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Publidbed E'very Wednesday at
0"YELLIMS <3- n.r 1/71A
Ono Copy one year, - $ 3 00
"ivo . - - 12000
-en " " " - 24 60
Agricultural Drecsion.
We publish as a matter of general
interebt the oliion of Associato
Justice Wright in the Suprome Court
in the ocao Jolh McCullough, Re
spondent, vs. Jacob Kibler, Appol,
lant :
Wright, A. J.-The $tatUte of
1860, which allows a preferred lion
to any person or perso s making an
advance or advaices either in money
or other supplied to any person or
persons cigagod or about to engage
in the c'ultivation of thd boil) is as
"If any porson or persons shall
make any advance or advances to any
person or persons who are ongagid or
arc a out to be engaged in tho culti
vatio. of the soil, the person or per.
Bu11s lo miking suli adVanco or ad.
vanlces shall be entitled to a lion oi
the crops which may be made during
the year upon the land, in the culti.
Vation of which the advancesso made
have boon expended, in preferewco
of all other lions oxisting or other.
wise, to the extent of such advance
or advartues.-Gen'i. Stats, See.
55-p). 55-7.
Oio important object of this
it-atuto i:, to enable those who 4 .re
otgaged in tihe cultivation of bhe
soil" to got u11pon C 0dit tihe necessarv
supplies to be expended in produc
ing their crops ; and at the mamile
'ime enablo the person or persons ad
vanoing noney or t-ther supplics to
becure hii or then:sel Ives in the pay
mnent of t e thing or thing-i advanced,
which wero expeidel 1upoll the land
inl producing the crop, and upo:
whiuhk thing or thitigs a mortgage
would be no security.
It is shown that Ilelthwr Iioloy nwr
anything else wi a dvanced by the
.appiellant to 'itor Mentlntihall; there.
-fare Mendonliall was only ii.dubted
to aI-pllnIItit for a mule.
-In no wise can a tuilo be conmider
vd an ";kdvancu to be expended"
upon the soil w%hich produces the
crop. The labors of a inuile might
very properly be considel:cd a neecs
ary supily for the pioduction of a
ivrop ; but ia ul instead of being
worn out and rendered useless i
produc;ug a crop, may be in much
better condition and moro valuble
after the crop is made than before.
Tile soalled lien on the crop of
'Peter Mandeuhall hold by tbo appel
lant is void.
The question raised by the third
.ground of appeal is n1ot ne0csary to
a full aid proper dceioi,a of this
T1e mot ion intist be disilissed.
-Balky Iforsm.
The Society for the Prevont,ion of
Cruelty to anitmals pult forth a set oh
rules for theo treatment of balky
I. P4t the horse ut on1 the nheck;
exainfe the barn'iosa carefully, first
on one side and then on t'ho othor.
speakinig encouragingly whilo doing
to thenl j.11mp inIto the wagon~ und3
give th:1 word go ; generally ho will
2 . A tearnnator itn Mainot says8 he 0:an
start the worst balky horse by taking
him11 out of tile shaafts and( inuaking
himl go at3 ounde inl a circle t ill ho i.
giddy. If time lirst dance of this nolt
doeaon't curo3 him l the secondl will.
3. Tlo cuii a a balky huorso, simlply
plsco you haniid over the hlorse'sluoid
anid shut off his windw until be wants
to go,
-1. liT brin of a horse Ssem flto
1tutertain but one0 .4ea att aL Itime;
coenli rms his stubb.orni resolvo. 1
30ou 0can by aniy me1ans3 givo himi a
no0w subjset t) thlink oh, you~ will
generally hatve no trou1ble in st:arting)
1im. A simlIO remedy is to take a1
coupleI of turns of stout twine around11
befiore leg, just below the knee, tight
0enougha for the hor1I'o to fool, anld t,it
ill . bow-n t). At the first, 01book he
wiVll gcerally go dancin11g ol and11.
aftecr a s ('rt d isItneo you canlh gt
ot and reflino the~ 3tringt to prAIvent
i jury to the ten'dot iu your- further
d1r ivo.
5. Take the tail of the hloVe be.
tweeni thles hind logs, and tie by a cord
to the s..ddlo-girth.
