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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, February 03, 1875, Image 3

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'' 0ohubloations to this office
will not be a4tloed unless sogoWpanied
by the reel nalbe of the weiter.
ite are not respoitslble for the.opla.
~ U.r r lo, LOCAL NOTIC
Ins"d in. our, g9luffis e'eep
upblPiymgjt,'of tR CE.4 TS line.
3.. , ts* In th'e County laving
k4,1t ' ei. of.interest
e I .r i i0hh owred will cornfer
faorC YralhI S Infoinaion at 6hP
oa*ts and Shoes-tande'oaer A
boting 4airt1d Fire Hugia
Company-J.- 0. *4uier.
Photograph dallery-X. C.' bor
-R g9way WpheeIl Wright an d 111 1ek
mit Shop-.P. Mi. Speno.
Sale of lortgaje Props ety.-. A.
AdTAniutrator'a Notioe-D. I.
J.ust iseeived- W. H. Flouniken
A lot of North Cajolina Cabbage. at
R. J. MICt7arley'a.
The stock of mulet.o* on saie in
W ing obqr,o a 4ite 4rtenive,. and
buyers Ao biot have Sue ohauoe tor
inako g6d bi'rgalns.
. The q1(9p nia,rkeq. ia WMianshorn
has.been qqitq petive for .the I -.ius
rek, Prides ranging from 12 ots. to
,Onq hind made with one mule o
W1 r. N. C,. Robertson's p.ntstipoi.
hal4s,of, cotton kweigiing 454 lbs.
;aob, bebidea 100 bu016 of corn.
MIX. J..hi A , Rubin on hs. brought
to our ofice. a fw;nip ueasiuiing .281
inclhes, in circumference, and ,e'ifi.t
ing 7f pounds. It is worth looking ati
F .rn the I10ni-1[rald w6, learq
VaIt A;. M,.ackey liq., hs been
Appointed Solicitor of theo 6-.h eir.
e6ft, I*. klo-de of: At r. t lrl.vley who
Las re niu ed to CbarIdbtyp
Among iti'ge'ets at, the Chester
fliq!ere A.veal ne
essrs. Buchanit, o' the Ubester
. aporter,..with Jones, and '.CahIwel i
*of be Cbarlotto. Obg rver. diO* 1
Tur. Tp*e.sH sApps.-Our,e nt ion
Ifs been 00e4 o the i here
ep~ ah'earse,an4thft it is -4i.0y to
Wuygtfdatige in consequeioe;-. We
4rust e W$t4t .will 'keceive imine
4 stertiention.
no.0, Rtsyn9lda left yebtors%
4y. ta resume, his..dutihb in tie
Iilr. 1licynonia.besides heing .'-*n cx
*aho~ile peti;' and thleNEWu *Ran4 Hea..
. o tej*apt. two 'umoatha' have
*been muoh.indebed to hain. .
j In an.other.culumap uilli .lbe iJfound
the geeuepenh of E. RIo.s Robert.
* gpo, NeI'jq., Triat Justioe. We dpulat,
swL.ttha Mt..,Rbedeon w ill .:prove
li,self a maoat, eOreient magistgatw.,
aidt thasthe wlit il'oid in"'even- poise
thso.sealens of justice. <We, wi..h him 1
pnuoth snocess in hiti-new sphere.
We are authorize.d by 8ieretary.
Squier to .re,aind. suabecri erg to
E'ngine fund of ;bhei,i?irSWl. Eian
$ngine Company--those iiao have
niot paid anything, and' iso '.those
who', owe balanceu,--that the Tgureb'ase
o fJEngine-wpes based up.iau the anidiant
stabsefi4,bed,.4e this e.hould, the'ro'
fer.,Ae.paid ti oace. 'I beolasI inst all
*meatf is long pacb-du.,
.AT. J-I.'r;CK Trocp.,?-Fvqm a
pr ivateq lbtteg,wp learn th'at W GIre 00'.
eurredai a nd1aestek on 8..turday,
the 23rd iuat.,.tb9prop.erty ,destroy
ed becing a tenemuent lionse beIonaging
'.A \tr. A. C. Eider.Thhuswa
nnocuped,andalmost emupty,'there
being in it only a few articles of (ur'
jaiture. There hiad been nob.dy in
the buil4ing for a weAk, and the fire
i" susedted to bate beun the work
of an in,cn<diaryf.
Juu1ga e? Toooaonni f:
r-ing theme csifn'of the coult on Wed.
nesday, to express liiI opi.ioi ofCh
incapacity of many of the tiridills.
