %J 'J
.l t h i . \ s N , . - - .
'4.w 1 J {:4 I '. 4 .' 1It I bI;Ip
4 . 41 44 T 4' '. 4 3 41i 4-' 4
44444 I.' 4 .I 4= :4 4 ' I
e1' t - ': .'. . :. -r , - h 7 >
-''." 1 enrr I n b .i e g' . h ' , b
* 31 44 f s:eb o pe: jani
4 4444a .tn 414-4 of444 ti .1II.
TC.i4,4 '.si* .h 3
* * s t&hr i iz o
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v'rva it is n t o i n \'irg Ii a a .14
C:I lil? I p i C e ircul.tr
I " V j - w v -k 1, ' I T ie 0 n . &Il,
i' c. -1.'4u. 10 1h ,., 1 - o'f
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a'4 i n Ii it v.e 4 4iitltIle i s 110
igi h,-p re t: o i O w h
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no A i ..4in I '. 'I' a'.' I W i..:it
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ol ;li -I I4 o f . I 1i.' a e it.
al .:e * - s 1e * t .i, ml i
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a hunt acuali le to iefirn
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atI : .o ii.,. b.; 4141 :.IiIon, to kc.'
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.4''tLmy Ian '3 , . \i :.' . hR w a s
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fou(N (T llob'
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jl -.p 12 :tonint oo tlS o
. a: etetdto. 09to foirwar.M
Mid sel fle'llp a Onice A11 aft T wel, as I1o
needs u y, an' imbt havo il
Y L Q11t.
kil 16-11n
VIA oparicltf'i l1 to 116 Hilder.
- p atC(IIt re r oedl I nele ijir
ntl A on(', or they wiAI be givri
Vt !*ot,ion
a l.1--1m 1 J, ' E' T.gp -
1'tleCA and Wet111111 of the 1jip fiv,I
('f'Woodward'.vnw ai . w.111
& I' are in our han'ds r collect.
A I t (4r ,itidebtI( d 1u.St com1o for -
wtm i atid tt le, as further Indulgendo
will ,o( b q gIi e
IV. 1..F L IN N IK,UN. & C 0.
jan 12--J-4x2
N nrd after .l' date'til idoolif1
due tIo N BW j DE A 8ALOON' wtiI
be rotin In I le hands of " r. John D.
McCarley for collvtion.
nn ' tw K C TIMMONS.
. 61 a.
&rhe1jHxr1sj Av? IMja&rr. TWJ(hi;At
All Wor irpwiled.
Senzd/b~r.Pkee Lis.
.L- H. H ALL & CO,
M. anuAdurv & -w ,
214., 0, 8, 10. AMrhket 80yet.
-~~ 2-3 22-,.i--s- B-y
FI C OF f 'NTY T'l EA 1l R IIt,
x \ rnoo, 3. C. N ov., 24, 1874
'lip f(llowiig taxeo havo he.o levied
1. un thte property of chis uounty
- e ... A illa.
I. For' p1y"'b'lal'arlt. z C.E'ecetiivo
1.Id holik-ini (ices of the Stie,
the cierivani- uomingenL expi-ii -
ge!s ri t bb 'vxe.citi and Jitlicial
P IPt s in k o, t h -4 0 e overntinei.
. .r :1ipr1ol t and mnailntiliuco
of 't'IUI ('h arilUble ind E1d
11: C3 oiial li titlion o ' liho
(!I ex"lusivo of Commilnul
choUols. ' .
. or 5nI-port. iad n.aluti.co of
I. Fort pityi t rie t .of.defnclen.pe for
0116.11.1 cl ndu -School Com
inisio-:ler:, Satha,t le's.dte 'pri,or. to -
Ist Nov. 18'. , . s.
7'. l"a.r pay iment of interest upon t hi
pubi djeb~t, (na indjuasted bay act.
of lhecetubie r 2'Zd 18573,) due and
payae uitlin J at. January anid
8i V'ar delliney a r u tpaid appropri
at iofNnad claims of Central N a
Iional: flanak. P. F. Frazee and'
V. C'ardairelli. 1-45
IIor ourrent expor.ses of, Falj inqld
For paymtent of past indecbtedntessu
of tsaid Conlty. 1.
For wi lo ws add orp hahs, of said
In add iiton to the nhoto t here has.
bee'n levied for liis,triet schools the
fol.lowing I: x vi4.
Fehuol D)istrict, No. 3 &
"a ,I 4 41
- ,+~ 6 . , .
T~he (t.x dumplcato will bie opei ed in.
I hits 'Ilice on the 810thday .or No vember,
187-1, for the oollec.tion. of thme above tar
levies, and every day thereafier, (Sunday4
excep,ted) until the fifteenih.day of Jann
ary' 875, whten 20 par cent penally will'
t ta o-alldeiq .t.
- W. MI :NLO,Trnue
nlov, 21'--x2l 2 .. . ia '41a 6 Coun
Charlotte, Columblia, & Augn.
* Co.,UniA~, May 17, 1874.
r[ 1II10 followling Pna"en'ger 'Schedule wi
Lbe runa over .this run I ont and at, i
f,enva Augtusta, at o~
'I Winhpo . - ' i. '2 00 p n
'a 1Cotta 4 ',
Arrive at .Chi.ddf (,4' i. 6 n
e'.ie Chiarlott.e, 'N. C. at 7:oo 0'
" Chetelr, ., 9 68 a tn9
arive1' At AuguMt4 .) R 95l 3
A. PoP., (len. I9%ib40a0ertitd TleL&t Ag tot
mr1. 10
WIinlsbor'o Nat tonal Buitk k
f[ill1 I asik hna4ing doclarsid 'asmia
-1 nushl(dividenid of fiv- drollata a shtar
ont it" onnilni sloel. frfltn the net earn,
ings for t he past .lx mtittthi. Ihe anm
will be paidl. to lets ihnr.lthldera. on all,
after ih.- 4ith dlay or .Jen'tt.rv nelt.;., ,
, Winuaboro, Doo. 30, 1e74.,.,
SAM'U B. L Ce N!

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