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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, February 10, 1875, Image 4

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The Fairfield Herald.
E V11R r fl"DNICESD./1
OMCial Directory of Fairfield
1NffrAvjo-M10e# Marin.
LR.-R.;Il'i TATIS n3 -Jogop,I Thoipl"n,
h 61,'In, Joel Copes.
rI'l. (. 1 ,hwnf-y- -r k of the "Ouarjt.
W. ky. N-on-C u tyTra rr
W. J. Cr twf,r _-Ja rjr, I,ranissioner,
'tt I')v. n --Jilry : nin ismixion' r.
: F':s r T C O f i ir 10.. c I -.t wIn. I garey,
W',T % Fr p. r:nr.za - .\f. (r. ',bertr m, .1.
r.. L vI i , Ac. N. Oha r.
TrAIL I. ar :, --- . \1. .\1', y . I t
ai ' A .: A !j, I. t I. - a,tn, ff,
.' ik:, *J>rf. It ifa:r. . :,-. *'~ I L r,.a
NII IO A irrI -izA- . y 1. ANI (o. l R UT
p. 1)b r 1. n, 7I',E1henh
'I t-o a a- Air\k Vi' er,i Vr: Pr.;i, Et-n l.
11t7. . w , . e s ; r
GO. . o ei0n elr
I)t Itm;roitII
'* , f ai l ag t l i. a a n'e-, ja .i t.i lr Fi en.i
n o . a . il. .r; It4 . i.' . ii. y I-: r, , .ma4la:.
'allithn, of Chna r.me, N . .
(Tra oda t <->rr)4h3t e3tan.i
Ja .-tr ii IatiI,tenan :t.att iallrf
w I- :. .F. a ' 'riL. .l".. A. Framor, V.
.l. 1.- an . > a ia-ar, N. rly,
. IIf.: iT .l. Ii'i. IfF) 11 Ctr-y.
r a -w-,. . m -a'- i ri j i, iittre aid
hun-I -rifmllfft. (ly a6 y EM-ar, p rtnge
h a cea- ei t ri a mf i lafii.n in
a na l'il. If- rca ropy.
\ a, t:irn. fbale \:1 fr Pron-. $9
Milki f, r.V qmIll It I Is;..sl
I,r x' vi vfi ate d, no c itpitalt rer(plIir(!, .
Wells' C - rb 011luib: Im If4t free.
%: c ru i in N. 81. it In1) C'
T- W i' l. i t a ;l4rg 'livil Nil ily pl-L
'.,i 1 ,:p (. f "t writ. . Fnd , 01 aI ! l n
in. N, I-larli;-rfi. I lifiCM, pilia, ulf
ita Iverrir:n-i:n. ily 7T Of.m. aI year i
i.- (-itl' .4t- ror.: 1w . lpe r v n bo f")re you1
f it . - l.l p P' 11111. .\gIt .
wlOVokywhe'.., iig Col.ikifo
a . litlli-m, P W h 1,
tarn, -i , r;t':l \re I t $l'hih . (f
c laGl'is, (111,1 1111AUSLISS,
I A1.1 i1 'O.T ilaIAEl.\ ,l
Wells' Carbolic Tablets
\ I :r:'li- Aila MUli l ruth . l fIay
Iall I;i,I1 (INI.iV I l i11 ll f-ari 1xvq. Iaf
I (I ii au y !'rlttgie ge tall y a nd (i.lI
i2ff 1fi ; 811 R E1 REl E'i -(, 1) .
