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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, February 10, 1875, Image 3

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by the rcal name of the writer.
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ones of correlpondents.
IWy llereafter noo LOOAL NoliCem
will be inseiried in our columns excep
upon p syment. ot' EN tN rS a line
gW Any person in the County having
know'edge of sny eircumistantce ,fd in erea
occio rinl; in hig neig lborljod Will -onfer
A ftv,w by furiake-ing infornkation at this
D-oi't filil to read the advertiae
ient of Conli)(1 & ('handler.
CiEat ion-.J hnI J. N iA
Sheo illP, .IV-. . D111..
N tice-lt.J. MeCurley.
School N'oice-A. M1. tJartledge.
yestetday Ilorniing was one of
th.e eol..t of the w son.
Goo'd oiCLL,od bfagat, 14 ct in
1his market y.ttrdly,iith all up.
waird todelcy.
D inlg el.e la"t ; pa a l v,I ,.2
OleS of c Ottk It V. o! slhillj.-cl fromt
Wivlil,A,o1o by the1 tiI raud.
Trial J .Olu Uobes Itmui Hi.s fairly
entered upjon hia fuvics; ad on
Tuebday his court was (l11.A with
lit its.
The tres irer's olloo was besieged
onl Satuiday and Aonday by credi.
turs of' the County.
ItbiS alU U11ludaint, ad tlh3 p
I cc are watt hing for vi-l..ttrs of t.6
ordinance agaiist fohg.
0. 11. .Me.\MLsttr E q., Capt. 11. A.
ha illaisd and M l j. Jameos I.gani at
t4nded the meling of the National
ti;rango in Charl.si.
Julge Neil i, a idii.g ;nother ofiee
tv 1:ox r.t ge, a nant that has beei
h1,::l 1, Y the legval finternily,.
The lNorthoru bound .issen";er
traiin Saturday was delay 3d two hou.s
boy the running fir of a fleight train
illidwiay betwedn Augdsti and Uo.
lumbia. Nobody hurL.
We see that fire companies in other
towns are having hops. Why canl't
the boys of the 'ltirfld' of this
jolace do likewise ? We necd a little
fun in town.
Owing to tie excessive wet weath.
er our planters tre unable to bring
tLiat little cotton they have left.
Tijirteen and threec-quarters was the
t..p of th mat ket yeterday.
Sove .%. of w 11.04ri 'rt.. are com,
.lail.ing of the )ells of fish-maorge
in front of' ti-e pulilid, well. We tin
they intend lippealing to
t .e n.ue it* i to aba1t6 the nu ie e.
lr. 'G. S. It uedy wilI p!easo re.
Cuive our th tiks for a packa I of' d .
lfioilUs Orages and upplesa. - bir.
Jium.:dy is proprietor of that neat an,d
t:1 steflity It, p-, d e.net,itJllar'y i ad
f ruiL store, .ext, door to t.,o piot
We egr*ot very i.uch to aeann of
the death of Ml.. \Vmn. D. Belicek
which occurred at her residlence nea11r
Ihuckhead, in this County a fe w days
ago0. Sheo leave-oa thiusb:and and
se.veral childrien to mnoiurn her death.
Mir. G. WV. C awford is n sking
many11 imnI rovelnents on the lot in
thle rear of lai w I anlge. IIe proposes
to open a liust class it,ale *With
his stable anid Mir. Te'rribi' stable
?he F'airfjeldii.ns should be plentiful.
ly supplied w it h horst flesh.
. \essrs. Doay, Goocdinag Co., will
open in a few daiys, 5. Tr.4 6iass fumi.
ly grocery in thie store formnerly occ
biedI by Ale&srs. Dunnenberg, & Co.,
tWo door1s ws,of the poit, ofice.
