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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, February 17, 1875, Image 2

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P( nli-,o i E-.cry 'e.-1c43.01l17 It
Mv.NSBOli, S. (.,
, Copy oile 31er, - - $ : 00
-6 12 9)
GONip A. n )111 te ma
Slie,ing of .johnson recalls
;rownlow, \%.t, lo to th sECIte wVhat
top1n1 s I,s to Ih h<;- ll use. A ( ton-I
ants carry 1im t .Viec a dLJ t', anI
fron I, ebah .1t I tI he ex rv ie0 1eft
of, th, pde.i, t's dek, clo-C to tMe
door. Thero ie t pait , atttenuated,
W.,)*Ily, never Spe-0ki'g, neiver :.mil.
inig, v"tinig by oilgna ad aiparently
ilve s, slivo fior at perpoitia Iniver
11nd1 twi(vih < T a teoI-rrible1 pulsy.
ish i "'ar.-m IBhownilow, of Toll.
In fa'ei there are so many disabled
Senalittor'S 11a tIM goV01m11110n1t 11118 1ad
:o put an uleviltor -inl their wing to
catrryv ti;om up 1 and down tta irs.
\ orton im partially paralyzod ;
W right, of* Iowa, is lame ; Clayton,
hnidsomn -voing mn1, has lost an
.nil, nd FJerry, Of Conlectiont, 14 a
vittiml to sIi! 141ne 4pnldimiClty, lie
!.-, unue I- ent, w Ieb ,eiug onl
loi oiter r,V is eil1) of Cliodo 4
Ferry, of M' ibchiganl, hls Sultner's
de.0k. nmner itas a very unpopti,
lar unan amot lg the c iployes of the
t,enute-0io doorkee;-ers iind pages
i- t Ih .tt h ni tievervouchslfed them,),,
it n 4aigoud morning." Ken It i ib d va r
A'rie:nm I ! l-ivc!1 hetter fin the spirit
thanll in) t410 fl..h, alld thley knlew it,
'ersonally he \% as felf-ati ied and
pommiols , at:Sociationl with Ihi III wa
o lilt, 1llt.s.- every sl1periority
-1 uis ctowetled to' bie bii. .1 ulia Witrd
llmI Weni t. to1im once flr1 m4011e
Oh:litblo sbe i '-admi3,
1:,id the0 ge:. t'haLlh'S, "11o yon1
Think I havo tinte for inldividull
ebar i s I V pti-14,0 i., to re0,0 ,
t-heword." "I rgie me, Mlr.
,mnm,ar,' she rviplio-1, 41lor aiskinl-1
'i;nt Jeriap You foro.t tIel
'A or of thA l Lud !ill6 Luo
TlI toll, 'S em1 111 z .d 1.4. 1 y' (1
114 i k-till4 k i . (lit ov' I; fri,1mn N i t. '.
'- rIe t u r !4. A iptuall i.- a fulily lit -
t!e Ivil.-iv, : i aniz an adiirabl Ie
',-C3kC le it I' t its 1131. tilt) 111.41
courtly mllatit rs ill till selatte. 11:14m1.
li:1 1l -\line, ahoay Mieay a dres
Cont, ne0VOIr liln Overeo .t. 11 s e..
e gue, 1'r. i\lerrill, is th tigner ol
thle .a iio liquor 11. . Ie and A ir
li 1110, of ;Iaa.:Ct onl their way
to the Chicago Conlvelitimn of 1860.
"1 amux vury m h iuc tm:o, ill t.1e
igt iculturu of ) our conitry," said
Senator 'oril0 ; "what do 3ou do
with .ll t.hi-A Cr I' . "Wull sir,"
lepli dlyl' .whose colstitulelits
had priobal, ni ver heard of a pro.
L.ibitionl Low, "w%e spoil a littla of it
for hre:.d and puit the ieist illto
lhiskey." Flainagin of 'laia.
.gAn'S \lib:, TeX.s, is a jolly o1(1
f,0lowl who says"whai" and "har''
.nd rooses tho uohoes .,enerailly whlon
hie spOaks. iloberts"on4 we1r.8 jewelry
1(-f' l'abulklus v i tle--mnlor lld sleeve.
.it niU Oht be infeed Crom dia.
dlin and14 I4oberC4t$1on tha:t fuill dress344 1and.
i lerle 4re 44n43 o 1413in' tile sena:th.
.l"ir fluon4 it, Oe)44)413 ditignlishd geni
tIeman141 st ick to) (lId clot hee fron,
.po0lic3y, 1144 14w444 an 0lectionl to them11
ho sa.4.l One ot' hise fa0) iends4. 1s0umped
3n 341' 1 '(04a. "Ar1isto4.crat it1141 ced,''
s1id the L spou1kee' withI greaIt e1nthu si.