Lies in F?airfleld county. lIis Hlono
is quite right in saying thsat a large
putieber of thegs justices are tot illy
intos:petenat. The publio generalliy,
and smore partierularly the victims of
the foliey and i.njustie of' these om.
core, have loog beew>aware of ahis.'
I A ?rolN'f MEs.-Gov. Chazher
l.ain has nwade, and' ' the Senate has
confirmed, the following ap'pointments
tur Fairfield contj: T.lrial Jus.
t ices-Hl. J. W. WV. Coleman, James
A iken, Silas W. Riuf0.W. R.. Mar.
r hall, Ira 8. Scott and T'. Ross Robert
runD. Trial Justloes HI. R. Fliannigani
a,d James Carter have been re
moved, and Trial Justlee TD:. 1I.
E i. Im,d h... u .,-j T...d
On Sunday, R1ev. Mr. Campbell
delivered his farewell address to the
ot-gregation of St. John's Chureb,
of which he has Perved 4s rootor for
oier (out yeari with gr6'ai ad*e'ta
blity.- T'e ltroh wis d1lel with
hil, oi 6odigreatIton and . with
friends belonging to othe' denomna
ti6ns. flis farewell words 4erOvery
tou6bivg. an 6voked a repiponsive
thbrill iti the bosoms of .his hearers.
While:partIng with Sir. Canipbell
with great regret we wish him suo
ce4s in hia now 11ld.
SALE.-DA;.-Thero was as usual,
quite a crowd of people in town on
Mlooday- last, but thefe was little pro
perty sold. The scarcity of money is
greatest just-4 this timi, and people
w.ithiout that, i'mportant article,
searel feel in.liied to come to
tow.n Wihen tIhings 4re sol.d for cash.
Th f.'rulers Ig'ne'ralty conplait of
the continued rWaey Weather, which
lits uiadered toif se'riou.1,y in coin
meoncing the now year's work.
ITANDF'Obf..-The senior of the
rwa and 1i1nA.1) hajing' been foul
ly robbed of hii whittling iust ruieit,
tid v 'rt91ible to di.p 3use with so
useful an article, atepped into the
qrll eupplied establishmient of Messrs.
Onoot Chandlerol to purcha.e.
After uiting hims'ef in the choiuo of
RAOfe attie, fie, naturally fuqI'ired
he prioe thereof, and was no little
gratifie,d when Mr. Chandler blAindly
Ond terieAy replied, "No obar4e."
3uch kindness is truly pleuaiug, and
Lobody. k'no.w. better . ho% to appre
liatAF it than the hitinblu individu
Is who supply tihe people of WinMas.
DoI o - itlb gorsip, etc. The firm
AbV6.4anild,have <quire a supply of
ulkniven, which thy will kell cheap.
3"ive them a call, 3e whittlers.
'fit F. TAiaew-Thi bjcki of the
loun.ty treasu-er ware closed last
3.turday, aca-)rding to law, aud all
lIlinquents 1m1it Dow.suffjr an in.
i ease of; thqir tax'es in tie sbape of
1.6 t#enty per .cent. penalty. We
>Qlece tb's tnr4iness with which the
taxes have bee paid this b0ason.: is
ottibutanle sOelf 4d'the tifivr inabil
ity f the iw,xlayors to raise the nee-,
s4ary funa. The peoplo generally
rave exhibited a most cownmendable
e-d-inese to itect, thirduao to- the
State'a"d cot(dy, anid thin; too,'- des:
lite the exorbitant rate of taxation
nd the' past di -hone,ty of public offi.
ials...We 1hpe th,at some weasure will
ct 6e dpted by wifich tha eaotuaoo.
lenlalty for ion-payment will attaoh
t tWai tinie.
newr.raT1EE'f4N.-IB the A.
L. Church on next Monday evening,
eb. L,,th-ere will be -a farewell
tieetiig iM .oppectiou .wth the de-.
Parture of Mi-a .1. F, Galloway. of
)nc West ap a foreign nmia-ionary to
.,gypt. . Adsirusses gre expected by
Limber ol --clergy6et fro:u other
Iladeg, and t he several aiiuiaitrs., of
he toutra will take part .in tb-e exer
ists. 'ri brethren pf nal. the con
gregationa and:thme publ,ic genera:ly
i-re cordially invited t.f b.u pre.wnt.
E?he exercisecs will comme:'umoe atC
So'clock. Oi to-mirro.w in the' A.
Lt. Chu.rcb, there.will be preaching
&4 1) A.-1 .by Rev. J. I. 130an ter,'
President of--Qin.* West -Female Co -
v'Ne,:and,atq l . M.,Lby ReV.- J. ;C.
