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The Fairfield herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1849-1876, February 17, 1875, Image 3

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I.tiy" Coulniltinicatli i tlm I tidli4 office
will not le ntollued uIle-cs accoml)paied
by I lie roal name of the writer.
fiW" We are not rospouisii'c for the.opin.
Ons of correspondents.
ft- IImrvnfter no LOC!AL NOTOEq
v ill be inset eed inl our coliiuims excep
up1on p:ymelt of TlN C,"N N CET it line.
AJy" A.1v pe'.on in the 0 'uty1% haviing
41 m i ,; hi1n-:b hoodl wille .r.
1 t'Iv.)V I;y t'tiiliing inlf'r0 n1 tbiii ) t t his
N ;.:w A v I s1-:: I rs.
M\la"n io u. t ig -J. F. .\1,.\ aster
Sec0ret aIy.
Noliue--T. \W. Wodwrd
To :ai l - it ; r Juo;
A k,i -
Tu t h I P111bl i.---DIllnetiburg tv 00.
Nu.i e-\ . . L- V B. i on.
[--I Y t Ay -. --\ r . " vr!vIn;u
L' 1 I'rkul & D).C is.
Wedes:y w ai-4 addeskt day
vu hve hid his w inter.
S; o0lnh I bt I gs m vic ' m ums ill
tI. a no-es ni i e invill ve tor.Iv.
i'lj' s Ui_s alitin day, und
ti.e lirI I n da!:y inI Lent.
Sule lit R. J \.Ca uIIey'.
W e ItIr it 1 .. k I II o . \ i t I turiley
( owe ;A \ I<t-of 1.r a it u y I otf al.. le
, .t i i' II - 1 ;' :'." t ill bly .
. T i n 1' c., V W i .
1Andil be 1-r'ti 'l.
The bgsau ad.en,h.
VIt tow rd C1, curif g retrruttoll, uiad
\i v. F. 1). vids -i losc b r ln'l
cil d oi 8 turiay I igzht. os w s
lui nd ilt i . 6 *t .eiine'y 0Cn
i6e. i beI; I. & ".J. 1:1ve rt ve iv
25', it -.:,o4j h i t h:le WI ., Ji- l 'oPh1-1I ,
ill i.41: -. u rti e-L - Iur Sprilig %% v. t' r I
I !s I 1 ii i_: r
vI be w "i r: , ii yeo '
iV611. 1 - . .:nah e i th it
I., ti.e c..e, r ili.., ., cif is iid:i her
\h . .I)m,' r. . r 1 pi o,
Th o ti el. ',-ut w.. "ii..z Ily on411il
h . , .k e v( l il Ih
j.ui1i *i l jt) ;L-. ei: -
tii -Jt.t Ii l-Io i
i t t k
SNi. (IID1:110. Co.6.y- ui 6-xlIer t
l iO d i Il tsr: iIf ite e . i.
t ciLe -r t H luv. l t:mV , cot-.ija tir in
i i n Oily~i. 1 ht're :t~l de 1 ny Itoi ti t.
n 11.t e 6 i the 4 Cie1.t V p rS lJVtO. 14
IDo . le . to ' paye t Lir i, t - i u'
I i r.lt' J. (' le hbIt r'p a.\ i - rt11t5i)i
*Ti 1. :- 't -i -Iii. t . i n ti n 4 - e
.\lr6.t. CO.tu M. v . .s l,eci innsboro
111d61 I .o I . ti li I, wi~ hi Oi ill j h a.c
whia,ited ..itu tt. 'flic drlsugis la. W
rre etreni elte it .s uchri
y Al,. larbe. Ti i'y- r o fve
iThei ))udm.an t.fti .\he Juo t.t.ids
win i: Iedti.a n;..hot Wiiv.s,Oo at
h y.OOMr. C1mer.on htit.rducen: zy
:noe.d u mFi.t.i .yi iblii Sehioc Cninbi.
iloter di< a-r ouc sidLe it i ujiese. I'
'in iitithe .'nte o ev. C. .th:
chesteru l)itD.a anr4inted mr
~a rdo atd toh Svu ir d drsed t the)
the 19)b. She is said to be Feond
only to N.ilson und. Patti. It will
pay lovers 4f the opera to visit (o.
lumtbina oij that occaion.
