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F A I R I? 1 hD 11I Hi R LP
#Ud15IH8M9 WVF..KLT nY
*4L L A S& ir A V I .
TVFnW.-The HA94 Ab 10 ubtithed Week
y i the Town of Wit;nsbdW, It $3.00
inlriA.4 in advance.
@Al ir-snoent, advertls4hitiA lb be
Obituary Notices and Tributes $1.00
per iquare.
hIlinore Presiytcrin Conferente.
The committees of cohferenoe of
the Presbyterian thurOlq 'north snd
south, *hich have been in daily ?e.
' i4n i'tho Franklin street church for
the past week, finally adj6rned yes.
terd#yt The obj,ct of the conior..
etieS was, briofly$ to establish closer
and tqte fraternal relations between
the &od:es without sipeoting to se.
cure an organio uniuh. The coum
Klitte of the church south consis,ed
Of the Rev. Dr. Wm. Brown, Mvt.
Dir. R. P. Partis, Rev. Dr. R. M.
Palmer, Chanoellor J. A. tuglia
and' Hun. 1. M. Pbtes. Those of the
Iforthern assembly, Rev. Dr. Samuel
di. Nicholls, Rev. Dr. Henry larling,
Rev. Edwin F. Hlateld, D. 1J.,
Rev. Thomas H. Skinner, itev. Hedry
J. Van Dyke, Rev. Eben:z-r Erikin,
and Messrs Benjamin Whitley, James
K. aorehead Joiseph W. Edwards
and Samuel Al. Breckinridge. Daily
poseions, morning and afternoon. Wbi-e
hald, the deliberations being with
closed doors.
It is-learhed that the conimittbe of
the southern assembly inbietvu that
the previous notions of the northern
asse.ubfy are hindrances to closer fra
ternit relations between the t*o
bodies . comprising the ohurches
north and houLh. The comm,ittee of
the northern ase-,b.y; it is said, in
sisted that tl1 ob-taoleg haVe. been
removed by the action already takeil
by thi previous assemblies. Tho i
aommittee of the southern assembly
asked the chutch Uf the north to re;
commend their ambembly to mnaku I
some further concession. This the i
tommitted of the northern assembl'y
deolined,t doi,a*d there.:the confer.
ence etidbd. - A Iepoter of the' Ga.
Iette has. been authorized to state
Oat the geitleman who Is the custo.
tian of'the papers (Dr. B3rown,- f 4
Richmond),,has promiged bpoh his
return from New York where he was
bastily oalr.d last night, to furnish
a -py of the entire proceedings of
the joint body to thi Gakette for pub
lication. lie (Mr. Brown) yesterday
furnished, upon application, the (t.
16*ing paper referring to the codfiar
*nce Prooeedings, but withholditi, as i
ill be s6en, the correspondtice o.
the jdint body until his return :
oThe committee of conference, on
4he part of the Northern and South.
ern Presbyterian churches, which
bive beeno In session in this blt3
during the past weeki hfe failed to
ogre-d upon a basis for the establish
tunt of frat-ernal relations.
, The southern committee proposed
that the domifflittoo of the northern
aSsembly recommend to that bod}
6imply to disapprove the reputations
of scud mi heiesy; blasphmy, &., I
which were cast upon the s9,Utherni
churchel fIdti I 185 tu I8th.'* Concur.
rence iii this proyddition would have
insured the amioable relations de
[ The l4ortfierf 68immittes deolined
to accede to this arrangement, on the
ground that, by the terms of reunion
bet*reen the late old and riet school
&eurehe.i, the reunited a.'semibiy is
debadtl from reviewing or distiirli.
Itig utterad1eed rtado pri ur to such re
.tniong and that the piaper adopt ed at
Uallidjote dlovei-4 th 6ge."-Bultff
vuwote Gazettie.
8euth Carolif.
A fie* 1Maeofri lodge has been es.:
tablished at Maybiion, in New berr
A Lodgue of ttid kffiights of ierieho
has beeni organitied at DaarHngtovr
A bale of cotton was stnieti fltdffi
the Orangoburg depot on Thursday
night, but was captured from the
thieves on the followinig day.
Mr. Robt. 13. Diuneane one of then
oldest and most respected b(isiness
men of Greenville, died on the 19it6
inst. Hie was. nearly eighty ydttrs
On the night of the 12th instant
the stables and barn of Mus. (Corn
well, in York County, were destroyed
by fire. A large amount of cotton
peed, together wIth 6,500 bundles of
fodder, were consumed. 'The moles
wore with diffioulty saved.
