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DAVIS, mily Paper evoted to Science, Art, Inqui y nstry and uterat' . T Per nnum in Aance.
WLIM DA I,Propritori.] A FI y Ind's
1OO" e - ..
1AI11 BI E L D 1 E M I L D
W I L L I A A S & D A V I S.
7 rim.-The HERALD lrpubljshed Week
. in theTown of Winnsboro, at $3.00
,arialb in advance.
:t All transient arivertisoents to be
Obituary Notices and Tributen $1.00
r qaitre.
The maheine shops of the Memphis
It ailroad are burned ; loss $1,000.
The Al.ydqo wa'ri is ,estimated to
-h 've coht.iqatjy half a ibil.kioi.ol' dol
l. rs for sip'Vlfes in'd transportation.
A fkiillp iqntno any as btirn
e I on Saturday. Threg of the inmates
p rished. The.e was a frigitful
sJie during the lire.
Vanderbilt has coniproi)ised with
tle striking engineers of the Now
.Yrk Central by qgre'didg., t9j:pa
A*- em three and a half cents for every
a tual mile run.
A safe of the Adams Express Coin
.p nv, containing nearly a half mil
1 1 doLlars, mostly in currency, dis
.111pettred a week qgo en route from
1; chnoud to New York. . . ..
Recent arrivals at San Francisco
r.-port that the observation of the
t r ,nsit of Venus i.j Now Soith W .le
.%% as entirely successful. Tile weath.
er was perfectly clear.
Before recogniing Cuba, the gene.
rat wish of the people throughout
the United Stptes, is .that
1 -uisiana and Miississi'ppi should be
rue:ognized first.
Admiral Porter ha"ys we , hAve no
navy, and that there are a hundred
i:.--c0lads in Europe, any one of
i hich is caprb'e of destro) ing, in
in action our whole fleet combined.
The republicans are now going to
fiht ferociously I-) get Colorado and
.Ni-w Mexico admitted as states.
N Aitber territoiy has the required
p pulation, but the radicals propose
to water the stock.
. Andrew Johnson will soon have a
oi antce to badger Grant and bully
C nkling. If he will let hinia elf
b- mu -un genoral prinecj'e-, and fur
g & that he was ever presidle it,, he
it y do the country some service.
Spanish accounts ron, Iavapa
a mit that 'the insurgents un eor
G -mez attackod the town Gibara on
t o 20th instant in great force and
e ptured it, Fort Maghete, after a
bilibborn delene; 'urr1ndering to the
a -ailauts.
Rush Birges.i, the collector of inter
a I rovc,1u1 at Hichtioowd, Va., fired
a Od ihot into his Olining rooill jt
a -hief on Satu-day night. an.l yes
d .y found a dead negro under his
j roh. The coroner's ury j-atified
I.bi collector.
Nashville correspndeVt CInoinnati
C mnuercial . For the benefit of the
4.1 itors of certain administration
q, pers, anid to isvo them thp trouble
(11 seeing a i--ond rebellioln iti the
v. to Jeff Davis received yestcrdaiy
1. r senator, I will state that the mn
y the give it is a son of a fedeinsl
.generaal, and w.sa, I think, hiimnself in
tie Uniion army during the war.
Senator Chandler ret ires to privato
:li e followed by nearly a , heavy as
sa ower of kicks .froijn friend and foo
a gree!tedl General Butler on his dle
ite at. TIhere h.ave bentan}. excel
J. nt estimates of his public services
j,ablished, but this from the -Cine9inr
an at i -Ommnerciatl see ins -tii moost
c miprehensivo of all ."Chanudle-r
.has been from his lofty seoat! in the
s. nate dangling -the Briti&n lion
.;.y.tho tail before the eyes of an
a -t,on ishe'd un iverse. for eighteon
year.s. Now there will be at little in
A wise Amendinent.
a It is' proposed to aniend thA Stat e
('ornstitution so as to give the Govern
jac "the power,to disapprove s.of tany
I .am or items of any bill making appro.