We call attentio,i thii tuoraing to
the advertiseient of Mr. Jas. R.
Aiken. His store is vell stoeked
w.ith tihe be.t the mirket aftords.
1L% is assist,!d1 by Mr. G. 0. Bacot,
(Ine ( J the 0i, eiuiet clork ii
town. Give Mr. A.ikenl at will, and
dont frirvet to cI:ry al.Ig ti.-. td
' W0 ""Wobilgl ie nv e t of'
bte G.aud Royl Arcb Chapter of
Auuth Cirolinu, convened ill Charles
ton ot Tat s lay last. S voral
p.-Ildi"g u .due t to thle con1.,titu.
ti ti, IlI of :t vt.:l inltere.t, wiil be
aIcIed III in, aid ihe re e iw I riiit I
%N ill be exeml.lified before thL Grand
Chlaliter by the cutodikts of t1e
Wi .rli
WhIY -hvdid ieoll" sv".4 to kCAhIll
bIa or th Nwr t w have th, ir
I'loth.!s niatde w thley b.ve a lirst
UlI as, (a tih.r i .to 11 . .\l r. D';1ln) has
wolrked il lin litinsore itid othei 1.r,e
Nortiheri cities for many years, and
is Itilly postedl. I lo is gi ven per. et
,aifaitio I. We advi.e every one
wi. hing tew suits, from anl ordinary
ou.inc.-i,s Coat up to at fill[ wediit-g
"Alike" to ctll (m Delaney. aove \V.
JI. Fletmikei, & C.,'s. stor.
Oi 'Tui'lU'.mlaly, for time irst time per
1.11 "ill tl.c hi tory of mI 1,''the
wo&Cmiuier r he \V, sbr
III samIt day oa Wliell it Was
uili.-he.I. This is die to tie C.I.
wet iom I.o%v inll. bot seenl the 3. 0.
r.fd thle C; C. & A. It il Rloads. It
S a gro.st e.-v.iee, both to.travel
'Is and lit.o II AVs Imper treaders.
lhe t.ews ald i'ii tyaer awas ha,
.e Very fre-lest II.. ls
\Te L.ve rec&Vuji two itiltit-jos
1 1t'eid lit cemi.en.ni e!t' ext..'
vstonl, I tle It .\ 0b Or thalks
or tdA iut'rt:!y li. dil to \I r.J.
\ t i o , IId M 'r. 1iWa rd \V .
Ahenl, t (f1 homi i Ire attel,dinlu
lInct ures in tli istition. The
iw,u.A I ddI e.l it the grainhate.
a ti d I e by l Il. 1. v.erry
tn tI-e P a It,d I tociry Iny Mr. T. 0.
ao!t of Siouit hCa rolin-.
The r'ddhI th io, 2hi,u t Fs 'rli old
Iy i a shoiking coni0'1iki,l
.Wil.g to tl.h ro l'est h.d weather.
'l1. Coul in'I-I3 k tit ne rs live pur
so d .de~ h-;nd f's 051 .Ar. 3,uiiJ' IL
%i a, tor seventy,.five d0ll.i., 6tid
Vi I 1a. milt a lic roa4d amroi,iil the
m . m i A S-fin Iloa % Itll w a Si
'.: m .0 ix ' in. C i , sneh ams
sighway i~. i m --. e mm .' y g.a o ni-r
camvie.. freens ofC thme. season. MAnly
~rees in W im n.,hotto were brd hem
l-nu.' Thle nes' of thme W. U.
T'itegnaiph C.s.my brik-' md wr
-1nt Woodwaiu's ' I O(e or
t so ; : bi.lh ae ii:- tm tr..ek,'
h:eaig it ini sum; .i
*i- zu . i!t drag.i.m thie wyire about,
;s'.mar.l.Iy. No d mam'.ge wAs domie to'
"Friam.y biinri g. a chanmge in thei
,mi eni br'' is ani ol proverbi,'amd titii'
wvis em ('"! ii ii vs tei-da:y.
