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MLASDVS'Pftkeotrs;] A Family Paper: Devoted to Science, Art, Inquly, Ind6stry dnid Literatur.LEM--3O e nu nAvne
I R*IR,F I R.I D ll ER l I D
W I L L I A M S & 9) A V I S.
7. raisi.-The I//R A [,.D .r published Wee.4
y in theTown pr)v.inasboro, at *3;Ob
o garill6y in adpqncp. , I . ,.",,',
tt All trmaietit ivivertlsernente to be
'A./P I N A 1) VANCR. -
ObIljry, Notices aud Tributes $1.00
per qtre.
Ilorrors of.lbe Sa.
The Straits Timem of-the ,1th of
Nov'eu, er contains the affidavite rakent
at the British Qonsulate Batavia, of
five niet, the turmvors of one boat's
crew of the :hip Euxine. which left
North Shields on the l,th Juilq lit
with coal for Adeni. %% lhn b? was
less than tworpjOmt1w out, after she
had encountqr,Q a heavy storm her
cargo -if coal rAs, foytpd to be ou Gire,
and, nfter-severA.1 duyq, of gallant but
uthucce:,eful st rugglo with .the flies,
the captain, c.lieersi..ind crew, in P1i,
thirty mei, had to confo.s thew#aOl4cs
vanqui.hod, to leave the ship and to
take to ti pir 4oats in the open sea.
The fate tf two of the boats is as yt
unknowtn, but those in.the third quf
fored almost incrediblo agonies. 'luh
seolin.-I mate, .itmes,A reher, after de,t
ttiiiing the sufferingo o(,thwir boat'h
crew of seven nen from August 9,
when they left tie ship, says : "O
Augu.t 30, our Ilh-Vt .and hunger
NTere intense ; v'o otnInuen1ced t9
d,ink salt water August 30, Ntiler
d riinkinag mor01e than any of the
other:. U .he 31tt of August, Mil
iur gut diir.ious : this,was probably.
brought Ibout by e. drinking so
much P;lt watj. lie declared tlj.k&
lie offered hia bOdy, as food to- the
others, and eutreate,j thein to kill and
devour hii. We did not heed him.
After a time the mani Manus Sulutt
p)roposed that they should gust..Jlt
who shou!d fall as i sacrldIe for keep
Ing the others alive. To this we all
cunsonted, Having no other means
to wake a lottery we hit upon uing
tiuall sticks of all sizes, deciding
that the one who diow the euiml1et
should be the victim. Aftci- having
made the sticks ready, I held them
in any hand while the othenm drew.
On comparing, thetu together we
foui.d that the ialian, Fracis Shu
fuse, held the ainallest stiel. I .tAV,
ing also Ngfeeg tfLat ti'e lottery should
be thrice repeated, ij4 ta-t whon
it ihould then provq that two qr ti;p
r us had .dran..the shprtq#t stick,
h -e should east lqu woi6g them
seles, so that the viotim inight be
singlud out, we found that the
saine man had ror a second tim.e p.ick
ed o0t I (3e . same object. wian..
Shufus, when his turn qaipe foq. the
thid drawirg hes,i!ated to j'oih and
would not dr .w, upon w)iich the man
SandstroiL proposed he would do it
for him. This le did, mad.-th short
ett ,tick was found iu .1atrou's
hand. Shufus bore it wj.th ,great
oUlcanlmes. and showed tl.,ujun,%t
reignation. lie wns lelt alon I'n
soic two Ib ,trs, while ho ow ;td
tbenl ml*gerly Imiokod rouqd tho l.hp,
%-,n to bCe wheMthar aoni . u hO.
pejutived or any help would 0o4e.
WU itood 1n1on the l bwlAt-. Sih n Ius
prepared himself tq aiste) his fate by
praying and s'peakiing i4. !tg.lian. le
gave urn no~ pan ting rnessumge.tgo be,eent
to, his fiends, most prubabty aq, hQ,
hardlly kcnew more Eanglish then s.o.
sa~y ye's and.. nq.. hlis bearing was
that. of a maan who.Mp mind Was wade
upj. Seeing we,worn ia,.t .s.elp, n.qd
feelia:g that Inur .hpa.ger ai d. tI 1r4t
had grown boyprad further endurnange,
we saw otirselvegi driven to saceriflog;
Shnfau. lIe lai$d himself down, but
befo-e than Auggyat Mulnaler laud tok(
himn tihat he would take :iis flade.
and. die for haim. '1This 8anutus re
lused, and layijng sliiself downa in
the l dta m of the boat,' gave .bly,solf
up to be tied, theta one m.an befd..fitec
emapty f,ouill'i,, tin so ans to catcha in
the blood. Muller, ore saying th..t
now s->me one must (lie fo. thno oth.
era, passed.tIhe knife around the
man's throzat;, * la did not sceam or
siruggle. The blood was drunk by us
Muller then out ou't his livnr .pud
hieart. Tl heoe we cut into smnall pieped,
anid ate them mnixedl wigb.tbe blogd.
and bait water. At last tl'iu.momnets.
of Shnufus, I was int the helm. Time
head anad feet were thrown anway, the
trunk taind tOhe imbs were put into.
one of the aie-tight, t ins of our life
i,oat, which we wo.haa4 openied. WVe
cont,mined ont our way. . it mjght
have been 2 o'clk int the afternoon.
wtaen the mnati hofus diod. Somtq
three hours after a uhi1 was teen,
which, on perceiving the boat, muade
for us. Ou)~ nearing the, vessel .WP
t,barowY away the~ reainsti of the corpse.