:s4m,'4 "you4 44ught to i.co him. \Vhy
every~ r ig of (1441thes he0 has iin t he
we~Ild i.44n't wo4.th 1410."' Uordo.n,
the confedoratel 1' 1 genera.'1tI, 144 a4 fin0
flagis cap 1tunrell froin his~ men iln thlt
or'4314.: n 114e 4.nsn4 $4" ere1 l4~ . .Ha ard )'l '1 o
.1)ebwarI e, is the4 tIi rd genel'rattioni of
.JeL'n1ors' in -his 'fan4ri1y. I'retIinghnty
3.n4 l.s I" 44neting 4f a- 4w'll. f.'
14nun41d' his ne Ilighblor, is4 the~ most
gnarrel'4lsome4 ot senators.4'34 Th'kuilmaI
14.44k:14 at1 mov. ~es hiko Ho4. eher0. IDa~r
4 45 1i4 041)y 4 thi'ty-sven yeatrs 4.ld,
I ::on, and O)gle.aby ha ve youn~4l4 and4.
'.4'.13 a4 iltunIl lJ3beatty, an d1 is no0w,
1.4s. Sj.i g-ne1t ('am11e .t t ho -send34te
iIth 14reat34 pre''$ ige,t'.113 neer lived
'p) 1t4 his r41pu1ltton. IlowC4eer
-mne4t.h he.u0 hlaveI:l' d.isappoin014ted SOmel
e xpee.tio4, he0 has won ui I ni 'ecrsal1
respoe40t by' the0 Iffompl1tns 1 w43 'ithI
11I is hIX1it11r io n Ifhon I het' is' d?34snYan' -
Pd , all. a4pp 41tenano 10.3s-in th1 (10way o'C
(4r tw genitU->1 of1 th 113 l4itv, who.
" 0o1: Id,b m:'eria Ny..:) improI0Ved by
NCIet' i't a344l Jones3 010 t'wo' ('o44,
rwhoseto1l rum per. JCI monthli id$250,000.
S.4 war h 3 l ui!t a4 faumouls Lonse
14er0, ep'110omizing 441114 th or34r and1(
dis48:r !ers knownv1 in archii eetLro,
m-d41 eo'wned wit th3(e thtundeorbolt
of' in444 134 taulve: for a 1lO iug-rod.
ih . ) i. m in .1l.,11153
4 41ir'sluird,
OI t I 44 ' PJ sin ' "I ' 4 t pp l, 0m4sh,
Cluarti. 'f a po4 '4no lt h114t10r, 8loga4r
' on11' 3 .v'4n: 40)4 I i.4.s4 hand1(.
l>roba b1y sews thlat shno ii:,.rli
Type lot howspaper.
The Po hkit-Jyie Eagle, M h4 Ai .
41el0 oti i4 TC1N Mintlk" "900,%id
N e paper-,'' figuree on the nuiiibor
of type i.41d in a newspaper.of the
,izu of tile i.agle at Gt,Ofw tio aotd
al number of bits of metal arrangad
aid -reatranged every dAy In piapar
ink It iewsoaper the t-ize bf ie Hagle,
which is about the ameo sine of the
oi.tjtti onalist, for the pres. We
suppose few peophi think f the
printing trade as the most ekaot and
partioular business, but it is. In
imakinlg type, vari- tions that might be
allowed -Io the mildnet of thi Guest
,watch would retdeAr the type useless.
It io vory rart-ly that type furnished
Ily two separate (ouiiries can be
med together without a good deal of
trouble, though they try to make it
after the sanie standard. We read
onme in a while of a wonderfdl piece
of cabinet. wirtl or nosai, work, con.
taiij ing ten; t wenty ot ifty thousand
pieces; thb tAnker of which has spent
months or everi years of labor in
producing it, niid people go to see it
is a gicat Curiosity, but the most
elaborate atid carefully fitted piceee
Of this kind ever nirtdo does not com
pare with that which the printer
does every day. The mine who does:
Ihe first is looked u)jun its an artit
mairvel of skill, and if a hundred
pietes iO put ill wrong si;% up, oi
t urned (he *4ng %ay, it is nt ob
servet in ti general effect ; but if
the printer, in fitting up ten tieu as
m1lay pieces together in the same
dity, put-4 (tie where another should
be, or turns one the wrong way,
everybody sees it, and is ainozed at the
"supid enrelosjniess of those stupid
prin tera." iven in this short artiol e
thoro arre no icbS 0an 1,794 separate
pieces of metal.
Sheridan has returned to Louiuiana
to shuw that he is not afraid.