TIhe.-e gentlemenr! tIre too tyel likon
In this comm unity to rer;iire any13 re.
cominendation. Thabo storo will he
under the spec0ial supervisioni of tat,
s-.. 4iurteous geuntfurnn, Mle. Jn-,. W .
aWo have been requested to state
that.,all Rloyal Arch Mlasons, with
t,hei r fa,nilie.s desirous o.f visitiag
Qha: )eston diuring . the tannual grandi
oont o,at.ion t'f tl a O'ran~d li0) al A rel1
(Qhapter, weill. be liassed over tbd
yaiius ratil roads for . ne fare. A
go,rti.litate fromi t he Ili h lrieit of
te Chuap&er to which the member be
hong, will be required by tl-o railroad
'Phit WbAoieol n~ innsboro
are fbauriksig. The white subcol in
dhar64 o ReV. Mlr. ('>ear nusmbers
iahout tWarty pupails, and thi'd dolod'e d
1hoo iin ca:rge or' Mis., Fripip and
M :11. : Uhaln iiuembeis over a hunit'
didd. The dney in tii toanshrIp
d ill be atnfll'uienat t'o rudn thd~ abhVools
d'ot miore than two months longer.
A good many citizens of WVinng
boro, asice the payment of taxes
Iliave esebewed eigars and are smok
ing the calumett of peace. Three,
digars a day, a very moderate esLi
tale, are J095 a year, and thesme coat
at l. un C!) dollars. 231 equiiv.lent
'The ttrect from Boag's to Dr
Buchann's reaidence is almost im
pas.iblo in wet weather. The clay
and quicktand dug from the cistern
and dis-Zributed over the streets cause
this. S.. nd or gravel should be mix
ed with the cliy, and thus a firm
road bed could be secured.
Delegates from every stato in the
Union are iii attendance on the
NatiOn;l (4rngO in Charlebton. A
Indy from Iowa has accompanied her
husband bringing along a robust iu
Ifuu.t of eight mlontis ob! without a
nure. She Ignores all unneccetsry
Manis of tran-tortatiotl, and in Co.
lunibia walkt-d to and from the
hotel. No niddlenied between her
:1ifldnother earth.
tidgew.y paints for glory and has
pt titi.tied fbr a ebartet- of itidopora.
t it It. "Ill ib i6 a ooud idea; bt it :
the tidgewarians bbvhtb led the
gbt. too kige a tbwn. lilackAtock
Wva a Mile sqult, tind had to goi
through a Mhri tiki og proce.n, to a half
i.ile .quaru. A towtn ha.f a ail
!og and it qiiarter of a ujile wide
should attisy the wants of Ridg e.
JuIy.a key in his charge to the
(Grind Jkry at th late term of court
required tLein to see that each pris.
oner in jail be Niirnished with a mat
tress. This order his been carried
out by the county coinuii,ioners, and
tl.k valious hog, eittle,.. and other
thieves, are inugly Aixed up. The
Judge ought to) reeive the thanks of
these jail -irdg, f-r he ii without
doubt, "big kaseona."
The follo ilig oflicers Were installb
ed last Tue.day night to srve for the
pl eseit qu-l tir ill the (6>d 'Temp-i'
11ev. C. B. -Ohichester, W. 0. T.
MIisi Ania . 1'ainney, W V T
F. S. Ohaanid k:r, P. \V . 0. T.
U1. L. fluntter, W, lico,..
C. M . Chandler, W. F Sce.;
W. 11. FleniikCe, W. 'Ireas,
Itev. J. 1 Glnor, W. Chap,
11. 13. MoMaster) W. Nl,
J. V. Utiunlier; W. G.
R. A. Uyib-on,l W. 8.
W nc d.be proud cf the Young
INeCL'ctlht , rnd, of our town.
This band it un.dt.r 01, leadership of
,hat aecomplisbal nusician, Capt.
W in. N. Chandler, assisted by Mcbsrs.
(. M. .haundler, Gerig, Seigler,
Crawfo:d Flenuiken and other gen.
dielnen who take a deep interest in
1nuhie ; afid "oft Is the stilly nlight"
are our citizens lilled to th tc sweet
repot-C by th notes of thebC, mlu.iiCas.
We can bay without doubt that oui
little b.urg' has the bet .amateur
braiss baifd in the 6r-cottry.
The Board of County Couanjis,,ioner.,
m:e.t on Saturday. The trevurer ie
potted eighteen htundr-:d .. dul.
lairs on hand to pay delicieis. Th'e
bwni d decided that they would pzay
vreditoa~ ott the spot,,ayud wojuld pay
fl'at the oltinima of 1876, and thien 01
1#73, au lastly of 1874. Ciaimis oh
1 8'7 ad 1873 a ere poaid on Satur
diay. T is aci ion of' the hoard gay.
satitfaction in t'le tjaiinants present,
who wea.t away heavier in pocket and
lighter ini heart.