Ini our exnausted state we were help
ed ont b.oard. Thqas vessel was L,ic
Javat 1'.o,t, (laptain ,0. .Treppen,
uawter of Amte(dam, fronm.tha.t port
to Batavia. Tbis wny upa tihe Sist of
August. We were vwell trpate l, opd
2d of' November the vessel avrive4 at
]Ratav ja roads. -- & Frncsc
rCh&ro nide.
The increase of population of the
oity of San, Francisco during the past
year was 25,000, and tmore than2,000
, wLuiilir'gs wore oxeoted.
I Lunatie Iln.aIlpt.
A correspondent of the J")ndon
Daily News, writes to that journal
January 20th : On Stkd%y morq.
iig the me vige at I,rVipgto dAthedr.l
at Albury, nosrt.ilford-a build.
ing which wa, eteo%d at.. a cost of
?60,000 by Ihe .late Mr. .Ilenry
Druwnbnd-was interrupted in a
soiewhat alarming manner. The
ser vice had proceeded to the reading
of the prayeri, when kapt. Symes, a
m1110her, ofthe bongregation,wAs 4b.
&erved to sento his seat. 1Ho,at oroe
1ssoended the stairs and ent'red the
pulpit. Closing the door, he stretch.
ed forth his hands and addressed the
congregation. Ile said he %as conm
mi.sjoued..by,GOu to deliver a Wps
shge, which wolrd not be heard with
favor. At this juncture several of
the church offi.sials rushed up the
pulpit stairs, and begged the gallant
captain to desist. The req-seat was
met by the captain drawing. a_,w.or4
rron a pheath,, which was coticealed
Unpdor ti costand waving it above
11!i.ead, he said that, if any person
interfered with him in the delivery
)f his message, he would run him
through to the heart. A precipitatw
ret At.1as m,5,e by the offlcials, aUid
in tlie meanmine Captain Symes pro.
seeded to address the congregation,
warn ig the,m that it was his duty to
nll Zte that perd-ltiun wu their
!ate if they continued iin their present
aith. Mr. Armstrong, a barrister ilt
jiW, ad an intimate friend of 'ap
os,, left, hip seat, and, riisie up
he pulj.t 4t*irs,, begged hiin to
,ome dowp.. . The captain raised his
pword, and striking Mr. Arustrung
icross the hand, nearly out off one of
sit fingers. The alarm caused by this
oxtkaordiuary coudupt nas very great
l'he ladies -f.. tie ,congIga,ion
creamed,and tilang of them fainted.
Nh ujllp porttion of the congregation
ofijboir seats and assembling inl
:nots in knots in the aibles of the.
ibureh, called to Capt. Symoss to
ione duwn. One gentlenian undeter
.Jd by the injury itfficted on it.
k.r wm.rngg iseudl the pulpit stairs
,A1 expostulate with the captain
'he only reply he received wai Ah
)reseutation at his head. of. .a loaded
-evolvor. Hearing :the "click" of
he weapon, he slid down the stairs
n his back and hid behind the stair.
y. ,.During this scene the Dukp
Mnd Dpolhvss of Nuthumberlautl.
mho are, yogglar attendants. of; the
shurch, 40ft Lh,ir seats. The Duck.
ss. fuinted, and was carried from the
huruh by her attendants. Capt.
3ynes had now full possesiov., of the
)ulpit, and, striking tlhie swurd on the
)ible, lie ,roceeded in a loUd tone to
(qhiveq wia be termed his message,
iuiidot the sbte#njing of the fosuales
ind vociferous oslis to "ounia down"
>f the males. The -flicials pf h,A
ihurch had by thIs tite aytnodi t leif
elves wi h long poles, and 'with
Jitso they went tuto the pulpit, and,
tfte* a XpM.endous naflfe, sucopoding
n knocking th,#.Jiword and ievolver
.ut, of theibauds of the captain.
I'hoy thel, lid hold of him and drag
,ed him down tie pulpit st.airi. Ao
lie captain %iolently resisted, a ro.yp,
ats procured, and with it he.. 1ai
oud had..atd (out, and tied to one
if the pillt.r a of the1 bijildjag, lie
w:as subsecqueuatly given in %tbarfe iy
ho polIce, and on the fu.llgwing day
wa pr,ught before a magistrate. On.
.lc.certificates.of two surgeons heo
susi removed to a lunatic asylum.
A Qheer Docnment.