Gov. Tildon recently gave a ban&
qjuet to Willi-an Cullen Rryunt.
The Ne Jeray fiegi.lature and
the Erie 11 .ilrdad are quarreling over
free passes.
EITort were tado to comprowise
dilfieultius in la iuisiani. hy auceptiig
Kellogg, un-i giving tho cois-rvativeL
the Legislature. It has failed.
The New Yoik Herld is Mill call
i:)uro on Uralt to,teaignr. which lie
will problably not do, as ho has ju t
found another relative in Virginia
Vhro wants it Siuationl.
The Erise lpel D.iocesan Conven.
vention of Illinois has elected Dr.
DeKovo, Bishop. Dr. Seymour was
elected., and reJoeted by the trienuia.
ocinvnittion beciuse of ritialiotic ten.
d(anciesa. Thjo, t-ine charge is brought
ngain-tA l -1ii, :ihd ,-overAl minUM
ters have igo.d,ali a. ittountion of re
fusal to recognize him as bishop be.
cause of this cbarge .and because of
illegality In the eleotibn.
A benutifl answer was given by a
little 6eoteh girl. When her olas., at
school was examined, sh replied to
thet cluesm on what is pationce ! 'Wait
ai WeO antidutia waarv."
D)eath is as necessary to our eon
stitnttion ats sleep. We sh.ell be re
freshed in the m.irning; t'eNi ps .1
Arn Iowa doctor thinke tighit hieing
a .public benefit, besauso it kills all of
the~ foolish gi. Is, and leaves the wise
ones to gr6w into womon..
. M EANS DAVIS; 1FAtoet,
Wetlnesdlay Mori g Febrillry 17, 18Th.
Th'le hros Vsstr.ekyout tufe en.
a e i'ig elathse-f tehe senate bHIt r&.
pealing the lien la*. 'The lien law
will t,bus continue in operation;
# th'e irJieals do not bestir the m.
scl v es thref uViu no-t 4tfeeledirf p,as..
irng the.ocivil rights bill -by 'the rfot'rrthr
of Marelh.
Tlhord aire a6oti't ni3n',b'6' eil,1bn
Whhlini tIhe schlalstic age in South
Carolina. fin the. .University ,there
ar'd about 1.0. ret the tots! adoole
fund is only *2:10,000, ntille the
U niversity recoi ses $56.,000.
'The -R1. T1. acrtape is coniplicated
freor the-fxtt that TIht,odore has at
cehronia case bf mother-in law, who
has an insane way of annoying other
people, arid more par-tieularly' of
clutchijng and strangli.ng her hu.,
'batid at nigh,t. Tj,lton stigmatised
Mrs. MorsA and "ira. -Heober as
"aibnorrmaI creat-lons."
-The lorida Leoxialature haa, after
twen)ty .four~ bal lots, elected Joned,
onuservative democrat, as U. 8.
enrator, to succeed Gilbort, radioal
lRaumsey who was nominated by the
-aieal caucus an Mlinnesota has at
*adt withdrawn, and the legislature is
saina~u a free Oghit mho. o
favor a democrat or d 1letal riepubli.
can. Mihi1gan, Wi"Oonslii, Miaeo.
ta anl 14adi4 a were about the
only Statoe tiat wedt reub'lioanu last
November. 14 the hat three, the
regiat reputliomi "nildatos for
Senator hiave been 9tbated, and
Rawnfey will hkte a ba.k se:t also.
And yet Grant hopee to rall the dis.
gruntled, demoral-zed m4 uune call.
ed the republiean pat$.
John Young ilown, -if ft ltucky.
lall Made Hmusell ffauous by his bit..
ter denmuinoa iutf ot ihAler. 'file at
tack wias uiparlinti;oitary to the l;st
degree, but, Bu ler is 64i 4 g.r.acele:s
villuiti, that 4noboty is siorry for him.
It i said that lro-wn q0it received
hundreds of congri-ulatory letters
fromt tall .parts of the Utiiin. Hi., as
sertion Uat Hntleriaim. is the
synony YUe of au that i.4 pusillaitsiliunu
in war, in hu sian ii ,peiae, f.-rbid
ding iv aeris a.d in i'aln.ub'in pOlitiO.
is pvroh ytiia 'nto afio.,t piece of
inveotivo tlit has been uiterd for
m1alny a year. Prown w s elected to
Congress before he had reached the
re(pired age, --nd has givei repea teti
,pruvifs o,f great pov-rs .f oratory.
Te &ttgoship.
On Friday on the aixth hallt, ,
J. Shaw of Marion wi.s elected Ju :ge
vce .udge Greene, decuuesed. W.
are highly gratifud at this re?ult.