~. iationa of monecy emibracinig d istinc t
e ms, and the part or parte .of the
b. 11 ap proved shall be ths :ly w, and
t ae.itemi or iten.s of. approriations'
disapproved shall be vaid, unless re
I assed accorf ing to. tl)e f yn les - and
lnmithtions.pres6ribedl for th.e.peesage
o f othbr bills.. over aohe Executia
teto." TPhi's is a ps,per move, aind
has boeen found nieusar y in other
States than South UarlI .iln it is
boped,. therefore, .that the Genergi
Assembly will pass t,be ;amendmnt,
so that It mhay bo, submitted. te the
jiQye-aio th tlio.\f eueral oleeioni of
I 816.-Chmr. News.
. The New York Young Men's
t. briatian Association have a gym
niasiumD, with a .compete:at teacher,
to improve the physical condition -of
i.ts members. The ,association dur
ng the last year has furnished to
Soor young men over 199,000 meals,
of which 62,000 have been free,
a nd 9,000 lodgings.have been fur.
raished. A bout, 2,000 have secured
Isituations direetly through the help
of. 'hn asaneistion and its branches.
The Path 10 rue Itlorm.
There is anothqr bopeful piece of
news from South Carolina. Gov.
Chambe.lain appointed Judgu Thos.
J. Mackey to investigate the oontinu.
ally reourrit%g troubles in Edgefield
County. Judge Mackey is one of
the ablest,and most outspoken Re
publicans in the South, and has ro
ceived n any marksof favor from the
State and Fedoral Administration.
He laye the blame chiefly upon the
gross ablisos in the county govern.
ment-, and declares that the habit of
dolored.wilitia o3licors in calling out
ainIed iiien for the settlement of per.
sonal quarrels between whites and
blacks is a means of oppression and a
prime cause ofA4sorder. The same
view was prbeoented in special ,cor
rspondonue of the Tribune several
.onths ago, and applies to nearly all
the. distur,i4noes of the peace that
have oequrred in South Carolina
during the last four years. By
abating the militia nuisance Gov.
,(,bamb,e'rlin may give another evi
-denc.ofs te,sineerity of his profes
siona -e' &adesire fior: reform'; an< we
are inclined to think lie -will do so.
Reform in the county governments
can be effected only through a resto
ration of the intelligee and'pro'per..
t oaf the State to power.-N. Y.
'iUllB, in Abbevillc Coi"Y.
As the Rev. T. S. Daniel, ap old
and respected minister of the Metho
di 6t Episcopal Churei . S9h' Rpnd
pastor ot the A.bbeville Cir.eit, vras
-tturnin , to Greenwood, .aboup su*n
down on Wednesday evening,fie, w'as
assaulted on the road by t,Ro negr,es
one of whom presentqd a pistol and
stoped his horse, while the other
struk him a severe blow on the
a&d'.%with. a club, which brought him
t-o th-i ground. The blow was then
twice repeated, his watch and poek.
et-book taken from his person, and
some articles of ' olobing from fii
iaddle bags. He was then, unoon,,
secious and bleedine from his wounds,
lelt 'is fate. Found by a person
pasiing in this conditid6i; b was re-;
moved t. the home of thovRev. Mr.
Murray, in Groanwood'. The physi
cians in attendance, , though not
withoqt. hope 9f his r9ecovery, con
sider iisuunAtioln a.s veey danger.
hi Edgefeld Rifle Club.
Capt. J. P. Blaekwell, of the Dark
,Cpr'prR Iflo Cluh,.in a letter to Gov.
Chaihcrlais says : "-iJdge Mackey
has handed me your proclamation re
quiring the militia to deliver up
thei- arms to the State, and also
req4iriqg the rifle clubs of this coun
ty.to disband. I desire tosay, on bi
half of the rifle club that I aommnud,
04nd am sure that 4pea. b6 senti
ments of'Wtr..elubs, that wo will re
specet your authority, believing that
you are acting in the interest of the
whole people, and will itband our
organization and coase to arade si
mul6an!oisqly 'vith the disarming of
the Stato militia, as we dgsire noth
ing more than p!jiop and mutual:eon.
fideie,e between the two races in
LaW and Order In Trias,
We have iead many queer things
about the administration of justice in
thme South and West, but have never
seen a more naive produption than
the of:ial capij f the --Judges and
Shemsift, of DhilaW County, Texas,
-publided -in the Dallas lierald of
January 23. It reads thus:
The utdigted ug'of h
(rmnl ert-an:d tiher,iff of Dallas
Counaty, desire thua puhlii'ely -to' re
turus their thanks to t'ha, 'vemy 'large
indieoneeon -the trial of the State va.