A fr'end .. hmaa. enclosed us wa
me calls p. ,'.'eriim,. et literai, et
.u,nctuatim?' co1*j of' is lett er sont to
P'.esidentanmt, by M m f. MoKina.
my, of Mul)DowsIl county. Th.e old,
:ian, our (riLn I writes us, is on
ae.ginuuissionuery lapt ign mister, and
replied to IP.8. ,W hito,, in Abelby,
luring t he tour of the lejier throu.h.
yJorik Qarmjjina, in 1851. 'Thu fol
owing I.. the i stor: ,
.- . ,J .uumry 20eths 1875
Datoad dijer'!tille 31eDowell county
N4orth Carolina to Mir u a Grant
president of the united states Dear
.ir walk in the ways of thy heart anid
in the aight of thinee ayes but know
thou that fo'r all.these things God will
ing thee into Judgment anud I bhall
Go thare to hseae the trial.
. -..,W. II. MIcKinsta
N, Bi, l,, req'uest you to lay this
under ypur,ha.,yery niehmt for one
orn~,,th it' God shuould aptair your life
Chester Beahs it.
.The YorkviLja,, fng1ilrer spf last
week rises and brags ovet the fact
that only $3,000 of, the tages of Abha
sounity are un pait.. The ,bpoks of
the Treasurer of hester county,.show
that all but $l,3Q0 of..,h bas levy
of t,his1; county has boin, paid. 8o
that, if (4eere, be any virtue and any
praise is the prompt payment of
ts es, thae Qhester, "banditt,i", are oni.
titled to their shar9.--Reforier.
.Of tGo f.orty-two, millions of pas.
seng'ers narried. over the railroads in
Massachusett.a, last. year, only a sin
.rl. one was killed and but seven
Were 1L7Uu.
The Bills of the Bank of the Slate.
The Committee of Ways and
sh14aus of,,the House of Iopresenta.
vis p resented, oil Fiday, a bill tc
provide for the redeniption of th.
Bills of the BAink of the State, which
bill is said to have the s4nction of
Governo Chamberlain aud the At
t6rney-K:eneral. The general pro
visions of the bill are as follows :
The (overnor is directed to ap
p,oint, befg,e the firat Mouaday is
j1pril next, a cominission of the cou,
petent citizens of the Stito, wh.
shall ascertain, as far as practicabli
the whole amount of bills issued b)
the flank of the State, the amoun
isaued iq aid of. the rebellion, th,
amount outstanding, and the amOU11!
of the bills that are valid and ,bub
sisting obligations of the State
Such of the bills as shall be found
to be valid obligations of the State
shall,be. staiiipdd ilegal" by th,
Commh!tion. The Coimuision 0hal
have power to send for persons anv
papers, and are required to rendei
a final report to the General Assom.
bley on or before the fourth Tuub
day in November next. The At.
tqrney-Ueneral is required to at
tend the sessions of the Con mision.
fol the expenses of which the anili
of eight thousand dollats is appro
'he bills ti ,t ,4hill be stamped at
leg.l by the Co:uiaission are uade
ro.civable fbr taxes, as follo"s:
First, for the redemption or forfeited
lands, second, for taxes past due at
the date of the passage of the act,
provided that the bills shall be ten
dered on or before the first day ol
January next. In all baes where:
taxes snall be levied for the sup
port of the free hohuuls and for the
payment of the interest on the pub
lie debt, it is made the duty of the
County Treasgrer ,to' receive, in
payment of su-1h ta4es, from each
person paying the same, one-fifth o1
the amount of his taxes in the bills
of the Bank of the State stampej
and atteated, as .before mentioned.
Ajlk.billsu"o -loeeived shall be btlamp
id by the County Treasurers, "Re.
ceived for TaxOb," together With the
date of the receipt and the name of
the person or persons from whom
received, anti 4le County Treasurers
are directed to report to the Cotnp
troller General the number and
amoUtln of auVh billd so received.
An annual tax of one aoyl a half
mills is levied for the purposa of
redoeing the said ills, and the
CQuity *uditors are directed to in
oludo this tax in their annual levies
for the next five fibeal years. The
proceeds of the levies are appro.
riated to the redemption of such
bills as way. bq received for taxes.
-The.State Treasourtr is directed
tv demand from the Arcei.ver of the
Bank the sum of $4Q,638 81 in bilh6
of the Bank, being the amount taken
by W, C. Courtney, Receiver, . it
paymnent of notes discounted I eore
the assott of the raid Bank became
a fund in equity ; alst, tny other
bils whi4h ukay..,bertift6V ..be paid
into the hands CfrIay PIL-eiver in
the ,aid cau.e. The so bills aro to
be oinelile-I inl tile pro.,oie of tho
Comnptroller-Gezer-nl.' ;nhe ;bulde-r
of pity of the bills who anay ,.he ag.
j(rfe.vad by .the action and deciaion ot
Cvzmmission.co,nqeaining the same, in
gi vnj,t)1n,r-.ighr to proceed by manis
dawnus, nad, in the event. of obtain
ing a favoraclo decree,. the bille
shall be approved by the Comnmis
t-ien. All the bill< not pienented
by the tiomiision befoie the liret
Mlondaj is Nove; ber next aue de
elared in~valid, a.esfar as any act of
the Genoral' ,Assd.t.hly. may make
them ao.-Xsews anid C.ourier.