Mr. Shaw is a Conseivati,e o. hijo
character, and a lawyer of long ex
perie.C. A4 solioi-or 6f t:.is eir
cuit he gave grcat oiil-f.aotiin. W
fear that the eiledtioni of - Mr. Sha%%
was a lucky acoidedt, aind that th
lugislAture ihoul-l not be to.) highl)
o ingratulaed tkpuu timeir work, al
wa)s of course, efoepting the Con
ervutives, who ,pushe'd for% ard M .
Shaw its their.catdidaIte.
When iAdipe G.ene died, sever
al aspirantb.fur the vacant posili.1
.tiepped fettward. Most proit.iiiet
among the.e wei.e Mtatis uand Whilp
per, two graceless a:amp, who ight
with propriety he summninled t
Court in some other cap reity thai
ai Judge. Both f three were ex
tretnely odion to.doe. lt r uhliu.,ta
and conservatives. ti'e dniij,i.
tration, we pre-ine, felt b..I.d I
ohoose a iopublicar, and theiefort
adopted Mr. L. C. Nurth-top, former.
ly cf the Union- Uerald, its its a.iuti
date. Mr..NorthrPp ,is a sprighti.
journalit t; siad vwe bate heaid, tol.
ing Dgiaint'his Uhairacter. But I..
11- not .had the "l110,bratijjjs o,
twent'y ye irs,oi as -a Lmyer. Decid
edly the most proper .person to e,ec
wais 31r. Shaw, ' t1 e Cunmervativel
candidate; iot -because of iim poli
ties, but beonii,e Of Chm 1upejio
Oun the .first. ball. t, Shaw sin!
Not thrdp reeefa(ed .82 votes caet
(the Fji field House delegation snp
p')rtaig the hatte' ), t he arch thie
\losch Mooived 38 vote., Whipper 7
and a -few weak aciattoring.. l"ive more
ineffrotuual baail,ta 44e 'e u keut, ant
on the seventh, the Miosos men a.
mng no hope fur their pet, aGest ovet
to Slhaw, elestinig him by 72 votea.
three me-re tee a ma y rity. WVe
rejioc in the eled-ion of 31lt. Shaw,,
becanae by such muen as haimself tI e
.-ididiat ernaine uaan begj.' it d.
Ainot.her.tJudge iat jL-be -elor-ied ii.
place of tJudge Tiownsend se thei 4th
Circuit, who d ied on F. id! ay. W'e
trust t'hwt indgi.if yat, ability a l
agaite tuismphk.
Prbidseut-tant ?'ai4 dacid de to1..
AoDsin,g t1muekable atoesag6 b te Ua
'Tb 1Ile SAii',e uft I/ United Ntgd&C:
Dlerewitth'[ Ihaive thle honmot to inud
in Ia6eoid(ancLe wit b, the r~u.otu of
the sbOate of that 3E i*st., dlI t he
infoitalUon ia tly pssels s t here:
sin.the ate .of Arakiana s.. i willi
verii)r6 to 6*pra the opda.lon that~
all 1h6 tedtuim.na -ows that in the
lawfully' elected gosvemi r of lhaa
state.f .ohiit she has~ bieen -tnluawfully
deprivod of the poo4-siona of his
dfe since that time; i hat in 18.74
the const itaton of thi t tate aus by
vi lonce, int Iiml ition and ret alutiohi.
ar) rt.cred ings ova rua oa n and a new
const1itution adapted, and a new
state governmenit eantahU:.hed. T.hos
ptoceedings; if pstidaih t-Gi:o standi,
practically igniore all sighte. by mi
norities in all the states, .also, 4t-bat
is there to prevent eaich of'ths states
recently 're-adtnittedl to federal rela
tions on nettain conditionas; from
chantiing tlier ostitutions and
violatIgjgetbeir pledges. If thfd so
lion In Arkansas is acquiosood in, il
respet-fully submit whether a pte .
oodet sodanerou to he ta.bilitSs
distate gotbrnimenit, if -niot .of ethe
bational govetnaent alag, ebou'ld -be
fecognized by .conigress. i tarnesatly
ask that oongr.ess wilJ take so.te deM
finite action in this mnatter to relieve
the executive from acting upon ques..
tions which should be decided by the
legislative branch of the government.
* L S. (RANT.
Eotve Mansion, Fob. 8, 18754.
By tils it wilt be s'iLm thnt Grailt
!a dedtrofst. untoi.g all that hag
been aaoiipliished in Arkans to in
the way of peaceful governmeont.