J. P'. Hiorbacb durin'g the pid . three
days, for their unusually qaiet-, and
orderly dhetmmnano- in the -court-room.
8..;HIIAr. Jbdg6,' *- I
',JA. E. BARKI.EV, Sheriff.
Carpenter and Rainasy:'are still.on
the ragged edge. Both 'iniay bea do
feasted Ior tire besiio. The rLegiola
turesOf, Florida iund W.eitt Virg inia
ai-e still .balloting ;,ineff'ectdally.
P'arty ties arc wea kenrsnj. -
'he IHbuse was~at a dead lock list
tecik aver Butler's civil' rights- bill.
t2he demiourats filibustered, and the
yeas and nays were called over sixty
times. The radioals refused to - ad
jouip,.And tho 'houise sat- ooitiohly
rrumn iWednesdays midd'iy:to Friday
morning, when at half past ten the
house adjourned. , On. Saturdayt the
sme.tuopies -wet'e vesumnodv it is
thosught the bill will not become a
A curious ecesmtatical piti
presen.tedl in the alleged reason wh-y
Bishop Whilttingham refused to assist
in the conseoration of Assisant Bishop
Dudley in Baltimore a. day 'or two
.since, namely, that Dr. Dudley in
having been twice married was Ineli
gible to the episcopate, because 8t.
Paul held that bishops shall be hus
bands of one wife.
Ile Died Saying "Cas."
From the Detroit Free Proeh j
Ie aa.t on the steps of the City:
Hall, hoad. in, his hands, and one!
could not help but 'notjia. him. He
wore a coat of wolf skins, a bearskin:
cap, bucktkin breeches, and hijs griz
xly bair jung diwf oil his aheulders
in a tangled mass. ie had drifted
o-st from the wild frontier, and he
had fallen sick. No ono knei,for a!
11ng t line whaimt uiled ., hink, as he
would not reply to inquirios ; but
finally. whon a policowan shook his
arm and repeated the inquiry, the
nann slowly lifted his head and re.
plied :
'ti'm played I'.
His faco was pale and hggard, and
it was plain that he was g9ing to
have an attack of fever. H1e was
iont to the bo,pital for treatiment, he
making no inquiries and answering
no questions. This was a :nonth
ago. 'I4e had li persot%al effects in
a bort of a sack. These were a
breech-loading rifle, a litchet, a
knife, and several other articles, and
w1jen ho had beet laid on a bed in
in one.of the wordi, le insisted that
the Jack )e placed under his head.
They offered him medicine, but lie
turned away his face, -ad uo airgu.
Iuent could induce him to swallow
'-But you are a bick man," stid the
dtotor as he held the medicine up.
'.Muss sioknes4," replied the old
"4And y:u may diel"
"Cush deoth !"
He'grew worse as.the days .veit i
by, iadwas sometimes out of his i
'head and talking strange talk of ]
Indian fights aad buffalo hunts, but i
not once did he speak of family,
friends, or of.. himself ,- e would
not lot them und-reos-himn; ourJ Itis
hair, or sbow him any attenitious be
yond leavii-g his food on the ttand.
A raging fever was burnlhg up his
sy-tem, and when the dkptt.rsit found
that the old man would not tako
,heir medicine', they knew- that
death was only a matter of days. -
He must have had an iron con
stitution and a heart like a warrior,
for-he.held death at arm's length t
until-the other day. , When it was
see,. fbat ie oould last but a few
hours longer, t he nurse asked him it
a clorg3 man should -be called.
"Cuss clerymen!" replied the
old man, thcte being the first words
hie had spoken for three day.4.. :
llowever,,t *o.heirs,after his lmin I
wandcrqd,und h uat il) in bed and
called out : -
"I tell ye, the Lord isn't gong to I
be bard on a feller who has fit L. 1
jull% !"
lie wias quiet auain until an hour
befoic his duathi, when the nurse
Made one more effort, and ahked
"Will you give me your name ?"