On iiday a oaded wne'n .was
d t-ived( int a to hay leAdintg to hirs.
L,add's yard. TIhe iroi wheel struck
the gale and broke the::hbunad s,'
the wheels did inot track. O'bad Bristow
Goings, who lhad opened the gate an'd
wias staniding pga.insht the wvall was
eaught by the whlee and turu..ed
ar'ound several. tin1.es j liunneid be.
tween the w heel angi 1t he iiall.
Several bystatnders who '. itnessed the
accident atopped the wagon, antd
Or iwas extriQtt ~d before any
serious daanagd was uone, iIe was~
however seriu)tsly bruised.
A portion of. the road leading to
Alaton is itn . danagerous; conaditilon.
The hill near M'Ir. J.s. IL. Sloan's
residence has deep giulleys on eithier
side wh.ich. are d'onstanatly o'ncrodhi.
i.ig upo th~ roatd bed. The recent
raitns hiave causedl a large crack to
apfdar in tlhe road, and it isJnr
Ous fot 'vohaieles to pass. The Com-a
n;issionecus were yesterday to have
gone and considered thd propriety i f
pur hriaing a now rotad way. Trhe
muatter dioCtd be attended to at once,
for should a'ny oWe he injua-ed, the
Coutnty wouldl be flId resprynsbi.
ble for damange'.
Ladd Bros., have, extridatdd their
steamner from the batik i'n the Waterec
on which it ran aground, and' are
bringinag it back up the river. The
acoidentt weaf dva to the ward of a
pil t, thlor'oughly acqjuaitnted with- the
olhanniel. The project of riavigating
t,he river will be pushed,- we t'rust to
a proporous conclusiona. fuoeess
*ould' vasly enhance the prieo of
th'e fertile Watereo lands, as it would
open a chap and rapid line of trans;
plortation. Tlhe f~idda Bros., deserve
grat credit for their entterp)riso.
The boat is fifty fe.t inn, andeight.
foot aorosm, ai d ra'wa savbn' ur "dight
inohs. It k propelled by a terni
paddle wheel. Dr. Ladd was the
arohitoot, and exhibited great skill
and ingenuity .in his work, Tie I
boat runs. well.
Judge Mackey, ot Monday by re
quest, adjourned o,urt uUtil tho
legula tlenm in May.
As theer has been io mnuh confu
sion about court of lato, it is probant
bly well to stato tie cir'oumrtatibes
attending tie several adjournents
. It appearas that, whun U .v. Chain
berlain expiaes2ed his determinaton
of sending toume perzun to R gvfield
to ivestigato the disturbances in
that County, Son.tor 00-aiti and
RWe)reentatiVe Sitn Aills alked be1
GoV t1A . to P.-nid Judge M keev
thither. Uov. ('hamiberl:in th e31cap-oll
addrah-d i lett'r to Judge M.cey
ret1stag im to irobeed tI
Edgefivid. Judge M iackey went
anad 1b1,t a preul:ininai-yv en:ai.
naltiona. lio then otturnied to'
Fai ie'd and held court two dava aind
t ti u0j,urinod 6i:urt otiil the Til
14.rrliry, iln orde to finiiAh his wmrk
in Edgetield. The reult of that
wok has already be-en given.
It ajpe;.rs, however, that the Itich
land court is now holding its regtilnir
term, and ('ol. Rion is engtiged iii
inilportanat Vaes theae, ns well a iln
the Fairfield courts, Col. ion dtaied
i . incullnbeant Upon hitinflf to at.
t nd the regiur terni in Colunbia
Thii's of a r.-e, would p1-ovent the
tria,l of all tlie oases i i Winboro
inl which lae is engagn-ed., atd as lae up
pear i -n inos:. of th 6 CAs O Ol doce!t,
there wonild be practical1v no Ouf.
C.der thc,e irtcamstiance -; ..
lackey agreed, if the bar, the Oieik
of the Court.al I the Sh1criff r qneuksted
himj:, i:! to hold the extra term, and
on On it 01;1th , all tin j L.or.