Great quantities of eounterfeit
tfy-ent notes are in olreulation,
and It is well to lo(ok out for them.
On the genuine shinpiaster Dexter's
hair Is not parted in the middle.
T1 Georgia negro has no mnor e
faith in Likk Hie lays his money
.ut in store glothes rand hair oil, and
tue newiof a banit suspension causes
bhim to erolIim "Blust a way wid
ye, bitt..o a') but dese jeyend or
Quick Work.
Brooker, of Plymouth county,
Iowa. was a widower of forty. and is
a plodding, indopendent farmer.
Brookor is a man of business. Ile
,led to live in Sioux City; while
there lie fall into an ecXavation and
recovered 0400 daimages f,r slight
inijUties reociveil, when lie m,,ved to
Plyamouth county, where there were
fower deadfalls. But his wife died
and left him iii a bad fix. He must
bale a housekeeper, and ho had no
tLim to f-lol away. lie wanted a
taheap nitiole, too, so lie resolved to
marry one arid have her for good or
bad, a she might turn out. lie went
to Sioux Oity -and called o-n an old
friendi to whom he stated hia des.
perate oasi. The frieud told himi
where thdre was a large room full uf
sowitig-girls and thought he rliight
takb his pitOk of the lot. .he idea
Pleaied Brodki. He weit straight
to the millinery ostablishmnont arid
told the conductress hiN bu,siness.
Shd wis amused, and said : "There
thty are, take your pick " Brooker
wetit around among the boautioe
Mith a palpitatidlg hea'rt. lie casually
droPibd, in aftabit to their inquiring
glaicen, that he was looking for a
hotisekeeper. One or two signified
their iwifliugto to do hbusbwork,
and asked - "Whait wages ?" Brook
,wt then eiplainod that he was looking
for a wife. That altered the case)
iad the girls reddenbd and looked up
to their *otk. firodkbr pibkbd- out
0he rddestotte, and asked her if she
Protild give him a moment's conver
oation in private. She bluFhingly
30ibented t and th two retired inIto
a little back rootIt. Ouly at few fiiinhtea
3lapsed when the 6ouptle caine out
Nith a coifuseti sort of air, for they
jew the *hule shop was looking at
hefi. The young girl started off in
thfarry and hurry. lirooker said
he had consented to become his wife
)rovided she aould get the bonsent of
icr parents; aid.she had gode after
t. He buio also referred her to
ofettlof taiedeading business men
ft%i city, respecting his points of
1haraoter arid auiiity to entertain a
Ne.'.uJ rear a fatniy . .Jirockar
went to lad hutel tb await ?rt her
levelopii'otd. The next day a
Aysioiaro of Sioux City received a
etter, of which the following is a
4uO priutbd cpy :
-Sl0iA Tr, 10eo. 1g, 1974.
DObTon -t . I Adrei you- A ft W
iAotQAskp the barab-6r aud vtdud.
.ug f oneHlarth aay J. Brooker of
awars %ho -has give mne you for A
fan.vo al hb.sdys you are well; Au.
Th'itttd wish Ifi.o pleas tell 'Mie his
pripanRi:11 ataes as wdil.p his.. pivet
irartet is he Abb1 to sup06Ar A
amiy-.in,cQmfort would he - make a
good.hasbroh-pleas answer thoes few
liies Aaindiently for I pxpect to
leave town t will look for A answer
Monday. A Dres
iout City Uk 433.
Tlle fbspo sos were all favoriablo to
h9oker isa suitor. The next day
Ii-bariedL Mary, with the full con
sent-of hter pired1ts; and to his own
hat .joy anid hap;gnks. *And
flrooeor ook her to his farm in
Plymouth counaty,.and lost only two
days' time ih seo(ir1ig a life of wed
detd blias. H appiness is ehaesj.trmn
oidy kaie* that at generally lies right
before them, ready to- be seizod. But
imany look oveor the' heads of' the
dearest objects, and tramaplinig them
under foot, stand alone in miiory,- at
tUb6 end of life', journey. So does
T he i6M in Neow Y'ork harbor h,dq
4wept a'*ay nearly all thme buoys,
%ha'aing #Mvigationu dange,ous.
East: River, New tork, was frez ni
from shore to shore on SaturdMy, an~d
hundreds were eronhing'ori th& fe.
-A 14ew York eustemhaouse ins.peo.
t6r, implicated ini smuggling cigara,
WaS a.ettood, uth 8aturday, to t,wo
years lmpridonouint.