(J. Tlio aL st ring aroulnd the hors'.,
car close tol the horse's head1(.
Th'le l"ed eralI freasury is to give
uip $50O0,ht00i to the Contennia tl jr b.
Thliis is the first, i l.t allmen1'tt.
"Therea.'s mlillion)s itn it." The1 hal
ance0 will go to P hi ladeliphiai ill goodl
time1, althloutgha toet of Conagress
relaitinag tothe3 C'ettennial say3s ex
paretsly : "the Un tited Sta3tes shall1
bot he liable for atny expenses att
tonidir.g such-I exiition, or bay reon
of tlt he ame.''
Alluding to the add ress of the
.1)ero n n s i it t'oti ress coiti sei t
thle peoJpi ( of' the Southl to helar iad
foarbeat; keer the peaoo~ and1 hido
thcir timea, thec Cincinnlati EntinJlirtr
says : '-h counsel01 isI h onlorabl e ill
thec givintg, tand( if it Ni followedl the
day of del iveranlcO of the Sout herna
pele t is tat hlanId."'
A Mihiigan inatnf,act urer hlas
igh t ecn ttuon i.nl io ltI bw>m 1h 1 Ies
retady for sh3ipta. ent. Th:a . ouIght to
To presrve any poet that is platited
in the ground, bore an inAx .auger
hole in tho post, slnting downwardi
and deep enough to hola t gill#-%eut
an inch above that part of the & I
that Is doverod by the ground, T.e
All this hole nearly full with an
kind of grease or oil, and Ai"i "p by
driving a pin into it very. tight
This can be done after the post id
planted, the grease or oil will spread
through the pores of the wood, and
fill them up, and render it imper
vious to the air and water, which
caute wood to deoay,
The following parody 3n Tilton'
Sir Mlarmaduke a Alusings is going th<
rounds t
"I won a beaulcous inaid,
Or ral her thought I had,
hut. when 1 asked her dad
lie got so thutderin' mad,
I felt afraid.
Ani when she bid me *ltiek,
1 (lid: but with a fro*n
lie onaiched me by the crown,
And yankod me up and down,
And theni
I 'dusted' quick."
Whiskey 8muggling In A.6ska.
Gen. 0. O Iloward, now in com
11and lf thm Department of th* Co.
lumbi-, recommends that an ainned
steam vessel be employed in the'wa:
tors of A leska to pievent the smug
gling of liquors, etc., froni britibl
An exubango -says t"A orrs-e
poudent of one of tho W.estri
papers spouks of Mrs. Besyi"r
peraing in comrtOwith her two lova
molls.' tias Aho any dialoyal onespy
WVa don't know how that -a ; but it'i
to be hoped that hor husband is i1,
oily disloyal meiber of the famiily
- CouirierJo-~unl.
Thec Marquis of Lorne an th,
I ii,cess Louiso are expected to coilt
to this country text summer-, It i
tiot at all ltkely that the Mrqui
will hmve to krUp outside of tho "firs
ciole' in the republican court,
A mong the passeIgers by the Pa
vili o Mail stea'mer Arituna frou
'annam and wiuy ports, whieh Y
rimi 4:m Vn ranweimo on Friday, ar
loo .-t 31.+t *, f 411 bVAM itv,'exk '611a>
I.oam C6 ad tuadalkjtra-.
Why is a doctor better taken oar
of than his pationts I Beoaume vhoi
be goes to bed somebody is sure t
wrap him up.
A smal'! pieco of borai all o*ed t
dissolve in the mouth is said vo be i
VXeCllentramedy for suddun hoarse
ness or loss of the voice.
! There is nothing so highly prirem
as a soft, sweet voiW0 in a, womai
except her ability to wAsh whe
hard times come.
The fogisiatre of Kansas has a
propriated $63,000 for the relief i
nho grasshopper sufferers.
A despairing swaia, in a it of de
pecration, recently, doulared 'to hais r
h enting lady..lovu th a't it w ag his 'tir
determ ination to drown himself,
RI. 31EANS I)AVIS, Editor,
Wetli&till.y Mornilig alRrti 8,3 18'
T1he~ Civil Rights bIll has paSsa~
the Senate, and awaits the appro'v
or vot') of the P'resident-.