Andi now we baayo. it that .the...lie
publiewna in,.'Jngress prhoose to re
vive the iron-clad test n Ith, in order
to prevent lty-three mnesi,bers 0.f
t.he nex .Congress from takit:g their
seats, '.'hsia one of the desp'erato
devien auggrapted to 1 prolong thle
tiierabhle exist*snge c.f the Radical
party rand prevent a reform which
is inevitable, 1t is the old' story
about .\rs. Pai tington over aganu.
S3dney 8:cith tells ris th.at there was
a groat storm at Sidinouth. A great
fiqod band not, in upon the town, the.
tide ..ross to. an, incrediblhe height.
the waves rushed in upion the horises,
and everything was threateecd with
desrnotion. In the mist of this
.sn1.limne andI terrible aoeise, D)ame
be.ach, war SlOelnpt the w5t,dowv of hatr,
hywu.se, snop in hand., trigdling h.er
4op,.squee.ing out the2,rea wate.r
anti vigorously pushing back the At
Iat,ig Qeeao. Th'le .Aganrtio wvas
rpqsed, and jso.was the spirit of Mrs
P,art,ington.., "8he was excellent at
at a stop .or ,a puddle," adds the
greet rQfo.rmer, "but she should, Dot
bav9 iweddled with the- temp'esi,,"
The tawral. .,pplies to Congress as
well os it..did s~o the Blriti*h. P'arliat
'wont. ,.Mrs. Partington will be again
beaten., .. .. ....
Ger many has adopted a law by
whloh the bolder of a railroad ticket
may stop at any point on his.journey
for any period, the tioket remaining
, (Ie aun.til used.
A Dlscoitrucd Buy.
Ornbapplt's boy had -caewl that
ouolh ing Thanksgiving ?. tery abutit
Lthe chap Who ran atwy fruilm home11
vbeu a boy and weno to ica and was
.lot heard of for 3i4si aUad ' iars
And how on Thauiksgiving day 'thle
mothertat a plate for the wauderor.
.nd lept at sent at tIle. tabli;.. and
tow the gray haired tare, wbon hju
.iff,rod a bl..a g, prayed. fur la
vaywad son-payed tim; lie might
-etur iin baIty to the pMternIal
And thou one Thatiksgiving . day
.vhl they had about v,ivun hin up
'1r dead, aILthIOugh the ph1 id
aoant chair tuld the story o a
u0ther's undying hopes, jA.t -a. tht
Nuily had saut down to the Thanks.
;iving dinner, there oupie a rap at
lo door. "Couj in !!' cried the
.ire, and in buunoel t.h . boy ..in a
iailor jaukut and a tarpauilin hat
just.ltime frot a whaing voya-tru.
auclh r. joicing as theet was in that
I Jus'. How his father bhouk bo. ht
his hands, and how Iis mUo.0her wept
Over hilli anld emlibraced him, anlid
:ow all tie brole'rs ad i tea,
aunts and1 cousim him.ng arot i his.
neck aad tugged at his sailu j.i-kt.
It w;s worth brav'.mg th daniggrs
of the sea to HIet with 81u-0lh a ia.
eum11a on his return. 'I. sat at the
.Caat in the Cbatl' ihat a ilot her's
leathilesd love.dod hope 1andI reOl..
loctiun had always pluoud fvr hiul,
a'nd. tevor was there , a happitr
Phaniksgiviiig since that eheri hed
an.niveroal y was inventO'.
Crat'applo's boy wept over that
story every tine he roa., it, andti Ito
got to . wderiig wh.e.th.er ,udih a
auss would bo mAdo o' 'rl hii. bhuiild
he run .away from hom1e and11 thenla
tui up again toio Thi11ankgiuig
day. .
IIe thought about it sommich that
he finally det.erminud. o .te.,t the
but-iunosti, anyhow. Ile %,otld 1ea
isow the people would aut w hem a Ito
played the prodigal's ietmin. So
about a week befo.o Thank.,giing
he ran away from house. .lia didn't,
go to sea, beoa ube the aa W% (00
far off, and lie cuuld i' ma lie llneli
of a voyage inl a weak, anlylaow. lie t
got a job in a tat yard, grinding8
bark, which answered all the pIr -
poses, for he could- imagitio his -La.4rk
wias onl the sea," as he0 rUoc thle old
hoise aronid tbe circle. lie called
the mllill tho world., 1 an'id inms.. used
himself mailig around Lil wurld Ut
every revolution.
With a beating he-art la approa6h
ed tle pateraal asiua. Ile lookett
iu at tuhe w imdow and saw t ii fol ks
just hitting doIN 11 to the Thatkagiv..
ing supper.