*hl~otemiot Mediator,.is "probahl,y
a tbtal loss. il2 e vilue of her 6argo,
pinolpalty intended foi- A ugusta
dtndl, Attlanita, is roughly statedi at
$60,0Q0 to $7,O00
CYol: JTames W. iitstn, a proami
ndnt. lateger sfid politl.:Iani forme.4rly
of Nort.h Cahinma bwt sioe the da'r
a resident of Norfcilk~ Va.; died
suddenly, on Saturday, of partlysit~
A filenid from New Orleans
writes to a prominent gentleman iii
this city iEvery thing here is ban
ditti I The eafee hatle large posters
with these words "lhnditti ock
toil," "Banditti Roffinac,1* "Band Itti
soup," etco.-Richmond Enquirer.
A useful and much needed inven
tlon has been patented, a fountain
pen, which, by the pressoare of the
thumb on a usmall ruibber ball, pro.
jecta a stream of ink through the
holder and into the face of the per
son who is looking over your shoul
der while yon are writing,
She Wanted ltin Red Typs.
Soin after noon gesterday a ver
fat woman, "going 6efty years old14
toiled the four pairs of stairs, rested
her breath awhile and then wanted
to Ree the "head reporter."
"I'm :ll alone in this world," sho
conmened) as she sat down and pull.
ed out hor handkeroief.
"A widow, oh " queried the head
"Ye, a poor, striving widder,
whose husband has been dead theso
fourteen 3 ears."
"Death is at sad thing, aindam.
It crushes hopes, severs ties and
breaks hourts."
"He was such a good man !" she
sobbea, covering her fnoo with her
bandkerchief, "and such a good pro.
vider. We allerb had meat, and
'ltters, aid wood$ aud preserves;
and do you know, he never gave me
an unkind word l"
I "He must have been an excellent
mninti "
"He waR-be wax. He'd git 0p
nights and ouver up the children and
shake downi the stove, and if his
menials wasn't ready, or he found but
tons off his shirt, he'd never open his
"And your grief is yet strong
your sorrow just as deep "
"Just the tamse as the day ie lay
dyin' and took njy hand and whisper;
od :'Cortildas don't take on so.'
Yes, I'm grieving just the stie, or I
wouldn't care what folke suid.
That's what brought io up here
folks are talking about me."'
"lhey are, eh ?t"
"Yes, they are. They;vd said that
I wias after a wido*er; that I fell
in love with one of the boarders;
that I was keopinig tip oorrespond
enee with an undertaker. and that
I was dead in love wi,h a dusen
"And is it not true ?"
"True, young nist ! Lotk at thb I
Great Hbeavens ! do I look like one
who wanted to Let married 7"
"Well, n-O-"
''1low could I marry again I" she
exclaimed. "l1ow could I forget
that dear form beneath the sod and.
Amile oi another man ! Marry ?Groat
stare I young man ; but how conlil
they start such stories "
"And you want thei denied "
''Ttat's it. Hore's ten cents, and
I wauit you to come Out in to-mor
row in :% piAcb so long, and say that
PH proeitcte these slanlerers it
theue stories don't cease. Put it in
red type, miter-in red type and
big letters,at that; a Detroit widder
can't, escape the vile alandrcrs, no
matter how well she behaVes. Mar.
ry again-think of it yo-tig man !"
"But widows often do remaurry."
"Alars I they do, young man.
Siihow it seenm 10tasomi1e to be a
widder, and have no atie to detenl
you, and be all nlone, but-I
couldn't think of tithing another hu
band-n)t uidss he tvAs rich P"
And she wiped her eyes ugain rnd
felt her way doun stairs.-Deroit
10ree Press.
A Ncw h'tittterfclt
A sountei-fdit United States T'reas
liry note hnd b'een detected at 130ston,
so well excnted that even the mo's
skiliful detectives differ as td lth thne
echaracteor, and thave final ly dletcir
mlined( uiponi the following minute
di Tnreniees from the the genuine :
"Onm the genunide ttie buttons on the
coat. if John. Qii.oy Adama are per
fectdy rou.nd, while on the donfiiter
feit they have an irregulaIsr oir .more
of an octagonal fiorm: on the jnenu
ine the small toes of ithe female figuir e
of Justice are full and natural, while
on the count. tff:it the small tues a.c
very smiall, an,d the litt,le ono0 Ver)
o bscrre.''