C. )Un liee, w tio so.utt from 8,ut.h
( ina IJs ai i i.--.nonamry to (i~Lia,
% as itme niaoimths ego iiauhemlid bmy
lie i.t.t'l 'es iii I eceiv'ed seve'ral i;.
ji rie. It ajp pe mis i ha. iu. fe:lihlh og
his ii onli hO veiti ed ir. u towni
it., w hib foreus.ignsiers are n t)Lm allowe .1
to j.. (le~ emiti.d thmemg fisr N:ie
Iitime pro(sein. i 1g his himors, w ti:ni
without mot ice his hio,tie wamsi inte'red
b~y IIinuti-alte la1JJmi '.ie anid he wags
I em tew: ife hsowevear s iecedu
cd ini obitaiing prt'ecitions from t,hin
am thm,riti'm.- Alt. DJaslLso is a gien.tle.
imamim of .inie prormiste, m.nad great wmsal,
anid ani loit.or to- thre P:-emhy terisn
Chlue., WVe trstt his lifo wmill be
ip are d for' imanyi yeU rS.
33 i.eda~i is.ht, timo local was~
stairtledl by strange soundm. hlis
tireidaition however ocusaed when he
disovntred thatm theso were onily the
pmremutit ory grummits of lime bass horn
of1 tiro Cortiet Jirnd. Present,ly the
hmlynLtuck up a lively air, wthichi
was~ admuira bly rendered. This wa
speedily followed by leeteradorf
Marec>, "Thou art so near end yet so
far," "?r~ tuee Fred rick Carl's March,"
anud. 9dsec. WVe have heard many
amaitetur bands,.but this, in its pre.
eisionm, resemnbl'ek more a professional
orgaizai7mtionf. It is gijnp .sed1 of
uit dm1ss musi.eal talent omib.ined
with ardent love of the art. ' Thme
following gentlemen compos,e it:
Wm. W. CJhandler, 1R F. Martin,
E. S. Chandler, J. W. Seiglar, E. B.
Gerig, J. W. Chandler, Julian EH*
liott, W. T. Crawford, J. M. Beaty,
F. C. Gerig. W. C. Beaty, C. L.
Hunter, F. Dtifnlevy, C. M. Chaudlor,
and D. R. lIeuniken.
A.L I ermvn havit claims fig%intt the
eStt o1 CNII. D.biil IlrIVViCe. dca
ed, will it.h - e pi Im tat II b I p p h i. In 111!erly
proven,to iito tndlers giled at. 'oiluibin
S. C. Inse whoI n-e inld-.-hed io 1th1
It At v i , plceas. coie fu-wurd wed it.k.
10 y I-lent gt I hie1
Al. E. PTO' lc..
leb) 14E.cnr.
A I I I ts dIe, i Ij: g Ih I e t F o( 1nnI
F l(ed that I have el seea Cn It p.
Ply th3einit-ves 8. W. I. F,lEN NIK I KEN
& CD, whlere will be found a i ail e1 t;lllp.
ply. rii.s c. e Ims b-en testef t ..
ai l e yea.jr :1.] is inl my opiio e ivihit ul,
it havO-. Price $2 50 rpe- uh -1.
feb 111-tlx2 1. I,. WOO WAIlI).
en Ino il- l N l. Co, A.
i"'. M.-.
j rI'tilEreu:tnar ac i i ln nirilton icbi
bL dge will be h -id i ;\l.stotiv 1.ill
n 'I'lurot, evnig the Iitll i-sinatt cit
I o'ulock. irei ir i nt r ala-eli reus 11m1t colame
propIId 10 pity ios.
J. P. .\lc\MAST CHt.
17e.b I6S cetsy
Th"I State or Soith Carolina.
TV l' i' PROBT-I- C7-A, o T
By Joha J. Neil, Judge of 'robate for
Fatiriel Ceea iry.
'r-l ALL . ilo, t .It 31 i Cv co\ IL t1
OTICE is herel,y given t ,1 it. Wtlo
l1rice Gunid t ta 1 Jihn \ N jitc
.1 ha lint" Ia-Ide 1111u1p :o it O lt t1 Ime tt granti
hin :k nt al disetturge ius ilch Ont n 1liln,
tid I to oljecii, 11 i:a n ie wilhii i iry
lys rn8 t tI i ti I Will proeee io
gat him siulh (a.nl dihloarge.
P ol nitte (li, e
%vinl ro. 8. i'. JOIHN .1. NEI L,
S15 Fe. 7,. , I. P. y Y.
'eb H; i im
13010n0 'priltl"
P'.\.. K I-J.t & I).%\
tele-l n Ri itge tl S.tV.