A threat htas been inad'e to ashasi
nuto King Alphonuso, of 8pain.I
has rcignecd just about a mtont.
Th ey are taIItiuir bout a compr
miso in Louisinnta, but thes propos<
coneae>ious ate invo'lvcJ in
mu cit obncur ity as the piresent stat
of thatt unhappy State. 'lho imajoit
of the Senate Committee favor son
ing Sherid an atnd the minority su
pot Piaclhack.
Th'e Un ion liIerald shows that tnil
States, six ntorthern and three soutl
eta, wibh over million inhabitant
and five thousand nmillionls of prm
erty, agentd u.;y $281,007 a year f<
prnin tg, whI ie South C arol ina w it
7t',6 inhab itants,antd * 1d1,000,0t0
lpetnds in otne your $292,889. ]h
thlen. you ktiow the masses in Sou't
Carolina are all highly edQeated an
Sitmultaneously with t,bo tidings e
the death of the Em~peror of Chini
was telegraphed the news that hi
chief physioian had been decapitated
Tlhe pill driver of the lKoperor amus
al a yvs cure his patient.
a sai that the Mandarins o
(Chinia etmploy cachi a physician wit!
a regular salary. A detluction
tmade fronm this salary for every day
the .\I andarin is sick. It is t9 tif. inter
ost of the ph'ysiciani to keep his.mas
tea' ini lie healath. . 'm laY 'geeor peeo
tsThe Legislature of North Carolina
l}gitated over the proposed x.
lsIon of 4 momber .amed Tborn,
to is a0used of having written all
e*Oft dVnding inlidelks) and
degboicng 'the Charistian telgion,.
TWia ilas thlt he beliei* 16 a
Ai pot-being, and the God I the
Bible .in part, -but not all of it.
Whe-ein consists the diffeenee .
beitweou a man who a.ays he believes4
thele is no God, and a mwi Who acts
as if he'does not believe in one?
The liegialature is still 6.1dg oi I
Cardoms. lie retorted the Utbor day I
by publish ing A list of olai ms Ite'paid, i
uad iti male seeral old stager.
winceo. T.he Treisurer having deBig.
nated the. legislators as Chadbando,
Uenat,or*Nsh procured a copy of
Bleak -House 'and read the de.
e;ription of that 'olerical persontge
ROv. Chadband - is lecribOd aS' a
peculiarly oily, bland personage, and.
the demoripte4tn so exautly suited our
portly Treasurer that it biought down
the hou.e.
The Union-fIerald claims that
thie Goveroor aud-tho 'reusurer are a
pair of Samie.e twihs and that a blow
aimed at one will injure thel other.
We 6iah. every. tub to ntan.l upon its
own bottom. It is not necessary to
ocuple t'io two. - We ao -not be.
lieve in Mr. Carduza, and are doubtful
of the pro'priety of having him re.
.moved, only because a woree mail
' may succeed him.
Press Gagrinr Sugeested.
D The Charlotte (N. C.) Observet
has gtt"n into a.panie 'over.a recont
editorial of ours in -whoih w jugges
ted that the- New Orleans Bulle.tif.
5 sh'ould be suppressed'if it oputiout
to advise ex-ootfederates.'to. prepare
for a second war. 'The Obsptier -se,
in',. this a prol able auggesion t
G rant --to apyie6a '-tho Bulletin.
The Observer ia wistaken. We Coun.
aol no such unwarranted act on the
.part of the admiiitttn. The
term used may bave.been.mubiguous.
For the beneft of the Obicrier wo
state that in our opinion the -uppres
sor of noxious netwspapers-shoutld b
L) pui&Wc 6piniv. T''.o vvithdrawal oi
subsoriptious and a44eitisemnocts firt m
* paper age. as .61ient-a -.gqg as tei.
-iugbU 1'-l6dral bagniag.:-..e. ar.
ho iess. But whena paper
betrtysit' triist aseto'ha n4d the peact
.and. lberty of it. -reader', it is r
D matttr of grave doubt 'whether e o;
.a foroib.le unlawful.suppres.,ion is no
to bh preferred to a contiuuat'on of
its Kniohief breeding. To) de-prive-a
matt or life it) a orime ; but when he
A. betomes anioondiay, thrwingfae.,
am brad i.nto a nmass of iaiflmamble ma
'r terial-, the shortest way of disposing
oft ilm is thme best way. The ,awe rule
applies..to newspaper,.