Ba*ter #is +tvguizod as tie gdOr
nor defi/cl, the legislalure conven
ed and called a donvention. Dole.
gates to this convention wee tlect.
t-0, and the ot-tventioh aseinbled
peacefully. It. pr'posed a new Con
- itutLin fui ilte StAtc. This con.
-titution was L-ubijtted to the peo.
ple and adoi.ted by an overwhelming
imj rity. A new State government
was then electt-d, l,nd .i.s i:.v il
--peration. 'list; is th trun 61!ts.
And yet beoauuw lWotk and a few
s)rehreadod radicals ruine a cry, the
Presideit -proposes to upsiet t his gov
er.:nieut anal substit.ute an anarchy,
8uppoti-a by F r baon et-.
A special i.eve,t. iting cuamit.
tee heoded by Poland went to Ar.
lans,s, and has just iepo ted. AlI
the membeis except Ward uf Ilii
nois, report that po.nce exizts in,
Arkinsis, aud that though the new
regime was b. ought iits) power
brough irregularity, still Conagres
catnot interfure. Ward, however,
is otie of the Muiler stripe. Ile was
nxed up in the late hcidtiioe by a
democrat, and Wvill- step down and
Iout ill March. He aIldvocates th
nuse of l1rooks, and submits a ii
ority r'eport wiah* forns thl
.round work of Grant's mesilIgt'.
TILe nessi e is starti mng, e-peei i3
When it sugges s that the Soatl.orii
t ae. have no right to alter thei
:o stitutions. In other words thi
i ey aru not yet free and Sovercigi
8 ates, on an equality with Matsa '
liusetts or New York, but quias:
sa'rapiee, relouiring c(Q innally th,
iiterferene. of Federal anithority
'h is ii a startlittg proposit.oi.
The secret is that .a4t 8ees in
he presint contdition of Arkat.s..
.41 u dou'ted loI if si.x votes in
1875, and hi- prograuine is to mud
ly the water in i.s nilail:y states i.
.Vossible .o ns to throw the result o
bhe Pre id ntiid election inl doubt
his ti not. i.euoos:ruotion, but
Fraternization in Olialloston.
Charleston is at pr sea.t the scene
if a getit-tal fait.erization. T wo ..
the nit.t in ptirtaniL orglaia.,tions it
the United St ats are ian lesin there.
I'hi tue ti,g oh the -and Chapter o
llasonis draws tok.ether repre.etattttivi
aett from all parts bf,the.State to re
saew old fri< dships and to 6. ia It
lp'.n the pfomttion of those pain)Oi
,les of peace and love which are thi
foundations of the masoic edifice.
At the asae ..ie anox.thxer and ax
liltf:rent b'ddy of mtn are' me
together-t,be Nati.ix;.l G range: i
dhe Patrous of Htandr4. lEver
now the leadinig a emxbers of that.
irder ini every Stale anid Ter ritory,
from the tordsle u I bianaina griivi a
of Fiorida,-t, the bleuk and s'lieerles
In.uniltains i aid pl .in, of Neow E.,g.
and, Mloatana& au-I lowa, where , SI.
*old .vintry me.-:inxgs theo su.,i
prxzed U,p with a crow xar, gre b.ask
ing in the-ho.jpitality of Coax'eastonii
Fur asbove tIle anit oth l.itterests~ a
dhe o11'ndexu-t be pilaced txuo aa.o
'ages d'eritesd frein a frienxily ina.:
c'ours.e of reg.i'wiaentsv idn of ,Il
sectionas of thxe UJa.i. n. 31 ..0 nyM
the~se are i.. f zan.ial ripubxli cans, n h..
nxave bioen txaighIt by UdI ?er Kxxd othi
er., of th.. i'xs, to view thes ',tio.a
-ras axe bandsits1 haoi-e a hie.ves and
.anbairr' 6'iit tei G.'Obs northe.x
bloid has been a ff:etually1 thawed by)
the rax, . of geii, ISouth (Carol in..
fer xilrpfise at t ie 60f,; k.,ii d'f axlE..art
elstling heo. , al I alhough u.a utlis
lax t!ielf e~tiolfssos; dnx hi M'iidenxt
that thxeir .e.fes hxuave lle ethc:tgahIl
*6p'ix ld. TheIt i$ a -gr.eut tit:mx.tsh fori
thfe b.outh.; anad will, ini the .nd, re
dounad to h ar a.entagec~.
Th'le difdiulty bx.s ever been thait
whllI uutthent, denxiigsguecs knxew~
that they aro ly inxgx the hsoxnest masss
of t.he .norish are .Peal ly id. o ve I.