---1 N L)
1 '1410 11b9. B.R ulk Sidce8, 5,0 i!s.
J .'iaikoeel Sides. (),ipf)O lies. 1) S.
eaInhir, 25 hils. N 1) Sil% e- 1)r*1) it ccl
1, M .l asses 211 is. Stag 1r t'., t '. r.,
Il sa , 1J5ee. mi.e. Fa a m r. .tt N o, .
,0 bht's. FS111jn n d4Pa .ng P ta,e
rO e'-aly it o f y kii. FISh,
Terms Cash!
TO CE>e it el) sigeima l [ will se'I -21
dal..s of 11, p,,irt e :I .. ie r
hiushel. (11111 31 Cost flmo 11reig-11, if ap. I
plied-4 teIr hi-1.5 a lie alexi week.
. Tr1 , 11usti ce.
'Fl'E iN l8,\A1 OF ('01jitl,
\,Y A I 1: t-a. . h athim w
-I . .e r 1 . 1 - -- I tr e a ll ,. iii c
au t- h e A- '. c I tj., i e * \ e, 1 ii
he i - ne in r he lun I.t iVr.'hn 1c
\leCaley~ for e .11 ,- .
jet .cr o 1 I c n i \
I.\ lIIIC lcd (,Il. IT L'OL-krti
inX rec Peitio
"l hie E~ inte-~c 'er ~ I Jcae.-ei
no le ii Je, b
'ra.i. wntai 3 at-Mir Co.scains
N OTICE1~ is heri-e-yc giv,e i aInt .i -.,
. Esaeri J--nnings hase tc{i .ec i,cc ai i
;- tan a i he tto .iecn mil i i n . ; a f,
it'eiinil f,stci,& iior hc ;\ anderi i Jean-i..s
d IteonseI,(ti I Ie (0i.untty an nte it afiio -.ni
y,1lI adtf noobjec I i.ni b.- ea-tile h.a.e - on or
hi eer thei eigler, dacu I oftt ti b 1ac rtct
.\.' J. IS ,~ I v i'I tel fe. iti . 1pl eic,. ,o
'ay~i ef sutcih iiomict,aail int tie- nn
itha alhe ciel ofa the :e'.eral A-\n-ci,e i.
-etitich's mlalO e ni' IF prvitp4 ,g cq1'--v. i
ja n19- lx x.|3 l ,
STPA ;cIA Iii D F E ;j TI LIiZ lls,.4
NFFKRS for' satle the t'ollowving vcer-y
Isradley's Sea FowI Guanio.
, C . ( o1fS Su1per' phIosphafte.
Royat (amno- (Compound.
Bradley's A ckd Phospha1tes
P'arties wishling Oltianoq by the car-Ion.4
ocan htave thens, ord1eredf to Dtolto, ilidgewnay.
Lyles' Ford Il.nd Srirat er's Staion)fs, ast I
am agent fatr the entire County of~ Faiio
field. Time sitles duo Novomber' 1 .L.
For arrtangements on timo and prico withi
cotton option aj pply to
feb 11P1*E IRE BA COT.
Per iay at home.
$ to $ 0 Terms free. Address
Porlan, Miaa . Stinson & Co.,
jan 21-17
Special Notices.I
IT IS U.i::is to atteimpt to clIliISe a
Wrean while le founinin Ns imnpure.
Dyspelsit, compliiti of the liver or
kidneys, eruptions of the skin, sorofula,
headnehec nid all di-eases arising from
impure blood, ar. ni once removed .by
Dr. Walker's t'aliforij: Vinegar i 0ter-,
pmriftei. of I Ie blood, i ful renl va-r of ti he
ihe sysleto. It han never been known to
l' ui.sF -.i;
.onI : v Syvi.hi, Mnts. IT..i=:. -1 in 3.0
'(Mt(r it -c- ,r v o pay l i w1o nn-f three
pr ti '. .skirg-. I u chgo ,. I:111-ediie &
: . ) g II 'Lr W 'I t e41i-111' Is their i -imm n-4
los~i.:i -mt s-ie Of .*0 01)) w- ivri of 1)y
Qumds, C'arilp . Fnrs, (-ote , iviiiict takes
ein' an'ninlly'hsl wvesn .lan'inry 1 1. an,
41hri ry 5)th, pri.r io pitroliasi ag Iheir
Apring sitick, ai 275. King streel, l'hsries.