Wa,rren WVorthy, eolorn..l, living
near Blroad IHiver, in this county.
has a eld whieb Ioiur years ago gave
?,f ih to twini ealves ; the y ear fid
fi.gto triplets, the nett year to
- wi don't know. wh,at, voU t a it ;
and only a few dlogst ugo iinother team
'4 theni were horn. We htaven't a
phoogreph of these ueurtenees
at hated just now ; but our itnformntt,
idho weighs two hundtired and twesnty,
sate that he will help~ us.to fight any
aide who say s that it isni't so. - Chtes,
ier Reporter.
Two mdn ha~d a quatri-ol iii a liquor
nhop. Tlhey adjourned outside to
settle the di.spute. T'he irst man,
being from (Con naught, immnedilately
seized a .ump of stono .ndu let fly at
the lioad of his bpportent; who dipped
his head and missed the stone, which
wont through an expensive plate glass
window, and did ranch darbagd. A
inagistrste was dalled upon next
morning to determine who of the
two slhotld pay the cst. The evi
dence clearly showed thd~t the aim
was a good ones and that it the e.
ond man had not dipped his head he
would have been sitruek.
"Therefore,'' said the magistrate,
"he must pay the damaages, as it isl
certain the first man didn't intend to
injure the window, and the window
would not have been injured if It
had not been for t.he act of t,be second
Vte IdgelleldIMagls'.1
j CILU.BIAr, Januar 1- dgs
ackey, who was reIsid '14-lov.
Chamberlain to go t0KigifitId -6ik
week to investigai) othe *ree4dt
troublea in tha4 ooun, has rturied,
and hits subiitte bi ppr J l
Executive. Tho foil ng a dooi.i
menti whilh it will be Wean'ourrobo
rates abd oonfrms ey.'assteinuut'o
fact contained in theiX41wst a-nd,
Courier's speoial repo;, f1g.mn -dge.
field and published IR ayof ,
irsue t
To His Ercellency, Go1e?esi. 44llttl
berlain. 0 .; i'l
DEaRSnR-I neoordigm wil t
request contained ip y 1.x*e I.
cy's com mulllsatitn Io . til
stant, I.proceeded to imiefield de.
riving at the county.eat: early on
the following day. Tkq, objo9t ad
scope of my mission to -diotur ed
section of the State 'at a reSi in
that communicatiov, o4118'trl" oI.
lowing is i.copZ:
Ex. CHARpIP, Uot.. an . W
Z16n. . J. Mackey CnUQ1 i 8.
DEAR Sit-1 have liakAe , at aI
armed collision has taken -'place i
the County of EdgefeldJ betweh
white and colored oitifnm-vJ f i
that, if uncheoked, di oXdrgnwy b.,
come widespread in tpAC,jiA I. q
the alscnoe of the c1roph Judge o 1
the Fifth Circuit in Ii'%he Vbon'n , i
I roqueit that you proced- -to'Vde- I
field County and exeit your iu,o
ence and powers in allayg:3.p. dlie
order and in adjusting the diffAc#l
ties out, of which the troubles have
sptung. To this end I trust that
you will call upon all good citizeb
to aid you in reatoriug and preservibg
the pouce and in enforeing. the law J
of the State.
N ciy respectfully
your obedieti strvatit
Governor of South Carolina. .
On my ariival at Rdgefield Uoprt- i
house I statod publYil the obje4t' a
df my visit, and a courier *as dias a
patched to the ecene of the disturl. c
bance to make my presence and pur-- c
nose known to the citilens of both a
races. Having learned that Capt. a
Edwi-Vd Tiniient, the alleged leader of
the colored eitizetis in the reported t
collision, had arrived in the town I a
sent hin a -nessage re<uiring him to a
a%Ppear before me, with which lie con
plied proiptly. After I bad duly
warned him that he w%%s not obliged a
to commit hintitelf, he made a state
ment wbibh accords substantially ,
with his affidavit herewith transmit
ted. It appearing from that state- a
went that Tennant, with in armed a
foibo, resisted a lawful warrant, I
i"sued for his arroot oil the dharge j
of oi-son atd that he had made that
resistancl ekoctivo by firing upon the
postse duly sunmonod to enforee the
execution of such a warrant, I con
mitted him to jail to await eXa11ina
tion. Before aomtnitting him, he, at
lmy inr-tanoe made au affidavit charg.
Ing M. C. Rutlbr and ten other citi
Veni with a aAlt abd batibry with
an-tent to kill, by discharging their
tirearmns against him, thec sid Ten
nient, and the persons lawfully asso
ciated with hit, and fdlonaiously and
amaliciouisly .wounding, by such die.