A chill of disappouitnent eiept
over him at) ha. Sani there 'ws io
vacant Obuir Ond th 3se wa-t1) aln idle
plate oi the table. lo listened at
tbe door a8 the blessing was atked,
but although sOveratl proplieti were
honored with a latti ring notice, his
nameo waisn't iitioed. 'I'l.i. was a
little hard 0.1 the boy who lial rt'
away frot home ad was liable to
atun awp onl anly buceved1d a Th1ank.
giviig day. . .. ., .. ..
Reoiuctions of him did't ,.seen
tu cluster aroaunid theo haartbaata,n toa
hanay very great extaent.
Rlepeaang a cbillinag forehddiln~
h5aIat ate in..h.is Lbrua.-t, Ihe hIauna
open-lathe door, a-u1h1.dJ ito then-.n
taiadt, dsiad a.Xelaaed-''Fat,baerI
mnothv r l 't,is I , Sdalmy C rata p pat
-hums. aaian. ' home ! hsoase ! ' a t
thaea threw s~ascj hiin ai, ln hIsfathut'
btreaat saobbmag cosnvuaslively.
\\'hatudi.a thaat lathtr aao ? Diad -Ie
huag hsiaa sand 5a,b seuras ovI.r Linm, .and
call haias his lozag '1.c b.a-ba.a, 'U
Not aauchs. lie ao1,lj .hi~m 'by thae
collar, led Isuna, inato the wood.aashedl
an d.*orkedl aver himas aaaso thana aan
hour with a u al-atat'e, his brotha- a
eras and si.stein5 dlaasqeing,~i ad taa khe
baok a.coop.. Isna atsiaaj of' dlehat
w'hai e. fls m oth e r berouaa:i , ',a'"b th
right, Aambua ; gave it, to lhui I aan
hi.mt bet.ter'u to luI away I. uin h.oamo
Theaaan he wai senit Io beda withlaout
aany Thbaaksgiviang aaup~per at all, asi1
thiaestem-d~t with beinag dlepi.d aa ;
bath Chari->tmas sand Ne, as Yeaa:
' Blankrupt allers.
''SambIoal whlserts your 'p5iin oba 51 dea
banlkrupat law ?"' -.I
''lI'aI)k 'ut,l su,-rate, l'osa, y.
I ' impijly.for' the appl.l'wion msyrelf'.
Jdaatsplanig yimi's pd1IOip al..'
'Whly, you s-ae here n, Inoaw, j a-,t Inedaa
'me dust haltf dollar you got, for whis te.:
waaisi g. . , : 4(
- Pompejay , haands l'am thae.. 1'nonesy,
and $amnbo udeil>eratoly pdts it into
his awa pocket.
S'DJoro dena, anow, I owa' de ase
maker three shilling, anid yQu half a
dollar,. seaides the grog shop, bill,
'Sajaibo, I takes dat half dollar
b.ack. .
Sambo,. with amnazement. 'You
tink dia chile green 1 You dite.
your abaro wid do oder creditorA."
Samnbo was quWito$ as1 hor.ost tan
How Longlo tierp.
low Iltoell-alep i, 11CeCC8ary to ro
now the exhn.UAd eVegieo of the
brainl, and fit it perfectly for its.work
Imlust be determiined by individual
experieice but aa to ebildiu1 it is
t.fe u tay they ought to be inidulgod
to the extunt Vf their incliitatills.
Tlluy re ull-o- nacre sleep th1anil aiitis,
alad old people, if their adumbers are
' lilid, ile. ille to .slhep at ahortor il -
tervalm than per'o inl the prime of
life. The difflerece inl ilividurd
in this re.,seut, iH very gre.t. 1)r.
.o0h metiols a nai who sleeps only
flftena iiutes a day and eijoys govd
Leal Ith,
llaime, in his "'Medical Liogc,"
speuks of some missionarioa in Cuba
who rlduced their sleep to ininun,
that they Anig,'t purs to their labors
with the -le i blt o intorruption.
WAhon I*u ced to rest they throw then.
selves en a Couoh with a bras., ball. inI
band over a brasi baiin. The- mo- i
11cli. thuy lIOst their Uon'i'clolsls the I
ball dropped from their igers, and I
ringing on tho basiti, wyaked them i
Alnd. this. sleep they. foun-I afforded I
ril thu i -eruit, that-finturu dem , tnlod. c
.eInCa declares that, 1l1aenaiis pussed. t
hrec. yoars without Bleepligic a siniglo C
I.ur, and iloe hauvo tifirms that t
It. pi-.-ed six weeks at one tilme with. d
out bleep ; but ncit,ltr of these vuato- i
Ile:ts as Uredible. It
Blaine wis informel by Clen.
)"ohegavt1thut dur.ing his active mam. J
maign in ilullaud he never for a year Y
lept, ijure than ote hour in twouty
otir ; an1d the sate is iCporLOl of
lar,os X 11., of 8%%edenjduriug hii
Foi.derfil ouroe'. Jeroiiy Taylor,
!ur:Ig part of Ihis ife, 1opt only
broo or ftur hiurs in the twenty- n
our ; and Np1o11oiR blOpt Wily four V
I livu Ious duriig. his mulitary ca- g
uoer ; Put bo wits Wib to fall aleep p
t aly time i cite mid.t of ld.h work
lien he felt drowsy. ;. '!tAhii i inter, it
lie great surgosm, alept four hours at, a
igt, and one af'tor dinner.