"Ve presti'e it is btter. t., lavM n0
court thaan to havo c r f r tid pur
pose, tand for this a eason aueahia. co iln
the adjourtnment. Wu do sinocrely
hope, though, for tho, s.ke of ti 0
people-litigants, wine.ses and -Jn
rors-who are eignged in their
own pulsuits. Und are put, to a Ima
whenever they attind C-urt fi utti, ss,
ly Lithot there *i1i be io more irregu
hiiity in lthe. futu i e. Tine Courts are
tine llaghct.t rower inl the land, aand
their t-itiings sh(juld be postponed
only for some grave cause.
Ani adjournmient. of ('ou it, how..
ever j.ist and pt oper, ii-ever fails to
oreate ttroing discontent tailong the
Tir F. a in .w; a.. .1EETING --A en a
bly . to the annmouicerent .in tht
Niw.o Ja. 30th, taer was held ian
thne A . RI. Churebh, on .\lnay evean
inig a IFarewell. A FanrewellI .\Mt.
inag, ans ia( wvel .kLnowin, is a neet inag
clebrating .the dep'art-are of a
F'oreigna .\lii nsionaray.. IL ia.nan occ.
nion of rare 00, orren,oo in. our i nte. I
Iliar towns, aiad this was tIit- firs tofu
tine kiand ever l.had in Wima suboro. o
The house was fil. by a l.rge rind
appnrecfative aumdiencee froma the~ viari
ous conagregan lnns of the ton n amnd 0
fronm suate of thne madjacenat chu arobea? *
in the comnt.n a The pasto~Lr,presidi.d
and thne. nervies.' were opeaned win nh
a psnalm,an followed withn pradyer by Dr.
IHonnifer. T1 .e. Stc. inf line A. 1R B>nard
For. Miss , liev. .f. C. G allownay, a
brotiher of thu .\i ;u,iona ry , wane .hen i n.
troduced aind ..eivred & het mnre on 5
.gyp)t; tihe fie ld :C If ar to wien
hais sist er goes. Thea lectre wajin
hasa bee na ri flily p repa.edian ad udo.
liveredi at var,onas pics was v.
ikodinngIy in.:ariuctiva nd etertaina
inag. Begianniang witha iole nr state.
mnnt of fnaets a espectiang .tlh eli nl te
of the V',8lley of ti,e Niale, its woander.
luii fertihity anad tine like, lihe letur
or psrocee.ded w ith anf initeresting *.e,
count of tine d.ffer'ent tribes whie bn
conm poIns)h po uon and of thei'r
coudI.taion, no,i.I, pnolitiocal an ad
religious. A vigorus description
wlaa giv an jaf thec Khedlvo rand iis
aeigmn, anad the ledCtiffeOr closed with.ai
hairaowing picture of thae wvopaen of
Egypnt. Tanis portrait, which Jic drew
ofI fermsid life arrni ch'aracter ina the6
old lind of thie Nile wassd inadeed.
Th'le lecture on Egypt was followed- iy
interebtinag raidreses fromn Revs. J.
II. Bryson, of Coluhnmbia, C. B. Chna
ohester, R. WV. 1rice, of Chester, and'
R.:G. Millor of t,hfisconty. Tine re.
nutnrkna of, cait of thnose gentlemren
were w:i: mt aaoda foreible., of a cha-.
aeter to 'eourage theo Missionary
anad awak en in the ati'diencae a deeper' r
interest in the great woak. In con..
eluding tine servides, the Chairman
in behalf of t'ho Christiarr people of
the town, expreesdd thfe gratiffoation
the meeting afforded them. To this
thne See, of the Board respoavdod: in a
eourtoous and happy way., Arn earn
est and solen pirayenr wa:s thou of.
fere d by Rt-v A. J . Sm..nod ..a
with.4 p.alwailaf the bojfdioti,n the
dceotiug was lo04( (1.