..srgo, Charles u% litlow, John Mor
gat, E~vanu Mitchell aid Williami
Heilham, in Meiriwether Towpitap
othe 19th day of Jattuary, 1 MS.
I thaerofoto isued my warrant for
--he apprel enision of Gen. M.C. Butler
.iind the ten other persons named in
the affidavit. Trhe parties charged
re$!de.d at dlistanoes from twenty to
inoiity -five milee frotm the oarthouse
rnd it was *ith gfbat dineulty I
p.r cuired the servious oif an officer to
execute the wai rantt. The shat iff of
lie county appears to be a worthy
o ail inoifenswive inaan but his. whaolb
intelligehabo finad Achahb of drity seems
to have lapted in.to a strong iinstintt
of self.pro..ervationl. He was afraid
to enitar the ierriwethier thlwnshlp
bet,aike the black people there
d(t/h'i know hint and, and the w ite
people did know him After a delay
of twenity hiours, the ut.er.f obtained
a suitable deputy, who wsta diajpntah
ed with tife warrata flu5 depuit)
iheriff arrested Gen. NI: tX Buatle
ad his co-defeuadants, all of whoma
are stated by the c-ffiot to haive
yielded prompt obedience to time
warrant; The defendants.hafinsg ap
peared; I fhbeceded. with tife pir6
liminary 6ramaination, anid closed
the testimony tor the State oan last
Saturday night,after examining nume
rous witnesses-a, all of whom sustaii
cd the statcm9nt of Tentient, but
avo*ed tl.emiiel ved as fpartes with
Tennoot in the *rmed resistano6 to
the precess. On motion of the.de
fendant's cotinsel the eaamnitation dif
the witnesses for the defetice *as det
down for Thursday, the 28th instant
and the ddienadantg were recognised
in the strm of $1,000 eaoh, to appear
on that day. Indward Tennant was
also bailed ,in the same aiim for hi,
appearance on the came daty. Ten
nent and his rasockates of the militia
company had fled to 1~~Edleld vil
lage to the number of thirty, after
the atmed conihon, but at my,renguest
Mau on my .spi-ankes of th9Raft-ty,
t*irbtUrernod e t.im0ir hoides on Sur
J11[itpenly 'anilnd" 'ifdfMeited; It
itimpractic#b e for me a, prasiat to
prdsnpta fult elhiip :of .the fadt.a.1o
rogur,d og be,pqdit1Pn of j0dgsffld
N4aiity, whih fqots are of., grp
V6db;06-,VMeA! a- e anD tiod
b44htahl 140W6cu td::odi 'eidWilliogy.
'khey will ba-et,-forthl :An '
rqeWbn tie pudi.g examination
haeterlpiae 4... %iI%e sit
now o 4ay to 9 4elierate judg.
Mieift, osiJ6fi Yl ity "as tie douny
g6verliilbnt- of Rdgefidid ha's beeh iu.
fliv$A.qapon .eny $ortion- of the
.gpb.spe king race since the.
monwore he iron. 0 of the
/ . ' ap' owever, tbe
b4rih domiiktion'%kithit, of , 4 au
pal br ' ivrligatoen Shi4lb-leyhiteut
Whale It qhas.tepd.. In thipi-1 is. fte
re9-11Oi 'l,Tl eV#l. i Ui.Uf 44g,40bId
pi'esents .a ;;prot if thbat .4otIMnds
in instant solution id the i .
1,"t 0. t FjulbVin peace &Ad the
preservation of 'life and property,.
17,%q,qud, topinetly- recot mend
bf your Rxoellency. wJi1,. forthwittf
s's and onto "e in a dtt With
lVawing' di4e State aiil:s 'tror the
:igtt$t ten militiM. Companies now
>rga.nisAd and - .equipped, and sLip.
ied with.annuniuOn, in the County
if4E !lQ09 wit the view to have
be kI. arfde dep'oAited in the State
rmkey at th vaitah During the
0aaigelt' the oiqerb conihiaidih
seral.,f.thi..o' oovap4nies, to Wit
tojns, 0441rd Tnpnt, Blullook
ndf other.sihive ordered the ass'pl
4Y,' :idit, lkid 1hav" called thuir
owponIes to aims 'to' tedress the,
e*I.Qr fancied grf#+hnes of so in.
ividual member of a:, .nptiny in a
ersonal gnarrel with a white man.
n the vicinty of the Pine tjouse, at
-Point abiout siity milds* fom U
umbia in Edgeflold Vouity;--0npt,
lullook is lucated with some f rty
rmed men of .his company and thoir
iwilies, on a tract of laud leased'
et ator L. CEin, of that county, C
fibing only about slity acres, a d
ath i6f.ormed by a gentlemall living
a'.,i44vI ity that, on last. Eriday
id dat6fday nights, that compAy.