4o1 ,. 1'. 15-. i hilt. hial siree, .\lant,
(;,%., amti B:y stv ti. J;ick4onvilitl . Ili.
Samples Fetil on 1 pilic - lion. item- i ps'ler
E'xprtl or Vo. I () lUk Or.loe. or g sui4 will
h( f-eni I 0. D). iI ret-til ers Ov. I O
wi-1 4e sent rmom i he ("llarleistol branch
1'ree Of ChaIrgf.
A an ici.:rnu. l.cx:v.-If y.fli have"-.o
01e-1i45 o.44-gyr-.1 Yomr Agliv,ulloru l .iens
1( secure Ii IV nl ct-, i4) ' m sIn i on %% wa'ker.
Evanls & Cogswell, Ahiirle'lo' l. S. '., keep
II i.itid four d.tiet en' k uds. iaiiui if npir h
el s.f these 1ieI your %iv ', they II I,*e I
piured t prii.l. at tile lowest prices n y
,pecial fori in trier. 1i' .tli l'si l er or
F:1rmel1r h11,4 Uo.t yt boluglt tI. iBiu Il Av.
c1aianI, i b.sok for 4imple IarM aclcolnts
let him dit) si t t i ce.
I'hiy nlso have A Nev AgI ictiell io a'
,ease i i gi ives I liexiotilord a lien ott
crop1 of to ili. Thii i-s very valvaol.
Am lug o.1r new 4.vertisnsen'I, is 1 kn1
of oie of 1he oilst s .bi..hn.eni3 in
S ale. K-Ia li-tihed inl 183.1, .1 IIS m1in-i.
1inedi14tti h- ie t ritplaco in ifs lip eo o1 b1 ilevs
Wit h I irge e ience nn 1 uns1u51 rps ..d.I
facilities, \fezsrv. Walker. Evan- &'pgs.
well are pre opitrud to) si.,tnirt ih.-- reput -
lion Of 'i ' I-S tislhmlenu'. Like A. T.
'tewi rt, iho h y believe iiewspipier ittIver.
1-i g. qwl l:ake this imcan* t" o inoutince
11hal1 t.l y 141tre thi,* A411n n.1 v ery
largly o f lit-i.r .iock of 4g,4 nqid
minchiiery. iiiiii are hmier prelpared I t an
over I 1 pleve cI lir custoierm. We wYish
Ilthlit ev'-ry sul.ccess.
CI II ')N, S. '.
lie.r i h - '>ls.: 1 1 - tr '1 i0n genernle
in til *5Ii- i iund. ie .l''..e- sdt.C hck e
Ce ,1 1tr .. rp e HertoW.ih I hey
tin it ri . 1 f .1 e V arlicle'.-in Cs li ',
rromi1 1Io 1 JI.. LOIOg ''l0 lhs, frin tio
I>c . uiown .1 is ping, ctr) henvy,
r un, 55) I h:., ..- il 4. ron. "I C. Up.
-ao .n o4, fr list 4;1!. upwiti-dsa,
la n i 'a. ''r on 2ni s I J.. esd.s', \isses'
,nd4 1 I I ise.;4%. I1 ., . per
loz. 1 ti st yir'.. S i<;i. s.ti $1.40 l er
I-I... :to. I t.I.Ira t. 1,.,l1ites' itnfd G eto
P..s i t I : .lkarehi,estf. fron 40c. per dt.i.
is v ti -< Ili, tIU..j.ck .i 1 ci'siI'ed Apncns
2. -I i.pw t rdn. :h'-.s.4 (1111.h. from 25c
Ipw:i1ds. t,Iivs' G nts' tiJnilishing
rihw.s.-skeepina 0-olds, Fani.ey 0 >1)ds
Oition-. Nn.io.as e, &c from 15 10 to *.r5 per
u- s. Obenpur th-in kw;s where. Saimples
.4(Ij 3n-1m11 r pr.-InIIfly lVilled. All
relail -r-derts I'-sms $;() 00 up%i rd-s,.,ent
p-r vxme,44 ti'ee or w'iirge- A liberal
discoulnt i holesale tealers.