"Cuts my name !" replied the old
"Havn't you any friends "
-'Cuss friends ! I -
"Do you wish to send your thing
to' any- one V
"Cuss any one -l1
"D ou realize," tontauied 'the.
nurse,-"that yen are very neari the
grave ?"- - - --
"Cass the grave !" wabs thei mono
tonaous reply.
No futheor quoMibctwere 'asked.
and du-ring.the next hour thie strmange
old idan tiroppedi quietly in deatht,
uttering no word and making no
..ign. \\ihen they esmao to r: muve
the clothing anid' p)repare th&- body
for thc grave,-what do you suplpose
thecy found, eurtfully wrappe~d in
oilskiai aVid layi.ag fli his bri:est-? A
d aguerreo-y pe pict ure of a ittle u irl !
It wva tzaa' yeurs ttnd -yeara ago,
andi when the'laild 'was five' or'm
yeaa'4 old.-- '1 he face -of -thd. little
one wias faui-"'to look 'upon, - ahd the
ou -o which held it h'as been su-rred
by bulleth ,: There were: a; dozen
scare ona thatd man's body tb pt-OVe
t,ant heo laud lived a wild life, :-1but
there wa's dot a line 1.ati.,ag h:i effects
to reveal lai igam'% or the "nanaic oh
tl,:e 'child e~ase pit.ttro be-liad wrorn
on his bre; at for yetars and years.
\\'hao w-as she ? 'hlis own darling,
perhmaps. ,lie would not have treas
ured the picture so carefully unliss
there was love in his heart.
No one would have believed thast
the ,wolf'skjiW coat Teovered - a hacart
whiclfcould feel love or tondorness,
but -it did. le might .baove been
returning~ home after tr joits of woary
wandering,-of- had'mighat haave left, the
fronatier to he stare of a christa an
burial, and hoping -that- no- unsyma
pathaetic eye wotild fall tipon the
pibtdir. -
Seine said. Iop it,-haopin'g to mnake
it Identify the old man,- but others
laid it back on the battle-scarred
breast which had preserved it so
long, anad wias there yesterday whean
they buried him.
A Canadian murderer wanted
them to put off the dwy of execution,
owing to his being efilicted with the
toothache ; but thae sheriff said he'd
got to go to mill next day, and he
couldn't possibly accommodate the
Eutlo'cui Telegraph"I ,
It Is state'd thLt the W n I,
ion Telegruph Con ipa ider
ing .the qUeNtion of pfad ires
of thei, lincs.i)dergrouni hI the
largo cities, thus dispersing W the
untieemdy poles ,thatt disQgu city
tlhoroughfava.., Besides logo I
greater oit4a1y, W e . an.I
moro irnfrequen h a j d, it
is believed that it, iHblo
to.interruption by th" "MIuth and
GCefVotivQ ilmulatiqn' that at pr .eit.
The naltimore Spn says:
"The undore"pld s'stant' PTails
extensively in , U e kjg
about three thouse0d., AeI o w:iro
and otie h4ndred miles of Iron' iing.
The conductors employed consi"t of
No 18 opper wire covered ! with
gutta peas to thle gauge.of , ,
IAhich is then tarred, . po,ed '! Wth
linen Sa'pe, and auin ' twe d.
The wi,os, in any required 'iu zter,
in loose cable abape, are pliood, in
east iron socket pipLs of two,. thrqe
or four inches . diameter', the "flirst
holding twenty-five wires, the second
6eventy wires, and the third one hun
dred and twenty. These pipes are
laid at an average depth of twdaty
inehes.b.elow the surface, and 'the
joints are filled with lead ''he cost
in Englaid of laying threoinchpip,e.i
is abo-11 $1,950 per mile, ineludiag
tile o.st of pile, jointing with lead
Jigging and repaving. The average
.ost of putting sixty wires in a pipe,
noluding all incidental word, ii
280 per mile. The cost of conduet.
og wire for underground lia4, av.
red with gutta pelolha tapeobind tar
ed, i, $85 per mile. The total cost
er. mili for sixy underground wires
s $7,130, or about $116 per tuib of
vire. The mudergrouti4 syjitem .in
'ngland gives comparatively little
rouble, and is more lavorably re-,
;arded than,th,- overhead..plan, the
r( at frult p f whith i defeotive in
ulation. In a'dition.to,the under
round line in the largo Vtowis, oth
rs have ,been laid -down ,Vetweenl
london ail , tio, ehief. cmlmerci.l
id manufacturing tuwna of England.