~Lloway', brother of the missier.ary.
Tu&a CusrnFnts--i en
ertainmnet,t given .by the -Chester
re n,was in all r espects a pleas.
ns affair. Thie gues4s fiom Winns..
oro were . mect. by s :oommittee of
nrewber a of tl.e Stoz.eillppsipany,.
Ieaded by Maj. Thos. 8S. Mi'L.i, -and~.
sos ted-te Nicholson's l lotel, where
hze.entertai'znoent was to taike pl.ace.
Usuoig the companies re, re4tnted
t.erejtu I,for.ue Steaum l"'ire E igine
ompattny,Aho P,ioneer ;JE-gine comn
anny, and the'lmdspendent Iik and
a,dder conaI.any, all .of .Chad'otte,
ad the.jilock ilill llook and l idder
uom,pany. The pirty asse cmble d for
upiW.at hralf puaut seven o'elock,
rd sooni precceded to do full justice
to the diicSa sp're'd bcfoyo the m.
rhe ball w..s very tastefuil'y dee,ir.e
ed with evergreens, the rnmes .f
each senshanyI3 mu pratted appe:ai ag
1m the walls. 'Thue 'smeiper yae ,in
Ivery part:-ular exeellemit, a ad ths*
r.est, with which the party die j a,ti *
to it, was the best proof of its ex ei.
lence. Tihe regul ar t'adts of the,
;veniIngiby Mr. Jone.e, of thec Char
lotte OQbsem ver, Mr. Riope.tsa,n .of
.\cNmneh oftLta.Piigeer, Maj-. Ila mu.
ilter,of Ci'tr aidolber Yn'the,
a- eofP.idn heot1.of the
Fairield company,' Maj. Ilamiltori
respo)nded to the t,a.st offered to) the
Winnsboro firemen. Ilisspeech was
a fins one and was well received.
The entire affarir was very..pleasant1
an'd' wheWtbe ,guesti tuqned their
facer homeward the'y carriec' with
them very ageal reoolleptiqnagorf
th~e Chester frem 'and theielegant
bospitallty;' as well' as' earnest
wishes for-their' f-itui-e wel'fare,
iaaa 8'KA oNs Cou R9.-Th is cour t
opebed Its January term on Wednes
day n*orning. .Monday was the day
fixed by law, but owing to the non
arrivol of Judge Mackey, who was
engaged in' inve tigating the Edge.
field tro,ubile, the terri did on til
the day above named. The judge
proceeded ta chorge tho grand jury
after the usual style; varyitig his ad
dreii, on this occasion; with' altlsions
to 'he statd of affaiYs 1W36dgefdeld,
and ommenting in very sevete
language upon the worthlessness of
its ocunty gorernment. At the
616se of tW e olp.rgo, several bills
were pregenteSf by aoting Solicitor
Mackey, and the grand jury retired
for their consideratioil.
Tue bi'is were found in the c.aso
of the. State vs. Itoason Gilbert,
murder, and that of the State vs.
Anthony Cockrell, grand larceny.
The eeurt proceeded to the trial of
Wm. Y. Ili.nant, indicted for mali.
cions miachief, Col. Ition represent.
ing the defendaut. 'The jury found
a verdict of guilty, and the defen.
dant was sentonced to pay a flue of
$150 and oosti, or be imprisones1 in
the 0ounty jail for three mooithe.
In the cae of the State vs. Itbt.
Hichaidson. E0dmund I)awkers and
Preiton Glymph, grand larceny, the
jury found a ver-liot of guilty, and
the judge or-lered bench-warrants to
issue for the arrest of the defeidants.
In the cave of the State vs. Authony
Cuokrell, the aceu,ed pleade.l g-iiky
and was out-tevued to imprisoument
in the penitentiary for nine months.
COn-T rnms.-in addition to the
matters reported in Thursday's issue
the following business was transactid
at the term just closed. In the c-se
of the State vs. [eJry Johnson in
dieted for petit laroany, the accused
was acquitted. The Court then turn.
ed its attention to civil buriness, aId
dispond of .umerous cases, none of
which, however, were of general in
terebt. In the esie of Samuel Cah
cart, committee of the estate of John
H. Catheart, lunatic, ag-inst Hop.
kins,. Dwight & Trowbridge and
others, an order wvs made confirming
the report.of.-H, A%, GAIllard, special
referee. The report.of C.' C. M,ecoy,
special referee -*- the itiater of the
ounty imotey deposited in the Win'ns
boro Natiornal Jlatk, wOO, 4fter 6searr
i,A.the argun-nt of Col. Ja:snes Ii.