Sir Julil Sinclair gives the hi6tory I
if a man who had rer.ohed the ad
anecd ago of ninety one, and all tj
is life had slept but fo!4r .hIoira in ti
lie twentyfour. dir - Walter Scott tJ
aid. that be was not entirely Itimisolf o
I10Aes lie passed seven louts in total f,
IIOnihUioustj<se. Southey required r4
ig hlourt going to bed lat teu Ind d
king at eight. Sir Willi;uIl J nes oi
aid down the r'ulo of lifo fi atudents I
at the couplot,
"Seven hours to I,k, to pleasantmu
Aumnbers vevon. - -... ,
Tell to tte world's allot, and all to ,
The Divin. Bell.
M1. Tloielli htates that hi huas. bea l
aaing ii exoen ien cits withII bi6 Mu bmta tI
iLO veso* ,1ot' "jrtariio mole." as ip
allh it.. lle is struck with the 6or4-'
e.,pondoiieu of many of the pheijomI
a to th1se lserved in bIallooniUg, h
id coIsiders that it is at the bUttoUl' b
f te sea that the Oeob1lem1 of serial tQ
Iaypgatiol will ble solved. 1.. a j
ithild mass which is stilk -the I m:f. I
little iuves iite : Ili iii obedience it
0 , the serew -. prope Illor, wh.ich is at
biiven- hy the handiu. .lu ii the vud. 51
el mieets a currncit, it is vain to fe
hignk.of conit.aid ing withI it. Aatoth- ii
r d. licumlt y, -is ini l. b uon,., is oiit- I'
niiun. ( )aeo -ai allmon ha.s got seine 'I
san3 rn t1111he darathI, it. becomiies e
myo giblat to *., tellthie directiuta in~ Iil
tbig'h at i.s gong. 't The nle iis use. In
e'.,,,. ~\And, aiiilai ly, in the dusaria -
niolo,'.' #b'lei it i,.nly 0.3! of an iniao h
ider t he su rflace, 'itnd nothing is 'fi
ieen inl moitionI butL the hi.,h, the eoii. .ji
sa :s fountd of no u,e . 'To go to a a0
e'rtainu poinit, aonr arilicita meredinan w
uas to be a rrangated outt.id'e.' al.
l'osselIli reaatirks; too,, en t hte greait. t
li.m iintne:s wit,h whiclifuounds aro 'y
ad.At ,a depth of 110It fet., th. .it
eaew of. a steamier ois.ing about 00 j
a:--.a O'T,.soun rded i'n t ile (lie rmet ioalk /
y chi 3Ced) rhiolut 'n if ir e'eiler over.
en d. The contraiv nied 'of M.r. Tyr.
allIi, a fiordinog, as it does, a-.mov\el p
'I'rtnit iiy oft obIservaion, mdiy fitr-' a
irh. n.t s:pt ivie nhsta.iu piysics. e
IIoW 10 EVlY ll Wu1lIIlli'5 Xf'erII01l. hi
. ,e whoe pr'fn ,ses, to v tiers taid t
lbes dli ili, uieuttag bay% :--'l fo't,
a1,h ait'ot, goilog to wuua it wan a
r'oimanis i'Ia1 feui,i ons ; it enfa', 'ire dhone
a i t ay 5, -The umrlIo . ou go1 to,I i
e,ork t he mure .-ht. won't hilmlo youn.
nah heru ir at u d j>istd, a ed pull
i.r iont by the lhair. 11' you ate alreid
ia do i--i, Jumpij ini jotiikelf 'a,bpt
ibr pul' 3oni outr. 'Lefad. hert.tkioy' a
ar. batrnw. umei tfrout haorw -M>k&e i 'ti
believe thai shun has depply wrdhtga '
,vrotig her anid doni' ask (,o bie ,fpga
d veni.' l sh'orf, othfnive' th .gigge
aer unider a'lasting obligafiun to yo'6i
r to hay. yp,mself une as aM g
bligat ion tg o, .ItIesnt:at
i a fiaTdisa pih whielh, so facjt .j
hae tenalt iW cou'eyned.'
A. La.vgpdar, thu other day at din.
not, gau.d intentl y into Jlis plate, he
remiarkied "On ry a wonian's. hair- f
It's very Aentimntal, no doubt, but
some.how it, gota away with mvy apne.
Frozen Milies.
T110 reiuakUble fr1 zetl inines of
Coklrado are-. described by Mr. t.
AWe-iser, o. Coorgetowi in tih;t terii
iory, ill a4 oalliM lniuai-., i-. to Sillimi all"
Jour1na]. OQe of thel:lin the St.
Veils Uli- t A hight, Of twelv
thousand live huudred fet above ti
level of the sea, in Cliar' Creek conil
ty. At a depth of from -iAty to two
hundred fQ,t, the ledo or vien of
silver pro, as voll a. the surrouuding
rock, was foutiu to be frozen holid.