Di-. J. Wslei0. CalifonaXi s i-.
egar Bitter-s are a purely Vegetiblo
preparation., iado chielly froi the0 nu
tive herbs found on. the lower ranges oe
the Sierra Nevada mountains of Califor*,
nia, the Iedicinal propertics of whi.cl
aie extracted therefrom without the use
or AX'.ohioi. Thle jutestionu Is almnost.
daily asked, " What is the cause of t,ho'
unparalleled success of V'tiNxgn 11rr
-r Iens?" 01ur answer is, that they roov
the cause of dIisease, andl tho patient re
ep.verIs his hecalth. 'JThe' are the gr'eati
blood purifier an d a life-giving prinicipleg:.
4 perfect Renov'ator' an.d .1nlvigorator
(of tihe systemi.' .Neveru' beforo -In' the
history or the world has ai meldicino bo.
coo11iundued p(iosessing the remarkablo
qulahties of VIN3aa n i.tIr'Eats in healin g the
sick~ of every diise'ase manS is heir to. They.
are ai gentle Purg1'atiio ar, well.as a Toutic,.
1elievinig Congenst or In flamnmation of
the ,iver anti Visceral Organs, in Bilious
The properties of D)u. WVALKERin
YlNx ~rA n 11rr-runas ar.o A pieriesnt. D)iaphorntic,
Carmninatjive, Niutriliouns, L.axat.ivo, I )iuretic,
Sedative, Coiiuter'- Irritant, Sudosritic, .Altera
Live, and A nti-ililious.
...........Jt.XALIn ia co.,
andis scir. 553 Washitni ni:s?ihr!tv $1in.. N i.
Sold by all Druggli tu niD aloru.
}. AVE enisirird 3ihar euocIl by a
J.vati iy of
New Si've Pi h 'te. New Pliin (1,d Ilings,
New Pea"rl Teft M--.5. New lIerry
Chocks, New
SE W O I ..
TlI e;ercisnea of~ this po-ho 'I
will commilence .altonday, tbo8 Ii
of' Februunry.
Cessons for the~ present, fro.n
hialf-past nine to hialf-pasb t,We
o'clock. It- is highly Important that ah'
the pu pils appealIr Ithe first daly
feb 4.. Pnip-.
W K. ithe 11n1e'rAgne',. PfAietfollycall
yiour atiention to our large and
well delected stock of
DRIT U001%,
nOOTs, and SHOESe
Hats, LA DIES; nnd
Mr. R. L. Ditienhorg hit reitnr114 h1
rom. lile N.rr11e1 m 0 1at kete ap4 brought C
wit h himl a Ih g - and well ee*ected.lgtotg P
%%' buy ior CASj and se l..fojr c
C.6 * , adm- wo aiture the public t4a ye 1
will sell goodt, at such prices as none ele w
We are receving new and d'es'iable
gotip.p4sh.day. and akil who ivill o.l uap.3t
is, wc a-tre I hem (air amd sqiaro treat
vent, pulitene.;s anld alto,te ion.
f. b is
4 0 L S SE s .
10 l;irrel, Choice N. 0.. .\olasme,, U
1 Tiero. or New U#c:%nva,s*ed Sjg%r -
u ed hams.
RXA,ATY, m10. N Aso%.
jusn 36
1%1iow nn40eepRn.
Ga0lery lin thia .T.jespien i 14) I4a
now preipared,,to *ccotnmmdatr- the pub.
lic witi any nil All -!.inds of pictures,
Coppyli'-i nul, q1nlarging . to any size a
tpecialy at motf jr.tte I rices.
febt 2 -n m.A. A4 ManiIlltl
I)oniexOIc Iit~eligde'.
L.0ei TO ro T O1 W4 JN1r.uI.aT.
T IW.TlIl will prevail--l'r.t are attnhborni
tinlgs andii will niot be..a denial-To sei
muist be to believe- In I lese dlays of pro.
gress. steamt lhan become the prenit naautive
anad labor naving peower' uf thle age, int alL
industrial a ndl muanuacuring utrspaita
and dep-rarnens-.Wlisoi 6 t'very
foriiy haye a Seatin Wa,er.