W' ki've these as our views ..n the
rights of Journalism in general. But
Sfor the benefit of our contem poram'y.
we state that i.e had no idea of aug.
gs.tIig a suppression of the liullotir.
by [email protected] adminirtration. It should be
suppressed by a commumnity whieb it
#ould lead to dem.trudtionjs As -it is
playing into the hands of the adnijin.
Itration, it ne,ed not fear Girant.
We hope our contemp4ohary i
satisfied with this expu.llIin of our
'Thelegislatmre is driftinig slowly
along without any appadhutly defined
-~ objeut in iw Trho session of thi,
refor legislature bida fair to be
equally as lonmg as that of any of thet
u. pm evious ooarrumpt logialatitros.Qe
dr eason thatt the stmsion ii 5.olm god
is that the miembers have free pas.-es
ont all thme railroad. and tohte houme
'honteVit tuhy pimblio oecui oh bring.
t.l.iiruonbtituentt t,dge.thar or any
. private btisns~ l to be atten&ded to.
The state pays tho.e'$olQus siX hu1n
drod dollars a year and allows thett
to mileage, and if the sessionsl of the
'~ legislatui'e n'erkemaabraced withmin a
ts brief p< riodh this wotuld be anflicier.t
to allow the legi'slators to return to
'thte i osol,m- of their'.f n.illies often
Ienough to regtlate any~ nteesar.y
domestijo affairs If the ntemtnbers
Lwere compel-led to-pay their railroad
Ifato.eveory tme they cowe hotme, they
wouldi bo interested in dispatehing
their businoe. and coming homes
rrTey should not ha've free psses
*, regislation is often required in which
a railrosere~p interestedatad how can
-law makets vote impartially with
their wallets stuffed with passest
The~ oonservatives should set a
Igood.ekatup!o. They shutuld always
m n attendanne in the legislature.
Thi failure of certainm conserva i'ves to
octie their proper places has re nultedl
fi tire passage of obnokious bll.~Lot
r:y.Leilatos' pay as he goes and i
I.30wilI*kv4shorter andi moro sattis.
The News and Qoprier has been 1
btallng" the now bo#ds and is now
ailing treasurer Ca4oa., We do
iot befleve in the settlement9 and
oly aicept it because it is tho bet
re can expect. We sre deoldidly
'beirish" towArds At. Cardoza.
'here are a great mati) wheels with.
u wheuls about the Treasurers offii,
kud alt,hough the letter tf the law is
stensibly obeyed, we are not convinO
d &a to the spiiit. Thu 1 umbert mat
or needs investigation. It is said
hat when Andrews sold out the
Juiou-Herald to Sfouea, he received
6u order on Humbert for $6,000, on
which Caidjz4 endo'sed thati t would
)e received by him as cash. Hum
best paid the money and thon Cardo..
,* tefused to accept the order, and
)aU std the arrt at of .Hlumbort. This
itself will bear a deal of explanation
from the oily Chadbadd who holdt.
the public keys.
Erroneous Assessments
The delinqfuent tax list published
in our ooluuns contains very mnn)
errors. It is probable that nut noe
than one th-ird of the tracts of land
are really subjot to sale for taxet.
Several of the estates advertised
have bcen partitioned, and the taxeP
have ueen paid by the owners. In
Dther cases t:he lands are ow:jed b)
dlifferent parties from,tho-e advertised
rIhese uistakes ooour from a failurc
to note on the Auditor's book ever)
transfer of property. Either the
parties interested fail to notify the
Auditor, or ho negloots to mako the
proper entry. .In i-omo Cates also.
the Auditor has arbitrarily renewed
tile assessment of the previous yoa
whenever a party falls to wake 41
equally large return, The present
Auditor and treasurer it voule
oem, are not to blame in this thatter.