ISharl. Postp milement - D y Fixed
FVi MM l N 1) G 111,'",'('ON(:ERT.
fiA . 1.re AN 1a,
IiII 4 II . iTi CO y ) . f T
El alit ni t t I g 1a ia R t 't V f f,f-ii i, (i10
f-a I ha l- glii r., it tfa00 t, .iahm10 -,000
'af lii.' e lhtgila,f lahff l.06 mah ii7.i5,00
hIt a a h g l' f'ffatlt, NI ,iati i ac'll.1
r,amN :n gi D ~, IC tfi if ofi hiI 1,. I
1vl iia-ea -h:llt gi~ a rft, ilrac f i . m
fa,ul7f 'imaaha gifirsar mnfiin ie:il o I .1, i00,00
cir l lil-.t lrr Tia i C' n i T ,i 10a 0,000. ii
lr;iai e' wii orau -leitifn- hih *r.
trou-rit ar,. iltir, f tiI laulrmaja
Virgi NInt a- K :el the (a circu it ut.
irii! ilf .I, propial ti y Lilta r tn o tif
if taae . (atI I lirii noltliediu e I..iso
(I.'N ' Hr .1, ila(le' .iu- , i libt 'at
iheatl'ic rciof h a3.\ iiutfpeh r -u.'amllo lilu
ton :r .\ oin li, h o re-f i de ~ i t he vai .
egiity l myi b ii-a, na. atlst her:in
.f al n riiugentb-me,a a t e rll laah publii
c n idnce . ile e rol. a subs1'~ at itanti al
reno fliraly I rpe t' a mon try em,lt
a'Siacomieta themaa IeniN. oflhono
i itegia y l an j ul onite to h
AniLAnD ofINh 1oi li I I'.
1~~.lbI ivors:IN (Ot. I.F: .l Il)CI flstliyt
I\ar' .all JM. . u. narnit' . A>irk.Va
or f.Va :rilihi, ihrt 1iy,I.n itr I,i
Gov. of Va , m o l h''. . :e a r elc
- t at . i~ nw. (l4inb Irs'If (' grssfN,
ur lenhus,ll ( ionin ti rii., '(a
r. .\hire s li iN . .l.3
J U i UB B A,
Weak, Nervous or Debilitated I
Are you so anguid that any 6xe4rion
rm,juires rnore of an effort than you feel
capable of making ?
Then try JURUISEBA, the 'wonderful
tonic r.'d invigorator,.which sets *o bene
ficially or the secretive organs as to in
part vigor to all the vital forces.
It is no alt,-h,-lic &ippetizer, which
mtirnnftlei for p bltors tinc, only'to let the
m r:rer ftill to a !-wer depth of fnisery,
i,At. it i a vegetable ionic acting directly
ri th Y4r: ! ver anpi een.
It regvljrtIr the lowels, quiets the
I rve:', n I - such a hebhby tone
o the w , e f fyem al to Pfoo'n rnke the
0;idt ee:l hke a newI perswn.
Ils eq.c:rationS ; ' lent1 but is
charctf:rz- by great ge!ntleness ; the
iputtiont cIeriences no slidden chan'ge. no
rnarkr-d re!i!lf s, but gradually his i roub!es
"F'old their 'ent, like the Atabg,
And silently steal awaay,"
Thiq is no new an untried diicovery,
but. ho been lOrg t;qed with wonierful
r#.nief,l resmola, and is pronounced by the
highee.t iw.:dical anwhoritieq "the noat
'i,r' ic'and a'lterawi'vejc :ow 'n, I
A-k your 'Iriggist for it.
For 4ale by WM. F. KIDDER & CO.,
New York.
-Y1r1oMA!1r(v or Mour, CitAnMINO.
-L low either sex may fa -inat
and gain th love and affctionp of nny
pr-rsont they chro-e inslantly. Thid Sim.
pl-, n nirital aer(lir-rnent all caa posses
free. by mail fo -5p , togeiler with a
marring'e ih-e, Egyjtinn Oracle, Drenrns,
. fiti to ir, W/edd4 ing Night Slirt,
Ac. A luer-r lok. Address '. WIL.
IA.M & 1., P 111. P1hila.
os. 3 Broad Street and 109 East Bay S(ret,
Yrr, nY ,-,1NG r11FA.m:it GIAr,r. or MrOrK,
A . 'A. 11 It w.1 WORK AT
Piries Paper and Envelopes,
Wedding ?nd Q-all Invitations
0 711E I.L,- IMCK AND - tr.6 ' vil't
L f- V r
SI i111ltO1l8 II epati c ('omp0 olff.