Ve hope soon to see the under.
round plan, which has proved a
uctcess in 1,ngland, ad.pted in .tlill
'ity. The wires of the first tle
;raph line from Wathiigtbn to B.1.
itmlure, which wa.i the firs in the
Porld, wore laid in pipes under
,round,.and worked as well as the
ines on poles iow do, but were taken
in to test the latter.
Mp.ny year. ago a rich n-n fore.
dosed a mortgage On a pPoor ntan,
1d with contemptuous words and
.t trn turned the ' rpcYor ,oan into
be s reet. TI' poor man came to
hicago and became a niilltnaire;
lie rich man went to St. L.oui and
bought a newepaper. - 'Tioe at last
1nde a.l things even, iad tht S1.
1,ouis journ.list Camc t. Ch:cngo
a-t week with a linen d uter, and by
vceident met, his debtor of many
cars ago. The 0latter recogniad
is heartless creditor' but lid not
jer at. his misery or refuse to help
Iim. 4'8mith,'' ie said kiudly, "let
>ygones be b3gnes. I will do what
i can h.,r you. Take this note to
\r. Webb andi he will find you a
uhtce on the Vain Buren street oars
aa driver." Atid ar. WVebb 'did,
and Mr. Smith fr .ze nine toes. eight
ingers, t wo thmabs, hais, rnse, uand
toih cheeks thaut nighrt. 'T'he debtor
,vs avenged.-Chitcego Tribue .
We are a zmoou fiend -of ties
Philadelphia Centennial. But wo
will "take opre with A oyhr,'?~ sotne..
hitnglike the ;l.wirg brtad. T1he
l~ itio Sun thiinks u t~ might- atdd
'ome telat to the ocasion, an-I insure
I.. being a N.atiotal fpatival, if the
overnat'iit of the ' Unaitet State's
would a fir a.,sist tt9e eolebration of
~he Certennial of 'American Itade.
pondencoe as to put into practical. opci
rationm in all parts 9f the or'ntry the
a:iticiphes whIianh it is intended' t'o
3o1ime i aCt 'o.-- Win:aing fon Star.
A bttrber, while cutting the hlai,
of a ruraal custator, rean iis ci-or'
againsm'Ct somo hta'rd uhataace, whtich
pioved to he a whaet-atonei. Th'le old
farmri staid he ''had i' 'ed tht.
whet-atonate ever ,iace ln) a 4 Li tue
last Jluly, mad had 'looke d al"' over
a Len acre field fqr mt, butt tnnwrd
tmembere'd sticking it. u'p over lbl
An armless painter, .nay be. eoco
dily btl y-eiga1ed Itt' copyling inniuo
of th'e old aaoistees iu tho South Kent.
sinrgtoan -ntseet n, in Lotndoen. lie
is a Mr. M. C. Foler, of Auntwerp,
andi the fHeili'ty5 ath wh-righla leaama -
iages his brush with foo,t, v.-htilId hold.
ing his palette with the left, is saidl
to bon'marveloii..
"D)ar's do mtan, Mlistar Speakor
dar's do mlan wot donte it," shouted
a colored menmber, rising sauddetnly
from his anat in the South Carol inta
Leisilatua o, witha one hatnd poinaiing
to a white ant in the gallery and
with the other rubbing the suotmit
of his cranium. "Dat ar oussed
white moan jes done spit down on do
top o' my head!"
Theo bored of education-Children
who hae ahnot.
Poliical Noirs.
It ib rumored that fifty Congress.
men revoived bribes to pass the Pa. 1
cilie Mail Subsidy.
The New York Herald thinks if
Grant will re.-ign the presidency, he
will be the mort popular man in the
Uuited $tatsi.
11on. B. U. 1Till is aroken of as
the candidate t6 fill the Congression.
al vacanoy for the 9th G(orgia dis.
triot. Ile is a tower of strength. .