,tiou, attorney for the. County Com.
iidsionars, and the Exceptions token
tq. the report by Attornoy-General
Moltqn, confrined by the oJOrt, P0d
an order pa.sed accordingly. This
order requires that the fund now itr
bank .be paid over to the county
tro4surer, to be diatributel by him
as follows : To the state trea,urer,
:be oum of $298.74, less the costs il,
tihe proceedings thu.s far ba4 in thle
eas ; to the county school comm's.
asionor the a wU of 66948 25, and t.
the county coiumisioners the sum of
$1287.23. It is generally believed
ihat the attorney-gepaeral will takfi
an appeal from this deion, 'd
hanae time matter cannot yet be et De
sidcred as fWnally settled. .
The grand jury made their report,
-in which. besides t e u,ual state.
ment sit.h' regnrd to the pirisoers,
thme public ofies ete , they. repo rted
adversely to the s tic of thei pres int
jail buildiung and'the o n4ructi..na of
.& new onoc. .' heir !auggesion- or.
this subiject sdamed to- tak. theo e aurt
very mnuob.by surprise., and alter am
intb3rehange of vmiW bdtweeni the
foronman.of the jury and 'lie 'presid.
ing j'adgd,it was deternaint d no to
forward the roe ot to the legi,lature
.ntrpre.,ent, but to louk fAirher in-u
the thatter; between: this, timec andl
the next ny'ecting nf'he grand 'j,i.
The court a'j mrned ait 'taoht
ooeok on Thiii u..), to open ziai,
af t welve o'lleld. un'l Tae ad ay, t h.
9th day of Febarua ry. J dge Mack
ey left for Edgefi Id, where lhei
now eng;aged i:m imaking am invest -
gation of:the d.miditing ef, af..r,
thiarcouty, hauving- spec 1i ? oerer.e
to the rece.dt disturbanoaf.
OFFICEIf lilAft u(F.r 'lT 110U.
*. - W . SliItQ, A. .
S.t- All busainess erstrut,le5 mo him will
Fairflold Si"r~ Eatlgint Co tip 11.
X regis larrawe i sg will be hel.ii in:
'I owls lt on FrIat'aj evening'nt
ta 7 'clock. .A tall. msieting Is Udeire l.
an.! manemht-ra will- b'e 1syrniua4 .a-s business
..in. porta c AOC illi :3 ir. ase.s ..
" 11o rder
Jo N C. SQUI EIL, See.
. - .,J1aly.
*1T--AV.l'N ( ole ned ilhit no w anti eleg an
.3ii. alery In theo ;'t., pian 11,1ll 1 am
nosw pre.pared to accolmmodiamo tile pub.
lie wi:1i any an.d all lunda of pictures,
Ceppyinlg 1151: enlarging -to anj) sis. a
specialsy at *rod-ir.ite prios,.
fob 2 .i r: A. A. MORRIs!.
8aloek f ortgage,dilropert.
'Y virtume of an hority confesrredlc~ on
me~ 11s 915origagee, ess-1 by c 'nst or
the smureties upon the nrlgage, -hond, I
will offer for salo, at.publio-omtery to tbt
h lghestbi<j ler, at . laastoro - homuse oCcu..
pie d by., Jogb h lay re, at WVinr.s boro.
ononilmy' lhe ?ffth day of February
1875,.thnwatodkc of Merelhandise anti store
fir,mutes belonging to smid John Mojaryre
cons,isting of
turnitur.e, Hardware, Saddlery, Hiar,
neis, Leathler, Dry Goods, Notions, Shoes#
and ether sniseelianeous artioles. Terms
29th January 18'{5. A
feb 2-xltt M lormgag%o.
A' XLL persons Indebte'd to tho tinder.
.Z.sig ned are requested t o sett.le their
asocouInts at once, or they7 will be given
out for colletlong
in n 14 -1 :m J.r nX (i t.--L~r
Special Noticem.
IT IS UdIMESS 1o atteMpt to clean se a
etteq* while tii fountain is impure.
Dy8pepsI3, oomplaidt, of the [ivor or
k,idbey, eruptions of th'A kin', ro Ula,
h-eddaeltes ansV Uiseia'e. a7iiajng Iron
impure blood, are at onoe removej by
Dr. Walker's California Vinegar Bitters,
purifier of the blood, and renovator of the
the system, It hass never beeu known to
fail .