The "Ed ed..N1Lwuu Wastier," Is the
best, Itl does not ne'cnry the syunee oif Ott,
square foot antd is adapt a' le to ainy st owe
boiler or ro.undl pot, int wh:ach watter canu he
boiled ;tind with it one ioan t rain di
ylhat is ori-irjly regordled a ' iiy'P wali in
f/om t w.o to eiee h..ers . A .chid, telve
y'ears old, may i..eI i ailnd do lhe work of a
grown woman Itn one h1lf t he 'lnm&. and re
gard ihe labor of tusitig ii aI~ a ltime
Wit Ih it. w cuhing hat. e.*s.sed'.t'o boe tedious
or ta'hotoniaabeth 'linte .liaday" has
conIaIe.! to be a d.iy or conifusin andi hor
r'or, baec'cti.e wit hi liii rIe or no lather we' or
I laee hour<'i41 iluen to) do a dlay'. watsh
wtjijt scrubin~eg. wearing or teuring the
.>lothes. Itreaking batuna *c.
Tinte, labor, mioney, antf material all ar
prel ons --econouy J,. wi.'dom. andl its fruit
haealt.h. weatltha and lhatppinres- I."ok then
econonmy j.n wrasheinig.,i aitin y,.ar clothea
to wear toneae~gn a,' Iong as whaei wauhj
oid by tho hand :.al beard. b1) lbt. ing aand
ai.untg thce "Kclipac Steam W%a.lber," whIch
comtbinted withI ihnt very attractive anmd
ulnsurpatssed ''Entreka Wrinager"' v ->n-tl.
Ltes a~ comiere andi perfect waiher
every famaily anid Vaeher.wbatta athouli
utnd c:an have it , und no -eans.hi' wa,.erca
wonaman whto hi'as t en ert tIme inate rust of
eir pat roou wIll oppose It'. nte
Thle"'lcl'rpae'' lan simpI* in aonstrueflort
'cienti fir in- princitple, ceeliite' i ts wovk
nrad will wit-ha the finenut or co%raiv. fabrIcs
nacre tti'faiotority thait'. by hiand,t itnfroes
fr ee t o e w ert y m tnu ttts. PrIce hut fo-'.
lviltars--..Will $'E far sale for a few de
itnger at RL. \M. l)UI I,E T T.
junte tl
Just ree-..ted,,g~ fraea .e ggpy of
IFerry & Co. GardrpMeds,
W.&I. Ff1JNNtIKEN & Co.
"Silvber Bkin" Omton Sobs for sol. at the
Strayed or Stolon.
~ iOM my p1 1ce .on or abw#, Ilb..- 18t
F auary, onle aittalb orre4l a4. ire 11111le.
J%di mule wv; uanrkLi " th w shiubrlti
wi Is st-1 U..8. an' on 0t hip weth :a
figure aliilnr. to a cnital 1I, with I he
lidee,, murvVdait 0e1ch end. 8a04 n111e
wast Vorked hal yenr onl tie .., ll:.r i
soil place. Any onte 11nding 1t4 nl
will be liberally awarl.d by htu, muidr.
-Igned. 1 1.4 \I. E. 1r 11 4 \V'W .
feb I l-x2tl Sr othe,!r's Deiot, 8. C,
.8 GIs
( I)
mt Arms.a I. i
Iec. .Ij
i 'vi1i rui 'r A'.4RS )X.V E R1NVC
SLI) nanl Nler Watches, (j pery
. he-1t i me keeperSSolid (I old Chiilk.
oil I'lated Chaj, 1ings andi Siver Bbi
.atilns, which I itQl(%tnatee. A o,., Brenat
!.ns ('ollar ndAt Shirt 1ut tons of fill jes.
-ipliovs. A -et of hentitful Clocks. %% be
in bea( thel ? lepaiiring done in a
ork ian -like minner. Na is fact io guarAnl
dIee 15
Benedict & Co
5I Kiu. Str.. et (11haretou, s. .
.~~ . -r i , o1GS &.
"'8-11 /NW .1 l'01. c
.For prices, see 1.ocal
n itlli1;p;oppred to naike Pail epanil
l'liit;11 Ne .rist .\lills, and dtio job work o
anya~ kind.