Tbe Mistituary to whoi this faro
well was givn,bliss Mary' E. Gal.
loway, is a Bia'ter o' Mr. .T. M. Gal
oway, our hardwaro erchat,
nd a daughter of Rev. Jonathan
talllo'iy, of Due -west.- Since hor
2rulduationl at the Due West female
.o1lege, She h . t Ught, in that insti
ution and other high cohools of the
muhtry. Sl is a lady of vury -iu
>iOdtr endowmneats and adnirabi v
ualified for (he work in whidich ",be
tocs to egnuo. 811.1 will. wlil from
Philad.-lphia oI the 11.11 of the
ire.olt n1ilith,
T iI1E exe:Cclisesm of thin e.t-con)~
. ii-will ecto mi c .unday, the oth
Fv b Febru - r.v.
Fessins i for thle prepell. A0from
'ie ok. It i4 hily imtworttitt that. all
he pt pi!i pinlip - ihm ir4i 111v
A. M. .lCARTlElDO.
feb . - riincipal.
bU ,CESSOR ' VI R.t.Tild1\1118ON.
ani uners, Cuirier4 anid Lathi' .\int
fiaetu-i I.
11 IV. above name- Alm uild1 enli
-L - -pecial 111ilnioll tn o t awl. 111hle
I ~10n r a ntirt a Y tsi Mn "4 'I \ ike-. We I
Q'.1 l pur 3 o ik lt' d finishued 1-10kI
I% light 1a-l hl.avy p 1--po-em, RIC lw 11 9 4
iny oI)1tse in I tade at wholes.1lo or
jan 23
j. AVE, enli0-geo 'hel' tuck ly n
Li. vas i.ly of
Nt.w PI'rl Toa S-.c, New Iserry
DiO-hes. New E.:ght Dily
LAfltks, N47
ZE W 3li
FI \IA) PItF))bis yt
feb G
The Stato of Sou1th Carolina,
Cot:NT (F I"Al It F:
lit 1be livoltiie ('onrit,
?l YdOttJ O S.41 h, A*.\(I., o' bate JudiV .
t'b.'4 ll iloUl .tl tI alt tI h It;letll Iu'tj
diniisat l in of .h1tt and ri. C,
TheseI are1 l:herefet to .'. f an aieo.
diat. ingla *he kneCrdAI credi
Iebraury I in tant. al ep bti on~ h0're.,
r,Iut J)o'lock nl tdhe coen to shilew.
t'inw. il any they, ) hv.wy it ihe ai.i.
Olivll tnyde ' ( t id, liili dayoE
I Ili th im d.11101 wfltkdIlic o ku
e bl i Wiskel: by the .hinaIl
R . McCA SItil'.
Ta' praon inelaeti tlIc e ar
7FFICE tO N 1etA Ic OF riI:I 'l' iilIoo
WllN1101 he. j.en.
r'V ir. romprattnrKion.&
LL ersns i'erh) at hom-e.
ut for cobtre. Ailrn.
SpeCil NOtiCON.
IT ts U11t4.:5 to aotp.ilp to o -leanelu i
itreatu iwhile he fountlin !s Inpue.
DyBpel Sh, complaink of ithe liver or
kideye, eruptions of ite skin, I,orofulu,
leadachea-antd all diseties arising from
itpure blood, arw-at : oice rotovod by
b)r. Walkert Callfornii Vinegar litter.4,
irifior of ihe blood,'anfirevyator of the
the sysfetut It has nuver beou known to
M O N tY MAV F-I, M o N Y M AL .---It iS no
oter t..cesitry to pAy iio .pt 'th'ee
'rofils. Messrs. I urolgoit, ietellie' . &
'o. h(g I o 411a w:ttleni-n lo their ilminl-Ist
111mi"g "1'i ile of $5'90 000 wrt h of Dry
,loodsi, CI-reqe. F-,r, elc.,'which Inket
l!'ee an li ly betweeti Jin'uary 1st, amtil
1"kbrulAry .51b. pH'Or to Pur1-0ha11i Ig 111eli
'piig siock. at 273. King street, Clirles.