IoN1T SATIv , Nfox tY' Mt a'. -.. i i% wo
longer neces4ary to. pay two at.I thlre.
profits. Me,4oro. t-r qOtt. 14'ne1dict &
!o. heg to dran aittenti'atnto. Aieir itniense
nlosing out. i-ie of $)IMM1 *ortl of I)ry
Goodi. Carpels. Furs, c s., viich like.
place rnnivally bot weeil J;attary I -it, ana
FebruarY a0h4 pri,4 in purdhtetti ig their
Spring stnok. ait 276. King treet, 'harles.
(on. S, l..'iwhite flil tret, Atlanta.
G*,, and. Day Rt1-eat, Jakson'vIlle, Vla.
Samplos lent on nppolic&Iion. Iteiit per
Hxproes or Poa.t Ofica O'albe or'ir sods will
be sent C, 0. ")- All Vetilt eiderti over $10
will be sent fron the Chirlest.on Oratich
free of charge.
AdRICU.TVItAt. 1.tCN.H.,-'Ifyoll lave 1,0t
airoady ordere-I your Ag4licultural . Lietns
to securo -dvances, doso al one'-. Walker,
Eyans & Cogswell, Chairlestonl, . V' . keep
on hand four difierenit knds,.oi it neii h
er of these teet your views, they are pre
pnre to priat. at I o - lowest pricest. any
-4peoial foran to order, ,f 'the l'aeer or
Farnier has too( yet bought Ilhe lMoral Ac.
nouniant, a book for 4iaple farni apootnts
let him do so at on4e.
They also have a New A'grieoala
Lease which give, fhe Landlord a' lien onl
%:rop of( teuat. This l4 very valuable.
Ainng otir now %4vertisentent, is (tal
of one .of the Qlde4t eitablssegts In
41atil. lotablihed'fn 18P2, it hnas'ai'a
Lainetthe firitplaeto in it la lb of ht inlos
With latrge exporiene anj usurpIasmed,
facilities, .lessrs. Walker, Kvoon & Cogs.
well are prepared t-o stst ailt a h reptitro.
ion of th e-ir Ltishment. , ike A.'I,
,itew art. they beliere inl iewspapler atdvr-.
-ising, and11 take t hi. ian1.'s io annlonuhict
that they have this se.asoa added very
largely to th-ir stock of type and
Machinery, anl ire binter prepared than
ever to plenei teir customers. We wish
them every success.
C IAl It I,E l'rO N, S. C.
Offer to th & p-i'ala t:i I I soers - In genera
sa ima nettse ani Well selected ajock o
Dry 0 .j Is, 0*rpet.4. Oil Cloi hs,'\t t iiigl
&c., %t the lowe-t prices. liercivith they.
anne*thle prise'sof A fe w artiolet -iqlicog,
froan 6 1o 1%W.. L n g lot has, frotI lits
1ho , firown It itne4pstin', extra -6 enti -,
from 71 to 10c., Je Lit., front ijc. up.
ward.. Cassinere.s, from 40o. upwarls,
Flantiels.frotn20 t o.'iie,', Milses'l
and Geit's lI:)j, 7-5-3., ;$- 1, $2,00 per
hoz. au I 'Ip.,r.ls, 1 i4paqlor;, $1 .40 p-or
doz. anl a a!w;ar14!. Ladies' and Gen1ta1
.Pookot :it:r-korchief, front 60c. per doz.
and tip wirds;.fVlack1!n d Colored Alpacas
.!e, andl npiar-is, Dress Qoti.l9p from 25c
:apwards, feidie' and G e'nts' Flirnishing
)oals, lotiaekeeiilg G-seda, Fancy ( mstoil
tibbon,. X at iot's, &c., ftrpn 16 to 26l per
-a.nt. clpaper i aws else where. Kitample
ontat ana ardr'l,aIpton t ly r.lhed. All
'etail ordere frot'n $10.U(I upward,. sen't
.a-r Expreass troo (af o'targe' A liberil
lisoons to Viholosalo de,al01roe.
- Dr. J. Walker's Califonifa Vln.'
egar Bitters aro"a pi juroly Vegotablo,
preparation, inado chilply froilp tAp na
tiFo herbs found'bb tib lowef' range' of
the Sierra Nevada inountalus of Califor
aia, the medicinal proppirties of whiich
are extracted therefrom without the use
of Alt'ohoi. .. The. - heation Is .-aliost
daily asked, What is the cittse of the'
tinparallelod ,uccess of VINEdAR 13r
-xs"'Our answer Is, that they remove,
the canae of disease, and th,atienit ro-.
coveri his hedith.' They'e,re .the'great.
blood liurifier and'alif-givind principle,.
a perfect Renotator -and Invigorator;
Af the system. ..Nover .before in the
history of, thao.world ha's-a aiaedicine boon.
comatpotlnded poscessinag tho; rema~rkable.
qItnahties of VIIOARaBIT'rIns in heali'ng the
arck of every disease man is heir to. They:
aro a.gontlo Purgati'ro as wall as -a Tenic,,
rehieving Congestion or I nflamnmation of
the Liver and Visceral Organs, i lii iious
T; 'IIO h'perties of Dlit. 'WAT,K ER'S
1.NEG A R 3!',roRs arA A pcrrent, D)aia lorotic,
Caraminative, Nuitritions, 1,axative, )iuroti.c
Sedativo, Counter- Irai tant, Sudorific, Altema
tive, and Anti-Biilions.