Itrtued the neighborhood by beat
f drum, atid the rapiid and long
ontinuid disharge of their fire
ro,s. To oli out the cuilitia is an
at of sovereignty which the Consti
ution of thp stato vebts alone in
he Govornot, who by that grave
at exbruiss the aLmtodied powers of
11 tho departtinbnts of the Coummon.
realth, and substitutes of necessity
hyW0al toree for the pacifia
gencies of the law, For a subur.
Wate officer unauthorised, and for an
nlawful purpose, to call out the miii
k, as has been done in idgefiold, is an
at of war uptt atiety, and the oili
er and evtry than h!) astembled is
able to indictment under our laws.
'here are also several white rifle
lubs in Edgeoeld County which
ave oeen arp.ed and equipptd by
heir individual members as counter
rganitations to thb militia. I there.
ore recommend that yodr Exoelleu
y will assaitle the attitude to re.
uire thein also to disband. I fur.
her recommend that your Hloollen.
y will take the re4uiite course to
iavo two bon aaanios of United States
roops stationed in REgcfield Count,y,
mue of which shall b.e posted in Mom
iwethor and W ash ingtou Towns~hip,.
'his should be done as a indashro of
'epose to that impolant and groatly
liaturbed sblytioIJ bf the SLate. The
>resenee of United States troops in
[ClgeGfold County, coihanded a. they
ire by brave and court *ous gentlemenu
md distinguished soldisrk who corn.
Rose tIhe officers of our army, will at
>noe infuse a sen-e of security among
all classes of godd citizona in this
,owthUnity; *lio will see, In their
inifotmi and hag; the honorable sym.
tols of our great and bonofloont re
public whose military forces move
iot as the dget- of any one ol the
soritondin~ l'actions (1 bt sa#d
repared to guard the equal fig hmi
if the Atiierican citizens who compn.
hem botbi In conclusion I folrard
erewith the afidavits of O3htles
Witlow, A. Thjotas, Gleo. RLya#,
Anderson Buasy and Glen. M. C.
lutler, niafiked respeotIvely, 13 C 1$.
lB anid F. The Wites.; Andmaon
ilsag, is the pursori on vhose state.
inut Gens. Butler nriade his afRidatit
shargiog Ediward Te'nhtant sud
ythers with havin.g comnu.Iattod thio
irime of arson iti bilruitg ii butning
Jon. lButi r's re#lid6nbe. Tha armed
olitiion resulted des statted frordi ito at
tenmt to exe6tite thas. wptratu. of af
rest based oil thalt alllda4it. Addr.
ion lIussf lio* at*estg thitt Glen.
Butter; andh 6the*t, dotbpelled him
with piftols 16'velhdd at his head, and
by making tdat the figure of a grave
dt big feet, tn make that sateinent.
rhis Lien. llutler denios, and Informs
me that he will transmit affldavIta
proving that Anderson hBussy's state,
menit, orltninating l4dward Tennant
was, made freely and voluntarily,
and not under duress or the promise
of reward, I will transmit those
additional affidavits as soon as re
I1 have the honor' to be, very res
petfully, your Eixceleuoy's
obedient servant,
1J.M OR.
-Appsrently the cpening of cthe no
opera iu,Pis6 is t furnish a politi.
oal soatidai te well asplessure to the
public, l- the original plan there
*:an imperial box, ats the plan was
jade;unfder-tho Enjpirhj and thia
box dtill exists. Th6r6-.,is aonse.
qiuitl be4h sbme curiosity tq know
W Uat disposition w6uld be made of it.
[is uow ril$dtted that thia:boi has
'.00en porfiausntly hirod to a club,
aPud that the Mtub ill keep it tsys
t.ettatioally eufipty," and so it iill
constkotly stare tls publiW ini the
fooe as the place *he*-o the bhiperor
o'ught to be.
Therq is a good,-.sry tdid of a
Uile boy, who, going into a bookttoib
.vit.hhis mother,--orept up to the
jivoqip: tof; tliq establishment with
the lyjuefy, "Say, have-you got any
books for;boy that ain't got any re
gIn 0'e,
A showmih whose 6otice call6d
for a few fat boys to "feed his can
-uibals;' reoeived a card from a man
rSng. th#9 he 6ouldn't' spare his
Boya, but b6 had a good 'stall-fod
mother in-Jaw': that - he thought
T UST Recived 100 lbs. fine Csbelj'
Butter. .Alsonobico lot of Fresh
Groceries, consieting or 3 bbls. No.