01'n $. C. 54. 1 bite llall Ftreem, AtnI(d,
la., and liy r.reet, Jacksonvillo. Flai.
inple., 4ent onapplie-.iin. Remit. per
1xpr 11o1-0Nr P0;I O11ito Orler. or go)ods will
W d'nt C, 0. lh.%,tl ret-il orders over $19
%-I be son froi the Charleston branch
rue 41f uIbargem
,Na in It C1 VitAh lf yoU li-et 1.01
0-eunti.y ordere.d your Ageicutul1rtl Liis
0 alectnle -IdvAnces, dt% -onm one.-. Wa'ker,
'el & tog.-well, 'htrlee t on, 8. '., k; eep
n liid fiti r difici en k'indS, Ii if nei h
'rI e fheet ileet youl viev . they aire(. pre
1:11e01 1o pril.l. a11 11* Ilwest priCs, alls
T-eoh-! 6.'1rm'-il re: It' tihe Plhl r ol
I's.4.r hass tioi yet bioughl (Ihe Iturlal A0.
,%t,tat. it b oik fr sinple t ti-ra ot r 11001t.4
eIt hiin e ml at utilee.,
They also have a New Agtielltlra]
WeL."t' a V whi1 givem the Lanidlord a- licn on
rOP ofit'estutnt. Trii is very vaituabl!.
A mng o,tr new I Ivertisenents , is thi't
Smo ofr ite ollest ewtbi.hients in
ha e 1 tl h d in 18. 1i :18 iltain-,
01n-4d fi lit Place in itsa lit 0oflihu inletss
Vit I I irge extCri1o and ttsurpat-8ed.
11(lilit iem, \Ilesbr,. Walker. , vatis & Cog,
vol are preparrd to .4ustaint 11ii, repult
iln -il' iit-ir esoiblivihieit. Like A. T.
'ie itrt. I he Itiflieve i.n tie wspaper adver
i .itg, an-Il ltke I Itri.4 It tis 1 i,4 ato tfnniin6'
Itia they lakle thiti AcA,-*.m added ver,j
n rtgety to tIl.ih slock of type nud
tl t ilery. nied tfre btlter ll prepIre'd than11
-VerI to p114-tit. IIh,'ir oltstonliers. W e wish
'hern every Ituccess.
Cl i kt .0 i,- 'O,)N, S. C
P1er)'t ih11 . 1th1, -1 I eloatorm 'llf genera
ut ien n1 et .lse tlnd %eY,!l 0l see ctd block o
r I .t , ;tk -plt . Oil Clol th4, Mait1 Iitges.
iC e 1itth I-w '4 ptices. Ilikrowilt ht hey
kiunexK '-I 4r0;.ei0fot ai fWarIiCle4-CA'iCb5s;
ftutu tlte 1 e., tCdeg tield1thIs, fretn tit
I o u ~ i i t d ul 4 ts r 1- 41: Iin i o
1J',)IrqoWl t lI-1'41)IInA, exir:k heavy,
r e , r.1 .o 0dec., .),- et ii , fron, 12hi l ,i p.
Xirdt ,. I'148i '.II Ir -. 11. r 1 ;)te. IW ItI,
F-inims 's. ''rwnt 2J)t-'40c. Ietalie.4', M isme.,'
mind i tVi Ii-u., ivla.. $ 1. 13, $2.(111 lprr
loiz. ani t e . ar I t. . pe ni-lers. 1 .- 0 ( er
I-)Z. sind st w r s 4l-f, ii Ovrll
sodkot 1.e.d1erdh ile ' i, n I 00 . p e t.
dpil tt d, itid Ilack and C'olc Iretd A 1 ntnd.
JP. wid tipw-t'ardm, Dross Goo-1'. froin 2S
epwards, Ladies'and Oeiits' F.urniesling
'I,l. 1 eRukeeping od, Fatey () lods
tiltlbb un4. Nriiiiji,is, &o., froUI 1 o;.,5 per
i an- orders pr-im yfly filled. All
-einil ordern frnm $i10 00 upwards. sent
i -r Expei--t free of charge- A liberatl
Liscont it wlolestile dealers.
Dr. J. Walker's Calif'orila Vhn
lgir Bitters are a purely Vegetablo
preparation, mado chicly from th' ila.