The errors ha% a been handed dowt
t.- thein on the -books. They art
now eideavorinig to make iorrection
an order to have correct Looks nex,
year. These erroneous assessineutt
work injury, All these inaginar3
e-tate are valued and their stn
added into the general ez.tilnate, thu
!iureaoing the s'ppearent wealth of th
County. A levy is made tipoti thi.
s,assten,it, and when taxes are ool
let-ed, the nulla bona returns diniii
iah the 'xpected totAl by a vat
-amount. .Last jear in tihe State
there V re -over .$30,000,00, o
1ulla.bona, rturns. This year there
will still be a great di.,crepancy bt
twe-n the e.ti,atetd and the aetuti
,utlja realized. by taxation, despit
the now asse-4s8sment. lie aiol(
while the booka show a dieficit ol
about $8,000 of taxes, the Treuirer
informs us that he judges ther
should be only about $2,000 yet t
be colleeted. The s-ame is true
in almost every counlty.
These erroneous assessmenjts are
but portions of the legacies of past
corrupt and tlinopetent adiisatra-.
tions. Many years will be requlirer
to 'correct all the imp.erfection,s ex
i ting in th~e admi, in.trattui of ti
iaws in tihe State.
.Some individual signir.g hiersell
"X. X.'' has written a letter fru
Columbbia to the Charlotte -Obset-ver
on reform int South Carolinn. Th.i.
letter freom be,ginrtg to end is a tir-ade
again.t Gov. Charmberlaini, iarpera
ed wit,h sundry jeremtiads for th<
oonservativ(,h Wilo are hielig "fooled'
by this arch villain. Tlho write:
chlargos th it Cham erlain i.n the in
sligator of all theo nrimeis that haOve
been perpett-ated against the hunest
people of douthl Carolina, anid that 1he
on now assumimng tho rofa of reformera
only in ordtir take fresh hold and
perpe rato new eno ID ties rg'inst nrt
already outraged pecoplo. Jic
cihargeat that Gov, Chiambet'ain ap.
points thu.tuheanest readlcals to ollice,
and :nakeb seVeral othei' IecOusatione
which we regard n's unju.it.
Now we are aol an aj.ologist for
Mr..Chambe.rlajin. We concede tha.~
his record up to the tiu.e of his e O.
tion as goernor wats bad, very L,ad.
For thiwreason, we vuhemiently op.
posed hitn. But ho ha mos agreen.
ly surpaised us. Ills inlaugoral and
:uessage were -ill thalt couil be dle
a red, anid ht s ofioial acts thus far have
been~ in the main perfecotly satisafaeto
ry. .Up to thtis time ho has made an
ad mirable governor.
We are not acquaited with the
motives that have prompted Goev.
Charnberlain to take this eourae of
action. Nor do we propreo to in
quire into them. We are satisfied
with the result withouit seeking the
oause. And until we are convinced
to the contrary, we will have charity
snough to believe that Mr. Chamber
lain is renlly desirous of efrecting
~enunine reform. We are perfectly,
willo ia tca th,, ( .ad pe. i
*part fresh in a 'et oareer, beliov
ing that the err's of his past will be
bdioon liglt1walning big: where dan
ger lrkd,
'X. %I! iak4 ih'otjer ch'arge that
Gov. Cbamberlain byi 4kt--patrotiage
hias siletoed the pre's. W0 would
be glad to lea n the.1Vhjedouts of
that pationage. .6i'.o hi clectioi,
our printing bill against the State
has ainouited,to'uAry red,.'
SX. X." also set up at disinal wYil
bLcauSe the governor "is daily otw
prontidpg the honor of our people
who virtually acqtfiesce in his beliih
ittligue'." This is gurd. Tile
"hellish Intrigue' in Obieh we h11vo
acquieseed are the defeat of Whip
per, Baker and M1oits, the ruduotion
of apptopriationst the atppoint
nient of nuoh bettor ullbi,le than
have served before since reconstrue.
tiun, the exile of Pat,ron to Waah,
ingtou'tho.dibarming of the E'dgb
iid Uillitiag alti mundry other littll
picos of ue%lituet tuo tediur.s tu
I-X X?" is deeply njortified that
the proud Sons of Carolina "dust look
fur redotuption to a quibbling, quirk
ing upstart whol fi eom a needy saedy,
adventuret ii 1368 is eaduivoriug to
tr tmforai hi.aelf iuto a gentle mat".