.A lorevly V'egatable Coi otnda, fri
trr,m any poisounens mleir whatever
(lni the given with irapnonity to an jnfar,
of only a few hionu old.f-r Colic or an
l)ersugernenut ef thet htowe.ls. This Corn
flu ce, .ft inaara . ni d vt l heeby l'rc. r
he'alth,. It its guairanneed t)oil, O.g
che, lIillions~ or Crinp m,clI ie (ii
;(tomach~~ and Bowel. (live it a iiria
andl L.: c'onvinced.
Maiuaciitedl by E. L.. BINO & 8ON8
Coluinhia. S. I.. and for stale by,
lir'. W,,. E. A iken, A geint, also by D)k 2
it Nle hlat er, W~linboro, 8. C.
OF CIIh.\l E8ION, S. C.
Williams, BlacK, & Williams;
N'o. 3l Cot Ion Exchango
'I hiowi lirst (li"i lVert iilizers, car'ifulIly
prepared,. under then speciali I'ipervisciona of
irie noi)w oieredl at r odneedci rat e'.
abletd Ihmtino. (thorongbly Aiumlonlatedl.)
P ale,c A pril I st. $ i; lif
"Nov. Ist withont iintereiq t; (,30
Acid Phosphatli il, ('a14 h asM iabo(vo. 3t0 ti
'' " Time, as1 above. 35 0i0
With "i'('ittlon Option."' on basis of
l.iverpool99 Niiddlings iai 15 cenits pinlud,
delive' 'd pt neres'it I(Iailro,oI l)epoIt one or
beo Nomoi,iber Ih int, as fol ows:
I ohiible (hinno, Timne. $iI0 00t
Acidl Phosphante, .. .i til
SriUyntg e. SI .00 per T'on, un less, ordered
by the~ I ar loadt (S tont).
I. .S WLIA IL 8, T* S lrenasurier,
hey li,x -tiM, lharlest on, 8, C.
I'..I . PhUN NI K EN, Agonat at Winlnsboro.
jan 2
20 L-A~ S SE-S
10 lIrarels Choice N. (). AIolaasses,
I Tiorce of' Now Unoanavaslsed Sugar -
CuredI hamts.
. IMAfTY, 11RO. & SON.
Gratfull Thousanfis proclaim Vn
Imal 1Il-rr.It the Inol(L wonderful In
Vigorant that over sustaiued t'he sinking
No rson can take thes)BittprE
accorling to directions, and renait long
unwell, provided their bones are not do
stroyed by mineral poison or othei
means, and vital organs wasted beyonc
Ili1ons, Remittent and Ifte
plittent l'evern, which are so preva
Ient in the valleys of our great rivers
throughout the United States, especially
thoso of the Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri,
Illinois, Ternnessee, Cumberinrl, Arkap.
eaA, Ied, CcAorado, Irazos, Rio Gran(le,
Pearl, Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Ro
anoke, James, and many others, with
their vast tributaries, throughout out
entire country (liring the Summer and
Autumn, an<d remarkably so (luring sea
ohis 6f unusual heat and dryness, 9,e
invariably accompanied by extensive do
rauigernents of tho stomach and liver,
anl other abdominal viscera. In their
treatntomt, a purgative, exerting a pow
erful influence upon theic various or
4ans, is essentiially neceisary. There
Is no cathartic for the purpose equal to
DIC. J. WVArFKVl.n ' NY;,I V1.1TnY.rr1ns
as they will spceelily remove the dark
colored viscid nattCer with which th'e
bowel.i aro loadled, at tho same time
Rtimilating the secretions of the liver,
und generally resto'ting tho healthy
funetioi Of the ligestive organs.
Fort if'y the body against disease
by purif in all its fluilS with VINFOA l
1I-rvIts. 6 'epieleinic can take hold
uf a sylte"m thus fore-armed. 1.
Dyp psia or Indigestion, 11A
the,' he Shoulier, Coughs,
'Tighbtn% of tlio Chest, Dizziness, Sour
Eulictatiolls of the Stomach, Bad Tasto
In tho Mouth, liious Attacks. P1alpita
atiorni of the Ileart, Inllanmination 6f the
'm,ngs, Pain in the region of the Kid
ney-s, andl a liindred other painful symp
tomh', aro the olspriigs of I)yspepsia.