Randall, of 1'ensylvania, has d .
voloped,so much parliamentary tact
in fillbiestering that he is looming up
as the probable domooratio ipeaker
of the next House.
Andy Johnson's ceqJion is caus
ing s gcapt a O.tr is t1i defe4X of
Butler'and Chvndler. The generil
-outiment of the country apprbves
the choice of the Tennessee Legisla.
Thp n w, Congressi mal Committe t
sent; to . oMAsana,t- itln saidi Vill
confirin the report previously made,
and will denounce the returning
board. The party is iu a torious
quandary. t
The faqtest railroad tilde made in i
America kas [oy a train which ca-- f
ried a party of officials from Roches
ter to Syracuse, eighty-oue ilos, in
sixty-ont minutes.
It is a-id the Duke of Suimer4e.t .
never got nierled Yeoause he I
couldn't parsuadc any modest lady b
to turn a Somerset. d
-0*-.0 . - -- b
The New York,, World wants to
know if,a, mab with a cough is .not a
hackmian 1
1%.anta boq t.of a hog witb. [email protected], n
b4t we've seen willi'ns of 'm Up u
tLis wmy. -
It is alleged that King Kalokaua t
"got on, a regulor ,beudr" 't a t
Louis, begifiuia,g at 8l1i.4A garden,
3hatoging to 'some good old Bourbon"
at General Sherman's headqutrters, a
aind ending up with "forty-rod" in.'b h
back street grogeryj -Aewa'ted to f:
see real life in St. Louis, sa* it, and I
went away with a bad headache. T
-- .... n
By a decree just issued in BelgiuM,
it will be no longer necessary, when
taking an oath before a magistrate,
to "inl-nko the saints and angelp'. It I
may inct hate been. g-!uprally )(nown *
that this relic of tho I'!ed,iA,v,.I hgea a
has existed In a oo'lmtiy ro f.r north f
rs the Ntlerl%ndt until the year of t
grace 1875.
IGn'eral .:'T. Adbraon,l "of A.. t
lanta, Ga., well known. in *th.e Con
federate army ao "Tigo Ande'rnon," V
is now in dprrespondenco with the
M'gyptian a'.*horiti es, 'and it"is . pro.
babla will tuke selvice in the army i
Jf the Khedive. In the A roy of f
Northern Virginia he was known '1 a
one i,frGAnor,al .ec's most stubborn
rig C.in no-ala.
At a dancing party in western
K'entucky the other night, to wlhich
severaf women clmatv ith Alie.r ba
bies, som,e young men chonged the
clothds of the infanta- while th'eir I
paren.ts were dancingC and mixed
them np generally. ' 'he follo;wing 1
:1a5 thmer.was a great- row, abd' as
the fabili44 live$. miles apacrt, it 1
10o)k soveral days to unix the 1
The best'shapo for fruit treoo' fto
eording t,o the Qpinion;' of A the'ent
eeod:tion 'ti! Gernanr pomologimsta
is the' pyrathiidal. This fornai is pre
ferred ii tho'ground that it gives
the inimnunm 'of shade, grsatest
~atrenigthi, pr;oution of bettor fru,it,
and fewer 'disadvadnges fro\nii sternia,
weuight of enow., excoas of fruit, etc
TIhe (CiVIht Rights Bill; has b)een
pised by the house of Rtepredbt,a
Lives but we fear there are worse
things yet in store for us. WYe
do t rust for the welfare and honor of
the4 Soutbh, tlhd by no word or deed
will we give the least countenance to'
anything like a re istanco when it
shall have becoma -f~ w.
ThIe redlon'btab e Aaron Alpeoria
lhra'd[o'y b as bec i reomove.#1 from t he
praceticoe of the laW in any of tI.o
cout-s.of Stts of Oeor'gia by a ddree
of Judge8 iI. 1. Tompjkinsi, at Savan
naih. Thle charges agaiust, Iln were
scddet,ion in llcQooliJn and' ex'rtlin
in--No.don#winh i4erc proven' beforeo
a jury. Thp* qpurts' i'n 'that State
which bnce' fenew him well now know
him, hO more.
4: No yedl.' mn Nh~1o had sJ,veh'
homely da6ghters, got a paper to
hint thit he had seven kegs filled
wit:h gold in his celler, 'atd oevery
girl was married in five months.