We aFk wherein oouaists the mortifia.
tion of lookinig for redemption to any
man "Oho is t udeavoring o tran:fol tn
Iiinself into a gentleman"
Such letters as tals do harm. Thoy
evince that captious hostility to the
new order of things with which the
people of the South have been charg
ed, and which they have truthfully
So lutig as Mr. Chamberlain makes
a good givernor, we intend to sup
port hin and lend hiu) aid in effect
ing reform. Ai e weiea honest -in our
opposition to lihn, and we shall be
honest in our ,uppurt. MNr, Chai.
btritin has silenced the pic.s, not b.%
pap, but by au- altnoat itreprocha
ble record as governor. Already
under his strong adiniaietration the
people are bteou.ng- inore sati.,fiec
with the present, anti fnore hopeful
,f the future, For this let ar.
tihamilerlin have li due.
On Thursday evening lost, the 25th
inst.j at the iepaidence of the bride't.
father, neitr Wiinmn4boro, b*v the Rev.
!. E. Chichester, M11. Rl(1)It' P.
L\ IN i tIl of 1Iirfield Cout-ty.
An itlpoiant t.n,ura Guamno-a gc.nn.
meo Attiiadl Depoa.-It A Ctarg~o of fatl teIn:
nowti on iihe Vvny to thIgs port. Thi, Guni
taveA gl'eatt a.atisfac.tion an Virgii 11n1
North I Unarolidaa thes p111 ii s ) 1te a ton irul
inda c' ill-at: setala. ott a ppl Iia oti.
Pr0f WViIa.on, of liaire, .\aI d . a (
t his G tatid : -'By a cri t ial. exa i inta to:
at the. aittalys5is of t he Vniaionas crargoas .yma
lave impotaed,t a Ariliting fesitare i). th<
erent .regatnthii l h tahe per:cbnin ge of tinl
imnporit lconstitutt' tssenial f tia h
prodluct 1(i ofali eaops."
Pt ol. F,~ A. IienathI. of P1'1'il dti h in
Paeitn., stays :~ a 'The Glian is evidet lyv i
animttal oariginl; nnda te ntaaii hont,
.viichi we rb disacovet-edi ilh the ameia itndi
:alae tha .r It is th lir estila Ur itt. dleenay I
tatls, tO ice, &c.-~i ou qatt ly of olga i
naittec- whaich is st ill proaslit Is aihot '.
I er eti., Alld lhis y Lelads huoi -? 11
:enilt.. of fa nmoia.~ A paort iota of alh
nttrogen Is pirli-eit t1al iitto aci,l, (a
widh labout 4 pea- deii. Wer founad. Al
hte nlorogena paesent *wulb tn aivalen.
'1''t -9.1 per ctii. atf iainanr i. TJia
ph6SPartau , diad In I he Ua o rave'ragg<
4 ,. 2 per cent "a iaaal to -7.3 per a. Ii
f jotne Phosat l e. A c t ad,-raabia
aatitLiy of te phu thnriO naat. haow
ver. is preseni as so-citlilad oentraal Phio
hatei~ or Limea, aihich, beutng slight'
ot tbIae In waatr. a-enaldrs the Uunaaaa n
atick iii itS alha Yeidd # i 'coIlruoadia
ana'l'y o1' SupherphioOiphaign wVa,tg li l
't'taa I l'n lt pe 'tarIta ge aof p-alrai thi heI 11.
ialite ex ptaa:r-ae" whieta I h>aive tindet i:
lhe (h ta : ananiI'anl tno .doghtt c.an exist
that it is A valuIAhlaeat. ntire.'"
Prof. ii. - . Whliie ai Ia. t[..rgta 81 at<
by tIht Aataih this thfinth 4g:lintial. i,
good jl po(1rtion, all a 13 lejijenth wh ie
are genaeaaly contsidereal las of' itaina f't
puianli roala. andi: Ito f..rmsaa Att' clt. aa
liens iai wi otheay are prte-et areo .- aaa
as to renadlor them availaihe ill li a a
sim Ilatble by the, plant.a I .lhoutld ,1 g
thla the prtoper t Se oIf i s arltie'e 10
paur poses o. ie -tilizaa ien won Id be alt.ll
eti w ith gr-eat p1rofit.