Dlio bottle will provo a better guaran teo
if its merits than a lengthy advertiso
Scrof'ul., or liini' Evil, Wfiito
1;oitre, Scr(fI u loll i inlifamimatiols, In1d(olon
hinlammaiont, Mivrerial Alfections, 01
-;ores, Erui-tiona of then Skinl. Suro Eyes, etc.
In these. wi in all oIther constitutional Dix
WeD.8, WAi.Kru'x ViJI:A lirriTnm have
4hown their great curativ powors in the
Inost b3stillato and itractaible cases.
For Inflannatory and Chronic
1lbelinatismt, Gotit, Hilious, riemit
tent and ITItermittent Fevers, I)lseases of
Lho ..11food, Liver, 1(iilrinys and iladder,
theso littera hate no equaI.: 'n'ch )iseaes
are caused by Vitiated 111iomd.
Mechanical Isens1es.-Personson,
gaged in 'aints anri Mineral.s, such a1
l'hunbers, Type-etteri, Gold-hWAtera, and
Minerm, as they advaeiiwo in life, are suiject
Lo paralysis (if tho Itowels. To guard
Iiwti.Ut thi.4. tako a d10A of WALKIt's Vi.
[: A f ilTi-l-uls oecashi 1n:1..
For Skill i)iseases, Eruptions, Tot
ter, Salt- 1lhenin, ilt-ihA Ie. Spots. 1imples,
1hiotiles, _ii.ll t'N'rl nieles, iiiig-woriims,
Eculd-hend', .row Eyes, Irys.ipeolas, Itch,
Scu-fs. I in,eu or'ations of* thea Skini, Iiuna,ri
aind l)iseasesm of the Skini of whntever namb
or nature, arc ILialy dug p andi e;arried
pjit (if t.he systent ini a shor. mi b'y the use
o>f tt.ese liitters.
P'ini Tape, and other Wormds,
lurking in the syastemni ofi maniny thnsands,
piro elia:tually aIestroyed ntI remote~-d. No
hiohnmini tJie willI fire' the sy5tcm! fronit wormjs
Ike th4a6 lIittern.
. For Fernale Comiplaints, in young
or old, manrried or 4sigla, at tIhe anwn of wuo.
fhimalnd. oar thoi tu rn of I lfe, the.mso Tronic
1iitters dli plmay-a. ro dle-ilded an influenco that
liprit tin:-ut isi soon' perup(tible.
Clouixe f ho V i t inted Blood( when.
rver yaon fuima its. imnpulril i-s hur.ating through
thi' sk,in in l'itunph-s, I- rnptio-nas, air Sores;
elIaso it whlen yoiu Find it, obstrucetedl andl
sl ugih .in the va-inus; cl eanis it when it ii
faiul; your fe,elinigs will tell you when. Keep
thai blood pure, and the health of the system
wil follo. Is. McOlYALD & CO.,
kmagglea nit (leni. A gm.. San leraneico. Californl%
anid ajor. of VaaI Wnihigto liandi Carltin 8ts., N. Y.
M,old by all t au ggistls asnda D)ealers.
Soluble I atcifle . Guanio,
f8f CASH, $53~ TI.M1E, without interest.
pot?m1( Aci Pitospilute of' Iie.
P'om ioTGwtTt ('01TONi y wi,:en.