"'liore are tio indicatioua of a thaw
sutuur or win.ter ; the wholo frozeii
tort itory is vurrdunded by hard
tilusivo rook, id th lodo ittelf is am
had and solid as the rook. Tiu
minors being unable to exoavate the
fruzen naterial by piiik er drill, to
get out the oro, found the oily way
wvas to kindlo a largo wood-firo at
night agniuut tho back end of the
muncel, and thus thaw the frozon ma
erial, aiid in .tho morning tako out
he diisiptegrated ore. This has boon
ho mode of :iitigu for inore than
wo years. The tunnel is over two
undred fect deep, amid thero is io
iiiiinition of the frost ; it scous to
,o rather. iiiuruasing." Tie writer
6utim;i account fur tbe occurrence
f this fro,eu maiis so far under..
round, except. on tho hypothesis that
hIt frost penet,rated to that, dhiepth
urivg 1.he glacial qpooh, Iasl has re
iiitjod thuro ever since. It cotild
ot have found its wuy t1iither from
40 outsido while 1lio region was sub,
-at to any suqh climate as now pr
ails there.
.-. -- --e w n.. .- .
tttaco. by a [titer.
langing up nmy birometor to *ve
t a few minues to settle, I occupied
y-olf in colleotinig roin Iri the
ilion pines, which1 wore found in
reat a.buudaicc. Olne of the priuoi
all ob.jects of the of climb was to got
sis.rpin for the purpog of sinoar.
ig our boaty, but 61.had with,lo no
leanls of carryn it down. 'Tho day
as very hot,.uA iy coat haid beentl
:ft in, camip,.bo I had)4 U9 linigiijo
Stear ut&, bu it..ocurred to moe
> crit off the.sl evQ of' uy shirt and
c. it, up lt.ono cud, aid inl this. lit
c aack I collected about a gallon
r.pi oh. After taking ob.sei-vktions
ir altitudo, I Vandv,rud bip;k on tihe
el'o for al.our or two, wlien, iud
C0iily, I noticed .that a Ptori was
:,ming from the sou1h. - I liought a
iter in the rocks, but when the
orm burst, it,.cane downf .as a flood
'n.I the bretilicm- ifot with gentle
rops pit'.6n,t, blowly itcreasing in
anity, but Us if suddenly poured
O.t.l.all iUlnqgiltQO 40pj I won
ioroughly dieqoed.. an(.afmiost
ihed away. It -laste not Wore
iau balf an hour, 1huu the clouds
iop4 by to tho itorti andt was in
1e sunshi'l again,
lin tho'annsntjase I' diseov red a
Ntr -wdy".a, gettg-dev0, and
l1k;ed fo-Olimp,,n) l ilt e 1 roa, te.t
i6t9 pdoi;iblo.* 9%ygioh tgthle
attoo 0ti side osin.. ,4und a
my i .trans r]L.i,ng dowi the
ery.id,aafjtg with
mill red sanid, and theme alL united
I thM OR10011 below .1p.-. on groat
so:4 n or rod ud . Travellahig tas
sti 4could run n oon reasohoed the
'oS of4he-s&r.ans for . 4bi..sain. did
,t'roeh.t,bo lowor eud of sho.otuon
rd1t.a.wn,ter wasl .running dopo,i a
ry bed of *s.and 'and alhbough iL
me1 in wvaves se0V'id.l foot high antI
tegni or,two'Jly 'reot in- w,idthi, tihe
nil soakod it On and it was Jozt.
dYtb.flellowotl i.ve'uat:d Wit swaLI
wed itp, anid Mill the ihods damie -
omi above.~ i founid i coulid t,ravel
sier .i haiiu fb stroaim, so I.hiestoned
I to e.hiy and tyld the imei (hero
a s a i lv er. f1qli.itg do w n. I h'o en non.
t o carid (jil oamp .vquipsge froml
19 hiiult. to. whoe we thought it
dul beaboe th'e water, anid then
i)ud by to se'o the river :'1 t onl i to)
iri the ('r)lornid'r)...--7fajdi - *f. WV.
Md/I, & in.i'f I''o>ruany..
Sae ra Altl o slip.
ed and fell on thb~ ie on 87xlt treet,
dlhitig a bake6t of oggs that he was
rryiig, Iinir'ioko thoem ali. (Gather
ip,. up his htakrtj' hi toliP another
ey, ss hoe itiutod, off, t'hat., thiero
roult it fe :mm!ahi,me. wlhen he got.
'0 idh to ent o it.
Sarah . Ysto.k of .zAwinigdon, .hais
i.d (Ip.iaad- to.-mat rimnony. I eeent..