Livo herbs found on the lowei' inges of
tho Sierra Nev'aI mountains of Califorl
Ilia, the nTdiANnal ioj'ties .of which
are extracted ther.n'om wilhout the us
of Aldohol, l'ho questioni Is almost
dailf' askely. ICWhat is the cause of the
LIpIaralleIed success of VINOQAn rr'
ri.:ns?" Our alnswbi' 1s, that they r'omoeye
the cauise of disease18 11uill the patient ro
coverIs his health. TIhey aro theo great
blood pIuriller' and a life-giing principle,
pefel'ct Ren)ova;tor' and( Invigorator
f tile system. aNever before in the
istnrty or 'thi ei ydHd ha's a meidicinoe heeti
30thO'lftfinded ' possesis'inj the reimarkablo
naltities of Visno.l a lli'TlTtas in healiing theo
liek of ev disease man is Iheir to. Tihey
ie a genitlo' 1'uregativo as well as a Tonics
relievinig Congestion itr Infl1am matin of'
the Liver andl Viscerat Organs, in Bilious
Diseases. . .'
TIIto pI'operties of Du. WArannes
Ti(GA R liTT'Rs( ar' Albperient, Dapthofretlil,
Carminative, Nu tritioni, Laxative, D iurotio,
Bedative, Counter- Irritaint, Sudorifle, Altera.
L.ive, anid Anti-J3ilious.
i. a.iAieJuNALD & co.,
Irteri,ts. anei (en. Agf&., Sant F"ranictae,. I julift'itia,
nle i"'r. oft Ws'it onle nd u ChiiUtarlton 8t4.. N. 1'.
ISoldt ,y all DlruNgiste undi DegIert
( titl and tr t l.a datle alt ieec.innis
\J e the A11 N'W tl>E \ $A LtHON wilt
b1e foutend ini( it.h end of' r. John D).
jut 'lwli K. C 'TIMMt ~ ONS.
.AFOR M4A lIa.
r 0"t. iE uiers'igei. ceris for ,'ale focr
.L tesh, i .4 i-e,. Ilegey ande liar.
nes t a tar cionit'n price. Alsoe 2
\luo- t hree-b I liorn'e W' atn, a 45 Su wv
COt lIe'ndl tand one .lonitor Plow. -
- W.E. IK,
'raielf4err/A Rao~ ,
All Wor AWaraMked
Z,A,6, 8,70. M'drAtt Street.~
C 225, 2206d#.st ','
CH AR L RR70/ ,.. n.
-emands a Fw
Pitt 8011111
Put sontI
And nmake
-44T S WI
All the Be-t, Gcoot,
All the l1 st myle,
All the Best Pa't-1rs,
All t' e Best ('ait ors
A1,'t-I he"et. Businless
All the Pest Boots,
A11 the Substl l ti
All the Sies x
. . CAN BI
B()Orl 3 &
iA T. 0 1rt.9A.
Benedict & Co.
275 In--: Sir. et Char1lesomi S. C.
. T1I.F Ci1EAJ.iST
Dity 000.+,
- . Oi'.lh'CLOTls, .
* M1.\TTIN(Gs.
- . . SUS, &c
T T)IL.,D0(F NEWIV--T)1,;K,
l'or' prices, lee l.ocal
WDI'. C. EE & C0.
A it' W.IIA It F, CI .\tLESTON P. C
1 l1I\ I.adynunees .malde 1l3a.n enn1
J nnmons of 'elf'0h or b1h1r Fro
ducS'11e 4i h T~h INhIItt,' t hr on gli
hi' correj.d'ienws in L.iveri ol, New
*01- iand U.% ljimore.
N,v. 7
n i p r tom.1:e oM i.dir
. A I kin o'~qf Comnsri and ( ca~. . kepti (il
hi:uiil. !ar.eei t r iti the Iimeg
A2f .\ty ll19 hn've taloni the firp
p umurn at. ti.he ISlie Fa:ir for severai
Noti,o oi UlIssoliitiori.
fillH coparfr.e~rshiip haeretofor$ ex 'isig
I. q ween nu undiier the firm mun or
M1iichell, \lillsi & Co..'kis thli day 61di'no1 ved
h.y mutaiil consent, The~ books ouf 11he tIlm
till .. left. iii th'o handls of T1. I'. .\itchell
Lu IVlull.f~L he1 T. Pi i . l iT,: ll L
ii. HAll~ %l ,
Bllackstockc, .8. C. January, I .L h, 137.
~ ~AVING puirch'ixod I ho intere.<: of
e. lsre. Alills and1 Wylie, I will
CIontinuto 10catrry onl butsiness( It I3: ali t
stadill. Thirnlk i ig fien~ads for pial i iml.