$30) fuiii $33'im.so with out intereast,
r 30 accomoidntio Plane eras Ihey cnn or
ala-dr now niii hiave until 1.-al Apri
to dida'o whethes'r they will lake at linO
oir casih picoia. :WhA i das LsJiy-a-reI fro nm Fn
lory by earloi, tio drsny..', will lie -hurg
ae.. This- di:wo isa now so well kim was ii
all theSuhernscasS ie tofr iijs reimarkb-li
effect ns nn aigency for Incrensing thi
proiducts omf labor ne not to. raequire spo
(munl reccnimendlation from 115, its n1
for nuino ye 'ars15 past hs e-st i- shsed it
char.ngt'e~-r fort re! inii e a-xcellean ce. T,
u.4si.4pilt into into ~.ntrkaM this sensor
iare, :as heretofore, prepnUe;( uier i i
supeinendencae-aima of D)r. ST. .1 U .tA
It A V i- N is h. Clhems ii i of the (Cam pisny, a
(Oharlestoun, S. C., hiepoc Plansers luw'
r-i-mt naSured~l that iI,- qaility naid comspo
situion isi precisely the snine -s thi -I hero
fore sohl, J1. N. IRO ION.
A gent f, r- 8o0tah Carolinn,
, . . hsarlesstop, $. C..
-oCs S. IRur.sk & Co., (Gener-al Agenta
OM (he 20ths of tTovemba I purehase
the interest of A. V. Gooding in thi
Wininsor L.ivery Sltble. All haornachirem
biuggy hire, iad hsorsec feed will lae CA SJ
This rule will be strictly adlhered to.
wIll always keep.on hanid goad isaddlo an,
buggy hsorsecs, also carriges anid buiggle
for lire, The patronage o f the pnblio I
respectfully solliIted.
dI T ThOR-Lm
Reduction i Prices.
In view of the low prices ob)ained for
eoton the present season. and in
rder to plae our Ouanop ithin the
efkh pf every planter, we have greatly
educed our prices.
They ,will lie sild "as follows:
t TI...ER I
Per To'n or 2,0d6 Tbs., $Ap
Paya ble 31%) lbt, 1876.
l'itne Pric
Per Ton 'of 2000 lbs., $53
Payable Nuv. 1st, 1873, Fse3 of 1h.
Cash iPrice
Per Tn 4tf %H) 1ftis., $6
PayAble 3lay It, j875.
Time Price
Per Ton of 2,000 IbS., $53
Payable N,>v. lit, 1875, Free of Yn.
Acid Phosphate.
Caph Price
Pcr TOt 'of !,000 T'$
'ayable 1nt' May 1875.
Time Price
Pei Ton of 2,000 lbs.; $
Payable Nov. Ist, 1875, Vr'ee of In.
. .erent.
Frelght allid Draynge to be ad!ed,
Call on A-ents for AlujaitoS and
FOft 8A B
Geo. W. Wliii,m & Co
an .1 Piopriotors, .'hArlestou 8. C.
D0om10stic Intellige"Ce.
SlR UTif will prevail--Frcts are stubborn
things nnd will.iiot bje:or olenivl-To see
imist be to believe- it I hv.se layvi of pro
gress. steam lis becime the grent motive
And labor inving iower or t lie age., Iq,anll
indousirial r m uaatiqufari-tturing pursuits
anl departmetms.-Why iihould not every
family have a Sitenta Wa.,her.
Tho ".clips ,t,amn \VAslapr,," is jhe
best. It does nct occupy the Ppace of ons
square foot and in adaplable to any stove
b-iler or round pot, in which water can be
boiled ; tntd with it one woman can do
what in o,rdinarily regried a day's wop in
rr.n t w. tp 11 . 'e hoursP,. A cht'1 , 1 elve
yetg. 0d, r.:ny u-e it n. d1 . t he work of a
growi wornmn in one half the time. nnd re
gard the labor of using it only a pastime
With it. w-ihing hin conhsel to be tedious
or lahoriott', antld -I11tie Manday" has
coaased to b.e n day of confusio in and haor
ror, beenuse wia h, litt le or ri o, labor t o or
It bree ..figur~ . st Iace t.o .do, *m dty's, wa'lh
rt urhb.ing.p~eenig or tearingth
wlots 'rea: : ngttonhec
Trime, labor. money, anid mAn'orinl al,l ar
preciotns -economy is wiqdom and its fruit
heaith,wealthi and hnppines,-Ltook thea
economy itn washing, and save youer eJothe
to wear.tour 11im9ap nl ,org as 11,ben wash
ed by tI e hmasnd nn'L..1.o..,r.i.1 . .iying antd
using the "Eclipse St enm Wipber," .which
comnbinetd witha that very attractive antd
unsturpaed ''Eureka Writnger'" consui.