The"Lomidon. Moynhig Post of to.
day annonnoa that;the grand cross
of the order of Bath' has been offered,
to Mr. Cairlyhe, and Mr. Alfrod.
Trennysonm is.to be made a, baronet.
Jo,s. W. Holdon, son of the notori.
ous Ex.Gov. WV. W. [Holden, of North
Carolina died at the residence of his
father, in Ralnigh. on the 22d ult.
A diabolidal mjurdor was commit
,ed on 'astaturdhy night on Calo
lonia 'plantation, Wacoamaw, in this
'ount), by one IHnrylReed. The
rame of the 'murdered Man' is Joseph
)rant, who is said to have been a
juiet and initffensivo persion.
Georgctown Plani.'
II you hitvo a goo 4teiN 1o4e and
aherish her with your heart. If you
laVe none, why then love and chor.
sh the good sister of some other man
xith all your heurt. -
The plantation of %ra. Mayl'ni,
?o t Bend county, Texas, has this
ear produced $ 3,000 worth of syrup
row land whio*1 if plan ted In cOtton,
eould. have yielded, only about $400
wing to John Robinson's circus -
eing in town, the regular Thursda3
vening prayer meeting has boen i
0otpoed,'' said a recent number of
he Dal las ('ega'-)uterprise .
F wello trabollers," said a collor
d preachor, "6ef I had been eatia'
ried'apples for a wcek,an' den took
o drinkin' for a nicnf, r could feel
iore swelled up d'un I anw dis minit
vid pride and wanity, at seeing such
ull tendanco har die ovenin.'
Zeb. Vance, who is a lrethytrian
a theory, says the only diWe-enwe
etween him and his brother, Gen
ranQ6, who is a Methodist, is that
lob believes in falling from grace
ut never does fall, and lie (Zob,)
on't believe in 'falling from grace
ut is always falling."
During . 1874 152 horses trottod ,o
iAa . boats in 2:30 or le,s, h
nd there werd '97 such lie't trot
d. Snuggler' 2:20 was the bert
ime ever made by a green horse? an1d
:231, nadp by NI nud, 'bomes deit,
lv(hese 7P7 heats, Ooldswith M,id e
rotted no lose than 560.
Tle meiunbers of the SWOt,Senate
re Invited to road what thit Orangd
nU,g F uie Oitikdn says about tho i
auds in Orungeburg County.
Lbout $34,000 has been stolen, ar.d
i6 :4uostion to be decoided is, how
iue had Senator Andrews to do with ,
bealing! it ?-Char. Nows.
,The military committee of t06
ronse of R ipresontativos after con
d-ration of the l'residont's mossago
Bking for an ingreased uppropriat ion
>r the'ordaneo urea hvie decided
, recoineticnd the appropriation of
250,ool, which is the entiro Pum
sked fqr .in . Ole tnessage, an addi -
Lon%i *00,000 for the purpo e of
Deuring the grounds 'upon which to
iake the ordnance tests.
A 'young fellow in 'an Francisco f
uddenly snatched a kiss fron,a Indy
riend, and excused his *Conaut by f
aylng that it'was sort of temporary
nisanity that now and then ennie
pon him. When'io Or6se to take
is leave the pitying dansel said to
im,"!f you ever feel any more such
to doming on; you had better coue
ight .here where yo*ur iifimity is
nown, ar.d wc wll tiake care of you
A n'ow York reporter, who' asked
ting Ka,4akau his opinion of A meril
r.n women, reacived ,the fUllowind
eplyv "I think they are handsome,
>dld and forward. Why I aetually
eceived several letters from ,ladies
n A e, York, Washingtoo aind D3oston
>lainhly proposing marriage. I am a
>achelor ; but, when I want to amaar.
y a woman, I wvill pak her. .I do
iot like to have women propose. 1t
s in my opinion wrong."
The highest building ih.the worio
public or private, is that recently
treated for its oilices .in New York
y th, WVe.tern Unaion ,Toleg,rp,h
30mnpanly. Its main 'p'rtian is. only
'orty-six .feet lower than the tol> of
ilock tower reor.ches to a height of
ix feet opdve that structu e, or t wo
uundgeddend t*enty' six. root cloar,
nd its fl'gataflf pierces the air still
biy a reach of sixty-three feet.