Pro itharisee I. S'separd, .Jr., ita n r
cen1i anaaia,si. of ti. ,1'gd, 'ay I i a
90-io (f anmd rigina ) w(tula .'p
I roaaithpthy..i-oi iand -ccicoa'poene
to l1u)awer ev'ery tie.sttgtiiae U'.ape.tataioa
of It comImerciaaI laaarea."1
.drs re'ceiveda Aa.I airranigemens h(
Ifor ias a a 'o by ippIac'a' in 3(1
J. N. R'Oll8aN,
6 (8 Iast flay, I anad 2 A tlanDic wit a
.Jan lf.f4x2 Chaarlio
Etiwani FortilizeP's, Etiwana his
soIycd Bones
ATho flra'aley's lateut Phaoephia' fo'r
ale for- cash ot' na pro'ved pa per by t he
Agents, M,MAsTE R & lICE
fob 22
TJII4 exerciav, of' tis t.chto 43
tr ill eom amnead Mloh'day, 'the 8 ha
of Feibrary,
B'essionas for il,e presentl, fro tn
Italf'Pas.t nin t.o haalf-pastt
noIlok. It in highly- ~ .i!-au .haat a.
the p. ai': a ac. -,
Old SAM J 4"s
T~ HiE Legislature h vin1j a ppr->pit iid
" teri alkt'Aindls lor thle pa; mtl of1 .1b
s4601 olmints, and having - provided 1 4I
h %E'did Clidhs be paid poo.rata, all 0l.- imls%
dated prioe' to the IlIst of Novou,bol Ib7.
h g "V he _ 'm-referlewe. Io.-Oie0 1 I.treb3
g i v 'id hi of -'df si dlai n1 I p t Il n,
the saine lit. Ir iolli-e u tho "eC1. 01 Cemo
missioier fr rdgi. aitutoin, s) ii.mr- tle
exact a monut oIII W1 am1141ng call he : L-oer
-tain4e sind ptoporth ft It I'f.,titnts i itil
I ieroon. The iflicu wilt boo opti Ar re, ,
istry onl Smatirdayj allo -tioela-ys but wpk-l
ilie Ioirm of II ia. i. i6il I it, tii. inmid
22il March .arie, are utrge-l Io pir ei I
their oiamom pl ily ili or,L- to s otire
Ileir prri, p,op.yon u-i /u: mad
Vatil the rI-OW1tyilcw:
Il. .. Utit\ W t - pt
. qcoltasnsiurd
SA t..J
ST A B L , rr-'?
a. Fx 0 GIDI G,
- V .4 dif. i I" d f ita Liv Iy il:.r
.est to l11. T'. Terrill. I Uil jlitppi
clisinfitly oi hind I M!: *Iin' mst ll , to
sale. Partie-S inl wnn111 rlit' d se- i
do 'I ell to give n.e i enll.
I have al-o orLeed a *nrii:ge, ugy
and lVaggonl Fut.fniy . A It o..3:iy
oxedutetd and niarril1ned. Gi fi e ii . 1 il
A. F (J(l,ilNih
ll1 nd omlete sri- k A-f Ct \I
fl11 ;AIl l m left,1 Son, i lo oa
land W [NTEK GOOD-H J11,I I ec.in o
ope-1ing at thi, it.. Di.y Gio1
Fancy dutdS. .\ milet,
Dry (lpods, F:ney Co.1j im.1 \lillintrI
depm1a t ent. 11n.s-tcli i 4 ..1 t
Ladil's solivilel. I'is es
lip %V(.4 I.
li e a tull t%e orn aiIsit, ci;v'n. In ali,,(
niIIl 1-Ibberit S 1:1,b1,s.
Grocery Department.
i\ew 111riCh 1 p y or 1,0( y:i.
i ofee'i, i r .
C ' Fil 11:1k r, I W I'p
!G roile. il,
Cho111an. lf: and ~i3in. I: pr', TI .3
Fre.sii Ch cse. Cle p . -
114 31 Iri"ll 1 '. (
s. o . .ek is II1) titIto -- (I o t
V' (.111 . e t f .t .!.. ..
and1 naq uhealp a.-sIl t e jl; e tI
li. {F CiA . Es , ,
\h ad a c s od3u o
WheIr c0rr -EE .c..