Lt.tem a cotnpiete anti perfect waa.her
every family ad arher-woan ashouldl
and can have, i', ,.aai, sia atensib,leynshmler
womtan who has at heart thei inaterest of
her paatronsa wilt oppolfse itis atse
rIhe" elipsme" is simple ini eqnntrugtion
scienltifc inm principle, effeo,tive in woik
andu will wa'lh tihe finest oi rcamr,'et fabric.e
more atisfactorily than by hand, in from
fifteersto t wenty ryinuites. Price hut fo
dlothlrs--Will,be liur sale' for a few de
oayer mnt iR. Md. DUN LEVY'&s.
.lune G
'I lie 1 mprovd .RE *II no e bini
'eWillg Milelile.
No. I, $25.00 :No.. 2337.(0
No. 3, $4.2
r ~111E: htt I. lt-.A' P ,at I I?F E in
, market, makes te LUI K i8'1'
nthklt oni b,-lh sddet, ,. 'fliotiiiPndia of lndle
ini time I'aroliunas oeai totitify to its' me rite
It will don thle same work.and.o,,ly,copt.s
-ine.hilf of i.hm tanoney t hat you .swould
hamve to pr.y ftor one or thet 80-CAI,LLED
first..cass inr-tchlines..,
l(pr cirenlar, anamples of work, Needles
Thareadi anald Oil, cal ii3 ,, t
' r'A . A. MO041lI8
Agt. for Fairfield Counaty 8, U.
iIe It, aget for time celebrated Ligh
Rtunnin,g Ilome Niachminto.
*. . .34XW.ELL, Charlolto,N. C,
Cetn. A gs. for N. O., 8, U., (ia., and Fla,
mchi 1 -ly
A now snpply of Wat d's Per foo' Fittirg
bhirts anti the celebrated Penn Collar.
,. W. H. FLENNIKEN & (;O,
and. below z
True factv, call and see fo'r ou raelf
M Ex
f,ulliandl, complete stock of ,FATLY,
and WI [ N TER GOOD! just recei -ing ano
ope.ing at tht %%innsboto Dry Uoode
Fancy Goods. A Milinery
Wry nods, Fancy d6oAi. a d ,11llliie'ry
departlgts. Inspection of the
Ladies solicied. . Prices
as lp* as the
ilave a full stock of Gents, Boys. Ladies
and Childrens flootu.8hoes. 0&ters
anti It,b e ISa ls.
Grocery Departmeft .
- o
r,ew and fr'emh ;1n'pply of Choice Famoiy
-roceri e,
Kerosene Oil, !
Choice 6 anud 10 cent. Cigare, Try them
Fresh Cheese, ('ake , Crac. ers
Ifylork Cgnumerlbousto~ mnention,
V on can got almost anything youecall for
and are cheap as the chieapest at
sept 29
An important eat ural Guano-a genu
ine Animal Deposit. , A Cargo o64~t ..ons
noy oIn 4he way to this port. r. 7is uano
agot'e'eat- sitlsf%ction in,i Viia and
North Carolina mei past sensen. Circular
and certificat.e sent on' application.
Prof. Wilson, 1sf Baltimore, Md ,saysa of
t his G uano :"By a criltical -examinaib sjol
of the analysis of she varisons cargoos you ea
have imuported, a striking feature is the
g reat regularity in te percentage or the
ire ortaat copyaitup.s basentiuaI for the
Prof. F, A. Gonth, of. 'P!,dllhiAt
Penn., says: .'The Guano is evident ly of
animal origis4 and tho. minute-. .bones
whichb,were diseovered, in the- amin di. E
aethtitis ther resj4t of thadecay o
bate, mice, &c.. The gitant Ity of organic
mat ter which Is still presenst 'is about :12
pee oeng., apd.i thtis yields, abotnt 24 per
cent. of ,anmm,otia. A- portioen of the
nitr ogen 1.s present- "as -usitri.q .poid, of
which about 3 p.r cent. *ers rottn' Al r
tho.nntrogen present wouhi be equivalent t
so about 3} per cent, of amrmonia. The Gi
phospihor'io acidi in the Guano averagedi .\
about 124 per cent., equal to 27.8 per cent Ki
of lions P)hospshate. A con'iderable p,
tsuantity of thse pho.-phtoeio-acid, how- Ti
pver, is presents as so-called neutral Phos- in,
phato of ILime, which, being slighty ~si
soluable in water, renders the Guano att or
quick in It. xetion as a porrsponding Ga
quantity of Superphosphates vould do. m.