A,. kin 's of tjollinis aind r;ntres k<-pat ona
h-.ild. Prsicesa to unit the I tiaes
Edjy" .\y Miills have tankenith fIar'
pltiaatta rat 1 he State Faia fol' Meveaa
tents. -3.
ntov 26 . W. Met'I 8l01I T.
rplii K coar~stnershsip heoretoore ax ietinag
1. hair weena anw undter th la irmu im aaa e
Mitobell. .\ills & Go.. i iis day alisMolve'd
Ag'~~ rstaaaatn'*. Wke baoaoks of tie firmt
will a. left. in thei ha:ed a f T P, bl itcvhel
to whsoum pa- ma is musa.'t ha' mae.
J'.ck'ted&, S. C. .l'-nna:ry, 15 Ia, I18%
i .\ess. \lllsnadWyltie, J wilt
tont asio to carry't on buasitaesa at tlhe rld
rtaaai,. 'uATiag laiarilt laior pa st kitadl
rl5as, I .5iiC u,conlt.uneof thelait pl
T. '. \L'Lcll;Lr,.
aL. F. GOOmI G,
[. 4VING~ lisre.o!td.of m.5 LIivdauy inter
LA *s to 1. TI. Tearill, I will ke,p
i)>n-tiaiaily tan h5aand Iloies S nute iin1e fo
tie. P'art ies iin wat of goaod stookt wi.
n Well to give traP a e'nl.,
I have al.- opeied a Cftrriage, !hag
tai Wnggons F~actory. Alil work ranaly
Keceie anad wrartranted. Give me a nlS
-New Groceries.
A hladl4. P )l'0 a RICO an. at-.ag i
.) iia ii .\MOIASSOs and (.intorn Slrnp
1h.j. Cha~oe I)omor1ra Sugar.
2 bbli,. Yellow C, Ikztr a C, no 4jrsnula
ted Sugrar.
F,ackp prim. ittoco4ffee.
A IAL perseons owing hite aubscriber
L. aire requested to como- forward
nd -ietlte up at otnce ain-l RIave 0 ist, ase he
aeeds toquey, iand at have It.
jan klLrEm
Iron in the Bloocd
T he Peruvan 2yrup,aPoec
The chrer fan allmrp,( Pet a
easily difgested andu assimilated
with& the blood as thacesimplesC
food. it in creases thec q uantity
of .Nature's Own Ylializing
Agent, Iron in the blood, and
curca' 'a thao.sandl ills," simplV
by, Toning up, Inlvigo,%Ltingj ad
1 ializing the Syjstem, Thec en
riched anid V1ialzed blood per
IDueales CVery, part of the bodyh
rep air'ing diama ges andc wasLte'g
sea rchding ouat morbidl *ecre~
Sbons, and leaving noting for
discase to feed esponv.
This Is liac cket of thEt won
derful success of thi1s r'eedy in
curing Dyspepsia, Liver Com
plaint, Dropsy, Chroie D)iar,
rhoa, Bl3ols, Nervous A ffection
Chills ,.andl 'evers, Hlumo.
Losis 'of' ContietIonal Vigor,
Diseases of the idnys~ - and
ladder, Female Complainte,
andi all diseases orIyInating in,
a bad state of She blood, or acs
companledl by,. debil ity, or a& loud
sta*te of thec 8irstem,. Jfcing feep
fromu Alcohol in any& form,is
dinergIz1nug eeccts are not fol
rowed byt correspondlIng 2'eac
fi9n, but are pcenancent, infu
sing strenZgt, nigor, an4 ,zeq
life into all pats't of thec system,
and buildilng up an Iron Com4
T LIwousandls have been ChUngCd(
by thec use of this ren%erly, fronsa
*weak, sickly,affer'ing( cr'ea
turew, to otrong, hay, andu
hapu Jyten andt? women ; andUf
inel(d cannot reaso9nabJly'lhes.'
itate So giv'e it aI tra
See-that each bottlo has P ERU,
VIAN SYRUP blown in he glase.
SETH W. FOWLE & SONS, Propdaetors,
Wo. 1 Mnii*sa Place, Souton.
5dor.n sry J>nr.ocVnte enr.nA,.L.,
I,adies and (1ois Watc h CThn i.
uSiorling anid Plated SiIlver waro
Broaiches, 10nrings
Firrger Rings,
SI eveusa
- u IT Pine,
&o., &c.
L~ )
A great, vri, ty of hri4 naa lJoo'a
jp si irrivel at.

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