S-8 6oVax.
,V z
V."~I4 il $ ' I?
- - - - ... 1
I ".i ' - . . . . : ..
.4 -
'f* 7.11EL A VE(I ETA 11-' 1 -T.PA TI A'I*Tn 2 ,
$- ek I i . - .'I -- - n -, i : .. I I t I T r
1.1 r R 11 , ; I% 7S(Nth o v -
pio-, rit.; - i! a-.. '.-c.at d ll t tic au
i' - -ill! r.; i d .w !yenccor<1iii
to .'.i- etto
it:I . 4't 1 m'ch~ :. 44'ra, th;~ '. n hva hy nelion It
t 1t. 4r 4 4r l . to
,- lb hi e r t. -a
:44' L' . . it r y r. T T ay
* ur , ii .. n er: t. a (i A ppize*r.
. , : .-. cIt i erp.i anl d
it .,e . . 'j J - l-0 1 :&. vi. a Iycti on t
;i -.v. or w I. , mi:' . i h I b, ih.fy to whiand
Iupt', I :T r o .
IIlrn iv tre lood
:, r. r .i, T e
The Peruvian y rup, a Prot.ect
r4 Solution of the Pirotoxi<te of
Iron, is so combincl. as to havo
the char iacter* of an (aliment, as
casil/y /igeCste O )nl assimtcilated
w rith the b 1ol a h10 simlelS
food. It icess the <(utity
of Nature's Vta VitlzJfnt
ATent, Iron in the blo tcl, ant
enres ' 'a thoe4san<d ills," simpi,
by, Toninv, ny,I ui Vo;ratinq ((ane
Vitalizingj lte Sy;stem. The eu
-rieheet ainel vitalisel bloo0l pcra
4meates every part of the bodey,
r'ePa 1rIny la mages an<1( wafste,
Searcvhiny oudt mlorbill secreo
tions, (nld leavingty nothking fo'
)isease to fe upon.
This i the searct of. the wona
ETerful su (cess of this9 remnedly its
CuLrinLg .1 yspepsia, Liiver Com-i
Loss of Conistitutjinal Vig'or,
Diseases~ of the Kidneys - andl
BlIalder, Female Comnplinuts,
aeii (alI <isealses orIqlinating -in
a badl state 0/f the bloodl, 0o' (aC
Conmpanil by <debility, or a lout
8/ate of/the system. 1eing fr'e.
fr~ion. Alcohol, -In any, forn., 1Ite
encrygiziny1 elfeels are' not fot
?owell by cor)'esp)ontling 'c(Z
Bling str'ength, l'ig/o1, anld nu1
life in/o all parts of thle SytSem,
(an<( buddting U<p (an 1,on C'on..
81tit u/ion,
Thio usand.s hav(el' bconi chLangfe<l
by; thie use of t/is remledy, fron&
wteak, sickly, s ufteing cea
hlappyt menC) (lits women ; (anet(
in H a/ils cann.lot 'reasonably hces
iitt to givo it a4 tr'il.
See that Cach bottlo has P ERU.
V IA N SY RU P blown in the gl1a0s.
GETH W. FOWLE & SONS, Proprietors~
No. 1 MiIt n Plance, Boston.
soL.a nY ])tnan JH nNALLy,
b Ni 2444i , . 444 Ii. ' I '
114.44 ii la' Ih year 1 875fI i~
Ia 111.4- V inili Ih e i t 'l Ier ( in;a r o Il
nt I. ' s Iii2 r,42,, f1-r'K .'i 42 This 444 ,4o' e j41
it.t h (4, 4 i t 1 1 o t .an iih ptt wllii Jl'V4d r ilt
sT here w d4r h 4 a14 444t4~ o .b- i.,n m,n rit Ii I
'lr i. ilcho,i ii' 4am enrefoiat ffot wl ilb
1 4 4 h o bi e r . i n i n rai . 1 1.'1 4 1 I u 4 i l s e a l tso
.Mete t,ibginn 1l'.1 theji sesion
./rdyI to 4..4 .t* s tii1. Iit, clairam io
4444 U-II. CL liiM'O, 4.

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