Mackcrdl, 3 bA'p. No. 2 Mackerel, 12
Kits No. I Mackurel, 24 Kits No. 2 High
Family, I bbl. Pigs feet-, I bbl. Picklod
Tongues, 100 lbs. Dried Tongues, 10 lbs
Ho!ogi.. Sausges. Also a .ahoite lot of
Sugars and (qffees, Syrdps and MoIasees
drall grades. Alo' a fine lot of Fresh
banned Goods, consisting of Canned Sal
hion. Lobsters, Mock Turtle, Corn ai;d
Desiccated Cocoanut, P.tted 11am, Turkey
and Sardines. Also a fresh lot of Crack
4rs and Cakes, 1 Dozen lIo<cc o' Ilerl
liner Co. Choose-7the finest, in town. Also
onstantly on hand Fresh Flour and'.
Meal, Bacon and 'Lard, and a oei'co lot. of
\1tEwans Scotoh .Ale, Liquors and Segars
of the inest Grades, Powder, Shot and
John D. McCa-ley.
plt 24
At important ratural Gunno-a genu
ine Animal Deposit. A Corgo of (POO talis
now oi lhe way to this port.. This Giaho
'gavo great satisfaction in Virginia and
North Carolina the past season. Circular
and cortifioate.- sent on applioatibn.
Prof. Wilson, of BatIniore, Md., sayA of
thill Guano : "By d britical exainination
of the analysit of the various cargoes you
havo hifported, a striking feature is the
groat regularity In the percenvage of the
important constituetits essential for the
production of all crops."
Prof. F; A. Genth, of Piladelphia,
Penti., says: "The Guano is evidently of
atlittpl ot-igifi; and the minute bones
which wert discovered in the eame indi
cale th at it is the result of the decay of
hats, mice, &c. The quantitylof organit
matter whiclh is still present, is about, 12
per cent., and this yields about 2s per
crnt. or ammnin. A portion of the
nitrogen Is present as nitric acid, of
wthicts abou, 3 per cent. worc found., All
th'e nit rogen present would be equivalent,
to about 3i per cent. of ammonia. ,The'
phtosphiorio noid in the Guano averaged
ab,ot 12) per cent , equal to 27.5' per cet
of Bone P'hosphate. A oet.aderable
qnantity of the pho.ephorib acid, htow
ever, is present as so-called neutral Phos
phiato or Lime, which, being slighty
soluble In water, renders the Guano as
quick in its act ton as a corresponding
quantity of Sup~erplhosphates would do.
The snmnll percentisge of potash which was
tounti in analysisf adids to its value. From
ili the expyriments which I have made of
the Uinanaa'ei duano no doubt can exist
that i.t is an tatuable manure,"
Prot. It. C. White, of thie Georgia State
Agricultutral Society, says'- "Ase shownt
by J}o d'nalysis, this (ttano contrains, in
good'Tpi oportioin, ali thte elements which
are genteritly considered as of value for
plidat food, anud the feorms and- cotthlina-*
ti'o'fra itt which thy~ tare presents are snahi
art ti reader them available to and as.
ufrrtilable by (lie plant. I should judge
that the proper nise of this articeo for
purposes of' fertilization would be attend
it'd with great profit."
f're( Charles U. Sthepard, Jr., In a re
t'n t an-alfais of this Guano, says '' This
tand (bf dftfifl origin ) woubil a ppear
fro'I iti phyeleral and chemloal properties
to' aliswe' ever~y reasonable expectation
of a nm ionercial, manure."
Urd.dra receiveid an,h arrangcments made
for- its s i,ie by application to
(I8 East Baty, 1 and 2 A'tlantio wharf.
.an l(-14x2 Charleston 8. C.
_I AVING disposed of my Livery int
-est, to II. T. Tferrill, 1 will keep
constant,ly on hand Ilorses nn< mules fom
sate. P'arties in want of good stock wii
do Well to give mne a call.
I have also opened a Carringe, luaggy
and WVaggoni F-actory. Ati work nentl.1
ozeouted and warranted. Give me atn
A . F.n(OOIlNG.
Solubid Iaclfc Vuftno,
U4lCms, $03 Tfrr, %Mhot(t ijitere9t:
Pacific. 611: n6 Cdthiit Cbid.
pound Acid Plosphate ofLinie.