'he'ir eontiet-i,ns are I 41.et. 1L i
once0 satisfied of the trn-h.x they hs.v.
exnoughx stutbboraleSs to voto as they
pliease, isrespi etive of the3 hxow's ot
pltrty lb:sderR. Ali rt;it irneedle1 for
the dOm)plete restoraxtion of good
wlbetween, tho sectlions .i a ,0%.0
al frateral i j tiroi x'ss.
WYoro we a VadertAllt; or d'id we
ownl a "bobanza'' in t,he Netada
niinos, we would codstrdot a grand
cont inental .raH way tineuroling tihe
entire -Uniioni, and every Summer the
south should go no'rth, whie ini the
winter all the noitth and wedt should
lie broiught tcuth. .Four years fromxx
the inauguration of this sohemne,
a eatioxnal diffesences and sctional
hate would be entirely blotted out.
But as this projuet is eiaerical,
lot una anprnaoh tIt as . arlya.
poq.ible by bitaugitg the uOithert
peopti soli; 11n1d by ending our
oWl pd$e liorith, by indna of th. $e
unational oonbutions. Human natuie
is tho same all the wortd bvor, and
tonest wei doi elasp hands wberever
lie their home.; For thiede reis us
we believe ilat thd f-ste'rnig,tiou
now tukiug ultie iu Charleston wil
proAn ii he eid a national blessing
I TIl EF very best qualitie.Q. foAr I n rire.
,F ersand fidtiig Hoimm. Voy
demvwn anid workinitship. LIN I0.AL-E-!
I offer at prices that dlefy comp.riti :ia
Ml AD E of hard wood .an.t warrantel to
i ve en ire an,i,tfar'Ioit. I ke(vp no iiferi.
or Apinat v. t4e ilot,iony nud Imy hei
Oes. and bully wherc you canl buy the
.Sleep Cao.tab~dle
\ND BUY the People's SPRiNG BI-3).
It i, the hkiml in lhe market withouw ex
ct pt ion. They are chenp.
RATT-N iand Split ment :hnmirs a ipe.
vikhl y. Our prices are beyonud compe.
OF mny owl noaentueiure. Window
1sdes, Wa;1 Briek*ew-, .'acLets and
FlIRN TURE netily repairedal .moder.
itte ciees. IPiotitre fraIcS Mad-e to order.
Special Attention
GIVEN to the 1Underta 's 1)ep rl
- mn. I kpeep Ont linnl a full supply 0t
1eu:ill1 t'a e, n.l 'Wial t nIlins If ti.e
nest fiish. All calk I romptOy nitenided
r. MY l erms tire sh. I a -I upon i h
tlat hilort setilenotits make Ion
oct 3
The State of South Carolina,
In the Probie Collrt,
I )-J Ol1N .J. N-Lt, Esg., 'rohatr Judg.
\fII EREAS -lo.1 .A. Haglood lath made
V V s i t mi..t gi.n ii lua e3ers etI
dmiti rationikt Lt the .-:i e a id a ifei I
f i'VIVI-3 Il agm-l,. (44-owmel.
3 iewes ilugttLa 4-I, d cised. i 3gfuti
'I h:wie atre therefol e o,l I:.iill mion
iii tsh aid siigilar th- kitIlrod nit t-redi
isof L 0 Smidi L-vi. 111igood, de.
-!asedti ( ia1 le h id pe before me, i
the Cai:rt of 'rob.u. i he ield at Fair
field C2u t i l ouse; . C.. n t - -.'2.I dav f
Ieharoury-~ in<it,l aller pubbeaiC:tionl lhi
atf, aI t 11o'clit in tihc torenoonta ~toahe
*u--j. ity atihey hivg. whly ilie sniid .\d
niis.rl~-riuion 11ko ibi n-.. he granitedo.
(I.veno undel(r my hanisd. ibiis fifth diiy
agf F.b., Annto DJoiaini, 107'.
f . 1 x J0I::1l . NJEIL.
RLidgewit W1heelWirigit antil
I~- wi-al to informii my ironis andii thi
-jaib!ie gen,- r.sly thatl I iala now locit
mi prea4real tao do llor-e Sntoeing anad
- I ki'ails of3 plaaan hi-ink .m ith we rk
.134444 Waigo4tnandl Ilhiggy repa.irinog done
wjitg h ale naiditahi p.ne.sa.
'h 2-'f i IWhieelwrighti 'uol tineguksmaj ih.
Iii IHiiil'ut!jcy.
fin lie Distrier ('durt of the l' :-. fdr lthe
Ditrics. of Sou)tht C'aralia ...ii ihr
miarte o f ciI1. C. 51enus flan5k rut ..
rJTi8 i ht iin lii>- 4Il.: a wii g.