'ru-jcta anti Oth A gta., San F"r:nieia. C~al1fornita,
sna and c . jut Washinagton andi (harit.a '4e..'}'. 'a.
eSol t, y aill Dr*uggiate sand Desarers.
E C E IV E D.,
A naew suapply of W.'Ar-l's l'erfeeqt PI'st,ltng
hairts sad a s.e 4.ehratel.I 'enan Colair,
W. II FL13~N IK SN & t'0.
[) a11i ll indletd to Iea are her~'p)
J..p aaills-'d comate terwaril atnd Cer tie iit.-'
.Ie.liardyJ, a4 fit ithiar isi higtu'nce wl1n ,t
c givina, '!his taut i1-s' I j.usis a te'
11 .I \tcCA tl,iFY.
L IlEniotes anmd accon-at. ol thme lame ftrn
I.of WoodwuardI & I.aal and~ .,~. ,
x Co. are ini dur banels~ fr et',h-et adon.
All er, a nt ita:1t tard, thoal .anme fe ,
ward anad aet.a Ie, r4 t'urther-lt4a nugenac,
wall taot he 'en
. .laF Gi 'N & CO,
Jan 1. s :
- fMi.0t1 A NOTE
C 4antd tafter libil ate nil Ra.>nnt
dlue the NEW Il>E 4 SA LOOlN a ill
be f.,and n I lhe h atiala of ' a', Jauhan lI
AleC'ar'.cy for c.allectio.
.' mn ' ..1w - (' 'I TlIltN
Neow GrQoeries.
9 hahd'; P),:L1'O itfC0 and Eng i
* denI'Malasses e,6(CantetW0arup
hahd, Choio.e P,otor-ra Sugar.
1lbh. Y'elloy'O, ilral,adQsua
ted suga-a aaan:.'tu
S.Sa'bkp'imne R ioCofee.
A great
Demands a
Put some
And make
I thoe CHA
All, thld3 e-t Godw.
All tho. B stStyls
AU'-the Best 1a,,ternig,
A 110 tc Best Gaiters,
All the Best Buiness
All'.the Bost B,)ots
All the Substalt
All the Sizes
30OPS &
. Benedict & Co.
275 King 1te-'et Chai'oston, S. V.
Nf l :ii' t'. ' i ;
N . f 17% IS,n
(;.I it I, wrA.(
Tris .!TDE OF~ NEW~ YO)U K.
Fnr prious, see Local
-'T f,E--1*J-"
1 Cr Lo:aid W'hi te , 611.
I Car.. L ad Whito Sti
10Car L ad W\hite au-t Sm K.
e(.Sd Bacou, .,~ IU)
Chokee IIam', New Olern w
Syi-up (lirect from11 N. (.
All gradesi of SLUAl.
,1). It FL'iENNJK i?N.
27K Tens **en l nwi rliao
10 ' ufl. 'Amf:tInfl iatce, ii.biv
10 Tenis 'i " taley's Acid lIhospli Iu
E3; a'ces A-d teem< a fpply to
P'nriie' wi'hing to pronnrie n,,y of IaI
m,i,k o enIo'giage e.1I-.
Notthe of IUl$.4oiition,
rja Iil, cpartnershlip heretfoore e. iiing
f. bien n,-e lhrin firm n:ae og
Milchell, bli.ita & 6-o., is thiisday dissolv~ed
by mo'studowAe4W. The hooks of phe fiem
will be left in' the harnA. of T. P. Mir ehell
to when~ l'aj raints nrust he npdi(e.
IBlacksl.ok, 8. C-. J-aunaary, 15i hi, 1875.
I_ AVING' purch1sed the iniereK: of
-IMeanr,. Mills and Wylie, I will
contLinnle to carry ont busin~es at the o1.1
stand. Thanaking friends for pa&st kin.d.
mess, I sollei a continu.&nce of their pat
rousge.T. P. MITCIIJ?Er,r
In look & Shoes
InI Your- 'pocket
NGE.S'o demirable,
at 1,andeckors.
at LanIdeckers.
at Lanleeckevrs.
at Lauieckkvsr.