11e8 1, Hi sieiL a cont inluanlc of thei.: pat
T. I'. M kTlClE LI.
OIA7R Tll/R TI' PA4/S i.\ If|RIIrVcR
it USi , S SS.
NIsw GOOns,
:,j) i%nd sflor WaIlhes, (ilhe very
besit ime keeperr)Solill (fol Chans
holl Plated. Cfri. i: liigs and~ Siver* ub
Vinus' Cond Xi it u.ns11 of oll d108.
erIpt iond- A iet of Ionntlifual Clocks, i 1h0
can boal thuegn ? Itopaiing iljo in ja
worl9lkn-like manner, s'a?isfaction gunaran
Loe .
- . CIrfAS. iULWR4Ii,
4eo 16
r& l ie of,. hori y onfPrrp rty.n
r1.) oas Morigagee, andlu by consenCIt or
lthe sureles 0 IlpOn# ( 1th0e mrgage, bond1(, 1
wai1 oIfer for salo1, at puhbli ontlory ?0o lie
hlihstbiddler, atL the IlOo rens orca.
pieod by John McIn?yre, at Wiinnsboro.
on Monday lhe l5th day of Februiary
1Si75, the stoo'k of Merchagndise and sloro
fixtuirep beloniging to said Jloon McIniyre
consist'ing of
.Iriu?e, lIard'Ware, ihd4~ory, Tfar
nces, Leather, D)ry Goods6. Ntilons, .Mhoe.
and' oIlher ndaonopons ar.tioces. Termsl
2'aih Jainary !875.
.10115 .t;; ly *6'''
1fUoots & Shoes
hI .3out;-'ocit
pt 14 i ' ek
1(1~)IU)e, at Lanideckers.
dti Qultii t ar (Iepkeis.
14( Shape(!., ait L andeckerij.
.- HAO
6A 0 j"V Y
which can bo cured by a
timely resort to thig- stand
ard preparatioi;e 1ias beei
broved by the hundreds of
testimonials .eceived by the
proprietors. - It is acknowl-I
edged. )y many prominent
phyAcians to. be tho.inbst
reliable preparation ever in
troduced far thw relief an(,
cure of all Liing,ldp,plainks,
and is offered to the publici
sanctionaft Iy tOe o ei-ioneq
of over forty years., When
Iosorted t? in scasop it aI.-.
dom fils to effect aspeedf
cure in the most odVere
cases bf Coughs, Brouuhitis,
Croup, Whoopiig,. Cough,
Influ.iz, Asthipa, Colds,
;oro Throat, Paiff or Sore
ness in the Checst and Side,
Liver Comlflaint, Bleeding
at the Lungs, &c. Wistar's'
Blsant does not dry up) a
Cong4, and leave the cause
1>ehind(; as is the case witit
inost prepalrationis, but it
loosens andl cleanses the
ugs, and allays irritation -
thus removing the cause ol
the compjlaint.
SETH W. FOWLE & SONS, Boston, Masi
And aold by Drugglsesud I.raegeneoral(
1Tew arocories.
') hI, ie. P )L(I t P O C au'd ing I
-.) Iein &i~ .Abdasses'. anId:CInton .iarup
bli1, L'holco IYome-ra sugar~.
13bb!%. VelloW(;, I~ixra'O, and C'ranulaV
S Siack pinme' NloCott'ee.
iiTkYB1OO.& S'ON
aa F. GOOmtreYG
.r . en to II. T. Terrill, I wiul keep
sae.IIles( in wa,nt of goort' usok wi
I ,bavo ail- .j h lt, Carria ge, !ii,ggf
and Wagy,n Fueo' 'ry. All; Work Isently
execuI ted and war a,,Ied. Give rne a call
A. F ooonixo.
Strayed or Stolen.
Vio.\L'l mny pitco on or abouith rho b
.. D)ecensber iast, a light 'u.y hiorAo
abiot C 0 years old1, low head. sar ian
fornhea~d, sh-ore m'a .with bigh) ithe,,
Ten., di, 1rv rem.I wvill he ~ aid ( or his
eau- te ln anarUiAn.)PL~

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