$30 Cash, $33TIme withu6 indehat
r O acommodal 6 Pla6terd th ' Ga or.
der now and have until et April
to decide whether they will take i( lltb
or cash price: . When deliveredfrom Fn6.
tor. b'y oarlodd; no drnyage wi,1l be charg.
ed. Tlitm Odano is now io welt kilown id
all the Southern St ates for its rein6rkahI,
etfects s al agency to' increasing (ho
produt.s of labot 's dfo to require spe
cial recoiionad 1ti"i ftoW us. Its usa
for niff yers pnat ias establiahed iii
,oharactr for f'liblo excellence. Thi
lit.Pplios put .n.o into market,.this se6nsoi
are, as her.eto ;rr prepared undef t11
superib'tendena bf Dr. ST. *JtJILAN
RAVENIL. Choiist bf 016 C6ibiry, at
Charleston, 8.. 0., ieice Planters may
rest asaured that ils quality dua otpo-.
sition is precisely the sawq cs tht hero.
foro sold, J. N. ROBSON.
Agent f r Soith Carolina,
Chi-i,Idn, : C.
.3 t 0. Rrser & Cd;* GeMr lAged(i;
dec 4-3m11
A purely Vegetable. ibnpq"AI'. f
froan any polotteus.in ter Whilever
can be given with impunity to an infa e
of only a. few hours old for Coli,c ' aki
Perangement of the Bowels. This 'o
pound will asaipt nat ue to rej itt thl
fluence of E.alp11ilL, and the.3 fits-r
health. l1-is guarviite6d io c-i. by#.
sia, Constivnionl.. Mi.Hi.F p) ii fh iles
acie,, 1iljofise or Cramp Clie .(a
especially Paititer's Colic ), raid. all cAHl
derangementtsf.lho Lihe. 1kie eyl. Pk
Stomach and Bowel. Give it a trits
and be convinb0l.
Manuao (ai ied by E. H. KINd SiONS
Colnmbla,, S. C., sad for sale by,
Ir. W.' i. Aikeh, Agept, ilso by br. J.
R . MC)l,tutir, Wininsbor;, 8. C.
Jun 23
'Te Improved Mcin 6 Stut
Seting Machine.
No. 1, $25.00 ; No. 2;37.00
No. 3, $42.00.
flI1E best CU1lLAP A,At'l)P ith t
I - market, makes the LO( K STIT V
aliko on both sides. Thonsands of Indio
in 1he.(Inrolinns can teStify to its merits
It ill (to the same work and oily costs
ox-mrilf of the inbAht. that you would
lhave to pay for oAte of the FO-CALLED,
fi rat-olnes rurch ines.
For circtylar, sample, of work, Neediea
Thread and Oil, call on
A. A. MOitRIS,
Aj t. for Fairfield County 8, (1.
Tin is agent for the celeb*aed Ligha
Running hlomernehline.
D). (1. MA XW ELL,.0hterlaffe,N. 0.
Gen. A gi. for N. C., S8.0.,.Gs., and Fla,
mclh 1 ~1y
O11 CUFMRLE8 L'ON, 5, C.
W;lliams, BlacK, & Williamns,
No. 3 Cot ton Exchange
Those Pirst Clnes Fortilia.ers, carefully
preparerl under thei special supervisiett of
our Chemrist, j)R. 8Tr. J UrLIiRN it AVIfNE
are now offered at tedluced ra.tes.
Soluble Ona no. (thoroughly Amtmoninf ed,I)
Payable April 1st.. $4' 0:1
"Nov. lst witho~ n-tnerest. 63 t O
Acid Phosphate, Cash as above. 80 00l
" Time, na above. 86 00)
With "Cot ton Option." on basis of
Liverpool Mlitdlings at 16 cents pound,
delivered at nearest Rnil-ond Depot or, or
before Novenmber liiith, nts fol owsa
Moluble Guno, Time-. $f60 00
Acid Phosphta'e, " 40 00
Drayage, $1.00 per Ton, unless ordered
by (lhe t ar load (0 tone).
E. ('. Wti,LiA MP, Treneurer,
Key 110x -18a, I 'harleston, 8. C.
D-, R. FLENNIIEEN, Agent at Winnaboro,
jan 2
WI, C. BEE & CO.,
-r t l1RATL advances n-ade upon co'n
.J sag nments orf Cotton or oilier Pro
.Liuce to them in Chanur,et on, or I h-rouigh
their coirespodexit t in Li veriooi, Nery
York andl Baltimore.
g,7 "'rrii,tl.a' tlsnhtio lA lh sal
uplanel ('ollo.
Nr.v. 7

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