.t in ukrnicy w l i . i.-ened out of li.
iar'el Conurg. ef r-cle ~i4Un bed l tae for
he iD-i i-ic ia-f Soui h4 ania 4)n .th .3li
iaingr,'. 1874. nlgainsit iltej i.ie gil )
- 3 t a-I. iif F'rlild (:onniy. of lihe
stat ~oiith Calrolia, who hit h heera
I ad.indged a i nkrupt n.pod i.s l'e ii haln
thliat the pamentt of3 iny 41 bht. vad the
lh ver ,v aniy prioper-iy b'a.iomginig In siait
tinankl a to.fiimgg or f-ar his ggse. -and I ac
ii as ir of3 a ny [-dol-iery lay himia nro for
ugiadea by lawi ;-i :iit, a ilho&ting of thle
dred. t-ra f si l-akruajlt; -to prove
heir debas. sand -1o ch -oae .one
-r moKre 5tis4iges of hi. .es
aite wa Wlt i h hld all et Lou,. 4f Iban0kruapi
v. o be ha1 den on lhe igin duay cit l-'eh.
latry, A. 15. I 875, at 12 ao'clock NI., at
Yonrkville. 8. C , baefaaie W. I. t'lawr-on,
l0-, one of the Riegistiers of .Ai d I ouraa-.
1B. NI. W A1,A-',.
,I S. Alat-hal as lezssnga
-T- Wi. ('f.A W S O, 'e pu ty N[led s e ge'r.
faib 3.x2
Mt. Zion Institute
Tiabli spig Sessioh of thgi
lI.-stitiont for the, year 1875
--will ceCmn n~'co onl the fire
Mlonday in J iasry ne'xt
There will ho two mnontlh
vacationl in the summera-~ inistead of oneo
mongth, -as hmeretofare. Thisj is moei
accordanceo with, the usage of the other
G3ehools of oura 6ete, and -it -is hoped will
sutit the pat,rons~ better.
There will -be a reduction maido In the
rates hitherto olhhrged for ,primary 'chol
a. andearnteat andc carelgul efi'ort will be
inade to promote their jrogressu. Adlvano.
ell $tsudehta earefielly prepa red for Cola.
h'go or the uSuanl.pureuit of lif,t. Cheap
and1 comfortable board provided for.
scholar, lirom nbronaf. It Is greatly to
the interest of both pare-ts anid scholars
to enter at the beginning of the session.
Apply to CoB Jas. II. Btion, chairman of;
Boa:d of Trustees or
ro get rid of dur IM
MENSE STOCK, we will sell
the sanic at very
L 0 W Pit I C E S.
L .A s i
(3harlo tte, Colla jti. i,& A ugue
Rail Iloati.
CO.IIIIIA, -\ay li, 1874
T llE 'f.llorivg l'assenger 4ebed ul. m
l t! rtiu uvt. tis rual ou ad -it1
toIis da.e:
%.iay Aug4.to, n4 6.3t) n m
- C. olumbin. !C , .11 68 1 1
'' Winnsb(I3 o, 2.06 yit
d Chester, 4.06 r d1
Arrive at ChelAo; te C. o'.di im
esue Charlot.e, N. u. d -7.00 ua .
' Chestler. 9 58 ft H,
S unbrnah , SJ 43 A in
'' Columbia1 :.1 i 1
Arrive .A Anenstn 8 05 - Iit
J1.3 t.8 ANDI'tM 'N., Gen'1 Sen
Por.'le P. l'assetig ni i'l liakt.t A- g.
ii a; 10
ackagas of NNW MACKOlE
in Barrels,half and quur6r I1h.
rels, Kits f, 2 3, alld ex ra ,u 11.
ber 1, M ES.3
- 28 S.ckH of fresh grma)nd FL )UR
;II s.y.e.4 ind grades frin tht
Granite .110ls Augustat Ga
A. full stoch < f Groceries. Prn% '1iAon,
nuld Pil.tation S:pplies. all
of whiii wil 10 . ld at til.
l)w st. P ice u. C ASH .
oct '29
cor~apos jm yof i..anw OT
1E RBS.andFM ,'N A, n-t.4 'l - other
proerie. whch-i eher ..tu .a- Cahet
.prrt,N tiiu,Dur'a leaio n ni
Utee h wil sS. r'di aafitn
pa tt fsii r ntio& M A A'.dt
L oa h tos n .4 y ef- G-' .triu' A . TS
1 RB.an F? enenino .n'u 'lwiihteordn
Ti y e n shitjaa~ee'l.a 't'.o t'i e o aaa Ant.
i:.ttt. iwy. u vt a ' i in, :rVr, at :. aia 1ea
hauat ty nh ajal f.agetat a he'alth .(ac.tioi
snyo ruth nbma.t.e n.i r, me.iy to h ic
miidan-a$ha gental e 1:urua .o:o as e i T ro -iia ahe.
urIy:: v1 '',.. th .'ilot The r. a (a ISemdi a n.
ho mja kdt th e eakc 4atig. i itohay pur c nda n
vit nato Tro us Myspia. ons aayt o wahci
eaah. e abif i. tctas am ,nt rci 8f lWade o
aisrdr 'ni*- h ich y imdr i the) bodal. y t ii
mbreaa dwn t.mle r',. anwl andTai. T
Popot0 53 Park P1 w. Emm.