Si - tit Laindeckerls,
ht L tleokers.
hal Qulalitiek, it Lando(Ackers.
:d Shapes, ut Landeckers.
tenceIII at th ol i Iehool s lotal, : -
eipi, d lor a~ tinbur 40f ye:rs ly .\ v. C.
Ai ,t t1G. V, )IC 8 of F lrtt;ry
The -t h.re .t.r wil esrc forly
wel.k.4, wit h at Iw 1ion I Iwo 11. r oit.
weekii, cot eniftit"-in at iht- expir l i llt (1f
11.tei 4 4eon id-ti.lr T.I valhe o , l 1ition
p(t .i-rer, wi'.l ho I-a Itllows t
li-itti.try: U epart r t, t I t
Ito CoI tI t it t i ell l.11t Ii it. 1.t1o(i
t'olle. gi te. ()Il.
E *'.ia f.,Ir laI;%I,n, I-'rei I, I . 11Ol
r N: va . U o l he Il l' e h
nt o Oh c-111ar:11 .
Tir B of tll n8e9 ( 11.1 l . mvivv
yellr.A f a:- i! -l.Aredlh will bll rvciied
pos p1 p1 . i the i nI t oi lon i t., (O,e -le.
pith nten'- wi le l hri ,h i t ; it t aIteIlv
hill C11inpuef lit n d 1 P'icien.11 Ienebers %Vill
beemillplovell It i, A 'n. n h v vi
-"lhool in;every nywilrthy of p rnae
nr14 We Inveli 1k le l-r f flihti, it' aill
14ho0 1 * ite ifintr I Itid IWill r
~ A limited 11111b',be 1)1 :01lng b11ile" 4-e1n he
ttCO It- at11 ed11 Lm wilha holud it he (.j of
ly. onl [Ihe pelhool premlise-4. land .Ir. C.
haddI allo ollher..4 will nefmilatlay
litnllh(.1 11hat fily Avsih l \We harve
doeolie ( tdI,) pit Ilhe price forl b.IJard julst
It.. Itow n8 wV .11, 1)- ca p i ib'y) . i id.111
Fdr :ii'y fith1-t- inifi-rilllt IVon, aplAy Ito
t ' 'iIcipaM. vithe in persov, %r by let -
A. M. CA.\ I.A)GE. -
. o 7n 2 vr Principa-Il.
( Si)lr)ad oibr Wate.. v
3 be x r2 imekepen) b i t it t:h in
hulPhtd bi Oinpa dHsepn
t.otn , hch e.rrn te .lo,lr0s
Cis(OLAr iShiRY .CulOnsofAllde
--i io* e t ea f l 'oc s \h
cair 'hU.el (h m ? Re airing o i4
Stat of i011th Carolina.
I X T IRE 1'1,0-j 7L CO (11?7
E, xParle
8F lte J1nningp,
11nel i on for
'1 lie E-Ale of Alex.
111n . .e It. jent-ilIgs
TI' is herel y given I h I
ther Jnin ngs hase ilipphed ino ne to
gnt her a bnonn t~ in it - ai
I eL'nna!1 l'inse of Alexninier Li. *eni'i?j~
dICeV.i'l,Of h h'e uny 11 n,Comily itPif'S :11e.
O U it .l i,tj) n b1,, iII.ile 116.1 h o oi r
b if-re i. iki lltei In h any if FO l-g.
willh thea tt' l tei f ene a A -setlihly inl
-it -11 case illad ai nd Itro%ld"d, np loVed
Ferunry 22nd I17 -
january lth( A. P. 1871 .
JNO. J. N'F.
Thel, Stat e o0' South ai'Olina.
Jontatt an 1utIo. Plainit iif, nginItst J a nicd
saws, De'ellndant.
To N. I. L,'ew', .&isanna It. Ifinnani';
twlfe of JnmeN 8. finnil ) lizie 11.