A hiowevor, she; received . an expel.
or Y : (r5e, tyd *ietd
a tu ly 'fld, 'tV/oiMl%efia 'ic
rurtirtget-ly.in sblAtoholI' 1873
gl i.,874 the. JQ)oigat* )Iic a
p2ual.t,y of ! 63. -
A dctouil-miut teasein4Frikao, by the
dexterons-manipunlatioa of a Iirlond
ill Consbild&ted VigIawhas realhzed
*300,000 fronm $500. "'.Thetbougt to
altar her condhit ion in liZe.-,-New l*d,.
ford Mmuc~y
I(dgefelld is tranquil. JudgC Mack.
oy straigitenod out things generally.
Court adji mred in Qolimbia.,
-Sairday, a4tur a satisfaotory term of
tlre Weeks.
Tho Stato tax will probably ho
higher this yoa thau last. And this
is reform ,
Tho libel suits of Bowen ' agai nsb
the News and Courier will be tried
before Judge Reid at an extra term in
Cadet Molton was expelled from
the Naval Academy for thrashing the
colored Cadet who had insulted his
Pfrank Moses is said to be running
a Faro bank tn Columbia. His tuan
sion will be sold under mortgage. It
conitaius ubout $25,000 worth' 16f
furniture, none of which is paid for.
The private calendor has not yet
boon reached in tic houe, and thero
is no telling when the legislaturo
will ad.iourn. L,ogislatioin is imped4
ed because there is no w3kiowledged
leader in the logislature.
A nw olection has been ordered
in lancastUr to lill vacancies caused
by th convitlon of the chairman of
Coutity Coniimissioners for drunked.
ne0.4s and the rosignn'.ion of the probate
judgo on being indioted for the sana
SC)MI10 G11o sice, the County C014
ni.ssioaers of York issued bonds
payable in twenty yours for the
benefit of the Chester and Leuoir
It. It. A bill ha- passed the logis..
titure to pay those bondii in six years.
A deputation Iron eastern York has
gono down to petition the governor
to voto the bill.
A. colored nan went to consult ono
)f the most 1,high-toned" lawyers iii,
l4t on, and,after stiting his case,
aid : "Now, I knows you's a law.
Ver ; but I wish you would please, sr
liss toll ruo the truff 'bout dat mnat
The town council of Rock (fill, for
lhe present year, hs fixed the ro.
ail liquor iconse at throo hundred
lollarg. and the quart license at one
jundied and fify.dollarm.
[In Ph,i ladel ph. ji,t'he hpLtists h'avet
I ohurvLes, ani 16,507 m mbers
ho recsbytorians 72 churches, andt
?2,01> m11embers ; the Methodists 75
lurchesH, aid 1 9,770 members ; and.
,le Episcopaliatis havo 79 churches
aid 18,125 memtibers.
Ihe Marqui. of ilptn, previous to
ais conversion to Roman Catholiclaw,'
'ad begln the building of a largo
iureh for the Cinmch of Eogland.
[ie ha had the e.dilice finished, and
IIm pro.-enated it to the 66mmunion ho
tjtended it for. -
An interesting discovery of a lire.
ized female bust in pure silver baa
ately boon intado at, lerculanoui.
Phe work; nocording to an account
riven in the Pdrie, is in a state Of
xoollent -preservati 1, a-rd is the
muly specimen of its kind which has.
'cona found (luring the coourso of ex
taynaion. -- '
A Yadng wdboan in Dotroit,ohi rg.
ad :vwit hi assault and battery, upon be
ng asked ther occupation, said .she
saas an artist. The evidence canola.
dively proved that sheohad been painli
aig a mn'ad eye~, UsIog a soda wa tot
bottle for a brdeh.
-' nd-of the streams trinning -into.
bake S"pefior ?rom' t ho North is
sailoed Temponranee River, because it
ie the only once of all the tributarios
a,f thea lakhe that hasu no bar at the
mouth of il.
Tlhao snow drifts in. someo parts of
Scotland. a bout, the begirning .of the
yeair wecte twenty"'foot in depth.
Tlhe thaw hans caused .the river, to
ovec flow their banks in all dire.
tions, and' vast traets of land aro,
under water.
11now comes out that,. H1op. J. R.
1)oblittle was the mnanipujlator by.
whoese.mnagie power the. .otest, for
Unilted S~tatos eeoncator ..n ' Wijsconsia t
teruimiated so- suddheply lait week in
the cooie of Augus Qumeoron a.i
Matt. Cairpontero'e suCqseur. .Judge
Doolittle spenlt aL day or two at Mad i..
sonas;a peace inaker and compro
laoisor, ab it was lhe whoe coonsolid"t..
.d tho oppositions i,dments onl Mr.
Oni nearnnt of the parabzed con
ditioin ot theb newly Eledted goverror'
o ef Ne'vadaa, the ina bgui atoor.'eremco
ni s webt- e.foru,id- st' his .bedside
by te ji;., copAidion of the legisla.
tu ung wh,, c.re.d I.to.hisg room ud.t
th.ea.ediniaisterod the oath of ofiui..
"Pretty bad .under foot, to day,"
said onie-citizeni to anotber, as they.
met imr the---stre-et the ethe r da. ,
'*Yet, but it's line overheaco," raa
ponided t.he o'ther, "'I rue eniouigh,' .
said the .iri.t. "o't thee verv tow iamo

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