& Co. tire in our hiads for colleelIon.
Alil per'ionsa indt bled nust corne for.
ward and settle, as furt her indulgeneco
Will noD., he given.
Jan 193Aj4x
A Nowspaper of tto Praont Times.
Intnoudd Ir Iloopio Now ou Ertih.
'neluding Farmners. Mechnnlos. Merchnuts, Pro.
,ss3loial Aou, Workere, ThInkers ancd a1 N:%-.
nor or lo:ett Folks. and tbe Wivos, Sons, and
10aAgbrs of all such'.
hr Jess 4-linai Ono Cent a Copy. Let .11ero bu a
'650 Ciub at ev.ry Post W;cee.
,6f the e.lo cii.o x-1i L retter..I .acracter als.
TIIE I-:EKL.Y. t:tt . ith a 1:reatwr variety ot
'atacellnnecti readi'Y, wtitt furnWi.;q tho n -ws
o 1t6 olmncribo.l..yt0t griator freslifies. becau.d
cowes twice -, week 136.cadi of uncu only.
TII. ID.ILY SUN, .00 A Y7:A,.
A pr.l ioit'i real i-o notretp:s.oer. with t,,o
IId1'., .41 I : cl.. m All t 1o \im.0
NI ywr..' vie41 . ' t: s a% copy ; ly Inall.
10 UVIUL13 I; woth,t or,,RG it ) car.
1?C C01110s, Ono yoat, bpai'atel! ne-r-1.%
Fo:ar 0oll.l-r'
en copIv, ono venT, seo-rMc alde:es ett (a..j
au extra dos, to twe getLei,r u. II :-ns ).
E'itzit Dell:ars,
.Wcntr og.rmle. nno Teir, cpir-iel -i.'~'
j- 1.o .-1i tr u or e::w .
F,itevni 111.
iry col+-'. *.L' Tcar. to vine nidres' (;::1t'i i.
LvK.Y. : .Itis Il ) 1y-th oiw.
'1'T e' ''s, One Year. eiwirately n'tirema ( I
t.u S 1i-VeCly one iyer to -:clrer ti- ivi ,
iairty-five Dolla-,
,ne hunore4 enT-nr -1 "- vear. t v enn alo--c
(a.1 t:. ully f4h vine yue. to I he t-lei.' ;-I
:cli tur-iret e'iok &, Q"" u--ar. '-'..arut -ly ,
dre-sei i:i.t us -' 49 a-,. e vivir ti 1 .- t.o-ev
ull of club) .i:sty Dolitre.
'-"12 ~~ k M-W KLYfIjN.
F'ive c-tipt:,. o:sc *,.::r, se- .mtt. e' --;
en co-i.-. Ene vr:r. F nr!gl-i- U' ;-: .1 (.
AL.~.~ il . k"'
which can h cured by a
timely resort to this staindoo
ail prdparation, as has been
proved by the hundreds of
testimonials received by thd
proprietors. It is acknowl
edged by many prominent
0hysicians to be the most
reliable preparationi ever in
-trouced for the relief and
6iil"d of ill Lung complaints,
and is offered to the public,
saunctioned by the experience
of o,ver ,forty years. Whci
i'esorted to iii season it sel.
.dom fails to effect a speedy
sure mn the most severe
-btides of Coughs, Bisonchitis,
Cr'oup, Whuooping Congh;
Ifluoq~za, Asthma; Colds,
Soro .'l1 h:oat, Pains or Sore-.
nes in the Chest and Side,
Liver Coniplaint, Bleed ing
at the Lungs, &c. Wistar's
Btilsatn does not dry upI a
Cough, and leave the cause;
behiidd, as is the case with
inost preparatioIis, but it
00oosens.1( ad eeanuses the
lungs, and allays i.rritaltionl,
thus removing the~ cause of
the bowuglainu
an' .FOWLE, & SONS, Boston, Mc.sd.
And sold tiy Druggist. and Leulerageneralbr
- ne oun . - a n tifie that we e
n o e y b a l y a i d m u t a v kc o i t
in n'9 2 88 &g {g

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