The resoinution con.pli nrtary to
Andr ew .Johnson, passed by the New
Tersev' louse of Representntivyes
41 to '7-miust afford him especial
gratifloation. le cameoso vory near
conviction and 'disgraoe, so for s
thit eduld be accomujilchd by the
3udJginanit of an nureasoninug Senuato,
of which the well known and higoted
Mr. le relinughuuynon, from Now Jereoy,
was a member, The homeo of that
Senator nuow bostowu a enlogy - upon
the great impeached, ditlpough she
w,as, at t e time of the linp'daelWment,
one of the bitterest of Republican
States. Is this not. a sign of the
great revolution 'that-is rolling irre
sista bly tow ards its consummation ?
What will now b.ecome of those
moderate Republicans, wvho so severe
ly denounced'the Civil Rights Bill a
year ago, since that measure is
almost a las. WVhoro do you atandl,
gentlemen ?-Chalotte Observer.
.If you want to keep warm all
through give some peer family the
moans to k'aen warm.
Stite o' South' CarolfinA
CoUrrY OP FA11ikt.1).,
E xparte . .
Esther J.enniq1gs,fo
li to Ptition fo
h.Estte of Alex-1 lomedtcad.
inder R. JonIAing's,
dOe 61 ,ated. , I "V.A
TO ALL w11Kit B.rAr co'Wc30k:
QTICE is I erpty,g.ltn ltha4 #r,q,,
N EAther Jennings. bps applied tome to
.rnnt her a homestead in Ilih Real and
1orsonal EKtne of Alexanlder.R. .Jennings
lcceased,of the Cqu0ty and'StatC Aforesaid.
Iad if no objection be made Dierelp on op
efole -Ihe eighjeenth.'daX'of Folgrqary
. 196, 1 . w III poi o pp.paisers to
ay 9i' Such lioruestead i4 acc?rdenqe
Vi1 the aot of tbo.0loueral Assembly In
uch 3 c ado -And pwovidad, approved
robruary 22nd 137h.
:January.5th A.D. 1873.
JNO. Jr. N1I1L'
jan19-4x42- J. P.-, .
n W. Philli .
F T1 P. very bostntqalities for 1'arlors,
hnn%bera oind ,lning [email protected] For
esign and wdrkmnanship, UNEQUALLED I
of'er at pricei that -tdefy competition I
- Bedsteads
bIADEl of' hard wood,o n *atrne4 to
ive ent ire e.atistiao.on.x I kgqp no.' nfer,
r quality. Use econofiy and buy ths
st, ad buy where you ean buy the
Sleep Conflortablo .
.AN) B1UY. the tcople's 8PRINO DED).
is ih hest in the market without ex
sption. They are. cheap.,
* Kentucky , .,
RATtAN hnd 9plit 'sn Chnirsa spe
al.y. Our p aio re. a o ,beyond comps.
tioll !
q I m own nanufacture Windo4
hades, Wall Braokots, Piakote ana
lirrors. --
.9 . .Repairing.
FURNITURE neatly repaired at modei.
CP'ices. Picturo framos mido to order.
Special Attention -
Il,VEN to the Undoriake.'s Dep--*t
jont.. I keepon .band A. till supply of
letallio pasos and Wo,3dj 'q(inn of th
nest finiah,. M call prompty rtten4pd
1, .My terms aro eash. I act upon the
liory that short settlements make lon;
-iel da.
oct 3
2ii ToTus."Sea -Fowl.auano.
10) Tongs "Amnmoniated Dissolved
10.Toans 'iDradley's AoId Phosphato"
For prices and terms apply toa .j'
.Parties wishinglto prnold.tsty ot ted
above celebratedl ad "popular ' Fef I-~
r.ors. would do well to call at once andi
reake enlgAgoments.
jan26 .Agent.
dec. '?9
Corn, Hlay, Shucks.
Ooo1 BU. New trh, 120 flale g'
1 hiay, 42 Bales Shucks,
in' good order---LOW FOI 'CARII. -
dee 17-12 JAS. R. AIREl,t

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