'I')e entail percentage of potash which was 1)4
rund in analysis addls to its value. Frost
till the experiments which I have made of ani
the Guanahanui Q,unno no dodbth enti e xist er
that It is * vaLti4hle manture.'.
.Prof. IU .C. White, of the Georgia State i"1
AArieultturai Society, says :.., "As ewn co
by the analysis, this Guanoeositn las, is Ml
good pr oport ntA.p.11 the elseet which
are generatl~ ,eeonideretd as of value for 'd
Plant food, and the forms. and gpcbina- of
(Ios sIn which they are peestre eluch
as.d.s.,render them a*vai I, la~ -. ',td aE. Cs
similablo,bry .the plant. .I shoud udge
that the p-rober, uase of this article for
purposes of fertilisation would be attend.
ed ihth greatrofil." 8t$s, .
cent analysis-of t his Guano, says :"This
Guano (of animal orugin). would appear
from its physical and choemicahproperties
to answer every reasonable expectation
of iv comn mercial rtaanure."
Orders received and arrangemtents made no
for Its e.do by application to ' lic
* J. N. ROBSON, c
08 Bas$ Bay, 1 and 2 AtIlanlil wharf. ep
Jan +tx Charlesto . .- P
-Al D Tq~
.A. 3L E. I -M .
0018 and SiIOPS, Gentlemen's and
-OYS' He%dy-naale Clot ing. 'ank.
to. Shawls, Corsets tnd Ritpons. BleAch.
d, Brown and I aid lIomespicna, (-H.
oes. Spo.il CW1o1, .inen il)itpks anid
ianneis, Silk 11.,w, for Ladies. new style
et Necklaces. Pearl Nleeve Butiote.
lated 8b.,Yt Studs, 1 nitial lladke'r
Iliefs .(.orUetIig new). Oentlimen'es
inen andfllt lIfAndkerchiefs, new style
ibix,, Bca,ld )ros Buttons, llack
il Beltot. A Vine assort nient of Towels
ull atsort went of Croaxery alnd GIj ms.a
are. Fancy China Cups and Saueers
nd China Mugs.
Black A.patca, and W1tt AI aooas of
Boulevard Skirts atiuI Plail Lindseva.
[any of these artidles a're desirable for
and will be sold at
.W0P\ r Ta-M]e.
Withers & DWight,
det 17
q nrder to cose out our eitenlive
Stock of Dry, tuods, Clothing,
ats, 3oots and hoes, to make room
for our
o ha've marked down our goods, and I
will sell ',t a
WVE have ju-t received a frrshl I'it Y
Buist's Warranted Gatrde.n 8eeds
al riet,ie,, which we call to your
pctai notice.
-jat 20
UST Iloceived 100 lbs. fine. tiehen
Butter. Also a choice lot of Freshj
ooerles, consis.t.ing of 3 bhls. No. 1
aekerel, 8 hblo. No. 32 Mackeotel, 12
ts No. .1 MAclarel, 24 Kits No. 2 IIigh
mily,-l hbl. V'igs feet, I bbl. Pickled
uggaes, 100 lbs. Dried Tongues., 10 -lha
!ugni.. Sausages. Also a oboide lot of
gars and Coffsc, Syraip8 and Mo'asses
all-gra<,ep Also' a' flnc lot- of. FreshI I1
nne-d Goods. coni-isting of Conned Sal
m. Lobssters., Mock Turtle, torn at.d
siccated Cocoat, P.,ied l1am, Turky
d arie.Aleg g fresh lot, 6f Crack.
s andi Cokes, I Dozen Blop gu f Hierk,
er Co. Chaese--the finest in t.a7tn. Also/
net antly on har)d Fresh Flour . and
eal, Ilacon anti Lird, and a.ohoice lot of
>Ewnn.s Sco10ch Ale, Lk1quora and Segars
the finest Gra~des, l'owder, Sliot ahdb
John D. HcCarley,
sept 24
AVING opened ta ucw.nabelegan]
w prepared -to accommohdate the pub.