Stokos (wife of Jusn Stoke-), heirs of
Ja'int' La ws, thi above niued Defend.
a t:
- Oi are' bcreht itominoti, and te*'
iit i A llOW CItrAe Wit hint 1weitj
days alter the Qervive hereof uyou you. if
Alny you enf, why the execintioli Ik1d...
or] lte JiIgnent entered in this ac(ion on
fhe 'eventill 'ry tr efiebruary, A.,D. 1867,
inl lite oflice rlf tihe Clerk'of fihe CouroL o'
(nti I'letis for the Coilu.y ,and -Siwa
a Itoiresatid, iit rav6r of' I he' above inan ed
Defendaiitl, J1alinel I,aws, fo1 the 41nm11) of
four hundred and four dollars nnid. iix(y
"ven cents,. fi Afteen dollarti cont.s, an -
whichIn\Aii beenl retainled tri itisfied, ex.
cept nH to' tie co'ts nnd ihomnh 01 eighty.
utin dAlar n id ulixty-fi e t l c nie applit'd
to tlie L-bt and .i,nterest. on lhe ..t-. day.
ofl March, A. 1I. 186R,.shll not be r'enew.,
e<l : and if y it' f:il (o show catust, na ifore
said by ansiver servel on (lie sibteriberm,
at their ofli !, No. (1, [ % aw itige, Wi i ,..
booro, 8o. Ca , the s:inme will oi'no renewedli
according t) lite Aot of tho 0 eneral A.
scribtly iln sioh 0ase idandu-nid pibvted
eci c lI ml>er. 1871.
Atiorinys for Plaintim.
l'o N.. M. l'wi avi L.iz.ie I. Stok i, heirm
01 .hlm 3 I0w1, d1t%cells.ed
TIAO tit 11hat1-1 t1 i ummnnona h0 Show.
enuse, of' which lho foregoing is tv c ilivpy
wis I1, in (lie lli.e of (lie Clerk of tihe,
tnmrt _oominmnn ilen', in the Oonit 'v of
Fairtfield-in the Sime fozonth Carolin'a, a
tli v IiI d ty of. kii niry,L, A. Di 1871.
7th January. 187;.
AI 'A N '' & 1)OUO DAS.
11.ititt Attorne %
!"alie of 31ortgaiiged 1L1,14.
N li 'r.Ince of niithority conferred on.
- ,n i it p,we, or Aoornoy containe I,
in D vel y' Jo.hn lInPies. of 0ao fie..l--,
diy of,*I:it,iAry, A. i). 1874, wo.will offeri
Ior sile on 1ie -irt Njoildiny in Fuobria ry
niexl, at piullic oncry I(_Iho 4righumt id,
djer, befor ili courni homnre doo-In W,jnoo,;
horn, bet ween I he imr uf I I olock X.
\I. .nn i rp 'clok 1'. 1., lite f.llowing de-'
-ict-ibed pro-pert. to viit ': '
All that liIC.e, p1o-0l or trail of lad'
-1yi Jillg jinig nili i iinat i 1he, Conit
ly of I-'a)11i iland St an e of $ooll Calo
lina, c1niniiling thiee hunlirllcd n1't
1 wenly Ilreo acl,e.4, I ore C. lc.,Il s,
1,il'i #Idi.iing lit Ind R of .ekso nt
Jo inerit, It. 1)b WVilso4 n. John1 itIaft'], 1104
Motl anid onthert The Haid unbI(' is 'r
-lo p ri.se of for clooiing. i nillm-r gtg"
4ivVen to us toy. John tilin eine. Io (n;e Ih'
fir-st d-ly ( 34nminly. A 1) -$ (
W 11. 1(01; l.i )SN
.1*;. 11. i.L:(N.
'7n ,-1 v.*
a 4
which can bo0 cured! by a~
timely res8ort to thlis stnd
ard prlepar'ationl, as 1has bten
proved'C( by the hunf(1ds of.
testhnon'is recived by tuhe
propr)ietors5. It .is ack iowi'
C(dged by matny prIom)inenIt.
phJysicianls to be tihe mio.st
r'eliable ])'prepaat.ion overi in
trlOdluIced for thec relief' and
cureO of f'll L.Aung coml)ainlts,
and is o11fored to the publ1ic,.
sanictiouned by the experienice
of overCl foty yearis. 'When
retsorted( to0 ini season-t it sel
dlom fails to. e!ff'ct a sp)eedly
cur'o in the miost eCvere
Cfases of Coughs, Ihonch it is,
afhienza1hi't, Asthma,S01 Colds,
necss in t he Chest and1 Sides
Liver Complint, Bleedintg.
at the Lungs, &c. WVistnu-n
Cough, aind leave. teh6 ealuse.
behind, as$ is t4Ro case with,
1mo0st PI'Cphr'ationls, but it
looseuS and c(lanses th(i'
hugs, and allIays irr'it ettlor
thus remiloving the equof
81ETH W, rowLBp -& 80N8, Boston, Me.s&,
.And soldi by DruggletsndwIndere gojerdfly
.11(1 -en" ' j a' (mton- fle a I i av o , n., IO,
.ed mny,v innl in -t 1,nie P .

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