With any and all kinds of pleoune,
plng and enlarging to any size a
ealaty at mod.urate prices,
re b 2--m A. A. MOR...
j0 p-Crs of trace Chait's and Ilames.
Ihe Bsc[and..
Qttoi and Manilla Rope for plowing.
%Veil io pe.
I. Sbovels nd manire forks, Tuba
and,I1uckets, Nnils and Axos. Cottoin
Car.ts, Han. Saws, Paolocks,
Sad lrqns. Co~fFre Mills,
Locks, Perou,
I ion Caps
I Tierce Prime Carolina Rice.
!5,arrels :storid sting and Planti. r
potat oes.
ror Sale low for Cash.
Beaty, Bro. & SoAt
i. Atore and to arrive, fresh goods for
every dlay use, and for the holidaye.
;olored andl Black Kid G loves ..I,adies'
,OrrjIod' ShAwls, nbulevard
Skirts, Cassimeret. Jeans,
Domestic Goods, Blank
ets, Ladies, Gente
and Children's
We would call the attention of tho
adies to our beautiful Black Bilks a,
Remnat.is.c.Oa'ppfsai reduced prices'
lails, IronA"n, linrdwar,-, Wooden Ware,
'in-Ware, Crockery, Oils, Drugs, PatMn4
ledicines, Soaps. Extracis. Tooth
trushes, Nail Brushes , lair Brushes,
'ancy Articlcs fpr litfs, &g.
Photograph..lb'sn-mA. Novels. Bibles
lymn looks.-Prayer Books, Giii, Books,
'eus, Ink, Paper, &o., &c.
M'eMIaster & Brice,
ecO 12
~. 313Clenaghlan, .Judieh . MqC:enaghsnn
and 'I homsas Player vs. John T. I1all
ansd others.
fN pursunhnee of in order of' the (enurt,
Losf P'robasles na(de isn tI hiabove stat esi
ase, I will offer for sale gna t,he firsi,
londasy,in March neit, beforo the c'surt
souse door in WVinnsbpro, wishin 5l,o
egal hsorsasof 'sale, at .lubl quesy, to
hse big heos >idder-, thle feillowin-i d,s..
oribed prsilsrtty to old
Alt thi i."er. I'r.tel~ :a .t -and
9"3A: i.'' ii and Jni' in the county and
a.said. ciintaiinte si xty acres,
m.re or less, bounded.5,by lans of Elias
, od, A. liimets, A. browns, anid lansds
ately belo"inmg to the estate of Itall
sis having suchl shiape.s wa kra andt
'iusdamriee ais are represented on a plat,
f survey rhsereo(f mnadle by Wm s. I5. Elkin,
~, S. (in rd D)ec'r. J874, by which plmd
he lansd will be;eld .and .. it le-executecdy
Terms of salo cAR/l. Puirchasers to paym
,r papers. .
' 'L W.D IUVALL, S.F. tk
She. iff's Ollico,
fisns boro, 8. U,,
Jan. 80. 1875.
bh 4-x2tl
Car' Load White C'orni. .
Car' Load White Seedi
Car Load White arnti Snmok!
ed .Baconi.
~oasted Ja dod'ee--impor.t
ed1 packa es,
hoice. Iam, New~ O'leans
Syrup dlirctL from N. 0.
io and .Java.CoWee.
li grades of SU( ,'
and $8
Gettyjsburg Water.
{AT ALYSINE~ Water eures
Dyspopsia, Rheumatism,
Gravel, Diabetes,
and all Kidney fttd
forrsala1., Urin ary diseas

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